"Native Elder", acrylic on canvas, Eliza Ayres, 2015.

“Native Elder”, acrylic on canvas, Eliza Ayres, 2015.


We’re being encouraged to open doors into our multidimensional beingness these days and artistic endeavors are a way to get “there”. Keeps the 3D mind at bay at least for a while.

I’m getting more venturesome with my colors… adding sap green to the mixture. Still keeping the palette simple, white, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, oxychrome orange, ultramarine blue and mixtures of same.

Hope you enjoy these…! The one below has been “in progress” for about a week. Sometimes you just have to let a painting sit awhile and let your eyes study it for proportion, skin tones, etc. While it is somewhat an intellectual exercise (knowing the color chart), it is also an intuitive process, basically sensing what “feels” right in terms of composition, color, energy, etc. Anyone who dabbles in art or crafts understands what I’m attempting to express here.


"Ancient Warrior", acrylic on canvas, Eliza Ayres, 2015.

“Ancient Warrior”, acrylic on canvas, Eliza Ayres, 2015.

Journal Entry 03.28.2015


Field of Sunflowers

Journal Entry 03.28.2015

What a turbulent week across the world! Plane crashes, floods, tornadoes, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, et al.

Our local weather has gone from winter to spring in two days. On Monday and Tuesday, there was snow on the hills outside of town. Today, the temperatures were in the high 70’s and the flowers were blooming accordingly. I managed to get the mower through some already long, damp grass to clean up the garden a wee bit.

Personally, I feel like I’m in kind of a holding pattern. Not really “going” anywhere. I was quite tired all week and several of my co-workers noted their difficulties in getting sleep, as well. Downloads were hitting my body as I rested each night, with my body heating up and releasing still more “stuff” as a result.

And yet… I feel “happy”, light… freed somehow from worries of the future despite the gloom and doom on the international world scene.

I’m checking into the possibility of retiring as an expat, to another country. Short of living in a trailer or a tiny apartment here, retirement elsewhere, most likely Central or South America is appealing. Keeping my options open for the time being as more developments unfold.

Time to paint. I have two portraits waiting completion… so must get back to them. And more ideas for landscapes, etc.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Hugs and kisses,


Photo: Taken from the Snake River Overlook, NE Oregon, July 2010 by Eliza Ayres.

My Decision


Grande Ronde RiverMy Decision

To my readers…thank you again for your sincere, thoughtful and sometimes quite detailed responses. They were all heartfelt… I could feel that!

The latest response that brought me to a decision was from a French reader, one who has been following the blog almost from the start. He called my blog a little masterpiece, as it has been in the past when all I presented was my own material. He stated that I present a unique and very personal point of view that engages readers. I have seen this reaction before when many of those who did comment would say, “Oh,I see my life in yours.” Or “Wow, you’ve helped me see myself in a different light.”

Perhaps, gentle readers, this is my mission. To be myself, to be personal, engaging, at a heart level that is missed sometimes by impersonal although uplifting messages and alternative news sources.

Humility was another word that my French correspondent used. While I may be a star seed from a great lineage, here I am a human beings among humans. I go to work, eat supper, wash the dishes, do laundry, go shopping… and occasionally sit down and type out a message that means something to someone. My life will be changing, certainly within a year or so, as I am considering some huge changes in my life, but that is all in a state of flux at the moment… awaiting the right inspiration or intuitive nudge to get things going. And I am more actively engaging in my personal art work and creative projects, something that gives me great satisfaction. So… I am able to engage different people at different levels through my shared material, whether it be art, nature, photography, history, past lives… and the great Shift that is occurring for us all.

I know that my Higher Self when speaking through me, is always addressing the reader who is reading the message, always. And the messages carry an energy that even I cannot define, but is described by commenters as warm and loving.

I will be perfectly frank with you all… I’ve not seen myself as warm, engaging and loving, but that is a very human lack of self-worth. Now, having this mirror of love and regard placed before me by all who have commented… I can re-think myself as worthy and loving and deserving of the opportunity to share with others what I have learned along the way.

Tears are streaming down my face as I write these words. And I will, once again, allow my blog to be my space. If I see other pieces of interest, I may provide a link to them so that readers can see for themselves or decide not to. I do know that all of us are being bombarded with an avalanche of information and disinformation these days. It is up to each individual to decide what to read and what to pass by.

I will continue to write. In fact, this whole engagement with my readers has inspired me to do so. I see now that my presence here is valuable, at least to some and that my work is shared with others beyond my ken, beyond what is revealed by the “stats”. I’ll have to learn to ignore the stat page and focus on what is truly valuable, our inter-connection, self to self, heart to heart, through this limited avenue of words, images and imagination.

And now that I have removed myself from Facebook, at least for now, (I simply “closed” my timeline) I will have more “time” to write, paint and do photography. Even that decision may change, as I have some followers there who have difficulties accessing the blog for whatever reason. I’m not acquainted with Twitter and other social mediums, but might consider adding those links.

We are all in various stages of evolution and growth. Some will resonate with my experiences and stories, others will not.

Let me say this, I cherish the interaction that has occurred in the last couple of days. I was surprised and pleased with the response.

In closing, I will not be posting the material of other authors for the time being. I may not write something everyday, just as I felt compelled or inspired to do so. And I will continue to share my personal photography and artwork as it comes available. As several readers reminded me, I can’t please everyone and this is MY blog… so it will be truly, completely, fully.

Many blessings to you all.


Photo: Grand Ronde River, NE Oregon, taken in June 2010, when the river was in flood and the wild Mock Orange in bloom. Joseph’s country…

Latest project


"Ancient Warrior", acrylic on canvas, Eliza Ayres, 2015.

“Ancient Warrior”, acrylic on canvas, Eliza Ayres, 2015.

Latest Project

A little Mozart goes a long way in setting the environment for me to paint. The photo of this elderly chief was one of the ones that I found on Flickr, probably taken late in the 19th century or early in the 20th. He has the look of profound world weariness. Hope I did him justice. I might add a few details later, but need to sit with this for a while to gain more insights. The mouth doesn’t seem quite right…and so on. Painterly details, you understand.

Update: Reworked the neck and clothing area, plus a little around mouth. Also experimenting with a skin tone “recipe” from an art book. Frankly, I like my own mixtures…Learning as I go. Portraits are interesting and demanding due to all the different planes, tones and tints in the skin. Also, acrylics are kind of harsh. At some point, I’ll break into oils, just have to work up my courage and arrange an area for wet canvases to dry.

Journal Entry 03.21.2015



Journal Entry 03.21.2015

I confess that I am deeply touched by the comments from readers elicited from my question to readers of the previous day. I have heard from long-time, “quiet” readers and some that have made frequent comments. I appreciate all of you and most especially your honesty in encouraging me to continue as best I see fit. Which is, of course, subject to change!

For those of you who also have a presence on Facebook, I will be closing that account for now and just posted notification to my “friends” there, some 220 people. I know that not all of them even read my stuff, but there it is. I invited them to visit this space if they wish. Some of the individuals are very active in their own work and outreach and have little time to spend roaming (or surfing) the Net either. Still, the door is open for them here.

Now, with the enticement of FB off the list, I can devote more time to both my writing for this blog, my photography and artwork.

As some of my long time readers know, I went through quite a challenging year in 2014… something that resonates with most of us who call ourselves variously light workers, star seeds or just New Earth pioneers.

One thing of interest caught my eye this morning, in an article posted on Wes Annac’s wonderful “Culture of Awareness” blog about the extraterrestrial races involved with the evolution of earth… and that was the bit about the False 5D Light Matrix. Apparently human souls or star seed souls incarnated in human bodies are being encouraged to “leave” their bodies and return to wherever it was that they came, leaving their bodies open to being used by lower vibrational entities. Ick. The whole problem that sensitive star seed souls have to contend with… basically adjusting to the dense vibrations of this earth star and carrying a deep longing to return to the vibrations of “home” is being used against some (if not all) star seeds. It is a seductive ploy to be sure.

Just such an accusation — that somehow my body had been taken over by a lower frequency entity — was directed towards me within the “private” FB group of which I was member last year. I left the group, thankfully, before being personally attacked with such rubbish, but several friends objected and ended up leaving the group as well. My abrupt departure from said group left some of its members reeling, given that I was supposed to be the walk-in incarnation of a Pleiadian star seed and one of two Forerunner’s for the entire First Wave of ascending humans. I suppose they needed a way to cover up or explain the reason for the seeming change in my perspective.

Talk about piling a sense of responsibility on one’s rather narrow shoulders… However, I can assure you that my body has not been overtaken by a lower vibrational entity… and those among you who are also powerful empaths should be able to discern the difference quite easily.

First, this bit of news that I received last March or April about being not only a walk-in, but a walk-out, never did resonate with me entirely. Yes, it was a real trip for the ego, but then I’m pretty well grounded and not one to walk around with my head in the clouds. Working in a very 3D prison makes one very aware of personal space, responsibility for others and, hopefully, develops one’s sense of compassion for the foibles of the human race. I have found also that many people who believe that they are on spiritual journeys are not well-grounded or even well-read, but tend to believe and rely on a small number of “authorities” sometimes somewhat blindly. In time, after a few stumbles, they wake up… but I was already there.

I attempted to leave the group three times, but was coaxed back two times. The third time I had to block the individual on FB who was primarily responsible for giving me the information regarding my status on other worlds and dimensions. She insisted that I was being “silly” to refuse to cooperate.

I do not like to be pushed around for the benefit of other people’s agendas… so this time I left and announced my change of heart/mind to the world through one of my posts… and then proceeded to delete much of the material containing references to being a walk-in, etc, etc.

The truth is, I probably am… well, actually I am a star seed, although NOT a walk-in, with connections both to the Pleiades and to Venus. I’ve long been aware of my connection to Sanat Kumara, Archangel Michael and the Council of Nine. However… the New Earth is here on this planet, not elsewhere and the job is not done. In fact, it’s barely begun, as the greater portion of humanity is still moving sluggishly into the awakening process. My sense of responsibility towards these people, my people, my world… and all life forms upon her, compelled me to openly state my intention to remain here to the end of this lifetime and probably several into the future.

While my presence here will not be as overt in nature as some… as many of the younger star seeds mature and come into the midst of their powerful missions, my commitment to being here will support their work from an energetic level. And while I may not write as much as I have previously, I will continue to do so, focusing mostly on my own inner journey, to serve as an example of what can be overcome, what has been my experiences up till now, what changes I am sensing and occasionally input from the perspective of other authors whose work I encounter in my reading.

As for my star family, the angelic Pleiadians and the magnificent ascended masters and councils who work behind the scenes, they are ever with me, encouraging, supporting, healing… occasionally consoling, and inspiring me with their own commitment towards the evolution of humanity.

These are amazing times in which we life and serve. It is a high honor to be awake and aware in such tumultuous times, if a bit of a strain on my older physical form. Still, we adapt and adjust… as the frequency levels of the planet continue to slowly rise and our bodies adjust accordingly.

I regard life here as an opportunity to grow and expand my awareness of all life. One thing that I hold within that is common to all Pleiadians is the love of learning. Since I consider myself a life-long learner… I resonate well with that particular aspect of this angelic race that has served as one of our progenitors in the past upon this planet. They look like “us”, except have more refined and beautiful bodies. Along with many other star nations, they watch over our progress and guide us through our intuition and such messages as are received through inspiration and personal connection.

I bow with the highest respect and regard to all those souls who I encounter within these electronic pages. May you all come to feel as I do the wonderful connection that we have to each other, to the planet and to the Universe, both within and without. Each of our souls exist in many dimensions, carry many names and vibrations, gifts and experience. Being here now during this challenging transitional period is truly a great experience to add to my portfolio.


I AM Eliza (aka Tazjima) star seed, Wayshower, artist, writer and life-long explorer into worlds both seen and unseen.

Hugs and kisses…and many thanks to all my readers, new and old.

Question to my Readers – by Eliza



Question to my Readers – by Eliza

It’s clear to me after a few weeks of posting other people’s works, that at least some of my readers objected to adding them, although they voiced no protest when I said that I would be doing so. Some people have a difficult time adjusting to change in another. And I happen to change course quite often. It’s in my nature.

Although I have lost a substantial amount of readers, my stats are still climbing as those who are still stopping by are finding more to read with each visit… so in the end, I guess it balances out.

Again, I ask and would appreciate some input from the quiet ones. Do you want to see the work of other authors reblogged on this site. If not, why not. I certainly don’t have all or even any of the answers to what’s going on in the world and it is educational to see the same or similar viewpoint expressed in the words of someone else.

If you don’t speak up, you will not be heard. And I’ll make my own decisions in the end. I favor posting a few pieces from other authors each day so as not to overload my email followers. I might also consider dropping or closing down my Facebook account as it is a great time sink. Also, the original purpose for being on FB, as a member of a closed “group” has ceased to be a part of my life. I have better things to do than spend time reading snippets and seeing videos, cute as they are, of puppies and kittens. Speak up or be not heard.


Journal Entry 03.20.2015



Journal Entry 03.20.2015

Yes, I am home from work today. The exhaustion I have felt all week due to the inability to sleep well and the pressing in upon my body of the “energies” has taken its toll. I just needed to rest. And my lungs are feeling rather heavy. The coughing has kicked up a bit… and so the litany could go on, but I’ll spare you the details. I merely feel rather squashed by the energies and decided to stay home and ride out this intense day in the serenity of my own dwelling.

In recent days, I’ve been reading tidbits of Kryon’s writings and sharings about human DNA and our galactic origins. Inevitably some of this information seeps through my channelings as these messages are done in partnership with the higher essence of my being, my angelic self.

In truth, all human beings are divine by nature, even if they are acting like devils. This is a simple fact that few light workers seem to understand. Yet it is part and parcel of what they will eventually see and understand for themselves as becoming aware of being a divine being in a physical body takes a bit of adjustment. First must come the release of many years… let’s face it… millennia of human conditioning.

Humanity was created as divine beings, long ago in Lemuria. The continent was based in the area of the present-day Hawaiian Islands. The highest peak on the planet is now only visible as the largest Hawaiian Island. The society that thrived upon the ancient island continent was spiritually evolved and in tune with the rhythms and laws of Nature. And then the climate of the planet begun to change. Huge continental glaciers began to melt and the waters began to rise and claim the lands settled by the Lemurians. The people departed the drowning lands and scattered to the four winds, some settling in the islands to the southeast, others to Asia and Africa… and still others to the west, to the Americas.

The consciousness of humanity began to fall as a consequence of these calamitous events and for other reasons. Even though our progenitors granted us divinity through the integration of their DNA with that of our own species, they were not allowed to stay any longer than it took to make sure that the gift was well-delivered and sealed within a Veil of forgetfulness until humanity matured enough to discover the keys to opening up the gift box and peering within. Old stories like that of Pandora and the forbidden box were designed to discourage us from doing just that… so we could continue to be controlled by forces outside of ourselves.

We contain within all that we need for our ascension and the healing of our world. These are words that have been oft repeated in the messages of various “masters”, angels and light beings. These higher frequency beings are simply Self talking to self. Our Divine Self talking to through the agency of a human messenger to other humans and letting us know, through hints and metaphors, that we, ourselves, can command our own evolution through our own intent to accept ourselves as divine beings living a physical life.

When I first started to channel, I was questioned by some skeptics as to the validity of the messages. I was also accused as being in league with dark forces who were attempting to take over the world. Humans have been conditioned to fear that which cannot be seen, felt, hear, tasted or smelt by the physical senses. The only one who can “hear” the voice that speaks to them when they are channeling is the channeler or messenger. They are also the only who can determine the “feeling” or resonance of the message that emerges, whether it feels “positive” or “negative” in nature.

In truth, many of these messages are neither positive nor negative, as that judgment derives from a lower understanding of what is truly going on here. Consciousness is neutral.

One of my Internet friends who has progressed far beyond even the vanguards of the lightworkers walks through many worlds and encounters many strange beings during his waking “visits” to other dimensions even as he works and functions on this 3D level. He is already living fully in 5D / 6 D and even reaching more cosmic levels occasionally. He is humbled and elated by what he sees and feels and knows that little of what he sees and experiences would be believed by the average person. Yet he is a harbinger for all of us, a glimpse of what is to come as we step into the fantastical worlds of the entangled Universe. According to this source, it is nothing as we presently imagine the Universe to be and yet more. We share divine origins, so I can understand him at least somewhat more than most.

Each of us has an inner alarm that is set at a predetermined time to let you know when it is time to “wake up”. Although I may have set and re-set the snooze button a few times, my alarm went off pretty early in this lifetime. I was painfully aware that I was different, but it didn’t really sink in as to how different I was until I was an adult trying to do the things that are socially acceptable for adults to do in this world like get married and get a job.

While I loved my husband and still do, despite the fact that we grew apart (if, in fact, we were ever close together, which is doubtful) I left him after a mere six years of married life. I wasn’t comfortable with the demands of married life… which in Western society was more what the woman could do to support the husband’s needs, not her own. I felt hemmed in and misunderstood. Indeed, my dawning self-awareness of energy flows and other worlds frightened my engineering husband. I could not wait on him to wake up so I took myself off and began to live for myself.

It would be nice to relate that my life got easier after leaving my husband, but it did not. Yet, I learned through my experiences. I soaked up the information and knowledge that I encountered from many sources, integrated, and sorted it out… and still am doing so. In the end, it is how you can look at yourself with neutral eyes, without self-judgment, that determines how far you will go in waking up during this lifetime.

Yes, perhaps I would have got to the end result faster if I had exhibited more courage. Some of my erstwhile friends would laugh at my saying that… as I have undergone changes of place, position and circumstance, all the while remaining more sane than many who remain in the same town, with the same friends and surroundings from their childhood. I did not. I walked away from my home town, from my physical family and even from dearly loved friends because I felt a deep-seated urge to know… something… just beyond the grasp of my understanding.

Occasionally… and more often now, I would simply “know” something and then my rational mind would seek the source of that knowledge, most often to no avail. This wisdom is within our DNA, waiting to be accessed. It is our Akasha, the library of light from all of our lifetimes upon the planet. And it is locked behind a Door that cannot be opened through physical means, but through pure intention and self-forgiveness.

I was being lit from within by the desire to know the truth of my own divinity. And this yearning was coming from the greater part of myself lingering from just behind the Veil, my “higher” self, which is, in truth the part of my consciousness that remained behind when this small portion was divided off to take residence within a tiny human body.

This is the same for all humans as we are all related through the same ancient bloodline, brought down through the generations from our Pleiadian progenitors and wrapped in the seemingly inert bundles of DNA… that were just waiting for human consciousness to expand to the point where it could begin to interact intelligently with its own divine awareness and ancient wisdom.

Intuitively we know the laws of the Universe, for they are drawn and delineated within the essence of our beings. We know when we violate natural truth and yet humanity (at least a portion of it) also has the god-given gift of being able to work against self through the intent to co-opt universal law for its own selfish desires. Of course, this can only work for so long and then circumstances, also driven by the consequences of the violation of divine law, begin to gather and affect living conditions and to infringe upon the awareness of the beholder.

So you see former members of the Church of Satan sharing with those who will listen the workings of their members, the intense focus and how people of dark intent bend the rules to their own purposes because the Universe allows it… for a while. And then a former drug salesperson begins divulging that the pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession lie openly about the effects of drugs upon the human body, mind and consciousness. People don’t want to hear about the dark side of life, about the ill intent utilized by companies, families and individuals in the name of power and wealth, so they refuse to wake up… but the dark side keeps up the pressure until there is no way to continue with the fantasy…

Can you not see the perfection of how the dark is used by Source to wake up those who have, until recently refused to see what is going on, until it has affected THEIR lives, their family, and their livelihoods? From this, you may well wonder how people can be so selfish… and yet, the experiencing of their own self-loathing teaches something. Every experience is valuable. Everything that you begin to see or even refuse to see is valuable… for when you experience it again… you will know that it is up to YOU to change, not the other person or persons involved, but YOU.

Those individuals who have consciously turned from the dark side to the Light have the experience and knowledge to aid others in coming to grips with what is what in the world and then TRANSCENDING those low vibrations by undergoing a change of heart.

The only way the world is going to change is to change yourself. And so… I am doing this, as are many people.

On occasion, I have been asked to assist someone to free them of “evil” spirits. While I carry healing energy (as do all people), I do not perform exorcisms on individuals. There are qualified spiritual healers available who work daily with such matters, but ultimately, it is up to the individual involved to determine that they are ready to release their hold on victim consciousness and to engage the assistance of those who are very close to them… their Higher Self and the angels.

The Higher Self is that which you are elsewhere, in worlds and dimensions beyond the definition of finite human understanding. You in your full consciousness are powerful beyond belief, yet with self-knowledge comes responsibility… and that is where many people hesitate when deciding to open the door to self-knowledge. You then also need to let go of all your self-judgment, all your ideas on how the world should be and see it for what it is from a fully neutral point of view. That takes a mature mind and heart, bound together with sacred intent, to accept that one has had a hand in what has overtaken our world and ourselves… and that we need to work together with a will and willing hands to reclaim the fullness of what can truly be ours once we have walked through the Door into a wider sense of being and existence.

Your divinity is pressing in upon you. Will you listen to the angel that resides within? Will you venture forth and open the door and say, “Yes, I need your help. Yes, I want to understand God. Yes, I want to understand myself and the world.”

And we will be there to assist you, with all of our being.

Hmmm, I just noticed that “my” article somehow metamorphosed into a “message”. That is how my divinity is pressing in upon me these days, my friends. Are you willing to listen to the still small voice within? You are the Alpha and Omega of your divinity and so much more, as you have yet to discover for yourself.


I AM (presently) Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe, daughter of Venus and the Pleiades).

© Copyright 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

P.S. And I thought I wasn’t going to write much anymore….

The Angels: Pressing In Upon Your Divinity


Sage Buttercup

The Angels: Pressing in Upon Your Divinity

God dwells within you. You are a part of God. What is God?

That is a question, my dear ones, which could fill a book. Let it suffice to know that “God” is the Intelligence that runs the Universes, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic levels. All that is, is included within the vastness of the Source of all being. All that is seen and all that is unseen, yet still felt. Most of you have little comprehension as to the vastness of worlds yet unseen, waiting to be explored by each of you.

You do not need to look for your reality or realization of your divine nature in anything else but reaching within yourself. The first exploration into the Universe takes place by going within.

Yes, we have told you this before, but dear human beings have so many doubts about their own self-worth. And if they do not have doubt, they hold such intense convictions that there is only one way to understand the Universe… and it’s not by going within.

These intense, often angry ones are puzzled why… if there truly is a God then why do “bad” things happen to good people. They are caught up in the very dense 3D need to judge appearances, based on the paradigm in which they themselves have been brought up in. These brittle, rigid beliefs also break in the first heavy windstorm that hits, scattering fragile egos to the elements.

With the increasingly intense cosmic energies that are hitting your world and penetrating your bodies, it seems that you might not be able to withstand the next bout. Many of you fall ill, or drag your bodies around in a perpetual state of extreme fatigue, dreading the next powerful astrological alignment or portal.

Today, March 20th, is no exception as the energies emanating from a particularly powerful alignment of the solar eclipse, the equinox and a Uranus – Neptune square hold forth, driving people to their knees or into fear and rebellion.

Breathe. It does get better.

All these various “events” are designed by the vast intelligence that runs the Universe. Designed to strip the veils from your eyes so that you might see yourself for what you are, angelic humans.

If you are not aware of it by now, your species is unique upon this planet. You were given your divinity through the blending of Pleiadian DNA with the DNA of one of the 17 species of humans existing on the planet some 100,000 years ago. The Pleiadians are angelic humans. Many of their leaders are embodied archangels, some of whom you are aware, although most are unknown to humans today. They are your family. They were your progenitors. And they watch your progress as you undergo the process leading up to spiritual maturation, a process that will take some generations to come into full completion.

We smile, knowing that our words will disturb those who want ascension for their species right now… but mostly for themselves. Humans have learned to be impatient and to want, want, want everything yesterday, as if having material goods delivered to them or their desires fulfilled would truly satisfy for more than a few moments.

The angst that you are experiencing right now, is much like the angst experienced by teenagers, who are in turn sullen and rebellious, curious and open, frightened of growing old and needing to take on unwanted responsibilities and the same time yearning for individual freedom.

Paradoxes such as these delineated above can only be understood by going within and listening to your own heart center. The egoic, linear or rational mind only seeks to judge, define and categorize what it encounters in life. Paradox is beyond its ken.

Humans also have a tendency to stir up drama as a means of making themselves feel either victimized or more powerful than others around them. If they are allowed to play the victim, they do not have to feel responsible for what is happening to them or what other people or forces are doing to them.

There is no whining allowed in the fifth dimension or unity consciousness. So leave the angst behind.

Judgment is a function of rigid belief systems that have served well in the denser, slower vibrations of the third dimension, but must also be left behind as you rise up in frequency. Still, you will not be able to comprehend frequencies “higher” than where you are currently vibrating until you reach those levels, as intellectual knowledge doesn’t bring true understanding.

The dimensions are entangled within each other, bundled like your DNA. The scientists wonder why most of your DNA appears to be inert in nature. It is because it is multidimensional and cannot yet be measured by 3D instrumentation. You, too, are multidimensional, but you cannot peer through the Veil that blocks your comprehension of your divinity until you discover the key for yourself through your intent to reach out to God.

You have been told that we the angels and other light beings cannot assist you until you ask for help. We obey the Laws of the Universe. To be more precise, these “laws” are written into the very essence of our being. And one of the laws that governs your particular planet is the Law of Free Will. Through your intent your will is known and the Universe supports your intent to the fullest.

Perhaps the most intuitive among you will instantly see a problem that could arise from the use of intention… a problem at least for those who are still asleep or wallowing in victim consciousness. For those who have the intention of creating and controlling the rest of you through their intense and extremely focused intention can command the Universe through their will, or seemingly so. What is occurring upon the planet now, in terms of geopolitical events is the natural outplaying of the game of intent. One group is highly organized and that group happens to be driven by a preoccupation of service to self rather than any desire to serve the whole of the human collective.

The ills of the world are driven by humans, not monsters, selfishly self-serving individuals for sure, but quite human. Yes, dreaming up stories of monsters allows the rest of those who are unwilling to step up to the plate of self-responsibility the opportunity to continue to wallow in the miasma of victimhood. Yet adults do have to grow up sometime and so events press in upon you so that you will wake up and face head-on the phantasms that you as a race have self-created.

So, how can God let good people suffer? There is no clear answer to that question as for each individual soul, there are lessons to undergo, experiences and emotions to encounter. Maturity comes with dawning of understanding, with the extending of compassion towards the sufferings of others, even in the extension of your own suffering.

Perhaps you were born with a congenital defect or some physical imperfection that sets you to wondering what I did to deserve this. Perhaps nothing or perhaps in another lifetime you mocked someone who was less physically perfect than yourself and so now need to develop the understanding of how it feels to endure the mocking words of other fellow creatures. Some humans would account this suffering as a result of negative karma, but what is karma but another man-made judgment system designed to absolve the sufferer of the responsibility to understand one’s own motivations in life.

You learn the secrets of the world by looking at yourself, how you respond or react to other people around yourself, in your daily life. When you find yourself an observer or voyeur into the workings of your own life, you begin to discover the minutiae of the clash of thought and emotion within your heart and mind. You can then begin to step away from judging these thoughts as being right or wrong, dark or light, and begin to understand that you simply are receiving these thoughts. They are coming from somewhere as yet indefinable yet they are not “you”. It is how you react to these thought and bind a corresponding emotion to them that defines your actions next… or what next occurs as a result.

Remember, the Universe responds to focused intent. If your intentions are fuzzy and ill-defined, then things will appear to “happen” to you… sometimes simply to wake you up.

Focus your intent to create a world of peace, abundance and good will… and then let it go. Allow the Universe to do its work. Hold the reins lightly in the matter of intent and let go of the need to control your life.

Your inborn traits will reveal themselves to you if you intend it so. You have to open the door to allow God in. Only you have the key and that key is your intent. And in so doing, you are taking up the mantle of being responsible for any outcome to your intention. This is part and parcel of becoming a fully aware, responsible adult… one who is ready to embark upon the journey of becoming a fully-fledge galactic citizen.

Yes, each individual must take the necessary steps to bring change to their world and the world for them starts within. No one person can change another, although many have tried to do so. This kind of behavior only leads to anger, resentment and division. The seeds of division have long been used against the unification of humanity, much to its detriment. It is time to step beyond the boundaries of the old game of human against human and to take the initiative to endeavor to bring peace and understanding to your own heart so that you might understand the motivations of others. And then you will naturally begin to open to self-acceptance and move eventually into acceptance of self in other and onto compassion… and beyond it reach the fields of unity consciousness.

These understandings, this journey can be undertaken and completed in an instant or it can take many lifetimes to unfold. Each individual’s experience will be different, yet in the end, you will stand together, shoulder to shoulder and look back upon this present time and wonder, how could we have been so dense?

And you will laugh with the openness of children and the strength of heart that a true adult being requires to do great things. And together we will accomplish much.


© Copyright 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Journal Entry 03.18.2015


"Hunter at Dawn", acrylic on canvas, 16"x20", by Eliza Ayres, 2015

“Hunter at Dawn”, acrylic on canvas, 16″x20″, by Eliza Ayres, 2015

Journal Entry 03.18.15

After preparing a few canvases this weekend with preliminary sketches, I started painting tonight. I found some sepia and black/white photos of natives, one Alaskan (perhaps Canadian) and a couple of from the Nez Perce and Sioux.

The colors are mine, just going from the gray shades in the original photos. I’m practicing quick, loose portraits. It’s not refined but looks like a person… which is always a plus!

Rainy weather today, typical March-like, semi-mild. Flowering trees and plants are popping out in delicate and bright colors. I love spring!

Enjoy the strong energies of the week, what with the New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Equinox and what have you… I can feel the energies gently pushing on me throughout the day, but for me, they are comforting. They are, however, pushing other people’s buttons a bit.

Always interesting working in a prison when the moon is full or new…

Enjoy the wonders of an awakening world, both inner and outer.

Update, 3/19/15 – Gave our Inuit hunter a more substantial fur ruff. Traditionally, these ruffs were made of wolverine fur, being the most resistant to frost and ice. I saw some beautiful parkees when a girl in Alaska. Most of the time, to preserve the fur and keep it clean during everyday wear, a cloth parkee was worn over the fur one, creating yet another air layer for warmth, an important factor for survival in the intense cold of the northern regions. Mankind is very adaptive…

Back to painting with Mozart playing in the background. Wonderful meditation in motion!

Hugs and kisses,


The Angels: You are Embarked on a Quantum Journey




The Angels: You are Embarked Upon a Quantum Journey

We greet you this day. We are messengers from the Divine Mother and emissaries of Her love for each of her children.

We have come with special tidings for those who are considering making changes in their lives. The energies of new that are now steaming in upon your planet support change, encourage change, even for those souls who resist it the most.

There is a wave of awakening coursing through the world. Those with sensitive natures have picked it up before the rest of the population, sensing the currents as they stir the mind, the body, but most especially the heart. These currents, some delicate, some powerful as they emanate from your sun and the galactic central sun, remind some of you of things long forgotten or buried under every day concerns. These stirrings are reminders of the energies and frequencies of “home”, which set up a poignant sense of remembrance and yearning for those who feel lost in this world.

You are reminded that each of you… each of you volunteered to come here. You were eager to undertake the vast project of bringing a darkened world back into the light. It has been a project that has grown in dimension as each roadblock has been encountered, overcome, just to find another roadblock seemingly hindering forward progress.

We are here to remind you, also, that your oversoul chose this experience. A portion of your multidimensional self was separated from the rest by a Veil of forgetfulness, yet, in truth, you have never been alone on your journey. And now that the Veil is thinning, you are being reminded of your vows to dedicate your life to this one project, to shine your light into the darkest corners of this earth and to do so with the true magnificence of your real nature.

This journey as is the case with all journeys of great purpose, requires great courage and perseverance, determination and grit. Yet some of you have forgotten that you are eternal beings and worry about your day to day condition, about your jobs, your relationships, your belongings, the latest gossip held forth on the television and corporate news. You have forgotten your eternal nature and what you have come here to do.

Your lower mind, designed as a protective mechanism for the physical body, has been stuffed with conditionings, whys, shoulds, what if’s and other sources of fear and worry that distract you from the realization that you are already whole, perfect and, indeed, strong enough to undergo any task set before you. Your ego is not the enemy… there is no “enemy” for nothing exists outside the Wholeness of Source of which you are a part.

Even the ancient arts of metaphysics have recently been utilized against your eternal natures as you wonder what food you should eat, just how or why you should meditate, should you hold your fingers just so in what mudra, what chants to repeat, what master to follow… concerns that serve to further confuse your mind and keep you from your purpose. These are distractions as each of you are unique and must determine what is right for you, in the moment, each step you go forth. And that will change as you change. There is no one “right” way for everybody or every body.

Your purpose has always been to find god. Some would cringe to hear this, denying that god or, in fact, that any gods exist, yet true divinity rests within your being, etched out upon your quantum DNA, within each cell, within each atom and electron of your being. Yet many of you go into denial about this awareness, this yearning that exists even from the time that you first draw breath upon this world. Where is the rest of me? Where is my true nature? Who am I? Where did I come from? Am I special, unique, one of a kind?

Each of you is special, unique and one of a kind, yet you are also bound together, as a collective of intelligent awareness, along with all living creatures and the earth itself, your planet that is ensouled by a great Being, called Gaia by some and Terra by others.

Even as your days are filled with mundane concerns you feel a certain emptiness, a yawning divide between yourself and others. And it is filled with a sense of self-loathing and self-hatred, driven by the conditioning that you have endured as a youngster, designed by those who do not hold the highest regard for humanity or even the planet. And you have been conditioned by your own heritage of lifetimes spent upon this planet, as well as your physical and genetic disposition handed down by your parents and your bloodline.

Blood carries light, which is intelligence. This intelligence carries your true nature, your true divinity, graced to you by ancestors who came here to give a developing species a gift of self-awareness so it might step upon a path leading it to being a galactic race in the long distant future. The divinity is wrapped up in the entangled bundles of DNA that you carry within your physical body, yet for most part have been inert and unresponsive. For there is a requirement before your quantum DNA will activate and begin to unfold the wonders and ancient wisdom that it contains. It requires your intention and will for it to do so… it requires your belief in yourself, your self-acceptance, your self-love and in turn, your love and acceptance of all those who also carry the lineage of the stars within… all of humanity, your sisters and brothers. It requires also the respect and love for the earth itself and all life that is here to support you in your efforts, as well.

All that divides you, from self, from others, is what divides you from knowing, feeling, sensing and experiencing your own true nature. What frees you is the awareness that you contain everything that you need for your journey within yourself. You do not need to seek a master. You may go to others for a healing or an activation, but you truly carry the keys to your own freedom and mastery within, only waiting for your permission to awaken the sleeping gifts of your true divine nature.

Humanity is coming to a crossroads. Indeed, this time, long foreseen by seers and prophets, is already upon you. It is a time for the coming of age of humanity. It is a time when those who have been keyed into their eternal being will lead the rest forth into adulthood, where each person is fully aware and conscious that they are not only a physical creature, but really a consciousness that is housed within a physical vessel, self-aware and capable of traveling in consciousness anywhere and everywhere through worlds unseen, worlds that exist side-by-side with this one.

Some of you feel that you need to leave this world in order to ascend, to reunite with your “higher self”, but in truth, there is no “higher” or “lower” self. The portion of awareness that has been housed within a singular human body, has always had the access to the other portion of self seemingly left behind when in fact merely forgotten… in a game of remembrance… re-membering or rejoining with self, here and now. Your true nature spans dimensions, worlds, and out distances your conception of time and space, so your egoic mind seeks to distract you, to keep you here… and yet with a momentary loosening of the anchor, you can soar and experience other places, times without going anywhere.

The realness of your divine nature, that which was gifted to all humanity by your galactic kin, the Pleiadians, alludes those who would abuse the gifts, of self and of others. Selflessness is a key to opening the doorways to the golden gifts of the soul essence that lies within your own heart sanctuary, within the cells of your own physical body, within your own self-awareness as a part of Source.

Even though you might live in a humble house or cottage and own few material goods, you are by potential a powerful being. Seek within that ancient wisdom that will give you the understanding of those secrets of your own past and that of your planet that are now being revealed, even though the clues have been there all along in plain sight. What you have been told about your selves, about your world, about your own potential as an individual and as a collective, is far from the whole story. That story, that wonderful story, is yours to uncover and to discover as you re-open the pages of a long-closed and dusty book, the pages and knowledge imprinted upon your own being, yours to access as you grow in self-awareness and self-acceptance, step by step, day by day.

The keys to your freedom lie within. These keys were given to humanity, to one species of human-like beings upon this planet during a time when many species wandered the face of the earth. Your species is all that remains of the genetic evolution of mankind. You were not created within labs or on space ships but through the normal birth process, over many generations. And the genes that made a difference in your survival and now growing self-awareness, came from another race, but one that is close to your own enough so that its people could walk the earth today and not appear to be much different than you… except that they are much taller and more beautiful in appearance. Yet this race, too, has evolved and undergone its own process of refinement, becoming light beings in the ensuing thousands of years since your species was engendered. And even now, they await the opening of your eyes, your inner eyes and senses, as you truly approach that grand moment of birthing into a fully conscious galactic race, no longer earth-bound. For some of the outriders, the Wayshowers, that moment is on the horizon… and some have already crossed the horizon and have been enfolded in the arms of their awaiting kin… and then sent back to lead the rest of humanity forth towards their destiny.

Release your fears and judgment, your core sense of separation from self, from others, but mostly from your own divine nature. Each day, as you undergo your simple or complex life, you carry within the seeds of awakening into your true nature. You start the process of unfolding and blooming within your own self, within your conscious intent, focus and desire to be whole and reunited with self and with kin.

We are here, as support, guidance and above all, to serve as nurturers and encouragement as you, yourself must do the work. Your kin… your galactic kin await your awakening, but they will not approach until your frequency levels rise to their own and you will suddenly “see” and realize that they’ve been here all along, resting in a parallel but faster vibrational frequency than your own. The dimensions are entangled, as your own physicists are discovering. They do not exist as layer cakes, one dimension on top of another, but within and around each other, in a quantum existence that would only serve to confuse your logical and rational reasoning… but that which your heart understands due to its inherent quantum nature.

The heart that we speak of is the divine seed or flame or light that each of you carry within. It has been described by mystics as the secret chamber of the heart… the three-fold flame, and yet it exists outside of human definition, residing in this dimension and others simultaneously, in true quantum, multidimensional fashion. You are more than your physical appearance. You are gods being born into quantum self-awareness and that journey has just begun.


We are the Angels of the Divine Mother.

Channeler: Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe)

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,