Journal Entry 06.27.15


Journal Entry 06.27.15 – Transformation from Within

Note to Reader:  This piece flowed forth this morning.  It may or mean something to my readers, but that is up to your personal discernment.  For more local news, I took a walk very early since at 08:00 hours, it was already 84 degrees F (over 32 C) and forecast to reach 108 this afternoon.  It is clear to me that our climate is changing, whether through the actions of mankind, the influences of our sun and even the position of our solar system in a new part of galactic space, unknown to our world for thousands upon thousands of years.  What happens within one lifetime is less than a second in Universal time or consideration.  A good gardener plans for hundreds of years, not one season.  Expand your horizons beyond what is seen in your physical world and walk the stars with the Angels.

How does one exist within time and space and not at the same moment? It’s all about realizing one’s multidimensionality.

As the last three weeks passed and I did not feel compelled to write anything, I mean ANYTHING, I could almost hear a few of my readers thinking to themselves, “Now, why don’t she write?”

How does one convey through a three-dimensional language the process of stripping away completely all implements and memories of former lives within this one lifetime? One doesn’t. One experiences the moment by moment sensations and realizations. One comes to an understanding that what one once was, even within their own perception, no longer exists.

I look at books that once inspired me. There is no longer any connection. I do not resonate, bad, good, ugly or indifferent. I am not depressed, merely aware of being, once again, the constant observer of the disintegration of what was once “my life.”

I am still working, but that part of my life, too, will soon come to an end. And I will be moving far, far away from where I have lived most of my adult life, the State of Washington, in the United States. It is almost like, overnight, I have become a citizen of the planet, free to move, to go, to explore, to visit… anywhere. I anticipate that I might be doing a considerable amount of traveling in the near future for one who has been rather solidly planted in the Northwest for a long time. When, where, how and with who remains unclear for now, except for my newly found sistar, Maria, who will be my primary traveling companion.

The direction where the flow of life will take me is changing, too. Writing, artwork, photography and more metaphysical endeavors promise to fill a life transformed. Play, exercise and being in nature and being natural will also take precedence over being proper and methodical. Balance will be rediscovered and gratitude for being alive and being on this beautiful planet will guide my every waking moment.

What I AM and what I am becoming is the revelation and integration of the higher essences of my multidimensionality beginning to successfully take “root” within my body and awareness.

No, I have not yet experienced walking between dimensions and worlds, or have had lucid remembrances of being aboard star ships or the like. It does not matter. I have changed completely and utterly from the person I once was, even just a short year ago. My heart is open. My light body is activated. I AM free. And I’m not going anywhere. I don’t need to. The assignment was to bring the Light to this darkened world, to be an anchor and transformer for the light so the energies might be stepped down and activated in all with whom I walked in this lifetime and others. Someday, I will walk out of this body and go “home” but that day is not now.

Krishnamurti once said that no man can lead another to God. Yet one can allow the energies of God to move through their life in order to light the way for others so that they might find their way with more ease and grace. That is my purpose for being here and it is enough.

I have learned that one must seek within as the Universe truly resides within your own energy field. It is up to each individual to come awake to the realization that you are the center of the Universe, your Universe and the ultimate creator of what you experience in that same Universe. If you desire joy, you can simply turn your thoughts to joy. If you resist the reality of your great power, you experience suffering and separation. Only by joining Self within do you begin to sense the power of unity. What others do within their Universe is their decision and it is beyond your ability to control them if they no longer wish to be controlled.

When you fight or judge the effects of the world “out there”, you are judging your own creation. Yes, there are many grim things that one can see in the world today as those who have traditionally held control over the masses struggle to retain that control in the old manner of using deceit and manipulation of emotions, most especially that of fear.

When one steps out of fear and can face unflinching the realization that one has walked both paths, the dark and the light, through this world of duality, then one can decide whether or not one is to be forgiven. Experience is the purpose for which many souls came here, for the sake of soul growth. One cannot understand fully the vicissitudes of life without walking literally in the shoes of another.

Recently, I have worked full-time in a high security prison. I have made it clear that I am a highly sensitive person yet I have thrived in this challenging atmosphere and have learned to come into balance and acceptance of the essence of humanity that transcends the positive and negative aspects of judgment, of physical acts, the sheer scope of proper socialization of a nation’s children and young people, the failure of a “democracy” to provide for its people and so on. I have come face to face with the frustration, the stoicism, the cynicism of a people who society has shut out and attempted to forget. I have seen, first hand, the failure of the Western model of medicine that does not heal the body, but attempts to cover up pathology of bodies unbalanced by poor diet, ingestion and absorption of poisons in the food, air and water. I have heard of the failures of modern medicine, for example, in stories of the failure of even the more successful aspects of physical medicine, orthopedic surgery, as metallic implants have come apart within flesh, leading to still further complications and more surgery. I have seen a people completely consumed by the need to possess materials or each other for the sake of looking and feeling “better” than their neighbors, even if what they possess can be contained with a couple of boxes on a transport bus.

Western society has failed. We must move on. And I have chosen the only path that I can take, which is to move on myself and leave the rest behind. I am not in charge of the lives of other people. They will come to a decision to change or not. It is for me to allow that ability to make a decision or not to take place. If I make a decision now, I choose, also, to take responsibility for the consequences.

I follow no Master other than the conscience that resides within an opened heart. I have felt the compassion that transcends the need to correct or save anybody or anything. Perhaps there will be those who come to me with questions, but ultimately all answers will be found by each person going within and seeking there the answers that reside within the Universal Akashic Records, the Wisdom of the Ages.

There is a new sense of peace that transcends the need to prove my point to anyone or to argue or push concepts upon others. I have arrived at a place where the seeds sowed through many lifetimes can now push up through the soil prepared and take their place in the secret garden of my heart. I AM that Which I AM, a part of Source, an echo of the unknowable made flesh, if for but a transitory moment in the ever present NOW.

Namaste. I bow to the Divinity that resides within the hearts of all mankind and within all Creation.

I AM Eliza

Eliza: Tripping the Light Fantastic


"Wild Orchid"

“Wild Orchid”

Eliza: Tripping the Light Fantastic

How does one describe a trip that is life-changing? How does one put the eternal into words? One does their best despite the challenges as others need to hear what has been experienced, even though the efforts may fall short of what truly happened, is happening and will happen in the eternal Now.

On the flights back to the States from Costa Rica, I pulled out a volume of “Navigating Dimensions” by Lisa Transcendence Brown, an author, teacher, ascension guide and wayshower of some note who currently resides in Hawaii, the remnants of ancient Lemuria.

I was cognizant of the fact that just being able to read the powerful yet simple prose of Lisa’s was proof of the progress that I have made in activating my own light body. Many who read her works fall asleep (makes good reading before bedtime) but I was able to devour a few of the short chapters between stopping for snacks and drinks on the plane and sitting in various airports between flights.

The material contained within answered and verified for me much of my own experiences that are now beginning to unfold for me and for others.

"Marina Ballena"

“Marina Ballena”

As it has been written by Lisa and other wayshowers, it is all about frequency. Until you reach a certain level of frequency, you cannot and will not understand what she is (and others) are describing as part of their own journeys. Indeed, the human (egoic) mind will attempt to disengage and shut down in light of the information and light codes embedded in the words.

What lies beyond the fourth dimension does not make sense to the rational / logical mind, which was developed to keep us safe in the third dimension. To go further “up” in frequency, one must enter the irrational world of the heart. It is only irrational to the human mind since what exists there is in complete contradiction to what human experience has taught us how to live in 3d. Life in 5D and above exists beyond the boundaries and physical laws of 3D, and in the world of imagination, of mystery, legend, fairy tales and stories.

For myself, I am teetering on the edge of the break-through into this new world, proceeding through intent to listen to the urgings of my Spirit, as echoed through my own heart center.

For years now, I have worked to clear old time lines and “past” lives, now knowing that these “lives” exist simultaneously in the eternal Now. This past week, there was a collapsing and finish to the timelines through which aspects of “me” as an individuated consciousness has existed as a Native American and a French aristocrat. Other timelines might come up for clearing as well for me as my body continues to integrate and transform in response to the ever increasing waves of Cosmic light being flooded upon this planet and solar system.

As I have mentioned in past articles, change is the only constant in our lives now. We have a choice to allow ourselves to release all that serves as an impediment to our continued growth or to resist. Those who chose to resist will undergo further experiences to assist them to release. I have chosen to go forward with what my guidance has shown to me.


I find myself being led into a more internal voyage, although I will be accompanied by others. For how long I walk with others cannot yet be determined. There are dreams and goals, but one must walk forward into the Light with a gentle hand and open heart, keeping the intent to follow guidance no matter where and when it leads you, despite the protestations of others who might well think that you have taken leave of your senses.

One must lose all to gain all. Whether or not this requires that you move, leave your job, your family and friends behind remains to be seen. One glance at world news will reveal that many are not being given the chance to choose but the choice has been made for them (or as it might appear from the perception of one still locked in 3D thinking) due to circumstances, whether through storm-wrought destruction, earthquakes and other natural disasters, or through financial loss, death and disease.

We are not victims here. Even if it appears no choice has been consciously made, a choice to not make a choice has been made. And all come into this life with a series of soul contracts. You can choose to release these, as well as all vows, pledges, promises and contracts made throughout any and all lifetimes, made on this planet and dimension and through all planets, dimensions and existences… as you are sovereign and free to choose. It is simply a matter of acknowledging that you are more powerful than your human mind can currently comprehend.

It is not necessary to wait to find a twin flame or soul mate to enter your life and to make you “whole” again. You ARE whole NOW. No one can save you or rescue you from whatever circumstance that you wake up and find yourself in… but YOU. Each of us is responsible for integrating and allowing change, for acknowledging that there is a natural process to ascension that involves much letting go of what has been known and releasing all fear and resistance.


Fear shuts us down in the face of the onslaught of change. When fear comes, breathe into your heart center, ground and center, in whatever way feels natural to you. It is not a matter of following the guidance of someone outside of you; it is a matter between your own heart and your consciousness. The way to ascension proceeds through the opening and expansion of the heart. Through the heart center, the other power centers of the bodies align and expand until the MerKaBa is activated. There are steps beyond where your Light Body becomes a glowing field and your physical body crystalline… but now take it one step at a time so that your body can integrate and adjust in frequency.

No one teacher or system can show you the way. If you are still following a specific channeler or system, you are still giving your power away and have not yet stepped upon the path to ascension. To ascend means simply to rise in frequency. “You” are not going anywhere, but your consciousness expands to encompass the Universe and beyond.


You as consciousness are God and the Universe. The universe and ALL THAT IS, despite what you have been taught, is contained within as potential within your own auric field. With each activation and attainment of integration, these potentials are activated and your consciousness expands. There is no end in sight for those who walk the worlds and dimensions beyond this world and yet your physical body is still “here”, as we have come here to show what can be done to regain the freedom of spirit that has been denied humanity for untold thousands, if millions of years.

Recently I have participated in some gridwork, the first time doing so consciously. I know that I will probably do more as I am here to assist Gaia in her ascension. Meanwhile, as a system-buster and light warrior, I am currently engaging in ascending back to “higher” dimensions as a wayshower. I am, we are experienced in both descension and ascension, having done it countless times. It is a matter of expertise and a gift gained over countless experiences in other timelines, dimensions and worlds.

I see now that I am not limited to one existence in 5D, as a Pleiadian / Venusian starseed, that I am actually an aspect of consciousness that exists simultaneously in many worlds, universes and dimensions. In “time” or outside of time I will be conscious that I walk in other worlds. Right now I am not, as my primary focus is here and now, upon this planet, and in this lifetime while experiencing the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the ascension of an entire planetary body… and even solar system, as that is what is actually happening. And beyond our solar system, this Universe is undergoing its own transformation and rise in frequency. All is entangled in nature, seen and unseen. What a marvelous time to experience.

I encourage you all to let go of your wish to be saved and to take up your own “cross” and bear it with dignity. It is the marriage of spirit and body, the bringing of your “higher” consciousness into full awareness in and through your physical body. It is the marriage of heaven and earth and it can only take place within your Heart Center and within you.

"The Path before You"

“The Path before You”

Each of us carries the Universes within. It is our choice to integrate and allow the knowledge and wisdom that exists within our magnificent spiritual heart center that will truly bring us to the edge of the fifth dimension and well beyond. Go within. Go within. Go within and seek the Peace that passes all understanding of the rational mind. Follow your OWN inner guidance and allow a marvelous world of joy, laughter and peace to unfold like a starry ribbon of light stretched out across the Milky Way. The true and only path is the one that you follow within. You will guide you into a life filled with untold wonder and delight if you but learn to trust, hold your intent and allow faith to guide you with surety. You are your own Guide who leads the way with lighted lantern. Seek the light and find the Love that awaits those who surrender fully to the Will of the one who is within, a shining Angel of Light, you.


I AM Eliza

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,




Impressions of Costa Rica



Impressions of Costa Rica

Note to reader:  This is a brief impression of this country, from the perspective of one who does not consider herself to be a very sophisticated world traveler…

We landed in at Juan Santa Maria Aeropuerto on a dark, rainy evening, arriving by Delta via Atlanta, Georgia. After maneuvering through Customs and Immigration, we found the area for taxis and shuttle pick-up. We had reservations at a hotel in San Jose, the Barcelo San Jose Palacio. While not the most expensive hotel in the area, it was impressive, considering I got the room at a considerable discount. The hotel also provided for shuttle service. The hotel staff were friendly and understood most of my broken Spanglish.

From our hotel room, we could smell the scents of Costa Rica, the smell of rain, lush greenery, flowers, and hear the sounds of the busy nearby highway and the call of parrots and other bright colored birds.


Tired and exhausted from the trip, we decided to stay over another day, which proved to be more expensive. We also arranged for a brief tour to downtown San Jose. I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you’re ready for complete chaos. The traffic and sheer impact of compressed humanity in that old, disorganized town was mind-blowing. I suppose it is something other world travelers’ encounter in the large cities of India, Southeast Asia and other places, but the first time I had encountered the combination of human misery, vitality and frenetic activity. There are numerous one-way streets in San Jose; I could not begin to tell you how to get anywhere, save by knowing some Spanish and taking either a city bus or taxi to get you where you are going. We had a private driver, which was more expensive, but Achiles knows the city inside and out and watched out for us like an anxious cousin.

In going to this country or any other “foreign” country be prepared to spend more than you bargained for. Bus tickets were more expensive than I was told… being misled by an unfriendly ticket seller in Uvita. She charged us for the full price from David, Panama, rather than the price to San Jose from Uvita. Not all Ticos like Americans. In fact, quite a few proved to be suspicious of us until Maria would let loose a beautiful stream of Castilian Argentine Spanish. Then the suspicious faces would relax and open and become more helpful.

One vivid impression of Costa Rica was the vitality of growth in the vegetation. San Jose and its suburbs spread across the curving Central Valley, but the surrounding mountains are covered in thick vegetation. Smaller Tico settlements, villages and farms hug steep lush hillsides. We did not visit the usual suspects, the tourist areas and the Volcanos. There was so much of Costa Rica that we did NOT see on this one trip; all the more incentive to return and to explore some more.

Basilica of Madre de los Angeles, Cartago

Basilica of Madre de los Angeles, Cartago

The third day, we were driven from San Jose to San Isidro. We first stopped at Cartago to admire the grand church located there. The church was located on top of a natural spring, capped with cement. The edifice was dedicated to the Madre of Angels and was the most important church in all of Costa Rica, a very devout Catholic country. Our driver, Achiles told us that thousands of people make an annual pilgrimage to the location to honor the Black Madonna there.  The ruins of an older church, destroyed during an earthquake, are a stark reminder that this tiny country is a seismically active area, with an abundance of live and dormant volcanoes and thermal hot springs here and there.

“Ruins of older church in Cartago, destroyed by an earthquake”

We drove southward on the winding Pan American Highway, a narrow road often perched on precipitous slopes and ridges above the lush jungle-covered mountains. We passed numerous casitas, including small enclaves of Gringo-styled more expensive houses intermixed with the more modest Tico houses. Small farms were literally clinging to the sides of impressively steep slopes. We traveled through the odd area of the Cloud Forest, with its bizarre vegetation and passed on down the windy route towards the lush valley of San Isidro. We also stopped at a roadside restaurant which served traditional Tico food and other snack items in abundance.

Passing through the mountains, our driver told us how in the times before the highway was constructed, people attempting to reach San Jose from San Isidro and other outlying towns often became lost in the damp, cloudy treacherous reaches of the jungle-covered mountains. The mountains were called the Fields of Death; many souls were lost there, their bodies never to be discovered. The windy route is still challenging and very dark at night, having no lighting of any kind and few center lane markings outside the precincts of the larger settlements.

Winding up in San Isidro, we stayed in the Best Western there where I had, again, made reservations at through Expedia, utilizing my new tablet. The hotel at first seemed nice enough, but they gave us one of the worst rooms, across from the trash area in the back of the motel. Breakfast was nice, until we found out that the waiter had overcharged us twice the advertised amount. I wouldn’t recommend the place. Go elsewhere.

San Isidro is a bustling little mountain town and was quite strange to my eyes. We scrambled across the busy highway between bursts of fast-moving traffic, leaping deep ditches and grassy mounds. Best be in good shape with walking shoes suitable for slippery tiles, cobblestone and concrete / gravel roads and walkways. A couple of interesting revelations hit our consciousness as we walked the busy, wet streets. It was raining. People don’t wear jackets. I had a rain jacket on and was stared at by the locals. Most were carrying umbrellas or just stoically walking through the downpour. The women were wearing either fancy sandals or high heels, 3 to 5 inches in height.

The dress of the Ticos was pretty simple. Men wear t-shirts or cotton short-sleeved button-down shirts and jeans or long shorts. The women wear figure-hugging t-shirts and tight, tight jeans or skirts, sandals or high heels. I couldn’t help wondering how they could navigate the slippery surfaces without breaking their necks. Some of the older women wore dresses or blouses and skirts, still with sandals or high heels.

San Isidro had more zapatarias (shoe stores) than any other place that I have ever visited. There were sometimes five or six in a short block, with plenty of small boutiques, eateries, farmacias (pharmacies) or hardware stores. There was also an abundance of small bakeries, supermercados (supermarkets) and an assortment of other service-related, furniture, appliance and other types of stores.

The town’s lay-out was simple.   It is a cross-road between the Pan American Highway and a couple of roads that go to either coast. There is a volcan area nearby, a National Park or two and assorted natural reserves, but not having a car or knowledge of the area limited our ability to visit any of these places. Next trip perhaps.


The next day, we got a taxi to the local bus station for the Blanco Line and caught a bus to Dominical, a small community on the Pacific coast. The ruta was definitely local, stopping every five minutes or so to drop or pick up someone from the side of the narrow highway. The road wound its way through the green ridges to a lush winding valley and eventually to the intersection with the Coast Road, Ruta 34.

Dominical is nothing but a small surfing village with a bumpy “main” road off the main highway. There was an up-cropping of ticky-tacky souvenir and surfer-related shops or eateries. Not really a place to live. The beach was nearby, briefly glimpsed through masses of swaying palm trees. At this point we thought we would hire a taxi to take us to our reserved rooms at a place just south of Bahia, but just as the bus pulled around, another bus pulled in. The bus driver indicated to Maria in quick Spanish that the new bus would take us to Uvita and beyond, as it was heading back to Puerto Cortez, or south towards Panama.

We weren’t too sure of the exact location of the next place we had reserved, so I showed the bus driver its name. He told Maria that it was a little farther than Uvita, but he would drop us off right there. So we drove through the area between Dominical and Uvita, with its various beaches, Tico houses and scattered businesses. Uvita was much bigger than Dominical and more like an established, although sprawling village, with the Coast Highway plunging through the midst of a small business district. The bus continued on until we reached our destination, Hacienda Coope Agri. We were to stay in this friendly location most of the remainder of our short trip.


It was ironic that since my original destination had been Uvita, I did not actually spend much time there. A beach is nearby, some ½ mile or so through the jungle (I’m not sure just where the trail to the beach is located) and there are a few roads that radiate from the highway into the jungle through Tico neighborhoods and past a few businesses and modest hostel / hotels. The occasional Gringo house looks out of place in this modest settlement.

Later in the week, with the aid of a local Taxi driver, we visited the Uvita Cataracts, a series of small falls located on a nice creek. Frankly, I would save my money and go elsewhere. The falls were small and the pools green or brown. The rocks were slippery and treacherous going for the unprepared. Our driver’s son, Joel, was able to climb the slippery rocks with aplomb, but I had a difficult time just walking on the slippery path down to the creek. There were some other visitors enjoying the cool waters and a few attempting to dive, jump or slide down the rocks into the larger pool.


Being from the Pacific Northwest and a long-time hiker and backpacker, I’m used to seeing beautiful areas and water features. The cataracts did not impress. You had to pay to get into them as you have to pay to get into most features in the area, including the nearby Ballena National Parque. It was to this other feature that we ventured, but were unable to reach the famous Whale’s Tail, a reef-like structure far out from the beach which is often cut-off by high tides. The waters were too high this time as well, as they were for most of our stay, yet we walked out to a depth of over the knee with waves coming in from both sides and spraying us with salt water. Using some discretion in order to save our cameras, we chose to return to the main beach.  The area is popular with the locals, too, who wait until after the ticket office is formally closed!

A lesson learned in Costa Rica… don’t pay the full price until AFTER you arrive at your destination or the trip is done. Our taxi driver never fulfilled her end of the bargain and finishing up taking us to the agreed upon destinations. Most drivers are dependable… but use only the official taxis which outside of San Jose are red in color and marked with a yellow triangle. The bus drivers are also very helpful and business-like.


Our temporary residence at the Hacienda was comfortable and we developed affectionate relationships with the Tico staff members, Christopher, Sonia and the chef, Omar. We were taken into the hearts of these wonderful people and feel like family. When Ticos accept you, you are family. No ifs, ands or buts. They are an open-hearted generous people.

During the remainder of our stay, we ended up going to a couple more nearby beaches, including Ventana and Tortuga, as well as a drive up the Coast Highway and back to the tourist destination “town” of Manuel Antonio. This “town” is strictly for tourists. From the looks of all the hostels, motels, hotels, cabinas, restaurants, surfer shops and tiny stores, it was clear that Manuel Antonio is NOT a Tico town. Nearby Quebos is the local Tico town, located downslope. Manuel Antonio is also a National Parque, requires an entrance fee and has lovely beaches and forest. We didn’t go into the park this time, not having the time to do so, but wandered around the steamy streets staring at all the Americanos who were wandering in bunches, either shepherded by a guide or on their own.

Costa Rica is a land of contrasts. There are the plush, gated residences and small communities of ex-pats in spotty areas, the tin-roofed Tico villages with their sprawling, haphazard neighbors filled with tiny colorful gardens, and busy little shopping areas. There are the huge ugly condominiums of Jaco… a popular tourist destination that the local bus driver warned us against. There are shiny office buildings and newer neighborhoods located in the suburbs around the complex, decrepit center of San Jose. There are shopping malls and mercados, neighborhoods fruterias (fruit stands) and Supermercados. There are expensive automobiles and rusty 4 x 4s (the only way to negotiate some of the rough secondary roads that are liberally spotted with huge rocks.


We saw acres and acres of oil palm groves, fields of bananas, alongside modest little farms with bananas, coconuts, a few mangos and other fruit trees. Most roofs sported the colorful Claro sign of the local satellite television company. Many houses had laundry hanging outside if the weather allowed as few Ticos can afford dryers. Electricity is expensive, run by ICE, the national supplier of electricity. Few Tico homes have air conditioning or large refrigerators either, and many do not have ovens, only stove-tops. Most Ticos are blessed to have abundant food, most grown or made locally, pure water, good air and an environment that improves every day. The modest country has made huge strides in putting aside land for nature reserves and national parks, as well as increasing the amount of trees by some 25% in the country over the last decade.

Yet despite any lack of material wealth, we found the Tico people to be welcoming and open-hearted and more cognizant of the values of the heart than most Americans. Every night we heard much laughter and music radiating from nearby Tico houses, modest on the outside, but filled with love inside. With their roosters and chickens, cats and dogs, horses and an occasional cow, the Tico people in the country-side live a rich and simple life, growing and living off of locally grown produce, including coconuts, bananas and sugar cane.

After our time in Ballena was ended, we returned via the Tracopa Line to San Jose, leaving from the brand new and impressive bus station located in Uvita. The trip was more strenuous than usual as Ruta 27 was closed due to some unknown problem perhaps as a result of the landslides common to the area. The bus was forced to follow the older 27, a windy, dark and sometimes narrow road which was full of cars, trucks and buses all taking the alternate route. We drove into San Jose an hour late, exhausted, slept a little in a strange little hotel and were taken to our various destinations the next day by our solicitous driver, Achiles, who acted as our local protector and guide during our short stay in San Jose.

On my return to North America, I must say it was nice to be able to sleep in my own bed and to be greeted by my cats, but I’m already thinking about venturing forth again on an adventure of the heart.

I will say that I felt more enveloped with love and affection by the gentle Tico people who became my friends and soul family than I have ever felt with my fellow Americans. The Ticos respect and admire sensitive people such as myself and my friend, Maria, and showed to us what a true privilege it is to be fully accepted by these generous people.

Fin (for now)


Eliza Ayres,, All Rights Reserved.

Journal Entry 06.05.2015



Journal Entry 06.05.2015

Home now.  Have 269 photos to sort as well as thoughts.  Trip turned out different than originally planned, but had a lovely if interesting time.  Costa Rica is a small country with many faces, most of them friendly.  Lots of rain periodically especially on Wednesday when riding the bus back to San Jose.  Quite the adventure for the challenged traveler.

WiFi coverage and lack of laptop weren’t conducive to attempting to publish anything and this trip was all about rest and experience… and meeting some wonderful new friends.

Much love to all,


La Pura Vida!



Journal Entry 05.21.2015


Journal Entry 05.21.2015

88 energies.

How is everyone enjoying the Mercury Retrograde?

I saw this little photo today on the hiking blog which I still read periodically:


Instead of “hanging” in the mountains, I’ll be splashing in the warm tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean.  It’s a big change from little ole Walla Walla and the wheat fields.

Be prepared for big shifts in the coming days.  A financial reset is on its way to your neighborhood.  Have extra cash on hand in case that bank card doesn’t work for a while.

Still packing… will sort through things again tonight.  Still getting my head around the fact that I’m going at all.

I KNOW that my life is going to change BIG time as a result of taking this trip.

See you on the other side!



Journal Entry 05.20.2015


Journal Entry 05.20.2015

I stepped out of my usual weekday activities these past two days to attend annual in-service training for work.  Just the slight adjustment was enough to make me realize that I probably won’t be working at the prison for much longer.

I’ve been fairly silent of late.  Prepping for “The Trip” and generally letting go of a lot of the emotions that keep surfacing for surrender.  I don’t really have the capacity to write much now.

On Sunday, I’ll be off for nearly two weeks.  I am NOT taking the laptop with me.  This is time to reflect on new possibilities in a totally different environment, both inner and outer.

The cycle of Ascension is accelerating and so is the velocity of change.  The earth herself is moving and adjusting, expanding into 5D and people are waking up.  Big changes are in store for the banking system and all other institutions.

During the trip, I may pop in on FaceBook once in awhile, but WiFi coverage is not always as reliable as at home.  If I feel like it, I might post a photo or two if I can figure out how do so on my tablet.

Meanwhile, take the time to relax and rest as your bodies process the latest energy surges.  I know that I’ve been feeling tired lately and more than a bit spacey.

Much love to all,


Journal Entry 05.13.2015



Journal Entry 05.13.2015

Synchronicities happen when you’re in the flow; it’s as simple as that. And when you can’t make things happen, it might be because you are trying too hard.

Last night, I was moved to listen to one of Bill Ballard’s videos from last summer (see: And this morning, I watched Sandra Walter’s latest:

Both of these presentations held little golden nuggets… or should I say diamonds for me.

One, Bill’s presentation was a kind of “get off your butt if you REALLY want to ascend ‘cuz it ain’t happen’ if you just sit there!” In other words, don’t expect someone to “grant” or “gift” you ascension. There isn’t any ascended masters coming to the earth plane to show you a life pod that will miraculously change your physical body from 3D carbon-base to 5D crystalline. Nor is a shipload or fleet of galactic visitors going to “save” your world or you… for the simple reason that those ascended masters and galactics are US… our future or multidimensional Selves!

This ascension thing is an INside job… within each person who REALLY wants to ascend.

In other words, all the excuses, dalliances, dreams and schemes, avoidances and perturbations of the egoic mind won’t get you there, if 5D+ is where you’re headed.

Yet, ascension is FAR easier than it was for the masters who came before us, thanks to the hard work of the forerunners, those who are carving out a pathway through the golden Christic light of cosmic intelligence.

Christ Light is a level of consciousness not a person. No “Christed” figure is coming to save you. Ascension is about SELF-mastery, mastery of the body, mind and heart; mastery of the four lower bodies (the number varies according to various teachings) and activation of the MerKaBa.

Last night as I lay in bed, I consciously began to draw light into my chakras, activating them with white light. This morning, as I watched Sandra’s piece I “saw” a piece of the puzzle fit into my understanding of ascension as she described the Diamond Center of the High Heart.

Mind you, I have probably listened and seen this piece demonstrated before, but I didn’t UNDERSTAND it until reaching a certain, critical level of frequency myself. That’s the way this journey works. First comes the prep, then you stand on the verge… and then “wham!” And suddenly there is comprehension, all in a moment.

Diamond heart… simply visualize a diamond in the midst of your High Heart, half way between the soft spot in your throat and the level of your physical heart (which is slightly off to the left of center). As you focus on this area, you will (might) begin to feel it heat up. As it does, pull in golden light, move it through the center and then RADIATE it OUT in six directions, down into the earth, up into the sky, left, right, front and back. This simple meditation, which I did while sitting at my desk at work in the prison, creates a strong field of pure golden bliss and is the BEGINNING of what it feels like to be really ascended while still living in a physical body.

And I was there, for moments… going back inward to refresh and focus… and feeling REALLY happy and light-hearted all day. I was interacting with my co-workers, doing my regular work and enjoying being alive. What bliss!

Of course, before the bliss comes the cleansing period(s) that EVERYONE must go through. We’re not just cleansing for ourselves but also for untold thousands of other individuals, including our own karmic and genetic lineages. When that’s done and for a lot of the forerunners it is or will soon be done, it’s activation and bliss time… as well as moving into SERVICE for Gaia and humanity.

Sandra noted that many people ask her why she hasn’t disappeared into 5D, like was done in olden times when a master ascended like Ezekiel before Elisha or Jesus before his disciples. Well, we are here to SERVE, to act as gatekeepers, activators, way showers for the rest of those who wish to ascend. By holding the Door open for others and demonstrating that this CAN be done while still functioning in a daily existence, we SERVE.

Even the forerunners and way-showers are functioning at different levels. Each of us has our own timing and motivation, as ascension is not a race. It is simply that in moving from Age (Pisces) to another (Aquarius) is a particularly potent window of opportunity for mass ascension. Still, each person who wants (or thinks that they want) to ascend does need to put forth some personal effort.

And so, apparently I’m on the verge and having felt the “bliss” as described by Bill, Sandra, Alexander and others… understand now where and why the effort is SO worth it.

Understand also, that we have ALL ascended before, on this planet and others, through various dimensions and timelines. You KNOW how to do this.

When I saw and heard Sandra’s description of the Diamond Heart meditation and its pure simplicity, I laughed with delight. Ascension is NOT hard and yet it is. There is that paradox thing. It does take intent and mind you, I’ve been working on this cleansing, clearing thing for DECADES, ever since the… well, probably most of my life.

There is NO need to struggle, but there is a need to surrender and BE. You do know this. We are all Masters in embodiment – which is why the ascended masters aren’t coming to assist – they’re already here. Each of us who are now in embodiment is most likely a fractal of one or more ascended masters, archangels, angels, elementals, galactics, etc. This is the reality of our multidimensional beingness, which you begin to touch into when you get past the point where I am now. Worlds and dimensions beyond this one are revealed, through lucid dreams, during meditation, and during visions.

There is SO much waiting for you – won’t you break through to the other side and join those who have gone ahead!


I AM Eliza (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara)

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

The Angels: Living with Paradox


The Angels: Living with Paradox

Note to Reader:  It seems that whenever I determine not to do something, I end up doing it.  That is living with paradox and being willing to follow the ebb and flow of our inner being…

We are here alongside you in the eternal Now even as you step into a new sense of self. You are re-membering who and what you were, are and will be beyond the temporary boundaries of the flesh that you wear.

You are not your body.

You are not the ideas and conditioning of your childhood and culture.

You are magnificent beyond words and yet few of you have any conception of your true nature.

You ARE a fractal part of “God”, that unknowable essence of Creation that brought this world and trillions beyond trillions of others into being.

What are you?

Are you a man, woman or child?

You have been all of these and have lived in many races, tribes, countries and cultures. And yet these definitions do not encompass the real You, the one that exists outside of time and space.

Are you black, white, brown, red or yellow? The color of your skin does not determine or define or limit the real You. Flesh is but an envelope sealing in the corporeal material… what appears to be solid, yet is not, that makes up your temporary home on this planet.

Are you a star seed, a way shower, a gatekeeper… someone who is just waking up… someone who is still asleep? These are conditions and labels that have nothing to do with the real You.

Step beyond the need to label, to define, to limit, to divide, to section off… one from another, individuals from groups, groups from other groups. Step beyond duality, the need to defend yourself, your family, your country from an enemy “out there”.

All that you see is a part of your body. All that you are unable to see with your physical body is a part of your body… that body that exists outside of form and limitation. You contain within the Universe and the Universe contains you within itself.

To live in Unity with Self, your multidimensional Self, is to accept the existence of magic and to live with paradox. Not all is what it seems.

The chair that you sit upon is not solid. It is a whirling spiral of electrons and protons, united by magnetic forces and taking the appearance of solidity within a collective hologram.

You are here, now, because you have chosen to be here, for a specific purpose or many.

You are more than your past lives. You are more than your existence in other dimensions and star cultures. You are more than the summation of your days here, within this lifetime.

What you see as “the world” is a result of a collective consensus. That consensus is changing, altering and transforming. How quickly the changes come depends on your input, your intent, your willingness to expand your consciousness to see, feel and be more every day. This is a process that is both individual and collective. Let us say here that some of the collective have decided to step out of the collective consensus and to act as way-showers for those who will follow, in their own way and with their own timing.

You have NO conception of how powerful you are.

You are not alone, either. You are about to be joined by those who have watched over your evolution for untold centuries and years.

Everything that you think you know, what you have been told is a lie. Only you can determine what you DO know, by going within and taking stock with the true compass of your being, the intuitive voice of spirit that speaks to you through heart and body.

The voice of spirit is soft and gentle. Many people chose to ignore the nudges, the whispers, the gentle tugs at the heart strings.

Those people who are listening often appear to do things in opposition to what is generally acceptable in society. This is because they have chosen to no longer identify or to be defined by the brittle boundaries of the collective. They are reaching for what cannot yet be seen or felt by those who listen to the loud voices outside.

In your society, love has been defined as being accepting, selfless, conditioned on getting something in return (gifts, devotion, etc.). Love is far more vast and complicated than a simple emotion or feeling.

What is the force that binds planets and stars together? Love.

What is the force that keeps the galaxy rotating around its center? Love.

What is the force that brings life into being and destroys the form only to bring it into a higher frequency? Love.

Love is.

As those who have been called to move into a higher way of being on your planet seem to separate and go their own way, leaving family and friends behind, understand this, beloved ones, that they have received the Call of Love, the call to serve Gaia.

Gaia is at the center of a determined and preordained effort to bring light and freedom to this Galaxy. Many there are the worlds that have been darkened by the shadows that have disturbed your world and impeded the ability for humanity to evolve more quickly into a fully conscious galactic civilization.

Many of the individuals who are now moving into greater service for Gaia are in training for other roles, in other places, timelines and worlds, far beyond your skies. Let them go.

There is nothing in your world that is permanent, which can remain the same forever. To think that it is possible to retain a friendship or relationship “forever” is to limit your choices as you grow and change. This is especially true now. It also does not mean that the particular relationship cannot undergo changes and transitions and transformations if each individual or members of a particular group can allow the changes to occur organically and without judgment.

Paradox exists and you will come to know it better even as each of you strives to come into a renewed balance between the masculine part of self (logic, rational) and the feminine (creativity, intuition). You can use both on the path and will need to, as the masculine lends strength and boundaries to the creative process that might otherwise scatter before the winds. It is when one energy dominates and seeks to repress the other that imbalance occurs.

So it is with the return of the essence of the Divine Feminine to your planet that it appears chaos is ruling the day. Lives and institutions are being turned upside down and sideways… yet it is a personal choice for each individual as they decide to flow with the changes and transformations or to resist.

Your ancestors knew that the physical world is subject to cycles. There is an end to all things, but there is also a beginning to be found within the end. This is paradox and it is becoming your new reality.

The energies of the Cosmos are flowing and crashing upon the shores of your world, causing the break-up of entropy. The destructive forces of creation have been unleashed. You may not understand that it is for your benefit to let go of all that no longer serves you. It is a necessary part of growth and expansion into a higher frequency range. That which belonged to the old energy will no longer function in the new.

Perhaps you have lost a loved one recently to disease. Perhaps you have lost your job. Perhaps you are feeling confused, lost, at a loss for words and sense of direction. What to do? Where to go? Where should I turn?

You know the answers even though at first you may not like them, for the silent voice that emanates from higher self pushes and tugs at you to expand. Whether or not you obey and commence the transformation is determined by you… at least at first. For when change is resisted from within, it will manifest from without.

What you are seeing in your world is changing, coming apart at the seams. What has been hidden is now being revealed. Where there is still darkness is being shown. Many are the revelations to come, many unpleasant as much has been hidden from the general populace. And yet… all of you are in this together. Much will be demanded of you in the days to come. Much will be dependent on how you choose to react or flow with the changes that are here… not just coming, but here now.

The definition of “life” as lived formerly within the rigid paradigm of 3D is no longer. You can re-create yourself and re-member the wholeness of what you are in the greater part of your Being. Allow the energies of heaven (the higher dimensions) take anchor in your flesh and transform your consciousness, waking you up to what exists beyond this narrow and limited view of the Universe. By anchoring to heaven and earth, you become a conduit of powers of creation.

These powers can only be used by one who has surrendered the little will (the ego) and lives by the laws of the Universe, which are not the same laws to which you are now subjected. You lose yourself to become your Self. You join the One and become the Many, while at the same time retaining an individualized consciousness. Paradox. This is unity consciousness. This is love. And this is but one step on the way to reuniting with ALL THAT IS.

Feel the way through the words that we have used. Your language is limited, by design, to fit the paradigm from which you are now emerging. You have not yet mastered the language of the Stars or the ability to convey your thoughts through images and symbols. You will arrive there, eventually, even as you surrender the life that you have known before to another one.

Will you step through the Doorway that leads to the Infinite? It is your choice.

We are the Angels and we bid you well on your inner journey.


All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Journal Entry 05.10.2015 – Are We There Yet?


Journal Entry 05.10.2015 – Are We There Yet?

“Where are we going?”

Perhaps you have been wondering this, feeling this, thinking this sentiment. As well as, “What’s going on?”

Even people whom you would have thought never to wake up are noticing that things are not functioning as usual. The weather patterns are different. People are… well, more intense. Things once loved are dropping away, sometimes in a short amount of time. And it feels like we’re living lifetimes within a matter of days and even hours.

This past week I was dealing with EGO issues. With my upcoming trip to Costa Rica approaching rapidamente, my human mind and emotions were in overwhelm. From near panic mode, to feeling muscular tension, to being especially irritable and ultra-sensitive to the noise and confusion at work, to denial, anger, projection… you name it and it pretty much surfaced. Eliza’s dark side; we all have one; it’s just that many light workers don’t like to look their dark twin in the eye and say, “Howdy!”

And then there was the issue of learning Spanish and touring through countryside where I’ve never been before. I’m used to the American wilds and feel comfortable navigating dirt and gravel roads in the mountains, as well as trails, but finding a bus station in a big Central American city… now I was feeling a wee bit intimidated, but determined, nonetheless to succeed in finding everything and getting to my destination in one piece. Some of you more seasoned travelers might laugh, but we all have our weaknesses to confront and move through. Travel is one of mine… long distance travel, especially long distance international travel.

I traveled to Great Britain once, but I was with a group of people whom I knew a bit. Even then I had uncomfortable moments as I confronted ancient energy fields at old battle fields and castles. By the time our little group had reached Wales, I was overwhelmed by the energies and had to spend half a day in bed, shivering with fever. As I lay there on the bed next to a large window overlooking the Menai Straits and Anglesey (a large island off the coast of Wales) I wandered in and out of a feverish mist. Years later I discovered that the bed and breakfast where we were lodged was located just down the hill from the Roman camp… where the invasion of Mona, the Druid College and stronghold in Britain, was staged by the Romans. A very ancient memory was surfacing for me then, so many years ago, long before I even heard of the term, “ascension”.

My sensitivity and awareness of energies has increased since that long ago day, but I also have more awareness of self and my greater Self, as well.

I think the ego games were stirred up by 1) the intensifying energies and 2) the “trip”.

And then this morning, I received a very nice email from one of my readers, a lady who lives on the SE Coast of the States. After a flurry of emails, it looks like my new acquaintance will be connecting up with me on my flight down to CR. And she is a fluent Spanish speaker, having been born and raised as a youngster in Argentina. Talk about synchronicity! This light worker has also been receiving impulse to check out Costa Rica and only this morning, received an intuition to connect with me.

I tell you, folks, if you put out your intent, good things will happen. Now I have a travel companion, another American female, who is fluent in Spanish and an experienced traveler, as well. And she is a dedicated light worker, grid worker and Ascension guide. I’m sure we can share some interesting conversations with each other. This will be the first meeting for me with another bonafide light worker, one who is dedicated to serving the ascension of Gaia. And we will be meeting my other friend, who lives in Costa Rica. This trip promises to be life-changing, probably for all of us and others who will be eventually drawn into making such tribal connections, Light tribal connections.

Ascension has, for the forerunners and way showers, reached another level. As Bill Ballard pointed out in his video presentation from May 3, 2015, the energies are coming in fast and furious. Where we used to encounter a rise in frequency every 18 months or so in 2010, they’re now arriving sometimes three in one or two weeks! (

While I am still working in a dense environment, being a high security prison, I can still manage to feel the intense energies even when sitting at my desk or standing in front of the copy machine. And when I am in my own space at home, I feel them even more intensely.

There has been a sense of feeling wired and tired, both at the same time. Sleep has been disturbed; dreams are active, intense and lengthy although quickly forgotten upon waking. I have moved beyond the need to “channel” other entities, especially that of “ascended masters” as I don’t need their teachings any more. The old energy is gone, done, finale… even though many light workers and waking ones still cling to the old teachings with surprising tenacity.


Now I recognize the “why” I didn’t adhere to any one manner of teaching or meditation. While these teaching… any and all of them… served as steps upon the way, they are now outmoded given that the energies have increased to frequency levels far above what was available even to many of the masters while living upon this planet in bygone days. Sandra Walters addresses this letting go process that we all need to go through as we commit to really ascending… which means to go BEYOND all that we learned and did in the old energy. It’s time to release the old mantras, spiritual practices, meditation forms, etc., that you may have overly identified with, as each of these, if not released, can serve as a glass ceiling on your ability to expand your consciousness and ground your energies with your expanded sense of Self, your multidimensional Self, your REAL self. For Sandra’s link, go to:

What we have experienced here has been for teaching and experience. What we thought was reality is now being proven by scientists to be a hologram, NOT real. Anything we have identified with or been a part of before in the old energy needs to be released willingly or it will be taken away as the old can no longer survive in the new frequency.

I don’t have to tell you that there will be resistance to my words, but I’ve experienced the resistance in my own human self, especially this past week. I felt at times that I was wrestling with a wet gator in a mud hole. And then I dropped the fight and stepped away to gain a more balanced and disinterested perspective. When I could see that I was engaged in a battle with my own ego and acting out my anger, fear and frustration, I decided to observe and to change my attitude to one of gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity of taking this trip and meeting new people.

We are SO incredibly powerful, folks. While we all have worked together to create a collective hologram in which to experience powerful lessons in 3D, now we have the choice to step above and beyond that outmoded story and into a new one, one that exists in 5D and beyond. As Bill Ballard, Sandra Walters, Alexander Del Sol, Meline LaFont and others can attest, they are changing daily into more of their multidimensional selves, expanding in consciousness and ease of living. Life in this new world is enjoyable and fun, something that few humans have been able to experience while here in a physical body for a very long, long time. The time of struggle is ending, at least for those who are choosing to move into ascension and are consciously making changes to their lives to fully live in the heightened energies of the ever present NOW.

There are still physical responsibilities and things to do as we all live in a world of form, but daily life can take on a whole new level when you commit to being fully in the energies of the ascended planet.

5D is here, folks. It is now a matter of personal choice whether or not you are willing to release the old and embrace the New. Either way, change will compel some decisions and many will leave the planet as their bodies cannot adjust to the new energies. And we will see more and more people, especially the young people, embracing the new with increasing enthusiasm as they observe those who have already stepped onto the path and into the New living a life of joy and abundance.

Ascension has steps… Sandra covers the steps well in her ascension material, as do other ascension guides and gatekeepers. Yet all of us need to tune into our inner guide to discover what fits and what we can lay aside and move beyond. Many choices are being laid before me. I shall enjoy seeing how this all plays out in the coming months.


Keep on trucking, folks, moving forward, releasing and moving through whatever comes up, blessing and living in gratitude for every day we get to spend on this beautiful challenging planet.

I enjoyed a lovely walk this morning under a blue sky untouched by chem trails… for once. There have actually been fewer this past week than in the past. Is this a new development? Only time can tell, yet leaving behind the old sense of enmity and need to judge is a vital step to moving toward into ascension. When we set our intent to move into 5D and higher we are also making a commitment to set aside all duality and coming from a neutral space. This move will, perhaps, trigger others who feel that you have become emotionless and insensitive, but it is a necessary one. And there is another stage, which Sandra describes in good detail, that of Melancholia, where nothing that you have done before means anything to you now. This stage can last a good long while. I know since I’ve been in it for a few months now and now recognize it to be a form or stage of grieving and then letting go of what was once important in your life. What those things might be is different for each individual. It is not important to detail them to you now. If you have read my older pieces, you probably have a good sense of what it has taken me to get to where I am now.

Ascension is really a process of remembering who we really are. Not all people are ready to do this, to take the step of reclaiming sovereignty, personal empowerment and the responsibility that goes with it. And this is okay…but keep in mind, this ascension window will not be open forever and it may be some time before humans have another opportunity to incarnate upon this particular planet and to undergo ascension.

Many are choosing to leave, something that most people don’t want to acknowledge due to their fear of the unknown, especially the door we call “death”. I don’t fear death since I have a remembrance of living before, here, and elsewhere. Our souls… the true essence of our consciousness, is eternal. We shall continue on as fractals of the Universe experiencing itself and flowing with the ebb and flow of that same great intelligence.

I am feeling more balanced and calm than I have for a couple of weeks. It’s a nice change and welcomed. It has been a rough ride since the winter Solstice to now. Let’s hope for calmer seas in the future days… or a good stout constitution able to ride the waves with aplomb.


I AM Eliza

Journal Entry 05.02.2015



Journal Entry 05.02.2015

So, folks, what you make of these energies? Heavvvvy! And Light… all at the same time. Whew.  Sometimes I felt dizzy, mellow and at other moments, extremely drawn out and attenuated, with my nervous system on fire.

I woke up in the middle of the night and am still going strong. In fact, I feel way better than I did last spring. That’s when I had a bad case of bronchitis that took a couple of months recovery. Today, I walked my normal 2.5 mile walk at a comfortable pace. Perhaps not an athletic feat in some eyes, but it felt really good.

I needed the walk to move some energies that have arisen a couple of times in the past week, namely that of sheer panic. How’s that for a good one? It’s being triggered not only by the energies but also my decision and now plans to go to Costa Rica in three weeks. Needless to say, the old ego is freaking out… “You don’t have enough money!”; “You need this… and that!”

What woke me up last night was the thought about how I was going to handle money in CR. Most places take US dolares (at least until it collapses!) or their own currency the Colon, which is available from ATMs throughout the country, although probably not in the back jungle where the REAL Ticos live.

CR is VERY touristy; in fact, they encourage it. And there is a fairly large expat population who are settled there. However, living in a foreign country however nice the weather isn’t for everyone. It takes patience, allowance and acceptance that these people, who pride themselves on their Purda Vida (Pure Life) move a LOT slower than do Americans or even many Europeans.  And they live longer and enjoy life better than most Norte Americanos.

I’m just going for a visit, to dip my toes in the waters of International Travel. I haven’t been out of the country, even to go to Canada for over 30 years, a rather pathetic record but one typical of the majority of Americans.

So… I’m going to walk beaches, visit with a friend who happens to live there (he IS and expat and has lived in the country some 20 years) and unwind a bit. There are things to consider, but the old way of making decisions isn’t working well, at least for me.

Meanwhile, I’m motivated to unclutter my house and life, even more than I already have done. And I’m learning conversational Spanish, although many people who are around tourists know probably more Ingles than I know Espanol. Still I’m finding that I have retained some of my high school and college Spanish, somewhat to my surprise. It helps. I probably won’t be a great conversationalist for a while, but I am making the effort.

Meanwhile, the energies of this intense Scorpio full moon are dredging deep any remaining debris that needs to be surrendered, whether mine or from the collective.


Some folks are completely oblivious to the energies and others… well, I’m finding some of my co-workers making remarks about the moon and such. And I’ve begun to talk a bit more freely about the current energies. Working at a prison makes you aware of the strength of these astrological configurations because they DO affect staff and offenders alike. We had two big fights last week and numerous one on one, as well. Folks who are unable to process their emotions without resorting to violence or acting out their fear, anger, frustration and so on. It’s happening throughout the planet now.

Our Mother Earth is also acting out as she expands into her ascension and magnetic pole shift. There was a sharp uptick in both volcanic and earth quake / movement this past week, as well as strong floods and storms in other parts of the world. Meanwhile our friendly fly-boys are passing overhead with their jets spewing out more chem-trails, although not as much as in the past.

Another thing that I noticed this past week was the presence, usually at dawn, of several cloud ships hovering over the Blues to the east of town. I would look later to see them gone. Feel these visitations were a signal to me that I’m being watched over and protected, aided and assisted, as I give permission.

One morning as I was going to my car to drive to work, a robin was sitting on one of the overhead electrical wires and appeared to be “talking” directly to me. Then it flew away.   Our indigenous people regarded all animals as messengers and paid attention to such odd occurrences. I’ll have to look up the totemic meaning of robins, if they have one…

Spring is here in full spate minus the usual spring rains and/or thunderstorms. It’s dry. The mountains are dry. A co-worker and her husband have already driven up to the 5,000 foot level of the local Blues and found no snow, the gravel / dirt roads completely open. There is plenty of evidence that this long drought (some ten years) is putting a strain on the local trees, as we are in the process of losing many of the beautiful Alpine Firs in the Blues.

Not sure how everyone else is feeling, but I have moments when I feel really high… usually at home and others where I feel conflicted and confused, probably due to walking in more than one dimension at a time. It is apparent to me that I need to make some big changes in my life. One of my co-workers even remarked how unhappy I have seemed in the past year. The prison has become too confining for my expanding self to remain tolerant of the lower energies any longer.

So… what to do, where to go, and how and with whom… these questions and others are cropping up for me right now. There are no clear answers, only a sense that trust is needed to allow the Universe to present me with opportunities and vision. So, I’m seeking to simplify and shed some material goods prior to my trip and more will go after I return.

“White Dogwood”

Wherever I end up going or doing, I will continue to carry any baggage that I do not succeed in releasing now, whether it is energetic or material. So change comes in many forms and one manner of change is to divest oneself of excess baggage by freeing releasing emotional connections to things that no longer have a place in your life. I still have a few old pictures of my family. They’re going, too. I no longer feel any ties with my family and the memories are fading.

One day I woke this past week with the phrase, “Not me, but we…” To me, this is a reflection of my continued integration with higher self, which consists of not just Lady Tazjima (7D) but many other “selves” in other dimensions and “places”. The “we” is an indication that I am at the early stages of moving into unity consciousness, which is an exciting prospect for one who has lived much of her life here alone.

As I move upward, I am beginning to break free of my cocoon, into which I evidently placed myself some three years or so ago, nearly completely withdrawing from social activities. I have heard from other light workers who are still in the throes of feeling stuck in one place, usually due to financial issues or still existent emotional ties to persons, places or jobs. Breaking out of the Matrix has been hard to do, but the incoming energies are becoming more supportive of those who have done their work in releasing what can be released and being open to change.

Whatever you fear most, WILL crop up this month to confront you. Can you move through it or will you go into resistance? It’s a choice we all have to make every moment of every day. It is learning to master self, without repression of thoughts and emotions, coming into full acceptance of what and who you are, which is much more than you presently are able to see in the looking-glass, unless you are one of the Forerunners who is lucidly walking through worlds and dimensions yet unopened to the vast majority of humanity.

All I can say to my readers is to continue doing what gives you joy, take care of your physical well-being, as well as your emotional and mental well-being. These are challenging times. Personally, I’ve had plenty of practice tuning into my body to know when I need more rest, exercise, to eat… etc. A doctor would call that hyper-somatization; I call it being aware and attentive to the body, which is our home while we are here upon the planet.

Birds are singing outside and bees are humming in the flowering trees. It’s spring in the northlands. May joy and peace find you in a new space at the end of this tumultuous and life-changing year.


Eliza Ayres

P.S. The Robin is the spirit animal of New Beginnings…

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,