Journal Entry 09.02.2015


Journal Entry 09.02.2015

Short entry today.  We got some more rain today and the weather forecast has a large Cold Front arriving onshore to give the Pacific NW significantly cooler temperatures and some precipitation.  Snow levels are going to drop to 6,000 feet in the mountains.

A couple of years ago, I went camping on the week after Labor Day (I hate crowds!).  On the third morning, I woke up to 28 degree F weather with heavy fog and drizzle.  Needless to say, I packed my little tent and gear and went home.  I was out there with the hunters any way; always an interesting adventure.  Nice guys… a couple watched over me like brothers, concerned for my welfare.

So… autumn is already in the air, although temperatures will be warming up a bit next week and returning to near normal.

So, what’s normal any more?  Our lives are changing, the climate is changing, the world of finance is changing… more change is definitely on the way and we need to adapt and set our intentions.

I’m just glad the heat of our over-done summer is over.  Now I can break out the sweaters and sweatshirts… fine by me.

Even my cats have thrown in the towel and are sleeping peacefully on their blankets.  Time to relax and read a nice book and drink some herbal tea!

For those of my readers in the States, enjoy the upcoming holiday, Labor Day.  And pray for all those who have to work on the weekends, including firefighters, soldiers, doctors and nurses, and shopkeepers.



Journal Entry 09.01.2015


Strawberry Lake

Journal Entry 09.01.2015

A little “99” energy here today, whatever that means…

Locally there was a little victory on Sunday, as we had a pleasant, cool rain storm hit the area… and then wander off to slow down the fire activity to the east of here.  BTW, we have several fires burning in the Blues now.  The Grizzly Bear Complex is comprised of 17 lightning-caused burns and now we also have the Tucannon Burn, which was human-caused.  The Tucannon River is one of the main rivers radiating out from the center of the Northwestern Blues, along with the Wenaha, so, in effect, both drainages are burning.  I was wondering when a big fire was going to happen in this area, and that season has finally arrived.  I’m sorry to say that the cleansing is rather needed, as these humble mountains have suffered greatly at the hands of man, as well as the effects of a succession of warm winters that prevented the die-off of insect infestations damaging the forest trees.

The season is edging towards autumn, a bit early, but everyone hereabouts is grateful.  The lengthy and intense heat of our late spring and early summer has been enervating.

So… how did everyone respond to this past weekend’s moon energies?  I could barely walk!  I had to take a nap on Saturday and probably should have taken one on Sunday.  It was extra hard to wake up on Monday as well.  The energies felt intense, yet I was very happy, one of those paradoxes you discover on the way to ascension.  One learns to surrender even if I may not always be happy about not accomplishing those tasks I was looking forward to doing outside once the weather got cooler.

Right now, I can feel the energies strongly.  During the day at work, I do not usually tune in as I am busy with my various tasks, but sitting here now in the growing and rather pleasant coolness of a late summer evening, I am basking in the gentle sensation of the energies enfolding my body.

My cat, Lilly, is sleeping sounding on the sofa.  She has recovered from surgery that was needed to drain an abscess received in a cat fight.  She doesn’t always realize that she is no longer four years old.  She turned 12 this year.

I am grateful to be awake and aware, observing the world waking up and seeing what a difference we all can make through our own individual and collective efforts.  Find what makes your heart sing with joy and pursue it.  You will make a difference!



Eliza: Through the Looking Glass


Wallowa Lake at Sunset

Eliza: Through the Looking Glass

One of my primary teachers in this lifetime has been fear. And I have noticed several blog posts recently about the role that fear takes in our lives. It is a choice whether or not we face our fears, move through them, transcend them, transform them or resist the option to even look at them.

In many ways, I have chosen to move through my fears. Really I can hardly categorize the fears as “mine” as I inherited them when I chose to embody on this fear-ridden planet. Fears of all kinds have driven humanity to ever more desperate measures to escape what the future seems to have in store for us all… death.

Yet, as I begin to comprehend my own multidimensionality and interconnection to all life, there is little need to allow fear to reign over my life. What can my worst imaginings actually do to me that have not been done to “me” already in numerous lifetimes? I, as a conscious entity have survived the worst that this crazy, upside world can dish out. What is one more death?

As a child, I had some strange dreams where I and my mother would be seated in a large council room, with some kind of trial going on. There was always a sense of fear present in and around me, permeating the atmosphere as if something unexpected was about to pop through into the room. I also had dreams where I was escaping from some unknown danger; I still have this kind of dream even today.

As a teenager, I felt nervous about going on my own downtown. I didn’t understand the fear I could feel in my body; it was just there.

Throughout my younger years, I tried hard… now and then, to fit in but was never really socially-oriented or part of the “in-crowd”. I liked people, but enjoyed being on my own better or just around one or two other best friends. I’ve never been one for big parties and noisy gatherings except those within my own extended family, most of whom are now either dead or scattered to the far winds.

It seems that we as writers often write about those things that we are most in need of understanding. And as we wrestle with our inhibitions and fears, in sharing our experiences, we end up teaching ourselves and others.

I am no longer a child. Indeed, I’ve become an elder, a crone… and hopefully, a wise woman. I have learned to face my fears and to listen to what my body needs in the moment.

Today, the weather service forecasts a large dust storm coming our way, driven inland by a storm front from the Pacific. Unfortunately, often by the time the clouds reach Eastern Washington, there is little moisture in them. The clouds travel over us and re-group as they hit the higher elevations of the Rockies, forming nascent storms that will wreak havoc over the Mid-Western states and eastward to the Atlantic. Unless we receive significant rainfall, there will be little relief from the fires raging all over the West. Meanwhile, the East Coast has been receiving more than its share of moisture and even now, a tropical storm is threatening Florida. The transformational clearing energies take many shapes.

Each of us is also facing storms clouds and winds in the shape of emotional turbulence due to factors in our outer circumstances, relations with friends, family members or co-workers, financial stresses and so on. Others simply want to escape from a world that they deem too harsh and inexplicable.

Being “human” we can hardly escape our lives but we can turn things around by being willing to “see” things differently. A change in perspective requires that we release long held beliefs about what can “hurt” us “out there”. Nothing can “hurt” us, the “real” us which is not just defined by the vehicle in which we are housed.

Whether or not we are willing to accept the notion, we are truly sovereign beings all. No one has power “over” you unless you first give that power away. Of course, most people have no idea that they are truly wonderful, powerful beings as all of what they have learned in their early years has conditioned them to believe otherwise. They have learned to assign power “out there” to professionals, religious leaders or gods, political leaders, financial leaders, the heads of organizations or families and so on.

Through manipulation of the “fear” that is embedded in our DNA, those in the know have successfully managed to control the population of this globe through various techniques usually involving tactics that instill or bring fear to the surface of people’s consciousness and freeze them in place.

To overcome or transcend the manipulation you need to stare fear straight in the eye and to move through what you think might hurt you. Often times you will quickly realize that what you feared actually didn’t exist or takes on a whole different look when examined with a neutral eye.

I have worked through many of my fears and have yet to tackle a few more. It’s one step at a time, one day at a time, one project at a time right now. I’ve decided that it’s best to allow change to occur on at a slower or more natural pace than to resist it entirely.

Questions that we all ask ourselves at one time or another come to me:

What if I can’t get this project done?

What if no one likes my work?

What have I accomplished by being here, or writing this or (fill in the blank)?

What if I don’t fit in?

These and similar questions come from the ego’s perspective, not that of the multidimensional Self. Simply by being here on the planet, we are making a difference. You can see that our world is changing. What has been hidden for centuries is now in the process of being revealed. Energies first created during the fall of Atlantis are being transmuted, transformed and released from the deepest depths of the collective unconscious. What has been deemed the worst of the worst is being purged and how is that happening? Through the presence of the Love that exists within all of us.

Those of us who came to assist mankind to transcend the age old fear and belief in separation are making a difference. By using our human vehicles, our bodies as vehicles of transformation, we are stepping down the higher frequency energies that purge, transform and transmute the heavier frequencies that we have called “fear”.

Fear is simply the opposite of love. Fear is the belief that one is separate from other forms of life and that one needs to fight, resist or do whatever is necessary to maintain the status quo in order to survive. Fear has locked entire populations and cultures into paradigms that are resistant to change, which therefore become brittle, less resilient in the face of physical change. In view of the intense climatic and structural changes that are occurring on our living planet, it seems a wise step to move beyond these old outworn and outmoded belief patterns and into a way of being, a manner of living that flows more with the energies that move through our forms on a moment to moment basis.

We are all a part of life, whether or not we actively participate in events “out there”. Some of us work quietly, concentrating on mastering our own individual energies, knowing intuitively that by doing so, we are affecting those who move through our daily lives.

The morning has been pleasant, the winds practically non-existent, but just now, I noticed the tree outside my window moving with more force. Looks like it is time to batten down the doors and windows as it can get mighty dusty hereabouts. And, Lord, it has been a physically stressful week with the poor air quality and smoke-filled skies. Just walking or climbing stairs has been enough to bring on a coughing spell.

So… the body is forced to rest, allowing the consciousness to take flight. For each movement through the day, there is a purpose, perhaps unknown, but it is not necessary to know where you are going all the time. Your inner being is running this show and fear is not a part of it.



Journal Entry 08.27.2015 – On the Cusp


“This is one of the canyons that is burning now in 2015. Photo taken in 2012”

Journal Entry 08.27.2015 – On the Cusp

Seeing that my Internet access is out this morning, it seems best to write a few words before I venture off into the smoky town to work.

This summer has been the hottest that I remember since I arrived in Eastern Washington some seven years ago. Walla Walla is known for its summer heat, but the hottest months have usually been reserved for August and early September. This year, the heat started in relentlessly in early June. And since then, we have received tiny amounts of precipitation, namely dots of rain that simply dirtied up windshields and barely dampened the surface of roads and lawns.

We had a fire early on that threatened the town’s main source of water, a watershed area located in the nearby hills. The blaze was accidentally set off by an innocent farmer, working one of his fields with a combine (large oversized tractor for cutting wheat). The dry fuels, grass and brush, have been so easily set off that our local national forest lands have all been but shut down by authorities to prevent more blazes. However, someone forgot to notify Mother Nature.

There is now a 60,000+ acre burn extending from the high ridges of the Northwestern Blues down the Wenaha River drainage, aimed directly at the tiny isolated fishing village of Troy, Oregon. At first the fire wasn’t being actively fought, but when it started to encroach on outlying ranches, farms and small settlements, fire lines started to be built. Now there are over 600 fire people from many places fighting the blaze and putting out smaller ones that are still being set off by lightning strikes. This fire complex is called the Grizzly Bear Complex, having started, I guess, on Grizzly Bear Ridge and spreading to Middle Butte and down the creek canyons towards the Wenaha River. And now, the Incident Command informs us that the fire is working its way west UP the Wenaha, back towards the Skyline Road, FS #64.

The Blues are unique mountains. They are not high like the Cascades, being mostly composed of series of parallel ridges, sometimes radiating out like a star, cut into deep rugged canyons by creeks and rivers. In the Northwestern Blues, the primary drainages are the Tucannon, the Wenaha and the Touchet Rivers. The Blues extend down into the middle of Northern Oregon, past Strawberry Mountain. These mountains are very old, primarily old lava flows that first emerged from the floor of the Pacific Ocean and were moved by continental drift. The Blues are watered primarily by very active springs and have few lakes except areas that have been intruded by underlying granitic domes like the Eagle Cap and the Elkhorns. These two striking mountain ranges are dotted with small pristine lakes set in high rocky cirques that were carved out by ancient and long gone glaciers.

The Path Ahead

Ah, I seem to be rhapsodizing about mountains that I haven’t even visited this year. The year has been too hot and dry and I’ve been too fatigued to go into them; quite the dilemma for one who has hiked and backpacked all her adult life.

The Earth is changing rapidly. In the seven years since I moved into this region, I’ve noticed big changes in the weather. And before then, I was noticing changes in the Cascades as the alpine firs were succumbing to an insect infestation driven by warmer, shorter winters.

There are many who believe that climate change is being driven by humans. I humbly disagree. Some independent scientists have noticed that there are changes in our entire SOLAR system. Not just our planet is warming; they ALL are. And the light emanating from the Sun is increasing. So what is driving this process?

You have to remember that ALL life is connected. Our planet, our solar system and indeed, our Universe, is not separate from any other part of Source. Our solar system has entered a different part of space that is profoundly affecting both us, as human beings, our planet, our solar system and our galaxy. What and how I cannot say as I’m certainly not a scientist, but know enough to say that our beliefs and rigid mind structures are going to be challenged considerably by the rapidity of the changes taking place upon just this world and within each of us.

Our physical world reflects the change going on within each of us. It is important to realize that while you might see horrible events and occurrences happening around you, it doesn’t mean that you’re guilty of creating all of it. What we are seeing now is the outplaying of karmic repercussions extending far back into “time”. And, of course, there are those people who are more aware of what is going on in the world and wish to manipulate those changes to suit their purposes. These nefarious plots and plans will not succeed, certainly as they have in the “past” as the prevalent energy and higher frequency of the planet no longer supports them.

It is time to advance beyond thinking dualistically, categorizing some people as dark and others as light workers. Humanity is a collective made up of individual souls. Many do not claim Earth as their home but have come from afar. Others have used the planet as a stopping point in their evolution or devolution into physicality. Our history is probably more complex than we realize now as much of it has been hidden purposefully from our knowledge. We can only guess and begin to remember snatches of what has been and to glimpse what will be in the near and distant future.

What does this all have to do with the burning Blues? These ancient mountains have been formed by the physical forces of the planet, beaten down, turned into liquid lava, squeezed out upon a cold and dark sea floor and then raised up into the sunlight, only to be carved and folded by wind, sun and rain, as well as lifted by continental plate movement and the buckling caused by the plates colliding far underground.

The life and structure of this planet undergoes vast changes that follow patterns and cycles. In our shorter lives, we also move through cycles. Our planet is moving from one cycle or age to another, from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The planetary effects of Aquarius are much different than those of pious Pisces. It would take an astrologer to explain just how, for as I’m not a scientist, neither am I an astrologer… at least in this lifetime.

Jacob's Ladder

Change is the only constant in our lives. Most humans are resistant to change and unwilling to undergo changing their lives without something or someone to give them a nudge from the outside. The most effective change is that which emerges from within as it is the most authentic, in my opinion.

While the Blues and a good chunk of Washington State (a land mass greater than the wee State of Rhode Island) is burning, we’re breathing smoke here, with our air quality changing as the winds shift. It’s at least two months before we get real relief in the form of cooler, shorter days and hopefully some moisture. If we get any rain or snow at all will be dependent on how far north the effects of the growing El Niño ventures. Right now, I wouldn’t mind shoveling some snow. And I’m sure that the farmers, ranchers and citizens of all the small communities which are now under fire alerts would welcome a reprieve as well.

This journal entry is kind of wandering all around the place and perhaps that is just symbolic of where my head is or isn’t. For months, I’ve been resisting doing much channeling. I still wake up and have various entities begin to introduce themselves before I shut them down quickly. I must confess to being a bit leery of outside contact and channeling at the moment. There is too much manipulation of channelers being attempted by certain parties to trust that kind of contact unless it is one that has been established for a long period of time. And, personally, I’ve noticed that a lot of people who used to channel have seemed to move off from that activity of late. It seems to not be particularly necessary or useful to give one’s power away or body to another’s energy to use even if that one seems benign. As we advance further towards ascension, regaining and claiming personal sovereignty is more important. Personal power then can be used to enhance the forward movement of the individual and the collective.

I’m finding that I can’t even read much channeled material now either. It’s too… fluffy. I’m attempting to find a balance by using my personal “shit-detector” or resonance when reading ANYTHING these days. A lot of what has been hidden is also now being revealed. The amount of information that is coming out about how much we have been lied to, manipulated, etc., can be overwhelming. I try to take in this information in small doses in order to assimilate it and to determine what resonates with me, at least now. This is truly a time to allow, accept, and detect what does or does not resonate with your OWN heart and energy.

I’m also still in the process of letting go of expectations, plans and the need to be right. I am in a constant state of observation… although not always in a neutral state of reacting or acting. Allowing the full spectrum of emotional experience seems to be important. Humans are emotional beings, as are animals. We are different in that way from many off-world species that live in a more neutral, disinterested fashion (think Dr. Spock and the Vulcans!). Why would I want to act like a Vulcan when I’m not one? Feeling and experiencing the flow of emotions is vital to being human. Mastering those emotions without condemning them… but rather guiding the energy into creativity seems more positive.

It would appear that I have some way to go in my physical transformation. All of us are in different stages of the journey. I came in at a higher frequency than most humans. Like my fellow ultra-sensitives, I was wired to feel more, experience more and be overwhelmed more by human culture as it exists now on the planet. How I long for a quieter time when there were fewer people, less noise and far less exposure to chemicals and poisons. However, I have to deal with what everyone else is facing as I live here. And so I do my best. That’s all we can do right now, take care of ourselves, and to visualize the world that we wish to live in… or our children’s children will live in, one in which all life is treated with respect and dignity, and there is abundance, peace and joy for all.

Enough for now as it is getting late and I need to prepare for sleep. What I started writing in the morning, I am now ending in the evening.


It is also a month away from the final Blood Moon, which happens to be one day after my birthday. What an auspicious time of the year. Much change awaits us all. It will be interesting to see where we all land by this time next year.



Journal Entry 08.23.2015

Autumn Colors Cascades

Journal Entry 08.23.2015

This is a short update on the fire situation in the West.  We have unhealthy air quality (170) in Walla Walla today.  I’m coughing even inside my relatively clear house, as it is an older dwelling and permeable to the outside air.  Hopefully, things will clear up a bit tomorrow, but that all depends on getting some local wind to blow the smoke away… towards another community.

The West is on fire.  There is no getting around that fact.  This is one of the worst fire seasons on record and it is a couple of months before we may see some major relief thanks to cooler temperatures, shorter days and hopefully, some precipitation.

I’m doing my best to keep quiet and low key during this situation.  Will give periodic updates as conditions change.

Over and out.


Journal Entry 08.21.2015 – The Burning Blues


“Oregon Butte, 2013”

Journal Entry 08.21.2015 – The Burning Blues

The hills are literally burning up. As I left work today, an ominous sight greeted my eyes, a towering cloud of white smoke, indicating the existence of a very large forest fire. It is a sight that I’m familiar with having survived living close to Yellowstone National Park during the summer of 1988 when that park burnt up due to four or five massive fires.

Last night, I read that the nearby Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness is “closed”, along with all access roads to it through the Blues due to several smaller fires located in the steep, heavily forested rugged terrain of the Northwestern Blue Mountains. A lot of folks, local and out-of-towners will have to go somewhere else for their elk and deer come hunting season. This blaze isn’t going to disappear any time soon as it is not being controlled at all.

Why you might ask? Well, the fire-fighters in the Western States are stretched beyond their maximum capacity.  The National Guard is being called in, something that was done with the Yellowstone fires in 1988 (I was there, also!)  This year, 2015, the National Forest Service has used up 80% of their budget this year in fire suppression and control. Since the area burning south of Dayton (above Bluewood Ski Area) is wilderness and no homes are in the way (now) the fires (17 in all, lightning set) are being allowed to burn.

Today, with a shift in the strengthening winds, it would appear that the original 17 blazes are uniting into one granddaddy of a fire. And I can tell you that I’m not surprised by any of this.

Two years ago, when I last visited the highest point in Columbia County, Oregon Butte, I spoke at length with the resident fire tower guard, a woman. She told me that we have actually been experiencing a ten-year long drought in the West and that was two years ago! The drought, along with the insane heat that started in June, has only worsened all over the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California… as well as Alaska!

Now, as a multidimensional being who is aware of the need for the cleansing of the Earth, I am aware that Nature uses fire to cleanse, as She uses water, wind and earth movements. The elements are nothing to fear. We are being compelled to release our expectations about how things should be as they cannot remain the way they have been in the past.

On my last hike into the Blues a year ago, I was painfully aware of the significant increase in dying trees and the heavy growth of combustible fuels. Those dead and dying trees are burning now. Many of the perennial herbs and plants that grow in the Blues will not suffer much from the fires; indeed, they will come back in force and fullness given the nutrient rich ash layer and more sunlight for growth. Many plants will have already gone into a dormant stage, as well, due to the early intense heat this year. Nature survives. Question is, will we if we are unwilling to flow with the tempo of change.

Upon my return to Washington after my trip to Costa Rica this past spring, I knew… when feeling the intensity of the early heat and dry weather that we were in for an extraordinary fire season. And it isn’t even as bad as the one last year, but we still have a couple of months before the chance of rain / snow increases. I didn’t even bother to go out into the woods. The road access on a good day is rough, dirt / gravel roads that have deteriorated significantly since I first arrived in these parts. The Forest Service “budget” for roads or anything else has been cut and cut again for over 20 years, especially after the decline in lumber sales. Roads were created for logging trucks, not the public. Many former trails were sacrificed to the onslaught of the loggers and their heavy vehicles during the ‘50s through early ‘80’s.

It is interesting looking back through this lifetime, to realize that I’ve been “on the other side” of the same environmental issues that affected the Nez Perce and other tribes in the late 1800’s. In the West, it has been all about the exploitation of natural resources, at whatever cost… an attitude that has prevailed in the halls of power in Washington D.C. It was not how the indigenous peoples approached life.

The “white” man has approached Nature with the desire to control, dominate and manipulate. Now that the Earth has entered an organic timeline, the old methods will not work. Nature will prevail and there is little that man can say or do about it, despite any governmental laws or agendas that might come to pass.

Right now, I’m unable to hike and backpack like I did before. My body is undergoing a profound shift and upgrades, which manifest in strange aches and pains, as well as fatigue. I am compelled to rest and / or sleep more and to let go of a lot of once important activities and plans. I understand the need to surrender to the process and to allow the body to rest and relax when I can. Since I’m still working in a 3D environment, I also need to master my emotional body as I am constantly around people who are in a different mind-set or space than my own. I’m not judging anyone, it’s just been a fact of life for me most of my life.

Lisa Transcendence Brown has suggested that we no longer call the changes in our bodies “ascension symptoms” as we are no longer victims of this process but participants. She calls the various changes in the body “upgrades”. Her work is significant to those of us, who have managed to shift quite a bit, but each person is changing and shifting at their own speed; no one is being left behind.

I have to chuckle when I continue to see the frenzied speculation over the “incoming” wave of cosmic energies that is supposed to reach the Northern states of the United States in late summer / early autumn. It’s already here, folks, and has been for some time. The downloads have happened. Now each individual, along with their physical body, is undergoing their own internal process of transformation, opening up to an awareness of their multidimensionality and the realities that awareness reveals. The process can be swift or slow; it depends entirely upon the individual’s focus, intent and dedication to the process of ascension.

Another thing… you ain’t going anywhere. As you open up to the “other” dimensions, you’ll still be here, in your physical body on a physical planet. I woke up to that fact nearly a year ago after being presented with the idea that I was supposed to be walking out of this present vehicle. Many months have passed, I’m still on my journey, still growing and transforming and still here.

We’re MEANT to be HERE, assisting and working for the Collective, not just to our own benefit or to save our own hide. Avoiding responsibility just won’t work anymore. Buck up, sleep when you need to, and let go of everything that is keeping you from transforming and expanding your inner and outer horizons.

What do the fires in the West symbolize for those of us who live here?

Well, firstly, we are all undergoing a profound restructuring within our physical bodies. That process is being reflected back to us by the various unusual weather patterns, varying from soaking storms to parched hills and smoke-filled skies. From earthquakes, landslides, floods, heavy winds, intense heat / cold… our earth is doing her job in cleansing the pollution from her soil, water and air. If we are unwilling to change within ourselves, the transformational process outside of each of us will intensify further until we are compelled by circumstances to make the needed changes within.

When we decide, as a collective, to work WITH Nature, then She will reciprocate and lessen the effects of physical change. We are that powerful, but have yet to reach that conclusion.

These are fascinating times to live through. There is so much to filter through, to observe without fear, to let go, to process and to allow without judgment. It is challenging at times and divinely inspiring at times.

I fully respect the power of Nature. I have spent much of my life this time around in the hills and mountains, with not much else but a tent and sleeping bag, freeze-dried foods, clothes and hiking boots, walking for miles up and down through forest, canyon and ridge. I’ve come to understand and appreciate the power and magnificence of the natural world and hope that my fellow men and women learn to reintegrate themselves back into a sense of wellness and alignment with the flow of the seasons and the essence of this beautiful planet.

That is enough for now. I’m sending many blessings your way, to all my readers, young and old.



Journal Entry 08.09.2015 – The Day After 888


Journal Entry 08.09.2015 – The Day After 888

Whoa…! I woke up this morning with a sore throat and sense of complete physical exhaustion. Something or someone told me to stay in bed a bit longer, so I slept until 09:00… late for me, as I usually wake up closer to 05:00 a.m. And it’s taken a while to completely wake up and to feel somewhat grounded in my body.

While I was “sleeping” I was aware of energies moving through the body and even today, I feel somewhat headachy, with tightness in the sub-occipital region of the head. I haven’t felt motivated to “do” much of anything, feeling that to rest was the best “cure” for what ails me. My aches and pains are not an ailment, but another energy upgrade, one like that which we are all currently undergoing. It is a process that continues with each wave of cosmic energy that we receive. How you fare during these occurrences depends on where you are upon your own path and how willing you are to let go of any need to control the process. Our Higher Selves or multidimensional selves are in charge; we’re just going along for the ride, although as ground crew, we have an integral part in actually grounding the energies.

We are not meant to hold onto these energies, but to let them flow through our bodies as they are being slowly upgraded. The clearer our energy centers are, the more balanced our attitude and more aligned our intent with the wholeness and unity, the more energy we can handle. This is not for us per se, but for the collective that we have come here to serve.

We are waking up to our true purpose, to serve Life, whether that is within another person, within an animal or within our planet. We serve the Law of One.

I was told that I am Melchizedek over a year ago. I am not the Archangel or the Ascended Master, but a member of a collective consciousness that has long served the people of the Earth, as well as other worlds. I am still waking up to just what this means to me in my daily life. Clarity will come. There are many of us here, most in stealth mode, hidden from the multitude as it has been dangerous to be shown to be holding more light than most other people upon this darkened world. A few years ago, when I started publishing this blog, I broke out of stealth mode, but it took great perseverance on my part to overcome a deep-seated fear of exposure. Only recently have some of my co-workers learnt of the existence of this blog, such was my fear of “discovery”, yet it is time to move out from the shadows and to be who I AM in the fullness of my inner strength and beauty. It is time for us all, whatever our Cosmic heritage, to be fully here and now, as we are multidimensional beings who are carrying forth the knowledge and wisdom that we carry within our own energy bodies.

We hold the Key for unlocking the hidden past and breaching the Matrix, the astral collective unconsciousness that has kept mankind from returning to what it was once, before Atlantis, before the destruction of great civilizations for which we now have no names and knowledge. The people of this planet descended into darkness a long time ago, but now is the time when the Light returns, the intelligence of the awakened Heart, to en-lighten all the people and to bring Peace again to this planet.

We are just beginning this process and those of us who came here as volunteers to assist with this project, will act as the leaders and guides.

Personally, I have no need to be a teacher or guru for anyone, but will probably guide others to discovering their own inner strengths and gifts, through the example of one who has walked the path before them. Many of my readers have walked this path and some have gone before me, yet I remain here as a light upon the path for those who are yet awakening.

A few years ago, it did not appear to be possible for this world to ascend. Now, it does and the probability that more of humanity will “make” it into the higher frequency worlds increases each day exponentially. The great waves of energy that are now engulfing our planet greatly assist us in this wakening process. This is meant to be, which is why the opposition attempts to deter us from our path through constant disruption of daily lives, through fear and lies.

It is time for individuals to take back their personal power, which also brings a certain amount of responsibility towards others. We can be detached, but we must also participate with our fellow citizens doing what needs to be done to allow this birthing process to come to a successful completion.

Feel into each moment what is needed, whether to rest or to act. While it is wise to plan, it is necessary to be flexible with those plans and to adjust as needed as the energies and circumstances present themselves. There is much changing upon the planet, much realignment between people, between species and within the planet Herself.

Our planet is a living Being. This fact has not been recognized by Western scientists, but the wisdom keepers of the indigenous peoples of this planet know this well. If we listen to their age-old wisdom, we can learn much that will allow us to walk upon the planet’s surface and to live in peace without bringing suffering to the elementals, the animals or to ourselves.

Those few who have dominated the planet for so long do not carry any regard for life other than their own. Their actions and their determination to control and destroy have brought us to the brink of the destruction of our home world… and yet there is hope.

Humanity, as individuals and as a collective species, is powerful. Although beaten down, manipulated and controlled, we can break free. Some of us have already done so and more will do so every day henceforth. It is why the Wayshowers and light-bearers have come here, to lead the way… and then to get out of the way and let humanity take responsibility for cleaning up their soiled planet and discovering how to live together so that all might partake of peace and prosperity. The gifts that are within all humans will come on board and be activated once each individual reaches a certain frequency level. Greater responsibility comes into play with each step up the Stairway to Heaven. We cannot turn our backs on those who remain behind. All are a part of this grand process as we bring heaven to earth through our individual and collective efforts.

Hmm, enough for now; I’ve said my piece. Time to rest some more… and it’s 3:33 as I write this!

Blessings to all,

I AM Eliza

Journal Entry 08.08.2015



Journal Entry 8.8.2015

It’s such a pleasure to be able to write today. The weather is warming up again for a few days, but I was able to get in a nice walk this morning.

I’ve been doing some gardening the past few days after work, pruning, mowing, weeding, and watering. Just trying to keep the garden going as it’s been an intensely hot and dry summer here, even if we do live in a semi-arid region of the Pacific Northwest.

We count on winter rains and snow for our summer water here and last winter’s precipitation was sparse at best. Even the normal snow pack in the Cascades and the usually dampish Olympics was a fraction of normal. The drought is real and it’s serious. Still, the warmth of the summer sun wraps itself around your body like a soft blanket. Evenings are especially nice, to sit looking at the stars in the warm darkness.

I haven’t been motivated to write much of late… for two weeks until now. The energies are strong and continue to intensify. I find myself needing a lot of down time when I’m at home.

For me, this period seems to be an unwinding of what has gone before. Jennifer Hoffman, in her latest posts, has spoken frequently about the endings of various cycles and time periods that are occurring now. This feels “right” to me. The old is dropping away and the new is still yet to manifest. It is a feeling of being in a void or transition, where it is difficult to sense a way forward… for the moment.

"In the Pink"

“In the Pink”

This “moment” in the Now will pass and things will again begin to pick up speed for all of us. Just where we are carried will depend on our intent, focus and allowance.

For me, it has been allowing myself to let go of expectations and plans. I have a few things in mind, but am allowing the flow to proceed naturally and at its own pace.

I know that my body is feeling a bit sluggish and awkward. I’ve gained weight all this past year, and even now just have to let that go, also, except maintaining a good diet and getting in some gentle exercise.

The knees are especially tender right now. I do have some old injuries from hiking and motor vehicle accidents, but I feel that this is mostly energetic. Some days are better than others and I still managed to walk over two miles this morning at a good steady pace.

Summer here is beautiful, if a bit toasty. I haven’t been up in the hills at all due to the intense heat and dry conditions. Some of the road access for getting out of the hills is limited. Not a good place to be when a fire gets started. Our local largish fire (6,000+ acres) seems to be under control right now. Local crews have taken over the mop up duties, watching for flare-ups. This will continue until the cold weather and hopefully some rain assists in dampening down any possibility of further flames. Several fires are burning throughout the region, even in the temperate rainforest of the Western Olympics. That long moss burns very well in dry weather.

We’re supposed to have a rock concert here in town this coming weekend. I’m not partial to loud music and crowds so will avoid the scene, but many locals are quite excited. Yet with tickets going for $100, few will actually be going. Still, sound travels real well and many might just park themselves in a nearby neighborhood to catch some of the tunes.

A sunny disposition.

A sunny disposition.

I don’t have any great wisdom to share at this time other than to suggest that each of you take care of yourself, be gentle to self and others, get plenty of rest and light exercise, eat well, drink lots of fresh water… and laugh / sing / dance and enjoy life.

Change is happening at a mind-boggling pace now, revelations about the true nature of our society are being disclosed… what was thought to be truth is now being seen as a false façade. It’s time to take back our personal and collective power and act in cooperation with each other and with life.

I especially enjoy my quiet moments with my two furry companions. I’ve had kitty companions now for over 25 years straight. They’ve taught me a lot about unconditional love and acceptance… and letting go of the perfect house. And they give freely of their affection… when they’re in the mood or when I’m in need. We can all learn a lot from animals.

That’s enough for now. I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t gone away or disappeared, just need a bit of quiet right now. And that’s all right.

Much love coming your way,


Eliza: Taking Flight



Note to Reader:  The energies have been very strong for me this weekend. I have been unable to “do” much of anything physical.  Yet the creative energies have been tickling my awareness and seeking a way to be expressed, so this lengthy message.  It is part “me” as Eliza and part “other me” as… well, who really knows at this stage of development.  We are more than we know.  Much love to all.

Eliza: Taking Flight

As I sat here for a moment on my “chair”, I distinctly heard the words within my head, “And now, a word from your Sponsor…”

Our guides and mentors have a very distinctive dry sense of humor, or at least mine do and emerge at odd moments.

During the past months, some eight to be exact, from the time of my alleged ascension last October, I have been in a rather rebellious mood, not given to allowing much communication with said guides, at least through the mode of channeling. I have come to question why it would be that I was “chosen” to be a messenger for other dimensions and civilizations and beings. I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that these beings are very much part of my life, both here and “elsewhere” where I exist on other planes, dimensions, frequencies and in different worlds.

Each of us came into this world bearing a different assortment of “gifts”, some that are already being utilized and some that have only opened up as a result of the one bearing the gift reaching a certain frequency band where it is allowed to come online.

The great living masters of the Far East know the gifts of whom I speak. In the Hindu faith they are described as “sidi” or “gifts”. The Masters have sparingly demonstrated to their followers what these gifts can do if used for the good of others.

There are those within the New Age movement who desire these gifts to come online, but simply do not due to the misalignment of their energies. Those who attempt to approach the altar of the inner Light and have not opened their hearts will not be allowed to use these gifts. The correct frequency level MUST be attained, as well as the correct alignment of heart and mind and intent.

As the individual connects with the High Heart chakra (which is located in the etheric plane above the Thymus Gland) the other heart chakras align. There are many discussions in writing and video as to the precise steps that occur as the Light Body comes into being. Sometimes this process can be quite sudden, although for most of the First Wave wayshowers and ascension guides, it has involved a process that has been extended over decades of painful clearing, cleansing and awakening.

Now the process tends to be quick and somewhat brutal, depending on the ability of the individual to release fear and resistance. One might wonder why… it is simply that each person, each being who resides here, has their own inner timing as to when and even if the hour of awakening will take place. Not all who live on planet Earth will ascend with her. You have been told this before. Our words are not meant to bring fear to your hearts but understanding.

Your society has strived to “teach” you or rather condition you to react in fear and resistance to anything or anyone that is different and that appears to bring change into your world. As a result, many people are resistant to the influx of the cosmic energies and find themselves suffering as a result. Illness, loss of home, family and jobs can result, as everything that one would cling to is stripped away, bit by bit. If you find your dependence on things outside yourself is so strong, you will experience this stripping away of the physical symbols of your power, wealth and position. Yet, the process can be more subtle, as well, in those of who are a more humble nature.

The simple people of the Earth, who live close to Her, often very close to her soil, water and air, feel her moods and find happiness in the warmth and closeness of family and friends, in the fruits of the earth and simplicity of living. Having nothing to lose materially, they benefit from an unspoken sense of unity and often come to an understanding of what exists beyond the physical, even when they cannot yet put words to their understandings. These people are much beloved and protected by the Angels and, in turn, they accept the presence of these non-physical beings as their right, as a part of their extended Family.

There are so many levels of human understanding. You are a complex race and people, who even yet deny the truth of the unity that exists within your energy fields, the connections that you share with those with whom you come in contact through daily living or even through communications such as these.

I have come to wonder why channeled messages are so cherished and loved by those who have opened their hearts and despised by those who still seek to control and dominate. It is known that some channels have fallen prey to Archonic energies and give forth false messages designed to create a sense of dependence. Dates are often given forth to bring false hope and desire to the surface in those who do not yet realize that ascension is a process that requires individual motivation, intent and simple work and preparation. There are many who desire instant mastery yet who are unwilling to put forth that which is required by ALL who might yet walk the Path of Mastery. There exist both individual misunderstandings of said Path and intentional disinformation designed to bring doubt into the minds of those who seek immediate gratification of their base desires for power, material wealth and fame.

The Master Yeshua spoke these words to his followers, in the hope that they would heed his advice and meaning: “Only those who are as little children will come to sit at the feet of the Lord.”

Humility does not mean a complete lack of pride. It does mean giving the higher essence of your Self priority in your life. Being humble, being child-like is to allow the need to control or understand the process through the intellect or human ego or through the filter of prior human conditioning. We have been taught to fear what we do not understand. Can you not see why this conditioning would impede the natural process of spiritual awakening if the intellect always came forward to continually question, dissect and even to willfully misinterpret the meaning and purpose of any given message?

Our language has been designed to keep us separated from the thoughts of the Divine, from the language of the Heart that has no words. Yet it is by listening to the silent inner voice that we quietly approach the Throne that exists within, the Altar of the Living Flame. Each person carries it within, no matter what their current standing in the continuum of spiritual development, except, perhaps those who are actually not human, but of artificial construct, AI or artificial intelligence.

Those who are in human vessels carry a flame within that aligns them with the higher densities and dimensions and gives life and breath to their physical bodies. Without the presence of the soul matter within, there is no true life.

Despite what many have learned while living here within this constructed and artificial matrix, you have never been sundered from the connection you all share with those who are living beings and those who exist beyond the Veil of Forgetfulness. Animals walk between the worlds in their consciousness and have often been presented as messengers and carriers of sacred energies. They are humble and accepting of their roles in our lives and have the ability to bring much joy and unconditional love to those with whom they share time.

What can one do to open to the higher energies? First, accept that the ways of spirit are NOT the ways of man or how modern man has been conditioned to believe. Spirit often works in a diametrically opposed manner which utterly confounds those who are not willing to fully surrender. If there is struggle, there is confusion… and even in the confusion, if surrender comes, eventually also will arrive an understanding as the seemingly disparate pieces of the puzzle come together gradually in an unexpected and completely “new” way.

Those who have long practiced utilizing their intuitive skills will find the steps along the Path to be easier than some. Listening, obeying and following intuitive “messages” is following the breadcrumbs of Spirit, of Higher Self, that are left for each person to follow, if and when they are “ready” and willing. You cannot proceed along to Way until you give permission to yourself to do so. And this is the sticking point for many as they do not deem themselves “worthy” of the gifts of the spirit.

You are worthy. You are loved. Spirit holds each of you within a sphere of unconditional love and acceptance. Yet it is only through self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and self-love and regard can you hope to move forward into the various stages of spiritual awakening. And since it is the nature of the ego to be the inborn skeptic and defender of the body temple, doubts and fears often crop up to litter the path of the seeker. Everyone goes through stages of this self-doubt and even self-incrimination. And yet, one can also move through this stage if acceptance arrives on the wings of understanding that within your seeming imperfections always lays your inner strength and potential. Thus, the irrational wisdom of Spirit comes home to the true seeker and understanding is arrived at, allowing the seeker to move forward yet another step or level.

With the vagaries and difficulties that have previously littered the path of the seeker also comes now the intensification and effect of Cosmic energies. The physical temples of all who live upon this planet are being affected by these intense energies. There is no place or way to hide. It is vanity to think escape is possible. Surrender is demanded of all who would remain here. It is your choice and your responsibility. And yet, you are more than you seem and in your acceptance of this truth, you will be set free to move through the gradually rising frequencies with grace and ease. There will still be a need to physically surrender to the requirements of the body for rest as it adjusts and undergoes the process of crystallization, as it is being altered from an organic organism to one made up of light, as crystals hold light and intelligence.

Think of yourself as a caterpillar that is undergoing a process of transmutation from one form to another. During the middle stages, the caterpillar completely disappears, literally becomes muck as its cells rearrange into a completely new alignment of grace and beauty. You have been the caterpillar, you have been wrapped around by the cocoon and now you are about to take flight, into a world that your physical eyes have not ever seen before but that the innermost essence of your being both knows and loves. We welcome you Home.

I have to smile. These words, at least some of them, are coming forth from my higher essence that is aligned with my angelic and archangelic selves. The words have flowed forth without hesitation like a river full-grown from underground springs, strong and power-filled. I hope the reader begins to understand that we do not yet know the full nature of our own being, much less the New World upon whose threshold we now stand.

It is time to know within that the understanding is often that last piece of the puzzle to come into play. So we must be willing, if we want to participate fully in this “game” to let go of the control button and allow the ultimate outcome of this journey to slowly be revealed to us. It is a never-ending journey of realizations; dreams come true, and wonders beyond human imaginings. Will you walk with me and the Angels and discover what we seek to manifest in our world? I welcome your presence as sisters and brothers upon the Path. And I extend my unconditional love and appreciation to all those who have served as mentors, examples and teachers so that I might be here with you in this most extraordinary time upon this planet.


I AM Eliza

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

The Angels: Dancing Upon the Winds of Change



The Angels: Dancing Upon the Winds of Change

It has been suggested that the Universe supports life. Now it appears a more radical concept might truly shake your world:

Life creates the Universe.

Does that short sentence bring you pause? And what can it possibly mean to you?

Life is intelligent. Your scientists are beginning to catch up with the wisdom known by your ancestors: that life is aware, changes and makes adjustments. Life affects life. Your bodies are alive. Your cells are intelligent and respond to the energies that are currently assisting in bringing profound change to your world.

Are you prepared to let go of everything that you have ever held as sacred and untouchable? Are you prepared to undergo a complete stripping away of what you have not wanted to look at, those intimate details about yourself that you had rather (and have) forget?

The fiery sun of Leo will strip away all pretension and pretense. If you have not been able to get clear and honest with yourself up to this point, you will not have any ability to prevaricate in the days that come.

Change, profound change and the transformative energies that carry it forth are upon you all.

If you are able to look the eagle in the eye and smile, you’ll be fine. You will move forward and flourish, taking change as opportunity to shine and display your gifts to the world and to yourself. It is to be a time to be fully and wholly who you have always meant to be but were blocked previously from accomplishing.

If you look away, out of fear or resistance, change will come anyway. There is no door that can keep it from entering your life. No amount of money stashed away in a hidden bank account, no amount of fudging on the truth of what you have done and been can long be hidden from the penetrating, life-changing energies that are streaming upon the planet.

The Goddess is emerging. She is coming out of her hidden place, where she was driven into during the last centuries through persecution and destruction of her living representatives and envoys upon this world. She is coming forth and she is powerful. Women, especially, are beginning to feel the effects of her immense power as it penetrates into their awareness. Personal sovereignty aligned with world service will begin to fill the lives of more people, but most especially the women and the younger generations, who align with the intuitive energies springing forth from the opened heart of the Goddess in all living beings.

Balance will come, but it is not here yet nor will it be for many years as it takes “time” for change to manifest fully into the physical. For many, it will seem that your world has not changed in significant ways… until one day, you will awake and see that the world HAS changed and you with it.

Instant manifestation is possible now for some of the way showers, but only because they have long been working on clearing their personal space of all that would prevent the ability of the cosmic energies to successfully download light frequencies into their bodies. Serving as anchors of the light and as living examples to the populace, these beings have shown the way. Yet, few people truly desire to really give up the comforts that they have come to know and enjoy… even if it means letting go of the dream of ascension.

Have you given up? Have you let go? Are you finding yourself lost in confusion? Are you still experiencing loss, in the form of jobs, relationships, finance, health…losing your “mind”… only to discover that you feel happier now due to the losses.

Where once you lived in fear of loss, now you find yourself embracing the process of letting go… is this possible? Now, when confronted by a snarling stranger do you find yourself smiling and at ease? Or are you running the other way, afraid of your own shadow?

Choices are being made, some conscious, some unconsciously. The worlds, the many timelines are separating out. Worlds are being created by those who have discovered their inner power and wisdom. Horizons are disappearing for those who have continued to force others to obey their will and to serve them. The energies are flipping. Where the powerful few that were served used to be in command, now the energies are beginning to support the ones who serve the world, through their own inner growth, through their willingness to share their own experiences and wisdom gained through struggle and release of that struggle.

Are you settling into a pattern of constant surrender to the moment? Can you plan and allow adjustments to come into being, as you discover previously unknown synchronicities occurring for you as you come upon new knowledge and understandings, as they are delivered to you through various avenues?

You will begin to notice that life takes on a new sense of flow, of constant and undiminished change and transformation, even as the old world deconstructs and the new one comes online.

Those who wish to control their lives will see that control ripped from their hands.

Those who allow their inner wisdom to guide them along the currents of the energies, high and low, will discover a new sense of adventure and desire for further expansion and exploration of both inner and outer worlds.

All boundaries will be broken and reformed in new and different alignments.

That which has been hoarded and kept from the people will be scattered to the winds and brought to those who can best use the knowledge for the good of all.

We dance on the winds and are carried by the rays of sunlight to reach your hearts. Do not attempt to hide from us, for we know you as you truly are. We see the colors of your energy fields. We can look into the Akasha and see who and what you have been and what you are currently doing in other worlds and dimensions.

We are you, a part of you and we embrace you in this extraordinary time of change and transformation upon your world. Call upon that part of self that knows you better than you can imagine, to assist and guide and protect and to heal you in unimaginable ways. We are here, at your back and at your side.

We are the Angels and we serve humanity and all life.

Blessings to all.

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,