Earthquakes: Inner and Outer

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EARTHQUAKE: Inner and Outer

We are undergoing a profound and extended period of transition on our living planet. As such, the activity of our planet acts as a catalyst for change within, as much as the advent of potent cosmic energies as they pass through us and the planet beneath our feet.

Our earth is alive. It is a sentient being, whether or not you believe it. The ancients knew how to live with the planet, to flow with her rhythms and periodic alterations. Modern culture demands that things remain the same, yet that is not possible for any man, woman or child… or planet. Change is inevitable. Change comes through destruction, then regrowth. Our ancestors understood this and accepted it. We do not always, unless we have come to understand the temporal nature of physical existence.

It has been suggested that our life, the environment in which we discover ourselves is merely an illusion, a holographic invention of our collective consciousness. Perhaps it is, perhaps not. I am not here to argue metaphysics with anyone.

I do know within my being that the earth is making adjustments as she rises in frequency. Cleansing is a necessity and humans will be affected by many of the changes, be they in the form of storms, floods, inclement weather, weather alterations, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and changes in the underlying structure of land and sea.

Many people have chosen NOT to ascend, or at least not to remain physically upon the planet as she undergoes these changes. It will take great strength and courage to endure what is still to come for the transitional period is not yet over with.

Today we woke in the West to headlines declaring that a 7.9 earthquake hit Nepal, a poor, tourist-dependent country located in the Himalayas. Nepal is also a country steeped in rich traditions of Buddhism and location of many monasteries and shrines, ancient cities, towns and villages, sometimes located precariously on the side of steep mountains. Both native Nepalese and foreigners are affected by this event, as the large-scale destruction of this mountainous country has destroyed much of its infrastructure. Providing shelter for its still living citizens will be a priority for a long time.

We grieve the departure of thousands of souls and yet they go on to continue their journeys in the vast continuum that exists outside our 3D conception of time and space. Their souls are eternal and there is no mourning within my heart for their “loss”. It is the ones who remain who will have to endure the changes that will occur for this small country and all those that have been affected by this and other earth changes. No place on the planet will be untouched by the cleansing energies of sky and earth.

Meanwhile, continuing volcanic action in South America, primarily Chile, but also in Central America, is affecting the people of those countries as well. These events will act to elicit our compassion and desire to assist the living and to move into profound change within our own lives when we realize that each moment is important. Nothing can be counted on to last long. Sometimes it takes an earthquake to shake people loose from old ways of living that have outlasted their usefulness.

Do we resist change or do we flow with increased fluidity? It is a choice that many of us have already made within, whether or not we are consciously aware of making said choice. Observe your reaction to these events. Does fear arise in your belly due to the possibility that something may enter your world unexpectedly as an “earthquake” to shake things up or are you embracing change already, setting your intent to flow with whatever emerges as experience? We are all confronted with choices, some large and some small, each moment. Choose wisely by listening to your heart first, taking stock and then coming to a decision on how to act.

Of course, when you’re in the middle of an earthquake, you often don’t have the luxury of thinking over a problem; you either freeze or act. I’ve lived through some smaller earthquakes in my time, living on the tectonically active Pacific Coast. And I’m aware that I’ve assisted in holding the balance for many of the places where I have lived. Note that the large earthquakes that happened both in Alaska and California occurred after I left both areas. Coincidence; perhaps, but something to consider as my intuition has informed me of this fact more than once.

I come from an ancient guardian race. I am here now to assist the planetary population to move into a more expansive state of consciousness. As I write these words, I feel the multidimensional energies of higher self, pressing in upon my awareness. There is a certain “feeling” that I get that is similar to when I am actively channeling a message. I feel it now.

We are all here out of choice.   And we were all chosen. Some have chosen to leave before the New Earth fully anchors, acting as initiators of compassion for the rest of humanity. As the hearts of people open in response to this great tragedy, more people awaken to the truth of our connection to each other. Our brothers and sisters from Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh have granted us an opportunity to further expand our hearts. Let us honor them by acknowledging our expanding awareness of our connection to each other and to all life by embracing the changes that come, setting our intent to release what has served us well in the past but no longer resonates. We have been given many tools to assist us in transcending the old; now it is time to use them.



Journal Entry 04.25.2015 – “Ticket to Ride”



Journal Entry 04.25.2015 – “Ticket to Ride”

Things are certainly getting interesting, aren’t they?

I’ve had a few memorable encounters in dreams of late. Much of our “work” is actually done while sleeping, where the human ego cannot interfere.

In one dream, I was with my father… my physical father, who passed away in 2000. In the dream, we were outside discussing something. I felt a certain amount of fear being around him and yet… there was a sense of joy and exaltation as old feelings were being released.

For those who are not aware, I am an incest survivor. I was able to forgive my perpetrator when I was much older. My story, “A Lesson on Forgiveness”, can be found in the archives of this blog. (

Needless to say, to be with this “dark” father, the dweller on the threshold, while dreaming was a bit daunting, but it appeared that I was undergoing a release of the fear and trauma from those earlier experiences, willingly. I had asked for it. Before sleeping, I had called on my spiritual “father”, Lord Zadkiel, to assist me in releasing any remaining first and second chakra “stuff”.

As the first chakra relates to be in the body, physical existence and well-being, a connection to the earth, vitality, etc., it was good to see myself dancing through dream grass barefoot, enjoying the sensations and colors, enjoying just being alive.  Traditionally, the second chakra relates to our sexuality and other things.  Understandably, I would have a few issues and have, with sex.  I have come to understand that I carry within a fair balance of both masculine and feminine energies and I am aware that many of my recent lifetimes (within the last 1,000 years of linear time) have been masculine ones.  Accepting being a female has been trying to say the least.  I’m not a girly girl… but still I am a woman of great inner strength, determination, grit and intelligence.  Still there are remnants of issues to be dealt with relating to being in any body at all.

The next dream, one I had this morning… I was in the city where I often find myself. It changes every time. In one scene I saw a friend get on a bus. She sat down, looking very pleased. I wanted to board, too, but remembered that I didn’t have a bus ticket and no money with which to buy one. So I began to walk.

Later in the dream, I stopped in a place and sat down. Next to me was a Native American, with very wild looking black hair half covering his face. He was staring in front of himself, but after a moment, he turned to me and said, “I know you. We have lived together in other life.”

Then he gently pulled my head close and rested his forehead on mine in salutation.

In the same long dream, I felt that I lived with another artist, a female. She was more of a musician and dancer, while I still worked with painting.

This morning the news headlines were blaring about the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal. Much loss of life and destruction of ancient shrines, monasteries and housing… Survivors are shaken and searchers are going through the brick, stone and cement rubble to discover more survivors. The heart of the ancient Buddhist civilization struck to the bone…

I continue to read the Kryon books. Right now, I’m about to finish the book, “The Gaia Effect”, written by Monika Muranyi, which gathers together some 25 years of Kryon material related to Gaia and the upcoming changes.

In the book there is the revelation that the Kundalini of the planet is in the process of moving, from Asia (India, Nepal, and Tibet) to South America (Peru, Chile). Think about the synchronicity of earthquakes and major volcanic eruptions taking place simultaneously in both areas.

The energy in Asia has been mainly masculine in nature. How many Asian women do you remember being religious leaders? The energy of South America is primarily feminine in nature. It is an ancient wisdom that is found there, as can be evidenced by the old ruins and forgotten civilizations that once ruled the area. The energy in South America is also more related to Lemuria rather than Atlantis.

The earth, our planet, is alive and is making adjustments. As she adjusts, expands and rises in frequency, it is deeply affecting all of us. Those who have managed up until now to live life in a bubble protected by wealth and power, are now finding their lives being very much disturbed. For our world is undergoing a re-balancing, a recalibration of the energies and is returning to a BALANCE between the masculine and feminine energies. While the energies teeter-totter during the transition naturally there is fall-out in one form or another in people’s lives.

For some reason one thing that struck me deeply in reading this book was to “discover” or have confirmed to me that intuition is quantum, multidimensional in nature.

Have you ever wondered why people, at least in the Western world, have been greatly discouraged from looking within, listening to the inner “voice” of the intuition, why we have been encouraged to listen to so-called “authorities” and to remain obedient to those who would tell us what to do? Well, for the simple reason that you might discover that you need no other source or resource to discover yourself save by going within. Ultimately, there is NO reason for government, schools, churches, banks or any other man-made institution. Man is capable of regulating himself… or will be once the recalibration of energies is completed by each individual who is willing and able to step beyond the expectations and limitations of the old paradigm of outer control.

Meanwhile, the energies are bringing up stuff to be released… whether that is related to the activities of humans, past and present, reflected in the Crystalline Grid, or in the planet herself making adjustments utilizing the cleansing effects of fire (drought, forest fires), water (floods, excess rain), air (wind storms, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, thunderstorms), and earth (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, uplifting and subsidence of land areas, landslides). These larger occurrences affect the lives of thousands of people.

We all have a choice on how to respond to these events, either to go into fear or to move into active compassion.

We have been told by the indigenous leaders from all over the world that we are the ones who we have been waiting for, so now it is time to take action, to change the way we live, to move into awareness of the unity of life.

There is an opportunity to embrace change, rapid transmutation of all remaining karmic ties and pre-birth contracts, and to move into an entirely new existence, that is at once a return to the wisdom of the elders, embracing and working with the energies of the planet, and new, as high-level technology that has been long-hidden from the “common” people begins to be revealed.

We have long been kept in darkness by those who have wished us never to discover the special qualities of our planet and that of the human race. Within each of us resides a kernel of divinity, tucked away within our DNA… that portion (90% or more) that has been called “junk” by scientists. The truth is most of our DNA is quantum in nature, multidimensional and for those few humans who have activated the formerly inert-appearing portions of their DNA and succeeded in activating their light bodies, there is no going back to being a simple 3D human. Our race is on the verge of being fully conscious galactic beings.

Not all human beings will complete the transition from 3D to multidimensionality, not in THIS lifetime. It is not an exclusive journey, but one that requires great courage, vision, personal stamina, as well as a profound release of self-judgment. Along the way, you learn to love the self and to expand your comprehension that “self” includes ALL life, even those things that you once thought devoid of life and intelligence… such as soil, water and air.

Each of us is at a particular stage in our own development or movement through this transition. I’ve been told by one who has already “arrived” to full consciousness, my multidimensional self has been on a tether… as I have needed to be more present in 3D for now, especially where I work, in a prison. That part of my life will be ending… soon. I have been in the prison anchoring energies, probably in fulfillment of my final karmic responsibilities. As I am aware that integration with my “higher self” is taking place each day, release cannot come too soon.

In the process of releasing, I am letting go of all of the material objects that I’ve gathered around myself… bits and pieces of my old life as a daughter, as a wife, as a friend…in being a hiker, a painter, a co-worker… all the aspects of my being that have belonged to 3D existence.  I can carry my interests into my new life but at a higher level, as I connect more strongly with my multidimensional being and the qualities and gifts that will surface and integrate with my everyday existence.

While it is certainly not necessary to relinquish everything material in life, I feel that I need to drop much of what I own… and these few months before I complete that process is allowing me to release the grief that comes in dying to the world that I have known. In every transition comes the sense of dying, whether it is by leaving friends and family behind, losing a spouse to divorce or death, losing one’s parents or kin, leaving a favorite area, garden or house… And every transition allows one to regain a sense that “home” is wherever you are, in consciousness or location. As we continue to expand our consciousness, we can no longer be contained in a mere job, house or body – we are the UNIVERSE, aware of it and we have that ticket to ride… anywhere, anytime or any place.

For those who complete ascension in this lifetime, there are other adventures awaiting us, other timelines to explore, other beings to assist.   However, firstly, there is the planet Gaia to assist. As we ground our multidimensional energies into the planet, we allow her to rise in frequency and to adjust and recalibrate her energies.  As we are connected, one flesh, one consciousness, we affect the planet upon which we make our home. We are connected with the planet as the physical vessels we wear are made of her flesh. Working from our small communities on aligning human life to that which responds and respects the ebb and flow of nature, we will bring our world into alignment, even as we bring ourselves into alignment with our own inner being and our collective being.

This journey is not about leaving this planet to go to another planet or dimension. We integrate and bring those dimensions HERE. As we raise our vibration, our connection with home (which is beyond time and space) is strengthened. As we integrate our galactic and cosmic energies into our physical vessels, we bring Heaven to Earth. And the Earth is raised up responding as she does to our energies, as we are One Being.

Mankind has wandered energetically far from home, and now it is time to return, back into a sense of balance with the Masculine and Feminine energies within each of us, in the manner we choose to live and express our beingness, with creativity, spontaneity, generosity and joy… with respect and deep regard for the generosity of the planet that lends her physical vessel to be our home, and with respect and regard for all those who accompany us on this journey.

It is time to expand our comprehension of the true meaning of Love, in all its aspects. Gaia loves us. Now it is time to return that love by making choices that support life, all life. It is time to simplify, release all excess, transmute and transform the excess baggage that we’ve all carried within our unconscious emotional bodies. Even as we cleanse our own house, we assist in cleansing the greater house in which we have our physical existence, the planet. As we simplify, we no longer feel the compulsion to purchase things we do not need. We no longer have to accept that we are merely consumers or automatons, but living conscious beings capable of both great and humble things. We can align with sacred purpose and create a better world for all to enjoy.

There is much more to living than going to work and taking home a paycheck. Discover what brings joy to your heart and do it. Step out of the mundane and embrace your full potential. You have little to lose and much to gain in terms of experience and revelations about the true nature of life. Resonance and intuition, that still quiet voice that speaks to you through the Pineal Gland, will guide your way forward, step by step. See you on the other side!


Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe)

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Journal Entry 04.18.2015 – More Choices and Potentials


April Pink

Journal Entry 04.18.2015 – More Choices and Potentials

I started this article as a channeling, but my sense was that my more “human” side needs to do the communicating right now. Many people are still giving their power away by listening or following channels or authorities that appear to come from a higher source of being. It is time now to accept that we are becoming divine humans, as our higher selves INTEGRATE and braid into our human consciousness. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it IS happening and with more frequency than one might imagine by looking “out there” into the world. The change in my world is happening within me.

Today, I was sent home…ha, sounds like I’m still a child… by my co-workers today. I was dragging, yet again. My bronchial condition is kicking up as it does when I’m tired… or perhaps I’ve contracted flu? I’m not a smoker and don’t have a cold. Whatever… the cough is back and so is the fatigue. So, I’m resting even while the rays of a bright spring sun retreat over the horizon. Another day is finishing up. The pressure felt as a result of the present energies is compelling me to take more personal time away to rest from the stress of the work environment.

The New Moon is upon us, one that affects me personally as my Sun / Rising signs are in Libra and my Moon is in Aries. More “stuff” is coming up, mostly in overcoming and releasing fear related to changes I need to make, both now and into the near future.

It takes great courage to step out one’s comfort zone, yet it something that we all need to be willing to do right now as the energies shift, supporting the “new” as the “old” paradigm collapses.

There is still a sense of being in one world at one moment and another in the next, which can lead to confusion, doubt and more than a little fear. It is the fear that must be faced down, looked at and released. It is not a time to hesitate and look back, not for those who want to step forward into the New Earth.

Letting go is so very hard to do. Or is it?

Are we like a hobbit or a complacent American, willing to sacrifice personal freedom for momentary comforts? Many have done just that. Are you one? Or are you willing to step into the unknown and discover a whole new way of living?

Sometimes the choices are made for us.

In not planning too well for “retirement”, I have created a fiscal reason to look elsewhere than staying where I live now. I will have to move; the questions as to “where” and “when” have not yet been answered. I have a few possibilities and need to hold faith that the Universe will provide as it has always done during this lifetime.

If I convey a certain air of uncertainty, it is because I have nowhere to go… no family, no family home or relatives willing to take me in. Being without a tribe does have consequences. And yet… the human collective is my family and now is a good time for me to open up to strangers and allow them to become my real family.

I’ve not been one for long distance travel and yet I am considering, strongly considering moving to a foreign country and culture. It will be challenging, but I think also exhilarating as the bonds that once held me to one place are permanently sundered and left behind.

I am doing research AND listening to my inner voice / feelings. What “feels” good? What feels off?

I haven’t quite reached the place that some of my friends and acquaintances on the Internet have arrived at…a permanent state of bliss and connection, yet I do have the awareness that I am being assisted to the utmost of my ability to accept and request for assistance.

Ah, human beings can be so stubborn. Even when the light on the hill in front of us beckons brightly, we wonder if we should take the first step and leave everything that we have known behind. The answer, at least for some of us, is “yes, step out and up… and away from all you have known. It is gone anyway and will not return.”

If many of you, my readers, are experiencing a certain amount of confusion, a profound sense of loss and grief, know that it is the last remnants of what has been a way of life for centuries… that is now dissipating into mists before the Light of the new dispensation.

We are in the latter days of the Harvest, where the wheat (the harvest) is separated from the chaff. Those who are not prepared, who have not (or refused to) do their preparation; will not be able to go further into the higher frequencies of the Fifth Dimension.

Truly we walk in all the dimensions and can move from one to another, but those who have not yet loosened their permanent attachments to the old paradigm, will not be able to sustain the pressures of instant manifestation in 5D.

For one who cannot control their thoughts and kept calm and positive, 5D will be too much, and it is best for them to remain in the lower 3D / 4D energies for another round… of at least 13,000 years or so until the next ascension cycle arrives.

It’s not a race, but I would rather let go now than wait to see what life would be on a truly darkened planet. I think it is worth learning to live with or around other like-minded individuals who are willing to explore the possibilities of living in the new energy, who are willing to live lightly on the land, with respect for one another.

Living in the Now presents a whole different set of parameters that will take some adjustment. It can be fun, but also challenging as being mindful of one’s actions, mastering one’s thoughts and remaining balanced will be required.

It is ironic that all my life, at least until recently, I’ve been one to go my own way. Now, I am faced with the possibility of having to completely let go and jump into the unknown, in terms of culture, language and energies. I don’t know how I will cope. This transition is perhaps easier for those who are younger in physical age than me, perhaps not. Individual courage is required now, as well as cooperative efforts between those interested in bringing a new world into physical manifestation.

It will take effort, but the pace of living is bound to be entirely different than that of living as a “slave” working for a psychopathic energy-sucking corporate system. It is certainly enticing to leave the heavy energies of the old paradigm and enter into the higher, lighter ones of the new.

And I’ve noticed that my interest and love for certain activities has dropped off radically within the last year or so as I’ve been undergoing a profound transitional period… which doesn’t show any sign of slacking off. It wouldn’t, yet, as we are still in the midst of a powerful astrological influence of related eclipses, portals and movement, both inner and outer, within our own bodies and within the body of the planet.

Change is the only thing that we can count on these days. Savor the moment for it will not return, not in the precise manner. Say good-bye to all that you have known and thank the ones with whom you have shared parts or portions of your life. That life is now done. Old contracts and agreements are now completed.

Transition will come for some quickly. For others, like myself – unless something or someone bursts into my world – looks likely to move more slowly, but just as surely. And when the moment finally arrives as I stride for the last time out the front door of the prison, I will NOT look back with any sense of regret.

In the prison community, we call retirement (or quitting) getting your release papers for leaving that environment is a potent form of release, from the underlying tension that is always present whether or not you interface with offenders on a daily basis. Civilians in the “outer” world have no conception of the stress that the body, mind and emotions endure to just be there. I know it will be much better for me health-wise to retire a little early, take less money and select a more relaxed way to live in a more comfortable, low-key environment.

For me, that means inner as well as outer environment. My inner journey has meant a great deal to me, since childhood. I’ve been told that I have been on the Path all my life and as one who has three major planets in Virgo, and in the hidden Twelve House, I have been impelled by circumstance and choice to live an intense and often lonely life. It was my choice. It is still my choice to go forward the rest of the way and complete what was once a possibility before coming into embodiment… Ascension in a physical body… a huge accomplishment for anyone, don’t you agree?

As the energies press in upon your remaining “stuff” that awaits the opportunity to be released, it is normal to feel some anxiety and more than a little confusion. Take a deep breath or two and settle quietly within and feel what is there waiting for your acknowledgement… and acceptance… your own heart’s flame and the divine presence who exists within all human beings upon this sacred planet. Embrace your potential as one with Christ Consciousness and seek to feel the threads (or strings) that bind us all together as one living being bound to this beautiful planet, to ascend together as one into full unity consciousness, the One as Many.

“Christ Consciousness” is not about religion. It is about embracing and integrating with higher self and living as a fully conscious being in the physical. It is about containing the infinite Universe within the finite body, bringing heaven to earth. There are many metaphors, words and images that one can bring to mind… use your I-magic and see what and who you truly are… part and parcel of the intelligent awareness that has created this living Universe as well as those we cannot yet see or visualize except through our inner senses.

As you move into 5D, all limitations endemic to 3D drop away and you are now free to roam the Universe and dimensions (within your capacity and reach) at will. The fifth dimension is not the stopping point… only a way station on the way to becoming a fully-fledged cosmic being. And I find that possibility far more enticing than watching the latest soap opera on evening television.

As Carl Sagan once reminded us, we are star stuff and it is to the stars we will return. We carry the stars within us, in our atoms and electrons. As energy we can change. As energy beings we are compelled to change, to adapt and to open to the new… or leave and start afresh elsewhere. It is your choice. What will you do next?


All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,



Eliza: On Making Choices and Letting Go


Mt Hood Eliza:  On Making Choices and Letting Go

Hmmm, 15 April… it’s “Tax Day” in the U.S. of A and I’m sitting at home “ill”. Actually, I’m probably experiencing another upgrade, although it manifests in the body through very physical clearing. Use your imagination; I won’t go into the somewhat sordid details.

I just watched a two-hour presentation given via YouTube from Lisa Transcendence Brown. Although I’m a FB “friend” of hers, I really don’t know her work that well. Apparently it’s time for me to dive into exploring it, meaning that I have reached another new level of frequency and hence understanding. Lisa is LIVING in 5D and has been sharing, writing and teaching about her journey for several years now. As the old adage goes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And we are ALL teachers AND students for one another.

See it as rings or steps on a ladder (depending what type you are climbing) but also as energy. If you do not resonate at least somewhat with the frequency at which someone is communicating, you will not understand that which they are expressing. And it even gets more exciting to realize that you can create within yourself the expectation of meeting ONLY those with whom you resonate. Lisa goes into this quite thoroughly, in a spiral sort of way for when you exist and live completely in the fifth dimension, linear thinking no longer exists.

Last night I came to the realization that I had been pushing away people for a long time. While intellectually I understand that I’ve been a way shower for some, a teacher for others… a guide and SiStar for still others, I couldn’t, didn’t really accept that as being real within. In watching Lisa and in re-membering what I was feeling last night, I can see that I’ve been pushing people away, out of my life, because I felt that somehow they were after my light.

I know that sounds funny, but I also know that many of you will say to yourself, “OMG, I know what she is talking about! I’ve felt that way, too. And I thought I was being horrible when doing it!”

Judgment is such a human thing, my dears. And it is the first thing that we have to leave when stepping from 3D / 4D into 5D.

We experience these things because we are clearing old energies and belief systems from within ourselves. We are the Universe. We are the Universe experiencing itself. As we re-member and allow, we reconnect to the many levels and dimensions and aspects of our Being that exists NOW everywhere.

So… this belief of mine existed and has existed in my world for years, decades. One is given numerous opportunities to arrive at an understanding and then to release the belief as it is not needed any longer to support your consciousness within its journey.

This process is expressed as “karma”. What you believe will happen, what you believe about you and others will come around, again and again, until you no longer need to deal with that particular lesson and you let it go. ONLY by letting go and comprehending the gist of the lesson can you take an upward step.

If you are unwilling to let go, the lesson repeats itself. It is as simple and as complex as that… as many lessons and opportunities for learning present themselves to you on a daily basis. It is your acknowledgment of the lesson learned and your successful passing of the tests that will inevitably come as a result that ensures your continued progress along the Path.

"Near Ancient Lakes, Columbia Plateau"

“Near Ancient Lakes, Columbia Plateau”

We are ALWAYS tested on our beliefs or lack thereof.

Do you still get angry at what passes for politics? Are you disturbed by the death of species? Do you feel that it is necessary to eat ONLY certain foods in order to ascend? Do you feel it is necessary to always “wear” or put on protection when you leave your house in the morning? Do you avoid certain people, activities, places because you feel that they exist in a “lower” dimension or frequency level than yourself?

All of these things are part of various belief systems and act to limit the limitlessness of your Self. And it is up to YOU to work within to release everything that is holding you back IF you want to proceed in activating your light body or MerKaBa.

So, here I am, have been “believing” that people have wanted me to join various groups or activities for the sake of my lending them “my” light to the activity. And so it has played out in this fashion with some of the people that I have encountered, or at least that “version” of them that was vibrating at the same frequency level as my particular belief. It doesn’t matter where you see them, as they are all of YOU, anyway. It is ALL coming from within.

I realize that this doesn’t make sense to the linear rational mind. It’s not meant to… as it comes via the right hemisphere and the Higher Self… which completely bypasses the rational “mind” way of thinking and just “is”.

So… my belief has been succeeding in pushing certain people, perhaps all people, out of my life and keeping me in fear. This is a way to continue living contracted within oneself and to NOT be willing to expand any further. Okay, already. I’m willing and ready to let go of that old, outdated, date past due belief. And if I can, you can too.

Another thing that I’ve just understood this morning in listening to Lisa… sometimes we need a little clarification in order to express what we are feeling… is that I am a teacher for some and a guide for others. My willingness to share, my need to share is part and parcel of my commitment to act as a way shower for those who are coming behind me along the Path.

I’m not there yet, but I am progressing. And the understandings can come and will come more swiftly the more you are willing and able to let go of old ways of seeing and doing things and embracing the new.

Like a snake shedding its skin, you will be in a constant state of release, release, release. This occurs in cycles. When you reach a certain point of feeling that nothing is occurring, you have reached a void. You can move beyond that plateau, if you continue to look within and see if there is anything there that is holding you up. It’s not about judgment, as in “good” or “bad”; it’s about discernment, as in “what am I ready to see and let go of now?”

What I told my guides last night was, “I’m willing and ready to embrace Love. I want to open my heart completely.” By this sharing of mine, like many others who have gone before me… I am showing to other seekers that it is all about us… and about our willingness to teach others that they, too, have the ability to re-member, to reconnect with the wholeness of our Being as it exists on all dimensions and frequencies. We CAN choose, every moment where we want to play and let go of suffering.

Balsamroot Last year, I was told many things by other people, that I was a forerunner, that I had an open heart / mind, that I was a blended Venusian-Pleiadian star seed, that I was a walk-in… about to walk-out and the like. In the past I’ve been told that I carry great light within, that I’m an ultra-sensitive being on the Rose Ray… that I have this or that on other planets.

It doesn’t matter what I’ve been told, except these were ways that my team was attempting to assist me in re-membering that I exist elsewhere. I chose to let go of many of those things that were told to me simply because I didn’t “feel” them as being real; so they weren’t.

We create out of our beliefs and thoughts about our existence. We are creator gods and do create our reality, as an individual and as a collective. Question is… do we wish to continue to exist with lack and suffering or do we wish to create and live in joy, love, light, abundance and well-being? It is a choice, one that each of us makes every day. We just need to acknowledge within that we are capable of making that choice and then taking responsibility for what manifests… and knowing that we can tweak it by letting go of any further blockages preventing the perfection of our creation.

Today, I acknowledge that I am many of the things of which I have been told and probably much more than what has been shared up until now which remains unrevealed simply because I wasn’t ready to hear it or experience it. I am now.

Each of us travels along our Path or journey in our own sacred timing. It is not a race. If we do not ascend within this ascension window, there will be another one opening for us in another cycle. Outside the third dimension there is no time and our souls have the ability to determine “when” and “how” we wish to experience our lessons. It is all set up by our higher selves, which are us.

For a time, I channeled “higher” beings, the Pleiadian Council of Nine, the Great Divine Director, the Angels… in the end; I accept that these beings are all a part of “me”, my full essence that is, even now, being incorporated within my physical body.

As I become aware, accept and allow, I can view those things that I am now ready to release. And with each release, my load, karmic load as some would express, is lightened. At some point, my light body will begin to activate and my world will expand still further. I know that I’m just at the edge and it’s exciting to explore the cliff edge and dangle my feet over it… and to realize that I can fly.

There are some people upon this planet who are waiting for us to catch up with them so we can bring into manifestation the New World for the collective. Meanwhile, we learn to walk a different path than that taught to us in Sunday school, public school, through newspapers and governmental indoctrination. We leave all that behind and exist in the love that envelopes your consciousness that exists in 5D and higher.

Hate and fear do not exist at that level of beingness. It is not that you do not see what is going on in the world, but you can view it dispassionately and chose to no longer engage in resisting what appears to be darkness or “evil”. These things exist because people create lessons to experience.   When the lessons are learned and incorporated through understanding, the “evil” departs; it is no longer needed as a contrast between what you want and what you don’t want.

Plainly, many people still need to experience the darker energies and yet, as the planet, as Gaia, continues to ascend, these opportunities will eventually cease to exist and only those who have succeeded in passing their tests and letting go of the need to wallow in lower energies will continue on. There are many scenarios that have been shared on how this is going to play out. You can, as a co-creator, determine where and how you wish to play or continue to “suffer”.

"April Blooms"

“April Blooms”

There is no judgment here as we ALL exist in many dimensions, wear many hats and undergo many different experiences as a part of the consciousness of the Universe.

Right now, Gaia is a focal point, a lynchpin in the evolution of THIS universe, which is graduating as a whole into a higher dimension. As a part of the human collective, we are here to teach each other how to unfold and let go of whatever darkness remains within and to integrate our understandings of who and what we are now capable of doing and being. There is much beyond this, which I cannot express now in words as I haven’t begun to understand it… and yet I do.

I feel that our world is on the edge of an amazing paradigm shift and it will come to be all in a moment… the moment when we realize that we are the ones whom we have been waiting for, all along. We are the ones who will and are opening the doors to heaven.

Heaven is already here. Heaven exists and there are people on the planet today who walk in those energies, who are experiencing being in other places and dimensions even while their physical bodies are walking on the earth. Someday, everyone who is on the planet will be able to move freely via their light bodies. We aren’t there yet…but what an exciting thing to visualize.

We are the light beings. We are the Angels. We are the ascended masters. We are the ETs or galactic star beings. We are our own saviors. We are our higher selves. We are the gatekeepers, the movers and shakers, the way showers, the teachers and guides. We are human, we are divine, and we are the carriers of Christ Consciousness to this planet and beyond.

Rejoice, beloved ones, for you live in a time of miracles and you are a miracle in your being.



All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Eliza: On Being an Energy Sensitive in a Toxic World



Eliza: On Being an Energy Sensitive in a Toxic World

Yesterday, I visited an old Western town with a friend. While on the surface, this seems an innocent enough occasion, I came home feeling exhausted and ill.

I actually felt quite comfortable and happy during the trip, but got tired towards the latter portion of it, when some hitherto hidden emotions started coming up, that had existed silently between my friend and me for a long time.

As an energy sensitive, I probably started to draw this person’s emotions and feelings into my own body for the sake of keeping things on an even keel. It is a role that we have been taught, consciously or unconsciously, as sensitives through life in awkward, sometimes violent home lives. Being peaceful by nature, our unconscious motive was to soothe over irritating energies so we could survive. I did it as a child in my own family. I would venture a guess that many of my readers did this also.

It’s time to let go of this old role and to let those who are unable or unwilling to process their own c**p to do it themselves and to accept the consequences.

I feel that I’ve spent time working in the prison as I’ve been taught the necessity of having good energetic boundaries. This applies equally to the more subtle manipulations that people attempt on those who are empaths or sensitives within the population. You ARE known for who you are even if it is largely on an unconscious basis and energy leeches and vampires and off-loaders will attempt to use your energetic field as a garbage dump.

I share this information not to put people into fear, but to remind everyone that it is time to take responsibility for what you are putting out and what some people might be attempting to put on or over you.

As sensitive beings, we are naturally compassionate by nature and often wish to heal people, to make them (and us feel better). It’s time to release this need to nurture as it just serves to suppress or deny the real need for the release and transmutation of the old toxic energies. Yes, people may go through hell as their dark thought-forms and suppressed emotions begin to release from their cells, but that’s part of the preparation for waking up and setting the foundation for ascension. Without the necessary clearing done, which includes the release of all limiting belief systems (B.S.) the process of ascension cannot even begin.

Now whenever I feel an unusual energy or thought enter my awareness, I look at it and ask myself, “Is this me or someone else’s? Or is something going on in the world that I don’t know anything about?”

There is a lot going on that I don’t know, but we are ALL connected on inner levels, through the multidimensional Universe and can feel and communicate with each other in non-verbal fashion. We do it all the time without even thinking about it. Now is the time to become aware of what we are doing, to ourselves and to others when we think or act in a negative fashion towards any person or group. We are, in effect, broadcasting that negative thought or opinion against someone or something and end up reinforcing what we no longer wish to continue in our lives. We are giving our power away by hating, disliking or allowing ourselves to feel anger towards anything or anyone outside of our body.

Our consciousness is not limited to the physical edges of the body. As we awaken, new worlds and dimensions are revealed. In the early stages of awakening, this largely takes place in non-verbal messages, thoughts, visions and feelings being received from various sources. It is your responsibility to discern with your inner wisdom what resonates with you. There is no need to accept the word of any “authority” that exists outside your own heart center.

So, here I was feeling a real sense of grief rising up from my friend. I had a sense that we both knew that there would be no going forward with our relationship save as friends. And that’s okay, but difficult for a sensitive being that yearns for warmth and companionship.

I’ve recognized that I am not currently looking for a partner, being fully intent in bringing my own ascension process forward. While I may be awake, I have yet to feel the ecstasy that is spoken of with awe and longing by those who have gone before me in this process.  And I am aware that at a certain point as the Light Body fully activates, this “bliss” becomes part of everyday existence.  I hope to join these forerunners soon, which means making great changes in my present life style and taking me out of my “comfort” zone to confront any remaining hidden connections and attachments that need to be released.

Stepping off the Wheel of Karma takes commitment, determination and intent. It also takes a one-pointed focus that doesn’t seek an outside savior or redeemer, but seeks within for the answers that one needs to proceed upon the path that lies before a mature soul.

It’s time to stop making excuses for our own lack of progress and to proceed, either with the assistance of a mentor or alone (with the aid of our Angelic companions) and unload all that we have succeeded in carrying for others, for our families and friends, for our co-workers and those who live in our community.

Our community is expanding as we grow in awareness. We are becoming galactic citizens and that takes mastery of the energies that arise from all directions. As we rise to meet our galactic neighbors in frequency, we also let go of the ballast that has kept our consciousness from re-ascending to where we came from… the Stars and being fully conscious multidimensional beings. Some times that means leaving those whom we love and care for behind so that we can make our journeys successfully. It may seem cruel to some, but there needs to be some who are willing to pioneer the path for others in this time of mass ascension.  And I made my choice a long time ago.

Stepping out and upward, I go; Namaste.

I AM Eliza

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

For more suggestions to assist Energy Sensitives go to the following link for a list of resources:

Journal Entry 04.12.2015


"Red Barn off Russell Creek Road, outside Walla Walla, WA"

“Red Barn off Russell Creek Road, outside Walla Walla, WA”

Journal Entry 04.12.2015

We’re having a wayward Spring. Snow in the mountains, rain showers and breezy conditions in the valleys. The moisture is welcome since we didn’t get much throughout the winter months. Does it seem that just about everything is topsy-turvy, undecided, up in the air? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. Haven’t had too much motivation to write and my cough has come back.

A friend and I went to a nearby town yesterday and walked around looking at the sights. It’s an old Western town which sponsors a large national rodeo every year. Much of the retail businesses are centered around the draw from the cowboy loving crowd. There are actual saddle-makers and boot makers in town. Beautiful work, btw, too, if you’re in the market for a $3,000 hand-tooled leather saddle for your Quarter Horse.

And since this area is also the home of the Cayuse Indians, it is inevitable to come upon paintings, sculptures and other renditions of one of the region’s most famous sons… Young Joseph. Of course, Joseph actually lived in the Wallowa Valley, a three-hour drive to the SE, but his name and legend lives on in the hearts of those who have made this land home.

For those of you readers who are relatively new to this blog, I share soul essence with that of Joseph. I actually “met” him on the slopes of a glacial moraine hill outside of the small town named after the defeated chieftain.

It was on a day in late summer two years ago, I was nudged to visit this place, a relatively new memorial site dedicated to the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce. As I walked along a trail bordered by willows and an irrigation ditch, I felt the presence of a being settle into my body. It… he… was male, Native American and had a quiet, dignified and very sad countenance. I could feel the grief and longing within and understood that I was in touch with one of the soul’s or lingering akashic memories of the area.

Given that I had been attending the evening ranger program at the local state park that featured the story of the flight of the Wallowa Band over a desperate 1,700 mile journey, I thought it might be one or more of the Nez Perce. And now that I am more aware, I understand that the Crystal Grid of our planet, Gaia, records everything that takes place within an area that is due to the actions and thoughts of humans. So I wasn’t surprised to encounter my silent companion.

In response to the feelings that I was experiencing, I made some calls to the angels, to Archangel Michael and the Violet Flame for the clearance of the heavy energies and instantly felt a wave of gratitude and relief wash over me. And as I topped the ridge, I saw a young cinnamon phase (reddish-brown) black bear lumbering across the grassy ridge. I laughed… knowing it was a sign of thanksgiving as a red bear has been one of my power animals for years.

Later on, I channeled a message from “White Cloud”, but I feel that the presence who walked with me on that sunlit hillside was Young Joseph and that we knew each other very well. The concept of past lives is a controversial one being that when we are disincarnated there is no time as we know it here in the old 3D linear existence.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading of Kryon books of late and what I understand is our “Higher Self” is whatever portion of us that cannot enter into the physical body, which is basically the rest of the consciousness that exists in the Universe.

Beyond our identification with a singular human frame, we are truly One with the ALL THAT IS, which exists beyond the definition of the linear, rational mind. Think of a large ocean of water. Think of the consciousness that enlivens your physical body as a tiny drop from that ocean. It has a singular identity and goals for this embodiment, a purpose for being if you will, lessons to learn that are important, but when the return is made, the essence returns to the Wholeness that exists beyond the Veil.

Yes, there are levels of consciousness that are both singular and of group consciousness in the higher dimensions. And it is possible for there to be a continuation of life lessons… due to the existence of the Askashic Record, which is another grid that functions as part of the Crystal Grid, only this one is recorded within your DNA. As a portion of the Universal intelligence, every lifetime, every thought, word and action that you’ve experienced in your numerous lifetimes here has been recorded into the Grids of the planet. When you leave the body, the record is left behind. When you return as a baby, you assume the “mantle” of incarnation and continue the life lessons. You also take up the mastery which you have obtained in the past lives. So, if you have been a musician or artist in the “past”, you may take up these interests at an early date in this incarnation.

The Eagle Cap, NE Oregon

The Eagle Cap, NE Oregon

What happens in your lifetime is somewhat mapped out through pre-birth agreements, but you might express these as guidelines. Those of us who have pursued spiritual journeys for most of our life have responded to intuitive nudges from within, coming through our heart centers and solar plexus… leading us to experience those meetings or adventures that have been needed to establish our desire to explore still further the edges of consciousness.

I knew that I was different from other children long ago. When I was a teenager, my father handed me a copy of a book about Edgar Cayce, which introduced to the concept of past lives and other ancient cultures for which there was no present historical knowledge. I was reading mythology, fairy tales and science fiction as a youngster, haunting the aisles of the local library for new books. I walked the oak woods of my native hills and longed for other worlds, other times. I knew that I didn’t quite “fit” into the times in which I had been born.

So… that was a long time ago, even for one lifetime and how does that fit in with my meeting of a discarnate Nez Perce Dreamer on a sunny hillside in Northeastern Oregon? It was prophesized by Crazy Horse, of the Lakota Sioux, I believe, that there would come a time, seven generations later, when there would be the return of the Rainbow Warriors. Crazy Horse was a shaman, a holy man who experienced prophetic visions and intuitions. He knew or was aware of the flow of cycles. The tragedy of his people and that of the other indigenous tribes of North America would be rectified through the emergence of a new feeling among the people.

We’re in the beginning of that new cycle, when the awareness of the sacred quality of all life is re-emerging within the hearts of all those who walk upon the earth with open eyes and open hearts. Still, there is pain when I see the damage that has been wrought to the land where the ancestors of Joseph and the other plateau people roamed freely, living well on these harsh, semi-arid lands because they flowed with the seasons, respected their Mother and each other.

There will come a time when the wounds are healed and the wildflowers bloom free upon hillsides now covered with Round-up soaked wheat crops. There will come a time when the rivers are freed of the constraints of the power dams and the vital salmon and trout runs fill up the sparkling waters with the glint of moving, scaly bodies. There will come a time when the elderberry and other native plants thrive again along the creek sides and in the canyons and men walk light upon the sacred soil of the Mother.

Whether or not I am an reincarnation of the spirit of Joseph is moot. I am what I am and what I have experienced. I have walked in some of the places that his people walked and found much delight to discover plants that I knew… from some unknown inner source. I understood the importance and wisdom of moving the people into the sheltering, lower canyons for the winter months, and for spending time in the mountains and nearby valleys in the spring, summer and fall, to find grazing for the herds of horses and cattle, as well as hunting and fishing to build up the stores for the coming colder months.

When I first arrived in Walla Walla, I even met a man who probably was a reincarnation of a native warrior as he had actually spent months at a time in the canyons of the Snake River drainage, setting snares, fishing and living off the land.  And he “knew” me, although he didn’t speak of his knowledge… and he passed away suddenly two months after my arrival.

There was a system and flow to indigenous life, a closeness and respect for the land and what it provided,  a richness of experience, a sharing of hearts within a community. And there was no isolation from other communities spread thinly across the vast western landscape, for the warriors often made long journeys to the northern plains to hunt buffalo with their brothers the Crow and the Sioux. Life was different.

Now, we are dealing with the closing act of a matrix that has been artificially placed over the western world, one that has worked to cut-off men and women from identification with nature. There will be a return to a simpler way of life, whether aided by some level of technology or not. The technology will certainly be that which can co-exist with the planet without the misuse or overuse of resources.

The planet must and will be returned to a more natural state… but it will take several generations for this vision to mature into physical manifestation. Each succeeding generation of mankind will be contain more awareness of the concept of unity consciousness than the previous. Children will awake who have full command of gifts that normally would not blossom in an adult until after long years of study. It is already happening. Children prodigies are appearing every day now and more will be born as the frequency levels of the planet continue to rise.

In the fullness of “time” those beings of a lower awareness level will simply not return into incarnation, but be taken elsewhere for new experiences and life lessons. We are stepping off the Wheel of Karma and onto a new path that leads humanity gradually towards full waking consciousness, as a young galactic star nation.

If this step into full consciousness was to take place tomorrow, it would likely blow the internal fuses of many humans as their bodies are not prepared for the alternation of frequencies. For now it takes years of preparation as our bodies were born into a lower vibration and our consciousness adjusted accordingly. Those of us who have worked since childhood, following the inner nudges and knowings, have pursued lines of experience that brought many of us to the outer edges of consciousness, far beyond our fellow creatures. This has not led to the fulfillment of our dreams necessarily for all involved, but to a sense of holding an immaculate concept for the rest of our brothers and sisters who follow slowly in our footsteps.

Humanity is beginning to wake up. It is evident in how some people treat others. It is evident in acts of compassion and cooperation between erstwhile enemies due to cultural, religious or racial differences. We are beginning to recognize the commonality that exists within our hearts, an energetic string that ties heart to heart, that can accept respect and kindness as an alternative to everlasting war, hatred and division. We are beginning to see that we exist in Wholeness, as One being who carries and interacts with the consciousness of our living planet, Gaia.

"Wheat fields and Cottonwood Canyon outside of Walla Walla, WA"

“Wheat fields and Cottonwood Canyon outside of Walla Walla, WA”

So, I feel the essence of those who have walked upon this land before me. I feel the record of their lives etched into the Crystalline Grid. I know with an inner feeling the wisdom of those who would simplify their lives and free themselves from the stresses and strains of a materialistic society. I walk with my brothers and sisters, whether from the Stars or upon the Earth, into a more prosperous and peaceful existence for all life upon this beautiful planet.

On a more personal note, my old bronchial cough has kicked up a bit. I started coughing yesterday while on our little outing to Pendleton. And I’m feeling the pressure from the incoming energies, pushing out any remaining sense of confusion, grief and sorrow, whether my own or that of the people who have passed this way before me. The lungs are associated with the heart center, so I will rest and work with the Violet Flame, and through other means to strengthen my body and adjust to the higher frequencies and changes that seem to be permeating into everyone’s lives right now.

Upon asking, I was made aware that the Divine Mother and the Angels are with me, as ever they are upon this sacred journey to awakening. There is no message from them, simply from or through me as scribe and cooperative spirit embodied here in the physical. We are One. There is no difference, whether higher or lower, between Spirit and the human awareness… if that awareness can accept that which is still Self outside the body is more vast than the human linear / rational mind can presently accept. I just “know” this to be true, at least in my experience and am beginning to see it reflected in the experience and words of others within my ken (knowing).

Life is changing. Best to be flexible, adjust and flow… and glow with the inner Light that is Universal Intelligence. With an open mind and heart, you will continue to benefit and adjust to the incoming energies. With resistance, you will encounter difficulty and still will be required to undergo change. I choose to flow and glow, along with those of my brethren across the planet who have forged the path that lies before my feet.

Go in Peace, dear brothers and sisters, and walk in the Light of the Inner Sun that warms your precious hearts.

I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara


©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Eliza: New Beginnings


"April Blooms", photo taken of the flowering crabapple in my yard.

“April Blooms”, photo taken of the flowering crabapple in my yard.

New Beginnings

As I was just doing my weekly housecleaning, I realized that I was ready to let go of things that I’ve identified with since being a teenager or young adult. Certain ways of doing and thinking about stuff, even metaphysical “stuff” that I find I don’t need to bother with any more.  And surely you’ve heard the old maxim, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”  Physical existence does require some physical effort now and again.

I have ascended, or rather I’m opening to the possibility that I am already an ascended master remembering WHO and WHAT I AM. While it may not look like I have to the onlooker, my outlook on physical life has completely changed. I realize that I don’t need to save the world, the whales, the political system or any other human being. Everything outside my own consciousness is an illusion, a teaching game. I am the only one here playing it and I’ve just decided that I’ve had enough. Enough suffering. Enough pain. Enough angst. Enough searching for answers. Enough of it all.

So where does that leave me? I’m obviously not going anywhere until my body dies and spirit departs. And what is the truth about death? Do we need to fear it when we finally REALLY know that death is also a mirage? Our consciousness merely drops one body and moves onto another one if that is the goal of the Spirit guiding the soul’s journey. If not, we live in the Summerlands for a time until ready to reincarnate or move onto other ventures and projects.

If one is truly freed from fear, the body will stop aging. Fear causes stress. Stress causes aging. Disease and the break-down of the body occurs as the belief in fearful or fear-recreating scenarios overrides the natural tendency of the soul within to re-connect with its greater essence that exists eternally outside of the tiny body structure. When we let go of fear, the body slows down the aging process. Not all who ascend will choose to remain on the planet in their current bodies, but it is possible to regenerate the body. I think that I might turn this model in for a better design, actually.

When released from fear and thinking about fear or protecting oneself, you open to the intuitive messages of spirit. You begin to embrace the awareness that you are truly never alone, that spirit guides you always and is close by waiting for you to give it permission to assist you in every aspect of life. Every aspect no matter now tiny or insignificant seeming… even to finding the right store to find the perfect clothes that you need for a job interview.

Work. There is work that you do because you have to pay the bills and there is work that you do because you love doing it. The key to joyful living is to find some form of “work” that is truly fulfilling day in and day out that supports you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How do you find such work? You’re doing it right now, whether you recognize it or not, as a light worker, a healer, an angelic human being. Your mere presence on this planet is changing the frequency level of the entire collective and that of the planet herself.  You can find adjuncts to that work by willing to step out of the rat race and by using some simple creativity.  This step also involves courage, resolve, determination and the willingness to be different, something that not everyone is willing to accept.

Gaia is ascending. At least a portion of humanity is also ascending. The rest will naturally die off and either move to another body on another 3D learning planet or wait until they are prepared to return to this one during another cycle. This process will take “time” as you currently perceive, yet time itself does not exist outside of 3D, in quite the same way as you have experienced it during your present physical incarnation.

Time in 4D is circular. Which means your soul can choose to embody during any time period to allow yourself to make adjustments to how you would handle any particular situation, thus changing history, for good or ill depending on the needed learning experience.

This physical world was developed as a learning place for angelic beings, an opportunity to experience physical existence. What you bring to the game is what you take from it. A simple change in attitude, how you observe the world, will change what you experience in that world.

When you decide to step away from the drama, it will no longer affect you or your decisions. When you loosen your grip on time, you will no longer worry about the consequences of being “late”. Things will get done when they need to get done. When you no longer judge self or others through the perceptions allowed by a particular belief system, you are freed from the replaying of karmic scenarios. When you no longer judge ANYONE or ANYTHING, you are free to be whatever you want to be, in the moment, in the flow of creation.

Experiences happen. How you react or not determines the length of the lesson or if there is any need for a lesson at all. If there is no reaction, there is no creation of thought-forms related to the event and hence nothing to balance in the “future”, i.e., no karmic repercussions. Lessons learned, you can step off the karmic round-about and begin to truly just enjoy physical existence. You are now in charge of whatever and wherever you wish to play next. And to some people, that concept is simply involves too much individual responsibility. They are more content with continuing the victim / perpetrator game that was introduced to them by their parents, friends, mentors and human institutions.

Time in 5D is not linear. There is no future or past, only the eternal Now. That also means whatever you are thinking will occur instantly for you. So if you are in judgment, the Universe will rush in to give you more of what you fear. Time in 3D has been purposefully slowed down in order to give the individual “time” to see the consequences of their thoughts and deeds. In 5D there is no wait period. You are what you intend, what you think and what you judge. Which is why it is not always a plus for someone to yearn to be in a 5D existence until they are prepared to accept the responsibility that goes along with the mastery of creative thought. Are you ready to manifest instantly those things that you want in your life?  Are you even sure of what you want?

Most people, even those who have awakened, think of 5D life in terms of having more money, more things, more ability to travel and do things other than work for a living. They are not thinking about the responsibility that goes with accepting one’s power as reality and accessing intuitive wisdom BEFORE making any decisions or allowing a stray thought to escape into judgment.

One is required to let go of all desire and to become a creator. All things that you need will come naturally to you when you allow yourself to be completely in alignment with the spirit that dwells within, but it takes full surrender, complete faith and trust that it will be so. Nothing can be allowed to come between you and your sacred intent to be aligned to the fullness of your present capacity and fully supported by spirit. When you let go, the kingdom within opens up to you like a beautiful garden and you are invited to enter.

And since you live upon a world that is filled with people who have not ascended and will not, during this lifetime and probably for several more cycles to come, you need to allow people to experience their own journeys and to come to their own conclusions about the value of physical existence. In ascension, which is merely raising your vibrational frequency higher, you are not necessarily ready to leave the planet… but will continue to serve as an example or Wayshower for others, to follow or not depending on their particular needs and decisions.

Allow others to make the same choices as you did… perhaps many lifetimes ago, perhaps yesterday. Or not. There is no race to get anywhere or to accomplish anything.  Competition and striving suits 3D.  Complete surrender comes when you are ready to enter 5D and beyond.

One of my mentors pointed out that the ones who are ascending are manifesting heaven on earth for those who care to be onlookers into their journeys. Not everyone is going to be thrilled to leave the drama behind. Let them play a bit longer upon the stage of life or within the wheel of karma. It is not your responsibility to drag them behind you. You. Can. Let. Them. Go. As well as anything else that impedes your ability to adapt and be responsive to the demands of spirit.

Make no bones about it, when you have succeeded in moving beyond judgment, you will be judged by others. You may be attacked, castigated, thrown out by family and friends who now fear you as being different and threatening. You need not do anything to correct these perceptions. These people are not lost. They are merely still intent in believing and living out the game. Let them be. They may or may not come to accept you in the future when they have gained more insight into your actions or you may never see them again.

No one said mastery would come without a price and that price is loneliness, at first, until you realize that you are surrounded at all times by those who love you, seek to guide and support you if only you give them permission.

Yes, your friends may not exist in the physical and yet some may… people like yourself who have ventured beyond the Pale into unknown territory and embodied as much of their spirit as is possible in a fragile human body. When you go beyond the great loneliness you will begin discover that you have friends, family even, who are already there waiting for you.

Now in coming to this realization, it may be easier to let go of those material things or ways of thinking that no longer resonate with what you have become, and what you are becoming, for the journey of ascension never ends. There is always more to assimilate and come into understanding, more acceptance, more love… more personal power and sense of well-being, more adventures… more beauty and comfort from knowing that you are already an ascended master and merely waking up to that realization.


Eliza Ayres

My Journey


"Thorn Hollow", Umatilla Indian Reservation, NE Oregon.  Photo by Eliza Ayres.

“Thorn Hollow”, Umatilla Indian Reservation, NE Oregon. Photo by Eliza Ayres.

My Journey

Today I left my house in order to deliver my two little paintings to the Arts Center in Pendleton, a 40-mile drive, one-way. For those of you who live in small European countries, yes, we have wide-open spaces in the States.

It was the first drive that I’ve taken in nearly a year. With my preoccupation last year with the idea of “leaving” the planet, as well as some health issues, I didn’t go anywhere, quite literally… just back and forth to work during the week. I’ve broken through that shell of isolation, finally, although I still feel like a baby chick pecking against its enclosing shield. It is time to spread my wings and learn to fly.

After delivering my paintings, I continued onto the Cultural Center at the Umatilla Reservation and walked through the exhibits. As can hardly be avoided in these parts, there were a few mentions of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce here and there, most especially in the Store, with books and Chief Joseph printed Western Style Pendleton shirts. Has it come to this, my people? Joseph was a cousin to the Cayuse through his mother.

Actually it looks like the United Tribes of the Umatilla, Cayuse and Walla Walla are finally getting a grip on modern life, while at the same time making inroads in reestablishing the old ways of working with the land, waters and sky. These tribes people are teaching their young to reclaim the waterways and learn the uses of native plants, for medicine and food.

There is much that the white man can learn from his red brother in how to live lightly upon the land. In the years to come, this knowledge will come in useful as people step away from the consumer mentality and turn back to the old / new ways of gardening, gathering, and working together.

We have been driven apart by materialism and by the overweening desire of people to complete against one another… something that is not natural to the indigenous peoples of the planet. To survive, we must work together for the good of all, humanity, the animals and most especially, our beloved planet, Gaia.

There is a way of life that follows the flow of seasons, the movement of the sun and moon, which works with the essence of the land. The people who live upon the land become part of it. The Mother provides for these ones because they have respect for the land, for the animals, and for each other.

Does Western man truly symbolize the epitome of culture? I do not feel it is so. The angst, anger and contempt that I see on the faces of older children and young adults informs me that these are young ones who have not experienced true love and caring from their elders. They are angry without knowing why, except that something vital is missing from their lives. Our society and its consumer ways promises contentment through the acquisition of material wealth. Ask any wealthy person if he is truly content with his life or if he feels deadened inside and weighed down by concern to protect and preserve his wealth.

Our people have become cut off from the essence of Nature and cut off from each other. They will not even listen to those who speak among them as humans to humans about the need to go within, to reconnect with the Spirit that lives there.

In coming to realize the extent of my work through the ages with mankind, living as a human being, I have experienced my own sense of angst, in being able to see beyond to the possibilities that humanity holds within them. In this lifetime, I have learned to let go of the desire to heal or even lead others to salvation, finally realizing that each individual is capable of doing this on their own, if they would but recognize the divinity that lies within each and every person upon the planet. This includes those who are called the dark. There is no division in Spirit; all are a part of the Wholeness of THAT WHICH IS. Only man seeks to label and divide… only because he has been taught to do this by other men intent on keeping the power and control to themselves.

Now is the time to move beyond the need to listen to channels, to ETs and time to listen to the wisdom keepers who walk among you as plain human beings. God lives within. A man who listens to his own heart and spirit is wiser than those who have spent years in a Western University.

This past week, I came upon a saying by another Wayshower friend… those who wish to heal others are touching their angelic selves. Those of us who have stepped beyond the need or desire to heal are in touch with the archangelic essence of Self. This is a beingness that is content to observe and allow others to experience their own journeys. This is an awareness that accepts that each person is responsible for the choices they make in each moment.

Mastery cannot be given to one. It is something to seek… at first, until the realization dawns upon you that you are already a Master within. Each one of us who walks the planet now has ascended from the earth plane more than once. I am including ALL who walk here, including the drunk lying in the gutter, the dying children in Africa, the poor Indians of South and Central America… the many others who are deemed less by those who are wealthy and powerful. We all carry within the seed of divinity within our DNA, planted there by our ancestors, the Pleiadians, thousands of years ago.

This seed has been nourished by the blood and suffering of millions through the ages. The sword has been cast into the fire, time after time, and beaten upon the anvil, and plunged into water to seal within it the needed strength to endure the trials. We were children, then teenagers and now the first of humanity has reached the edge of adulthood, becoming aware of their galactic heritage, as well as their own achievements in getting to this stage of development.

All that need for our journey and awakening lies within the DNA that is carried within our bodies. This is a simple core knowledge of Self that cannot be repeated too often, yet I know that most people discount their own ability to reach within and open that door that leads to unity consciousness. They are concerned with what other people will think of them if they act different from the “norm”. I ask these ones, has there ever existed upon this earth an individual genius who acted normal? Those who have played the roles of pioneers in every field of human endeavor ignored the conventional mores and stepped beyond the limitations of society and expanded our knowledge of the world through their efforts. Usually reviled during their lifetimes, many of these pioneers have become saints and inspirations to those generations coming after them.

With the development of the intellect and individualism, we have stepped into a world that has grown away from its ties to the natural world. Now it is time to come into a renewed balance with the dark side, the mystical feminine essence of the planet Herself, with the animals and plants, the soil, water and air that support physical life for humanity here. We must come to a place within our hearts, as individuals and as community, where we once again walk as one with the spirit of place upon the land that holds our hearts.


Eliza Ayres

Adventures in Dreamland 04.04.2015


"April Blossoms", photo, Eliza Ayres

“April Blossoms”, photo, Eliza Ayres

Adventures in Dreamland 04.04.2015

I’ve had some interesting things showing up in my dreams of late… new things. This morning I saw the moon partially occluded, but it was only the bottom half of the sphere… and the moon was silvery and white. I saw it in my dream and grabbed my camera to take a photo. I think it was a partially lucid dream as I was aware of dreaming…

The other night, I dreamed that I saw crystals growing out of the soil. They were white quartz but had more the look of Selenite, with long crystalline structures. In the dream I said something about the crystals were flowing out of the earth like water.

In and around my dreams, I am aware of having conversations with the angels and with my starry parents. Our Higher Selves are indeed pressing in upon us all, but we need to open the door and greet them mid-way.

The Door, the golden doorway to re-union is open or opening for many. Our participation and acceptance of our worthiness to take the step forward through the awaiting passage is necessary. It is a choice only YOU can make.

Many blessings to all.


Journal Entry 04.04.2015


"Sunflower Dissolving into Violet", Acrylics on stretched canvas

“Sunflower Dissolving into Violet”, Acrylics on stretched canvas

Journal Entry 04.04.2015

Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m feeling the stress and compression as the darkness and fear of ages is pushed out to be cleared.  My solar plexus area has been a quiver today and tight, like I’m anxious about something, although I realize it isn’t all about me… only.  And yet it is, when you get down to it.  Each of us is a focus for the Universe and the “only” one here…

The other day I was searching the Internet for local galleries and found ArtWalla, a local art association dedicated to showcasing all art forms, including the performing arts.  And saw that an art show was going to be held at the Pendleton Center for Arts… and that all amateur and professional artists are encouraged  to bring their work to enter.  So, I’m taking a couple of my pieces today.  This is a first BIG step for me, my first step into the world of art interfacing with the public.

I also spoke to a gallery / framer owner today and asked her opinion about my work.  She hesitated for a moment and then told me that I have talent and a good color sense… adding that you either have it or not.  It was obvious that she feels my work needs to mature and I know that, especially when looking at the professional pieces hanging on the walls of the gallery.  I know what’s excellent work.  I just know.  I have talent, but I also need to do a lot of work.  Remember Van Gogh painted every day for several years… and he wasn’t recognized during his lifetime.  Hopefully I will be.  At least I can enjoy myself while I explore this inner road to expression.

I feel that I’m walking through a huge doorway, one that I’ve been afraid to face throughout this lifetime.  And yet, I always had a sense that there was other business to finish before I could step into my joy.  The matter of assisting in clearing the collective energies of humanity and our planet, Gaia…

Today is a HUGE day for all of us, but it is also just a day, another portal upon a long journey that takes us ever higher.  Look within and allow that shadow that has kept you from moving into YOUR joy to dissolve into Violet, transforming into the Light that will en-lighten your entire being here and now.

Human beings tend to like to compare their progress or lack thereof to that others.  Ascension isn’t a race, as I was reminded the other day and again today.  There isn’t even a finish line and we’ll be at this for a long time, so pace yourself, take care of your body, mind and heart.

We are truly blessed to be here during this amazing transformative period in the evolution of humanity.  Even though, at times, it can bring up some momentary anxiety and quivers of the stomach.

I’m also breaking out of my self-imposed shell by going out tomorrow.  I’ve been pretty reclusive for a good year and a half, pretty much since my “encounter” with Joseph on a hill outside the town of Joseph, Oregon (see my posts from August 2013).  Things are changing for me.  I’m sure that things are changing for a lot of people.  How we react or interact, what choices we make from moment to moment, whether or not we can remain calm in the midst of seeming chaos… will determine what comes next in our life.  And remember, dear ones, there are no mistakes, only experience.  You are whole and loved beyond measure.



"Hunter at Dawn", acrylic on canvas, 16"x20", by Eliza Ayres, 2015

“Hunter at Dawn”, acrylic on canvas, 16″x20″, by Eliza Ayres, 2015