Greg Hunter Weekly Report, June 5, 2020

Greg Hunter Weekly Report, June 5, 2020

Greg Hunter

According to outspoken conservative Candace Owens, the current violent nationwide protests based on “racially motivated police brutality is a myth.” Owens contends the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police has created a “martyr for a fake narrative.” Owens started the so-called “Blexit” movement to shift black voters away from the Democrat party. Candace Owens gives a riveting rant on the “fake narrative” she says the current protests and riots are based on.)

Yet another fake study has been exposed. This time the prestigious Lancet Medical Journal admitted it used “bogus data” to trash hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). The Lancet retracted its entire report that the MSM was using to discredit President Trump for taking HCQ and proposing people to use it to treat Covid 19. Shame on them for discrediting a lifesaving drug in the Covid pandemic.

Think the surging stock market is a sign that everything is getting back to normal? You would be dead wrong. Many say money printing by global central banks is artificially driving the markets higher in the face of terrible economic news. The markets and reality are totally disconnected.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


Lunar Eclipse of June 5, 2020

The Stars Within Their Courses

We are in our second Eclipse Season of the year. This season will have three eclipses, beginning with a Lunar Eclipse on June 5, 2020.

Unlike Solar Eclipses that are visible in a limited part of the world, Lunar Eclipses are visible wherever it is night, which is usually either the Eastern or Western Hemisphere. This one is mostly visible in the Eastern Hemisphere. It will be able to be seen in all of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, except for far North of Scandinavia and the far North and Northeast of Russia. It will not be visible in the Americas, except for Brazil and the southern tip of Chile and Argentina.

At the present time, we are still dealing with the worldwide pandemic, but many places are starting to relax quarantine restrictions. We are also dealing with both peaceful protests and riots regarding police violence against people of color…

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X22 Report, June 4, 2020

Trump Is Ready To Add The Next Piece To The Economic Puzzle – Episode 2191a

The economy is moving forward, we see businesses opening, we see real estate picking up, we see the economy coming alive again. Home sales in Houston spike, the people who were waiting to purchase a house, are doing it now. Trump is ready to sign an Executive Order, the EO would expedite the permitting of construction projects despite environmental rules.

Terrorists Tracked, Only At The Right Moment Will People Find The Will To Change – Episode 2191b

The [DS]/MSM is now pushing their agenda, but this new event has failed, Trump and the patriots are in control and they are tracking and monitoring those involved in the latest event. The pandemic has basically ended, HCQ report has been retracted and now the [DS] is planning their next event. The people are waking up, the people are now seeing the truth.

This isn’t about race, this is about creating chaos and destruction… by the Deep State.

Triple Eclipse Gateway of 2020


Triple Eclipse Gateway of 2020

Blessings Beloveds ~

The Triple Eclipse passage of June-July is very esoteric in feeling and purpose. It may feel like we are traversing a Stargate; because we are. This is the predicted passage which includes dynamic cosmic frequencies, quantum stargates (connecting the ancient with the future), and Divine dispensations from the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light in service to the organic Ascension. The 2-hour webinar replay on this passage is available HERE.

This is a major cosmic event of 2020, in a year filled with dramatic shifts and amplifications of the Ascension.

Embodiment, which began in 2018, takes on a brand new level during this passage. This is why so many have experienced the full-body Solar flash Christed activations since December. We anchor these higher experiences into the collective, as preparation for stronger frequencies and brand new experiences.

Embodiment is defined as…

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BQP EP90 – The Only Way Out Is Through

BQP EP90 – The Only Way Out Is Through

The Bards of War

Be Not Afraid… The words General Flynn posted on 20 May 2020. They are a hymn and they are the reminder of the FAITH we hold to as the world lives through chaos.

There is no where to hide for ANTIFA… the enemy of the people have been exposed.

Be Not Afraid (Hymn)

Lunar Eclipse 5 June 2020 A Crucible Moment — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

I heard someone the other day refer to current times as a “crucible moment”, and immediately thought of all the big gun combinations we’ve been subjected to, the dance of Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter, Uranus in Taurus bringing sudden shifts in the material realm and in personal assets and personal responsibilities, Neptune in his own sign manufacturing a […]

Lunar Eclipse 5 June 2020 A Crucible Moment — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY