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Eliza Ayres:

From Lisa Renee

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Self Acceptance

Before people start to consider how self-acceptance plays a key role in the development of one’s personal character, many have forgotten that building character through having a better comprehension of one’s own self-esteem is indeed one of the most important aspects of personality development and spiritual development. Through gaining self acceptance, we build healthy self-esteem and this supports us to make realistic goals with higher spiritual purpose, to cultivate virtues, which are strengths of character and the power of our spiritual person. In order to progress through the ascension process, strengthening ourselves to grow into well balanced and healthy functioning people, we will need to address areas of our self-acceptance and ability to access states of forgiveness. Finding genuine self-acceptance and the ability to feel and generate actions of forgiveness towards the self and others are important to progress beyond emotional stagnation. Both are deeply entwined with each…

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Poetry by Sounds of Running Water


Running Horses

The Poetry of Sounds of Running Waters (via G.S.H.)

In one of my many incarnations, I was privileged to be the father of a beautiful, talented and spirited daughter, Sounds of Running Water, or in the Nez Perce language, Hophopponmi. In the last battle, we were forever separated by circumstance. I am honored to present some of her poetry today as I have reconnected with the soul who was my daughter, as I was Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt “Thunder Traveling to Loftier Mountain Tops” or simply, Young Joseph. My daughter’s words are strong and speak of the land and life that we both loved. I hope you enjoy them.

My Father’s Horses
I used to love watching the horses. They
seemed so wild and carefree,
and I knew they were watching me.
Sometimes I’d have a dream that they
carried me away
out onto the open plain
and in the morning I could look back
and see my village and my father waving.
Come home, he’d call, smiling.
That was my dream.

Field of Sunflowers

Earth’s Child
High up on the mountains
where the morning light strikes first
I could see the face of God
in my beloved people and in the firs.
The dark skirts of mountains
were my mother’s skirts;
the granite faces: my father’s face.


Free Spirit
My heart is the sky, I said,
my heart is part of the sky.
You won’t find me
down among the roots or branches.

My heart is in the water, I tell you,
my heart in the springs in the hills.
You will find me
where the rivers get big
and in the sea itself.

My heart is a river
full of the life that is inward;
my heart is the river in sun.



talk to you
in a language you can’t understand
because their ears are
different from yours.
Spiders speak in webs.
Antelope in leaps.
The feathered coats of birds will tell you
their whole story
if you learn to hear feathers.
Try not to think
the earth is not speaking.
It’s never silent,
only quiet;
if you are quiet
you can hear it
singing to itself.

Imnaha Country

@All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

New You is Solving 3D Mysteries

Eliza Ayres:

From Brenda…

Originally posted on Welcome to Brenda's Blog:

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s February 27, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  If you’re rolling down the hill, your recent physical, spiritual or emotional discomfort is directly related to the creation of your personal vortex. This personal vortex is created by you for you. Those climbing the mountain can use these current energies for a more rapid ascent – if their physicality allows.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for “You’re Prepping for the Role of a Lifetime”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Your life is never going to be as it is today or was yesterday. Some of you are sensing this deep shift. Others are wondering what recent messages of dramatic change are about.

Channels have stated, “What was is no longer” for…

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Journal Entry 03.01.2015


Blossoms, taken in 2014

Blossoms, taken in 2014

Journal Entry 03.01.2015

Winter has returned to the Inland NW, with chilly nights, heavy frosts and sullen gray skies. A little snow has fallen on the higher peaks and ridges, but probably not enough to stave off the long-term drought the area has been suffering through for about 10 years.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing an intense need to be alone when I can, those short evening and treasured weekends, where I can unwind, go within or just be… me.

I’m finding that my attention is more on the next painting or composition than dwelling on the confusing political and environmental situations on the planet. Is it global warming? The people in the NE would probably dispute that, as burdened as they have been with icy temperatures, blizzards and heavy snow fall. What once was predictable and seasonal doesn’t seem to be any more. Everything is changing and so we need to be more flexible, more “present” in the moment and clear about our ability to make choices.

I sometimes find myself considering what to do when I retire. I even saw myself with a truck and trailer, on the road, painting and photographing the West… although how I would manage, I don’t know at this point. Something will manifest. I just need to trust that when I want to unplug from my present position at the prison and break loose, I will be able to do so.

Anyone else experiencing intense and colorful dreams of late? I have brief remembrances of seeing five flying disks or saucers in one dream. And then this morning, I was in a room carefully hanging up a beautiful pink and rose dress with a long train… that I was going to wear at an upcoming occasion. I actually only own one dress at present… a black one… and never wear it.

Has anyone else been experiencing body aches? I’ve had achy and stiff shoulders for over a month now. As a former massage therapist, I can work a little to relieve the muscle knots that I can find and reach, but am slowly being able to stretch my limbs and regain some loss of full movement. And I’m able to exercise on the stationary bike for longer periods of time, bringing up my overall physical condition by quite a bit. As I find myself unable to attend gym sessions with their ongoing cacophony of noise and chatter, I’m endeavoring to do physical conditioning on my own at home and on walks when the weather allows.

I have been reading some books by Kryon… and others about techniques in painting. Information comes via very different sources. I even found myself watching Season One of “The White Queen”, which carries the story of the tumultuous reign of the House of York, under Edward Plantagenet. Some readers will remember my sharing that I was notified by my star family of my being Richard Plantagenet or Richard III, the much vilified younger brother of King Edward. From the perspective presented in “The White Queen”, it is quite apparent that Richard didn’t have a chance of staying on the throne for long… or at least a 50 / 50 chance, which fate withheld when he fell from his mired horse on that fateful day and met his death on the battlefield. For years, conspirators from the House of Lancashire had been preparing for the possible advent of Henry Tudor or another aspirant to the throne of England. And so it was…

I shed no tears over Richard. That lifetime seems quite distant and the times quite precarious for anyone with an ounce of royal blood in their veins. Yet, Richard was quite a different man than how he was portrayed by his Tudor successors and rivals… up to this day.

Bouts of sadness continue to arise and release. I have reached a certain level of calmness in my life which is allowing me to look beyond, to expand my understanding of what I am, what I have been… and possibly where I will be going in the future. Meanwhile, I am open to what the Universe can and will provide.

Spring will soon be here… officially three weeks from now by calendar date… and in the Southern latitudes, autumn approaches. It will be interesting to see how the energies of this new year play out for all of us. I feel more hopeful, peace-filled and creative than ever before.

Hugs and kisses,


Council of Nine: Divine by Nature


"Snowy Summit", acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20", Eliza Ayres, 2015.

“Snowy Summit”, acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″, Eliza Ayres, 2015.

Council of Nine: Divine by Nature

We are the Council of Nine, one of many councils involved in the evolution and transition of planet Earth.

Today, you enter another new phase. The subtle energies of stars and planets has moved into another set of signs. These cycles continue often beyond your awareness, influencing your life. It is for this reason astrology was once considered a science, one of many. It will be that when once again science and esoteric knowledge re-discover that their seemingly disparate perceptions of the world are indeed mutually supportive in essence.

There is so much for you to re-learn about your world. Those tribes whom your leaders have called primitive resonate more closely to the rhythms and seasons of the planet than the populations cooped up in the large unnatural cities. Your forefathers were “encouraged” to leave the soil behind and find “jobs” in the urban settings so you could more easily be controlled by the wealthy and powerful few. In truth, many former peasants and people of land and forest were forced out of their former abodes through the process of clearances and through the destruction wrought by war and pestilence.

Now your world is going through another huge transition, from one paradigm to another. There is resistance in some quarters, as those who have long planned to take over your world, find that their plans are running awry. World War III was scheduled to have already taken place and yet your world is only plagued with the pernicious attempts of these determined, now frightened ones who deem themselves superior to the rest of mankind.

What has once been hidden from the world, is now being revealed. Various whistle-blowers and courageous journalists and reporters in alternative media are pulling aside the curtain that has hidden the secret manipulators and controllers of your world. You are now passing through the period that has been known in the sacred books as the Apocalypse, the unveiling of ALL secrets, individual and collective.

Even as your world goes through its unveiling process, each individual is undergoing the same process. As waves of cosmic rays penetrate the atmosphere of your world and enter your bodies, your multidimensional DNA is coming online… at least in those persons who are in the front lines of those responding to the new energies.

There are those on your world who carry within their beings extraterrestrial DNA markers. These beings embodied as humans, have become known to some as star seeds. Lisa Renee in her brilliant work has called these persons frequency holders, ones who can adapt to and successfully anchor the increasingly higher and faster frequencies which are profoundly affecting your world.  These individuals act as transformers for the rest of humanity, stepping down the intense energies much like an electrical transformer, stepping down a higher voltage to a lower one so the physical body doesn’t blow a fuse.

Your bodies are electromagnetic in nature. They naturally respond to the impulses of galactic and cosmic rays, which are designed to transform your natures into something as yet unknown to humanity. You are becoming galactic humans.

Your DNA is largely misunderstood by science. Those scientists who have studied your DNA have been confused by their findings. Do you know that human DNA apparently contains fewer genes that are found in a duck or some plants? And while humans seem to share the same DNA as other animals, there is a difference with human genetic markers.

Most of your DNA appears to be off-line and has been described as “junk” by confused scientists. Yet, the pioneering physicists are beginning to understand that what appears to be “junk” and useless in its apparent inert state, is simply not “turned on” or triggered… and that it appears to exist simultaneously in more than one frequency level. In short, human DNA, unlike any other animal DNA on the planet, is fully multidimensional in nature. And there is are extraterrestrial markers within its make-up that speak of a history of genetic manipulation by off-worlders. Each of your bodies, your very essence has been altered by those who seeded humanity upon this planet many millions of years ago and “upgraded” the species some 100,000 years ago.

We encourage you to study the work of Kryon, who as one from the other side of the Veil, has worked to gradually uncover many of the hidden truths about your inner nature and that of your world. We encourage you to learn more about the special god essence or divinity that was purposefully planted within your DNA by your Pleiadian cousins so that some distant day in the future you would step forth in the full power of your divine nature as fully fledged galactic human beings, divine man in embodiment on Earth.

That time is upon you. The forerunners of your race are already passing through their initiations and successfully incorporating a new sense of beingness, activating gifts and graces once only known by a few isolated initiates in hidden mystery schools. Their growing resonance to the higher frequencies allows their bodies divine (multidimensional) DNA to respond and become more active and evident as body changes, changes in awareness levels and the altered and upgraded abilities to adapt still further.

Each cell of your body is sentient, aware and responds to how you treat yourself and others. Indeed, your cells cannot distinguish the difference between yourself and other as the intelligence that enlivens them also connects them to other beings, to the planet, even to the moon, the sun and the stars beyond. This intelligence has been called “love” and is the underlying energetic force that binds the worlds together, be them small or huge.

As you come to understand self, to accept self as you are now, to even “love” yourself and to treat yourself kindly, your body responds in kind. The DNA within your mitochondria responds and begins to blossom accordingly, transforming your body, allowing the ancient shadows within to be released and cleansed. Those persons whose bodies can allow these changes, undergo cleansing and purging, experiencing those various symptoms that have become known as ascension “flu”.

All pockets of resistance, whether at a microcosmic or a macrocosmic level, are in the process of being uncovered. That which cannot adjust to the higher frequencies will move out of embodiment. This pertains to both human and animal species.

Some plants and animals have fulfilled their purpose for being here, to support the evolution of humanity and that of the planet. Other plants and animals will be “discovered” as the energies increase in frequency and they are revealed to have been “here” all the time. What has not yet been expressed in these cases is that the frequency level had to reach a certain level BEFORE they could be seen and “found”.

In truth, many worlds or dimensions exist simultaneously upon your world. Human beings currently understand little of ability of lifeforms to exist in physical form in higher frequencies, into the fourth and fifth dimensions. These dimensions do not exist as a layer cake, divided off from each other, but are truly interwoven and support each other. Even so, the various layers or divisions of your DNA do not exist separately from each other, but are now found to exist in bundles, interwoven and resonate to the whole, within and without the body structure itself. Your body exists within a yet unseen world of color, energy and sound. More of “you” is found outside the body than within as your true nature cannot be contained within one small physical vessel. You are truly made up of star stuff and far more precious than you can yet imagine.

The indigenous elders, the keepers of long-hidden secrets and portents, are now beginning to open up and share their knowledge with the world. These people, within their secret societies and verbal traditions handed down from generation to generation, have carried the knowledge that our ancestors were far greater than we are today. Likewise, some forward-thinking scientists investigators and researchers are discovering secret lodes of ancient ruins containing artifacts and engineering that we are incapable of reproducing as the methods of construction have long been forgotten. Much of what was known by humanity in the past is being revealed as the sands of time are pushed aside to uncover hidden secrets, both within the human heart and within the earth.

Humanity is awakening to the realization that it knows very little of its past. And what it does know has been heavily subjected to suppression, subversion and misrepresentation, on purpose, by those who sought to keep humanity under control and in the dark. Yet as more people become connected to the worldwide “Web” of the Internet, knowledge that was once suppressed or limited to only a select few, is now being shared and spread to those who would have had little or no exposure to it within the confines of the education system available to them.

Humanity is awakening to the fact that the world around them has been tightly controlled. Knowledge is freedom and that knowledge of self and the world has been limited, on purpose. Few are the companies that own the channels of mass media. What is shown or heard on television, radio and newspaper is carefully edited, designed to misinform, to stir up poplar sentiment towards war and destruction of carefully selected “enemies” who appear to threaten a peaceful way of life. The organs of mass media are organs of propaganda and deception, designed to disempower and distract people from engaging and being aware of the world around them.

Materialism has been encouraged to the point that few people engage actively in being aware or involved in their physical settings any more, but remain instead plugged in, either to their phones, television sets or other electronic distractions than walking out side and relating to nature. To extricate yourself from the artificial Matrix, unplug for at least a portion of your day and find other activities to do, whether chores, gardening, going for a walk, a creative activity… something that engages your body and mind and heart.

What was meant to dis-empower the masses, is now serving as an impetus for many to find out still more of what has been hidden away from view.  Questions are being asked.  Why was this done?  Who did it?  Did we give our power away?  Was our birthright as divine beings handed to those who were not looking out for our best interests?  Each individual will have to come to terms with the knowledge yet to be revealed and accept responsibility for choices made in the past and choices still to be made in the future.

Revelations will continue. Information that is both raw, disturbing and shocking will come into general knowledge. The miasma of the centuries, the accretions of damaged psyches and sicker minds is being exposed. Allow the light to reveal and transmute these things, to ease your heart and suffering, to lighten your spirit and raise your energetic levels. Rise up to the occasion of your own ascension that is occurring for you as an individual and as a collective in this very moment.  You can, as individuals who have regained a sense of self, a new perspective on life and an appreciation for the sacredness of ALL life, evolve your world into a paradise, a heaven on earth.  What once was your destiny will come again… and more.

We honor those brave souls who have taken up the burden of physical embodiment on a darkened planet as it moves into a new dawn of enlightenment. Understand that all will not be a bed of roses, sweet-smelling and colorful, for some time as the world-wide cleansing continues. Observe, make choices and take responsibility for what comes into your field of perception. Mature as a being who is willing to accept self and others as a collective humanity.

Learn of and experience first-hand your connections with other life forms, whether in the shape of your beloved pets or the trees in a nearby park. Sense the connectivity that exists between all life and how all life is here now supporting you in hitherto little understood ways. We relish the “aha” moments that each of you experience as you begin to connect the dots and to truly see that you are, indeed, divine by nature.

We pause now in our message, to bid you adieu but not good-bye, for we are ever present and work with many of you during your sleep periods. In the days, months and years to come, more of you will become aware that you are loved and watched over by many unseen friends and family.


We are the Council of Nine, through Eliza Ayres.

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Artwork:  “Snowy Summit”, by Eliza Ayres, acrylic on canvas, 2015.

When ‘Bad’ Manifestations Happen To ‘Good’ Light Workers

Eliza Ayres:

Judging by dualistic parameters, “good” and “bad” seldom lead to true understanding of the various lessons and experiences we deal with in daily life…

Originally posted on The Culture of Awareness:

When 'Bad' Manifestations Happen To 'Good' Light Workers

Written by Max and Lana, Guest writers,, February 28, 2015

I Manifested WHAT?

We’ve all had the experience of wondering why or how something we manifested could go so wrong. In some cases, what we created wasn’t what we consciously intended to manifest. Other times we managed to create the scenario we intended, but it didn’t make us feel as happy or fulfilled as we had hoped. As a result, we catch ourselves asking questions such as:

Do I have a curse or negative entities around me?

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Twelve Signs Of Your Awakening Consciousness

Eliza Ayres:

Personally, I’ve gone through variations of these “symptoms”, most but not all, including the intense and colorful dreams… odd sleep patterns, body aches, moments of sadness, intense longing to go “home” and the like.

Originally posted on The Culture of Awareness:

Twelve Signs Of Your Awakening Consciousness

Taken from In5D, February 27, 2015 (Source link is at the bottom of the post.)

1. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back.

This is the result of intense changes at your DNA level as the “Christ seed” awakens within. This too shall pass.

2. Feeling of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason.

You are releasing your past (this lifetime and others) and this causes the feeling of sadness. This is similar to the experience of moving from a house where you lived in for many, many years into a new house. As much as you want to move into the new house, there is a sadness of leaving behind the memories, energy and experiences of the old house. This too shall pass.

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CAROLINE OCEANA RYAN: A Message To Lightworkers ~ February 26, 2015

Eliza Ayres:

Re-emergence into the Divine…

Originally posted on 5D Ascension Now!:


The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings to you, our friends and fellow travelers on the path to enLightenment.

And we know that what many of you would like to “Lighten” is the load you feel to be carrying.

We understand and empathize, for though not all of us have experienced the challenges of ascending while in a third dimensional physical body as you are doing, we have nevertheless ascended from one dimension to another, and we know how arduous and complex a process it can feel to be at times.

We see your planet and Her human structures in the throes of numerous changes that seem to be at odds with the peace and prosperity that we continue to ask you to believe in and expect.

We know that it would appear that your leaders have lost…

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BOB FICKES: The Flower of your True Nature is Hiding Beneath the Hard Bud of Karma

Eliza Ayres:

Flower as your true self…

Originally posted on 5D Ascension Now!:


Our Inner Master or Divine Self is like a delicate flower hiding beneath the hard skin of the bud. When we are born we choose our body to suit the lessons we want to learn in this life. These lessons often challenge us with the hard lessons of karma. But inside of us beneath the shell of our outer appearance and our outer personality are all of the answers we seek and all of the gifts and abilities we want to develop. This is the delicate flower of our true nature. This delicate flower is hidden from view until we learn how to break through the hard outer bud of our karmic habits and behaviors forced on us from our environment.

Maybe you are feeling that you are not as clever as others or have more karma than others. Never compare yourself to someone else. This is your movie not…

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Next phase for Planet Earth and star seeds: purification

Eliza Ayres:

Older post which resonates on a deeper level NOW…

Originally posted on Judith Kusel:

There is a wave of massive energy changes now truly coming in and it is in the form of changes of the inner earth as well changes within us.

In ancient times all was communicated through an intricate language of geometrical forms, shapes and sound. Indeed, their patterns in itself hold energy, for it is in the combination of all of this that cosmic energy from Source manifests in outward and inner forms.

After Atlantis our ability to read this language and our understanding of all of creation underwent a severe change, as the planet fell from the 5th (Atlantis) dimension into the 3rd, and to very primitive levels.

Pockets of highly trained Priests and Scientist, fled, just before the final fall of Atlantis to outer regions of the Atlantean civilization, e.g. Egypt, Peru, Mexico, etc. They then started a series of underground mystery schools, which in…

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