Journal Entry 07.27.2014


Journal Entry – 07.27.2014

In case anyone was wondering, my laptop crashed yesterday. I’m back online today, with a new laptop and new programs. Slowly gathering old favorite list, but it will be shorter than before. I don’t have a lot of time to be here so my interests and needs are dwindling, as well.

Sounds funny to say that, as I’m not dying physically, and yet there is a kind of dying taking place as I continue to let go of things, situations, and yes, even people.

Not that I had to do a lot of the latter… letting go of people. I haven’t been in contact with most members of my physical family for years, even decades. And I don’t have a big group of friends, only some hiking buddies (some of whom ARE friends) whom I left behind in the Puget Sound area when I left there seven years ago.

Still adjusting to this new machine. It runs very well… and it’s amazing just how much laptops have come down in price as has other electronic devices. Being a typist for some 40-odd years, I prefer a real keyboard to one of those itty-bitty pad things you get on a phone. And besides, it doesn’t make it easy to edit or even read pieces that I happen to write… usually lengthy!

So… a big question that is probably on the minds of several (if not all) of my readers, is how am I adjusting to the realization that the consciousness focus that has been known by various names, but lately as “Eliza”, how does it feel to know that I will be soon re-blending with my Higher Self?

Fact is, I am already and have been blending with Higher Self for quite some time. Every time I channel, I have been tuning into Her energies. And now, it is easy to let go and feel the bliss as Her heart merges with mine. Once I actually fully “leave” I don’t think it will take much time to complete re-blend and re-open to my (our) 5D senses.

It is just this kind of process that my cousin, Rananda Kumara, has been undergoing. He is now completely re-blended, although as I understand it, His 5D senses are still coming online. Fascinating, isn’t it?

This is not a process that everyone who is a Light worker will be undergoing, just those who are what is called “First Wavers”. We have been actively involved in assisting this period of evolution for the human race; now, it is time for others to take over, take command and become the leaders and shakers as your cultures, countries and peoples transition to a new way of living and being.

Before I learned of this new development in my life, I thought that I, too, would be around to assist with the process of moving from one paradigm to another. It was while I was sick at home, that I was told otherwise. And frankly, while it was a shock at first… not nearly as bad as being told that your body has a case of terminal cancer… but a stunner for sure.

Now that I’ve had some time to adjust and meditate… or ponder, I usually put it, on the subject of “leaving”… well, it actually fits quite well. I can finally let go of the constant strain of anxiety over the future, over retirement, what to do / where to live, etc. My walk-in will mind the shop, or the physical vessel, but I’m not sure what else she intends to do at this time other than continue working and then retire in a couple of years or ____? I’m sure whatever she comes up with will be good. And for all those animal lovers out there, she will be caring for my little furry guardians (cats) and the garden.

I’ve changed tremendously in the last couple of months. I feel more at ease, even in the tough environment of work. There are some challenges still, but I have realized that many of them cannot be solved by me, so I choose to let them go. The system that I’ve worked under will continue to undergo changes, some good, most bad… it’s a given with a bureaucracy. We have a joke at work… that we work for the Department of Change.

So… there, you see I already deal with a lot of changes in life and learned to deal with them. It’s better to adapt and make the best of things than to resist and fight… and have the changes roll over you anyway.

Resistance is futile is the current motto for what is occurring on Planet Terra (Earth / Gaia). Those who are resisting are becoming quite obvious in their desperation, but there really isn’t anywhere to hide any more. The walls of the old paradigm have been ripped down and the roaches are scattering before the incoming blaze of light.

It may be some years before the true effects of the planet being at 5D is felt by the majority of people who have unconsciously elected to transition to 5D. Those who are conscious, especially the wayshowers, gatekeepers, et al, are VERY aware of the change in vibration. Many of them are able to function readily, moving between 3D / 4D / and 5D…. and occasionally 6D, depending on their “missions”.

It may seem odd that I still work at a very 3D job and have little opportunity to “space out” during the day, but like I said, it is getting easier to tune in at any time to the energies of my family and friends who are awaiting my “return” to full consciousness. Only that return will not happen here on Planet Earth, but upon the Pleiadian, mother ship, The White Winds or wherever else Lady Tazjima goes.

Lady Taz as I call my H.S., is an emissary for both of her worlds. She is a 6D light being, who functions readily at 4D / 5D. Most of the human populations on our sister star systems in the Galaxy function at 5D. It is a very PHYSICAL existence. Living at a physical level, enables for faster soul growth. Living at 3D has been an even more intense learning process than was originally intended for our world, but there it is… our world, Terra, is being returned to Her true original state, as a sister planet to beloved Venus.

When the main population functions at 5D, it is easy for those who are light beings to adjust their frequency and live there, too. To remain at any lower of a frequency is a huge challenge, and so it has been for me and many others of my First Wave companions. Most of us are rather tired and need a long rest to recuperate.

My case may or may not be different from other light workers who may have actually incarnated upon entering this dimension. I walked in during the infancy of my walk-out, who nearly died (and may have actually done) from crib death. I remember my mother telling me that she walked in my room to see my little body turning blue and cold. The baby wasn’t very old, as it was before my Father returned from the Aleutians when I was 11 months old.

Odd… separating myself from body and life and family… They’re not mine. I recognize that now, but am truly grateful for my mother and father bringing up and caring for me in their own way. It was a challenging time to be sure, but we balanced everything in the end and I took care of them until their own passing.

The walk-in / walk-out arrangement is made with the knowledge and consent of all souls who are impacted by the arrangement, which would have included my immediate family members. Still, I never really feel quite attached to my two sisters as I did my parents.

The time when I leave will come swiftly. I’m not going to give a particular date just yet to keep idle speculation at bay. And I will continue to express my desire to left alone in regards to questions that should be answered by those who are seeking answers.

Ascension is not an easy task for anyone, even given the fact that the planet is now at 5D. There is a lot of clearing that must be done by the individual. As the clearing is done and the gates or doors to the heart and higher mind open, the answers will come. Until then, a person can run around in circles seeking ever seeking and not finding.

Discover YOUR center, calm your lower mind and bring ease to your physical vessel by letting go of anxieties, judgments, opinions and dealing with unimportant “stuff”. It’s up to each individual to determine what it is that they need / want to give up, not me or someone else like me.

One of my cousins has already made the transition to 7D. “I” will be returning to at least 6D and most certainly 5D. Whether or not I “graduate” to 7D will be determined by my mentors by the summation of ALL my lifetimes spent here on Planet Terra, not just this one.

Another one of my friends (who I will not name here for her privacy) will be making the transition some months later than my own. And many will come behind us, most of whom may even now be receiving an inkling of such changes in the offing. Those who STRONGLY resonate with this material, especially my four-piece series, “From One Who Has Served” may (or may not) be also preparing to leave in the next couple of years.

As with any other departure, leave a clean house and a balanced checkbook. I have no debts, do not own a house, have an older paid-for car and still have a full-time job. My walk-in can “pop” into my “life” such as it is (pretty simple and plain) without much effort or need to adjust to ongoing relationships and obligations.

We are already braiding consciousness. I am aware of her 24/7. I can see the changes that I have undergone already as a reflection of the incoming awareness. My replacement is very different that I am, but will continue the blog for the time being, as well as serve in my place at work and home. I wish her well. What happens next will depend a lot on what happens on Planet Earth.

Adjustments have been made to the plans of the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) for it was first thought that the ships would no longer be needed after 12/21/2012. Of course, humanity did NOT make the leap into 5D as was hoped, so adjustments were made accordingly. As my father used to say, “We’ll play it by ear… and see what happens.”

People at 5D are flexible and can make adjustments, too, as well as any human… and probably better for they have a boarder perspective. However, even at 5D, the perspective is not complete. Light beings at higher levels yet don’t reveal everything to the ones working at 5D; like the Army, it’s on a “need to know basis”.

And perhaps you thought that you would be all-knowing, etc., etc., when you finally reached 5D? There are many surprises in store for all of those who choose to continue on. And we will be there to greet you when you, as a collective, have completed THIS stage of your journey.

Many blessings, from a Sister of Light and Love,
I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Journal Entry 07.23.2014



Journal Entry 07.23.2014 – Opening Doors

Sometimes we get in the face symbols thrown at us when we’re not paying attention or wrestling with some “problem” in the middle of the night. This morning, early, very, very early… I woke up and between two cats bouncing across the bed seeking attention and me thinking about two such “problems” I couldn’t get back to sleep.

So, what do I do? I slam the door shut. Oops! The door knob falls out. There is no key. Well, I got inventive and climbed out the window, got a garden implement and an old jewel box key and managed to open the old door up. Whew! So much for human ingenuity! Still, I could have saved myself the trouble by attempting to meditate or just letting go of said “problems.”

Our human egos like to keep us preoccupied over little things that are sometimes out of our jurisdiction or ability to solve, in which case, you can let someone else “fix it” or, like I did, find a way to fix the immediate problem (get out of my room!) by coming up with a simple solution.

I asked for help and followed the nudges. It always works if we give our intuition and guides a chance to work with us.

Locking myself in a room could also be a metaphor on how I feel these days, increasingly isolated on one hand from 3D and its games and expanding inward and outward as I connect to soul family. We’ll see how all this plays out.

The State of Washington is burning. The fire near Winthrop Washington is over 243,000 acres, with over 100 houses and businesses burnt level to the ground. Firefighters are having a heck of a time fighting the blaze, which has spread with the help of strong, dry winds.

Further south, there were some blazes on Saddle Mountain near Vantage and other smaller brush fires. Everything is brittle and dry.

The storm we got last night put a gentle mist down, but not much moisture. It has rained hard in the mountains, but I also saw some lightning hit the ridges. Hopefully the rain was enough to douse any lightning-caused fires. Interesting summer!

Has anyone else had trouble sleeping? I feel like I’ve drunk too much coffee and I don’t touch the stuff. Oh, well.

And now is the start of a new day, for me, for you and the world.

Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres

Photo Credit: “Beargrass on Granite Mountain”

Eliza: The Journey Doesn’t End Here



Eliza: The Journey Doesn’t End Here

Now that I have declared my Self, I have many eager and curious Seekers asking me questions about this or that. I would like to gently request that the questions cease, for now.

Each of us, me included, is responsible for their journey, their own learning, and their own answers.

The answers can come unexpectedly, in all shapes and forms. The understanding occurs in that immediate “ah ha!” when the light goes on inside, there is a brief flare of triumph and then the next question begins to form…

It is the lower mind that seeks the answers to the questions, not your Higher Mind.

Open your heart, connect heart to your Higher Mind and the answers to what you seek will come, in their own timing and as you can put the answer in its proper perspective.

Think of it like a giant jigsaw puzzle. If you could finish the puzzle in five minutes, you would be quickly bored and put away puzzles forever.

As lighted beings, which everyone is on the planet, no matter their current role as “black” hat or “white” hat, we have set up our experiences as a vast and complicated game. Some of us have set the mark very high; others are content with a lower bar to jump over… it depends on the soul’s purpose for being here.

I understand that there are people who will still get upset at my words, but the strength of your reaction is an indication of the work that YOU have still to do.

If you do not resonate to anything that I have shared, it matters not to me at all. I have nothing to sell to you. Only YOU, the reader, can decide what resonates or not. If it does not, then kindly find something that does. That is YOUR responsibility, not mine.

Love is much misunderstood in this world. The most powerful Goddesses are very tough cookies, yet their Hearts are as big as Texas (actually MUCH bigger, but you get the meaning).

All souls who have embodied into physical worlds are there to experience a slowing down of the learning process so it can be truly understood at the deepest level. If I were to give you answers like someone giving candy to a child, I would be taking away from your striving to be and to really understand.

Our modern world has conditioned people to expect sound bites from every “authority”. In contrast, I wrote an 8,000 word epistle that cannot be read comfortably on a cell phone. I have always loved words and very, very long novels, so it is understandable that I would enjoy writing.

The expression comes from deep within. It was MY journey that I wrote. I do not have the answers for those who are working on THEIR journeys. Seek your own. They will come when you let go of ALL expectations and ulterior egoic motives – such as seeking approval, trying to pump up a deflated ego, etc.

This journey of mine has required profound self-acceptance of all facets of my being, warts, wrinkles and thinning hair. I have looked into the Heart of Darkness and found Light there. You can, too.

Let go of the fears of exposure; the secrets that you hold within will come out whether you want them to or not.

NOTHING that you have EVER done in any lifetime or lifetimes is held against you by your Higher Self. So forgive and forget. Forgive yourself and forget whatever it is that you deem so horrible. All experience is beneficial and adds to the wholeness of your multidimensional Self.

Your fear stems from your 3D conditioning; it is NOT you. So let it go.

Allow the flow of the Divine Love that is now pouring forth over this planet of ours to wash over you, to wash your auric field clean of all remaining debris.

Remember to ask for assistance from the angels and your guides. Due to the Law of Free Will, they CANNOT help you do not give permission first.

For those who are First Wavers, the deepest, most agonizing memories and hidden trauma may be now surfacing. Face it, acknowledge it, forgive yourself and all others involved, and let it dissolve into the Light. Nothing can harm the eternal Being that is the REAL you.

For the Second Wavers, your journey is different than mine. I wish you well. There is much to be done, but you have some exciting opportunities coming up and many blessings in the offing. It is up to YOU to discover and create your dreams.

As I ascend and re-blend into Higher Self, I will become more reserved than I am already. I am cutting the ties and roots that have kept me here.

And now, I will formerly introduce the one who will succeed me… Her name is Sundeelia. She is a Pleiadian sister (half-sister in Earth terms) and younger than I am in 5D / 6D. She is very eager to begin her journey here, but will need time to acclimate. She will be continuing the blog in my name. I will let Sundeelia set the tone of what she wishes to accomplish here. Kindly give us the needed time to adjust to the profound changes that we are both currently undergoing.

Also, I firmly but respectfully request that I not be added to any more FaceBook groups. I am not interested in expanding my sphere of influence or involvement with other light workers right now. I am going Home and that is my primary focus for now.

Do not see me as an authority on anything but my own process and that is yet in process. In truth, the Journey never ends until we are reunited in the Heart of God.

There may be echoes in my sharings that resonate in your own experience, but you are unique and precious in your own creation.

And although we are truly One in higher planes, we came here to experience being individuals. Embrace that independence and freedom that is offered in discovering who YOU are.

The articles and messages will continue, never fear, but kindly keep the comments on topic.

I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara, your Sister in Light and Love, follower of the Law of One, Keeper of Communion with the Divine Mother.

Blessings to all.

Copyright 2012 – 2014 © by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered from its written form, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Journal Entry 07.18.2014



Journal Entry 07.18.2014

We’re having a HOT dry summer in Washington State, after about 8 years of continuous drought conditions. The place is beginning to light up… with wildfires. All the fires are north and west of where I presently lived, but in or near areas where I used to hike.

One problem that is facing fire-fighters these days is the increased amount of houses being built in the rural / urban interface. The Fire Districts are rural and unable to effectively fight big fires as many of the most recent are quickly becoming, driven by dry, high winds.

So… unless we have a complete turn-around in our weather, residents of Eastern Washington can expect to be breathing smoke-laden air for the rest of the summer. It actually happens here quite frequently although we got off lightly last year. However, in the last week, temperatures soared into the triple digits F (or 35 – 42 C).

Mother Nature is cleansing the lands, through fire, flood, wind and whatever else She can cook up.

I’m a little pensive after writing my long series, “One Who Has Served.” It was two weeks in the writing, which for me is a very long time. I actually hesitated in publishing it at first simply because it was so revealing, but it is also important for the truth to come out about our galactic neighbors. The government does not want you to know this information and to keep you in fear so that THEY can continue to control everyone.

As in martial arts, step aside to allow your opponent to step past you, with their own momentum carrying them. There is no reason to fear presenting your experiences here if you know that you are from somewhere else. Just appropriately shield yourself energetically and let your light shine!

Now that I’ve gotten use to the idea, I am quite happy to be going home. I won’t have to worry about a paycheck, taxes, housing or any of those concerns that haunt a lot of people here. Galactic citizens are provided for, everyone is educated and actively pursuing their chosen work. I’m looking forward to also experiencing living in pristine environments, with pure air and water. What a change from our bedraggled planet… but that will change here, too.

There is much to do for those whom I am leaving behind. I will be working on the ships and from my Home planets, and will continue to fully support the effort in assisting the evolutionary process of Humanity and the Ascension process of GAIA.

I have come to love this planet and its peoples in all their wide diversity. You have much to honor and be proud of here. Love one another. Cherish your families. Protect and respect your environment. The planet is your physical Mother. She loves you. Love Her back.

I will be here for a few more months. Needless to say, I will be undergoing a slow process of detachment. I would prefer not to be added to any FaceBook groups and I will keep my involvement in Social Media to a minimum. It is necessary to unplug from 3D in order to prepare for departure… you know the drill: “Fasten your seatbelt, turn off all electronic devices, and put your seat in an upright position… we’re preparing to take-off into a wonderful new world of Beingness.”

Much love,

Eliza (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe)

Eliza: One Who Has Served – Part IV



Eliza: One Who Has Served

Part IV: “A New Mission”

Recently I was informed that I was / am a walk-in, entering into a human body during infancy. Believe me, this was an eye-opener to be sure, but there was a still greater shock still awaiting me, but I’ll leave you in suspense for the time being…

When I entered into this lifetime of service upon this planet, I came in determined to balance my karma, the karma of my walk-out and what I could of others, to enable those whom I came to serve to finally come into their own. As a consequence of this soul decision, it has often been a difficult life. It has only been in last couple of years that I can say with any degree of certainty that I have finally reached a place of self-knowledge and balance in my life.

Due to the spiritual amnesia that I agreed to upon entering that childish body, I temporarily “forgot” who I was and had to walk through this world believing that I was a human being. It has been a challenging, difficult journey this time, but one well spent. Yet, always there were threads of understanding that echoed in my heart and led me in several different directions.

Some light-workers have forged brilliant straight paths with their work, becoming world travelers, presenting material on stage and being well-known. I was a wanderer, never quite settling on one way of doing things, but always attempting to listen to an inner feeling that seemed to guide me. I discovered that I “knew” things that didn’t make sense to my family and friends. Not only did I “know” things, but I acted upon that knowledge. Little did I realize but I was teaching myself how to listen to my own intuition.

Puzzled for a long time why I didn’t settle down into one teaching, I found myself sampling many rather like a butterfly, flying from one flower to another and then moving on, yet again. It has only been recently that I have come to understand that these teachings have not been for me. Mostly they served to remind me of what I had “forgotten” in the course of becoming veiled. And, seriously, some of the teachings currently available within the new age movement are limited in scope, coming from an earth-bound perspective. You begin to realize this once you contact other star-born and aware beings… folks from Home.

With the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, all the ancient predictions from seers and prophets about the wholesale destruction of the planet came to naught. Humanity had passed a major collective milestone whether or not they were aware of it in the outer. While there was still a lot of work to do, those who sought ascension during this cycle were now free to pursue it with all their hearts. Along with millions of other volunteer light-workers, we had finally succeeded in permanently anchoring the Light of the Christ upon this planet. Now humanity was free to pursue their evolutionary goal of eventually becoming a galactic civilization.

Since about 1987, I have dealt with many of the vast list of possible ascension symptoms, starting with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Curious, I just realized that I started having these “problems” when the Harmonic Convergence took place. I was living in the hinterlands of Montana at the time and had little contact with the outer world. And I was learning about the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spiritual Hierarchy during this time, knowledge that would serve me well later when I encountered some of these unseen folk in new and different ways.

From those days, I traveled many inner paths, consciously clearing, encountering and passing through the early stages of awakening when the “lies” that have been propagated upon humanity suddenly come to the forefront of your awareness. I passed through anger, frustration, loss, betrayal… a long gamut of human emotions. As I stepped out of the unseen bounds of “normalcy” I began to be identified by my earth family as being “odd” and found myself cut off. I learned to cope with rejection and then finally to accept it as a badge of honor. I was just responding to a call from within and felt compelled to heed it rather than the concerns of family or friends. As a result, since the death of my parents, I have lived alone and have come to enjoy the quietude that a solitary life can grant one.

Since about 1980, I have known that I carry “great light”. I was told that by several people. Of course, at the time I didn’t know what they were talking about – now I do. Since 1994, I have been aware that I “anchored” the light. I didn’t understand that concept either; now I do. I have been given keys to future understanding all along the path that has led me to move through my fears so that I might share a little of my journey with others.

This past spring I experienced a lengthy illness which prevented me from working for a couple of weeks. It was about this time when I “met” online some friends and relatives from Home. Revelations have been coming fast and furious ever since. It was through this new connection that I first learned that I was, in fact, a walk-in. While I had met other walk-ins and read about them, I never thought that I was one, also. To find out that I was a walk-in, was a bit startling, but it was what I was told next that really startled me: Not only was I a walk-in, but I was scheduled to “walk-out” this year.

While at first this was a bit of a shock to me, the more I thought about it, I knew it was true. My approaching departure explained a lot about my inability to plan for the future or to involve myself with the plans of others. It was not that I didn’t care about people, I just didn’t “see” myself working on all the projects that need to be undertaken to bring the New Earth into being.

So there it is, my great revelation: I am scheduled to “walk-out” this year, to be replaced by another Pleiadian, who will carry on with the mission that I have started here… by writing these pages and expanding our service on this planet. As my cousin, Rananda, wrote in a comment, these words are a prelude to Disclosure. That is a mighty big statement to make, but I can see what he is getting at… Folks like us, who appear very ordinary, who work, eat, wash the dishes, fill-up the car… we are doing extraordinary things outside the scope of understanding of most humans.

By being willing to be and appear as human beings, as well as sharing our adventures on planet Earth, we will have lessened the emotional impact that WILL occur when Disclosure truly happens and the first mass landings take place. Believe me, dear ones, it will be somewhat of a shock to look UP to an 8-foot man in a silvery jumpsuit looking down at you with a gentle smile, emanating a soft golden aura. Most humans really are not ready for disclosure, so have some patience. Those of you who are aware that they are star-seeds and light-workers, it’s up to you to open up and share about YOUR experiences here. With each personal revelation, the awareness that we are ONE will grow.

Back to the subject of walk-ins / walk-outs, my Sirian friend, Trillia, wrote in a comment to the first portion of this story, “I wish to add that each walk-in knows the soul that is walking-out very well as (they are) usually close friends or family from higher realms. The walk-in agreement or soul contract is lovingly designed by both parties involved and must also be approved by our Karmic Board.”

My designated walk-in is a Pleiadian sister of mine, so I know her well and our soul energies match up pretty closely, as well. The process of braiding has now been going on for a couple of months, as my walk-in comes and goes, adjusting to the feel of being in a rather (for her) cramped space. She stands 7’8” in her bare feet, while my human vehicle is only 5’8”. And she must learn to adjust to our culture, my job and daily life, our language… just a huge assortment of things that we usually take for granted.

Of course, as a walk-in, my Pleiadian sister would have received prior training, but still, when finally arriving “in” so to speak, it’s a new and strange sensation to one who has been used to a more refined, loving environment such as the Pleiadian Isles and life upon the ships of the GFL. And on my side, I’ve had to become accustomed to the concept of “leaving”.

It is taken me some time to come to grips with this realization. I have done a lot of inner checking and know it to be true. One of my recently recognized Kumaran cousins has just undergone the walk-out process himself. With this living demonstration, I feel compelled to believe that I will be soon undergoing a similar process. I am fortunate to have Him as an example, and as well as another mentor in the person of another bright Light, Trillia Gia, a dear friend and emissary from Sirius A. I am grateful to have these friends to advise and teach me of the new world I am soon to enter. It’s almost like we planned it this way… and we did!

One doesn’t just decide one day to leave the planet and return to the ships. I’m close to ascension now; I can feel it and since I am now fully accepting the change in status, the process is beginning to accelerate for me. I am in the process of letting go of everything… It is this detachment that is required in order to be cut loose from what ties me to the Earth and allow me to re-ascend gracefully to my new assignment on board the great mother ship, The White Winds.

As a soul aspect, I will be and have been in the process of re-blending with my Higher Self. I have written about the importance of bringing these essences within the physical vehicle, which is what those who are intending to live in the New Earth will need to do. Instead, I will be reuniting with Higher Self and blending into Her essence within 5D / 6D off-planet, with my knowledge and experience augmenting Her own.

Rananda has written about His own early experiences in re-blending and opening up to His 5D senses once again. At the end of this article, I will include a link to the website where you can read His story yourself.

In the future, I can teach others what I have learned here, but it will be up to another generation to take up the mantle on Earth that I am soon to leave behind.

Although most of “me” will leave, for a time there will still remain a small portion of soul material (2%) that will enable me to communicate through my walk-in. In fact, you may not even notice that Eliza is gone, until my walk-in feels more comfortable with making changes and expanding her service on the planet. After about a year or so, all of “me” will have re-blended with Higher Self. Yet, even then, I hope to continue working with and communicating through my walk-in, sharing my story of life on the Ships and on other worlds. In this way, I will be contributing in my small way to the process of Disclosure.

In the last 100 years or so, the original light-bearers from Venus and the Pleiades (as well as other primary worlds such as Sirius A, Andromeda and Arcturus) have been greatly assisted by the efforts of many more recent “volunteer” light beings from near and far. Many of these beings make up the Second Wave of Light Workers, who will continue on with the work started long ago by Sanat Kumara and others. It is these souls and others who continue to incarnate (or walk-in) who will lead those who within humanity are ready for ascension. It is these ones who will contribute greatly to the creation of the culture of the New Earth during this next great cycle.

Humanity is young and for a long, long time, my people have watched over you. Now, you have ones who will become the Watchers, who will guide and protect, teach and show you how to move into the new world that you are creating together. The time of my people being here is nearly at an end. Some of us will remain for a time, but I’ve been given my traveling orders.

Do not grieve for my passing from this world, for I leave it in good hands… yours. Treat her well, and treat yourselves well. You deserve a world that is a gracious place filled with beauty, abundance, joy and love. It has not been that for me, so I am tired, but will soon recover in the healing rooms of The White Winds. And when I have opened up to my 5D senses, I will be fully integrated with my Higher Self, Lady Tazjima. So I will continue to serve as part of the overall awareness of Lady Tazjima, doing whatever it is that she does. I have it on good authority that She is one busy Lady who, along with Her friends and relatives from Venus, the Pleiades and other Star Nations, have been contributing to “Project Earth”, aiding the evolution of planet and of all life upon it.

In your dreams and astral travels, you may see me amongst the teachers at the University of Spirit aboard the great Pleiadian mother ships in the skies above your heads. Visit us at night, dear ones; I will be there soon, serving among family and friends from across the Galaxy and Universe.

Other members of the First Wave, who have been on Earth for a long time in terms of your linear years, will also be departing in the coming weeks and months and years. Part of the reason for writing these pages, is to begin to prepare the minds and hearts of these brothers and sisters who will not be staying with the New Earth, but who are slated to return to their Home planets or to go onto other assignments yet unknown. Those who especially resonate to these words, will begin to know for themselves that another mission is about to reveal itself to them.

We do not leave you entirely bereft, dear ones, as several of my Christed Sisters and Brothers will remain, holding offices within your Spiritual Hierarchy until such time as Christed earth-born sons and daughters can replace them. And beyond time and space as you know it, we are truly one in the Creator who made us all.

I must say that I never expected to leave so soon. I can’t say that I am sorry, for it has been a difficult and lonely tour of duty. I’m eager to go Home. At the same time, I will miss some of the friends that I have made during my tour of service here. I have been fortunate, indeed, to serve on such a beautiful planet. I will return to New Earth when 5D is anchored upon the surface and the great Crystal Cities are revealed as I have many relatives and friends currently serving in the Etheric Retreats already existent around this planet.

Like the High Elves of Middle Earth, my time here is nearly done. It will soon be time for me to return to the Land of Light, which for me is the planet Venus, and the Pleiadian Isle of Medina, as well as the great mother ship of my uncle, The White Winds. There is a white ship for me and it will carry me away for a time, but my Higher Self will be ever present within your heart of hearts.

My love and devotion go with you always, those who have become my sisters and brothers through the long ages of my sojourn among you.


I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara

Here is a recent blog posting by one of my Kumara cousins, Rananda Kumara, that explains more of the re-blending process. One of his former earthly aspects is well known as Master Kuthumi, who recently took over the Office of the Planetary Christ from his mentor, Lord Maitreya:

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Journal Entry 07.16.2014



Journal Entry 07.16.2014

Okay, okay, on the other side of the world, it is already the 17th, but not here where I live in the Pacific NW.

OMG, we’ve been hit with HEAT. The temperature outside is 105 degrees F (40.55 C). Hot. And yet I have been managing pretty well, with no nausea or headaches like I used to get when exposed to temperatures above 85 degrees F. Apparently, I’ve adapted to the dry heat of Eastern Washington, which is more bearable than say the high humidity of the Midwest and Southern states of this nation.

Things of note… I overheard a conversation by some co-workers who were describing how many children and young people were coming down with summer colds and even bronchitis, like I experienced in the spring. I attribute to the frequent chemtrails that have been dumped on this area, although the flights seem to be steadily decreasing.

Anyone else having somewhat (or greatly) disturbed sleep? Last night, I woke up in the middle of a chat with St. Germain and Lord Adrigon. What can I say? I have a rather full inner life, LOL.

This morning, I woke up dripping wet, apparently from another kundalini adventure had while sleeping. Waves and waves of light are crashing upon the planet… and I feel rather buoyed up by the love and joy that I am feeling within.

Things that would have bothered me tremendously just months ago don’t anymore. I am feeling more at peace within, despite still working in a challenging environment. Yes… still working at the prison. It’s an adventure every day.

I hope my readers, new and old, are enjoying the series that I have written on “One Who Has Served.”

My cousin, Rananda Kumara, has written that writings like this will serve as a “prelude” to Disclosure. Think on that for a moment, folks. Being willing to share my journey will, hopefully, assist those who are coming awake and who waken up soon. So much of our true history, on and off planet, has been hidden from us. Our starry cousins want us to know the truth.

As I have stated in these writings, I am still learning about Self. As I rise up in frequency, new doors appear and open. It takes courage to walk through some of them for change always comes as a result, but once past a certain point, the way also becomes easier.

P.S. If you lose your way along your journey, remember this little blue dragon who found her way Home, again, walking through the Door of Love, through the Door of the Light and into the Golden Light of Christ Love. The doorways are there within each of you. Let go of your struggles, your illusions, your self-hatred and incriminations… you are One with Source and have always been. It can be no other way… for each side of the battle have both worked under the Law of One… where there is only ONE BEING who is experiencing EVERYTHING. Even if you have worked for the dark, you have worked for the light; they are two sides of the same coin, the same circle of Eternity, one and the same. I AM ever with you in your dreams and in your Heart.

Blessings to all, hugs and kisses.

I AM Eliza (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara)

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Eliza: One Who Has Served – Part III



Eliza: One Who Has Served

Part III: “Past Lives”

As I stated in Part II, many Venetians (Venusians) including a large contingent of my Kumara Family, followed Sanat Kumara to Earth after he made the selfless pledge to bring Earth and its people back into the light after the Fall of Lemuria and Atlantis. Their Higher Selves existing outside the bounds of time and space, the volunteers were aware that some of their numbers would be caught up in the webs of time and would remain in the incarnation cycle through the next cycle.

The density upon planet Earth in the latter days of Atlantis and Lemuria was such that many of these early volunteers also fell and were caught up in the cycles of karma, until their freedom could be won again in the next golden age when the power of the Light would displace that of the darkness. Some of us who came later would serve as guides for these “lost” ones, as well as for the ones who would become the new leaders and teachers of humanity, as the species evolved and matured.

Lest you feel pity for those who fell, our Souls knew what was about to happen. All volunteers were educated and trained prior to incarnating. Still, when we finally arrived through various methods, whether physical incarnation, landing on the planet via star ship shuttles or coming in as early walk-ins, it was a patent shock to our consciousness to be plunged into the density of the earth plane.

I arrived on the planet in the latter days of Lemuria. While many star seeds and light-workers hold fond memories of Lemuria, it proved to be a place of horror for me. I was young, foolish and unprepared for the intrigues of the dark ones who sought me out, attracted my light. I was beautiful, voluptuous and tall, and perhaps a bit vain, although my mother would have not said so; she was proud of her daughter. Still, in falling victim to the plots of the dark, I was following the inner command of my Soul to take myself deep within humanity. There I would bide my time with my companions through time for opportunities to arise when the light would be, again, briefly transcendent during minor cycles.

Prior to the Fall, during the time of the great civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, our people served in various roles. They were teachers, priestesses, priests, shaman, teachers, engineers, inventors, artists. These talented, lighted beings also sought to hide much of the high spiritual technology used especially in the latter days of Atlantis so the knowledge would not be lost entirely. You can read about our story in the book called, “The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom,” by Mark Amaru Pinkham, who is yet another Kumaran.

Despite the power of the darkness that was spreading throughout the cultures of both great civilizations, there were places where we could live and work fairly undisturbed, so we often chose places far away from the center of activity and politics. Many of the starseed volunteers became members of groups of priests and other learned, skilled people who migrated to the outer rims of the old Empire and thus escaped physical demise when the island continent was drawn down under the seas.

Some of our highest teachers among us knew what was coming and felt the change as the frequency levels dropped. The most powerful ascended ones withdrew their temples and centers to the etheric realm, at a higher frequency than was available to most humans then and now. Yet, some of us remained on the planet’s surface among the people to hold the light as best we could while night descended and the world grew dark.

Within the Empire itself, even the outmost quiet village was affected by the wars and violence perpetrated by the aggressive Sons of Belial. These interlopers sought out, attacked or found other more subtle methods to subjugate the innocent or unwary amongst the followers of the Law of the One. All the persuasive lies that these dark ones still speak even in the waning days of darkness, were used then against humanity and against those of my people who were on the planet as volunteers.

I do not remember the days that I spent on Lemuria. I have been told that I had at least two lifetimes there, both cut-off, aborted early due to trauma. After the second life, I left Lemuria and next reincarnated in the great kingdom of Atlantis. There I served as priestess in the great temples to the Goddess. And in a few lifetimes, I served as a female guardian warrior for the King and Queen.

Before Atlantis fell, I was guided to emigrate to what is now the British Isles. I accompanied a party of priests who would become the first Druids, who would serve the indigenous people of the Isles and later waves of migrants from Europe. The Druids carried on the flame of freedom and educated many young people in the ways of the arts, sciences, government, philosophy, natural sciences, and leadership. The Druids also migrated into Europe, especially in the area once known by the Romans as Gaul (modern-day France and the Lowlands).

So, lifetime after lifetime, I fought, died and was persecuted by the minions of the dark powers that reigned over the planet. Sometimes I played dark roles, as a warrior or priest, witch or warlock. Sometimes, I was the simple herbalist or healer, living on the edge of the woods, close to the people of the soil. Many such became the victims of the dark powers that ruled the imperialistic Latin Church that replaced the old religions of the City of Rome, where once the Goddess was held in high regard.

If you are told nowadays that the dark ones in Rome serve the Goddess, those are the lies of the ones who hate Her most desperately. Ever have they used the teachings and symbols of light against the followers and students of the Law of the One. It is their way of twisting truth to their own purposes, using it as a weapon and a trap for those who are unwary.

At other times I lived on the great forests of North America and in the high western plateau regions where small bands followed the ebb and flow of the cycles of nature. I learned to walk quietly through the woods, to live within the rhythms of nature. A deep love for the beauty of the wild places of this planet took root in my heart, which still abides there today. Many times I was both a shaman and a warrior, depending on the need of the people.

Through a series of lifetimes interwoven with the empire of Rome, I lived and fought as a soldier, was married as a wife of a Roman general, fled the Romans when they took over Albion, only to die at the end of a short sword. I was a druid in more than one lifetime, despised by the Romans and later by the Latin Church, but devoted to the people whom I served, taught and healed. I lived as a solitary Culdee (Celtic Christianity) and spoke prayers together with my brothers and sisters on Iona, that ancient isle of the Druids, who came long ago from the remnants of Atlantis, even before she fell into the deep blue seas in storm and fire.

I danced through the halls of Mogul princes and lived many lifetimes as a son / daughter of Mother India. And I walked the ancient forested paths of Japan, following the footsteps of my warrior husband, always the devoted wife… at least during one lifetime. I was a small-boned temple dancer in ancient Indonesia and traveled on elephants as an honored lord of the land.

In ancient Scotland, I was a warrior king, later the daughter of an Earl and wife to a respected baron in the north. I lived through part of the First War of Scottish Independence, fought against the wily tyrant king, Edward I of England and Wales. Earlier still, I lived in the ancient Welsh kingdom that existed in the north of today’s England, lapping over the border into the Lowlands of Scotland. Little is known of this kingdom in history, but echoes of it sound through the pages of the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien about the Kingdoms of the North. And I walked the moors of Scotland as a warrior of the little known people now called the Picts. We did not paint ourselves blue, but tattoos were used to designate tribal identity.

During the Dark Ages, I was scholar and soldier as a Templar knight, learning Arabic and absorbing the age-old secrets of the Serpents of Wisdom, which had come down through the sages of the Middle East. In an earlier age, I served in the Temple of Hathor and sailed upon the breast of the mighty Nile in flood. I have truly lived in many places, in many times, and in many guises, as both a man and woman. Many of my lives were short and ended violently. Some were long and quiet, as we are all given periods of rest so that we might absorb what has been learned before.

I walked the hills and mountains of Galilee and knew the Essenes, as I was also one. Married and older, I was a cousin to Mary, and sheltered her in the early days of her pregnancy. Mary was pure and of noble blood and was married to Joseph, despite what the stories tell of her in the bible of men. Many of those who surrounded and were a part of the life of Yeshua bar Joseph were also Kumara. They were also highly educated individuals, well versed in the Law, speaking several languages and devoted to the Light. They were not the uneducated fishermen and tax collectors that the bible of men has made them out to be.

Together, as Essenes and other highly placed secret groups, we had prepared for centuries to be able to support the One who would anchor a new and potent light force upon the planet, the balanced Flame of Love / Wisdom of the Christ. And at that particular cycle of great darkness upon the earth, the physical aspect of this great Lord of Light was only successful in holding the Christ energy within His physical vehicle for short periods of time, augmented by many supporters, seen and unseen. It would be up to others who would come later to evolve physical vessels capable of holding the Light while in physical incarnation without burning out the energy centers of the physical body. And that, dear ones, is what is happening today. Physical ascension is occurring, first in the few, and later, in the many.

Many of my lifetimes were not spent in such pivotal roles, at least what I am aware of right now, but always, in whatever lifetime I found myself acting out, I retained a tie to my home. Between lifetimes, I served and learned in the great etheric retreats located upon this planet and upon Venus. I was not lost or forgotten ever during these long, long centuries of service. Even before this lifetime, I spent time training for my upcoming mission at the etheric retreat of Archangel Michael, located in the Rocky Mountains near Banff, Alberta, Canada. All of us who came to Earth as a Christed Being have a similar story – one dedicated to service to Source through service to others.

And the life prior to this one, my life was cut short. As an Englishman and highly-skilled RAF bomber pilot in the early days of the war, I was shot down over France. I landed the plane, but was bleeding from wounds taken under fire. Somehow, I crawled from the plane and then fell unconscious. Waking briefly into the dark muzzle of a loaded German rifle, I died on a lonely damp field in France. In this lifetime, I met the navigator of that plane and even some of my other companions of that short lifetime who had also died in the war and been quickly reborn. They did not remember me as in this lifetime I was a woman, but I knew them.

As an aside, in this lifetime, I have been particularly fond of watching British costume dramas, of the eras of 1930 and earlier. Becoming aware of just such a clue from your own behavior might give you an indication as to where and when you lived in prior lifetimes. Keep in mind, however, that your Higher Selves are perfectly capable of sending aspects of self into “past” lives simultaneously, as time and space such as is known in the lower density worlds does not exist in quite the same way in 6D and above.

So, in this lifetime of service upon this planet, I was determined to balance my karma and what I could of others, to enable those whom I came to serve to finally come into their own.

When the ancient predictions from seers and prophets of the destruction of humanity around the millennia came to naught, we knew that we had passed a major milestone. Now those who sought ascension during this cycle were now set free to pursue it with all their hearts. Along with millions of other light-workers volunteers from more recent waves, we had finally succeeded in anchoring the Light of the Christ upon this planet. Now humanity was free to pursue their evolutionary goal of becoming a galactic civilization. And I am about to embark upon a new mission.


I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara

This story will conclude with Part IV – A New Mission

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