#18 – Edge of Wonder: The Kill Count of Communism

#18 – Edge of Wonder: The Kill Count of Communism

Dauntless Dialogue

Rob Counts and Ben Chasteen of Edge of Wonder join me to discuss the horrors of Communism, radical dysgenic ideologies that influence despots, murderous regimes that committed democide in the 20th century, dictators and their Deep State puppet masters, and the solutions and insights for us to see through the propaganda.

Kevin Shipp – Value of Dollar to Plummet in Coming Reset

Kevin Shipp – Value of Dollar to Plummet in Coming Reset

Gregg Hunter

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp predicts a big reset of the U.S. dollar coming sooner than later. Shipp says, “Yes, I do. It’s going to be horrible if the dollar loses its reserve status. I think they will absolutely do that. I think, also, if you add that ‘missing’ $21 trillion, our deficit is actually double what is being said in public. There is something very, very serious going on with that $21 trillion. I have my own opinion as to where it went, but, yeah, I think there will be a reset.”

We are in a “soft” civil war — the dark Left and the Shadow gov’t are at war against Donald J. Trump and the American Constitution.  The war is intensifying almost by the day as the Demoncrats target the Constitution and the founding principals.  They want to replace our rights with Marxism — think Red China, Venezuela, Sharia Law, etc.