ANGELINA STOJIC @ IN5D – Photons, Neurons, Electrons – A Specific Physical Change Is Taking Place – 5-23-18

Higher Density Blog

by Angelina Stojic,   Guest writer,

So, I am led to write about the exchange of energies through photon light within our body system and how it generates the changes within our system.

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It is a really important time of change and rediscovery in our lives and our world to embrace new ways of transforming, transmuting energy.  The change that is occurring is on many levels for the evolution and progression of who we truly are. Light beings.

Photons Neurons and Electrons are part of that process to assist us in moving into this new way.

In simple terms we can utilize the energies around us to help assist, change and shift the energies or codes within us.  These three were given to me to share with you about the importance of these three particles.

PHOTONS are just particles of energy containing light…

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Exponential Leaps in Your Evolution ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been observing you for quite some time, and we are happy to report that the progress that you’ve been making lately has been exponential in comparison to the progress you were making for hundreds and hundreds of years, thousands even. Your growth is increasing in response to the energies that you are receiving, and additionally, you are benefitting from all of the traumas and tragedies that you’ve been experiencing both in this lifetime, and in your past lives.

You are not buckling under. You are not running and hiding. You are meeting all of it, that which is of a low frequency and that which is of a high frequency, face on, and the results are impressive. We can see the continued expansion and evolution of your consciousness, and the only thing left…

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The Courtyard of Heaven from Which You Arise | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, I summon you. Each day I summon you to the Courtyard of Heaven from which you arose. Too often, you think of yourself as on your way to Heaven. This is true. Remember also, that from Heaven you have come. From Heaven, yes, and to Heaven you return. It is a pitfall to believe you were ever thrown out of Heaven.

Never, not in one heartbeat, were you ever thrown out. Now it is time for you to see differently. May I remind you that where I come from, there is always and forever room for you – for you are the Light of My Heart. Inn is a metaphor, anyway. Heaven goes beyond any inn. In truth, no one rents a room in Heaven by the night or week. Heaven is your birthplace and your permanent Home – Our permanent Home of Oneness. You are definitely…

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Breakthrough in explosive lawsuit against Monsanto — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Breakthrough in explosive lawsuit against Monsanto by Jon Rappoport May 23, 2018 A San Francisco lawsuit against Monsanto and its weedkiller, Roundup, is moving forward. And it’s just received a new green light from the judge in the case. Monsanto’s lawyers are bracing for a deep level of attack, which they were hoping to avoid. […]

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Energy Update: SOULar Energies Accelerating Repeating Numbers, Synchs, Awakenings

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

I woke up in the middle of the night and checked the time: 2:22am. Then I laid there for awhile, checked the time again: 3:33am. I felt this big WINK in that and a ‘hello’ from my Higher Self/Guides/The Divine. We also recently went to lunch and the total on our bill was $444 pesos (about $22 USD) and, that same day, a recent youtube channel that I went to had 444K subscribers.

All of these repeating numbers mean that the higher dimensional frequencies and timelines are dipping into and overlapping into ours. Either by us going more ‘up’ to meet them and experience them or by them coming ‘down’ to connect with us. Meeting in the middle is becoming more and more possible. Gateways such as what opened on 5/5 and seem to have STAYED open allow for this merging into consciousness. Sometimes we need the…

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El Morya on the Violet Flame: Origins and Nature

Violet Flame3

Editor’s Note:  Holy Lady Amethyst, the Twin Flame of Archangel Zadkiel, anchored the Violet Flame upon the holy altar of the Temple of Purification on Earth a long, long time ago.  The Temple of Purification now resides in the etheric realm above the island of Cuba.  For her service, this great Lady is called the Priestess of the World.


(El Morya is the Chohan of the First Ray, Blue, for Strength, Power, and Protection.)

❤ ❤ ❤

The violet flame is the key to individual and world transmutation. It works in microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds, from the smallest particle of matter to a molecule to mind to materialization in man and mundane circles.

* * *

El Morya on the Origin and Nature of the Violet Flame

The violet flame comes forth from the violet ray, that aspect of the white light that is called the seventh ray. It is indeed the seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit.  Just as the sunlight passing through a prism is refracted into the rainbow of the seven color rays, so through the consciousness of the Holy Spirit the light of the Christ is refracted for mankind’s use in the planes of Matter.

Each of the seven rays is a concentrated, activating force of the light of God having a specific color and frequency. Each ray can also manifest as a flame of the same color and vibration. The application of the flame results in a specific action of the Christ in body and soul, mind and heart.

How does a ray become a flame, and specifically how does the violet ray become the violet flame?

When you invoke the violet flame, it comes forth from the heart of your I AM Presence as a ray of light that is violet in color. That ray descends like a powerful sunbeam from its source in the Great Central Sun to what is called the plane of invocation. Wherever you may be in the universe, in whatever socket of consciousness you find yourself, the level from which you invoke the light of God is defined as the plane of invocation.

An invocation is a call to light that is transmitted from your heart to the heart of God instantaneously. The response comes forth on the return current.  When the violet ray descends from your I AM Presence to the plane of invocation, a violet flame springs up.

Simply put, the flame is an intensification of a light ray that has been stepped up by the fervor of your heart’s call and the zeal of the Lord’s response.  The phenomenon brings to mind the physical counterpart: a ray of light from the sun passed through a magnifying glass causing an object to burst into flame.

When you invoke the violet flame for the healing of a specific problem, this is how it works. It envelops each atom of your being individually. Instantaneously a polarity is set up between the nucleus of the atom (which, being Matter, assumes the negative pole) and the white-fire core of the flame (which, being Spirit, assumes the positive pole).

The dual action of the light in the nucleus of the atom and the light in the enveloping violet flame establishes an oscillation that causes the untransmuted densities to be dislodged from between the electrons.  As this substance is loosened, at non-physical, or “meta-physical,” dimensions of matter the electrons begin to vibrate with an increased amount of energy, throwing the misqualified substance into the violet flame.

On contact with this fiery essence of freedom’s flame, the misqualified energy is transmuted and God’s energy is restored to its native purity.  Relieved of the patterns of imperfection and restored to the plus-minus balance of Alpha and Omega, this energy of the Holy Spirit is returned to the individual’s Causal Body, where it is stored until he elects to use it once again to bring forth the noble work of the Christ “on earth as it is in heaven.”

This alchemy takes place on the material plane though not necessarily in the objective “physical” plane; for every atom of substance has its counterpart in the astral, mental and etheric compartments of the matter universe as well as in the spiritual octaves of light.

Excerpt from The Chela and the Path by El Morya.


Truth News Headlines May 23, 2018

American Intelligence Media

May and Johnson.

Dirty Tricks – Trumpgate and Skripal – All Roads Lead to London and MI6


House of Representatives, 19 Members, Outline Resolution of FBI and DOJ Misconduct – Request Second Special Counsel


Mike Flynn Jr. tweeted

You’re all going down. You know who you are. Mark my word….

🇺🇸MFLYNNJR🇺🇸 (@mflynnJR) May 21, 2018

The gloves are off.  Source


Brennan CYAJohn Brennan’s Plot To Infiltrate The Trump Campaign Exposed


Roger Stone: 

“John Brennan should pop the glass capsule and take the cyanide now,” Stone told host Amanda House, Breitbart News’s deputy political editor. “He’s the perp who started the entire Russian dossier matter. He’s lied about it under oath. He’s going to die in a federal penitentiary.” Source

Jack Posobiec at OANN: Second Deep State Government “Informant” Claimed to be with NSA


AIM4Truth Lew writes:

truth or dareHi guys.

You got selected by whoever controls the…

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Global Currency Reset Begins

Anti-Propaganda News

This video is a great explanation of the changes that have been taking place in financial systems around the world, since the US Housing Crisis of 2008, and the formation of BRICS (Brazil, India, China, and South Africa).

It shows how countries are moving towards a combination of gold-backed and resource-based currencies, which further explains why Trump is working towards mining America’s resources. By contrast, Canada’s Liberal government(s) are working hard to keep its own resources in the ground, thus keeping them from being a wealthy nation in the new financial system.

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Hawaii power plant shuts down after lava from Kilauea volcano flows onto site (PHOTOS, VIDEO) ~ May 22, 2018


Thanks to RT for this sory!!

A geothermal power plant has been forced to completely shut down after Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano entered a more violent stage, shooting fountains of red into the vicinity and threatening the release of toxic gases from the site.

Crews at the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) plant worked overnight to cap the 11th and final well at the site, which provides 25 percent of the Big Island’s power.

The wells run 6,000 to 8,000 feet (1,829-2,438 meters) underground to tap into extremely hot water and steam used to run turbines and produce electricity.

The wells run 6,000 to 8,000 feet (1,829-2,438 meters) underground to tap into extremely hot water and steam used to run turbines and produce electricity.

The capping is the latest measure to be taken at the plant, which has been closed…

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