Vocal Prints Show Truth From Fantasy w/Sharry Edwards

Vocal Prints Show Truth From Fantasy w/Sharry Edwards

Sarah Westall

Sharry Edwards rejoins the show to share her amazing work with BioAcoustics. This episode she explains how her vocal profiles can read a person’s vocal print and determine many things about that person including sincerity, lies, physical health, and many other things. She analyzes the four congress members known as the “Squad”: Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. Learn who believes what they are saying and who does not. This is an explosive interview that must be heard. You can see more of Sharry Edwards work @ http://SoundHealthOptions.com

X22 Report – August 4, 2019

Think About The Economic Plan, Put It All Together What Do You See – Episode 1934a

Joe Biden claims the economy is collapsing, his economic narrative push will fail, but there is another message he is sending. Trump just made another trade deal, this time with the EU to help the farmers and cattle ranchers. Trump wants China to do alot more before a deal can be made. Meanwhile the US is taking in billions, companies are moving out of China and into other countries or back to the US. Do you see the economic plan.

We Knew It Was Going To Happen, Exculpatory Evidence, Boom – Episode 1934b

Fed is probing AOC and her chief of staff just quit. It is being reported that the FBI helped HRC delete her emails. Nunes was right, the DS was working on the obstruction charge. JW says Comey was caught with FBI files in his home. JW looks into states that have weak voting id laws, calls them out. Trey Gowdy says George Papadopoulos  evidence is exculpatory.  24-hour warning, we all knew it was going to happen. The DOJ is now looking into what has happened, take a look at the US attorney in Texas.