Earth Humanity’s New State of Mind and Consciousness: How to Properly Perceive it and Cope with It | Ascension Energies


Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D. – Beloved: Many of you in the past have posed the question as to what is REALLY transpiring on Earth with regard to our state of consciousness-energetics, how to put it all into a proper perspective, and in particular, how to cope with the incredible energies that are bombarding us.

As such, I have been witness to many expressions of doubts and disbelievers over the years I began my SERVICE, but these expressions of doubts have subsided now (at least on my blogs). And, with the exception of only a few rogue statements and comments appearing here and there and occurring very sparsely, the majority of individuals who made such statements seem to have turned into ‘believers.’ This is, indeed, reassuring and heart-warming.

Now we are entering a new phase in our consciousness expansion and education that I recently felt it is time to apprise the…

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Deep State Panicking, Moving to Event Phase, Patriots Ready to Counter

Deep State Panicking, Moving to Event Phase, Patriots Ready to Counter

X22 Report, Political & Geopolitical, June 16, 2019

Trump announces new healthcare plan to help the people. The [DS] impeachment push is now falling apart, there is no crime, no obstruction, and no collusion. The Russian hacking narrative is falling apart, new court records show the FBI never did any investigation in the DNC server hacking. Trump signs memorandum to provide an order of succession in the C_A. Venezuela and the opposition are continuing peace talks. The [DS] push the narrative for their next event, patriots are already prepared.

“The Daily Angel” June 16th — New Beginnings Guatemala


by Edith Boyer-Telmer Dear Friends, welcome to another day of my column “The Daily Angel” with solid advice from the angelic realms. DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP RIGHT HERE, on the right sidebar of my homepage, to get the information delivered into your mailbox every morning! The angelic number sequence of today is talking to…

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Comments and Sharing

I’ve noticed that WordPress has become affiliated with Google, which is actively censoring all kinds of material. And I’ve also noticed it is more difficult to re-post some materials. And I have to continually ‘follow’ blogs I’ve been following for years and which come up on my reader. Very strange. I also do not like the new block editor of WordPress. Blogging isn’t much fun these days…

Laura Bruno's Blog

I want to acknowledge here that I am aware of WordPress occasionally censoring comments and the ability to like or share my posts. I’ve heard from four people telling me that they tried to leave a comment multiple times and could not. These are long time blog readers/commenters who’ve become friends, which is why I got an email sharing their frustration about trying to leave a nice comment. I’ve also heard from numerous people who cannot share my posts on Facebook or cannot “Like” my posts anymore.

I can only imagine how many other people this has impacted, and I offer sincere apologies. While I do have a comment approval process to filter out spam and make sure no one leaves comments attacking another person leaving a comment, I approve 99% of submitted comments. I’m fortunate to have lovely, intelligent, creative, spiritually aware, caring and funny blog readers. I value…

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Fifty with a Flammy…Finally!!


A part of my 50/50/50 Adventure that I usually enjoy is the logistics involved in planning my schedule and the individual days of birding.  Routes, hotels, companions, hotspots are all important since my trips involve multiple states each with its own set of details.  In the East where the states are small, travel times were easy to deal with.  Quite a different story in the West.  Distances within and between states are immense and even the distance between birding spots can present challenges.  At least the speed limits are a friendly 70 to even 80 mph, a big help.

Surviving and enjoying our combined birding and vacationing time when she met me in Ohio and Michigan, Cindy was going to meet me in Salt Lake City after I had birded in Idaho and Utah and then we would vacation and bird in Wyoming and Montana.  This was a welcomed but…

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Celebrate Your Days | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

What makes one day different from another? What makes Christmas a special day for many? What makes the 4th of July a holiday in the U.S.? What makes the first day of school special? What makes Sundays like Sundays? What makes your birthday a special day? What makes any day special?

The day is the day it is. Days themselves do not call themselves the days of the week. They don’t even know the names of the days of the week. Days don’t say: “Today I am Monday. Tomorrow I am Tuesday.” Days themselves don’t even conceive of yesterday or today. Days themselves offer themselves to you the same every day. “Here, take me,” the day says, “and make of me what you will.”

And yet every day is not lived the same. What makes the difference between a great day and a so-so one? If it isn’t…

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