Sunny Has Returned Home

Sundeelia Mathdis has returned Home. In this article, I explain… a bit.

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The Sword of Truth

Myka: Sunny Has Returned Home

So, who is this ‘Myka’ you might ask if you are an alert reader of this tiny blog? Well, let me introduce myself. I AM called, for now, Myka de Danaan. For those of you who still actually read books, look up ‘Danaan’. It is a reference to the People of Fay, the fairy people. Irish legend tells of the Tuatha de Danaan who, at the arrival of the Celtic people to ancient Éire, fled before the might of the Celtic warriors and took up residence in an underworld, in sidhes, the barrows found dotting the landscape of the green isle. In truth, they did exist, but were, in actuality a higher dimensional race that retreated back into the etheric plane above, around, and within this lovely water planet, Terra.

Now, what is my connection to Sundeelia and why did she…

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The Dark is Unraveling

New article…

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Quan Yin seated on a Golden Lotus

Myka: The Dark is Unraveling

This is brilliant statement from an ascension teacher, Kelly K, who presently has a YouTube channel:

“Everything that Darkness does to expand, is its own undoing, its own unraveling, to revert back into LIGHT!” ~ Kelly K

See the video below where Kelly speaks at more length on this subject:

And then, we have this wonderful quote from the Pleiadians via Barbara Marciniak:

“As you claim yourself and build a bridge in this fleeting moment of opportunity, it is important to understand that evil cannot be eradicated. What you call evil has a purpose, and sometimes the same tools can be utilized to access either light or dark energies. We have referred to the dark side of living as Family of Dark.

We ask you to recognize that darkness is greatest before the dawn, and that the darkness…

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Sundeelia: Neutrality or Polarity?

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BALANCE: Photo by Tina Nord on

Sundeelia: Neutrality or Polarity?

From one of my long-term readers came this suggestion for a topic: “Wondering how you’re doing…… on one hand, it’s all so predictable and very tiring, and on the other, it’s necessary…. I guess. Light versus dark, good versus evil… doing my best to stay neutral, and if you think that ‘staying neutral’ and ‘observing without being affected or judgment’ might make a good topic at Sunny’s Journal, I’d appreciate it.

So, how is EVERYONE doing these days?

As some of you, those who often check my blogs, may have noticed, I have not written anything new for two or three weeks. Due to the tension, I have been dealing with, emanating from the human collective, my physical vessel has been quite exhausted. I have also been continuing my editing of my entire ‘book’ (four volumes) and…

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Sundeelia: What is the Opposite of Love?

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Great White Egret, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia: What is the Opposite of Love?

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. ~Carl Jung~

First, one needs to look at what ‘love’ is to figure out what is its opposite in terms of archetypes.

From my perspective, Love is. Still, the simplicity of that statement is certain to have some skeptics asking for something more substantial than just my opinion.

Well, from my experience Love is what binds humans together. No matter what our appearance, gender, religion, culture, place of origin, nationality, species… love brings us together. Love unites. So, what divides us?


What is the favorite tool or methodology currently being used against bringing people together? Fear.

Scary scenarios, scenes of violence and destruction, degradation, twisting and perverting natural laws and behavior, violating moral codes, casting aspersions on truth-tellers… all of these things are currently being used to…

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Sundeelia: On Self-Healing

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Double-crested Cormorant

Sundeelia: On Self-Healing

Whether or not the consciousness residing within this physical vehicle has been either my sister, Tazjma, or myself, Sundeelia, I have learned to walk my own path without the benefit or need for much input from other people. This has, of course, led to the consternation, confusion, and rejection of ‘me’ by many former friends, acquaintances, and blood family relatives. Have I been bothered by this? Yes, at times, but eventually, in all cases, have released any self-condemnation and persevered, as I strove to follow my own inner guidance. So, my decisions do not make ‘sense’ to others; that is not my concern. Although I have been subjected to criticism and even libel from afar by some who would claim me as ‘family’, it has not stuck on my consciousness. I am aware of such dealings. I do not ignore them, but work on releasing…

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Sundeelia: On Alchemy

New article.

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Violet Sword

Sundeelia: On Alchemy

Yesterday, a friend asked me if I know about the Violet Head Chakra.  For some reason, the question caught me by surprise and I mumbled something about the Golden Head or Crown Chakra… and knew I needed to clarify this for myself.  Then, this morning in reading telegram messages from a group, I came upon the quotation from Alex Quinn, a prominent British lightworker who has (as of now) a YouTube Channel and participates in forums with other prominent lightworkers (quote below).  After the quote, I will go on and give some information regarding the Violet Flame and the Crown Chakra.  Mind you, the information is ‘out there’ and can be found in a 30-second search online.  Yet… there is a TON of information ‘out there’ and sometimes it is difficult for a newly awakened lightworker to plow through it (which is an exercise in…

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Pleiadian Starships

Part I on Pleiadian ships…

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Pleiadian ships are actually gold in coloration!

Pleiadian Starships

Part One

Note to Reader:  The topic for this article was suggested by a dedicated, long-time reader from Oz.  I will dedicate at least one or more articles to this topic as it could fill a couple of chapters.  By no means is this information comprehensive.  I am also quite aware that my source material (written and vocal) is very different from what is ‘out there’ currently, mostly from (some questionable) Pleiadian and other sources.  Realize that any material given through an Earth human is going to be filtered through their human ego consciousness.  What doesn’t ‘fit’ the person’s interpretation or belief systems will be filtered out.  This includes anything that I present, so take what resonates and makes ‘sense’ to you.  Make use of your own critical thinking abilities, intuition, and do your own research!  Those who blindly accept whatever…

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Pleiadian Starships – How Are They Built?

Part II on Pleiadian ships…

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Ships Over Atlantis – yes, we were there…

Pleiadian Starships – How Are They Built?

Keep in mind I am not a trained engineer. My involvement with starships is with crystals. I am what you call a Crystal Master. My walk-in here on Terra is not that part of ‘me’, so don’t expect her to wake up any crystals. Now, how are crystals utilized by our ships?

In another article, I mentioned our ‘little’ people, the Elementals. They are not dwarfs or genetically impaired. They are merely small human beings. Elementals have their own skills and values and often live in colonies. They also work on our ships, especially in areas of the ships that present difficulties for taller individuals, like engineering in the engine rooms. Elementals also work in the nutrition department where meals are prepared and in stores, where uniforms and other garments are made for our people…

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Sundeelia: Pleiadian Spirituality

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Hibiscus, photo by Eliza Ayres

Pleiadian Spirituality

Here is a question posed by one of my readers:

First thing I will state, I am not an authority on such matters, yet, I have been brought up as a Pleiadian rather than a Venusian, so tend to adhere more to the spiritual practices of my Father’s people, the VaCoupe Family.

Chris writes…you say you are not a spiritual teacher nor a priestess. So, are priestesses in higher dimensions spiritual teachers? I’m curious about their duties, since I have a sister who believes she was a high priestess for her star race but doesn’t remember much about what she did.

First of all, spiritual practices will vary even amongst the Isles (planets) of the Pleiadian Federation, which is what I call the Pleiadian star ‘cluster’. The federation is a vast swath of space with many star systems and thousands of isles…

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Sundeelia: Shamans in the Pleiades

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Butterfly Woman

Sundeelia:  Shamans in the Pleiades

Here’s another suggestion for a topic coming from a reader:

Sharon: You made an interesting comment towards the end ( that you would rather be a shaman than a priestess. I know about shaman here on Terra but I would like to hear from you about shaman in the Pleiades. What do they do there? To show you just how little we understand about your culture and society I was surprised to learn that there are shaman in the Pleiades. I am hoping that you will want to write an article on this topic. Thanks again!

I suppose from an Earth perspective… or at least from a modern ‘Western’ perspective, shamanism is regarded as very primitive and questionable spiritual practice. The image of the tribal witch doctor chanting while holding some sort of branch, plant or object above his subject dominates the…

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