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Winging with Whitehawk

Just spent 55 minutes with Regina Meredith interviewing Lee Harris and also questioning the “Zs” while Lee channels them.

I feel this is a conversation worth listening to (stronger than my title for it suggests :-}) so I’m posting a link for you here. It’s a free pass to stream this program on (subscriber site) valid for 48 hours as of this posting if you are not a gaia member.


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Your Ascendant Zodiapedia: ‘The Knowing Is Just Over There’ Sagittarius — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The Archer wanders far and wide as a matter of course; seeking both knowledge and something new, Sagittarius as the rising sign designates the person with an expansive outlook, the one who knows or will find out, the one who’s always willing to go on a walkabout, just to see, to gain information—and this is […]

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The End of Reptilian Overlordship Part I – James Bartley

The End of Reptilian Overlordship Part I – James Bartley

 Originally published on August 11, 2013
James Bartley pulls no punches, as he goes deeper into what is known as The Reptilian Overlordship! For far too long, the big name alien abduction researchers have focused almost exclusively on the entities known as “the Greys” and it has left a huge void in alien abduction/UFO research. Throughout the ages, reptilians have been described by many names, such as the Djinn and the Lizard People, etc. These beings have been influencing human society throughout history in a covert and malicious manner!



Sean from SGT Report always gives well-thought out videos. Pretty darn good post here about how information technology has been/and is being developed to “summon entities” with D-wave technology into our world who have no regard for humans, thus the value of human emotions!

Of course, Sean and his guest DO need to learn how organized religions have been used to control humanity on another level. Religious “rules” have been/will be/are used for control purposes designed to prevent humanity from knowing themselves, “who I AM” in a very spiritual sense. You feel, D-wave quuantum computers cannot!

Interested in learning more? I sure hope you are, so please listen to this SGT Report, know that the time to expose and bring down the cabal/Illuminati/banksters with the help of positive aliens is NOW, and…


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The mysterious technique of the cat

Beautiful wisdom from Old Cat.

Phuro! Be inspired! BLOG

The Mysterious Technique of the Cat 
Neko no Myōjutsu by Issai Chozanshi (1659-1741)

There was once a swordsman called Shōken. In Shōken’s house, there was a large rat. The rat boldly ran around in the house in plain day, so Shōken attempted to catch it by closing off the room it was in and sending in his cat. Unfortunately, the rat ran straight at the cat, jumping on its head and biting it. The cat cried out and ran away.

Shōken had no choice but to assemble some local cats that seemed to be plenty strong, and send them into the room through a small opening. The rat was crouching in a corner, and jumped on and bit each cat that came near. Its fury was so great that the cats all cowered from the rat, making no further attempts to catch it. Seeing this, Shōken grew angry and grabbed…

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Mystical Journey

It’s been an extra lovely day. There is something powerful about spring. It’s as if the soul begins purging and seeing things in a new uncluttered light. I feel the openness in all great possibilities now and ahead. This is my favorite time of the year. This is exciting!

It’s as Gandhi said, “Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

There is belief and knowing pumping through every particle of our existence. Feel it? It’s there! It’s here! It’s YOU! Spring into newness and yumminess. You can do…

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Elite Worldwide Domination: Nefarious Means, Nothing Off Limits – Sarah Westall

Elite Worldwide Domination: Nefarious Means, Nothing Off Limits

Sarah Westall

Author and Historian, Donald Jeffries, joins the program to discuss how the Elites want worldwide domination and will do anything to achieve this end; Nothing is off limits to reach this goal. Cheap labor, power, and extreme wealth are what they desire. He explains how the system works in their favor at virtually every level of society. Incredible evil and nefarious activities are the norm and protected by the system.

You can see more of Donald Jeffries, his latest book: “Survival of the Richest”, and his work at

Resisting The Natural Flow Of Change

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

The new worlds that await us are patiently calling to us even as a part of us is so longing for that new world AND feeling like it will never come at the same time.

Part of us can use the feeling of hopelessness and despair as an anchor to hold back the natural flow of change that life and the universe is bringing.

In the first years of our lives, we marched through one huge change right after the other, with no time or open hearted other there to really feel what we were feeling through all of that. This leaves parts of us very resistant to change now as adults. For parts of us, change just isn’t safe.

Problem is, life is too big to not change, and even if we resist change and slow it down, change is ultimately unstoppable. This can leave parts of us…

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Spoiler Alert: It’s The Journey That Counts

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

*** Spoiler Alert ***
At the end of your story, YOU WIN! You win a hundred and ten percent, hands down! ‍‍
**** Double Spoiler Alert ****
You actually already know this.

**** Triple Spoiler Alert ****
The reason ‘it’s the journey that counts, not the destination’ is because the end is already finished, complete. All that matters or has relevance now is the journey – feeling all there is to feel, seeing all there is to see!

You are in fact so perfect, and so much so, that you, knowing your fullness and completeness came here to try on being messed up, to experience lack and loss, even forgetfulness of your origin and essence.

You came here for the journey. You came here to be curious and open hearted to every part of you who hasn’t yet gotten the memo on all of this. That’s all there is to…

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