Journal Entry 05.21.2015


Journal Entry 05.21.2015

88 energies.

How is everyone enjoying the Mercury Retrograde?

I saw this little photo today on the hiking blog which I still read periodically:


Instead of “hanging” in the mountains, I’ll be splashing in the warm tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean.  It’s a big change from little ole Walla Walla and the wheat fields.

Be prepared for big shifts in the coming days.  A financial reset is on its way to your neighborhood.  Have extra cash on hand in case that bank card doesn’t work for a while.

Still packing… will sort through things again tonight.  Still getting my head around the fact that I’m going at all.

I KNOW that my life is going to change BIG time as a result of taking this trip.

See you on the other side!



Journal Entry 05.20.2015


Journal Entry 05.20.2015

I stepped out of my usual weekday activities these past two days to attend annual in-service training for work.  Just the slight adjustment was enough to make me realize that I probably won’t be working at the prison for much longer.

I’ve been fairly silent of late.  Prepping for “The Trip” and generally letting go of a lot of the emotions that keep surfacing for surrender.  I don’t really have the capacity to write much now.

On Sunday, I’ll be off for nearly two weeks.  I am NOT taking the laptop with me.  This is time to reflect on new possibilities in a totally different environment, both inner and outer.

The cycle of Ascension is accelerating and so is the velocity of change.  The earth herself is moving and adjusting, expanding into 5D and people are waking up.  Big changes are in store for the banking system and all other institutions.

During the trip, I may pop in on FaceBook once in awhile, but WiFi coverage is not always as reliable as at home.  If I feel like it, I might post a photo or two if I can figure out how do so on my tablet.

Meanwhile, take the time to relax and rest as your bodies process the latest energy surges.  I know that I’ve been feeling tired lately and more than a bit spacey.

Much love to all,


Journal Entry 05.13.2015



Journal Entry 05.13.2015

Synchronicities happen when you’re in the flow; it’s as simple as that. And when you can’t make things happen, it might be because you are trying too hard.

Last night, I was moved to listen to one of Bill Ballard’s videos from last summer (see: And this morning, I watched Sandra Walter’s latest:

Both of these presentations held little golden nuggets… or should I say diamonds for me.

One, Bill’s presentation was a kind of “get off your butt if you REALLY want to ascend ‘cuz it ain’t happen’ if you just sit there!” In other words, don’t expect someone to “grant” or “gift” you ascension. There isn’t any ascended masters coming to the earth plane to show you a life pod that will miraculously change your physical body from 3D carbon-base to 5D crystalline. Nor is a shipload or fleet of galactic visitors going to “save” your world or you… for the simple reason that those ascended masters and galactics are US… our future or multidimensional Selves!

This ascension thing is an INside job… within each person who REALLY wants to ascend.

In other words, all the excuses, dalliances, dreams and schemes, avoidances and perturbations of the egoic mind won’t get you there, if 5D+ is where you’re headed.

Yet, ascension is FAR easier than it was for the masters who came before us, thanks to the hard work of the forerunners, those who are carving out a pathway through the golden Christic light of cosmic intelligence.

Christ Light is a level of consciousness not a person. No “Christed” figure is coming to save you. Ascension is about SELF-mastery, mastery of the body, mind and heart; mastery of the four lower bodies (the number varies according to various teachings) and activation of the MerKaBa.

Last night as I lay in bed, I consciously began to draw light into my chakras, activating them with white light. This morning, as I watched Sandra’s piece I “saw” a piece of the puzzle fit into my understanding of ascension as she described the Diamond Center of the High Heart.

Mind you, I have probably listened and seen this piece demonstrated before, but I didn’t UNDERSTAND it until reaching a certain, critical level of frequency myself. That’s the way this journey works. First comes the prep, then you stand on the verge… and then “wham!” And suddenly there is comprehension, all in a moment.

Diamond heart… simply visualize a diamond in the midst of your High Heart, half way between the soft spot in your throat and the level of your physical heart (which is slightly off to the left of center). As you focus on this area, you will (might) begin to feel it heat up. As it does, pull in golden light, move it through the center and then RADIATE it OUT in six directions, down into the earth, up into the sky, left, right, front and back. This simple meditation, which I did while sitting at my desk at work in the prison, creates a strong field of pure golden bliss and is the BEGINNING of what it feels like to be really ascended while still living in a physical body.

And I was there, for moments… going back inward to refresh and focus… and feeling REALLY happy and light-hearted all day. I was interacting with my co-workers, doing my regular work and enjoying being alive. What bliss!

Of course, before the bliss comes the cleansing period(s) that EVERYONE must go through. We’re not just cleansing for ourselves but also for untold thousands of other individuals, including our own karmic and genetic lineages. When that’s done and for a lot of the forerunners it is or will soon be done, it’s activation and bliss time… as well as moving into SERVICE for Gaia and humanity.

Sandra noted that many people ask her why she hasn’t disappeared into 5D, like was done in olden times when a master ascended like Ezekiel before Elisha or Jesus before his disciples. Well, we are here to SERVE, to act as gatekeepers, activators, way showers for the rest of those who wish to ascend. By holding the Door open for others and demonstrating that this CAN be done while still functioning in a daily existence, we SERVE.

Even the forerunners and way-showers are functioning at different levels. Each of us has our own timing and motivation, as ascension is not a race. It is simply that in moving from Age (Pisces) to another (Aquarius) is a particularly potent window of opportunity for mass ascension. Still, each person who wants (or thinks that they want) to ascend does need to put forth some personal effort.

And so, apparently I’m on the verge and having felt the “bliss” as described by Bill, Sandra, Alexander and others… understand now where and why the effort is SO worth it.

Understand also, that we have ALL ascended before, on this planet and others, through various dimensions and timelines. You KNOW how to do this.

When I saw and heard Sandra’s description of the Diamond Heart meditation and its pure simplicity, I laughed with delight. Ascension is NOT hard and yet it is. There is that paradox thing. It does take intent and mind you, I’ve been working on this cleansing, clearing thing for DECADES, ever since the… well, probably most of my life.

There is NO need to struggle, but there is a need to surrender and BE. You do know this. We are all Masters in embodiment – which is why the ascended masters aren’t coming to assist – they’re already here. Each of us who are now in embodiment is most likely a fractal of one or more ascended masters, archangels, angels, elementals, galactics, etc. This is the reality of our multidimensional beingness, which you begin to touch into when you get past the point where I am now. Worlds and dimensions beyond this one are revealed, through lucid dreams, during meditation, and during visions.

There is SO much waiting for you – won’t you break through to the other side and join those who have gone ahead!


I AM Eliza (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara)

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

The Angels: Living with Paradox


The Angels: Living with Paradox

Note to Reader:  It seems that whenever I determine not to do something, I end up doing it.  That is living with paradox and being willing to follow the ebb and flow of our inner being…

We are here alongside you in the eternal Now even as you step into a new sense of self. You are re-membering who and what you were, are and will be beyond the temporary boundaries of the flesh that you wear.

You are not your body.

You are not the ideas and conditioning of your childhood and culture.

You are magnificent beyond words and yet few of you have any conception of your true nature.

You ARE a fractal part of “God”, that unknowable essence of Creation that brought this world and trillions beyond trillions of others into being.

What are you?

Are you a man, woman or child?

You have been all of these and have lived in many races, tribes, countries and cultures. And yet these definitions do not encompass the real You, the one that exists outside of time and space.

Are you black, white, brown, red or yellow? The color of your skin does not determine or define or limit the real You. Flesh is but an envelope sealing in the corporeal material… what appears to be solid, yet is not, that makes up your temporary home on this planet.

Are you a star seed, a way shower, a gatekeeper… someone who is just waking up… someone who is still asleep? These are conditions and labels that have nothing to do with the real You.

Step beyond the need to label, to define, to limit, to divide, to section off… one from another, individuals from groups, groups from other groups. Step beyond duality, the need to defend yourself, your family, your country from an enemy “out there”.

All that you see is a part of your body. All that you are unable to see with your physical body is a part of your body… that body that exists outside of form and limitation. You contain within the Universe and the Universe contains you within itself.

To live in Unity with Self, your multidimensional Self, is to accept the existence of magic and to live with paradox. Not all is what it seems.

The chair that you sit upon is not solid. It is a whirling spiral of electrons and protons, united by magnetic forces and taking the appearance of solidity within a collective hologram.

You are here, now, because you have chosen to be here, for a specific purpose or many.

You are more than your past lives. You are more than your existence in other dimensions and star cultures. You are more than the summation of your days here, within this lifetime.

What you see as “the world” is a result of a collective consensus. That consensus is changing, altering and transforming. How quickly the changes come depends on your input, your intent, your willingness to expand your consciousness to see, feel and be more every day. This is a process that is both individual and collective. Let us say here that some of the collective have decided to step out of the collective consensus and to act as way-showers for those who will follow, in their own way and with their own timing.

You have NO conception of how powerful you are.

You are not alone, either. You are about to be joined by those who have watched over your evolution for untold centuries and years.

Everything that you think you know, what you have been told is a lie. Only you can determine what you DO know, by going within and taking stock with the true compass of your being, the intuitive voice of spirit that speaks to you through heart and body.

The voice of spirit is soft and gentle. Many people chose to ignore the nudges, the whispers, the gentle tugs at the heart strings.

Those people who are listening often appear to do things in opposition to what is generally acceptable in society. This is because they have chosen to no longer identify or to be defined by the brittle boundaries of the collective. They are reaching for what cannot yet be seen or felt by those who listen to the loud voices outside.

In your society, love has been defined as being accepting, selfless, conditioned on getting something in return (gifts, devotion, etc.). Love is far more vast and complicated than a simple emotion or feeling.

What is the force that binds planets and stars together? Love.

What is the force that keeps the galaxy rotating around its center? Love.

What is the force that brings life into being and destroys the form only to bring it into a higher frequency? Love.

Love is.

As those who have been called to move into a higher way of being on your planet seem to separate and go their own way, leaving family and friends behind, understand this, beloved ones, that they have received the Call of Love, the call to serve Gaia.

Gaia is at the center of a determined and preordained effort to bring light and freedom to this Galaxy. Many there are the worlds that have been darkened by the shadows that have disturbed your world and impeded the ability for humanity to evolve more quickly into a fully conscious galactic civilization.

Many of the individuals who are now moving into greater service for Gaia are in training for other roles, in other places, timelines and worlds, far beyond your skies. Let them go.

There is nothing in your world that is permanent, which can remain the same forever. To think that it is possible to retain a friendship or relationship “forever” is to limit your choices as you grow and change. This is especially true now. It also does not mean that the particular relationship cannot undergo changes and transitions and transformations if each individual or members of a particular group can allow the changes to occur organically and without judgment.

Paradox exists and you will come to know it better even as each of you strives to come into a renewed balance between the masculine part of self (logic, rational) and the feminine (creativity, intuition). You can use both on the path and will need to, as the masculine lends strength and boundaries to the creative process that might otherwise scatter before the winds. It is when one energy dominates and seeks to repress the other that imbalance occurs.

So it is with the return of the essence of the Divine Feminine to your planet that it appears chaos is ruling the day. Lives and institutions are being turned upside down and sideways… yet it is a personal choice for each individual as they decide to flow with the changes and transformations or to resist.

Your ancestors knew that the physical world is subject to cycles. There is an end to all things, but there is also a beginning to be found within the end. This is paradox and it is becoming your new reality.

The energies of the Cosmos are flowing and crashing upon the shores of your world, causing the break-up of entropy. The destructive forces of creation have been unleashed. You may not understand that it is for your benefit to let go of all that no longer serves you. It is a necessary part of growth and expansion into a higher frequency range. That which belonged to the old energy will no longer function in the new.

Perhaps you have lost a loved one recently to disease. Perhaps you have lost your job. Perhaps you are feeling confused, lost, at a loss for words and sense of direction. What to do? Where to go? Where should I turn?

You know the answers even though at first you may not like them, for the silent voice that emanates from higher self pushes and tugs at you to expand. Whether or not you obey and commence the transformation is determined by you… at least at first. For when change is resisted from within, it will manifest from without.

What you are seeing in your world is changing, coming apart at the seams. What has been hidden is now being revealed. Where there is still darkness is being shown. Many are the revelations to come, many unpleasant as much has been hidden from the general populace. And yet… all of you are in this together. Much will be demanded of you in the days to come. Much will be dependent on how you choose to react or flow with the changes that are here… not just coming, but here now.

The definition of “life” as lived formerly within the rigid paradigm of 3D is no longer. You can re-create yourself and re-member the wholeness of what you are in the greater part of your Being. Allow the energies of heaven (the higher dimensions) take anchor in your flesh and transform your consciousness, waking you up to what exists beyond this narrow and limited view of the Universe. By anchoring to heaven and earth, you become a conduit of powers of creation.

These powers can only be used by one who has surrendered the little will (the ego) and lives by the laws of the Universe, which are not the same laws to which you are now subjected. You lose yourself to become your Self. You join the One and become the Many, while at the same time retaining an individualized consciousness. Paradox. This is unity consciousness. This is love. And this is but one step on the way to reuniting with ALL THAT IS.

Feel the way through the words that we have used. Your language is limited, by design, to fit the paradigm from which you are now emerging. You have not yet mastered the language of the Stars or the ability to convey your thoughts through images and symbols. You will arrive there, eventually, even as you surrender the life that you have known before to another one.

Will you step through the Doorway that leads to the Infinite? It is your choice.

We are the Angels and we bid you well on your inner journey.


All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Journal Entry 05.10.2015 – Are We There Yet?


Journal Entry 05.10.2015 – Are We There Yet?

“Where are we going?”

Perhaps you have been wondering this, feeling this, thinking this sentiment. As well as, “What’s going on?”

Even people whom you would have thought never to wake up are noticing that things are not functioning as usual. The weather patterns are different. People are… well, more intense. Things once loved are dropping away, sometimes in a short amount of time. And it feels like we’re living lifetimes within a matter of days and even hours.

This past week I was dealing with EGO issues. With my upcoming trip to Costa Rica approaching rapidamente, my human mind and emotions were in overwhelm. From near panic mode, to feeling muscular tension, to being especially irritable and ultra-sensitive to the noise and confusion at work, to denial, anger, projection… you name it and it pretty much surfaced. Eliza’s dark side; we all have one; it’s just that many light workers don’t like to look their dark twin in the eye and say, “Howdy!”

And then there was the issue of learning Spanish and touring through countryside where I’ve never been before. I’m used to the American wilds and feel comfortable navigating dirt and gravel roads in the mountains, as well as trails, but finding a bus station in a big Central American city… now I was feeling a wee bit intimidated, but determined, nonetheless to succeed in finding everything and getting to my destination in one piece. Some of you more seasoned travelers might laugh, but we all have our weaknesses to confront and move through. Travel is one of mine… long distance travel, especially long distance international travel.

I traveled to Great Britain once, but I was with a group of people whom I knew a bit. Even then I had uncomfortable moments as I confronted ancient energy fields at old battle fields and castles. By the time our little group had reached Wales, I was overwhelmed by the energies and had to spend half a day in bed, shivering with fever. As I lay there on the bed next to a large window overlooking the Menai Straits and Anglesey (a large island off the coast of Wales) I wandered in and out of a feverish mist. Years later I discovered that the bed and breakfast where we were lodged was located just down the hill from the Roman camp… where the invasion of Mona, the Druid College and stronghold in Britain, was staged by the Romans. A very ancient memory was surfacing for me then, so many years ago, long before I even heard of the term, “ascension”.

My sensitivity and awareness of energies has increased since that long ago day, but I also have more awareness of self and my greater Self, as well.

I think the ego games were stirred up by 1) the intensifying energies and 2) the “trip”.

And then this morning, I received a very nice email from one of my readers, a lady who lives on the SE Coast of the States. After a flurry of emails, it looks like my new acquaintance will be connecting up with me on my flight down to CR. And she is a fluent Spanish speaker, having been born and raised as a youngster in Argentina. Talk about synchronicity! This light worker has also been receiving impulse to check out Costa Rica and only this morning, received an intuition to connect with me.

I tell you, folks, if you put out your intent, good things will happen. Now I have a travel companion, another American female, who is fluent in Spanish and an experienced traveler, as well. And she is a dedicated light worker, grid worker and Ascension guide. I’m sure we can share some interesting conversations with each other. This will be the first meeting for me with another bonafide light worker, one who is dedicated to serving the ascension of Gaia. And we will be meeting my other friend, who lives in Costa Rica. This trip promises to be life-changing, probably for all of us and others who will be eventually drawn into making such tribal connections, Light tribal connections.

Ascension has, for the forerunners and way showers, reached another level. As Bill Ballard pointed out in his video presentation from May 3, 2015, the energies are coming in fast and furious. Where we used to encounter a rise in frequency every 18 months or so in 2010, they’re now arriving sometimes three in one or two weeks! (

While I am still working in a dense environment, being a high security prison, I can still manage to feel the intense energies even when sitting at my desk or standing in front of the copy machine. And when I am in my own space at home, I feel them even more intensely.

There has been a sense of feeling wired and tired, both at the same time. Sleep has been disturbed; dreams are active, intense and lengthy although quickly forgotten upon waking. I have moved beyond the need to “channel” other entities, especially that of “ascended masters” as I don’t need their teachings any more. The old energy is gone, done, finale… even though many light workers and waking ones still cling to the old teachings with surprising tenacity.


Now I recognize the “why” I didn’t adhere to any one manner of teaching or meditation. While these teaching… any and all of them… served as steps upon the way, they are now outmoded given that the energies have increased to frequency levels far above what was available even to many of the masters while living upon this planet in bygone days. Sandra Walters addresses this letting go process that we all need to go through as we commit to really ascending… which means to go BEYOND all that we learned and did in the old energy. It’s time to release the old mantras, spiritual practices, meditation forms, etc., that you may have overly identified with, as each of these, if not released, can serve as a glass ceiling on your ability to expand your consciousness and ground your energies with your expanded sense of Self, your multidimensional Self, your REAL self. For Sandra’s link, go to:

What we have experienced here has been for teaching and experience. What we thought was reality is now being proven by scientists to be a hologram, NOT real. Anything we have identified with or been a part of before in the old energy needs to be released willingly or it will be taken away as the old can no longer survive in the new frequency.

I don’t have to tell you that there will be resistance to my words, but I’ve experienced the resistance in my own human self, especially this past week. I felt at times that I was wrestling with a wet gator in a mud hole. And then I dropped the fight and stepped away to gain a more balanced and disinterested perspective. When I could see that I was engaged in a battle with my own ego and acting out my anger, fear and frustration, I decided to observe and to change my attitude to one of gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity of taking this trip and meeting new people.

We are SO incredibly powerful, folks. While we all have worked together to create a collective hologram in which to experience powerful lessons in 3D, now we have the choice to step above and beyond that outmoded story and into a new one, one that exists in 5D and beyond. As Bill Ballard, Sandra Walters, Alexander Del Sol, Meline LaFont and others can attest, they are changing daily into more of their multidimensional selves, expanding in consciousness and ease of living. Life in this new world is enjoyable and fun, something that few humans have been able to experience while here in a physical body for a very long, long time. The time of struggle is ending, at least for those who are choosing to move into ascension and are consciously making changes to their lives to fully live in the heightened energies of the ever present NOW.

There are still physical responsibilities and things to do as we all live in a world of form, but daily life can take on a whole new level when you commit to being fully in the energies of the ascended planet.

5D is here, folks. It is now a matter of personal choice whether or not you are willing to release the old and embrace the New. Either way, change will compel some decisions and many will leave the planet as their bodies cannot adjust to the new energies. And we will see more and more people, especially the young people, embracing the new with increasing enthusiasm as they observe those who have already stepped onto the path and into the New living a life of joy and abundance.

Ascension has steps… Sandra covers the steps well in her ascension material, as do other ascension guides and gatekeepers. Yet all of us need to tune into our inner guide to discover what fits and what we can lay aside and move beyond. Many choices are being laid before me. I shall enjoy seeing how this all plays out in the coming months.


Keep on trucking, folks, moving forward, releasing and moving through whatever comes up, blessing and living in gratitude for every day we get to spend on this beautiful challenging planet.

I enjoyed a lovely walk this morning under a blue sky untouched by chem trails… for once. There have actually been fewer this past week than in the past. Is this a new development? Only time can tell, yet leaving behind the old sense of enmity and need to judge is a vital step to moving toward into ascension. When we set our intent to move into 5D and higher we are also making a commitment to set aside all duality and coming from a neutral space. This move will, perhaps, trigger others who feel that you have become emotionless and insensitive, but it is a necessary one. And there is another stage, which Sandra describes in good detail, that of Melancholia, where nothing that you have done before means anything to you now. This stage can last a good long while. I know since I’ve been in it for a few months now and now recognize it to be a form or stage of grieving and then letting go of what was once important in your life. What those things might be is different for each individual. It is not important to detail them to you now. If you have read my older pieces, you probably have a good sense of what it has taken me to get to where I am now.

Ascension is really a process of remembering who we really are. Not all people are ready to do this, to take the step of reclaiming sovereignty, personal empowerment and the responsibility that goes with it. And this is okay…but keep in mind, this ascension window will not be open forever and it may be some time before humans have another opportunity to incarnate upon this particular planet and to undergo ascension.

Many are choosing to leave, something that most people don’t want to acknowledge due to their fear of the unknown, especially the door we call “death”. I don’t fear death since I have a remembrance of living before, here, and elsewhere. Our souls… the true essence of our consciousness, is eternal. We shall continue on as fractals of the Universe experiencing itself and flowing with the ebb and flow of that same great intelligence.

I am feeling more balanced and calm than I have for a couple of weeks. It’s a nice change and welcomed. It has been a rough ride since the winter Solstice to now. Let’s hope for calmer seas in the future days… or a good stout constitution able to ride the waves with aplomb.


I AM Eliza

Journal Entry 05.02.2015



Journal Entry 05.02.2015

So, folks, what you make of these energies? Heavvvvy! And Light… all at the same time. Whew.  Sometimes I felt dizzy, mellow and at other moments, extremely drawn out and attenuated, with my nervous system on fire.

I woke up in the middle of the night and am still going strong. In fact, I feel way better than I did last spring. That’s when I had a bad case of bronchitis that took a couple of months recovery. Today, I walked my normal 2.5 mile walk at a comfortable pace. Perhaps not an athletic feat in some eyes, but it felt really good.

I needed the walk to move some energies that have arisen a couple of times in the past week, namely that of sheer panic. How’s that for a good one? It’s being triggered not only by the energies but also my decision and now plans to go to Costa Rica in three weeks. Needless to say, the old ego is freaking out… “You don’t have enough money!”; “You need this… and that!”

What woke me up last night was the thought about how I was going to handle money in CR. Most places take US dolares (at least until it collapses!) or their own currency the Colon, which is available from ATMs throughout the country, although probably not in the back jungle where the REAL Ticos live.

CR is VERY touristy; in fact, they encourage it. And there is a fairly large expat population who are settled there. However, living in a foreign country however nice the weather isn’t for everyone. It takes patience, allowance and acceptance that these people, who pride themselves on their Purda Vida (Pure Life) move a LOT slower than do Americans or even many Europeans.  And they live longer and enjoy life better than most Norte Americanos.

I’m just going for a visit, to dip my toes in the waters of International Travel. I haven’t been out of the country, even to go to Canada for over 30 years, a rather pathetic record but one typical of the majority of Americans.

So… I’m going to walk beaches, visit with a friend who happens to live there (he IS and expat and has lived in the country some 20 years) and unwind a bit. There are things to consider, but the old way of making decisions isn’t working well, at least for me.

Meanwhile, I’m motivated to unclutter my house and life, even more than I already have done. And I’m learning conversational Spanish, although many people who are around tourists know probably more Ingles than I know Espanol. Still I’m finding that I have retained some of my high school and college Spanish, somewhat to my surprise. It helps. I probably won’t be a great conversationalist for a while, but I am making the effort.

Meanwhile, the energies of this intense Scorpio full moon are dredging deep any remaining debris that needs to be surrendered, whether mine or from the collective.


Some folks are completely oblivious to the energies and others… well, I’m finding some of my co-workers making remarks about the moon and such. And I’ve begun to talk a bit more freely about the current energies. Working at a prison makes you aware of the strength of these astrological configurations because they DO affect staff and offenders alike. We had two big fights last week and numerous one on one, as well. Folks who are unable to process their emotions without resorting to violence or acting out their fear, anger, frustration and so on. It’s happening throughout the planet now.

Our Mother Earth is also acting out as she expands into her ascension and magnetic pole shift. There was a sharp uptick in both volcanic and earth quake / movement this past week, as well as strong floods and storms in other parts of the world. Meanwhile our friendly fly-boys are passing overhead with their jets spewing out more chem-trails, although not as much as in the past.

Another thing that I noticed this past week was the presence, usually at dawn, of several cloud ships hovering over the Blues to the east of town. I would look later to see them gone. Feel these visitations were a signal to me that I’m being watched over and protected, aided and assisted, as I give permission.

One morning as I was going to my car to drive to work, a robin was sitting on one of the overhead electrical wires and appeared to be “talking” directly to me. Then it flew away.   Our indigenous people regarded all animals as messengers and paid attention to such odd occurrences. I’ll have to look up the totemic meaning of robins, if they have one…

Spring is here in full spate minus the usual spring rains and/or thunderstorms. It’s dry. The mountains are dry. A co-worker and her husband have already driven up to the 5,000 foot level of the local Blues and found no snow, the gravel / dirt roads completely open. There is plenty of evidence that this long drought (some ten years) is putting a strain on the local trees, as we are in the process of losing many of the beautiful Alpine Firs in the Blues.

Not sure how everyone else is feeling, but I have moments when I feel really high… usually at home and others where I feel conflicted and confused, probably due to walking in more than one dimension at a time. It is apparent to me that I need to make some big changes in my life. One of my co-workers even remarked how unhappy I have seemed in the past year. The prison has become too confining for my expanding self to remain tolerant of the lower energies any longer.

So… what to do, where to go, and how and with whom… these questions and others are cropping up for me right now. There are no clear answers, only a sense that trust is needed to allow the Universe to present me with opportunities and vision. So, I’m seeking to simplify and shed some material goods prior to my trip and more will go after I return.

“White Dogwood”

Wherever I end up going or doing, I will continue to carry any baggage that I do not succeed in releasing now, whether it is energetic or material. So change comes in many forms and one manner of change is to divest oneself of excess baggage by freeing releasing emotional connections to things that no longer have a place in your life. I still have a few old pictures of my family. They’re going, too. I no longer feel any ties with my family and the memories are fading.

One day I woke this past week with the phrase, “Not me, but we…” To me, this is a reflection of my continued integration with higher self, which consists of not just Lady Tazjima (7D) but many other “selves” in other dimensions and “places”. The “we” is an indication that I am at the early stages of moving into unity consciousness, which is an exciting prospect for one who has lived much of her life here alone.

As I move upward, I am beginning to break free of my cocoon, into which I evidently placed myself some three years or so ago, nearly completely withdrawing from social activities. I have heard from other light workers who are still in the throes of feeling stuck in one place, usually due to financial issues or still existent emotional ties to persons, places or jobs. Breaking out of the Matrix has been hard to do, but the incoming energies are becoming more supportive of those who have done their work in releasing what can be released and being open to change.

Whatever you fear most, WILL crop up this month to confront you. Can you move through it or will you go into resistance? It’s a choice we all have to make every moment of every day. It is learning to master self, without repression of thoughts and emotions, coming into full acceptance of what and who you are, which is much more than you presently are able to see in the looking-glass, unless you are one of the Forerunners who is lucidly walking through worlds and dimensions yet unopened to the vast majority of humanity.

All I can say to my readers is to continue doing what gives you joy, take care of your physical well-being, as well as your emotional and mental well-being. These are challenging times. Personally, I’ve had plenty of practice tuning into my body to know when I need more rest, exercise, to eat… etc. A doctor would call that hyper-somatization; I call it being aware and attentive to the body, which is our home while we are here upon the planet.

Birds are singing outside and bees are humming in the flowering trees. It’s spring in the northlands. May joy and peace find you in a new space at the end of this tumultuous and life-changing year.


Eliza Ayres

P.S. The Robin is the spirit animal of New Beginnings…

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Journal Entry 04.26.2015




Journal Entry 04.26.15

Spent a couple of hours outside trimming frost damaged herbs (sage and lavender), weeding and planting some rhubarb.  There’s more to be done, but I completed a good deal in a short time.  It was grounding to spend sometime outside barefoot, given the intensity of the present energies.

The past several months have been intense and a bit confusing.  For me, I have pretty much stopped channeling “other” entities and have come to recognize them as being part of my greater Self.  This isn’t ego talking; just a knowingness that I have changed from the person I was a year ago.

During the past six months since Lady Tazjima underwent her ascension into 7D, she has also been quietly integrating her energies into this physical vessel, braiding together with my human consciousness.  I had this fact recently verified by one who has made the journey himself and who has gone far beyond the stage where I now find myself. (

In the past few days, there has been a profound Shift into energies that are supportive for those who have chosen to ascend, which remains a tiny portion of humanity.  I see that I need to shift my awareness even more, so will be making more changes in my physical life, with changes in location and “assignments”.  These plans are still in process so I will not reveal the details for now, only know that I probably will not be living in los Estados Unidos for many more months.  My days working at the prison are nearly over.  There is a lot to be done before I move, but I feel that by setting my intent to allow things to unfold, the changes will happen with ease and fluidity.

When there has been, as is becoming apparent in my case, a walk-in of higher self or soul-braiding, the human being becomes the servant of Spirit.  Its sole purpose is to serve and so I shall.  And the mission will unfold as synchronicities take place in both my world and that of those with whom I will be working as soul mates, my “new” co-workers.

This alteration in plans and letting go of all I have been in the past is a sure indication that I am ready or just about to enter a higher level of service, for humanity and Gaia.  All the dreams and plans (if any) held by the human self now drop away as I come into acceptance of this new perspective that is unfolding to me consciously now.  The time of purgatory is ending and I am stepping off the merry-go-round of karma.

As my friend told me, “It’s not that you have lost the ability to channel, Eliza.  Rather, it is, like me, that you have become a CONSCIOUS channel having merged more in your HUman consciousness with your 5D consciousness.”

So, I won’t likely channel other “entities” from now on, but higher self.  I’ve seen this transition occur in other “channels” as well.  It is time to focus on being more conscious of other realms while fulfilling my physical work here.  Should be an interesting process to experience.

I do know that with the recent traumatic events that have unfolded within the last week or so, earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, we are beginning to see just how much power Mother Nature can command.  Change is on the threshold for everyone on the planet, without exception.  There is no reason to go into fear, but many will as they remain disengaged from their connection with higher self.  There is no judgment as each soul has made choices on when to come and when to go.

For those of you are waking up and deem yourselves conscious, understand that HUGE changes are on the horizon.  This means that there will be a large loss of life and major disruption to the way things have been run in the past.  This destructive period is necessary for the planet… as well as the souls who agreed, before birth, to undergo such experiences.  Let go of your need to cling to the old, whether or not you identified any part of it with the light or dark; all will be transformed into something quite new… and it will not happen overnight with the touch of a fairy wand.

Allow yourself to mourn for those who have left, but also realize that those who have made this sacrifice have done it for us and the planet.  The ones who have died and those who will deal with the consequences of these events will enable the rest of us to continue, if we choose) to open our hearts to the flow of compassion and unconditional love.

Now is the time to truly shed EVERYTHING that has held you back from making the changes necessary in your life IF you have chosen to rise above the tumult that will result from the implosion of the old paradigm.

Having reviewed my own “past” lives in recent months, I KNOW that my consciousness, my soul is eternal.  I do not need anyone to tell me this, although it is nice to get some input on “where” I am in my development.  In truth, we are all things and every where; you discover this when your spirit fully connects within and the expansion unfolds before your waking eyes or within lucid dreams.

Right now I feel the energies quite strongly, but they do not threaten me as I have surrendered… or am in the process of surrendering to a greater Will than my own, that of my higher self.  Instead, I feel like I am being carried aloft by a rising tide of frequency even as my physical vessel remains grounded (for the time being) upon the planet.

Where to next?  We will see as this beautiful adventure unfolds for each of us.

See the Angels of Resurrection and Transformation anchors Pillars of Light in the areas of Nepal, Chile and other areas affected by recent earth events.  See the dark dense negative masculine energies that have suppressed the Divine Feminine in these areas now cleansed and purified, allowing for the planet to adjust her energies and rise up higher in frequency.  There will be a return of balance, but first Shiva and Kali must perform their dance of destruction to finally breakdown what remains of the old paradigm, all of it, once and for all.  We are not being given the option to pick and chose what is to remain, in our lives or in the collective.  All will be stripped away and, in the fullness of time, renewed at a higher level of perfection.

Cycles, people, cycles… our planet and the Universe work on vast cycles.  Our lives are but a drop or second in the vastness of eternity.  If you leave, you will return, altered, yes, but ever eternal in the potency of your multidimensional beingness.  Within that vast consciousness that is beyond the understanding of the human mind, lies great beauty.  Allow it to unfold in your life and lead you to places within and beyond what you have known for many lifetimes.

I wish you well in your own personal journeys of self-discovery.  And I will continue to write for the foreseeable future as I feel inspired and as I am able.





Earthquakes: Inner and Outer

Flower Walk

EARTHQUAKE: Inner and Outer

We are undergoing a profound and extended period of transition on our living planet. As such, the activity of our planet acts as a catalyst for change within, as much as the advent of potent cosmic energies as they pass through us and the planet beneath our feet.

Our earth is alive. It is a sentient being, whether or not you believe it. The ancients knew how to live with the planet, to flow with her rhythms and periodic alterations. Modern culture demands that things remain the same, yet that is not possible for any man, woman or child… or planet. Change is inevitable. Change comes through destruction, then regrowth. Our ancestors understood this and accepted it. We do not always, unless we have come to understand the temporal nature of physical existence.

It has been suggested that our life, the environment in which we discover ourselves is merely an illusion, a holographic invention of our collective consciousness. Perhaps it is, perhaps not. I am not here to argue metaphysics with anyone.

I do know within my being that the earth is making adjustments as she rises in frequency. Cleansing is a necessity and humans will be affected by many of the changes, be they in the form of storms, floods, inclement weather, weather alterations, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and changes in the underlying structure of land and sea.

Many people have chosen NOT to ascend, or at least not to remain physically upon the planet as she undergoes these changes. It will take great strength and courage to endure what is still to come for the transitional period is not yet over with.

Today we woke in the West to headlines declaring that a 7.9 earthquake hit Nepal, a poor, tourist-dependent country located in the Himalayas. Nepal is also a country steeped in rich traditions of Buddhism and location of many monasteries and shrines, ancient cities, towns and villages, sometimes located precariously on the side of steep mountains. Both native Nepalese and foreigners are affected by this event, as the large-scale destruction of this mountainous country has destroyed much of its infrastructure. Providing shelter for its still living citizens will be a priority for a long time.

We grieve the departure of thousands of souls and yet they go on to continue their journeys in the vast continuum that exists outside our 3D conception of time and space. Their souls are eternal and there is no mourning within my heart for their “loss”. It is the ones who remain who will have to endure the changes that will occur for this small country and all those that have been affected by this and other earth changes. No place on the planet will be untouched by the cleansing energies of sky and earth.

Meanwhile, continuing volcanic action in South America, primarily Chile, but also in Central America, is affecting the people of those countries as well. These events will act to elicit our compassion and desire to assist the living and to move into profound change within our own lives when we realize that each moment is important. Nothing can be counted on to last long. Sometimes it takes an earthquake to shake people loose from old ways of living that have outlasted their usefulness.

Do we resist change or do we flow with increased fluidity? It is a choice that many of us have already made within, whether or not we are consciously aware of making said choice. Observe your reaction to these events. Does fear arise in your belly due to the possibility that something may enter your world unexpectedly as an “earthquake” to shake things up or are you embracing change already, setting your intent to flow with whatever emerges as experience? We are all confronted with choices, some large and some small, each moment. Choose wisely by listening to your heart first, taking stock and then coming to a decision on how to act.

Of course, when you’re in the middle of an earthquake, you often don’t have the luxury of thinking over a problem; you either freeze or act. I’ve lived through some smaller earthquakes in my time, living on the tectonically active Pacific Coast. And I’m aware that I’ve assisted in holding the balance for many of the places where I have lived. Note that the large earthquakes that happened both in Alaska and California occurred after I left both areas. Coincidence; perhaps, but something to consider as my intuition has informed me of this fact more than once.

I come from an ancient guardian race. I am here now to assist the planetary population to move into a more expansive state of consciousness. As I write these words, I feel the multidimensional energies of higher self, pressing in upon my awareness. There is a certain “feeling” that I get that is similar to when I am actively channeling a message. I feel it now.

We are all here out of choice.   And we were all chosen. Some have chosen to leave before the New Earth fully anchors, acting as initiators of compassion for the rest of humanity. As the hearts of people open in response to this great tragedy, more people awaken to the truth of our connection to each other. Our brothers and sisters from Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh have granted us an opportunity to further expand our hearts. Let us honor them by acknowledging our expanding awareness of our connection to each other and to all life by embracing the changes that come, setting our intent to release what has served us well in the past but no longer resonates. We have been given many tools to assist us in transcending the old; now it is time to use them.



Journal Entry 04.25.2015 – “Ticket to Ride”



Journal Entry 04.25.2015 – “Ticket to Ride”

Things are certainly getting interesting, aren’t they?

I’ve had a few memorable encounters in dreams of late. Much of our “work” is actually done while sleeping, where the human ego cannot interfere.

In one dream, I was with my father… my physical father, who passed away in 2000. In the dream, we were outside discussing something. I felt a certain amount of fear being around him and yet… there was a sense of joy and exaltation as old feelings were being released.

For those who are not aware, I am an incest survivor. I was able to forgive my perpetrator when I was much older. My story, “A Lesson on Forgiveness”, can be found in the archives of this blog. (

Needless to say, to be with this “dark” father, the dweller on the threshold, while dreaming was a bit daunting, but it appeared that I was undergoing a release of the fear and trauma from those earlier experiences, willingly. I had asked for it. Before sleeping, I had called on my spiritual “father”, Lord Zadkiel, to assist me in releasing any remaining first and second chakra “stuff”.

As the first chakra relates to be in the body, physical existence and well-being, a connection to the earth, vitality, etc., it was good to see myself dancing through dream grass barefoot, enjoying the sensations and colors, enjoying just being alive.  Traditionally, the second chakra relates to our sexuality and other things.  Understandably, I would have a few issues and have, with sex.  I have come to understand that I carry within a fair balance of both masculine and feminine energies and I am aware that many of my recent lifetimes (within the last 1,000 years of linear time) have been masculine ones.  Accepting being a female has been trying to say the least.  I’m not a girly girl… but still I am a woman of great inner strength, determination, grit and intelligence.  Still there are remnants of issues to be dealt with relating to being in any body at all.

The next dream, one I had this morning… I was in the city where I often find myself. It changes every time. In one scene I saw a friend get on a bus. She sat down, looking very pleased. I wanted to board, too, but remembered that I didn’t have a bus ticket and no money with which to buy one. So I began to walk.

Later in the dream, I stopped in a place and sat down. Next to me was a Native American, with very wild looking black hair half covering his face. He was staring in front of himself, but after a moment, he turned to me and said, “I know you. We have lived together in other life.”

Then he gently pulled my head close and rested his forehead on mine in salutation.

In the same long dream, I felt that I lived with another artist, a female. She was more of a musician and dancer, while I still worked with painting.

This morning the news headlines were blaring about the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal. Much loss of life and destruction of ancient shrines, monasteries and housing… Survivors are shaken and searchers are going through the brick, stone and cement rubble to discover more survivors. The heart of the ancient Buddhist civilization struck to the bone…

I continue to read the Kryon books. Right now, I’m about to finish the book, “The Gaia Effect”, written by Monika Muranyi, which gathers together some 25 years of Kryon material related to Gaia and the upcoming changes.

In the book there is the revelation that the Kundalini of the planet is in the process of moving, from Asia (India, Nepal, and Tibet) to South America (Peru, Chile). Think about the synchronicity of earthquakes and major volcanic eruptions taking place simultaneously in both areas.

The energy in Asia has been mainly masculine in nature. How many Asian women do you remember being religious leaders? The energy of South America is primarily feminine in nature. It is an ancient wisdom that is found there, as can be evidenced by the old ruins and forgotten civilizations that once ruled the area. The energy in South America is also more related to Lemuria rather than Atlantis.

The earth, our planet, is alive and is making adjustments. As she adjusts, expands and rises in frequency, it is deeply affecting all of us. Those who have managed up until now to live life in a bubble protected by wealth and power, are now finding their lives being very much disturbed. For our world is undergoing a re-balancing, a recalibration of the energies and is returning to a BALANCE between the masculine and feminine energies. While the energies teeter-totter during the transition naturally there is fall-out in one form or another in people’s lives.

For some reason one thing that struck me deeply in reading this book was to “discover” or have confirmed to me that intuition is quantum, multidimensional in nature.

Have you ever wondered why people, at least in the Western world, have been greatly discouraged from looking within, listening to the inner “voice” of the intuition, why we have been encouraged to listen to so-called “authorities” and to remain obedient to those who would tell us what to do? Well, for the simple reason that you might discover that you need no other source or resource to discover yourself save by going within. Ultimately, there is NO reason for government, schools, churches, banks or any other man-made institution. Man is capable of regulating himself… or will be once the recalibration of energies is completed by each individual who is willing and able to step beyond the expectations and limitations of the old paradigm of outer control.

Meanwhile, the energies are bringing up stuff to be released… whether that is related to the activities of humans, past and present, reflected in the Crystalline Grid, or in the planet herself making adjustments utilizing the cleansing effects of fire (drought, forest fires), water (floods, excess rain), air (wind storms, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, thunderstorms), and earth (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, uplifting and subsidence of land areas, landslides). These larger occurrences affect the lives of thousands of people.

We all have a choice on how to respond to these events, either to go into fear or to move into active compassion.

We have been told by the indigenous leaders from all over the world that we are the ones who we have been waiting for, so now it is time to take action, to change the way we live, to move into awareness of the unity of life.

There is an opportunity to embrace change, rapid transmutation of all remaining karmic ties and pre-birth contracts, and to move into an entirely new existence, that is at once a return to the wisdom of the elders, embracing and working with the energies of the planet, and new, as high-level technology that has been long-hidden from the “common” people begins to be revealed.

We have long been kept in darkness by those who have wished us never to discover the special qualities of our planet and that of the human race. Within each of us resides a kernel of divinity, tucked away within our DNA… that portion (90% or more) that has been called “junk” by scientists. The truth is most of our DNA is quantum in nature, multidimensional and for those few humans who have activated the formerly inert-appearing portions of their DNA and succeeded in activating their light bodies, there is no going back to being a simple 3D human. Our race is on the verge of being fully conscious galactic beings.

Not all human beings will complete the transition from 3D to multidimensionality, not in THIS lifetime. It is not an exclusive journey, but one that requires great courage, vision, personal stamina, as well as a profound release of self-judgment. Along the way, you learn to love the self and to expand your comprehension that “self” includes ALL life, even those things that you once thought devoid of life and intelligence… such as soil, water and air.

Each of us is at a particular stage in our own development or movement through this transition. I’ve been told by one who has already “arrived” to full consciousness, my multidimensional self has been on a tether… as I have needed to be more present in 3D for now, especially where I work, in a prison. That part of my life will be ending… soon. I have been in the prison anchoring energies, probably in fulfillment of my final karmic responsibilities. As I am aware that integration with my “higher self” is taking place each day, release cannot come too soon.

In the process of releasing, I am letting go of all of the material objects that I’ve gathered around myself… bits and pieces of my old life as a daughter, as a wife, as a friend…in being a hiker, a painter, a co-worker… all the aspects of my being that have belonged to 3D existence.  I can carry my interests into my new life but at a higher level, as I connect more strongly with my multidimensional being and the qualities and gifts that will surface and integrate with my everyday existence.

While it is certainly not necessary to relinquish everything material in life, I feel that I need to drop much of what I own… and these few months before I complete that process is allowing me to release the grief that comes in dying to the world that I have known. In every transition comes the sense of dying, whether it is by leaving friends and family behind, losing a spouse to divorce or death, losing one’s parents or kin, leaving a favorite area, garden or house… And every transition allows one to regain a sense that “home” is wherever you are, in consciousness or location. As we continue to expand our consciousness, we can no longer be contained in a mere job, house or body – we are the UNIVERSE, aware of it and we have that ticket to ride… anywhere, anytime or any place.

For those who complete ascension in this lifetime, there are other adventures awaiting us, other timelines to explore, other beings to assist.   However, firstly, there is the planet Gaia to assist. As we ground our multidimensional energies into the planet, we allow her to rise in frequency and to adjust and recalibrate her energies.  As we are connected, one flesh, one consciousness, we affect the planet upon which we make our home. We are connected with the planet as the physical vessels we wear are made of her flesh. Working from our small communities on aligning human life to that which responds and respects the ebb and flow of nature, we will bring our world into alignment, even as we bring ourselves into alignment with our own inner being and our collective being.

This journey is not about leaving this planet to go to another planet or dimension. We integrate and bring those dimensions HERE. As we raise our vibration, our connection with home (which is beyond time and space) is strengthened. As we integrate our galactic and cosmic energies into our physical vessels, we bring Heaven to Earth. And the Earth is raised up responding as she does to our energies, as we are One Being.

Mankind has wandered energetically far from home, and now it is time to return, back into a sense of balance with the Masculine and Feminine energies within each of us, in the manner we choose to live and express our beingness, with creativity, spontaneity, generosity and joy… with respect and deep regard for the generosity of the planet that lends her physical vessel to be our home, and with respect and regard for all those who accompany us on this journey.

It is time to expand our comprehension of the true meaning of Love, in all its aspects. Gaia loves us. Now it is time to return that love by making choices that support life, all life. It is time to simplify, release all excess, transmute and transform the excess baggage that we’ve all carried within our unconscious emotional bodies. Even as we cleanse our own house, we assist in cleansing the greater house in which we have our physical existence, the planet. As we simplify, we no longer feel the compulsion to purchase things we do not need. We no longer have to accept that we are merely consumers or automatons, but living conscious beings capable of both great and humble things. We can align with sacred purpose and create a better world for all to enjoy.

There is much more to living than going to work and taking home a paycheck. Discover what brings joy to your heart and do it. Step out of the mundane and embrace your full potential. You have little to lose and much to gain in terms of experience and revelations about the true nature of life. Resonance and intuition, that still quiet voice that speaks to you through the Pineal Gland, will guide your way forward, step by step. See you on the other side!


Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe)

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Journal Entry 04.18.2015 – More Choices and Potentials


April Pink

Journal Entry 04.18.2015 – More Choices and Potentials

I started this article as a channeling, but my sense was that my more “human” side needs to do the communicating right now. Many people are still giving their power away by listening or following channels or authorities that appear to come from a higher source of being. It is time now to accept that we are becoming divine humans, as our higher selves INTEGRATE and braid into our human consciousness. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it IS happening and with more frequency than one might imagine by looking “out there” into the world. The change in my world is happening within me.

Today, I was sent home…ha, sounds like I’m still a child… by my co-workers today. I was dragging, yet again. My bronchial condition is kicking up as it does when I’m tired… or perhaps I’ve contracted flu? I’m not a smoker and don’t have a cold. Whatever… the cough is back and so is the fatigue. So, I’m resting even while the rays of a bright spring sun retreat over the horizon. Another day is finishing up. The pressure felt as a result of the present energies is compelling me to take more personal time away to rest from the stress of the work environment.

The New Moon is upon us, one that affects me personally as my Sun / Rising signs are in Libra and my Moon is in Aries. More “stuff” is coming up, mostly in overcoming and releasing fear related to changes I need to make, both now and into the near future.

It takes great courage to step out one’s comfort zone, yet it something that we all need to be willing to do right now as the energies shift, supporting the “new” as the “old” paradigm collapses.

There is still a sense of being in one world at one moment and another in the next, which can lead to confusion, doubt and more than a little fear. It is the fear that must be faced down, looked at and released. It is not a time to hesitate and look back, not for those who want to step forward into the New Earth.

Letting go is so very hard to do. Or is it?

Are we like a hobbit or a complacent American, willing to sacrifice personal freedom for momentary comforts? Many have done just that. Are you one? Or are you willing to step into the unknown and discover a whole new way of living?

Sometimes the choices are made for us.

In not planning too well for “retirement”, I have created a fiscal reason to look elsewhere than staying where I live now. I will have to move; the questions as to “where” and “when” have not yet been answered. I have a few possibilities and need to hold faith that the Universe will provide as it has always done during this lifetime.

If I convey a certain air of uncertainty, it is because I have nowhere to go… no family, no family home or relatives willing to take me in. Being without a tribe does have consequences. And yet… the human collective is my family and now is a good time for me to open up to strangers and allow them to become my real family.

I’ve not been one for long distance travel and yet I am considering, strongly considering moving to a foreign country and culture. It will be challenging, but I think also exhilarating as the bonds that once held me to one place are permanently sundered and left behind.

I am doing research AND listening to my inner voice / feelings. What “feels” good? What feels off?

I haven’t quite reached the place that some of my friends and acquaintances on the Internet have arrived at…a permanent state of bliss and connection, yet I do have the awareness that I am being assisted to the utmost of my ability to accept and request for assistance.

Ah, human beings can be so stubborn. Even when the light on the hill in front of us beckons brightly, we wonder if we should take the first step and leave everything that we have known behind. The answer, at least for some of us, is “yes, step out and up… and away from all you have known. It is gone anyway and will not return.”

If many of you, my readers, are experiencing a certain amount of confusion, a profound sense of loss and grief, know that it is the last remnants of what has been a way of life for centuries… that is now dissipating into mists before the Light of the new dispensation.

We are in the latter days of the Harvest, where the wheat (the harvest) is separated from the chaff. Those who are not prepared, who have not (or refused to) do their preparation; will not be able to go further into the higher frequencies of the Fifth Dimension.

Truly we walk in all the dimensions and can move from one to another, but those who have not yet loosened their permanent attachments to the old paradigm, will not be able to sustain the pressures of instant manifestation in 5D.

For one who cannot control their thoughts and kept calm and positive, 5D will be too much, and it is best for them to remain in the lower 3D / 4D energies for another round… of at least 13,000 years or so until the next ascension cycle arrives.

It’s not a race, but I would rather let go now than wait to see what life would be on a truly darkened planet. I think it is worth learning to live with or around other like-minded individuals who are willing to explore the possibilities of living in the new energy, who are willing to live lightly on the land, with respect for one another.

Living in the Now presents a whole different set of parameters that will take some adjustment. It can be fun, but also challenging as being mindful of one’s actions, mastering one’s thoughts and remaining balanced will be required.

It is ironic that all my life, at least until recently, I’ve been one to go my own way. Now, I am faced with the possibility of having to completely let go and jump into the unknown, in terms of culture, language and energies. I don’t know how I will cope. This transition is perhaps easier for those who are younger in physical age than me, perhaps not. Individual courage is required now, as well as cooperative efforts between those interested in bringing a new world into physical manifestation.

It will take effort, but the pace of living is bound to be entirely different than that of living as a “slave” working for a psychopathic energy-sucking corporate system. It is certainly enticing to leave the heavy energies of the old paradigm and enter into the higher, lighter ones of the new.

And I’ve noticed that my interest and love for certain activities has dropped off radically within the last year or so as I’ve been undergoing a profound transitional period… which doesn’t show any sign of slacking off. It wouldn’t, yet, as we are still in the midst of a powerful astrological influence of related eclipses, portals and movement, both inner and outer, within our own bodies and within the body of the planet.

Change is the only thing that we can count on these days. Savor the moment for it will not return, not in the precise manner. Say good-bye to all that you have known and thank the ones with whom you have shared parts or portions of your life. That life is now done. Old contracts and agreements are now completed.

Transition will come for some quickly. For others, like myself – unless something or someone bursts into my world – looks likely to move more slowly, but just as surely. And when the moment finally arrives as I stride for the last time out the front door of the prison, I will NOT look back with any sense of regret.

In the prison community, we call retirement (or quitting) getting your release papers for leaving that environment is a potent form of release, from the underlying tension that is always present whether or not you interface with offenders on a daily basis. Civilians in the “outer” world have no conception of the stress that the body, mind and emotions endure to just be there. I know it will be much better for me health-wise to retire a little early, take less money and select a more relaxed way to live in a more comfortable, low-key environment.

For me, that means inner as well as outer environment. My inner journey has meant a great deal to me, since childhood. I’ve been told that I have been on the Path all my life and as one who has three major planets in Virgo, and in the hidden Twelve House, I have been impelled by circumstance and choice to live an intense and often lonely life. It was my choice. It is still my choice to go forward the rest of the way and complete what was once a possibility before coming into embodiment… Ascension in a physical body… a huge accomplishment for anyone, don’t you agree?

As the energies press in upon your remaining “stuff” that awaits the opportunity to be released, it is normal to feel some anxiety and more than a little confusion. Take a deep breath or two and settle quietly within and feel what is there waiting for your acknowledgement… and acceptance… your own heart’s flame and the divine presence who exists within all human beings upon this sacred planet. Embrace your potential as one with Christ Consciousness and seek to feel the threads (or strings) that bind us all together as one living being bound to this beautiful planet, to ascend together as one into full unity consciousness, the One as Many.

“Christ Consciousness” is not about religion. It is about embracing and integrating with higher self and living as a fully conscious being in the physical. It is about containing the infinite Universe within the finite body, bringing heaven to earth. There are many metaphors, words and images that one can bring to mind… use your I-magic and see what and who you truly are… part and parcel of the intelligent awareness that has created this living Universe as well as those we cannot yet see or visualize except through our inner senses.

As you move into 5D, all limitations endemic to 3D drop away and you are now free to roam the Universe and dimensions (within your capacity and reach) at will. The fifth dimension is not the stopping point… only a way station on the way to becoming a fully-fledged cosmic being. And I find that possibility far more enticing than watching the latest soap opera on evening television.

As Carl Sagan once reminded us, we are star stuff and it is to the stars we will return. We carry the stars within us, in our atoms and electrons. As energy we can change. As energy beings we are compelled to change, to adapt and to open to the new… or leave and start afresh elsewhere. It is your choice. What will you do next?


All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,