X22 Report, 27 Sept 2020

EU Is Now Panicking, How Do You Change The Economic Landscape? – Episode 2287a

Trump is now in the process of changing the economic landscape in the US. He is now building opportunity zones and building up the poor neighborhoods. The EU sees the writing on the wall, Trump is changing the economic landscape internationally.

The [DS] Players Took The Bait, How Do You Introduce Haiti & The Children? – Episode 2287b

The [DS]/MSM is in the process of being exposed. We are now moving into crimes against humanity. ACB was nominated for the SC position. How do you introduce Haiti and children in the public realm? Flynn will be free in 30, watch September. The patriots are the majority, they are now pushing back.

Vandana Shiva: Sinister implications of Bill Gates’ Patent #060606 —

This post, itself an excerpt from Shiva’s latest book, Oneness vs the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom, needs to be absorbed in its entirety for us to even begin to comprehend how globalist Bill Gates has captured the still unconsciously accelerating split between mind and body (including the body of Earth and all her creatures),…

Vandana Shiva: Sinister implications of Bill Gates’ Patent #060606 —

Daily Rituals and Daily Spiritual Practices

The Druid's Garden

In my time as an Archdruid and now Grand Archdruid in the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA), a set of questions I see often are questions surrounding the establishment of daily ritual or daily practice question. These are questions like: how do I figure out how to do something every day and actually stick to doing it?  How do I build daily rituals into my life? What are some daily rituals people do?  Why would I want to do daily practices?  Since these questions are so common, today’s post explores the idea of daily rituals and practices for druids:  I’ll share how to begin and some considerations and also share a number of examples of daily or regular practices that you can do to deepen our druid path.

Daily practice Daily practice

The idea of a daily ritual is, of course, that you do something at the relatively same time…

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Law of One Summary and Reflection: Session 16


Cosmic Christ

Article by Doug Esse

Session 16 is long and covers a lot of territory. Topics include: the quarantine and the Guardians who set it up, Moses, the Confederation-Yahweh, Orion as the False-Yahweh, our solar system, Wanderers, the harvest, the history of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, and Ra’s learning experience in sixth density.

May you, dear reader, be blessed and filled with the love and peace, the joy and delight, of our One Infinite Creator. May you trust that the moment contains love (ref 10.14).

Scroll down for session 16


16.Ra:I am Ra. I greet you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. We communicate now.

16.1Questioner:As I ask questions, there will unfortunately be [inaudible] I think the direction I wish to go investigating the Law of One. However, I have ideas in…

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Good Day To . . . 28 September 2020 Out of Love — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 28th Is A Good Day To . . . adjust our surroundings so that the figurative elephant sitting on our figurative chest doesn’t drain us of creativity or make us so tired and distracted that we do something rash. That elephant is Saturn stationing direct, and it may seem that the state we find ourselves […]

Good Day To . . . 28 September 2020 Out of Love — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Eliza: Morning Ruminations

Eliza: Morning Ruminations

I typically start my morning walks at sunrise, sometimes a bit before.  There is just enough light to see clearly as the sun begins to light up the eastern skies.  This morning I noticed how the clouds high overhead first turned pink, then gold, then transitioned to a warm cream, and finally to white against the pale blue skies.  As the clouds turned from pink to gold, surrounded by the blue skies, I was momentarily reminded of the three-fold flame that burns within the Secret Chamber of the Heart Center, blue (strength, Will of God, power, masculine); gold (intelligence, wisdom, Christ/cosmic energy); and the pink (compassion, unconditional love, feminine).  As above, so below; as within, so without… as an ancient Hermetic saying goes.  Sometimes Nature mimics or rather reflects the profundities of ancient Teachings extremely well.  After all, people learned from Nature how to cope living in their particular environment.

Okay, I am already rhapsodizing – I’m struggling a little with how to express what I have been feeling of late:  challenged, overwhelmed, lonely, triumphant, happy, silly, hmmm, I could go on and on, but will spare my readers the litany.

It is sometimes said that when one door closes, another one opens.  I re-discovered a former mentor from 2013, Judith Dagley… who actually was off-line for a while due to health issues.  She’s fine now.  And so am I. 

I’ve never been a follower or a joiner of groups… or if I am in a group for any length of time, I get restless.  I need to follow my own inner guidance, not someone else’s ideas and beliefs; that doesn’t work well for me.  So, I am like a butterfly, sipping the nectar from one flower or the offerings of one teacher, and flitting to another and then another, gathering as I go what particularly resonates with me. 

Groups… for me, at least, tend to converge around powerful or knowledgeable leaders.  What is shared becomes accepted by the group and then they are sometimes expected to abide by the expectations, until there isn’t any movement or growth.  So, typically, I have to break free, leaving a few people wondering what happened.  This process isn’t meant to hurt anyone – and it’s happened more than once, many times in the past.  Still, there are kind teachers who are open to the comings and goings of people like myself and let us go when we feel the need to go…

Judith is one of those special people, an energy sensitive who understands other energy sensitives.  Labels, labels… I’ve been called many things of late, callous, blatant, cruel… and so on, but, hmmm, I don’t feel these things about myself.  There is just a curiosity, a desire to connect with Nature, to go within so I can determine what’s best for me in the moment.  I know what resonates and if it doesn’t resonate any longer, I need to leave.  It’s not a judgment; it is just a knowingness… that inner gift called claircognizance or inner knowing.  Claircognizance is knowing without knowing how you know. 

When you recognize what you require doesn’t resonate with those with whom you are interacting, if circumstances allow, then leave.  If they don’t allow you to leave, then learn to listen, process, and rise above judgment and see what you can learn about yourself within those circumstances.

I used to work inside a state penitentiary, a large prison that had inmates at all levels, from minimum offenders (six months sentence and up, depending on the offense) to maximum security/solitary confinement offenders, considered too dangerous to house in the ‘normal’ population.  Working ‘inside the wire’ teaches you how to utilize boundaries.  I learned to talk with quiet authority, listen to the men to see what they required according to the limitations of my particular specialty… medical records.  I learned a lot about personalities, manipulation, control, threats and actually discovered some of the hardest people to work with were co-workers… some of them, at least.  It was an eye-opener for me.  I met people in prison whom I will never interact with out in public.  Never.  I learned to treat all the offenders even-handedly, with courtesy, and let them know when they were straying over the line in getting too personal.  Offenders are shrewd people; they know how to manipulate jail workers.  They didn’t get too far with me… I am able to read people’s energy and intent and am extremely skeptical when someone becomes too dependent on me. 

Of course, when I went home from work, I needed to decompress.  Working inside is extremely stressful.  It may not be evident, but it’s there, in the background like a subliminal effect on the nervous system.  After they retire, many former prison guards die relatively young due to the amount of stress built up over the years.  I wasn’t a guard, but the stress was there, too, as I often sat across from offenders, with a murderer or car thief sitting on the other side of a very small table, conferring with me over his medical records.  Interesting job.

So, where does that get me today?  Although I carry a walk-in’s consciousness now, it has more or less blended with Eliza Ayres at present.  The proud commander is becoming more comfortable being human and being around regular people.  It doesn’t mean my gifts have shut down, more like dampened down.  Still, I can feel frequencies fairly easily. 

In the current confusing and challenging times, we are living in, an energy sensitive really needs to know themself or they can feel overwhelmed.  So, I needed to step away from a set of circumstances to where I could simply spend more time alone, quietly doing my writing and blogging, observing, and feeling.

Yesterday, I know something was going on as I felt a lot of energy hitting my solar plexus.  I might not know immediately what it is – there is a lot of intentional turmoil being roiled up by domestic groups within the United States.  Then, there are numerous fear narratives making the rounds – I’ve had to largely divorce myself from following several blogs to pull out of that kind of focus on fear.  And I pulled myself out of a couple of groups online, as, right now, I need to focus on the interior self, not what is ‘out there’.  This withdrawal can be judged by those who do not truly understand my inner workings or perhaps rather stick labels on what they deem as unusual behavior. 

Sorry, I don’t respond well to being labeled.  Try not to be offended when I am simply in need of an extended ‘time-out’ due to feeling and dealing with feeling an overwhelming sense of confusion and anxiety right now… which is not necessarily my own, but the collective’s. 

In a recent report given by Laura Walker of the Oracle Report and shared on Patriot Intel Report (PIR) Laura and Phoenix shared their insights on the current energetics that the human collective is attempting to negotiate through… rough seas.  The ‘storm’ is upon us for the remainder of this year of 2020, at least through December 23rd, when the energetics will shift once more. 

Laura bases her ‘predictions’ on astrology, using a combination of Sabian symbols, phases of the moon and planets, influences, and the science of observing cycles or historical replication.  Currently, the United States is passing through energetics which mirror the American Revolution, so old systems and allegiance to those old systems is being broken down.  Since humans are often resistant to change, any change, especially if it means letting go of a belief upon which they have rested their entire life, this transitional period can be especially daunting, challenging, and confusing.  Some people just shut down, with their minds going into overload, becoming even more resistant and angry, going into cognitive dissonance, as they are unable to comprehend the level of change sweeping down upon every system currently known to man.

All I can say, is ‘buckle up’ and be prepared, not out of fear, just practicality.  As a former backpacker and hiker, we had to carry our ten essentials on trips, no matter how insignificant.  Injuries did happen occasionally, a slip on a slippery rock, a turn of the ankle, a broken strap, an engine that wouldn’t start because the lights were left on… and so on. 

So, due to outer circumstances, I am being drawn to go within on a more intense level so I might hold steady internally during the storm. 

You do what is necessary to keep your sanity these days.  It is an individual thing for some people, while others feel better sharing their experiences within a group or groups.  I’m sharing to degree… through the medium of writing.  I have discovered writing to be a tremendous tool for moving the energies through my body.  You will discover what works for you as this is both an internal journey and a collective journey.  Humanity, at least a portion of it, is waking up and rising in frequency.  Strive to reach the highest frequency you can and be able to hold it.  It takes practice.  What works for someone won’t necessarily work for others.

It takes true inner knowledge of one’s own inner nature to negotiate these troubled waters and great courage to let go of other people’s expectations that have been mistakenly placed upon you.  Flow with the river and let go of the shoreline, navigate around boulders and let fear slide off of you.  You are powerful creator beings, capable of bringing whatever you focus upon into your life and circumstances.  Create lightly, wisely, and go in Peace!

Lovingly… and humbly,


© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com

It’s Only a Movie | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Only your Oneness is marked in stone. All else is a mere mark on the surface. A wave washes it away.

All the marks on the surface are the past, beloveds. There is the past, and there is the Eternal. All you really have is the Eternal. And that is your Being, and that is you, and that is I.

There was never a moment that We did not exist, and We exist in the moment. The moment is Eternity.
You are made of soul. Soul you are and ever were. All the surface stuff is only surface stuff. There is much more to your life than the surface.

Of course, naturally, you have thought that the surface is everything. Even though the surface is washed away in a flash, you yearn for its resolution nevertheless. You are captivated by the surface of life. It intrigues you. You…

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Judith Dagley: Are YOU an Energy Sensitive?


Judith Dagley

Editor’s Note: This grand lady was one of my mentors about six years ago, and just recently, we reconnected… I started following her blog. Judith Dagley is definitely an Energy Sensitive, a talented channel, and a high-frequency Being. For you readers who have awakened up to the energies, she and her guides, The Celestial Team, might be of assistance. She is a gentle, kind, compassionate mentor. This video is from 2013. l did participate in the seminar she mentions.

Website: http://www.judithdagley.com