Twin Flames – what they are, and what they are not!

Finding your Twin Flame is NOT a necessary step on the way to Ascension; in fact, for most people it is a distraction to the real business of arriving at an INNER balance in your own masculine/feminine energies, which every person carries within their mental and emotional bodies. For many star seeds and incarnated individuals, their Twin Flame or Divine Complement is NOT present on the Earth plane, but has remained in the Higher Frequency worlds to hold the balance…

Mystic Wolf Soulcrafts


By far the best podcast I’ve ever listened to about twin flames. If you would like to find out more about twin flames and get down to earth info that’s grounded in real experience. Listen to this amazing podcast and forget everything you’ve ever read or heard about twin flames so far.

For a long time I’ve avoided the topic of twin flames on my spiritual path because it is probably THE topic that is misused most in the spiritual community. So it was easier to just not go there..

What a twin flame is in my opinion, and what a twin flame is not: 

❌A twin flame union is not an over romanticized perfect relationship in which everything goes perfect and you always agree and never argue  

✔️A twin flame union is the purest form of mirroring Self in an external person which causes every shadow aspect to…

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“The Daily Angel” September 21st — New Beginnings Guatemala


by Edith Boyer-Telmer Dear Friends, welcome to another day of my column “The Daily Angel” with solid advice from the angelic realms. Today’s angelic number sequence is bringing us messages from our beloved ones and masters from the other world. Breath deeply and listen closely people! DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP RIGHT HERE, on the…

via “The Daily Angel” September 21st — New Beginnings Guatemala

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Wake Up, Wake Up,~ Yes we are!

The consciousness of humans, their mental and emotional bodies need healing, not the Earth. Cleanse thyself of the social engineering, mental programming, and emotional abuse… cleanse the inner world and it will reflect in your outer environment.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Red Campion’s and Dandelions

Wake up to Nature.

Wake up and savour the beauties that abound,

Wake up and honour all life that is around.

We take you for granted, even the air we breathe

Take time to look at the blossoms on the trees


Look deep into a flower and see the wonders there

Take time to stop and listen to birds in the air..

Watch the glistening water, ripple over stones

Be thankful for the morning, these gifts and our homes


We take Nature for granted, as she bestows these gifts for free

It’s up to us to look after her, for she’s there for you and me.

What if one day you awoke, and the air you breathed were black?

What happens if nature decides she is fighting back


And no longer shall the bees pollinate the crops

And no longer will the rain…

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DIVINE PRESENCE: Palatkwapi-Sedona, City of the Star People – By Mark Amaru Pinkham


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“…The fourth story was smaller than the three below, making the ceremonial building resemble a pyramid. To this top level were admitted initiates of great conscience who had acquired a deep knowledge of the laws of nature. Here they were taught the workings of the planetary system, how the stars affected the climate, the crops, and man himself. Here too they learned about the “open door” on the top of their heads, how to keep it open, and so converse with their Creator”

A legend among the Hopis states that there was once a great temple city of wisdom built by the Star People, the Kachinas. Many of the Hopi clans visited this city during their respective migrations throughout the Americas and later shared stories of it when all the clans reunited at their final destination on the Hopi Mesas. This mysterious city, known as Palatkwapi…

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OILIGARCHY: ‘The Twin Pillars’, ARAMCO Strike Represents a Shot Through the Heart of Rothschild/Rockefeller Global Oil Monopoly


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“…ARAMCO represents the heart of the Crown’s Rothschild/Rockefeller global oil monopoly. In 2017 Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced that he would take the company public, but the IPO (initial public offering) has yet to happen. The reality is that the Saudis are already junior partners in the ARAMCO hall of mirrors”

ARAMCO Hit By Drone Attacks – By Dean Henderson

Over the weekend, Yemeni Houthi rebels launched drone attacks on two ARAMCO oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, one of which houses the world’s largest oil refinery. The damage was extensive cutting Saudi oil output in half and bleeding 5.7 million barrels, or 5% of global crude supply, from markets.

Brent crude oil futures spiked $12 a barrel shortly after the market opened Monday. The 20% move was its largest inter-day move ever. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seized the opportunity to first blame Iraq…

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Journey of Illumination

NEW EARTH FREQUENCYAscension Mastery Message forthe SEPTEMBER EQUINOX 2019 with theCosmic Light Energies of theUNIFIED WHOLE COMMAND.Transmission by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee of Walking Terra Christa.


Greetings and Love to each of you,

We are the group consciousness of the Unified Whole Command Cosmic Light Energies comprising of the Great Divine Director, Master Thoth and Master Einstein. We bring forth these energies within the 144thDimension of Light through the Source of Oneness.

It is our pleasure to bring forth the energetics of the current period.

This year of 2019 has been very instrumental for many individuals to awaken to a new level. Even the ones that are already within a higher state of consciousness are realizing new and different elements about themselves. It is the power of the increase light energies coming into the planet while allowing each…

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Libra 2019 — HighHeartLife

Some of you may have been feeling, sensing, perceiving another significant increase in activities in the higher dimensions throughout the first-half of September 2019. I’ve felt this many times over these ascension years, periods where it becomes unusually active and busy with plenty of hurried changes taking place in the higher realms. This always indicates […]

Libra 2019 — HighHeartLife

Those “Superweapons” and What I’m Not Talking About | Joseph P. Farrell + Storm Area 51 Update [videos] ~ September,21, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Kinetic weapon in Low Earth Orbit

Editor’s Note: Do they? Don’t they? Will they? Won’t they? Sooo many unanswered questions abound over who know what when it comes to what, or who is currently in our inner and outer space beyond our blue skies (now free from those dreadful chemtrails!)

Please read this article, know in the long run, it really doesn’t matter since we are all about to have our eyes, hearts, and minds opened BIG time, relax and pass the popcorn, and BE…



One of our best minds in the truth movement, Dr. Joseph Farrell,
regularly shares solid information. You may find this article revealing
in the increasing dimensions of reality breaking through.

We also have it on good authority that the capabilities of the
military forces across the planet far exceed what they acknowledge to
the public. Obviously, they will use what they have to…

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