X22 Report, August 5, 2020

[CB] Moves To Destroy The Economy, Economic Playbook Known, Next Phase – Episode 2242a

The cities and states that have been pushing lockdowns are now hurting and they are look for funds to keep their cities operational. The [CB] is pushing to collapse the economy, they are looking to do a full lockdown which would destroy the economy. Trump is expecting incredible jobs numbers this week.

Big News Coming, Absolutely Breathtaking, It’s Worse Than We Originally Thought – Episode 2242b

The [DS]/MSM are falling right into the trap the patriots have set. ST testified today about the spying and she is now pointing the finger. Flynn’s case is now on deck, Sullivan might have to recuse himself. The [DS] is now pushing everything they have to create the idea that we need mail in voting. The plan is to cause chaos so someone of their choosing can take over as President. This plan has already failed before it was started, remember the Trump card, it’s coming.

Translating the Transcendent

Koyopa Rising

I liked it when Lubomir Arsov used the phrase translating the transcendent in the interview below. I certainly do resonate, as I settled on the name, Translating Infinity, for my YouTube channel. We seem to be on the same page with insights into the collective state of humanity – both in seeing-healing the dark and embracing humanity’s original design and potentiality to embody the Light. I appreciate Lubomir’s work very much.

Below this video I add my own resonant excerpts from my body of recorded “Messages from the Future.” I began translating these spheres of energy after years of higher-vibrational orientation via contact with nonhuman intelligence. It’s difficult to settle on just one passage as truly all the messages were and continue to be on the topic of trauma, transforming the shadow, and healing-integrating all of it in these times. Even way back in the day when it wasn’t…

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Message from Mike Quinsey — IN SERVICE TO SPIRIT

Message from Mike Quinsey Source: Treeofthegoldenlight Dear Ones, can you now see that the Coronavirus has caused you to appraise the way you have been working and see that changes are literally being forced upon you. The realisation has come to you through what you are now experiencing, and it is obvious that beneficial […]

Message from Mike Quinsey — IN SERVICE TO SPIRIT

Welcome to World War III, a global infowar to control our minds —

Ruminating on my walk this morning with puppy Shadow, how our weekly Green Acres Village Community Dinners may never return! Why? I’ve been noticing how not just a few of the folks who used to meet with us here weekly are in what I would call the “camp” of having been mind-controlled into F.E.A.R. (False…

Welcome to World War III, a global infowar to control our minds —

Good Day To . . . 6 August 2020 Insinuations — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 6th Is A Good Day To . . . not allow pressure or insinuations from others to dissuade you of the importance of maintaining your highest values and honoring your commitments. You may be tempted to behave in ways that are both uncharacteristic and unwise, all in the name of keeping the peace or […]

Good Day To . . . 6 August 2020 Insinuations — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY