Nine Weeks ~ A Full Cycle of Transformation, Alignment & Gleaning

Tania Marie

Nine represents completion, but not finality. It’s about a cyclical transition that is journeyed as an evolutionary rebirthing. The valuable things we learn through the entire process become the activators of the new cycle – one after another. An infinite potential of wisdom gleaned and/or transformation experienced.

It’s amazing to be coming to the end of our nine week journey, which all began with one fully loaded car as you can see, and sitting with the incredible way time both flies and feels like eternity. Dave named it “The Ski Safari,” but little did he know how the conclusion would reflect that quite literally. You’ll see what I mean shortly.

Looking back at photos of us from both the start (below taken a couple weeks in) and finish (last photo taken yesterday), I can see the big shift that has taken place inwardly.

And here we are, today, heading out…

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Divine Harmony

Reflections of Riverman

There is a New Heart within humanity
silently beating from deep within the cosmos

Its energy is radiating into all dimensions
from our ancient crystalline beingness

Seeking those who have not forgotten
And gently reminding them of their purity

Embracing each one as a Being of Renewal
which has long awaited this moment

It is not an easy undertaking my beloveds
yet worth far more than precious gems

For it is Love’s Light itself
entering Our Human Presence

To be spread as soft whispers
and gentle winds of Divine Harmony

As only We who chose not to forget
have waited so many lifetimes to be a part of

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.4.21

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X22 Report, 4 March 2021

Ep. 2419a – Corrupt Politicians Exposed, Trump Economic Promises Kept

The economy under Trump proved that the US and the people can do a lot better. Trump promised that the economy would come back after the pandemic and it is. V recoveries all over the place. [JB] stimulus plan is being read to the American people. [JB] is not living up to his promises, people are not getting what they were told. The [CB] pushes their force on countries.

Sleepy Joe is not my President.

Ep. 2419b – [DS] False Flag In DC Used To Protect Themselves, Panic, Flynn, It Will Happen, Be Patient

The [DS] played their hand to get Trump supporters into DC, it failed, but this was not their main mission. Their mission was to create the idea that terrorists are out there and to keep their fences and guards in place. Everything the [DS] is doing is countering what the people want. As each day passes, the people are seeing the [DS] destroy the US. This will not end well for them.

The DS is creating boogeymen in order to avoid being found out by the People. Bidan is breaking his promises. The DS is trying to hide things from the people. The MSM doesn’t have full control; people have found other places to communicate with each other. Banning Dr. Seuss? It is just getting more insane by the day.

McConnell is planning to leave his Senate seat. Who is really in control?

Bill HR 1 is an attack against the people’s ability to vote. Only Democrats voted for this bill.

Trump won by landslide. More and more people are questioning the corrupt politicians…

Deer Moon Astrology 3/5/2021


We are inclined to push a bit too hard today, creating some chaos that drains our energy reserves and our patience. The Moon’s conjunction with the South Node as it squares the Sun this afternoon brings rash or reckless outbursts. The subsequent Moon-Neptune square has us even more off-balance in the evening. Some of today’s discomfort may be the result of yesterday’s over-optimism but an impulsive, sharp-tongued approach could create even more trouble. Most likely, we’re growing impatient with the pace of change. While we may be aware that there are major changes underway — and also necessary — the restrictions continue to slow down the pace. If we can quiet our minds enough, we will likely find small elements that need to be sorted out. In other words, there are probably reasons for the slow downs, even though it makes us uncomfortable.

There’s a moon-Saturn sextile this morning, so…

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Fluidity and Freedom

Living Light

Thinking is an ever-present action of the mind. The act of thinking energizes ideas and concepts, giving them “life.” Our thinking mind never rests. Even when we sleep at night it creates an entire world of characters and experiences, and when we “wake” it does the same. The mind’s life-giving nature creates all we see and experience, as well as sustaining reality, because without it reality only exists as a potential.

Our self-concept sits at the center of our belief-system, defining every thought we accept as true or untrue. Therefore it defines the content of our thinking mind, which in turn determines the energetic blueprint that shapes reality. As our self-concept changes, our thoughts change, therefore our reality. Because the mind creates what it believes is true, when our beliefs are “fixed” then aspects of the self and its reality appear static. As creators of our reality, if we categorize…

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