You are the Ones: Messages from the Mother

Indeed, the choice is upon us, fear or love? I choose LOVE!

Koyopa Rising

Will ye be the cesspools of dis-ease
Or instruments of the Light Divine?
This is the fork in the road
Between the ones who are told
And the ones who know
I AM ONE who is entering in
Awakening a power un-told, I LIVE
Tho my heart breaks that I remain invisible
To the diseased
And robotic believers of the world
I do inspire through the few
To gather the souls who hum
The ones who’ve wandered beyond the grey
The ones whom the fire hath changed
I see you on the periphery
Feeling your colors again
Keep watching
Keep listening with your greater eyes and ears
This is the spectrum of light beyond fear
This is the touching of the strings from above
You are the ones
The very Source and Sound of Love

Messages from the Mother 112220

Note from Eileen: I felt it was…

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11/22/2020: JFK(Jr.) News on 57th Anniversary of Kennedy Assasination? —

Huh? You say . . . BUT: And remember, this day happens to be one of those 1,2,0 days, the final one of the 11th month 2020, nearly one third of the way through the 120 1, 2,0 days from 2020 through 2022. Of course, it would be my fondest wish, and that of (how…

11/22/2020: JFK(Jr.) News on 57th Anniversary of Kennedy Assasination? —

Questions about Sidney Powell, one Personal, the other Legal —

PERSONAL Last night reader Ann Dimitrellis commented wondering where I got the birthdate for Sidney Powell, since it appears there are different claims to the date of her birth. Here’s the reference for the date I used:  May 2, 1963.  I should have checked further, except thatthe chart seemed so perfect, given what we are…

Questions about Sidney Powell, one Personal, the other Legal —

Arcturian Group Message November 22, 2020 | Marilyn Raffaele

Rainbow Wave of Light

                               NOVEMBER 22, 2020

Greetings dear readers.  Emotions of both sadness and celebration  presently reflect world energy do to people’s inability to return to what is familiar.  Know that there is a purpose to all that is presently going on.  Circumstances are forcing many to reassess how they have been living their lives, what they believe is true or important, and if there may be a “better” way.  Much that up to now has been simply accepted, is beginning to be more closely examined from a higher perspective. 
Life as you have known it cannot return to exactly as it previously was simply because the energy maintaining and sustaining many of its three dimensional creations are dissolving by virtue of the increasing presence of high resonating energy–as collective consciousness evolves, so do its material…

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Dark Journalist X-Election: Deep State Showdown…

Dark Journalist X-Election: Deep State Showdown – Trump Uses JFK National Security Memo 57!

Dark Journalist

Dark Journalist X-Election 2020: Deep State Showdown: President Trump Activates JFK National Security Action Memo 57!

In this special live broadcast Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt highlights that in order for Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller to issue his order that Special Operations now must report directly to him he needed to execute the power held in the JFK National Security Action Memorandum 57 (NSAM 57) designed to bypass the CIA!

This is a DEEP dive into the origins of CIA and their clandestine operations… including doctoring elections world-wide.

Honoring the Ancestors of the Bardic Arts: Tools, Techniques, and Legacies

The Druid's Garden

Shoemaking Hammer with Spirit

Browsing an antique store a year ago, I found a wonderful shoemaking hammer.  It was an interesting shape, and when I held the tool, I could literally feel the connection this tool had had with its previous owner. Whoever had owned this tool had used it well–the handle was worn, a piece of old, soft velcro partially worn off where someone had placed it for a firmer grip. I could sense the resonance of craft and skill in this hammer. I held the unique hammer in my hand, and turned it a few times, knowing that this tool would find a wonderful home in my art studio.  But more than that, this tool had a bardic ancestral connection to one of the primary bardic arts  I have been pursuing for some time: leatherwork.

In Druidry and broader neopaganism, we often focus on the ancestors in three…

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Law of One, Session 19: Reflection

Cosmic Christ

Article by Doug Esse

Session 19 beautifully explores cosmology by giving us the metaphor of creation as a giant cosmic heartbeat. Other topics include the harvest from second density to third density, planetary ashrams that send love and light, and polarity.

Thank you for reading and may we be instruments of love and light to our immediate other-selves this week.


19.Ra:I am Ra. I greet you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. We communicate now.

Category:Ra Contact:Opening Statements

19.1Questioner:I have been thinking over the scope of this book and will read this that I have thought. We are concerned in this communication with the evolution of mind, body, and spirit. I would like to fully investigate through questioning the mechanism of evolution in order to allow those interested individuals to participate in their own evolution…

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