The Helpful Medicine Wheel by Yvon de Groot

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles

The Helpful Medicine Wheel


You may already be quite advanced in making your own medicine wheel, and you might be curious about how you can increase your opportunities to work with it? Your medicine wheel is a physical altar of spiritual energy where you can say a prayer for releasing, for gratitude, forgiveness or for help. It can be seen as a mirror in which you can see yourself connected to everything else in the visible and invisible worlds. A wonderful tool that allows you to feel which parts of your life might need more attention or need some support. The altar will give you focus and insight and can give you a vision in the decisions you need to make. It can help to accompany you in certain processes and it’s a way to ask the universe to support you in your choices.



You can use your medicine…

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Arcturian Group Message for FEBRUARY 12, 2017 by Marilyn Raffaele | ONENESS OF ALL

Forever Unlimited


Dear ones, we wish to express our congratulations for the courage you hold in the face of many issues appearing to be in opposition to the peace and harmony you were expecting. Never doubt that what you are witnessing is the necessary process of a world waking up. There remain those who require powerful experiences in order to wake up or even move a little beyond complacency. Many remain stuck in the glue of illusion.
The true essence of every individual is Divine, regardless of how they may act or what they believe themselves to be. Everyone living on earth has chosen to experience a sense of separation in order to re-remember Oneness. However, along the way of lifetimes, many got lost in the experiences of separation and became hypnotized inadvertently creating a collective consciousness of…

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Slowing Down the Druid Way, Part II: Relationships of Work and Time

The Druid's Garden

In the US, it seems that the first question people ask is, “what do you do?”  When they say that, of course, they are not talking about how you spend your leisure time, but rather, the work that you do for pay. This is the most defining characteristic of modern lives–because this is tied to the thing our culture holds as most sacred: money.  Money is the only metric that has any real value and the pursuit of money drives all else. If you aren’t working in the workforce earning pay, either the work are doing is devalued (as any stay-at-home parent can attest) or there is something very wrong with you (as in, why aren’t you out there earning money?). This current economic system, driven by industrial mindsets surrounding profit and efficiency, gives us a rather poor metric through which to measure ourselves and our value.

Last week

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Three (3) 2-17-17 articles that indicate “Something BIG time is happening at the State Department” (Draining the swamp?) (and what’s this “7th floor” deal?)

Kauilapele's Blog

department_of_state_7th_floor_full The infamous 7th floor

department_of_state_sign_fullThese three sort of sum up a few things I’ve been viewing on my various news type feeds (sorry, MSM lovers, only one of them is an MSM). There’s something big time going on at the State Department. Now, of course, by my adding the question “Draining the swamp?” to the title, I’m implying that’s exactly what’s happening!!

The first one is the CBS News article that the next one references.

Among these, there’s mention of a “7th floor Shadow Government”, which was a first for me. I’d not heard of that. A couple quotes, “…the State Department rogue Shadow Government… operated in secret from the 7th floor… is known as the home to powerful, high-ranking State Department officials”. “They were behind the corrupt handling of the Clinton documents” and “… did everything in their power to shield Hillary Clinton from justice”.

So read on, and…

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