Magnificence Is…

Tania Marie

Magnificence is you alive in this moment.

Are there challenging things going on right now?


Yet, even amidst the twists and turns, the simple truth of your soul expressed in body is a miracle.

And that includes the myriad of experiences that are made possible because of being human at this moment.

Not only the experiences that are deemed good or pleasurable.

But every one of them, simply because they are even possible to be experienced, felt, and navigated with every part of our being.

Just a short message I wanted to share with all of you miraculous beings.

We’re heading out again Saturday, for a week, and so I wanted to send you this little note, as inspiration came through.

I likely won’t be blogging until we return, which means the next post will be a fun Full Blue Moon Halloween/Samhain share. Hehe!

Today happens to be the…

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Awakening Presence: Our Guiding Force in these Times

Koyopa Rising

Whether individual consciousness is expanding or contracting, things continue to accelerate very quickly now. At the beginning of 2020, the video-message I posted was,Are You Prepared? This was around the time when the downloads shifted from how to prepare for a future intersection in consciousness, to a seamless real-timeengagement with it. I have likened it to graduating from a classroom setting of Surfing-101 to a fully-immersive experience of hang ten and the infinite ocean. We are in it now. Concepts on a chalkboard cannot help us here. We either welcome and practice this actual vibratory Presence of Love, or we keep pretending IT is content to remain inside our venerated symbols and text. This Inner Guiding Force awakens us into a lucid, interconnected experience of Life if we are willing to practice honesty and innocence. Otherwise, things continue on as they have, into new cycles of…

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HELP! I’m in way over my head! One more post on the 1, 2, 0 discovery . . . — Exopermaculture

Neptune in oceanic Pisces appears to have drowned me in my figuring . . . Please bear with me! This is the third in what has turned out to be a three-part series (see this and this) on my sudden fascination with the prevalence of the numbers zero, one, and two, as found in the…

HELP! I’m in way over my head! One more post on the 1, 2, 0 discovery . . . —

Step Into Your Light | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

Your reactions to any given situation depend on what ‘growth stage’ you are in. The more you step into your light, there will be a lessening of the need to ‘react’ to other’s behaviors. You are moving closer to your center. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Sharon Blackie ~ Becoming Who We Are

Laura Bruno's Blog

This newsletter/post by Dr. Sharon Blackie came through at such a synchronous moment for me — a series of reassurances that began with a dream and continued to unfold for over an hour.

It’s a beautiful, encouraging post in these times of certain change and uncertain outcomes. Highly recommended, affirming post. You can read it here.

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True Knowledge | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Your search for Me has been a wandering from Me.

You leapt at chances and overlooked the certainty.

You followed flute songs that weren’t yours.

Follow Mine.

Follow yours.

This is not to say that there is not value in every song. There is. But your heart is not satisfied until you find the tune your own ears hear.

“Have no other Gods before Me” means: Have Me yourself. I am personal to everyone. I am personal to you. I am multi-dimensional. I am the same God. There is no other, but each has to find Me simply within himself. I am your God, and I yearn to be found.

As you hear Me speak these words right now, you are hearing Me for yourself. It is you who hears. It is you who listens. You hear a recording as it were, an authentic recording that you can…

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