“[Prophet] Kim Clement (now passed away) saw the ‘Letter Q.'” 3-22-19, via @Melis_Strategic

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Well, talk about “fascinating”… I’ve known about Kim Clement for some time, and have occasionally listened to YouTube videos of him speaking (channeling) live. His prophecies have pointed to the downfall of the deep state, the rise of Donald J. Trump to the presidency (perhaps not by name), and a variety of other things.

The Tweet below showed up this morning in my feed, and it pointed to this amazing (my word) prophecy by Mr. Clement. I did a quick search of his website (this page) and put in the words he spoke, “letters were a and q” (included the “s) and found this came from a talk on June 21st, 2012.

To specifically get the letter “Q”, in 2012, is, to me, quite synchronous to all that’s going on now, and being unveiled and exposed by #Q, #QAnon.

Below the Twitter link is an audio I created…

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Headlines and Updates for March 22, 2019: The Mechanics of Tyranny [videos]

Rose Rambles...

Is this the manifestation of strategic Twitter employee training?

James O’Keefe


Twitter engineer thinks Trump supporters’ tweets are bots, and “you just delete them.” Says “they’ll all be like God, ‘Merica, and with the American flag and, like the cross… Who talks like that? It’s for sure a bot.” 12.1K 8:45 AM – Mar 21, 2019 11.2K people are talking about this

James O’Keefe


John McClane




Holy cow! @qanon76, you made the news!! I’m half asleep, but just caught this.. We are the news!!#QAnon#WWG1WGA

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John McClane


Here is the video.. #QAnon#WWG1WGA#MAGApic.twitter.com/fHkJ5IPflF


4:06 AM – Mar 22, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

Embedded video

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And speaking of those incendiary and to some, deeply disturbing Q drops from March 20th…






If you were wondering how effective those Q…

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Do We ‘Exist’ Before We Are Born? Susan Manewich Shares What She Experienced…

Do We ‘Exist’ Before We Are Born? Susan Manewich Shares What She Experienced…

Collective Evolution

Does life exist before birth? This is a question that’s been contemplated for thousands of years. Susan Manewich describes her story in an interview series with did with her discussing her contactee experience and research, as well as her work in the New Energy space.

Watch the full interview called The Contactee Experience for free here: https://explorers.collective-evolutio…

Exposing Communism – Deep State Evil Incarnate – The Edge of Wonder

This series is NOT for everyone.  Use your own discernment.  Communism has a dark and bloody history.

Russian Revolutions: Deep State Communism Hidden Origins [Eps 4]

Edge of Wonder

In 1917, #Lenin lead his Russian Revolution to take over Russia and form the Soviet Union under #Communism. Soon Stalin came into power and started his red revolution over the people and through famines, killings, and setting up the gulags became known in history as one of the ruthless regimes ever.
On this fourth episode of Edge of Wonder of our communism series, we take you to the roots of the rise in communism in Russia, how it wanted to destroy religion, how Lenin and Stalin are directly tied to the #DeepState and how it was a precursor to what is to come in China.
Episode 1: Why Communism is the Deep State’s Mind Control Cult: https://youtu.be/Q3exFTTQHFY
Episode 2 The Secret Societies Behind Communism https://youtu.be/YitTdmzFF90
Episode 3 Socialism: An Inconvenient Truth https://youtu.be/uglrjNA4DGE


Chinese Communism: Deep State Evil Incarnate [Ep5]

As bad as #Lenin and Stalin were with their Soviet Revolutions, this was only setting the stage for the horror that was brought to China through #Mao and his Cultural Revolution in China. Never has a regime in history killed more of its own people or had a thirst for blood.

X22 Report, March 21, 2019 – Episode 1822a-b


Operation Bring Down The [CB], Rebuild America Begins – Episode 1822a

The BREXIT is now delayed, we are moving closer to a no-deal BREXIT. NJ Governor signed the rain tax. Existing home sales surge, but did they. Trump pushes the agenda, the economy is roaring. Trump and the patriots are setting up the [CB] and getting ready to move us to the gold standard. Trump brings on Stephen Moore onto the Fed Board. Trump contradicts the Fed and says its time to rebuild the infrastructure of the US.
The infrastructure and manufacturing need to be rebuilt.


Panic In DC, [DS] Agenda Force Out Into The Light – Episode 1822b

X22 Report Channel

Strzok and Page phones were wiped before they were fired. Judicial Watch gets more HRC emails from her private server. The Mueller report will be a nothing burger, there will be no new indictments and Trump is now saying the people are with him on the witch hunt. The [DS] is panicking, the Patriots are exposing their agenda. Be vigilant, the [DS] has a couple of more tricks up their sleeves.

Sunny side up!



Here we are on the flip side of the Equinox.
With the full moon, issues have arised for your review
Chances are youve taken notice and have decided whats best for your higher good leaving the rest behind you.
Now you are ready to move forward
Pace picks up as you feel lighter and more devoted to your path.
Can you feel the sun shining on your face?
By now, after all your hard work and dedication, you will have realised that your life is in your hands.
You have the ability to create your own Magic.
You hold your own Energy
You Focus on your path,your own lessons and evolution, you let go of past hurts and all that does not align with your higher good.
You release others to follow their own path and do not let the misgivings of others affect your peace.
If anything arises at…

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