Headlines and Updates for December 14, 2018: The Invisible War Rages On [videos] ~ December 14, 2018

As for all the doom and gloom prognostications about the big “DWave” coming while the El-ites have their safe bunkers to escape to, the huge asteroid that’s on a trajectory to impact Earth… relax. Have a cup o’ tea. If the DWave annihilates us all you won’t be around to feel the pain and can incarnate on some other planet and start a cool new life.

I remember some of my past deaths in battle and otherwise. It is cool; you just create a new life plan and reincarnate and go on with your “life”. Relax. You’ve got this. Let the Deep State go crazy because you are no longer feeding them looesh through your fear.


French Generals Rebuke Macron for His Policies on Migration

If you listened to the situation explained by Thomas Williams last night, he reasserted (again… for the second time) that the Manna World Holding Trust team has nullified the UN. They have no money, no power, and any actions they appear to take are bluster and bullshit to maintain the ILLUSION they have power. They were never about peace, prosperity, protection or anything that served Humanity. They were greedy predators intent on destroying Human society.

As discussed previously on this blog, we know what the mission was for the Global Compact for Migration, and it is a pipe dream. It is not legally binding and except for a few odd countries who signed on, they will not get the funding they’d hoped. It’s all a sham; another money-grabbing scheme and the nations of our planet need to stop playing their game.

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Late Headlines for December 14, 2018: The Deep State Network is Unravelling at Breakneck Speed [videos] ~ December 14, 2018

The closer the downfall of the Deep State, the more insane these “people” appear. Enjoy the show.


Sharpen the blade! Love this startling, artsy pic from AIM4Truth. Ring a bell, anyone? Who was there during the French Revolution? I bet some of us were. History repeats—but we have the power to change the vibration. The Great Awakening is exploding minds and hearts across the planet.

Off with their heads? Nah… that’s the easy way out. We want them to suffer, LOL. Gitmo… Diego Garcia… islands work very well. I think Trump got them to pay for their own prisons!

These despicable, mass murderers deserve a very uncomfortable and public shaming for what they have done in California and so many locations to millions of people.


November’s Camp Fire Conflagration Was Fanned by Microwaves Disseminated by 3 GWEN Stations (See satellite imagery)

See plenty more at AIM4Truth.com

Tonight we got Part 3 of 3 from the guys at Edge of Wonder with David Wilcock’s intel…

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This Means War: Globalists Target Christmas [video] ~ December 14, 2015

Christmas actually has “pagan” roots. Yeshua, son of Mary and Joseph, was born in the springtime when the lambs were being born. Still, it is a festival that means a lot to some people, if not the local shopkeeper. Bring on the candy canes, bright lights, and winter merriment.


Have you heard any of the stories defining the many ways they are trying to kill Christmas? It’s absurd.

In one particular school in Nebraska… where they’re now banning “candy canes” because upside down it is a “J” for Jesus which might offend non-Christians… to banning the colours red and green and snow man, women or people, to banning Christmas tree ornaments because not all families have Christmas trees, to holding Christmas school concerts with nary a Christmas song on the program… and it gets worse.

Who the hell told the globalist psychopaths they can ban anything that’s part of our culture—never mind our Christmas customs? End the lunacy and Merry Christmas to all.

Christmas is legal. Ban the globalists and anyone who aims to oppress our culture!  ~ BP

Rob Carson’s War on Christmas 2018 Episode #3: The Principal Grinch

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Last New Moon of 2018

Reflections of Riverman

Last New Moon of 2018.png
Oh my it has been a busy couple of weeks and this is from Friday the 7th .

Here are my show notes and the links to the replays if you so choose to listen…

Audio Replay on yourListen

Video Replay on YouTube

“The number 12 is made up of two numbers, 1 and 2. 1 is a prime number and signifies the beginning and the singular nature of the universe. It is also related to completion, perfection, harmony, motivation, achievement and independence. 2, on the other hand, is all about seeing two sides of any situation, diplomacy, partnership and the mutable nature of life.” numerologysecrets.net

heartmilkyway…”Recognizing your inner truth, being truthful and honest with yourself and others, realizing the power of your love and caring for yourself and others in a loving respectful manner supports you in growing your relationship with yourself. When you grow your relationship with yourself…

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The Arcturians ~ You Are the Creator of Your Life ~ December 14, 2018


Channeled through Natalie Glasson

We, the Arcturians bring forth our consciousness, love and blazing light to support you now. We come forth as a collective to share our power and inspiration with you. You may call upon us whenever you wish to upgrade your entire being, we will do so in harmony with your soul, using our ascension light tools and technology to create powerful and peaceful shifts of transformation within your being. We are present to assist and guide you, we will always present our light to you in support, respect and love for the ascension pathway you are traveling upon.

The energy wave and cycle that is anchoring into the Earth from the inner planes can be simply summarized as the presence of clarity. The ascension energies for 2019 are promoting the presence and experience of clarity within all aspects of your being, reality and life. This means that…

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WE anoint your Holy Presence ~ As The One Great Light Being ~ That You Are.

Your Higher Self is the Light Being. You are but a fragment of this Being, here to learn lessons in 3D. You can reblend with the Light Being if that is your soul contract in this lifetime. And for most Earth humans, it is not.

The New Divine Humanity

Your feelings have transformed through the understanding of what they truly are.

Your beliefs and thoughts of this world have transformed into a greater neutrality of Being, through your heart.

The greater harmony and peace within you have transformed all of your perceptions.

The Original Light has sifted through all of your experiences and through this Divine Alchemy ~ made them all new.

You walk seamlessly now ~  in a new world. Where the events, people, understandings, feelings and thoughts have ALL changed.

The tests and struggles that once were, have aged like great wine, within the beauty of eternity, that lives on the threshold of your consciousness as the Portal of transformation that has forever beckoned you to enter.

The uniting with this eternity and the entering of this sacred Portal, has anointed your Light Body, with grace, blessings, and the Ancient Divine symbols of Light ~ recognized by all…

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If love is not a scarcity


There was a time when your mate was chosen for you and you had to learn to love and live in harmony. That would be a real challenge for most people in today’s world as they are not willing to change from within.

Druid Life

We tell each other stories in contemporary white, western culture about love as a big, dramatic event. We are supposed to fall in love with one person, for the rest of our lives, and live happily ever after. It puts a lot of pressure on a relationship.

Desire can strike us like lightning, kicking off some intense body chemistry reactions that, for a few weeks, may give us all those feelings of drama and foreverness. This chemistry wears off, and sometimes leaves very little of use or value in its wake. Finding that it wasn’t the one big true love of our lives, we feel sad and move on. We have to stop loving one person to move on and have the next go at the love affair that will be the big one.

Imagine what would happen if we did not treat love as a rare and scarce commodity…

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Nothing needs to change

Love's Beginning

Nothing needs to change, but things will appear to change. 

Now you will be thinking of the many things that need to change in order for you and all others to be happy. These things will appear to change, but illusion is illusion. As they appear to change, there is no actual change at all. You simply allow yourself to see a happier dream because you gradually pump less anguish into it. 

The less anguish you pump into the dream, the more able you will be to see that happy dream or nightmare, it’s all an illusion. As this becomes more and more apparent, it becomes easier to release your seeming hold on what has never been anything at all. 

In terms of thingness, there is only one true thing, and it is Love. All else is illusion. It is blameless, innocent illusion. We use the concepts you are able…

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Sara Carter 12-14-18… “Financial Bounty Hunters Testify: Clinton Foundation Operated As Foreign Agent” (link and highlights) — Kauilapele’s Blog


This may be of interest to some. I’m not getting into details about all this (really it is far too much “economics” for me), but it appears that one step in the process of taking down the deep state may be to “get them on tax fraud”. It’s also apparently a method to get the […]

via Sara Carter 12-14-18… “Financial Bounty Hunters Testify: Clinton Foundation Operated As Foreign Agent” (link and highlights) — Kauilapele’s Blog

The thorn



We are being asked to pull the thorn from our Heart to free ourselves
We are Divine Beings Devoted to the path of Light

This is in our hands
Whatever has hurt us in our past has left some residue
And has left us feeling insecure resulting in not fulfilling the full Truth of our Being and not Shining our full Light into the world.
Time and Time again we have revisited this and have had similar experiences which led us to feel this again
Only to ask us to let it go.
That you have revisited this again
You have all it takes
To Pull the thorn out from your Heart
Once and for all
Liberating you
Releasing all that is blocking you
Unleashing your full Potential and Power
Look at what is before you
Look at what it symbolises for you
Can you see ?
Does this…

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