Message #31 – A Shift In Timeline | Sophia Love

Rainbow Wave of Light

October 20, 2018

Hey everyone.  This is a surprise edition.  These have been coming since September 2017 and this is the 31st conversation, which averages out to roughly 2 -3 each month. It’s been just days since they reached out and last night I was woken up 4 times!  I did not respond well and said I would reach out in the light of the following day. I was surprised at their insistent wake-ups because the group I usually speak to knows that if I don’t “answer” their call, I’ll reach out to them the next day.  This group did not.

Here’s how today’s conversation went.

“I was woken up several times last night and did not connect. Are the beings who did so available now?”

We are here Sophia, yes.

Hello. Thank you for becoming available once again to connect.

You are welcome. We would like to begin.


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Truth News Headlines October 21, 2018

American Intelligence Media

Are we going to overthrow these global criminals and digital tyrants….or not? One signature can wipe them off the face of the planet – and put the technology, which was stolen in the first place, back in the hands of PATRIOTS for freedom of speech and transparency around the world.

Make sure you have contacted the White House with one or more of these documents: Miller Act Notice Documents

You do not need to be an American to send your correspondence to the White House as this crime, committed by the IBM Eclipse Foundation and the U.S. Patent Office, effects everyone on the planet. Write or Call the White House

target with arrow

Corrupt Media AFI  Full value of social networking must be returned to original AMERICAN inventors


america first donald trump

The Story Behind Donald Trump and America First


What happens after the MAGA midterms?


AIM4Truth Joe reports that he has a ticket and will be…

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The Knights Templar, The Grail, understood by A Few

The New Divine Humanity

We spoke in Atlantis and Mu too, the plan unfolded, twilight and eternity through.

The heavenly wings, symbolic through time, enters all space, majestic and divine.

The Pleiades we practised, the sphinx was then sent.

Egypt our home, from Atlantis we went.

The Divine feminine in place, now the merging to awake.

The beginning through form, the DNA to initiate.

She welcomes the New Ones, as children they are.

Star born and pure ~ sent from afar.

The Knights Templars, the Grail, understood by a few.

The Divine Masculine, the design, the plan and the view.

Consciousness a perception of opposites ~ through time.

The Garden of Eden, eternity and the Divine entwined.

Parallel worlds, shifting and swirling all around and within.

Ignites the first wave as the pole shift and Ascension Begins.

Higher dimensions

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Full Moon in Taurus, October 24th, 2018 ~ LOVE and Alchemy

The New Divine Humanity

This powerful Full Moon is in Taurus on Wednesday October 24th, 2018 at 1:45 pm ADT. 

Be ready for sudden surprises, shifts and MAJOR Changes as Taurus joins with Uranus, during this Full Moon, especially in connection to relationships and love.

The Sun opposite the Moon (The Full Moon) highlights the emotional body as polar opposites come into play, and that which is to be cleared in relationship to the previous New Moon intentions.

The subconscious and memories from past lives, are all playing out within the screen of your perceptions. 

The subconscious, heightened under the Full Moon ~ becomes  spotlighted in the deeply penetrating Light.

Venus opposite Uranus may initiate changes in Love relationships and romance, bringing either a new one, or excitement to what is, already. This may feel challenging and of course impacts each being Uniquely. Excitement, almost electrical….is impacting this overall frequency of this Full Moon in Taurus.


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Our Beloved Bubbles

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Our consciousness is a bubble. It can be a small one or a massive one. It can be comprised of fear, anxiety, and depression, as well as joy, peace, and knowledge. We can use anything to create a bubble. We need the bubble in order to be in this dimensional frequency. It provides the necessary veil for our growth within Experience. In my opinion, even the most non-dual enlightened or galactically-activated individuals still exist in a bubble. Even The Infinite needs The Finite in order to experience Itself.

Bubbles are both mental and emotional. Our knowledge of what is ‘real’ and ‘true’ continues to shift and evolve. This happens as we continually ask questions such as “what if?” and “why?”. The same holds true for our heart bubbles. Our protective layers that are there for their own reasons and purposes, yet keep us from fully letting in the bliss mess…

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Taking down the FBI in our pajamas

AIM Truth Bits

Taking down the FBI in our pajamas

So that you don’t have to read the article or book from Michael D. Moore (True Pundit’s Thomas Paine), Headlines with a Voice summarized his point of view in the video below:

They Knew Where He Was

Now read the detailed citizen intelligence report that we prepared for our truth community:

Treason: Who Terrorized Americans and the World on 9-11?

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New Energy of Love

Mystical Journey

The first night in a new house is like being with a new lover. You listen to the noises attentively. You touch things with new eyes. You notice as much as you can hold in your senses. You study the forms and shapes of everything around you. You begin to hold space for it and the gifts the energy will bring. You gently feel the sacred gratitude making mental notes of what is and what isn’t.

There is love pouring out of you with dreamy expectations of the future. There is acceptance without judgment. There is desire and ideas of what you will do together, who you may entertain and what will keep you safe. This is when the magic begins in any relationship. The unknown is ecstatic.

Each picture you hang, each plate you put away, builds to the excitement. You are enticed by the novelty, the unknown, and…

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U S Army Tests Bio Weapons on U S Citizens ~ October 20, 2018

Remember, the CIA was set-up by former Nazis; they’re just continuing on with their inhumane “tests” on unsuspecting citizens. The department needs to be taken down and cleansed thoroughly.


Editor’s Note: Thanks for sending this J! This is a disturbing report that follows common prophec’s about the “end-times” when all truths will be revealed.

It is past time to follow your heart, my friends, and…



Operation Big City – Biological Weapons Testing On U.S Citizens Biological Weapons Testing On U.S.

Citizens Open-air testing takes research into deadly agents out of the laboratories in order to study their effectiveness, including their aerial dispersion patterns, and whether they actually infect and kill in field trials.… ***Pentagon Poised To Resume Open Air Weapons Testing***…

Freedom’s ground-breaking investigations into joint CIA-military testing of chemical and biological warfare agents on unwitting sections of the population included Operation Big City, in which hundreds of New York City subway passengers were exposed to bacteria.

In another series of tests, a fungus that could cause lung disease was used in certain East Coast…

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The Void and the Moons…

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Holy energy systems batman!! I swear these days, I do not know if I am coming, going, upwards or downwards!! I cannot recall the last sunny day here in Texas, it has been a month of rain, which does not help the human energy system called me. lol But, for those concerned, no warning of flooding here around me, that I know of anywayz. Except, of course, the flooding of these energies.

I could not sleep at all the evening of the 15th, which made moving thru the 16th this side of impossible. My brain and body were down for the count. I swear it felt like there was compression happening in my mental planes and the lack of sleep served as a numbing agent. However, I got the best sleep I can remember getting that evening and woke up the 17th fresh as a daisy. The moment I woke…

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