Eliza: You Are Embarked On A Course in Mastery


Events have not simmered down much since the inauguration of President Trump. There is even more divisiveness and now major attacks are being attempted against the U.S. by the Rothschild proxy, Israel.

Blue Dragon Journal

dscn1940Journal Entry 01.20.2017 – You Are Embarked Upon a Course in Mastery

It’s intense!  Can you feel it?  The energies are pushing us to release whatever we don’t need any more, from deep within our cells, from our energy centers… especially the Solar Plexus, the seat or storage area for emotions in the physical body.  Who else has been experiencing physical cleansings, such as a little digestive upset, fuzzy head, slight headaches and body aches, unexplained sadness, a sense of detachment and alienation from the rest of life?

A couple of nights ago, I felt an intense pressure of deep melancholia descend upon me.  I felt like giving up, letting go… simply no longer existing.  Of course, the feeling finally let up when I turned my attention to simple, silly things like cat videos and other things, which indicated to me that, per usual, it wasn’t “me”, but my empathic…

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Carolyn Thompson with AA Gabriel – Mind-blowing Experience About Blood Rituals


Back in 2006, I had no idea at the time what my simple vacation would reveal to me, about the use of Blood rituals. For me it was a long needed vacation, a trip to Ireland! I was so excited, as here I would be able to gather sheet and recorded music for my Harp.…

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Lisa Renee – Time Shift Blog: Blood Covenant Clearing (Enigmatic Healing)


Dear Ascending Family, Happy New Year and wishing you all an increased spiritual connection with a heart overflowing with feelings of unconditional love, compassion, empathy and peace in the new cycle. Since the Ophiuchus transmissions hit last December, my clearing grid work has included continual awareness of cleaning out Blood Covenants from the collective consciousness…

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Eliza: On Embracing Change


Blue Dragon Journal

Jacob's Ladder and Silver Log

Eliza: On Embracing Change

This morning I woke up to an awareness that I was with my “Council” (thanks to recent posts by Ron Head, “Oracles and Healers”). I have had my own exchanges with various “councils” in the past couple of years through my channeled work. Today, however, the communication was directed towards me as an individual, with the focus of dissolving all former contracts, agreements, settlements, treaties, vows, and such made before coming into embodiment, upon other worlds, in other lifetimes and even within this particular lifetime. In short, I have been set free of all past, present and future commitments made without my full WAKING consciousness.

You cannot imagine (or perhaps you can if you possess a vivid imagination like my own) just how freeing such a move can be.

As we continue to expand our awareness of the multidimensionality of our Being, that same expansion is…

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The Light Collective: Greetings!


Blue Dragon Journal

Ash Tree Pioneer Park

The Light Collective

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

We come to you today to greet each of you with expressions of love and support for you and your journey upon this planet.

As many of you are aware, the transition into the refined energies that “were” supposed to manifest for Humanity in 2012, have finally managed to anchor upon the Earth. If you felt that your ascension process had been “on hold” for a few years since then, it was to allow more members of the human collective to wake up and consciously assert their desire for change and to be change.

We realize that you live in some of the most challenging of times worldwide for humanity. The physical, mental and emotional stressors can be intense, if you allow change to work upon you from the outside.

As you are also waking up to the fact that you contain a highly…

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Energy Update: Focusing On The Birthing Of The New You And New Earth Now


SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


I received the sense that 2017 was going to be, ‘the year beyond fear’. Moving beyond our fears by feeling them with parts of ourselves in order to eventually serve love, to step out, and to share. So far, 2018 seems to be the year offering to “the year to focus on birthing a New You and New Earth Now.” New Earth Now is arising in the continual collective disclosure process of the old, revealing the old power structures, and clearing the way.

All these energies of birthing are coming up as this new year of 2018 births itself too. Two weeks into this year and you can FEEL how it wants to invite you into your next forms, shapes, and ways that you are meant to BEcome. These energies of love want to move you through the necessary gestations that your REAL you has just needed…

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