The magnitude of what confronts Trump’s desire for “world peace” — Exopermaculture

(Note: See recent posts.) As much as President Trump may want to shift the entire direction of the Titanic U.S. Ship of State from running its Endless Wars, the magnitude of what he’s up against has seldom been described in such stunning, depressing, detail as here: David Stockman: How the U.S. Went from America…

The magnitude of what confronts Trump’s desire for “world peace” —


Mitch Teemley

Let not the wise..

I have but one longing that can never be fully satisfied, my longing for you, Lord. And yet, paradoxically, while it is the only thing I can never fully possess in this life, it is the only thing that gives true meaning to this life.

You are my path and my destination.

“You have made us for Yourself, and our hearts remain restless until they rest in You.” ~St. Augustine

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Arcturian Group Message October 20, 2019 | Marilyn Raffaele @

Rainbow Wave of Light

  OCTOBER 20, 2019

Dear readers, once again we come to you with great love and respect especially during these times when so many are experiencing chaos and seeming loss–the birth pains of bringing forth a new earth, new collective consciousness, and  more evolved humans.  Be not afraid or doubtful based on what you see but know that mankind is well into the evolutionary changes that have been unconsciously desired and sought throughout time.
Once an individual attains some measure of spiritual awareness, they are never forced to incarnate.  You chose to be on earth at this time.  Many wanted to be here during these times but were not permitted because their Light was not yet of a sufficient level to assist in earth’s ascension process.
You who read and understand these messages are here to serve the Light as examples and teachers.    This does not mean…

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Dearest Woman, You Are Arising: Message From Magdalene

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

Sharing this message from Magdalene in honor of my next Sacred Feminine Arising women’s group call over zoom in ONE week, next Sunday, October 27th at 10:00am PDT….I hope you can join me for the Sacred Feminine discussion, the love, the transmission/meditation, and the healing within a support sister circle! ~

Dearest Woman,

You are arising….from the seeds of your sacred humanity, in feminine form, does your little bud grow into full blossom. Watered by self love, self worth, self connection…your flowers of soul and heart open wide, open UP, releasing the mysterious scents and displaying the vibrant colors of your woman-ness.

You are arising….from the deep sleep of not being seen or heard or recognized in your authentic feminine powerful leadership, now BEing woken up to your soul purpose here. Transitioning from your slumbering sleeping beauty state to your co-leading reign with your beloved mate OR…

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Cat Report

American Intelligence Media


elections have consequenceshanging traitors.jpg2020 consequential.jpg.

So much winning! Patriots say DON’T STOP, Mr. President!



russia asset hillary tt.JPG.

hillary russia.jpg.

Google, others invested $256 million into CrowdStrike so Democrats can use FBI wiretap data to regain Congress

Since CrowdStrike has top secret clearance, so does Google. So do other investors. They all have “unlimited” access to the FBI’s data, files, and surveillance information.

CrowdStrike has the only access to the DNC’s computer systems.

Google donated one of their planes for use by the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President.

A venture capital company, Warburg Pincus, however, controls CrowdStrike.  Warburg invested more money into CrowdStrike than Google. 

No one at Google is on CrowdStrike’s Board of Directors. Warburg Pincus has two. They are Cary Davis and Joseph Landy.


Crowdstrike brought down Flynn using Ukrainian hacking teams


Reminder: John Durham Questioning CIA Officials About Intelligence Community Assessment



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Why the Trees Lose Their Leaves

The Desert Path

hidden-sparrow-1549262 (1)

Why the Trees Lose Their Leaves

A Tale from the Cherokee Nation as told by Cat

In the beginning, and just as it is today, all creatures including the trees spoke to one another. They shared many things amongst themselves and with their neighbors, just as we two-leggeds do. But during the winter all the birds would fly south. It was warm there, and where the birds would stay until spring when they would return home with their families.

That year as winter approached, Sparrow was hurt. He wasn’t well and he knew that he was not strong enough to make the yearly journey with his family to the south. So Sparrow told them to go to the warm place without him. At first, they refused to leave him but Sparrow insisted and finally they left.

Because of his injuries, Sparrow knew that he would not survive the winter without…

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Child Predation Services of Arizona

Children Predation Services of Arizona

Amazing Polly

Editor’s Notes: This will be difficult material for some to listen to, but child trafficking is big business in America and world-wide, tun by criminals often under the guise of NGOs, foundations, charities, and human assistance programs. President Trump and the White Hats are fighting this entrenched system, which is one reason the Deep State is so against the nationalist populist, sovereignty-movement. Amazing Polly does amazing work as a citizen researcher. She digs deep and roots out the various interconnections between these malovent organizations and individuals.

Picking up a thread from my last video, I examine Arizona in more detail. The shooting deaths of 3 former Senators who were investigating child trafficking tied to their states’ Child Protection Services, the mob/mafia ties of some politicians, Merv Griffin, Donald Trump’s work with the FBI in 1981, and other things.


Trump FBI memo:….
Ducey from Crime Family:…
McKay CPS report 2015:…
McKay leaving Child Welfare Arizona:…
AZ Mirror Senator convinced Child Protective Services facilitating sex trafficking:…
Secure Arkansas: 3 killings re CPS investigations:…
Nancy Scheaffer Report:…
Michael Caine’s Party:…
Trump Merv Land Deal:…
Merv Griffen’s ties to the mob:…
Orlando Sentinel Merv Resort Bankrupt 1990:…
Buffett McCain human slavery:…

Kevin Shipp – You Need to Understand There is a Crisis Coming

Kevin Shipp – You Need to Understand There is a Crisis Coming

Greg Hunter

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp is not worried about government kicking down your door. He worries about out of control civilians going on a rampage. Shipp says, “You need to understand there is a crisis coming. There is war in Washington, D.C. There is war in the streets between the two cultural factions, and people need to protect themselves. I am not that concerned about government black booted thugs breaking into our houses. What I am concerned about is roving gangs of (civilian) thugs hitting a fevered pitch breaking into homes, killing people and taking their things. That’s where we are heading. People have got to understand they have to protect themselves. The best way to do that is plan ahead. No one knows when this is going to happen . . . point is people need to be preparing now for this because it is coming.”

According to Mr. Shipp, John Bolton was possibly the leaker who got the ball rolling on this latest rogue CIA operation against the POTUS.

Outgrowing Our Problems: Cat’s Angel Message for October 20, 2019

The Desert Path

daily Angel Message sms

Outgrowing Our Problems: Cat’s Angel Message for October 20, 2019

October’s Theme: Divine guidance and messages.  These messages are important for us personally, emotionally and spiritually so work on staying open to the information that you receive.

The greatest and most important problems of lifeare all fundamentally insoluble.They can never be solved but only outgrown.– Carl Jung

1020:  Every day we face issues and problems that demand our attention. Sometimes it’s pretty easy to resolve them, while other times they keep popping up and slapping us upside the head. In order to deal with recurring problems, we must let go of what no longer works for us. The key is to replace the old and obsolete with a fresh outlook. Step back to get a new perspective and be willing to try new ways of doing things. While this may offer a challenge it will help us…

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Speechless | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Every thing in your life is a symbol. A china cup that was precious to your mother is precious to you now because it is a symbol of your mother’s love. Money is a symbol. A new car is a symbol. A rose is a symbol. We can say that you are a symbol. You certainly emblemize My love. From My love, I fashioned you.

What is not a symbol? All the concrete things in the world that exist are symbols. We can say that they are tokens. Love is not token, but love is seen in its expressions.

When you polish your furniture, are you not expressing a simple love? When you change a tire, is that not an expression of love? Even if you grumble, you are changing the tire. You might as well be genial about what is yours to do. Even tying a shoe…

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