The Marquis de LaFayette: An Open Letter to the People of France



Le Marquis de La Fayette: An Open Letter to the Citizens of France

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

Note to Reader: This morning I woke up and felt a message being formed within my awareness, the now familiar “feel” of a channeled piece taking form. Surprisingly the source was / is from one of my parallel lifetimes, as the military genius and one of the early proponents of a French Republic before that country fell into the dark and bloody years of the Terror. In this lifetime, I have not been able to learn French and I have never set foot upon the sacred soil of that ancient nation. Someday I hope to visit, but sadly, in light of the current situation there, I have chosen to postpone my visit for now.

Still, through the power of the Internet, I hope these humble words which have come from the heart of this great and mostly forgotten leader of men will be read and heard by some of the citizens of present-day France.

As with any channeled piece, keep what resonates and release what does not. The reader is responsible to use their own discernment as to whether or not a piece has merit. If you disagree with the words expressed herein, you have the option to go elsewhere. This expression is not given forth as political statement one way or another. The citizens of France or any country are free to choose what steps they are to take to free themselves from any whiff of tyranny. As channeler, I stand in neutrality, seeing the outplaying of events. It is all energy, all experience.

Now to the words of the General:

Citizens of France, I sent you my blessings and salutations during these dark times for your Republic. She is threatened, you are threatened, from within by dark forces that are determined to both punish and subjugate your people and bring you into servitude once again.

These forces do not honor or respect borders or nationality. They wish to dominate and enslave all the peoples of the world, but first their focus has been on the Middle East. Recently, their focus has moved to Europe, in an attempt to grind the free nations into pulp, to destabilize both the governments and the rights of the common man.

What you see playing out before your terrified or angry eyes is the replaying of the timeline of the Terror, where the infant Republic of France fell into a long blood bath. In those days, the hatred of the people were directed towards the ruling classes of the nation, towards the King and Queen, towards the aristos and landowners and eventually towards the intelligentsia, who were regarded with suspicion by the unschooled peasants of the countryside and lower classes of Paris.

My own family suffered at the hands of the unleashed thirst for blood, revenge and chaos. I lost family, property, my career… everything to the unbridled flames of the bloody revolution. Even today, the memory of my service and my life has been largely forgotten by a people determined to forget that dark period of their own history. My name has become a mere shadow of memory in a dusty hall.

Unlike most of you, I have actively striven to forgive myself for my mistakes engendered during that lifetime and have forgiven the citizens of France for the injustices perpetrated against my family and my beloved infant republic, as once envisioned in the hearts and minds of rational enlightened men. My dream of a land of the free and brave for all French citizens of any rank still does not exist in today’s world. You are all owned by bankers and manipulated by forces that disdain your very existence, even as you hated and disdained the aristocrats of my generation.

The timeline of the Revolution has collapsed, but the darkness that has been suppressed by generations of French people has to be released. You have a choice now, my friends, to plunge back into darkness or to reach for each others hands and unite in the face of your tormentors.

The current elite of the world from over 40 different nations have banded together, hiring and supplying murderous religious fanatics to destabilize the Middle East and its erstwhile successful and strong democracies. The manufactured terrorists of ISIL and El Qaeda have been armed by Western bankers, trained by Western intelligence services and politicized by fratricidal idealists determined to destabilize the remaining free countries in the region. This is not about a religious jihad, this is a manufactured conflict designed to break all countries of their nationalistic tendencies and to unite the survivors under the domination of a fascist one world government.

Wake up, my former countrymen and women! Unite with your Syrian brothers and sisters; unite with your Italian, Greek, Spanish, Irish, British and Portuguese fellow citizens of the European Union and face up to those who would deny you the right to a life abundant, free and loving. Walk in the path of Mohamed Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and others who sacrificed their lives in the name of Freedom. Stand together in masses of thousands, millions of citizens gathered in a spirit of unity as the Goddess Libertè guides you once again, not this time in a blood bath of innocents, but unified in your belief that all men are created equal in the eyes of the Divine.

The frenetic energy of the Terror, “Off with their heads!” is raging through your ranks even now as this long suppressed collective memory is being released. This time it will be your heads and your livelihoods that suffer if you do not stand together as one nation indivisible in the eyes of God.

Forces within your own government and those in other countries desire to contain your power, to prevent the people from uniting for they fear the Light that is within you. You are many; they are few. Never forget it as the balance of Fate is on your side if you so choose to defend the right of your families, your children and your future generations to live in freedom. Or you can choose to live a life intimidated and beaten down by a fascist regime that is governed by those who disdain and fear the power of the masses.

Despite the propaganda being put forth by the controlled mass media sources, your current government and its sponsors, the international banking cartels and the shadow government that exists behind all current regimes worldwide… they are not attempting to protect you from the bogeymen of the Islamic terrorists. They are trying to prevent the incoming Light from the Cosmos from waking you up out of an age-long sleep. They are attempting to prevent or put off their own loss of power as the energies of the incoming new age support them no longer.

The planet is ascending. You are ascending into the Light or descending into the heavier denser regions of the third dimension. It is a soul-choice that needs to be taken on by each individual. Look within; search your own hearts to feel out whether or not you wish to continue to be intimidated by those who have no power over you UNLESS YOU GIVE IT TO THEM!

Today I stand before you as a Galactic ambassador. No longer am I defined by what family or country I have been born into. I have stepped free of the Wheel of Karma, and yet I remain here to serve those who would also step into their divine power, wisdom and glorious love.  I have integrated the essence of my higher self within this fragile human body and am now truly Free as never before experienced since the descent into density taken voluntarily so long ago and yet only a moment ago in the ever present Now.

God has not forgotten you, my dear citizens of France and the European Union. Allow yourselves to integrate the dark energies of the Terror, to seek forgiveness within and to release your fears. Step into the Light that awaits to receive you into the arms of the Angels. Call upon them when you need support. You are undergoing a national crisis, citizens, one that will take every one of you to unite together, arm and arm. Turn and face your real enemy, your own fears, and walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death together. Be not afraid, for many unseen walk at your side, the ones lost in the Revolution, the wars of Napoleon, the wars with Germany, the World Wars and recently in the Middle East and the War on Terror.

War is not the way to solve human problems. Living in fear within your apartment is not the way to free yourselves from the tyranny of fear. You must face down the darkness that has existed within and purge it with the fires of redemption. Call upon the Violet Flame of Le Comte de St. Germain, the Flame of Freedom, transmutation and transformation. A new world awaits you if you can release your fears. It is a new world where ALL the children of Earth will be united, where all will partake of abundance, beauty, creativity and joy.

This day I send to you my blessings. I have been released of my karmic burdens through my diligent service to humanity and freedom through the Ages. I have lived as man and woman, as rich man and poor man. I have been a Druid, a warrior, a saint, a king, a military leader, a wife and mother, and have played many other roles. In the end, this world and the experiences that unfold within it for you are the collective outplaying of your own consciousness.

There is duality, dark and light, male and female, and so on, but to assign energy as being “evil” or intrinsically “bad” is to assign a judgment to what simply is. Move beyond the need to judge self or others and see this human experience as being just that… an opportunity to learn through experiencing the physical realm. It is a realm where the vibratory level of the sound and light waves that create space are slowed down enough to appear solid and unchanging.

Nothing is permanent in this world save its original blueprint designed by Source and produced by Creator. Nothing can destroy the divine blueprint from which your soul was created. You are a fractal, a part of God, Source energy, the Divine. You cannot be unmade despite what the false religions of god and man have told you. Therefore there is no need to fear that you will be destroyed if your body dies. You are made up of pure light, pure consciousness and are indestructible… unless it is your choice to be unmade, a choice usually given to only those of the darkest energies who have so fully divorced themselves of the Light that they seek oblivion. Their energy is returned to Source to be used in the creation of new souls. Energy is never lost or forsaken; it only changes its form.

You live in a freewill universe. Until now, dark powers have reigned over your world, but that is all changing now. There is now a powerful influx of Light from the center of the Universe, of protonic light particles, Gamma Rays and X-rays that are penetrating through and into the very cellular structures of your bodies, changing and activating your DNA. As individuals work to clear the miasmic energies that have lingered in the Ka bodies (astral body) from lifetime to lifetime, they become open to accept the transmutation qualities of these powerful Galactic light waves and begin to transform into pure Light Beings. It is a process that has taken decades for the First Wave of Light workers to achieve, but one that can be undergone in a matter of a few short years or even months depending on pre-birth contracts. Will you resist the Light or embrace it? It is your choice.

Dear ones, this is a time of opportunity to release the dark past of your collective unconscious and to unite in bringing a fresh start to your people, together with the people of the world. Start small, start locally, build up your resources and work together. You contain within your own hearts all the wisdom you require for the tasks that have been placed before you, should you decide to move towards unity consciousness.

I love and respect the current citizens of France and of Europe. I forgive you all the suffering that my soul has experienced during lifetimes spent there. I am free now of the darkness engendered through many lifetimes that I chose to balance and integrate before I came into this lifetime. And now I stand free, blending with the multidimensional energies of my higher Pleiadian and Dragon Guardian selves. I am one with the Archangel Michael collective, the Blue Ray of Protection and Power. I have long served this Ray and have integrated its qualities of service, devotion, power and wisdom into my very being through long lifetimes.

I bow to the divinity within each of you and recognize and see the light that exists within each heart. Be free, dear ones, and know that you do not walk alone. The Angels walk with you. Your Galactic brothers and sisters watch over you. Grant them permission to work with you, as they must wait for an invitation. They respect your free will and honor your decision. They love you no matter what direction you choose to go.

Adieu, mes amis et mes amies. Walk free and bravely in the Love and Light of your Creator which lives within each of you.

I AM the Marquis de La Fayette, former citizen of France, defender of the Flame of Freedom within all Life, citizen of the Milky Way Galaxy.

© All Rights Reserved, 2012-15, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

P.S.  For those who doubt the statements herein that Western Governments and Israel have inadvertently or intentionally armed, trained and supported DAESH (aka ISIL or ISIS in the States), read and watch the following… The development of Islamophobia is the intent of the recent false flags… all the way back to 9/11.  It is a geopolitical agenda to lie to the people and attempt to start WWIII.  It is also an attempt to keep the populace in fear so that the emotional turmoil will continue to feed the controllers controllers… 4D Astral Beings:

And read:

My fellow Americans:  You will NOT read or hear this kind of information on your corporate-controlled, government propaganda-laden mass media outlets.





The Council of Nine – Communique 11.21.2015


La Ballena Playa

La Ballena Playa

The Council of Nine – Communique 11.21.2015

Channeler: Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara)

We are the Pleiadians. We are your sisters and brothers. Long have we watched you from afar, but now we move among you as human beings. We are here.

In our hearts we sing to your planet, which so lovingly supports your race, despite ongoing efforts to destroy her, by those who are not of this world or dimension.

Free your world and yourselves from the tyranny of hate, despair and anger. Turn to one another in an air of acceptance for each of you is entirely unique and individual, yet part of a collective whole.

We understand the pain and suffering in the world comes from ignorance. You have forgotten your sacred ties to the earth, to heaven and to each other. Release your fears.

Let the dreams of your childhood come back into your adult memory and shake yourselves loose from the need to compete against one another.

There is a profound misalignment in your world, stemming from a deep loss of soul memory of the sacred beginning of the Universe. You have become ignorant of your own beginnings. And your true history has been hidden from you.

Many of you see yourselves as being apart from Source, lost, like a stray cat or dog, or a neglected child or elder. You have never been separated from Source, for the light lives within you, within the secret chamber of your heart. There you are one with Creator, with Source, with Father / Mother God.

Your race once descended from the Light and to the Light it shall return. The path of Return has commenced. The Event of which so many speak is happening Now, as more and more individuals decide to change their lives and seek the sacred within. And as that heart opens, they suddenly can see their neighbors and co-workers in a new light.

The Light illuminates and brings with it divine wisdom. This wisdom has always existed, but has remained hidden during the dark ages after the fall.

We encourage to you to seek out the wisdom that exists in the teachings of the indigenous peoples of the Earth. They have held these secrets close to their hearts, knowing that the wisdom would be needed by all of the people, even as it appeared that the world was dying.

The old world is dying. The world that many of you grew up into and became conditioned to is now in the process of coming apart. Dark forces resist the ever increasing pressure from the light and seek to ensnare the multitudes in darkness and ignorance once again, so their control of the reins of government and commerce cannot be loosened.

It is up to each individual to make the choice whether or not they wish to be free, whether or not they wish to change their lives and then to take the next step.

Your process of transmutation takes on the form of a spiritual journey, where you are divested of your old beliefs. For the sake of your healing, you relive and pass through many transformations as the layers of old sticky energy are removed and released from your energy field. You are undergoing a complete clearing of your individual, familial and cultural karmic patterns, so that humanity will not have to relive their lives in a repetitive negative circle of suffering and misery. You are breaking free of the Wheel.

In a time long lost in the mists of time, humanity lived upon this planet in harmony and grace, in a paradisiacal setting in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. Some of you remember this land as Lemuria or Mu. While there, humanity had not yet taken on physical form; that came later on Atlantis, as the entire planet descended in frequency.

Once your consciousness was housed within bodies of light bodies, yet as the planet descended in frequency and the vibration slowed down, your bodies took on physical form, becoming heavy and dense.

What you see as physical matter is simply vibration slowed down to where it can be seen and felt by the physical senses. In truth, your world is made up of waves of light and sound, dancing at different frequencies. As the vibration slows, the matter becomes dense. As the vibration increases, form becomes light. Sounds can be seen as color and colors emit sound. As your consciousness expands into the higher frequency ranges, you will begin to experience the underlying music of the Spheres, the songs that the planets and stars sing to each other, that even your cells sing to each other in a frequency that is beyond your current physical ability to hear.

Once your bodies are freed of the old programming, you will begin to ascend into the higher frequencies until your physical body is transformed into a magnificent body of Light. This is what is taking place for those among you who are dedicated to the ascension process in this lifetime. These way-showers are re-living the sacred path of initiation that once was hidden from the multitudes.

The path is challenging, but we bid you to remember that everything you do is for the sake of all humanity. Keep your focus on your desire to know God, to embrace God, to allow God’s angels to sing to you, to guide you and to enfold you within their Grace.  Your desire to know and feel Oneness will bring you safely through any challenge that you might face.  Know that you carry great power, wisdom and grace within.

In truth, you are all human angels, long ago descended into this world, a story that will be told elsewhere. You did not fall out of malice or deceit or rebellion, but out of a desire to experience the deepest levels of Creation, that of the lower worlds, of the third dimension. Some of you even descended lower, taking form as the elemental beings, enlivening the rocks, trees and animals. All life has intelligence and is alive. Allow the elementals to share with you the wisdom they have learned. Reflect on the sacredness of the smallest creature and the wonder of creation, which has been brought forth for your enjoyment.

Life can once again become harmonious and gracious, freed from fear, but first allow the purging fires to burn away the dross of misunderstanding and open your inner eyes so that you might look upon the world and see that there is, in truth, no bad or good. There is only consciousness. It is how you choose to judge some experience that ensures how you will continue to draw that same energy to yourself. Let go the need to judge and view the world with neutral eyes, filled with compassion. Allow what you experience and observe to teach you the deep wisdom of Spirit, how matter is merely animated light.

Release yourself from self-judgment. If you feel that you have failed, allow yourself the option of trying over. The angels do not judge as they do not have egos. The ego mind or left side of the brain has reigned long over this last age, but the unification of the two halves has commenced, even as the long deactivated DNA of your cellular structure is lighting up, in response to the incoming waves of protonic Light emerging from the center of the Universe. With the two hemispheres of the brain becoming one, you will contain Unity consciousness.  It is what you are within, deeply hidden within your own crystalline DNA. You are in the process of leaving behind the pupae or caterpillar stage of your evolution and becoming, once again, Angelic Humans, capable of so much more than what you can manage today.

As we look upon each of you, we see your past, now and future. For us it exists in the Now. Each of you has a choice whether or not to go forward into the Light or to retreat and remain in darkness. We love you no matter what choice you make and will remain as guides for those who are willing to explore beyond the comfortable boxes into which you have been coaxed and conditioned by well-meaning but ignorant adults and mentors.

This journey is an individual one at first, but will soon expand to becoming a collective experience as more and more individuals awaken to the startling truth that they are a fractal portion of God, a light being having a human experience.

We greet you in a New Dawn for Humanity and the rekindling of a beautiful friendship between our two races. We are One, as humanity does not exist on Earth alone. There are many races who claim this solar system, this galaxy and this Universe as their home. As your consciousness expands, you will begin to communicate with and traverse to these other worlds. There you will be greeted as long-lost relatives, as indeed you are.

We honor you for your willingness to explore the lower levels of Creation and welcome you Home to the stars.

The Council of Nine, via Eliza Ayres.

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,
Do not alter this message from its original written form without prior permission from the author. Include links back to this blog when reposting. Translations into other languages are permitted.

Journal Entry 11.21.2015 – “Early Winter”


DSCN0304Journal Entry 11.21.2015 – “Early Winter”

Well, I finally have my phone line back and the Internet appears to be working much better; that after a whole week! Our “winter” storm did mess things up quite a bit. And this morning, I read that one of the major east-west highways in Washington State, Hwy 2, was closed this morning due to storm clean-up. Since I haven’t had any access to news this past week, I’m sure there is a lot more that went on or off, since over 300,000 customers lost power in the storm in Washington alone.

Thanks to having more time to read an actual book, I found myself enjoying a little tome written by Vicky Anderson, “The Awakening”. A Canadian from British Columbia, Vicky has done intensive study on the true roots of spirituality. Her deceptively simple writing contains monumental truths, some of which I have also encountered in my journey through this lifetime. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is searching for some answers. She touches on the teachings that are the foundation for Gnosis, sacred knowledge.

Vicky has also written two other volumes to the New Paradigm Trilogy so I have a lot of reading ahead for quiet winter nights. The books are basically about modern or Gnostic Christianity, which differs quite a lot from the belief system set into place centuries ago by the Roman Church. Gnosticism or knowledge was based on the sacred knowledge that runs through all spiritual teachings. There is no sin or redemption. Missing the mark, mistranslated into “sin”, simply means that you have the opportunity to try again, like a marksman practicing at archery.  The books also are a blending of science and sacred teachings, basically a spiritual road map for the lightworker.

Early winter has indeed settled into the area. A thick carpet of early snow is layered upon the higher Blues, above 4,800 feet elevation or so, from what I can see when the cloud layer allows. We had some thick fog this morning and ice fog is on the agenda. Snow is also in the forecast. It will take the right combination of precipitation and low temperatures to get the snow, but we will certainly be getting some ice coverage, as the temperatures are about to plummet into the 20’s F. So much for autumn; the trees are mostly stripped now… let’s bring on the rain and snow!


I had a busy night last night and into the morning. Lying there suspended in the state where the two hemispheres of the brain are working together… Vicky Anderson covers this in her book … a state that I call betwixt and between. There I tend to spend time talking to my guides and spiritual family. I’ve had quite a few visitors in the last couple of days…

The cold months are for contemplation and preparation. I am content to dream and let the dreams take flight knowing that my needs are known before I think them. The Universe has always supported me in all that I do, even when I didn’t always appreciate the circumstances. My ignorance is slowly being replaced by wisdom and light.

This past work week was intense. And there appears to be some “crazy” energy out there, but I am not partaking of it, just observing. Not having access to a news station can be a good thing.

For Americans this next week brings the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a holiday that brings to mind the suffering of those First Americans who endured the aggressive inroads of European emigrants. My mother’s family included some of those early emigrants, arriving on the shores of New England in the 1630’s. Banished from Stuart England due to their heretical beliefs, the Puritans made new homes in New England and ended up destroying another age-old culture in the process. Someday, I hope everyone on the planet can live in peace and harmony together, without the need for competition, greed or aggression.

There will be no Thanksgiving feast at my home or shopping on Black Friday. I’m going to keep a quiet four days, savoring time alone and away from my busy work environment. It will be time to enjoy some books, movies, snuggling with the kitties, wintry walks and perhaps some artwork. Being an old soul like I am means I especially enjoy my own company. It has taken much of my lifetime to get to this place of self-acceptance and it feels good.

In a month I’ll be visiting friends in South Carolina and enjoying a week of slightly warmer weather. I’m looking forward to that.

As a French friend writes:

Amour et Lumière.


Photo Credits:  Roses, all taken on walks in Walla Walla; remembering the warmth of summer as winter chills descends on the city.



Journal Entry 11.18.2015


Journal Entry 11.17.2015 – “The Winds of Change”

Note to Reader: I started this entry on Tuesday evening when my Internet and phone were out, but still had power!

Outside the winds of an autumn storm are tearing at the bare branches, howling, and grabbing at the edge of buildings with a roar. It’s been a long time since we have had such a storm.

My internet service has been blinking on and off; my telephone has gone dead several times. And when I lift the receiver, the line is scratchy and inconsistent. Perhaps the electronics are being affected by the solar storms; I’m not sure what the reason is.

Left to my own devices without internet, I’ve taken to reading, being too tired to draw or paint tonight. There is music on the old stereo set; I still have a few CDs of classical music to play.

It’s been five days since I’ve had good internet service and during that time the Parisian attacks occurred, as well as other world-wide events, but for I can hear is the powerful wind clanging at the wind chimes outside.

I feel cocooned from the press of world events here, tired from work and nearly ready to stumble to bed.

My dreams have been very active, my sleep deep. I did not wake up last night other than to secure a warm sleepy cat in my arms.

My heart is at peace. I am aware that many people are having difficulties with the ascending frequencies, but I am not. This vibratory level feels comfortable, even familiar to me.

“It should…” the words echo in my head. My guides are making one of their constant comments.

“Yes, we are here.” I feel their smile in my mind and feel the warmth spread in my heart chakra, a sign of their presence acknowledging our mutual awareness.

I’ve been guided to spend a lot of time alone right now. It is just as well that I focus on my inner workings as I am undergoing a period of transition, from one stage to another.

I will be moving from Walla Walla in the spring, leaving the prison and changing my life. In preparation, I am allowing time to let go of what has gone before.

The trees are heaving with the winds; it is a powerful storm. I can see the ocean waves lashing against the shore in my mind’s eye. There will be high tides and flooding along with the storm, threatening low-lying villages along the coast. And I wouldn’t want to be driving through the narrow mountain passes of the Cascades just now. It is enough to catch these winds as they sweep from the last reaches of prairie and strike the lower slopes of the Northwest Blue Mountains.

I feel almost like I am suspended between heaven and earth. There is no feeling of despair or depression, only a feeling like the calm surface of a pond. The water beneath is deep and still.

I know that there is quite a bit going on beneath the surface yet it is difficult to put into words right now. Perhaps with more time, I will be able to express myself more coherently. Right now, I am content to listen to the wind blow. I will fall asleep to it tonight as this storm will last through much of the night.

A glance at the old barometer shows me the low pressure. The center of the storm is passing, but it is a big one, spread across the entire state and reaching now the western most reaches of the Rockies at the Idaho border.

No signal. Time to wash up the evening dishes and prepare for bed, for dreams, for healing at deep levels, for the transmuting energies to continue their changes to my DNA, for the angels to work with me as I walk with them through dreams unremembered in the morning.

I hope others can feel the gentle warmth of angels brushing against as they lay down to sleep. I go peacefully to my Father’s house.

Journal Entry 11.18.2015

That was quite a storm! Wind gusts easily topped 50 MPH. It was especially tough on the coastal regions, but we caught some strong gusts here for a sustained amount of time. Power was knocked out, after I went to bed, but came on before I woke up in the morning. I actually heard the whine of a chainsaw at 02:30 hours; probably a tree that had come down in a yard or on a car? There was nothing out of place in my yard, thankfully, except the usual small branches and the remainder of the season’s leaf harvest.

Temperatures are set to plunge this weekend at night into the 20’s F, so we’re having an early “winter” like we had an early “summer” last spring. The weather does seem to be intensifying a bit.

I’ve been extremely busy at work this week, but managed to get a ton of things done. I can get very focused when the demand is high.

I’m glad that the long Thanksgiving weekend is coming up next week. Time to rest and recuperate a bit.

Last night I was talking to my guides. They have plans for me, especially when my living arrangements change.

I hope everyone is holding together. I realize the energies are pretty intense for some, but I seem to be floating along just fine, no big ups or downs in emotions. Just active inner communications when I’m quiet and lively, colorful dreams.

Be at peace,


Photo Credits: From my trip to Costa Rica last May to warm me up! (I’ll post later as internet connection is still realllly slow for loading up images!)

Journal Entry 11.14.2015 – “Stillness”

La Playa

La Playa

Journal Entry 11.14.15 – “Stillness”

Yesterday morning my Internet access went down and wasn’t up, again, until this morning. Thus, I wasn’t aware of the attacks in Paris until today. Already the alternative media is dissecting this latest in a series of obvious false flags, attempting to determine the causes and perpetrators. These perpetrators are not those whom the controlled mass media organs are so apt to blame, the latest reluctant inhabitants of France, namely the refugees who have recently arrived from Syria and other countries, attempting to escape just this kind of thing. Given the peculiarity of the date and time of the coordinated attacks, it was surely masterminded and carried out by government-sponsored operatives, whether from Israel (Mossad) or the United States (CIA or other black op forces) or a yet unnamed entity.

Our erstwhile controllers have, despite any efforts to inflame racial unrest in Europe, failed to create another reason for the world to descend into the madness of a third World War. While there are people getting hurt and the public is being unduly subjugated under the burden of severe new security laws, there is no longer public support for another huge war.

I found myself viewing the news carefully, knowing in my heart not to go into fear over this latest atrocity. Perhaps France is undergoing some karma related to the Revolution or the arrest and murder of several hundred Knights Templar in the 14th century. The date was certainly curious given that it fell on Friday the 13th, just after another massive light gateway of 11:11. The seizure of the Templars fell in the month of October, not November, in 1307 C.E. and was carried out on the orders of Philip IV, the then King of France who was in debt to the Templar Order due to his war with England. Whether or not their descendants of the Templars were or were not responsible for this latest attack on the people of France and other European Union citizens can hardly be answered without considerable research.

Still, I do not feel much in the way of sorrow or hatred, sorrow for the fallen or hatred towards those who perpetrated this latest attack on the public’s peace. The energies of duality are having a difficult time drawing me back into the lower vibrations. That world has ended for me.

I have known for a long time that I was once a Knight Templar. The manner in which the knights are depicted in movies and novels has always made me feel uncomfortable. These knights brought back to Europe many of the mystery teachings that had survived in the Middle East far away from the purging of the Inquisition and the Roman Church in Europe. They brought many of the seeds that would become the roots of the Renaissance, the Reformation and still later, the Age of Enlightenment even as Europe broke out of the Dark Ages.

It is always funny to me, sitting in this female body, to relate to being a male in various ages, but these are the lifetimes that stand forth boldly in my memory body. I resonate strongly with them although can’t really explain why.


Today I carry no sword or lance. My tools are the Violet Flame and Unconditional Love. I send these energies forth unconditionally to those deemed sinner and saint alike. As it has been said, God will sort them out. And all living beings were once divine in nature no matter what their current circumstances are today. It is not my place to judge the journeys of others.

Those who resist the light and persist in their cycles of fear, rage and hatred will ultimately burn out as the frequency of the planet no longer supports their way of “life”. Yet the time of their departure may take a while, too long for some who do not understand that the real Age of Aquarius doesn’t actually start until 2150 C.E. Cycles within cycles, my dear ones; we are in the beginning cycle of a new age, one that overlaps the old. Thus, two worlds now exist side-by-side seeming occupying the same space, the same planet. However, it is your own frequency level that determines which world you will actually exist within. You can live in joy and abundance even while others are still actively working out their karma or creating havoc. It is a matter of choice.

I refuse to be drawn into sympathy or anger, as both emotions are tinged with fear. Fear is the opposite of love and it is love that I now chose to hold in my heart.

Balance is the key to ascension, the balance between the mind and heart. The heart feels the world and the mind interprets. My heart is at peace. My mind is curious, but not anxious or worried.

Discernment is necessary as a tool to use every day while chaos still apparently reigns in some areas of the world. Tragedy can strike anywhere, any time. Be prepared and alert, but not afraid. Your love, patience and acceptance will carry you through the greatest challenges that present themselves to you in your world.

Not to belittle the events in Paris, personally my biggest challenge today was raking the remainder of the autumn leaves in the front yard. Our November storms have successfully stripped most of the trees of their leafy burden. We are due for another big storm and plunging temperatures, which means snow in the mountains and some rain for the lowlands. The moisture is welcomed as the area suffered through an unusually hot, lengthy “summer” season that extended from mid-spring into the end of October. Nothing in our world, at present, seems to be “normal”. Parameters are changing even as we adjust to the swiftly changing world around us, which is a reflection on our collective inner worlds.

“In the Garden”

Having arrived upon this planet as a child and starseed in the early 1950’s, I have often felt out of place for most of my life and I’ve become used to not fitting in. I will say that the energies finally feel more like “home” than they did when I was a child. That is not to say that much change is still needed and will occur even as the frequency of the planet and its human burden continues to rise. Those who resist and persist in hatred will depart as the energies no longer support them. Those who remain will seed the beginnings of a new culture and way of being which is just beginning to manifest, but has a long, long way to go.

Dream dreamers and make your dreams come true. Anchor the light within and radiate it forth to the world. The pioneers who carry the seeds of the New World walk among us today. We work with the Light and radiate energies of Source forth. Love is the answer no matter the question, no matter what is going on. Feel love, accept that you are worthy of love, that you are love and that you are loved more than you will ever know while still in this human body and burdened by the veils that exist within.

Each of us carries within the keys to the questions that we long to have answered. It is up to each individual to discover the answers for themselves. Seek within for the kingdom of spirit, the Source energy that gives to you your life. Ye are Gods. Gods do not seek others to solve their problems or to save themselves.  In the stillness of your Heart, you will discover the Peace that surpasses all understanding and will know that you are here to live life and to experience it in all its diversity.

When I lay down tonight to sleep, I will pray for the people of the world, for the creatures great and small and for the planet. Love will be in my heart as I send forth the energies to do their work of transmutation and transformation. It takes ground crew to do the work of Source and we are already here. We are the Rainbow Tribes, the Rainbow Warriors, and the seekers after Truth. Our chosen tools are Source energies, also known as Love.

Source, Sovereign and Free, we are One in the beauty of our diversity and creativity.



Eliza: “Reflections”

“November Reflections”

Eliza: “Reflections on 11.11.2015”

I send blessings to all on this day of great significance to some. In Europe and North America, it is the anniversary of the Armistice signed at the cessation of hostilities at the end of World War I. In the subcontinent of India, it is Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, an age-old celebration celebrating the triumph of good over evil. Last year, during the same festival (which varies from late October to mid-November according to the Hindu Lunar calendar) my “higher self”, Tazjima, ascended from 5D to 6D.

Yet… it is simply a day, a very nice day where I can sleep in, reminisce a bit about the past and the future and remember how different I feel after the passing of a year.

Last night, before passing into deep sleep, I called upon the Archangelic collective, of which we are all a part within our multidimensionality. I “ran” energies of Forgiveness, the Violet Flame, directing them into areas of my life that can use some release and transforming energies. I then ran some Unconditional Love, a feminine energy, throughout my field. When undergoing change or becoming aware of the need of change, whether big or little, it is necessary to find forgiveness within for all that has come before.

There is a mending of a deep dichotomy within my own being, that of the conflict between my masculine and feminine energies, that has come about during the past year, although not through any forethought on my part. A good part of this extraordinary ascension process that some of us are undergoing quite presently demands that we let go of the direction in which change takes us. This can be interpreted as a threat of loss of control by our heavily conditioned masculine nature, whether we are embodied as male or female.

Last year, I wanted to “know” what was going to happen and when. This year, I am striving to release that need to know and to understand everything before it can naturally unfold in the natural rhythms of the Universe. As the seasons move from one to another whether or not you track them on the calendar, so does transformation and change come into one’s life, is this not so?

You can guide the transformation through intent, but the secret ingredient to ascension is in the letting go of the outcome.

“Late Rose”

We have been trained to think in a rather narrow scope or range of possibilities, mostly directed in a negative or conditional fashion. For instance, “I will be happy when…”
Since when did your happiness depend on what someone else did or did not do? If you buy a new car, will you be happy? Perhaps, for a few moments or even months, until the scratch on the paint job or until your head is turned by yet another pretty object “out there” that you just have to buy in order to be “happy”.

What is happiness? In the Western world we have been conditioned to seek happiness through material gratification, but most people have begun to wake up from this myopic view of life, realizing that buying things is very unsatisfying and can lead to great unhappiness, especially when the bank account is overspent and the house or apartment is stuffed with things that no longer hold any appeal. So what does one begin to do? Let go… of things, of attitudes based on false premises, most especially the one about seeking peace or happiness “out there”.

It is within we must go to seek true lasting peace. It is within that we discover that there has always been a part of ourselves untouched by the corrupting qualities of the materialistic, capitalistic system. It is within that we discover our own Festival of Light as we connect to the sacred portion of our own being. It is within that we discover our own interconnection with the life within our own bodies and the corresponding elements that exist upon this planet and within the Universe. It is within that we first connect to Source, our true beginning and end, the Alpha and Omega of our Beingness.

Faceless, nameless and formless, the Source energies can, nevertheless, be felt by each person who is willing to let go of expectation and to begin to play with the energies of the Rays.

My own metaphysical training involved introduction to the Ascended Masters, the Archangels of the Seven Rays and so on, but I have found within the last year, a deep need to let go of this very human training and to experience the energies simply by their feel as I play with them within my own energy field.

As humans, we have had a tendency to overuse the left hemisphere of our brains, the masculine portion, which has a tendency to want to dissect the world, to label and place things “out there” into understandable and logical categories. In the Western world, we have become too engaged with the material world and have forgotten, perhaps intentionally, the hidden, secretive and mysterious world of the right hemisphere of the brain… the part that communicates directly through pictures and images, through sound and movement, through color and visions, through illogical and paradoxical means to bring forth symbiotic and instantaneous understandings and knowledge. In short, through the use of meditation and self-expression, you begin to “know” things without knowing or understanding where the knowledge came from.

“Sycamore Grove”

It came from within via the deep eternal connection that each individual has to Source energy, whether or not they are willing to acknowledge this connection or to explore its permutations and the effects it has upon your daily life. It is a Force that you can chose to ignore or to utilize as it is given to all freely and without stipulation as to how the energies are used.

We live in a Free Will Universe. This means that we each have the ability to make choices. Some of us ignore the sense of responsibility this freedom gives us, preferring to blame others for their circumstances or what “life” has handed them. Others turn that kind of thinking around and begin to focus with clear intent their desire for a better world, not just for themselves, but for all life. And to take this a bit further, then there is the requirement, through the application of alchemical law, that we let go of the outcome, for in doing so, the energies are allowed to expand into their own manifestation and in their own manner and present us with something that may have been a bit beyond the reach of our own imagination.

Light is intelligence. In the battle of Light over Darkness, the Light always eventually succeeds, yet there is usually a period of resting, when darkness takes over the land and the growth is stilled for a time. There is an apparent withdrawal of the potent energies of life, but they have merely gone underground, like the Queen of Spring, Persephone, abducted by Hades, the God of the Underworld. Life is a pattern of cycles within cycles and between the planting of a seed or intent, there is a period of rest as the life force is redirected within. When Spring arrives, with its tender energies, soft showers of rain and warming soil, the seed can burst through the surface of the soil and begin to grow, reaching for the life-giving energies of the Sun above.

In this past year, I have been faced with choices. Last year at this time, I was focused upon leaving this world so great was my desire to escape it. I had momentarily forgotten that I had volunteered to be here now, to anchor the energies of heaven (higher frequency / vibration) into the earth simply by being here embodied. Anyone drawn to these readings was / is also a volunteer, whether conscious of making that choice or not. And as a volunteer, one is obliged to complete the mission or length of service come what may.

We might as well make the best of a situation and find the good that exists within our lives such as they are. For me, it means making significant changes in the near future. What those changes will entail, I will not yet reveal as it is a matter of alchemical development to let the future unfold. I have ideas and direction but held lightly, with intent… and let go periodically as one would let a bird take flight after feeding it in hand.

It’s 9:11 on 11:11… as I glance as the time on the laptop’s screen. The numbers are symbols of potent energies streaming from beyond our Solar System, but how we utilize those energies and whether or not we are presently capable of doing so is self-dependent. It greatly depends on your present attitude and level of self-acceptance and your ability to forgive yourself of any perceived short-coming.

“Last Color”

For me there is a letting go of my expectations as to what form my “mission” should take, whether outer-directed through writing and other expression or more inner, spent in quiet moments alone in deep reflection. The form will eventually manifest and will most likely be both outer and inner directed depending on the focus required in the moment.

We have perfect freedom to choose to participate or not, to withdraw our energies towards helping others or to fully swing into motion by supporting causes and movements. I feel it all depends on the inner engine that drives you, that unnamed force that emanates through you direct from Source. It is why there is the requirement to be quiet, to listen and feel, as the energy can sometimes be quite elusive. Be present, be still when needed and then move into action and allow the momentum to carry you safely through whatever fear or hesitation you may be feeling due to previous conditioning. You can do this as the Source energy within is endless and bound only by your predilection to worry or your ability to draw back the arrow and let it fly.

So…on this day of days… which is ultimately another stepping stone indicating that another step can be reached by those who are quietly focused on creation in the Now moment… let us be thankful for the growing strength of our ability to connect to each other and to the greater (as in more vast) parts of ourselves, the Source energy that enlivens all Life within the physical realms.

Namaste: I honor the Light within you as I honor the Light within myself. Let us all celebrate the Festival of Lights as we connect with the sacred energies of Life.

I AM Eliza, your SiStar.

© All Rights Reserved, 2012-15, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Journal Entry 11.07. – “Advent”


Elegant Tree

Elegant Tree

Journal Entry 11.07.2015 – “Advent”


This week has been an interesting one, subtle, soft, and sublime and much the same. And a little frustrating for the writer in me, as most of what I am experiencing is difficult to express in words.

A dry October has made way to a damp November. We’ve had more rain in the past week than we have had for several months. The air is damp but fresh. The plants are responding even as their energies slow in preparation for dormancy and winter chill. We had our first heavy frost and a light carpet of snow whitened the hills outside of town. The snow is still clinging to the higher elevations and can be seen as a white rim on the highest summits. The drought is not over but lessened. The moisture is welcomed by most, even those people who are not usually “fond” of rain or cold weather.

The past few days I have experienced unexplained “happiness”. I’ve just been feeling happy…not even content, for no reason that I can discern through my mind. My friend tells me that it is the ascension energies. Happiness is a part of wellness, when heart and mind are one.

I’ve noticed a softening of my attitude, a willingness to let go of strife, judgment and discrimination. It’s not about correcting what other people do or are now; it’s more about letting them be who they think they are, observing and seeing the lessons in the mirrors.

On Wednesday, I drove downtown for an appointment and noticed the strong, golden low-angle light of the autumn day. The trees were alight with an inner glow, awash in gold. Everything looked magical to my amazed eyes. At that magical moment I found myself wishing that I could spend an hour or two attempting to capture the magic… and then realized that I should just drink it in. It was an experience to treasure and then release.

I got things done this past week that have been niggling at the back of my mind. As a single person, responsible for myself, I need to space chores out in order to complete them. Now, I’m ready for the winter season, awaiting the cold days and allowing the world to unfold before me in its unexpected beauty and splendor… and even simplicity.

A Being called Yeshua stopped by the other evening. I haven’t had too many “callers” of late, but He appeared (I don’t “see”, I “feel”) in my energy field (the house) and began to talk with me. These days I have a tendency to fall asleep during these communications and cannot remember what was shared, as if it was for me and me alone. Perhaps we spoke of family, perhaps not. No matter. I do know that my dreaming time has been very active and color-filled.

My sleep has been frequently interrupted, but I wake up, snuggle with a cat or two and then pass out into deep sleep and dreams. If I linger too long awake (in my own opinion) I start some Reiki and energy, calling in the Twelve Rays, my healing guides and the “Team”. I’m soon gone, with no need for pills.

My body has been very stiff on some days, with joint and muscular aches, but with some movement, I am finding that I have more energy than I’ve had for months.

We are passing into “No” time. We are floating in a Void between the worlds, between the Ages as we have now entered Aquarius. Nothing is the same. Even the most ordinary of experiences has taken on a new dimension of sublimity. As my heart opens, every little thing becomes beautiful and precious.

Yesterday morning, I saw a tiny crescent moon with Venus close by lingering in the lightening Eastern skies. It was a sight of rare beauty, but not one that was being noticed by those around me.


I’ve noticed that when you reached a certain frequency range, your world changes. You are walking through the same world as those people who have always been a part of your world, but now you are different. Yet there isn’t the need to judge, separate or defend anymore. You simply accept everyone and everything as they are and celebrate the diversity in your own awareness and heart. I have seen this; I have felt this and know that the process is not ending here but will become ever more encompassing within my experience.

The 11:11:8 Gateway is approaching and many people are expecting great things.

I gave up on dates a long time ago. I do not place any particular importance on one date over another. I am finding repeating numbers entering into my awareness at every part of my day. I work with numbers, as all the offenders have an identification number on their charts. As I was filing yesterday, 333, 222, 111, 555, 999, 888 and others were dancing through my consciousness, all impressing their energies on my subconscious. I’m not attempting to interpret the energies or assign significance to them, just accept them into my awareness with gratitude.

I am finding that small things bring a smile to my lips: the warm snuggling of cat eager for affection, the taste of freshness in a newly made smoothie, the angle of the sun streaming through pale leaves in the late afternoon sun. These are simple things, everyday things, yet they hold the energy of forever within.

No longer am I clinging to a need to understand all that is happening to me and to the world. I observe, I read, I ponder and I let go. I am in the processing of becoming, I am already. I AM what I AM and becoming more of higher self everyday. I accept that I no longer feel separate from Source but feel the energies of Source moving through me as my eyes and senses are directed to notice the most subtle of nuance and beauty in the world.

In Silence rests Eternity; seek the quiet voice within that does not speak but impresses itself upon your consciousness. It is YOU, teaching, instructing, guiding and directing you every moment of the day and night. It is the integration of Self within the limited human self, as the energies of Heaven and the Cosmos change all that you have ever known within this one lifetime.

Suddenly you know and cannot explain what you know. Let those moments of understanding and comprehension settle into your everyday being and rest in the knowledge of just how extraordinary you are, being here, doing what you are doing, every day.

Ascension comes on little cat paws and it comes like a tearing wonder, breaking down interior barriers and constructions built of human conditioning and devoid of meaning. Like the tongues of a flash flood it breaks down all that is no longer supportable. We are stripped down to what is only necessary, what we can carry within our hearts and open minds. All else is flotsam and jetsam, washed away in the tides of Cosmic and Galactic energies. Let the cleansing waters sweep away all resistance, all guilt and blame, all shame, all judgment and be washed by the healing fires.

Time to chop wood and carry water; it is time to embark on daily living and time to enjoy that living as never before. Savor and enjoy the coming of winter, the advent of spring, wherever you now find your abode.




Journal Entry 11.01.2015 – “Letting Go”

DSCN0400Journal Entry 11.01.2015 – “Letting Go”

Apparently right now on FaceBook there is a furor over the “new” requirement for people to use their legal name in their Accounts. I think this is a reasonable request seeing that I like to know who I am addressing when commenting. There are, however, certain individuals who are afraid to reveal who they are as members of their family or co-workers might get wind of their activities on FaceBook.

My question to such an individual is, “What are you hiding from?” And I find the answer is usually, “Myself and what other people will think about me if they know…”  For most light workers, this is a base chakra fear stemming from multitude lifetimes being harassed, tortured and even killed by those who believe in orthodoxy or toe the line of the “authorities”, whoever and whatever they are.

If you have embarked on a spiritual awakening, you are going to alienate some of your family and friends. It is a given.

For me, “family” now means those with whom I resonate. Of course, my blood family turned their backs on me a long time ago. I’m used to being rejected for what I am.

For many years, when I was living with my parents and taking care of them in the declining years, I didn’t hide my beliefs and explorations. My mother just didn’t want to hear about anything. It made her uncomfortable. With her death, I knew that most of the attachments which held me to my birth family were now permanently sundered. I accepted the knowledge and have moved on.

This kind of detachment runs in my paternal family. I’ve taken it to a higher level by letting go of what I was when I was still included within the family.

Letting go of the labels and associations that each of us have held prior to fully committing to our awakening is part of the journey. Some people can make the transition with an intact marriage, relationships, family, and friends. I haven’t and I don’t mind. It’s not that I am heartless; far from it. I simply understand that I’m different, I am here on a mission and if that sounds crazy to other people, then they are welcome to “unfriend” or leave my life.

The stage of being “alone” is ending for at least some of the forerunners. Communities of light will be springing up with more frequency as the next year commences. There will be adjustments, transitions and perhaps many of these communities won’t quite take at first, but the energies and the frequency levels are supportive of new ventures.

Stepping out of the old control Matrix takes courage and strength. It also takes great love and compassion for those whom you are leaving behind. Each individual upon the planet has their own purpose in being here and ours is not to judge them or try to change them to suit our purposes.

Once a cousin who comes from an Evangelical Christian background attempted to impress upon me the necessity to go to church and to “believe” in Jesus and God; I had to laugh. In return, I asked him, “Would you be saying these things to me if I was a Buddhist?” He didn’t quite know what to say. I didn’t fit the mold; I never have. And I have never allowed another individual to mold me as they would have me be for their sake. My elder sister attempted to do that several times, by suggesting things that I should do, that may have been more appealing but for some reason I could not accept at the time.

You have to allow each person to make their own “mistakes” and spin their wheels around in the sand, if necessary. For the forerunners and those who are committed to physical ascension in this lifetime, the time to “heal” or “save” others is over.

DSCN0426If your birth family, marital partner or children cannot accept where you are going with your life, be frank with yourself and decide whether or not you are willing to stay within this arrangement. You have to be very clear about what is more important to you, serving Source or serving what no longer resonates with you. Until you consciously make this choice, you are basically living a lie. It does no one any good to attempt to hide things. All is being revealed; there are no more secrets.

If you are hiding your interests in spiritual matters, changing your diet, reading books and attending workshops, your family is going to know that something is up. The jig is up, folks. Honesty, even if it feels a bit harsh is always the best policy.

I have told many of the people with whom I work about my blog. Some have read it. The responsibility is on them to either accept it or reject it. And I’ve noticed that while some have been surprised by the content, they treat me no differently than before. With being honest and open, you may be surprised to learn that your friends and family members have also been hiding things from you about how they are feeling or what they might be experiencing.. even “Ascension” symptoms… that are beyond their present understanding.

I came from a family that hid things. That kind of attitude seemed to work until my maternal uncle divorced his wife. Suddenly, my mother had to confront all her prejudices and judgments about divorced people. She didn’t love her brother any less and she kept in touch with his ex-wife for years.

When I was young, I had a cousin who had lost much of her eyesight due to a childhood illness. She learned braille and ended up being sent away to a special school and then onto college. I was not told what had happened to her until years later and for, at least in the minds of my parents, a very good reason – this once favorite cousin of mine had married a black man who was also blind. This couple had a son so somewhere I have a mulatto cousin and that’s perfectly acceptable to me. Secrets that were once considered scandalous are no longer very startling in today’s values. In the early 1960’s, among my father’s conservative friends, this kind of thing was not understood or accepted. In some families and circles, it still isn’t.

More rejection from the family occurred when my father was sentenced as a child molester, accused by my younger sister. I was not living with the family at the time, being off to college, but the sheer weight of shame, blame and guilt continued breaking down family bonds.  When I came back from college, many of my old school chums did not know me any more.

Perhaps my final rejection by most of the family occurred when I moved to Montana and joined the Church Universal and Triumphant. I’m sure that many of my family members thought I had quite lost my senses. I hadn’t… and within five years I returned to Washington, only to discover that some of my extended family members were uncomfortable in my presence. So, when my mother passed away, I told my team that I no longer wanted to be a part of the family. For me, my relationship with most of my birth family ended some ten to fifteen years ago.

When I was inspired to begin my blog, encouraged by a now former friend, I was afraid. When I channeled, I first used the name “Tazjima”, a “spiritual” name given to me by an Australian spiritual teacher. It was startling to see how soon and how easily my name could be searched online. I had to pass through several layers of fear, basically the fear of being revealed before the entire world, before I grew comfortable with putting my name out there entirely. Actually, it always has been, as I used my legal name when writing up the copyright note at the end of the channeled pieces. I have made it clear if my work does not resonate with the reader, they have the choice to find something that does.

On Facebook each account holder is given the option of who can see their posts. Only “friends” or “friends of friends” can see mine and I carefully monitor what people are posting. If something does not resonate, I “hide” the post. I will also occasionally “hide” comments from friends of friends who also do not resonate. I have also gone so far to “block” some individuals with whom I REALLY do not resonate. I do the same on my own blog. I am responsible for maintaining the frequency level of the blog posts and if something does not “fit”, it goes.

Today I had a person on Facebook become upset with one of my comments to her concerns about revealing her true name on the social media. I merely said that I have always used my legal name and that I have nothing to hide. Apparently she still did.   She was unhappy about the new requirement as she did not want her family to discover her interests in spiritual and metaphysical matters.  She objected to my comment when she could have just chosen to “hide” it.  In response and under guidance, I decided that for me this “friend” was not acting from a place of integrity or personal honesty, so I “unfriended” her. It is unfortunate, but there it is. I expect anyone associated with me to be working on self-acceptance.  We are all at different levels, but one needs to accept that their discomfort comes from within, not via the actions of others.

Self-acceptance comes when you are fully honest with yourself and look directly at your fears, whatever they are, unflinchingly.

As we undergo the passing of each wave of Cosmic and Galactic energy, more and more of our subconscious is being revealed. Everyone’s “dirty” linen is being uncovered. It is far better to confess your “sins” than to attempt to hide them, from yourself or anyone who is a part of your life. If they choose to leave, then that is their business and their responsibility.


Personally, I don’t believe in the concept of “sin”. My life has been far from perfect and I haven’t always made what would be called by many as “good” decisions, but I have always followed an inner guide. I do not judge others; I simply choose to let them go to live their lives in the manner in which they see fit. And I share my inner thoughts in this very public way as it assists others who are experiencing similar circumstances.

I hope that this individual who I felt compelled to “unfriend” today will come to a place where she can be comfortable with who she really is and to be comfortable in revealing her inner beauty, strength and wisdom to the world. I hope this for everyone who still suffers from anxiety and fear. For this, I share these humble words, to  give strength and hope to those who perhaps do not understand what is “happening” to them.  I am a Lighthouse and shine my light brightly.

Ascension is happening to the planet and all of us who live upon Her. Those who cannot handle the energies, which means coming clear of all that is hidden and “dark” within, will not succeed in remaining on the planet. Those who leave will come back when it is right for them to do so. Some will return with new bodies and new missions; still others will come right back as walk-ins, arriving into fully grown vessels. Each journey is unique so it is best not to judge what another person is going through.

I am not one to read the Bible much, but the other day the phrase, “washed clean in the blood of the Lamb”, popped into my head. “The Lamb”, is the Christ Consciousness frequency, a high vibrational frequency that drives out entities, darkness and what is hidden. Only those who cleanse themselves, release, transmute and transform the darkness within (the unconscious mind) will go forth into the higher frequencies during this cycle and lifetime. Remember, if you believe or understand what quantum physics tells us, ALL of your lives are lived simultaneously. Elsewhere you are perhaps making very different choices and that is how we all serve Source. When it comes right down to it, we are all One, experiencing individual perspectives while living within a physical matrix… that really doesn’t exist. What a paradox!

In the end, on any social media, there exists the choice whether or not you wish to participate at all. Given that Facebook now requires its users to use their legal names, you have the choice to leave it, to let go. There are other kinds of social media out there. Do your research and be responsible for the choices you make. Blaming others for your own discomfort is so old energy.

This is a new month with plenty of new beginnings, more intense energies and downloads, and gateways. For those who feel challenged now… well, let’s say, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”


Eliza Ayres

“Wild Sunflowers”

Journal Entry 10.31.2015 (Part Two) “Out of the Dark, comes the Light”


“Ginko Gold”

Journal Entry 10.31.2015 – Part Two, “Out of the Dark, comes the Light”

A “new” friend on FB commented on how she didn’t understand why such a positive person like me would be working in such a dark place like the prison. For many years, I didn’t quite understand how I found myself there either, but understandings are arriving at the door of my awareness every day now.  Remember, “darkness” represents ignorance or lack of understanding, whereas, “light” represents information, knowledge or wisdom.  I have learned much…

As a society we are both intrigued and frightened by the “dark”. We have forgotten our roots to Nature. Western society has trivialized the ancient “pagan” ceremonies and tweaked the our collective memories so much that we truly believe that witches wear black and have green faces, warts and fly on brooms. Wiped from our collective consciousness is that the current representations of “witches” are completely false. In the not so distant past, these witches were healers, priestesses and shamans, who worked with the elements of the Earth and Spirit Planes. The indigenous peoples, including in Europe, used natural cures, herbs and plant foods to heal their ailments. They lived and worked in close harmony with the natural world. They could easily commune and participate with the “Spirits”, as well, and honored those who had gone before through thoughtful ceremony and rituals. They learned from their ancestors who guided them through their intuitive connection with all life. This thoughtful existence is so very different than today’s Halloween parties, mischief and over-indulgence in candy, food and alcohol.

So, how does this relate to my working at a prison? There is also a part of ourselves that we have rejected. First of all, I got a job at a prison because it was I could get at the time that offered both decent pay and benefits for a new graduate. However, I soon realized that I actually went into the prison to observe the manifestation of the dark underbelly of our society, the socially ostracized, rejected ones who due to lack of environmental or familial support, mental illness or extreme poverty, fell into conflict with the Law.  It seems that I have always been placed within industries or working environments that were in the midst of deep change or challenges… (hint:  I’m a “systems buster” simply by being there).

Our so-called “War on Drugs” is largely responsible for the degradation of the inner cities and many rural families. For decades, there has been an ongoing outright attack on the Middle Class, dedicated to destroying the gains made by unions and collective bargaining. Most people today struggle to simply make ends meet. It is little wonder that many inner city and rural young people either turn to using drugs or selling them to make some money… since money is highly overrated and important in our society.

I am not condoning the use of physical violence or drugs. I do see a conflict with our educational system that seems intent in the dumbing down children, with an unbalanced focus on testing for testings sake, rather than passing on wisdom and life skills for children to carry with them through life.

I have spoken with Vets whose lives have been ruined because they volunteered to go to war, following a cause that they thought was right or simply out of financial need, as it was so hard to find work in their hometowns. They have come back to America, wounded to the utmost of their soul, unable to function without flinching and acting out violently, or terribly wounded in body, with missing limbs, post-traumatic stress syndrome and other symptoms resulting from being forced to do things that did not resonate with their inner conscience.

“Autumn Serenity”

I have seen how people who work in this kind of environment also suffer. They either become hardened or detached, projecting their self-hatred at the imprisoned, rejecting that inner darkness that eats away at their interior. Their body structure either grows heavy and fat or stiff and armoured. Many of these prison employees also pass within a few years of their retirement, so great is the stress on their hearts and body systems, due to the suppressed emotions and fears.

It hasn’t always been easy for me to exist within such an environment, but oddly enough, I often find working cooperatively with my co-workers is a greater challenge than encountering the offenders. There is a lot of bitterness, acting out and generally immature attitudes in such a place, perhaps due to the lack of consequences when a person is out of line. It varies, but is sometimes beyond my present understanding.

I’ve learned how to concentrate on my work in a noisy environment. I have learned to be calm while speaking to someone who is in prison for murder or rape. I have learned to listen. I have learned about the importance of maintaining proper boundaries and being able to firmly, but politely, to say “no” and mean it. I have learned the importance of being transparent, frank AND gentle with co-workers. It is not about being “right”; it is about working together for the good of the whole.

With the amount of light that I carry, I have served as a trigger for some. Others have seen me as a pillar of strength; someone that they can come and speak to… this is co-workers, not offenders. I do listen to offenders in the short encounters that I have with them, but cannot them offer them support or sympathy outside the perimeters of my job duties as I am not a counselor or chaplain. I have, however, learned to see them with my inner eye, as humans who are experiencing life in their own way. I do not seek to judge them, as they have already have received judgment and sentence. I am or have been there to serve the offenders, as my customers, as well as the numerous providers, attorneys and agencies who come to us seeking records for various reasons.

I have learned to release my own self-judgment and to value what I do have in life. Every afternoon, I can leave the prison and go home to a quiet house, loving cats and comfortable surroundings. I do not live in a small concrete room, shared with another prisoner, with minimal furnishings and belongings.

Perhaps it is all about turning the darkness into light, shining the light into dark corners. The offenders know when you are being honest and helpful. Living close to the edge, they have strong intuitive powers, more so than most regular citizens. And they will attempt to entrap, draw upon your sympathies or weaknesses if they can get by with it… so self-awareness and following protocol is very important to keep safe and sane. The offenders know and share who they can trust and who isn’t trustworthy.

“Dappled Sycamore”

I can go into a review session – I show the offenders their medical records – and sit calmly, asking questions and answering questions politely and firmly. I have had little trouble with most offenders and I have been doing this work now for eight years. The few that have been difficult are also that way to everyone who approaches them for whatever reason. The offenders feel more comfortable with someone who exhibits good boundaries and common sense and who, overall, listens compassionately.

Working in a prison allows you to do some advance psychological studies, on yourself and by observing the actions of others.

I have seen many positive changes come through efforts to improve the sustainability of our prisons. Some of the offenders are being offered the opportunity to learn valuable job skills by working with gardening, raising animals, training dogs, recycling, repairing bicycles, and making toys for children. Anything that helps an offender to gain a sense of personal achievement is a worthy endeavor. Many of the men who are incarcerated felt alienated in school and left early without the necessary skills to succeed in typical jobs. For our society to survive and thrive, deep changes will be necessary, to rethink or rather to re-feel how to approach “education”. What is being done now, at least in America, is totally failing our young people.

I’ve also observed first-hand the limitations of modern Western medicine. True, the ability for practitioners and providers to do anything they want is limited within the prison system by available funding, strict protocols and time. Resources are made scarcer by the sheer lack of manpower, as well. There is a shortage of both nurses and physicians. There is not enough time to get everything accomplished that needs to be done or enough people to complete the tasks. There also exist some rather archaic attitudes and beliefs held strongly by the practitioners that have been proven to be false by scientific studies and, in some cases, even life-threatening for their patients. However, these providers are doing the best that they can, given the limitations of the system in which they function.

And then there is the attitude of entitlement that I’ve observed in offenders who expect to be healed for every little or big ailment from which they suffer. Even if an injury is self-inflicted, the providers are expected to heal them. There is a very unbalanced approach or belief held by these individuals that they can be healed completely by western medicine. They have forgotten… we have forgotten that the true Healer lives within. Healing begins when an individual stops projecting and blaming others for their own self-inflicted suffering. A simple change of perspective or attitude can work wonders for your health and sense of well-being and can only start within your own Heart.

Some people feel that they are entitled to anything that they want; still others don’t believe that they deserve anything. This is a sign of profound imbalance within our culture. We are a society of have and have-nots, living in an culture that celebrates overspending and lack of taste, while others go without basic needs like housing and food to eat. It’s time to move beyond duality, but again, it is a matter of personal choice.

As I have hinted in a few recent posts, my stint at the prison is soon to end. I’ve decided to “retire” next Spring, with the Equinox and begin a new life. Exactly what that entails is yet to take form, but I do know that I will be concentrating on what I deem more important things, like energy work, gardening, painting and writing, as well as building community in my new environment.

I have found the prison a valuable training ground for me. I’ve observed all kinds of people… except perhaps the more refined, intellectual types found around colleges and such. I’ve come away with a stronger sense of who I am, what I am capable of doing and how valued I am by others. I’ve learned a great deal about life and how our inner life affects our outer life. I can now let go the need to “hide” the real Me and just be as I am.

I’ve never been one for fluff or sentiment, but I shall enjoy wearing dresses and looking pretty for a change once I turn in my “release” papers.

I AM that I AM that I AM, a lover of liberty, wisdom, Nature, beauty, grace and the strength I feel when I connect with the inner Being of another.

In Love and Joy,


“Maple Orange”