BOOK ONE – In the Beginning

BOOK ONE – In the Beginning

This is a story I started writing in the summer of 2018, starting first with the two lifetimes of Lord Delos the Sirian, which I have later changed to the Ashkerian. If you have read this tale before, you will notice many changes as my own consciousness has become more aware of the greater Nataru, our Milky Way Galaxy. However, rewriting the complete story to reflect my current knowledge of the Pleiades and the Sirius (Ashkera) star system was beyond my present abilities as a story teller. So, I decided to press on and finished the primary version of the story in the early summer of 2021, just when I became aware of the work of Alex Collier and Elena Danaan. It was somewhat daunting to discover that what I had been told about the Pleiades was, in effect, disinformation, I knew I still liked the content of the story.

The story of Raphael DeAires Kantor is the story of a child sold into slavery who later soared to heights greater than his young imagination could carry him.

The people of the Pleiades call their star cluster, the Mana-hiri, “Daughters of the Mother”. In their common tongue, they refer to their star and sometimes to Source as “Mother”, while understanding that they are all fractals of the consciousness of what we call God on Earth. While this is so, this version of mine stemming in part from what I learned from a former mentor, does have a simplified version of a spiritual practice, with priestesses and priests. In main, the people enjoy sharing their meditations together and sometimes alone.

We first start the story with the first Pleiadian incarnation of Raphael, as the young son of a trader or merchant, The Camel Boy.

Warning – For our more sensitive readers, Chapters 1, 2, 3, and the first portion of Chapter 18, contain graphic references to child/human sex trafficking and physical violence. If this topic makes you queasy, bypass these chapters, while remembering this sort of experience has been the part of the lives of millions of children and adults, many of whom did not survive. Our protagonist, Raphael DeAires Kantor, did survive and emerged from the experience with some surprising results. Read the story and find out…

Prologue – The Camel Boy

Chapter 1 – Lord Demetrius VaCoupe

Chapter 2 – The Child Slave

Chapter 3 – A Peaceful Interval

Chapter 4 – Schooling

Chapter 5 – Aide for Lord Lyonell

Chapter 6 – Growing Pains

Chapter 7 – Brothers in Arms

Chapter 8 – Julia Kadish

Chapter 9 – The Golden Bee

Chapter 10 – The BerWarian Operation

Chapter 11 – Stephanus of BerWare

Chapter 12 – Esturias VaCoupe

Chapter 13 – Complications

Chapter 14 – The Project

Chapter 15 – Approaching the Precipice

Chapter 16 – Intrusions

Chapter 17 – High Council

Chapter 18 – Kidnapped!

Chapter 19 – Medina

Chapter 20 – University Ship

Chapter 21 – Ashkerian Dreams

Chapter 22 – Home Base Medina

Chapter 23 – Jychondria

Chapter 24 – Forgiveness

Chapter 25 – Reconciliation

Chapter 26 – Decisions

Chapter 27 – Visions of Golden Ships

Chapter 28 – Esturias and Lorenna

Chapter 29 – Expedition to Jolf

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