Amazon CEO Confirms They Automatically Store Alexa Recordings Indefinitely ~ July 21, 2019

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Editor’s Note: My Mother asked if I would like an “Alexa” as a Christmas gift last year. My answer? A resounding “NO”! Although I did not have the data to prove unauthorized surveillance by this device…my gut feeling led me to decline this offer.

Now we have an article indicating my instincts were correct! Alexa does indeed store all data it “listens to” indefinitely, and worse, releases this info to thrid party vendors! And you thought your private life was private? Not if you own any type of responsive listening device!

So…turn off your nifty device which will turn on our lights, record your calendar, remind you of appointments, and inform others of the details of how you live, and be…



ByMayukh Saha,

Delaware senatorChris Coonshad
sent a questionnaire to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in May. He had enquired
how Amazon utilizes and retains…

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“The Daily Angel” July 21st — New Beginnings Guatemala


by Edith Boyer-Telmer Dear Friends, welcome to another day of my column “The Daily Angel” with solid advice from the angelic realms. Today’s angelic number combination shows us how deeply on spot the angelic guidance is during this magical time on planet earth. In the natural flow of the Capricorn Full Moon impact, we are…

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You are healing
You are growing, expanding, evolving, ascending
Whether you fully realize this or not at the moment
With every shift, every phase, every shake up, every trigger
You rise towards manifesting more of your Higher self
Towards more of your Light
And its beautiful
You are Becoming.
No matter how hard its been
You’ve adhered to the path
You can be so proud of yourself
Many times in the thick of things
We don’t see
But today take a moment
And just look at how far you’ve come
What an adventure this ride has been
And how much wisdom you have achieved
Look at how you’ve grown
Look at how much you’ve learned
Look at how your heart has expanded to more Love.
All the players in your life
Have been playmates
With the Divine purpose and orchestration to push you into your Glory
Many times it takes…

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“Everything is Light” The Incredible interview with Nikola Tesla in 1899 — SOMEONE SOMEWHERE


Nikola Tesla is undoubtedly one of the most important inventors that have existed on our planet. Curiously, although he is one of the most important and scientific inventors in the history of civilization, he is also the most absent in history books.(“Everything is Light” The Incredible interview with Nikola Tesla) Interviews with Tesla are extremely […]

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Wake Up, Sleepyhead | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Already you have experienced that what once seemed of the utmost importance to you turns out not to be important at all. Once perhaps your life depended upon the love of a certain other for you, and now the importance of love from that person has faded. Now you may even wonder what made you feel the way you did. You shrug your shoulders. The importance you attributed was dependent upon one illusion or another, the main illusion, perhaps, that you were in need. You were not in need. It certainly seemed so, yet it came down to your need of illusion. It is like you hypnotized yourself into believing something that wasn’t so, and yet you believed it with all your heart.

All the myriad of matters that are essential to you now will also fade. All the concerns, even the terrors, become as if nothing at…

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The Bigger Picture of E.T. Contact ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have evaluated several of the instances there on Earth where there has been open, physical contact with extra-terrestrial beings, and one of the conclusions that we’ve come to is that things have not ended well for humanity in the majority of those instances. We are referring to the time that humanity was assisted by the Lyrans, the time when humanity was deceived by beings known as the anunnaki, and we are talking about the instance in Egypt where several different extra-terrestrial races came to both assist humanity and also to take advantage of humanity’s view of extra-terrestrials.

So oftentimes e.t.s have been seen as angels or gods, and they have taken advantage of that belief that the humans held about them. When you have had full, open, physical contact with e.t. beings, more often…

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Comfort, Change, and Commitment | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Dear Children, you do not need to be comfortable. Comfort is stasis.

You do not need to be uncomfortable either. Uncomfortable comes from control. When you have to be in control, you feel uncomfortable because control is resistance. Give up your control, and comfort and discomfort will be things of the past. They are of the past.

You not only have been wanting a smooth ride, you have been wanting a free ride.

You want transformation, but you do not want change.

You want what you want when you think you are supposed to have it.

Think more about Me.

Today We are talking about comfort, change, and commitment. What are you committed to, to your word or Mine?

To be committed to My word, you have to move faster than you have been. And what is that but change?

When you are committed to Me, you do…

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The Tears of the Earth: A Hike on Sólheimajökull Glacier


The Druid's Garden

Sólheimajökull Sólheimajökull

It was our final day in Iceland before returning back to the US. We so many great experiences visiting this country of beautiful extremes, but more than anything, what we wanted to see on our last day was a glacier. We talked about it, and decided that we should see a glacier, as we might never be able to see one again. We booked a beginner glacier hike on Sólheimajökull glacier, a hike that took you way up into the glacier.

Where the glacier used to be, 2010. Where I am standing and taking the photograph is where it was in mid 2009.

It was a misty and cool day; small droplets of rain pressed against us at the parking lot at the base of the glacier. Before us, the Sólheimajökull glacier loomed, white and black and gray. After getting fitted with safety harnesses, helmets, crampons, and pick axes…

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Headlines and Updates for July 20, 2019: Rules of Engagement [videos] ~ July 20, 2019

A staggering amount of revelations are being given out today, in this article and attached videos, as well as others I have put up. Read and know BIG changes and revelations are coming forth. This is the time of the great Apocolypse, the great Unveiling of all that has been hidden from humanity.

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Editor’s Note: Woah! With this evenings news cast from Starship Earth, we also get the low down on why we on Earth need , “The whole truth and nothing but the truth” when it comes to alien disclosure.

Now, I Am no seer, but wouldn’t it be nice if aliens were publicly disclosed which would be the means to alter current banking practices, end taxation, and have a global monetary reset. Hmm…let’s see, I’ll have to work on making that happen in my world!

In the meantime, become aware of the truth out there hidden by MSM, understand the rules of warfare do not honor antyhing, be ready for a “truth” explosion, and be…



Thanks to the crew, we learned that President Trump had been in
office for 911 days on July 19. It’s all about the numbers. We are
living in a system about numbers…

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