Wind, Rain & Viral Isolation

Reflections of Riverman

Wind, Rain & Viral Isolation


Good Morning and once again I rise to write my show notes for the Presence of Light Talk Live Videos

Arising to the the sounds of wind and rain coming out of the Northeast from a storm moving slowly over the North Atlantic Ocean is a true gift.
I’m reminded of Ancestors who sailed from continent to continent without knowing exactly what they might be facing.
Holding in their hearts the hope of a new life in which they would no longer be persecuted for their beliefs.

How is everyone around the world really doing during these days of being limited by their fear?

Fear is much like Wind and Rain if you deeply sit with it.
It can arise out of nowhere and take a devastating form forcing us to run for cover or hide in our basements until it moves…

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News Burst 3-4 April 2020 – Live Feed ~ April 4, 2020

Rose Rambles...

  • The Pentagon has relieved Navy Capt. Brett Crozier, the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, from command of the aircraft carrier after he allegedly leaked a copy of a scathing letter he wrote to top brass requesting that all but the bare minimum (he said 10% ) of the sailors on his boat be let off to prevent a brutal outbreak of China Virus. Reports about the sailors, the first aboard a ship on active duty to test positive for COVID-19, first emerged last week, and the situation has become a growing hot potato as the White House and Pentagon have resisted allowing the sailors to disembark.

  • There have been recent rumors in the gold market about the availability of physical gold. Some social media personalities and news agencies have claimed that there is a shortage of physical gold on the market. However, it is not so much about a…

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MUST SEE! Three videos of possible interest regarding possible operations being carried out now ~ April 4, 2020

Whoa! The intel in these videos is pretty amazing.

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Please pay attention to the following video’s and please share these for others to see. Yes, the dark are indeed going down in ways many may have not dreamed possible!

Who knew the level of detail and corruption in our world that has been/is being cleaned up as the dark are purged from Planet Earth. It’s my thought that information shown in these videos will be shared on the EBS system in order to “wake up” humanity…we shall see!

Please watch these videos, prepare your heart for Earth’s release, and as the Earth is released from darkness, please join me in…

Quantum Joy!


These are all via the Jonathan Seagull YouTube page. I’m only posting titles and links. There’s quite a bit of detailed information about the DUMBs and what those who are taking out the dark cabal might be dealing with.

Please note that these videos…

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Behavior During the Pandemic

Humoring the Goddess

This Coronavirus thing just keeps getting scarier and scarier. There is no doubt that it has affected all of us in some way or another.

But within all the bad energy floating around there has to be some pockets of fresh air and bling. So here are a few of the things that I ~personally~ have noticed.

More positive posts on social media.  While there are plenty of warnings still being passed around on Facebook, Twitter, and others, there has been more funny videos, pictures, and statements to lighten up our load. Dreams of dancing once the epidemic is over, cats getting tired of their humans being around all the time, and dogs exhausted from taking 10 walks a day, all put a smile on those of us quarantined at home.

More inventive socialization.  People in Italy singing to each other from their balconies. Apartment complexes flashing their…

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Latest Intel: Chinese Communist Party Lies, Massive Death, Why? What’s The Goal? w/Mitch Gerber (pt 2)

Latest Intel: Chinese Communist Party Lies, Massive Death, Why? What’s The Goal? w/Mitch Gerber (pt 2)

Sarah Westall

(The report starts @ 3:19 minutes, after advertisements)

WARNING: This show discusses facts that may be disturbing and could bring on a sense of fear. Please be advised.

See Part 1:

Mitch Gerber rejoins the program to discuss the latest intel he has acquired on the Chinese Communist Party and the virus that was unleashed onto its people and now onto the world. He explains the dire fact that the communist party places no value on human life; rather it only values its own power and control. The latest moves we are seeing are that of a dying communist party, aligned with communists worldwide, including the World Health Associations head, Dr. Tedro, and many others in the globalists cabal and extreme left of the United States. The goal is to squash the growing movement of those against communism and the rampant and extreme corruption. They are moving to reinstate its growing control worldwide.

Editor’s Note: Can you handle the truth, no matter how dark the information revealed can be? Your determination and inner strength will be thoroughly tested during the month of April. This is not just about a virus. This is a WAR, one that has long been foretold through the verbal traditions of many cultures including the North American natives, through biblical prophecy, through the more recent prophets… this is a SPIRITUAL war against an enemy who is dark, heartless, who literally feeds off of humanity utilizing the light of the children of Light for its food. Brace yourselves… many will be the revelations. Many of your friends and family will not be able to handle the information but will go into cognitive dissonance as the very foundation of their belief systems are challenged. Hold the space for them. Hold the space within for your own heart and mind. Pray if you know how to… use whatever tools you have to remain as stable and yet as flexible as possible for great change is here. We’re in the midst of the taking down of the scaffolding, the foundation of the system of global slavery put in place by those who think they are above, superior to the human race. Base line, they are not human. They do not consider themselves as “merely” human. We are merely sheep to cull, to use, and to throw away. This dark system has permeated deep into every level of our society, from local to federal, world-wide. Many are those who have held positions of power and trust belong to this unseen enemy… and they are going down.

Intelligence Inspector General Fired by Trump , #3008

Intelligence Inspector General Fired by Trump , #3008

The Still Report

Michael Atkinson, Inspector General for Intelligence has been fired. He was most likely involved in the attempted coup against POTUS in the first three years of the Trump presidency. He was definitely complicit in aiding and abetting the effort to impeach the President…

Aprils Color Coded Obstacle Course

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Garden Obstacle Course Illustration

Wow! April is turning out to be very color coordinated month!! As I mentioned in my last blog, April is also set up to be an obstacle course, well these “obstacles” are color coordinated to the energy center of growth. Example, red for a stronger connection to earth and life itself. Orange for a change and or enhanced sense of self… some have two colors on one obstacle blending the energies, example red and orange is enhancing their sense of self thru life and earth connections and the challenges coming up with be in relationship to enhancing that aspect.

There are two seemingly separate courses, the left side (your physical life) and your right side (emotional spiritual life.) It seems half the souls I have read for so far this month, their right side obstacle course is still being set up.

The one thing I am (slightly) understanding so far…

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