Eyewitness barely makes it out alive in California fire storm

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Douglas Gabriel interviews Robert Otey in his first-hand account of what it was like on the ground as the California firestorm broke out. After listening to this video, you may want to help Robert. His website is www.feandft.com

He will be returning to his homestead after the fire and will be uploading videos on his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzeVAiRb7Fld_ztsebxS55g

Eyewitness barely makes it out alive in California fire storm

It’s a war zone and Americans were murdered

ATTACK: Apocalypse in America

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Military in Charge RAW | Dr. Steve Pieczenik [video] ~ November 17, 2018


Editor’s Note: I post this price for your attention due to the recent news that the US military is currently under a 72-hour alert. What’s goin’ down? Who knows, but perhaps the video below will be enlightening. Please watch, know that the fight for Planet Earth  may be preparing to close (?), and…



This is an interesting perspective from Steve. I was unaware Donald Trump had any military training. Somehow I missed that part of his background.

We can see that the new administration in America is different from the style it was, and that is by design. The President needs to surround himself with honest, constitutional people who put America and Americans first. He has been lied to many times, I’m sure, and given bad intelligence to manipulate him.

After nearly two years he has a much better idea of who to trust and who the traitors…

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The Globalists are Waging Open War on America! | AIM4Truth [video] ~ November 17, 2018

This is the BRUTAL truth, folks. Wake up before you become a victim of these maniacs; it won’t matter if you’re on “their side” either, as to them AlL humans are expendable, useful tools. They are NOT human or if they are, they have sold their souls to the Devil.


Editor’s Note: Yes, my friends…the “storm” is indeed upon us! The video above is horrific, but true. Too much evidence exists to support the fact that the dark are now engaged in a full scale battle to retain their control over Earth, and…you and me.

Please read this report from Starship Earth, but avoid a fearful reaction…that is exactly how the dark become able to achieve their goals! Instead, it’s time to take action that is not rooted in violence…unless your life is in danger.

Instead, as much as possible, play a game of non-resistance. Do you really need that vaccination? Do you really need to watch the TV show? Do you really need to stay tied to the dark’s program they have for your life? It’s time to wake up and read this report, stay low and use non-resistance, pray for  spiritual help although knowing this battle has already…

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Late Headlines & Updates for November 16, 2018: America is Holding Their Breath [videos] ~ November 17, 2018


Editor’s Note: Hold on tight folks a the storm on Earth continues. Through my ongoing research, I have learned that action IS taking place currently on the low, mid, and high Earth orbits. Could our battle almost be won?

Breath deeply, stay aware of unfolding events, keep you cell phone charged for breaking emergency news, and…



Something is afoot. There are whisperings of secret plans unfolding in America. The military are saying they’ve been put on 72 hour notice—even inactive military have been called up for duty.

The remainder of 2018 is going to be very interesting.

Washington is shakin’ up, California is under attack in so many ways it’s overwhelming what these people are going through. We never know what we’ll hear next, so heads up, all.

MARCO RUBIO BOMBSHELL: Democrats Planned Voter Fraud Day After Midterm Election — And There’s Proof

Well, of course they did…

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OffPlanet Radio Live: 11 11 11 Deep6ingThe DeepState w/Thomas Williams and Kim of Manna World Trust ~ November 17, 2018


Editor’s Note: Pretty interesting background information here, so be sure to listen to this how…it’s well worth the time! Please review, and…



Nov 11, 2018

Special edition live show for 11-11-18 with Thomas Williams and Kim of the Manna World Trust. Thomas Williams: https://thepeoplesclub.org/ Information on the topics discussed in the show: https://thinkdifferent.thepeoplesclub… What are the changes ongoing towards restoring “the People”? Is this a “Saviour Program”? Or a mechanism to disrupt the 16,500 captivity of humanity? What is The Manna World Trust? Is Money the answer? A deep discussion with Q&A and details. We ask the questions, you decide.

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Breaking Free From the Herd ~ November 17, 2018


By Renate Helene Zormeier

Dear companions of the new age, dear sisters and brothers,

For a long time our thinking has been brought into a kind of norm; only an emu with a head in the sand can not have noticed. We are being chewed for the umpteenth time as we have to think. It is known from psychology that our brain  lifeconsiders and accepts everything it hears as TRUE.

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LoveHasWon Testimonial ~ The Life Meant To Be ~ November 17, 2018


By Melissa Madrigal

Living in synchronicity  

Synchronistic events happening in every moment 

My heart is open to see

Walking along side these numbers

Jumping out at me

Emotions felt only to be seen

Through eyes who wish to be

The ego won’t comprehend the stakes at hand

By her side is where we stand

Mother of All Creation is guiding us through the debris 

For we will be rewarded with a life of


the life meant to be

By Melissa Madrigal


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Matthew Ward – Time, Past Lives, the Continuum – 11-17-18 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia

What I have been told and have realized through my own investigations into my “past” lives in the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems, that by clearing core issues from ancient trauma, you not only change your future but also the past. The time-space continuum is malleable; it can be altered, at least on an individual level. Clear your past trauma in the Now and you alter your present and future… something to think about, I would say…

Higher Density Blog

Matthew Ward


Steve Beckow:

I’m researching an article on the continuum, the term Matthew Ward uses for the higher realms, and came across the discussion I repost here.

He makes clear why past-life bleedthrough may occur more in this lifetime than in others and discusses the simultaneity of lifetimes in “the continuum.”

Notice at the end he makes a point that I’ve made. Having two versions of it helps.

“The high vibrations of the Golden Age … are of love, peace, harmony and respect for all of Nature. … We cannot imagine that anyone could be dissatisfied in that idyllic environment.”

That’s the way he puts it. The way I’ve put it is that, in the experience of transformative love and bliss we find ourselves in in the higher dimensions, the thought of harming another would never arise. Therefore the world would work for everyone (peace…

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Cosmic Wars, Off-Planet Origins, Tribal Myths, Interplanetary Breakaway Elites – w/ Joseph Farrell

Mind-Blowing Interview: Cosmic Wars, Interplanetary Breakaway Elites & ’Off Planet Origins’

Awakening the Illusion

In this 1st part of a 2 part discussion, I had the honor and privilege to be able to interview Dr. Joseph Farrell in person! Join us in this mind-blowing discussion as we delve deep into the many mysteries of our Ancient past all the way up to modern day!

Note to reader:  I put up this kind of video to give people the opportunity to stretch their minds, to question everything about conventional archaeology, history, and other sciences.  What is our true origin?  The answers are “out there”…

We began the talk in the far ancient past as we try and unravel the mysterious origins of man. Joseph gave us his thoughts on Zacharia Sitchin’s work as he states his own ideas as to the origins of humanity and how the human race began. He gave us his thoughts on why the God of the Old Testament in the Bible is a Doom and Gloom kind of God. He also talked about Genesis 1:26, “Come let us make man in our image and after our likeness” and he gave a good explanation to that verse. He explained how Christianity will eventually catch up to terms that its origins are more Egyptian than anything else.

He also explained how Mars had a civilization long, long ago and the people there had some type of cataclysmic type event that destroyed all life on the red planet. I entertained the idea that possibly before the cataclysmic event took place, the rich and powerful got a one-way ticket to Earth as a type of Ancient Breakaway Civilization that came and seeded life here on this Blue Planet. He mentioned how Mars may have been a moon to another planet that exploded which created the Asteroid Belt. While on the Mars topic we discussed how Cairo, Egypt means “Place or Camp of Mars”. And that could possibly tie in the connections to the Face and Pyramids on Mars with the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt.

Interesting thing — the second part of this interview has been taken down.  What are “they” afraid of, anyway?  The truth coming out?