Sophia: “As We Shift” – A Message for Light Workers and LightWarriors


We are tired. There is a sense of having finished what we came to do; perhaps a feeling of completion. Or rather, maybe, a thought that says “We did all that we came for. We found each other and gathered and wrote and spoke and produced content to share and spoke and became the light […]

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Archangel Michael: Access Expanded Capacities Through Your Eternal Consciousness


Access Expanded Capacities through Your Eternal Consciousness Message from Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira Hello Divine Ones, It’s really good to be with you again! We’ve been noticing so many subtle insights and changes in you – in the way you are living and feeling. We want you […]

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MARCH OF SOPHIA by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan | The Quantum Awakening Newsletter

Forever Unlimited


A powerful and ancient call went out gaining entrance and momentum as it entered the chamber of the heart and opened a new place of light for the world to see. They came from all lands, they came from the seas, they came from the cornfields, they came from the deserts.  They came with open arms and ‘Open Hearts’ into a place of convergence creating a plateau of solid light held up with columns of the heart.

Millions of women reinforced the feminine pillar of all that was Good and Holy. The Divine She herself  rose from her ancient sleep rubbed her eyes and saw all the fractures and wounded parts of herself she had ignored too long. All the scars thru time had reddened and a planetary healing was needed immediately.

She called to herself, every ancient piece, from goddess, to Nun, to warrioress, to Priestess to healer…

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Sandra Walters: Stargate Activated – Gateways Open for Embodiment


*** Stargate Activated: Gateways Open for Embodiment Feb 20, 2017 Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ Our Gateway week is upon us. Gatekeepers opened for the influx on SUNday, and the energies increased immediately. This is a powerful and transitional stargate for HUmanity, which will greatly affect those engaging with Solar Cosmic Christ embodiment. This massive […]

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by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

Right now we are in the LABOR stage of a very new RE-BIRTH in the Human – from our recent Galactic Re-Birth – BB articles 2-5th February Pts 1-3

As a flow and follow on from our Galactic Re-Birth.


Here is a mini reading as guided by Spirit to share, the full reading is at the end of this article:

‘We are in the process of creating something new in our life. Trust yourself in all that you are doing at this moment. Remember though, the process of giving birth involves going through labor. We are symbolically giving birth to the higher aspect of ourselves. As you learn to move out of old ways of being and outdated limiting beliefs. You are evolving, growing and changing into a more truthful version of you. Stay strong-your are…

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The Helpful Medicine Wheel by Yvon de Groot

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles

The Helpful Medicine Wheel


You may already be quite advanced in making your own medicine wheel, and you might be curious about how you can increase your opportunities to work with it? Your medicine wheel is a physical altar of spiritual energy where you can say a prayer for releasing, for gratitude, forgiveness or for help. It can be seen as a mirror in which you can see yourself connected to everything else in the visible and invisible worlds. A wonderful tool that allows you to feel which parts of your life might need more attention or need some support. The altar will give you focus and insight and can give you a vision in the decisions you need to make. It can help to accompany you in certain processes and it’s a way to ask the universe to support you in your choices.



You can use your medicine…

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