BOOK TWO – The Starship Project

BOOK TWO – The Starship Project

The first volume of the series, The White Lion, entitled, In the Beginning, leaves off just as our protagonist has landed an extraordinary golden ship in the center of Jolf, a small town located on the southern coast of Maubene, one of the continents of the planet of Medina.

The first book of this series carries us through the formative years of the second Pleiadian incarnation of Raphael DeAires Kantor and his fortuitous meeting with Lord Demetrius VaCoupe, Lord and Supreme Commander of the Pleiadian Command.

Just so we are clear, this is a fictional story about an imaginary version of the Pleiadian Federation, an institution that does not exist in real time. So, dear reader, kindly suspend your questions and immerse yourself into another world and time, which would have taken place long, long ago, during the Orion Wars, but well before the formation of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Ashtar Galactic Command.

This second book deals with the Starship Project and the promise it held for the Pleiadian people…

BOOK TWO: The Starship Project

CHAPTER 1 – Revelations

Chapter 2 – Seed Crystals

Chapter 3 – Jolf

Chapter 4 – The Outpost

Chapter 5 – Metamorphosis

Chapter 6 – Discoveries

Chapter 7 – The Gathering

Chapter 8 – The Peace Offering

Chapter 9 – The Morovian Dilemma

Chapter 10 – Alyona Castle

Chapter 11 – Strabo Diaz

Chapter 12 – The Project Begins

Chapter 13 – Demetrius and Anna

Chapter 14 – Reynar VaCoupe

Chapter 15 – Death and Rebirth

Chapter 16 – Lyonell Redux

Chapter 17 – Crisis in Medina

Chapter 18 – The Starship Project

Chapter 19 – Shuttle Magic

Chapter 20 – Dante Kantor-VaCoupe

Chapter 21 – Implosion

Chapter 22 – Aftermath

Chapter 23 – Judgment

Chapter 24 – Into the Unknown

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