QAnon January 28 2020 – The Best Is Yet To Come ~ January 29, 2020

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QAnon January 28 2020 – The Best Is Yet To Come. ByInterstellar. Source8kun.Updated 21:12 UTC

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QAnon January 28 2020 - Brexit confirmed 2 years ago


Q post from 1/31/18. Freedom. Relates to Brexit on 1/31/20. Yet again future proves past. Amazing! Patriots in control!We have a 0 delta between Q post “important” referencing the Schiff 18th transcript and @realDonaldTrump tweet.When @potus says “read the transcript” perhaps he was also implying this 18th transcript that @RepAdamSchiff doesn’t want released needs to be read and combed through? QAnon January 28 2020 – The Best Is Yet To Come

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu

Confirmed: Q called BREXIT to the day… TWO YEAR ahead of time. Patriots are in absolute control.The plan was in place long before Trump decided to run. Trump is part of the plan not the…

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Realms Are Waiting for You | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

You are independent. That you rely on Me doesn’t mean you are dependent upon Me. I am dependable, and so are you. You can rely on Me. You can know I am always with you. Even when it’s a gauntlet in life you seem to run through, I am with you. You cannot be without Me. Whatever desolation you seem to face, I am with you. I am with you heart and soul.

You can also rely on yourself. You do not know yourself. Know yourself, and you will rely on yourself more. Too often you emphasize what you see missing in yourself rather than all that you encompass. Too often, you may not have awareness of who and what you are. Your picture of yourself may be so incomplete, so vagrant, so inept that you forget Truth..

You are not inept. It is your picture of yourself…

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Welcome to the Qniversity

Anti-Propaganda News

Video Description

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My name is Professor Douglas Belmore. I have taught English in higher education for three decades in California, Arizona, New Mexico and South Korea. I have always stood by the belief that unrestricted access to universal human truths should form the core of all learning. I believe freedom itself rests upon the preservation and nourishment of young minds, and as a lifelong teacher, I have done everything in my power to protect this fundamental ideal. Recently I was fired from my post for standing up for what’s right.

For many years, I was growing steadily more disenchanted as I watched a creeping shadow over my profession…

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The task


DSC_0798 crp solid sind

You may continue to feel ‘hot’ and ‘cold’
Up and down
As visions of your life continue to stream through for you in daytime and/or in your dreams.You may not understand what is going on.One minute you’re all in advance mode and another youre down and out.
Stay as cool as possible.
Youre not losing it.
Youre still going through this transition phase preparing you for big new changes.
The visions of your life come through to review and release.So does your moodiness.
Keep yourself together with lots of gentleness and compassion.
Understand that the only way to become solid within yourself in order to move forward into more of who you truly are and more of your light,is to recognise all you have within you that is lowering your vibration, thoughts of inadequacy, fears, doubts, self criticsm and all other negative thoughts and feelings you are harboring within as…

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Rainbow Serpent News: Today’s weather manipulation report for Australia

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Rainbow Serpent News, by SunBôw 
Today’s weather manipulation report, for Australia… 
Yesterday, after two weather manipulation stations on the west coast tried to stop the reawakened Rainbow Serpent on her counterclockwise course by emitting concentric expanding rings of EHF causing the rains to accumulate in Queensland, She went around the high pressure field they had built up via Indonesia and curved back eastward over the Indian Ocean to hit the west coast right over the most active radar station north of Perth, with abundant rains.
Early today, She was bringing life giving rains around the east coast following her path around the land in a natural counterclockwise flow. Meanwhile, the two stations on the west coast were combining operations to break her down. The one near Perth was still sending concentric rings of high pressure while the other further north was sending a series of ELF beams like rays of…

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Allow the gate to disappear

Love's Beginning

Egoic thoughts are gates. Your most natural state is allowing the flow of love through you, but when you believe an egoic thought, you close the gate to love’s flow. You can only close the gate to love’s flow if you believe your substitute–the ego–has something better to offer. This is all about you leaving the gate open or not, eventually allowing the gate to disappear because you never needed it.

Remember this when you feel tempted to see yourself as a victim, to see anyone else as a victim. You are all giving yourselves experience using thought. When you are in a situation in which you feel victimized by people or conditions, it is always because you chose to believe egoic thoughts. It is not your fault. It is your choice.

You always have the power to allow the gate to open, to allow love to flow forth into…

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Two Project Veritas Whistleblowers On Why They Blew The Whistle on Pinterest, CNN—With James O’Keefe

American Thought Leaders, The Epoch Times

At Turning Point USA’s 2019 Student Action Summit, we sit down with James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas, and two whistleblowers who came to his organization—Cary Poarch, a former CNN employee who shed light on what he saw as political bias at CNN, and Eric Cochran, a former software engineer at Pinterest who exposed evidence of how Pinterest appeared to censor Christian and pro-life content.