Walking The Storm

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Some may have noticed or not, I have not been around WP as often these past few weeks. So returning to moderate my pending comments I came upon Franks  reply to a comment I left on his new blog on a post entitled Waves, who after reading it said, I should copy and paste it and turn it into a post.. So today I did just that, as I was feeling more aligned and balanced than I have been.  But not truly back to my full health if truth be told.  

It’s important we don’t allow our spirits to be squashed.. And I too am so grateful for your companionship along this road we have now found ourselves at this juncture in such crucial times on our Historical Timeline. … Where we choose Love over Fear, where we choose Light above Darkness, and where it is now time…

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Sidney Powell is lighting up America with her bold, gutsy straight to the point approach where she tells people the cold hard truth as fast as she gets it, more than any one has in the past. She’s like a female version of President Trump when it comes to communicating with the people and that is why they love her.

She’s a fighter and fresh new figure for most of the public and the hero figure many were looking for. She’s the one they have waited for who would draw their sword and stand next to Trump to help him fight against those who were undermining every move he made. And more than that-Powell has drawn her sword to fight for the rights of the American people. Most of all she is a woman who puts God and justice first and foremost. And just so no one gets it twisted,

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It Is Yours! | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

You chose this journey…..all of the joy, laughter, love and growth. Yes, even all of the ups and downs, bruises, bumps, skinned knees and hurt feelings. It is yours and yours alone. Let your soul sing with this life and all of the things that come with it. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse ~ November 30, 2020

Laura Bruno's Blog

At 4:31 a.m. Eastern US time on November 30, 2020, we’ve got a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 8°38′ Gemini. This is a North Node Eclipse, in that the transiting North Node will be at 19°53′ Gemini. While not a close conjunction, in context of a possible 360°, the energies of Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and the collective’s North Node flag this as a destiny level transit.

For me personally, this event occurs exactly between my natal Mercury and Venus. On the collective level, this Full Moon will quincunx Venus at 10°57′ Scorpio. Again, it’s not an exact hit, but we’ll all feel the influence. Quincunx energies feel uncomfortable, with an urge to integrate things that seemingly have nothing in common. Connecting Venus and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse increases tensions in relationships, love, creative expression of emotions, and a need to find new balance in what and how…

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Deer Moon Astrology 11/25/2020


There is undeniable fire in the sky right now. The sun in generous Sagittarius experiences a helpful trine with the waxing gibbous moon in independent Aries.

Today is all about appreciating your gifts and delighting in your personal courage. The swiftness and immediacy of your passion will come through even if you’re afraid to take any steps forward regarding a new decision. This will require you to be extremely brave, but what you’ll find is once you give yourself permission to follow through and trust your gut, you’ll never look back. Think of this aspect as The Fool card in tarot. It isn’t about knowing exactly where the journey will take you but about trusting the feelings that you have along the way.

The lasting effects of Mercury in healing Scorpio and Neptune in psychic Pisces help you to tap into zones of your intuition that may have lain dormant…

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Trump Strengthens The Guard and The Left Screams Like A Plane Hit The Pentagon!


The way the left is screaming, is a strong indication that there is a level of fear and panic in the Biden Imaginary presidency. How dare President Trump appoint retired Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata to take over policy at the Pentagon. What the heck are they going to do now? This wasn’t in the plans!!

If they could only play chess they would have known that these moves have been planned way before the elections and as some may say…the game was won before President Trump moved them into play. Kind of like the Art of War….make sure the war is won before you enter into battle. I believe President Trump has always taken war seriously (we are in a state of war ever since 911) and has taken his State of Emergency serious as well. There are a host of things the President can do under all the dire…

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Dancing beyond Paradox: Did you feel a recent shift?

Koyopa Rising

I am feeling another sweeping shift. All of the soul-spheres who are floating in the in-between may be feeling it too. Many who’ve been falling away from the fear and rusty restraints of the world find themselves free to accelerate and adapt to higher-vibrational blasts of joy, creativity, and purpose. You know who you are. For some time now, you’ve been living inside a paradox, praying under your breath, “I am here. I am aware that I am no longer a prisoner of the past. I have healed and let so much go. I pray and listen. What comes next? Who, and what am I now if I am not what I was before?” In each new moment, we are deciding or declining to accept our Higher Self’s invitation to dance beyond the paradox. It is the Universal Symphony that pulls us forward into More.

If you are consciously engaged…

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Lighting The Path | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

As the vibration of your planet changes and the frequency rises, it is important to remember that some may be on board with the process. Change is inevitable and challenging for those stuck in old patterns and ways of being. Please remember that it is not your place to judge them or lecture the merits of change.

Be who you are; a guide, supporter and a beacon lighting the path, sending The Universe’s unconditional love to those who have never experienced it before.  It may take a while for the sleepers to find their way but, eventually, they will awaken and need your help. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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How Happy the Universe Will Be | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

What I AM, you are. I have given you Myself. I have given you everything. What is your excuse now, beloveds? What excuse do you have now for not revealing My glory? What excuse do you make now for not surrendering yourself to My very heart which is yours? When are you going to stop playing the zany comedian who trips himself and wonders how he fell?

What meaning will you attach to what I say when I say you are My child, when I say that you are not orphaned, when I say that you are not left outside in the rain? What will you make of what I say? Will you just shrug your shoulders?

Beloveds, you are My vested child, and you have the Keys to the Kingdom. The fact is there is no key. You are the key, and you have to turn yourself…

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The Changes You Have in Front of You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are so very enthusiastic about the changes that you have in front of you. A lot of people on your world are talking about the problems, the issues, that you are facing as a global community, and even within your smaller communities. And then you tend to argue over what the problems really are, who is behind them, and what is needed in order to fix them. But there is something that many people are not allowing themselves to do.

People are not allowing themselves to take all of the energies that are being summoned at this time, receive them, and then co-create with them all of the changes that they want to see. And why is that? Why are not enough people feeling empowered to create the changes that they want to see?…

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