The Arcturian Group ~ Gratitude is Not an Emotion, It is a State of Consciousness ~ Nov. 19, 2017


By Marilyn Raffaele, 11/19/2017

Greetings to all in this season of giving thanks and gratitude. Thanksgiving is considered by most to simply be another seasonal holiday. However, as with all things, it is representative of a deeper spiritual reality, that of abundance and love. When one is filled with gratitude, whether or not he is aware of it, he is in a consciousness of; “I have”– the truth that manifests as abundance.

Many the world over are experiencing varying degrees of lack at this time. We have stated many times that because of their true nature, humans are creators, but few have realized, accepted, or even believed this. When you declare to yourself and others; “I do not have”, mind, the translator of consciousness and substance of matter, lovingly proceeds to provide lack for you.

This state of consciousness is the substance from which peace is formed–true peace, the only…

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The Power Of A Group Healing Merkaba

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Yesterday the five of us met for our monthly SoulFullHeart group circle. It is a time for us to check-in with what is currently moving inside us, share journaling, have parts felt, and seek guidance and facilitation in our processes and mateships. It was a beautifully powerful day of high vibration discussion of where SoulFullHeart is headed, what arising digestions are taking place on multiple levels and dimensions, and how we can best serve love to and with others.

We are feeling so much moving in the collective and within ourselves that is contributing to new timelines and heart openings. Being in physical proximity creates a group merkaba that intensifies the amplitude of the love frequency throughout the cosmos. You can feel it as we enter into feeling space and deep questioning and intuitive responsivity. The atmosphere in the room raises up exponentially and the outside world feels like another…

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The Intricacies And Relationships Between Our Parts

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raianna Shai


We had a group day here in Mexico yesterday, and I didn’t expect much to come from my process when it was my turn given that it felt to a part of me like I was stuck and not much was moving in me. Boy, was that an underestimation.

Even just acknowledging the feeling of being stuck or not moving moved SO much. I shared some moments I had with my Inner Teenager, Ariana, where she felt an expansive view of the love that flows through absolutely everything, or at least that has the potential to flow. As soon as I felt the sweetness of these tears, a fear flooded in me about losing that feeling, losing what I have right now, of losing myself. At first, I associated this with Ariana and how she had felt so cynical about the world up until that moment and…

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Past Lives and Law of Attraction

Laura Bruno's Blog

When I first began working professionally as a Medical Intuitive ten years ago, I sometimes received past life “hits” while scanning someone’s energy. Every once in awhile past lives surfaced as a factor in symptoms, but I preferred not to access that sort of information. It seemed “weird,” “unprovable,” “way too out there” and downright “New Age-y.” I felt odd enough reading energy and sensing mind-body connections in strangers. All this seeing the unseen stuff seemed like it could take over my life, so I drew an arbitrary, but firm, line around past life issues. The only way I mentioned them was if I could absolutely find no other reason for a particular condition. Even then, I shared the information apologetically, as though turning to other lifetimes for an explanation somehow entailed my own failure to provide a good reading.

Some of you have already heard the story of how…

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Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: When Love Causes Pain


Your lightbody is your ethereal body. You were born from the light and you will return to the light when you die; in this form you are pure love. Your whole existence is born from a peaceful and loving intention. When souls are born into existence on Earth in human form, they learn what it is to hate and to fear. They also learn what it feels like to be in love and to be loved. An emotional existence such as this can cause great joy, but it can also cause immense heartache and pain.

For people in a non-ascended state, broken love can lead to the lower vibrations of revenge and spite. It can lead to jealousy, rage, vindictiveness and anger. In the state of the ego one tends to focus on self and how one has been affected by the spurning of another or by a broken relationship…

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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – We are Moving Full Steam Ahead – via James McConnell “ – 11-17-17 –

Higher Density Blog

AA Michael Art


Friday, November 17, 2017

AAM via James McConnell: We Are Moving Now Full Steam Ahead
Archangel Michael: We Are Moving Now Full Steam Ahead


I AM Archangel Michael.

It is I who comes here to you to be with you at this time just as Ashtar was here the last. For Ashtar began a process at that moment at that time that he met with you and with others across the planet. For many groups are now coming together and many groups are sharing this understanding, this knowing, this sense of oneness that is passing across the planet now.

At that time he spoke to you that all was in readiness, all was in preparation. Those of the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation of Light, all of the different councils that are working in this ascension process for not only this planet but for the entire solar…

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Adeana M. Slater @ In5D – Ultimate Soul Transformation – 11-9-17

Higher Density Blog


by Adeana M. Slater,   Guest writer,

I think it’s good to talk about where we are collectively and where we want to be. Experience is always available and ever ready to change your view points time and time again. There is no such thing as an ending point when it comes to soul evolution. It’s is an ongoing process. We appreciate the experiences placed before us, we learn, we heal, we rise above and then continue onto the next “rodeo” of our soul. I’ve mentioned this mantra before but let us remember we have no finish line. It’s highly encouraged that you set personal goals. Write them down. Use a vision board or daily affirmations to extend yourself and uplift even higher as a soul, but don’t be discouraged that there is more to heal, there is more to explore, and you have more heart and soul potential…

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SANANDA – You Are Ascending with Mother Earth – via Ann Dahlberg – 11-17-17 – by Love Has Won

Higher Density Blog


Special Commentary from LoveHasWon ~ Are you feeling stuck, blocked, confused, doubtful, need some inspiration, joy, need an update on your ascension status, help with raising your frequency, connecting in more with your angels and guides, and get your surprises too. You can schedule a session with us, for more detailed information and to schedule one of these you can follow this link: Or email



Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Sananda and I walk in the midst of you all now. I can see your work and I can see your sorrow and I can see your joy. There is much happening now, both within you and on the outside. Earth has started its process of transformation…

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