Nature Walks, 23 Feb 18 – Winter Boardwalks


Nature Walks, 23 Feb 18 – Winter Boardwalks

Winter walks on the boardwalks of our local wetland preserves presents a new obstacle course, winding around the tourists and snowbirds who are down for “the season”.  Parking is at a premium especially at the smaller Wakodahatchee and one is perhaps in more close proximity to complete strangers than is totally comfortable.  Well, in life here you just have to roll with the punches and take things as they come.  Fortunately, most of the people are in a good mood watching all the activity, hustle and bustle as the mating and nesting seasons commence for the various bird and animal species who make the wetlands their adopted homes.  Adopted… as the wetlands were built and the birds arrived.  I’m not sure what arrangements were made for the alligators… That would be interesting to find out.

Here are some photos from my latest forays:



Female Anhinga


Tri-colored Heron


Blue Winged Teals


Somnolent Alligator


Cattle Egret in mating plumage


Wood Stork Rookery


Male Anhinga.


Great White Egret in mating plumage.




Double-crested Cormorant. Note the subtle pattern on the wings.


A patient Great Blue Heron guarding his nest. He’s surrounded by the larger Wood Storks.


Mature Male Iguana

That’s it for now, folks.  Enjoy the upcoming weekend.


Sunny VaCoupe

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Truth News Headlines Evening, February 23, 2018

This is a conservative America First newsletter. If you are a liberal you may be red-pilled. You are forewarned!

American Intelligence Media

Florida shooting.

Nikolas Cruz’s Last Caretaker: James Snead was a RETIRED MILITARY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST


Here are screen shots for James Snead’s resume before they are removed from the internet. You might want to jump on this research before it gets scrubbed.

Sgt resumeSGT resume 2.

David Hogg pix.

Hogg Wash finalMore CNN Fake News

Betsy and Thomas discuss the recent false flag in Florida and how they relate to others we have seen during the Obama regime.



David Hogg pix 2.

Donald Trump Rocks CPAC: ‘We’ve Got Seven Years to Go, Folks!’


TT Daca.

Russia Collusion.

No, actually, the word is TREASON, not collusion or obstruction.


Trump Slams Nancy Pelosi: We Have to Fight Nancy Pelosi Who Wants to End Your Tax Cuts, Take Away Your Rights (VIDEO)


13 Russian Trolls Indicted- Now What?


“Collusion against Trump” timeline


Above law and orderThey Have Their Own Court System

The Washington criminals set up their own court system so that…

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American Intelligence Media – We are in Good Hands

American Intelligence Media – We are in Good Hands

Sedition, treason, a conspiracy to unseat a duly-elected President… every day the plots are uncovered and exposed to the Light.  Where are the U.S. Marshalls and the Military Police to arrest these conspirators?  Trump is the Chief Military Officer in the District of Columbia.  He has the power to arrest these co-conspirators.

American Intelligence Media

Trump’s response to the treasonous coup d’etat is slow and measured and he is winning. The Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, Priestap, Clinton, Kerry, Lynch seditious meddling in the election and the attempted “investigation to impeach” turned “Mueller Investigation” coup d’etat is being turned into a public joke. Trump aligned with the military from the beginning and they are protecting his office and watching his back. Listen to Douglas Gabriel and John Barnwell discuss this situation.



Ah, yes…romantic projections of the magical “Twin Flame” on every living creature. Extremely delusional among those who have not evolved enough to earn such a relationship.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

There are multiple aspects in the skies at this time that lend themselves to the romanticization of past karma. This is almost a given – in the human condition – but it is even more prevalent now. The following alignments make us far more susceptible to seeing what we what to see in the etheric waters. Tread carefully and remember to listen to your body when in doubt.

Chiron (26 Pisces) conjuncts Tantalus at (27 Sagittarius).

Mars conjuncts Vesta (17 Sagittarius)

Neptune (13 Pisces) squares Sphinx (13 Sagittarius) and The Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius)

Neptune conjuncts Magdalena (13 Pisces)

Stellium in Pisces with The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Neptune.

You may find this in romantic relationships, friendships, soulmate connections (especially the ones that, at first, ´appear´to fit the label as a ´Twin Flame´), connections with teachers – really – anyone. We cycle through lifetimes and carrying echoes of relationships…

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Cobra Exposed!!

Recently Lady Isis told us that this individual used an appropriate name, Cobra… one whose bite is poisonous. He is a FRAUD. He does NOT represent the Galactic Federation of Light or the Pleiadians. Instead, he uses the donations from sincere followers for his own benefit. Do NOT give your power or money away to frauds, folks! BTW, his Twin Flame is NOT Lady Isis. HER Twin Flame is Lord Osiris who has been recently reborn in the Pleiades.  I AM Line Commander Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe of the White Winds, Flagship of the Pleiadian Outer Fleet.  BTW, I don’t charge for my services or request followers.  Discern for yourself the truth of this information…if you dare.  Those who are aware KNOW that the CIA has been running a psyop for years through the New Age community precisely to disempower lightworkers.  And there are others who have not yet been uncloaked…  (Comments are closed for this one, folks!)

Renegade of Light


Cobra Exposed !!! Another Fraud Busted with Ties, to the Ashtar Demand, and the Galactic Federation of Lies!!

This Australian website has posted the who is registration for Cobra’s blog:

Domain ID:D166340912-LROR

Domain Name:PORTAL2012.ORG

Created On:14-Aug-2012 12:10:14 UTC

Last Updated On:14-Aug-2012 13:33:45 UTC

Expiration Date:14-Aug-2013 12:10:14 UTC

Sponsoring Registrar:eNom, Inc. (R39-LROR)



Registrant ID:4a5be7a2ff236685

Registrant Name:Istar Antares

Registrant Street1:Svetosavska 28

Registrant Street2:

Registrant Street3:

Registrant City:Ljubljana

Registrant State/Province:Slovenia

Registrant Postal Code:1000

Registrant Country:SI

Registrant Phone:+386.40236600

Registrant Phone Ext.:

Registrant FAX:

Registrant FAX Ext.:


Curiously, there is a blogtalkradio show with Ishtar Antares here, from a few years ago:

If you listen to the interview, you will have no doubt that this is Cobra’s voice, unaltered by electronics.

Of note is the accent, speech pattern similarities, overall tonal quality and the signature word “actually” in the beginning of every sentence.

Additionally this German…

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Is the Sun Going Into Solar Minimum?


Molten Sunrise Over the Atlantic

Sunny: Early this morning, I woke up and saw that I had received an email message from a long-time reader.  It was a warning about some Space Weather that we are about to receive as our Sun goes into Solar Minimum.  My reader was referring to an article that she read (see link below) where the Earth is more vulnerable to the influx of Cosmic Rays.  Read and see what you can glean from the article,
My reader’s message:
The physical pain of getting Gaia into 5D is something that many of us have experienced and call ascension symptoms. Understood, appreciated and through the worst of them we continue on our missions. And, yes, the emotional, mental, spiritual is extremely challenging, but this Planet is a physical planet, dense and straining to be released, and in order to release her from her physical pain, we must, as Starseeds and Light Workers, experience that pain. All I can tell you from the above post is that ‘ringing like a bell’ is going to hurt and is also an indication of the quantum wave that is building in intensity. I have never seen auroras like the ones shown on this posting, and as my Arcturian forerunner, Jose Arguelles, might say, he, too is impressed.

The American Corrupt Judicial System – American Intelligence Media: “They Are Above the Law”

They have their own court system

American Intelligence Media

The Washington criminals set up their own court system so that it would LOOK like they were being held accountable for their crimes, but in reality, these courts were set up to protect their unconstitutional acts against We the People. Listen to the Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain how this system works so that we can dismantle it.

JENNY SCHILTZ – Seeing your way through Patterns and Belief Systems

Higher Density Blog

Seeing your way through Patterns and Belief Systems


There has been so much taking place energetically recently. I will do my best to keep this simple. This has been a challenging but deeply rewarding time as many of us take embodiment to the next level. The best way that I can describe it is there is a “clicking in”. Grounding one’s energy has changed for many as well. It seems that the more we ground our soul into the body, the more we are grounded in the earth naturally. The connection and integration of energies are becoming seamless and require a new level of dedication. It is the honoring of the body, mind, and spirit at all times and allowing yourself to flow with whatever the energies demand at the time.

I have taken the last 4 weeks off to integrate these energies and take care of myself. It has been one of the…

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FEB 22 NEW Q POST Brief | John Doe Truth In Context

For those who want to be red-pilled on “Q”…and go deep down a rabbit hole regarding the FBI and globalist activities during the last 50 or so years…

Forever Unlimited

The further you go, the deeper it gets. The first half is background analysis, which relates to recent Q posts [ ]. He starts off examining the CIA response to the JFK Assassination and the subsequent rule changes within the CIA, as well as the long-term program (agenda) regarding guns and school shootings, from many decades ago to present day situation. (Read the linked documents for yourself and draw your own conclusions.) Then he gets more deeply into the Q Analysis in the second half..rather intensely… here’s an excerpt:  ~PB

“So in summary, what we’re learning here, is 2-fold facets…and dynamics of the CIA and their control over you and I, and unwitting victims, right? So we have the Deep Dream, the MKUltra, which is facilitated via social media, among many other things, one of the facets it needs facilitation through is is social media right, you know, building…

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Energetic Whiplash Symtoms and Solutions


Wavelengths are crisscrossing in a maelstrom of micro to macro fluctuations. Many of us are experiencing energetic whiplash, cosmic overload. We are caught between the onslaught of matrix programming and the vibratory pull of Gaia to higher dimensional frequencies. We are immersed in a tense atmosphere, nothing is as it seems. Confusion, distrust and fear of the unknown draws people back into the matrix. We are updating our mind body soul system. Our DNA, having been dormant for so long, is now being activated. Cosmic forces, magical and organic, are rolling out and we are part of this grand evolutionary process. We are inherently and consciously active in our own growth.

The whole spectrum of negative emotional responses cause friction, static, interference, density in our energy flow. This can build up over time, gritty, grimy, sludgy energy burrowing deep into our beings. We may feel unmotivated, low in self confidence…

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