New YouTube Channel: Essentialist Astrology

The Stars Within Their Courses

I have made my YouTube debut and have started a new channel devoted to Essentialist Astrology. It is my intent that this channel will explain the core tenets of Essentialist Astrology and over time, will be a place where I can include demonstrations of how I incorporate these tenets in my own practice.

My first video is a brief explanation of the reasons that I am developing this branch of astrology.

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Today, Monday August 3, 2020 gives rise to this year’s Full Moon in Aquarius. At 10:59 CST, our Aquarius moon waxes full opposite our sun sign in Leo. As with all full moons, this one is about releasing. At every full moon juncture, we are given the opportunity to let go of all of which no longer serves our highest good. There are a great many spiritual rituals in which we may partake in order to release said old energies. In whichever ritual or belief we hold to engage in our release, we must be mindful that they all centre at the power of intention. This is to say that as long as we intend to release old energies that do not serve us, so they shall be released.

The theme of this particular full moon is that of freedom. Given that this full…

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Deer Moon Astrology 8/3/2020



This morning’s Aquarius Full Moon (8:58 AM PDT 11° Aquarius/Leo) is tightly square Uranus in Taurus which, although these are fixed signs, suggests sudden and challenging disruptions that lead to breakdowns. Subtlety is desperately needed here but difficult to focus on under the ego-driven Leo Moon. The Mercury-Vesta connection — opposing Saturn — is an interesting sort of ‘wild card’ which may offer enough intellect, awareness, and decisiveness to stabilize an atmosphere where the use of blunt force is more likely than any sort of nuanced creativity. Even so, with enough awareness, there is some potential to actually bring inspired solutions to this extremely unpredictable environment.

THE WEEK AHEAD: The Aquarius/Leo Full Moon on Monday (8:58 AM PDT 11° Aquarius/Leo) is extremely intense due to a highly unpredictable square from Uranus. We are likely to see sudden and unexpected disruptions, possibly leading to breakdowns when our ego will not allow us to bend. There is a…

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Astrodienst August 2020 Forecast



Image: LeoThe first half of August brings a tense and restless time. The proud Leo Sun forms a square to Uranus on August 2. Venus and the Moon’s Node in Gemini are exactly at the midpoint of this square. In addition, on August 3, at Full Moon, Mercury makes an opposition to Saturn in Capricorn and Mars forms a square with Jupiter in Capricorn. It takes a lot of strength to bear this tension. Where impatience and frustration have become too great, eruptive discharges can be expected. For courageous and creative people, however, it can be a very productive time in which inner and outer limitations can be overcome. Be aware that you may encounter obstacles, as this time is still under the influence of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Communicate clearly and distinctly when you extend or cross boundaries. You may otherwise face strong resistance.

This is…

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Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Morgana Wallace

Humoring the Goddess

Morgana Wallace is a Victoria, British Columbia based artist.Her mixed media compositions are created through a fine treatment of collage working the paper to create multiple layers and various textures.Additionally, she will apply gauche to many of her works to add detail.Each piece brings together references of various mythologies with fantastical and dream like elements, creating engaging and complex works of art.Wallace often uses Japanese linen paper in her work because of her attraction to its texture, mixing it with thin card stock to create her characters’ flowing hair.Other materials used in her works include X-ACTO knives, water colors, gouache, and pencil crayons.To create depth and shadows she also uses foam board which adds to the painterly quality of her scenes.

More of Morgana Wallace‘s work can be found at 

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You Are God’s Messenger | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

My heart beats, and the reverberations of My heart reach to you, and your heartbeat becomes synchronous with Mine. Do you understand that your heartbeat echoes Mine? The more your heart is in tune with Mine, the happier you are. When your heart does not beat with Mine, it can only be because of interference.

We can look at it a different way. Your thoughts dominate your heartbeat. When your thoughts naturally align with Mine, your heart beats like Mine. Deeper than your thoughts, of course, is how you feel, and yet your thoughts play a great part in how you feel. It is as though your thoughts capture your heart, take your heart prisoner, bend your heart to their will, not Mine. The thoughts in your mind become the music played, and so your heart dances to the tune of your mind.

Your mind is limitless. The…

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A Walk Through a Sacred Garden

The Druid's Garden

View of some of our gardens at Lughnasadh!  Here you can see our main garden (on the left, annuals) and the meditation garden (on the right; smaller perennials). We also have other perennial patches we are cultivating on other parts of the property.  And of course, our wonderful greenhouse in the center!  Behind the greenhouse is a compost tumbler.  In front of the greenhouse, you can see our duck enclosure (more about that later).  Towards the back in the center, you can see our guinea/chicken enclosure and goose enclosure.  The compost area is off to the back left.

Today, we are taking a walk through the sacred gardens at the Druid’s Garden Homestead.  There are so many lessons to learn with a simple walk in a beautiful garden.  Today’s Lughnasadh garden walk reminds us of the power of nature to heal wounds, strengthen our spirits, and help us through challenging…

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