World Healing Technique

Winging with Whitehawk

Owen Waters sent the following out today (I added the Neo image for encouragement 😉 … let’s just do it… now… and again… and yet again… We’ll add our healing juice to the collective and bring our current circumstances into a benign state. We can work up from there! (And, according to Owen’s teacher, we’ll earn a few golden threads in our karmic pattern in the process.)

These steps are summarized in a quick list at the end.
Bless all, W.

Make no mistake about how world healing actually works. Wishful thinking and right intention are just the beginning. Action, backed by actual spiritual energy output, is the vital agent of transformation. O.W.

The World Healing Technique

by Owen Waters

Try the World Healing Technique now and see what a difference it makes to your spiritual life (both immediately and as a delayed reaction) in the following days.

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President Trump To Address Nation About Coronavirus Media Coverage & Virus’ Potential Impact In America At 6 PM Eastern Time

Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

On Wednesday morning, President Trump announced he will be speaking to the nation at 6 p.m. EST Wednesday on the coronavirus situation. The Administration scheduled the speech, after a CDC official, who happens to be the former DOJ Acting Director Rod Rosenstein’s sister, urged Americans to be prepared for a breakout.

The Democrats, anti-Trumpers, and the establishment media outlets have been giving reports that were designed to scare Americans, rock the stock market, and make an illness that has a lower fatality rate (2% fatality rate) than the common flu!

The Gateway Pundit reported

Trump has already taken several actions to prepare for an outbreak while at the same time he has sought to not panic the public or markets. There have been no deaths in the U.S. from the virus so far and only two cases from transmission, all other cases (total 59) are…

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Bards of War – Interview w/Joe Flynn

EP74 – Interview #2 with JoeFlynn. FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGHT.

Bards of War

Joe Flynn provides the latest updated on the LT GEN (R) Mike Flynn legal battle and the Deep State illegal war being waged against him. This fight is a generational fight. We must be continually vigilant. (Editor’s note: This isn’t about Trump; this is about AMERICA, our freedoms and rights!)

Bards Of War Podcast explores politics, culture, economics, faith, war and human nature by building context through story and narrative. Effective research will cross reference material to create a hybrid map built on qualitative and quantitative data cycling. This allows narratives to be developed, assessed and analyzed. This is the foundation of cultural analysis.

Is Marxism Growing In America?


Will Saturday voting in South Carolina signal a green light for Bernie who is not a registered Democrat, or will it be a yellow light just before a call to STOP?

Florida Dems are already petitioning to strike Bern off their ballots. Will they succeed?  Questions and more questions loom. Is Florida’s move considered election tampering or just a constitutional right to keep Marxism off the ticket? Is Bernie just a loony independent or something more?  Read About Florida Dems & Bernie here.

bernie Dxy-Y07XcAcBhke
Only time will tell as we TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK into the voting booths.

Tim O’Brien, Senior advisor for Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign stated on CNN that Senator Bernie Sanders wrote on “women’s rape fantasies” and tying orgasms to cervical cancer risk.

O’Brien pointed to underground Vermont newspaper essays Sanders wrote in the late 1960s and early 1970s when he was in his 30’s. Topics ranged from male abusive…

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Coronavirus covert operation

Anti-Propaganda News

Image Credit

by Jon Rappoport
February 27, 2020

In my ongoing coverage of the “epidemic” (archive here), I’ve written about the covert-operation aspect of the brutal game.

I want to add a few notes.

By its very nature, a covert op is meant to CONCEAL its true goals and details and players, so it’s no surprise we have unanswered questions. Rushing to supply all the answers in five minutes is a futile exercise.

A covert op can be invented and planned from the get-go; or players, seeing an event unfold, can jump onboard in mid-stream, take control, and use the event to launch an operation.

A covert op has cover stories and false trails. These are standard in the intelligence business.

A cover story is designed to divert attention from what is actually going on. It is basically a false picture floated to obscure the truth. The intent is: get…

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A Part Of All That Is | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

My darling child…take a moment and think back on all the changes you have been through, the choices you have made and the healing you have accomplished. While you were in the midst of yourgreatest changes there were times when you said, “I can’t take one more second of this! Please make it stop!!” But, at the conclusion and in the peaceful quiet, you often said, “There…it is done! That wasn’t so bad. I’ve learned so much!”

The Universe wants you to know that you now have the skills, knowledge and wisdom to make each major shift you move through more graceful and easy. In the very near future, you will be able to integrate these major changes with the blink of an eye…if you choose. (Smiling) Remember, you are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Why? Because you are a part of All That Is! ~…

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