Matt Kahn – The Karmic Return


Matt Kahn / – The Karmic Return

Recommendation for watching any of our videos: These are powerful energetic transmissions. Please remember to breathe deeply during and after viewing this video, drink plenty of water to hydrate the cells as the energy is assimilated and integrated. You may wish to watch half now, then take a break (a walk or a nap) and come back later for the second half. We also suggest waiting a day before viewing a second or third time. We always encourage giving the physical body time to catch up.

Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar are highly regarded spiritual teachers and intuitives who combine a heart-centered awareness of unity consciousness with a profound understanding of the mystical nature of reality. They offer messages and energetic transmissions to serve the awakening of humanity, and to assist you in your journey of embodying more peace, ease, and love than ever before. Matt Kahn is the author of the best-selling book, “Whatever Arises, Love That.”

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Morag: “Earth Warriors, the Frontline and Trusting Our Instincts”


MORAG @ In5D – Earth Warriors, The Frontline, And Trusting Our Instincts – 5-25-17 by Morag, Guest writer, What do we do when the danger gets close? When the unraveling of matrix controlled society comes knocking on our door? Psycho manipulators revealed in our lives, violence on our streets, confrontation […]

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Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis – “Earth Element is Transforming”


Currently, the planetary body is undergoing a space-time reorganization that ripples out many strange anomalies that influence the quantic field. As a result, there are new patterns of electromagnetic disturbances, interruption or distortions in the collective field. The quantum field, also referred to as inner space-time, is rippling these effects into the unmanifest layers of the core […]

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Alexandra Meadors, Galactic Connection – Interview at the Hill of Tara, Ireland – 23 May 2017


Alexandra is now on mission in Europe. This week she interviews JP Fae and Kerry at the Hill of Tara, one of the most ancient and venerable sites in Ireland. This was once the seat of the High Kings of Ireland, and is rich with archaeology, and a place packed with memories, spirits, and energetic vortices. JP and Kerry are locals of Tara, who combine a mystical spirit fully sensitive to the magic of the place and activists who have done much to preserve the site from the depredations of government, which seems intent to destroy the area, or at least its magic, as much as they possibly can.



Empower Astrology: New Moon in Gemini, May 25th — A Gateway to Your Dreams, Magic in the Air! (courtesy Era of Light)



Photo Credit:  Eliza Ayres

New Moon in Gemini 25th May at 4 degrees, 8.44 Pm UT.

A powerful portal, a finger of God aspect opens up together with this New Moon in Gemini that is active over a three day period. The Yod or so-called finger of God aspect looks similar in form to a pyramid. At this New […]

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Journal Entry 05.24.2017 – For the Birds



Journal Entry 05.24.2017 – For the Birds

Rising before dawn this morning I made my way out of the house and into the morning commute traffic to visit a nearby favorite place for photography, Wakodathatchee Wetlands.  Arriving at 07:30, I got there before the morning rush, although it appears things have mellowed out with the departure of seasonal guests.



What first greets you as you start along the boardwalk is the smell and then the noise.  The smell is guano, bird doo, and it is all over the rookeries which are right next to the boardwalk.  And the noise… anyone with boisterous teenagers will understand… as the babies compete for food.  Most of the birds raising young are the Wood Storks, once fairly rare in Florida but certainly thriving here in Wakodahatchee.


There are plenty of other birds and creatures present as well, including herons, Anhingas, black birds, Grackles alligators, and turtles.  It is fun to observe the growth of the various young birds.  And I’m even recognizing some of the walkers as regulars.







Next, I was off to nearby Green Cay Wetlands for more creatures.  This is a larger area with 1.5 miles of broadwalk, plus a nice Nature Center.  There aren’t as many nesting birds present… or at least the squawking Wood Storks!





This gator was slowly walking along the muddy bottom of the marsh under the boardwalk as I watched…



Baby gator…


Turtle in the weeds…


Grooming Anhinga, a swimming fishing bird.

Since thunderstorms were predicted, the temperature was already hot and humid even in the morning.  Still, I was able to get in a little walking and a lot of photography.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this creature feature.

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Photo Credits:  All taken on Nikon Coolpix, Palm Beach County, Florida

Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis – Core Magnetics, Schumann Resonance


by Lisa Renee All living organisms interact and interconnect with electromagnetic waves, and all of the earth’s inhabitants have the memory of the original earth based DNA, which is resonant to the low frequency waves emitted by the Schumann Resonances into the earth’s atmosphere. The Schumann Resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the […]

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Jelelle Awen: Being High Dimensional While Bridging with Your Emotional Body


By Jelelle Awen You can be high vibrational and STILL hold space for your emotional body and its healing, purging, and integration. And, I would offer, that this is the KEY to the deeper experience of the ascension into your SOUL here into your physical body. Without this bridging to the emotional body created through […]

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