Go For It

Sacred Journey

I don’t have an answer to what you are suppose to do tomorrow. I ask that you follow the yearning… your soul’s most fierce desire. It might take one day. It might take forty years. Perhaps there are things you have to learn before getting to that moment.

I don’t know.

You have the answers. We always know. We just have to listen to our own guidance instead of everyone else.

So start with your desire. Follow through with your imagination. Let the universe align to it all. You aren’t meant to be here to struggle like this. We aren’t put here for that.

Make sure you are allowing positive thoughts to dictate your days. This shi(f)t isn’t always easy. But it is YOUR story and what you do with it.

You are magic. Start acting like it. Now get out there and raise your vibration to LOVE. Everything you…

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Being Here

litebeing chronicles

Hi litebeings, as we edge closer to Mercury stationing direct, I am aware of a promise I made to myself and my readers. I promised to complete and publish a post sitting in storage. Most of these are more ideas than copy, but they set the stage for article creation.

I am still working on a post about my trip to Baltimore. It is not ready yet but I hope to have it done before Sunday morning when Mercury does its thing. Can I use 2 power outages in one week as an excuse for not delivering sooner? Probably not.

I am not judging, just nudging! I realize that I prefer to be more gentle with myself and recognize that my time is rarely in synch with my Higher Self’s timeline. Stuff happens and my job as a sentient being is to relax into life with acceptance and ease. I…

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X22 Report, July 10, 2020

Panic Sets In, [CB]s Worried Countries Are Going To Stop Borrowing – Episode 2221a

Trump and his team are using all the weapons against the [CB]/MSM. As the Fed continues to push stimulus everyone was ready for inflation, but just like in 2009 Great Recession there is no inflation. The [CB] are panicking they do not want governments to stop borrowing, because if they do the [CB] implodes.

Central bank systems do not work.

Flynn’s Declass Planned Perfectly, [DS] Feeling Pain, Paid For Dossier Confirmed – Episode 2221b

The [DS]/MSM are feeling the pain, they will not let the Flynn case go, so the patriots are declassifying more and more information that has to do with the Flynn case making it difficult for Sullivan to explain his position. The events are falling apart rapidly, the people are awake, they understand that the virus is harmful to the people. Patriots are in control.

The DS has lost control…

Ancient Free Energy

Ancient Sounds And Harmonic Principles… The Hidden Secrets of Frequency & Energies

Zohar StarGate TV

Researchers like Michael Tellinger is making real progress in a subject little understood by mainstream science. A subject that is ancient and has been utilized by our ancestors for thousands of years. The subject of ancient sound resonance and frequencies and understanding the principles of harmonics was regularly used at numerous ancient sites and the clues and evidence has been left behind. Have we just discovered ancient free energy devices?

Initiation and Ego Mastery

Our Spirit

Enjoy this discussion between the Gabriels and read below for some lecture notes on this topic.

Initiation and Ego Mastery


Raw audio file: https://neoanthroposophy.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/initiation-and-ego-mastery.mp3


What It Means to Be A Spiritual Initiate in the 21st Century

An historical review of a few of the ancient mystery initiation centers will create the backdrop to frame the nature of personal initiation in the past compared to initiation in the 21st Century. Ancient mystery centers presented “hidden” knowledge concerning the spiritual nature of the human being and the cosmos. Many of these secrets of initiation are “mentally” understood today but ignored as sources of inspiration and communion with higher beings. Initiation in the past was secret and the aspirant had to go through stages of preparation just to be able to receive the wisdom from the mysteries.

Modern initiation is open and no longer simply a personal matter, it now includes family, community, and…

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A New Dawn Begins ~ Nest & Robin Gifts of Growth & Renewal

Tania Marie

You can imagine my delight and surprise when I discovered this little nest tucked above the front door two days ago. We had no idea that a Robin family had made our home theirs until I was prompted to follow a nudge to check outside. For some reason I felt that a package might have been delivered to our door, but when I went out to follow that instinct, the package I discovered was a very different one.

I was greeted by the sound of happy chirps, which made me step further out the door and follow the sound with my eyes. As I looked up I found mama Robin feeding her three little ones in a sweet nest perched high above the entryway.

If I hadn’t gone out to explore what I felt, we may never have known this nest existed, nor have had the pleasure of experiencing all…

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Pamela Kribbe: The Connecting Element

Forever Unlimited

The Connecting Element

Dear friends, I am Jeshua, your friend. I greet you all from my heart. I connect with each and every one of you, so feel that connection between us. Although each one walks an individual path, there is a resonance, a joint desire and search, a shared humanity between us. Feel the living heart that beats in each one of you and have compassion for one another. You are gathered here in a group, so respect the other persons, although you do not yet know them very well.

Behind everyone’s face is a story, a depth, a history that explains why someone is as she or he is, so listen to the other person’s story. The longer you listen to the story of another person, the deeper you will eventually…

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Dream Mastery Recall for New Earth Gaia Manifestation

Dream Mastery Recall for New Earth Gaia Manifestation

Magenta Pixie

The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine*, through their conduit Magenta Pixie, bring forward a transmission for information and keycode memory triggering for dream mastery recall and its importance as a tool for individual and collective manifestation. An activation codex is provided at the end of the transmission.

  • The Pleiadian Council of Nine

A Good Day To . . . 11 July 2020 Identity Indigestion — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 11th Is A Good Day To . . . go with what pays off, rewards, nurtures, or provides, and let everything else go, for now. Pursuing ambitions only creates conflict, and desire fulfillment brings a kind of identity indigestion–what we’re hungry for doesn’t necessarily fit the Soul’s longings–so going after goals just doesn’t agree with […]

A Good Day To . . . 11 July 2020 Identity Indigestion — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY