Journal Entry 8.21.2014

Seven Devils Range from Zumwalt Prairie

Journal Entry 8.21.2014

It’s a pleasant evening, 82 degrees F, mild, warmish, with a light breeze.  Perfect summer weather.  And after what we experienced in July, very welcomed.

I’m starting a book on Chief Joseph: Guardian of the People, by Candy Moulton.  It’s a short book, but ample to re-experience that lifetime.  I remember standing on the slope above the Imnaha River, looking down at the steep-sided canyon lands arrayed in their early summer green and wondering just how it would feel to be fleeing for your lives down those slopes.  Of course, the people took well-established trails and followed the lines of creeks, reaching the waters of the Snake, whose confluence with the Imnaha was just out of sight behind a ridge and down about 5,000 feet below.  It’s a deep canyon and that was only one that the people traveled across during the course of their 1,500 mile fight and flight.

This encounter with self is bringing up yet another bout of grief, sadness and other emotions for clearing.  The story of the Ni-mii-pu, the People, as the Nez Perce called themselves, is a powerful one that has stamped its presence on the landscape for the last 130+ years.  As you drive through the vast landscape you can cross and re-cross the zigzag trail of the people.  And I have. 

Funny thing about zigzag… that is how I describe my journey in this lifetime, too.  I’ve studied many kinds of spirituality, been a “member” of different groups and left most of them behind.  Now I find that little of the New Age material out there appeals to me.  It seems designed for an altogether different person that what I feel like right now. 

Frankly, I’m tired and of late have little patience for those who come seeking answers to questions that took me years to discover.  Perhaps, like Joseph’s, my journey has been harder than many of you will have to face.  I don’t know… except that when I lie half awake at night speaking telepathically to my family, feeling their wonderful loving energy… I know that I am very content and happy to be going Home, again.

I know that this lifetime has been worth the effort, but it has been an effort… breaking trail for others isn’t easy.  Rananda Kumara (the Higher Self of Master Kuthumi) told me the other day that I’ve been a Wayshower, too. 

I’m a humble person and perhaps one who does not always exhibit a great deal of faith in self.  Seems hard to believe, doesn’t it, after some of the things that I’ve written?  Yet it is a pattern that is fairly typical of the highly sensitive, intelligent star seeds who really don’t “fit in” to what passes for “society”, especially in the Western world.

It was a difficult day at work today, for instance.  As my own Ascension day approaches, I find myself able to see through the games and deceits of others, even when they are not aware of doing or being deceitful.  It is SO evident to me.  It takes all my self-control to gather my compassion, to forgive and let go of any judgment that might creep in as I observe these actions around me.  Of course, not everyone is this way; I work with some very sweet, good-natured people, but still really do not relate to a lot of the things that they seem to value in life.  Home is where I belong and where I am going… soon.  Barely two months away.

I’m beginning to connect strongly with the Higher Self of Lady Tazjima.  No, I’m not going to share with you all just Who that is… other than Angelic.  There are too many people “out there” claiming to be married or the Twin Flame of some famous Archangel or Master, for me to add to the list.  Our Higher Selves share many soul aspects, some of whom are embodied here or have come in as walk-ins.  I’m hardly the only walk-in around; there are many, most especially in this critical time that one Archangel has described as the “Harvest”. 

One slightly impertinent reader on another website questioned who is harvesting whom during this Harvest?  Those whose souls have not planned to ascend in this lifetime will be removed, through death and other means to another world or worlds, even different timelines, according to the souls’ desire for experience.  This happens at the turning of every great cycle and is now going on, so there is an active vying for souls… those who go forward towards ascension, those who might remain at 4D for a cycle or two… and so on.  It’s not a race and it isn’t a judgment, against any soul.  Human beings do tend to judge these things in light of the competitive and unbalanced way they have been conditioned to view all things in their world including themselves.

I can say, unequivocally that I am proud to have spent several lifetimes as an indigenous tribal member.  Most the most part, their cultures were based upon living with the cycles of Nature, moving with the seasons, surviving quite well on the abundant game, fish, berries, roots and nuts available in the landscape through which they passed.  They did not live by the clock or appointments, but by the seasons.  It was a simpler life, a life free from restraint and abusive laws and regulations.

It is evident that after 200 to 300 years of abusing the resources of the world, that humanity is going to be required to make a great shift away from being a consumer society to one that lives with and nurtures the environment.  It is a matter of allowing the feminine energies of intuition and inner wisdom, peace and love to bring balance to a world that has been overheated by the unbalanced masculine energies.  I am not advocating a return to a matrilineal society, but rather a society wherein each individual is encouraged to discover their own inner balance.

Things are changing.  Despite the blatant manipulation of mass media, news is still getting out about positive changes going on in the world, yet there is much to be done by those whose mission and life journeys stretch out ahead of them… carrying them forth in the new dawn of the golden age.  That golden moment has not quite arrived and may take some time, so do what you can to hasten it by working on your self, clearing and discovering what makes you tick, what makes YOU smile; what gives you joy.

For me… I would just like to visit with friends and family at Home and take a long time to become reacquainted with my mate.  We’ve known each other since childhood, but when a soul aspect is gone, it is evident that the person is “different”, not quite whole.  In re-blending with Lady Tazjima, she will become whole, again. 

Many adventures await me in the coming months.  Some of them I might be able to share with you, my readers, some I may not.  Not all that is given forth at 6D by those who sit on the great Councils can yet be made known to humanity, even the starseeded Ground Crew that works on the surface.  When it is time and you need to know… then…. and only then will some things be shared.  

In some ways, living in 5D may not seem so very different than what it has been in 3D.  Still, the air and water is pure, there are no standing armies at Home, the people are friendly and loving, everyone has fulfilling work… etc. 

I understand that some of you first encountering this blog may hope that I can answer your questions.  Perhaps, given some time, I could answer a few, but the questions are there for the sake of your own growth, effort and sense of discovery.  Listen to your inner voice, your intuition, follow your hunches or the messages that some of you receive from your guides or even your Higher Selves and find out your own answers.  Each of us comes from an entirely unique perspective; yours is your own to discover. 

I have followed my zigzag path, like Joseph and his people, over hills, mountains, up valleys, over passes and around, again.  Now my path is straightening out and I will be rejoining my people in the stars.  Think of me next Spring when you see Venus rising like a bright star just before dawn in the lightening skies.  Or as you gaze upon the Pleiades in the cold winter skies.  I will be there, with my own family, from whom I have been apart for a very long time.


Eliza Ayres (Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe)

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,    








Higher Self: On the Lessons Gained from Experiencing Duality


Spring on the Zumwalt

Higher Self: On the Lessons Gained through the Experience of Duality

What is the purpose of a light shining if there is no darkness to illuminate and define its brilliance? The Light requires darkness to define itself and to become obvious to those who have developed the needed sensitivity to comprehend, see and “feel” it within themselves.

In an email, one of my readers commented that our planet is the ONLY world that experiences duality. This statement is not entirely true, but one that some light workers believe, perhaps out of fear of what they are experiencing HERE. It is a belief not grounded in MY experience of the Lighted Worlds, what I am beginning to remember. Duality exists up to the very level where Divine Mother split from Divine Father in order to create the physical realms. Duality exists up to the very Throne of the Creator and then ends.

However, the duality that we experience on Planet Earth, is that which has been drawn to the very extremities of what can be experienced anywhere within the physical realms of Creation, which are vast and currently incomprehensible to the human egoic mind.

A mind that is closed to the possibility that duality exists elsewhere, even on their own Home world is still not comprehending that darkness exists here, within themselves and within all other living creatures. There is a purpose for this, one that I am not sure I have the words to articulate, but that I feel.

On Earth, during the last 15,000 years or so, since the advent of the forces of darkness, or what has become known by various names as the Illuminati, Team Dark, the Loyal Opposition… etc., darkness has been used by these beings on purpose to induce fear in the hearts of mankind.   Even these so-called “evil” ones fear the darkness that they engender through their sadistic rituals. They have used the dark arts to manipulate the energies upon the earth so they can retain control of the people; the beings who are, in turn, THEIR masters, come from the higher dimensions, from the fourth dimension and on up into, at least, the sixth. Duality DOES exist elsewhere. These beings know it and use it. And they have purposefully used the metaphysical arts themselves while openly condemning those who would use the same forces for the purpose of enlightening the world, to keep the illiterate masses “in the dark” about the true power that EVERY human being can command IF they are ready to assume the responsibility that goes along with it.

Why would one want to deny the existence of darkness within when that very darkness can ultimately prove to be the source of their own power? I’m not talking here or suggesting that you take up the dark arts and mimic the actions of Team Dark. No… I am simply pointing out that the darkness that everyone seems to be afraid of is actually the Divine Feminine essence of each person, something that has been missing for centuries from our world. Our world is in trouble simply because the male essence of humanity has been allowed to command and destroy; the active element of our beings needs to be balanced by the passive, intuitive part, the feminine essence that dwells within each human being, acknowledged or disinherited.

Who was in power when the darkness fell upon this planet? The priestesses of the Law of One. Many goddesses reigned over the Earth, teaching their priestesses, and bringing enlightenment and culture to the indigenous people here. Have you ever wondered why anything feminine has been so hated and suppressed by the beings who have been in control for the last 10,000 years or so? They fear the power of a truly BALANCED being, a human being who has command over BOTH his masculine essence AND his feminine essence.

Why are women and for that matter, the people of indigenous cultures put down and marked for destruction by the forces of Team Dark?  It is because they fear the power that potentially exists within each fully balanced, ascending being. They know that if word were to go out to the masses that by becoming a balanced human, that you can transcend the influence of Team Dark, then they would lose control of this planet and many others that are currently under their sway, within this Universe.

The indigenous peoples of the planet have known forever how to live WITH the planet, within the rhythms of the planet, within Her cycles of destruction, creation and transformation. Their spiritual leaders often have carried down or experienced themselves visions of what is to happen. Their myths and legends are grounded in their unique experience of life here on planet Earth. They do not need books to figure out how a plant grows, what food is good to eat or how an animal behaves, for they or their teachers have observed all of these things with their own eyes and other senses. They are at one with the Earth and she holds these people close to Her bosom. Yet all who exist here can and will be tested and go through trials of fire, death and desolation, for that is the way of the extremities of duality that have been experienced within the last several ages of the Earth… for centuries.

The pain and suffering that has been experienced here has been labeled by many as being “bad”. To Spirit, to that greater part of You that exists in the Lighted Worlds, the pain and suffering has simply been the result of experience. You cannot truly learn what it is that another suffers unless you have walked in his or her shoes, i.e., been there yourself. How do you expect to teach the beings of other worlds to whom many of you will be sent in future lifetimes to enable THEM to break free of the bonds that have darkened their worlds?

Those of you who have experienced some form of trauma within your lifetime here, or are still experiencing difficulties, it is not that you have failed to comprehend the Laws of Manifestation or have failed some test… for you may be in the process of taking on the karma of many others, even thousands of other human beings in order to bring it back into balance. That is what karma is… balance. If you kill a person in one life time, you must go back and perform some deed that will energetically bring the balance back to neutral. That does not mean you will be killed in this lifetime, although it is a possibility if you do not work to clear all fear and negativity within your own being.

It is not wise to judge the sufferings of others. Some light workers take on the manifestations of disease or disabilities in order to balance great chunks of karma for others. Some light workers have also to balance their own dark roles played out in the drama that has been experienced within the last centuries.

A few days ago, I was watching a documentary on the great Shoguns of Japan. When I learned that my mate and I lived as husband and wife in Japan, I knew at once that he had been, at the very least, a Samurai warrior… and most likely a Shogun. In order to gain power in that extremely violent culture, divided as it was between warring war leaders, it was necessary to be “bigger and badder” than the opposition. I know that my mate holds rank as a commander in the forces of the Galactic Federation of Light. He is experienced in the arts of both war and peace. He was one of the great Shoguns who was able to command the military forces of Japan to such a degree that for a few golden years peace reigned in that benighted country. As military leader or Shogun, he commanded more power that the ineffectual Royal Court, and was able to give peace to the PEOPLE of the country. Under his reign and patronage, the arts were able to flower and flourish, for a time, until the next cycle of destruction began upon his death.

Such has been the experience of this planet, but that is soon to change. The extreme dualism that has been experienced here will be lessened to a great degree, but duality will STILL exist, for it is a necessary part of physical existence. And for those light workers who believe that living in the fifth dimension will be all play and no work, I have this to say, grow up. You will have jobs and careers, you will be mated and some of you will have children. There are different cultures and traditions and peoples who exist, human beings of other species, who exist on the lighted worlds within THIS galaxy and universe, who experience some form of duality or another. This is NOT the only world where duality exists; only one of the only ones where it exists in such levels of contrast to engender pain and suffering.

The experiences of the soul essence that I share with Young Joseph, the one whom his people called (in English) Thunder Rolling down the Mountains, were painful to the extreme. He was unable to fulfill the wishes of his father, Old Chief Joseph, and retain the age-old claim of the People upon the lands that extended from the Snake River well into the area now called the Eagle Cap Wilderness, as part of the lands of the Whitman-Wallowa National Forest. Due to the guilt he felt and took upon himself, part of his spirit remained, separated from the Light, to act as a Guardian Spirit for his people and the land from which his physical self was torn and bereft.

When I encountered the spirit of Joseph and he entered my body, I felt no fear. Our energies meshed as if they were meant to do. I didn’t fully understand what was going on then, but the process of re-blending our energies so that HE might go home with me began that day. All his suffering, all his lingering as a spirit guardian of the land has come home in the resurgence of his people and that of other tribes who are now returning to balance, able to reconnect with their spiritual essence and power as sovereign beings. There is much to be done among these indigenous peoples, as many of the souls currently embodied amongst them are the souls of those soldiers and civilians who took part in the destruction of the indigenous cultures. Thus, karma comes full circle and the Great Wheel of Life is remade; balance is attained once more by all who participated in the drama of life, in the great cycle of destruction, creation and transformation.

Last night, I performed a simple yet extremely powerful act of spiritual cleansing on the part of all who participated in that great drama. My Sirian friend, T, told me of a manner of clearing that she was guided to use by one who is called the Goddess of Change, Lady Claudine. This same Lady is, like myself, a member of the VaCoupe Family of the Pleiades, and She is my Aunt, in Truth.

Lady Claudine gave my friend a mission, to assist in the cleansing of the astral fields above the great battlefields of the Civil War in this country, which was fought between the North and South, allegedly over whether or not slavery would be allowed to exist. It was actually an economic war, but that is another tale best told by someone with more grasp of the manipulation of the world’s economies by Team Dark.

Simply put, the healing technique is to ask or command the angels to place great pillars of Light within a certain landscape and therein invite all soul fragments who have lingered there, to break free of their perpetual cycle of suffering so that they might walk into the Light and return Home. I am writing of this technique so that other lightworkers might utilize it in their own homelands, for the astral realm is filled with the fragments of souls who have suffered long.

Why is this work so important? And why has it not been shared before? It must be done by people who have no interest in utilizing the energies of these stolen ones for themselves. You must be a balanced human being, capable of remaining neutral in the face of great suffering. The pain and fear suffered by these lost ones has served as food, literally, to feed the insatiable appetites of the entities who have sought to keep this world under their control.

Why must you be balanced in order to do this work? You must be strong within yourself, balanced and capable of shielding your auric field, because you WILL become a target of Team Dark, as a consequence of doing this work. It is a reality that many light workers do not want to face and perhaps are not ready to face for they have not done enough of their OWN personal clearing to be able to maintain the necessary stance of neutral strength and determination in order to accomplish this important work.

I’m not here to point out the weaknesses that I see in others, yet you must know yourself well enough to stand in the Light and to be the Light Warrior that you are in higher realms. It is easier to do in the Lighted Worlds than it is to do here, dear ones. Be prepared. Be strong. Be true to your own Spirit and those who look to you to act as an example. This includes, not only those who are currently wearing physical bodies, but also those who linger as “ghosts” or soul fragments in the astral plane and who can clearly “read” your energy field and “hear” your thoughts.

So… what did I do with this clearing technique? Since joining with the soul fragment or aspect that was Joseph, I have within me the memories of what he and his people went through during their flight from the American military forces. And within this lifetime, I have either lived or traveled through many of the lands through which the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce passed. Therefore, I had a right, even an obligation to call upon the Angels of Archangel Michael to create great tubes of Light across this entire landscape, extending from Wallowa Lake to the boundary lands between the State of Montana and Canada. And then I called forth the spirit guides of BOTH the native people and the soldiers to stand forth and call out to their people. I did this before I went to sleep last night. When I woke up this morning, I could feel a great joy within. And Joseph told me, with tears in his dark eyes, that ALL of his people stepped forth into the Light. Now, he was truly free to go Home with me, and truly blessed for having been a guardian of his people for so long.

The human collective is one. That means ALL who are embodied here, whether conscious members of Team Dark or Light, or simply here, are all members of the human collective. The ones who agreed to play the roles of Team Dark in this lifetime, have, in many instances overplayed their hands and have become enamoured of power, position and wealth and are unwilling to give up all that they now regard as their own. They will be required to balance this misuse of power in future life times and they will. Do not be so foolish as to be required to join them by standing in condemnation of what they have done, for their departure from the letter and spirit of their soul contracts has enabled many a human being to break free of the culture of hatred and fear that has been engendered for long in order to control the masses of humanity from finally coming into their own power and beauty.

This special blend of humans that has been developed upon this planet has a great destiny before it. That destiny will be taken up when the race, that comes from the genetic material of many star races, finally graduates to adulthood. That time… the beginning of the cycle in which this great transition begins, is upon humanity. They have a choice – to linger in the shadows and to fall back into darkness or to step forth into the brilliance of their own Christ Light and claim their sovereignty, power, grace and will.

This choice is also upon those who are the Way showers for humanity, the volunteer light workers. You are the new leaders, perhaps not through the usual manner, but in how you comport yourself in your daily lives, how you take care of yourself and how you treat others. If you continue to wallow in the delusions of victimhood and turn away from the possibility that you ARE a being of great power and strength, you will continue to suffer along with the rest of humanity who are resisting the changes that are coming upon them, not just through outer circumstances, but also from within, from their own spiritual essence that keeps their physical vehicles alive and functioning.

Step into that flame of living fire that you are and claim your Light and Love as your own. Be true to yourself and you will be true to others, for in Truth, you are One.


Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe (etc., etc.)

P.S.  For those Lightworkers who feel that they are ready to do this kind of work, my friend, T, reminded me that it is on the Angels of Resurrection that you call.  Angels have specific “duties” and assignments, but do require the permission and participation of an embodied light being / light worker on the planet to go forth and complete this work.  For this we have come here, my darlings.  We are the embodied angelic beings who command our brethren to do the work for us — which we are ALSO doing in the Lighted Realms — for we are One.

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, Permission is NOT granted to render this material into any other form than as it has been written.







Eliza: On Team Dark Attacks


Sunset over Jack Mtn.

Eliza: Team Dark Attacks

Some light workers don’t want to admit that there is any negativity in the world, within themselves or around them. Others focus on it perhaps a little too much, which is a stage of coming more awake and aware of the world we live in presently. 

Those of us who have stepped forward, through spoken or written word, will and do suffer from occasional attacks from Team Dark, as Denise LeFay calls the opposition forces. 

This morning, I woke up abruptly out of a troubled sleep, to hear the usual telepathic banter going on, but this time it was different. There was a negative cast to it. In short, I was being “told” that my ascension date had been moved back, that I was being kicked out the council… etc., etc. Team Dark was pulling all the stops to make me feel like I had disappointed my mentors and brought shame upon myself. They WANTED me to be fearful and to take the blame for whatever…

In waking up and listening to this conversation but briefly, I “told” them out loud, “I AM withdrawing all permission to receive telepathic messages!” And went into protective mode, calling upon Archangel Michael to shield me, requesting the presence of my assigned Eagle to be with me… etc.

Next, I went to the laptop and messaged my friend, T, to verify or not what was going on.   After checking with HER angels and a couple of our shared mentors, she let me know that it was an attack from Team Dark. She had also woken up feeling sick and being threatened by images of vicious black dogs, etc. Team Dark will chose anything that might get you upset, angry, fearful or ashamed, just so they can get you, the light worker, to withdraw from their work.

My friend, T, also told me that most attacks do occur at night, when you might be unprepared or go into fear due to experiencing a nightmare or difficult dream.  As you pass from the higher dimensions where most of you go during sleep, through the lower astral planes just before waking up, you are at your most vulnerable.  Attacks can and do take place there… sometimes remembered just as waking as a “bad” dream.  Wake up a little, call on the Violet Flame and give yourself a brief “light” shower to cleanse your auric field and remove any “ick” that might be lingering there.  If you don’t practice this kind of spiritual hygiene as a matter of course, you might be leaving yourself open to whatever or whoever comes along to test your boundaries and resolve.

 Once I had established that this was an attack, I could then shield appropriately and be on guard for any future “attacks” like this one. And I was thankful to have someone who understood exactly what I was dealing with, as T has experienced a lot of attacks while being here, simply for being who she is. 

When you announce your presence and spiritual heritage to the world (or at least a very small part of it) you can be assured that you will, at one time or another, receive such an attack, and so be ready for it. Know how to ground and shield yourself, your house or dwelling, your family, your car and work space. Build up your Merkaba Body and reinforce your auric field. Do not pretend that it’s all light and love out there, for right now, there are still plenty of dark entities who can and will attempt an attack.

Why was I the subject of an attack? Well, recently I have divulged some bits about my being a walk-in light being, a blended Pleiadian – Venetian (from Venus) from 6D. In short, in just being here I carry and anchor a lot of light for the planet and the ascension process for humanity. Most of my life, I have operated in sleath mode, for my own protection and safety… and simply because I wasn’t aware of my real origins. Sometimes the dimensional amnesia or “Veil” that we receive when coming into incarnation or even as walking in, can act as a protective device for us until we are prepared to withstand attacks of this ilk. 

All the attack this morning managed to do was to wake me up a bit to the need to reinforce the crystalline dome that I put over the house when I sleep at night. These things, such as grounding and shielding, are not done out of fear, but being prepared. I don’t dwell on the possibility that I might be attacked, for that would drop my frequency level right down. 

Until the astral and emotional bodies of the collective consciousness are fully cleansed and clear of all remaining negative thought forms, this kind of thing can occur, at any time and to anybody who shines a little brighter than the people around them. I’ve been told by several people that my Higher Self is a high level light being, so this is not a matter of ego for me. I am simply stating a fact that has been presented to me over a matter of 30 years or more. 

All those who are intent in ascending with the planet, will have to do their own work in clearing their astral, mental and emotional bodies. That means accepting responsibility for doing the work yourself or with some assistance from qualified spiritual healers. I’ve been working on this process for over 20 years, while partly conscious of what I was doing. 

It’s not important to learn from whence you came, just that you are here to do something. Everyone on the planet is meant to be here whether or not they are currently enjoying the experience. All light workers volunteered and/or were sent here as emissaries and because they had specific talents and abilities that could be utilized to the benefit of the collective. It’s up to you to discover your own talents and gifts. If you wait around for someone to tell you what they are, you may be waiting for a long time. 

I’ve been consciously working with Archangel Michael since 1986, when I first encountered the Ascended Master teachings. I took Him immediately to my heart and learned how to speak His name even when in the midst of a difficult dream. His energies and love have carried me through many difficult times.  I have had a light team working with me as well, changing as I have grown and taken on more responsibility for my own process.  I haven’t known the names of my guides and mentors, at least until quite recently, but I did learn to recognize their “energy signatures.” 

Learn your own energies and that of the Lighted Ones who work with you. By their frequency and vibrational “tones” you will know whether or not a message that you are receiving is truth. If you have doubts or want verification have someone you trust who can check in for you, but depend first, always, on your OWN intuition. This is the VOICE of Spirit working through your own physical vehicle. It is subtle, but always right on target; however, it’s up to YOU to listen to the subtle voice inside.

If you are subjected to an attack, spring into protect mode and then sort yourself out. Do something to calm yourself and then assess the situation. Don’t act from impulse as I was being urged to do… For instance, it was being subtly suggested that I close down the blog and my Facebook page… effectively cutting off communication with other people. Wouldn’t that just delight Team Dark to push someone off balance and plunge them into all kinds of woe. Sorry; been there, done that. I remember my experience with entity-induced psychosis. It was NOT a pleasant experience, although I learned a lot about how resilient the human spirit can be. 

Well, I’m fine now, relaxed and determined. Lord Adrigon assures me, through T, that the date has NOT been changed and that the Light Forces were not behind that little energetic confrontation this morning. Still, I have remained closed to all telepathic communication through the day… just for drill. Remember, you ARE a sovereign being; you can “turn-off” communication with ANY unseen entity if you feel uneasy about it. And they have to respect your wishes as this is Cosmic Law, whether you are a Light Entity or from Team Dark. In truth, once beyond the realms where duality exists, these sides are non-existent, but that is currently a concept that few seem willing to understand such is the heavy conditioning that humans have received regarding “bad” and “good”.   Another time, perhaps… 

All that exists emanates from the Divine Father through Divine Mother. The Mother is the highest aspect of ALL sentient beings, which includes planets, galaxies, moons, stars, the soil beneath your feet, the birds in the sky, the elemental beings, devas… etc., etc. 

As all things emanate from the One Creator, there is no separation in the beginning. What people call the “Devil” is simply a dark reflection of the “Angel”, as it exists in duality; the Yin and the Yang. Another time, perhaps… 

My friend, T, assures me that I passed a major test. If you have not encountered such a test, begin preparing now, for if you mean to ascend, you will be tested along the way. 

I would like to add, for my faithful readers, thank you for your comments and emails. As for questions that are not on topic, save them for someone else. I am not a spiritual encyclopedia. What I know now has taken me years to absorb and comprehend. The ascension process is not the evening news, filled with sound bites. It takes dedication, effort, time and focus. If you think otherwise or are trying to discover an easier way, then good luck. Of course, the efforts of the ones who are leaving now, the First Wavers, has made it easier for you; still, there will be challenges and tests. Buck up your courage, open your heart and mind and go for it. 


@ All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Journal Entry 08.14.2014

Mountain Goat - Cascades

Journal Entry 08.14.2014

It’s not often that you wake out of a heavy sleep and hear a strong voice in your head, talking about the Illuminati… I asked telepathically, “Who’s speaking?”  The answer came back, “Hush, we’re in Council!”  It was Sanat Kumara… another sponsor.

Okay, so I’m at a Council meeting that I don’t ever remember attending, but who knows what’s on the agenda for Lady Tazjima.  I can say with all honesty that things are progressing rather rapidly for me.

Meanwhile, at the ranch… no, I don’t live on one; that’s just an expression that I grew up with… it’s getting challenging to be at work when I only feel partially in the body.  Sundeelia is there, of course, but I’m not quite, all the time.  Still, the work gets done.

We’ve been having some small-scale thunderstorms moving through, but they haven’t dropped much moisture in town.  The storms seem to cling to the mountains to the south and southeast and also go around us to the north.  Quite spectacular cloud layers… perhaps not as tremendous as they can get in the Mid-West and Southwest, but pretty, with white rims against a black sky.  And rumbling thunder, with lightning strikes.  I hope these storms don’t start any fires in our area, but the mountains are very dry now after our hot, hot summer.  Hottest summer for a very long time.  Obviously, the heat and fires seem to be the chosen cleansing tool for Mother Earth for this area.  We’ll just have to bear with it for now.

Curious thing this morning as I was replying to an email, I stated that I had been a keeper of the flame for the planet, not necessarily the people.  And that the next rank / waves of lightworkers would be working with humanity to bring them into the ascension process that the planet has already attained.  I was just thinking about how many lives that I have spent in “backward” areas, indigenous tribal settings and wild lands, always close to the land.

Although I’m not living in a cabin these days or a tepee… I am still in tune to the rhythms of Nature and pay attention to the weather, the birds and other animals… and whatever else I am blessed to observe.  Many people do not take the time to really be in their bodies and to enjoy the beautiful physical setting that our Mother Earth has provided for us.  It always pains me to see litter and abuse to the wildlands.  I can totally understand the pain and inability to understand a people who have allowed themselves to be so completely cut-off from the planet that supports their lives.  There are a lot of changes that must be made… but others will be in charge of creative solutions for the healing of the earth and of humanity, itself.  Each are a reflection of other, although one is a whole lot more aware.

Even dogs are more aware than humans and not just because they more sensitive ears and senses.  The other night when I was writing out the story about Joseph and myself, the neighbor’s dog was barking, continuously, for hours.  Seems I had a visitor that I didn’t “see”, but my doggie friend did… one of my Light Being mentors stopped by to give me some support while I was writing.  However, the vizcar (small scout ship) parked outside really set off the watch dog.  Funny… my life is getting kind of weird.

I suppose from some of the things that I write, you would think I’m pretty spacey, but as I was telling my friend, T, if I was any more grounded, I’d be compost.

Our Earth needs your loving attention.  Be gentle to yourself, as your body is part of Her; be gentle with all kinds of animals… and be gentle to the environment.  Not by making crazy laws, but by being mindful of where you are, what’s going on… how you feel… etc.  Sooner or later, each individual who wishes to remain on this blue-green globe will have to recognize that they must be responsible for their thoughts and actions, towards self and others.

I remember when I was hiking with my husband years ago… over 30 some… that the rocks we were climbing over, some nice granitic-diorite, were alive.  I don’t think he heard me, or tuned it out as our minds tend to do… Pretend it’s not there if you’re not prepared to accept it as truth… or whatever.  Still, I’ve been very aware, without being taught, that everything around us is “alive”… that is, in physics talk, it’s all energy, vibration and frequency.  Raise yours and suddenly strange animals will be coming up to you for a loving pat or two.  Happens all the time when I go walking, at least with some dogs and cats…

I have camped alone and hiked alone… and am sensible and experienced enough to know my physical limits.  I at home on the planet, but She is not my Home.  Not for long.



Eliza: Opening Up To Spirit



Eliza: Opening Up to Spirit

This is an account of my experience on when I first “met” Young Joseph, known also as Chief Joseph in the annals of the American West, as a chief of the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce. I first wrote these words almost a year ago, towards the last week of August.

I recently experienced an interesting encounter the other day with the spirits or souls of departed Wallowa Band Nez Perce or Niimupu (The People) as expressed in their own language. As I had been camping several days in the beloved land of Wallowa, it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but not consciously looked for. When I got out of my car, after being tickled by a sudden inward nudge, I climbed up the side of the humped grassy moraine, thinking that I would take some photos of the mountains.

Chief Joseph Mountain loomed up just to the south, Mt. Howard to the southeast, and Mt. Ruth to the southwest. The tilted flatlands of the Wallowa Valley extended to the west, north and east. Beyond were the golden prairie of the Zumwalt and the deeply carved canyons of the Imnaha and Snake River drainages. It was a bold land, a powerful land and one that has attracted strong people over the ages. One of the larger bands of the great Nez Perce people, the Wallowa Band, once claimed this land as their own until forced by the U.S. government to give it up in the late 19th century.

Slowly, very slowly, the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce Nation are reestablishing a presence in the valley and the region, by buying a portion of their former hunting grounds, part of Joseph Canyon, a deep rugged canyon that once served as a corridor to travel to and from summer camp in the Wallowa Valley to the winter camps in the warmer sheltered canyons on the Grand Ronde, Imnaha and Snake Rivers.
Always a peaceful people, save during the extremities of their flight in the late 1800’s, the modern day Nez Perce are also actively forging relationships with the communities of the Wallowa area, as well as with the visitors who are drawn to the beauty of the area. They are in the process of developing a Wallowa Band Nez Perce Trail Interpretative Center Site, where they intend to hold annual gatherings, teach visitors about the Nez Perce War and the flight of the Wallowa Band, as well as develop community for their own far-flung peoples, the local communities and visitors.

Now why would I mention this? Well, this is happening in what I could call, my neighborhood, the extended area of the Blue Mountains and related communities. It is also a manifestation of the cycle of return. The people, disenfranchised by a distant and disinterested government, stripped of their homeland and ultimately driven through river, mountain, canyon and plains to be stripped unceremoniously of their freedom, belongings and even lives, are now regrouping, coming together and growing something for the future of their tribe and the rest of us. It is a positive outreaching that the Nez Perce are accomplishing in the Wallowa area. It has meaning for all of us. An entire people can overcome the trauma of the past and heal, and in doing so, help all of us to rediscover our personal power to be individuals and live together in beauty and harmony.

So, I topped the hill and looked out over the trees that line one of the numerous irrigation ditches in the area. The brown and red slopes of the imposing Chief Joseph Mountain rose above, etched against the blue summer skies, with the forested bench and lower slopes easing towards the lateral moraines that line the shores of Wallowa Lake. As I dropped down the hill, now beginning to realize that the area of the site, Iwetemlaykin, was far larger than I had previously thought. I also felt a rising sense of grief wash over me. It was not my own, but the lingering effect of the history of the place.


Arriving at the bottom of the slope, I stepped onto a flatter area and immediately sensed a presence that seemed to be looking through my eyes. It was male, strong, dignified, compassionate, quiet but at the same time, grieving for what was now gone. I understood this presence to be one of the Niimupu and part of the Wallowa Band who were driven from this place. One must understand the power of place and the intense love that the people had (and have) for this place, a love that I was beginning to touch within myself. In the words of Young Chief Joseph, “I buried him (Old Chief Joseph) in that valley of the winding water. I love that land more than all the rest of the world.”

We walked along the gravel path that edged a tiny grouping of trees. The sense of sharing space with another being was very strong. I could also “see” him; tall, dark-skinned, strong angular bony face, dark eyes, black hair, but felt more of his presence with me. We talked. I asked for a name and received, “White Cloud.” I accepted this, but also sensed he did not wish to reveal what was no longer important to him, his true name.

Without thinking, I made a call to Archangel Michael to free any wandering spirits lingering in the place due to past trauma. As I climbed back up another portion of the moraine, I felt a release of some of the sense of grief and a feeling of gratitude and thanks filled me. As I reached the crest of the hill, I saw a movement to the west of where I stood and realized that it was a bear. Surprised, I prepared my camera in the hope of capturing a shot or two of my find.

It was a young black bear, gleaming reddish-brown in the sunlight. The sighting, coming so close upon my prayer, was to me at any rate a sign from the spirits of the place. The bear, especially reddish ones, are one of my power animals, a being of healing power and quiet strength. I knew that I was being thanked for being there and for making prayer on behalf of the people who once called this place sacred. And no, I never felt any fear for my safety. I seldom do when in nature. I left that place filled with my own longing; to return again.

One year later, due to circumstances, I have not made another trip to the Wallowas. However, the other night, I was told by my primary Guide that Young Joseph or Thunder Rolling Down the Mountains, was a part of my soul essence, a soul fragment that had split off during the traumatic experiences of that lifetime. A portion of his being, of “me” still remained behind and I needed to connect with him, again. Part of my living in this area was to accomplish just that, to re-blend our essence into oneness, again. And so we have done today. This quiet, dignified man who only wanted to keep his people free, is now free again himself.

Copyright © 2012-14 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Eliza: On Reuniting with a Soul Fragment


Spring Storm over the Wallowas

Eliza: On Reuniting with a Soul Fragment

Some of what follows may be taken by some readers as unintentionally offensive or controversial, but is not meant to be so. I am a peaceful person simply writing an account of what I have experienced. You can accept it as truth or leave it behind if it does not resonate. It is MY truth and comes from my heart… to you, my readers. This is also a lengthy piece, which I have written in the middle of the night. It is best read on a computer or Ipad, rather than a cellphone due to the length.

So what are Soul Fragments and why is it important to reunite with them? According to a modern version of shamanism, started primarily by Michael Harner, a soul fragment is a part of a soul that “breaks off” during trauma. This fragment can remain in an area where the trauma took place, basically forever, or until recollected into the primary Soul and returned to the Light from which it first came. Anyone who has lived upon this planet, especially in the last 15,000 years or so, has experienced some trauma, big or small. It doesn’t matter. Every bit of your soul needs to be gathered up and returned to the original essence from which it came or you will be compelled to reincarnate, again, to get the job done. There are many ways to go about this, through shamanic ritual and ceremony, through spiritual clearing… and through conscious reconnection with soul memory of the one who is lost. And so, last summer, I finally came in contact with a part of my soul that had been bereft of his people and his homeland for a long, long time.

For nearly six years now, I have lived near the area where Chief Joseph and his people, the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce, made their home, between the Snake River and what is now called the Eagle Cap Wilderness, a sub-range of the Blue Mountains of Oregon. The Joseph area, named for two famous Indian chiefs from the area, is a less than a three-hour drive away from where I live, not far in the vast reaches of the American West.

Even though more than a hundred years have passed since Joseph and his small band were forced to flee from government forces, the area is still lightly settled, except for an assortment of towns located along the Wallowa River, including Wallowa, Lostine, Enterprise and Joseph. The area has become a draw for tourists, due to the tremendous natural beauty of the mountains, rivers and one of the largest lakes in the area, Wallowa Lake. There has been much change since the time of Joseph, but the mountains and the land endure, as do the vast skies and flowing waters of the great rivers, who still carry some of the salmon, sacred food for the Nez Perce and other nearby tribes.

Last summer, I spent a couple of days at Wallowa State Campground, camping there along with hundreds of other people from all over. It is a very popular site for Oregon and is open all year. When I was there, I walked all around the valley, what I could, as the area has become quite built up with private cabins and small resorts. Apparently the State of Oregon has sold off some of the lands that were originally a wildlife refuge.

I first visited the area back in about 1980, when I was still married to my husband, David. We were returning to Washington from an extended camping / hiking trip, where we also visited his uncle who lived in Missoula, Montana. We stayed overnight at Wallowa State Park, but, at that time, I was not impressed by the place as the campsites were very small and cramped. The next day, we climbed the East Fork Wallowa River Trail to Aneroid Lake and camped there overnight. The next day, we drove back through the highway that follows the Wallowa River towards La Grande and then drove over the pass back into Washington. It would be the last time I would visit the area for nearly 30 years.

When I moved to Walla Walla late in the summer of 2008, I came to Eastern Washington to work. I remembered the nearby mountains a bit, having spent some time there on a four-day hiking trip, traversing a small section of the newly created Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness Area. Little did I realize why I was drawn to this area – I had lived near here before in another lifetime…

I’ve been a hiker and backpacker for much of my adult life save those periods when incapacitated due to physical illness. Although I’ve slowed down quite a bit over the years, I was still eager to explore some of the region as best I could through the means of camping and day hikes. I wasn’t up for backpacking any more, as climbing while carrying a backpack had just become too burdensome. So I chose to go camping instead.

The first year I spent a summer in the area, I didn’t go camping until after Labor Day weekend. I’ve never been one for crowds and after working in a stressful environment, I wanted some peace and quiet. So I headed towards the Wallowa area, first checking on a local State Park and finally ending up on Bear Creek.

The bear, being a power animal for me, proved a good choice. At the end of the road there was a small campground, called Boundary Camp. I settled in and found that I had a couple of days without too many other visitors to the area. One day, I also drove my car through the string of towns along the Wallowas going towards Joseph. I ended up at Wallowa State Park, just driving through the area, looking at the changes wrought by the years since I first visited. It looked like a fair ground, strewn with miniature golf courses, a tramway, riding stables, resorts and cabins, along with the sizeable park. I wasn’t impressed at all.

The next couple of years, I spent some more time exploring the various canyons that were accessible to my little car. I camped and did some day hikes, realizing that I wasn’t able to get to the center of the wilderness any more, but content enough to nibble along the edges of it. It was enough to get out of town and away from my work place. In the process, I crossed and criss-crossed much of the area originally claimed by the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce.

One year, I spent a couple of nights at Buckhorn Campground, a non-descript, run-down little camp located on the rim above the Snake River. It was also the beginning of the trail which Joseph and his people took to escape from the soldiers who were pursuing them in an effort to get them to go quietly to the reservation grounds set aside for the Nez Perce in Idaho.

Last year, I decided to try and stay a couple of nights at Wallowa State Park. My co-workers were concerned about my traveling and camping alone. I told myself that it would be safer in the State Park and I was curious about the place, even despite the apparent lack of appeal of the area.

I was stunned by my reaction to being in the valley. It felt like home to me. My camp was located not far from the Wallowa River. I could hear the low roar of the slightly swollen stream as it was filled with the snow-melt of mid-June. The weather was stormy when I arrived, with rain showers. After setting up camp,, I drove to the Zumwalt Prairie, the grasslands located northeast of Joseph in hopes of catching some of the spring flowers and took pictures of the moody weather returning later to my humble campsite.

The next day proved a bit drier, so I decided to try a trip up the tramway to the top of Mount Howard. The views from the top were stupendous, looking into the center of the Eagle Cap Wilderness, as well as the territorial views to the north and east, towards the Seven Devils Range, in Idaho. They were views that encompassed a large portion of the region that had originally been claimed as their homeland by the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce. It was a land that was sacred to the people.

Wallowa Lake from Mt. Howard Tram

I knew a little about how the Nez Perce had lived in the area. They summered in the region of where the town of Joseph is now located, using the grass of the well-watered valley to fed their herds of cattle and horses. They hunted in the mountains and gathered nuts, berries and roots in the canyons, hillsides and valleys. In the winter, they moved their camps down towards the Snake River, sheltering in the warmer river canyons, still hunting and fishing, while mainly eating the meal made from beaten roots of the camas, as well as dried salmon and other natural foodstuffs found in the area.

There were also caves and protected areas located along the rivers where the natives could shelter during the winter storms. Life was harsh, but the people were free. They also crossed the Snake periodically to join other tribes in the area that is now Idaho and even into Montana, to participate in large communal hunting for wapiti and the forest bison that lived in the mountains. Tradition maintains that Young Joseph was born in a cave located in the east bank of Joseph Creek, which runs north to the Grande Ronde River, through the steep-sided Joseph Canyon. I have also driven past this canyon, across the source waters of Joseph Creek, on my way to find a camping area on one of my trips.

That same summer after my first venture in staying at Wallowa State Park, I decided to go back during the week before Labor Day. I stayed in a spot located very close to where there would be nightly presentations held by campground volunteers. The program for the week while I was staying there was about Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War.

For four nights, I watched part of an old movie about Chief Joseph, his people and their travails during the late 19th century. The movie was augmented by a lecture given by a volunteer who had been doing this sort of thing for years. The entire presentation gave a good overview of what had taken place some hundred years or so in the past in this very area.

When I was walking around the resort, I picked up a book about Joseph. I have yet to read it, but will, especially given what I was told yesterday by a good friend via Facebook… that Chief Joseph was a soul fragment of MY soul and I was here to reclaim him so I could take this fragment back with me when I was scheduled to return Home this autumn.

The day that I left the campground, I was almost at the edge of Joseph when I decided to stop and look at the new National Site located on the outskirts of the little town of Joseph, dedicated to the memory of Joseph and his people. As I walked along the trail, climbing up a dry grassy ridge, I felt a presence settle into my body. It was male, Native American, a very solemn, sad and dignified man. I didn’t want to admit it at the time, but it was Young Joseph.

Together, we looked over the site. I made some brief prayers and calls to Archangel Michael to release whatever spirits were lingering in the place so that they could return to the Light. As I sensed this presence was not hostile or threatening, I allowed him to use my eyes to survey the area. He was very, very sad, but pleased that I brought some healing energy to the place.

As “we” walked further, I crossed a creek and then climbed back up the ridge and turning saw a young bear ambling across the grassy ridge to the north of where I was standing. I took this as a sign, as thanks for the calls that I had just made, as the bear has been a totem animal for me for a long time. When I returned to my car, I began to “hear” someone else come in, a being called, “White Cloud”. Later that day when I arrived home, I channeled a couple of messages from “White Cloud”, but really I feel now that I was channeling Joseph. I just couldn’t admit it at the time.

Soul fragments are parts of souls that break off due to trauma and violent death. In reading about the latter years of Chief Joseph, his life and that of his people was traumatic enough to cause great pain and a splitting of the soul essence, leaving a portion of it in the land that he so loved, the land where his father and mother were buried. My unconscious purpose in visiting those lands, living near those lands, was to re-claim this portion of my Soul, so that when I returned home this autumn, I would not be compelled to reincarnate to complete the process.

As a white woman, I feel somewhat awkward in claiming that Chief Joseph is a part of my soul, but there it is. The synchronicity of it all was just too obvious.

My friend, Trillia, had told me that I was in the area because I had been a Nez Perce in another lifetime. As these “past” lifetimes are actually simultaneous in nature, I was actually in the area where Joseph was experiencing the events that tore apart his life and the life of his beloved people. I could “feel” the great sorrow that lay upon the land to the north of the shores of Wallowa Lake. I could also feel the sacred quality of the Wallowa River where it flowed into the lake. I had seldom felt so at peace as I did while sitting there on a log looking at the clear waters flowing by.

Last night, my primary spiritual counselor and mentor, at least for this portion of my journey, told me that Chief Joseph was a part of “me”. He was quite clear about it. Again, I didn’t want to hear about it. Joseph was too prominent a historical figure in the area, too much of a figure of popular imagination and native heritage for me, a white woman, to claim as part of my soul essence. However, I knew that Lord Adrigon spoke truth. And his statement was confirmed by my friend another walk-in light worker like myself.

For those readers who are new to the term, “walk-in”, this is a process wherein the soul essence of the original occupant of a physical body decides to leave. Instead of going through the usual “death” process, the soul walks out after making a soul level agreement with an incoming or “walk-in” soul that will occupy the body thereafter. It happens more than you might think and it quite common now during the transitional period that our world is currently undergoing.

So, I came into my physical body when it was but an infant or young child. Most walk-ins come into adult bodies, but exceptions are made due to certain circumstances. My previous lifetime when I did incarnate had been cut short by misadventure during WWII; so I was given the choice, reincarnate, again or walk-in… or stay in the Light Worlds. I still had work here to do, so I chose to walk in.

Some walk-ins come in with full conscious memory of the process and what they are and have been “elsewhere”; most do not. I was one of the latter. For years, I had no conscious memory of what and who I was. Through the years, however, I began to gather up clues here and there, eventually, within the last year or two, piecing them together enough to make a tapestry of facts that finally made sense.

I had known that I had a profound connection to Sanat Kumara and that it was even possible that I was a member of his family. As the years passed my hunch was confirmed, especially when I was given my “spiritual” name, Tazjima Amariah Kumara. There… I was at least a Kumara, but still didn’t know what that meant.

A couple of years ago, I also discovered a new angle to my origins. I was confirmed as a Pleiadian star seed. I didn’t know much about the Pleiadians other than they appeared to be quite active assisting with the current transition from one major cycle, one of great darkness, to a new cycle of light, the dawning golden age. In one book, by Barbara Marciniak, the Pleiadians called themselves the Bringers of the Dawn. They were present in our solar system, as part of the fleet of the Galactic Federation of Light, made up of many ships from star nations supporting what has become known as “Project Earth”, to assist in the birthing of a new age for planet Earth and ultimately, this entire Universe. That story is too long to get into at this time, so I will continue on with mine.

This past spring while in the midst of the most serious illness that I have had for at least twenty years, I found out more about the Kumaran connection… and how it correlated with the Pleiadian. My new Sirian friend, Trillia Gia, informed me after a short acquaintance via Facebook and Skype, that I was a blended being, having a father from the Pleiades and a mother from the planet Venus, sister planet to Earth in our own solar system. This explained a lot for me… why the word, “Pleiades” set off an internal trigger… why I felt so close to Sanat Kumara and his dedication in saving humanity after the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. My spiritual lineage was connected to both of these great ascended cultures and their purpose for assisting the people of Earth towards ascension.

Along with finding out that I’m actually a walk-in, who didn’t incarnate into my physical family, but came in later as a youngster, I began to understand a lot about how my current lifetime has unfolded. I have experienced a great deal of rejection, from family members, co-workers and those who claimed to be “friends” at one time or another, simply because I was “different”. I didn’t think like a normal Earth human… or at least what passed for “normal” in a very sick Western culture. I was extremely sensitive, somewhat psychic… and as I grew older, became aware that I was also empathic to a high degree and could learn things about people by just being near them for a few moments. And I began to channel spiritual messages from entities, mostly Pleiadian sources. Two years ago, I started this blog and have periodically brought forth messages from The Council of Nine and other Pleiadian, as well as Venetian (from Venus) sources. Little did I know at first, but I was actually channeling a Being whom I have come to know, love and remember… Lord Adrigon, the Lord of the Pleiades and Master Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet… and my real Uncle from higher dimensions… from Home.

In the ensuing months since my illness, I have also learned that I am soon to walk-out and return home. My mission, such as it has been, is now nearly complete. As a volunteer light worker, member of both Pleiadian and Venetian forces, I embodied or landed upon the earth during the days of Lemuria. I have reincarnated or walked-in time after time, for over 500 lifetimes, assisting with the evolutionary process in the LAST evolutionary cycle, which officially ended on December 12, 2012. At this time, it was hoped and even expected that ALL of humanity would ascend into the Fifth Dimension. The Shift didn’t happen quite that way… a portion of humanity is still working on ascension, while some are due to leave in the next 20 to 50 years or so, to reincarnate on another 3D planet where they can complete their soul lessons. The remaining ascended humans will be here for the beginning of a golden era, which is to last for some time… how long is undetermined according to different sources.

Still, the job of bringing in the new dawn will be left to others. Those of what has been called the First Wave of volunteers, are now in the process of leaving this world, whether through the death process, ascension or, in my case, walking out and re-blending with my Higher Self, Lady Tazjima.

In the case of when a soul is departing this world, it is a good idea to pick up the pieces as it were, pieces of the soul left here and there through trauma experienced in various “past” life scenarios. The trauma can be of short duration or long, depending on the circumstances. In the case of Chief Joseph, his trauma extended from the time of the death of Chief Joseph or Old Joseph until his own death at the Colville Indian Reservation, located far to the north of his old homeland, in the State of Washington. After his capture by American forces some miles short of refuge in Canada, he and what remained of his people, were taken prisoner and sent to Oklahoma for many years. Many of the Wallowa band perished from disease and starvation; their ponies also died by the hundreds. Joseph spoke up as an advocate of his people returning to their homeland, but their voices were not heard by the American authorities. He ended up his days a broken man, bereft of much of his kin, in a land far from the beloved valley where his father was buried.

And so cycles come full circle and this one for me and for Joseph is coming to an end. I have been in the process of re-blending with my Higher Self for some months now. And as I have had much recent experience in clearing negative energies and integrating portions of self, I guess Lord Adrigon, as my re-blending counselor and primary mentor, decided that I was ready to for this next step… to re-integrate or claim a once lost soul fragment of mine so I could take it back Home with me in the autumn.

I have conversed briefly with the spirit that is Chief Joseph. He recognizes me, as he did when we were standing on the ridge to the north of Wallowa Lake, both feeling sad about the demise of the Nez Perce people of that region. In the years of my residence in the area, I have come to regard that area as a very special, even sacred place, which still draws many visitors to it year after year. It was a place where I felt a great peace within, a sense of oneness and belonging. The part of me that felt that way was Joseph, but now he realizes that he belongs to another place and is willing to go Home, with me.

There are times in our lives that appear more sacred than others, but in truth every moment is sacred. For some reason, the neighbor’s dog has been barking continuously for hours. Rather than lie in bed listening to the racket or calling the police, I got up and started to write this piece. Joseph and I will complete the journey that I set out upon over 15,000 years ago in Earth time, but a mere blink of an eye in the life of a Pleiadian. I am going Home and Joseph, as a part of my greater soul essence, is going Home with me.


I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe, sister of Light and Love, to all who live upon this planet and beyond.

P.S. The neighbor’s dog stopped barking soon after I finished this piece. How’s that for curious timing?


The link below leads to a military account of the Nez Perce War:


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The Angels: From the Heart of the Mother We Come



The Angels: From the Heart of the Mother We Come

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother. We come to you this day to greet our sisters and brothers who have taken on human form in order to bring into being a new world of possibilities.

Would it surprise you to know that many of you embodied now are angels? You have chosen to take the human path of incarnation rather than remain in the Light Worlds. For this you have given up much, but also you gain much in faster spiritual evolution than is possible in more static environments of the Lighted Worlds.

Change comes more quickly in the lower dimensions, especially in 3D where most of you exist now physically. Your planet itself has moved into the lower levels of the Fifth Dimension, but most of humanity still lives and acts like nothing has changed. Those of you who are awake and aware, know that much has changed. You can feel it in your bodies, with the exquisite aches and pains, growing pains that indicate your carbon-based body is translating into a crystalline-based one.

Much in the way that people relate to each other is also in turmoil. As they wake up, people are discovering that their governments do not represent them as promised; that they have been lied to and in some cases, fraud and deception has been committed. All that has been hidden and suppressed in terms of the institutions of the mankind and their foundations and beginning is now being revealed to be false and made of sand. All that has been created from the old matrix will now crumble into piles of debris and sand, to be blown away by the winds of change.

Chaos attends the act of creation. Yet chaos has purpose in creating opportunities for individuals, families, communities and countries to release what no longer serves. Allow the winds of change to scour you personally and assist your neighbors in understanding that change is an opportunity not a burden. If you can but release your fears of being lost and forlorn, stripped of all you hold dear, you will discover a way of being that releases you from the need to cling to material objects, to people and to outdated belief systems.

Everything seems amplified now in your world. Wars are brewing… or there are attempts to brew them. Trouble between individuals is stirring up emotions and reactive behavior. Learn to step away from the human drama and be still, within your heart center. Allow the winds of change to pass through your body, stripping it of all that is no longer necessary for the journey ahead so you might be set free to create a world wherein all is new and fresh.

Your world is passing through the transitional period known as the Harvest. This time has long been foretold by your prophets and sages. Now it has come to past. Each individual is being measured and weighed like a bowl of wheat berries. Those who vibrate at a lower frequency will pass from this world and enter a new 3D world, which will allow them to pursue further soul growth at that level.

The humans who make the cut and pass into the Fifth dimension will be freed of past limitations and will be allowed to regroup and decide, first as individuals, then as communities and finally as a collective, upon which direction they wish to go.

The process will be gradual for you will still exist in a physical world. You will have new talents and abilities, but these also will be gained gradually. Knowledge will be given to you by your Higher Selves as you prove that you are ready for it. Many humans will acknowledge that with their new-found freedom, they no longer have to collect material objects that serve no purpose in life.

Our scribe has learned that her people, the Pleiadians, live rather simple lives. They have few garments and use only what is necessary in terms of resources. Families work as a unit and for the good of their communities. Everyone cooperates and shares. No one goes without. People receive an education that suits their life purpose and work. Life is regarded as sacred. Children are loved. Mothers are honored for their dedication to bringing forth life.

The peoples of the higher dimensions still have individual natures, yet they also work as a collective. Many of the 5D cultures are actually quite traditional in nature. Some of the cultures find a reflection in various earth-based cultures such as that of Sirius A, from which the Hindu culture of India was originally birthed long, long ago, before the current history of man began. It is a reflection, albeit a greatly distorted reflection. On Sirius A, women still are traditionally forbidden certain work, as it is believed to be demeaning to their husbands as being the providers for the family. Women wear saris and are forbidden to wear heels. There are certain behaviors that are expected of one, depending on rank, yet there all ranks are held as equal. There are no outcasts unless one has greatly offended society in general and then you are allowed to leave, peacefully.

With a window on the other worlds, you might begin to see that you are truly blessed to live on this planet with its intense cycles of change. Opportunities arise here for those who are creative and courageous by nature that might not exist on other worlds. Learn what you can here, so if you are a starseed, you can take back to your Home World what you have experienced here. In this way, other worlds will benefit from the expansion of knowledge brought by the experiences of the human collective.

Many of you greatly underestimate your ability to affect change, whether in your own life or in that of the planet. You do not need to go forth to participate in protests, although you certainly may if you are drawn to that sort of thing. Gandhi performed miracles with an entire nation, galvanizing the disparate peoples and cultures of India to unite and throw the British Raj out of the Mother land. It can be done if there is sufficient wisdom and vision. Your heart must be fierce and see beyond what seems obvious to others, which is in reality simply unnatural… people controlling the destinies of others.

All of you are masters in training. Earth is a fierce schoolroom. When the Fifth Dimension is finally well and truly anchored within the consciousness of the entire remaining human collective, the golden age will truly blossom. Until then, work small… work efficiently, work together to create change within self, within your communities and eventually within your own countries.

Recognize that those who have played the dark roles in this and other lifetimes have done so by agreement at a soul level. They may not have abided by the same soul contract and broken the rules, but they are still your sisters and brothers. Look upon their actions with compassion. Forgive them and forgive yourselves for any past actions that you deem less than desirable in terms of soul evolution. Forgiveness, of self and of those who have harmed you in any way, is the way to step forward swiftly upon your path.

Learn to follow the inner beacon of your own intuition. Many of you wonder how to contact to your Higher Self. Simply still yourself long enough to hear the inner voice. It speaks to you through your intuition and what some people call their conscience. However, it is NOT a voice that cajoles and judges, but one that encourages and assists you in understanding things without being taught.

Understand that once you start responding to the spirit that works through your body in the form of intuition then you will begin to open up to connecting to your guides and mentors. Be open to listening within, always being aware to challenge the spirits, “Are you of the Light? (3x) If not, then be gone!” Understand that you have free will; only YOU can allow the darkness to enter in and overwhelm you. You do not need to pretend to be helpless or to play the victim any more. Open your heart, engage your courage (the fire of the heart flame) and regain your sovereignty, as an individual and as a human collective.

We live in a free-will Universe… or you do, as humans. Angels are angles of Light, messengers if you will, who do as the Spirit wills them. You have a choice as to what to do. And what you choose will be reflected back to you by the Universe, which happily provides what you have focused your attention upon. So if you choose to be unhappy, you will be provided with the kind of experiences and encounters that will support your unhappy emotions and thoughts, so chose well, dear ones.

Be honest with yourself. You will experience the full spectrum of human emotions during this transitional period. It cannot be avoided, as you are in the process of clearing out centuries of miscreations, your own and that of those who belong to your physical and spiritual heritage. Humanity as a whole is in the clearing mode and there is bound to be some uncomfortable moments, so learn to be kind to yourself and others. Open your hearts and experience the beginning of compassion, for self and for those around you who are experiencing loss and change at an astounding rate.

Know that you can call upon the angels to assist you. You must give permission for us to help you as WE regard you as sovereign beings, even if you do not do so yourselves. We are here to support, but you must do the work of translating a much damaged world into a world of opportunity, peace and abundance for all. It is a great work to undertake and you have all been selected most carefully for the range of talents and gifts that you bring from other aspects and lifetimes. You are here for a reason, but it is up to you to discover what that is.

We wish you well. Call upon us if you need comfort and an etheric hug. We are ever with you to heal a broken heart and to mend your wings should you bend a feather. We are your sisters and brothers… even if most of you cannot see us. If you but open yourself up to the energies and feel us… you will begin to sense our presence. Trust your feelings and you will go far, very far, dear ones.

Namaste: We honor the divine presence that lives within every heart that beats upon this planet. Be well.

Channeler: Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,