X22 Report, 18 Sept 2020

The Fed Is Doing The Opposite Of What It Set Out To Do In 2016, Why? – Episode 2280a

The corrupt politicians and the [DS] are trying to stop the BREXIT, JB and NP are already projecting they will not approve a trade deal. Trump has now reached the highest job approval rating, the chaos that was created has now shown the people that Trump knows how to rebuild an economy. The Fed is now under the control of the patriots, they are doing the exact opposite of what they (the CB minions) wanted. 


Sleeper In Process Of Being Removed, US Military Prepares For Subterranean Combat – Episode 2280b

The [DS] is a panic like never seen before. The Durham investigation is real, if it weren’t the corrupt politicians wouldn’t be trying to stop it. The virus cure is coming but vaccines will not be mandatory. Trump has now made the [DS] players anti-vaxxers and don’t believe the science organization, brilliant. The US military has now ramped up its training for subterranean missions, what they are hunting.

P.S. After this report was filed by Dave, this news came in…


I Remember a Time …

Humoring the Goddess

Ben Brain/Digital Camera Magazine

“When I was younger …”

“I can remember a time  ..”

“When I was a kid …”

I’m too young to be starting out a sentence with those phrases. Yet here I am, sharing a tale with you, that starts:

I can remember a time … when you’d go to the eye doctor and sit in front of this huge machine that held a thousand little round lenses, and the doctor would lower these huge, thick sections in front of each eye, and go through a hundred different lenses to test your eyesight.

I say that today because I just got home from an all remote eye test. Well, except for the receptionist/assistant. Filled out a questionnaire on a tablet, went into one room where three different machines took three different images, (they still had the puff-of-air-in-the-eye test), then went into a second room where a…

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X22 Report, 17 Sept 2020

The Patriots Are Taking Back The Country, The Corn Moon, Rig For Red – Episode 2279b

Just wanted to let everyone know that I received a strike on my YouTube Channel last night, I will not be able to upload for One Week on the X22 Report Channel. Please visit The http://X22Report.com site to listen or view the report.

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The 17 Sept 2020 Report: The [DS]/MSM narrative is lost, the riots are out of hand, the people see it, the virus is falling apart, the people see the truth, the threat is the [DS]/MSM. The patriots are now in the process of taking back the country, nothing can stop this, nothing. Today is Constitution and the patriots are now removing the 1619 project and putting in the 1776 commission to teach American values. Rig for red, the patriots are about to surface.

X22 Report Spotlight, 18 Sept 2020

Trump Is Dismantling The Globalists System One Piece At A Time, Watch Gold:Bob Kudla

X22 Report Spotlight

Guest: Bob Kudla

Today’s Interview: Bob Kudla discusses how the low rates are going to help precious metals. The patriots are not dismantling the globalists plan one piece at a time. The peace deal in the middle east is another piece of the puzzle that Trump has removed. This is all happening because we are moving way from the petrodollar system and moving into a people economy.

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – September 18, 2020

Rainbow Wave of Light

Your future is up to each individual, each one having the opportunity to project it as they see it and want it to be. It then becomes the great possibility and will gain strength as more souls project similar ideas into the ethers. It is how it should be and you will advance collectively to the degree that you have yourselves reached. So whilst matters are still in a turmoil it is a good time to cater for your own needs and put them above any other commitments you may have. You have entered one of the most important periods in your entire life, and the opportunity is there for you to lay down your own pathway to Ascension. Understand that those of you who have chosen to ascend will need to maintain a high level at all times if you are to be assured of reaching your goal.


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Through the Eyes of God | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

What if I said you are angels who have fallen to Earth? Not fallen angels as is commonly meant, but angels from above who dropped in for a visit. Beloveds, what else can this be but true? Can you say you are not My angels? Can you look at Me and say that?

What could My children be but angels? Are you not of My light? Are you not My thought visiting upon Earth?

If I were an eagle, would not My fledglings learn to fly? And who would be surprised at that? Who would give it a second thought? Who would deny it? Who would argue it? Why would they?

And yet you take what I say with a grain of salt. After all, it is only God speaking, you say to yourself, and He lives in an ivory tower. God is kindly and wonderful, you affirm…

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Deer Moon Astrology 9/18/2020


Doors to cooperation swing wide open today but we may hold back just enough to create an imbalance. There is a powerful need for appreciation and approval on an individual basis that can keep us from recognizing the importance of our contribution to the greater good. This is a highly active atmosphere, with important movement and progress. However, keeping our egos in check at least enough to allow us to stay in the game may be quite difficult. Surprising sensitivities may be highlighted that lead to self-destructive outbursts — seemingly arising out of nowhere. The more that we can stay balanced and avoid focusing too much on personal recognition, the more progress we will make today.

You’re probably antsy and ready to tackle your goals after yesterday’s new moon in Virgo! There is a lot you can do today to really solidify your plans.

The sun in detail-oriented Virgo is still in a glorious trine to…

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Good Day To . . .18 September 2020 Fairy Tale Theatre — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 18th Is A Good Day To . . . be alert to the potential fairy tales we or others might spin, all in the name of trying to convince ourselves we really are living up to our highest ideals–whether or not that’s reality. What do we get, if we face what is, in all […]

Good Day To . . .18 September 2020 Fairy Tale Theatre — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY