The Magical Energy of the Great Celtic Festival of Imbolc — Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Snow arrived at Bealtaine Cottage just as the first month of the year was showing signs of the coming Imbolc! The supply of logs harvested from the woodland during the previous Spring were brought in by the basket load to keep the cottage warm and snug…and it was! It was amazing to appreciate the sheer…

The Magical Energy of the Great Celtic Festival of Imbolc — Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

The Little Things | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

So many times you come from a place of “I want, I want, I want”, not knowing that the want brings more want. Instead, switch the thought to “I have, I have, I have”. It will change the vibrational energy of the request.  The shift does not always come with a bang, but a whisper.  You may very well be looking past what you are looking for. The Universe invites you to take a look at the little things today…you will be very surprised! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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This is fantastic news. It appears the citizens of the Republic of the United States of America, based on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, are no longer indebted to the service of the Corporation known as The UNITED STATES. And if so, we are no longer indebted to the taxation, any and all financial […]


Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Andy Warhol

I remember studying Pop Art in school. Quite the popular statement.

Humoring the Goddess

Andy Warhol was born on August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh, and worked as a successful magazine and ad illustrator.


Warhol’s works span over a range of paintings, silk-screening, photography, film and sculpture.

Marilyn Diptych

His works often research the correlation between artistic expression, advertising and celebrity culture that was seen flourishing in the 1960s.

Birth of Venus

Most times, the subject of his work changes from symbolic American objects to fiction, to celebrities to traditional concepts. His paintings triggered a turn around in the way art was perceived.

John Lennon

Instead of portraits, landscapes, battle scenes or other subjects that experts thought of as “art,”  Warhol took images from advertising, comic books and other bits of popular culture and created the “pop” in Pop art


He is known for his drawing and repetition, using a single object multiple times in a painting.

Queen Elizabeth II

Andy Warhol made…

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Dodecahedron Universe

Our Spirit

The Human Heart is a Supersensible Organ of Perception

By Douglas Gabriel

Chapter Six: Dodecahedron Universe

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”


As has been presented above, the human heart is nested in the mediastinum which appears as a type of cube, or box surrounding and protecting the heart itself. In our current age, the shape of that box is a six-sided cube, but in the future, the shape of this protective enclosure will develop into a twelve-sided dodecahedron.

The heart shape and size evolve over time.

This mystery of the heart is little known and even less understood. Dr. Rudolf Steiner was very keen on this idea and believed that the evolution of the heart was a key factor in the overall development of humanity. The significance of this heart evolution is critical to expand human awareness and consciousness of the inside and outside world of…

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ECETI: YHWH, Yahweh, Discernment, Dropping Into the Heart

Jan 23, 2021 at 8:05:06 PM:

This is from an email message that James Gilliland of sent out.

YHWH, Yahweh, Discernment, Dropping Into the Heart

Before we release this newsletter a disclaimer is necessary. We are not your Messiah. It is our desire that each individual make their own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection. We desire no elevated state within social consciousness. We do not expect to profit in any way from this newsletter and this is not a religion or a cult. There is nothing to join, no fees other than a free newsletter. This is released in service to the Omnipresent Creator in all Creation.

While doing our morning clearings, we were honored by the appearance of Yahweh. As we approached the Sanctuary, also known as the Bridge House and opened the door we were hit by an energy, a force field that made us lose equilibrium. It was as if (we were) entering another dimension. We began our usual process, a technique that uses group energy, creates a male female balance, and bypasses the ego or human mind. After clearing our biological families, the ECETI family, then moving on to clear the unseen negative entities around the political chaos, we stopped and asked who was with us. The name “Yahweh” came in.

I (James) ask: “Is this the God the masters, saints and sages, Pleiadians and other off-worlders now refer to when they say the real God is with you?” We got, “Yes,” accompanied by an energy flowing in that moved through us, up the spine causing us all to look at each other with the usual OMG. It was bliss energy. We began asking questions:

Are you actively involved in reestablishing the Republic, what is referred to as draining the swamp, the global movement to end Tyranny. “Big Yes.”

Are you what is referred to as the Annunaki, the ancient Gods? “No, yet those that did not fall are with us along with the beautiful many.”

What dimension are you coming in from? “12th, I AM beyond those referred to as Annunaki.”

Are you connected to what is happening with the Schumann Resonance going up as high as 1000 at times? “Yes, it is part of the Awakening.”

Are the solar flares, the massive energy waves of unknown origin, the spikes in the Schumann Resonance all tied together? “Yes, it is all better understood as waves of consciousness and energy.”

So what you are saying (that which) is unfolding on the Earth is a rise in frequency, an end to Tyranny, and the dawn of Universal Law. “Yes.”

Note to Readers: I edited this email a bit to enhance the impact of the news. Welcome to the Great Awakening, folks. We are in for a ride. Buckle in and let go. Paradox!

The Quantum Leap Has Begun – Part 2 – Vidya Frazier

The Quantum Leap Has Begun – Part 2

Vidya Frazier

The quantum evolutionary leap in consciousness into 5D has finally begun in earnest. And, as exciting as this is, we are currently entering perhaps the darkest period yet of the tumultuous transitional times on our journey from 3D to 5D, in which so much of what has felt familiar and safe is now disappearing. And, because of this, many people are experiencing a great deal of stress, anxiety, depression and despair. In this video, I address how you can best handle these challenging emotions and create greater calm and empowerment.

Also see part 1 on this subject for information about events in the world that are reflecting the transitional times that all of humanity is experiencing:

The Quantum Leap into the 5D has Begun: How to Handle the Chaos – Part 1

January Flowers

Even flowers printed on a t-shirt bring a smile and we can all use smiles these days! Thanks, Laura!

Laura Bruno's Blog

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

This might seem like a silly post in light of serious issues, but sometimes silly gets the point across much better than doom and gloom.

It’s January here in the Northern hemisphere. There’s snow on the ground and a sharp chill to the wind. No flowers in sight outside. What’s a crazy plant lady who loves flowers to do?! Be the flowers you wish to see in the world:

Sometimes you just need to make it happen.

And sometimes the Universe shows up with an $11 like new cashmere sweater at a secondhand shop you just happened to wander into in the middle of a snowstorm:

Blessed be, and be the blessing!

If you’re having trouble finding the blessings, you might want to try Adriene’s “Yoga for Gratitude” practice. I love every workout I’ve done of…

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