Healing The Family Legacy That Lives Within

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life


Within most (if not each) of us, lies an heirloom that has been handed down over the generations. In a non-linear way of feeling it, this heirloom is a legacy, or a theme, that each soul of a blood family has chosen to work. This legacy is what keeps them bound, until at such point, one or more of the souls chooses to heal beyond it, and into a new legacy that is founded on growth and a deep transformative union with Love.

This legacy is a way most members of a family, through the generations, have chosen to view and relate to the world. It may all come out in different forms and functions, but there is a connector that seems to run underground, or in computer speak, run in the background. It can range from depression, to rage, to anxiety, to control. It can be subtle, or obvious…

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Shifting Your Perceptions ~Through the Forces of Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity

Sudden changes ~ sudden realizations.

Sudden opportunities ~ OPENING up for you as THE Forces of Consciousness play out the activation of the August 21st Solar Eclipse.

THROUGH all consciousness.

Through Your consciousness.

Through your DNA.

You are the Screen of  Your Perceptions.

As the Living Light ~ adjusts itself ~ appearing to you as Living Matter. 

This playing field of Light Frequency ~ is the avenue through which you maneuver yourself ~ THROUGH ~ as the awareness of your Original Light.

This screen of your perceptions is WHAT is changing in Frequency.

This Shift in Frequency ADJUSTS how you perceive all matter.

This Shift in Frequency allows you to ENTER the Original Perception of YOU ~ which is the YOU that is the Master of Form.

This eternal guidance is held within your DNA ~ as the you that was created as the Original Light You.

In your Purest…

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Your Ascension ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It has taken quite a bit of your time to get you to where you are today as a human collective. You have traveled on Earth as a species for millions of years, and you are in a place now where you can feel the change in the air. You can feel yourself shifting and evolving. But in past lives, you could not detect the movement forward because you were moving at a snail’s pace.

Now that things are heating up and speeding up, you are aware of your ascension. You are aware of the feeling of it. It is not just a story that you have been telling yourselves. You can almost taste it. The ride now is about continuing to gain momentum from the little victories that you experience in your life. Many…

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David Wilcock new article 9-23-17… “Personal and Global Attacks Become Lethal: Is the Disclosure War Reaching a Climax? [Part I]”

Kauilapele's Blog

This just came out this morning and I felt drawn to post the link. I’ll post full article later.

Personal and Global Attacks Become Lethal: Is the Disclosure War Reaching a Climax? [Part I]

Unprecedented solar emissions. Huge wildfires smoking out the US. Massive earthquakes. Three different monster hurricanes that steered perfectly into Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Damages to the already fragile US economy could easily exceed 1 trillion dollars — at a time when there is nothing left to restore it with.

Within the UFO / Seeking Truth community, we saw the tragic deaths of Jim Marrs and William Tompkins — as well as the possible attempted murders of Graham Hancock and David Wilcock, as we will discuss in Part Two.

Read more…

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Amazing Energies Sweeping The Globe ~ Sept. 23, 2017


By Deane Thomas,
Guest writer, In5D.com

Amazing energies continue to sweep across the globe, despite what many are feeling or saying to the contrary. Reaching that place of balance really does allow us to feel the wafts of new from afar, as well as the fading of the old. Certainly, we are all trying to figure out what is happening or likely to happen, an age old ego thing you know! Human consciousness cannot help but think about all the outcomes, possibilities, scenarios…ah stop stop stop!!

Let us remember that we all have incredible power bubbling away on the inside. Whether it be the brain or heart they are at our disposal, yet so few can grasp its true ability. Mentioning what we are experiencing to the outside world would lead to a few labels being applied to our state of mind. But surely this is the clarity we…

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LEE HARRIS, ENERGY GUIDE Update on current energies and advice on OVERWHELM that hits us during these times.

Forever Unlimited

Hi Everyone

There is so much we can say about the times we live in that even picking a topic can feel overwhelming. Like many of you, I found myself heartbroken several times this past month when seeing/feeling/reading about the various challenges and events going on around the world. Then, I would feel heartened by the way we are showing up for each other and learning to adapt. These times are like a heart-roller-coaster if you’re letting yourself sense it all as you go (and not in one of the moments where you need to change focus in order to re-center or have a rest for a moment).

I notice myself living in my heart more than ever recently, and having a deeper…

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A message from Jennifer Hoffman: September 23, 2017

Forever Unlimited

It’s September 23, the day of the rapture according to the bible but it’s also a day of great energy change and from what I am hearing from my clients and readers, it involves a massive energy shift, a break in the 3D timelines, a big download of 5D energy, and release from many eons of suffering. It’s a day for freedom if you want to be free, for release if you want to be released, or for rejecting it all if you don’t want any part of it. Free choice is free choice.

There is a lot being said about this date, some of it ‘clickbait’ (any video on YouTube that talks about September 23 is getting a lot of attention), some of it fear based, some of it true. It’s a good time to use your discernment and figure out…

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How do you feel about this statement made by Joy? It’s about time for “game over” my friends. Please read this, see how this statement fit you, and…


The greatest gift we can give one another is transparency & vulnerability Nothing is hidden, that concept is merely an illusion in this Matrix that we have Co-Created. I allow you to see me, please allow me to see you!
We say we are tired we want to go home, we don’t like what we see, what we have become, but it is all representative of who we are individually and as a whole. It is what we have chosen to Create and Experience.
We are the Creators, we created it all, and when we really want to go home we will. Until then, this here right now is our Creation, we are not victims, we are Infinite Explorers of our…

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