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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

When you think about it, what is so hard about giving goodness and mercy to all your neighbors and all your brothers and sisters? What is so hard about this? What can possibly prevent a Child of Mine from goodness and mercy to all?

Be in abiding Truth. Be One with Me and all others. Only on Earth does anyone depart from the Oneness Principle of Life. Take a look and sign your name. Your name is Oneness.

You are here on Earth for a short passage in Eternity. You live forever in Infinity but on Earth in the bodily form of you. You know that everyone’s physicality goes away, drops off, falls to the ground. You name this dying. In your perception, dying is too awful to contemplate. Worse than dying is living without Universal Love.

It is true that you, the soul of you, doesn’t out…

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X22 Report, 20 Sept 2020

Trump Has Now Reversed The [CB]/[DS] Economic Policies, D5 Economic Avalanche – Episode 2281a

The UK economy magically bounced back after the lockdowns. The US economy magically bounced back after the lockdowns. When you shutdown an economy artificially and turn it back on it bounces back. The patriots are now started an economic avalanche that cannot be stopped.

Plan Comes Into Focus, Senate Was The Key, Justice Is Coming, Law And Order – Episode 2281b

The plan is now coming into focus. The events (the “virus” and the riots/”protests”) have failed and the people are waking up, time to clog the news cycle and change the narrative. The [DS] fell right into the trap again. Trump and the patriots are now ready to counter the election chaos. Watch what happens next, a new Supreme Justice is coming. The senate was always the key, the patriots are in control.

All the Good Things | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

As you come closer to Me, you become more like Me. That’s how it is. When you love, there is nothing to be proven. There is no proof to give, for love is. Be reassured in your heart that you are a being who loves. You know how to love, and you are love.

Whatever you say or do does not alter one whit of My love for you. You could defame Me, and My love does not shake. You could defame Me, and I look at you with My same eyes of love. Do you really think that I have other eyes than the eyes of love?

No assault can reach Me. You reach Me, but no assault does. The slate is wiped clean as you speak. It makes no difference to Me. I hear your rantings. I care about you. I dismiss your adverse words before…

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Rest, Retreat, and Balance at the Fall Equinox

The Druid's Garden

I don’t know about you, but 2020 has been a hell of a year.  Usually, the Fall Equinox and the coming of the dark half of the year is a time for celebration, as Fall is my favorite season. But this year, the idea of moving into the dark half of the year when so much has already been dark is hard.  We have so much loss, death, employment insecurity, health insecurity, food insecurity, sickness, political unrest….the list goes on and on. Here in the US in particular, things are really difficult and many are dealing with basic issues to security, including financial security, food security, health security, and obviously, a lot of isolation. So, given these challenges, I think its important to fall back on our spiritual practices for nurturing, support, and grounding and embrace what the season offers. The Fall Equinox, as a time of balance, can help…

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Arcturian Group Message September 20, 2020 | Marilyn Raffaele

Rainbow Wave of Light

                                    SEPTEMBER 20,2020

Welcome dear readers.  Know that through your alignment with these messages you are in alignment with the energy of the Arcturian Group.
All is proceeding according to plan even though appearances look increasingly negative especially for those  who are unaware of the ascension process taking place.  You may think you are doing nothing but each and every one of you chose to be a part of these energetically powerful times in order to provide your energy, experience, and knowledge from hundreds of previous lives to collective consciousness.
The energy that emanates from one’s consciousness is automatically felt in varying degrees by others because there is only One.  Energy always seeks to align with ITself, drawing its own level of vibration. This is why there is the saying; “Birds…

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Perfect for these times when even the most experienced empath needs to make adjustments…



Self care in itself is spiritual practice. As healers and empaths we often neglect to take the time to properly care for ourselves. All too easily we become overwhelmed by the many aspects of our lives that call to us. Before we know it the day has passed us by and we have forgotten to take time out for ourselves for self care. With all that is occurring in the world and almost nowhere to escape from it, we are likely to feel easily drained and overtired. Though many of us have very limited amounts of “free” time, there are several daily time-friendly practices in which we can engage in order to promote self care and overall well-being.

1)STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR PEOPLE-As sensitive souls, we are often known to be peacekeepers in interpersonal relationships. Whether romantic or plutonic in nature, we are likely to…

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