Eliza: On Evolution and Revolution


Above the Imnaha

Eliza:  Higher Self on Evolution vs. Revolution

Lord, I almost dread asking whether or not I should share another past life… but my Family are anything but subtle these days.  Loving, but not subtle.

Another one… Marquis de La Fayette… yes, the young French cavalier who assisted the American forces, despite being forbidden to do so by his king, Louis XVI.  I will spare you the details as his life is well documented.

Freedom as I said in a prior message runs in the blood.

So when others speak of freedom and yet kill, maim and destroy counties, I know that they do not speak the Truth that I have learned through the ages:  War is not the way to achieve peace and freedom.

Interesting that most of my male lives have been ones filled with war and strife.  I trust I have succeeded in learning the lessons that my Soul has put out for me to digest.

My people, of Venus and the Pleiades, long ago put war behind us.  It is one reason we do not seek to invade YOUR world, but to allow change from within to occur organically.  We could easily overcome any technology that you could bring to bear against our forces, yet we will NOT do this thing, for to do so would break the vows that we gave hundreds of thousands of years ago to the Creator.  And that we will not do for anyone.  We come in Peace.

When each of you has peace within your hearts; when you have released all need to punish and beat others into submission to your will and begin to heed the Will of God, then we will walk among you as equals, as brothers and sisters.

Until then, learn your lessons well, each one.  You are all here for a reason and until you discern the reason, the lessons and tests will continue.

Many blessings,

I AM Tazjima

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

Eliza and Higher Self: Endings and Beginnings


Magic Staircase

Eliza and Higher Self: Endings and Beginnings

Every day now is part of a count-down, marking the time when this consciousness wakens to another world.

What an odd thing to think about. And yet, I do find myself detaching more, finding little interest in the movies and books that I used to enjoy. And there is a certain poignancy to merely walking in the garden, picking vegetables or plucking spent flowers off the plants. Soon I will no longer be doing such things here.

There is much beauty in our physical world here on this water planet. Do you know just how rare are water planets? Few exist; all are considered unique and sacred.

There is much work to be accomplished by those I leave behind, but I know that you will do well. Only the bravest and strongest are being sent here to continue with the work.

Yesterday, I spent some time watching old movies about Francesco and Clara of Assisi. I began to realize what I had missed in this lifetime; the love held within the communities in which each of us lived. I was abbess of a small convent and the men of Francesco’s order spent much time on the road or assisting the sick and poor. We lived a life of complete poverty and lived it in complete joy.

It is not necessary to divest yourself of all your material goods to live a life of joy, but it is necessary to hold these things lightly, as they are merely in your care for now. Material items are merely that, to lend some comfort, but are so easily stripped away by storm and circumstance.

And those of you who have little, you can still carry yourself with self-respect and pride. Material objects do not a person make. It is your heart, your wisdom, the light of your countenance by which your friends will know you. And you will live on as a memory in their hearts when you are gone.

I had asked my Family what I had done on this Earth to merit ascension in this lifetime… and they told me, by bringing back to memory some of the past lives that I have shared with you.

Yesterday, I began to see a theme running through many of these lives… one of freedom, whether resistance to those who would steal our freedom away from us or one in which freedom was a goal to achieve.

In these days of sound bites and misuse of ancient symbols by those who wish to enslave all mankind, it is important to note the difference between the alleged goal of “freedom” and democracy as the basis for going to war upon an ancient country blessed with rich oil and mineral reserves. Is the true goal freedom for a subjugated people or is it greed on the part of international oil and gas monied interests?

True freedom lies in the acceptance that people are different and that each should be allowed to live in the manner that suits them. True freedom is when every person is responsible of their own actions and thoughts. True freedom is when that same freedom is written into your own heart’s flame and you become one with it and all Life.

The love of freedom runs in my Family. It is what I AM.

Freedom doesn’t mean using and abusing other people just because you can. No, it means respect, including self-respect; love, including self-love; compassion for all life, including your own; as well as full acceptance, including self-acceptance. Anything less is not true freedom.

True freedom allows means allowing life… that is of animals and the planet… to live free, without fear, pollution or abuse.

At Home, our people do not eat the products of animals. We do not raise animals for food. We eat fruit and vegetables and grains. Whole fruit and fruit smoothies, vegetable smoothies and some baked goods are most of our diet. We find sufficient sustenance from what we take in, as the produce of our world is imbued with Light and Love. Some of us, who vibrate at higher levels than the main population, could exist and do sometimes, upon air and light, but we prefer to eat and share food as a way of communion with our people and families. We love to gather together to share food, talk, laughter and music; we are a very social, loving people.

It is our hope that mankind will eventually adjust to a simpler way of life so that the planet and the life that it supports will be free of the burden of carrying humanity upon its back. Learn to live in harmony with all life, not by subjecting it and ripping the heart out of the mother by polluting and damaging the environment.

The trees are the lungs of the Earth; allow them to grow tall and strong. If the climate changes, adjust what grows in an area. It is said that the climate of the Earth will become warmer still, semi-tropical in nature, much like our tropical Venus. There are many of plants on your planets that will grow well in that kind of climate. I have walked through the botanical gardens of Hawaii and was astonished at the great trees, the hundreds of species of palms, the magnificent orchids, the huge fruit trees… your earth has so much to offer now – it will just take some adjustment to your way of living and how quickly you can let go of the old ways of doing things.

Your physical body is made up of primarily water. Then why is it acceptable to pollute the waters of the earth in any way? Chemicals of every kind are unnatural. Reduce and finally release all need to use them.

The air that you breathe carries the Light of the Sun. In waking moments now, I see the prana in the air, even this polluted air which is all the Earth has upon her now. Think, feel how much more Light can be carried in the pristine atmosphere of a truly clean planet.

Learn the ancient methods of gardening and the more modern permaculture that allows a variety of plants to grow together in a self-supportive environment. Communal garden patches can be developed by those who live in cities. Use the parking lots for these gardens and resort to better, more fuel-efficient modes of transportation… whether bikes, trams, electrical or crystal-powered vehicles, etc. Use your imagination, listen to your inner guidance to find ways of solving the problems that exist. There already are in existence technologies that have been actively suppressed by the interests of a few greedy individuals and companies.

As a people, you will eventually move beyond the need to allow yourself to be subjected by anyone. You will learn to work together, to cooperate and to enjoy the sensation of creating together, as a unit.

In moving into the Fifth Dimensional frequencies of existence, physical work and effort will not disappear; you will still be required to work… only now you will work together with joy and solidarity. Those who progress beyond 5D will begin to develop the powers of manifestation; it is another step on the journey and should not be the sole reason for your existence. Powers are only granted to those who are responsible and have earned the right to use them. Many lessons were learned with the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria… as well as the destruction of Maldek and the desolation of Mars, bereft of her atmosphere. Certain technologies will be released as mankind proves to be responsible in their use.

Much clearing of old karmic residue and balancing will continue for a time, so learn to hold your calm center in the face of adversity. You, the light bearers and star seeds of the planet, have much to do in the coming years. You are here to set an example of how life should be lived. Your every action will be watched carefully, by us and your “students”. In truth, you will learn much from the people of this planet. They have suffered much and have, in many cases, developed a level of compassion that is very high indeed.

And when the frequency of the planet and its collective peoples rises to a level where it is comfortable for us to land in greater numbers, we shall. World teachers and instructors of all sorts will assist in instructing humanity on how to advance into a truly new world and way of living. Ways of living, for the diversity of your world will be encouraged and fully supported by those who come to teach and to visit.

We regard you fondly, as our children, and as brothers and sisters, who are waking up and sensing that there is much, much more to life than what has been presented to you through the various instruments of your present-day mass media.

Learn discernment. Learn from your own body what resonates for YOU, not what someone else wishes you to accept so they can continue to maintain control over your destiny. Learn to trust your physical body as an instrument of the divinity within, as your intuition endeavors to guide you forth upon YOUR journey. And in time, as you come into self-acceptance, you will be more open to those who resonate at a similar frequency. You will find yourself eager to work with others. Many hands and hearts make the work go faster and so it will be.

In my life as Chief Joseph, my people knew what each one had to do to enable the whole band to live well. Each of us had a responsibility and duties to perform. If we had been left alone to live upon our lands as we had for centuries untold, we would still be thriving and living well, without the need for cars, radios, televisions and the accoutrements of modern life. We were one with the earth, the waters, the air, the thunder beings, the cloud beings, the mountains and sky. We were one with the animals, the trees and the plants. We knew our lands as intimately as we knew our own bodies. It was a part of us. It still is… for you, who have become so detached from the earth and from each other. Walk barefoot on the grass, lie beneath a great tree, and stare at the moon and stars or at the clouds that move slowly across the sky. Feel the running waters soft upon your fingers. Watch the spawning salmon and trout move over the riffles above the gravel beds. Feel and know within your bones, the sacredness of Life.

All life is sacred. When you know this within your heart and accept it fully, you will know true freedom and you will wish for all people to live in this manner… but do not make the mistake of attempting to force others to see as you do, for that will only lead to resistance and bloodshed. I know these things for I have lived them, in many lifetimes filled with strife, heartbreak and death.

Breathe free, dear ones… the light of heaven is carried upon cosmic winds to enlighten your world. Open up your hearts to it and to each other… and then, someday, you will truly walk free upon the sacred earth, free from fear, freed from control, freed from misery, pain and suffering.

I walk in the Light of the Sun of my Being and carry within my heart the Love of the Creator.


I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com. Permission is NOT given to change this material from its original written form.

Photo Credit:  http://www.nwhikers.net – The Magic Staircase, Central Cascades, Washington State

Eliza: The Prince of Lost Causes and other Adventures


Harlech Castle

Eliza: The Prince of Lost Causes and other Adventures

At home, I am a princess or its equivalent. Here, at least for the last two thousand years, most of my prominent lifetimes have been as a male. Why? Simply because society was dominated by men, powerful men.

Ever wonder why the English crown the oldest male in line for the throne of the United Kingdom, the Prince of Wales? Because of the LAST real Prince of Wales, Prince Llewellyn, who very nearly succeeded in uniting the contentious tribes and princely states of the tiny land called Wales. He was acknowledged as “Prince” by Henry III, but cast down by his son and successor, the young warrior king, Edward I, known to history as “The Hammer of the Scots.”

Like the Romans before them, the new conquerors of Albion wanted it all. They wanted to rule from the white cliffs of Dover to the great granite heights of Scotland. They wanted tiny Wales under their feet and they got it, but at a high cost.

Early this morning, I woke up to the internal pressure of my relatives figuratively sitting on my chest. They’re angelic so they don’t weigh anything, but they wanted to impress something on me… the knowledge of some of my past lives. What’s more, they wanted my readers to know these things.

The year 1171 came to mind first. It was the year that Llewelyn ap Iorwreth was conceived in his mother’s womb. He was born in 1172. During a tumultuous lifetime, he became the de factor ruler of Wales and a thorn in the side of the English king, John Lackland, as well as his son and successor, Henry III.

I read about Llewelyn in a novel. After my little adventure on the side of Snowdon, in the midst of the ancient kingdom of Gwynedd (Gwyn eth) I had been drawn to learn more about that tiny country. It was a wild land of mountains and forests. Its people were silver-tongued, gifted with music and poetry. They lived in small farms and sheltered wooden forts. There were few castles in Wales. The people scattered into the forests and heights when danger came and it did.

Llewelyn was a fighter. By the time he was fourteen and considered an adult, he had killed his first man. He had to fight to survive, but he also had a dream: to unite the disparate realms of Powys, Gwynedd and the disputed borderlands between England and Wales in the east. This link offers a clearer picture of the difficult life of Wales’ greatest prince: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llywelyn_the_Great.

Prince Llewelyn died, killed during a short-lived engagement with the English. His legacy and dream of a united Wales led his grandson, another Llewelyn, to establish his own realm.  This Llewelyn, was acknowledged by Henry III, as the Prince of Wales, but overthrown later by the king’s son and successor, Edward I.  It was to quash these continuous attempts at Welsh independence that caused Edward I to spend so much time and money building castles in tiny Wales. The warrior king was determined to put Wales in its place, as a state subservient to the might of England. The memories of the Welsh people are long and their history under the thumb of English difficult. The treachery done at the instigation of the English king still rankles.

These lifetimes seem to have come during pivotal moments in “history”. Of course, when you’re in the Light Worlds, you can leisurely study history and put yourself anywhere within its flow. And you can send various aspects of Self in to play various roles, leading and as bit players.

The next lifetime that came to mind was Richard III, King of England, accused murderer of two sons of his brother, Edward. Ironic isn’t it that the bones of that misunderstood war leader were finally unearthed during my lifetime. I can’t answer the inevitable question about the fate of the boys, as I remember little of that particular lifetime. Edward had usurped a throne from his cousin. Richard apparently usurped a throne from the eldest son of his brother. The nation was in the midst of the Wars of the Roses. One could not be a child and rule the lands torn by civil war. And like Llewelyn, Richard found his death at the hands of treacherous knights led by the son of Owain ap Tudor, Henry Tudor, the man who would be King. Ironic, isn’t it that the scion of the bastard Tudor line would become ruler?

A tender lifetime came as a woman, Clare… the one who would act as female disciple of the young man who would later be known as St. Francis. A pretty version of their shared vision can be seen in the movie, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon.” More can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_of_Assisi. There are numerous books written about Francesco. His lifetime was one of those rare ones when a lighted one was lauded by the established order… or at least the reigning Pope. Recognized by the highest authority in the land, Francesco was not threatened by the church leaders during his lifetime. Clare, a daughter of wealthy merchants from the same city, Assisi, was attracted to the simplicity and devotion of Francesco’s order. A corresponding order for women was eventually organized, the Order of St. Clare (at least that is what it is called now!).

Francesco and Clare were devoted to living as the words of Jesus directed. They gave up the wealth and power of their merchant kin and devoted their lives to love, spiritual love. Today, Francesco is considered the patron saint of animals and ecology. And he was a walk-in aspect of my cousin, now known as Lord Rananda Kumara. The walk-in occurred when Francesco lay near dying, suffering from a desperate illness and thought to be near death by his worried parents. When he awoke from his sick bed, he was another person.


There were other lifetimes that were impressed upon me, but right now I cannot remember them. I asked why they were directing me to write about these things, when I would rather not. And the answer came, “You are an Avatar and we wish the people to know these things.” Right. Yes, I knew that… like the bodhisattva thing, but one cannot become too hung up on this sort of thing or something called spiritual pride comes creeping in. I like to stay grounded and “real”. Still, when one is the daughter of an Archangel and a goddess, I guess it’s inevitable that my Family would want my true worth known.

Yes, I am aware that there will be those who dispute my claims. There always are in matters such as these. I really do not care for titles and assignments of glory. Most of my prominent lives ended in tragic circumstances, death at the hands of traitors or jealous lords and so on. It hasn’t been easy being an avatar on this darkened, benighted planet. Why would anyone seriously consider being one then? Out of love and devotion of a kind that rarely exists on this world, my friends. Few of you understand the commitment that it has taken to endure such handling as I and my kin have received at the hands of the Sons of Belial and their minions.

I will write more as I remember. For some reason, my Star Family deemed these things to be important, given that I will be ascending soon, for the last time from this world. Yes… for the last time, my dear ones. For as we descended from 6D to 5D and re-entered the cycle of incarnation, so were we responsible for re-ascending at the end of many lifetimes, again and again. And here you are, worried about ascending one time! In truth, many of my readers HAVE ascended more than once or you would not be attracted to these pages or resonate like struck bells with these words. Did you think that we would abandon you, dear ones?

The bells of Heaven have been struck. The time of gathering in for the Wayshowers of the First Wave has begun. Someone had to go before you to greet you in the dawning awareness of your Ascension. Waves of ascension will begin on December 21st of this year, 2014. Succeeding waves will follow, extending out to a couple of years, 2015 to 2016, as the thousands of volunteer Wayshowers of First Wavers are gathered to the bosom of their respective Star Families and rewarded for their efforts during the last several thousand years. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Of course, not all volunteer light bearers will be ascending. Many waves of volunteers have incarnated or walked in to perform THEIR missions in bringing the planet firmly into the Fifth Dimensional frequencies, as well as assisting in waking up those within humanity who are destined to live upon the new earth. Not all are, as I am sure you are becoming aware; many will leave this planet and pursue their lessons on other suitable worlds.

So, those who are from the Second and succeeding waves of volunteers will linger a while longer upon these shores until the planet and ALL life upon her are raised up into the more refined frequencies of the Fifth Dimension.

My cousin, Rananda Kumara, was recently made a “Lord” for all his efforts in assisting the evolutionary process of Earth. In receiving these accolades, he “graduated” from being a 6D Light Being to 7D. He is now officially a “Lord of Light” and a very humble fellow. Being a “Lord” simply means that you are regarded as an honored “Teacher.” It gives you no authority over the lives of others. Still, it is something to look forward to when you ascend… whenever that might be.

Given that I am sharing these things and making them more “public”, please do not ask me to give you answers to all the questions that inevitably arise, as I will not comply. Questions usually come from the lower mind, which seeks to categorize, delineate and place knowledge into little boxes for further study like dead bugs. Wisdom is not a sterile or constant state; it flows with your willingness to trust in your own process. As you let go of the need to question, the answers will come, in their own time… much to the chagrin of those who see themselves as being “impatient”. Ask yourself what would knowing the answers do for you?

I now know many answers to questions I didn’t even know I had, some of which took twenty years to fully confirm. I would not being sharing these things now had it not been for the fact that I’ve shared so much already… there comes a point when it is best to be fully transparent. This state of openness will come to you all, eventually, if you are willing to open up and release all those hidden secrets to which some of you so tightly cling.

If you think I am seeking fame, think again. I have never charged anyone for reading the material that I have published. I give it to the World, as a gift, as an energetic path that can be used as markers for your own path. I do not seek to be YOUR teacher, guru or spiritual leader. I would just as well be left alone to meditate and commune with my Star Family, yet they are pressuring me to share these things and so… I do. I may not have been capable of obeying worldly teachers, but I do follow the instructions and promptings of my Spiritual mentors and Family. And I do so out of Love for them… and for you, my dear ones.

Embrace the fullness of YOUR divinity. Understand that all life is sacred. Life includes all living creatures and those things that do not appear to be “living” in terms understood by modern man. The ancient ones knew the magic of life that streams through the earth, air and water… through the waves and winds, through the mountains, valleys, lakes and streams. The ancients didn’t worship trees; they revered the ancient wisdom of the beings who appeared as trees, grounding the energies of heaven deep into the earth through their roots. They honored the food provided by grass, trees, shrubs and forbs. They honored the spirits that animated the living creatures who graced the land. They honored the power that gave life to new beings, through the act of creation, carried within the womb of the mother and delivered in pain. Learn to honor these things, again, dear ones. For in doing so, you honor yourselves for you are part of the great tapestry of life that is woven through the means of love and light, the gifts of the Mother and of the Father of us all.

By the way, in case anyone is curious if I feel anything about the lives that I have shared today and I will say, no. They were merely lives spent here working. Even the life as Clare was more difficult than it is given out to be by the myth-makers of the Church. There was no such thing as romance and grandeur in such tales for the ones who endured these lives. Ask Chief Joseph and he will tell you that it was the Flame of Freedom buried deep in his heart and the hearts of his people that enabled them to do the impossible. And so it is. And for those who do not know, Freedom’s Flame is also known as the Violet Flame. It burns in the Heart of ALL my People.


I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe, daughter of the Pleiades and the planet, Venus…

P.S.   If none of these things happen, then you can chalk it up as my having a rather vivid imagination. If it helps, think of it as a good story. And then ponder my words and the many others written during these last two years. Your story is written there, too, but it up to you to decipher its meaning for you.

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

Photo:  Harlech Castle, Gwynedd, Wales.  And yes, I walked there among those cold gray stones.








Eliza: On Being Real


Beauty does have thorns

Eliza: On Being Real

Being real means living with integrity, listening to YOUR inner voice, not that of some designated “teacher”.

True, sometimes we need mentors and guidance, but in the end, you need to be able to break away from blind obedience to ANYONE outside your Self and follow your own path, your own Heart.

On Facebook, I noticed that a woman was “uncomfortable” with my rendition of life on the Royal Teton Ranch. I lived there for two years. I was a faithful chela (which means “slave”) during this time. However, there came a time when I had to release the hold that the Teachings had upon my consciousness. It was not good for me to continue obeying what was coming from outside my Self and was not resonating with my understanding of spirituality.

I realize that some of what I share rankles those who may be faithful followers and believers of whatever religion that they have given their power away to… most likely just feeling that somehow they will benefit from the trade. Not so… they have given away their personal sovereignty. In so doing, they are creating a karmic situation for themselves, whether or not they use Violet Flame every day.

At Home… in the Pleiades and on Venus, we follow the Law of the One. Spiritual practices are simple and elegant. The open-air Venetian temples open to the skies, allowing the spirit to soar. There are no rules as the heart of the people beats as One. There we ARE truly One. There is no need to defend our spirituality as it is simply a part of our life, and we LIVE it every moment of the day, with every thought, word and deed. The atmosphere of Love is reflected in the purity of air and water, in the beauty of the environment and the joyful faces of the people, as they work and as they play.

Here, even the best of religious practices are permeated with the heavy vibrations of extreme duality. I am an observant person. I understood what was going on when the Messenger’s husband was instructing the chelas and staff members to vote a certain way. That’s control; that is an invasion of a person’s free will… IF they allow it to be so.

On the Ranch, it was always about “Us” and “Them”. Don’t get me wrong, I experienced some sublime moments there… but a lot of it was hell on Earth for me as well. I had given my power away willingly and there was hell to pay for it as my body attempted to communicate its dis-ease to me. I didn’t listen; I got sicker. Finally, I had to leave the Ranch… especially when El Morya, through the Messenger and via her secretary conveyed to me that, no, I couldn’t be a member of staff and that I needed to leave as soon as possible.

When word got around the Ranch — and it did, like wildfire – suddenly I was the untouchable. People were grabbing their children away from me. I hadn’t done anything wrong, mind you… my path merely lay “elsewhere.”

I had a beef with El Morya for a long time after that miserable day. Now, I have to thank Him for his wisdom in giving me my freedom and allowing me the opportunity to eventually take BACK my power.

Yes, I know there are people who would consider my words to be blasphemous and all that, and I say, “Why?” Why is it so? Can I not have opinion other than what you have been conditioned to believe in? I can let you do so. Why not me?

For this kind of free thinking, I and my kin have been persecuted and killed in lifetime after lifetime on this planet of lies.

I have experienced and listened to many different versions and approaches to spirituality. Some are better than others. Some are as controlling as a regular church. And my inner being has let me know when it was time for me to break free, yet again, from whatever I was studying. I had to learn to obey MY inner teacher, not an outer one.

This kind of instruction and journey is definitely NOT for everyone. At Home, I AM already an ascended Being, many times over. I didn’t come here to blindly obey someone’s warped ideas of spirituality because I was afraid I would end up in the Lake of Sacred Fire if I didn’t. No, no, I came here to balance out past lives, experience what passed for spirituality here… and to go Home.

I have served out my time on this planet, willingly, to assist GAIA in Her Ascension into the Fifth Dimension. I have written of my journey… which is MY journey… my impressions of life here, which I haven’t exactly found fulfilling.

You may have noticed I am not into the pink fluffy stuff that is regurgitated throughout New Age teachings. I AM a Pleiadian, which means I AM love in action. I live from the integrity of my fiery spirit and follow the inner urging of my Higher Self. I do NOT kowtow as a follower, chela or believer to anyone who feels that they have a unique channel to the Godhood.

God is. The Divine Mother and Divine Father are… the heads of Divinity within THIS Universe. And there are many gods and goddesses, who carry within them the unique attributes of the Rays that they represent. I have goddesses and archangels in my own family, for goodness sake. And I love them.

My Family… my true Family… has worked long and hard to get me to listen to them, to feel and to know their energies. They are with me now constantly, working with my energies, preparing me for the upcoming date when I depart this world.

Given my poor history of “following” any spiritual teaching, it was amusing to find out that I will be ascending after all this autumn… and without spending hours every day doing degrees and meditating. Yes, I am a bit cavalier about these things… for some people probably SHOULD be doing these things so they raise up their frequency levels.

I descended from 6D to 5D and re-entered the cycle of incarnation to be of assistance. That time is now ended and I am going Home, job well done, at least according to my Uncle. Since He is a Violet Flame Angel, I’m not going to argue with Him. Instead, I let His wonderful energies envelop as I go to sleep each night.

So… if I have offended any dear tender souls out there… I’m not going to apologize. When you take offense, it is yours to clear, not mine. The dear lady who was so tweaked by my comments about the Royal Teton Ranch attempted a psychic attack on me soon afterward. Loving, eh? An application of a Shield of Archangel Michael’s, as well as a good dose of Violet Flame dowsed that little hot spot right now. I may not do daily rituals, but I DO know a few of the really useful Rays AND when I command, my Angels obey. Permission given… and they do SO love to have something to do.

My sharing of these things is not meant to impress anyone. If you saw my 22-year-old car, you would realize that I’m not into impressing people. I am merely stating who I AM and what I am capable of doing and being. I AM in touch with my Family 24/7 and they will protect me for I have given them permission to do so.

I have fully accepted that I AM a multi-dimensional spiritual being having a temporary human experience. Being a First Waver, I am now returning to the dimensions from whence I came many thousands of years ago. It is up to the Second Wavers, who according to my Cousin, Rananda Kumara, started coming in during the 1980’s, to complete the “harvest” of souls… and aid in the Ascension process of humanity and the planet. Other waves who have come still later are here to continue to raise the consciousness of the people by the presence of their radiant spirits… the crystal children and child prodigies of whom there seems to be quite a lot of these days!

Little Mozarts and Rembrants are being born here every day, amazingly gifted and precious beings. Get over your differences, people, and embrace your diversity. To truly LOVE, you need to be able to accept that not everyone is going to think as you think or do as you do. That is the wondrous thing about humanity. You have so much POTENTIAL and power within… and most don’t want to acknowledge it or think that they are not worthy.

You ARE worthy! As mule-headed as you have proved to be during my incarnations here, I still love each and every one of you!

Still, I have other things to do and places to be at… like re-blending with Higher Self and taking lessons from HER Higher Self, who is Archangelic. And I will endeavor to be neat, tidy and obedient. Sometimes!

Hugs and kisses,

I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com


Eliza: Shadows of the Past



Eliza: Shadows of the Past

As I was going through some papers, I came upon an email that was originally written in 2010. In it, I was relating my impressions of a “past” life:

I’m a very different person that that young man of nearly 2,000 years ago and yet he is within me, the same idealistic healer / artistic heart. In those days, I was “gifted” with the Sight. It came from the little dark people of my mother’s blood, those who lived in the wild lands of the mountains. Yet I had the fiery Celtic heart of my father, a chieftain of the Carveti and kinsman to the King of the Brigantes. As an infant, I as chosen by the Druid of my people to be trained as a druid. I was fostered out to Mona at the tender age of seven. I had been born in the springtime of the year of the return of the Romans to the shores of our island, Albion. With the taking of Caractus, the great war-leader, by the Romans, I lived with the shame of my people. Caractus had been betrayed by our queen.

Later, after I was sent home by the Druids, I Saw the betrayal and then the downfall and death of Mona. Something died in me that day, my heart. I repudiated my Gift of Sight. When the second rebellion of Venetius came, I answered the Cran-Tara and died with my kinsmen at the foot of the turf bank of Stanwyck, a Roman gladius in my heart, my dead heart. And in my next lifetime, I was born among the Roman kind and stood with Hadrian and his legions with the subduing of the British province.

… I knew what had been written about the Druids was not the truth.

With great clarity, I understood your hatred of leadership. You were one of the leaders (the email is addressed to the reincarnated soul of a Head Druid) who betrayed his order, his people and his heart. You knew it had to be done, but you were a Celt, too. Your contempt of leaders, temporal and spiritual, comes from the shame you felt then. And it was the same shame that killed me even though my body was still breathing. You have not forgiven yourself for what was done, not entirely. And so, there is an opportunity to release this thing that stands between us.

I am a different person now, but in the last couple of days I have been wrestling with the pain, anger, grief and shame that these memories have finally released to my outer consciousness. I know what was done; I saw it. I know why it was done, but the pain is still there. I am a Celt today, with the blood on both sides, mother and father. And I have a bit of my old gift except now I feel my visions. My Sight has not returned because of the ancient vow I took on the day I Saw Mona die.

To the Reader: If you’re not one who has studied British history or what now passes for it, like I have… you may not know the incident to which I am referring above. Ancient pre-Roman Britain, or Albion, was divided up into tribes, mostly made up of the recent emigrants, the Celts, who had come over from Gaul during different periods. More ancient peoples made up the population of what is now called Wales. The mysterious Picts ruled much of the northeast of Alba, what is now known as Scotland. Britain was also governed after a fashion by an ancient order of holy men and women, the Druids.

The island of Anglesey, sitting off the northwest coast of Wales was then called Mona. It was home to a Druidic college that drew students from all over Alba, Albion and Erie (Ireland), as well as Gaul and other Celtic lands. The druids taught their students the natural sciences, mathematics, the art of governing, poetry, music, languages and much else. Druids served as counselors to kings, as healers, and as poet musicians who wrote and memorized the story of their tribes, including the genealogy of the people. Some of the druids were quite powerful magicians and used their powers to keep balance in the elements of the islands. Other druids were seers and prophets. When the Romans landed for a second time on the shores of Albion, they knew what was coming, for them and for the people of the island.

When the Roman army struck at Mona, they left the eastern part of the island almost completely unprotected. Here, in the rich fenlands northeast of the present city of London, the drama of Boudicca and her “daughters” was played out. My email story continues:

Boudicca was a queen (my friend insisted “priestess” and war queen) from the matrilineal line; she was Goddess to her people. The Dark Goddess (the goddess of War and Death) rode Boudicca like a horse when the killing time came. Her people knew it, so they followed her without question. Their hatred and anger of the Romans was intense.

Boudicca knew that she might die and went to her death without fear. She “died” the day that her husband died. All that remained behind for her was the Dark Goddess of the Triad. The Romans made sure of it on the day that they scourged and raped her and her “daughters” (or acolytes). With the death of her daughters, the Royal Line of the Iceni died, also. Boudicca chose death from the poison brewed by her nurse rather than death at the hands of the Romans. Her people had died with her daughters in the last battle with Paulinius.

My friend goes on to tell me that the Romans would have never overcome the Druids on their own. But the future was known (by the Druidic leaders) and could not be controverted. In order for the future to be what it needed to be, the Romans needed help. And so, betrayal entered the frame. And there is still healing required around this…

When I was physically present on Anglesey, I was picking up the astral records of this old trauma, from my own past, as well as other tragedies that had befallen the Welsh people since then. The bed and breakfast where we stayed and where I spent an afternoon lost in a feverish haze, was located on the slopes below the old Roman camp where the invasion of Mona was staged.

So when I “recognized” the photo of this soul who shared a portion of a “past” life with me, it was so I could consciously clear this painful memory from my spiritual lineage.

History lives in each of us. When it comes time for these memories to be cleared, you may experience some of the original pain and emotions. While it is not always necessary for one to undergo what I did in the clearing of these old records, those who are sensitive might “see” fleeting visions and impressions of lives and people long gone.

As you come to understand that time is actually circular and our past lives are being lived out in the Now moment, you will also begin to understand that the clearing you do in this life will affect the others.

This was one of the most intense lives that I have cleared, with the possible exception of the one during the First War of Scottish Independence against Edward the Hammer of the Scots and the one as Young Joseph, headman of the Wallowa band of Non-Treaty Nez Percé.

Perhaps there are some among you who ask me why I can’t let go of the past. I have let go. I share this story so you will be prepared if it should ever happen to you. These memories can be safely released with the aid of the Violet Flame, but sometimes you need to travel through time and walk in two worlds for a bit to release the complete memory.

This kind of work has been my mission in this lifetime, exploring other worlds while living in this one. I have done it through reading and through traveling the invisible roads of my own imagination. I have seen myself in other bodies, dress, cultures and places. And didn’t need a ticket to get there!

I hope you enjoyed my little story. It was not a comfortable time, but one in which lessons were learned and experience garnered. And the karma was fully balanced even then as I lived lives as a Roman after this… and again, several times as a druid once, again, this time living in the Pictish kingdoms well to the north of the boundaries of the Roman province.


I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe

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A Journey of Re-Discovery, Part VI – “Healing Hands”



A Journey of Re-Discovery

Part VI – Healing Hands

Two events blocked out the schooling that I received at Massage School. Only the second one was of international consequence, 9/11/11. The first occurred on the first day of class, the Nisqually Earthquake.

The earthquake was bigger than the recent one in Sonoma, California. One bridge was destroyed, disrupting traffic patterns in downtown Olympia for over a year. Some bricks fell down and smashed on the sidewalk in Pioneer Square. Other than that… it was a non-event for me. I lived a top a solid rock bluff high above the waters of the Puget Sound; nothing got broken at my apartment.

Massage school was a trip. It was also good therapy. Believe it or not, I wasn’t the oldest in the class but nearly so. The first time I actually did a real massage on someone, it was on an instructor. She told me in all seriousness that I had “healing hands”.

Yes, the hands lit up by fire-warmed bricks while I worked, but I thought that was a common occurrence; apparently not.

While I would have been content to stay in the apartment, it was being changed into a low-income housing project, so I was forced to leave. With some of the money left me by my parents, I bought a condominium.

In the course of learning massage, I came across the term, “Reiki”. I had never heard of it before and found a place online that did distance activations. No, I’m not one for going through regular channels. Here was another instance where a healing technique was treated as if it was exclusive only to those who could afford to take the rather expensive training. I was “activated” by someone in Australia. It worked. I could feel the energies in my hands.

I used Reiki occasionally on other people, but mostly on myself. I found it a way to relax and release from the deep grief that kept welling up over a period of months. After two years, I was completely healed of all depression. Healing can take some time, but it did occur.

Later on, I did take another Reiki initiation by a lady who lived nearby.  During the initiation I experienced a vision of walking through a magnificent forest and then a flower-strewn meadow.  It “felt” like Home.  I also had a healing session from this same lady.  When I sat up from the table, I blurted out, “I’m bodhisattva!”  This was in 2005.

I worked as a massage therapist for three years. It was both rewarding and exhausting. I had started doing massage too late and the physical toll on my body was considerable.

Before I quit my career as a massage therapist, I contacted a group located in Oklahoma and traveled there to attend some of their classes. I actually considered re-locating there, also, but that never came to be. Still, it was there that I encountered more profound teachings about the Ascended Masters and the like. The place was called Sancta Sophia Seminary. It was started by Carole Parrish-Harra and was located just outside of Tahlequah, which was incidentally the headquarters for the Cherokee Nation.

The Mid-West did not appeal to me, what with its snakes, insects, scrawny trees and sprawling development, never mind the tornadoes and huge thunderstorms… still I considered it. I was drawn to Arkansas for some reason. Later, I intuited that Arkansas had been a part of ancient Atlantis and still held, deep beneath the rocky surface of the mountains there, some of the great crystals of Atlantis. This intuition was later verified by channeled messages from Metatron.

Around about this time, I began to notice that I could “feel” what a person was feeling when they walked into a room. My empathic gifts were expanding, something that didn’t necessarily make it any easier to be here.

Massage and moving to the Mid-West was not to be. Every plan set fell through. After I attended another conference in late winter of 2005, I decided to never go back. The reasons were personal, the understanding was intuitive and the result shocked my counselor. Still, I felt I needed another direction.

So, again, I embarked on further training, this time in Medical Records. I attended a college in Tacoma. After selling my condominium, I also lived there, in another apartment. I hated apartment living. I was becoming more sensitive to people’s energies and it was torture to live next to someone who played loud music in the middle of the night. Or smoked. Or tramped up the stairs, talking in full voice at 3 a.m. in the morning.


Behind the Razor Wire

After two years of intense training, I got a job in a town near the coast… in a prison.

Working in a prison was about as far away from paradise as I could imagine, well almost… being in a war was far worse, but I had already been there in several lifetimes.

Still, while exhausting I found that my personal boundaries were improving. When I finally moved to where I live presently, I grew even stronger.

Being an empath and an ultra-sensitive is difficult enough in this “culture”, where both are misunderstood. Being new in a rather difficult setting was hard, but I managed.

Before I left the coast, I became a member of a private forum group on the Internet. It was the first time experiencing such a thing for me. I got to “know” a few people there via the forum. We discussed our thoughts on what was happening in the world and what was going to happen. Extraterrestrials and channeled light beings were freely discussed.

It was also here that I encountered some more control issues and need to dominate other people kind of behavior among one who was a leader of this group. This woman had been channeling since the 1980’s after experiencing a series of profound visions. She had a definitive idea on what was to happen… but it never did.

After I moved to Walla Walla, several of the followers of this forum broke off and began our own little forum. I also had some sessions with one of the ladies who was a talented seer. She told me the story about the dragons… hence the name of my blog. I had never imagined that I could have BEEN a dragon, yet I did love stories about dragons.

While participating on yet another forum, I “recognized” a man who lived in Great Britain, from his cover photo. Boldly I emailed him; he replied and we began a nearly three year internet exchange. This man was the reincarnation of my Druidic mentor. Like me, he refused to be anyone’s teacher, but we exchanged ideas and messages about all things metaphysical, as well as things going on in my life. This person could be difficult and overbearing at times, but he had ideas that were definitely out of the box, way out. He was on a permanent Grail quest.

It was during this time that I first began to channel. My English friend would pose a question or post a photo and I would come up with impressions, some from deep within myself… places that I had seldom or never visited before.

This friend was the one who encouraged me to start my blog. I was reticent at first, but then finally joined another blog and began to write short comments and finally some longer posts. Then, seemingly overnight, I began to channel complete messages, mostly from Pleiadian or Angelic sources. By June of 2012, I was ready to start my own blog and did, on WordPress. In my first month, I had a total of 8 followers and 100 hits. Still, the blog fulfilled a need within to express what I was feeling inside, whether or not anyone read it.

With an increasing readership, I started to encounter people who shared my ideas or even saw themselves in my life… as it was their life, too. And with every post, my boldness grew. No longer could I be burned at the stake for expressing my views on life. Good thing, that, or else I would have been barbeque long ago…

I just remembered that I totally left out another group that I was associated with for nearly two years, one out of Australia. It was there that I received my “spiritual” name, Tazjma Amariah Kumara, thus verifying for me a long-time question whether or not I was connected to Sanat Kumara… and to Sananda Kumara, the Higher Self of Yeshua bar Joshua or Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph.

This set of teachings was actually very beautiful, but I wasn’t willing to open to accepting myself at the time. I was still very angry.

When I started my blog, I wrote the “Tazjma” as “Tazjima”, believing it to be easier to pronounce. Initially I didn’t want to use my “real” name on channeled material, so I became known as “Tazjima”, with my material posted lots of places on the Internet. For one who has been shy most of her life, it was a bit daunting to say the least. Still, like the Light Beings told me long ago, it was time to quit hiding.

This past spring, I started posting some of my material on Facebook as well. As a result, I encountered even more people who shared some of my views, about metaphysics, life, the environment, etc. And I began to encounter other beings who shared my spiritual heritage, as well.

In the past six months, I have undergone some profound changes and opened to some incredible of awareness, about myself… some of which I cannot yet share with the general public, but will when the time is right. These things I know about myself now… I AM a light being. I am a blended Pleiadian-Venetian being, having a mother in one world and a father from another. I was a walk-in during this lifetime and would be walking out this autumn, when I take my ascension. I am following in the footsteps of a beloved cousin, Rananda Kumara, who has had 664 amazing embodiments upon this planet. I’ve had some 535 that I know of… and most in not very definitive detail.

The most recent one that I have had verified for me was my embodiment during the 19th century as the headman of the Wallowa band of the Nez Perce, a man known to history as Young Chief Joseph. I “met” this man or at least a part of his spirit, upon a hillside outside of Joseph, Oregon, late last summer. It took me nearly a year to acknowledge and finally accept that I had been Joseph… and that part of the reason I had been living in this neck of the woods was to give myself the opportunity to collect this soul fragment and take him home with me.

Of course, the energy that I encountered was not “Joseph”, certainly not the whole of him, just a soul fragment of the once magnificent peace-maker, diplomat, compassionate, stubborn and brilliant strategist, along with his brother, Ollokot and other chiefs who led the band. In the history books, Chief Joseph was called the Chief of the Nez Perce. This was far from reality. He was a headman who cared for the people who made up only one Non-Treaty band of the Nez Perce, took care of the women and children, and oversaw the care of the horses and cattle that were the wealth of the people. He was never a war chief. In fact, he and his people were one day away from peacefully traveling to the reservation set aside for all the Nez Perce of Oregon and Idaho, when young men of his people killed some white men. There was no other choice left; they had to flee… If you want to fully understand this story, read about it in a good book.

So now I will end this tale of my spiritual journey.

A life of nearly 64 years cannot be summed up in a few pages. One such as mine, with little surface drama and a great deal of inner drama, it is difficult to express to others just what I was experiencing in those years. Let suffice to know that still waters do run deep… you can never know a person by how they are acting on the surface.

I do not recall every book that I ever read or even all the spiritual disciplines and seminars that I have ever attended. All that seems to be getting fuzzy as my focus clears within, on my connection to my Light Family and those with whom I will soon be reunited.

I guess much of this life was kind of a wrapping up of what I had done in others. I have encountered and participated in many different kinds of spiritual activities. I have studied a bit about many of the world religions. I have studied about the Ascended Masters, Archangels and the Seven Rays of God. I have read numerous books on different metaphysical subjects, from classics to more recently channeled materials. I have participated on private forums and lately have run my own blog. For a time I was a healer and I have encountered glimpses into many of my past lives.

For the past two years since I started channeling, I have become accustomed to the energies of those whom I now know as my true Family. My telepathic and other psychic senses seem to be expanding and I continue to release and let go the hold that 3D has upon me. I find it difficult to watch many movies, have nearly disengaged completely from the news, listen to less music and generally spend a lot of time either in a meditative mode, reading, gardening or writing.

Writing has become a passion for me. While I have enjoyed doing artwork, drawing and painting in the past, I have been experiencing a kind of creative block there. Not so with writing. The words just flow from my fingertips.

In a few days, my Cousin Rananda Kumara is going to share another one of His updates about upcoming events unfolding for other members of the First Wave like myself. When His post is completed, I will add a link to it at the bottom of this article, as well as sharing it on my timeline on Facebook. Meanwhile, I will include the link to His most recent post from July about the First Wave of Volunteers. I am one of them and now it is time for me to go Home.

Perhaps some of you are growing tired of hearing this. If so, I give you my blessing and send you on your way. Ascension is not something that happens in one hour or one day. It is a progression. Even re-blending with one’s Higher Self such as I am in the process of doing takes months, sometimes a year. Even as an Ascended Being, Rananda is still opening to His fifth dimensional senses. I have two months still to be “here” and then I will also ascend… and others will follow in our footsteps, as well.

While at home, my frequency levels are vibrating higher than 5D, nearly 6D. Still I need to go and perform some chores within the 3D world, as well as going back to work next Tuesday. Still, every chance I have, I build up the frequency level by communing with my Higher Self and Light Family. I have fully accepted what and who I AM and it is a blessing to know.

If you do nothing else in YOUR life, open to self-love. Seek to empower yourself. Accept responsibility for where you are and forgive yourself for all acts of commission and omission. Let go of those things that no longer serve YOU… the real YOU, not some make-believe idol that you think you need to be in order to fulfill the needs and desires of others. Be willing to make some tough decisions and stand your ground when others try to push their agendas at you.

Be flexible, adaptable and free of prejudice, against yourself and others. Life is a process of learning. Become a life-long learner; don’t let your mind become closed to new ideas. Change is happening everywhere now and it is important to be able to flow with it instead of fighting it.

I will let you go now to think on these things.


©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com


Rananda’s latest post on Facebook. I’ll post the link to his blog when he posts there…









Journal Entry 08.28.2014


Evening Blues

Journal Entry 08.28.2014

August is nearly over.  Does it appear to you that time seems to be flying by?  Or dragging its feet down a dusty lane?

Woke up surrounded by Light Family.  I have surrendered to their administrations that are assisting my consciousness to prepare and participate in the re-blending process that continues.

For the past couple of weeks, I have woken up feeling achy and tired.  Today, I feel much better.  The aches are gone.  The slight depression is gone.  The anger has dissipated, as has the grief.  I feel lighter.  I AM blessed because I know and express my gratitude to the Ones who are helping me.

Learn for yourself what your Angels can do.  Every person on the planet, no matter what or who they are, has a Light Team… a band of skilled angels, Masters and mentors who are waiting to assist you during YOUR transition into the Fifth Dimension.  With your conscious cooperation, the job can be accomplished faster and more easily for you and your physical vehicle.

Ascension is all about being “AWAKE” my friends.  That means you need to accept responsibility for your process.  You CAN determine the pace.  You give permission or not for healing to occur.  You can reclaim your personal sovereignty and stop the “Poor me!” act… right NOW!

Breath the free air!  Breathe the light into your body systems.  Acquaint yourself with the Rays of God… there are 22 available to mankind today… 133 altogether.  Avail yourself of the resources available on the Internet and through your own connection internally through meditation and actively walking between two worlds as I do every day now.

Acknowledge your multidimensionality and take up the Mantle of your Divinity.  No one is going to hand your Ascension to you on a platter.  You need to PARTICIPATE in the process.

Release your fears.  They do not define the real YOU.  Only you can set yourself free, dear ones.  In taking back YOUR power, you will begin to know love for self and others.  You will begin to relax into the process and release the need to listen to the needs of others to define your life.  When you live as you, as a Divine Person, you will attract those who can work in cooperation with the true YOU.  The Universe will support you no matter what you do, so assist it in giving you want you need to complete your mission here.

This isn’t about money, prestige and power.  This is about creating a world that is safe for children and women, where all people can live in abundance, peace and harmony.  This is about living simply, lightly on the land so the earth can heal.  This is about utilizing the assistance of the elementals and Devas and your own creative powers to create the world in which ALL creation and humanity can share.

Be who you really ARE.  Claim your freedom from within.  You are the only one who can change the world.  Start first with your Self.


I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com