This story is a fictional account that traces a series of lifetimes of one man’s soul progression through a fictionalized version of a portion of what Earth humans or Terrans call the Milky Way. The rest of the inhabitants of our galaxy know it as Nataru. Part of the tale will have references to the star, Ashkera, the great star that Terrans refers to as Sirius A and its sister star, Thula, or Sirius B.

The hero of our story was first incarnated on Sirust, a fictional planet located in the solar system of Ashkera, the star we know on Terra as Sirius A. After dying in battle, he later reincarnates into the Pleiadian star cluster… on yet another fictional planet called Morova, star system unspecified, but possibly Alcyone.

The general descriptions of Pleiadian planets and peoples that I have portrayed in this story derive in part from the writings of Nina Jenice (1992) who channeled them from her alleged contact with a Pleiadian commander. However, the story I have written about Raphael DeAires Kantor came from my own imagination. I wrote it without a script or outline in somewhat a serial fashion over the course of three years starting in the summer of 2018 with a short story about Lord Delos, an Ashkerian commander. 

Soon after finishing the initial writing, I became familiar with the work of Alex Collier, James Gilliland, plus the latest information being presented through a female contactee, Elena Danaan. I discovered that what I had been told about the Pleiades and Sirius was, at best, based on fantasy and worst, intentional disinformation driven by an alien AI and/or archonic agenda. Let it suffice to realize that the setting of this lengthy story does not exist either in the Pleiades or the Ashkera (Sirian) star system. It resides in the imagination of the writer and the reader.

There are many other people involved in attempting to learn about and educate humanity about our galactic and cosmic history. This story that I have written is not such a history. Still, there is, I believe, some value in publishing the book, so I have… and if you are reading these words, you are about to read the story of man, driven from within, who overcomes great hardship, a hero’s story if you will.

What is valuable in the telling of this fictional story is the realization and knowledge that some extraterrestrial races are human, like us. Indeed, the modern-day members of the Taali Hu-mans of the Pleiades are some of our closest genetic cousins to be found in Nataru, the Milky Way Galaxy. Some ET races do look like Earth humans, while other races and species vary quite a bit in general appearance, something to which we as a species will eventually become accustomed as Terra (aka Earth, Gaia) takes its rightful place as a member of the benevolent Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Eliza Ayres

Note for English as 2nd language or non-English speakers:

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BOOK ONE: In the Beginning

BOOK TWO: The Starship Project

BOOK THREE: The Golden Cat

BOOK FOUR: The White Lion