Jason Chaffetz Says Pelosi is a Liar [video]

Pelosi is a Mafia princess just like Hillary; she doesn’t know how not to lie!

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The dimms want to get the upper hand? I think it’s safe to say they will NEVER have the upper hand with President Trump.

Notice that former Congressman Chaffetz confirms everything Pelosi claims is unfunded is already funded. Capitol Police, all of it.

They don’t want President Trump addressing the American People and we know they lie. If they told the truth—THAT would be news.

‘You Liar!’: Chaffetz Slams Nancy Pelosi’s Call for State of the Union Delay

Published on Jan 17, 2019

Jason Chaffetz slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for urging President Trump to delay his planned State of the Union address amid the partial government shutdown.

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THE MINDS JOURNAL: “10 Signs You Have A Toxic Partner Who Will Try To Take Away Your Happiness”

This can happen (if allowed by one party) within so-called “friendships”, as well. I have witnessed it being played out… toxic, indeed.

Ascension Avatar

One form of love, which is considered the most frequent, is, unfortunately, toxic love. This love appears as a result of insecurity or fear, and it does not do favors to anyone.

Our environment will become even more toxic when we get attached more and more to those people that are wrong for us. Toxic people have the ability to drain us of our happiness, regardless of the fact if we allow that or not. These people build their toxic relationships on an unstable foundation.

Here, we will present you some sign which indicated that you might be in such a relationship, or signs which suggest that you are with a toxic partner. You will definitely need a change when you notice these signs because toxic people and relationships cannot be suitable for every one of us.

10 Signs You Have A Toxic Partner Who Will Try To Take Away…

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Rose Rambles...

This year 2019 is a year of intensifying light. Light is shifting everything across the planet. This is creating a certain acceleration of ascension symptoms and also external chaos where there is a vibrational dissonance between the inner reality of intention, thought, belief, desire and feeling and the external reality being experienced. The light seeks to align us with our authentic truth even if that means creating a certain amount of chaos to get there. Now the prime directive is to live out our authentic truth, awaken our inner potential and complete our Soul Contract psychic energyof service on the planet.

Wherever we are in this process, it is important to own full responsibility for our choices, words and actions. We must also own full responsibility for any supposed ‘block’ or obstacle on the path. Blocks and obstacles are chosen, even if this choice is made…

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Mainstream media is the ENEMY says Trump

AIM Truth Bits

Mainstream media is the ENEMY says Trump


Twitter     Presidential Tweets


Jan 19, 2019 09:09:37 AM – Mexico is doing NOTHING to stop the Caravan which is now fully formed and heading to the United States. We stopped the last two – many are still in Mexico but can’t get through our Wall, but it takes a lot of Border Agents if there is no Wall. Not easy!

Jan 19, 2019 08:50:09 AM – Many people are saying that the Mainstream Media will have a very hard time restoring credibility because of the way they have treated me over the past 3 years (including the election lead-up), as highlighted by the disgraceful Buzzfeed story & the even more disgraceful coverage!

Jan 19, 2019 07:51:30 AM – The Economy is one of the best in our history, with unemployment at a 50 year low, and the Stock Market…

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A very sad day for journalism, but a great day for our Country!

AIM Truth Bits

A very sad day for journalism, but a great day for our Country!


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Jan 18, 2019 10:24:49 PM – Fake News is truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

Jan 18, 2019 10:22:44 PM – RT @GeraldoRivera: This is just the most egregious example of the rampant unfairness that has tainted this partisan witch-hunt from the beginning. The utter hatred for @realDonaldTrump has empowered a legion of back stabbers wielding flamboyant falsehoods to undermine @POTUS

Jan 18, 2019 10:22:29 PM – RT @GeraldoRivera: At what point in fairness-after 2 years do Americans of good will say enough already? If the #SpecialCounsel had collusion don’t you think we would have heard it by now? This is history’s longest running smear job. Free @realDonaldTrump. Reflect. Negotiate. Open the government.

Jan 18, 2019 10:02:50 PM – Remember it was Buzzfeed that released the totally discredited “Dossier,” paid…

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Your Power



One of the biggest lessons of this time
Is understanding our worth and understanding our inner power
Everything we have went through till this day has been trying to show us how we do not depend on others for our Self Worth and our ability to Create our Life.
Yes there were dissapointments and there was pain
But we are now being asked, even urged to let go of feelings of victimhood.
Yes, we were many times hurt in vulnerable situations but we have been carrying these events with us on our path for too long now.
Its time to let it all go
And see how we Are truly the Creators of our Lives, of our Happiness, of our Success.
If we are to learn one thing from all of this, it is that No one has power over us and we are to no longer give our power…

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The Journey: Accelerated 4D Manifestation

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For those who require encouragement on this rocky road to freedom…

by Morag
Contributing writer, In5D.com

Shout out to cosmic surfers, travelers, healers, teachers, warriors of Gaia. Hold it together folks. Push through the landslide of energetic mud being released globally. This is the draining of the swamp. Light workers existing day to day, moment to moment, as gale force winds of negativity batter us from all sides. If it’s toxic it’s being exposed. Authenticity is the force behind these portals of awakening.

cosmic surfer

We are no longer seed sowing.  We are reaping what has been sown. Karma operates like lightning, quick and deadly in the fourth dimension. The old rules are gone, where once there was cover, matrix avatars to hide behind, now there is the emergence of stark truth. Who we are, what we are made of is being exposed whether we like it or not. Who others are…

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The Difficult Journey of a Profoundly Gifted Healer

Winging with Whitehawk

Perhaps you’ve heard of an absolutely amazing German healer by the name of Bruno Groening (or Gröning). He healed people (and animals) by the thousands since he was a boy, just by being in their presence and “radiating a divine wave” to them. He never accepted payment – not even free-will donations. He was a humble servant of God who lived from 1906 to 1959.

Image result for bruno groeningHis “sending center” was his throat, which blew up like a puffer fish when he worked or spoke about his work. I’ve never seen anything remotely like this elsewhere and I’m quite sure you haven’t either! Just mind-boggling to witness!

Bruno’s life was filled with victories – healing many thousands of the previously hopeless – many who suffered incurable illness and also a heartbreaking glut of disabling injuries (physical & mental) inflicted by two brutal world wars.

So many lives lost; so many more doomed…

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CAITLIN JOHNSTONE: “Fight The Establishment’s Narratives — By Getting Clear On Your Own”

Waking up is an inside job. Go within for the answers and then act on them.

Ascension Avatar

“Scientific research has found that astronauts suffer problems with coordination, perception and cognition when they are unable to determine ‘which way is up’ in space. There is no ‘up’ or ‘down’ when you’re outside the gravitational pull that our bodies are adapted to, so its absence sends our whole system out of whack. Navigating a society that is made of mental narrative is very much the same; if you don’t know which way’s up, you’ll get lost and confused.”

~Caitlin Johnstone

Anti-establishment movements are a mess. Whether they’re left-wing or right-wing, whether they’re statist or anarchist, whether they’re organized or decentralized, whether they place emphasis on official or unofficial narratives, any circle of people who are interested in opposing the status quo on a deep, meaningful level almost invariably find themselves significantly bogged down by confusion, paranoia, infighting, and misdirected use of energy.

Every day, for example, I get people…

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Archangel Michael Transmissions – Activation of the New Angelic Human/Rare Angelic Holy Language

Higher Density Blog

Shekina Rose

Published on Jan 18, 2019

**From Sedona: https://shekinarose.com/ Shekina Rose Angelic Messenger Vocalist, Blue Ray Channels/Healer/~***Very Special Transmission with ArchAngel Michael/has brought Tears and Chills for listeners & Memories of True Home **All open to Receive will receive upgrades, healing and connections to the angels* **Please share your experiences and video Archangel Michael says he is part of this transmission Arhchangel CDs ~https://shekinarose.com/store/Music-c… Donations if this help and bless you thank you!! https://sellfy.com/p/5GBI/

Mandala fractal videos by Keith Allen Kay http://www.facebook.com/QuantumFractal/ Archangel Michael by BILL SINGLETON http://billsingleton.net/ other Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman http://www.AwakenVisions.com

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