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How many were rather surprised by how unusual, different and at times obnoxiously invasive much of the November 11, 2017 11-11 low energetic responses were this year? It’s always an interesting and potent day no matter the year, but 2017, it was very different as should have been expected. Nothing has been remotely similar to what […]

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Nature Walks – Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve, 17 November 2017



Nature Walks – Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve, 17 November 2017

The temperatures continue to fall in Florida making it a very pleasant place in which to spend autumn.  Today the sky was filled with an assortment of gray and white clouds, but nothing too threatening as I made my way through the heavy commute traffic to nearby Loxahatchee.  I showed my Golden Eagle Pass to the guard and pulled on through to the Marsh Walk parking lot and then started my walk.  No birds… or rather few birds were out.  I think they were hiding in the reeds!  I did see the typical marsh hens and coots, some anhingas, a few Tri-colored herons, a couple of egrets faraway and black buzzards gliding overhead in the light thermals.


I walked and took some photos, mostly of marsh flowers, some Limpkins, and a turtle.  The turtle appeared to be laying eggs, so after observing her for a moment, I left her in peace.

And oh, yes… there were some real hard-core bird watchers looking for a Vermillion Flycatcher.  I saw the bird perched high up on an old snag, but well out of range for my inexpensive 34X zoom.  It had some orange or red on it and was very small.  All that excitement over a little bird.  I love birds and other animals, but I’m not obsessive about it.  I mainly walk in the wetland areas as they are nearly the only open space around here except for busy and sometimes dirty county parks.  I liked the parks and beaches in Flagler County much better.


What am I?

Another issue today — my camera was acting up, blurring many of the exposures.  I did manage to get a few shots but over half of what I attempted to take, failed.  Still, it was a nice long walk in the Florida sunshine, with gentle breezes tugging at my hat.









That’s a selection of my better photos from today.  Enjoy your weekend.



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Sundeelia – Star Wars: The Last Patrol



Sundeelia –  Star Wars:  The Last Patrol

The vessel was a fairly new model, built on Ashtar and presented to the Sirian Fleet as a gesture of friendship from their ally Lord Ashtar, the Head Commander of the Ashtarian Fleet.  Today, they were traveling in a lesser populated area of the Constellation of what is now known on Earth as Canus Major.  The command crew could see their brilliant home star and isle, Sirius A, just to the right of the star field ahead of the vessel.  This voyage was meant to be a short one, a test run for the new vessel, as well as a shakedown cruise for the fairly new crew.  Many of the crew had worked together on other vessels, but not with their new commanders, Tazo and Delos Gia Kumara.

Occasionally one or another of the crew would surreptitiously steal a glance at the commanders, for they were twin brothers, with the white blonde hair, seafoam green eyes and pale complexion of the highest caste of Sirius A.  The crew knew who the twins were; they just couldn’t believe that they were traveling with this legendary duo.  Although young in years according to the long-lived Sirians, the duo had already made a mark within the Sirian fleet with their navigational skills, as well as an uncanny ability to decipher coded messages intercepted from enemy vessels.  The Sirian Fleet was in the midst of a combat situation with a relatively new enemy, interlopers who had recently invaded the mid-belt region of the Orions, and now seemed determined to invade the Sirian star system, as well.  Yet, it was unknown whence this elusive enemy would strike first.  Resources were already strained, so, this vessel was sent out, although the crew was relatively untried with the handling of this new vessel.

When the crew first boarded the Silver Phoenix as the large scout ship was known, some of them had made note of a small group of three standing to one side of the landing dock.  It appeared to be a father saying goodbye to his tall, slender sons.  The father was also very tall although more broad-shouldered than the younger men.  The Lord had dignified Presence, dressed as he was in a long white tunic, with a golden sash across his right shoulder and wrapped around his waist.  Upon his white blonde head, there was a golden turban, from which dangled a portion of a peacock feather.  The man’s bearing alone spoke volumes to the watching crew members.  This was one of the Sons of Lord Krishna, Chananda Kumara, a high lord in Sirius.  The younger men were evidently his sons to whom he was now bidding farewell.

As one of the crew gazed upon the unusual sight, he felt a shiver of premonition run through his body, a chill of foreknowledge.  He knew that the father would never see his sons again in this life.  What that meant for the rest of them, he wondered.

The crew of the Silver Phoenix was all male.  Sirian females, especially high caste ones were not allowed to join the Fleet.  It was a matter of age-old custom.  Sirian women could perform duties such as being an ambassador along with her mate, but many high-caste Sirian women chose to spend much time in the great temples, devoting hours to the chants, mantras, and prayers.  The Sirian culture was extremely ancient, its unwritten history extending millions of years back into the mists of time. It was the original motherland for the human race within this quadrant of Creation.  It was not a civilization acquainted with aggressive negatively polarized races, so the present situation of edgy awareness of a potential invasion had the people quite alarmed.  That alarm, however, was carefully tamped down as people performed their daily tasks, yet the stress of the present situation was wearing on even the most balanced of the population, the priests, and priestesses of the High Temple.

Two days into the voyage, the Silver Phoenix reached the vicinity of one of the smaller planets of the Sirian star system.  Even then, the isle still was inhabited by at least three million Outer Sirians.  These individuals were Sirians who wished to live away from the strenuous demands of the Sirian caste system.  While not regarded as being rebellious by Central Sirians, the people on this particular isle were considered odd, with a freer outlook on life.  Some of these Sirians had even married into other human species, including some Lyrans and Pleiadians.  Yet the crew of The Silver Phoenix regarded the inhabitants as Sirians, to be protected as if they lived in Sirust, the great central city of Sirius A.

The designated communications officer was monitoring interspace noise as they approached the planet.  Then, suddenly, there was a loud screaming noise that emanated from the crewmember’s earphones. All the crew “heard” the involuntary gasp, as the officer jerked off his phones.  He sent an urgent telepathic message to both commanders to get their attention.  They were already there, listening and watching the viewer screen as the starship began to circle around the isle.

“There!” Commander Tazo followed the pointing finger with his eyes as another crewmember spotted a large strange ship which suddenly materialized out of hyperspace.  The cylinder-shaped vessel was a dark green, hard to see against the starlight skies.

The twin brothers looked at each other in dismay.  They “knew” the frequency of their enemy, for it was the same enemy encountered on the other edge of the star system by larger vessels.  Their own small ship wasn’t armed or manned with enough defenses to deal with the strange vessel.  Then they noticed they hadn’t been sighted…yet, as the stranger moved off in the other direction, towards the planet and away from the Silver Phoenix.  Apparently, the new cloaking shields were working, yet this close they would have to be careful while observing the actions of the strange vessel.

The two brothers were burning with curiosity and a mounting sense of foreboding.  They could “feel” the energies emanating from the strange green vessel.  They “knew” that it did not have friendly intentions towards the planet below.

Then the enemy vessel…for the two commanders knew intuitively that this strange vessel contained evil intent, as the yet unknown vessel turned its prow towards the planet.  The crew watched breathlessly, as they “saw” the enemy vessels powerful forward weaponry being directed towards the unsuspecting planet below.

The officer monitoring communications warned, “They’re powering up!  And they’re aiming for the planet!”

If it was possible, Commander Tazo’s translucent white skin blanched even more, anxious for the unsuspecting population on the planet below, “No!”

The enemy vessel opened fire, directing a powerful beam towards the planet as the Sirian crew of the Silver Phoenix looked on helplessly.  Tazo and Delos, especially felt the enmity and dark intent of the strange vessel, a feeling that penetrated deeply into their sensitive being.

“Oh, no!” Commander Tazo looked at his brother, Delos.  He suddenly “knew” the intentions of the enemy.  He “felt” more ships enter nearby space and follow suit, aiming their weaponry at the planet below.  They were going to destroy the planet, to use fear of destruction as a means to conquer Sirian space.  The commanders had heard of such tactics being attempted in Pleiadian space, too.  Now, this new invader had reached the outer boundaries of Sirian space.  The long-threatened invasion had begun, here, on the edge of Sirian-controlled space and it was up to the brothers to let their superiors know at once.

The two sets of intense green eyes stared at each other as the brothers communicated rapidly to each other:  “We need to inform Sirust and the main fleet!”

“Yes!” agreed Tazo.

The brothers knew that if they broke radio silence that they would be detected and probably destroyed, but they didn’t have any honorable options.  They could flee, but other worlds might be attacked before a suitable defense could be mounted by the main fleet.  They knew what they had to do… and were not afraid of the consequences of their mutual decision.

As the enemy fleet… it was now a fleet of vessels, large and small, was focused on their target below, the Silver Phoenix edged slowly and silently away, while the crew looked on with horror as they saw the planet below begin to break up under the barrage of the attack.

Commander Delos took over the communications chair and began sending a code to the Sirian Fleet.  He flinched as he “felt” the implosion of the planet and the silent cries of the dying people below, as tears streamed down his pale face.

Then he “felt” the Presence of his great Father, Lord Chananda, fill his heart.  “What is wrong, my son?”

“Father, the enemy of which we have been told by the Pleiadians is here!  They are destroying M—!”

“I feel it, Delos,” his Father replied.

“Tell the Fleet!”

“I will, Delos!”

Even as he had this inner conversation with his Father, Delos worked to formulate a clear message on the danger from these strange ships.  Finally, he managed to contact the communications officer of the great Sirian Flagship, The Golden Phoenix.

“Commander Delos!  What is a matter?”

“The isle of M— has been destroyed!  Our space has been invaded!”

Then the Silver Phoenix was hit with a massive wave of energy.  “We’ve been sighted!  We need to get out of here!”

Commander Tazo was already at the helm directing the small patrol ship out away from the enemy fleet when another strange ship appeared nearly on top of them.  The Silver Phoenix shuddered from another blow.  And then their shields went down.

“Brother!”  The two young men eyes met across the small command deck, knowing they and their crew were about to die.

The Sirian vessel turned to run, but it was too late.  The enemy was upon them.

Then the final blow came, sending shards of the small Sirian vessel raining through space like silvery stars.

Far away in Sirust, their Father and his Brother, Sanat Kumara, knew that the young men and their crews were gone.  There was nothing to do now but to gather up their light bodies and have the healing angels take the fragmented souls of the crew to a place where they could be healed of their trauma.  Knowing that his sons would reborn comforted their Father slightly, but even He, a great Light Being, deeply felt the grief of His people as news was relayed throughout the great city.  The talented and brave young men and their crew would be deeply missed by all.

Note to Readers:  This is a facsimile of what Tazjma (Tazo) and I (Delos) experienced during the early part of the great Star Wars.  I had been told that Taz and I had often embodied together as twins.  In this lifetime, we were twin brothers, the sons of Lord Chananda Kumara, better known on Earth as the Great Divine Director or Lord Ganesha.  Knowledge of this past life was yet another puzzle piece to explain why the Great Divine Director had come to Tazjma in 2012, soon after she started channeling messages.  And why He has appeared, once again, to RaNia and I.  He is a magnificent Being and I’m touched and honored to be regarded as part of His Family.  You see, in the higher dimensions, once Family always Family.  The complex interweaving of our lifetimes and the Beings with which we have shared them is sometimes a bit overwhelming to my human consciousness, yet I “feel” the reality and immensity of their Love for us.  Tazjma, RaNia and I are still Kumaran by birth, so the continuity of connection continues.

While it is not necessary for those who are in the midst of the ascension process to learn of many of their past lives, for RaNia and I, it is as we were both involved and died in the great Star Wars.  While we have a portion of our consciousness here within 3D-4D, we can release and heal from those long-ago traumas far faster than we could at Home.  Ironic, isn’t it.  Earth and other 3D planets allow for accelerated release and healing.  We are also being guided by our Family when we go to Father’s Retreat each night.  This is an amazing experience to walk in two worlds!


I AM Cmdr. Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe

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Nature Walks, 16 November 2017 – Before the Rains



Nature Walk, 16 November 2017 – Before the Rains

There was a thick bank of clouds building on the eastern horizon when I left home this morning, heading to Wakodahatchee Wetlands, which had been closed for about 11 days.  The place looked cleaned up when I started on the boardwalk.  With all the birds around, it’s sometimes hard to keep the walkways cleaned, but today they looked freshly scrubbed.


Little Blue Heron

Nesting season is already beginning.  The Great Blue Herons are preparing their nests.  And the Double-Crested Cormorants have nests full of swiftly growing, demanding youngsters.


Also seen today was a lovely woodpecker (no photo), a Belted Kingfisher, two gators, numerous turtles, herons, egrets, anhingas, Speckled Ducks, and some colorful little finches who were gorging at a birdfeeder.  I spent some time at both Wakodahatchee and Green Cay.


Belted Kingfisher

More photos below:


Wood Stork


Red-shouldered Hawk




Young Gator


Green Heron


Young Cormorants being fed.


Night Heron


Turtle family.


A Painted Bunting male!

It was great to be outside in the milder temperatures even as I kept a weather-eye out for the growing clouds.  Autumn is beginning to feel pretty nice here in Florida.  And Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

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Sanat Kumara: Greetings from the Planet of Love


Blue Dragon Journal


Sanat Kumara: I send you greetings from the Planet of Love

I AM Sanat Kumara.

Greetings from your Sister planet, Venus.

Venus is known to astrologers as the planet of Love. She signifies beauty, grace, harmony and wisdom.

The people of Venus have long held a tradition of providing a place for spiritual seekers from all over the Omniverse to learn in the ancient colleges. This is where one prepares to be a planetary logos, a Chohan or holder of other advanced spiritual offices, both within this solar system and others scattered throughout this Universe.

Venus is where I made my final preparations to be the planetary logos of your dearly beloved planet, Earth. And Venus is where I have returned to fulfill my duty to my planet and my people. Yet, still I serve, as many of us continue to do, for as long as Earth remains a darkened…

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Lady Nada: A Message of Love


Blue Dragon Journal

Lady Nada

Dear Readers:  This was an unexpected message that came forth today, from beloved Lady Nada… whose Presence even now lingers within my heart and being.  She comes with words of comfort and encouragement, for me and others.  I am touched beyond the ability of words to express… Her Love for each of us is very, very real.

Lady Nada

Are you here, Lady Nada?


I am Lady Nada, Twin Flame of Lord Sananda, and Chohan of the Sixth Ray (ruby red / gold) of Devotion. I am here today at the invitation of the Higher Self of our messenger, Eliza, who is still learning to trust and have faith that she is headed in the “right” direction for the successful completion of her mission here.

The main focus of her mission here has, indeed, finished, although this one shard from the incandescent flame of Lady Faith via Lady…

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