Is Marxism Growing In America?


Will Saturday voting in South Carolina signal a green light for Bernie who is not a registered Democrat, or will it be a yellow light just before a call to STOP?

Florida Dems are already petitioning to strike Bern off their ballots. Will they succeed?  Questions and more questions loom. Is Florida’s move considered election tampering or just a constitutional right to keep Marxism off the ticket? Is Bernie just a loony independent or something more?  Read About Florida Dems & Bernie here.

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Only time will tell as we TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK into the voting booths.

Tim O’Brien, Senior advisor for Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign stated on CNN that Senator Bernie Sanders wrote on “women’s rape fantasies” and tying orgasms to cervical cancer risk.

O’Brien pointed to underground Vermont newspaper essays Sanders wrote in the late 1960s and early 1970s when he was in his 30’s. Topics ranged from male abusive…

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Coronavirus covert operation

Anti-Propaganda News

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by Jon Rappoport
February 27, 2020

In my ongoing coverage of the “epidemic” (archive here), I’ve written about the covert-operation aspect of the brutal game.

I want to add a few notes.

By its very nature, a covert op is meant to CONCEAL its true goals and details and players, so it’s no surprise we have unanswered questions. Rushing to supply all the answers in five minutes is a futile exercise.

A covert op can be invented and planned from the get-go; or players, seeing an event unfold, can jump onboard in mid-stream, take control, and use the event to launch an operation.

A covert op has cover stories and false trails. These are standard in the intelligence business.

A cover story is designed to divert attention from what is actually going on. It is basically a false picture floated to obscure the truth. The intent is: get…

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A Part Of All That Is | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

My darling child…take a moment and think back on all the changes you have been through, the choices you have made and the healing you have accomplished. While you were in the midst of yourgreatest changes there were times when you said, “I can’t take one more second of this! Please make it stop!!” But, at the conclusion and in the peaceful quiet, you often said, “There…it is done! That wasn’t so bad. I’ve learned so much!”

The Universe wants you to know that you now have the skills, knowledge and wisdom to make each major shift you move through more graceful and easy. In the very near future, you will be able to integrate these major changes with the blink of an eye…if you choose. (Smiling) Remember, you are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Why? Because you are a part of All That Is! ~…

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Cat Report

American Intelligence Media


Forget the Chinese…Biggest thief of American patents is the United States Government! U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rips off thousands of hard working inventors and their shareholders.

No American invention is protected by the USPTO which is a government operation that steals patents and trade secrets for the British QinetiQ.

U.S. government steals patents from inventors

Learn more about the theft of social media:

Facebook Unmasked – the Real Story

One of the largest government sponsored industrial espionage thefts of copyrights, trade secrets, and patents in modern times was the theft of scalable social networking inventions. The technology and programming code that underlie Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and most the other large-scale social networking companies runs on Leader Technologies’ intellectual property.

It was stolen by a group of criminal lawyers, judges, spies and bankers working with complete impunity and in total disregard for the law. Under the guise…

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Deer Moon Astrology 2/26/2020



“Jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often mistakes one for the other, or assumes that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy – in fact, they are almost incompatible; one emotion hardly leaves room for the other.”

Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

Jealousy and possessiveness are possible today under what may begin to seem like a total social reorganization. There is uncertainty which may lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding. However, most of this confusion can be sorted out and smoothed over relatively quickly if we stay open to finding new solutions, rather than trying to restore the old order. Practical plans, guided by intuition, provide remarkable progress despite what may seem like an entirely chaotic process. We may find ourselves swinging back and forth between wild extremes before we find the right approach. Stay with the process.

Yesterday’s aspects brought penetrating insights and…

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You Are Eternal Being | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Excitement is not your aim in life. You are not looking for big waves that toss you up into the air. You are looking for calm waters. You don’t have to notice yourself as you go through the waves.

What is excitement but noticing yourself? What you find exciting gives you another fillip of evidence that I love you, notice you, take care of, bless you. It is for you to know that this is always the case. When you know this and remember this, then you are not seeking the highs and therefore will not be swept up so much in the corresponding lows.

No matter how calm the sea, it is lifting you up to Me. A calm sea can also stir your heart. Let your heart be stirred with love, and you will not need excitement to swirl it more.

Each day you ride on…

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