Eliza: Chinook Wind



Eliza: Chinook Wind

In the Pacific Northwest where I have made my home all my adult life, we get warm winds in the winter. The indigenous people have called these winds, Chinook winds. From the tropical regions of the central Pacific come these winds, bringing mild temperatures and thaws to the colder regions of the Inland Northwest. Outside there is such a strong wind blowing, knocking down empty garbage cans, opening gates and ripping the dry frozen leaves off of the trees in a last minute autumn blur of motion.

Last night my heart was thawed out, not by a wind, but by the warmth of a friend’s heart. She took the time to sit with me for an hour or so as I moved through some more intense emotional clearing.

When I first took on this accelerated clearing project, I thought I was capable of passing through it without a hitch. I was a bit cocky. I hit an especially rough patch last weekend, which threw me completely off balance. All my healing and spiritual energy training went out the window. I was under attack by a tsunami of emotions rising up and threatening to submerge me under their waves.

When I threatened to give up everything, my friend gently reminded me that my ego mind was in the midst of a great purging. Apparently in having so many masculine lifetimes, with my share and more of disappointment, frustration and danger, I had succeeded in “stuffing” away my emotions so I would be strong enough to face any challenge. And now, in the course of releasing these same emotions, I have been feeling rather overwhelmed by them. For as my friend reminded me, I have been more comfortable living in my mental body and not actively engaging in emotions… so consequently now I had to deal with them as they have begun to release from the formerly hidden crevices of my emotional body.

My friend told me, “You are one who views, analyzes and then views again to dig deeper… you have (experienced) great pain; it cannot be stuffed away, but must come forth to be healed now…”

Apparently I have been one who has made great self-sacrifice of my own heart-felt desires, setting them aside as I worked for others, in many lifetimes.

My friend continued, “This is so close to the final release, it makes sense that you will feel such immense pain that is the opposite polarity of all that you are…”

Let’s face it folks, I was feeling a bit raw, but was humble enough to listen. I hurt. And I knew that I needed help. There is a time when any person needs to surrender to the realization that in this process you cannot do it completely alone. That is where people like my friends can step in and do their part. In turn, when they need assistance, I can stand strong and able for them. It is a process of give and take, in full heart-felt cooperation.

While in the midst of my emotional storm, I shut down my heart and was no longer sensitive to the energies of my star family. Sensing this, I closed down even more, but there was enough of a glimmer of connection to reach out the next morning.

Some of my readers are probably scratching their heads in wonderment and asking why does someone who has “ascended” feel this miserable and wretched? Where is all this anger, grief and sense of being abandoned come from?

The answer is simple. The main source of any emotional disturbance such as the one that I recently suffered through is the illusion of separation from Source. This is the core reason for pain and fear. And facing my emotions without being overwhelmed by them is proving to be my toughest battle. And one that I am realizing I cannot face alone or chose to…

When one feels they are alone, the sense of being abandoned by loved ones tends to grow rather than diminish. One can be strong for others, but in the dark moments of the night, the shadows can grow, hanging upon the heart and drawing one’s frequencies down into a pit of self-created despair. So it was for me for a short time…

If you have been following my latest posts, you will realize that I have tapped into knowledge of some pretty intense lifetimes. I hope that by sharing my experience that some people realize that knowing one’s past lives is not a romantic experience. In knowing my past lives, spots and all, I have also become fully, consciously responsible for clearing the karmic patterns of those same lifetimes, instead of just clearing general karma for oneself and one’s genetic inheritance.

As such, I have become responsible for releasing the emotional detritus of these same lifetimes and all attendant thought-forms, including those of self-blame, concern for loved ones, disappointment, frustration, grief and fear. It has been a nearly overwhelming vision of suffering from other lifetimes and even this one…

For only one lifetime… if I pause for a moment to consider that I was one of the leading instigators of the French Revolution, I shudder to think of all the destructive forces that were unleashed upon the body of France through that time period. It was not my intent that the country be plunged into civil war and terrorism, yet it did, primarily due to forces beyond my control. My own family suffered as a consequence, losing beloved members to the Terror. I spent five years in prison myself… I who was of an ancient martial family loyal to the kings of France, was considered a traitor to the King and Queen and in polar opposition, a threat to the more rabid elements of the revolution.

It is not a surprise that I have been feeling a backlash from the revelations of just this particular lifetime or of many of the rest that I have shared here. And so, now, I need to use all my strength, determination and focus to release these same emotions without allowing myself to be overwhelmed by them.

At the same time, my emotional body was being stimulated by the energies of the full moon, as well as etheric plate adjustments going on across the planet. We are all affected most profoundly these days by the unbalancing effects of the strange climatic changes, the complicated currents in our society, the frustrations dealing with the dying embers of the old paradigm and so on. These are challenging times for anyone…

Tonight, I am at peace, having again regained a sense of belonging and balance. I feel the strong energies in my body which indicate to me that my star family is present in spirit. My heart has re-opened to their presence, allowing them to assist me in this healing process. In each moment, hour and day, I learn and relearn that I am not alone and never have been alone. The idea that we are separate from our Source has always been an illusion, but one that is strong enough to set even the strongest individuals among us into moments of self-doubt.

I have been fortunate to have friends who have proved extremely supportive, overlooking my moments of forgetfulness… always reminding me of my inner strength and determination to move through these clearings at top speed.

My path is an accelerated one and not suited for all who read these pages. There are many paths to heaven and mine is certainly not the only one. Take from my experiences what little wisdom and knowledge that you can apply to your own process, but realize that your experiences will be different than my own.

I have been a Wayshower. I have been told that my time is nearly done here, but I still share so those coming behind me can benefit it.

There are many second wave light workers who are doing great work in assisting others on their way to ascension. Search out those whose energy, knowledge and frequency levels correspond to your own. Take responsibility for your own process and realize that for many nowadays, one teacher only will no longer serve. The changes are coming too rapidly for many “systems” to keep up. There is no one “right” way to go forth into the higher dimensions, other than striving to keep your energies balanced, between your heart and higher mind. And understand that you will experience, as I have, some rough moments, but that you can also transcend these and continue on your way.

We are loved by many whom we cannot see or even feel. I am reminded by my friends and the felt presence of my star family that I am never alone on this journey. There are just those occasional moments when self-doubt rises up in a moment of “weakness” threatening to overwhelm the hard-won peace and balance.

There really isn’t any weakness in anyone attempting to ascend. It takes guts, pure and simple, determination, focus and a really strong will. It also takes surrender and the willingness to be humble enough to admit to occasionally needing assistance… like at every moment possible.

You may have noticed that I am willing to state that, “Hey, folks… I’m not perfect!” And yet, that perfection exists within the heart flame that is enlivened by the Christ energies that give life to the spirit within… that keep me going forward and returning, determined to do it better.

In planting seeds in the spring time, a farmer knows through experience that some seeds will germinate and others won’t. You just have to hold the immaculate concept for the crop to come, as well as providing the needed nurturance through careful watering and cultivation. So I continue to observe and participate in this process of ascension… as the remaining portion of my human awareness still lingers in this world.

When my friend told me that family had gathered around Lady Tazjima to comfort her while I was experiencing my recent difficulties I was suddenly reminded that we are one. Before the re-blending process began, we lived our lives as separate beings with little awareness of each other. Now we are fully connected, joined together like conjoined twins. What I feel, she feels. This is an awareness that can expand to include all those who surround you or even live upon this planet… or beyond, so interconnected are we via the web of life.  Those who have truly opened their heart and have released the need to judge others, will feel the oneness in their hearts.

I am not one to paint a rosy or false picture of the effort it takes to go through ascension, dear ones. Yet our world is changing, although many challenges remain. Still, when one views the passage of the last 12,000 years since the last golden age, it is amazing to see what man has accomplished in the last few decades.

Domination of this world by technology is not the answer. There has to be a balance and sensitivity for the needs of the planet and its life forms beyond just satisfying the fleeting demands of mankind. Our world is a system that is not functioning at its capacity right now. Our world is out of balance due to the greed of mankind. Much destruction has occurred at the instigation of a tiny minority of beings who are out to control the entire world for the satisfaction of their uncontrollable greed… which stems from a profound sense of separation from all that is good within, from Source.

As I struggled with my own inner darkness, so must our world and all those who live here. I experienced a recent dark night of the soul. With the help of my friends and family and my own determination, I have come through the experience unscathed and stronger, more aware of what I need to do when I next sense the energies beginning to become ruffled. Hopefully I will be more mindful the next time and succeed in using all my spiritual tools to overcome any challenges with ease and grace. And greatest of all these tools is the knowledge that I am not alone, ever, even in the darkness moments of self-doubt and affliction.

So when you begin to feel overwhelmed and there will be those moments… make the call for assistance from the angels, from the Masters, from your Higher Self. And you will be answered in an instant, for those who love you dearly are always at your side, waiting for you to give permission so that they might assist you and lend you their strength as you move through the cycles of releasing and clearing that are so much a part of the ascension process.

I wish you well upon your own journey. And if you need help, call upon the angels to bring you a Chinook wind to thaw out your heart, to bring warmth and kindness back into your life. Be kind to yourself, dear ones, for you are Love and loved greatly.


I AM Lady Tazjima

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Eliza: On Duality


Baring Eliza: On Duality

After a recent posting, I found this comment from a young woman. She asks a classical question of the yet awakening ones:

“Don’t want to sound thick, but I am, please explain to me something. If the Higher Self and those who have long guided you in the higher dimensions do ‘guide’ us then why or why are people so evil and terrible to one another? To my limited (point of) view surely these higher selves could guide people to NOT be rotten. Or are we all just puppets on a string?”

To guide is not to govern or direct like a puppet. Our Higher Selves do guide and mentor us, but quietly, through our intuition. If one is insensitive to the quiet nudges received, then a person will not heed the guidance.

Our Higher Selves and all of our Angelic mentors are limited in what they can do to direct our lives, due to the Law of Free Will that reigns upon this planet.

Each of us is subjected to pre-birth or pre-walk in planning sessions and training. Whether or not one will abide by those plans and training is another question altogether. Many times, people do not, as they are overcome by the sheer impact of physical existence.

Some beings, who agreed to temporarily act as goads for the rest of society have also chosen, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously, to ignore their vows to come into alignment and relinquish their power and control over others.

Why do some people hate and hurt others?

It is a matter of conditioning in this world that drives people to violence, out of anger, frustration, impatience, self-judgment and the resulting projection of shame and blame onto others and so on. In my job as a worker within a prison setting, I daily come into contact with those who are serving time for offended some kind of law in a moment of forgetfulness or rage.

Our society is sick. Our world is sick. There is no other words to describe the existence of such pain, pollution and despair. Simultaneously, our world is filled with love and light. Each side is vying for control over the planet. Today the Light is winning, but the dark still fights for supremacy with the utmost of its strength. After all, the dark has been on top of the heap for millennia. Why would it give up so easily? Why would it give up at all?

For centuries, people have learned to hate those who were different, whether through their skin color, customs, dress, religion, or even their sex and physical condition. The ethic of divide and conqueror has been a successful meme for the dark and so they continue it to this day, striving to upset a populace by suggesting there is a race war going on in America. It is a lie, given daily life through repetition on the news.

For those who wonder whether or not the world will ever come into balance, I say this, it will, but it will take time.

As one who has lived and died under the hand of tyrants and have been accused of being one myself, who has been called a black magician, a terrorist of the backwoods, and so on… I understand these things.

And I have stepped beyond the need to judge these individuals who are still caught in the web of dark versus light. It is all illusion, but one that has been skillfully created in order to give lessons to those souls who desire experience in a physical creation.

I know that at the heart of all things we are One, although this thought form has yet to fully manifest into being on this planet. It will.

In the Pleiades and on Venus this is the way we live. If we can overcome our need to war against ourselves and others, then also can the people of Earth.

On any journey, one must start with a step. Take a step towards first accepting and loving yourself and then expand it out into the world. See others as self. Observe the lives of others, from daily life and from history, and see how the patterns differ or are similar to those being played out within your own life. Even if you do not believe in past lives, you can learn from observation of other lives.

Understand that those who act against others today will pay tomorrow, whether in this lifetime or another. I happen to believe in other lifetimes, concurrent with this one. I have experienced sitting at a desk with a “movie” going on in my head of a totally different setting and circumstance. It is quite uncanny, but also quite real, as real as the chair in which I am now sitting.

I have been blessed to catch glimpses of past lives and lately have received particular names as being indicative that that individual was also a “past” life. So, being the reader and history bluff that I am, I have read stories and encyclopedia entries, as well as watching documentaries and movies about these individuals. In so doing, I have become to see a pattern emerge that fits the inner “me”. It is quite fascinating to also watch, when I share these experiences with friends, to see or feel their faces light up or tears to suddenly come as they realize the connections, too. Such happenings act as confirmation of my own intuition and guidance.

I’ve been told to trust my guidance and intuition and so I am endeavoring to do so. It matters not if someone disagrees or seeks to debunk what is written here. My writings are a matter of the heart which transcends human reason and linear thinking. Seek to understand these things through your heart center, not your human mind which is highly conditioned by early training.

In writing this I hope I have successfully answered my young friend’s question. It is not a simple one answered in just a couple of pages, but we do our best. Understand that duality of dark and light underlies everything that happens in this world. The degree to which duality has been taken has far exceeded that of other worlds where balance reigns. And believe it or not, there also exist worlds who have sunk even farther into the nightmare of control and fear which our former controllers wish to plunge us into as well.

Our world is not progressing on that path, thankfully, yet each individual who comes into alignment with their Higher Self, who finds balance and peace within, will further hasten the day when all beings upon this planet enjoy love, abundance and peace in their lives as well.


I AM Eliza

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Eliza: A Karmic Lesson Learned



Eliza: A Karmic Lesson Learned

As I am moving through re-experiencing some of my major lifetimes, I find that many of my Star Family who are presently incarnated here are beginning to do the same.  Perhaps relating my stories is serving as a catalyst so that those near and dear to my heart can also begin to undergo profound soul healings…

The following story is, in part, that of a person whom I have come to know as Family. Like others of my Family, our lives have been interwoven through time. While the following is about a masculine lifetime, the current incarnation is female. I have deleted some personal references for the sake of this individual’s privacy. The story is an ancient one, yet relevant to our own times…

“It’s rare that we get an up-close and glaring look at the face of karma, but I have. And you did say I would begin to understand why my life was the way it was. I was looking into (the life of the king). I knew little about him and what I did know seemed often to smack of poor judgment.

The king had a daughter, who was quite lovely, and a stepson, who desired her and raped her. For reasons that remain unknown to me, the king did nothing. His son took in his sister and gave her refuge. The son later killed the stepbrother in revenge for the rape.

In this incarnation, I chose to pretty much live the life of this young woman, details differing somewhat, so that I could fully experience her feelings, her sexual abuse by a family member, her lack of paternal protection, her loss of trust, her loneliness. Possibly she was not believed; I experienced that too. I can’t know what kind of karma was being played out around me in my other family members; that is for them to know, and most are in the spirit world now and do know. My understanding that I was balancing karma does make it easier for me to reach forgiveness for them (the members of my current family), in their various roles.

History does not record the future incarnations of the king’s children; you can imagine the hell the stepson created for himself, and you can easily imagine the king’s son becoming the possible murder victim of domestic violence, in spite of acting from his wish for justice. Of course he also tried to usurp his father’s throne– boys will be boys– and was killed, so the king lost a much-beloved son.

After reading the account of this particular set of events in the life of the king, it took me a day or two to identify the source of the depression and grief I was feeling, and make the connection. The immediacy of the sorrow, and a very painful sense of shame for having done wrong by a daughter, shame that I apparently did not feel in that incarnation, were startling, like it had just happened yesterday and not many thousands of years ago. The intensity of these emotions reiterated to me that time is not an element of spirit and that all our incarnations are concurrent. I think the hurt I’ve carried for fifty years for my inner child will, from a higher perspective, have been worth the spiritual growth, the payment in full of a karmic debt. I had thought the work was mostly about releasing the pain of my own experiences, but this, while a bitter pill, is extremely useful knowledge.”

This story is a powerful confirmation of many ancient esoteric truths, namely the continuation of the soul through the process called reincarnation, the fact that ancient trauma is carried from lifetime to lifetime until resolved, the desire of the soul to balance the wrongs done within another lifetime, and idea that it is better to forgive and forget than to continue to carry on the judgments of the past, for they may well be your future.

I, too, have suffered from incest within this lifetime. Just why has not yet been identified, but I am sure that the wrong will be balanced in this life or another through service and devotion to soul experience. I forgave my perpetrator in this lifetime; many do not. I must have known, instinctively at some level that I was paying for the wrongs committed against another person in another lifetime.   And as stated in my friend’s story, our “past” lives are actually concurrent (experienced all at once) with this one.  Thus the melt-through of strong emotions, interests, themes and influences upon us.  We are inexplicably linked to those people with whom we spend our lives, through time and space while here within this realm of being.

When we wrong another person, we wrong ourselves. The father of this lovely daughter did nothing to defend her honor and to right the wrong done unto her; it took a brother’s love to step in to defend her and for that he died. What more tragic circumstances must be had before a soul successfully learns a lesson well enough to no longer have the need to repeat it?

Mind you, I am in no way defending the actions of sexual predators. It is important for both men and women to stand up against those who prey on the defenseless ones, the children, elderly, women and the poor. Until there exists respect and love in the heart of all mankind for each and every member of the human collective, there will be this kind of intimate suffering.

The love that one feels within a lifetime endures. So does the pain and suffering. If more people were aware of the consequences of their actions, they might be more willing to reduce their infractions against their fellow man. Yet our society, of church and conventional institutions, all desire to limit the common man’s ability to discern these karmic patterns within their own lives and so to learn from them. We are not encouraged to study our own lives but to live through others, through the media, through our religion, and through our various institutions.

As one who has bucked the tide of ignorance and superstition through many lifetimes, I deplore the use of media, so-called public education and religious training to curtail the ability of people towards developing critical thinking and intuitional understandings. Instead, the mass media and other venues strive to draw the attention of the public towards shallow diversions and “reality” shows, while the politicians and corporate stooges steal the public’s savings, freedom, jobs and prospects.

We are in a time when it is becoming increasingly important and vital that the individual take responsibility for their life, their own thoughts and actions, and to be held accountable for such. At the same time, it is important to learn to fully accept yourself as you are today, spots and all, as it is extremely difficult to get through an entire lifetime without being hurt or giving hurt to someone. We are here to gain experience and one does this through stumbling and making mistakes.

The story that we shared today is an ancient one. Children still suffer at the hands of their parents, through acts of omission or commission. Until we are willing to forgive ourselves, hearts will be broken. Let us hope that these same broken hearts will someday be healed and all will be set free from the repetitious need for lessons replayed for the sake of learning.


I AM Eliza

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Eliza: Reflections of a Soul’s Yearning



Eliza: Reflections of a Soul’s Yearning

This past week has gone by in a blur. At first, I was kept home a couple of days to recover from a powerful internal cleansing that went slightly awry. While resting and recuperating, I was also undergoing a spiritual cleansing while reviewing a trio of lifetimes, namely that of Richard Plantagenet, Dr. John Dee, and Gilbert du Motier, the marquis de La Fayette. If you’re not a reader and history bluff, you may prefer not to read on.

While at face level these three lifetimes seem extraordinarily in variance, there are some similarities, especially in the intensity that each of these individuals carried directed towards their ultimate goals. None reached those goals, so much disappointment, frustration and sorrow ensued as a result.

I also discovered, much to my joy, that I shared two lifetimes or portions thereof with two of my new-found star family.  The reincarnations of Anne Neville and Adrienne de La Fayette walk among us today as two lovely ladies, in whom I have rediscovered the real meaning of family. Our relationships have interwoven together and apart through the centuries and through the rarified realms of higher dimensions beyond time and space.

Anne Neville, daughter of the powerful Earl of Warwick, was my childhood sweetheart during my life as Richard Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester. We met as children when I was fostered out to the Earl for my training as a knight. Being children of nobility we understood that we would be most likely married off to others, but nevertheless pledged our undying devotion to each other. Later, after Anne’s first husband, Edward of Lancaster, Prince of Wales, died, we endeavored to be married, over the objections of my older brother, George, Duke of Clarence. Our life together was short-lived, as when our son, Edward died suddenly at seven years of age, my wife died just months later. I, myself, was killed in battle at Bosworth, unseated in a mire and struck down by many blows by the opposing forces. Edward’s mother, Anne, believes that the young boy was poisoned, perhaps by a hand guided by the rival house of Tudor? Who knows… but knowingness exists that the death was intentional and was borne at great cost by both Richard and Anne. Does such a man kill his own nephews?

Richard and Anne

History has plastered “villain” on the brow of Richard as the murderer of his two nephews, the sons of King Edward IV. Somehow I feel that there were more subtle forces arrayed against the king, namely those centered in Margaret, Duchess of Richmond and Derby, mother of Henry Tudor, the future Henry VII, as well as the Church and old noble families. The Plantagenets, although cousins of Henry VI, were considered by many as usurpers and upstarts.   Let suffice to say, what came to be later known (much later) as the War of the Roses, was basically intercine conflict between completing royal lines and noble houses, a struggle for power over the throne of England. As the youngest son of the Plantagenets, I did not have any remaining family to protect my interests and so perished in blood and mud on the battlefield, defiled by my detractors and buried by Franciscan monks in the ancient church of Grayfriars. No one survived the holocaust that struck down our family as the Tudors systematically destroyed the remaining cousins who might someday rise up as rivals for the shaky and much desired throne.

The Plantagenets were a minor branch of an ancient family that extended back into time to the Merovingian kings of the Franks and beyond. The Church hated and despised this line as it was of sacred blood, of Dragon kings and of great antiquity. The Merovingians were priest kings and did not abide with the dictates of the Roman Church. You can find out more about the Dragon kings in the controversial works of Laurence Gardner, as well as the books by Mark Amaru Pinkham… and the website “The Dragon Court” by Nicholas de Vere.   Much of the hidden motives for historical events can be discovered by researching these volumes with an open mind, namely why the destruction of the Templars, the Cathars and other Gnostic Christian sects at the hands of the Roman Church, and the placement upon various European thrones by the Church puppet kings and sometimes queens. The Church was intent on holding power and control over the entire world… and not for the sake of any degree of true piety.

The next incarnation was equally as controversial in the eyes of the Church, that of Dr. John Dee, who has been called a black magician, a magus, a practitioner of the black arts and so on. Dr. Dee was one of the brightest minds of his time, a mathematician, astrologer and astronomer, hermetic philosopher and alchemist, deeply religious man, who studied in England and abroad in France. He was a collector of books and brought back navigational instruments from France, teaching and instructing the fine art of navigation to early English explorers. He was a strong advocate of the idea of a “British” empire and encouraged the young Queen Elizabeth I to send out explorations to the New World. Dr. Dee served variously as courtier, astrologer, spy, tutor and advisor to the young queen. He also tutored and advised Francis Bacon (an incarnation of Master St. Germain) in the more esoteric and sacred sciences. Dr. Dee is revered by the Rosicrucians as one of the founding lights of that secret society, although it is more likely that his student, Francis Bacon, was the founder, along with a lively group of inquiring minds born into that expansive time of the early English Renaissance period.

Dr. John Dee

Dr. Dee was consumed by a need to learn all that he could and strayed into the area of angelic communications. Using a seer, one Edward Kelley, to scrye into a crystal ball, Dr. Dee wrote down the angelic (and sometimes perhaps daemonic) communications. Together they recorded an ancient Enochian alphabet and language, the “language” of angels, which is still used today in rites of White Magic. More amusing is that Dr. Dee has served as inspiration for many a famous magician of literature, including Prospers (The Tempest), Dumbledore (Harry Potter series) and Gandalf, (The Hobbit and Lord of Rings Trilogy).

Needless to say, Dr. Dee and his associate were straying far from the acceptable and conventional teachings of the Roman Church. Much of their work was done within the boundaries of the Holy Roman Empire and deemed by the Roman Church as heresy and a strong threat, never mind the elderly doctor was an Englishman and probably the spy of his mistress, the Protestant Elizabeth. In fact, Dr. Dee was the original 007, as the sigil was used to sign his correspondences to the queen, “she who must be obeyed”.

A more disturbing episode in Dee’s long life occurred at the instigation of one of his “angelic” muses when his seer and he were encouraged to “share” wives. Reluctantly, Dee went along with the scheme, over the strong protestations of his young spouse. As a consequence of the experience, which mortified Dee, the team broke up, with Dee and his family returning to England. Nine months later, a son was born to Dee, most likely the result of the distasteful union. Dee raised up the lad as his own. Dee died in poverty, out of favor with the more strait-laced Stuart James, his devoted daughter caring for him to the last.

The next lifetime, that of Gilbert du Motier, marquis de La Fayette, was equally controversial and adventuresome. Gilbert was born into an ancient martial family. He was raised by his grandmother in the country until the age of 11, when he was called by his mother to live in Paris. I feel his childhood spent in the country playing with peasants laid the foundation for what was to be a lifetime of subtly flouting the mores of his aristocratic society. The young marquis, orphaned, and now the ward of one of his uncles, was a very wealthy young person, a millionaire in today’s standards. As such, he was considered an eligible match for one of the daughters of a powerful noble house, the Noialles. A couple of years later, the young marquis married Adrienne de Noialles, a relationship that was loving and tender until the day his beloved wife died at age 48. The marquis was buried with a small picture of Adrienne pinned to his breast.

La Fayette

This particular lifetime is well documented. The 19 year old marquis sailed to America, impetuously and against the express orders of his family and king, to offer the services of himself and his companions to the commander of the Continental Army, one George Washington. And the rest… is history.

What is not covered by American history, is the fact that when the marquis returned to France, he was one of the main instigators of the French revolution. He is regarded highly by the people of France, but was considered at the time a traitor of his aristocratic roots, as well as threat to the more extreme elements of the Revolution. La Fayette served time in an Austrian prison until “such time as a restored French monarch could pass judgment upon him.” Fortunately, Napoleon happened instead of a king. With his wife and two daughters imprisoned along with him, the marquis was eventually freed and only after lengthy negotiations by his loving wife, Adrienne, was he allowed by Napoleon to re-enter France, on the express command that he stay out of politics.

One strong theme resounds in this particular lifetime and that was of “freedom”. La Fayette was a man of the Enlightenment and sought to bring into manifestation those ideals of emancipation of serfs, slaves and the common people. In so doing, he came up again the ancient prejudices and privileges of his own class, the First Estate, as well as that of the Church, the Second Estate. He also defied the will of those who would continue to imprison and obstruct freedom in the name of a military empire under Napoleon.

La Fayette and his wife, Adrienne, worked tirelessly on efforts to free the blacks. The marquis made his case to the Continental Congress and to his beloved mentor, George Washington, encouraging the general to free his slaves, but to no avail. “Who would do the work?” was a common reply. The idea of universal freedom was one that did not successfully take root in those days, nor has it fully succeeded today.

Controversial or not, I feel proud to have lived and struggled as each one of these extraordinary men. The next in line of masculine incarnations, was that of young Chief Joseph, a chief of the Non-Treaty Wallowa band of Nez Perce. I have covered this story, somewhat, and my resulting encounter with Joseph in previous posts.

My next lifetime was that of a yet unnamed British pilot. I have a sense that this young man was named Richard, also. He died in his early thirties, during the Battle of Britain or shortly after, before the advent of the Americans into the war. I have been unable to find records of him in the RAF logs of officers and await further revelations if deemed necessary for clearing of astral records by my mentors.

From an intense young warrior, to equally intense doctor and alchemist… to another intense son of warriors and freedom fighter… to a peaceful Amerindian leader… to another short-lived warrior… goes the skein of some 700 years of incarnation for one humble woman.  Recently I asked my mentors, “Why all the masculine lifetimes?” The reply, “For Balance.”

None of these lifetimes were without controversy, pain and struggle. The marquis lost his wife of over 30 years to the effects of a weakened constitution after her many imprisonments. This delicate blossom of the French aristocracy was imprisoned in La Force, one of the many prisons set up by the leaders of the Terror. The mother, grandmother and sister of Adrienne La Fayette were all killed via the guillotine under the direct orders of Robespierre.  That she alone was spared was most likely through the efforts of the family’s American friends in Paris. When she was finally set free after the end of the Terror, she traveled with her two daughters to the prison in Austria where her husband had been held in solitary confinement for two years after an escape attempt. The family spent the next three years there until freed. Despite their many years spent apart, the love of these two was strong and potent. And I know the dear lady who is a reincarnation of dearest Adrienne. She is just as loving and strong-willed as the original.

Bullfrog Lake

We travel many roads and take on many guises as souls incarnating into this world. Whether or not we come in as babes or as older walk-ins matters not. We serve, strive and work to the very best of our ability. As a Pleiadian – Venusian starseed, I have served long and served well. One can do no more than strive to reach the stars, to understand the language of angels, to free his fellowmen, and to rule justly and wisely. And so I done, making mistakes and learning from them, never perfect but yearning ever towards that which was sensed within, driven on by an internal fire and knowingness, my connection with Higher Self.

And like bookends on the line of an extraordinary collection of books, stands my lifetime as the pious Clare of Assisi and this quiet lifetime as Eliza. Balance sought and balance won, I have reached an understanding and appreciation of many lifetimes spent in the service of bringing light and wisdom to this realm of men. Now it is time for others to take up the torch of Liberty, Equality and Freedom for the entire collective of Humanity, and all life upon this planet. May this task be done with grace, wisdom, compassion and ease for there are many counting on the efforts of the light workers to free themselves and to emanate their Light into the world.


I AM Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe et al)


All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com





Journal Entry 12.05.2014



Journal Entry 12.05.2014

Just a short entry tonight.  I’ve been ill a couple of days and still recovering.  Nothing to be concerned about…

Our weather continues gray and cold, with freezing rain and slippery roads.  January in December.  In less than three weeks now, will be the Solstice and the shortest-day of the year (or longest, in the southern latitudes).  After three days of rest, the sun will begin to get higher in the sky every day; a welcome change to be sure.

Past revelations, for me and some friends, continue to unfold exposing a vast, intricate web of relationships.  It is almost like having spiritual teachings exposed to me in a more practical level… those pertaining to reincarnation, soul groups and so on.  Quite revealing, quite delightful and occasionally, quite sobering.

Enough for now… as I must rest and get some needed sleep.  Be well, everyone.



Eliza: On Clearing the Air



Eliza: On Clearing the Air

Eliza here… still here.

As I recently shared in one of my journal entries, I’ve been doing a ton of clearing. For me, that has meant clearing some more significant and very painful lifetimes. In the last couple of days, I have been reintegrating the soul fragment of Richard III. He was an intelligent fellow, fine administrator and fierce warrior whatever his notoriety after his death, deserved or not.

It might be useful to some who feel a lot of unspecified pain, shame and blame… that often lighted beings take this collective “garbage” and heap it on their own heads out of a mistaken sense of responsibility for some forgotten event. However, in the case of Richard, it is apparent in my brief readings of a couple of short historical descriptions of this lifetime, he was heavily involved in the rather complicated political and familial maneuvering of the last medieval period of England, specifically known as the War of the Roses.

Recreation of the doomed monarch's head from skull found in Leicester, Great Britain.

Reconstruction of the doomed monarch’s head from skull found in Leicester, Great Britain, with his 17th generation Nephew standing beside the statue.

As such, he was cousin to Henry VI, brother to Edward IV, who usurped his cousin’s throne. Henry VI was of the House of Lancaster; Edward, Richard and their brother, Clarence, of the House of York. It was a battle between cousins and eventually one between brothers… and nephews, as well. Royal blood was no guarantee of safety in the turbulence of that age. So, perhaps it was just as well that the War of the Roses was brought to a sudden and abrupt end by the brutal death of Richard III, on the battlefield of Bosworth. He was 32 with no living heir.1

I have no excuses for Richard. I actually don’t remember much of that age, except for a certain familiarity with the names, the Greys, the Plantagenets, the Houses of York and Lancaster, Warwick the Kingmaker, the Nevilles… and so on. The rest of it, good, bad and ugly has been mercifully washed away from all memory.

As I have stated before, it isn’t really necessary to remember one’s past lives, I just seemed to have developed a sudden talent for it. And I’m not trying to impress anyone, as once I do remember a lifetime, I am also responsible for cleaning up after it. And so, I’m endeavoring to do so for Richard, plying Bosworth Field with Violet Flame, as well as the White Tower, that grim and ancient fortress that holds many bloody secrets.

The Violet Flame is truly a gift from Heaven for the upcoming Age of Aquarius and something that we are blessed to be able to utilize NOW in cleansing our own histories and the collective astral / etheric body of the planet.

Another gift is the Resurrection Pillars of Astrea and Serapis Bey. In anchoring these pillars, one can accomplish so much more in moments, freeing soul fragments who have been suffering for years, even centuries, unable to break free of their internalized bondage to the dark entities who have long feasted upon their misery and pain. I feel that anyone called to do this kind of work will be doing a great service, not just to the Collective consciousness of mankind, but to the planet and those beloved elementals who have also been caught up by the dark astral layers of suffering and fear.

I have a friend who has been consciously doing this kind of work for years now, working on the battlefields of the Civil War in Georgia. Anyone who feels a resonance with this work may take it up, along with the Violet Flame and the Blue Ray of Archangel Michael to free vast areas and timelines of the negative archonic influence.

I haven’t been aware or drawn to doing grid work much before, but seem to have developed an interest in it, simply to free my own Soul of any remaining ties to this realm. Yet, in doing the work, my intent has expanded to free the souls who fought on both sides of any dispute as all were caught up by lies and conditioning given the limited consciousness available to most humans in the last 12,000 years or so since the abrupt ending of the last Golden Age.

 As for feeling any shame for the misuse of energies in any lifetime… we need to accept that at one time or another, one may have fallen out of alignment with Source. In the Dark Ages, it was pretty much a given as the times were dark, turbulent and filled with superstition and violence.

I have given service in a few really distinguished lifetimes… as Clare of Assisi and the Marquis de Lafayette… as well as Chief Joseph. These lifetimes are ones to be proud of… even if I don’t quite remember anything.

Chief Joseph 001

I don’t really feel that most people need to worry about their lifetimes, but focus on what they are doing now. My particular involvement with these things, I believe, stems from the fact that I am in the process of wrapping up loose ends. And that involves transmuting all remaining negative karma so I can assist my Higher Self, cutting “us” free from the need to reincarnate here anymore unless I as Lady Tazjima choose to do so in the “future”. So, I do the work and gain more momentum as I become more conscious of what is at stake and what is being accomplished.

Although my Higher Self as Lady Tazjima has graduated to higher service, it is still imperative that “I” anchor the light and accomplish as much as is humanly possible while still aware of this dimension and focus. I can do this quietly and without fanfare, but choose to share my experiences and discoveries so that others might take up the work in the future.

In a roundabout way, I guess I am reluctantly acknowledging the fact that I’ve become a kind of teacher through experience… not a guru or mentor, but simply leading by example. And allowing people to see that I’m not free of suffering or mood swings… that my human self is deliriously imperfect, being stubborn, shy and arrogant at the same time. In short, we are truly amazing and very complicated multidimensional beings.

Lately, I noticed that I’ve been prompted to adopt the White Rose as a kind of signature. If you are a history bluff like I am, you will be aware that the White Rose was the symbol of the House of York. It wasn’t a conscious thing… but telling nonetheless.


The Tudors combined the Red and White Roses to create the Tudor Rose. Ironically enough, I served in my next significant lifetime as a servant of Elizabeth I, in the personage of John Dee… and probably knew “Shakespeare”, who was, in fact, Francis Bacon, the unacknowledged son of the Queen (an incarnation of St. Germain).   And who wrote that play vilifying poor Richard as a political ploy to strengthen the hold of the Tudors upon the throne. The passage of time, however, worked against that House, as well, when the Crown was passed on to another heavily fated line, the Stuarts. However romantic it might seem to be a “Royal”, it is a total mirage. I would rather be an unknown personage of humble means than king on a throne.

What is truly amazing about these times, is that more people are rapidly coming awake. The antics of the remnants of the Cabal are, in fact, acting as a prod for this flood of illumination as their political and social agendas are just too absurd to be idly accepted by intelligent people anymore, no matter their previous conditioning and life journey. The energies of the Cosmos, our Sun and our Higher Selves are driving this awakening at an individual and collective level. You can see it in the changes of animals interacting with other species, and with the opening of hearts and minds all over. Much is still to be done and much will as people begin to awaken to the fact that life doesn’t have to be lived in the manner it has been for a couple of centuries now. Change is needed and really isn’t scary when you consider the grim future in store for all if the agenda of the Cabal was truly to go forth to fruition.

There is a bright future for all in store, but to see and feel it, you need to do your personal work so you might break free of the hold that Matrix of 3D has upon you. It is NOT your responsibility to break others free, just live by example. When the others wake up, they will look around and see what you are doing and follow, when and if that is the purpose to which they are being drawn by inner guidance.

I understand how impatient and almost desperate some people feel in their lack of foreknowledge of what it is for them to do, why they are here… and so on. These questions and many others will not be answered until you, yourself, prepare the field for planting the seeds of inspiration and give them room to grow.

We are given what we need when we need it, not before. I have learned this profound lesson. And now, when my focus rests gently on some topic, answers or intuition comes softly unbidden because I am receptive and open to receiving it. If your mind is in disarray, focused on “problems” and worries, you will not be able to hear or see as well. Let go and all will be revealed when it is time.

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor

In the “future” I see many communities starting, spotted all over the planet, as incipient cities of light until such time as when the Etheric cities can be truly anchored and present upon the surface for all to see. When and if that great event takes place within this lifetime or the next is entirely up to you as an individual (no pressure there!) and to the collective.

The planet is lifting into the Light of Christ Consciousness and humankind is trailing along behind, somewhat in disarray and confusion at the moment, but there will come a time when some of you, who are reading these words or your children, will become the leaders and teachers who will assist your fellows to understand what is happening to them and their world.

When I hear some grumble about the lack of progress in Disclosure, I have to smile. We have been told that many millions of Ground Crew are embodied here upon the surface. We are, in fact, ourselves the agents of Disclosure. First, we disclose to ourselves what is our true identity and heritage and then we live through example by grounding that knowledge, wisdom and compassion through our everyday lives.

Yes, someday the smaller ships of the Ashtar Command will land, but disclosure can come through those who live in full conscious alignment with Source NOW. And that takes coming into complete and utter acceptance of all you have been, what and who you are NOW and the potential for being you have in the “future”, in short everything that your multidimensional Self carries within, anchored here in the physical realm of Creation.

So, in my small way, I am working upon fully accepting my dark side, currently symbolized through the life of one short-lived kingship. And ironically, perhaps the key to my ultimate freedom from duality as I join the two estranged halves of my being and embody the Christ Flame within.

I honor the work that we have all come here to accomplish, whether or not we are fully aware yet what that consists of… for truly we are the change-makers, the Wayshowers and Gatekeepers for the rest of humanity… and all living creatures.

To all my sisters and brothers upon the Way, Namaste.

I AM Eliza

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com

Photo credit:  BBC News for picture of King Richard and his nephew.

1) http://www.richardiii.net/2_1_0_richardiii.php#, Website of Richard III Society

Journal Entry 11.26.2014


Dawn at Fish Lake

Journal Entry 11.26.2014

It’s been nearly five weeks (!) since my “ascension”. Some of the past hours, days and weeks have been challenging ones for me, as I have passed through bouts of intense emotions and feelings.

I’ve been told that I am clearing at a tremendous rate. Actually, I think most of us are doing just that given the intensity of the energies and all the recent portals, etc., that we have gone through.

Even as a young adult, I had a pattern of going in and out of intense, but short-lived bouts of depression. If left alone, I could bring myself out of the funk without a problem. Often I would not be able to talk and would disappear either to my room or go for a walk.

These past couple of days, I’ve had a couple of bouts of depression or sadness arising seemingly out of nowhere. Clearing, once again.

Then, last night, I finally asked what was going on. Apparently I was clearing the trauma from one of my more controversial past lives. I’ll spare you the details. The individual in question has not been treated well by history and died a violent death in battle. Sooo… it’s understandable that there would be a need for me to clear the thought forms and emotions surrounding this one particularly difficult lifetime. I also took the time to call in the Presence of Lady Astrea and the Resurrection Angels to anchor the Resurrection Pillars at the battlefield site. And then called to Archangel Michael and his legions to clear the astral field of all entities. Of course, this is a mere drop in the proverbial bucket as Europe is chalk full of battle fields, through the passage of several millennia, even before the rise of Rome.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, I was reminded of this particular lifetime and looked up what I could in a short time to refresh my memory regarding this historical figure. And found that I could read the material in a well-balanced and detached manner.

The rest of the day, I felt completely free of all traces of depression, sadness or anger. It felt rather freeing… and completely delightful to have attained balance once again.


So, for my own benefit whenever I begin to go into a funk (if one occurs again) I will ask what lifetime(s) I am working on now. Just an impression is all that is needed and you would be amazed to see names, images, memories flow forth.

Mind you, it isn’t necessary to remember all of your past life times. And I realize that many people still haven’t tuned into a single one at this point. However, if you look at what you are attracted to, in the way of books, music, travel, art and other things that speak to the right hemisphere of your brain, you might actually be able to piece together a short list of possible lifetimes.

In the past (this lifetime) I have received short visions or impressions, a kind of instant recognition or have been drawn to read certain books or view documentaries. Keep in mind that no matter what lifetimes you have lived (or are living as a multidimensional being) the one where your focus is NOW, is the important one.

Another thing, although I have shared that my Higher Self is a Lady of Light and connected to a good many Light Beings elsewhere, remember that YOU are also a multidimensional Being, living simultaneously on many different levels, dimensions and worlds. We are ALL interconnected through the Web of Life that extends through the Universe and beyond within the physical realm, all the way back to when we are emerged from Source.

Ahhhh… it is nice to cuddle up under a warm blanket on this gray evening. We’ve had a warm front go through which raised the snow level, from 3,500 to 6,500 feet, bringing up the local creeks rather quickly. I think the past couple of weeks have been rather like receiving winter in a week, with temperatures ranging from 7 to 58 degrees F. We’ve had heavy frosts, snow, freezing fog / rain, rain, wind, occasional sunbreaks and lots of gray clouds. Autumn / winter in the Pacific Inland Northwest.

Mountain Mists

I hope my words assist people just in knowing that they are not alone in facing and moving through challenges these days. Challenges can take on many shapes… not the least just driving to work on extremely slick, icy roads or dealing with health issues or rapid mood cycles.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be “leaving” anytime soon. For a few days, I wasn’t receiving much input from my Light Family, as I struggled through my own issues. Being out of alignment and unable to bring myself to pray or call upon the angels makes it hard on them, too, as they can’t assist if I don’t grant permission. I think this important fact is something that people often forget. And sometimes we might have to wallow for a while before managing to call for assistance.

I was aware of their Presence wherever I “checked” inward, but even then not always able to lift the mood long enough to get clear answers to questions.

Everyone is going to have different ways of handling these rapid changes and challenges that we are all undergoing. What I have learned is, that it is important to work on the past life issues, releasing old stuck energies with the Violet Flame and other rays that you are comfortable using.

And always be mindful, even when you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, you are still loved and regarded with the highest respect by all of your mentors and Star Families.

We may appear to stumble and fall occasionally, but we didn’t come here to be “perfect” at all times. We came here to gain experience, wisdom and compassion through the doing… through the learning as we come into remembrance of who and what we truly are, magnificent Beings of Light having a “human” experience in a lower density world.

Fortunately, our planet is swiftly rising in vibration and frequency and these energies are highly supportive of swift spiritual growth. Use your tools, listen to your intuition and heart, see whether or not information, people and things “resonate” with you or not, be your own teacher and be open to being taught by the people who pass through your daily life.

As you approach a place wherein you can dwell in relative balance, you will enjoy in simply being here, living and experiencing the wonders of life in a physical realm.

Much love to all and thank you, especially, for the supportive emails and comments on the blog. We’re all in this together, dear ones. Smile… laugh and feel the Love that you are in Truth.


I AM Eliza


All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com