Animal Consciousness: The Benevolent Nature of Cats & Dogs ~The Sacred Felidae ~ Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn |

Animal Consciousness – Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn (long article, but well worth reading, especially if you love animals).

Infinite Shift

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn,

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I embrace you in this moment. I am joined by and welcome the energies and presence of the Ascended Masters of the Cosmic Council of Light, and those benevolent Beings of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance. We combine in plurality, in joy to welcome you, each of you here, in a ‘Now’ moment of unconditional love. Take a moment as you read this words, and close your eyes for an instant, and feel the love that we direct to you.

Now, we begin.

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Earth New Year~ Lion’s Gateway & Portal: July 26th, 2016 – August 12th, 2016 by Tiffany Stiles

Hmmm, yes, woke up with a rare but very intense third eye headache and kundalini energies throbbing through spinal column…

Forever Unlimited

Earth New Year~ Lion’s Gateway & Portal:
July 26th, 2016 – August 12th, 2016 by Tiffany Stiles

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Journal Entry 07.27.2016


Journal Entry 07.27.2016

Here’s my latest painting…another scene from Singleton Beach, Hilton Head Island, from a photo taken last winter.  Due to tropical storms and at least one recent hurricane, the beach was stripped of much of its natural sands and is now mostly mud flat and tiny grass-covered islands.  There are dead trees and shrub, plus storm wrack lined up in piles before the start of the indigenous live oak and pine forest of the island.


As you can see, my “style” is getting looser and more impressionistic.  When the weather cools down a bit for my northern blood, I want to get outside and do some Plein aire (open air) painting.  And apparently, there is a local art cooperative that teaches that style of painting.

Usually I do a preliminary sketch on a small pad, but for this painting I made a few outlines of basic shapes with a light pencil and then went right into the brush work, adding light layers and then building upon the basic background color.

Since the photo was taken in winter on a foggy day, the colors were quite muted, so I toned it up a bit by adding more blue to the water (which was quite shallow in depth) and purple and blue to the shadows.  It’s called artistic license… since a painting is merely a rendition of nature, not nature itself.  It’s fun teaching myself to paint.

As my old teacher said, “It’s the doing, the act of creation, that is important in art ( or any kind of art form).”

My landlady, who is an empath, has noted that my energy is very “high” when I’m engrossed in painting.  It is to me a living form of meditation, bringing me further into alignment with Higher Self.

As always, I encourage everyone to find some form of art or creative expression that brings joy to your heart and “lightens” your life.


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

P.S. For those who are curious, my color palette is fairly simple: Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White, Burnt and Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre, Purple, Sap Green and Cadmium Medium Yellow.  Grays are made by blending purple/blue with Umber and White.  This painting was done on stretched canvas with acrylics.







MICHELLE DAWN: “What Happens When the Mind Looks at Itself” — Dreaming With Dolphins


In the absence of mindfulness, it is easy to get caught up in difficult situations without even realizing we’re caught up in them. Perhaps it is a difficult person, an obstacle in a relationship, or a financial struggle. It could be any type of burden upon the spirit. When we start investing more energy toward observing the burden […]

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Eliza: Wrestling with Inner Darkness



Eliza:  On Wrestling with Inner Darkness

For the past couple of months I’ve been wrestling with a bit of reactionary energy that keeps manifesting as a deep-seated anger primarily directed at a now former “friend”.  While circumstances served to extricate me from a place that no longer suited me, the “friend” was the catalyst.

I’ve never been one to deny my “dark” side. Although many people when first engaging with me would think me as being rather introverted, I do have an intense fiery side, stemming from a natal Aries moon.

However, as I was living and moving around the landscape with this person over a period of nine weeks, I began to fall into a deep funk.  The moodiness was, in part, a direct result of denying my own truth while attempting to listen and follow the dream of another.

This person… is a fairly well-known spiritual healer and catalyst.  Yet she has a difficult time being around people who she deems as being at a “lower” frequency level than where she claims to be.  I got tired of the constant self-aggrandizement every time we would go to the store or a restaurant, where this person would engage the waitress or shop person in a conversation about spirituality.  It was like she wanted EVERYONE to know that she had undergone a “spiritual” awakening and had reached a place where she could “heal” others.

Arrrgh… I admit I’ve pumped my own ego a bit while writing on this blog and have made plenty of “mistakes” but I do not make any attempts to engage regular people in conversations about spirituality.  Instead, I attend to business and give a quiet smile to those I feel need one… like the frail elderly folks that one sees so frequently in Florida.


Admitting to feeling angry, while also being grateful for escaping a compromising situation, I’ve been working diligently with the Violet Flame and compassion… for myself and for this “other” person.  As is noted in a 2003 article by Jelaila Starr, compassion is the ONLY way out of the future that has been planned for us by the global elite.

The above mentioned article was suggested to Ms. Starr by none other than Sanat Kumara, leader of the Orion humans and now former Planetary Logos of Earth.

So, realizing that this latest bout of dealing with inner “stuff” is yet another step in cutting myself free from the bonds that bind me to the artificial matrix of our erstwhile controllers, I can express my gratitude for my former friend for acting in the capacity of one of my latest mentors and catalysts in moving towards complete soul liberation and integration.

I thought I would be working with another healer in establishing a healing center.  That dream has not manifested and may never manifest at this point; however, right now, I don’t care.  My life as simple as it is now, is allowing me time to heal and to get a good sense of who I AM, not what someone else, as well meaning as they might seem, wants me to do and be.

While around my erstwhile “friend” I felt like I was never good enough as I am.  She wanted to dress me differently, wear my hair differently (I cut my long hair off above the chin!), wear make-up and hair product.  All of this is very well for those folks who are into this sort of thing, but I’m not one who has ever been comfortable with “glam” looks.  I like comfort and ease of wear.

There was also a lot of rejection of much of the esoteric knowledge that I’ve picked up here and there over the years.  This person had no background in metaphysics or spirituality other than what has been communicated to her directly by her “team”.  Her accomplishment, while highly desirable in New Age terms and certainly working for her benefit, did not benefit my progress when this person attempted to steer my spiritual development with her intuitive guidance, meant for herself alone.  Furthermore, this individual insisted that my “team” was also communicating with her, while she instructed me on what I should do.  This smacked as hubris on the part of someone claiming to be evolved and a violation of my free will.

Allowing someone else to be a mentor or guide is okay, as long as you are allowed to come to your own conclusions without criticism and judgment.  Given the constant subtle criticisms that I was bombarded with, I began to question my own intuition, which is not a comfortable situation for anyone who is intent on growing and evolving.


I was in a position of being highly dependent on a relative stranger, in a strange state and environment, without transportation and limited financial means.  After a while, the whole experience began to take on a similarity of a bad marriage, without the sexual relationship.  Frankly, it was a toxic situation for me.  And when it ended suddenly, it came as a total shock and release.  The Universe had given me an opportunity to take my own life and direction back into my own hands and for that I am grateful.

Now is the time to get real with self.  Any reaction to an experience that we deem as being “negative” needs to be scrutinized and not buried under self-recrimination.  We’re human beings, emotional beings, as well as creator gods re-discovering our power to create our own world.

Another aspect of this particular individual was her extreme discomfort and denial of her humanness.  There was a lack of understanding about the need to integrate ALL levels of being, bringing heaven to earth by INTEGRATING Higher Self into the human vessel.  Instead, she wanted to escape and return “home”.  Home is where your consciousness abides, wherever that might be and it is different for every initiate on the Path of Return…or The Way, as it is described in the book, The Sophia Code (author, Kaia Ra)

As we’ve been reminded frequently, ascension is NOT about escaping your humanity, but accepting it in its entirety, spots and all.  We cannot possibly be “light and love” all the time.  To pretend that you can is to deny the power of your full nature.  Anger can be used to free you from a difficult situation, as it did in my case, through the avenue of my friend’s anger directly towards me.  Depression is anger that has been turned against self… and that’s just what I was experiencing in the latter days of that recent misadventure.  It took being a target for a major hissy fit to extricate me from the depths of self-pity and denial… to where I am now, feeling more centered and relaxed, able to set my own agenda and expectations… or not.

If anything can be learned from this sharing, it is to follow your own inner promptings, even if you fear in doing so you will “hurt” someone.  It is better to hurt someone so you can be free to listen and respond to your own inner voice and guidance.  We cannot live our lives through other people’s dreams or continually attempt to please another person… especially one who is dealing with their own unprocessed issues.

Ascension is not instantaneous and it isn’t an easy process.  It takes work and commitment and a willingness to resort to self-examination, all the while allowing for the flow of constant intuition guidance and knowing.  We have been told numerous times through channeled pieces and from experienced spiritual teachers, that everything we need in order to evolve is already contained within the divine center of our being, our Heart Center.  We all have the library card to our own Akashic records, which are stored within our own DNA.  The information garnered from thousands of lifetimes is all there; everything that we might need or use in this present embodiment.

The key point is to remember to use your own discernment in determining which information resonates with you… or “feels” right, in the moment.  You may not be able to integrate information given to you by another because you haven’t reached the frequency level where it begins to make sense or gives you an “aha” moment of inner knowing and acknowledgement.  That’s okay; we each are making small steps towards integrating knowledge and knowingness, received from both inner and outer sources, but only YOU can determine what is useful NOW for you, not someone else.

And although some one may advertise themselves as a spiritual healer, but anything and everything they have to offer may not suit you at all… and that’s okay.  Do not judge yourself against the lauded accomplishments of another person, especially when they make a point to constantly announce to the world or those who care to listen just how evolved they are.  A truly powerful person doesn’t need to advertise their accomplishments; they simply are present, quietly and without fanfare.

You will know through your own dealings with your “team” and inner knowing, that the process towards integration of Higher Self is a continuing process, one that never lets up.

This morning I woke up and realized that kundalini energy was running through my spine so I went immediately into a meditation, utilizing the energy and requesting a download from Archangel Metatron (see “This is the Healing Book” by R. McKenzie) for the integration and release of any stuck energy in my bodies.  Our guides are there for us and will respond instantly to our requests, but it takes awareness and commitment to keep the work up even when our physical bodies are weary from all the demands that this adjustment entails.

Ascension and the integration of Higher Self is designed to take some time as the intense energies of the higher frequency levels would blow your circuits if taken too quickly.  In the past, individuals have been injured by unexpected intense kundalini flows.  Now, these flows can be monitored by self and adjusted by your mentors if you are consciously working with one… such as an Archangel or Ascended Master.

We have moved beyond the need for a physical guru, teacher or mentor and are now ready to work with our own higher essence, for the highest and best good for all concerned.  If you are not already aware of this… the Archangels and Ascended Masters ARE your Higher Self, so, in effect, you are working with you while working with these heavenly collective essences.

While I am not doing what I thought I would be by this time after moving from Washington State, I find myself oddly well content with how my life is playing out.  I am spending a lot of time in a creative space which brings me much contentment and peace, as well as getting out and exercising daily on my morning walks and explorations.  While my new life is simple and I don’t know yet whether I will be staying in Florida or what happens next, I am now enjoying what comes in the moment, day by day, step by step.

Lastly, while it may appear that I am criticizing the actions and intent of another person, I am fully aware that the “other” person is an aspect of self.  This individual was mirroring for me an aspect of unresolved karmic material that I have now become aware of and can work with to further integration that essence within.  I honor this person for being a teacher on my path towards self-discovery, although I also chose to not be around them any further than is necessary to tie off a few still pending exchanges.  It is my free choice and my responsibility to deal with my anger and issues in my own way.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Photo Credits:  from Princess Place Preserve and Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, Flagler County, Florida






Journal Entry 07.24.2016



Journal Entry 07.24.2016 – Sightseeing

It being Sunday, I went for another drive, this time to Washington Oaks State Park.  This is the site of another estate, with formal gardens and nature trails, on property adjacent to the Intercoastal Waterway.

The gardens are formal and quite lovely, an unusual combination of English garden style, using subtropical plants, with a touch of Asian influence.  If the temperature had been a bit cooler, I would have enjoyed the visit a little more, but it is still worthwhile checking out this place if you happen to be in the vicinity of St. Augustine and/or Daytona Beach.

I also checked out the county access points to the Atlantic Beaches in the Hammock area (north of Beverly Beach and south of Crescent Beach and Marineland).  There are several nice parking lots where folks can park and walk down to the sandy beaches gratis.  No fees.  Access roads are: Mal Compra (Bad Buy) Road, Old Salt Road, Jungle Hut Road… and there is a beach access at Varn Beach.  Washington Gardens State Park also has an entry, but there is a fee.

I didn’t linger at the beach; I don’t as a general rule enjoy crowds or the hot mid-day sun.  It was a nice drive and I am getting a sense of the area now that I’m driving again.


Eliza Ayres



Local denizen found on one of the Nature Trails… a very large spider with an impressive web.  There are six miles of trails in Washington Oaks State Park.


The Gardens has a formal rose garden.  The blossoms looked a bit burnt due to the hot sunny days we’ve been having during this so-called “rainy” season.  Florida is having a bit of drought, as is much of the East Coast.


The Intercoastal Waterway, passes between the barrier islands, marshes and the mainland portion of Florida.  There is lots of boat traffic.  Fishing is good, too.  Washington Oaks State Park had some areas set aside for fishing, as well as scattered picnic areas.


A more formal bit of the Gardens.  There are a lot of azaleas here; should be quite a show early in February and March, or whenever azaleas bloom in this warm area.

Photos:  Washington Oaks State Park, Flagler County, Florida, off Hwy A1A.




Journal Entry 07.23.2016


Journal Entry 07.23.2016

Here’s a couple of paintings that I’m working on.  They’re works in progress.


“Yellow Flag” (from photo taken in Pioneer Park, Walla Walla)



“Singleton Beach, Winter Afternoon” (from photo taken, Hilton Head Island)

I enjoy sharing my work.  I hope I inspire a few readers to try their hand at various creative projects.  An art instructor once told us, his students, that a piece of art is a process.  It’s the doing not the result that matters.  And if the result is pleasing, that is a plus.

Enjoy your weekend,

Eliza Ayres


The Lion’s Gate (via Channeling with the Masters)


Beloved Family of Light, when you began this year of 2016, we did say to you, with much love, that 2016 would be a challenging year, and that you would need to embody your Mastery in a powerful way. As the Lion’s Gate of 2016 approaches, you now prepare yourself for a New Beginning and […]

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The World is Not Falling Apart; The Veil of World-Wide Corruption is Lifting — Rainbow Wave of Light


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Finding Equilibrium and Flow…


A tremendous amount of really difficult occurrences are happening in the world right now. It seems like the more time that passes, the more we balance on the edge. The edge of what exactly, nobody can say. But the edge of something, and likely, not something any of us are looking forward to. Things seem […]

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