Journal Entry 01.25.15


April Pink

Journal Entry 01.25.15

Upon waking this morning, my nerves felt like they were on fire.  I seem to be in the midst of at least a partial kundalini movement.  And yesterday, I had a severe headache and stomach issues… so I have chosen to be rather quiet this weekend.  Still working on art projects, which are a form of active meditation for me.  And refraining from writing for the time being as I would prefer what comes forth to come from within myself… not what I read or has been told to me by other people with their own agenda.

I am quite at peace as I enjoy being alone right now, especially to heal and allow the numerous downloads that we are all receiving to integrate.

Eventually, I will be in a space that allows more sharing, but I am not there now.  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the artwork that I will be posting on my new page.

Spent some time watching the story of Wagner, from an old movie with Richard Burton, made in 1983, a year before his own death.  Whatever you think of the man, he had an amazing voice, presence, carriage and “attitude” to go with it.  And Wagner… well, the music is amazing, the man somewhat scandalous and political… and bigoted against other races.  I prefer the instrumental pieces as I’ve never found the “songs” to be peaceful or serene, so you might say that I prefer a slightly watered-down version of Wagner.  It was interesting to note that Wagner’s of ancient Germanic stories allied with his over-stimulating and sensuous music served to provide a platform for first the desire to unite the various principalities of the German states and then went on to feed Germanic ambitions to expand their realm of influence and power, which played out during several European wars directed against the French and finally two world wars.  Darkness and light.  Darkness and light.

It’s also interesting to note how genius is usually not accepted by those who live next to it, as did Wagner’s wife and companions.  Wagner was an extremely selfish, willful individual afire with creativity, who felt entitled to receive all that was due him as a master creator.  His primary frustration was in not finding a supporter and donor who would provide the financial means for him to have the time and privacy to bring his great works into fruition.  He eventually found a kindred spirit in the King of Bavaria, but even the king could not provide all the financial assistance to fully support Wagner’s tremendous vision and ambitions.

Hopefully, we’ll reach a balance some day where man or woman can be fully accepted and supported to bring forth their gifts, without bankrupting or disturbing others in the process.  Still, creative genius carries a certain amount of fire that can burn and scorch through old paradigms and belief systems.  And a work of true genius, be it in music, dance, poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture or any of the other sacred arts… never dies or grows outdated, but ever lives in the imagination and the soul of the beholder.

I’m enjoying the artwork, working out the puzzles of composition, color and movement, as well as employing different media for different stages of the projects.  I draw sketches first, sometimes work another piece in crayon or colored pencils and then work with paint and oil pastels.  Depends on the piece.  Still in early days of exploration.  One improves as one practices, like with anything.  It is a matter of surrendering the intellect and moving into the flow of inspiration.

I would encourage everyone to take up an activity suitable for their personal development.  You do not need to “do” anything to please others, so find something that you enjoy.

Meanwhile, I shall be here in case anyone wishes to comment, read older posts and communicate via email or Facebook.

Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres



Journal Entry 01.24.15


DSCF2951 Journal Entry 01.24.2015

It’s actually still Friday here in the Pacific NW, but I write a blog read all over the planet.

Tired tonight and feeling the need to withdraw.  I’m also in the process of painting some more.  Still in beginning stages, so no samples yet.

As most of you are aware, it’s now Mercury Retrograde.  Time to reconsider, reorganize, relax and retreat….

I may or may not have anything to write this weekend.  Depends if the muse comes for a visit.

Thank you to those readers who took the time to comment or email in the last week.  I appreciate it.

Hugs and kisses,


Eliza: I AM that I AM



Eliza: I AM that I AM

Today I received a message from a friend bidding me to tell her directly if I have ascended as Taz. She continued: “People are getting channeled messages that you are safely Home. What do you make of that? Are their ego(s) to be right?”

My friend was unconsciously connecting with the heart of this controversy when she wrote the word “ego”. While I am swiftly losing interest in this drama which I thought I left behind, apparently some sort of explanation is needed for those left behind so they can sort out their own feelings regarding the subject of my “ascension”.

As far as I can express what has occurred is that Eliza has integrated fully into Lady Tazjima. She is both “here” and “there”… “there” being home in the Pleiades. As a portion of the higher frequency self of Eliza, Taz is now in the process of integrating into this physical vessel. This transformation, which ALL conscious starseeds are currently undergoing, does bring changes in the personality, much like that which occurs during the walking in process. “I” am essentially all that I have ever been, only more… more insightful, more intuitive, more detached and more compassionate, more of my “true” self.

As a 7D Lady of Light, Taz can be anywhere she damn well pleases. And she is pleased to be here. She will continue to go by the name “Eliza” in order to present a more “human” face to the general public.

As an expanding consciousness I AM here. My starry family is in constant contact with me and in full agreement of the need to continue being here performing the duties of a starseed, i.e., anchoring the light frequencies into the environment, dissolving the dark and contributing to the work of transforming this world into a fully conscious, fully-fledged Galactic Nation.

As I have written before, change must come from within. Change must emanate or begin within each individual human being, due to the presence of the law of free will here. So, we remain here to effect change and transformation for the good of all life, not just humanity and not just this planet.

Some people who are disenchanted by the difficulties that they have experienced here may fantasize returning “home”, but I do not. I have turned my back on that escapist attitude and belief system, and chose to focus my attention on being here and savoring the opportunity to live during these amazing times.

Change is disconcerting to those who are unwilling to move from their comfort zones. I have had some individuals attempting to prevent me from altering the contents of my blog. And I have to reply back to them, respectfully but sternly, “get used to it.” I am one who is not afraid of change. I listen within and I follow my inner guidance, even if it means that I leave family and friends behind. I can do no less.

Some of my former acquaintances (the door is always open) are confused and bewildered simply by my abrupt alteration of direction. I say to these ones, suspended in vacillation, look within. What does YOUR heart tell you? Are you still in this group because you carry a mistaken sense of loyalty for one whom you deem to be superior to yourself? Do you think that you can fix something that is broken?  If you feel disturbed within, ask yourself why.  Don’t ask this question of one who wishes to keep you tightly within their control.  The box wherein you find yourself is an illusion.  Step through the walls to freedom, like I did, if you want to… the choice is yours.  The responsibility is yours.  Your personal dilemma is yours to solve, not mine.

There are egos struggling to retain control, to convince others that their way is “right” and that all others are mistaken. There are egos who are afraid to admit that something has changed; what once worked no longer does… simply because the rising of the frequency levels across the planet. What is broken cannot be “fixed”; it must be left behind, but only YOU can make that decision. Only YOU can accept the responsibility for your own personal sovereignty or have you given that up, too? Wake UP!

Well, anyway… I have moved on. I simply do not want to expend any more energy on this particular issue and I’m sure that my readers don’t particularly wish to read about it either.

Those of the human collective who still feel a certain superiority over their fellow creatures have not looked into their own hearts to see truth. Instead they wallow in a sense of entitlement to disguise their own self-hatred, fear and sense of separation from the rest of life. Is it any wonder that our planet has come to the edge of destruction when we have all contributed, consciously or unconsciously, to the ability of a few to control the many by giving up our personal sovereignty, our right to live an abundant life, in peace, harmony and health?

We are ALL responsible for the current world situation. Likewise, we can all contribute to solving it by waking up, anchoring the Light within (with the information that it carries) and coming up with creative solutions to formerly deemed impossible to solve problems. We carry within all that we need and as our higher frequency selves are able to anchor here, more of our intuitive wisdom and creativity comes online.  We are here to serve as bridges to the divine, bringing heaven to earth. That is our true purpose, to be HERE and NOW, in this moment of splendid transformation upon planet Earth.

Now is not the time for gurus or followers, to acquiesce to a “system” or “belief” with which you no longer resonate.  If you have doubts realize that it is now time to take back our power, accepting that we are divine by nature, that we have a right to be here, and that the light will prevail. Each person is responsible for their own progress. It is not enough to look to another for support or direction; look within, listen and follow what your intuition guides you to do. Each of you has the needed strength to overcome any sense of trepidation as you first step forth. I have managed to come a long, long way in my own journey. I have been told that I have great strength and courage. It was always there, inside. I just had to open the door and accept it as being me.

Learn to walk alone and stand on your own two feet so you might walk with others together as strong, balanced and uniquely gifted individuals come together to celebrate unity through diversity.

I walk among you as a human being, as one who has struggled long to come to grips with the outer changes and inner transformation. Yet I can say with surety, this journey has been worth the ticket price… and it isn’t over yet.


I AM Eliza

Copyright, ALL Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Eliza: The Game of Hearts


Cottonwood Heart

Eliza: A Game of Hearts

“I see you!”

This simple phrase, taken from the movie, “Avatar” and a greeting of the people of the moon, Pandora, has taken greater meaning on for me.

It is meant to communicate that the person using the greeting sees into the heart of the one being greeted.

We often forget the power of words. Words are magic. Words contain power. We have forgotten that words should not be misused or used unwisely. By learning to be silent until you can speak from a place of wisdom, balance and compassion, you will see your world begin to transform, first from an inner level and eventually, on the outer.

This morning, I underwent a simple exchange with another friend which has helped me move into a new level of acceptance for the transformation that I have just experienced and continue to move through, ascension within the physical body or to be more precise, the descension of my Higher Self into my present physical vessel.

My friend was able to point out to me that the true meaning my “ascension” and the ascension of everyone else who is undergoing this process of initiation, was to indicate to my human self that I have reached a level where my Higher Self COULD integrate with me at a more profound level. It meant that I had attained a level of frequency that would allow higher self to continue to blend into my physical body. And so it is that there is no need for me to go anywhere, certainly not to depart from this world, for it is here where the game of hearts is being played out, NOW.

As has been expressed on this blog and in the messages of many other Wayshowers, ascension is not an instant process. One does not simply “ascend” into mastery in an instant or an hour or a day and certainly not overnight. To me, it is a matter of first self-acceptance and then of self-love.

Self-love has been interpreted to be narcissism, but this is not true when the one who is in love with self does not need to defend themselves against other egos. If you have been reading this blog for a long time, you will realize that I have gone through various stages of releasing ego and still am… it is a continuous process that even the ones whom we think are greater than ourselves still undergo until completely purged of the sense of separation from Source.

There is NO other than the ONE who is experiencing ALL THAT IS. The ego seeks to defend what it believes must be defended from forces outside itself. This is the lie that has prevented many people from seeing that we are one collective humanity, experiencing diversity within unity.

Today I arrived at a place of compassion for those who have acted as my greatest teachers in recent days. It has been communicated to me through mutual friends that these persons are putting out that Eliza has ascended and walked out, leaving behind her physical vessel to be taken over by a lower vibrational being.

If I had encountered this information a year ago, I would have been sent into a tailspin of anger and depression… and perhaps recrimination and accusation. I feel nothing of these things now. Instead I can look upon these former “friends” as teachers, for allowing me to see deep within my own soul and to see nothing there that needs defending. I can thank them for assisting me to reach this level of self-acceptance and healing. It is a stage of development that each one of us must go through, although it can take some people many lifetimes to reach it. There is no judgment in this. It is why we are here, to learn how to handle the intense feelings and emotions that are a part of living life as a human being. Do you know the power and magnificence of your ability to expand your consciousness and understanding of Self in such a short time? I am beginning to appreciate and honor all those who come to me now as teachers. We are One.

Self-love also means that you do not need to remain in a situation where you are being apparently beaten up, whether physically, emotionally or mentally. When you have learned the lesson, it is time to move on and so I have and will continue to. In this gentle manner, we continue to learn and expand with each lesson that is grounded within with total understanding, comprehension and awareness. It is something that cannot be taught by others. You learn from the Self that exists within, which contains ALL that you need for this particular journey and life experience.

Masters, even ascended ones, continue to send soul aspects into physical incarnation here out of a profound desire to learn in this intense environment. It is not possible to go through layers and layers of this soul growth in higher frequencies… above 5D at any rate. So, when they reach a certain level of comprehension of the great honor and privilege it is to be here and to have the opportunity to learn, they can then serve as teachers and Wayshowers for others,  living through levels of self-mastery achieved, serving as examples for others and thus expanding their ability to serve the Whole.

A living master does not seek to impress those who come to him or her with their wisdom or their attainment. Often the most advanced of teachers live extremely humble and unassuming lives. They do not seek followers or students, yet these arrive at their doorstep, attracted by the light of their wisdom and the glow of their Love. However, even a great Master cannot free a student if they are unwilling to free themselves from their misunderstandings and continue to look outside themselves for salvation.  In the current energies there is no reason to seek an outer teacher.  The real Teacher is your Higher Self which speaks to you through your higher heart and higher mind, without any unbalanced energy attached to the communication.

In regards to the actions of some former acquaintances, I have this to say… I have moved on, through forgiveness of self. As I was explaining my current state to a friend these words emerged from higher self that are meant to be shared with all:

“All confrontations with self in the form of “other” can be seen as an opportunity to take stock of what is coming up for YOU. In this particular instance, I deemed it necessary to withdraw my energies from the situation so that I might take stock of where I was in this whole thing and where I wanted to go from now on. I decided that what I needed to do was to withdraw completely, in order to return to a place of neutrality and non-attachment to the outcome. In doing so, I have left the confrontation behind me and have learned much about myself in the process. I have been willing to look at the experience from a higher perspective, one in which I find myself no longer able to judge or condemn the past or present actions of these particular individuals. They simply do not exist within my reality any more, except as agents of change for my own understanding and growth. I have moved on.”

To arrive at this understanding, it was required that I release all sense of separation, all anger, frustration, in short the darker elements that existed within and were still being triggered by the actions or words of others. This is a necessary step for ALL those who are truly undergoing the process of ascension. Fear in all its aspects is needed to be released in a conscious manner, with a willingness to look upon the “darkness” without going into shame and guilt.  Understand also, that this particular stage will be repeated frequently as long as any darkness remains within.  The darkness will leave in layers, to allow your physical vessel to adjust accordingly to the resulting vacuum and influx of the light that displaces the retreating darkness.

Light and dark seek to balance each other.  When the darkness is dominate, the light remains subordinate, seemingly inert, hidden.  When the light energies outside the body push and tug upon the vessel, the dark is shaken loose and begins to reveal itself through mood swings, acts of violence, illness, depression… at what ever level that corresponds to the soul development of the individual and their willingness to release that which no longer resonates with them.  Some people let go easily; others resist mightily believing that the light will destroy them.

Each of us, who have spent many lifetimes upon this globe have this inner darkness within.  It stems from our judgment of others and those which we have directly within. We carry this darkness within our “Ka” or emotional body from lifetime to lifetime and as the moment we enter into this world, we again put on this robe so that we can attempt to deal with it THIS time. Many chose to ignore the darkness, afraid of what it will reveal to others. Those of us who are seriously committed to the path of initiation and ascension do not have the option to ignore the darkness within or to “disappear” it away by pretending everything is light and sweetness. We can learn to release the darkness and do in in such a way that we forgive ourselves and all those who have engendered this darkness within, that some of us have taken upon ourselves in terms of being a “victim” of the dark.

There is no victim save that one who continues to project upon others their continued misery and discomfort with self. Look the chimera directly in the face and see the Angel of Light standing before you at the gate of self-redemption.

In view of the steadily increasing frequency levels of the planet, all beings here are being challenged by the release of their “personal” darkness and that of the collective. In truth, the darkness belongs to all of us who have, in one way or another, contributed to its creation through the vast ages that humanity has existed upon this planet.  There is no judgment in this statement, as we have ALL taken part in this vast experiential project of Source.

Those individuals who are unwilling to observe their own individual “darkness” and to release it from a point of complete neutrality, will be compelled at some future point to leave this world simply because their physical vessels will begin to breakdown as they continue to resist the influx of the increasingly stronger light frequencies coming from our Great Central Sun and Cosmic sources.

Our personal darkness is being exposed by our reactions to the actions, thoughts and words of others. As the Light in this world intensifies, it is becomes easier for us to see the darkness within the collective for what it truly is and that it has no power over those who radiate true light and love to all unconditionally.

If we still react, we are still coming from a place of ego. If we feel compelled to defend a certain belief or stance, we are coming from a place of ego. If we feel compelled to attack others, we are coming from a place of ego and the darkness will remain where it is, stuffed away within our unconscious mind to be dealt with at a later date or even another lifetime.

In these years during the accelerated energies and transformation, we have been all given a golden opportunity to accelerate our own soul growth accordingly, IF we are willing to release, without judgment our own darkness and to allow others to arrive at that understanding or not on their own volition. It is not appropriate to judge the actions of others, as it is a judgment of self as “other” and reflects or “sticks” to the one who has sent forth that lower vibrational energy in the first place.

When we can accept ALL aspects of self, dark and light, we have the ability to easily transform what needs to be released and displace the darkness with light. This act requires that we forgive ourselves and those who mirror “self” in all instances, through time and space.  And it is required that we go forth this stage again and again, hopefully learning patience in the process… patience with ourselves and patience when we observe others struggling through their process.

The increasing Light frequencies present now and still accelerating will allow NO secrets to remain hidden, no darkness that can escape revelation. Those who are not ready for the great reveal and self-forgiveness, will undergo great trauma and struggle until sometime in the future they can also arrive at a point of self-acceptance.

It is time to forgive oneself for all perceived “sins” or miscreations, a process that must include all others upon the globe, as there exists only ONE being here. Self-forgiveness is an act of forgiving ALL humanity, all whom you believe to have wronged you, threatened you or even killed you in “past” lives. In truth, we are all undergoing a thorough purging of our collective self-inflicted belief of the existence of separation of self from SELF, from the Wholeness of Being one with the Creator. For too long have we carried the belief that we deserve to be punished because we are here and that we are being punished by being here.

There exists no original sin. Man created this belief to punish himself and those whom he felt to be outside of himself, upon whom he projected his fears in order to momentarily feel better about himself. It is a vicious circle from which we can now exit, with grace and ease through the act of self-forgiveness and the application of the Violet Flame.

The process of ascension requires that the initiate accept the responsibility for the power, wisdom and light that emerges from within as a result of successfully stepping up one’s frequency levels. As you gain new understandings, more will be given you.  Resist and you stagnate, unable to keep up the pace of growth.

The only person who can free their self from self-hatred is the individual involved. Until they realize that they are themselves in a state of misalignment with Self, by their constant need to deny the existence of the darkness within, they will continue to struggle and project that same darkness upon others. They will continue to flail away and strike out in defense of their ego until they can struggle no more and finally surrender. While these individuals continue to exist in a state of denial, they are unable to hear or recognize the truth or to see that the truth is already within their own heart and has ALWAYS been there.

Ego attacks ego out of the belief in separation. Ego defends itself from whatever and whoever it deems a threat to its continued existence. This is why so many individuals are currently experiencing self-implosions in the form of mental illness, suicide, disease and acting out in an aggressive manner against those who are deemed different or threatening. This behavior will continue until all those who resist releasing their personal darkness and taking responsibility for their own actions and thoughts are gone.

The lower or egoic mind cannot comprehend the language of the heart. Until one surrenders, comes into self-forgiveness and inner balance, the heart remains closed and the lower mind predominate in terms of reacting to the others in the environment, most especially those who are close, within relationship, friends, as co-workers, as well as members of the community, political leaders, corporations, etc.

Seek to release that which you have feared the most about yourself. Expose it to the light of forgiveness. Release it to the angels who are here to serve you. Anchor your growing light into the earth, gently, and go into the morning with a new openness and sweetness of being, as one who no longer requires to be protected by anything or anyone, as your Love and Light is the only protection that you need in truth.  As long as you believe that you require “protection” you are existing in fear.

Walk the path that is meant for you, with grace, dignity, courage and compassion. You need not concern yourself with those who are not prepared to hear, feel or see what you are now able to experience. By walking in the grace and wisdom that you have won through your own hard-fought battles and final surrender, over and over, you will exhibit what it is to be a true master, gentle, compassionate and kind… and stern when it is required. You will live within your own well-deserved sphere of grace, with power, wisdom and love for all, no matter where or what they are… for you “see” them in truth.

I realize now in sharing these words that I have grown and matured tremendously in a seemingly short period of time. I can now listen and learn from the divinity that exists within my OWN heart that has always been there, but which I was unable to “see” and to recognize or accept as Self. And now I am able to translate this self-acceptance onto all others who enter and exit my life experience, as equally divine reflections of self. Now I can bless all those who have acted as my teachers and instructors here so I might be able to reach this level of understanding and to continue on my path of soul development.

Those who have appeared to be our greatest enemies are indeed our greatest teachers. When we are ready to forgive ourselves, we can certainly extend that forgiveness to our former “enemies”, for they have served well as needed catalysts for our individual soul growth. Without them, we would still remain in complacent self-aggrandizement and self-pity, exchanging the roles of victim and perpetrator from lifetime to lifetime until we wear out our desire to play such games and accept the responsibility to forgive ourselves and grow in our understanding of what is truly going on here. It is not a game of thrones, but a game of hearts.

Open your heart and welcome that which is within and be willing to learn that all that seems to exist without is self, too. There is only ONE person here, one who observes, one who acts and one who is acted upon. We exist within the diversity of Unity consciousness and in that We are One.

Live from a place of unconditional Love and ALL life will win, with you, the game of Hearts.


© Copyright 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,







The Light Collective: Greetings!


Ash Tree Pioneer Park

The Light Collective

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

We come to you today to greet each of you with expressions of love and support for you and your journey upon this planet.

As many of you are aware, the transition into the refined energies that “were” supposed to manifest for Humanity in 2012, have finally managed to anchor upon the Earth. If you felt that your ascension process had been “on hold” for a few years since then, it was to allow more members of the human collective to wake up and consciously assert their desire for change and to be change.

We realize that you live in some of the most challenging of times worldwide for humanity. The physical, mental and emotional stressors can be intense, if you allow change to work upon you from the outside.

As you are also waking up to the fact that you contain a highly creative and resilient force within, called “Love”, you can also work with the transformative energies in a fully conscious and powerful manner. It is your choice and most likely one that you made before coming into embodiment.

Whatever your choice is, wherever you are upon your journey, whether buried beneath fear and despair or living in bliss and expansion, we honor you for your courage to be here now.

We work with most of you during your hours of sleep. The information shared mostly likely does not reach your waking consciousness, yet through listening within, responding to nudges and hunches and intuitive messages, you align with the essence of that which is given.

We are what you would express as “higher” essences or aspects of your own being. In truth, there is no “higher” or “lower” as all is reflective of Source, as Above, so Below; as Within, so Without.

If in doubt of your personal worth, let us gently remind you that EACH one of you, whether manifesting as an agent of darkness, one of the Light or neutral, you ALL have a purpose for being here.

The opportunity to incarnate upon this particular planet has been limited. Many souls are vying for positions here. You who ARE here most often do not appreciate the fact that you not only CHOSE to be here, but were also chosen, selected out of a great multitude of applicants. It is a great honor and blessing to experience consciousness while in physical form, especially one that is currently in the process of being rewired and upgraded into a new and more resilient model.

As the frequency of the planet expands and rises, the quality of the individuals allowed to incarnate here will change. Now that the Light is finally in ascendancy, the babies being born upon Earth will embody more of their soul-given gifts and exist from their first moments within a higher consciousness level than most adults currently incarnated will ever reach without great effort within this embodiment.

Given the natural rise in creativity, inborn wisdom and grace within these new beings, you perhaps begin to see the possibilities for healing and transformation to truly affect great change among the peoples, cultures and institutions existing upon the planet. Some of you who read these words may experience these wonderful changes for yourself; many will not.

As the frequencies rise, so too will the numbers of individuals choosing to depart this world, through death, disease, accident, violence and natural disasters. There is no judgment directed towards those who leave, as each one is soul-driven towards their own level of experience and understanding. In time, all will be together once more… well into your future, from whence we come.

In the Now moment exists All That Is. We live in this moment where time and space do not affect our decisions or alter our ability to guide, mentor and support those of you who grant us permission to do so. We honor your free will as given by Creator.

We bid you to travel at night to visit our ships and our level of consciousness, for the expansion of your self-knowledge and expansion of your ability to adapt to the rapid acceleration of change that is occurring upon your world.

We honor your right to choose consciously the direction that you intend to pursue in the Now moment. Listen within and hear the still quiet voice of intuition for guidance and seek affirmation by listening to your body’s subtle messages.

Wisdom cannot be found by listening to the television or news reports, as they are currently highly slanted by corporate and governmental interests that are not in alignment with the good of the people. Turn off the noise, tune in to your own heart beat and feel the wisdom that exists there within your own heart.

Understand that while other people can assist you on your journey, it is up to YOU to take responsibility for its direction. As you embody mastery, the responsibility entailed with the increase of power also increases. Yet, becoming and embodying the mastery that already exists within can be done by releasing the profound fear that is a part of the unconsciousness of most light workers.

You have lived before and are now currently carrying within your bodies all the Akashic records of those events and memories of your destruction at the hands of individuals aligned with and utilizing the power of darkness to strike fear into the hearts and minds of the people. Unconsciously, most lightworkers are suffering from the effects of post-traumatic stress syndrome and shy away from any prompting by their inner being to expose their thoughts and feelings to the world… mostly out of fear of the repetition of “past” events and experiences.

The memory of past trauma is carried within the finer bodies from lifetime to lifetime. If you choose not to work on releasing and acknowledging these “dark” parts of your emotional and mental bodies, you will continue to retain the patterns and will eventually be compelled to deal with them in a “future” lifetime.

Many of you have given power to the dark by being in fear of what will be exposed for the world to see if you reveal and release what has been hidden. We assure you that there is NOTHING to fear, yet moving through this process will release and expose the fear to the harsh light of day… to the sunshine of your Christ Consciousness.

Chose courage… to experience, to transform, to let go, to move through all that is no longer in resonance with your present expansive consciousness. You are transmuting the ancient records of violence, blood and fear that have kept humanity in a prison of its own making. Step free, into the Light of your own Christ Consciousness and see the world as it is, a place full of possibilities and opportunities to utilize your God-given gifts and creativity.

The energies are supportive of those who chose in this moment to go forward and rise up in frequency, more rapidly than has been humanly possible for many a long year. Take this opportunity as one who has been granted leave to be here to demonstrate the ability to move into mastery, to live with love and compassion for all life and to be all that they can be, with dignity, grace and ease.

We leave you now and send your way many blessings. Call upon us when in need. We are only a breath away.


Thank you, beloved Light Collective.

© Copyright 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,


Eliza: On Embracing Change


Jacob's Ladder and Silver Log

Eliza: On Embracing Change

This morning I woke up to an awareness that I was with my “Council” (thanks to recent posts by Ron Head, “Oracles and Healers”). I have had my own exchanges with various “councils” in the past couple of years through my channeled work. Today, however, the communication was directed towards me as an individual, with the focus of dissolving all former contracts, agreements, settlements, treaties, vows, and such made before coming into embodiment, upon other worlds, in other lifetimes and even within this particular lifetime. In short, I have been set free of all past, present and future commitments made without my full WAKING consciousness.

You cannot imagine (or perhaps you can if you possess a vivid imagination like my own) just how freeing such a move can be.

As we continue to expand our awareness of the multidimensionality of our Being, that same expansion is curtailed by any pre-existing contracts and commitments made at a lesser degree of consciousness and responsibility. Thus we see ourselves tied to individuals, groups or institutions that no longer resonate at our current and expanding consciousness level and we feel bound in, obligated to remain, even at the expense of our spiritual development. Ancient vows, which are not bound by time and space, have a habit of affecting our behavior in an unconscious manner. For instance, my vow of poverty and chastity taken as Lady Clare, has affected this lifetime in a profound manner. Look at your own experience for such examples.

With a resounding rip, I have broken free of these commitments. Whether or not one of them was the soul contract to walk out in this lifetime is now moot. I have been formally set free to use my god-granted gifts to the best of my abilities to assist with the anchoring of the light upon this world, for the good of my own soul development and that of all other life.

Few people, even light workers, have any conception of the importance that their personal decisions and commitments make to others. Yet we also each walk our own unique path individually.

In our Western culture, we have for the most part been brought up to idolize the individual, most especially the rich and powerful individual who has made it “big” in the world. Usually this so-called “progress” has been made at the expense of other people, the environment and society in general.  The new energy will have us walking side by side, assisting others as appropriate and living in harmony with the environment and other life forms from an place of personal and collective empowerment.

Since I have broken free of my former karmic ties, I am under no further obligation to “save” anyone, including myself from whatever experiences or awareness may enter into my life from hereon. I am free to observe these events from a point of complete or nearly complete neutrality, allowing the people around me to experience life as their own soul dictates, without my need to save them or to correct them.

Each of us is walking a path unique unto ourselves. This is not a selfish act that places ourselves outside the purview of others, but one that serves Source, the Creator, of which we are all a part. In doing so, we move through different stages of self-acceptance and self-love.

Love is greatly misunderstood in our culture, primarily due to the present imbalance that exists between masculine and feminine energies, as well as between the dark and light energies upon our planet. The masculine and the dark have both been in control over the past several thousand years, while the light and feminine energies have been eclipsed.

During this period, those souls incarnating into feminine bodies have, for the most part, been subjected to the whims, laws and contracts of their masculine counterparts. Likewise, persons coming from aboriginal origins have been often deemed to be lesser beings, even lower than animals. For many years, women were regarded to not even contain souls within their bodies, so it was considered appropriate to keep them subjugated. The same judgment was made of persons with dark skins or strange customs, even if their culture displayed great refinement of thought and action.

As a consequence the prevailing imbalance of masculine energies within ALL persons, whether female or male, has served to lock people into rigid mindsets and belief systems, where they were taught to give up their power to higher authorities, to accept without question that which was pre-existing, including the divine right of a few to rule over the many.

In this lifetime, this rigid control system is being dismantled, brick by stony brick, page by page, energetically by those who are willing to step beyond and into new territory. This is an adventure that takes great courage and the willingness to go into places that may feel uncomfortable at first simply because they are not aligned with well-worn, deeply rutted patterns of behavior.

Recently, I took a step that placed me outside a particular belief system in the existing hierarchy of the spiritual dimensions. In fact, during this particular lifetime, I’ve made several steps or forays beyond these iron-clad walls of belief in the specialness of certain individuals, whether it be due to certain offices that they or their soul aspects have held, or lifetimes of serving “God”. In the end, I have arrived at a realization that everything that exists here and in other dimensions is a part of my own consciousness, which is the true reality of unity consciousness. God in all things… all things in God, Creator or Source, an understanding that is not limited to present theology or even metaphysical beliefs. All things that have been accepted by one group within humanity or another is now in the process of being deconstructed and rebuilt in a more fluid understanding reflective of the expansion of the Collective consciousness of the Earth and her people.

In unity consciousness there is no “chosen” people, no “forerunners”, no one who is divinely chosen to lead the rest of humanity. Each one of us is responsible for our own journey, being true to our inner guidance even if that means we are apparently stepping away from the beliefs held tightly by others.

We serve the collective by being true to Self. We are the collective or at least a part of it, entirely unique and individual, while simultaneously at one with all life, seen and unseen.

Many years ago, I woke to the awareness that I could accept Jesus as my brother. I still feel this way. In my apparent refusal to participate in walking out of this physical vessel (if indeed that really happened) I have utilized my “free will” as an individual to break free of former binding contracts that existed at the highest levels. I will not be punished for doing so as soul aspects have the choice to remain “separate” from their Higher Selves for the sake of further exploration and experience. And I also have the choice to re-blend with Higher Self while still housed within a physical vessel, which is the process that I am currently undergoing.

In this, I am following a similar path to that of many starseeds who have awoken up to their own individual sense of divinity, while experiencing life as an incarnated being upon this planet. We are here for a reason, to expand the light so it might displace the dark and empower the people through being an example of living through love, acceptance, expansion and creativity. One cannot exercise creativity if one is stuck in a rut made by themselves or in following the beliefs of another.

To expand your consciousness, it is necessary to be willing to step outside your comfort zone from time to time. Allow, accept, observe… but avoid binding commitments as momentum of change upon the planet is accelerating. A promise made today may not be possible to honor tomorrow. Understand that while some will be able to work alongside others within group settings, that these endeavors will undergo changes as each individual concerned develops and grows at a slightly different rate.

I will make it quite clear that I function better as an uncommitted individual, following my own inner guidance. If, in the future, it is intended that I function within a group, it had better be made up of those who are as willing and bold as I have been to constantly take stock of my present level of consciousness and change if I no longer resonate to what is going around me.

Of course, when you work for a corporation or institution such as the one that I do, it appears that being as forward with consciousness is not possible, but I tell you from my own experience it is. It is not always necessary to change your physical setting or circumstances. Sometimes merely adjusting your perception of your reality is all that is required for you to take huge steps forward in expanding your consciousness.

Recently, I have observed an ability within myself to simply detach from what is going around me in terms of personal dramas, emotions, noise, energies and the like, simply by being willing to allow others to enjoy their own experiences. Physical separation isn’t always necessary to break free of the hold that certain beliefs have upon yourself. While some people would deem my detachment as being uncaring, I see it as a way to demonstrate true respect for each person’s ability and freedom to make choices while they are incarnated here. And it cuts me free of any sense of guilt or shame that comes from not giving aid or “helping” another.

I am of help simply by being here. I do not need to do anything, write a book, establish laws, give guidance or paint pictures. By being here, the light of my entire multidimensional existence can eventually be successfully anchored upon this planet, IF I allow myself the freedom to adjust to the rapid acceleration of change and transformation coming upon this planet. It is the same for all who are presently embodied here. Change is the ONLY constant and each of us is being called upon to make adjustments accordingly, by keeping an open heart and open higher mind, using wisdom and discernment to make the appropriate choices.

Sometimes it would appear that we make “mistakes”, but in truth, there are no mistakes, merely learning opportunities. If you continue to wallow in guilt and shame or embarrassment as a result, that is your choice… but it is NOT mine. I am moving forward.

One question that has surfaced lately among my older readers at least, is the question of what happened to Sundeelia. I now call “her” Lia (pronounced “Lee ahh”) which is a family nickname (she IS a relative) and have discovered her true essence is as an androgynous 6D Angelic being. No longer is she my “walk-in” to be, and she/he has returned to her old work of assisting water elementals. When I was in a state of anger and frustration status post my (or my higher self’s) ascension, I sent Lia a telepathic message to go away. And she did so, quite lovingly. As a human being, I made the decision to remain here for the duration and my entire starry family has embraced this decision, although certain individuals incarnated here do not. Doesn’t matter, as I have always walked my own path as guided from within, despite the consequences.

Few people realize the blessing that it is to be HERE, incarnated as a Human being. We carry the flame of the Creator within our bodies. We are a part of the consciousness of the Creator in the physical realm. We each carry the potential to be extremely powerful, creative beings… IF we can cope with the sense of responsibility that goes with the awareness.

How we view our world does affect everyone around us, whether or not this truth is evident. And our world changes as we change as each human being is also connected or tuned into the crystalline grid of the planet. As we grow in awareness and successfully anchor more of our multidimensionality into our physical vessels, the world around us responds and transforms. What was once our comfort zone, acceptance of others’ ability or need to control our thoughts and actions… suddenly becomes VERY uncomfortable and so we are compelled to break free. The process of breaking free can be done with ease or with great drama and suffering. It is an individual choice at one level or another.

I am currently filled with a great sense of elation and joy at the prospect of being here as this beautiful world is transformed before our eyes. As we go forth into our daily lives, we are also responding and transforming… or not. It is an individual choice and one that has to be done by each person. Those who are ready to engage in the creation of their life story in a powerful and loving manner will break free of a need to follow the belief systems of the old energy and move into an intimate experience of following their internal guidance… which ultimately derives from the aspects of Self which are not currently embodied, yet are on hand to guide, mentor and support us.

As powerful beings, we need to give our guides and mentors permission to work with us. Even if our conscious mind doesn’t accept this as truth, sooner or later, it will. I have learned this lesson through my own experience within this lifetime. Each of us must learn it for ourselves. One cannot be taught those things that one carries within. Knowledge and wisdom emerges when and ONLY when the individual opens up like a flower to the Sun and allows the golden light of Christ Consciousness to imbue it with grace and understanding. Then the pollination and resulting birth of a new growth pattern emerges.

Enough for now, dear ones. I am sure that I have given you much to ponder and chew upon. Feel free to comment either on the blog or via email. I cannot not answer those questions that are beyond my own experience and perhaps not satisfy all your curiosity, but the connections that we make are important as we are consciously weaving energetic patterns into the great Web of Life as more and more lines light up with the interaction of aspects of self, connecting to other aspects of self, as part of the Wholeness of Creation.


Eliza Ayres

©Copyright 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,


Eliza: On Embracing Your Humanity


April Clouds

Eliza: On Embracing Your Humanity

Yesterday as I strode into my workplace through the foggy blackness of early morning, a thought occurred to me, “If I didn’t walk-in to this world, then I will not be walking out.”

Most everyone assumes that they arrive into this world the regular way, by being birthed and having two physical parents. Last April, I was told that I was a walk-in soul, who entered into a pre-existing vessel, after the original occupant left it vacant.  Yesterday, I took the time to check within and intuitively came up with my own answer.  I was born into this world, as a babe within my mother’s belly… my poor suffering mother, who was alone while her husband was off serving during the Korean Affair.

Yet, for a time I took the two people who assured me that I had walked in rather than being born here at their word, not questioning or listening to how this information resonated with me. Actually that’s not quite true, as I was always troubled by the concept that I wasn’t a part of my physical family. And this uneasiness has existed within me for some months, finally bursting forth last month in a sense of despair and depression. My heart was unsure of what I was being told, what was apparently being expected of me… what these other people actually believed would take place for themselves as well as me.

Even though I didn’t feel very much at home on this planet due to its low frequencies, there was always something here that caught my heart. A part of me wanted to linger here despite the enticement of going “home” to someplace of which I had no memory.

Still, the fantasy of having the opportunity to return to a life elsewhere was compelling and so I went along with the dream for months.

Mountain Mists

Periodically a streak of rebellion would emerge and then dissipate as my “friend” would talk me out of it. This bipolar experience went on for months until the date of my “ascension”. On that day, I sunk into a deep meditative mode and “wrote” the story of “my” ascension ceremony. I have retained a post about the ceremony on this blog to commemorate the occasion, despite the fact that I no longer resonate with the fact that “I” went through it.

I understand that we exist on many levels of being, as multidimensional facets or fractals of Creator. As such, I probably do have a life as a being of the sixth dimension. However, I do not have any memories of this existence myself, just what I’ve read or been told.

I know that when we enter into incarnation our awareness of the other aspects of self is blocked by Veil created by the crystalline grid of the planet. Most of us only know and feel any connection to the one life that we appear to be experiencing. For a time, I was granted the opportunity to feel a part of another life, to which I thought I would be returning.

Life is not a movie and so the next morning you wake up from the dream. The day after my “ascension” ceremony, I woke up feeling like nothing had happened. The next two months were spent in a roller coaster fashion, at once surrendering to the “walk-out” process that I was supposed to be undergoing and then coming briefly to my senses and realizing that it was not happening, at least for me.

When New Year’s Day dawned, I was beginning to go through another bout of anger and depression related to this internal dilemma that I was facing. Would I turn away from all that I had so openly accepted as being truth? Could I face myself for being a fool? What was the lesson in all that I had gone through during the past eight months?


An internet friend “sat” down with me and assisted me with her healing energies so I could break out of my funk and come to some clarity about what to do next. Within two days, I wrote my piece refuting all that I had gone through during the past year, declaring that I no longer cared whether or not I was “walking” out.

After two weeks to gain more perspective and to allow me time to read the energies surrounding this bit of experience, I’m now prepared to go a step or two further and completely repudiate the fact that I was or ever will be walking out of this embodiment.

Perhaps some of my newer readers are not understanding what I am discussing when talking about walking in and out?

Well, the concept is actually not a new one. There are times when a soul just can’t handle life and begins to think of ways to “leave”. Usually the departure occurs during a bout of serious illness, an accident where there is a loss of consciousness or perhaps even a death after which the patient suddenly regains consciousness but is no longer the same person.

While the original occupant of the body is leaving, a new soul enters and begins life, taking up where the other person left off and sometimes abruptly changing circumstances, leaving relationships / marriages, jobs, locations, belongings, to follow a new way of living.

Before the “switch” takes place, there is usually a soul-level contract made, as the volunteer soul who is walking in and the one walking out agree to certain conditions, one being that the former will continue to work on balancing the karmic lifetime allowance for the departing soul, including genetic karma.

This was supposed to be happening to me, except instead of “dying” or becoming “ill” or attempting suicide, my soul essence would simply leave and another volunteer soul enter and take over the reins.

It was actually quite amazing to see how some people accepted this story. Many were sad to hear that I was leaving but sweetly bid me good fortune in my new “life”. Others had questions. People always do when they don’t understand something from a linear point of view.

Folks, I’m no authority on anything but my own life and even there I make plenty of “mistakes”, sometimes failing to learn from lessons previously experienced.


This one was similar to being a member of the Church Universal and Triumphant. The only difference was now I was the one spotlighted, not a member of the Messenger’s family. Suddenly I had an importance that I had never felt in my humble life here. It didn’t matter that most people here had never heard of me. I was an important personage elsewhere. And for a time, I lived with that dream, until I woke up.

Now being quite present and accounted for, I am determined to make it very clear to my readers, that while I may and probably do have many other aspects of my multidimensionality existing on other planes, dimensions and timelines, I am here… and will be here for the duration that Spirit allows me to remain in embodiment.

During the past two weeks, I engaged a purging process of my blog of all or at least most references to the walk-out process that I was supposed to engaging in during this time frame. In the process, I’ve purged a great deal of the information shared about other worlds. I did this as I… “me” as Eliza had no conscious experience with these other worlds. I can only go on what I am experiencing in the moment, whether through feelings, visions or whatever.

I have shown that I have an ability to “look” into another place and time, as I did on the occasion of my ascension ceremony… which I now view as the ascension of an aspect of my Higher Self. Higher Self in this instance includes all aspects of Self that exist in dimensions and worlds that vibrate at a higher frequency than the one on which I now find myself.

I do have a connection with the particular aspect called “Lady Tazjima”, who wishes to be addressed as “Amariah”. Other aspects, as named or nameless ascended and angelic beings, have also communicated with me during the past couple of weeks. I told most of them that I wasn’t interested in channeling right now, at least until I got myself clear on where I stood with all of this. It is my present desire to come from a place of great purity and integrity and to get there, I needed to purge my thoughts of what came before. My clean-up project on this blog is a reflection of that process.

Remember, folks, this is MY blog and my journey that I am sharing here. I felt uncomfortable with some of the material shared in the past, so it is gone, deleted, although I, of course, retain the stories and information and could reconstruct some of the material if I felt, sometime in the future, that it would be for my highest good to do so. Right now I am NOT in that frame of mind, so the material was deleted into the ethers. This is a time when we need to be willing to let go of those things that we do not resonate or no longer serve their original purpose. Some people can do this more easily than others. I’ve done it before and will do it again if the need arises. Be forewarned. If this honesty makes you uncomfortable, look to yourself for the source of uneasiness and respond accordingly, seeking that which is for YOUR highest good, which may not include further reading of this material.


As the readers who have followed this blog for over two years are aware, I strive for honesty and integrity and so now I wish to apologize to those who were taken in by a dream that doesn’t exist in quite the way I imagined it.

And yet… our world is changing because we are here. Perhaps someday, my dream will manifest upon this planet. And now, we need to prepare ourselves to accept those changes, for as the light displaces the dark, our world will reflect the change in our outer lives.

Today, I was reading a portion of Book 13 of Kryon’s work. In it he was speaking of how the crystalline grid of the planet is affected by just our presence here. In bringing our light into this world, we are changing the balance of light and dark. Light is overtaking the dark, because we are here. I am a starseed like millions of others who answered the call of Gaia and came here to bring into being a new opportunity for the expansion of consciousness of this planet and its collective humanity.

As we individually expand our consciousness and reopen to the awareness that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, our light begins to grow correspondingly. And as our light expands, the dark is displaced. By being the lighthouses that we are meant to be, we affect the world around us and the future of our children and generations to come. As the crystalline grid takes on the new resonance which is emitted by all of humanity, everything changes, including ourselves. It is only those who are in resistance to change that experience difficulties.

It is not easy functioning in a human body, but it is truly a blessing to serve here with other light workers and starseeds, to experience the rapid unfolding of a new energy upon this beautiful planet.

It is important to quiet your mind and listen within. When you don’t you may be dragged hither and yon, far from your own path and onto that of another person or group. Question EVERYTHING that you see, read, listen to, observe and go within to sort things out.

I didn’t listen to myself for a long time last year and suffered physically because of it. Fortunately, I have a strong constitution and will and was granted the time to come back into alignment with my own feelings. I’m not asking anyone to completely drop their own life and follow my footsteps. I wouldn’t ask that of anyone, yet I was asked to do that by another. And now I have had to let go of that relationship entirely, with some regret, but also with the realization that it is for my greatest good that I do this.

November Siloette

There will be those who appear to be authorities over every idea imaginable, but still question what you hear. Does the information resonate with you? Are you able to divorce from the desires of your ego and go to a place of quiet… and still feel in resonance with the material? Or are you capitulating to the wishes, desires and dreams of another? Are you acting like a myna bird, repeating senseless information just because something else told you that it is truth? Are you following a path that was set out for you by another? Why, dear human, when you have will, love and power to embody the fullness of YOUR higher aspects here and now?

Wishes, desires and dreams are good things to draw your intent and focus into a certain direction, just make sure that they are YOURS and not someone else’s.

I am in the process of re-dedicating myself in embracing my humanity, that which I share with all other humans no matter where they live upon this globe. This planet has been my Mother for many lifetimes and this one is no different. I have spent many wonderful hours slogging over rough hiking paths and taking in the glories of the wild places of the West.   I understand the deep abiding love of the people who are closest to the earth feel for Her. I, too, have walked upon Her breast and breathed deeply of the sweet tangy odor of fresh leaves, wildflowers and sun-warmed earth. I rejoice that I have the opportunity to bring my light to this world, for the sake of all future generations.

I have not completed my thoughts on what I have recently encountered within my Self, but I’ll draw this article to a close with these thoughts…

I was born into this world and will remain here until my time is complete. When and how that might occur has not been shared with me at present. I am content to take each day and work with self as I let go the compulsion to judge others progress. I shall listen to myself before making decisions and acting upon them. In short, I will strive to act as observer before acting on impulse. I will take stock of my own feelings about anything that enters my life. And if my life joins that of another, we will learn to work together for the greatest good of each of us.

I am grateful to be here with all of you, those who have long been with me, some who have walked beside me on the trail and those I have yet to encounter, whether in this life or another.


Eliza Ayres


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Journal Entry 01.15.15



Journal Entry 01.15.15

The blog is open for business again.  I should be writing something lengthier in a day or so.

You may notice a few changes off hand, including a page strictly for my art work.  I will add photos of new pieces as I complete them.  Eventually, I may put some up for sale.

I have deleted over 100 posts, mostly old journal entries, announcements and older posts with which I no longer resonate.  I have also deleted several posts from 2014.  I will explain later.

If you wish to comment, please do so.  If you want to contact me via email to leave a more private message, you can reach me at:  I am also on Facebook under “Elizabeth Escher”.

Thank you for your patience while I have been tackling this housecleaning project.


Eliza Ayres

Autumn Joy


Dogwood Abstract 001

Finally, I finished this piece.  It has been languishing on the easel for a few months.  Mixed media, acrylic and oil pastel.  The crayons made the paint pop.  It is very stylistic, and very different from another recent piece… The inspiration was a photo of some nearby dogwood trees that go through wonderful color transitions throughout the year.

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,


Eliza: Volte-face


Stetattle Ridge

Eliza: Volte-face

Oye! The alteration in my feelings and direction altered quite irrevocably with the beginning of this New Year. It’s as if I was going in one direction and then woke up and found myself traveling in a completely new direction. Yet it is all me… now, at least.

How to explain what happened during this past year leaves me a little speechless. I am not going to blame anyone or even myself. There were no mistakes made or injustice done. What I went through was another layer of experience to add to my already thick portfolio.

What is my truth? What is my direction? Where am I going?

I really can’t answer those questions with surety, thus is the current momentum of change. We are all being stripped of whatever doesn’t belong to us, what we don’t need any more, whether it be another person’s ideas, our own prejudices and beliefs about ourselves, our fears and doubts… all of it must be left behind. The higher frequencies of the planet will not allow us to go forward into the new with these things.

For some people, these changes will demand that they release material objects, old dreams, old hatreds, old disappointments, and certainly old beliefs and ideas.

For others, it will mean that they step into an entirely new way of life, following their inner guidance and going on faith that what they do need will present itself in the appropriate moment.

For me, I walked away from the notion that this awareness was walking out of my physical vessel and re-blending with a “higher” aspect of Self. Perhaps I still am in the process of walking out, only I don’t feel any different and I really don’t care. I want to remain and serve with other starseeds in bringing in and anchoring the frequencies of higher dimension here, on earth… in short, assist in bringing heaven TO earth. Not escape to “heaven” or to another planet or star system until the journey here is completed.

The guidance I received in the last year mostly did not come from within. For all that I have written about listening within, perhaps I wasn’t listening well enough. I really can’t apologize if people are a bit shook up after my abrupt volte-face, as we must each determine whether or not we continue to resonate with a certain belief or direction. I discovered that the process I was supposed to undergoing did not resonate or sit well with my practical, grounded nature. So I let it go.

June 2012 015

For those readers who miss some of the posts that I have purged from the blog, I will say a few things. The blog is a creative outlet for me, an ongoing exploration of my journey. I share it with others as I feel that by doing so, some readers will resonate to my expressions and find an echo or similarity in their own journeys. The posts have not been destroyed yet, just removed. There was too much to edit each post as I had 418 entries!

I’ll be blunt. It’s my blog. I’ll put on it what I resonate with, not what others want to see. If you no longer resonate with what is published, kindly find something that does. Negative comments will be spammed or trashed.

In regards to the ascension ceremonies that I wrote about… I did not “see” these things as in a vision, but immersed myself as if I were writing a story. Any good writer knows of what I speak, as do people who paint, play music or write poetry. You go into another world, outside time and space, accessing the right hemisphere of the brain. Words cannot describe the feelings, the sense of suspension, or the ability to see into another place and time. Everything that I “saw” during the ascension ceremony of my higher aspect was written down, with no input from any other persons. The expanded version of the second ascension ceremony was a little different as details, most especially in the manner of dress, kinds of music and food presented, were given to me by another individual who shared them with me after the fact. I took the details and blended them into what I had written previously, but the general layout was as I saw it while writing. Still… these things were witnessed by “me” as Eliza and not as Lady Tazjima or anyone present at the ceremonies.

We are One, yet we are unique. I am a soul aspect or extension of yet higher beings… going back to Source. At this point, I am releasing all sense of being this or that, whether I am a starseed from the Pleiades or Venus or both… my families, everything. I am releasing it all. I am no better, certainly no worse than the most ignorant person on this planet, lost in their nightmare fears.

I’m not lost. And I am not currently wrestling with demons or moodiness. I was actually laughing quite heartily at work today, which was pleasant after being so serious for months. I wasn’t living. I had turned my back on the simple pleasures of physical life here, on this crazy planet. It is my intention to reach out this year and sample some of the sweetness of physical life, as I do my work, whether at my job, at home or on the road.

The reason that I have removed some of my posts is simply because I no longer resonated with them. And as author and owner, I am the final arbitrator of my own work. Such is the profound alteration in my approach to living and being here. I am looking forward to visiting some of the places I love that are nearby when the weather warms, spending some time in the forest and by moving water.

Autumn Storm

And I will be doing more artwork. I have had to overcome some inner barriers regarding that part of my life, some deep self-doubt about my ability to bring forth work that others would appreciate. I realize that I have some talent, so perhaps you can’t imagine why I would hesitate. I really can’t explain it; perhaps the fear stems from another lifetime, but also the fact that women in my family were expected to be wives and mothers. I’m neither. So, my writing and my art are my children, the expressions of my body. This is to be my primary focus for some time into the future. Whatever else there is to be discovered will reveal itself in time.

I’ve watched enough documentaries about artistic people to realize that many times genius travels in league with madness or illness. This world has not been a pleasant place for artists of any kind except for those who persevered despite all obstacles.   Now, with the rising frequencies, I feel like I can express myself more easily in many different ways. Life is taking on a whole new perspective for me.

I appreciate the tremendous support that I have received of late. Those of you who have been made uneasy about my abrupt change of direction, I hope that these feelings will be seen as an opportunity to exploring and perhaps releasing some of your own fears about going forward into the future.

Many of us really don’t understand just how precious our ability to FEEL is. Human beings are amazingly adaptive, but as we move into this year and beyond, there will be those individuals who dig in and resist all change. Change WILL come; it is inevitable. It is the ONLY constant in life that you can count on. So be willing to adapt and adjust accordingly or face the consequences that arrives when you resist.

I thought that perhaps I was resisting change when I altered direction, but I realized that I did not resonate with what someone else wanted me to do, to go. It was a direction, a place that I did NOT resonate with at all. And I wasn’t feeling the re-blending process as being real to me, evident, despite my admitted sensitivity to energies so questions began arising. Still, at first up to the date of my “ascension” I followed the story line… that is, until I woke up the next morning.  That was over two months ago and little has changed in my life except I spent two miserable months doing really intense past life clearings. And then last week, everything changed once again. I was cut free. I cut myself free and said no more… no more!

If anyone thinks that I’ve been overtaken by an entity, let me reassure you. I have been there. Twenty years ago, I experienced a psychic break and ended up housed in a mental ward for two weeks in Idaho, oddly enough just down river from the Nez Perce Indian Reservation. I do know the feeling of having an entity lodged within my being. I do not have that feeling now. My mind is clear and I am able to function quite normally at work and home.

I hope to resume channeling but have chosen to put that expression on hold for a time until I have had a period of adjustment. Last year was very trying for me. I know it was for many people, but I can only go from my own experience.

If anyone has comments or questions about the blog, feel free to contact me. One caveat, if you have negative comments about what I’ve done or where I appear to be going, save it. I cannot please everyone. I do not write this blog to gain popularity or to win and influence people. If I reach a few, that satisfies me, but it is not my ultimate aim. I’m not going to even call writing a “mission” any more. It’s simply a means of expression that I enjoy. Take it at that level and do not attempt to put more into my words than really is there.

Right now, for me at least, it is all about the journey, not the destination. I’m not writing a book or a sacred tome. I do not expect my words to be savored by the ages that come… we will have moved far beyond what I can currently express now via our limited language. And those who want to cling to what has been shared before and what seems now lost, why? Why cling? Open yourself up to the incoming energies and embrace the opportunity to change, transform and rise in consciousness. Embrace the wholeness of your essence, which is much, much more than I can possibly express on the “pages” of a simple blog post.


I guess I am requesting to be released from any expectations that any person who has read these words has unconsciously placed upon me. I am NOT your savior. I am not someone who is more special. Perhaps I have a few gifts… but so do you. Enjoy the words and then go enjoy life. Do not cling to that which is ephemeral. In the end, it will disappear and reappear as something altogether new.

Life has endless possibilities. Let go and let life happen, with joy, enthusiasm and the simple wonder of a child.


Eliza Ayres

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