Welcoming Solstice

The Full Moon in Sagittarius over the past couple of days has made a conjunction to expansive Jupiter and the Galactic Center. This is BIG energy,  while in addition there two upcoming eclipses in July already building in effects. The sign of Archer has encouraged us to set our sights higher and to take bold actions toward overall improvement and the attainment of knowledge and truth. We are being pushed out of our comfort zones and into the great wild world of endless possibilities.

As we move toward (Summer in the Northern hemisphere) Solstice, many significant completions are taking place. There are important decisions to be made but the ability to firmly make them and to move forward may seem to be on hold. This is in part due to Neptune slowing stationing to go Retrograde on the 21, the same day the Sun moves into Cancer. Mercury enters a…

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Energy Update: Full Moon TURNS UP Your Higher Frequency

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen
Energy UPdate: These are some powerful full moon energies! Raphael and I both were woken up in the middle of the night by the moon shining right into our window, hovering over the trees in a very synchronistic way (captured in the pic below.) As we took in the codes together, I could feel the intensity, the turned on-ness, the vibrancy of the fully bright moon. Surrounded by darkness, She forced your attention to Her, beckoned you to turn your gaze Her way…was like an irresistible force that you couldn’t deny.
This feels like the energies offered by this moon and by the upcoming SOULstice on Friday too. An invitation to TURN UP your frequency to a higher setting. To TURN UP your heart to a richer broadband of vulnerability and intimacy transaction. To TURN UP your body to a deeper state of vital embodiment. To…

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I hear there’s such a thing as a “stay-cation,” which allows you to sleep in your own home while visiting local sites of interest.  That sounds like a good plan to me.  We do have a lot of interesting things to see right here in Minnesota, like flour mills, fur trading camps, lakes and rivers galore and the Mall of America.  Somehow  those places don’t hold the allure they once did.  In fact, our vacations always included some adventurous place which would take us as far away from home as possible without breaking the bank.

When you get into your golden years, a vacation sounds more like work, so we opt for watching the travel channel for our journeys.  I can’t help recalling some of the family trips we took when our children were growing up.  There was their first camping excursion with our first two kids.  The tent was…

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Benjamin Fulford 6-17-19… “Zionist meltdown as Oman tanker stunt fails to manipulate oil futures markets”

Trump refused to toe the line with the Neocons who want war in the Middle East. Don’t confuse the President and his administration with Congress and the SES-driven bureaucrats appointed by Obama.

Kauilapele's Blog

New weekly report from Ben. According to his report, the attempted false flag blamed on Iran has led to some pretty amazing results.

“The meltdown of the Zionist control grid is now public, as even the corporate mainstream propaganda media is reporting the attacks last week on tankers near Oman as “false flag.” The situation has reached the point that former U.S. colonies like Germany and Japan are openly and publicly defying the U.S. President and Secretary of State on this issue. This surreal turn of events is comparable to the fall of Communism and the Soviet Union.

“…we are witnessing the fall of the U.S. corporate government and (possibly) the rebirth of the Republic of the United States of America. In fact, we may even be witnessing the fall from power of the secret family groupings hiding behind monotheism.

“…events in the actual real world do show a fundamental…

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Making the Impossible Possible ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the highest opinion of all of you because of your ability to incredible experiences for yourselves that go beyond the expectation of the average person. You who have awakened to your true nature as Source Energy Beings have been able to create impossible possibilities. You have been able to experience miracles in your lives time and time again, and it has been your willingness to be who you really are that has brought you to these wonderful experiences.

You are not just trailblazers and wayshowers. You are also magicians, and you are even capable of creating within the unknown. What brought you to this marvelous position has been your ability to tap in to that which is eternal and infinite inside of you. Now, for most of humanity, that spirit, that sense…

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The Life You Lead Is Your Reaction to Life | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Sometimes you feel that a change in your life, a relationship cut short by death or by life – like losing your job, or becoming ill and so forth is equivalent to the end of the world. You take it hard. Death is not the end of the world. A tornado is not the end of the world. Nothing is the end of the world. A phase in life has changed. A phase in life is always changing. This IS the world.

You have a solid base, yet you may waver all over the place. You feel you are riding on a roller coaster while you are actually riding on a silent escalator.

Everything in life is moving you forward, what you welcome and that which you do not welcome. Life and its foibles are not to be taken so personally. Are you to be disheartened because life…

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Time off – some observations


Druid Life

I took last week off – sort of. I still wrote a few blog posts and checked my email most days, but compared to a normal working week it was minimal stuff. I used the time to look after my home a bit, to read, craft, walk, and rest.

By Friday of my week off, I was starting to feel a bit better. That told me a lot about how exhausted I’d been. I need to make some ongoing changes around rest and time off, clearly. Once I reached this point it was also noticeable that the anxious aspects of my thinking had toned down significantly. I would like to spend more of my time not so close to the edge, so this is something to explore.

I’ve spent some time thinking about what uplifts and restores me, and how to do more of that.

I’m going to keep notes…

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Archangel Michael Card Reading ~ You’re on the right path!

Archangels and Devas Blog

You’re on the right path ~ Keep Focussing on Love!

Dear Readers,

I come to you at this time with this urgent message. Keep focussing on Love. Make Love your personal choice. Make all your decisions, and take all your actions from the viewpoint and standpoint of Love. Love is the only way.

We know you have heard this before. And you will keep hearing it until we are sure you have received this message loud and clear, and are implementing this in your daily life experience.

You are presently having to face your deepest fears, and you may be feeling as though you have ventured off your path. But we say to you, No – you are on the right path! It is time now for this fear to be cleared. It no longer plays a role in your current reality.

For most of  you this is fear that…

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