Eliza: On Post-Ascension Syndrome



Eliza: On Post-Ascension Syndrome

Okay, I invented the above phrase but someone had to do it and I do have an odd sense of humor. I am currently experiencing the beginning of that curious life phase when one HAS ascended and Lady Tazjima did – it was witnessed by others who are still in embodiment – when enough soul essence still remains within the body to make it “feel” as if nothing happened at all.

My cousin, Rananda Kumara aka David Spear of England, warned me that I might and probably would feel this way for a while as my primary focus readjusted and retuned to being in the higher dimensions. This sensation of still being “here” was one noted early on by the ship crew members directly involved with monitoring and assisting the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) volunteers who had walked in and were attempting to complete the process of “walking-out”.

A Sirian starseed has also acquainted me with this phenomenon, one which was unexpected by the ship crew monitors. Dear ones, kindly remove the belief that 5D beings “know” everything there is to know; they don’t. They are as physical as you and I, from 3D / 4D, more technologically advanced, but hardly gods and goddesses. They do know “more” but at times, things happen that even stump their understanding and this phenomenon is one.

So… a tiny part of my soul essence remains within my physical vessel / body temple. This sensation… and the knowledge that the “rest” of me or approximately 98% of “me” as Eliza has successfully blended with Lady Tazjima… well, let us say that it brings up quite a few uncomfortable emotional reactions.

Ah… an opportunity for yet more clearing I say when I begin to get a grip on the anger and frustration that inevitably erupts from hitherto unimaginable depths of being. The human body is an amazing creation, a light library of endless generations, some extending far beyond the knowledge of our scientists and into our galactic past.

Just yesterday, I wrote a comment on Facebook where I “confessed” to being present at the building of the pyramids! Where that came from, who knows, but I did have a prior incarnation or two on Sirius B, before the white dwarf shrank to its current size.

If you watch the wonderful documentary, The Pyramid Code, you will be told that the three great pyramids of Giza line up with the Belt of Orion, a portion of the Orion Constellation. And that the orientation comes from a star alignment aged from 10,500 years ago! What if I were to suggest that this same star alignment happens every 10,500 year, half of the Great Year of approximately 25,000 years in which it takes our solar system to circle the Central Sun of our Galaxy… and that it is possible that the pyramids were not built simply 4,000 years ago or even 10,500 years ago, but several Great Cycles ago! And by men and women from Sirius A, that same white dwarf system.

Life on our planet is far older than scientists can imagine. Yet our beautiful water planet is relatively young. Human life has been here, in one form or another, for over 18 million years. That is when Sanat Kumara and the Serpents of Wisdom arrived on the planet, 18 million years ago. And the Serpents are still here in the guise of starseeds who are slowly leading the rest of the population into the Fifth Dimension, once again.

Serpents and snakes, these earth-bound creatures bring up fear, disgust, and even hatred in most modern Western people, yet the images of these creatures is a part of the great spiritual art of the ages within the Hindu, Mayan, Chinese and other ancient cultures. Their images and shapes are carved into the sides of temples. Shiva is depicted with cobras wrapped around his waist. Goddesses dance with snakes in their hands. The ancient cultures of the Middle East and the Mediterranean abound with depictions of snakes and goddesses. Look to the art of Minos and early Greece. Snakes are everywhere. And why would that be so? Because they represent the kundalini force that resides within every human being, the kundalini which has been depicted as a Goddess in Eastern art and still is in the living cultures of Hindu India. And where does the primary source of this ancient culture stem from? Sirius.


Being one who walks between two… and now maybe more worlds, it is fascinating to observe how humanity has been purposefully held back from fulfilling its destiny as a galactic civilization. The mental and emotional… even physical bonds are now successfully being broken by intelligent and courageous individuals who are trail-breakers and Wayshowers for the rest of the population. They are, in almost every instance, defied and denied passage into the “future” by the forces of opposition, yet still these brave ones persist and learn how to move through the fear, distrust and denial of their own inherent power, THEIR inheritance from the stardust that flows through their veins and dances through the synapses of their nervous system, creating the impulse to go forward despite the odds.

For as long as the Earth has been populated there has lived upon her surface, great Masters who have conquered time and space, the Maha Rishis, holy men and occasionally, women, who live in isolated mountainous regions sprinkled across the globe. You cannot not find these masters of the elements for they vibrate at a higher level than the greater population. Various great masters of Yoga, ancient disciplines of commanding the body temple and transcending physical death, have received training from these same Rishis, these living Serpents of Wisdom. Our world is filled with more wonders than most people can imagine… especially when they remain addicted to mass media, junk food and modern culture.

Now… where am I going with this? I just want to state categorically, that we come in Peace. “We” are the members of the Galactic Federation of Light. “We” colonized the planet with our star seed, humanity, eons ago. We brought culture to the planet. We have stood side by side with our sisters and brothers born upon this planet. We have walked among you for thousands upon thousands of years, yet we are not of this world.

When your planet originally “fell” from the sixth dimension… we attempted to assist mankind to its feet, again, but the Creator had given this planet a special dispensation, that of Free Will, which we could and would not violate under any circumstances. Those of us from the higher planes of existence, living outside the boundaries of time and space, could “see” the possible timelines and what was to occur upon the planet’s surface when forces of darkness took up residence here. The planet herself, being a sentient and compassionate Being, allowed these beings to come, to give them a chance to redeem themselves of their rebellious and dangerous past. Since the opportunity was freely given by all, the cycles that followed were allowed to play out, much to the detriment of humanity in the short run.

You might ask me why in the short run? And I would reply, humanity had to be given an opportunity to grow on its own. Yes, volunteers would come to assist, but we realized early on, that there would be great resistance to our efforts and so it was that cultures rose and fell, more than the so-called modern authorities would have you believe, much more. Humanity is young in terms of galactic cultures. Even the Galaxy itself was seeded early in its formation by Beings from other galaxies and universes. I know… for I was there.

Each human being carries within them the potential to be a god… a divine being capable of great things. There is also a balancing seed of chaos and destruction, the dark yin. It is a dance between dark and light that creates life, potential and growth. And one must arrive at a balance point between these two great forces, of creation and destruction. Zero point it is called, a point of neutrality where you can rise above the need to judge yourself or others, but begin to realize and open to the understanding that ALL life is connected, is ONE magnificent web of Life.

Imnaha Country

In many ways so-called primitive man and even those rare somewhat intact indigenous cultures that still exist across the face of the planet… in many ways these people were far more spiritually advanced than modern man. Yes, Western culture has birthed a plentitude of modern conveniences, but it has also birthed greed, cultural and environmental destruction… as the hands and minds that have guided this “culture” have at their core of their beings a tremendous self-hatred and darkness that has been projected upon the peoples of the planet and upon the planet herself, although She gave succor to these same beings so long ago. The use of the life-blood of the planet, oil and gas resources, to create the chemical industry, has devolved culture into a race to obtain wealth and power over the multitude. A few families hold the wealth of the planet in their clutches and are unwilling to let go for fear that they will be destroyed in turn.

Modern society has been corrupted by forces that are little understood by most people, yet these same forces are those of the destructive forces of creation. If… and when you can rise to a place where you can begin to understand these forces and to tame them, guide them, manage and utilize them, then you have mastered the elemental forces that have created our world out of the dark matter that exists outside our atmosphere, the dark Matter of the Goddess, the matriarch and Creatrix of us all. Most people are far from understanding and managing their own lives, so it is up to some of us to step forth as Wayshowers.

My most recent “lifetime” has been a relatively quiet one where I have retraced the way Home through a rambling, zigzagging path to self-awareness and opportunities to reconnect with my starry Kin. I am fully conscious of my divine inheritance and share that knowledge so that some of those who happen across my written works will see this self-awareness reflected in their own hearts. It takes one person to step forth courageously to break a dead-lock, it takes many to bring change to a resistant population.

We have been told by sages, channels and wisdom-carriers, that ascension is one step at a time, it is not an instantaneous process although many are the followers of the so-called New Age who believe it is so. Yes, it is, but you must have arrived at a place of self-knowledge where you know that you are one with all Life and you no longer turn away in disgust and want to leave this world at whatever the cost, even to the death of your own body temple. You must arrive at a place called “Peace”, the peace that comes from within and defies the understanding of the human ego.

And so now, as my body consciousness seems determined to anchor the remaining soul essence of “Eliza” to this planet and 3D life, I struggle to obtain entrance to the place called “Peace”. It is an internal struggle and one that will end when I surrender completely my will to the greater Will and open to the faith that I will be okay, that someday in the following months and perhaps years, my entire conscious focus will be directed fully in 6D / 7D, in my life as Lady Tazjima.

Bullfrog Lake

I have not reached this place of surrender, yet, but am self-aware enough to realize what must be done. And so it goes… conscious awareness into the many ages of mankind, a growing awareness of my own various roles here played out as lifetimes upon the stage of the world, as both male and female, simple peasant and complicated genius. We are more than we know… each and every one of us. I encourage you, my readers, to undergo a journey of self-discovery to find out the answers of your existence.

Yesterday, I was asked to determine another person’s starry origin. I declined. There are those light workers whose mission it is to assist seekers; I am not one of these. It is simply not my calling. Yes, with some meditation I might be able to accomplish the task, but it is not mine and I will not claim it so. It took me years to determine my own heritage and has been only in the last six months that I have received verification that my hunches were so, in ways that I could not even begin to venture a guess. The journey and the self-discovery takes patience. Some claim that they are impatient to know the answers and I reply, the impatience stems from your ego’s need to know, to categorize and to plump up its own sense of self-importance.

I have not shared my journey with you in order to garner fame and fortune or followers. True wisdom-seekers rarely want or need followers, for these hangers-on impede forward progress towards true understanding. No, the true wisdom-seeker listens within and follows the intuitive hunches and listens to the magical melodies emanating from the heart of Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom and Intuition. She sings to the soul of the seeker and it is the wise person who takes the time to listen.

Nothing outside of you will show you the way forward in this world. You must and eventually will surrender to the inward journey of the shaman and wisdom-seeker. This kind of journey has existed in one form or another for eons upon this planet. It has only been in the last five hundred years or so in Western culture that this journey has been disrespected and even degreed as being threatening to the authority of church and state. Indigenous cultures that had thrived for thousands of years with vision journeys and sacred practices have been broken apart and destroyed by those intent in bringing all into acceptance of the power and authority of the few. And now this power structure is being broken up, itself, in response to outside forces of destruction, through climatic change, environmental destruction and population unease. The people are waking up to the awareness that nothing in their daily life is as it has been presented; that they must discover their own truth. The next logical step to take is to find that truth by going within. Are you one of the pioneers who will show the people this step by going there yourself? Leave your fears and prejudices behind, leave your self-hatred and denial behind and step forth into the sunlight of enlightenment as you follow the Path homeward.

At first the path will be indistinct and you will think that you are lost. Confusion will ensue. Release it and any accompanying emotions. Step forth and find your foot securely upon that invisible bridge that will lead you to self-knowledge and beyond that to a growing knowledge and awareness that you are a part of the Universe. You are a part of the Universe intent on knowing itself and that journey must start within.


I AM what remains of Eliza… and I am still here among you as a wisdom-keeper.

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Eliza: On My Ascension Day… continued


Strawberry Creek

The Ceremony

The great auditorium is very quiet although it is filled to capacity. The light is dimmed, with all eyes upon the beautiful altar in the center of the hall. The seats are arrayed in circles around the altar, and go up in graded levels towards the rear of the hall, so all can see what is to take place.

In Hollywood, they speak of star-studded gatherings. Well, at my ascension ceremony, the hall is filled with real luminaries, great Beings of Light who have come to attend the Ascension of the daughter of Lady Master Venus and Archangel Zadkiel, the one whom you know as Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe.

I see the seats are placed in soft spirals and now I weave my way down to the altar, accompanied by two young priestesses, one my own daughter. I am dressed simply now, in a white robe for I am about to be re-born into the higher worlds. My feet are bare and my hair is dressed simply, flowing in a chestnut cloud down my back.

The three of us reached the altar and stop. I stand before the Priestess, who is Lady Nina, the Shekinah from the great Pleiadian Temple in Medina. She is also my Aunt, mate and Twin Flame to my proud Uncle Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades.

As I stand there, the Priestess blesses the great gathering, singing in a sacred star language, which even if you cannot understand the words, goes straight to the heart.

Then there is the blessing of the four directions, the four winds and the four elements. The priestess turns in the directions of the four sacred winds, even though we stand aboard a great mother ship in the middle of space. Then she gives a blessing to the four sacred elements, those that make up our physical bodies. Next, comes the blessing of the Fifth Element, the sacred Spirit that enlivens us all. Then she stands before me, a petite, red-haired woman of immense dignity and Presence. For a moment she is silent, but I feel the growing energies building around us. Then she lifts her hands and in her cupped palms, she holds flickering flames of light.

With bold movements, she encompasses my entire auric field until I am wrapped in an opalescent aura, glowing in the soft light. I feel the kundalini energies rise up within like twin serpents as they traverse the channels rising to my crown chakra. Suddenly as the energies reach my head, I feel like my head is crowned with a cool fire and my third eye opens wide. I can see the great ones who have come to attend the ceremony, gracing the proceedings with their great Presences. I can see those who could not come in their bodies, but who are seated in etheric seats all around the perimeter of the large hall. In my human self, I would feel small and insignificant in the eyes of these luminaries, but as Tazjima, I am raised up in glory.

The blessing complete, six Beings of Light approach, Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus, Lord Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst, Archangel Michael and Lady Faith. It is appropriate as these are the Ones who engendered me as I AM. Three sets of Twin Flames. Lady Venus and Lord Zadkiel are my holy Parents, who came together for a short mating to create the vessel for their daughter to be. Sanat Kumara and Holy Amethyst supported their beloved Twin Flames in this effort. And Lord Michael and Lady Faith sent forth the soul aspect needed to fill the vessel. And so I was made.

These great Beings of Light surround me. My Mother is smiling her secret smile. Sanat Kumara is radiating His great love. He has always been my Spiritual Father. Archangel Zadkiel, arrayed in the dark beauty of the VaCoupe brothers, his black hair flowing down across his golden violet robes is smiling, His beautiful face alight with joy. Lady Amethyst… we call Her Lady Amy, smiles at me and bows. She is holding a robe in her arms. Lady Venus and Lady Amy help me into it. It is in the colors of my two houses, gold and violet, with the embroidery of my Mate’s family along the hem, the cuffs and the front panels. It is heavily embroidered with gold and silver threads in an intricate flower design, but light upon my shoulders.

Then Archangel Michael and Lady Faith stand before me. They raise their hands in blessing. And as they do, I see a white dove descend from the shadowy heights above my head and hear a voice echo within, “Here is my Daughter in whom I am well pleased.”

I open my eyes – I didn’t know that I had closed them – and see, hanging in the air before me, a Great Being, Lord Melchizedek. He also blesses me as I humbly bow my head and then stands before me.

Addressing the entire gathering, the great Lord turns me about to face the assembly and says aloud in a deep, gentle but penetrating voice, “This one is a member of the Order of the Priesthood of Melchizedek, now and forever!”

“She has gone forth to serve and has returned to us greatly changed, but greatly enhanced by her experiences. She has garnered the great wealth of the ages, wisdom and compassion, and is now graced with a crown of light that will not diminish even though the pillars of heaven fall. She has been a dedicated servant to the Light and now I create her a Lady of Light and raise her up into the Seventh Heaven. So mote it be!”

Now the great Lord of Light held out an open palm to me and on his hand, a necklace appeared. It was a great pear diamond, set in amethysts and pink zircon, and hanging from a golden chain. He placed the necklace over my head and arranged it gently on my front above my high heart. Next, a small delicate tiara appeared on my brow, nestled gently into my thick hair as if placed there by hands.

Again the great Lord spoke, “Here stands before you, your servant arrayed in Light. Long has she served the cause of the Light in this Universe. May she continue to serve the Divine Mother / Father God with all her heart!”

Then, out of the shadowy reaches of the hall came a beautiful male tenor voice, singing a soft sacred hymn. It was Thorpe, one of Lord Michael’s Eagles, whose voice was like the angelic being it emanated from.

The great lords and ladies left the stage and next came a very tall, dark-haired man of great dignity and presence, my beloved Uncle, Lord Adrigon, my foster father. Behind him strode a tall, man with golden blonde hair, my beloved Mate, AnDra Lan Tetrah. Together they stood with me, facing the audience, one on each side.

Lord Adrigon addressed the assembly with his deep voice, filled with authority and warmth, “I present to you, two young people, AnDra and his Lady, Tazjima, whom I have brought up in my own household. They were destined to be together and are now, despite the fact that their Higher Selves are Twin Flames.” He paused and looked towards where Lady Faith and Archangel Michael were standing beside each other. He continued, “Where there is a Will, there is a Way, in Heaven and on earth. These two beings of grace and dedicated spirit have come together to create a family and to bring forth a great Being of Light as their next child.”

Adrigon paused again, as a beautiful dark lady now approached the altar. It was Lady Isis, an Ancient of the Days, eternally young, eternally beautiful and elegant, her slender shape arrayed in simple white robes with jewels upon her neck, head and hands. She stepped in front of the three of us and stopped, picking up my hands and kissing my open palms in blessing. Then She touched my brow and my heart and bowed to the divinity within. There was no further need to identify the soul who was destined to soon join our family. Do you know who He is?

I could feel the crowd roar with delight, although there was no sound in that sacred space. I stepped forward and bowed my head in reverence and humility to all who were assembled there, my palms together in a simple mudra.

The ceremony was ended and now came the time for me to be formally presented to the great luminaries present. I will leave it to my readers to fill that long list with their own imaginations. And after the formal presentation, the festivities are to start. Much dancing and merriment among those great Beings! I am honored to be counted among them!

This was my Ascension Day. And now I AM truly Home!

Namaste, dear ones. I bow to the sacred seed of divinity within you all. And some fine day, each of you will meet me in truth. This I promise.

I AM Lady Tazjima, Lady of Light.



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Eliza: On My Ascension Day


View from Beaver Ridge

On My Ascension Day

A new friend asked me how I was feeling today:

I woke up after an intense, very detailed and long dream of being in a bright city with friends.  We were in a restaurant.  Then I walked out into the garden below and saw a paved trail leading away, towards tall steep mountains looming in the bright distance.  I wanted to follow that path right then and now, but I hesitated and returned to the restaurant.  I found my friends and was eating some powdered donuts (!) and then realized that I had lost my purse and could not pay.  I asked for assistance, but everyone was in a rush.  I spoke to the lady at the cash register.  She asked me if I had credit… I did.  She said it was okay and handed over a package for me.  I looked into it, a tablecloth for home.  I walked out of the restaurant and realized that my friends had left me behind.  I stood there for a moment and then felt the mountains calling to me.  I started walking towards the beckoning heights.

I woke up this morning feeling very expanded and slightly dizzy with the energies.  I can fully relax today as I’m not going to work today or tomorrow.  Yes, my physical self will still have to deal with “life” as we know and love it here.  For some time into the future, I will still be aware of 3D energies, but open to the higher energies at the same time.  It is the same challenging walk between the worlds that I have been doing quite consciously for the last three years, with my loving Family at my side.

Eventually and I’m told quite quickly my focus will “switch” to the 5D / 6D focus as sometime after the Solstice, my Mate and I go will be going into the Silence, a meditative period lasting two years where the two mates prepare and focus on creating together a suitable vehicle for their incoming baby.  It is a process of great sacred love.  Pleiadians consciously work at a soul level with the consciousness of the being that they are bringing forth.  As such, this sacred ritual of creation is highly regarded in our culture.  Our children are cherished as ones with whom we have walked in many lifetimes, as we shift roles and share experiences with each other.   Parenthood takes on very different meaning than most of us have been able to experience on the earth plane for we know that our roles can and do change from lifetime to lifetime.  In another life in the “future”, I will be my son’s daughter if I choose to re-enter the cycle of incarnation…and so the spirals flow.

I have already connected with the soul and Presence of my son.  I have known Him in many lifetimes and am honored to assist Him to re-enter the world.  He is well known to those who love the tales of old Egypt.  And his Twin Flame has waited long to be reunited with Her Twin.  We are honored to gift the world with this great Treasure, for eventually when fully grown, He will return to Gaia as a fully conscious Ancient of the Days.

I share this as while it is my Ascension Day, I am honored above all else to be a Mother.  The Pleiadians and the people of Venus honor Motherhood and parents.  When my son is “born” he will emerge fully formed from my abdomen and appear to be three-years old, fully conscious being.  He will spend his first tender years with me and then go off to school with his cousins and foster brothers and sisters.  We all are so honored to have one such as He choose us as His family.  My eyes fill with tears of joy and tenderness.

I have never been a mother in this lifetime, yet I am feeling such a great tenderness and love for the One who is to come into my world soon.  So, for me, the re-tuning period is to be highly accelerated, so that we…my Mate and I can prepare for this great event in our lives.

I begin to understand the purpose for which I came to this planet was to gain the needed wisdom and balance gained in all my lives, especially as a male, that I might share with my people and my children.  You may think that the higher cultures are perfect, but there is always room for growth or a culture stagnates.  Change comes more slowly in the ancient cultures of the 5D planets and star systems; you might be surprised.

In bringing forth an Ancient of Days, my family is bringing into being a great wave of change for our ancient worlds.  It is for this purpose that I came into incarnation as a blended being of two worlds imbued with the highly refined energies of Divine Love.  We will be sharing our new Creation with you in your future.

As I sit here wrapped up in my favorite blue robe, know that I have walked among you as a human being.  I still am among you even as my focus moves to another world and life.   There I am 73 years old, mother of three beautiful children, two sons and a bright, red-haired daughter, who is destined to serve at the side of her Great-Aunt, Lady Nina.  We live to serve and we serve out of Love.  To earth eyes, I appear like I am 25 years old, and am indeed considered very young to my Pleiadian kin, who live thousands of years in earth terms.

I go now… to eat breakfast and to rest in the powerful loving  expansive energies I feel enfolding my auric field.  I expand far beyond the edges of my human understanding and touch the stars that linger in a dark sky filled with the intelligent Matter of the great Goddess who is Mother of us all, those on your small, elegant water planet and those of us who walk among the stars.



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Journal Entry 10.23.2014


Beauty does have thorns

Journal Entry 10.23.2014

For those of my readers who are pre-maturely suffering from separation anxiety or grief, I will still be aware of physical (3D / 4D) for a while yet.  From the experiences that Rananda has related, he is just becoming more aware of the higher dimensional life, although it still appears dream-like to him and upon waking he forgets quite a bit.  Still, this is a transition that will take a few months to accomplish.  While physically aware, I will be able to share some of my experiences whether dreams or memories or actual experiences, as is appropriate for a general audience.

Hopefully, I should have complete aware focus in 5D / 6D by late next spring.  I’ll keep in touch as long as I can and when Sundeelia communicates with you, you may not even notice a difference.  So, we’re all sharing a rather unique experience, dear readers, as I am one who enjoys communicating with you and fully intend to continue as long as I am able.

Rananda had his Ascension Day on May 21st and is still somewhat physically aware (3D / 4D).  He has been told that his primary focus should be fully shifted by the upcoming Solstice this December.

This kind of “ascension” or walking out process has been accomplished by others well before this time, besides Rananda, so the ship crew members who are overseeing the process know what must be done.  It will be a similar experience for those who follow in Rananda and my footsteps.

I hold each of you in my High Heart and want to thank everyone, even those shy ones who have never written, for being here for me.  Being a sensitive empath, I can feel YOUR heart flames and can tell you that your presence has lent me the strength to step forward into this new world (for this awareness) with an open heart and mind.

Those who have been drawn to these pages and will be in the future, share something with me, and that is hope and faith that the Light will prevail and Gaia will move gracefully into a new golden age where all humanity and all life can prosper and live in peace.

Namaste, dear ones.  Expect periodic updates for some time to come.


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Journal Entry 10.22.2014


Ash Tree Pioneer Park

Journal Entry 10.22.2014

Tuesday morning as I was going out to my car, I looked up as I always do and searched the heavens above.  A thin golden sliver of a moon gleamed above the dark line of the Blues to the east.  Sirius and Orion the Hunter loomed above the southern horizon, just over the trees.  Glorious autumn late night / early morning skies.  Then I saw Venus gleaming in the high dark skies and smiled to myself.  For you see, I’ll be there soon.

I’m going Home.

I’ve been telling myself that for months now.  At first, I repeated the phrase so I could come to accept it as truth.  Now, I repeat it as I encounter yet another thing to let go.  I’m going Home.  Somehow, knowing this makes everything easier now.  A great weight has been lifted off as I have come to realize that I have handed over the responsibility for bringing this world and its people further into the fifth dimension to others.  I am going Home.

I’ve been told that there will be quite a crowd of Luminaries at my Ascension celebration.  I won’t bore you with names lest you think I’m a total ego-manic.  I’m not, just a humble light worker who happens to be the remaining soul aspect of an ascended Lady Master.

My Higher Self already exists in 6D and will be graduating to 7D, in the process becoming a Lady of Light, which is an honorary title and not an official office.  All these things and more have been shared with me by my cousin, Lord Rananda Kumara, who was, himself, created a Lord of Light this past year.

The Kumara Family has served well and served long.  And I have been one who has served along side my better known cousin, known to the people of Earth as Lord Kuthumi but whom I know as Rananda Kumara.   Some of you know Sanat Kumara, the Patriarch of the Kumara Clan.  He is the Twin Flame of my Mother, Lady Venus.  My Father is well known as the Archangel of the Seventh Ray, Lord Zadkiel.  Twin Flames seldom “marry” in the higher dimensions.  And Angelic Pleiadians such as my Father are extremely long-lived and have more than one mate in a life-time.

I tell you, my readers, these things now as it will hardly matter to the soul aspect called Eliza if you were to tell her that she is either a liar or an egoist to say such things.  I tell you these things so that you begin to realize that each human being is more than what they appear to be in their present human form.  My Being, my Higher Self is a tall, elegant lady, with chestnut hair and dark blue eyes.  Her Higher Self is the Twin Flame of an Archangel.  And so it goes, back to the Throne of God.  Each of us belongs to a soul group, a soul monad and Oversoul.  I just happen to have identified a few pieces of the puzzle that makes up this greater Being for myself.

I know that I have both inspired and on occasion irritated a few people.  In a recent article that I wrote, I mentioned that the plan for Gaia was altered after the atomic bombs fell on Earth… well, Heaven doesn’t know in advance what the free will of mankind will create, so it adjusts its plans accordingly.  Technically speaking, atomic or very powerful arms were used upon this Earth centuries before man discovered gunpowder.  Curious how technology is so often used in the art of war.  I hope someday soon, mankind will turn heart and soul to the art of living.

I learned about another lifetime of mine from my cousin Rananda, who told me that I made a dreamtime visit.  Apparently I was a military engineer who was imprisoned in Spain for 17 years.  During this time, being an officer and a gentleman, I gave my parole not to attempt to escape.  My fellow prisoners and I built an arched bridge over a small Spanish river.  Curious way to spend a war.   I certainly have had my share of interesting lifetimes as a male!

I’m feeling rather cheerful now.  My Sirian friend told  me who was going to attend the upcoming ceremony on the Pleiadian mothership, The White Winds.  My Uncle, Lord Adrigon, will be the Master of Ceremony.  He has served me as a beloved foster father and more recently as my Ascension sponsor and re-blending counselor.  And the rest of my wonderful Star Family will be there.  Do I sound a bit excited?  I am.

Meanwhile, if I remember anything about the ceremony, I will share it with you, giving you a glimpse into the world that some of you will be returning to soon.  I do this not to gain fame or followers, but for soft disclosure of the real world that lies behind the Veil for each of us once we attain our Mastery.

I give thanks that I have been given this unique opportunity to share my journey with you all.    My walk-in, Sundeelia, will continue to channel messages from me and other beings periodically,  as well as sharing her own unique journey as a fully conscious light worker here on temporary assignment.

I send best wishes to all my readers.  Namaste.


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Eliza: On Changes and Transitions

Glimpses into the Distance

Eliza: On Transitions and Changes

This past week, two significant individual First Wave Volunteers passed from this world. We have known them as Dr. Emoto and Dolores Cannon. Still others have passed away earlier this year, bringing much sorrow to those who have looked up to them and have enjoyed the fruits of their great gifts.  Still others will be passing on without any fanfare, yet have served here well.

Each one of these individuals brought knowledge and understanding to their students and to humanity about the expansive qualities of life and the power of thought. They have added to the Whole through their life’s work through the expression of their talents and gifts.

Now I will state something that is sure to upset the followers and students of these bright stars: They are gone now and will never return to this Earth. It is up to those who are left behind to take what they have started and to expand upon this work. It is up to those who are left behind to take up their OWN work and anchor their own light into the earth for the benefit of the Whole.

I can state this as I, too, am a First Wave Volunteer.

Not all of the First Wave Volunteers chose to experience this last life here upon the world stage. Some of us have lived lives of relative outward insignificance, but due to our presence here, we have made a difference for all life.

I realize that Dolores, in her work, presented the concept of various waves of star seed and angelic volunteers, primarily as related to their physical ages. This partially true, but there also exists a purpose and reason for the various waves.

My families, both Pleiadian and Kumaran, have been here from the first. The Kumara Family was one of the original twelve families who seeded the newly developed planet, known as Tara (or Terra / Gaia).

The souls of the First Wave Volunteers will be found out to primarily be of Pleiadian, Venusian, Sirian and Arcturian descent because it was these races that were involved in the original seeding of humanity and culture upon the surface of the planet. Many of the indigenous races upon this planet still trace their origins back to their starry origins and have retained some ties with their ancestors.  Our ancestor races have assumed much of the responsibility for seeing that this race be able to mature into its full potential.

We know that the great destiny of humanity was hijacked by beings from other dimensions and worlds and plunged into darkness.

In response, it was decided by the great Council of Light that oversees this quadrant of the Galaxy that Earth should be slated for destruction. It was felt that humanity had sunk too low to ever be brought back into the Light. One Being of Light disagreed with that assessment and took it upon Himself to embody or ensoul the heart energies of everyone upon the planet by becoming the Planetary Logos, the Lord of the World. The name of this great Being of Light was and is Sanat Kumara and He is still the Patriarch of the Kumara Family and the Twin Flame of Lady Venus.

Sanat Kumara did not decide one day to ensoul a planetary body for the fun of the experience; He did it out of a deep love and sense of commitment to the true destiny of the humanity, that of a new and vibrant galactic race of starseeds.

Sanat Kumara underwent thousands of years of preparation and had to overcome all of his own emotional and mental blockages, as we who live here now are undergoing ourselves. How could He do this? As an Ancient of Days, and a Being who resonated at higher dimensions, He was outside of time. He planted aspects of Himself on a multitude of worlds and underwent training in the physical worlds, to train Himself for His future role as Planetary Logos. After He had completed this first stage of His training and upon the urging of His great Mentor, Lord Krishna, He traveled to Venus and continued learning in the great College for spiritual initiates. There He was able to learn to expand His own Heart Flame until He could consciously gather and be in tune with all of the heart flames of those who inhabited a planet. He was now ready to embark on His tour of duty with Earth / Gaia.

With Sanat Kumara came many volunteers, both from Venus, the Pleiades, Sirius and other interested worlds. Before the Fall, great spiritual communities and temples had thrived upon the surface, teaching selected individuals and groups the inner truths and secrets of the Universe. After the Fall, these Etheric retreats were established above the third dimension, where the prayers and light consciousness of the volunteers could continue be radiated out to the planet, which by this time had sunk to a lower fourth dimension. All of these retreats are quite active in higher planes and when the planet and its population have risen sufficiently in vibration, they will appear, once again, as living crystal cities of Light and teaching centers for all humanity.

One such retreat that was created upon the advent of Sanat Kumara to this planet, was the great spiritual center, called Shambhala. Sanat Kumara never embodied upon the lower planes, but continued to hold the balance for humanity until individuals within the whole could take upon their own shoulders some of the burden of anchoring the light. Sanat Kumara formally handed over His office of Planetary Logos, late in the 20th century to the divine Bodhisattva, Kuan Yin, who was, at this time variously known as the Goddess of Compassion and who, in Her service to humanity had once also held the office of Chohan of the Seven Ray (Violet Flame) and a seat on the Karmic Board. Great beings of Light still hold the various offices of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet, until such time as members of humanity spiritually advance far enough to assume these offices for the rest of the world.

Eventually, after Sanat Kumara and his fellow volunteers arrived here, it was deemed necessary to send volunteers to incarnate amongst the people, to act as guides, teachers, priests and priestesses, as architects and artisans, as musicians, dancers, gardeners and scientists, as philosophers, writers, poets and singers… as those who could inspire and lead humanity back into the Light. They would act as catalysts for culture and freedom, anchoring their light and living upon the surface.

For these lighted beings, existence in the heavy and darkened vibrational frequencies of the fallen earth has been a great challenge. Time and time again they were opposed by forces emanating from those people who surrounded them, but did not understand their forward ideas and concepts. Many of these lighted beings lived short and violent lives, but still they continued to either incarnate or to walk into physical vessels within every culture and race upon the planet.

Cultures rose and fell. Every time a great culture rose and expanded into higher consciousness it seemed that there were dark forces that conspired to plunge the people back into darkness, into superstition and fear.

There were beings who responded to the flow of Light from the great etheric retreats. It was they who started new philosophies, who “discovered” the ancient language of sacred geometry, who recorded the songs of the stars in stone and wood, through the building of great stone circles and pyramids and other great buildings and cities. Yet every time a culture flourished, it was as if the seeds of its demise were planted at the same time of the harvest. Time and time again, the lesser cycles found these cultures crashing earthward and falling into blood and idolatry.

It was deemed necessary to bring even more volunteers to Earth and so I came, along with many others. Still we struggled, from lifetime to lifetime, with the forces of darkness. We began to realize that we needed to plant more than one aspect of Self into the various timelines and so we did, living out a multiplicity of lifetimes in order to affect change. This pattern of struggling against the darkness that emanated from a small number of truly dark beings and through those who were caught up in their manipulations, through the auspices of various institutions, whether government or religion or tyrannical leaders.

In time, it was recognized that even more volunteers were needed to truly tip the balance so the Light could return in full to the planet and humanity be freed from its self-imposed bonds of karmic consequences of the original fall in vibration. Soon after the implosion of the first atomic bomb and the ending of the World War II, a call when out from the Soul of the Being who embodied the planet itself, the one who is called Gaia. And so the next wave of volunteers began to come in, mostly around or after 1970, first as the Indigos and then each succeeding generation of starseeds.

While the planet had suffered long from the effects of the fall of humanity and all life upon her surface, it wasn’t until the opening salvos of the Industrial Revolution, that the true extent and intent of the dark entities was realized. Their intent was to destroy the planet’s ability to serve as a physical platform for the soul expression of humanity and other life forms to experience physical existence. The dark intended that the planet Herself be compromised to the point that She would be forever drawn down in vibration and would only be able to serve those of lower and darker vibrations. This dark intent was not the original Blueprint for this planet. She was a sacred water planet and designed to be a living library and a place where a great diversity of life forms could live and thrive together within a grand design. She cried out for help and received it in the form of the star seed volunteers, of the Second Wave.

Those of us who were of the First Wave of Volunteers had already spent many lifetimes upon this planet, residing and living within various cultures, adding and anchoring our light to physical locations and sacred sites throughout the surface of the planetary body… and if we are to believe the tales of the Inner Earth, within Her body, as well, although at a slightly higher vibration (5D).

Those of the First Wave were, by this time, highly experienced and highly gifted in the various aspects of culture, whether of poetry, philosophy, political activism, art, music, spirituality, architecture, agriculture, alchemy, sacred sciences and so on. We were here for various reasons, to anchor our vast light quotient into the earth plane and to act as teachers and Wayshowers for those who were just beginning to incarnate or walk-in to the earth plane. Some of us have been active upon the world stage; others have lived quiet lives, but all have served in one capacity or another.

Our work has filled, in part or the entire period of the last Great Age, some 25,000 years in length. Now, with the beginning of a new Age, it was time for the First Wave Volunteers to leave, to step back and to allow their students, followers and friends from the Second Wave to take over and assume their missions.

Still, there continues to be some resistance on the part of the Second Wavers to assume responsibility for their own missions. They have been, in large part, comfortable following teachers, attending lectures and sessions, reading books written by others, and generally attending to what is outside their own beings than being willing to reveal and investigate what lies within.

It has been difficult for both the First Wavers and now the Second Wavers, for the bodies that they entered were still the “old” models, with a disconnected DNA that did not allow the freedom of expression that these soul aspects were familiar with from the higher dimensions from which they came. Part of each of their missions has been to partake of the energies of the various portals and openings, to expand and lift up their own personal vibrational frequencies and to address their inner quest for self-discovery in order to reconnect with Spirit. Many of these beings have suffered for years, even decades, from the physical symptoms of what has come to be known as Ascension flu, i.e., the transformation of the physical vessels so all humanity would be able to incarnate into higher grade vessels designed for the light-filled higher dimensions. Humanity was originally designed to consciously move between the various dimensions, while maintaining a physical existence. This purpose is now in the process of being reinstated for all life forms upon the planet. In time, our world and all life upon her will be very different than what is currently seen and experienced.

And now it is time for the First Wave Volunteers to leave the planet. The waves of ascension of those who have completed their work here has commenced. Those whose souls are now being cut free of any further commitment to the Earth plane are returning to the homes of their origin, to the starry regions that are still so beyond the current understanding and knowledge of most of humanity. It will not always be so, as the ones who have spent lifetimes of work upon this world have woven ties with humanity that will enable those who follow an easier time to expand their own horizons into the stars, bringing all humanity eventually into the higher vibrations of 5D. Some of these souls may choose continue to work with humanity, but from higher dimensions, as the frequency levels of some humans continues to rise, creating a stairway to heaven or the higher dimensions through their inner work.

The Second Wavers now are to assume their own missions, expand upon that of their teachers and to expand the understanding of humanity of what exists outside of time and space, what exists within each human being and the possibilities that physical existence holds in the multiplicity of possible means of expression.

As Dolores Cannon wrote, there is also a Third Wave of Volunteers. These are the young ones, the children who are being born, as Crystals and Rainbows, the child prodigies, some of whom are the autistic ones who struggle with the lower vibrations and those who are here to experience sometimes for the first time, physical existence. These very pure souls can incarnate here now due to the diligence and hard work undertaken so long ago by the First Wave Volunteers.

Let those who are in the process of leaving this earth plane to be honored for their work and presence here and allowed to go into a well-deserved retirement as the Second Wave assumes the primary responsibility as Wayshowers, Guides and Mentors for humanity.

The Third Wave, the children who are coming into incarnation here, will have less physical trials than those who have gone before them as they are incarnating with upgraded physical vessels, yet they will encounter their own set of emotional and mental challenges, simply by being here. For those who have come here as a Second Waver, be here as a parent or family member, a friend, a teacher, a guide and as a support system for these precious ones who deserve the opportunity to share their wondrous gifts and talents with all life and in doing so, do not underestimate your own value, dear ones.

As I leave this planet, I begin to see all the struggles of humanity, of the great war between the light and dark, of the drama and scope of physical existence here, with a growing compassion and detachment. It is as if a large part of my soul has already left the world. I no longer feel the need to judge or to struggle against the darkness, but realize that it has helped to define the light within. I have arrived at a place of inner balance that others have yet to find within. Still, by going there and living from this place, I anchor the vibration of beingness that is necessary for each to discover for themselves, without the aid of another.

It is all very good to have a great teacher and to follow in their footsteps, but there comes a time when the work of any person must be expanded upon and not allowed to fall into doctrine and become stagnant. It is not wise to make gods of those who have acted and lived here among you as fellow human beings, for in doing so, you give up your own sovereignty and power to those who have gone before you. Each succeeding generation is to find more, even if it is discovering a new way to utilize the teachings of the ancestors. Give your own unique stamp upon whatever you do in life, for each of you is a unique face to the Whole and have something to offer life even if you do not yet have the faith and trust in your own intuition or inner being. You will… given enough struggles and exercise enough breakthroughs in understanding.

Let go of the need of the ego to understand everything before it happens. When you finally open your high heart AND connect with Higher Mind, you will understand what you need to know, in the moment. It is a matter of trust and inner wisdom, as you make connect with the greater part of Self which remains in the higher dimensions of being.

We have been told that each of us exists as a vast multidimensional being. By the end of this week, I will truly begin to understand this concept as most of the soul aspect who walked in earlier in the lifetime of the physical vessel in which it has been housed, walks out. I may still retain a small portion of awareness of this plane, so I’ve been told, perhaps until this physical body expires. Yet, most of what I am in soul expression will be present in 5D / 6D and higher. This present life (3D/4) will, for me, take on the appearance of a dream as I return to the primary focus of my present incarnation as Lady Tazjima. I have had glimpses into what this other life consists of and that knowledge will continue to expand as my focus moves from this world to others, to the Pleiades and to the planet Venus and beyond.

Those First Wavers who incarnated upon the planet and have left or are about to leave within the next five years, most likely will not return as their souls have completed their missions and now return Home to begin the next cycle of learning and experience on other planets, planes and dimensions. Let them go. Bless them and let them go onto the next level of their continued existence and expansion of consciousness. In time, you will follow the starry path that they have set with their footsteps across the Galaxy and Universe, upon the Inner Planes and Higher Heavens.

My story of Sanat Kumara and the history of humanity is, of course, highly abbreviated. One could write many books on this subject and still not touch on all that has been hidden from humanity about their own past. Some of the story is metaphorical. Use your discernment and seek out your own sources of information. I am not a historian and do not write in a scientific method, but from my own understanding that might not appear logical or linear from a left-brain approach. Much of what is in the world, indeed within each of us is still a great mystery. It is up to each person to dive into the mystery of beingness and find their own way forward. Many blessings upon that path of self-discovery to all those who follow behind and to those who have gone before me.

Go in Peace and share your journeys with each other. You are now to become the Teachers and Wayshowers of Humanity. Assume the Mantle with grace, strength of purpose and the knowledge that it is now your time to shine.


Eliza n Tazjima n Sundeelia


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