Eliza: On Using and Receiving Guidance



Eliza: On Using and Receiving Guidance

Our intuition is the way our Soul and Higher Self communicate to us. We “hear” it or “feel” it or even “see” it in the manner that resonates most strongly with who we are in any particular moment.

This morning I pulled some cards from the Archangel Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue. Doreen has developed several different decks which are suitable to accentuate any inner guidance that you may be receiving from within.

The cards I pulled were thus:

“Prosperity” by Archangel Ariel: “Your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.”

The little booklet that accompanies this deck has this further message from Archangel Ariel for “Prosperity”:

“I’m pouring a cornucopia of prosperity upon you and your life, and ask that you open your arms to receive. Some of the treasures will come in the form of brilliant ideas, and some will come as opportunities. We’ll work together to realize your highest dreams, and I ask that you give your worries to me. God and I love you very much, and are happy to help you in this way. We know that you will pass on the goodness to others as well.”

The second card drawn was from Archangel Raziel. This beautiful Archangel had this to say to me: “Take Back Your Power!” He went on further to say: “You are a luminary: a sage, a wise one, a high priestess-high priest, a wizard, and a supreme manifestor. Now is the time to summon up your spiritual strength and power and put your authority to action. Lovingly and firmly transform your intentions into reality…”

When one has lived intense lifetimes and has some remembrance of them, such a bold statement brings on the inevitable tears and a great feeling of love and warmth within my high heart. I KNOW that my “time” has arrived. I have completed one stage of my journey and am starting another one. However, this next stage will be nothing like the one that I have finished. Maria has advised me that the moment I turn in my keys and badge and walk out of the prison for the last time… in two weeks’ time… I will immediately begin a profound shift. I will not be the same person that I was just moments and days before. She tells me to prepare and allow for a “quantum” shift. I can barely wait!

Why have I waited until now to make this shift? It didn’t “feel” right to do before. I had to gradually approach this time when I knew that everything in my life would be undergoing a huge transition. And I have known for a long time that when I was “old” I would be an artist. I have known this ever since I found out about Grandma Moses, how she started to paint as an elderly woman.

Of course, I have an art degree, where Grandma Moses was a self-taught “primitive” painter, whose oil paintings had great charm attracting the interest of art experts and buyers. Still, I find that every time I take up paint and brush, my style has changed as my consciousness has expanded. And it would seem that the place we are about to land is an artist town, filled with older homes, charm and beautiful surroundings.

The last card that I pulled today was “Clairvoyance”, also from Archangel Raziel. He says: “I am helping your spiritual sight to awaken fully so you can clearly see Heavenly love.”

I know why I received that particular card. Despite all my work, I have a tendency now and then to doubt my own ability to “see”. Archangel Raziel goes on to explain: “Your clairvoyance may come in different forms: as fleeting mental images in your mind; as dreams; as recurring sights in the physical world; as auras and energy; or as apparition appearances. All of the facets of clairvoyance are varied and beautiful. Enjoy and trust them. Hold the intention of seeing only love, and that is what you will see.”

So, for me at least, my inner ability to “see” comes in the form of mostly fleeting images. I also see the sparkles in the air that the Hindu masters call prana, sparkling bits of light jostling about in the energy fields of the sky and especially with trees. If I relax my vision, I can also see the waves of energy that surround us at all times. Our world is not solid as we believe it to be… or have, if not acquainted with quantum physics. So, dear ones, if you doubt that your third eye is yet functioning, know that not all “seeings” are through visions, like that shown in movies and the like. I “feel” my visions or see them as a fleeting picture in my mind, from which I can draw forth a memory long forgotten, from another time or place.
I have received guidance, also, in the form of a phrase or a name. Prompted by an inner urge to know more, I have found out about certain individuals who were (are) possibly past lives. I have shared some of their stories in other articles on this blog, most especially those from August 2014.

What are your interests? What books draw your interest? What do you dream about the most? Within these desires and longings, you can discover clues to more of your true being, for in truth you, as consciousness, are a compilation of ALL experience you have gained through thousands of lifetimes, on this planet and others, other dimensions and universes.

We are all members; pieces of the puzzle that is the Multiverse and with the flow of our evolution as we ascend we once again reunite with those other pieces and so create a new Wholeness to ALL THAT IS.

As with any information gained from “outside”, the sayings associated with these cards is verification of that which I have been feeling within, now for some time. Sometimes, however, we need a little support, even a little push from unseen and seen forces to nudge us out of our inability to act. Those who actively resist change in their lives tend to get bigger pushes, like physical illness, financial crises, physical disasters and accidents. I choose to change with grace and ease, to go “with the flow” of the river, not against the current.

I realize that some of the second wave light workers have come in with their inner senses more fully attuned than my own. Yet, for having gone as deep as I have into the Matrix, I feel that I’m doing pretty good to have retained any “sense” at all.

For those like me from the Baby Boomer generation, it is time to become free from the Matrix, to reveal who we are in truth, in the fullness of our power, grace and beauty… even if a few wrinkles and gray hairs are showing. These are emblems of our experience; in an indigenous culture we would be revered and treasured for our knowledge and wisdom. If our current “modern” culture cannot accept us as we are, then it is time for us to create a new one through the manifestation of our dreams, driven by our passions, intentions and devotion to the Light.

Coming to the place of Peace that exists within is a great treasure. One arrives in this place by surrendering the needs of the ego and taking up the mantle of one who strives to work with Spirit in all that they do, through living as authentically as is humanly possible, no matter what their calling. Be you a shop-keeper, an artist, a writer, a farmer, a healer… doing what you love will aid your heart to expand and strengthen your ability to freely give forth that love energy to others.

And so I choose to follow my dreams. The first stage of this new journey involves physically moving, ripping up my roots from the soil upon which I have lived for a few years and moving somewhere entirely different. I feel the reason behind the need to move is the knowledge that I need to see things with a brand new perspective. Living in another place will aid in that quest, as I will see my new place in an entirely different light than those who were born to that part of the world. And it will aid in opening up my eyes to the connectivity that all humans share, as I find and meet new friends along the way.

I am grateful for the support that I receive from my “Team”, which includes some of my fellow light workers, as well as those unseen but felt presences, the angels, archangels and galactics, and the continued support of my readers, one and all.


Eliza Ayres

Photo Credit:  “Hoary Marmot, Mt. Rainier National Park”, from http://www.nwhikers.net.  The marmots are large rodents who live in the mountains… kind of a salute to Groundhog Day.  I couldn’t get online last Tuesday due to internet connectivity issues… again.

Eliza: “In Molt”



Journal Entry 02.05.2016 – In Molt

Folks who raise birds will know what “molt” is, when the bird’s feathers fall out and new ones appear. For me, it symbolizes a kind of falling apart at the seams, a huge release, and a kind of letting go of all that no longer serves. Some forms of reptiles go through this process, as well, as the skins of snakes and lizards fall off, leaving a shiny new skin behind. I am in the process of becoming something new, as we all are, whether conscious or not. I can choose to be in resistance or go with the flow. I have chosen the latter way.

I am releasing hugely my material goods, everything gathered within the last twenty years of living, symbols of comfort or what I “might” use someday. Objects are energy, too; and can stifle one’s ability to be able to move, act and to be, especially if they have become somewhat a burden. Moving cross-country with a household of goods is expensive, even if it is a small house, so out it goes. It is a familiar theme for many restless Americans; we get rid of the old stuff and buy new. Except here and now, I do not intend to buy much other than what is strictly necessary; keeping what remains of my belongings lean and pared down.

Of course, I’m an artist and so some of those items will accompany me, the paints, brushes, some canvases and drawing pads. And, of course, I am taking my camera, which goes everywhere with me as one cannot predict when the lighting will be extra special during the day. These are photos that eventually end up on my blog.

Letting go of my job is easier. I tend to be a very responsible, hard-working, dependable kind of employee who quietly does their job. And as a quiet person, I want to just leave as quietly without fanfare. My friends at work want to send me off in a big way – some of them are more excited for me than I am at the moment – something that I am resisting a bit. I can sense that these folks are quite aware that they are in bondage and yearn for the courage to strike those bonds themselves. They would leave also were it not for financial considerations and so on, the old matrix way of thinking. I am serving as a source of inspiration for those older employees who may just take it upon themselves to “retire”, too.

Yet as one life ends… and yes, it is a little death… another one is beginning to unfold. Just where and what I will be doing is still unclear. At any rate, I will continue with my writing, photography and artwork and Maria will do whatever she is called to do, as well.

The cross-country trip that looms before me, while a bit daunting, still appeals to a bit of gypsy within. I also love to study geography and maps, perhaps a bleed-through of one of my “past” life-times. When flying cross-country, if weather allows, I have my nose plastered to the window looking at the scenery below and trying to discern “where” we are flying over. Thanks to this love of maps, I have seldom been lost during this lifetime or for very long. I also have a sense of where I am going, what feels “right” and what does not and have learned to immediately respond to that intuitive message. Acting on intuition has saved me from getting stuck on a snowy road in the midst of a snow storm in the Olympics, for instance.

If I have learned one thing in life and that is to “listen” to your gut, that not so subtle warning of danger, it’s time to change direction and go another way. In our busy lives, we have a tendency to ignore this inner nudge, which is a cruder aspect of our intuition, until we get into trouble as a result. This is where a person needs to begin to honor their body, that vessel of infinite intelligence which attempts to communicate with us in critical moments of decision so that we might also prepare for those times when a more delicate tuning inward is also required.

Right now, those who are on the awakening curve are learning to refine their ability to listen within, to respond in the moment to the intuition, to hear their “Teams”, to adapt and expand their ability to see and feel beyond what is yet possible for many “humans”.

Our race… which includes everyone in a human body within this time period bar none… is undergoing an intense period of evolutionary development. We can speak of the small majority of people who have no wish to relinquish their control over humanity at this time and who are well aware of this cycle of transition that is now upon us, yet these ones, locked into their own ignorance and inability to comprehend the nature of the energies supporting the transition… these beings are acting as goads for the rest of us, driving us ever onward towards freedom.

Humanity contains within it the seeds of 22 galactic races, including that of the Reptilian and one that is not quite as well known, the Pal Taa. The latter is an ancient race from another Universe, one that cannot be overcome, one that contains the seeds of divinity within. And even the Reptilian blood, the much maligned Reptilians… this is the blood of the Dragon race, related to but not the same as the brazen warriors that invaded the Orion System and who have destroyed thousands of worlds and civilizations throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Dragons have awakened. Everywhere I go whether in the physical or online I am beginning to meet persons who are identifying themselves as being a Dragon. In truth, all of humanity contains the blood of the Dragon. When you see the Dragon, you will know that the integration has arrived. I have been aware that I had several lifetimes as a Dragon for about seven years now, hence the title of my blog. And Maria, intuitive sensitive that she is, has told me that I AM a Dragon. Apparently, humans come in carrying one or more of their spiritual genetic lines. Some humans are more Angelic, some Dragons and others, well… not human at any rate.

Maria has gone one step further (a huge one!). Maria has met the Dragon. She can see her guardian Dragons; they go everywhere with her. I have yet to meet the Dragon, which is a powerful activation of the Kundalini, as the Dragon melds with your being consciously. This is the conscious integration of one of the highest multidimensional aspects of Self and a phase in the opening of the inner eye, known as the Third Eye or Pineal Gland. It is by this gland that one begins to see and experience worlds and dimensions that our physical eyes cannot penetrate. It is by this “eye”, the first eye of the human vessel that was developed long ago, by which early humanity was able to “see” and experienced, albeit unconsciously, the connections between self and other.

Humanity, as a collective, is entering the phase of evolution where this third eye begins to open (actually re-open at a higher spiral of evolution), as the individual gains mastery over thoughts and emotions, as the seeing can be sometimes startling, even frightening to those who cannot maintain a neutral stance. It is when all is revealed and the presence of very strange beings, physical and non-physical become apparent. It is a realm where few but well-trained shamans and mystics or psychedelic drug-users have penetrated until these present times of transition. Those people, who have used drugs to reach the lower aspects of this domain, are ever altered or destroyed, depending on their internal natures and ability to change their lives. When the third eye is opened permanently, you are forever changed and must adjust accordingly, go “crazy” or die.

The Dragons have this to say about intuition (see http://www.eyewithin.com/DRAGONenergy.html ):

“Of course, intuition is the place in each of us that always connects us to our origins. We are all “pieces” of the same puzzle, and our intuition will always recognize that “peace” is knowing that all is Love and you are one with Love. You can access the purest form of Love inside yourself at any moment. “Peace” is knowing. It is knowing that you have a place inside where Light shines the brightest. Following the path illuminated by your brightest Light will always lead you to a place of Peace.”

Through the years, especially while out hiking, backpacking or camping alone, I have come to trust and listen and feel for my intuition and its messages. It is this “training” that is now coming to the forefront of my life as I step into the grand unknown beyond the energy fence of the Matrix.

I can “see” things but more through clairsentience, by “feeling” them. I do not receive clear visions, just pieces and then can focus and begin to form a story behind the vision. These come as downloads, like bundles of laundry, to be sorted out over a period of minutes, hours and sometimes days. Pieces of information arrive sometimes without the rest of the puzzle. It is up to me to take the assorted bits and synthesize them into something intelligible. That is what happens with my writings… bits and pieces of “information” garnered through years of reading and exposure to stories, lectures and teachings, are gathered up and sewn together in one delivery. It’s not something that I do with great deliberation as the words typically come out in a flow.

These past few days, I was experiencing some difficulty in writing down my thoughts and experiences. Occasionally and sometimes quite often, the tap is dry or turned off. It is those times that I need to rest, let go and allow whatever is brewing within time to sort itself out. I was experiencing some difficulty writing this morning, but finally the tap has turned on…

This last week, I started to consciously become aware of the waves of energy coming in. I have been somewhat aware of their presence, but now a correlation with the inability to sleep has occurred to me, with the arrival of yet another wave. There have been two this week, so far, that arrived, with me waking up in the middle of the night, feeling like I had consumed several cups of Turkish coffee, unable to sleep. There was a general feeling of being “wired”, with nerves on fire and tense, and a subtle (or not) feeling of anxiety, not all of it being “mine”. One night I’ll sleep quite hard; the next, I’m wide awake and then exhausted as I still have to go to work. When I retire, in a couple of weeks, I will be free to adjust my schedule to allow for cat naps during the day when I cannot manage to sleep all night, allowing for my body to more quickly accelerate the process of change within, which has been somewhat slowed down due to the demands of my presence in the prison.

Maria spoke of the grids being out of whack. I’m not yet sensitive enough to their presence to “feel” that deeply, but I trust her feelings implicitly, all the while checking how I feel, too. I know that I am beginning to pick up on the subtle changes in atmosphere, which are registering in my changing body.

As I have mentioned in the past articles, I am a First Waver, one that has gone deep into the Matrix as a system-buster. Maria was describing to me what I have been doing these past few years, basically clearing the collective karmic energies of thousands of people throughout the prison system, my town and the region in which I live. I’ve been anchoring the energies and restraining the grids so they would not shift too soon or too violently as Mother (the planet) expands and shifts during her transitional period. When I leave, big changes will happen. Just what I don’t know, not presently having the foreknowledge, but change will come; I’ve seen it happen to other industries in which I have worked. When the Light penetrates into a system through the physical presence of a Lightworker, that system is forever altered in ways we cannot yet predict. We must simply observe and see what happens.

The other day, I received a comment from a troll who mocked my declaration that I was a “sacred scribe”. I was told that I am a Scribe, sacred or otherwise, by others, for several years now. It has taken a while for me to come into acceptance of that office and mission, but I have now in declaring myself thus, whether or not other people are comfortable with this declaration. Their opinion is not important. It is how I feel about myself that is important here, in accepting the gifts given to me by Spirit and remembering that I am more than what appears in the mirror.

As per usual, in keeping the sovereignty of my space and the atmosphere clear, I chose to delete this comment. I find it amusing to think that I’m a target for trolls now, but the popularity of my article, “We ARE Disclosure”, probably has made that inevitable. Still, those who are intent on causing self-doubt by attacking me know that I will delete your comments. This blog is a creative endeavor upon my part not a forum for discussion on the validity of my claims. You have a choice to believe or not, to suspend belief or simply leave. Your comments do not affect or lessen my lifelong dedication to the expansion of my consciousness and the sharing of that process, my journey, with others. Be warned, though, dear trolls, you will face the consequences of your actions. It is Cosmic Law that overrides anything that can be created by regressive humans.

Okay… I’ve written enough now, at least for this article. I tend to ramble as different aspects of what I am experiencing come to mind.

Go in joy, go in peace, and go in love, as you are all those in Truth, my beloveds.


Eliza Ayres
© All Rights Reserved 2016, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

P.S.  I am currently experiencing a great deal of difficulty with internet connectivity, so if I don’t answer a comment or reply to an email, this is why.

Thank You!



La Ballena Playa

Thank you to all my readers for the tremendous response to my article, “We ARE Disclosure”!

As noted, this piece was written in the pre-dawn hours spontaneously, channeled from Higher Self.

I want to welcome new readers.  And to most sincerely thank those who have been with the blog from its beginnings.  I love and appreciate all of you!

It looks like I am entering a new phase in the work that is emerging.  Since I will be “retiring”, I will have even MORE time to devote to my writing.

We are ALL entering into a new adventure as we open to who and what we truly are, an amazing species, one that is currently undergoing an unprecedented leap in evolution called Ascension.

As we venture further into unknown territory, where no human or for that matter, other species has gone before, more and more will be revealed.

I fully intend to share what I encounter as I open up more fully to Source Energy.  There is so much that has been hidden and suppressed.  As we open to an awareness of what and who we truly are, we will meet our Galactic cousins and friends who are eager to share with us as equals and sovereign beings.

This is an amazing journey!

Namaste:  I bow to the divinity within you!

Eliza Ayres

Eliza: Embracing Your Power



Eliza: Embracing Your Power

As a woman growing up into a male-dominated world, it has been an “interesting” process of discerning “who do I believe?” In the end, I’ve come down to the conclusion that you need to learn to trust your inner guide, your intuition, despite the fact that it often leads you in directions that can frighten and intimidate the “nice little woman” inside.

As women, we have been taught to take a second, usually lesser place than males, even if we have managed to “make it” in the “real world”… which isn’t real at all. A woman who becomes like a man in the business world or any other male-dominated institution including the church, often has to do so at the cost of her femininity. I am not talking about the social niceties here, like wearing good clothing, exhibiting fine manners or swearing like a teamster.

It takes great strength of character to BE a powerful woman in a man’s world. It takes even more strength and determination to break through conditioned reflexes pounded into your brain and body since childhood.

When I first took up blogging some 3.5+ years ago, I was encouraged by a male pen pal. We exchanged emails furiously for over two years. I was spontaneously channeling answers to rather obscure questions that addressed things not well known in current historical documentation… or rather suppressed or hidden knowledge. My friend had been a mentor in a “past life”, as a Druid. I had re-experienced portions of that traumatic lifetime previous to “meeting” him online through a forum group. We “knew” each other, recognized our mutual energy signatures immediately. Although not an official mentor this lifetime, this man encouraged me to find my own voice and to write about my journey and so I have.

Both women and men have remarked on the power and flow of my words. I can tell you quite readily that they flow THROUGH me from other realms, especially pieces like one I wrote recently, “We ARE Disclosure.” I wrote that piece in less than two hours, with very little editing. I am a scribe for Spirit, as many of those who write honestly in blogs are as well.

I would encourage anyone, especially women, to take up journaling if you have any interest in writing. It is an excellent way to reach clarity and understanding about what and who you are within. You can express your TRUE feelings without holding back. It is not necessary to share your writings with others through mediums like Facebook or blogs, but be completely honest with yourself.

I’ve been avidly reading books since I was eight years old and fortunately received fairly decent education growing up in America. Those who are from younger generations will have to exercise more self-determination to break through the conditioned ignorance into which the educational system has fallen of late. Read, read, read… explore, question and do. Don’t simply become a receptacle for someone else’s thoughts and methodologies or regurgitate really tired philosophies; think and feel and determine what fits YOU!

Through my writing and in reading the various comments of my readers, I have come to realize just how powerful the written word can be, especially in reaching those who tend to be shy and sensitive, yet at the same time, deep thinkers and feelers.

The words that come through me, like those of other writers, are encoded with light frequencies, which are designed to activate, simulate and perhaps catalyst those who are on the edge of being more aware of who and what they really are. None of us are as we seem on the outside. Humanity has the potential to reach divine heights, as well as profound depths. We are energy beings and respond to each other intuitively through our feeling (emotional) body, whether or not we acknowledge this process.

Currently, humanity has reached a point in its collective development where there exists what seems to be extreme manifestation of polarity… a kind of “never the twain will meet.” There will be people with whom you cannot communicate due to the fact that they are shut down… meaning their hearts are closed down usually in defense mode due to fear. You have to respect their unwillingness to open and allow them the right to experience the consequences of their choices; this is free will and respect for personal sovereignty. At the same time, you need to be able to stand your ground, defend your space and simply say, “NO!” to those who would attempt to bring you over to their “side”. To defer to others at this point is to give away your own sovereignty and power. This is exactly what women have done or have been forced to do through centuries of overt subjugation by the male of the species. That time is OVER, ladies!

With the advent of the Age of Aquarius, there is a corresponding return of the sacred Divine Feminine energies. These energies are carried within both genders and find the greatest degree of balance within those often stigmatized individuals who experience themselves as wanting to be the “other” gender or transgender in nature. Feminine energies are simply more intuitive and can be extremely overwhelming to the unprepared. Observe the strength of “mother love” in animals and devoted parents. It is intuitive, it is powerful and you better respect it.

The reason behind the confusion of genders is that we are NOT our bodies; they are vessels for Spirit, vehicles for expression while in physicality. For so long, humanity has been conditioned to believe that it was the body that was important, its appearance, vitality and so on OR the body was to be denied, punished and brutalized because it was inherently dirty and evil. Women have been confused about their bodies, uncomfortable with their shape, and unfamiliar with the powerful feelings that can surge up due to hormonal shifts.

The body is a sacred vessel, to be honored and listened to carefully for it carries within an inherent wisdom, communicated through the intuitive powers of the cells and especially the heart center. The heart carries more electrical impulses than that of the brain and it is through this feeling center that you connect with Source energy… from which we have all come.

In attempting to reconnect to this internal power source, you need to allow for the clearing of all that is not yours. This broad category includes thoughts and beliefs inherited from family, friends and culture, emotions that you have willingly or unwillingly taken on for others, unconscious motivations stemming from “past” lives (all lives are lived simultaneously in the NOW moment). Those who are sensitive in nature are especially vulnerable to the manipulations of those who would utilize or feed off their “good” vibes for their own selfish benefit.

Women and men do NOT need to be victims to be socially acceptable, responsible adults. And they do NOT need to victimize others in order to be successful in the world. If you choose to consciously hold your ground and step into your power, you will encounter some forms of confrontation, but mostly confusion and disbelief from those who have siphoned off your energies for years, consciously or unconsciously.

Sensitive folk also tend to internalize guilt, blame and shame, projected upon them by those who prefer to be dominant in any relationship they participate in… mainly due to a fear of being rejected, a fear of being “seen”, a real deep fear of being vulnerable.

Another issue with sensitive folk is their conditioned belief in their unworthiness or inability to be powerful. The plaintive phrase, “What will my family think of me if I speak up about this or do that?” seems to come to mind. I can say through my own experience, it doesn’t matter what they think. Do what suits you. You can be kind, but be firm. Give definition to your boundaries, what you are willing to participate in and what you rather not. You have a right to decide for yourself what is right for YOU. I’m not going to tell you what is or I would be in violation of your free will and incur instant karma. What has been done before by those who were quite aware of their manipulations was to get their “victims” to take on or assume the guilt over some behavior and so take on the resulting consequences of the particular action or thoughts.

When you draw the line and say, “No more!” you are denying the ability of others to manipulate you into taking the blame. You can say this nicely or not, depending on your mood; just take responsibility for your feelings and yours alone. What the other person or persons thinks or feels is entirely their responsibility.

By acknowledging your personal power and right to exercise that power to make decisions for yourself, you are acting as a pioneer and system-buster in opposition to a well-established paradigm that has existed for thousands of years and has been extremely successful in keeping humanity under the collective thumb of its so-called leaders. Be a rebel; be different. Do not assume that anyone has a right to tell you what to do.

Suggestions are okay, but learn to think and feel for yourself. Question everything, research and learn to discern what resonates or “rings yours chimes” inside. And do it with a gentle smile and kind, “Thank you!”

The return of the Goddess energies will bring back balance to our world. It is no longer suitable for one gender to dominate another… or to dominate those who are “different”. The old ways of divide and conquer are dissolving quickly. The pioneers and way showers of the New Age are learning to work together, as sovereign and free beings, learning to benefit from innovative ways of thinking and doing, allowing for creativity, spontaneity and flow to move projects together. Cooperation comes when strong individuals work together in peace and harmony through respect and unconditional love. We can rebuild our communities and heal each other and our world through the process of becoming more honest, vulnerable AND powerful in our expressions.

I woke up this morning or rather in the middle of the night as the energies are quite unsettling to the nervous system at the moment. There is a lot of anxiety present in the ethers, readily detectable by sensitives such as myself. It is a time to commit to self-care, to honor your process and listen to the needs of your body. Only YOU know what is best for you and only if you, yourself, acknowledge that it is so.

In joy and service,


Eliza: We ARE here!




Eliza:  We ARE here!

When I feel or listen within, I’ll often hear this phrase from my Team, “We are here!” For me, it has been a source of comfort, a way to tune into the channels that I listen to… which has nothing to do with 3D radio reception.

This phrase is beginning to take on greater meaning for all light workers, especially those who are passing through the portal NOW, from 3D/4D to 5D.  My interpretation of this portal is that when we fully emerge on the other side, our multi-dimensional Selves will be fully anchored HERE, within our consciousness.  We will no longer be human.  We will be fully our true nature, although still passing in appearance as human beings for the time being…

I AM a Galactic Emissary and Scribe.  In my various articles written over a three-year period, I have shared some of my galactic ancestry.  This is not a fantasy that I’ve built up to feed my ego; it is real, tangibly real.  We ARE disclosure and we ARE here now.

It is necessary for all galactic emissaries now to take up their mantles of divinity and proclaim themselves to the world.  There is no more hiding or pretending to be something that we are not… and that is human.

I am in no way denigrating the human species.  I am here out of love and in service to assist in freeing humanity… but there comes a time when even an embodied emissary needs to step back and allow humanity to make its own choices and to experience the consequences of its own mistakes.

As the vibrational frequency of the planetary accelerates and rises, as evidenced by the increase in the Shuman Resonance, the time before the Law of Cause and Effect plays out for individuals, communities, nations and corporations is being shortened tremendously.  Those who are not in alignment with Cosmic Law will feel the effects of almost instantaneous manifestation of the blow-back of their miscreations.  If they have stolen from others, they will suffer the loss of what they have taken.  If they have murdered someone, they will die through violence.  If they have willingly and knowingly abused any form of life, they will suffer the consequences.  This is the law.  It can be mitigated when an individual fully surrenders and opens their heart.  That is when the Law of Grace comes into play.  That is the reason the Violet Flame is so present in this time as we move into the Age of Aquarius… it is the Flame of Forgiveness, of Transmutation which enables all miscreations, willingly and consciously surrendered to go into the fire and to be transmuted, transformed and made as new.

This is the time when all hearts will be read by their Higher Self, who removed and neutral from human interaction and drama, evaluates the readiness of the soul within any one individual, whether or not they are prepared to endure the transmuting fires of ascension.  Make no mistake… if you haven’t noticed it before, ascension is not a process to be taken by the faint of heart or by those who wish an easy journey.  It takes determination, surrender, a willingness to accept personal responsibility for one’s actions AND thoughts, an ability to adapt and adjust to the flow of the moment rather than planning one’s life to the minute detail.  It takes great courage as the body is subjected to the pain and discomfort of the transforming process as one’s cells are reconfigured from carbon (666) to crystalline matrix, and expands into Light Body with the activation of the personal “space ship” the MerKaBa.  It took Jeshua bar Joshua 32 lifetimes in which to prepare for ascension.  And he was already a highly advanced being.  Those forerunners who are undergoing it now here upon Earth have already completed the process elsewhere.  They are undergoing a reiteration of the process to establish a pattern or template for those of humanity who will be ready to undergo the path of Initiation now or in the future.

Make no mistake, eventually ALL of humanity will undergo ascension, but many are not making the cut now.  Some will physically die; others will be replaced by walk-ins, who will exchange places through mutual soul agreement.  Over a year ago, I was slated to walk out, but my contract was renewed and so I still remain to complete the work I so wanted to do.  The new walk-ins will be arriving fully conscious and ready to perform their chosen work.  They will NOT identify with the life lived previously by the walk-out, but will immediately go to work adjusting their lives to suit the needs of their chosen missions.  It will be very disruptive to existing families and friends, but in these times, change is coming into everyone’s lives.

Cosmic Laws are not fluffy.  They are immutable and completely neutral.  During this cycle of Ascension, it is expected that those individuals who feel that they want to ascend begin to act as adults and accept the full consequences of their actions and how they treat others, animals, plants and the planet.

Humanity has been conditioned through thousands of years to expect an outside savior to arrive on the planet to save them.  It’s not going to happen, folks, no matter what form you believe that savior will take, whether the Lord Maitreya, as the next Buddha; Jeshua bar Joshua as the returned Christ; the holy Iman to deliver all good Moslems from the evils of idolatry and Western civilization; the Jewish Messiah, to give back the sacred land of Israel and rule as a sacred King; or even Lucifer / Satan to deliver the Cabal members from their folly and tribulations as karma begins to land on their immaculately well-kept lawns.

A mature soul needs NO intermediary between itself and Source.  There is no need for a priest, a rabbi, a minister, a scholar or any other human-created authority to interpret the language of Spirit to the open heart of a fully awake, committed and aligned individual.

However, this is exactly the trap that has ensnared humanity into believing that it requires a savior or perhaps several dozen.  Even… and perhaps with great deliberation, it has been put forth into the New Age community to expect the arrival of ships, that will pick up those who are ready and take them to a place of safety until the Earth shifts and resettles.

The ships are real.  They ARE here as support for the ground crew who is embodied here disguised as human beings.  However, in following the Prime Directive, they will NOT land as long as there is ANY possibility that humanity will panic and fall into stress and chaos as a result of their presence.  What’s more, they will only land when the frequency level has risen to the point where it is as comfortable for them as it is for us.  It is a challenge for the galactic races to maintain a physical presence here in what has been an extremely dense environment.  So, it is up to the Ground Crew to perform the main tasks of Disclosure and to anchor the Light codes that will enable humanity to evolve on their own.

The galactics and angels recognize the sovereignty of human beings even if most humans do not.  They will not interfere where they are not wanted.  When enough individuals rise in frequency to where they can see the ships without fear, with permission they will be transported aboard in light body so they can consciously participate in the various councils who are overseeing the evolution of humanity and the ascension of Earth back to her original spiritual blueprint as the planet Tara, ensouled by the great Soul, Gaia.  Many of us already partake of these councils, reporting to our mentors and sponsors, although few carry the memory of these meetings upon waking .

The percentage of AWAKENED light workers, who are fully aware of their galactic origins, is minuscule compared to the population of humanity, over seven billion souls.  We are here as anchors for the Light, for information to enter through our bodies, to be transformed and stepped down, so that it might be made available for humanity, WHEN they reach the level of resonance where they can HEAR, SEE and FEEL the information, the codes,  the messages.

Read the words of Jeshua… there are many who will not hear what we have to say or accept what we claim to be.  They will accuse us of being liars and quote passages of their various holy books to prove a point, but that means nothing to me.  I KNOW that what is said in The Bible was written and heavily edited by men seeking to control access to knowledge, to information.  They did NOT want the masses to know or to remember or to connect to Source outside orthodox and approved institutions. In fact they do not want humanity to connect to Source at all, but to those false gods who have infiltrated the astral realm and influenced the leaders to keep the masses down and under their collective thumb.  And so the intense conditioning of religious individuals to live in a spirit of separation from those who are “different”, i.e., do not follow “OUR” rules and do not believe OUR doctrine.

I lived for a time within what would be considered a cult by some.  I KNOW and have experienced what it is to have almost every aspect of your life set out and defined by another who deems themselves as being more evolved or holy than yourself.  All religions are cults, my friends, designed to control and divide.  If my words upset you, I will not apologize.  I would, however, suggest that 1) you keep an open mind and read on for obviously if you have found your way here, you are searching for something undefined that you cannot find within the teachings of the religion into which you grew up; 2) decide that this material is not yours and go elsewhere.  Take responsibility for whatever feelings arise within and do not attempt to project your hatred or confusion upon me.  It WILL return to you immediately as I AM a Dragon, a member of an ancient race from another Galaxy and I am FULLY and HUGELY protected.

I know that there are individuals who grow up within a church, within a religion whose hearts are so pure that they are unaffected by the machinations of their religion’s leaders.  They simply love.  I met a few of these individuals while in Costa Rica.  They are happy people who love life.  Despite some of them living in what we, as Americans, would consider dire poverty, they laugh, sing and dance, they enjoy eating and having parties… they are fully into the moment, into the Now.  These dear ones ARE fully in alignment with sacred law, even if they are not consciously aware of its existence.  And they are so dearly loved by the elementals, the Angels… and those who guard this realm.  These simple people will pass without pain and suffering into 5D because they are ALREADY there within their hearts.

There is a FIRE within that is rising.  Codes long locked down and silent are being activated.  Even as I leave this place within the next month or so, I will be also be leaving the Matrix and all that it stands for.  I can already feel the next phase of my reason for being here beginning to unfold.  Maria gave me a phrase for it, “sacred scribe.”

It will be my “job” to write, in part, about galactic history, about the history of this planet.  There are other scribes who are working on similar missions as one cannot do it all.  Our words and stories may be different, but in the end, it is the codes embedded WITHIN the material that are important for the reader to absorb.  And only the reader can tell whether or not the material resonates for there are many levels of understanding possible depending on how advanced in the ascension process one is… or is not.

I’m feeling very fiery right now, my dragon tail twitching, so I need to move.  I will continue on later after posting this piece… when my crumby internet connection allows.

Many blessings to all of whom arrive here!  You are my sisters and brothers, human and galactic.  We are One in Source and some day we will ALL be revealed in the fullness of our divine beauty (which has nothing to do with physical appearance!).


Eliza Ayres


Creating sacred space…a necessary step for those who are stepping beyond…

Lightlover Journal




As we begin to come together in our hearts and unite in the physical, often times there is a great deal of “interference” between us, especially electronically.

A great spiritual tool that we had forgotten to assist in CLEARING Space is to DECLARE Sacred Space.

This can be done individually as a type of multidimensional clearing and protection tool, and ALSO when in groups.

When two or more of us come together, this tool is very effective in setting up a Tube of Light between us so that when we connect Heart to Heart, we are in sacred space and NONE may interfere.
We then share information at a higher vibrational frequency, understand and assimilate with ease and grace.

As always, take what resonates, leave the rest, question everything, and find the way that works for you.

To Declare Sacred Space:

Surround Yourself in a Tube…

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Eliza: We ARE Disclosure


Blue Dragon

Eliza: We Are Disclosure

Today I woke up in the pre-dawn hours. The internet was down once again and so I started writing. Before going to work, I had completed six pages of typing in a massive flow. I’m not even sure if it makes sense… Downloads and upgrades are coming at a rapid pace. Let go of everything not necessary in your life so you can take care of yourself in these pivotal days ahead.

As in the early days of ancient Atlantis, there were always those who served as teachers and guides for the people, who taught the arts of culture, architecture, music, art, language and dance, how to plant, how to utilize the forces of nature, how to train consciousness to high degrees of power and control. These were beings that came as volunteers to serve the Light that exists within all beings, through all levels of evolution. These are beings, who like the Serpent in the Garden, gave humanity the gift of self-awareness and the freedom of choice in the pursuit of happiness.

These teachers and guides have returned, along with other Volunteers. Although star seeds and the children of ancient fully conscious galactic civilizations, these beings came forth into embodiment, disguised as humans in respect to the Prime Directive. The Prime Directive, given to humanity in the 20th century through the inspiration of Gene Rodenberry, the creator of the television series, “Star Trek”, delineates the behavior expected of a race capable of intergalactic travel, when encountering a less conscious and evolved species – no interference . So these light beings came disguised as humans, born from the bodies of women, the same descendants of the Eve who symbolized the feminine gender of the new human species, newly awakened from an age-old sleep of forgetfulness before the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, and perhaps even before, in civilizations long forgotten by the descendants of the Adamic race.

The teachers came first to remind Woman of her divinity as women still retain more of the remnants of that native psychic intuition that was known and used by early man so that he might connect with his environment. Through centuries of struggle and subjugation by man, women still clung to and utilized that special ability that allowed them to connect within with their feelings, whether or not they were fully understood by the rational mind. Even man, subject to his desires for physical power and material wealth, occasionally listened to the wisdom of woman when she spoke from her inner sense, perhaps instinctively recognizing the power that emanated from the inner wisdom.

The teachers returned as children so that they might awaken in the midst of humanity and reconnect with Spirit, allowing the Light to awaken the heart fires within, allowing the Over-soul to over-light the embodied one and take up residence in the Secret Chamber of the Heart. These teachers were seeds implanted into the crop, designed to bloom and pollinate humanity with its own spiritual potential, allowing those who were ripened by experience to come into full maturity in preparation for the Harvest. Those who were unripe, who were still in need of experience in physicality, who had not yet completed their lessons or awakened to their own potential would be allowed to go out of form until a new cycle returns allowing them to re-enter into embodiment at the consciousness level at which they departed physical life.

Between lifetimes, there is an opportunity placed before each soul to partake of further education and enlightenment or to simply rest at whatever level it finds itself. The level is determined by the thoughts and beliefs held within. Subject to change if there exists a willingness to release the self-imposed barriers to further expansion, a soul can progress in its inner growth albeit at a slower pace than is possible while in physical form. Such a planet as earth, with its relative density and slowed down vibrational frequency, allowing lessons to take place more slowly without immediate karmic consequence, allows a willing soul to accelerate in their progress and ability to adapt and reconnect to Source. Seasoned souls are allowed to embody into such a dense atmosphere of forgetfulness to act as anchors by which the Light of Spirit can penetrate through the layers of density and enter into the hearts and minds of humanity. And yet, even these seasoned souls must put aside their mantle of mastery for a season and undergo the same Veil of Forgetfulness that was placed around the Earth to separate it from the rest of the Universe, as it is there, upon Earth, that the most intense games of duality are played out.

In anchoring the Light, primarily the Golden Ray of Christ Consciousness, upon the planet, the First Wave volunteers and star seeds have successfully completed the first stage of their chosen missions. For many, including myself, for months, it has felt like a lull, like I was no longer feeling the connection between myself and Spirit, no longer being given the guidance on how to precede, where to go next, what to do. That period of lull, of feeling in the Void, is now ending for some of us, as it happens in waves depending on the level of preparedness and surrender of the individual.

Step by step, the Volunteers and star seeds, the light workers, anchors and gatekeepers have prepared, have reconnected and awakened to their gifts of spiritual intuition, an intuition that is at a higher evolutionary spiral than that utilized by more primitive humans. Yet there is the shared recognition in the presence of a life force energy that all share, without the need for words to express its realness – IT just is… ALL THAT IS … Source energy and exists within all matter in whatever form of expression.

So, with enough Light anchored upon the planet, the inner workings of intuition and understanding are beginning to ferment within the hearts of humanity. They are stirring collectively, coming awake after a long, deep sleep of forgetfulness, engendered by the passage of the Solar System through a part of space where there was less light, less information available. Now through the Cycle of Return, the doorway of Ascension has arrived, creating a passageway for those souls who are prepared to pass through, rising up in vibrational frequency along with the world, their physical Mother. It is a moment of choice and a separation of experience or timelines. Some people are not going forward. It is a time of choice, a choice that comes from a soul level, a willingness and commitment to awaken at the appointed time, even if it is inconvenient in respects to human ideals of success and achievement.

Humanity has arrived at this moment of choice, this window or passageway of opportunity through the Law of Cycles. It is a window that opens… and closes. There are some who are going forward, continuing to work on themselves and to rise in frequency, following and sometimes even leading the projectory of the planet, as it ascends into 5D.

And there are those who are nearing the choice point, whether to stay or leave, who are being shown the darkest secrets within their own hearts, through the actions of others. These are people who are still students of life, of consciousness. They do not yet realize that their projections are not dissimilar to watching a movie upon a screen. Yet the movie they are viewing is the outplaying of their internalized thoughts, of self, of life and of others.

The mirrors that people have to show themselves what is going on inside are bright and shiny these days. And all these folks can do is see the mistakes that they feel they are committing or those which they are projecting upon others, so there is guilt, shame and blame. I have known all of these levels of self-hatred and fear intimately, even through this lifetime. Now, even as witness to these feelings, I find that I have released myself from feeling a sense of responsibility for these individuals’ pain, yet I understand it because I have walked that dark path.

Having come out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death fairly unscathed, although not entirely, I feel for the lost ones, but know it is not yet their time to commit to the Path of the Initiate, to the way of ascension. Their consciousness is like an unripe fruit not yet ready to be eaten and enjoyed. Their hearts are closed. They feel pain and either internalize it or project it upon others. Shame and blame fill their lives with misery.

One cannot reach these individuals except through acts of kindness and embracing their pain with love, not taking it upon you, but by transmuting its effects through the use of the Violet Flame.

It has been said that humanity is currently transmuting the effects of the fall of man upon Atlantis and Lemuria, but of late it has been brought to my attention that mankind is far, far older than even those ancient kingdoms, millions of years old. Hence the job, clearing the grids and making the planet habitable for the continuation of life is a big one. We need not feel that we have failed in our efforts to bring salvation to the masses. They ARE waking up, enmass, despite all efforts on the part of the controllers to keep the state of mass consciousness in a state of permanent somnolence.

Light is information. Being the Light, being the source through which the regenerative fires of Spirit flow has been the mission of the light workers upon the planet, during this cycle of awakening. We are not the Source itself; we are its instruments, its hands and feet, its voice. We are Disclosure to a humanity starving for love, filled with paralyzing self-hatred and confusion.

When the cleansing fires of Spirit find their way through the blockages and relight the flame on the altar within, the individual wakes up. The mind is suddenly cleared. The heart begins to open and feel, once again. There is an acceptance for a need to change.

The desire for change is sometimes directed towards the actions or inaction of others, still projecting outward into the world that which is unbalanced within the psyche, within the damaged emotional and mental bodies.

Slowly or quickly, the understanding emerges that change must come from within, through a conscious reconnection with Spirit, with the Source of all being, the Nameless source that moves the wind upon the waters and stirs the flames upon the sacred chamber of the Heart.

It does not matter if one follows the dictates of religion for religion was set up at first to guide men when the sacred teachers of humanity began to withdraw, near the bottom of the most recent cycle of descension. Religion was to serve as a guide to inform humanity the way to reconnect to Source, but instead has been used as a tool, as a weapon to punish and divide humanity from its many parts, into separate nations, tribes, families and individuals.

Now is the time to let go of those belief systems that dictate tell humanity that they are not worthy of God’s love unless they do this or that, make prayers at certain times of the day, eat certain foods, keep from those who are different, who do not follow the prescribed code of ethics and behavior. Religion has become a way to massively project the shame and blame that humanity has already internalized as a result of the perceived failure of previous civilizations.

Yet, in its ignorance and perhaps through its inability to listen or even to reach the level of comprehension of the ancient secrets of life, humanity has suffered through the consequences of the violation of the Law of Consequence and Effects, otherwise known as Karma. Humanity has also forgotten that it has the ability to rise above the Law, once its own divinity is recognized and accepted, allowing for the complete transmutation of ancient wounds and miscreations, most especially the misuse of the sacred fire, the kundalini energies that are the source of creation sealed within the body at the base of the spine until awakened.

Through the process of transmutation, the individual moves next to transformation, as they become new in their own eyes. Old patterns, beliefs and conditioning are consciously removed, released, and transmuted. The dark within, the lack of information, the unwilling or willing ignorance is allowed to dissolve into the light as it shines into every dusty corner of the unconscious.

The presence of remaining ignorance or darkness can be traced through the field of the body, through the feelings that rise seeming from nowhere, but actually stem from within the collective unconscious shared by all humanity.

There are those who have come here to act as transmuters, to take it upon themselves to work with the energies, to place Resurrection Pillars, to free souls trapped in blocked portals, to adjust grids and clear the energies in physical locations.

There are those who have come to act as the transformers, to step down the energies of the Cosmos, as they bombard the planet with ever increasing waves of Light, emerging from Deep Space, even outside our known Universe through massive black holes and through our own Sun that acts as a transformer for our Solar System.

There are those who have come to teach, to share their gifts of sensitivity to the unseen worlds, who can hear the voices of animals and plants and stones. These are the ones who truly understand the connections, although unseen, that all life shares no matter what form it takes on. All is energy. All is vibration and through sound, the heart is healed of its pain. Through frequency, the unseen wounds are revealed so that they might be mended and made whole again.

And yet there are those amongst humanity who resist the Light, who turn away in mockery, of self or of those whom they see as holding up mirrors, mirrors in which they see their own inner darkness. This is a stage that the unprepared, unripe consciousness must past through on its way to enlightenment, as it is a stage where the deepest level of forgetfulness is experienced.

These tortured souls seek to numb themselves or to ascribe their pain to the actions of others, so they attack outwardly all that they see as being different than their own miserable selves, despite any outward signs of success and power.

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is a lack of information, either through a willful denial of the existence of another way of being or through the outward manipulation of those who have given their power up to authorities, whether symbolized by family members, spouses, teachers and leaders.

To break through the crust of ignorance is the decision of the seed as it pushes through the soil warmed by the spring rains and angled rays of the Sun. The awakening soul is like a seed, feeling the essence of an inner power pushing it upward, stretching beyond previous limitations into an unknown world of color and beauty and power.

The seed that is successful is one who responds to the call within, who seeks to listen to the instructions given in the moment, to move instinctively in accordance to the feelings being experienced, to attune to the unspoken instructions as the codes embedded within the DNA begin to fire and perform their assigned duties.

We are the seeds. We respond to the inner fire, which is a reflection of the Great Central Suns, stepped down through the great suns of Arcturus, Sirius, the Pleiades and finally to our own Sun, warming the hearth of inner being, bringing life and movement to the inner thoughts, releasing all ignorance and misunderstanding discovered within. As our own individual nature awakens to the presence of the Sun within our Heart, we become its students, reawakening to the realization of what we are and what we shall become as the information, the light is absorbed and allowed to transform our bodies from unhardened coal (carbon, 666) to that of the Diamond light (crystal).

Following the Prime Directive, that an advanced race will not interfere with the evolutionary process of a more primitive race without permission, our Volunteers have embodied within humanity, to transform it from within. It was a project conceived long ago in Divine Mind and carried out in painful steps through the dark centuries. Adjustments have been made, more volunteers added like yeast to the dough, allowing fermentation to take place, for the light to creep into unexpected places, allowing for expansion to take place within the hearts and minds of humanity, as now it strives to break free of its self-imposed shackles.

One cannot be enslaved unless one has given up individual power. Humanity has forgotten that it is consciousness and a mind cannot ever be enslaved unless it begins to accept that it deserves to be shackled and controlled. The mind can be fooled into self-hatred, directing its life energy against itself or against others as directed by those who wish to divide and conquer. A mind once freed of its self-imposed need for self-punishment will begin to discern the lies, the conceit, the arrogance of those who are afraid of what they sense within, cold, featureless darkness, the wastelands of the heart devoid of Spirit.

So long have these lost ones been separated from Source, so far have they fallen from the pinnacle of Grace that they, too, have forgotten their divine origin, for all have emerged from the One. In truth, there is NO separation; it is a belief, a misbegotten belief engendered during the lowest point of descent during the descension process. All can be reunited with the fire and light of creation, but first there is a step that must be taken, that of surrender and self-acceptance. And these angry, spiteful ones are afraid to let go, afraid of the judgment they fear will be theirs upon their admission of their misguided actions.

This mind-set of fear is the epitome of ignorance and darkness, for Source does not judge its creations, the fractals that have emerged through its expansion throughout the Multiverses.

Source seeks experience of Self; there is no judgment of the level reached by the creations. And when the deepest level is discovered, even the lost sheep are recalled back into the fold, to be transformed and renewed, placed into new form, breathed out into the Void to experience once again all there is to be found.

Even the darkest soul can return to the Light. Forgiveness and grace belong to all who follow the path back to Source, however which way is followed.

Humanity has chosen to ascend with ease and grace, but first there will still be an outplaying of the karma of those who resist. As you play witness to this chaos and upset, find it in your heart to forgive them, for they know not what they have done in turning away from the Light and seeking to live in permanent separation.

In the days to come, I intend to practice on releasing what rises from within to be dissolved and transmuted. There is no more time to dawdle or sit on the fence; you either commit or not. Strive to free yourself of as much baggage as possible and brace for the incoming waves of energy. Like winter waves on the shoreline, they are beginning to crash even higher than before, breaking up all resistance before them. The world, the Matrix of 3D/4D is going down, to be replaced by a more serene 5D world, for all life upon this world.

See you there…


Eliza Ayres
© All Rights Reserved, 2012-16, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

P.S.  I have been informed that part of my new assignment is to be a Galactic Scribe.  We’ll see what I make of it!

Energy Grid Report part 1, January 28,2016.

Be fearless!

Lightlover Journal

Beloveds, we are HUGELY Amping UP.

Stay in our Hearts and Shine our Love for All that is Unconditionally.

Massive, I mean huge,incoming Energy Wave of WHITE Crystal Source Light, affecting ALL grids And dimensions.

The ENERGIES are causing the electric grid( mental matrix), to fall away as the Liquid Light Crystal Grid continues to anchor fully in the Heart of Humanity and more ascension timelines are anchored by our awakening brothers and sisters.

This, in turn, increases the energies which are able to be anchored into the grids, infusing more light( information) to assist in the awakening of humanity, helping to raise consciousness of planet.
Raisng the Schumann resonance which is a physical sign of the consciousness level of the planet.

First Wavers anchor the energies, manifestation and accessing of said energies are available to ALL when the internal work is done by each soul individually,and frequency of information…

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The Time of Coming Together as Families and Communities is Here.

Love that phrase: “The hermit life is OVER!” Yes… finally! On to new adventures with Soul Family, in Service to the planet.

Lightlover Journal



As we continue to connect further into our Hearts, we begin to CALL to one another, soul family member to soul family member, as we unite exiting the separation matrix of 3/4d.
This is beginning the next “phase” of supporting The Earth and assisting in Humanity’s ascension.

The time of coming together of Soul Families and BUILDING communities together on this Earth is HERE.

As this Portal of Relationships continues to amplify past Valentine’s Day, all illusions of near “twins” will begin to be seen by all souls.

Near Twins are a similar match at frequency level, yet still part of the karmic wheel.
They have many lives in 3/4d together.
All must be released and those timelines collapsed because these are human 3d and 4d timelines, still within the energy of separation and the “electric” left brain matrix which controls those dimensions and must be overcome and released.

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Eliza: Releasing Guilt



Eliza:  Releasing Guilt

This morning as I was driving a wet road in the pouring rain in the pre-dawn darkness, I had a revelation about some of my past lives.  It was about the theme of being a guardian.

In one lifetime, I was a guardian of my people, especially after we were forced out of our lands by a strange new breed of people.  Not a warrior, I was forced to defend family, kith and kin and watch my people die, some through violence, some through attrition, starvation and exposure due to a long march through a wilderness. (Remember all “past” lifetimes are played out simultaneously in the Now and potent ones tend to “bleed through” into the one that you are experiencing “here”…!).

In another lifetime, I sought to free my people from outdated ideas, to bring choice and freedom to them.  Others wanted revenge for untold centuries of abuse and sought only violent solutions.  I was forced to flee for my life.  Distrusted and hated by two sides of a conflict, I was imprisoned for years by a foreign country’s authorities.  Only after five years, I was able to return home, much impoverished by my refusal to bow to another dictator.

All I ever wanted for others was peace, prosperity, freedom and sovereignty.  At every turn, in these particular lifetimes, my ideals and actions were thwarted by entrenched and stubborn hatreds and an unwillingness to open minds to new ways of doing things.

I’m a guardian, a Blue Ray, and a member of the Family of Michael Collective.  It’s in my spiritual DNA to be a guardian, to lead others to freedom, yet I was never allowed to fulfill my function.  So… there’s been a lingering guilt running as a theme through these lifetimes and others.  This is a guilt that has been shared by many light workers and First Wavers  who were committed to saving humanity from itself… until now.

As part and parcel of letting go, I am releasing myself of any vows to free mankind from their self-imposed incarceration.  No… I’m not abandoning this world and its people; I am just releasing myself of the sense of responsibility for the actions of others, as well as the resulting karmic outcomes.

In coming into self-mastery, over one’s own issues, emotions, thoughts, etc., you arrive at a place where you realize those other people are a mirror for you.  It is not that you are them and they are you… in a human sense… it is how you REACT to their actions and the thoughts and emotions that you either project or internalize, guilt being one of them.  I don’t need to feel guilty because the French Revolution happened.  I don’t need to feel guilty because my tribe was driven from its age-old territory and nearly to the brink of extinction.  These were experiences designed to bring my awareness to maturity and so they did.

Whether or not you accept the premise of the material that I presented in my paper on the Root Races, ancient mystery teachings do present interesting themes.  One is the development of consciousness as being the SOLE focus of evolution.  It isn’t the development of the body as a vessel, but the consciousness that is held WITHIN the body. This is a very gnostic point of view and one that escapes most people who have been brought up into and conditioned by orthodox Christian teachings.

From a soul level, one seeks experience, as God is learning about Self through our actions and interplay.  What one person does to another is not labeled as good, bad or indifferent.  Judgment is not a consideration.  Souls descend into physicality to experience life in a body, striving for the development of an individualized identity, something that takes a long time to happen unless that particular soul has gained experience elsewhere.  This is where beings such as myself come in… to embody into a culture, into a world that is in conflict and then to pass through the steps and stages until arriving at full consciousness.  This is done for the sake of others, to give them a template to follow, when it is their time to finally seek to ascend and move on.  It is NOT our job to lead these folks to water, to pull them along, to nag or attempt to teach them something that they are not prepared to hear or understand.  They can’t and certainly won’t understand until they reach the frequency of understanding.  Like tuning to a radio station; you can’t hear the music until you arrive at the correct channel or frequency.  And understanding needs to come from the heart level, not the egoic mind.

Due to their compassionate hearts, Light workers tend to get caught up in attempting to save people, the environment, plants, animals and the planet.  When first waking up, it is rather overwhelming to realize just how out of alignment to sacred law this world is… yet, there is a purpose to that seeming quandary.  The extreme polarity of Earth is a magnificent teaching ground for the evolution of a soul.  You cannot get growth by sitting on a cloud playing a harp.  Conflict and its eventual resolution within the individual is the key to growth.  Remember, also, energy is never destroyed; it merely takes on another form.  Your soul is eternal; the body and its experiences here, is ephemeral, like the mists on a summer’s dawn.

We are told to look within, that everything we need for our journey is there and so it is.  The wisdom of the heart and its connection to Source and our own higher Self cannot be surpassed.  The inner balance that we can achieve by releasing our need to correct what we are seeing in the mirror “out there” and concentrate on what we are feeling and sensing within is beyond description.

There are those people who thrive on conflict, creating it in their lives and the lives of others.  They need drama; it is like a drug to them.  These are adrenalin junkies, who will never find the peace that they say they are seeking until they let go the need to control others, to project their values upon others and to continually discover new problems that need solving right now.

So… having barely survived years of working around such folks, I’m setting myself free from feeling any guilt for what I have not managed to accomplish in terms of building good relationships between other people.  I get along fine with different individuals and not at all with a few.  It is what it is.  Call it frequency differentiation or a lack of resonance.  It is nothing that I can change without the other person making an effort as well.  However, I can change my own attitude, whether or not I choose to react to a snub or rude comment or whether I manage to radiate my own peace and happiness despite the chaos around me.

I’ve had several readers through the years comment on how they could not work in a prison, that it would be too tough, yet I have found this admittedly stressful environment to be a magnificent teaching ground for learning first-hand, in-your-face lessons about human psychology.  Some of my greatest teachers have been unbalanced co-workers or those who were struggling with the apparent injustices and lack of balance in the system.

I’ve learned that systems are designed to intimidate, micro-manage and generally attempt to suck away any sense of self-empowerment an individual might have after surviving the American education system.  These “systems” are designed to reduce your will to live, to breakdown your resistance, to make you feel bad about yourself.  I’m talking about top down bureaucracies, that appear to be designed to frustrate, alienate and generally drive one insane if you happen to be at all intelligent and free-thinking.

Officers (guards) and other correctional employees often pass away soon after retirement.  The jobs and the environment are tough and wear one down to a nubbin.  I’m getting out a bit earlier than originally planned, because my health is threatened.  Yet, I have benefited by being there, in the prison, in a way I can barely express.  For one, I can read the intentions and thoughts of a person, feel their emotions and how they’re feeling, know when I’m perfectly safe sitting across a little table from a murderer and so on.  It has been a great teaching ground for honing my intuition and coming into an understanding of the value of one’s spiritual gifts.

According to the ancient teachings, intuition is an evolutionary development that comes AFTER the development of the ability to think rationally.  In other words, intuition is more refined and at a HIGHER level of evolutionary development, much like flowering trees are in comparison to conifers.  So, if anyone mocks you for following your intuition, know that that particular person needs some more… seasoning through experience.

Being intuitive from birth in this left-brain, masculine dominated world has been a total trip… a rough one.  Working in an atmosphere soaked with testosterone has also been interesting, except I carry within a lot of masculine energy.  So, I have come to understand the importance of bringing both gender expressions into balance within.  I wear a lot of pink.

So… what point am I trying to make here?  For me, I am choosing to let go of any need to save others from their own actions.  I am also choosing to release any need to judge certain individuals for perceived faults or for the actions they have committed out of a desire to serve self.  There are three kinds of souls upon this planet, the service to self, the service to others and the masses of humanity that just try to live their day to day lives.

The service-to-self individuals are passing through ascension through descension phase, becoming a diamond under pressure.  Every soul that arrives here has “fallen” from high estate, but all are here to experience the diversity of physicality… for a specific purpose… to eventually become a mature soul ready to ascend to another frequency level and pass out of the need to remain in 3D.

Those of us who came here as volunteers, some for longer stints than others, are here to create the template for the masses of humanity who will EVENTUALLY arrive at the place where they can accept responsibility for their own choices and how they act or react to the world around them… the world that really doesn’t exist being a hologram.  It is a teaching classroom, a very challenging one.

As I have written previously, I am coming to the end of my “sentence” and the time for release from prison is coming soon.  We can all find release by letting go of judgment of self or others and opening our hearts to the wonders of this world, to the joys of daily life, to the ongoing challenges that keep us growing and to the love we share with others met on life’s highway.

I have a smile on my face, a glow to my countenance… something that has been remarked upon by co-workers.  Leaving the Matrix is a good thing for your health and enjoyment of life, even if doing so seems overwhelming and frightening.

Stepping beyond fear and moving through change is an act of courage.  Courage is the fire of the heart, the light in the lantern.  When you begin to feel your self-worth, that you deserve better in your life, you, too, will move through an obstacle or challenge placed upon your path and do so with flying colors.

I love you all and wish you great joy in the coming years and months as our beautiful world ascends higher into more refined frequencies, carrying those who are ready to release and fly like birds in the color-filled skies, gaining ever more beauty, grace, abundance and freedom as the days pass.



444 when I finished typing!