Journal Entry 04.16.2014


DSCF3042Journal Entry 04.16.2014

Apparently a part of my shift into the higher energies is taking place as a physical “illness”. I have a deep cough and fever, so am taking some time off work to rest and allow for healing. I may or may not be writing much as a result this week; depends on how well I can concentrate, which is not much right now.

I did wake up last night and see a part of the lunar eclipse, through the trees in the backyard. The moon was a reddish brown and quite high in the sky. I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to see it at all because our area had been heavily chem-traileded the day before and several times last week…

Rest well, everyone… and find that calm place within.

Eliza and the Angels: On Embracing Transformation



Eliza and the Angels: On Embracing Transformation

Note to Reader: I started this piece as one with my personal thoughts and experiences, but soon discovered another “voice” braiding into my words. It was my friends, the Angels, back again and eager to communicate with all of you. Many blessings!

Sometimes it appears that the Well of Inspiration goes dry. However, I have discovered that there are cycles to creation as well as destruction. One must let go of previous beliefs and conditioning in order to embrace new ones that enter your awareness. And so it has been for me, during the passage of the last three months of this extraordinary year of Transformation.

It is appropriate then that I should encounter Archangel Ezekiel, the Archangel of Death and Transformation. It might seem by chance or perhaps by clever design that I have encountered and now share this little known but extraordinary Archangel. I am not the first to encounter him nor will I be the last. As with all the Archangels he is in service to humanity; like his brother, Archangel Michael, he serves without expectation of reward or obedience. He is the essence of a Love that dissolves all that does not serve those who appeal to his guidance and presence. He comes to those in need even if they are not yet aware of his name or existence. He has not come forward into more general knowledge for he assists primarily those who are undergoing challenges in their lives and/or those who are on the cusp of a huge transformation.

Death is a transformation, from one form of being to another. Yet death does not always take the body while one is undergoing a major transformation in their life. Grief is a form of death, when a great loss has taken place and one is unwilling to let go of the one who has passed or to let go of a way of life, a belief, a material object or a form of conditioning.

Creation cannot take place without destruction and so it may appear that some forms of transformation are overly violent or destructive. They are so due to the resistance existing within the participants. A dying person will slip gracefully and quietly into their next stage of existence, if they and the ones who love them can let them go. I did this for my parents and although I miss them, I realize that they now have the opportunity to learn much, on the inner planes, in preparation for their next embodiments whether here on Gaia or on another world.

Being on the Path of Initiation, of which Ascension is a part, also involves a great deal of transformation so I am grateful that Archangel Ezekiel has presented himself to my outer awareness so I might work with Him on a more conscious level. This is a measure of mutual respect coming from myself to Him and from Him to me, for what I have accomplished during my sojourn upon this planet.

What I have learned recently and which is continually being reinforced by such encounters with so-called “higher” beings, is that they greatly respect, love and admire us for our courage in being willing to undergo such transformation while being mostly unconscious of the entirety of our Being. It is and has been, for all of us involved, a great challenge and will continue to be so, as we adapt to the changing world around and within each of us.

We are transforming; we can do no other than transform due to the onslaught of cosmic rays that are crashing upon these shores. Heaven has decided that it is time for humanity to wake up. The awakening process can be a strenuous one or it can be filled with opportunities for expansion and the acknowledgement of your own inner wisdom and knowingness as you are guided as surely as if you had an inner guidance system. You do; it is called your high heart center.

Your Christ Self, your soul, the sacred seed of divinity within has always been present and available to you, in all of your lifetimes upon this planet or any other that you have incarnated upon. Only your own unwillingness to look and see and to most especially to feel that presence do you remain in outer darkness. It is your own beliefs in separation and suffering that prevent you from discovering that all you need for your journey, for your salvation and transformation, already exists within. And yet, this first step towards accepting self can be one of the hardest ones for many humans to take.

I can share these thoughts with you, dear ones, for I have walked upon the path that you are now embarking upon. There are some who have surpassed my own progress, yet it to those who follow that I address these words. Only through experience can you understand your self; only through experience can you understand the self that is reflected back to you through the eyes of another human being or the eyes of a living creature.

Our souls were birthed by the Divine Mother and sent into the sea of matter to create. We have divided, sub-divided and divided again until the consciousness of the one who is enveloped in a coat of flesh here is but a tiny portion of All That Is. YET, you are connected, all the way back to Source, back to your divine parents, Mother-Father God, who love you even if you do not know yet that they exist.

Each of us here is a soul-extension of a greater Soul and Monadic Family that are all currently undergoing their own experiences in other worlds; yet, when you become aware of their existence you can call upon these “other” parts of self for assistance. You are truly the sum of the Whole and your wholeness is such that your current human awareness cannot yet comprehend the majesty of it all.

We ask that while the knowledge eludes you that you have faith that you will know what it is that is needed for your journey as the moment approaches. Our scribe has learned to trust in the process, through much trial and “error” or should we say, “Practice”. It has been verified for her that if she lets go of her anxiety and concern about where she should go next, that events and circumstances will unfold naturally and gracefully for her. There are challenges still to be met, but now she knows that she is not alone and that we are ever present with her, even as we now braid our energies with her own during this message.

In opening up and surrendering to being led into a growing mastery of her emotional and mental bodies, she has come to a place where those bodies are being prepared to unite into wholeness, as they once were and have always meant to be. The division between the masculine mental body and the feminine emotional body is as unnatural as the war between the sexes. The belief in this division is designed to keep humanity separated from self, for in actuality, you are androgynous beings within your soul nature.

The sexes were designed for the procreation and continuance of humanity in the lower worlds, as well for the pleasure and company that one can experience when in complete harmony in a physical partnership. This level of beingness has rarely been experienced by those who have lived upon this planet for this unity of spirit, heart and body has been discouraged and denied by those who would keep you separate from your Soul, from your own divinity, from being able to love and accept yourself as you are.

Now you have the opportunity to step out of those bonds of acrimony and self-hatred and to embrace the love and light that you are, in truth… and that you have ever been, despite all that you might have learned or experienced in multiple lifetimes.

Still, through your journey, you have learned much. Humanity has embarked upon this journey of self-discovery for Source and now is in the process of being recalled to that same Source that originally set your “feet” upon this journey. And the accumulated knowledge of your Soul will offer great assistance to the inhabitants of other worlds who are just beginning their own process of re-alignment with the self within.

Many of you are to be teachers, some here and some in other worlds. And are you aware that even now as you struggle through your daily lives, you are teaching those on higher dimensions lessons in cause and effect? You are already teachers to many as yet unknown pupils.

Acknowledge yourself as a being of great light, even if you do not yet fully comprehend our meaning. Know that it is truth. Begin to believe it as truth and strive to incorporate that understanding into how you treat yourself and others within your daily existence.

Yes, you will continue to experience challenges, but do not castigate yourself for your perceived “mistakes” as all so-called mistakes are opportunities for learning more about yourself. You are marvelous creatures on the brink of a wondrous new world, yet you cling to the old ways and cry out with frustration about the ills of the world. We tell you, gently but firmly, that if you want your world to transform, the first step must come with an adjustment in your own attitude and manner in which you view that same world. Everything and everyone who steps into your life or whom you encounter through your media sources acts as a mirror for the way in which you view yourself and your own creations. If you continue to whine, condemn and criticize others, look to self and see what it is there that you can release and dissolve and relinquish.

The other day, our scribe had an opportunity to learn about a young man who is greatly misunderstood by the world and perhaps by himself. Yet she discovered a key within him that may, someday be a key to his complete transformation. It is a key that exists with her that she has not fully comprehended or availed herself of, as she, too, is still experiencing daily revelations and suffering from self-created misunderstandings. Yet, she strives to understand and to allow the process of transformation to occur. She has put herself in the way of great transforming vibrational energies through a present mentor and will discover more about herself in the process. It takes great courage, trust, patience and above, acceptance of self and the journey to undergo such a process.

Yet it is this process that all who wishes to fully undergo the process of ascension in this current lifetime must undergo. Yes, the frequency levels of the planet are rising and with them, in harmonic convergence, so too are the frequency levels of humanity; yet there are many who will be unable to continue on in physical form while this ascension process unfolds. Many will leave the planet. Allow them to leave on their own terms, without judgment from you. Let the compassion that is within your heart center embrace these departing ones, for you will encounter them, again, when further along in your own journey. As you have all emanated from Source, you are all one gigantic energetic entity, broken up into tiny bits, into animals, humans, the soil, water, air… as clouds, galactic beings, light beings, ascended masters, cosmic rays and so on. You are all a part of the Whole and yet it will take some of you to discover this truth for yourself and finally come into acceptance.

We bid you to discontinue mouthing meaningless sayings that you do not understand and come into a new understanding and appreciation for the power of your words, thoughts and emotions. You are all Creator Gods in your higher essence; you all created this world that you now play within. Only through changing how you see yourself and others will you be able to affect a lasting and harmonious change upon this planet. Change will come, but in what manner, is dependent on each of you. Accept your responsibility to change yourself first and then you can emanate your newly found peace from within self out to others. Until you really experience the inner connection with your own Self, you are but a vessel disconnected from Source through your own thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Our words and manner of expression may seem harsh to some, but we are filled with the greatest admiration for you even as you do struggle and appear to stumble. It is the stumbles and the struggles that you will remember, although the pain will be released. Still the knowledge is being ever recorded by those who are watching over you, the Silent Watchers, members of the Angelic Realms, where you, too, exist in your higher essence.

Be open to discover guidance and clues for your journey anywhere and everywhere. Your own native intuition will seek to guide you. Listen to the tensions of your body. If your solar plexus region tightens and you feel uneasy, know that you are being warned off from doing something or going somewhere. If your body is relaxed and open; the way forward is clear. Your body is a complicated library of light, with knowledge stored up within the molecules of your DNA. That same knowledge and wisdom will be made available for you as you work to diligently increase your light quotient and to hold steady in the increasing intensity of cosmic light codes now streaming towards your planet.

All that is not light is being stripped, purged and cleansed, to be replaced with the new energies. New wine cannot be placed within dirty bottles or it will spoil, so all of you, your bodies, and your planet are being cleansed. Those who can accept and work with the energies by allowing them to do their work will pass through the process with grace and ease. Those who choose to fight and cling to the old ways will discover much hardship coming their way. We convey these words with the utmost of compassion, for even those who appear to resist can change at any time, even in an instant, if they allow their heart to open and receive what is given freely by the energies, complete and utter transformation. Decide for yourself what it is that which you wish to experience in coming days.

Our scribe has decided to surrender any resistance that she has felt to undergoing the necessary education to prepare her to fulfill her mission here on the planet, as a Teacher for many who will be attracted to her Light. She is but one among many and not all will resonate to her words. If you do not, then be responsible and discover those that DO resonate with you. This is a process of discovery for each person, as they determine what works for them and what does not. Release what does not and embrace that which does, and allow for that to change as you grow and expand in your own inner wisdom and understandings. You will change. Allow for that change and transformation to occur even if, in the process, you are led to do and be things that you never thought possible. You may just surprise yourself in the process, like our dear scribe continues to do on a daily basis.

We bid you to rest awhile in the love and devotion of your angelic sisters and brothers, as we are here to assist those who reach out to us. Look for us within your own heart and in the eyes of strangers that you meet upon life’s highway. It may be an angel in disguise that you encounter.


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Archangel Ezekiel: Greetings!


August Sunshine

Archangel Ezekiel: Greetings!

A Note from the Scribe: With joy I bring you a message from Archangel Ezekiel. Two days ago, I did not consciously know of his existence and yet I know HIM. His Presence, although unacknowledged, has been with me a long time. Now I am pleased to bring you a message from this yet little known Archangel:

Greetings, I AM Archangel Ezekiel, a Captain of the Angelic Realms and brother to Archangel Michael, of whom many of you know well. I am lesser known of my Archangelic brothers and sisters, yet I play an important role for those of you who are ready to release the Old and embrace the New. I am known as the Angel of Death and Transformation.

This title and office may lead many to shudder inwardly, yet those eager ones who are willing to surrender to their own higher essences, to allow their Higher Self to take up residence within, yearn for my assistance in their transformative process, even if they do not yet know of my name or even of my existence.

Few are those of the Archangelic Realms that have embodied upon your lovely planet, but I have. I was embodied as the Prophet Ezekiel and a priest of Israel.

The story of initiation and ascension is interwoven within the ancient holy books of your planet, if you but take the time to unravel it from the lies and half-truths also written within. The stages of initiation that Jesus went through during his own lifetime are ones that many of you are undergoing even now, although you may not yet be aware of it.

Ascension is a process wherein the energy centers of the physical body are reactivated. The glandular system comes online, the DNA stored within the cells becomes ignited and the knowledge stored within the sacred library that is your body vessel begins to unfold and reveal itself to you, like a blossom slowly unfolding in the warmth of the morning sun.

The Sun is your Christ Self, your soul, which has ever dwelt within the etheric heart center, located above the Thymus gland within your physical body. Long ago, when your DNA was altered and taken mostly offline, whole portions of your body vessel suffered a similar fate. Scientists have long puzzled over the function of some of the glands, not realizing that they only function when the body is able to sustain higher levels of frequency energies.

Now, that time for reawakening has arrived and, indeed, has been in process for quite some time. It has taken a while for humanity to begin to take notice of the advent of the Christ within, but now, there are those who are realizing that you have a contract to be one who will learn of these things and apply to learn more about who and what you really are.

Your totality cannot be fully imagined by your human consciousness, yet you can begin to see that your consciousness exists on many planes of being, on the inner planes known to this world as “heaven” or the Summerlands, the fifth dimension and up through the 144 planes of being. You are a multidimensional being of great light, yet it takes great courage and determination to break through human conditioning and admit to such.

We, who are your brothers and sisters within the Angelic Realm, are eager to work with you who are embodied on the earth, during this period of intense transformation and change. These are challenging times, yet we are here to assist, to mentor and guide you.

For many, the first challenge comes with the need to overcome the fear of death. Once you realize that this is NOT your only life, that you have lived thousands of lifetimes upon this world and many others, there is no longer any fear, other than that coming from the earthly vessel itself. The ego is designed to protect and has done its duty well, but has also succumbed to the conditioning that you were body and therefore if the body suffers or dies, you are no longer.

This is a great untruth that has been told to control the population and to keep them in fear, by those who wish to utilize those fear-driven energies as a food source. All that is dark upon this world has been driven by these forces, which are driven by their own fear and envy of the potential that lies within each human being. They know your secret, that your bodies were designed by the skilled master geneticists of the Galaxy and designed to carry all energetic dimensions within while still being in physical existence.

There has been much adaption to the story of Gaia and her inhabitants, but now it is time to break free from the bonds that have bound you. Paradoxically, you do not do this by fighting the adversary, but by learning to hold greater frequencies of light within your own body structure, so that the sacred centers begin to reactivate. Fighting the “enemy” gives to them power over you, for you are still connected to their energy and they to you. By raising your frequency, you naturally and gracefully remove yourself from their sphere of influence and from their ability to deter you from fulfilling your reason for being here.

We strongly urge all of you to listen within to the urging of your soul which comes first through the feelings in the solar plexus center. This power center eventually aligns with the heart and the high heart center (the thymus) to become a unified chakra capable of emanating great power, compassion and love. Through becoming a source of peace you overcome the powers that would deny humanity their right to take back their birthright and for your beautiful planet to be renewed and resurrected to the state of a living star.

Release your fears, anger, frustration and anxieties. None of these emotions serve your greatest good. These are the debris of lifetimes spent being forced to deny your divinity and the connection with your Soul. Now, with the advent of the tremendous streams of cosmic energies arriving daily from the farthest reaches of the Universe, you have the opportunity to release these old energies and allow your bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) to be washed clean. Only by being willing to surrender to the process, to have faith and trust that you will be safe, can you expand fully into the being you truly are already on higher planes. If you are willing to trust and allow, to drop your defenses and be open to the energies, calm and centered, quiet and serene, you will find yourself becoming aware of receiving further guidance.

Since you live upon a free-will planet, within a free-will universe, you can decide to resist or to surrender. It is your choice, although you will find that the choice is made for you by your soul. And you will be continually pestered, although gently… prodded lightly… by those who eagerly await your attendance to their training. We do not desire to control or manipulate or to use you. You have all suffered greatly at the hands of those who have turned away from their own source of divinity within. Now is your opportunity to grow, expand and realign with the fullness of your being. And daily you will be amazed and delighted with what is revealed.

This process is not without its ups and downs, as the purging and cleansing must come first and is done in gradual cycles, allowing your body to adjust before continuing on. If you resist, you will find yourself suffering untowardly, without cause. If you surrender, there will still be challenges, but we are here to assist you and to allow your consciousness to expand naturally. Understanding will come, if you allow yourself to let go of the need to know every detail of the process.

Transformation can come quickly, if you so allow, but remember this time your ascension is being accomplished while you are still embodied, and so it will come in increments that can be absorbed. Still, the energies increase daily and so they will prod and poke at those who have not yet awakened and even those who have, who have not yet accepted the necessity to let go of lower desires, wants and needs.

Spirit guides the initiate and often in ways that defy human understanding. It is for the initiate, the one who is firmly on the Path of Return, to surrender fully to the process whether or not s/he understands it fully. The knowledge will come when the fear is fully let go and dissolved.

If you are not one who resonates to spiritual hierarchies, it is helpful to visualize us as consciousness, as energies that are eager to assist. See us as colors and rays, as beautiful light rays that heal, transform, release, dissolve and create. We are angles of light that emanate from the Source of All That Is. We are fully conscious and obedient to the Will of Mother-Father God, the focus of Creator within this Universe, emanating from the Causal Body of the Great Central Sun. In whatever capacity, we are here to assist you in your journey.

I envelop you in the Ray of Transcendence and Transformation, of the multicolored crystalline Ray, which carries within it many colors. Feel it dissolve the knots of resistance within and bring healing and wholeness back to your awareness. This is not done all at once, but in increments for the sake of the preservation of your body temple so you might ascend physically in this lifetime. Those who do not prepare or have not come to Earth to undergo ascension will leave the planet as the frequency rises. Let them go with your love and compassion, for in their own time, they will rejoin you.

We rejoice in the presence of those who are beginning to listen within and to hear the voice of their own divinity echoing within the silent whispers of the heart. Seek the way that will enable you to regain a sense of balance, to reawaken the courage and fervor of an open heart, to discover the dedication to see that your own divinity is embraced fully and reverently. Your path is your own; we cannot walk it for you or give you what is not earned through your own efforts. Our love will seem tough at times, but only because we do not wish to create a sense of co-dependency wherein you continue to give away your power to other. Ascension is all about SELF-MASTERY; it is all about you accepting that you are more than you seem and capable of great things… and will be as you are able to hold higher light frequencies stable within your own body. This cannot be done without preparation. Heed our words.

Allow your heart to guide you to those teachings that suit, with which you resonate, whether they come from within your own heart or through the work of others. And know that you can change the direction of your path as many times as is necessary to discover what it is that you need to unlock the keys of your own sacred being. You may find hidden treasures in strange and unexpected places and will begin to connect with those who are truly your Family of Light, ones who you have known in other places and times, who will be those with whom you might share some future work or are simply here to acknowledge and walk in parallel paths, as support and comfort to each other.

There are many blessings that shall rain down upon the heads of humanity in the coming days, weeks and months. Not all these blessings will be accepted by those who are unprepared. They will be overcome with the emotional heaving of one who has begun a serious bout of purging. Yet for those who have prepared and have begun to discover the peace that ever exists within your own heart center, the way forward will be softened and made easier. Focus, calmness, being centered and fully grounding and releasing the energies that move through you in the days ahead is necessary. Do not cling on to what is given, but turn around and freely give it to others.

You, dear ones, are conduits of Light and will become Beacons of Light to all those who are seeking a new way of being. You are returning to what you once were in the higher realms, with the vast experience that you have gained through your human lifetimes. You are each a treasure and in time you will be awed with the true magnificence of your own Being.

I AM Ezekiel, your brother and I embrace you within my great Heart. Take my hand and walk with me for a time as you go forth upon your great journey of self-discovery and mastery. I AM ever with you and most especially with those who are on the cusp of a great transformation in their lives. My name is translated from the Hebrew language as “the Strength of God”. Let me be your strength that you lean upon so you can go through your trials and challenges with courage, determination, grace and ease. I AM at your service.


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Adventures in Dreamland – Dancing with Inner Child


Violets in the Grass

Adventures in Dreamland – Dancing with Inner Child

Last night I had another dream, long and convoluted. I can only remember a few parts, but they seem significant, in view of the integration process that I am (we all are) undergoing right now. I was with family and preparing to leave. I gathered up some jewels and put them in a soft bag. Then a friend of mine became frightened that someone was after her. We climbed up a spiral stairway to a large room. The man who was “chasing” my friend was there already, but instead of being a fearful situation, it was a dance. A friendly woman took my left hand and led me over to a young girl (about 7 or 8 years old) and placed my hand in hers. And then we started dancing together, doing a waltz, but holding both hands in kind of a diamond like shape. The whole room was filled with happy dancing couples.

When I woke up, I felt the dance signified integration with my inner child, which will lead to the integration with my divine feminine. I’ve mentioned before that I carry more masculine energy than feminine, an interesting thing to experience while in a female body. So, finally… we’re coming into balance, which has been part of my personal mission in this lifetime.

This is not a dream experience, but today as I was at work, I began experiencing some integration with my soul. I requested some Violet flame, along with crystalline and pink ray frequencies to enter through the Soul Star and permeate through my body, anchoring into the building below my feet. I was, for a brief moment or two, a living Violet flame, anchoring its powerful energies into the environment. And then, I started feeling a tremendous upwelling of compassion for the individuals present. I felt that we’re here to act as conduits of Light whenever and wherever we are, consciously. My heart chakra expanded and I was ignited. All done while standing in front of a copy machine while waiting for a fax to complete, LOL. You really don’t have to sit in a quiet room to meditate; it can be done as a moving meditation anywhere you go. And that’s really exciting for me to realize and act on.

A lot of metaphysical teachings come with a lot of rules and ways of doing things. I enjoy going smashing through the box and doing things intuitively. I realize that my methodologies are a bit unorthodox, but that’s the way I seem to work best. It’s not for anything that I’m a member of the Family of Light, renegades and system-busters, on call.

More dots are being connected for me in terms of understanding some of my multidimensionality. I do have connections to Venus and the extended family of the Kumara clan… yes; it is a real 5D+ family. And I have angelic and intergalactic connections, as well. We are all much, much more than our 3D ego mind can even comprehend. It’s fun getting to know my Self.

I feel that part of the reason I can now embrace other, is that I’ve finally accepted my Self. It is so vital to learn about who YOU are before entering into service for others. While being in judgment about self, I wouldn’t make a healer with any integrity as there would always be an interchange of the mirroring energy. Until you can look yourself in the mirror and truly love the image of the one standing there, wrinkles and age marks and all, you’re not going to be capable of truly and unconditionally loving another. At least that’s how I feel about it. Self-love is a huge step on the path to mastery. Your love of self then can naturally bloom and expand beyond your own merkaba body to include all of creation and beyond. It’s a step, but a big one.

I know there are a lot of people farther along on the Path than myself, but it doesn’t matter to me. After all, it’s not a contest on who ascends first. I’m taking in things, learning something every day, and beginning to truly understand what and who I AM. There’s still a lot to learn, but I don’t need to ask questions any more, as my heart will convey what I need to know when I need to know it.

So, I gather my pearls of wisdom where I find them and string them together. Eventually they create an understanding and I experience an “aha” moment. It’s been my feeling that the journey IS the experience and the destination. And finally, it’s beginning to be fun. Keeping conscious, tweaking the “mood” when I feel like it’s going off, remembering who I AM, feeling my connection with my Light Family and the Divine Source that loves all of us unconditionally.

Enough for now… have to get to another teleconference this evening.

Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Journal Entry 04.09.2014



Journal Entry 04.09.2014

The temperatures hereabouts hit the mid-70′s today (24 degrees C) a bit unseasonably warm, yet a welcome change, since the day was also sunny and pleasant. I gathered a handful of gardening tools and started working on some beds. We had some deep frosts over the winter which killed some plants and ruined others, so alterations are in order. I’m a proverbial gardener and love to dig around, although I have to go a bit slower now. Still, I can get down and dig or crawl around better than many my age.

I listened to a video message from the Pleiadians just now. I love being considered a member of the Family of Light, and being a system-buster. I’ve been working inside a variety of corporate or educational structures for years and know just how corrupt and controlling the departing paradigm is; no one, least of all myself, will regret its departure. Well, that’s not quite true, as there will be those who can’t see beyond the boundaries of their human conditioning. They will, eventually, but not in this lifetime.

So, go ground your light into the soil of Gaia and garden. Spring is finally making its way northward and bringing a rejuvenated sense of being to many who have spent a long, dark, cold winter indoors. Go outside and listen to the birds, delight in the color and shape of flowers, breathe in the sweet fragrances of our beloved Gaia. She is dressed in her divine radiance as Spring comes forth in the northern latitudes. And I hope the cooler months bring some relief to those areas that have suffered from heat and wild fires in the south.

Next week is the Festival of the Christ. The Christ is both a level of initiation and an office of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. Lord Maitreya is the Planetary Christ and was the mentor of Yeshua when he was embodied. There will also be a powerful lunar eclipse, a blood moon. I remember watching one years ago. Most of North America will be able to see it this time.

These are astounding times. Instead of feeling the tension that I experienced last week, today I felt calm and peaceful, even in a busy workplace. Quite a difference.

Keep calm, centered, breathe and drink water. And above all, spend some time outside in nature if you can, even if you’re just potting containers on your deck!

Hugs and kisses,


Journal Entry 04.06.2014



Journal Entry 04.06.2014

Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry…no message for today. Yesterday, I underwent yet another initiation of sorts and am now integrating more “parts” of Self into my physical being. Translation: the mental body is off-line right now so other parts can get “acquainted” with each other.

It is almost like waking up and seeing a world through different eyes or not quite knowing what to do with those things called “feet”. I remember just such an occasion when at three years old, I suddenly “woke up” and was standing in front of the bathroom basin with a toothbrush in my hands. I didn’t know my name or where I was; simply I was a girl and apparently trying to brush my teeth. I went out and mixed with the people that appeared to be family and finally learned my name, “Elizabeth”. Weird sensation, but similar. I suspect those who feel they are walk-ins have experienced similar happenings.

April Clouds

Still, getting used to being in a physical body is a bit of a stretch for a light being, awkward and heavy, so today I feel rather tired, but will adapt in time to the sensation.

I took a walk yesterday, and took snapshots of spring blossoms, with which to decorate the blog in coming days and months. It is a fresh spring day outside, warmish, with deep blue skies and towering fluffy white clouds, but haven’t brought myself to go out in it.

Instead I watched a series on the life of Restoration women, during the time of Charles II of Great Britain. Being a descendant of Puritans, it was interesting to watch a short bit of the history of those brilliant and tempestuous times when the modern era began, with commerce, science and politics. Women were involved in a way that they had never been before and still 350+ years later are still working to overcome the artificial barriers placed on their sex by male-dominated society.

Yesterday, I read Metratron’s message about Divine Solitude with great interest, as it seems that I have decided, as a soul and now as soul-infused personality, just such an experience. As a woman brought up in a conservative household, I was expected to get a job, but primarily to get married and raise children. I did get the job. I even got the husband, but married a man unable to have children. Then, when the husband refused to accept my desire to grow and experiment in spiritual matters, I got rid of him and left. I have remained unmarried for over 20 years. At first I looked for another but could not find any one of corresponding resonance.

As I have developed in my own manner and on my own path, I most recently recognized that I needed to work on myself rather than looking to another to “complete” me. So this is what I have been doing, following intuitive direction and coming to a point of finally reconnecting on a conscious level with my mentors and guides. The process still continues and I experience plateaus and high moments, as well as the occasional low ones, such as last week in its entirety apart from the moments spent on the teleconference calls and immersed in the high energies.


There will be a time when I can fully immerse myself in the bliss, but now I still work in the world, although I am certainly not of it. I am very different from the individuals that I work with and encounter throughout the day, including the offenders. It is not to say that I am a superior being, not so, for that would suggest that somehow I am judging them as inferior. Not so. Let it be said that I understand them in a way that would not occur to them, yet, since most have not woken up, and when they do, they will see differently from me, because they, too, are a unique facet of the God Force. So, I look upon them with compassion… that is, except during the occasional moments of frustration when I feel I’m dealing with the completely obtuse and confused, mostly referring to the strange workings of bureaucracy and State government.

So, apparently I planned this adventure, to live many years on my own and at 60+ am not longer attractive physically to males, so am free to pursue my own direction without interference. I’ve become a crone, that mystifying age that so terrified men (and still does) when a woman begins to feel sovereign and independent of men, when she can become her self, and enjoy her own company without pleasing anyone but herself. It sounds selfish, but indeed I live simply and relish time alone, spent in solitude or near enough (I have two cats) resting on the weekends regenerating and relaxing before entering the fray once again on Monday morning early, very early.

This period has also been one where I have grown closer to my Soul, my Christic Self, who I regard as my Twin Flame. I know with great surety that my Twin is NOT physically present in this world and this also serves to free me from the desire to find him amongst all the men or women (!) of the world. Yes, perhaps I will someday meet a soul mate with whom I can partner as a non-dependent co-worker in service to humanity and Gaia, for it is now only for a higher purpose would I unite with another. No other purpose would serve.


My path is slowly leading me towards service in a more full-time manner, but not just yet; there is still a ways to go. And whatever direction YOUR path takes you, learn to celebrate the steps taken, even those that appear to be setbacks for all experience is worthy and is being recorded in the Book of Life.

Spring bursts forth with a vitality unparalleled by any other time of the year. I love to see how much more advanced the unfurling of leaves and flowers is going as the sun and air temperature increases. And sometime soon, I will regain enough strength to take to the hills and explore the paths less traveled.



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Journal Entry 04.05.2014 (Updated)



Journal Entry 04.05.2014

What a wringer of a week at work! Glad it’s Friday, for sure. I did interview for a new position, but won’t find out whether or not I got it for a while. Bureaucracies never function quickly unless it is for their own benefit.

We’re having temperamental and changeable weather. There are dark clouds looming above the Blues, threatening rain. A bit of breeze is pushing fresh, crisp air through the valley, which is a nice change from the winter blahs we can get here in the form of fog.

Walking out today, I was fascinated looking at the clouds and the deep blue sky. The skies around here are very changeable. And we got chem-trailed the other day, but you wouldn’t know it today. Magnificent tones of blue sky, pure and fresh…dotted by floating cloud mountains, an amazing sight. I just love clouds!

I was so tense at work that by the time I got home, I had to sit down and do some cleansing meditations. It takes a while to come down from working in a prison environment. You tend to carry a lot of tension in the body whether or not you are aware. I am becoming painfully aware of the sensation. Many of the officers who work here, die soon after retirement due to the high stress levels. These are guys who have spent 30 years or so working here. You can see it in their bodies as they carry themselves stiffly; it’s not a natural place for anyone to exist. I’ll be glad to leave whenever that takes place.

I’ve been processing some deep stuff this week, with a lot of conflicting emotions coming up. I’m glad I have some tools to work with to calm down.

I hope to bring through a message this weekend. The Angels were in touch with me last night… well, they are with me all the time, but sometimes they delight in announcing their presence, LOL.

Dreamtime had horses in it. Ah, it is the year of the Horse…

Off to make some chicken tacos. Enjoy your weekend!

Update (the next morning!)

Hmmmm, I feel MUCH better this morning, especially after immersing myself in three hours of meditations last night and then having a good long sleep, hugging a cat. While some of us still have to deal with 3D energies in the workplace, there are ways to release whatever we may pick up during the day so we can regenerate and be ready for more. Guess I’m still in the process of releasing old warrior energies. I feel like I’m going into the fray, again, sans weapons this time, when going to work. In short, this blue ray angelic sensitive is getting tired of dealing with outdated energies. At the same time, my presence in their midst is an opportunity for these folks to experience higher frequencies if only momentarily… that is if I can hold steady and calm! And that, my friends, is the crux of the matter. Holding calm within the center of the storm of emotion, solar flares, erratic world events, temperamental weather conditions and strained relationships.

I’m sure some people of my acquaintance wonder if I’m lonely without family and few friends… and yet I am rather glad I do not carry the burden of family relationships right now. I’m not sure if I could do this work, what I do through my writings and what I’m doing at night in the etheric realms.

The Masters greet me like a long-lost cousin, people claim to know me through my frequency note… yet I’m still getting to know ME and it’s a process. Like I have written before, I’m a work in progress. And another favorite of mine, “It’s the journey that’s important, not the destination… for that might change.”

Take leading a small group of backpackers to a place that’s a long valley walk up to a mountain pass. Some folks do not enjoy valley stomps, being immersed in the dense shade of tall conifers or the lighter shade of alders and maples, but I do. I enjoy seeing the shady glades with tall groupings of lush larkspur growing in the sunlight on the edge of a forest opening, or the cascade of a wild creek beneath our feet as we cross a log bridge. Or feeling the draft of the wind coming down the river as it flows vigorously to the sea. The trip that I am describing was experienced by me, a backpack up the Elwha River, which has now been freed of its imprisoning dams. These dams were built by the company that one of my grandfathers was employed by and my mother was born in the work village at the foot of the lower dam. These dams served to severe the flow of the great salmon run up the mighty Elwha, destroying the culture of the native tribe who depended on its bounty.

The river has been freed from its bonds and is now recreating the delta that was washed away by winter storm and winds. The salmon will return and life will continue, in a more blessed and complete cycle of life. So, too, are each of us being released from the bonds of our genetic inheritance, as I have been released from family ties, so I can prepare myself to work with humanity and Gaia in the “future”.

Well, must go now and prepare myself for another teleconference. I will share more later. I love all of you with whom I have connected through the blog and now Facebook, as you are my true family of Spirit, my Light Tribe, my star sisters and brothers. Go in peace, with love in your heart. Namaste.

Hugs and kisses,