Time to Shine

Living Light


As we grasp more firmly our true power through our I Am Presence to govern our reality in harmony and peace, we recognize our time to shine is upon us.

From the Spirit of Truth, we receive the Living Thought System by which we give immutable Peace to ALL. This thought system of Oneness, received from the Spirit of Truth, includes the living dynamics of: divine forgiveness, being an open door, Law of One, divine emergence, giving and receiving, being a life-giving spirit, the Prayer of Oneness, the Power of One, being a creator within the Creator and the other attributes of our true Self which all converge to enable the outpouring of the Spirit of Peace into reality. Once received by our mind, this Living Thought System creates a pathway for Immutable Peace to flow from the Great I Am within…

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Trudging Through The Revolution

litebeing chronicles

According to Webster’s dictionary, Revolution is the action by a celestial body of going round in an orbit or elliptical course,  completion of a course (as of years), a sudden, radical, or complete change, and a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something a change of paradigm.

I like how all the different meanings coalesce and vibe off each other. Time and movement inform can change in action and in philosophy. The times we live in now show us how history impacts the present and how different perspectives inform the shifting of our future.

It is not an accident that a Lunar Eclipse is occurring this year on America’s birthday. While the entire planet is in major transition, so many look to the US for answers. The US or ” us ” is a hot mess right now, but has been for many decades…

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Overnight of Saturday, July 4th, 2020, we witness this year’s Full Moon in Capricorn; named the Buck Moon after our beautiful male deer. It is said that this is the time of year where they begin to grow antlers. It is during this 4th of July weekend that those of us in North America, parts of Africa, South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctic and Indian oceans will bear witness to a prenumbral lunar eclipse. The eclipse will occur during this year’s full moon in Capricorn, beginning at 10:07 central time.

An eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are all in alignment. This alignment is a powerful one, within which lies a significant opportunity for spiritual growth. With the Sun representing our light and the Moon representing our shadow side, their alignment with Earth creates a proper environment for us to engage in deep and meaningful…

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Preparation Not Restoration

Reflections of Riverman

preparation-not-reparationPreparation Not Reparation – Audio MP3


Let’s begin our talk today by gently quieting our minds.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card I pulled this morning offers us the word… Potential.

When you look at the title of today’s talk, Preparation Not Reparation, I want you to see how potential is a key in both of those actions.

The card Potential headlines the following statement, “I am a spring pouring forth from the ocean of universal potential.”

The affirmations given to us by Elinor Von Linden, the creator of these cards, are as follows…

I draw from the ocean of oneness.

I am open to the universe in all its forms.

It empowers me as I journey through this life as it leads me to a new voyage of discovery.

Right now, in this present moment of our evolution, each of us is a bit out of sorts…

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Entity Attachments, a Brief Reflection: My Part of an Email Exchange with Another Mental Health Professional

Cosmic Christ

An Article by Doug Esse

The following is taken from an email exchange I had with a friend and former colleague at the University of Texas in Dallas (UTD). They have a client that presents with paranormal activities of a negative nature. The therapist is spiritual and an old soul.

This is a brief overview of the subject. In comparison to many, I know very little, but…


“…for what it’s worth, I’ll share how I understand such things. This is based upon years of research in esoterica, mystical Christianity, and my own experiences. One of the primary sources of my metaphysics is from an exquisitechanneled material called the Law of One (LOO). I’ve read or listened to hundreds of books on the paranormal over the years as it has been a fascination for me since I can remember. The LOO encompasses the widest net around all of the areas…

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Presidential Announcements from Mount Rushmore Today—Live with Fireworks — Don’t Miss [videos]

Captain's Blog

I am told that President Trump will be making IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS, if you get my drift, from Mount Rushmore, South Dakota today. There may be more fireworks than originally thought.

You can watch live on RSBN without censorship at this link below. The Fox link is below that one, and we’re told they’re going to do it justice. We’ll see.

When you click on the link it will tell you how much longer until their live stream begins. Fox starts much later than RSBN, because RSBN interviews the fans and shows us the crowds and it will be quite a party, I’m sure. Like a Trump rally.

How much do you want to bet there are almost no masks?

Enjoy the show!  ~ CB

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Garden Friends, Nature Portals & Purple Frequencies ~ Some of My Favorite Things for Daily Harmony

Tania Marie

As we head into a big Fourth of July weekend, celebrating Independence Day, I’ll be starting a long weekend away from work with a kick-off hike to a special place today. It’s been extra busy lately and this month is no exception, but it all feels very productive for change. I thought I might share some of the things on the sidelines here that add balance and an extra infusion of joy to my busy days. I feel that anything we can do that helps us experience joy, peace, connection, and inspiration in some way is vital with all that’s going on in the outside world.

Nature is always my go-to, and that has included my garden. I always have a lot of little forest friends to share it with and recently new friends have joined the family to include a little frog named Atreyu and a lizard named Fantasia.

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Patricia Cota-Robles

JULY 2, 2020
On July 4th we will be blessed with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that will complete the powerful Triple Eclipse Series we have been experiencing for the past month. This event coincides with the celebration of Independence Day in the United States of America. According to the Company of Heaven, the synchronicity of these two events and the unprecedented events that are happening around the World are paving the way for the fulfillment of a facet of the Divine Plan that has been unfolding in the Realms of Cause since the United States of America lost our way after the founding of this country. No matter where you abide on the face of the Earth, your assistance in bringing this facet of the Divine Plan to God Victorious fruition will benefit…

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