Disclosure Process Is Accelerating: Message From A Recent Crop Circle In Cley Hill

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

DJI_03055 Crop Circle In Cley Hill, England – 7/18/2017

“We are ascending through a collective experience of disclosure that grows from within.” I was offered THAT during meditation recently by my guides/aspects. I was in a pretty high UP place energetically in which it becomes difficult to mentally track what I am experiencing and being offered. It becomes challenging to even remember much of what I’ve experienced and, very often, I pass out/crash nap as some kind of ‘rewiring’ is going on to really let it in beyond my conscious mind. ALL of this makes it challenging to write about and share what comes through, so I’m going to ask for help from my guides to help me out here and clear through the fog.

I started this meditation/journey by focusing on and letting in the latest crop circle that appeared in England sometime during the night of…

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Jennifer Hoffman: Light Beacon or Battering Ram


Light Beacon or Battering Ram? by Jennifer Hoffman | Jul 17, 2017 | 2017, blog, determination, Evolution, faith, Healing, Intuition, July 2017, Karma and Destiny, Life Mastery, past, power, transformation The more we expand our 3D paradigms to create space for the new 5D energies the more we seek participation from everyone we know. We […]

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The Sacred ‘Mess’ Of Your Healing Path

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

follow me, find your mess

“Come follow me, and you will find your mess” – a biblical quote reframe, as offered to me by Yeshua


There’s a light up ahead, held by someone who has done much work. Someone who beams a beacon of hope and love and possibility. Their energy invites you in and also invites you to follow them. They don’t energize being ‘better’ or ‘holier’ than you, they only seem to energize that they are somehow ‘ahead’ and want to vulnerably lead you into more possibilities, healing and growth for yourself.

Maybe you choose to follow because the warmth of the heart cord between you is incredible and familiar and not like anything you’ve ever felt before in this life. You want to be near this person, relate closely with them, and yet you can’t quite relate to them yet. They feel ‘close’ to you in a sweet…

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