Deer Moon Astrology 9/22/2020


The Sun arrives in Libra (the Autumn Equinox) this morning in a highly activating atmosphere that quickly feels quite overwhelming. Today’s success is highly reliant on previous planning and proper foundation building. We are prone to strain intensely over details in a determined attempt to achieve precise results. We may be trying to hit a target that we can’t see clearly. But this is where preparation and past planning become even more important. Despite the fact that imperatives and activity has suddenly increased, we need to be especially careful to maintain a steady, methodical, deliberate pace. The heightened stress may be especially debilitating — especially when we feel pushed to proceed before we have thoroughly checked out the path.

It’s that time of year when we’re all required to go inward and recognize what we harvested earlier in the season. Think of this as a halfway point during your 2020…

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Love and Peace Are Oneness | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Aspire to personal and world peace in your lifespan on Earth. When you are in the midst of the flow of love, you will have enlivened peace. You will have fullness of peace. Put off nothing until later. Where did you get the idea that peace is something to wait for? Invite it to you now.

Peace isn’t the settling of a fray. Peace is where fray cannot enter. Love is the antidote to fray, and it is the preventive. Love is the best cold medicine there is, and it is a magnanimous dispenser of peace. Come to a state of rest from fray where only peace remains. I hold up the right arm of peace and proclaim it the winner. The fight is over.

Anything but peace dissipates your energy. More than vitamins, peace increases energy. It is excellent to desire peace for the world. This desire…

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Lord Metatron ~ September Equinox 2020 ~ God Realization State of Consciousness

Journey of Illumination

Spiritual Meaning of the Ascension Mastery Message of the September 2020 Equinox with Lord Metatron as brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

The September Equinox occurs on September 22, 2020 at 6:31 AM Pacific, 9:31 AM Eastern with Universal Time of 1:31 PM.

This equinox represents allowing what we have experienced throughout this year to help us see that we are becoming stronger within our Spiritual growth. In other words it is a time to allow the energies of the Great Central Suns (Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, Cosmic) helps us to transcend and transmute the energies that we may be holding within our four body system (physical, etheric, emotional, mental).

This will help us to embrace our Realized State of God Consciousness from the reality of our I Am Presence instead of focusing upon our Physical Consciousness that can be created from our Subconscious Mind.

We are moving into…

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Letting Go, Listening, Purpose & Celebration ~ Autumn Equinox Portal Preparations

Tania Marie

Fall is in the air and everything is falling all around, including my hair. Well, not quite like that, but I’m letting it go as easily as the trees let their leaves shift and drop. More on that shortly.

I read a short share from Avia Venefica exploring where the phrase “turning over a new leaf” came from. She writes:

“…many types of trees can detect changes in their environment.They sense a shift in weather before it happens.It’s as if theypredictthe weather.Trees adjust to these changes to prepare themselves for pending change.For example, deciduous trees like maples and poplars turn their leaves as a protective measure before a storm hits.

Rather than flippantly tossing about the catch-phrase of ‘turning over a new leaf’, maybe we can embrace the idea that a deeper presence within and around us is beckoning us to shift our position.Maybe a powerful, sentient energy sees a…

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Guidance Through The Storm; Intro

the celestial team

This is Judith. Well, here we are at last, in the midst of an uproar of our entire paradigm of “reality” as we have known it. At last, the old paradigm of patriarchal enslavement is thoroughly unraveling.

In the process, it is becoming impossible to know who is really doing what, or how, or who will do what next, of course. There is no “solid ground” to stand on anymore. Nothing stable to hold onto, either. The uproar is becoming a vortex, and we can feel it. We are moving, we are in transition, transformation is required. And WE are the transformers.

THIS IS PARADIGM SHIFT, people! This is what we came for!

As some of you recall, this is exactly what the celestial team came to prepare us for, way back in January of 2011. Indeed, they were so determined to prepare us that for a large…

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Libra Ingress 2020 – The Scales of Justice

The Stars Within Their Courses

The Sun moves into Libra on September 22, 2020. This marks the Equinox, when the length of day and the length of night are equal. As one of the four Cardinal points, the chart for the Equinox influences the entire season.

This is also the last Cardinal Ingress before the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn that will occur within hours of the Solstice.

This year has been quite a year. The astrological year begins with the entry of the Sun into Aries, which is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This is when the pandemic started spreading around the world in earnest, and many countries and states instituted quarantines and lockdowns.


Aries Ingress 2020 – A Time of Testing

A few months later, we had a Solar Eclipse that occurred within hours of the June Solstice. This brought a great deal of social unrest, particularly in the…

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43 days until the most consequential election in U.S. history — what is your role and mine? — Exopermaculture

Note to Reader: Read the Buzzfeed article, linked at the bottom of this article. It discloses just how corrupt the current banking system has been (and complicit in crime the Congress that made the banking regulations).

For our July 4th celebration during Covid-time, rather than a big Community Dinner here at Green Acres Permaculture Village we gathered, just eight of us who live here, to sing a cappella three patriotic songs, the lyrics of each reminding us of this beautiful land upon which we are privileged to dwell. A few days…

43 days until the most consequential election in U.S. history — what is your role and mine? —

Deer Moon Astrology 9/21/2020


We need to stay adaptable today, in order to take advantage of a shifting array of opportunities. The Moon is briefly void-of-course midday today, from 11:12 AM PDT until 12:31 PM PDT. The Moon’s arrival in Sagittarius helps us to see and understand more clearly which direction we are going. We’re more inclined to use persuasion rather than try to force acquiescence. We are also more capable of swiftly side-stepping distractions and opposition. In essence, there is a budding sense of optimism that is incredibly powerful, helping to open doors to building alliances and facilitating broad cooperation.

THE WEEK AHEAD: The nature of the retrograding Mars as a Spiritual Warrior begins to reveal itself this week and we begin to learn how to modulate our efforts. The focus is on allowing the future to reveal itself, rather than spending enormous effort trying to create the future we desire. Last Thursday’s New Moon (4:00 AM PDT 25°…

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