When ‘Bad’ Manifestations Happen To ‘Good’ Light Workers

Eliza Ayres:

Judging by dualistic parameters, “good” and “bad” seldom lead to true understanding of the various lessons and experiences we deal with in daily life…

Originally posted on The Culture of Awareness:

When 'Bad' Manifestations Happen To 'Good' Light Workers www.in5d.com

Written by Max and Lana, Guest writers, In5D.com, February 28, 2015

I Manifested WHAT?

We’ve all had the experience of wondering why or how something we manifested could go so wrong. In some cases, what we created wasn’t what we consciously intended to manifest. Other times we managed to create the scenario we intended, but it didn’t make us feel as happy or fulfilled as we had hoped. As a result, we catch ourselves asking questions such as:

Do I have a curse or negative entities around me?

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Twelve Signs Of Your Awakening Consciousness

Eliza Ayres:

Personally, I’ve gone through variations of these “symptoms”, most but not all, including the intense and colorful dreams… odd sleep patterns, body aches, moments of sadness, intense longing to go “home” and the like.

Originally posted on The Culture of Awareness:

Twelve Signs Of Your Awakening Consciousness

Taken from In5D, February 27, 2015 (Source link is at the bottom of the post.)

1. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back.

This is the result of intense changes at your DNA level as the “Christ seed” awakens within. This too shall pass.

2. Feeling of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason.

You are releasing your past (this lifetime and others) and this causes the feeling of sadness. This is similar to the experience of moving from a house where you lived in for many, many years into a new house. As much as you want to move into the new house, there is a sadness of leaving behind the memories, energy and experiences of the old house. This too shall pass.

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CAROLINE OCEANA RYAN: A Message To Lightworkers ~ February 26, 2015

Eliza Ayres:

Re-emergence into the Divine…

Originally posted on 5D Ascension Now!:


The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings to you, our friends and fellow travelers on the path to enLightenment.

And we know that what many of you would like to “Lighten” is the load you feel to be carrying.

We understand and empathize, for though not all of us have experienced the challenges of ascending while in a third dimensional physical body as you are doing, we have nevertheless ascended from one dimension to another, and we know how arduous and complex a process it can feel to be at times.

We see your planet and Her human structures in the throes of numerous changes that seem to be at odds with the peace and prosperity that we continue to ask you to believe in and expect.

We know that it would appear that your leaders have lost…

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BOB FICKES: The Flower of your True Nature is Hiding Beneath the Hard Bud of Karma

Eliza Ayres:

Flower as your true self…

Originally posted on 5D Ascension Now!:


Our Inner Master or Divine Self is like a delicate flower hiding beneath the hard skin of the bud. When we are born we choose our body to suit the lessons we want to learn in this life. These lessons often challenge us with the hard lessons of karma. But inside of us beneath the shell of our outer appearance and our outer personality are all of the answers we seek and all of the gifts and abilities we want to develop. This is the delicate flower of our true nature. This delicate flower is hidden from view until we learn how to break through the hard outer bud of our karmic habits and behaviors forced on us from our environment.

Maybe you are feeling that you are not as clever as others or have more karma than others. Never compare yourself to someone else. This is your movie not…

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Next phase for Planet Earth and star seeds: purification

Eliza Ayres:

Older post which resonates on a deeper level NOW…

Originally posted on Judith Kusel:

There is a wave of massive energy changes now truly coming in and it is in the form of changes of the inner earth as well changes within us.

In ancient times all was communicated through an intricate language of geometrical forms, shapes and sound. Indeed, their patterns in itself hold energy, for it is in the combination of all of this that cosmic energy from Source manifests in outward and inner forms.

After Atlantis our ability to read this language and our understanding of all of creation underwent a severe change, as the planet fell from the 5th (Atlantis) dimension into the 3rd, and to very primitive levels.

Pockets of highly trained Priests and Scientist, fled, just before the final fall of Atlantis to outer regions of the Atlantean civilization, e.g. Egypt, Peru, Mexico, etc. They then started a series of underground mystery schools, which in…

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Druid Tree Workings: Connecting with the Tree on the Outer Planes

Eliza Ayres:

For the Druid in you…

Originally posted on The Druid's Garden:

Tree climbing = one great way to commune! Tree climbing = one great way to commune!

The trees themselves present much in the way of mystery teachings. This second post in my “Druid Tree Workings” series explores various methods for listening to the voices of the trees and developing methods of communication, like finding the face of the tree. These are various approaches that I have learned to use over time–and most have arisen through my intuition or have been taught as mystery teachings by the trees themselves.  This is my second post, on “outer” messages from trees–that is, messages that re physically present in the world around us (I will follow up this post next week with “inner ” messages).


Basic Courtesy when Working With Trees. I think that one of the greatest flaws inherent in our current society is the lack of respect for the sanctity of life that is non-human in nature. People…

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Global Ascension Reboot March 20th

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The global preparation plan is now in place and opening the gates to heaven so all souls that were trapped in the karmic reincarnation cycling can return home to Source Creator. We are being given a chance to decide if we want to stay to seed, plant and grow our New Earth civilization or return home to our soul group.

Many souls are still on the fence right now and need to decide which direction they are pointing.

I’ve decided I want to experience the Merkaba Light Body in its full crystallization before I return home. I need to see that all the hard work of the past 20-40 years is in place and working. In 2012 I moved to Mount Shasta, the root chakra on the crystal 5D grid, to join other grid workers to anchor and ignite our New Earth template. All the pieces are in place…all the…

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Navigating the “impasse” of the human logical mind

Eliza Ayres:

This is very helpful to my understanding what we are experiencing right now.

Originally posted on Truth Codes:

There are many teachings that seek to teach that simply changing the way that we think in our human form is the answer to creating a new earth reality.  Our thought patterns are a result of the frequencies that we are running within our human energy signatures, the teaching of “change your thoughts/ change your life” is therefore akin to trying to remove the salt from the oceans.  Removing the salt from the ocean would result in drinking water but the water comes with the salt already present.

At this moment upon the planet earth there is a huge tsunami of frequency release, for those who are unaware of how this affects the human energy signature let me take a moment to explain.  When a frequency is released it is for a short period of time re-experienced in its full form, that is the full strength of the frequency pattern…

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PEGGY BLACK: Message From ‘The Team’ ~ “Seed All Celestial Energies”

Eliza Ayres:

Become a conscious alchemist…

Originally posted on 5D Ascension Now!:


We are here to support and encourage you as the magnificent beings of light consciousness that you are. We realize that your main focus is in your physical reality; however, we continue to remind you that you are energy packets of light. You are divine consciousness in a unique physical form. You are here on this planet at this time to lay the foundation of a new world.

When you look out at all that is occurring that is life diminishing, we know that you can become discouraged, despondent and even depressed. We want to remind you of your personal power to create. When you allow yourself to drop into the frequencies and vibrations of mass consciousness, you will always feel the denseness and the despair.

So we invite you to lift your personal vibrations and shift your viewpoint of what is occurring on the screen of this dimension. Remember…

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