Planet Alert News Flash July 20, 2017 ~ July 21, 2017


Oh my! This Planet Alert from Mahala, the astrologer, is significant for me to share with you as it contains the important of how astrology can be used as a guide as we transverse this “time” in Earth’s history.

Make certain to really pay attention to the information she provides about the total solar eclipse on August 21, be prepared for major POSITIVE changes in your hearts and lives, and…


We are fast approaching the new moon of July 23, 2017 at 2:46 AM PDT. This new moon will usher in the energy of Leo, the Lion. The sun, moon, and Mars will all be conjunct on 1-2 degrees Leo. This will create a lot of fire energy. Leo rules the heart and back and it also rules your ego. This means it is time to let go of your ego and move into heart energy. Sometimes that is…

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Solari Toon: Enforce the Constitution! by Catherine Austin Fitts | The Solari Report

The laws are on the books. They just need people power behind them!

Forever Unlimited

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Awakening in 5D – 10 Life-Changing Effects of Cosmic Awakening


Originally posted on Higher Density Blog: * Keep rolling with the ebb and flow of cosmic recalibration friends. This transition to quantum is being kick started for many and really kicking in for others. Expansion of consciousness, bonding with our bodies, spiritual awakening…it’s all happening. We are surfing waves of higher frequencies as they…

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Healing Lack of Trust by Archeia Amethyst | Channelled through Natalie Glasson — Forever Unlimited



This Week’s Channeling Healing Lack of Trust by Archangel Amethyst Channelled through Natalie Glasson 21st July 2017 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa Angelic blessings flow to you from my being; I am Archangel Amethyst, the twin flame and feminine aspect of Archangel Zadkiel. We are the angelic representative of the 7th Ray of Light. […]

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Maria Chambers: Is This Planet “Master” Friendly?”


Courtesy of Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog Is This Planet Master-Friendly? July 21, 2017 by soulsoothinsounds Leave a comment Art by Maria Chambers There is nothing you are doing wrong. You haven’t taken a wrong turn somewhere. You really don’t have any karma, or lessons to learn. You are not really on a journey to your enlightenment. You […]

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Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst via Linda Robinson – “Inner Stillness and Expanded Consciousness”



violet angelCourtesy of Personal Pathways of Light Message from Archangel Zadkiel ~ August 2017 Transmitted Through Linda Robinson “Inner Stillness and Expanded Consciousness” Greetings Beloved Ones, This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Archeia Holy Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss inner stillness and expanded consciousness. Higher dimensional energy […]

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Carolyn Thompson: Pondering the Effects of the Transformational Wave


It has been two months now since the Transformational Wave spread throughout the lands. I wanted to write about my personal experience of what this portion of energy has done for/with me. About three weeks ago, I woke up from regular sleep and found I was different. Now just before this shift in me, I […]

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