Existential Crisis


Sacred Journey

The first three months of 2020 I was writing… A lot. And I was keeping a gratitude journal each evening on my phone. When the schools let out weeks ago I stopped. Not because I wasn’t grateful for our health and for the ability to be safe with our kids, but because time was no longer available in the same manner. Now when I do have spare time I am beat.

I’ve raised six children basically on my own before this second act. Those six are grown and gone to have their own lives. This time it’s two little ones and a husband. And I look at them with joy and wonder. Many times in disbelief that at almost 52 years of age I have chosen this mothering job again. I take it seriously. And the state of the world feels heavier because they are so young…and I am much…

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The happiest use of time


Love's Beginning

Time used to be a hiding place for you. It was a place for enacting your fantasy role as a separate one with autonomy. Time was a stage upon which what the separate one wanted played out.

Now time is a means of teaching you. Time is a means of teaching you that time is not an immutable force which works upon you. It is a fantasy that you made up for the purpose of experiencing yourself as separate. When you become willing, time can be undone for you.

Time can be used to bring you to the realization that you are willing to allow time to collapse. Time is not something you need, and it is not something for you to control. You can turn the whole of time over to the Holy Spirit to use on behalf of healing.

When time is used on behalf of healing, time…

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Mind is a printer of experience


Love's Beginning

You are safe in the present. The ego thinks it dies in the present, and it does. It dissolves into nothingness. It has no fuel here. Go into the the feeling of restlessness for a moment. This feeling means that you are believing lies sent from ego. Ego’s objective is to keep you believing that you are doing and affecting and changing. Ego’s objective is for you to see this world as real and these bodies as real.

When you believe that the world and the bodies you see are real, you give them power over you. Truly , everything that seems to happen here happens only in the mind. Mind is the 3D printer for experience. Mind gives you very realistic experience, but that does not mean that the experience is real. When you give your mind over to what is Real, that which is Real can conduct you…

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A great blessing


Love's Beginning

You will be born anew. Experience is coming to you, at your request, that helps you to see through who you thought you were. It helps you to see through who you thought everyone else is. This is very good news. The good news is here because you wanted it more than you wanted your fantasy of time and space. The good news has always been available, but it had to wait patiently by until you wanted it more than anything else.

You will value the present more than anything else. You will receive all instruction from the Presence of the present. You are accustomed to following ego’s instruction based on analysis of the past and anticipation of the future. No more. An abundant, flowing river of inspiration is available to you in every moment, and there is no need for you to refer to what never existed in order…

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Shining simplicity


Love's Beginning

You can only receive two kinds of thought. You can either receive Truth or lies. You are accustomed to hearing lies and to believing that the lies are meaningful. Now your task is to understand which thoughts are lies and to look at them in the light until you can see that they actually say nothing and mean nothing. Egoic thoughts are evaluations of an illusion, and as such, they mean nothing at all.

If you’re receiving egoic thought, you have made a commitment to suffering. Some would call this a deal with the devil. If you ever lack joy in any moment, you have made this deal with the devil, but you can back out of it. We’re here to teach you how to consistently back out of that deal until your awareness is flooded with nothing but light.

When you receive the Truth of the Spirit, you’re committed…

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Allowing and Acceptance


Sacred Journey

Several years ago I had a huge pond. On the yuckiest and muckiest part of the pond a lotus garden sprung up every year. Out of the mud a flower of enlightened beauty would emerge.

Like you…

Like me…

It was through the area of pure abandonment that this would appear in the most vibrant pinks and purples near the willow tree that waited patiently for its birth.

There is divineness in allowing things to emerge from struggle and yuckiness. It’s in the precious battle through darkness that we evolve. It’s a sacred union of truly releasing the ego to divinity.

The lotus doesn’t ask permission to bloom. It just grows. And all the pods around it watch the flower come alive. The buds begin to rise and when they open up it is as lovely as watching a birth.

That’s what we are here to do. Just allow and…

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Happy Full Moon!


Under The Blue Door

Butterfly moon

“The karmic drama unfolding across the world is The End of Everything That Never Worked Right in the First Place.
As old systems crumble, we must harvest magic out of chaos.
…The mimeograph of our time is the internet, last bastion of global freedom.
Even though corporate ownership is pushing for more control… and even though, now that Google has gone into the pharmaceutical business, alternative healing sites are dropping off their search algorithms, for the most part the web is still within public domain.
Which means we have the ability to spread news counter to corporate views…
Aquarius adds the telepathic communication of the real worldwide web of collective consciousness, announcing the great change rising from the soul of the world everywhere people get done with being puppets on a string.
To harvest magic from chaos we must join together in exposing distortions, speaking truth, untwisting corporate twists, and envisioning the real human…

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Interrupt ego


Love's Beginning

Things do not make you happy. Notice how often through the day that you believe a thing represents happiness. Each time you catch it, you can take a moment for reflection, a moment to remind yourself that you want to see clearly.

Conditions do not make you happy. Notice how often through the day you believe you are lacking a particular condition, and you need to use effort to bring that condition about. You will serve yourself and others well if you stop for reflection when you observe these thought patterns. These thought patterns are the dance on which the ego leads you. You can stop dancing.

If you make a habit of interrupting the flow of ego’s dance steps, the untrue nature of the thoughts ego suggests becomes very obvious. As you stop valuing missives sent from ego, the guidance of your True Self becomes very obvious. Life becomes…

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Let Passion Guide You


Sacred Journey

Passion is the fuel that drives us to create and fulfill our soul’s yearning. Passionate folks believe in themselves above and beyond what anyone tells them. They don’t follow their ego as much as they follow their heart’s desires. Awareness and acceptance are key to their success in everything they do. Sitting with folks from different backgrounds, I recognize there are several distinctive traits that set passionate people from the norm.


Vulnerability is the secret to bravery. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The difference between a person who lives in victim mode and one who has passion is the courage they carry in their hearts. Passionate people are are survivors. They aren’t sitting around licking their wounds from the past. They fall and get right back up. This also doesn’t negate that they hurt and get disappointed just like everyone else. They just choose to get up…

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