Eliza: Cosmic History

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Eliza: Cosmic History

Dear readers, I wouldn’t be so egotistical to think that I knew all of Cosmic History as there is quite a lot of it… as you might guess. And it is all very complex. Yet, I can give those who are curious some links (see below) that might quench your thirst for more knowledge.

Please keep in mind that ‘knowledge’ is not wisdom. The latter emerges from within one’s self, through your intuitive facilities and connection to your eternal Self, that exists beyond physical form. All of humanity have more than one form, one lifetime, and live in a multitude of dimensions and densities as we are all fractals of Creator Source energy. We are living these lifetimes so Creator can experience what it feels like to live within various portions of its creation.

Most people… or many people have often…

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Eliza: Golden Hour Arisen


Crepe Myrtle

Greetings, everyone. I haven’t posted for quite a while. I’ve been taking some time off from blogging, since I have been feeling a bit of burn-out. I also joined Kerry K’s Plasma Light Tribe and have been taking advantage of the massive library of meditations and weekly Friday calls for her patreon group. In short, I have been enjoying immersing myself into an experiential atmosphere rather than writing anything.

Not being the best of meditators here, it is easy to follow Kerry’s guided meditations. She doesn’t tell you what to see, feel, think or believe — a nice break from the typical ‘you need to do this’ stuff found many places on the internet.

Right now, I am going to continue to enjoy this well-deserved break.

You know, people often ask me questions that really are not mine to answer. I would encourage everyone reading these words to realize that the answers you are seeking are to be found within your own being.

Discovering the calm center within will aid in providing a safe haven as we continue to navigate choppy waters during this transitional period. It’s your choice and your responsibility.

I wish everyone well. Autumn is approaching or at least the Equinox. I got outside this morning to observe a blazing sunrise as I began my daily morning walk. Beautiful. There are many beautiful things to observe beyond politics and intel.

For now, go in peace.


Lord Orion: On Fear

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The Sword of Truth

Lord Orion: On Fear

Lord Orion:

I AM Orion. Greetings. Have you missed me?

Now, let us get started.

Today we are going to address the subject of ‘fear’. What is fear and how is it used to manipulate the population?

Fear is the favorite tool of the dark brothers, who delight in keeping the general population in a state of panic and fright. How do they go about this? By manipulating the news, by repetition of falsehoods, by maximizing and exaggerating statistics, by using trauma to numb down the thinking brain… and have people reduced to the point of sheer adrenal exhaustion so they give up.

Fear has been a useful tool in the hands of the dark brotherhood for untold centuries. Yet, it does not appear to be quite as successful a methodology these days. Have you taken the time, my children, to wonder…

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Lord Orion: The Advent of the Light


Lighted Earth Grid

Lord Orion:  The Advent of the Light

I AM Orion.  Greetings.

Today, we are going to try something different.  I will be dictating to my scribe another essay. Let us begin:

It would appear to the average person that the world has gone berserk, but is that really the case?  Not at all.  It is simply that all which has been hidden from the common people, the working people, is now being revealed.

The Dark Archons who have controlled the planet have been removed by the one who accidentally was the major factor in their creation, Sophia.  Thea Sophia has now departed the planet and taken her miscreations with her, which were part of the essence of her own dark unresolved shadows.  Study the Gnostic teachings if you wish to learn more about Sophia and the Archons.

What is left on the planet today are the archons who are hidden within individuals.  This is, of course, one aspect of the darkness that exists upon Terra.  Another explanation or alternative perspective speaks of the dark ones from the Orion Empire, who joined forces with the Dracos and Reptilians to conquer portions of this solar system many millions of years ago.  During that timeline, the energetic ley lines of the planet were overtaken and intentionally perverted, setting the planet off-keel, leaning on its side instead of being upright.  Anti-life codes were embedded into the ley lines, creating a limited energetic pattern that repeated upon itself… until quite recently.  Now, that pattern has been released and the energies of Cosmic Light has been free to penetrate deeply into the dark shadows so carefully erected by the dark minions.

Now, the planet and certain regions of the solar system of Sol are undergoing a purging of the darkness that has striven to control and dominate.  The purpose of creating a cyborg military force made up of formerly ‘human’ beings, now super soldiers, was to enact galactic takeover and invasion of the worst kind.  So, the forces of Light have come back in time to rectify the situation, having identified the source of the galactic plague of locusts as beginning here on Terra, the Moon, and Mars.  Read the works of Alex Collier for more details on this staged galactic invasion by the Dracos, negative Orion Empire, and their Reptilian allies.

So, what is happening on Terra today? Events are being orchestrated by a band of rebels, men and women whose fellows recognized decades ago that our country had been invaded from within by forces from Nazi Germany, who, despite what Americans were told post WWII, did not lose the war.  Wealthy Americans with German roots provided cover to bring in hundreds of Nazi scientists and former officers and place them into important positions within all kinds of industries and federally-funded research centers, including the North American Space Agency or NASA.  President Eisenhower warned the public of the growing influence and reach of the military-industrial complex, but he didn’t mention the alien influence coming from the off-world allies.  The evil branches of mad scientists with anti-human agendas penetrated deeply into the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, into ‘medical’ research labs that pursued genetic experiments, seeking out agents to breakdown human immune systems, and eventually to create the human cyborg super soldiers as desired by the alien forces.  For more information, research the articles, books, and videos presented by Dr. Michael Salla and others relating some of this dark and hidden history.

So, what is happening today with the push to get experimental vaccines to as much of the population as possible?  For one, there is an ongoing push towards depopulation and dehumanization of the remaining population, so that the former minions of the alien and interdimensional dark forces can take over control of the resources of the planet.  With their genetic prowess, they can create super soldiers in labs, utilizing cell lines.  They do not require billions of ‘useless eaters’ to continue their existence; they have served their purpose acting as servants and slaves, stripped of free will and the power granted them by their divine connection to Creator Source energy. 

What is the purpose of the vaccine?  It certainly is not to cure or prevent infection.  Despite the extreme level of censorship, some statistics and scientific studies are reaching people and being disseminated throughout the Internet.  And despite all efforts to choke off news, people have been able to observe the negative effects of the vaccine on their own friends, colleagues and family members as formerly healthy individuals have suddenly developed exotic conditions like Bells Palsy, heart conditions, nervous conditions, and have allegedly died of Covid. 

What is the underlying factor emphasizing the current desperation of the dark ones?  They know they have been discovered, their plans laid out in broad daylight despite all their efforts to remain hidden and in the dark.  What is currently being played out, on a world-wide scale is a silent cyber war of information, where one team, the White Hats, are orchestrating events that illuminate and define the horrible extent of the agenda long planned of the dark ones to take down and pervert society to their will.  In opposition are the forces, really the remaining minions of the dark forces who are stubbornly, defiantly attempting to pursue that same dark agenda and take down as many humans as possible before they are taken down.  Yes, matters look desperate when you glance at certain events like the ill-thought-out bumbling with the removal of military forces from Afghanistan and the finger-pointing being directed towards the unelected ‘president’ of the United States, a puppet-character called Biden.

Who is the puppet-master of Biden?  Well, that would be Obama, the Manchurian candidate designed by the Central Intelligence Agency and other foreign intelligence agencies including British MI6 and Israeli Mossad to fulfill their wishes to initiate a sixteen year plan to take down America by weakening its military forces, its economy, the middle class, and to bring perversion into the culture utilizing legalized propaganda through media sources and lies presented as truth to the populace.  Through the persuasion of numerous and multiple sources, seemingly disparate sources, poisons were introduced into agricultural practices, poisons were introduced into pharmaceuticals, psychological warfare and mind-programming was introduced into the schools, laws were put into place that benefited aliens (non-citizens) and attacked the rights of the native born… as the nation was taken down to its collective knees until an unlikely candidate was selected by a secret cabal of military intelligence to spearhead a movement to bring awareness to the people, to give them hope and strength to endure the changes that must come to overtake the dark agenda, break the power of its minions and policy-makers and make it clear, once and for all to the world what was really going on for centuries here on this planet.

 The plots of the dark are failing.  Why?  It is the natural cycle of ascension that periodically returns to this world which is allowing for the forces of good to overtake and destroy what has been attempted by the dark forces.  Yes, you will say… “But, my lord, people have been hurt, people are dying, from fear, from starvation, from the effects of the vaccines…” Yes, my children… you have in the midst of an undeclared war, a war of information, where one side has had to weigh the effects of its operation on the general populace whereas the opponents have gone all out in an attempt to destroy as much as possible out of desperation for, they know they are losing.  Call it a scorched earth policy, destroying as much as possible before the opponent gains victory so the winners have, in effect, lost nearly all in the end. 

Yet the dark ones, the ones who do not contain the sacred and fiery heart of the Divine within their physical form, have defied the laws of the Cosmos.  They do not care.  There is no god but their dark god that seeks to devour, destroy and pervert all goodness.  All kinds of ‘isms’ have been designed to interpenetrate society, to create division and to sow discord between genders (Feminism), politics (Marxism), religions (Satanism), nations (‘United’ Nations, NATO)… to poison the minds of the young and destroy those who spoke out against the subtle erosion of individual and national rights and privileges, conditioning the common people to think and believe that they were somehow lesser beings, deserving punishment and hardship all their miserable hand-to-mouth existence.

That cycle of scarcity and destruction is coming to an end, truly.  The advent of the Light is upon humanity, bringing clarity and insight to those who are still standing as stalwarts against the mass-induced psychosis brought upon the populace through the propaganda-driven statistical computer-generated pandemic of a non-existent ‘virus’… which is the common cold.  Covid 19 is simply an imaginary phantasm designed and constructed by those who wanted to bring the populations of the planet into panic and fear, to empower the ultimate agenda to begin a long-planned depopulation agenda driven by a tiny minority of so-called outrageously wealthy and arrogant ‘elite’.  The agenda is being exposed through the soul-level sacrifices of many lighted individuals who made the choice to receive vaccinations.

Covid-19 has never been ‘isolated’.  The ‘virus’ is simply the common cold.  The measurements coming from the so-called testing have been purposefully elevated to ‘measure’ the existence of any RNA, the statistics then altered to include all possible means of death including motor vehicle accidents, long-term pre-existing conditions like Diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer and other factors.  All of this was loudly and incessantly proclaimed to drive fear into the hearts and minds of the populace and to give ‘permission’ to the governments of the world to crackdown and isolate and separate their people from their normal everyday affairs, from their own family members, from each other, from their own common sense.  Research into the work of John Rappaport to see the ‘reality’ behind the medical mythology of virology. 

The takedown is here… what takedown you may say.  Well, the revelations, the grand unveiling of all of the plots against humanity are being uncovered.  The election of President Trump was a major defeat of the dark agenda. His apparent defeat at the hands of the Democrats in 2020 was a ruse, played out for the benefit of the common people everywhere.  What appears to be the disintegration of our nation, of our society, is the unveiling of the extent of the infiltration and penetration of the deceit, the lies, the manipulations, the perversion of all institutions and systems by the dark, anti-human agenda.  It is all being exposed to the Light and will wither in the heat and attention placed upon it by the righteous anger of a newly awakened people. 

Why now?  Cycles, my dear ones… cycles.  Time exists in vast cycles of creation and destruction.  Now, is the ending of a vast cycle called the Great Year, as the planet moves through the ending of one age and into another, from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian, in the grand precession of the equinox.  Then, there is the fact that the entire solar system is moving, has moved into a particularly light-filled region of space referred by some as the Photon Belt.  See this article for more explanation regarding ancient beliefs and scientific findings about the Photon Belt: https://www.sabrinasmelko.com/are-we-in-the-photon-belt/

Whatever the reason, the planet has been plunged into a transitional cycle, with new energies replacing old energies, new systems (both positive and negative) being tested out for effect as the battle is staged by the dark forces to finally achieve victory or the light forces to finally achieve freedom for humanity and the world.  Who will win?  God wins.  Creator source energy wins, even as it is embodied within those individuals who seek to defy the Draconian measures being forced by some governments upon their own people.

This time, long foretold in the spiritual teachings of indigenous peoples worldwide, in religious and spiritual philosophies, has arrived upon the horizon, the Great Apocalypse or unveiling of all the secrets designed to both destroy humanity and to save humanity.  You are living through a tremendous upturning of all that is unhealthy, the revelation of all the dark anti-human, anti-life plots of the malicious forces that have long had illusions of grandeur of their own self-worth, and designs against their fellow creatures.

The plots needed to be played out before the eyes of the world and so you are now seeing the visuals, wincing in disbelief as the inhuman agenda is exposed, the machinations of centuries of deceitful manipulation is being unveiled for those with eyes to see and ears to hear… and the heart flame to KNOW the Truth when it is being revealed in all of its ugly glory.

This sorrowful and hope-filled journey is not yet over, dear ones; there is still much to play out on the world stage as the Draconian governments are taken down and removed by their outraged citizens and replaced by… well, that is yet to be determined.  However, it was deemed necessary to expose the dark agenda in its entirety, which means unveiling and uncovering the ugly nature of what has been done and what has been planned.  The agenda of the dark is sordid and deeply-rooted in our societies, world-wide.  All institutions have been corrupted and infiltrated; none will exist beyond their sale date, but will have to be rebuilt, transformed into a new way of living. 

There will be no more coercion, whether overt or covert, by governments designed to control the populace.  People will have to learn or remember how to govern themselves, whether working alone or in groups.  Cooperation, generosity, creativity and innovation will be inspired by the sudden freedom to make choices beyond what was begrudgingly allowed in the past. 

The creative abilities of humanity, when released from the binding effects of Draconian measures, can succeed and reveal solutions to all problems that have existed and persisted within the limited means allowed by the controllers.  A freed humanity, freed of the burden of debt, from imperious laws and regulations, freed of fear, lies, and deceit… and reconnected with the true source of unlimited power, their connection with Source energy… will soon exceed their own wildest dreams with a world filled of abundance, peace, and boundless love for each other. 

It is because the former controllers knew of this possibility, that humanity would be freed from their slavery through the advent of this long-awaited Ascension cycle that they have hurriedly effected their plans to thwart, yet again, another ascension cycle.  For, yes, many such cycles and ascension windows have been closed due to the machinations of those who know just enough to deny the creative divinity that exists within the heart flames of humanity.  Yet, the flame of freedom has long burned within the hearts of men and women, who longed to breathe free, to be able to think for themselves outside the artificial layers of societal mores pressed in upon them by alien influences.  And help has come from outside of humanity as lighted souls volunteered to come here, in obedience to Cosmic Law, to take part in seeding the Light, acting as embers to restart the fires within the hearts of mankind, that humanity might see the Light, know it for what it truly is and seek to free themselves from the traps in which they have been long bound within, the artificial matrix of the dark ones.

The Light or intelligence of the Divine is now breaking through the mechanical and unnatural defenses of the dark systems.  People are waking up realizing that their governments are designed to control them, not to aid them, but to defeat them.  They are rising up in rebellion, a righteous rebellion emboldened and inspired by the divine flame of Life that exists within every lighted human being, true organic human being, on this planet.

Much will be revealed in the coming days, months, and years.  This transitional period will see a reduction in the human population which will occur due to the free will choices made by those who are unwilling to step forth into the Light and to see what has been perpetrated against humanity through the long dark ages of the Kali Yuga and beyond.  This will not be a time of unicorns and bubbles for many, yet hope will reign as humanity again renews its connection with the Divine and remembers its power and creative potential that exists within all organic humans.

And now, dear ones, we will end this essay… Hopefully, we have delineated in short form some of what is going on, what is being revealed.  We merely give you avenues and suggestions that you must pursue on your own for we are not here to give you answers like candy presented on a silver platter.  No, dear ones; it is up to each of you to decide whether or not you wish to gaze upon the harsh truth that has long been denied and hidden from you… and to see beyond it to the promised land of milk and honey that exists for all those who have chosen for themselves to align with Cosmic Law.

And I see into the hearts of men, what has been hidden for long painful ages, now being dissolved by the Light of Creation, by the Love of the Divine Feminine with the return of balance and the reformation of the true power and beauty embedded into your sacred and unique plasma Light Bodies.  Humanity… there are no limits save those you create in your own minds.  Seek and ye shall find that ye are Gods in potential, even as the Son of Man told you long ago.


We are One.

I AM Orion.

Scribe:  Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres. Videos and recordings of this written material is not permitted.  www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

Kerry K: Plasma Light Body Correction

Here’s a departure from my ‘normal’ posts. I thought it worthwhile to share. Injoy! Eliza

Sunny's Journal

Kerry K: Plasma Light Body Correction

Note to Readers: You will note this is a departure from my ‘usual’ presentation. I have posted Kerry’s videos in the past as an adjunct (often as an inspiration) for my own posts, but today I thought this to be important to present to my entire audience as modest as it is, in the hopes you will generate a wave of information by passing this on to your own family and friends.

In the video, Kerry mentions a blog post that she originally wrote as she had received from the Galactics with whom she consciously works (for the most part through her dreams). The blog post contains light codes which will activate your own plasma light body correction. So, below, I will post the entirety of this post for your reading pleasure. I have obtained written permission (via email) from Kerry to do…

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Eliza: Human, you’re going Quantum!

New post. Eliza: I’m back!

Sunny's Journal

Saw Palmetto, photo by Eliza Ayres

Eliza: Human, you’re going Quantum!

Ah, I am in the process of integrating, attempting to step into the unknown, hence it is difficult to express who I AM.

Yes, I have a new walk-in, a rather unexpected one, but why label myself or place my Self into yet another box.

I AM Eliza and I have come to accept that there is much more to ‘me’ than ever before.

You do realize that your body is upgrading like my own is now, don’t you? There is nothing special about me. All of humanity is being ‘upgraded’ by the Light. We do not have to intellectually understand it right now, simply accept it and be there present in the Now.

I can say I am a Pleiadian and somehow that doesn’t resonate with who I feel I AM now. I can say that I am…

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Vishnu: The Light and Love of Creation

Vishnu Cosmos

VISHNU:  The Light and Love of Creation

I AM Vishnu.  Greetings!

Long has it been since I had human hands and heart to write what I wish to communicate to you, my children.

Yes, I call all people of Terra, my children, even though I may not share a blood relationship with many.  Yet, you are the children of Light, those striving to understand what is going on in their world today.

Presently, you are enveloped in the maelstrom of a transitional period wherein you are witnessing and experiencing the failure of systems.  This is a scary thing to see and yet, many of you are rejoicing, wanting the entropy to gain momentum even as you turn away from the propaganda and threats being put out by those who have long controlled you en-masse.

Have faith in your abilities to adapt, to any situation that arises.  Many are the talents and skills, brought into this life from others, often as yet untapped as you have not been given ‘permission’ to express yourself to your utmost.  Instead, you have been directed, cajoled, and threatened if you expressed any opinion or ideas that would free yourselves of the burdens placed upon you from outer critics.

There is much pressure to conform, but to do so now would be ill-advisable for then you limit the possibilities by which you might discover a new way, a better way, a new pathway of expression.

We are present, watching quietly for the most part, but sometimes we are given permission to step forth and make ourselves known.

Use the mind you were born with.  Use the hands to make things original in nature.  It is not necessary to copy what others have done before.  Instead, seek out patterns and ways of doing tasks that make the work lighter for all.

There will be changes, many changes.  The idea that change is a bad thing has been driven into your psyches for centuries as those who have sought to control humanity have little or no imagination themselves.  There exists in these blighted creatures little light for they have turned away from its Source, creator energy.  So, they use your imagination and use it against you and your people, against your future and your children’s future.

Release yourself from the invisible bonds that seek to bind you in ways that do not suit, that limit your abilities to discover new solutions, make new discoveries… and to question what you have been taught.

To question what is real and unreal challenges the conformity by which you have been controlled in the past.  To question what is being told to you by outside sources, by the news, by your government, is now being deemed to be heretical, demonic, dangerous, a terrorist threat.

Why is free-thinking considered dangerous?  It leads to solutions and ways of being that exist for the benefit of humanity.  Suddenly the slaves discover a new and better way of being existed outside the limits within they have been given permission to exist.  Suddenly the slaves realize that they are no longer slaves at all, except in the opinions of others… those ‘others’ who seem to not hold feelings of gratitude for what is offered, but deem it a threat to their control.

Choices are removed.  People are locked down.  Jobs are lost.  And for what?  A desire to control the populace, to push it down a path that leads to despair and death?  Why?  Fear.  Your erstwhile controllers fear your tremendous abilities to free yourself, mentally, emotionally, and physically… most especially your physical abilities to change direction on a whim, with a notion… something they are incapable of putting into motion themselves.  So, they seek to limit, to dictate to, to dominate, bully, threaten and cajole, utilizing the aggressive tendencies of humanity against their fellows.

Can you step out of the control matrix on your own?  Yes.  Is it easy?  Perhaps not, but do it anyway.  Test your limits.  Test everything around you.  Question what has been told you is real, what is truth.  It may actually be far simpler than you realize.

Yes, we expect there will be ones who question our words, for we speak not of love and light.  Yet, we are the essence of both; light being the intelligence or information that emanates from Source in a creative and expansive manner.  Does light obey boundaries and rules made by man?  No, it expands and contracts within its own limitations.  Should there be limitations upon your understanding of your world in which you walk?  No. 

And what is love but the feminine aspect of Source energy, the desire to bring into manifestation and action the light of the Creator.

The purpose of man is to act as the agent of expansion for Source energy.  Man cannot serve Source by limiting his horizons.  When man comes up to the boundary as defined by Cosmic Law, he will know it and will flow with the eternal motions of heaven, unfettered by limitation, but in obedience to the inner guidance that exists within the heart.

We are Vishnu, Son of Brahma, alight with the flame of Truth, with love for all who walk upon the surface of the world.

You have reached the latter days of the gods who came down from heaven and yet were not gods save in their own declarations.  It was not truth.  They are being found out, discovered for their intention to do harm to those who carry a flame within their hearts.  They are a blighted people and much to be pitied.  Do not obey their draconian measures designed to strip away your last remaining freedoms… the freedom to breathe the air of the Mother who provides you with a platform for life.  Rip off the face coverings that define your slavery and step into disobedience and defiance, for you are the children of Light and are meant to stand free, together.

We are Vishnu and watch over you… you who are moved to flow into obedience to the unseen laws carved within your own heart.  Find the courage of that same heart and step back into a place of sovereignty and sureness as you align yourself with the unseen but surely felt laws of nature, real Nature.  Cosmic law defines the patterns that govern the growth of plants, the movements of animals, and your internal nature. 

You… all of you who heed these words, are destined to be your own saviors, not those who would suddenly walk among you and proclaim that they are your saviors… for these are ill-intentioned and do not have your welfare in their cold, blighted hearts.  They turn your beliefs against you.  They invert and pervert and twist the ancient ways of understanding.  Heed not their folly for they seek to draw your creativity down into oblivion where they have long existed, into the darkness where the light of Source cannot reach. 

Yet, even there, in the darkness of denial, the Light is, for Light and its manifestation, Love, exists in all things seen and unseen.  Together, Light and Love, are the fabric that binds together all energies, creates and gives animation to living things.  Without light, without love… there is no life, but emptiness, the Void.  Still, even if it is the desire for these creatures of darkness to avoid the Light, to diminish and quench the Love, they are unable to accomplish their aim.  For the forces of Nature will over top all of man’s creations.  Light exists even in the darkest of places for there exist no boundaries that define or limit the passage and existence of All That Is.  It is the warp and weft of Creation, of energy that exists everywhere bound together by Love to bring ideas into manifestation.

Even within the destruction of the old ways lies the promise of the new, for life works within cycles, rising, leveling out, and receding, like the waves that wash upon the shores of the sea.  So, do the cycles of man proceed.  Flow with that river of Light that seeks to free itself of limitation and move into the new ways that are being revealed through imagination and creative abilities, for these things are what will show humanity what is possible so that all who live and breathe might come to enjoy their sojourn here upon this world.

We go now in the hopes that our words have touched some core of understanding.

I AM Vishnu and I send my love and light to all my children who live today.


Scribe:  Eliza Ayres

©All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

Videos and recordings of this written material are not permitted.

LOTUS: Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 on Pexels.com

Lord Orion: The Light is Turning On

Okay, okay, I said there wouldn’t be any more channeled messages. Yet, it would appear I have agreed to be a Scribe, not unlike the manner in which Tazjma worked several years ago. This ‘agreement’ was made at a level I was not conscious. Determine for yourself whether or not the ‘experiment’ was successful. If there is enough positive response, I am sure that Lord Orion and perhaps others will want to join the effort to communicate to you all. ~ Eliza

Sunny's Journal

Sunrise, photo by Eliza Ayres

Lord Orion: The Light is Turning On

Greetings!  I AM Orion, Father of ‘Myka’, whom some of you have already encountered.

Today, I AM performing an experiment with my new scribe. This is not a channeling; we are attempting to communicate via telepathy with each other. You would consider this to be a ‘regular’ conversation like we have at Home or on board ship, except it is being recorded via a form of dictation, slowly so our scribe can type up the content for all of you who come to read these words, this message.

Now, we would like to forward our congratulations to the people of Terra who are participating in activities taking them to the street in opposition to their former governments. Draconian decrees do not a government of the people make.

The people see the lessening of their rights, their businesses closed…

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Sunny Has Returned Home

Sundeelia Mathdis has returned Home. In this article, I explain… a bit.

Sunny's Journal

The Sword of Truth

Myka: Sunny Has Returned Home

So, who is this ‘Myka’ you might ask if you are an alert reader of this tiny blog? Well, let me introduce myself. I AM called, for now, Myka de Danaan. For those of you who still actually read books, look up ‘Danaan’. It is a reference to the People of Fay, the fairy people. Irish legend tells of the Tuatha de Danaan who, at the arrival of the Celtic people to ancient Éire, fled before the might of the Celtic warriors and took up residence in an underworld, in sidhes, the barrows found dotting the landscape of the green isle. In truth, they did exist, but were, in actuality a higher dimensional race that retreated back into the etheric plane above, around, and within this lovely water planet, Terra.

Now, what is my connection to Sundeelia and why did she…

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The Dark is Unraveling

New article…

Sunny's Journal

Quan Yin seated on a Golden Lotus

Myka: The Dark is Unraveling

This is brilliant statement from an ascension teacher, Kelly K, who presently has a YouTube channel:

“Everything that Darkness does to expand, is its own undoing, its own unraveling, to revert back into LIGHT!” ~ Kelly K

See the video below where Kelly speaks at more length on this subject:

And then, we have this wonderful quote from the Pleiadians via Barbara Marciniak:

“As you claim yourself and build a bridge in this fleeting moment of opportunity, it is important to understand that evil cannot be eradicated. What you call evil has a purpose, and sometimes the same tools can be utilized to access either light or dark energies. We have referred to the dark side of living as Family of Dark.

We ask you to recognize that darkness is greatest before the dawn, and that the darkness…

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