A “Relevant” Message from Sphere-Being Alliance… ~ August 26, 2016

The Message is simple: Be a kind, loving and forgiving person. Do not create gods or gurus out of your teachers and family. We are being helped… and assisted to reach Ascension, each and every one of us…



This is a message I found on Kp’s blog. Kp is at Mt. Shasta right now engaging in a meeting there of many who are interested in changing the current dismal state found on Earth at this time.

This message is from the Sphere-Being Alliance, a group of 6th-8the dimensional Beings (?). I like this message, so please read, seee how if feels to you, and…


With all of the events occurring “Above and Below” there is a lot of “Information”, “Disinformation” and competing “Agendas” that are all competing for fertile places in our “Consciousness” to plant their “Seeds”.

Some people have chosen to focus on the more “Down to Earth” events and the battles over the “Financial Debt System” (Babylonian Money Magic Slave System), “Financial Resets”, “Financial Jubilee” and gifted money to the masses in “Prosperity Settlements”. There is an element of what we call “The Alliance” that…

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Metatron via James Tyberonn: Sacred Earth, Ancient Lands…


_ Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, and I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We greet each of you in a vector of Unconditional Love! There are many paths for a human to walk and all of integrity will find their light. So it is always […]

via Sacred earth, the Lands of ancient OG, of Peru & Bolivia…and of the Keeper of the 12th Gate: Lake Titicaca – Metatron through James Tyberonn @ Earth-Keeper — Lakshmi Vishnu – Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker

Why we Feel so Tired so Often ~ Celia Fenn

Good article from Celia Fenn…

Our Shifting Perspective

Many people who are going through the Indigo to Crystal shift find that intense fatigue and tiredness are two of the predominant symptoms of their shift. They feel exhausted all the time, and just want to sleep. And when they do sleep, they sleep deeply and do not want to get up.

So, what is happening, and why do we feel this way.

Archangel Michael explains that there are three different processes that cause the fatigue. These are:

• Emotional Body Clearing
• De-toxification of the Physical and Subtle Bodies
• Full Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

Each of these aspects can be handled in a different way.

Emotional Body Clearing

At the beginning of the process, we undergo intense emotional body clearing. This involves clearing the psyche and the subconscious of all old patterns of trauma and self-sabotage.The intensity of this process will depend on how much clearing you have already done in your preparation for ascension. I am a healer…

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Ascension and Physical Transmutation ~ Understanding Multi-Dimensional Cosmic Body Upgrades ~ August 22, 2016



Do you have some unusual physical “symptoms” taking place right now? My nose has run like a faucet all day long without a cold, or allergies taking place. I wonder? So…please read this article, understand that “ascension flu” symptoms are ever more like ly as the energies hitting the Earth increase again, and…


Posted by Lisa Brown, 08/22/2016

“An explanation that will assist many with understanding multi-dimensional cosmic body upgrades. As all of our existences/aspects/essences merge into this one, so very much occurs with our physical body. For those that resonate!” ~ Lisa Brown

Ascension and Physical Transmutations.

The body during Ascension will know how to readjust and reorganize itself because this process is quite normal. This process of transformation has been coded within the cells of the body and is taking place naturally. What people are now learning to do is how to assist what is occurring…

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The Ascension Mysteries




Eliza Ayres:  A review of the newest book by David Wilcox, The Ascension Mysteries

David Wilcox is an author of two best seller books, The Synchronicity Key and The Source Field Investigations.  He is also a professional lecturer, filmmaker, researcher into ancient civilizations and extraterrestrial influences on our planet.  David has had an extensive online presence on his website, www.divinecosmos.com, and is a regular guest and consulting producer on the History Channel’s top show, “Ancient Aliens”.

David has just completed a new book, The Ascension Mysteries, which should be coming out at the end of August 2016.  It was with some surprise that I received an email from Emily Brock, an editor with Penquin Books / Random House Publishers.  Ms. Brock was inquiring as to whether I would like to review Mr. Wilcox’s latest book.  A week and half later, I have finally completed my read through and will attempt to write a short review… without giving away all the juicy bits.

The first half of the book consists of a re-telling of David’s own personal journey and experiences, much of which drew him to finally align to the path of Ascension, primarily through his extensive work researching the unknown and suppressed history of our planet.  David shares his struggle with addiction to smoking marijuana and his difficulties with being bullied by friends and acquaintances for most of his younger years until finishing college.

Despite his difficulties, David had (and has) strong psychic abilities and has maintained a dream journal for years.  He also started doing personal readings with beings that later identified themselves as the Guardians (or Ra).  David kept journals of all his contacts, through dreams and readings, through the years and have discovered profound and sometimes startling correlations and synchronicities existing between events and people who have shown up in his life.

For some years, David has been in contact with insiders who are part of a secret space program run by our government since the 1940’s.  David explains the whys and how of these contacts thoroughly in his book.  As a young person, he also became aware that there were sinister forces present that were actively suppressing and controlling humanity.  He was determined to find out the secrets behind these unseen entities.  What he has found over the years is startling… yet goes far to explain the significant inconsistencies present in archaeological findings all over the world… as well as who is behind the secret government that REALLY runs the world.

In his research, David has also delved into spiritual books including the The Law of One series, and many others that he notes in his new book.  Using what he has learned from insiders within the secret space program (SSP) and what he has discovered in his extensive reading of over 300 books, David has discovered a secret that our erstwhile controllers have attempted to prevent us from becoming aware:  namely that at some as yet undetermined date, our Sun would send forth a great surge of energy that would trigger a mass Ascension event on Earth.  Stories, legend, myths and still existent writings from 24 different ancient civilizations, as well as the research of scientific insiders have supported the existence of a cyclical “event” that comes with the ending of a Great Year, the 25,920 year cycle of the precession of equinoxes.

Further, David presents findings that establish the real origin of our global elite, where they came from, how they ended up on Earth and what they have been doing for 55,000 years to keep control over the planet and its human population.  I’ll let you read the book!

And if that’s not enough, David has learned that our secret space program has gone outside the solar system and has bases on several asteroids and moons, including the Moon.

For you fans of the Star Wars movies and books, David has more revelations.  One big one is that Star Wars did happen… here… not in a galaxy far, far away.  Who and what was involved?  Well, you’ll have to read the book.  Remember the Death Star?

Then there are revelations of so-called extraterrestrials that are currently living on Earth or one some of the other planets, moons or large asteroids within our Solar System.  The personnel of the SSP have been in contact with over 50 species of humanoids.  And the present space program was originally started by the Germans long before World War II, with the help of the Draco, a negative extraterrestrial race.

If you’re like me, an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy since I learned to read, you devoured television series and movies like that of Star Trek, Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe), as well as the many books published through the last decades of the 20th century.  Now it appears that certain secret information has been leaked to authors, writers and producers through the years… to disclose out in plain sight some of the “secrets” encountered by the SSP, including technological advances.

Recently I revisited the Stargate SG-1 series, watching it on my laptop.  I was drawn to the information contained within the stories about the Asgard, the Stargate system, Ascension… as well as many of the technological innovations that the Americans were able to make by using back-engineered alien technology… something that our secret government and others have been doing for years.  Where do you think computer chip technology, cell phones, and other technological advances have come from?

The stargate system is real; it exists.  What’s more, our engineers and scientists have created one of their own.

The second half of David’s book contains a ton of information, carefully gathered and cross-checked with several insiders.  If you’re not aware of David’s work or a fan of science fiction, a bad case of cognitive dissonance might set in… meaning you will not be able to believe what you read.  Since I’m aware of David’s work and have come in contact through other means of some of the information contained therein, I didn’t have much difficulty in taking in the vast quantity of data contained within… Yet, the book is easy reading, so don’t fret.  It is primarily geared towards the spiritual community, at least those who are curious about the motives and origins of the global elite and their erratic tactics, as well as learning about much of what has been suppressed by the elite, as it would give away their ability to control us.  The global elite, which are in reality a very small group, although extremely powerful, depend on secrecy to retain their control on world events, international finance and banking and corporate interests.

David considers this latest book to be a prequel to the ones previously published.  He recommends that newcomers read them in this order: The Ascension Mysteries; The Source Field Investigations, and finally, The Synchronicity Key.  David will be writing more works as he is still active in collecting information.  Currently working with a relative newcomer, Corey Goode, David is also presenting much of his newest findings online and during lecture tours.  It is paramount that David share this information as openly as possible as he and others have received death threats on more than one occasion.  It is apparent that the elite or Illuminati do not want this knowledge reaching the ears of the general population.

While a great deal of scientific information is presented in this book, it is easy to read.  Also, in keeping with the title, the book is about Ascension.  There are secrets about the genetic make-up of the human race that are beginning to come out.  We are far more powerful than we realize.  And we live in a Universe that supports Ascension.  Those people who are of a forgiving and gentle nature have nothing to fear about the upcoming light surge from the Sun; those who are of a negative nature do.  David presents some of what he found in his extensive reading, his study of the Law of One series, his own dream work and readings, correlating with the information shared by various insiders within the SSP… enough to establish that Ascension is real and will happen… soon.

Being a printing proof, my version of The Ascension Mysteries did not contain any photos, so after seeing a video of the 2015 lecture that inspired the writing of this book, I’ve decided to include a link to the video below for those readers who might be curious to see what information is touched upon.  It can be overwhelming at times, so take a break if you need it.  There is a lot to get caught up on…

I can highly recommend this book and the rest that David has written.  His writing style is very approachable and he is very knowledgeable about his topics, having done a great deal of research through the years.  As mentioned before, David also maintains a website, DivineCosmos.com, and with Corey Goode has been presenting a series of lectures on Gaia.com, a subscription channel.  Do keep an open mind and prepare to be startled by at least some of what you read.

Thanks for reading this review; my first one!


Eliza Ayres

Blue Dragon Journal (www.bluedragonjournal.com)

Link to 2015 lecture by David Wilcox on “The Ascension Mysteries”:










SphereBeingAlliance Blog 8-22-16… “Corey Goode Intel Update Part 2” — Kauilapele’s Blog


This just came out. Corey continues to update on his adventures. Here is a link to part 1 (Kp blog link). There’s so much here that I have not yet read it fully, but I place a few of highlights that “highlighted” themselves to me. Including some from the David Wilcock postscript at the end. […]

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Suzanne Lie: A Morning Message by the Arcturians


MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2016 A Morning Message by The Arcturians through Sue Lie 8-22-16 A MORNING MESSAGE Imagine that you wake up, a bit late for your day, and rush to the bathroom to take your morning shower. You check the temperature and step into the shower. BUT this time, the shower feels as if […]

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Karen Bishop: Arriving In a New Dimension


DSCN0188“The first phase of our journey was all about bringing up the vibration of the planet, by transmuting the denser energies through ourselves, attempting to bring in new and higher vibrating ways and systems, healing and assisting others in bringing up their vibrations, and basically, moving and shaking the energy on the planet as much […]

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Journal Entry 08.22.2016



Journal Entry 08.22.2016 – Swamp Walk

One thing that Florida has in abundance besides oranges and sunshine is swamps.  Today I visited one of the nearby remaining swamps, Graham Swamp, which sits between Palm Coast Parkway and Moody Blvd. (SR 100).

I started at the northernmost trail head, 1.25 miles south of Palm Coast Pkwy, on the left.  The actual trail is a coquina and boardwalk trail, but I found myself drawn to some more casual trails encircling some nearby ponds that led me deeper into the swamp itself.  The interior, at least the part that I reached on my little adventure, is piney – oak and hardwood woods, filled with a variety of vegetation.  The trails, such as they were, were grassy, sandy and matted with layers of forest duff.  I was completely alone, although not far from “civilization” as road noise from busy Old King’s Hwy. managed to filtrate through the forest cover.

After exploring three ponds, I wound my way back to the “real” trail and followed it for a ways, traveling in a northerly direction, paralleling Old King’s Road.  I decided that I had enough of the boringly wide coquina trail and headed back to the car.  Coquina is a locally available building material consisting of crushed shells that is brownish orange in coloration.  It is used in landscaping and was used to build houses and other edifices in old Florida.  It is a durable soft limestone.


Next I drove to the other Graham Swamp Preserve Trailhead, off of Colbert Lane.  This is a 2.2 mile trail, moderate in difficulty, with some mild ups and downs over roots, ancient middens and the occasional fallen pine.  The trail parallels Colbert Lane, winding gently up and down the ancient sandy dunes.  There is also a very challenging cross-country bicycle trail, 4.7 miles in length that winds up and down parallel to the walking trail.  On Colbert Lane, bike trails connect up with the Lehigh Trail and other trails leading to Flagler Beach and parts of the City of Palm Coast.

The day was getting hot and I was getting faint in the humid heat, so I finished only a portion of the more rugged trail today, but will go back when the weather gets a little cooler… in a couple of weeks.  I had one wildlife sighting today: a racoon that scrambled up a large oak tree and out of sight of my photo lens.

Here are some  more photos taken on today’s walks…




The last photo is of Beauty Bush, a beautiful native plant.

It’s another scorcher today, with temperatures reaching into the mid-90’s and high humidity.  Best to stay cool and continue reading “Ascension Mysteries” by David Wilcox… I’m reviewing it pre-publishing!  Stay tuned for my written review.

Love and blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

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The Best Cures For Ascension Symptoms ~ Michelle Walling — Our Shifting Perspective


by Michelle Walling, CHLC Contributing writer, In5D.com By now most people have heard of ascension symptoms associated with energy fluctuations and clearing in the body. As more photonic light is showered upon the planet, our bodies continue to clear out the old to make way for the new. Our bodies are morphing and expanding like a butterfly in […]

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