Kp Radio Hawaii 7-19-18… “Remaining Balanced while Everyone’s being ‘Exposed'”

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Talked about (among other things):

  • [KP note: at about 5 minutes, my internet connection was lost, for about 30 seconds, so there’s about 30 seconds of silence.]
  • Holding energies for “things to transpire”.
  • Turtle Island Journey 2013. Snowden revelations. Awakening to the depths of msm.
  • Helsinki Trump-Putin conference..
  • Posts titled TDSiGDTtTPiH* [*The Deep State is Going Down, Thanks to Trump-Putin in Helsinki].
  • deep state is very very desperate.
  • msm is very very desperate.
  • Higher D understanding of what’s going on is important (you GET it).
  • Remaining balanced. Stay centered within. BE at peace within. Going into nature. Stay physically balanced. Nutrition. Staying centered within oneself, and not pushing others to accept what you may “know”. Be patient with others’ non-understanding.
  • #WalkAway.

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(note: if a commercial comes on at the beginning, just click ahead about 30 sec. to 1 minute.)

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Is It Safe To Want More?

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raphael Awen

‘Is it safe to want more?’

‘Can I actually have what I most deeply want?’

‘Isn’t gratitude for what I have the opposite of wanting more?’

These questions repeatedly come to anyone who chooses to awaken their emotional body? They came to me again last night as I felt another layer of what I so deeply want.

To learn of deep abounding beauty that you don’t normally experience is to subject yourself to longing and despair that you don’t currently have that in your life. It takes big courage just to awaken that far. To then set out to obtain that deep beauty as your living reality is to call on resources of courage and choice that will surely be tested and tried moving forward.

How much easier and understandable it is for the masses to choose to remain asleep to desire. In moments, you are tempted…

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Darryl Anka (BASHAR) – Humanity Is Awakening!

Higher Density Blog

Published on Jul 5, 2018

Karen A. Dahlman, host of Creative Visions TV, welcomes Darryl Anka, filmmaker and channel for the multidimensional being Bashar, to this episode to share their teachings from 34+ years of working together. During this show, Darryl talks about the importance of acting on one’s passion to engage the Higher Mind’s assistance for leading a life of one’s desires. Humanity’s awakening is dependent upon activating this attainable connection and Darryl explains how to do this in practical ways throughout the interview. Darryl also shares Bashar’s influence within his own life and the teachings that assist others to awaken to their greatest selves. Many topics are discussed, including abundance, the Higher Mind, the notion of trust, the purpose of a human experience, limitations, parallel realities, new versions of Earth, telepathy, connecting with your Guides, synchronicity, suicide, what is Source and much more! DARRYL/BASHAR’S…

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Admiral Rogers and The Alliance – Alliance Insider ~ July 18, 2018

The plot thickens and begins to unfold…


Admiral Rogers and The Alliance – Alliance Insider. By Adam Riva.

Arthur Update: “Admiral Mike Rogers is working with the Alliance

Our source within the Alliance, who we have been calling Arthur, recently briefed us on who he believes some of the sealed indictments are for, where he believes these 40,000+ individuals will be imprisoned once the indictments are unsealed, his suspicions that Admiral Michael Rogers is near the top of the organization known as the Star State, Obama’s two plants inside the NSA and the DOJ, how Jeff Sessions has been rewriting the UCMJ to more efficiently deal with politicians who are guilty of treason, and upcoming legislation to legally mandate truthful reporting in the news media.


Remember I told you there was a military coup that began in June of 2015? Admiral Mike Rodgers told Obama, “Go f— yourself. We are not relinquishing…

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Boom, The Entire Plan Has Been Taken To The Next Level ~ July 18, 2018

Tons of developments on the world stage…


Mueller knows that the Russian’s cannot be extradited to the United States. Putin just called his bluff. Mueller is preparing to protect those who committed crimes by giving them immunity. During a press conference with Trump the lights went out when Trump was explaining that he backs the intelligence agencies. Putin has pushed the agenda, he allegedly handed Trump all communications of the deep state. US has launched a Uranium one probe for tariffs. Is it for tariffs or is it to investigate Clinton and Uranium 1 deal. Afghanistan wants to control the talks not the US. Syria has found more weapons belonging to the IS and they belong to the western coalition forces.

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Headlines With A Voice


The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia named the names of employees of special services and U.S. officials suspected of involvement in the illegal activities of the founder of the British Hermitage Fund William Browder, reports Interfax . Among them was the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, to whom Russian investigators want to ask a number of questions. 

Proud Member of AIM Starship Fleet


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7/18: President Trump’s Cabinet Meeting raises concerns regarding the major role of Public-Private Partnerships in the “new” economic, education and training programs. WE, the People, need to keep our eyes open moving forward to make sure the USA does not become the new China.

Meanwhile, the DOJ and FBI are outed as completely unlawful, leaving the People of the Republics to take action now to return to Constitutional justice in the USA. Luckily, Lisa Page has turned plea deal immunity to reveal that, indeed, the Strozk, McCabe, Comey, Mueller, Obama, Rice DOJ was fully responsible for the DNC cover up and the SPYGATE fiasco that began with Crossfire Hurricane.

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Mastery of the – Enlightened – Expanded Self – Openhand


Courtesy of Openhand

Mastery of the – Enlightened – Expanded Self

Submitted by Open on Mon, 11/18/2013 – 05:57

To truly realise the depth and majesty of our expanded self, we have to master the direct confrontation of the moment. It’s all about performing inner alchemy. There’s essentially two forms of consciousness that make up our existential being: the separation consciousness that forms the bodymind, and the unity consciousness that forms the soul. If you include various disruptive energies of society’s matrix, everything we experience from thoughts, to emotions and feelings are caused by the interaction of these various flows of consciousness. How might ‘we’ – as presence – be able to positively influence the internal dynamic?…

Creating your own reality?

Some speak of shaping the thoughts in order to master beingness, but to me, this is simply a case of the tail wagging…

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TDSiGDTtTPiH* pt 1… “Lights Go Out As Trump Expresses Faith in Intel”… and #Q #QAnon related messages…

Kauilapele's Blog

[* The Deep State is Going Down, Thanks to Trump-Putin in Helsinki] Pardon the long acronym, but I wanted a short word for the series of three articles related to the Helsinki conference.

The title is from this USA Today article. On 7-17-18, as Trump was expressing “faith in the intel community”, the lights went out for a few seconds (see the video below). To me it was rather a “key moment” when the lights went out, right after Trump praising the intel community. I had read somewhere that it was General Flynn who turned out the lights, but not I cannot find a link, so I’m not completely sure about that.

In any event, it may be saying, “We are turning the lights our on the “dark intel community”. Later I found these images which may connect to prior Q posts:;; I’ve linked the…

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TDSiGDTtTPiH* pt 2… McAllisterTV video 7-17-18… “Deep State Panic!!! Keep Your Eye on the Ball…Q” (and why Putin used the term, “Loose Change”, twice”)

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[* The Deep State is Going Down, Thanks to Trump-Putin in Helsinki]

This video “showed up” in one of my “feeds” yesterday, and when I saw it, I was rather “blown away. There were a couple things that really “stood out” from this short video analysis.

  1. The handing over the ball from Putin to Trump represents a “transfer of data”. Putin said (at 38:00), “Speaking of the football, actually. Mr. President I’ll give this ball to you. And now the ball is in your court.” In other words, it implies the data has been given to DJT, and the ball is now in his court to present it to the world.
  2. Putin, at about 43:30 in the Helsinki conference video, twice uses the words “Loose Change”. Anyone who has investigated the 911 incidents, has heard of the video, “Loose Change” (YouTube; Vimeo), which looks…

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