A Good Day To . . . 18 January 2020 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 18th is a Good Day To . . . figure out why the urge to be erratic or to surprise others with the unexpected is warring so directly with the desire for stability, regularity, and a measured response. We’re looking for a reaction, or to prove our uniqueness or individuality, and it’s not pretty. […]

A Good Day To . . . 18 January 2020 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

News Burst 17 January 2020 ~ January 17, 2020

Rose Rambles...

News Burst 17 January 2020

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fleeing the palace is a fairy tale to take the media heat off of Prince Andrew. How far and wide this scandal goes depends on how Buckingham Palace acts. But that is not easy since Prince Charles has his own connections to an earlier sex trafficker named Jimmy Savile, who was knighted. Now, the royal reporters and US media are focused on Harry and Meghan and their whereabouts in the colonies. The only Epstein stories appearing in the US is how the feds in a lower Manhattan lockup really became the Keystone Kops.
  • A new ‘impossible’ type of particle has been picked up by the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) experiment’s particle detector balloon. According to researchers, particles which appeared to be “extremely high-energy neutrinos” detected by ANITA’s sensors have demonstrated the ability to travel ‘through’ our planet, something that…

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QAnon Famous Phrases – Introduction to Q ~ January 17, 2020

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Are you following Q yet? Are you aware of the societal and spiritual importance of Q for the liberation of Planet Earth? Yes…you heard me correctly, as Q is asking humanity to use critical thinking skills about “how they handle their life”. This means humanity is “waking up” and NOT being led blindly into plans for our future held by the Dark.

Read the excellent article below, watch the world change for the better by throwing off the yoke of economic slavery, realize WHO YOU ARE, and then BE…



QAnon Famous Phrases. Introduction to Q By Deborah Franklin.

I’ve compiled a list of Q’s most famous catch phrases and tried to put them into context.

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QAnon Famous Phrases - The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening

QAnon Famous Phrases

The Great Awakening

We’re living in a unique time in which ordinary citizens around the world…

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#FridayFantasy . . . I asked her…how she understood the world so clearly.


“I asked her how she did it once, how she understood the world so clearly.
She told me that it was a matter of keeping very still and showing no emotions,
leaving room for others to reveal themselves.”

From “Circe,” Madeline Miller.

Text & image source: Edmund Dulac https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=edmund%20dulac&epa=SEARCH_BOX

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2020 First Quarter Energies

The Shift of Time and Energy!


There is so much to catch you up on. Going back to my last blog about the eclipse, the shaking, the electrical energy pouring into each persons center field… So as we passed the eclipse the focus was taken off of everyone’s core energy in the readings a constant image was placed… something that looked like this color-wise:


But were squishy and filling up everyone’s immediate field (which takes in home, work, relationships, pretty much all that is consistent in your life, like these fish eggs (which is what I kept calling them)


The next day, everyone’s field had their opalescence fish eggs congealed, looking sort of like this but with the beautiful iridescence thru out.


The odd thing was, when these things that just kept reminding me of fish eggs appeared, I could no longer see the center field, only the immediate field. When something goes out of my…

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Trust in Love

Love's Beginning

You are a conduit for love. This is your only function, and it doesn’t matter what form it takes. The form becomes obvious to you as you learn to settle into who you are and let inspiration guide you. Settling into who you are requires all of your energy and focus in the midst of all the distractions of the world you made, so there isn’t any energy left over for judging or analyzing others.

The one thing you can know about the others is that they serve you as you serve them, no matter what form they seem to take. You can leave them in peace, knowing that they are always helpful to you. Either they flush up and highlight your own resistance, or they flow along in that river of inspiration with you. Both functions are helpful.

When you do not feel happy, it is because you are…

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Breakthrough for Vaccine Laws: Lawful America

Anti-Propaganda News

United States Corporation on Notice 👇

Washington Times front page of the Classifieds January 16th, 2020. Notice was SERVED today for all unconstitutional laws written in regards to vaccine mandates/laws. The parameters are 40 days for cease and desist of ALL Mandatory Forced Vaccine Programs!!! If there is no compliance then there will be penalties and Prosecution enforced by a Grand Jury!!!

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REAPOLITIK: Duterte Plays Hard Ball vs Local Oligarchs & US Deep State


Source – geopolitics.co

“…When the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos was Shanghaied from “Paway Ilocos Norte to Hawaii US,” all of the most profitable government corporations and public utilities went up for grabs to the Deep State affiliates that will soon reestablish the oligarchy in the country, with the aid of the then Vatican-CIA-installed Cory Aquino presidency”

Duterte Plays Hard Ball vs Local Oligarchs and US Deep State

There is a component of the Western Deep State in every corner of the world, just like there’s a US military base in most of them. In Philippines’ case, it has them all, i.e. military bases in spite of the non-extension of the 1947 Military Bases Agreement in 1991, oligarchy controlling what were once government owned corporation or public utilities, and of course, the age-old Jesuit mind control infrastructures e.g. universities, and churches.

The Duterte presidency is standing head on to…

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Net working with Earth’s meridians (Ley lines, Dragon lines or Song lines)

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Net working with Earth’s meridians (Ley lines, Dragon lines or Song lines), by SunBôw

We’ve all heard that the Earth is surrounded by a natural electromagnetic network (grid) and crisscrossed by a large number of energy lines, known as ley lines, dragon lines or song lines among other names in different cultures. These lines meet in certain power points, creating vortices or chakras, which translates as wheels. But this journey has brought new knowledge and understanding about these energy lines and how they naturally function, that can be useful for grid workers and all involved in Earth healing.

First, these energy lines are not straight lines, as they follow the curvature of the Earth. To give an example for an easier visualization of this principle, this photo of tensor rings assembled together into a ball shows how each line apparently straight, is in reality a ring or circle around the…

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