Achieving Goals ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have noticed the tendency on the part of humanity to set your sights on a particular goal that you have for yourselves and then to work very hard to achieve that goal. And all of this assumes that you will be happier, more fulfilled, more abundant, or something like that, after you have achieved your goal. The assumption is, of course, not always accurate. Sometimes you will achieve a goal and you will have more abundance, and then it will be time to set another goal, because you will want that feeling again.

You will want the feeling of satisfaction. You will want the feeling of accomplishment. You will create your sense of self-worth based upon whether you are able to achieve the next level of success by your own definition. Less of you…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 16 August 2019

Rainbow Wave of Light

Many of you are aware that the Cabal was allowed comparative freedom to try and prevent Humanity reaching Ascension. However, they have been unsuccessful in spite of being able to use all means at their disposal against you, and were prepared to go as far as destroying the Earth. You had the support of the Light Forces yet they were not allowed to intervene where your freewill was concerned, but at the same time could assist you once you made positive decisions to bring more Light to the Earth. In other words, they could not do your work for you, but could help you to be successful and you were. The Cabal threat no longer hangs over you, and you have the assurance that you will safely reach that moment in time that you know as Ascension. The Cabal still has some power, but only to delay your progress in…

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Thought For The Day: August 16, 2019 “The First Step”

The Desert Path

Happy Friday,

Not happy where you are or how things are going? You have the power to change all that. While you can’t start over, you CAN from this point make changes and new choices to get back on track and make things better for yourself. Let things go, let them be, and choose to take that first step and move forward!

Daily Thought 4

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Life Unwinds Its Spool of Thread | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Have you ever wondered if you had been born somewhere else, how different you and your life might be? What if you had been born in the Himalayas, what would you be like? What would you be doing? Or had you been born anywhere else, what would you be like? What if you were born to different parents even in your same town, even next door, what would you be like? How different might you be then? And what if you had been born at a different juncture of time? Would you be you or someone else?

When all is said and done, you were born to the parents you were born to in the land you live in the juncture of time you are, and you are as you are, and you have the tendencies you have.

That fact that there are no accidents has to change…

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In Life, You Have Choices to Make | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Lessons, knowledge, habits, do not hammer them into yourself. You are not a piece of wood that is to be hammered into. Learn at your pace. Let life take you gently by the hand.

When you go swimming at the beach, you do not have to be dunked in the water. Swim and enjoy.

Live life, learn, and enjoy. Beloveds, there is no emergency. There is no purpose in demanding too much of yourself.

You can be leisurely in life, well, depending upon your definition of leisurely. When you go to work, work. The point I want to make is that urgency or desperation don’t belong to you. Neither holds you in good standing. Be easy with everything. You don’t have to be obstinate or resistant anymore than you have to be all-embracing.

If you are a child in school, and you are obliged to learn something that…

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National Security State Exposed

National Security State Exposed: Why Trump & Assange Are Targeted by this Globalist Security Force

InspoNews – Frederico Intelligence Report

This video is two-hours long, but an interesting overview of the National Security State and the Senior Executive Service (SES), the secret parallel government with the government.

Selling Secrets, Running Ops, Q: Biggest Crimes in History

Selling Secrets, Running Ops, Q: Biggest Crimes in History

Lori Colley

Epstein murdered per autopsy.

X22 Report, August 16, 2019

What You Are Witnessing Is The Destruction Of The Central Bank Economy- Episode 1944a

Trump is pushing the gold price up, everytime the market dips a little the gold price moves up. The patriots are doing this slowly. Trump is pushing the Fed to cut rates to 0 and start stimulus, this will put the Fed in a position where they do not control the economy.

[C] Before [D], It’s Getting Ready To Blow – Episode 1944b

The [Deep State] is panicking, [Adam Schiff] tweets out again about deep fakes. More information is dripping out, the reason for this is get the American people on the same page. HRC email documents were released and they show the server was forwarding classified emails to a foreign entity. Coats resigned today, next id the Declass. Everything is getting ready to blow.

[Try, try, try as they will, they will fail]