Eliza: On Cycles



Eliza: On Cycles

This past month, I’ve been nibbling my way through a book during my short lunchtime at work. The book’s author is Walter Cruttenden, and title, “Lost Star of Myth and Time”. Since I have very repetitive tasks at work, it is refreshing to sit with something that stretches the mind a bit. You may say that I’m getting down to some of my roots by reading this book, which was recommended by Santos Bonacci during one of his early lectures on Astro-theology. Light subjects, eh?

Light subjects, indeed… as these writings and works reflect the leading edge of scientific and cultural awareness. Mr. Cruttenden and Senor Bonacci, as well as other brave souls, have stepped beyond the box that still defines conventional “science” and accepted theories.

Even as a child and certainly as an adult, I sensed that much of what we have been taught as “history” is not true. Much has been forgotten and much has purposefully left out of school textbooks, which, more and more are being used as indoctrination texts for an increasingly repressive social agenda.

Being born mid-century in the last century, I escaped much of the dumbing down process that current students are having to endure, even though that process had begun soon after the ending of WWII. I actually had teachers who taught critical thinking and the idea that you could and should challenge and question everything that you are taught. That probably wouldn’t go over too well today in most highly controlled educational systems that teach by rote and rely on tests for determining intelligence.

As anyone knows, if you know how to take tests, you’ll do well in school. However, once you get out of school, you’ll probably fail at life, because school doesn’t teach you anything about life. Becoming powerful and wealthy has been used as a measurement for success in our culture, but it doesn’t mean that these people are happy or fulfilled.

There was a time, before recorded history, when your ability to commune with Spirit and the spirit in Nature was considered more valuable than all the jewels and riches of the material realm. There was a time when seeking to perfect your human nature (clay) into a fully realized multidimensional Being was considered the apex of achievement. This story is there for us to see in the hieroglyphs and cryptic drawings of the ancient Egyptians… who were, themselves, attempting to convey the ancient mysteries that had been handed down to them by preceding generations.

This story can be seen in a careful observation of the magnificent architectural and building skills of the ancients, ones that exceed the current abilities of modern-day engineers and architects. The buildings that have survived the violent movements and weather patterns of our living Earth, display an almost incomprehensible level of skill and knowledge of all the formerly sacred sciences, including mathematics, astronomy, language and art.

To our esteemed ancestors, even those of whom we are not yet aware, these sciences, along with music, the study of sound and vibration, astrology, chemistry / alchemy, and art combined into one living sacred science that was brought into material form as temples. There is an 8-hour presentation available on YouTube by John Anthony West on Magical Egypt. It is well worth watching and absorbing and will perhaps, for you as it did me, awaken old memories stored away within my etheric body.

Temples were meant to be teaching tools. The temple was the lesson. Initiates would spend hours, days and years absorbing the knowledge and wisdom written in the architecture, the balance and harmony, in the symbolic meanings imprinted through paintings, sculpture, shape and light. The temples were carefully set into a sacred landscape and designed to echo and record the movements of our star and of the great constellations in the heavens.


Our ancestors were not ignorant and superstitious savages. They were highly sophisticated and well-organized peoples who lived in their natural surroundings, utilizing the cycles of the seasons and displaying highly technical knowledge of preservation of water and soil in their agricultural practices.  Their cultures were imbued with the light of spirit and filled with abundance, peace and wellness for all.  They were not the ignorant, blood-thirsty savages that history has painted them as being; we are.  Look to the endless wars, poverty, social disorder, repressive governmental and religious systems that seek to control and destroy the masses, disease in mind and body and destruction of the environment.  Is our culture truly advanced or are we suffering from a delusional state of profound separation from Spirit.  I think the latter is the case.

So what happened? Our world fell into darkness, not all at once or because of the actions of outside “evil” forces.

Why did the ancient culture of Egypt seem to leap out of nowhere fully formed and then disintegrate and devolve through the successive generations? There seems to be something that the cultural anthropologists and historians have overlooked.

The book, “Lost Star of Myth and Time” presents the theory that our star is part of a binary system, which is reflected by the precession of the equinox. Astronomers accounted for the precession as a result of the wobble of our planet around a stationary star… but we’ve learned since that our star is anything but stationary. It travels through space at a tremendous speed, with the planets spiraling around it like the whirling tail of a comet. What are we traveling around? What forces compel our star to take flight around the Galaxy?

This cycle takes about 24,000 to 27,000 years to complete and was known to the ancients as the “Great Year”. Very ancient buildings and stone monuments were designed to record the movement of our star through unimaginably long periods of time.

The author did not present an answer to what we are circling about other than it could be Sirius or the Pleiades. He did suggest that there are unseen energies that affect our star, subtle energies that emanate from the heart of our galaxy, from potent star fields like the Pleiades and large stars such as Sirius.

Sirius, incidentally is a binary star system, although our modern day astronomers had no knowledge of the existence of Sirius B, a tiny white dwarf, until sometime in the 20th century. On the other hand, a “primitive” tribe in Africa, the Dogons, knew of this hidden star and had handed down this awareness through their oral traditions.

Why is any of this important to us today? Because, not only does our star carry our world through space, we are affected by the changes in spatial location in a deeply profound manner. The ancient cultures throughout the world, reflected in myth and legend, speak of a great golden age and high civilization. Current day scientists have chosen to discount these ancient stories as pure superstition and imagination. Yet what is imagination and what are stories but a way to explain something ineffable if someone is using the right hemisphere of their brain rather than the left linear side.

Art, music, architecture, dance and sound, movement and nature speak volumes to the intuitive part of our nature. Modern man has been cut off from this part of self and has become soulless, cut off from nature, and all that brings joy to life.


The author presents the theory that the stories of the ancient golden age are all true and that as our star moved away from the sweet influence of the seven sisters (the Pleiades) mankind began to fall, gradually, as the ages cycled downward from gold, to silver, to bronze and then to the bottom at the iron age or as the Hindus name it, the Kali Yuga. Civilization fell as a result of outside influences that caused a lessening of consciousness and a detachment… a plunge into darkness, which played out in the Dark Ages through superstition, violence, materialism and control through religion and state.

There is no need to accuse any particular group of creating the Fall from consciousness and grace as it was part of a natural cycle, one well-known by our ancestors. We have forgotten our potential due to the severity and trauma experienced during the Dark Ages, throughout the world. Still, there were a few who maintained the light of knowledge and wisdom through these darkened ages. In the Mediterranean Basin, it was the Egyptians, in their temples and libraries, through their elaborate initiations into the “Mysteries”.

It was exposure to these same mysteries, preserved by the Egyptian priesthood that served as the basis for many of the religions that sprung up in or around the Mediterranean Sea and Middle East. Look at the basic tenets of Christianity and you see the story of Osiris, Isis and Horus, as the Holy Family. The Star in the East is Sirius, long held sacred to the Egyptians as a harbinger of the flooding of the Nile, bringing fertility and abundance to the fields for another year. This legend was repeated in religion after religion… and was a reflection of the cycles of the lesser year, the travel around the sun through the astrological signs (constellations) and the Great Year. Even the Bible recounts the cycles of the Great Year in its symbology of Book of Revelations.

As the Great Year proceeded with the devolution of knowledge and wisdom into superstition and fear, so the great Wheel turned again towards evolution and an increasingly aware humanity. The base of the cycle occurred in approximately 500 A.D., at the fall of the Roman Empire, the last empire of the Iron Age. European civilization, and indeed, world-wide, civilizations fell into degenerate and superstitious behavior exhibiting base behavior such as incessant warfare and bloody rituals.

Yet the Wheel continued to move through the Piscean Age and into the early Bronze Age, which played out as the Dark Ages in Europe as these cultures were kept in darkness through the machinations of church and violent, aggressive feudal society.

The first light to shine upon Europe came at the advent of the Renaissance when there was a sudden blossoming of enlightenment, art, music and literature. A struggle for power between church and state, state and state, state and individual commenced, as societies and individuals struggled to free themselves of the effects of superstitious practices designed to keep people in the dark and under control. Part of the impetus for this flowering was, ironically, the Crusades and the knowledge brought back to Europe by knights and soldiers encountering the influence of the remnants of mystery teachings still held by the Sufis and other secret societies within the Arabic domains. The ancient seeds of wisdom had been kept alive while Europe wallowed in darkness.


We are still battling to emerge from the darkness of the Kali Yuga, although the dark period has long been over, due to the stubbornness of certain elements of society who wish to continue their control over the masses and the economies of the world.

However, one cannot stop the flight of our star through the heavens and so we move swiftly through the Bronze Age and towards the inevitable expansion of human consciousness until we reach the apex in the coming Golden Age, where all mankind will, once again, be at the pinnacle of consciousness possible while in physical incarnation.

Also, it is the contention of this particular author that we have not yet entered the Age of Aquarius, the so-called “New Age”, which “officially” starts in 2150 A.D. And he mentions the various disagreements between numberings of ages and yugas from system to system, so it may be hard to determine just where we are in the cycle. One thing IS clear, the consciousness of mankind is on an upswing. People are waking up from the nightmare of the Dark Ages and countless imperialistic political agendas. Now they are beginning to realize that there may be a different way to live, more in tune with the planet and the rest of life.

Whether you believe in the New Age material and the notions of invasions by archonic dark forces, or can identify with the idea held by the ancient Vedic teachings and those of other ancient cultures, that our world passes through great cycles where all life upon earth is affected by subtle energies present within our Galaxy and Universe… we can all agree that change is in the air. And that our world is far older than our current scientific belief systems allow in their limited understanding. Only the leading edge of physics is beginning to touch on the mysteries held as general knowledge among our “superstitious” and “backward” ancestors. It is the scientists who are limited in their understanding, as well as the still powerful regressive belief systems held world-wide by the followers of degenerated religious practices that continues to keep much of humanity out of touch with the expansive quality of the Universe and truly enlightened ways of living in tune with the rhythms of nature and spirit.

Humanity was meant to be a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, to anchor the sublime into physicality. In the words of the ancient Hermetic saying, “As Above, So Below.” Human life was meant to be a reflection of the wisdom, love and light that the Worlds of Light emanate unconditionally to all. The Light is Christ Consciousness and was never meant to be limited to one individual, one teaching or one people. The Light of Christ Consciousness is meant for all humanity, throughout this world and all worlds, in all star systems.

Much has been forgotten. There is much to be re-membered, as human kind, the nervous system and consciousness of the planet comes awake, once again.

We have an opportunity to surmount the ancient cycle of evolution and devolution… as the Wheel turns, the Wheel of the Great Cycle, by using the momentum granted us and our world of an opportunity to ascend into the Fifth and Sixth Dimension, hence releasing our world from the ancient wheel. Other worlds have ascended and are no longer affected by this great cycle.


The interesting dilemma faced upon these worlds that have successfully ascended is the LACK of change. Many of these cultures are extremely ancient and more set in their ways than the New Age crowd realizes. Some of our volunteers may have actually come here BECAUSE being here was an opportunity to break free from some of the stultifying influences of these same cultures. Upon the Earth, with all its challenges and demands, there is an opportunity for the expansion of wisdom and compassion, simply through the profound immersion in the potent sea of duality that exists here.

It may seem enticing to return Home to where you will experience peace, abundance and love… but for some brave souls that is just too… boring to endure.

I am going Home… or so I’ve been told and yet I will miss the challenges AND the opportunities that I have experienced while here on Earth. There is much work ahead for humanity to perfect its world, change that will emanate first from each individual involved and then move through all of society, affecting cultural behavior. Your world will reflect the perfection of the human consciousness, becoming, once again, a living paradise, a land of milk and honey for all. Whether or not it will stay permanently in that state of being is another question that will not be answered today or tomorrow, but in the ages to come, that spread out before us even as humanity and the world come full circle once again moving swiftly or gradually, depending on your interpretation, towards a new Golden Age.


I AM Eliza (aka Lady Tazjima Amariah Kumara)


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Eliza: Ascension Angst



Eliza: Ascension Angst

Eliza here.

Being a curious, well-grounded sort, despite my apparent recent flights of fancy… I have to ask myself, “Have I REALLY ascended or it is just something that someone told me was going to happen?”

True I wrote the experience down, but only because I don’t see with my inner eye, I feel. A bit weird, but that’s how it has been for me… for years now.

I feel I have the right and need to question whether anything has changed in my life, since nothing really has except for the occasional revelations and chat sessions that I remember while in betwixt and between (semi-dream state just after waking).

Yes, I am connecting with some amazing souls on similar paths, ones with whom I am apparently connected in other dimensions and timelines. Still, basically little has changed in my everyday world. Most acutely felt is the awareness that I have yet to “see” any of the Light Beings who attend me or have any awareness of my apparent visits to The White Winds and Venus.

I’m kind of a “show-me” person. I think most people could identify with that need to “see” whom you are communicating with, not just accepting it as truth because an unknown Presence has said it is true. Although I can sense just who I am speaking to… and always verify by asking, it’s not quite the same as seeing them.

So… currently, today at least, I’m experiencing a certain amount of angst.

My recent experiences bring up the inevitable question: “What’s real?”

Do you have to see, feel, smell and hear someone / something to believe that they are real? In short, are our physical senses the only means that we have in communicating with the larger part of ourselves?

I don’t think so. After all, I HAVE experienced visions, dreams and messages coming through me, using metaphysical senses…but it’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as integrating the Real Self (Higher Self) into our physical bodies. As far as I have come, I still have much farther to go. Somewhere… a few months ago, I saw a video of a woman explaining that we have 144 senses in total, to match the number of dimensions upon which our entire being exists. Well, then, I have truly merely scratched the surface; there’s so much MORE to explore.

I guess rather than being overwhelmed and dismayed by my apparent lack of progress in “going Home”, I can rejoice that I’m still here, still integrating, still clearing, still doing the work which I initially came here to do. And I’m still “here” with all of you.

The idea of going “Home” was and still is an enticing idea, but I’m realizing more and more that from a practical level, it’s not going to buy me groceries or keep the heat on. I’m here and feel more “here” than ever before, hence the angst AND a growing excitement that I can really do something HERE, with all of you.

So, I guess it comes down to being happy where you are and discovering the manner in which you can bring the sense of “Home” there. It’s not about escaping to something “better”, which puts a dualistic twist on the experience, but dealing with and transforming everything that encompasses your field of experience where your primary focus is, here and now.

Yes, I miss my Mate and my children in 6D, but since I’ve never “seen” them since making contact, they’re not really “real” to me. Perhaps my third eye will really open one of these days and I will make “eye” contact with them. Since I haven’t been able to do so yet, there is still a lingering doubt within which probably doesn’t help the situation.


I’m just telling it like it feels to me. I only have my own experience to go on. While I can learn many things from other people and have, in the end, if I don’t experience what has been explained to me, it doesn’t really and truly fully resonate with me.

I don’t meditate or do astral travel. Perhaps if I did, I would have more access to the other dimensions where my soul essence lives, but right now, I feel a bit cut off from those other worlds. Yes, it is classic separation anxiety, but the feeling is more “real” to me right now than what I’ve been told.

Step by step we integrate and transmute these ancient memories and thought forms. The current energies of ascension support our process as we consciously seek to transform ourselves and our worlds. It is an individual process and can have difficult moments, as I have come to know well.

Extricating ourselves from the Matrix that we have been living in for centuries is a challenge and it is one that all human beings are dealing with in one form or another.

Perhaps I just have a darker nature than others of my kin, due to my experiences here; I’m not sure, what I’m sharing my feelings in a belief that we need to acknowledge and honor EVERYTHING that comes up to meet our consciousness. To do anything less is to not be with integrity.

I came into a physical body with an astrological birthdate that gave me a Libra Sun and Libra Rising, as well as an Aries Moon. As such, my soul has obviously been on a path seeking balance in my life. By my acceptance and integration and honoring of my dark side, I am bringing a more complete balanced “me” into the world. In essence, I am “birthing” myself.

My rather skeptical, intellectual mind feels uncomfortable with sentiment and artificial “cheerfulness”. Perhaps it’s my pessimistic nature… stemming from a long history of abuse, suffering, violence and prejudice… that has jaundiced my current experience. At any rate, I continue clearing long-forgotten vestiges of anger, grief, disappointment and fear. In short, I am, bit by bit, releasing myself from the hold of the 3D matrix AND in doing so, create a means to escape for others.

We need to be real with ourselves and compassionate to the others who enter and play in our world. We are reflections of each other’s issues and until we can completely and fully detach and live in neutral, the old world will continue to affect us with its energies.

Of course, my current work tosses me into the midst of some of the heaviest 3D energies. Still, until I leave the place (a prison) I’ll have to deal with the energies. It is a test of my mastery of self to see if I still react to what others feel or say about me. And I do, but to a lesser degree than I once did, so I do see some progress there. Still, I have a long way to go… or perhaps I’m just being hard on myself. Yet, it doesn’t hurt to desire perfection and live with the imperfection.

It has been said that we are perfect spirits who came here to experience imperfection. If so, then I’m doing a magnificent job of it. I can humbly submit that I am truly a work in progress.

So, dear ones, I am still here, walking and living among you all. I hope that my humble words instill hope and courage in others so that you can also look upon yourself with more compassion and understanding, as well.


I AM Eliza Ayres

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Eliza Ayres:

A reminder for those who will be ascending on this upcoming Solstice… “See you aboard The White Winds!”

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The number of “First Wave Wayshowers” that have been working on the Earth for many lifetimes, amounts to thousands, but arrangements have been made by the great Light Beings of the Higher Realms for them to return “Home” to the ships of the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL), in groups of several hundred at a time, beginning on the 21st December Winter Solstice 2014, and extending, on astronomical, and astrological alignment dates, throughout 2015 and beyond.

These First Wave Wayshowers, many of whom have served on the Earth for many thousands of years, since the beginning of the evolution that ended on 21st December 2012, have now finished their tour of duty on the Earth, and are to reascend to the ships of the GFL to reap their reward for their many lives of service to Mother Earth and Humankind. These First Wavers originally volunteered  for this service and…

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Sanat Kumara: Greetings from the Planet of Love



Sanat Kumara: I send you greetings from the Planet of Love

I AM Sanat Kumara.

Greetings from your Sister planet, Venus.

Venus is known to astrologers as the planet of Love. She signifies beauty, grace, harmony and wisdom.

The people of Venus have long held a tradition of providing a place for spiritual seekers from all over the Omniverse to learn in the ancient colleges. This is where one prepares to be a planetary logos, a Chohan or holder of other advanced spiritual offices, both within this solar system and others scattered throughout this Universe.

Venus is where I made my final preparations to be the planetary logos of your dearly beloved planet, Earth. And Venus is where I have returned to fulfill my duty to my planet and my people. Yet, still I serve, as many of us continue to do, for as long as Earth remains a darkened planet, we will do what we can to assist Her.

Thus have we served and thus do we return Home. So it is that I send greetings to my spiritual daughter, Eliza / Tazjima, as a portion of her consciousness still remains upon your world.

We wish for you all to feel the vastness of our regard for your lifestreams and the experiences that you’ve undertaken by incarnating upon a planet in the midst of a great transformation. It takes tremendous courage and even a bit bravado to do so. We congratulate you all.

Our love for Earth and its people is all encompassing. Some of you know the story of the Serpents of Wisdom… those beings came to your planet long ago… some 18 million of your years ago… to bring consciousness to a darkened world. Did we succeed? Yes and no… the planet eventually fell into darkness due to a multiplicity of causes, none of which we will expound upon here. And yet, we never gave up on Earth or her people.

The Light is now in ascendant and now is the time for those of us who have spent long years guiding the evolution of the planet to leave the work to be done by those who have done their preparation, either here upon Earth or in other dimensions, those who have come to Earth as pure Light Beings, and those who are experienced Light Warriors. Many have answered the Call that went forth… not once, but many times.

Now we are free to look to our own worlds and to work with raising up new generations, some of whom will eventually come to your planet to continue the great Work.

We wish to thank those who are preparing to come Home, whether they are currently conscious of the fact or not. And we wish to thank those who have come as our replacements. And we want to thank all native born people of Earth who have progressed far in their own spiritual development so that they might begin to take over the Spiritual Hierarchy of your own planet.

It is with great Love for your world that I came and it is with love that I have departed, although I will continue to work with those who desire more personal and intensified schooling. I AM able to go many places and appear to those whose third eyes have opened. If your purpose is pure and your need great, I will come.

Sanat Kumara


Welcome Home… home being the fifth dimension. Your world has re-entered this dimension and now the job of those who have volunteered and those who are indigenous to the planet is to free your individual and collective consciousness from whatever prevents you from experiencing the fullness of 5D living. We will not fill you in on the details, but will let you re-discover the ancient technologies, knowledge and wisdom that continues to be uncovered within ancient sites and temples, in your natural landscapes and throughout the planet… And even within your own bodies and consciousness.

You are in the midst of exciting, if challenging transitions. We will be watching your progress and monitoring your skies. Venus does not have its own star ships, yet our planet acts as a support for the Ashtar Command and their many thousands of ships, large and small. We welcome visitors on Venus and have come to know many from the Command as friends and even as members of the family a vast extended Family of Light.

We, Lady Venus and myself, Sanat Kumara, send to you our deep and ever abiding Love.


Thank you Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara.


Channeler: Tazjima

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Eliza: On Degrees of Separation


Spring on the Zumwalt

Eliza: On Degrees of Separation

As a result of my recent writings and channeled pieces, I’ve received a few questions and interesting comments that illuminate the degree of separation from Source that many humans experience while here.

How is it possible to have an Ascended higher self and earth have ego and be in the illusion, and even make mistakes?

The original question was in Spanish, which I can translate to a certain degree. The above translation is a bit awkward. What the reader is attempting to ask, is how can I be “ascended” and still have part of me on earth still experiencing the illusions of the old 3D paradigm and even make mistakes.

First clarification, my Higher Self ascended. I am a soul extension or aspect, a part of the Whole. As Eliza, most of “my” soul essence has also departed and re-blended with Tazjima, thus creating a bridge between the worlds of 3D / 4D and 5D / 7D. The strength and degree of this connection is increasing as I… as the remaining soul essence of Eliza… continue to release the illusions that my human consciousness was programmed with as a child.

Make no mistake, dear ones, the programming that you have ALL undergone in one manner or another within the 3D matrix has been a powerful deterrent to the expansion of consciousness for most people. Look at the current population of the United States, pacified by sports, drugs, sex and materialism. It takes a very strong person to break free and to walk away from the “you should”, “you ought to”, etc. of this crazy, turned upside-down media-driven, corporate-owned society.

As long as a particle of my soul essence remains here… which I have been told will not be for much longer… I will continue to release what I can of the illusion, from my own consciousness and for others. I have acknowledged that I am an Earth Eagle, one sent from Home, to release the world and its people from the thought viruses that were created long ago by dark magicians intent on keeping the planet under their control. Extricating oneself from these viruses takes intent, strength of will and above all else, unconditional love and forgiveness for the ones who have perpetrated these things.

As long as any hatred, anger or fear remains within yourself, you will continue to “see” enemies out there or create them so that you can project your fear, anger or hatred upon them. Until you release and release, again, these programmed patterns of behavior, they will repeat and play out within your life. And you will be tested for the amount of neutrality and detachment that you can display at the sight of some wrong-doing being perpetrated against another.

It takes great courage to release hatred and reaction to outside stimuli. We have been programmed through centuries of abuse to react negatively to everything and everyone outside of ourselves who is in any way shape or form “different” from ourselves. Who has determined who was “different”? It has usually been the authority figure of the community, either a politician or in olden days, a ruler or leader or religious authority. In Europe, the Church ruled for centuries with an iron fist, subjecting anyone who was the least bit deviant from the accepted rules and practices… i.e., free-thinkers, herb women, alchemists, gypsies and travelers, and such… to the mercies of the Inquisition. This reign of terror lasted for centuries. The time period was called the “Dark” Ages. Rightly so… the Church kept the power to itself and the knowledge to itself. All educated people were members of the Church… at least until the coming of the Renaissance and the return to Europe of the Light of Reason and illumination of the darkness.

The same programming of fear and control is still being utilized in the world by the corporate-controlled media, through television news and programming, newspapers and magazines. People are told subluminally to be consumers, to obey their government and to be docile. The populace has unknowingly been poisoned and programmed into submission. However, some people are waking up and the wave of awareness within the general populace is growing as the Light of illumination becomes stronger. There is hope, yet much conscious work still needs to be done to clear not only our physical bodies, but also our astral / etheric, emotional and mental bodies.

Harlech Castle

Thus is defined the work of the star seeds who have come as volunteers. I am of the First Wave, who worked to keep the flame of illumination alive through the Dark Ages extending from the fall of the last Golden Age to the present. My time is nearly ended here and I am returning Home. However, during this last remaining pause I continue with the work of transmutation, using my own body as a vessel for the alchemical release of the aspects that hold back my consciousness from completing surrender to God.

Make no mistake… I’m in touch with my Star Family. They are here, all around me even now. I “feel” their energies. As ascended beings all, they can extend their consciousness anywhere, anytime. Given a focus, like myself, and they are here with me. I can check to see who is here if I want to, but there is no need. I know their energies as I have been working with them for a long time now, growing more conscious and aware of the process every day.

Many people within the Light Worker community have the mistaken idea… well, many mistaken ideas about what constitutes “ascended” living. Some imagine and even hope that they will be walking around in a perfected “Light” body instead of a physical one. Well, we’re in the physical world to learn how to function as a soul within a physical body. When we ascend in consciousness, yes, we will be able to perfect the human body, but it is not an instantaneous process. If you haven’t noticed in your Light work, too much Light at one sitting tends to fatigue the body. The body, being made up of denser carbon, while not completely fragile, still needs to adjust gradually, incrementally to the degree of light which it can hold. If too much is received, the soul or consciousness will pop right out and there you will suddenly be without your trusty physical vessel and stuck with returning to the Light worlds to try yet again.

As consciousness expands and integrates into the physical vessel, the Light drives out all the various hidden away thought forms created long ago and tucked away into the subconscious or unconscious part of your brain. Your brain functions at three levels, even five… superconscious (higher mind), conscious (everyday) and unconscious (which actually affects your behavior more strongly than many people will admit). Then there is the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The left is more linear, dedicated to language, writing, cognitive thinking; the right hemisphere is more intuitive, artistic, creative and uses symbols, dreams and non-linear language to convey meaning. Ideally, we should be able to access all layers and levels of the consciousness but that is highly discouraged by authorities and thus beyond most untrained people.

The ancient peoples of the planet used sacred science, a blending of architecture, art, music, sound, elements (fire, earth, water, air), astronomy / astrology, geometry, mathematics and so on, to unify their consciousness and to perfect the connection between the initiate and the heavens. The huge buildings, the beautiful art, the harmony and perfection that even now still lingers as an echo of a long-forgotten golden age, speaks to those of us who walked those hallways and corridors in ages long gone.

Much has been forgotten. Much is there to be remembered. Man has been prevented by outside forces to attain his spiritual destiny. That destiny can no longer be put off. The Decrees of Heaven have willed it so, yet those who remain within this world and dimension, must still do the work, individually and as a collective. The physical realm is a realm of experience. You cannot get the needed soul experience from having someone else do the work for you. You can, however, work WITH higher forces by aligning yourself with the energies and allowing them to work THROUGH your body for the good of all. This is the return of White Magic and sacred science. It is not witchcraft. It is not Voodoo. It is not Black Magic which was designed to control others.

Another comment was made:

It is said that the God is gracious. But seeing this difficult process of transmutation, the dark moments of the soul who seek(s) truth, this hardly seems like that.

What I can say to this one, who is also a seeker, is that we make it very hard for ourselves. OUR belief in separation, in suffering, in pain, is what keeps us from experiencing the bliss that has been promised. I might add that it is difficult to accomplish physical work if you are in a state of constant Samadhi or “bliss”. The bliss felt during meditation or while I am channeling a high Being is real, but ephemeral at this stage of my development. Like I said earlier… when Light enters the body, it can become fatigued. Too much and it causes burn-out. The bliss is temporary at this stage for most people, a reward if you will until the WHOLE world reaches the level of the Fifth Dimension. For that to happen, people will have to do a lot of conscious releasing of what is holding them and the collective back. Individuals can remain in bliss for longer and longer periods, if that is their mission, but still others need to do the physical clean-up and rebuilding of our planet to make it livable and sustainable for ALL life.


As highly programmed beings, we tend to separate parts of our lives from others. We CAN live the bliss and harmony by learning to release our fears and to cooperate with each other on a daily basis. This is what has occurred on those worlds who have already ascended. The collective of each isle (planet) has determined what the isle will look like, what kind of life will be experienced there, what the people are going to look like, what kind of culture / religion is practiced, what kinds of crops will be raised, what kinds of items or materials will be created, designed or built… and so on. These advanced people have learned to live in harmony with their neighbors and work together for the good of ALL. They are advanced in the sense that they have attained a higher frequency and level of consciousness than that of present day humans on Earth. Some of the cultures have chosen to remain agrarian (farming), some have only lately emerged out of very tribal, nomadic lifestyles and others are highly technical. Look to the diversity of what currently exists upon Earth. These ascended beings are physical (4D) like you and me in that they have physical bodies, but their consciousness levels exist at 5D and higher, depending on the chosen career, spiritual development and life purpose of the individual. They are not fairies, elves or unicorns. Elementals do exist on the various 4D / 5D worlds, but for the most part also wear physical (4D) bodies.

What might be interpreted as “bliss” here on the ascended worlds is simply a sense of all pervading love and a sense of well-being. The people are healthy, happy and content with their chosen ways of living. All are provided for, all have homes, food and work, all are educated according to their life purpose and all are conscious and grateful for their daily, moment by moment connection with Source. All work, all serve in whatever capacity that the Soul chose to embody in a particular lifetime. And these ascended worlds have released the need to war… against each other or outside enemies. They will protect, but not seek to bring war upon other peoples or worlds. They have chosen the way of Peace.

Some of what confuses people stems from religious or secular training that they have undergone. Many promises of “bliss”, “heaven”, “Nirvana” exist within the teachings of various religions, mostly designed to keep your attention focused out there, in the future… while you are not focused in the Now where you can be most effective. We are, as human beings, highly adaptive, powerful creatures mostly unmindful of how much our own consciousness affects our world experience, as well as unmindful of our own self-worth and ability to help ourselves. Releasing attachment to previous teachings and methodologies will assist one in overcoming doubts about “doing it right”. There is no right or wrong, no mistakes, there is simply EXPERIENCE, which the Soul takes and utilizes as wisdom and knowledge.

Our human programming has conditioned us to believe that if we don’t get it right the first time, that somehow we have failed. This is a disempowering thought form that has succeeded in keeping generations of people believing in failure and lack. It is a mind virus that you, as an individual can eradicate from your own consciousness through the use of the Violet Flame. You can command and demand to be freed from “cause, effect, record and memory” of anything ever perpetrated against you or done BY you in another lifetime.

Karma is another trap, a programmed belief form. One can dissolve karma through use of the Violet Flame. We have been and are being given spiritual tools so we can do the work of cleaning up our own consciousness and the energy fields of the planet. It does take our cooperation to get the work done, as a human being or group has to anchor the energies so that the unseen forces can work through us.

I’ve done some work with the Resurrection Pillars and Resurrection Angels. They are eager to work with individuals and groups who are capable of anchoring the Light effectively for the clean-up of the ancient and modern battlefields strewn across the planet. If you are a meditator, call in the Angels and discuss this with them. It is powerful work, but once you have agreed to participate many angels seeking employment will rush to assist.

We came here to experience physical existence. With the fall of the planet in consciousness and the physical destruction of many civilizations, that existence has been precarious and dangerous for many. Light is now returning to the world and with it comes the opportunity for people to wake up from their slumbers, to learn to work together once again and create new cultures that will benefit all those who live within them. Much change is on the horizon for the planet. Pain has been a teacher for many for a long, long time. It is hoped that Love and illumination of consciousness will take over that role from now on. Earth is a uniquely diverse planet and it will remain so. No one culture will dominate, so learn to work together for the good of ALL beings who live here, on your splendidly beautiful world.


I AM Eliza


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Journal Entry 11.15.2014



Journal Entry 11.15.2014

It’s frigid outside, although sunny.  We were spared the heavy snowfall and have just enough to mess up the sidewalks and cling to the grass.  The sparkling snow is pretty to look at… so I’ll practice being Winter.

Well, three articles today, with two short channeled messages from Sananda and Lady Nada.  In re-reading the message from Sananda, I realized that it was really directed mostly to me… a personal message of sorts.  I still post this kind of thing, unless it is something that I can’t share, because I feel that others are walking similar paths to my own and will benefit from my experience.

Lady Nada’s message is more general, but still contains some information of a personal nature… some of my process, struggles and a little about a past life that was recently verified by none other than Herself.  Being rather irreverent by nature and practice, I reminded both Sananda and Nada that as Lady Faith (through Lady Tazjima), I am a First Daughter as Sananda was a First Son… born into this Universe eons ago.  This little tidbit was also recently shared with me.  If my eyes could get any bigger… well, I’m learning to listen and accept later.  Just trying to get over any ego judgment that inevitably erupts upon receiving this kind of knowledge.

Still, when you think about it… why wouldn’t I be ready to receive it.  Lady Tazjima has established a full-on bond with this physical awareness… so I AM Her, as much as I can currently manage in this fragile body.

Fact of the matter is, folks, we are ALL going to have to learn to accept that 1) ascended Beings are real and care about you; 2) ascended Beings are residents of other planets and star systems that are in our Galaxy and others, and 3) your true Being is multidimensional.  “You” exist on at least 144 dimensions.  I’ve only accessed a couple so far; there’s lot more to go…

And if by sharing some of these personal details I have unintentionally tweaked someone’s belief systems… I’m not going to apologize.  I’m getting reacquainted with Family, MY Family… my REAL Family.  I have felt their Presence and it is as real to me as if Sananda himself were standing in my front room.  I don’t insist on that, because being sensitive to energies I can now determine “who” is with me at any given moment… at least when I focus on the energies.

So when Sananda and Nada dropped by the other night, I “knew” who was there, although I verified it by politely asking.  And they politely relied and then gave me the message that they had come to deliver to me.

So, while you may be a Christian or a Buddhist or a what have you… understand that I do not hold these Beings above me… or if I did, being truly honest to myself, I’m getting over it real fast.  Sananda and Nada, for instance, just want to be accepted for themselves… as Servants of the Divine Father-Mother God.  As Kumarans, that is Who they worship and serve anyway.  Our worship is simple, we adore the Divine Mother and Her temples are all over Venus.  We serve out of love, for the Mother and her children… your planet and your people… plus all other life forms upon the Earth.

The energies are really strong today.  If I stop for a while… I am sitting here swaying in them like I’ve been meditating for hours.

Enjoy the flood of love that we are receiving.  It is pouring through the Heart of the Mother, stepped down and transformed into energies that we can absorb into our bodies as we change and transform into etheric humans.

Much love,


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Lord Sananda Kumara: A Message of Love


Ash Tree Pioneer Park

Dear Readers:  Another message came through, from beloved Lord Sananda Kumara.  The blessings are truly flowing for me today… and for all who read His compassionate, tender words.

Lord Sananda Kumara: A Message of Love

Greetings, I AM Sananda, the higher self of the one whom your world has known as Yeshua ben Joshua, a Rabbi and teacher in the days of Rome.

And I am a Cousin in the higher worlds to the one whom some of you regard as a Messenger and Scribe, our dearly beloved Eliza. Her Higher Self is truly my Cousin and a member of the same Kumara Family, from Venus.

While this one has spent some lives devoted to spirituality, often seeking severe poverty and denial to “prove” to herself of her devotion to Spirit, this time Eliza sought to find balance within her. She wanted to live in the world but not of it, to find the Spirit within without need for an outward teacher or mentor. She has tip-toed through the tulips of many spiritual teachings, savoring some, disregarding others and always following a rather elusive nudge and hunch from her own intuition.

Despite her progress towards the Light, she has suffered often from moments of disbelief in her own progress, suffering from self-doubt… as is common among those who have suffered long for unpopular causes.

Having arrived here on the planet during the latter days of Lemuria, when the planet was already undergoing a gradual fall into forgetfulness, she suffered from the lack of comprehension and outright hatred heaped upon her and those of her kind for centuries. Now, in the growing light as the planet undergoes its transformation and rise in frequency, Eliza is still in the process of digging out from the effects of having centuries of hated poured out upon her.

It is a courageous step for one to choose to leave family and home, here and in the higher worlds, and to sojourn alone on a journey to an unknown destination. So when one finally nears the end of the journey, sometimes the self-doubt outlasts the journey itself.

As a soul extension of Lady Tazjima, Eliza has experienced much within this past lifetime. And she continues to clear, even as a particle of her awareness remains here. She is a born and devoted alchemist, one who has journey far… farther than even she realizes right now.

She is both astonished at what has been revealed of her own past lifetimes and still seeks to perfect herself more. Here in lies the spirit of St. Clare, who with Francisco de Assisi, brought love and compassion back to a stone-hearted Church. Such is her devotion to seek perfection, to reach the inner transmutation that sometimes she loses sight of the fact that she has already ascended.

Part of this is because the understanding has not yet translated to her earthly awareness as the body consciousness is very strong and insistent, keeping her attention focused here rather where she would like to be, at Home with her Mate and loved ones.

Still, this is a process like any other and takes time. We do not want the body to suffer from a sudden disconnection between the soul essence of Eliza and the connection with Sundeelia as oft happens when a soul exchange occurs during a severe accident or illness. So… in keeping with the gentleness of the process, her soul essence is being skillfully untangled and unwound from the physical vessel even as more of the soul essence of her sister, Sundeelia, is added.

Eliza may even hold some awareness of this world for many years to come. This process varies from person to person. In truth, she is beginning to accept that she is going to experience life in a multi-dimensional fashion, walking between the worlds until those worlds join up in the years to come.

There is much joy in this realization for Eliza and some sadness as she truly misses her Home and her family, including her three children and the One who is to come. And yet, we comfort her and guide her as best we can, stepping forward sometimes and just watching as she takes a stumble or two… until next she reaches out for support and healing.

We respect your free will. Some of you do not truly understand this simple statement. If you do not ask for assistance from us, despite the fact that you might be a relative in another dimension, we cannot interfere. This is Cosmic Law. So, it was with some gladness of heart that we “heard” the insistent cry of Eliza in pain the other night, wanting verification of something that bothered her for a long time. We came, both myself and my beloved Twin, Lady Nada, in answer to Eliza’s somewhat impertinent but loving demand and gave answer…

You know the question. You know the answer… or you would if you have read Eliza’s previous messages of the past couple of days. She was there in the Holy Land… when I was still in the womb of my mother, Mary. Elizabeth had long been barren and was growing old, really past the age of child-bearing when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her husband, the Priest and Prophet Zacharias, and told him that his wife, Elizabeth, would bear a child. Zacharias did not believe the Angel and so the Angel took away his voice. In silence, the devout priest watched his wife’s belly swell with child. Elizabeth did not tell anyone outside of her husband what was happening to her as she was also filled with doubt and fear that she would be judged harshly by her community. When her younger cousin, Mary, came to stay with her, the child in Elizabeth’s womb jumped with joy… and Elizabeth momentarily became a prophetess… acknowledging the child within her cousin’s womb as the Messiah.

Of course, this story is from the Bible, which many of us are realizing holds truths and lies both… as my words were twisted and not the complete story of my life with Mary of Magdalena was shared. I had female disciples and followers as well as males, but the Church of Rome chose to deny women the rights to carry the sacred word to the people. Only until those like Clare and Teresa de Avila came… and were later made saints… did the Church have anything to do with women.

You must keep in mind that many of Eliza’s most recent past lives have been as men. She chose to come in as a male so that she might have an opportunity to utilize her many talents and abilities within the confines of the societies in which she lived. Women were regarded as chattels, bought and sold upon the marriage market… and sometimes simply bought and sold. They were subjected to persecution by church and state and fell victims to the predations of the lower order if not protected by a strong family or husband.

So… in seeking to balance these disparate energies, that of the angry warrior and that of the wounded woman, Eliza is still working to find her center of peace. She gets upset if she leaves it… but is learning to have more patience with herself and us… as we work with her behind the scenes as it were to assist her to let go of the lower frequencies and to fully ascend into the new energies.

Now that she is aware that she can tap into our energies and seek our assistance, she will make even greater progress upon her chosen path, that of a Wayshower for all who follow after her.

With a smile we can say that it has taken Eliza a long time to accept that she is, indeed, one of us in truth. And we extend this awareness to those who read these words later… you are too, one of “us”. All of humanity has the potential to become aware of their own unique divine connection to Source. The Egyptians and the older civilizations that birthed Egypt herself, knew this. Now this knowledge is returning to the World and you are some of the first to open to it.

Part of the “why” it took Eliza so long to come into acceptance is simply because of her devotion and regard for us and what we symbolize for her. The adamantine brilliance of Clare is slowly softening into acceptance and love as she opens her heart up to our energies and becomes one with us.

Being a Wayshower is never easy. You are always breaking trail and have little opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of life beyond that of a few stolen moments here and there. Be easy upon yourselves, dear ones, for upon your shoulders the light does fall… and you will find a way forward by listening to the small still voice that emanates from within, guided by Spirit, and sanctified by Father – Mother God.

I AM your Brother, in heart and mind.


Thank you, Lord Sananda Kumara.

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