Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival ~ Audio ~ Spiritual Focus –


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Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival ~ Audio ~ Spiritual Focus

The Lords of Karma on our system are under the rule of a greater
Lord of Karma on Sirius. We are governed by the Sirian Lord of Karma.

– Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

Sirius~Leo 2018 Cosmic Festival ~ Meditation ~ Audio
Full moon exact time ~ Friday, July 27 ~ 1:20 pm PDT / 20:20 UT

Invocation & Evocation ~ Our Participation in the Purpose

For the Festival full moon phase, we open our hearts and focus our minds to create the channel for Sirian energy to flow. Our global Heart sends out Humanity’s invocative appeal. Please continue reading

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The Blood Moon Eclipse As An Emotional And Spiritual Cleanse

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

There is a vibrating anticipation with this upcoming eclipse. The uniqueness of it creates a buzz on the outside that is reflective of the buzz on the inside. One is not separate from the other. As these celestial bodies make their way into an energetic alignment, so too are our emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical bodies. Imagine them as parts of your own SOULar system. When these bodies start to come into contact with each other, there is a great energy that begins to rumble.

As I checked in with my celestial counterparts this afternoon, I was given a symbolism of what this blood-red lunar eclipse means to me personally, which telescopes out to those that it is meant to as well. (Sometimes to feel the collective you simply just need to feel yourself). There is a big feminine shedding that wants to take place. Just as the uterine wall…

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Sky Mandala

Winging with Whitehawk

I found this interesting! Youtuber Linda Miller apparently studies and photographs the night sky rather intensively, and found a pattern that looks like a mandala that she posted on youtube:

Interesting, yes?

Moreover, this reminded me that, a few weeks ago, I saw a video posted by a man (wish I had a link to that one now!) that showed something very similar to this, but covering a much larger area of sky, so it resembled this but zoomed out to reveal what resembled “sky lace” across the whole sky! My sense is, had this woman captured a larger area, she would have discovered the same phenom he had.

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Success is for All | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, breathe and calm down in life. You are not intended to gasp. You are not required to be so tense as you may find yourself. Not at all are you meant to be the lord and master of tension. In tension, you pull yourself up tight. Calming down amounts to letting go of tension. Tensing up isn’t a requirement. Tightening is tightening. It isn’t refreshing. To soothe life means to let go of holding on so tight as if you had to hold on for dear life itself. You may well think the stakes in life are high, yet, of course, everything in the relative world is relative. Arise to your Self. In no way does rising high mean you are to be high-wired. Live life equitably as it comes. You don’t have to hold your breath.

To be sure, your ambition is to go beyond ambition…

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Exploring the Depths of the Human Collective Consciousness ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“We have begun exploring the depths of the human collective consciousness to see how far you have gone in your collective history. We have been enjoying the process of discovering the extremes of polarized experiences that you have explored as a human collective. You have all played a part in the creation of these experiences, and so you all deserve credit for the expansion that has occurred as a result.

You knew that you needed to go to extremes in order to create something magnificent. You knew that you needed the energy that is generated from going to the depths, and you did. And now here you are, ready to make the biggest leap forward in human history, the biggest leap possible, and yes, you are seeing some of the depths of your consciousness as a collective for one last examination.

Fear is a very creative and destructive force in…

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Rise to the Occasion of Your Heart | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, the heart comes before the intellect. Does this disappoint you? I am the Heart of the Matter, not the intellect. The world seems to weigh in the favor of the intellect. Oh, sure, the heart can be maudlin and all that, yet the heart and consideration for all come before the intellect.

You have heard Me say: “Love your brother as your Self.”

You have not heard Me say: “Love your intellect as your Self.”

By all means, why not enjoy the intellect, yet never have I said that it is of the utmost to love the intellect with all your might.

I will go so far as to say to you that, had your heart always been left to its own vision and never been interfered with, it would well be on straighter than it often seems to be now.

As it is, you may give…

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A Druid’s Guide to Connecting With Nature, Part III: Nature Engagement

The Druid's Garden

Leading you in deeper! Leading you in deeper!

I’ve heard a lot of conversation in the nature spirituality community, including the druid community, about not touching nature, leaving it alone, to simply “be”.  I remember one influential druid speaking at an event and saying, “The best thing you can do in nature is pick up the garbage and get out.”  From a certain standpoint, this perspective makes a lot of sense. It is the same perspective held by many conservationists trying to preserve pristine lands or lands that have been replanted and are healing; the best thing that can be done is figure out how to keep people from mucking them up, pick up garbage, and leave them undisturbed. Because people have a tendency to come in, move things about, pick things, disrupt ecosystems, and generally cause havoc.  Or worse, much, much worse. Further, in a world where most humans can’t identify even five…

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Truth News Headlines July 22, 2018

American Intelligence Media

Only one


Donald Trump is Today’s Highlander MacLeod


When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.


Branco balloons

America’s Derangement Syndrome A Danger To World Peace


Make America British Again


New Hampshire governor signs controversial voting bill


How To Stop Election Meddling


A Review of the DOJ/FBI FISA Application Release


FBI LIES: DOJ Releases Top Secret Carter Page FISA Application, Shows FBI Used Fake ‘Evidence’ From Bogus Trump Dossier to Spy


Rodentstein – Rodentrat signs the FISA…but why is the date redacted – not the year or month, but the day? Will the Swamp Rat be recusing himself? Where the hell is AG Jeff Sessions?

Rosenstein signature on FISA

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Slow Down, Proceed with Caution and the New Energy of Yin Yang!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

yin yang

For two nights in a row the sandman came close to skipping my house, I was awake until after 3 am.  I finally got some decent sleep last night, but my body was on catch up drive and I woke up late.  I want to get some important stuff out, so forgive me for skimming the surface of everything.

On Thursday, my first day of sleep deprivation, two out of three of my antennas were down.  My hearing and feeling centers completely offline, yet my vision, crystal clear, incredibly frustrating because I had no idea what I was seeing meant!!  But, as a group effort, we did figure it out.

Every person I read for had a large, 7′ yellow X about 5 feet in front of my porch.  Proceed with caution!!  The first two readings had really light amber crystals embedded in their X all the way down both…

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SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS – Pacific NW Risk, Electric Filaments – 7-22-18