BOOK FOUR EPILOGUE – The Reappearance

EPILOGUE – The Reappearance

Thirty-five years after Lord Kantor assumed the regency of Airus, he was informed that his adopted niece, Lady Sabina, was expecting yet again. This child would be the fifth child for Sabina and her mate, Lord Da’vid Kadish. Of course, there was much speculation whether or not this child would be the next reincarnation of Lord Aeolus. To spare Lady Sabina the inevitable inquiries, it was thought wise for her to go into relative isolation. Only a select number of individuals like her beloved uncle, Lord Kantor, were allowed into Da’vid and Sabina’s wing of the palace to visit the expectant mother.

Months later, upon arriving home from a visit to another region, Lord Kantor was informed that his niece had gone into labor. It was requested that her uncle attend to Lord Da’vid to await the outcome of the birth.

Lord Kantor found a nervous Lord Da’vid sitting in one of his drawing rooms, surrounded by his other children. Lady Lorenna was there, also, waiting patiently to find out the outcome of the birthing. All that was known of the expected child was it was going to be a boy. Sabina refused to let anyone know whether or not she had any telepathic communication with the child.

Da’vid’s eldest son, Jon’dra, was present, consoling his nervous father when Raphael strolled into the room. His cousin glanced up with a look of relief on his tanned face. Raphael grinned and inquired, “Well, Cousin, how does the birthing proceed?”

“Ah, Raphael, I wouldn’t know. Your physician, Master Mei Li and the priestesses won’t let me near the room. It shouldn’t be too much longer…” replied Da’vid with a worried look. He knew that by this time, he should feel like a veteran, having fathered four other children, two boys and two girls. All of the children were dark-haired like both of their parents, with dark blue eyes, and slender builds.

One of the girls patted her father’s hand, and said, “It’s alright, Father; Master Zang knows what he is doing and so does Mother!”

Da’vid smiled at his youngest daughter, Martina, who was already a very perceptive child at age five and likely to follow in her mother’s footsteps to become a priestess. Martina glanced over at her grand uncle, Lord Kantor, and asked him, “Lord Kantor, do you think the baby is Lord Aeolus returned?”

“We shall see… shortly,” replied Raphael with a sweet smile. He glanced over as the door to the chamber that had been taken over by the squad of assistants and physicians finally opened, revealing a smiling Master Zang.

Master Zang quietly approached Lord Da’vid and gave him a short bow of acknowledgement and then announced, “My lord, your mate, Lady Sabina, has been safely delivered of a boy child. In a few minutes you may go in and see the child and mother. Right now, the nurses are assisting your mate to freshen up herself and the room. Congratulations, my lord!”

Da’vid took a deep breath, shaking his hands out to release the tension and stood up. After a few more minutes, the door opened once more. One of the priestesses present peeked out and said, “Lord Da’vid, your mate and child await within. Could you follow me, my lord?”

Da’vid glanced over at his cousin, Raphael, took another deep breath, and followed the priestess into the chamber beyond. He noticed that his cousin had his eyes closed, perhaps already in communication with Sabina and the child.

Raphael waited patiently with the children and Lorenna until Da’vid reappeared at the doorway and gestured for his cousin to follow him. As Raphael entered the hallway leading to the suite used by Da’vid and Sabina as their sleeping quarters, he glanced around at the beautiful murals on the walls, the gilded cornices, and other intricate architectural details. While the suite wasn’t as sumptuous as what he remembered of the rooms of Lord Aeolus, it was still an impressive set of rooms. And rooms it was… Raphael followed Da’vid through a string of chambers until finally reaching the primary bedroom. 

There was Lady Sabina lying on a huge bed with her latest child held in her arms. With her hair was damp from her recent exertions, her dark curls framed her alabaster features and dark blue eyes creating a sweet portrait for the visitor.  Raphael knelt down at the side of the bed and asked, “How do you fare, dear Niece?”

“I am well, Uncle… now, my child wishes to meet you. I think you already know…” replied Sabina with a sweet smile, as she lifted up the child and placed it into Raphael’s waiting hands.

Raphael gently pushed aside the swaddling, revealing a round faced infant, with the pale skin of its mother, dark blue eyes, and soft curls of white blonde hair upon its head. The child looked up into the eyes of its great uncle and spoke: Ah, so you are still with us, Lord Kantor? I am Aeolus returned.

Raphael replied: I know, dear one; I have been in communication with your Oversoul for the entire time you have been gone from us.

Ah, good. I sense you have changed greatly during the time of my absence. There is a striking calmness about your presence now.

Raphael: Yes, Aeolus. Your people have become my people. I have striven to aid the people in healing the damage done by our relatives.

Good. Now, dear Cousin, are you willing to remain, to become a permanent member of my Council? I will require mentoring and guidance during my early years.

Raphael: I am committed to being here for you and the people of Airus, my lord.

Then, my dear Cousin, I am glad I was wise enough to choose you to act as the temporary guardian of our world. Now, I have to grow up. I can hardly wait to see what has happened while I’ve been gone!

Raphael’s inner conversation with his latest great nephew was interrupted by a comment from Lady Sabina, “Isn’t he beautiful, Uncle? Lord Aeolus has always been unique in his appearance.”

“Indeed, Niece. Sorry for my momentary distraction. Your son was asking if I would become a member of his permanent council when he comes to maturity and to act as one of his mentors while he is growing up,” replied Raphael as he handed the baby over to Lord Da’vid to hold.

Da’vid asked, “And what did you tell Aeolus?”

“I am here to stay, Da’vid… Airus has become my home.”

* * *

Many decades later Lord Kantor retired to his estate located in the hill country outside of Ostta. His son Daniel eventually came to live there, also, although the young man also spent time in the city acting as a counselor for his distant cousin, Lord Aeolus.

After Lord Kantor was fully retired, he had his ancient ship The Golden Cat returned to Jolf to be kept in a secret location by the Mathdis Family. It would be there when the latest incarnation of the soul essence that was Raphael, a young female commander in the fleet, Sundeelia Raphaella VaCoupe, came to Jolf claim Raphael’s former ship. It had been over 100,000 years since the death of Lord Raphael Kantor on Airus.

An overjoyed Sundeelia and her uncle, Adrigus, stood together on the grassy slope above the sea and watched the great towers burst up through the turf. Then, in response to her silent call, a fleet of golden ships appeared, awakened from their long deep sleep by the one whom they recognized as their “father”, now “mother”. They circled above the startled workers and commanders at the Elexa spaceport before landing on the desert sands in discreet order. The sentient golden fleet had returned. The project would begin, again, and this time would proceed much, much farther.

A month later, Sundeelia mated her former superior commander, Lord Aiden Mathdis, whom she had met upon the great silver ship of her uncle Adrigus. Thus, this brings our story full circle, promises made, promises kept.

~      ~      ~

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