Eliza: Taking Flight



Note to Reader:  The energies have been very strong for me this weekend. I have been unable to “do” much of anything physical.  Yet the creative energies have been tickling my awareness and seeking a way to be expressed, so this lengthy message.  It is part “me” as Eliza and part “other me” as… well, who really knows at this stage of development.  We are more than we know.  Much love to all.

Eliza: Taking Flight

As I sat here for a moment on my “chair”, I distinctly heard the words within my head, “And now, a word from your Sponsor…”

Our guides and mentors have a very distinctive dry sense of humor, or at least mine do and emerge at odd moments.

During the past months, some eight to be exact, from the time of my alleged ascension last October, I have been in a rather rebellious mood, not given to allowing much communication with said guides, at least through the mode of channeling. I have come to question why it would be that I was “chosen” to be a messenger for other dimensions and civilizations and beings. I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that these beings are very much part of my life, both here and “elsewhere” where I exist on other planes, dimensions, frequencies and in different worlds.

Each of us came into this world bearing a different assortment of “gifts”, some that are already being utilized and some that have only opened up as a result of the one bearing the gift reaching a certain frequency band where it is allowed to come online.

The great living masters of the Far East know the gifts of whom I speak. In the Hindu faith they are described as “sidi” or “gifts”. The Masters have sparingly demonstrated to their followers what these gifts can do if used for the good of others.

There are those within the New Age movement who desire these gifts to come online, but simply do not due to the misalignment of their energies. Those who attempt to approach the altar of the inner Light and have not opened their hearts will not be allowed to use these gifts. The correct frequency level MUST be attained, as well as the correct alignment of heart and mind and intent.

As the individual connects with the High Heart chakra (which is located in the etheric plane above the Thymus Gland) the other heart chakras align. There are many discussions in writing and video as to the precise steps that occur as the Light Body comes into being. Sometimes this process can be quite sudden, although for most of the First Wave wayshowers and ascension guides, it has involved a process that has been extended over decades of painful clearing, cleansing and awakening.

Now the process tends to be quick and somewhat brutal, depending on the ability of the individual to release fear and resistance. One might wonder why… it is simply that each person, each being who resides here, has their own inner timing as to when and even if the hour of awakening will take place. Not all who live on planet Earth will ascend with her. You have been told this before. Our words are not meant to bring fear to your hearts but understanding.

Your society has strived to “teach” you or rather condition you to react in fear and resistance to anything or anyone that is different and that appears to bring change into your world. As a result, many people are resistant to the influx of the cosmic energies and find themselves suffering as a result. Illness, loss of home, family and jobs can result, as everything that one would cling to is stripped away, bit by bit. If you find your dependence on things outside yourself is so strong, you will experience this stripping away of the physical symbols of your power, wealth and position. Yet, the process can be more subtle, as well, in those of who are a more humble nature.

The simple people of the Earth, who live close to Her, often very close to her soil, water and air, feel her moods and find happiness in the warmth and closeness of family and friends, in the fruits of the earth and simplicity of living. Having nothing to lose materially, they benefit from an unspoken sense of unity and often come to an understanding of what exists beyond the physical, even when they cannot yet put words to their understandings. These people are much beloved and protected by the Angels and, in turn, they accept the presence of these non-physical beings as their right, as a part of their extended Family.

There are so many levels of human understanding. You are a complex race and people, who even yet deny the truth of the unity that exists within your energy fields, the connections that you share with those with whom you come in contact through daily living or even through communications such as these.

I have come to wonder why channeled messages are so cherished and loved by those who have opened their hearts and despised by those who still seek to control and dominate. It is known that some channels have fallen prey to Archonic energies and give forth false messages designed to create a sense of dependence. Dates are often given forth to bring false hope and desire to the surface in those who do not yet realize that ascension is a process that requires individual motivation, intent and simple work and preparation. There are many who desire instant mastery yet who are unwilling to put forth that which is required by ALL who might yet walk the Path of Mastery. There exist both individual misunderstandings of said Path and intentional disinformation designed to bring doubt into the minds of those who seek immediate gratification of their base desires for power, material wealth and fame.

The Master Yeshua spoke these words to his followers, in the hope that they would heed his advice and meaning: “Only those who are as little children will come to sit at the feet of the Lord.”

Humility does not mean a complete lack of pride. It does mean giving the higher essence of your Self priority in your life. Being humble, being child-like is to allow the need to control or understand the process through the intellect or human ego or through the filter of prior human conditioning. We have been taught to fear what we do not understand. Can you not see why this conditioning would impede the natural process of spiritual awakening if the intellect always came forward to continually question, dissect and even to willfully misinterpret the meaning and purpose of any given message?

Our language has been designed to keep us separated from the thoughts of the Divine, from the language of the Heart that has no words. Yet it is by listening to the silent inner voice that we quietly approach the Throne that exists within, the Altar of the Living Flame. Each person carries it within, no matter what their current standing in the continuum of spiritual development, except, perhaps those who are actually not human, but of artificial construct, AI or artificial intelligence.

Those who are in human vessels carry a flame within that aligns them with the higher densities and dimensions and gives life and breath to their physical bodies. Without the presence of the soul matter within, there is no true life.

Despite what many have learned while living here within this constructed and artificial matrix, you have never been sundered from the connection you all share with those who are living beings and those who exist beyond the Veil of Forgetfulness. Animals walk between the worlds in their consciousness and have often been presented as messengers and carriers of sacred energies. They are humble and accepting of their roles in our lives and have the ability to bring much joy and unconditional love to those with whom they share time.

What can one do to open to the higher energies? First, accept that the ways of spirit are NOT the ways of man or how modern man has been conditioned to believe. Spirit often works in a diametrically opposed manner which utterly confounds those who are not willing to fully surrender. If there is struggle, there is confusion… and even in the confusion, if surrender comes, eventually also will arrive an understanding as the seemingly disparate pieces of the puzzle come together gradually in an unexpected and completely “new” way.

Those who have long practiced utilizing their intuitive skills will find the steps along the Path to be easier than some. Listening, obeying and following intuitive “messages” is following the breadcrumbs of Spirit, of Higher Self, that are left for each person to follow, if and when they are “ready” and willing. You cannot proceed along to Way until you give permission to yourself to do so. And this is the sticking point for many as they do not deem themselves “worthy” of the gifts of the spirit.

You are worthy. You are loved. Spirit holds each of you within a sphere of unconditional love and acceptance. Yet it is only through self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and self-love and regard can you hope to move forward into the various stages of spiritual awakening. And since it is the nature of the ego to be the inborn skeptic and defender of the body temple, doubts and fears often crop up to litter the path of the seeker. Everyone goes through stages of this self-doubt and even self-incrimination. And yet, one can also move through this stage if acceptance arrives on the wings of understanding that within your seeming imperfections always lays your inner strength and potential. Thus, the irrational wisdom of Spirit comes home to the true seeker and understanding is arrived at, allowing the seeker to move forward yet another step or level.

With the vagaries and difficulties that have previously littered the path of the seeker also comes now the intensification and effect of Cosmic energies. The physical temples of all who live upon this planet are being affected by these intense energies. There is no place or way to hide. It is vanity to think escape is possible. Surrender is demanded of all who would remain here. It is your choice and your responsibility. And yet, you are more than you seem and in your acceptance of this truth, you will be set free to move through the gradually rising frequencies with grace and ease. There will still be a need to physically surrender to the requirements of the body for rest as it adjusts and undergoes the process of crystallization, as it is being altered from an organic organism to one made up of light, as crystals hold light and intelligence.

Think of yourself as a caterpillar that is undergoing a process of transmutation from one form to another. During the middle stages, the caterpillar completely disappears, literally becomes muck as its cells rearrange into a completely new alignment of grace and beauty. You have been the caterpillar, you have been wrapped around by the cocoon and now you are about to take flight, into a world that your physical eyes have not ever seen before but that the innermost essence of your being both knows and loves. We welcome you Home.

I have to smile. These words, at least some of them, are coming forth from my higher essence that is aligned with my angelic and archangelic selves. The words have flowed forth without hesitation like a river full-grown from underground springs, strong and power-filled. I hope the reader begins to understand that we do not yet know the full nature of our own being, much less the New World upon whose threshold we now stand.

It is time to know within that the understanding is often that last piece of the puzzle to come into play. So we must be willing, if we want to participate fully in this “game” to let go of the control button and allow the ultimate outcome of this journey to slowly be revealed to us. It is a never-ending journey of realizations; dreams come true, and wonders beyond human imaginings. Will you walk with me and the Angels and discover what we seek to manifest in our world? I welcome your presence as sisters and brothers upon the Path. And I extend my unconditional love and appreciation to all those who have served as mentors, examples and teachers so that I might be here with you in this most extraordinary time upon this planet.


I AM Eliza

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The Angels: Dancing Upon the Winds of Change



The Angels: Dancing Upon the Winds of Change

It has been suggested that the Universe supports life. Now it appears a more radical concept might truly shake your world:

Life creates the Universe.

Does that short sentence bring you pause? And what can it possibly mean to you?

Life is intelligent. Your scientists are beginning to catch up with the wisdom known by your ancestors: that life is aware, changes and makes adjustments. Life affects life. Your bodies are alive. Your cells are intelligent and respond to the energies that are currently assisting in bringing profound change to your world.

Are you prepared to let go of everything that you have ever held as sacred and untouchable? Are you prepared to undergo a complete stripping away of what you have not wanted to look at, those intimate details about yourself that you had rather (and have) forget?

The fiery sun of Leo will strip away all pretension and pretense. If you have not been able to get clear and honest with yourself up to this point, you will not have any ability to prevaricate in the days that come.

Change, profound change and the transformative energies that carry it forth are upon you all.

If you are able to look the eagle in the eye and smile, you’ll be fine. You will move forward and flourish, taking change as opportunity to shine and display your gifts to the world and to yourself. It is to be a time to be fully and wholly who you have always meant to be but were blocked previously from accomplishing.

If you look away, out of fear or resistance, change will come anyway. There is no door that can keep it from entering your life. No amount of money stashed away in a hidden bank account, no amount of fudging on the truth of what you have done and been can long be hidden from the penetrating, life-changing energies that are streaming upon the planet.

The Goddess is emerging. She is coming out of her hidden place, where she was driven into during the last centuries through persecution and destruction of her living representatives and envoys upon this world. She is coming forth and she is powerful. Women, especially, are beginning to feel the effects of her immense power as it penetrates into their awareness. Personal sovereignty aligned with world service will begin to fill the lives of more people, but most especially the women and the younger generations, who align with the intuitive energies springing forth from the opened heart of the Goddess in all living beings.

Balance will come, but it is not here yet nor will it be for many years as it takes “time” for change to manifest fully into the physical. For many, it will seem that your world has not changed in significant ways… until one day, you will awake and see that the world HAS changed and you with it.

Instant manifestation is possible now for some of the way showers, but only because they have long been working on clearing their personal space of all that would prevent the ability of the cosmic energies to successfully download light frequencies into their bodies. Serving as anchors of the light and as living examples to the populace, these beings have shown the way. Yet, few people truly desire to really give up the comforts that they have come to know and enjoy… even if it means letting go of the dream of ascension.

Have you given up? Have you let go? Are you finding yourself lost in confusion? Are you still experiencing loss, in the form of jobs, relationships, finance, health…losing your “mind”… only to discover that you feel happier now due to the losses.

Where once you lived in fear of loss, now you find yourself embracing the process of letting go… is this possible? Now, when confronted by a snarling stranger do you find yourself smiling and at ease? Or are you running the other way, afraid of your own shadow?

Choices are being made, some conscious, some unconsciously. The worlds, the many timelines are separating out. Worlds are being created by those who have discovered their inner power and wisdom. Horizons are disappearing for those who have continued to force others to obey their will and to serve them. The energies are flipping. Where the powerful few that were served used to be in command, now the energies are beginning to support the ones who serve the world, through their own inner growth, through their willingness to share their own experiences and wisdom gained through struggle and release of that struggle.

Are you settling into a pattern of constant surrender to the moment? Can you plan and allow adjustments to come into being, as you discover previously unknown synchronicities occurring for you as you come upon new knowledge and understandings, as they are delivered to you through various avenues?

You will begin to notice that life takes on a new sense of flow, of constant and undiminished change and transformation, even as the old world deconstructs and the new one comes online.

Those who wish to control their lives will see that control ripped from their hands.

Those who allow their inner wisdom to guide them along the currents of the energies, high and low, will discover a new sense of adventure and desire for further expansion and exploration of both inner and outer worlds.

All boundaries will be broken and reformed in new and different alignments.

That which has been hoarded and kept from the people will be scattered to the winds and brought to those who can best use the knowledge for the good of all.

We dance on the winds and are carried by the rays of sunlight to reach your hearts. Do not attempt to hide from us, for we know you as you truly are. We see the colors of your energy fields. We can look into the Akasha and see who and what you have been and what you are currently doing in other worlds and dimensions.

We are you, a part of you and we embrace you in this extraordinary time of change and transformation upon your world. Call upon that part of self that knows you better than you can imagine, to assist and guide and protect and to heal you in unimaginable ways. We are here, at your back and at your side.

We are the Angels and we serve humanity and all life.

Blessings to all.

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

Journal Entry 07.25.2015



Journal Entry 07.25.2015

This morning I woke up with the help of my kitty alarm, Ivory the Cat, and lay in bed for a few minutes in an attempt to gather up the strands of the many dreams that I had throughout the night. I must say that I was very busy. I “felt” the different layers of my consciousness working at different levels and in different areas. It felt like I was finally sensing an expanding awareness of my multidimensional beingness.

At one point in a dream, I was viewing a scene where Tibetans were being killed. The people were dressed in elaborate native dress. As I was viewing the scene with dispassion, I was being spoken to by someone, a guide perhaps. He said, “You were a priest in this country once.”

I replied, “Yes, I know.” And then I woke up with the sense that I had once been a lama in Tibet.

Why the killing scene? Tibet and that part of the world was long been dominated by masculine religions. Perhaps it was more of a symbolic indication that the energy of the patriarchal societies is about to undergo a tremendous transition, which is oft-times expressed as a form of death. It is the same when you lose a job, end a relationship, lose a relative, leave a place or house where you’ve lived for a long time. Whenever you undergo a huge transition, there is a little (or big) death that precedes the movement into something new.

We are all on the cusp of the new right now. I look at my life and know that major change will come sometime during this next year. Just what, how, when and where is completely “up in the air” at the moment and that’s okay… okay NOT to know the outcome of what is to arrive upon my doorstep, if I even have a doorstep!

Right now, at the edge of town, in the steep canyons of the Blue Mountains, we have a major little fire going. It’s heading straight for the Mill Creek Watershed, the source of water for some 30,000 residents of the city of Walla Walla. The firefighters are establishing contingency lines on the northern boundary of the watershed.

Unlike some towns, we don’t have a lake or reservoir. An entire canyon is our watershed. The Blues are rich in springs, and that is probably the source of Mill Creek… springs which have not been fully recharged by winter snows for at least two seasons. The drought is having negative effects all over the West.

Change, transformation, a peeling away of the layers of the onion, a revelation of our hidden core, which some of us have long strived to avoid looking at, is now here; we can no longer avoid looking at our core and deciding what world we want to live in. Choice is upon us all.

This past week, I’ve been experiencing major fatigue and a sense of disconnection. I’ve had to go to bed early or to let go of working on long-term projects and allow myself to drift a bit. Our human nature wants, needs us to always be busy, but our inner being needs to let go and allow the feelings and understandings to percolate up through the layers of consciousness. Sometimes it is just necessary to surrender control and allow the energies to do their work.

I’ve been working with the Angels and Light Family this past week, even more intensely, feeling their presence, discussing plans, letting go, listening, arranging… and doing work that my conscious mind doesn’t quite register as being real. Yet I am aware that there is a lot more to “me” than what I see locally reflected in the mirror.

It was amusing to see the uptick in numbers of visitors this past week as a result of the little “message” or channeled piece that was posted. I don’t really understand why people insist in listening, reading and even gobbling up channeling information as opposed to personal insights, as being somehow more truthful or valuable. How little we seem to value other human beings and the struggles that we all go through in an attempt to understand and comprehend the strangeness of this world. I would rather listen to someone who has walked through the valley of the shadow of death and knows what the experience is like than to listen to some disengaged “spiritual” voice that has never been embodied here.

Of course, those “voices” and messengers are us, in effect, but there are still plenty of people who don’t get it, don’t have any conception of what multidimensionality truly means for the individual awareness parked in a human vessel this time on planet Earth.

I sometimes engage in arguments with my Light Team. I do not follow their suggestions blindly. No one should who is serious about personal autonomy and sovereignty. We are here to master our own power and being ground crew for ascended civilizations means that we are the chosen warriors who face down the demons and shadows of this constructed world and matrix.

My thoughts seem to be wandering a bit this morning.

Has anyone noticed an uptick in strangeness? We had three deaths this past week at the prison, all natural, all expected. What wasn’t expected was the close timing. Is anyone else noticing the sudden death of loved ones, loss of jobs, ending of relationships, etc., signs of rapid interior change that is now beginning to manifest before our very eyes?

Death frightens people. The idea of losing the body and going somewhere else or nowhere at all, depending on your beliefs, is deeply frightening to those who haven’t come to realize that we are eternal spirit temporally existing as individualized awareness within a human body. Once that fact or truth becomes securely lodged in your daily awareness, you can move out of fear of loss and learn to adjust and flex with the changes that arrive at your doorstep.

Ah, we just had a power surge… something is happening to the electrical grid. I’ve been reading of odd happenings occurring elsewhere, but we haven’t really been affected locally, yet.

Hope everyone is enjoying life, wherever you are currently in awareness and development. We are ongoing projects, learning, absorbing, then arriving at understandings and falling into confusion. What a ride!

Much love coming your way… Namaste.



Eliza Ayres:

Magnificent sharing by my Sistar, Maria…

Originally posted on LightLover Journal:


At the same time that our 3d Self ascends, our Higher Dimensional Self descends.

It is at this stage that many in the Heart Collective find them “Selves” in at this moment of this Divine Shift.

The descension of our Higher Selves.( Our lower dimensional selves have ascended and done the inner work to clear and heal and activate our lightbodies)

There comes a point when a high enough percentage of the personal inner work is achieved,when a soul reaches a frequency, a vibration, through the Heart connection to Source, that the human aspect of dimensional Self is healed and unified.

All aspects, physical.mental,emotional, spiritual, and etheric selves become One.

This is when the lightbody activates and when we step into our multidimensional selves, and fully into our Light.

Lightbody activation symptoms for me and those I am currently working with include:

Sense of no time, which can be very disconcerting.

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The Angels: Being the Light

"The Three Sisters"

“The Three Sisters”

Note to Reader:  At long last a message has come through.  Use your personal discernment to decide whether or not the words resonate with you.  It is not just the words, which are limited, but the encoding of Light that the words convey which will reach those who are in need of solace and understanding.  We are not all currently at the same level of understanding and that is as it should be.. and will continue to change.  Ascension is a process, not a race, and no one person stands out as being ahead of the rest.  We are One and will come to understand that phrase more perfectly in the near future.  Blessings to all.  Eliza

The Angels: Being the Light

In the Beginning there was the Word and the Word was Light.

Thus starts one of the books of the New Testament. Of course your human minds have to know… just what IS the Light and what IS the Word?

As Angels we know these things as we are these things. We understand our true essence and do not need to struggle to understand what is not spoken. We just know.

As humans who have long suffered under the illusion that you are separated from Source, you are only now beginning to receive glimmerings of what we already have known forever within our existence. And some of you now understand that you CHOSE to forget who you were for the sake of bringing the Light to those who have long dwelt in darkness. This was a service and mission that you were both selected for and volunteered to do, upon a benighted planet, the last one to ascend within this known Universe.

You are not alone. You are not separate from Source. The entire Universe resides within your energy body, as potential, waiting that moment when you begin to allow the whisperings of soul to penetrate your self-hatred and misappropriated human understanding of life.

Let the warmth of the Inner Sun melt away the self-hatred and self-judgment. You have not failed by being here, by being alive upon this strange world. You have chosen to BE here, now, for the greatest occasion of the beginning of an unprecedented period of change and transformation of this world. And it is happening BECAUSE you ARE here.

So allow us to dry your tears as years of misguided teachings and beliefs are washed away in the light of understanding that comes as you open to the whispers of your inner voice, to the wisdom that ever abides within, that can only be accessed through an open heart.

Release the barriers that surround your heart, release your fears and judgment, of yourself and of others who at first do not seem to be like you, but are, truly, as you are One at your innermost core.

Even now that Core, your essence, is being exposed to the world. The Light within is shining through the human miasma of the centuries of living here in one culture after another, in one body after another, to gain experience and wisdom… the wisdom that will come to be useful as you look upon the changing world and see the possibilities that lie before each person if only they also turn to the Light and embrace the fullness of their Beingness.

We see you as you ARE, a multidimensional being who has taken on form as many individuals, but whom is, at the core, at its true essence, One being, completely aligned with the Source energy.

It may not seem this way to many who are still experiencing the effects of human confusion, as the misunderstandings and knowledge derived from those who do feel separated from Source, now fight to retain what they believe is their right to be free of the dominion of Source. This ego-driven fear now drives these frightened ones to threaten and cajole their fellows, to use unmitigated force to attempt to control what cannot be contained, the awakening of the humans around them.

Your galaxy has moved into a new region of space that contains energy that is now supporting change and transformation, at least for those who allow the energies to penetrate to their core. Those who resist will face change forced upon them through forces outside their control. There is no earthly way to control what is happening world-wide, indeed, throughout your solar system.


Your scientists have seen the changes occurring in your Sun and on the other planets in your solar system, although many of you are still ignorant of these changes. This ignorance has been forced upon you by those who still seek to control through outer circumstances, your consciousness and your life.

Yet now, you can step beyond these controllers’ attempts to corral human consciousness. By going within, you enter into worlds beyond the knowledge of those who are not in alignment with the music of the Spheres, or the soft whispers of the soul to the human heart. No bars on the windows can contain the awakening process of those who heed the inner voice of wisdom and love.

Your world and your lives are undergoing a profound transformation, one that will take you well beyond what you have experienced within the time frame of the last several thousand years. And you will take the necessary steps to allow these changes as you are in tune with the inner murmurings of the Soul, which guides and protects each step that you take, whether or not you know in advance where that step will take you.

Allow fear to be washed from your body, allow the healing that has taken place to now be transformed into deeds, as you begin to move, first as individuals, then as communities and collectives, forward with the intent to heal your world and to create lives of abundance, joy and peace for all life.

As a flower responds to the warmth of the sun, your DNA is undergoing an alternation, allowing those parts that have been off-line for centuries to now come back online. As this natural process occurs, your inner wisdom and gifts will unfold and be revealed to yourself and to those who share your daily life. You will know, in the ever present Now, what it is that needs to be done. You will contain within yourself, as you gain access to the Akashic Library, what and now to go about things in order to accomplish that which has, at least in the past, been written off as being impossible to accomplish. It will be done as it is the Will of the Source, the Creator, for these things to happen, now. And yet, your acknowledgement and acceptance of this Will is also needed as Spirit works in cooperation, not separation.


You are embodied Spirit, a divine being who dwells within a vessel made up of the materials from the body of the planet upon which a portion of your awareness now resides. As more of your presence is allowed to be present within that same vessel, you are undergoing a profound alteration in the manner in which you approach daily life. It is as if your entire world has been turned topsy-turvy. And so it is, that Spirit does not work or function in the manner in which you have been taught to accept as “the way it is” as a youngster. That “way” was false and corrupt and designed to control so that a few powerful individuals ruled an entire planet and held the population under their sway. That time is now gone and although the effects will linger until completely transmuted; you have been given the opportunity to take control of your own lives through your sacred intent and desire to work WITH life and with Spirit.

You will discover as you undergo the necessary cleansings by the elements (fire, air, earth and water) that your life takes on a completely new meaning. Spirit supports life. Life responds in kind by translating spirit into a multitude of creative new forms.

You will discover, in the near “future”, just what amazing synchronicities will occur in your life to transform it into something that you would not recognize today as being possible, let alone probable. Allow Spirit to transform you, from the inside out and become and embody the full potential that you already carry within your energy field, as a living god, a creator being, as one and in full unified resonance with Source energy.

We are ever present and await your permission and acceptance of our assistance to help you move through these intense times with grace and ease. Speak to us in whispers or shouts; we will come quicker than thought and hold you up as you undergo these miraculous times of wonder and change.

We are the Angels of the Legions of the Divine Mother, who ever watches over her children and who responds to their prayers and walks through their meditations.


©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com

Journal Entry 07.21.2015


"A rose is a rose is a rose."

“A rose is a rose is a rose.”

Journal Entry 07.21.2015 – “Descension”

Ah, the energy of 99 today, tolerance and compassion.

I came home yesterday and felt tired. Not the “I had a bad / long / dull day kind of tired” but bone tired. It’s the kind of tired where you have to surrender to your body’s needs and go to sleep. So, I watered the grass, fixed dinner and went to bed early, like three hours earlier than normal. And I woke up this morning with a sore, swollen throat. My body’s language is saying, “Slow down… you need to rest today” so I decided to do just that.

The fearful person who might be concerned (with good reason) about their job, would have gone to work, but in these days of massive downloads and frequent change at work and in personal lives, we need to listen within and decide what is really more important. My health and welfare is just that.

For me, it is ascension and that whole process. It’s been that way for me forever.

The other day, my friend, Maria, who lives on the other coast (Eastern) and I were speaking together by the miracle of Skype. I told her in one of those channeled utterances that occasionally pop out, that I was born crystal. I was told that a few years ago by Shekinah Rose, a well-known healer / channeler. It’s one of those little gems about self that you pop into the basket to be looked at some other time.

Still, this time an understanding truly came to me as to the significance of this gem of knowledge. I was a volunteer and came in as an early pioneer. And what a world I came into… one that had just completed a world war and was being drawn into a decade’s long cold war between the Soviet Union, China and the United States and other maverick states like North Korea.

So, what does this self-knowledge mean to me now?

Well, for one thing, it is time to select my priorities and to endeavor to cleanse off the tarnish of spending so much time in the lower vibrations. Mind you, I still work and function in a prison environment. Prisons can take many forms, physical and vibrationally. You can free your heart and mind to soar even while behind the razor wire.

Fellow employees call their work doing time, just like the inmates or “offenders” as the prisoners are called today (more politically correct, I guess, although it is a term that truly offends old-time criminals and felons!). Doing time… and when you “retire”, you get your release papers. If one has not worked in a prison setting, you have no idea of what I am talking about. It’s a different world, more intense, more potentially fear-ridden than what most citizens would encounter. Yet, I have grown stronger there and have better boundaries than ever.

Yet, during the ascension process, boundaries must come down at some point. Rising in frequency means expansion and when the present boundaries no longer serve, they must come down.

And they will. Yet the time is not quite right. I felt that when I decided not to move to Costa Rica, certainly not as soon (if ever) than I had begun to plan. And then today, in reading a post by the ever-wise and gracious Jennifer Hoffman, came my answer. It isn’t time. There’s still healing to complete in the place that I am now living, for the sake of those whom I will soon be leaving and for the sake of the land that I’ve been protecting, all my life, on the West Coast.

Today, I live 350 miles inland, at some 1,000 feet elevation, not high, but high enough if a sudden earthquake occurred off the coast as has been long promised by scientists due to the location of a deep subduction fault, where the under ocean plate meets the continental plate. It is an area that has not shifted significantly for an estimated 300 years and is over-due.

I just remember the sensation I experienced when staring at the waves at Ocean Shores and realizing that the town in which I was living at the time would be easily inundated by any tsunami that arose as a result of an off-shore quake. I chose to live further inland… way further and higher, in a location that wouldn’t necessarily spare me from experiencing earthquakes, as the edge of the Blues has a large fault line, as well.

Let’s face it… our Earth, our Mother, is a living being and right now she is undergoing adjustments. We may not understand the magnitude of them or their purpose, but living on the surface like we do, we need to adjust and work around the changes in weather, and other volatile earth changes such as major fires, floods, earth slides, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

What you do, think and feel, as a collective affects the weather and earth events. As an ascending being, you are powerful beyond the comprehension of your human mind. I know that I have prevented major deadly earthquakes all the years I have been in residence in the Pacific Northwest. It seems egotistic, perhaps, to say that… but it’s true. I have and still am serving as an anchor of the Light. It is who and what I am and came to do here. And that office or service is about due to end.

What we are doing now is acting as transformers of the light frequencies as they flow through our bodies and INTO the earth below our feet. We are allowing the light to change the land, to cleanse it and to flow into those persons who share our daily lives. Someday soon, we will walk away because our service level has changed and expanded to include the entire world, but that moment has not quite arrived… yet. And so I remain here, not stuck, not impotent, but out of my own free-will choice, in response to the feelings I have experienced of late. It was simply not the “right” time to go. That moment will arrive and the move will be facilitated with ease, this I know. It is the way things work out when you are in the flow and responding to the subtle signs and messages as received from higher self.

In our new assignments as Light Beacons, we no longer have to “heal” or “teach” anyone, simply be ourselves, calm and detached, yet involved with daily living, side by side with those whom, years ago, we would never have imagined as understanding what we have gone through during decades of cleansing, healing and waking up. Yet these same people are now in the throes of waking up, in a more rapid fashion and it is up to us to lend our calm presence as a water anchor to their process, not by directing their waking process but by being in full acceptance of our own ever evolving process.

We do not have to define and delineate just how people wake up. No one did it for many of us, especially such a one like myself who did not (and does not) feel comfortable being labeled or boxed in by another’s idea of spirituality. I have hopped, skipped and jumped from one spiritual island to another, picking up knowledge and releasing it, keeping only what currently resonated and then releasing that in turn as I continued on my eclectic way. During the years, I have served as a healer (massage therapist and Reiki master), a writer and an artist… and I have served in an environment that would bring fear to the heart of anyone who was not prepared to undergo exposure to the rougher elements of our society. I have also had jobs in many of the different industries of our society, higher education, real estate, retail, insurance and now correctional / state government and medical administrative support. I have seen and experienced these industries from the inside out and know that at their heart, they are in need of profound change. Yet change will come from the inside out, not from the outside.

As with the individual, in this time of change, adjustment, growth and expansion must arise from the interior soul-driven understanding that arises moment by moment in response to the impulses of Soul. Although it would appear that outside forces are driving change, it is truly our souls who are driving the evolution of humanity, as well as the Soul force of our dearly loved planet, Gaia. Everyone who currently resides here has a choice, to go forward and ascend or to resist and leave. And this drama is currently being outplayed within the life of every living being upon the planet, in one form or another.

It is essential to keep calm, detached and yet involved. We are a part of humanity and yet apart. Being awake and aware of who we are, if only in part, as multidimensional beings with a purpose and reason to being here, we can assist those of our family, friends and neighbors who do not understand what is going on. People are responding to change in various ways and it is heartening to see how communities stand and work together when tragedy strikes, as during and after storms, floods and major geocentric changes.

Change occurs also in the form of divisions between family members and co-workers, as one awakes and sees that nothing in their world is as they thought it was or as they were taught by their mentors. Trust goes out the window and cynicism creeps in. Anger and frustration erupt as one finally sees that Western culture, certainly, has evolved as the result of a lie, the lie of separation, between God and man, between individuals, between cultures and religions, between language groups and nationalities, between those of different racial roots. Yet seeing all and responding to it is only the first step on approaching the Path of the Initiate.

I have long walked the Path. I have ascended in other lifetimes. And I’m not alone. Many of the light workers with whom I have come in contact this lifetime, at least through electronic media, have come here containing much experience in grounding and expanding the reach of light through the many channels available in cultures, whether music, writing, acting, art, dance and other activities. Some have served as teachers and mentors, as healers, as writers and channelers, sharing new ideas and refurbishing ancient ideas shared, too, by long-forgotten ancestors, ones who also walked the Path of the Law of One.

We remember. We are in the process of remembering who we are. It is a process that unfolds in the moment, in the ever-present Now. We are discovering that we do not need to know what is going to happen tomorrow or even today. Yes, some planning is needed but within a framework that allows for adjustment and adaptation to the ever shifting awareness of the Self. Our lives are in the midst of tremendous change and alteration. We will never, again, be quite human… but are in the process of embracing an awareness of our true potential as Galactic HUmans, a uniquely creative race of unparalleled potential and power. And that knowledge is shaking the very roots of present day human culture. It will never be the same.

And so, I wait here patiently until the time is right to move toward with the needed changes to occur in my life. I see the potentials and yet wait for the essence of my intent to be fully supported so I can move forward. And meanwhile, I listen within and respond to the needs of Spirit to be heard. It is a cooperative effort that we must make as ground crew, during the descension process as our Soul truly anchors its presence into our very human flesh. We do not need to leave for the stars just yet as we are bringing Heaven to Earth, right here and right now, by living and being ourselves, in the fullest sense of the word, as lighted beings walking in this world, raising Her up vibrationally and bringing lasting change to our world.


I AM Eliza (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe).

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com



Journal Entry 07.15.2015



Journal Entry 07.15.2015

Our hot weather in Eastern Washington has moderated somewhat, meaning we no longer have triple digit temperatures, but it is still hot in the afternoon. The mornings and evenings are wonderfully pleasant, with slight breezes stirring the cooler airs.

I’ve been nibbling away at Lisa Transcendence’s book, “Navigating Dimensions”. As she has noted, it’s not one that you can read for long periods of time. I read it during lunch, in between nibbling on my fruit meal. It hasn’t put me to sleep yet…

I’ve begun to become aware of a repeating pattern in my daily life, one that has shown up in the past four years. The latest episode was that of another person promising to “take care of me”. While that might sound helpful, it’s truly not, in that to have someone say that to you and then for you to acquiesce is to, yet again, become disempowered.

Our society has little support in place for artists and writers save by financial means, which often leads to compromises in a person’s life, until they make it “big”… which actually rarely happens.

Of course, this is looking at things from a very human perspective, one that I also realize I haven’t quite moved away from in total. I’ve been bouncing between the third, fourth and fifth dimension for a couple of years now. As I still work, I still need to function in 3D, but it is becoming increasingly more boring to do so. Yet I’m still there, more from a need to distance myself from my latest erstwhile “savior”.

We can only “save” ourselves and indeed, we don’t need saving. Going within for guidance is the clarion call for those of us who are intent on obtaining ascension in this lifetime. Looking for an outside savior isn’t going to hack it.

When I’m quiet and staring out the window into the blue cloud-filled sky, I see sparkles and glitter and the glass seems to go molten, as the scene nearly dissolves. I’ve been capable of doing just this for years.

The other day, when talking to a friend, I realized that I was born a crystal. And that was during the Korean Affair (war, or whatever label you want to give it). Obviously, I was one of the Pioneer star seeds and have served as an anchor for the light long before I was consciously aware of doing so. Yet, as an older star seed, I’ve had to adjust my view of the world “out there” several times as I’ve gone through massive changes in my awareness.

However, as Lisa and her guides write, being aware is not the same as being centered in the heart. Often times I still come from judgment and act very human. I know that I am capable of ascending, but have tripped myself up a few times, primarily via the reoccurring karmic loop that I’ve taken on to clear in this particular lifetime.

I admit, quite freely, that I’m not perfect. I’m not walking the dimensions or visiting other worlds just yet. Perhaps I’ll save that up for retirement when I can gleefully spend hours sleeping or spending time in nature.

I’ve been offered to visit and/or move to a beautiful place, but found the offer to not be based on dreams coming from my own heart. I might consider going back to Costa Rica, but want to visit other places, too, before settling down. Since I’m not apparently fully in my heart at every moment, I haven’t reached a focus on acting as a world server other than my small efforts in writing this blog. The writing will continue and I fully intend to settle back into my art work once I shake off the odd effects of this past spring’s adventures.

So, alone again, but oddly pleased about it, I’m bent on releasing the karmic ties that bind and focusing on listening within MY heart in order to determine that which I will or will not do, in the moment and in the “future”.

Lisa writes that we create our future by how we feel in this moment. We can, therefore, change our “future” by letting go that which does not serve, is not authentically our own, and those things, places, events, thoughts, etc., that hold us back from remembering the fullness of our inner beauty and crystalline clarity as multidimensional beings.

I honor those who have served as my teachers and instructors on what remains within to be released now. Some of us are already flying; I’m still bumping along on the ground and leaping occasionally into the air, not quite ready to take off but getting there, nonetheless, as I am quite persistent.

On these warm days when I go out to water the crispy lawn, there is a large dragon fly that glides around the yard. This same dragon or its descendants has been gracing my awareness for four years now, even as bees and butterflies hum around my humble garden.

I am still here, anchoring the light, perhaps not for a way shower for those who have tripped by me on light feet, but still fulfilling the purpose for which I have come here. I can do no more or less.

Attitude adjustment is in order, but sometimes it takes a few days as the raw feelings dissipate and release. And so it is.




Eliza: In the Void

Day Lily

Day Lily”

Eliza: In the Void

The process of continuing to release everything of the old continues. Right now, I feel rather like I am within a complete void. Nothing makes sense any more. I am letting loose the old labels of way shower, light worker, anchor of light and everything else that I’ve identified with in the last several years. I do not resonate to any of it anymore and it would appear that little which I write now resonates with many people either, at least those who are still seeking answers from others “out there”.

Should I continue to write?

If I go within, the answer is “Yes!” So, I will continue to write for myself even if no one else cares to read my work. This is a very individual process that each of us is currently undergoing. I can only speak to what I am feeling and doing as I respond to the moment.

In response to this current feeling of being out of the flow of what appears to be happening, I am suspending any plans to leave my job and move to Costa Rica in the near future. Yesterday, and indeed in the past couple of weeks, I have come to realize that I have been, again, following the dream of another. It does not matter if they claim to be a soul sister or brother. If it is their dream and not your own, you are still being untrue to your own journey.

It would seem a bit selfish of me perhaps in light that I could possibly help others on their journey, but this dream was not one that emerged from my own heart. And so I walk alone, again, in a void.

What prompted this change of heart was concern about my furry friends. I could not contemplate carrying them off to a foreign land as both are of senior age and it would be very stressful for them. Never mind that the move would also be stressful for me.  Being of a particularly sensitive nature as I am, I do not respond well to huge changes.

I have discovered a great pocket of inner resistance within myself to the idea of moving to Central America.  It is what it is.  One can give it a label and declare that I’m afraid or resistant to change, but that’s not how I feel.  I was contemplating doing something that just does not resonate with my inner being and need to respect the feeling for what it is, my intuition telling me that this direction is NOT the one for me to follow, now.  Perhaps later, but not now.

I went to Costa Rica because I bought non-refundable tickets in response to some things that I was told by another person. Having spent a considerable amount of money for my tight budget, I was committed to the journey.  Before two days passed during the trip, my original plans were completely changed, through the influence of yet another person.  It was an interesting trip, but left me feeling unfulfilled as I did not get to see as much as I had wanted to after I got there.

I felt uncomfortable in Costa Rica not being conversant in Spanish, but it was more than that obvious limitation. I did not resonate with the degree of extreme poverty that I witnessed in Costa Rica.  The contrasts between rich and poor there are huge.  And the presence of rich Gringos, primarily living in gated communities or staying in exclusive resorts also did not resonate with me.

I would like to travel more and understand that part of my apparent discomfort stemmed from a lack of planning on my part, as well as a tendency to give in to the whims of my charming traveling companion.  So, I intend to study more languages so I can feel more at ease when I travel and plan a bit more the next time I venture forth from the borders of my known world.  The same understanding can apply to stepping forth into worlds that you cannot see with your physical eyes.  There, the knowledge of how to navigate exists within.  One can only access that inner wisdom by letting go of expectations.  The contrast between physical travel and inner travel couldn’t be more different, but in some ways they are the same.  One is stepping out of the known and into the unknown or rather, the still to be remembered.  It takes courage to do both.  Both methods of “travel” expand one’s horizons and awareness of the world, whether inner or outer.

Before I went to Costa Rica, I thought of the possibility of settling there in my retirement.  Now, however, having been there, I find it doesn’t suit.  Perhaps some other part of the world will resonate more… I have a standing invitation to go to France.  The ancient and modern cities of Europe might appeal more if I can discover a way to live there on a strict budget.  I can at least go and see what does resonate and what does not.  I may discover that I become quite the rover, ever seeking and never finding.  I feel no loyalty to place any more, just to my animals as they are my family right now.

Am I being a traitor to my own heart? I don’t think so. When I let go of these plans yesterday, my heart lifted immediately like I let go of a burden that wasn’t mine to keep. All I can do is respond to how I feel, not what is desired of me or for me by others.

Last night as I attempted to go to sleep with the boom and crackle of fireworks resounding in my ears, I called on the Angels. They responded immediately, “We are ever with you!” And indeed they are.  I no longer feel that they are “out there” but have integrated into my awareness.  I do not feel I need to channel their messages which, at least these days, have a tendency to be more personal and supportive in nature.  They are simply letting me know that I am not alone even though I am currently on a physically solo journey.

As I have said before in my writings, I do not want to be a guru or teacher for anyone. I need to follow my own inner compass even if it leads into places where others would prefer not to go.

I shall continue to write, if only to express my current feelings, but am letting go the need to please anyone else. So the stats on my blog are falling. It no longer matters to me. So what I have to write is apparently not of any relevance to anyone else. It does not matter to me. I am what I am. I am becoming more of my Self even as each moment allows for greater integration and assimilation of my higher essence.

I even have looked at a couple of unfinished paintings in my little art corner and expressed an interest to explore that area of expression once more. I am returning to myself and to my Self. It is all that one can manage in these days of tremendous change in the outer world.

I see myself as a tiny pool of calm within a crazy world. What goes on “out there” is of little concern to me now. How I feel within does matter. I am the creator of my own world. Eventually, perhaps, others will arrive who share my dream because it is theirs, also. Meanwhile, I will continue on as I am, exploring my inner world solo. Perhaps someday I will discover that I’ve been walking in a parallel path with another and then we can both walk together, if it suits in the Now. Meanwhile, I am not going to define myself with any labels or purpose that may have come before. The Void is actually a good place to be and one in which I shall immerse myself come the day when I drop this physical vessel and step into new worlds beyond this one.


I AM Eliza

Journal Entry 07.03.2015



Journal Entry 07.03.2015

The West is having a heat wave of gigantic proportions, August heat in late June and now early July. And last night I woke up to hear nothing… the electrical grid had gone down. It was rather eerie and actually kind of nice to hear just soft natural sounds. There was no wind, but a slight hiss from the distant creek. The only light I saw was one about two blocks away, which was probably on a generator. Fortunately for the residents of this town and the contents of my refrigerator, the electricity came back on in a couple of hours.  Good thing as today’s high temperature is expected to be 104 degrees F!

It gives one pause to realize just how dependent we have become on the electrical grid. It wasn’t always this way. Many farms and outlying towns didn’t have electricity until well into the 1920’s and even 1930’s. People were much more independent for their energy needs, using wind power and utilizing oil and gas lamps. People were also closer to the soil and more in tune with the cycles of Nature.

Since it is so warm, or rather just plain hot, I was planning to do some chores early this morning, but realized that I would not be able to do a single one if the electricity wasn’t on. My lawn mower is electric. The gas pumps at the station are electric. The refrigerator that keeps and preserves food is electric. This laptop, while it can run on battery for a bit is usually connected to an electrical plug. And with the coming earth changes, everything… everything will change in our lives. How much we will all be affected by change will depend on us, our consciousness levels and that of those who live around us.

We have moved officially into the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Heart. Much has to shift for the population to move gracefully into the new energies. If there is resistance, there will be suffering. Change is the only thing we can count on and for it to come with grace and ease, the change needs to emanate from within each individual and radiate out into the world through open hearts and open minds.

It has never been more important to listen to your inner voice and guidance. The Shift is here whether or not you are ready. You can be there, too, if you quiet down and tune into the natural rhythms of your body and the still quiet voice of your intuition. Seek guidance from within and use outer sources only for confirmation of what you are feeling. Each of us is entirely unique in our structure and make-up; what fits one will not fit another. It is like trying to wear a shoe size too small; it will hurt, until you fess up and find one that does fit.

The judgment that I see coming from various elements of the New Age movement are a distraction. It does not matter whether or not you are a Vegan or a Buddhist. If your mind is closed to the choices and the rights of others to make their own individual choices, then your outer world will reflect that closed mind. Personally, I am not a Vegan. I eat some vegetarian meals, but also eat some meat and chicken during the week. My body has an inability to assimilate B vitamins through eating only vegetables and fruit and taking vitamins makes me nauseated. So I eat a little meat. And I am still awake and aware.

There is a break up, dissolution if you will of all duality. As we move into the Unified grid of the Heart, all that reflects the old mode of dualistic thinking and feeling will be breaking up. There will be no more “right” or “wrong”, “dark” or “light” or even “Yin” and “Yang”. This dualistic mode of thinking and judging systems and people needs to fade with the light of the waning Moon. There is a growing union behind the two sides of Self, as reflected in the integration of “higher” and “lower” self, masculine and feminine energies and so on. We are all multidimensional beings who are waking up to that reality. The world, the universe consists of much more than we can see with our physical senses, but there needs to be a letting go of the lower mind’s need to judge, categorize and box up everything that it sees.

I see myself letting go, in a big way, as I prepare to undergo a huge transition in my own life. There are moments when I go into fear, which is the ego’s resistance to what seems an insurmountable amount of things to accomplish before I can leave my old life. However, proceeding forward, step by step, listening within and doing what must be done… in time all will be accomplished and I will discover myself in a totally different way of being.


Right now, I’m glad that the electrical grid is up and running, but I hope to eventually have a residence with a good set of solar panels which will enable me to be able to exist without the need for reliance on a system that is about to self-destruct.

Choose a place to live where you can work with your neighbors and learn the value of place well. In the coming years and decades, as changes become more a part of everyone’s lives, we will have to rely more on ourselves and each other as we move into a more heart-felt way of living, in tune with our natural environment and the greater part of our Self, our multidimensional beingness.


I AM Eliza



Journal Entry 06.27.15


Journal Entry 06.27.15 – Transformation from Within

Note to Reader:  This piece flowed forth this morning.  It may or mean something to my readers, but that is up to your personal discernment.  For more local news, I took a walk very early since at 08:00 hours, it was already 84 degrees F (over 32 C) and forecast to reach 108 this afternoon.  It is clear to me that our climate is changing, whether through the actions of mankind, the influences of our sun and even the position of our solar system in a new part of galactic space, unknown to our world for thousands upon thousands of years.  What happens within one lifetime is less than a second in Universal time or consideration.  A good gardener plans for hundreds of years, not one season.  Expand your horizons beyond what is seen in your physical world and walk the stars with the Angels.

How does one exist within time and space and not at the same moment? It’s all about realizing one’s multidimensionality.

As the last three weeks passed and I did not feel compelled to write anything, I mean ANYTHING, I could almost hear a few of my readers thinking to themselves, “Now, why don’t she write?”

How does one convey through a three-dimensional language the process of stripping away completely all implements and memories of former lives within this one lifetime? One doesn’t. One experiences the moment by moment sensations and realizations. One comes to an understanding that what one once was, even within their own perception, no longer exists.

I look at books that once inspired me. There is no longer any connection. I do not resonate, bad, good, ugly or indifferent. I am not depressed, merely aware of being, once again, the constant observer of the disintegration of what was once “my life.”

I am still working, but that part of my life, too, will soon come to an end. And I will be moving far, far away from where I have lived most of my adult life, the State of Washington, in the United States. It is almost like, overnight, I have become a citizen of the planet, free to move, to go, to explore, to visit… anywhere. I anticipate that I might be doing a considerable amount of traveling in the near future for one who has been rather solidly planted in the Northwest for a long time. When, where, how and with who remains unclear for now, except for my newly found sistar, Maria, who will be my primary traveling companion.

The direction where the flow of life will take me is changing, too. Writing, artwork, photography and more metaphysical endeavors promise to fill a life transformed. Play, exercise and being in nature and being natural will also take precedence over being proper and methodical. Balance will be rediscovered and gratitude for being alive and being on this beautiful planet will guide my every waking moment.

What I AM and what I am becoming is the revelation and integration of the higher essences of my multidimensionality beginning to successfully take “root” within my body and awareness.

No, I have not yet experienced walking between dimensions and worlds, or have had lucid remembrances of being aboard star ships or the like. It does not matter. I have changed completely and utterly from the person I once was, even just a short year ago. My heart is open. My light body is activated. I AM free. And I’m not going anywhere. I don’t need to. The assignment was to bring the Light to this darkened world, to be an anchor and transformer for the light so the energies might be stepped down and activated in all with whom I walked in this lifetime and others. Someday, I will walk out of this body and go “home” but that day is not now.

Krishnamurti once said that no man can lead another to God. Yet one can allow the energies of God to move through their life in order to light the way for others so that they might find their way with more ease and grace. That is my purpose for being here and it is enough.

I have learned that one must seek within as the Universe truly resides within your own energy field. It is up to each individual to come awake to the realization that you are the center of the Universe, your Universe and the ultimate creator of what you experience in that same Universe. If you desire joy, you can simply turn your thoughts to joy. If you resist the reality of your great power, you experience suffering and separation. Only by joining Self within do you begin to sense the power of unity. What others do within their Universe is their decision and it is beyond your ability to control them if they no longer wish to be controlled.

When you fight or judge the effects of the world “out there”, you are judging your own creation. Yes, there are many grim things that one can see in the world today as those who have traditionally held control over the masses struggle to retain that control in the old manner of using deceit and manipulation of emotions, most especially that of fear.

When one steps out of fear and can face unflinching the realization that one has walked both paths, the dark and the light, through this world of duality, then one can decide whether or not one is to be forgiven. Experience is the purpose for which many souls came here, for the sake of soul growth. One cannot understand fully the vicissitudes of life without walking literally in the shoes of another.

Recently, I have worked full-time in a high security prison. I have made it clear that I am a highly sensitive person yet I have thrived in this challenging atmosphere and have learned to come into balance and acceptance of the essence of humanity that transcends the positive and negative aspects of judgment, of physical acts, the sheer scope of proper socialization of a nation’s children and young people, the failure of a “democracy” to provide for its people and so on. I have come face to face with the frustration, the stoicism, the cynicism of a people who society has shut out and attempted to forget. I have seen, first hand, the failure of the Western model of medicine that does not heal the body, but attempts to cover up pathology of bodies unbalanced by poor diet, ingestion and absorption of poisons in the food, air and water. I have heard of the failures of modern medicine, for example, in stories of the failure of even the more successful aspects of physical medicine, orthopedic surgery, as metallic implants have come apart within flesh, leading to still further complications and more surgery. I have seen a people completely consumed by the need to possess materials or each other for the sake of looking and feeling “better” than their neighbors, even if what they possess can be contained with a couple of boxes on a transport bus.

Western society has failed. We must move on. And I have chosen the only path that I can take, which is to move on myself and leave the rest behind. I am not in charge of the lives of other people. They will come to a decision to change or not. It is for me to allow that ability to make a decision or not to take place. If I make a decision now, I choose, also, to take responsibility for the consequences.

I follow no Master other than the conscience that resides within an opened heart. I have felt the compassion that transcends the need to correct or save anybody or anything. Perhaps there will be those who come to me with questions, but ultimately all answers will be found by each person going within and seeking there the answers that reside within the Universal Akashic Records, the Wisdom of the Ages.

There is a new sense of peace that transcends the need to prove my point to anyone or to argue or push concepts upon others. I have arrived at a place where the seeds sowed through many lifetimes can now push up through the soil prepared and take their place in the secret garden of my heart. I AM that Which I AM, a part of Source, an echo of the unknowable made flesh, if for but a transitory moment in the ever present NOW.

Namaste. I bow to the Divinity that resides within the hearts of all mankind and within all Creation.

I AM Eliza