Eliza: Admonishment

Eliza: Admonishment

Recently, I was admonished by one of my readers in the following manner. (Note, the text has been slightly edited; the intent of the content is intact.)

“Sounds like you’re way ahead of me too, so be patient. As you know, everyone awakens at a different time and rate. Please take that into account.

If you are going to post your channeled messages you must assume a varied reaction. I’ve been dealing with peoples’ reactions to non-orthodox truths for over thirty years. Most people range from indifference to opposition. Only a few really “get it,” i.e., those who are awakening. The surge in energy from the universe and the galactic centre is changing that at an exponential rate, but it is still at the low end of the curve. I am trying to take that into account in order to be patient with a population influenced by empirical materialism and various negative influences or mind controls utilized by the media. Since the dark forces are losing ground and desperate, they are using every devious method at their disposal to maintain their control of humans.

If there are any errors in this material, please reply with corrections and/or further insights into this present situation that gives a positive direction for the near future. That would be helpful for encouraging patience, especially for Light workers like me, and the population I have the mission to work with.”

I guess what prompted this email was my perceived reaction to his sending me a copy of a recent channeled piece. When I said that it was my own material and thence didn’t think it was “out there”.  That long, erudite reply was a reaction to my simple explanation of how I felt.

I understand that I appear to be somewhat advanced in my thinking outside of the box than other people. Many would probably consider me as being delusional (yes, I’ve been called that, too). Yet, to others, I am quite limited in my thinking and manner of expression. It is all a matter of perception. My manner of expression is not designed to denigrate the efforts or abilities of others, simply as an expression of my own. What the reader feels is their own concern and problem, if seen as such, to deal with as they desire.

To attack the messenger is to lose sight of the fact that you, as a reader, are responsible for, first, your choice to read the material; second, your reaction to it or not; and how you go about assimilating the material or wisdom contained wherein or not. It is a matter of personal taste, ability and interest, something that I cannot control as a writer.

I fully understand that many are the people who will view my work as a channeler as being “out there”. I have accepted this and yet persist in writing as it is the Spirit within that compels me to do so, not a need for personal recognition, fame or acceptance.  I also understand that not all who attempt to read the material will “get it”.  Somewhere within, however, the energy behind the words will penetrate the shields of protection and denial.  Just when is entirely self-determinate, for not all individuals will awaken to the Light in this lifetime.

As for channeling being something different or strange, it isn’t. Everyone channels to one extent or another. As human beings, our physical bodies act like antennae picking up on the thoughts, emotions and feelings of our fellow creatures. Why else would everyone “feel” the grief of such moments as the death of Princess Di and the collapse of the Twin Towers during the 9/11 attacks.  We share a collective unconscious.  Just some of us are aware that we do.

It is simply that we have been methodically taught not to trust our own inner promptings of intuition or the messages that we hear in our own minds.

My own telepathic abilities opened up as a result of a traumatic experience that covered several weeks of my life some 21 years ago. As a result, my telepathic channels opened up. I could “hear” non-physical voices.

For a long time, I didn’t pay much heed to the voices, although they offered me no harm. I was afraid, as anyone who has been taught to question and fear that which appears outside of them.

As channeling became more accepted, and as I was urged by a now former mentor, to write down my impressions, I found my own ability expanded almost overnight. Yet that same ability incubated for a period of nearly ten years.

In truth, ALL human beings have the capacity to channel, which is the using of your inner “ear” to hear a portion of your Soul that exists outside of physicality. Some people claim to channel other beings, masters, or Archangels. They are really channeling an aspect of their multidimensional being.

As a writer (I think I can call myself a writer now) I naturally have the ability to tune into what doesn’t exist in the physical, in front of me. This is imagination… although what cannot be perceived by our currently limited five senses does exist, whether or not you “believe” it does. Your belief does not matter to anyone but yourself.

I have come to understand that “I” exist as a fractal of Source, a tiny fragment of physical creation that exists as a photon, self-aware, apparently an individual consciousness, yet united to Prime Creator… those who have “made” me. I am their child, their daughter, their mother, themselves.

I use what God-given talents have been granted me to utilize within the limitations given to one incarnation. Perhaps my service has been longer than most. Perhaps I appear to be more “awake” than some, but I am no different than my neighbor or co-worker, in that I am housed within a physical vessel and live in an apparently physical world.

I will exhibit patience with those who do not yet understand a word of what I write. I have learned a great deal of patience while inhabiting a world far denser than the ones from which I come. Yet, there are times when I would enjoy just sharing those things that grab my attention, in a manner that gives me joy.

Yes, I am different, a sensitive, an introvert and an empath. Yet these are all labels, something that humans are very fond of assigning to each other and themselves in an attempt to understand from an intellectual basis, the truth of being. I am all of these things and so much more.

My true being is boundless, without limit. And so is yours, gentle reader, whether or not you can comprehend this truth in the now moment. Your own potential carried within would astound you, so evolution is given forth, step by step, so it can be assimilated and integrated, first by those who are on the leading edge, then followed by the masses.

Those who are on the front lines of evolution are currently grounding the energies of the Cosmos into their bodies and into the planet. As beacons of light, they emanate this Light into the environment. Gradually the entire population integrates the Light, which is information, and a paradigm shift occurs.

In the past, these shifts have taken place in small doses, within certain enlightened cultures. Today, the shift is taking place world-wide.

To anchor the new information that the Light carries, it takes volunteers, willing individuals who are dedicated to change, to transformation and transmutation of old, outmoded means of expression. Change is the only constant in the Universe and most humans have been taught to fear change. Yet it is occurring daily in the lives of all, despite any apparent resistance on the part of those who seek to still control the masses through fear.

As an individual, I have chosen to embrace change. So I live differently than most, with no family, no ties to place, no allegiance to anything outside my own inner divinity and those who teach me. Yes, these beings are non-physical, but to my awakened senses they are more real than most human beings, more authentic in their essence, more loving in their expression. So, yes, I am different.

If you wish to continue to expand, you need to come to an acceptance of these differences and to embrace them all, in those who are in disagreement with what you know as truth and those who seem to be in agreement. It is all an illusion after all, as there is no one else here save the One who is experiencing Self as a human being.

So, if I appear to be impatient, I am not. I am merely stating where I come from and what I am experiencing. That is all I can do. It is up to you, the reader, to determine whether or not anything that I write resonates with you. If it does not, I will not attempt to violate your free will and thrust it upon you. I totally accept the fact that many will not understand, and yet, as more people awaken, my words will carry some modicum of understanding and resonance to them, and it is to those I direct my writings.

And as a responsible reader, it is for you to find those writings or expressions of creativity that DO resonate with you, as an individual, entirely unique. We cannot all be copies of one another; what would be the fun in that? We are unique fractals of Source, parts of a divine Hologram, an expression of spirit made flesh. Go in peace and discover those means of expression that bring joy to your heart if my humble words do not resonate.


Eliza Ayres

Eliza: “On Illumination”


Note to Reader:  I don’t often have any idea what is going to emerge when I sit down to write.  It is rather like inspirational or meditational writing as described by Wes Annac.  It just…comes… arriving in a rather large bundle, without much struggle or forethought.  As with channeled messages, take what you need and leave the rest. 

I’ve noticed through the years that I tend to gather “information” from many sources, dissect it, leave it in a pile and then braid it altogether in a more or less original fashion.  My language and style of writing is fairly plain and simple English.  I don’t go in for some of the more technical terminology thrown around by some New Age writers and educators.  I simply write what I experience and what I am pondering.  My insights will continue to change as I continue to undergo my journey, so don’t be surprised if what I say one day is in complete disagreement with what I have written in the past.  With that little introduction, here’s my latest… written on a cold snowy day when at home with queasy stomach and aching head.

Eliza: Illumination

Light is information. Light is stored with the DNA of your bodies as information. This information cannot be accessed save by those who have succeeded in clearing their bodies of outdated thought forms and have raised their vibrational frequency higher than before. At each succeeding level, more information is accessed.

Your brain is a recorder for your Mind. The brain is a physical organ. The Mind is multidimensional and exists as consciousness.

Love is not the same thing as light. Love is creativity. Love takes the information presented by Light, expands upon it, synthesizes and recombines it into new forms.

To become an illumined being, you must cease to rely on outside sources for direction. Many of you are still caught up in the desire to follow or please others. You look to groups, to self-proclaimed teachers and masters, to books, articles and blogs for information. These sources are only as good as avenues of exploration… for a time. It does, however, require that you integrate the information received.  Until that is accomplished, it will do you little good and you will find yourself wandering over the landscape, sometimes quite literally, attempting to “find” that answer that eludes you, when it is within all the time waiting for your acknowledgement in an “aha” moment of comprehension and dawning awareness.


There comes a time when you need to unplug. If you are unwilling to do so, you may create some circumstances where you are finally compelled to rely on yourself entirely.

This morning, my internet is not functioning too well. So I have turned to writing another article. I find myself entering into another mode, linking into that creative well from which writers and artists oft dip their pens. This is a kind of suspended non-place in multidimensionality. Thoughts, images, phrases, visions and the like pop in and out as potential sources of inspiration. Perhaps nothing “clicks” today; perhaps it will. All I can do is to allow the process to play out and see what happens.

Our lives are changing. Our world is changing. To see the extent of the transformation, you need to go within and sense out just how you are feeling in relationship to your own world that you can see around your body.

We create our own circumstances as we create our own worlds. Each person is utterly unique in how they view their world. Each person is responsible for making changes in the manner in which they see their world, if they want lasting change to manifest before their eyes.

Our physical world doesn’t really exist. What we see, touch, feel, taste, hear and smell is all made up of photons and filaments of light flashing on and off. Our minds literally create our world every second that we are awake.

When we go to sleep, we are in an entirely different place. When we wake up in the middle of the night, we are sometimes in a higher frequency space than is available to us while awake during the daylight hours. Is it any wonder that writers, poets and artists sometimes work long hours into the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping. The beast of mass consciousness is calmed then; it is possible to link into different worlds and dimensions more easily, allowing creativity to flow.

Those persons who are ascending rapidly now receive daily, moment to moment downloads of Light, of information. Sometimes it is overwhelming. Sometimes it takes a while for the brain to process all the data, which is delivered in data clusters.

Your brain is like a computer. As the helixes of your DNA reconnect and plug into your twelve chakra centers, you will begin to receive more downloads of Light. You will begin to focus your life more on your inner journey until which time you are ready to fully enter into world service.


Make no mistake about this point, ascension is about service. As a volunteer, you came here to serve. For the first of your life you lived in ignorance of your true being, of your true value, of your real difference from the rest of humanity. Each of you are seeds planted by Creator in order to incubate and ground the Light and infuse the rest of humanity with it. With an increase of Light successfully grounded into the world, more and more people begin to question the way things work.

Light, when not grounded, can create chaos and confusion. That is where and why each of you, as ground crew, is so important, so vital to this project. As you ground the Light into your own body and undergo the internal clearing of your bodies (astral, etheric, mental and emotional) you anchor the light into the ground beneath your feet. Your higher frequency quietly influences those persons who are around you in your daily life.

You may find people reacting to the Light differently. Some will take issue with you, questioning the changes that you appear to be making in your lifestyle. You may find a boyfriend or girlfriend getting angry with you for no apparent reason or a family member suddenly unwilling to speak to you. This kind of reaction isn’t about you personally; it is about the Light.

Where there is resistant to change, to information, there will be friction and upheaval, however small. You may find that you need to reevaluate the value that these strained relationships hold for you. You can always readdress them later, while you focus on your inner transformation.

The world has long been held in thrall by darkness or ignorance. This state of being has been controlled and orchestrated by those who wish to keep mankind ignorant to the significance of humanity and of the planet upon which they live.


Your planet was originally designed to be a living Library, a place where the beauty and diversity of the Universe would be showcased. Humanity was designed by its Creators to be the living keys to the library. You access the Library through the human being. The original intent and design of your world was interrupted by interlopers, who won the planet during a battle in space. They took it upon themselves to prevent humanity from realizing what had occurred by utilizing their genetic labs to unplug your formerly twelve-strand DNA. Humanity, shorn of their ability to connect with information, with the Light, fell into physicality and density, its brilliant birthright forgotten.

As the sun rises each morning and seasons succeed other seasons, there exist cycles. The galaxies move through space in a grand cycle called the Great Year. Your solar system travels through space, entering and leaving different celestial influences. Your planet circles its star, wobbling backwards through the Precession of Equinoxes, every approximately 26,000 years. Your planet is about to enter into a New Age, the Age of Aquarius. As the Sign of the Age changes, there come changes in circumstances upon the planet, reflecting the old maxim: “As above, so below.”

Humanity is waking up from its long induced sleep. The cycle wherein the Dark or Ignorance had an advantage over the Light is ending. This particular time of transmutation and the unveiling of long-held secrets are unsettling to those who have become accustomed to being in control.

There is great resistance and a growing desperation as these beings begin to comprehend that their time of supremacy over the human race is coming to an end. Know that not all of these beings are actually human. Some of them are something altogether different. As your ancient eyes begin to see more clearly through the veils of ignorance, you will see them for what they truly are and it might shock you.

As the Light intensifies the transformative changes in the world, love enters into the mix. While it may suit some to hold onto old grudges and hatred of what is different, you might actually begin to experience a softening of your attitude and a change in perspective. You might experience yourself being able to forgive what was once unforgivable. You might begin to feel compassion, even pity for those who have been misguided by the old energy context of how the world might function.

Love enters into your being through intent, melting the ice jam of old thought-forms, shame, blame, self-hatred, prejudice and division. You have long been separated by your thoughts of unworthiness from your own divinity, your connection with Source energy, with Prime Creator, with the ones who made you in God’s image, filled with light and endowed with the creative power to create galaxies, stars, planets, people, animals, plants and whatever else inhabits the physical realms.  You begin to understand that there is no “other”; there is only One being, Creator experiencing Self.


As a fractal of Source energy, you are a Creator God in potential. You merely have to re-plug into that potential by allowing the Light to accelerate the mutation of your DNA, allowing the helixes to reconnect into the chakra system and igniting the crystalline body of Light. With the influx of Light comes information and suddenly you will be able to access the information that you need to act in the moment.

Knowledge is making way for wisdom, the deep knowing when you connect through your intuition to the higher essence of your multidimensional being. As your physical body can hold the Light within, you will be guided to make changes in your life, changes that may make no sense to other members of your family, friends and co-workers. You will be driven by a deep inner need or desire to know and understand the Source energy that is working through you.

Withdrawing from being in the world will occur; you will require more down time, more “alone” time, more time to reflect on what is important. You will begin to realize that you ARE here for a reason, although perhaps not the reason that you first thought, to make a living. You are actually here as an anchor for the Light, within a physical vessel that has the potential to carry enough light that it becomes a crystalline living light structure, capable of carrying the occupant through an assortment of dimensions and frequencies at will.

Your presence here, even if you do nothing outwardly, affects everyone and everything in your surroundings. As your Light quotient increases, you will begin to affect a larger region. One awake and integrated Lightworker is vastly stronger than the average human, capable of anchoring the Light for an entire city, county or region. And there are millions of you here embodied on the planet at this critical time of transition for the planetary body AND the Universe. In the words of the Pleiadians what happens Now on planet Earth affects the Universe. This is not about just your ascension or even that of the planets; the entire Universe is experiencing an upgrade in vibrational frequency.

While you are encouraged to look “within” you will be guided to books, to articles and other people so that you might hear and see those things that you need to understand. Bits and pieces that at first make no sense at all will simmer on the back-burner of your consciousness until triggered and then, through the process of synchronicity and symbiosis, a pattern will emerge and it all will make sense.


As you go through daily life, pay attention to the messages that life sends you at every moment. Our ancestors, who were much closer to the soil and nature than we are, at least in Western culture, watched the birds, animals and plants in their world and took notice of repeated patterns.

Shamans created a language of trees, plants and animals as symbols to define what was going on within. Your outer world is a mirror into your soul and your inner experience. Thought precedes experience, not the other way around. What you see today is what you thought up a while back, just how far back depends on your vibrational frequency level.

As you begin to ascend, leaving behind the world of 3D, being in the world but not of it, you pass through the deceptive world of 4D, the world of thought. Nothing is real here, but the pause between thought and experience has shortened as the world is less physical, less dense at that level.

When you cross into the lower levels of 5D, you will see that the lapse between thought and experience shortens up considerably. If unprepared for the change, you will regress “down” and back into 4D until you are ready to take responsibility and to take command of your thoughts.  What you “think” in 5D, manifests very quickly.  It can be overwhelming unless you approach this new way of experiencing in a playful manner.

Living in 5D is not about butterflies, unicorns and fairy dust. It is a challenging medium that pushes you to expand your ability to open your mind, to open your heart and to realize that everything you have been taught in 3D is backwards. Your entire concept of the world will fall apart and that is as it should be.

Allow the transmutation to occur. Resisting will drive you backwards and downwards in vibration as resistance creates blocks against the inroads of the Light-driven information. The phrase “let go” will become a daily, hourly and moment to moment mantra for those who are serious about proceeding on the journey to become a fully integrated physical light being.

We are undergoing a grand experiment that has NEVER been done in all the long ages of the Earth, many more than most people are aware. Even at our beginning, the first days after the creation of humanity, we did not have the capacity to be what we are about to become. Many will go beyond the 12-strand DNA reconnection and on to plugging in 33 strands, an accomplishment made once before by the great Soul embodying as Master Yeshua, some 2,000 years ago. He came to prove that it could be done, by anyone. And so it will and is… by you. You, dear reader, ARE the second coming of the Christ in process, truly.


Eliza Ayres

Photo credits:  All photos taken on my trip last May to Costa Rica.



Journal Entry 11.25.2015 – “Snow Day”


Journal Entry 11.24.2015 – “Snow Day”

This morning, Walla Walla woke up to freezing rain and light sleet, which translated into wet snow later in the morning. It’s the first snow of the now wintery season, at least here in town. There has been snow in the mountains now for a week or two. Damp leaves were now buried under a thin layer of icy snow. Fortunately, the roads were just wet, which made travel easier.

Below are a few photos taken in my yard. I find that even simple things look magical in the snow and plants take on an entirely different look.

Thanks for the interest in my latest channeled pieces. There will be a French translation of the message from the Marquis in a day or so. Two French-speakers, both long-time readers of this blog, have graciously volunteered to make a good translation available. I want to add, that if anyone wants to translate these messages into another language, feel free. The unfortunate thing about living in the United States is that foreign languages are not appreciated much. I do have a bit of Spanish, but have never picked up any more languages outside of English. Someday, I hope to learn the Language of Light. That should be fun and very universal!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those readers who live in the United States; I hope you enjoy your vacation time, if you have any. It is a time where many will be coming together with family and sharing large meals. Those days are behind me. I’m going to have some quiet time, perhaps write a bit and hopefully break out the paint brushes after a long hiatus.

Blessings to all,


P.S. Could not immediately post this as the Internet was playing up, once again.



Journal Entry 11.25.2015

Snow day, again, as it is 30 F outside and going to get colder tonight, down into the 20’s. That’s pretty bitter for this early in the year.

Didn’t go to work today; my body is processing a lot and I feel exhausted. With not feeling well and the potentially icy roads, I thought it best to add onto the Thanksgiving holiday a little. It’s time to give myself a bit of a rest.

I’ll make some hot soup and maybe some oatmeal scones; that sounds delicious if not very seasonal.

I’m also feeling rather emotional today. It is perhaps yet another layer of clearing. I’m just allowing it, feeling the emotion flow through and releasing it.

My little cat guardians are at my side; I won’t be alone…

Amour et Lumiere,




The Marquis de LaFayette: An Open Letter to the People of France



Le Marquis de La Fayette: An Open Letter to the Citizens of France

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

Note to Reader: This morning I woke up and felt a message being formed within my awareness, the now familiar “feel” of a channeled piece taking form. Surprisingly the source was / is from one of my parallel lifetimes, as the military genius and one of the early proponents of a French Republic before that country fell into the dark and bloody years of the Terror. In this lifetime, I have not been able to learn French and I have never set foot upon the sacred soil of that ancient nation. Someday I hope to visit, but sadly, in light of the current situation there, I have chosen to postpone my visit for now.

Still, through the power of the Internet, I hope these humble words which have come from the heart of this great and mostly forgotten leader of men will be read and heard by some of the citizens of present-day France.

As with any channeled piece, keep what resonates and release what does not. The reader is responsible to use their own discernment as to whether or not a piece has merit. If you disagree with the words expressed herein, you have the option to go elsewhere. This expression is not given forth as political statement one way or another. The citizens of France or any country are free to choose what steps they are to take to free themselves from any whiff of tyranny. As channeler, I stand in neutrality, seeing the outplaying of events. It is all energy, all experience.

A French translation for this message will be available in a couple days, thanks to a pair of long-time readers of this blog.

Now to the words of the General:

Citizens of France, I sent you my blessings and salutations during these dark times for your Republic. She is threatened, you are threatened, from within by dark forces that are determined to both punish and subjugate your people and bring you into servitude once again.

These forces do not honor or respect borders or nationality. They wish to dominate and enslave all the peoples of the world, but first their focus has been on the Middle East. Recently, their focus has moved to Europe, in an attempt to grind the free nations into pulp, to destabilize both the governments and the rights of the common man.

What you see playing out before your terrified or angry eyes is the replaying of the timeline of the Terror, where the infant Republic of France fell into a long blood bath. In those days, the hatred of the people were directed towards the ruling classes of the nation, towards the King and Queen, towards the aristos and landowners and eventually towards the intelligentsia, who were regarded with suspicion by the unschooled peasants of the countryside and lower classes of Paris.

My own family suffered at the hands of the unleashed thirst for blood, revenge and chaos. I lost family, property, my career… everything to the unbridled flames of the bloody revolution. Even today, the memory of my service and my life has been largely forgotten by a people determined to forget that dark period of their own history. My name has become a mere shadow of memory in a dusty hall.

Unlike most of you, I have actively striven to forgive myself for my mistakes engendered during that lifetime and have forgiven the citizens of France for the injustices perpetrated against my family and my beloved infant republic, as once envisioned in the hearts and minds of rational enlightened men. My dream of a land of the free and brave for all French citizens of any rank still does not exist in today’s world. You are all owned by bankers and manipulated by forces that disdain your very existence, even as you hated and disdained the aristocrats of my generation.

The timeline of the Revolution has collapsed, but the darkness that has been suppressed by generations of French people has to be released. You have a choice now, my friends, to plunge back into darkness or to reach for each others hands and unite in the face of your tormentors.

The current elite of the world from over 40 different nations have banded together, hiring and supplying murderous religious fanatics to destabilize the Middle East and its erstwhile successful and strong democracies. The manufactured terrorists of ISIL and El Qaeda have been armed by Western bankers, trained by Western intelligence services and politicized by fratricidal idealists determined to destabilize the remaining free countries in the region. This is not about a religious jihad, this is a manufactured conflict designed to break all countries of their nationalistic tendencies and to unite the survivors under the domination of a fascist one world government.

Wake up, my former countrymen and women! Unite with your Syrian brothers and sisters; unite with your Italian, Greek, Spanish, Irish, British and Portuguese fellow citizens of the European Union and face up to those who would deny you the right to a life abundant, free and loving. Walk in the path of Mohamed Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and others who sacrificed their lives in the name of Freedom. Stand together in masses of thousands, millions of citizens gathered in a spirit of unity as the Goddess Libertè guides you once again, not this time in a blood bath of innocents, but unified in your belief that all men are created equal in the eyes of the Divine.

The frenetic energy of the Terror, “Off with their heads!” is raging through your ranks even now as this long suppressed collective memory is being released. This time it will be your heads and your livelihoods that suffer if you do not stand together as one nation indivisible in the eyes of God.

Forces within your own government and those in other countries desire to contain your power, to prevent the people from uniting for they fear the Light that is within you. You are many; they are few. Never forget it as the balance of Fate is on your side if you so choose to defend the right of your families, your children and your future generations to live in freedom. Or you can choose to live a life intimidated and beaten down by a fascist regime that is governed by those who disdain and fear the power of the masses.

Despite the propaganda being put forth by the controlled mass media sources, your current government and its sponsors, the international banking cartels and the shadow government that exists behind all current regimes worldwide… they are not attempting to protect you from the bogeymen of the Islamic terrorists. They are trying to prevent the incoming Light from the Cosmos from waking you up out of an age-long sleep. They are attempting to prevent or put off their own loss of power as the energies of the incoming new age support them no longer.

The planet is ascending. You are ascending into the Light or descending into the heavier denser regions of the third dimension. It is a soul-choice that needs to be taken on by each individual. Look within; search your own hearts to feel out whether or not you wish to continue to be intimidated by those who have no power over you UNLESS YOU GIVE IT TO THEM!

Today I stand before you as a Galactic ambassador. No longer am I defined by what family or country I have been born into. I have stepped free of the Wheel of Karma, and yet I remain here to serve those who would also step into their divine power, wisdom and glorious love.  I have integrated the essence of my higher self within this fragile human body and am now truly Free as never before experienced since the descent into density taken voluntarily so long ago and yet only a moment ago in the ever present Now.

God has not forgotten you, my dear citizens of France and the European Union. Allow yourselves to integrate the dark energies of the Terror, to seek forgiveness within and to release your fears. Step into the Light that awaits to receive you into the arms of the Angels. Call upon them when you need support. You are undergoing a national crisis, citizens, one that will take every one of you to unite together, arm and arm. Turn and face your real enemy, your own fears, and walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death together. Be not afraid, for many unseen walk at your side, the ones lost in the Revolution, the wars of Napoleon, the wars with Germany, the World Wars and recently in the Middle East and the War on Terror.

War is not the way to solve human problems. Living in fear within your apartment is not the way to free yourselves from the tyranny of fear. You must face down the darkness that has existed within and purge it with the fires of redemption. Call upon the Violet Flame of Le Comte de St. Germain, the Flame of Freedom, transmutation and transformation. A new world awaits you if you can release your fears. It is a new world where ALL the children of Earth will be united, where all will partake of abundance, beauty, creativity and joy.

This day I send to you my blessings. I have been released of my karmic burdens through my diligent service to humanity and freedom through the Ages. I have lived as man and woman, as rich man and poor man. I have been a Druid, a warrior, a saint, a king, a military leader, a wife and mother, and have played many other roles. In the end, this world and the experiences that unfold within it for you are the collective outplaying of your own consciousness.

There is duality, dark and light, male and female, and so on, but to assign energy as being “evil” or intrinsically “bad” is to assign a judgment to what simply is. Move beyond the need to judge self or others and see this human experience as being just that… an opportunity to learn through experiencing the physical realm. It is a realm where the vibratory level of the sound and light waves that create space are slowed down enough to appear solid and unchanging.

Nothing is permanent in this world save its original blueprint designed by Source and produced by Creator. Nothing can destroy the divine blueprint from which your soul was created. You are a fractal, a part of God, Source energy, the Divine. You cannot be unmade despite what the false religions of god and man have told you. Therefore there is no need to fear that you will be destroyed if your body dies. You are made up of pure light, pure consciousness and are indestructible… unless it is your choice to be unmade, a choice usually given to only those of the darkest energies who have so fully divorced themselves of the Light that they seek oblivion. Their energy is returned to Source to be used in the creation of new souls. Energy is never lost or forsaken; it only changes its form.

You live in a freewill universe. Until now, dark powers have reigned over your world, but that is all changing now. There is now a powerful influx of Light from the center of the Universe, of protonic light particles, Gamma Rays and X-rays that are penetrating through and into the very cellular structures of your bodies, changing and activating your DNA. As individuals work to clear the miasmic energies that have lingered in the Ka bodies (astral body) from lifetime to lifetime, they become open to accept the transmutation qualities of these powerful Galactic light waves and begin to transform into pure Light Beings. It is a process that has taken decades for the First Wave of Light workers to achieve, but one that can be undergone in a matter of a few short years or even months depending on pre-birth contracts. Will you resist the Light or embrace it? It is your choice.

Dear ones, this is a time of opportunity to release the dark past of your collective unconscious and to unite in bringing a fresh start to your people, together with the people of the world. Start small, start locally, build up your resources and work together. You contain within your own hearts all the wisdom you require for the tasks that have been placed before you, should you decide to move towards unity consciousness.

I love and respect the current citizens of France and of Europe. I forgive you all the suffering that my soul has experienced during lifetimes spent there. I am free now of the darkness engendered through many lifetimes that I chose to balance and integrate before I came into this lifetime. And now I stand free, blending with the multidimensional energies of my higher Pleiadian and Dragon Guardian selves. I am one with the Archangel Michael collective, the Blue Ray of Protection and Power. I have long served this Ray and have integrated its qualities of service, devotion, power and wisdom into my very being through long lifetimes.

I bow to the divinity within each of you and recognize and see the light that exists within each heart. Be free, dear ones, and know that you do not walk alone. The Angels walk with you. Your Galactic brothers and sisters watch over you. Grant them permission to work with you, as they must wait for an invitation. They respect your free will and honor your decision. They love you no matter what direction you choose to go.

Adieu, mes amis et mes amies. Walk free and bravely in the Love and Light of your Creator which lives within each of you.

I AM the Marquis de La Fayette, former citizen of France, defender of the Flame of Freedom within all Life, citizen of the Milky Way Galaxy.

© All Rights Reserved, 2012-15, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

P.S.  For those who doubt the statements herein that Western Governments and Israel have inadvertently or intentionally armed, trained and supported DAESH (aka ISIL or ISIS in the States), read and watch the following… The development of Islamophobia is the intent of the recent false flags… all the way back to 9/11.  It is a geopolitical agenda to lie to the people and attempt to start WWIII.  It is also an attempt to keep the populace in fear so that the emotional turmoil will continue to feed the controllers controllers… 4D Astral Beings:


And read:  http://www.shiftfrequency.com/cia-no-government-accountability/



My fellow Americans:  You will NOT read or hear this kind of information on your corporate-controlled, government propaganda-laden mass media outlets.  Do your own research and discover just how your government has been lying to you and manipulating the media.





Journal Entry 11.18.2015


Journal Entry 11.17.2015 – “The Winds of Change”

Note to Reader: I started this entry on Tuesday evening when my Internet and phone were out, but still had power!

Outside the winds of an autumn storm are tearing at the bare branches, howling, and grabbing at the edge of buildings with a roar. It’s been a long time since we have had such a storm.

My internet service has been blinking on and off; my telephone has gone dead several times. And when I lift the receiver, the line is scratchy and inconsistent. Perhaps the electronics are being affected by the solar storms; I’m not sure what the reason is.

Left to my own devices without internet, I’ve taken to reading, being too tired to draw or paint tonight. There is music on the old stereo set; I still have a few CDs of classical music to play.

It’s been five days since I’ve had good internet service and during that time the Parisian attacks occurred, as well as other world-wide events, but for I can hear is the powerful wind clanging at the wind chimes outside.

I feel cocooned from the press of world events here, tired from work and nearly ready to stumble to bed.

My dreams have been very active, my sleep deep. I did not wake up last night other than to secure a warm sleepy cat in my arms.

My heart is at peace. I am aware that many people are having difficulties with the ascending frequencies, but I am not. This vibratory level feels comfortable, even familiar to me.

“It should…” the words echo in my head. My guides are making one of their constant comments.

“Yes, we are here.” I feel their smile in my mind and feel the warmth spread in my heart chakra, a sign of their presence acknowledging our mutual awareness.

I’ve been guided to spend a lot of time alone right now. It is just as well that I focus on my inner workings as I am undergoing a period of transition, from one stage to another.

I will be moving from Walla Walla in the spring, leaving the prison and changing my life. In preparation, I am allowing time to let go of what has gone before.

The trees are heaving with the winds; it is a powerful storm. I can see the ocean waves lashing against the shore in my mind’s eye. There will be high tides and flooding along with the storm, threatening low-lying villages along the coast. And I wouldn’t want to be driving through the narrow mountain passes of the Cascades just now. It is enough to catch these winds as they sweep from the last reaches of prairie and strike the lower slopes of the Northwest Blue Mountains.

I feel almost like I am suspended between heaven and earth. There is no feeling of despair or depression, only a feeling like the calm surface of a pond. The water beneath is deep and still.

I know that there is quite a bit going on beneath the surface yet it is difficult to put into words right now. Perhaps with more time, I will be able to express myself more coherently. Right now, I am content to listen to the wind blow. I will fall asleep to it tonight as this storm will last through much of the night.

A glance at the old barometer shows me the low pressure. The center of the storm is passing, but it is a big one, spread across the entire state and reaching now the western most reaches of the Rockies at the Idaho border.

No signal. Time to wash up the evening dishes and prepare for bed, for dreams, for healing at deep levels, for the transmuting energies to continue their changes to my DNA, for the angels to work with me as I walk with them through dreams unremembered in the morning.

I hope others can feel the gentle warmth of angels brushing against as they lay down to sleep. I go peacefully to my Father’s house.

Journal Entry 11.18.2015

That was quite a storm! Wind gusts easily topped 50 MPH. It was especially tough on the coastal regions, but we caught some strong gusts here for a sustained amount of time. Power was knocked out, after I went to bed, but came on before I woke up in the morning. I actually heard the whine of a chainsaw at 02:30 hours; probably a tree that had come down in a yard or on a car? There was nothing out of place in my yard, thankfully, except the usual small branches and the remainder of the season’s leaf harvest.

Temperatures are set to plunge this weekend at night into the 20’s F, so we’re having an early “winter” like we had an early “summer” last spring. The weather does seem to be intensifying a bit.

I’ve been extremely busy at work this week, but managed to get a ton of things done. I can get very focused when the demand is high.

I’m glad that the long Thanksgiving weekend is coming up next week. Time to rest and recuperate a bit.

Last night I was talking to my guides. They have plans for me, especially when my living arrangements change.

I hope everyone is holding together. I realize the energies are pretty intense for some, but I seem to be floating along just fine, no big ups or downs in emotions. Just active inner communications when I’m quiet and lively, colorful dreams.

Be at peace,


Photo Credits: From my trip to Costa Rica last May to warm me up! (I’ll post later as internet connection is still realllly slow for loading up images!)

The Arcturians- Synchronization of Lighthouses, Rays and Flames Uniting. October 29,2015.

Eliza Ayres:

Via Maria Julia Bethencourt, the Arcturians…

Originally posted on LightLover:


The Arcturians- Synchronization of Lighthouses, Rays and Flames Uniting. October 29,2015.

The grids have balanced at a higher frequency than expected and are stable and prepared for the next incoming Evolutionary Wave from Source (11:11), to assist in this magnificent Shift of Ages.

As per Natural Law, the Principle of Rhythm is constant in this Universe.
There will always be “another” incoming wave.

In increasing evolutionary, (ascension) cycles, they speed up to assist creation and as frequency increases, they become closer together.
DNA evolution requires intensifying photonic Light blasts to cause genetic changes.
Each wave affects ALL Beings differently, since each life has its own particular DNA and energy signature and their own personal ability to take in The Light.

An energetic body can only absorb the most it can absorb FOR itself (without “blowing” itself up to extinction), it constantly balances energy intake and output.
The more energy one…

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The Arcturians-The Lighthouses are Fully Anchored- October 22,2015

Eliza Ayres:

The latest message from the Arcturians via Maria Bethancourt, aka Lightlover1964:

Originally posted on LightLover:


The Arcturians-The Lighthouses are Fully Anchored-October 22,2015

The Waves from the latest cosmic energetic punch have dissipated and are balanced across all grids.

All forerunners are now fully anchored to the higher vibrational grids in the Heart Collective, lower vibrational grids in the service to Self Collective.
There is no going back and forth, no wavering between timelines.

The Lighthouses have fully anchored.

Energy travels in waves,peaks and valleys, for every up spike there follows a down time.
After each massive upgrade the energies have to be anchored across the grids and need to level up and hold at the highest vibrational peak.

After the intense energies shake everything up, there is down time for everything to settle and assimilate once again, until the following incoming wave.

This is time in the Void, recovery time.The inability to be around many others as your own expanded energy is not mastered yet…

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