Eliza: On Embracing the Dark Side


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Eliza:  On Embracing the Dark Side

Oh, I know that brings up images of Darth Vader and his journey from student to dark master.  Well, I’m not going there.  I was never very good at dark magic, at least in this lifetime.  Probably have done some in other lifetimes, back in Atlantis.  No, remember the last scene with Luke and his father, in the final Star Wars movie?  Luke understood the power of forgiveness.  He embraced his dark side symbolized by his greatest enemy, Darth Vader.  He saw his father there lying in his arms, not his enemy, despite all the efforts of the emperor to convince him otherwise.  Who represents your dark side?

What I’m writing about today is the need to realize that you can’t separate the goats from the sheep during the ascension process.  Yes, there will be people who do not appear to be waking up; they’re cruising along with the planet as she rises up in frequency.  And now, there are actually two Gaia’s, one that resonates at 3D and is moving into 4D, as well as the “New” Earth that resonates at 5D and into 6D.  Where are most people?  In the 3D/4D frequency range, of course.  Other people like Sandra Walters, Bill Ballard and Lisa Renee can better explain the specifics, but it appears that in late 2010, our lovely planet divided, as an act of grace, so there would be a physical platform for those who had not wakened up as yet.

As a result, some of us have new jobs, as wayshowers and gatekeepers.  Right now, people like Sandra and Jim Self are gatekeepers.  They are keeping the gate between the worlds open so more people can come on board as they wake up and are prepared to make the leap into the higher frequencies.  It is quite a leap for some.  If the physical platform is not ready or too weak, you leave the body.  There is no judgment.

So, by a huge act of grace by our beloved Mother Gaia, a physical platform currently resonating at low 4D has been made available for those who are not quite ready to make the leap into 5D.  And it also explains why we didn’t suddenly “pop” into a higher frequency level at the trigger point 12-21-12.  That particular date was significant being the end point of many very ancient prophecies, as well as “ages” occurring at a solar, galactic and universal level.   Even the myths and stories of the return of the sun god spoke of this time, a story that did not originate with the Christians, by the way.  It signified the return of the Christic energy, the unified field of consciousness.  It signified the reunification of our physical platform with our spirit and soul.  We are the second coming of Christ, because those who are ascending are coming into realignment with their spirit and soul.  Look into sacred geometry for a symbolic representation of this process… but you get the Star of David configuration, then the tetrahedron, then the star tetrahedron, diamond, sphere and cube… symbols of the process we will ALL go through if we choose to go through the ascension gates after a suitable period of adjustment.

Physical ascension can’t take place without a body.  In the past, most ascensions occurred outside the body temple, after so-called death.  Initiates, like Jesus, could come back with a light-body that looked like a physical body, temporarily dropping its frequency so it appeared quite solid…but you will note, that even in the Bible, he couldn’t hold that state for too long.  It takes too much effort.  So, we have come to do it the hard way, the slower way, physical ascension, by incarnating on a timeline, experiencing the 3D way of life and transcending it upon the activation of our so-called “junk” DNA as we respond to an inner wake-up call from spirit.  And there have been efforts at hijacking the timeline set up by Gaia and her guardians, which have slowed down the wakening up process of the populace by and large.  Hence, the time allowed for those laggards to wake up as their physical bodies respond to the rising frequency levels of the planet has been extended.  So we have two planets, currently overlapping.

Ascension presents a choice to each individual.  Do you want to go forward the rapid way so you can serve Gaia and her people?  Or do you want to slowly wake up as your DNA activates in response to the higher frequency levels of the 4D planet?  What is your mission now?  It can change.

For me, I received confirmation that my mission is to be a wayshower, at least for the time being, but I was aware of that already.  My writings here are part of that mission.   The sharing of my life journey here will hopefully assist seekers to see that you do not have to be an extraordinary person to ascend.  I do have some gifts that came online pretty early for me, but so do other people.  We each have our own wake up call.  When it comes, it can be quite a rapid transformation, which will have friends and family shaking their heads.  My wake-up call came a long time ago, only I wasn’t always certain what was going on.  I’m still learning.  Humility and NOT having to know everything plays a large part in this process, or at least it did for me.  I’m here to serve, not to be served.

Now, getting back to the title theme, embracing the dark side; much controversy remains in some quarters about the need to take back our nation, our planet, etc., from those who have harmed us / her.  Newsflash, folks… we’ve ALL been players on the dark side and the light side.  We have garnered experience from both sides of duality and experienced the extremity of polarity, suffering, the pain of separation, being a tyrant, burned at the stake and all kinds of ways of leaving the planet.  Been there and done that, a million times.  Enough already.  Done.  Done.  Ever heard of grace and absolution?  The darkest of the dark hats have been absolved of their crimes, forgiven, through the Law of Grace.  Forgive yourself for what is coming up is self-judgment for what you and I have done in past lives.  Let go of the need for vengeance for it will only serve to keep you anchored securely in the lower frequency levels of the now departed 3D physical platform.  It doesn’t exist anymore, so let it go, for your own sake and make peace with your dark side.  Ascension is all about unified consciousness; that includes both sides of what formerly existed as polarity / duality.  Embrace the dark side, come into self-acceptance and I think you will find a few bits and parts of you that have been missing for awhile.

In this lifetime, I experienced the self-righteousness of so-called spiritual people who judged others for being different, even as they, themselves, were being judged by the inhabitants of nearby communities as being a cult.  To continue to judge is to continue to perpetuate the habitual ways of duality.  Be it self-judgment or judgment of others, you are not going to progress to your ascension until you are willing to step into complete and utter forgiveness for what you are and what you have done, as well as any mirrors “out there” that reflect the darkness back into your awareness.

My experiences living on the grounds of the Royal Teton Ranch taught me that there are two sides to us versus them.  Two sides and no way to get beyond it, while living in a lower frequency 3D world; however, the planet has risen in frequency level, and now many people are able to step out of duality thinking and see another possibility before them, as the consciousness residing in the body reunites with higher self and their soul.  This is a process that naturally takes place as the planetary resonance levels increase in frequency, but it is also a process that can be speeded up through the conscious choice of the initiate to serve others, Gaia and humanity.  If you just want to ascend to get out of Dodge, then you are still dealing with fear, which needs to be resolved.

I love the simplicity with which Sandra Walters presents her material, for although I’ve been on the path consciously for a long time, I’m more of an intuitive and experiential learner than a reader of books, although I have read a few.  From one video, I’ve come to understand that the body vehicle belongs to Gaia (yes, I knew that).  The materials from which the body is made are the elements that make up the physical planet.  Our bodies are literally made of clay, organic carbon-based clay.  When you incarnate on the planet, your spirit enlivens the vessel, animates it.  However, while living in a 3D world, you are confined to experiencing the extremities of polarity due to the resonance levels of the physical planet that you are living on.  Your body responds to the heartbeat of the Mother.  During this period, you, as a spirit/soul experience being cut-off or separate from the rest of you; there is consciousness but it is limited by the Veils of Forgetfulness.  Religions have served to reinforce that sense of separation from God, by creating God outside of you as something to worship.

Before the official Shift occurred on 12-21-13, certain people were already waking up.  Their internal clocks were set at a different rate than the indigenous humans.  As starseeds, walk-ins, etc., they were programmed to undergo their preparation for ascension before the rest of humanity so they could serve the rest.  As lift-off time approached, it was evident that the majority of the population wasn’t waking up fast enough, because their internal DNA had not been activated yet.  Okay, change of plan… a great call went out to the Galaxy, “We need help here!” and the Harmonic Convergence was the response.  We have lots of help now; our little planet is at the center of attention in the Galaxy as the ascension process plays out.

Some are going ahead into ascension, only to return to assist others in waking up, not by shaking them awake but by being there radiating their higher frequency level into the environment.  Some serve as wayshowers, leading classes, healing, doing readings, channeling, doing sacred art and music, writing plays, books and poetry… gardening, doing permaculture, creating community… there are many ways to demonstrate that there is another way to live on our planet and with each other.

However, never in this picture does it enter in that we are supposed to judge others and to hate others if they are not like “us”; this is a remnant of polarity thinking.  I encounter this manner of thinking every day where I work, from both inmates and staff.  I am there, I believe, to radiate out a higher frequency level and to allow people to adjust and wake up when they are ready to do so, not when I tell them to.  My work there has benefited some and I’ve learned a lot about human psychology.  I’ve learned how important it is to take back your personal power, without disempowering those around you.  Perhaps these are lessons that I failed to learn in previous lifetimes, for in some of the glimpses that I have had recently, I was quite a stinker in one or two lifetimes, a powerful and grim warrior.

I’ve embraced the inner warrior as my strength and inner power.  He is no longer a threat to me and any remaining shreds of self-righteousness or self-judgment have vanished.  So I am no longer threatened by those who seem to have power outside of myself; I simply ignore them and do my own work.  I am not impressed by those who like to push their weight around but I understand them now; they are acting that way because they are afraid.  Fear is always at the core of power issues.  I have arrived at a place where I can feel compassion for those who I once feared and disliked.  As I come into alignment and union with spirit and soul, I am no longer afraid of being here.  I no longer want to leave this world and go home.  I am home and I intend to be here to assist others to wake up by offering my gifts and presence, quietly, calmly and with grace and ease.

I am working on my ascension through conscious choice so I might be of further service.  My mission will change as I change.  Right now, I’m here acting as a wayshower in my own humble fashion, being real, being grounded and being in the now.  And this story is not the complete picture of what is going on; rather it is a snapshot of what my present understanding is as to where we are going, what happened on 12-21-12 (or for some, what didn’t happen!).   This quite an adventure for all of us, so be kind to yourself.  Seek out guides, ask questions, follow your inner guidance and trust the process.

Hugs and kisses,


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The Light Collective: On Being Divinely Human



The Light Collective:  On Being Divinely Human

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Light Collective, a group of light beings, angelic beings, galactic beings, elemental beings and you, the multidimensional collective of Humanity.

Why do we include you as a presenter this morning?  We do because you are a part of us and we are a part of you.  We do because so often you tend to undervalue what you are doing here, beloveds.  Do you have any idea what you are accomplishing even as you apparently stumble through your day in a confused haze and physical exhaustion?  You are tired because you have been working so hard, on so many levels that we cannot begin to express.

Only a portion of your multidimensional being is suffering bedazzlement from the latest influx of cosmic energies streaming through the center of your sun and radiating glory upon the earth.  Your earth, your collective humanity and the entire ecosystem of the planet has fully entered fifth dimensional frequencies.  Do you feel any different?  Or are you still stuck attempting to define what you are experiencing in the Now based on what you were taught by your elders in the past?

If only you could see yourselves as we see you, in your magnificent Wholeness.  It already exists.  The angels and mythical beasts walk beside you, but some of you have yet to open your inner eyes and see.  Are your dreams a little more intense lately?   Do you “see” things at the edge of your peripheral vision?  Are you experiencing visions?  Are you feeling moody and emotional?  You’re going through a period of complex growth and development right now.  Be kind to yourself.  Do not fall back into self-judgment for your seeming lack of progress, dear ones, for you are forging ahead into a new world of your making, one that has never existed before, anywhere, in this entire Universe.

Do you understand what we are saying, beloveds?  You are creating a New World and you are doing it with great aplomb as the Masters that you truly are.  In watching your progress, we stand in awe, with bated breath, as you master each obstacle set before your collective presence.

What you are accomplishing now is bringing Wholeness back to the Universe.  It was decided to do this great work on one of the darkest planets in the same universe, but one that was seeded with a race of tremendous potential, humanity.  Star beings and angelic beings descended into physical form for the intention of anchoring the frequencies of Creation into the physical  realm and in the process, loosening the grip of the lower frequencies in which the planet had been isolated for so long.  With the influx of cosmic energies moving through your bodies as anchor point, an entire ecosystem of life has ascended.  Although you are mostly unconscious of what it is that is being accomplished here, it is being done simply because you are here.   We are here to remind you of what you came here to do so that you might come into an understanding of just how pivotal your being here in a body is, and be willing to finally to shed the last shred of belief in limitation from your consciousness.

These layers of veils that prevent you from actively “seeing” what you are doing at every moment, even as you stand before the mirror brushing your teeth, are like the paper lining the garage walls in our scribe’s dream (see Journal Entry 11.15.2013, In Dreamland).  These veils, that block your ability to be able to fully “see” and experience your multidimensionality, are of your own creation, made up of the remnants of thoughts and beliefs in limitation, scarcity and lack.  You are the ONLY one who can remove them and the energies of the entire universe are supporting your efforts to allow you to move through this process of cleansing any lingering fear, grief, disappointment and self-judgment you might carry within your body.

Beloved ones, you have been clearing the collective energies of all the generations and lineages of your human collective.  Through the last two thousand years since Master Maitreya anchored the Christic energies through the physical vessel of his disciple, Yeshua, the golden energies of the Christ light have been interwoven into the physical body of the planet, all humanity and all life contained within the great Circle of Life.  Even before the coming of the Christed One, the plans, for this transitional time in which you now find yourself, were being laid out…by you.

For many thousands of years before then and through the present moment of your linear time, you have each been playing both sides of duality, sometimes as dark team, sometimes as the light team.  What you have been doing is experiencing the extremes of duality for the ultimate purpose of bringing duality into Wholeness.  Where once only separation and fear was experienced there would now be unity and Wholeness; all life would be fully conscious of its interconnections.  Only by being in a physical body and interweaving cosmic energies through the body and into the surrounding environment could this intricate task of spinning an etheric web around and through the planet be accomplished.

Many light workers believe or at least hope that the light is winning.  We tell you or rather remind you of what you really came to accomplish, not to complete or win another battle for the white hats but to bring into being a new universe.  The new universe is being birthed by you, the divine mid-wives, and through you.  You are Spider Woman weaving your golden web of compassion around and through everything that you see and experience in your world.  All that is of the “light” and all that is thought to be of the “dark”, is being interwoven into a new cloth of unity consciousness, where no one or no thing is less than another, but all are One being.

Who do you think needs your love now, beloveds?  Is it the one who walks down the street radiating strength, calmness and balance?  Or it is the drug-sodden wretch who sits on the corner shivering in the cold, a trembling arm extended out holding a cup, hoping for a few dollars so he can buy another bottle of liquor and continue to live in denial?  What part of you do you turn away from in revulsion?  What part of you do you still deny and withhold your love from?  Is it the one who looks back at you in the mirror?  Is it the one whom you judge as being less or imperfect or weird?  Are you willing to release your belief in limitation and lack?  Are you willing to step into the love and power that you are?

Know that you are here because you are masters all and because of your great love for all life.  You have seen the ravages caused by the imbalance of energies and so you have been moved to come here and join in the effort to create a new way of being, one that has never before existed in this Universe, a world of complete Wholeness, where everything is filled with the radiance of golden compassion, where everything is aware and fully conscious, while being in physical embodiment.  You have been instructing the entire Universe in how to solve the puzzles of polarity and duality, even as you have moved through your daily existence seemingly blind-folded and unknowing, all the while being the masters that you truly are and you are doing it.  The planet and all life upon her are ascending.   You are ascending and now is the “time” to let go of anything that tries to pull you back into the energies of the old paradigm of limitation and control.

Do not ever think that you are unworthy of love, dear ones.  Your efforts here are being watched by all creation.  You are important.  You are big.  You are not what you seem to be.  Your physical being is surrounded by the vastness of your cosmic bodies.  Your presence is anchored within and in the coming weeks and months, you will become more conscious of what we are attempting to convey to you now in your language.

Understand, dear ones, that your languages were created within the structures of limitation.  Words carry energy and frequency.   Words, bound with strong emotion, are very powerful and have been used to control and bind you into believing that you were powerless to change.  With an understanding of the frequencies that underlie all language, you can change yourself without effort.  Your words can be both limiting and freeing.  It is your choice as to how you will use them.

As we communicate to you in this fashion, we are embedding codes and frequencies that will be absorbed by your consciousness and then decoded when and where you need them.  You will discard what you don’t need or resonate with at the moment.  And as you grow more comfortable existing in a state of flux, you will discover that you can tune into the stored codes and access knowledge when and wherever you might require it in order to complete a project or to receive the answer to a question.  The wisdom of your entire multidimensional being is stored in each of your very conscious cells.  Your bodies are walking libraries of light and love, as is your beloved planet.

You are made up of frequency or energy and each of you is a master in working with frequencies or you would not be here now.  Only masters such as yourself could be allowed to do this kind of intricate work, so release any self-condemnation and judgment you might be feeling and come into a new appreciation for your presence here and now.

Self-love is the foundation of all of what you are doing here.   Learn to love each and every part of your being, every thought made, every decision and deed that you have committed, every act of omission and commission you have ever done.  Know that everything that you see in your world is a result of your creative power.  Whether or not you are conscious of the process what you focus your attention on is what you will continue to see played out around you.  Open your heart, feel the warmth of your heart’s love expand and break down the barriers that surround you.   You must first come to love what is within you and as that love ignites the flame of the sacred altar within, your love will expand to include the Whole.  There will be a wondrous moment when you feel love for everything.  And in that sacred moment, you will experience the reality of the unified field of consciousness.  Never again will you suffer from the pain of separation for you will know and experience your wholeness and connection with all.

When one views the world through compassion, through the act of being with love and in love, all is forgiven, all is loved, and all is accepted.  Whatever you have been or done, when viewed through the eyes of compassion, there is no judgment, there is no right or wrong.  The Creator does not judge you or seek to limit you in your doing.  You are a part of Creator here, anchored in a human body, and undergoing a grand experiment of creation, bringing an entire universe into being, a universe of Compassion.

We hear you say to yourself, “That sounds great and grand, but I’m just one person.  I’m poor, I owe last month’s rent; what can I do?”

You can start where you are now.  Be thankful for the little things in your life.  Beauty always surrounds you if you but take a moment to look.  And you can learn to quiet your mind and still your anxiety. Learn to find that quiet center that exists within, your place of calm where you can return to when you need to rest and heal.

First, breathe in deeply, sit in a quiet place and feel your heart beat.  As you focus on your heart center, an area just beneath your sternum and slightly to the left, you will begin to feel a warmth gathering there.  Just sit and breathe in appreciation and love.  If you cannot feel it for yourself, imagine that we are sending you our love for that is what we ARE doing, every moment of every day, as you sleep and as you go through your day.  As you allow yourself to focus on our love, our frequencies will braid into yours.  Our combined love will begin to loosen the bonds of disbelief and self-judgment that may still remain.  You will be able to come into an awareness that you are worthy of love, now.  You don’t have to wait to be loved.  You don’t have to wait to become worthy.  You don’t have to do anything to be loved.  We love you now as you are, as you were yesterday and as you will be tomorrow.  We love all of you, every morsel, every thought and every emotion.  Can you love yourself as we love you?  Be generous, beloved ones, and love you.

And as you move into self-love, your love of self will radiate out into the world around you.  As you walk through your day, you will be like a star radiating out love and aiding in melting away the belief in limitation, lack and self-judgment in those parts of self that walk around in other bodies.  You are here as light houses, lighting up your world, not for the ultimate victory of light over darkness, but for a coming into wholeness and balance.

Reflect for a time on the symbol of the Yin/Yang or on the marvelous mandalas of the Buddhists.  In these powerful symbols exists all of creation, encapsulated into an elegant wordless language.  In the Yin and Yang, the receptive dark and the creative light work move together in an eternal dance, ebb and flow, fluid and with ease.  One side does not dominate, one side cannot exist without the presence of the other; together they present a symbol of Wholeness.

This wholeness is not static or rest, but moves and changes.  There is no seventh day where all of Creation is done with its work; no, beloved ones, the action of creation never ceases.  Destruction and chaos are as much a part of creation as the building and rebuilding that goes on.  Life, especially physical existence moves with rhythm and flowing balance, ever onward, expanding and contracting and expanding again.

The human vehicle is an energetic focal point through which the energies of creation flow continuously.  Do you know how much power resides in your little pinkie?  When consciously aligned, through the balance of power and love, infused with the golden energy of compassion, you have the unlimited potential of healing and creation residing within your clever fingers.  As you become consciously aware of your true divinity, all the knowledge and wisdom that resides within your heart and soul will become available to you.  Without need for outer instruction or guidance, you will be guided by the god that resides within and will know what to do.  You are doing this already, beloveds, but most of you have yet to accept and acknowledge just what you are capable of doing, by being here.  This why we marvel at what has already been accomplished by living masters who volunteered to come here, blindfolded and seemingly stripped of all powers and graces.  What a game, beloveds.  What a set up!

Your world is in a state of flux, in a transitional period, moving from one paradigm to another.  Be kind to yourselves and to each other.  Allow yourself to be okay with letting go of the need to know what is going to happen tomorrow, the next week or month or year.  We don’t even know what is going to emerge from your generous work.  You are building your world step by step.  It is marvelous to behold.

Perhaps you are concerned that if you begin to love yourself that you will forget everyone else in your world.  You are incapable of forgetting others and even if you do appear to be focusing on self to a high degree, know that everything you do for self is radiated out to the collective.  You are connected in such a manner that if one opens their awareness to a new understanding then that knowledge is instantly communicated from heart to heart to all those who live in this world.  Then those individuals who are ready to move into greater awareness can choose to accept and acknowledge this understanding, perhaps believing that it originate within, when it has permeated the whole and just awaits acknowledgement.  Each of you resides within Divine Mind and the Divine Heart of Creator.  What is known or understood by one is known and understood by all, even if the outer awareness is not “tuned” into the signal as it were.

What you are doing is unprecedented.  The physical ascension of an entire planet and all her life forms is a feat unparalleled in the annuals of the Universe.  Dear ones, rest if you feel tired for you are working hard.  Rest and take care of yourselves.  Be tender and allow yourself to not know everything before it happens.  On some level you do know…in the moment you create it.  Be willing to flow with the magic that you are creating through the living compassion of your hearts.  You are truly wondrous beings.

We love you.  We honor you.  We applaud you.  And we walk beside you, ever ready to aid, comfort and guide if you feel you need a supportive shoulder to lean upon.  Understand, beloveds, you are doing the great work and can only do it by holding a physical presence on the earth.  As light beings we can only send you love and energy.  Through your body and growing awareness of your innate abilities and gifts, you can anchor this energy, these frequencies and make them your own.

Do not fear your power, beloveds, for you walk centered in the Will of Father / Mother God, the Creator and source energy work through you.  Allow your awareness to embrace this power and use it for the benefit of all, for you are One.

Namasté; we humbly bow before the Divinity within you all.

Thank you, beloved Light Collective.

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The Light Collective and Mother Gaia: In the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan


Cloud Swirl

The Light Collective and Mother Gaia:  In the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan

Channeler:  Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara)

I am the living soul of Gaia.  I am your Mother while you sojourn upon this planet.

And we are the Light Collective; we speak for the many galactic councils and light beings who oversee the evolution of your people and planet.

In the wake of the great typhoon, Haiyan, the island nation of the Philippines lies shattered and in ruins.  Great is the sorrow felt for these people, for those who have died and especially for those who remain behind, left bereft in a world now unrecognizable.  Many of the islands inhabitants have left the planet, their energies withdrawn from their body vehicles, in fulfillment of soul contracts agreed upon before birth.  The purpose of their dying, in making this seeming sacrifice, was to wake up the rest of humanity to the compassion that exists within all hearts.  Feel this compassion rise within your own breast, although you may live in an area yet untouched by disaster.  Recognize that this feeling is an indication of just how connected you are to the whole of the collective that is called humanity.  You are capable of feeling the emotions of others although separated by thousands of miles. There is no time or space within the higher dimensions which you and your world are entering into and this newly sensed ability to feel is just an indication of just how interconnected you are with all of Creation.

With each catastrophe, compassion for others will open hearts that were once closed off by fear.  With each cleansing, whether storm, water, fire, flood, earthquake or volcanic eruption, more hearts will open in the survivors.   Can you not see that you are the designers of this process?  As a collective, you have decided who was to play what role and when each would enter and leave the world stage.  It is done with a purpose, one that may not be understood by your appalled human personality, but your heart knows.  Compassion is the key to transforming your world.  These “disasters” have been designed and agreed upon by those involved, as the means to move the frequency levels of the survivors higher, so ultimately, the entire planet and its remaining population, can exist freely in the higher, refined energies of the fifth dimension.

Some humans see death and they feel fear and wonder when they will die also.  Their egos feel threatened and they freeze like frightened rabbits.  They seek to flee to the hills, to hide in caves, to fortify palaces, to design space ships to escape the surface and go where?  The inhabitants of Atlantis scoffed at the seers and priests who foretold of the disasters that came upon that island continent.  Their beliefs did not protect them from going down beneath the waves when that mighty kingdom perished in cataclysm.   Their beliefs that they are better than others, superior and deserving of special treatment will not save them from being compelled to release them.  Nothing that smacks of separation energy will remain when the transitional period ends, nothing.

This is a time of great change.  With change and challenges, there will be the departure of souls who are not prepared to live in the higher frequencies that are overtaking the planet.  This is not the disaster that some would think, but part of the growing pains of the New Earth.  Did you think that physical ascension was a walk in the park?  Your species, your collective Humanity is on the edge of maturity.  It is time that you turn and face your fear of death. It is time to embrace your fear of death, if it still remains.  Embrace it, integrate it and allow the fear to depart, vanishing like mist in the warmth of the sun.  Feel compassion for yourself and for those who still insist in lingering in the shadows of the fear of dying.  To be reborn, you must die to the old and that is what you are now undergoing, as an individual and as a collective.

Animals know better, that death is not the end.  Whether or not they die a violent or a quiet death, they are aware that their energies pass into the group soul upon leaving the body.  They do not fear the doorway of death for they understand fully that death is only a transitional state, not the end of consciousness.  When it is time to reborn, they will take up new bodies and begin life afresh, either here or in their worlds.

With this great disaster, the extreme fragility of your “modern” world has been brought into sharp focus.  It only took a few hours of strong lashing winds and high waters to completely strip cities, towns and villages of their entire infrastructure.  What you count on every day, electricity, hot water, sewers, transportation and communication was completely stripped away within hours.  These modern conveniences have served to cut you off from nature, giving strength to your current fears and continued belief in separation.  And these “conveniences” have allowed your erstwhile controllers to contain your consciousness within their web of blatant deceit and illusion.  The barriers are going down at your insistence, whether or not you are consciously aware of making that decision.

Humanity has believed that they are superior to nature, that they can control nature, that they can corral the energies of rivers and even the great oceans.  You are being shown to be wrong.  Nature will not be tamed, not by the selfish intent of a few to control the many.  Nature will not be controlled or divided from itself by men intent to protect their belongings and their outmoded belief systems.

The earth is undergoing a pattern of cleansing.  All that belonged to the old paradigm will be swept away.  Everything, every last vestige of pollution, caused by the over-cutting of forests, the wanton pillaging of resources, destruction of water through unbalanced industrial activities such as fracking, oil and natural gas drilling, over-building of heavy structures and concrete which prevent the earth from breathing… all these things and more will be swept from the planet.

All these activities have been designed to destroy the planet and those who live here, in a wanton plot of self-destruction by those who have believed that they were better than the rest of the population.  The delusion of these few individuals was such that they truly believed they would survive the destruction of the planet, but they were mistaken.  None existing in a physical body could survive the utmost strain of this deluded belief in separation, for all are one, and so now the collective and the great being that over-lights the planet have agreed to take on the task of cleansing the planet of any remaining energies of separation.

It is over, this game that has been played and the players have completed their task in waking up the rest of humanity to the fact that your physical vessel is reliant upon the health of the planet and that all of you must act together to heal her and each other.  It is a task that must be undertaken by those who live here.  We, who live in the higher frequency worlds and have no bodies, cannot perform this task for you.  You are the ones who were selected to come here and you are the ones tasked with moving the collective and the planet into the higher frequencies, for the benefit of the entire Universe.

We hear some of you ask one another, “What will be left of our world?”

When you say, “our world”, you are not speaking of the planet, of the soil, water and air that are so vital for all life to exist here.  No, you are speaking of your cell phones, your vehicles, your comfortable heated and cooled houses that you reside within, despite the fact that the other 80% of humanity barely exists at poverty levels in substandard housing and with no sewers, electricity or running water.  The 20% has robbed the planet, its people and creatures, of resources and wealth in order to pad their cages in which they seek to now hide, in complete denial and resisting all the inner urging of their souls to let go of fear.  Even now, these people look at each other and say, “Oh, I’m glad I didn’t go to the Philippines this year on vacation; it’s such a poor country anyway.”

What is happening?  The physical planet is being prepared to engage and live in the higher frequencies.  Nothing of the old paradigm will remain when the cleansing is completed.  Nature does have the power to scrub the surface clean, but it has been decided that the time of tribulation would be gentler than the great planetary disasters long foretold by seers and prophets.  Still, this period of transition will create change that no one will be able to deny.  Those who cannot handle the change and adapt will leave their bodies.

Do not make the mistake in thinking that we judge these individuals; they have chosen what experiences they will undergo before embodiment.  And lest you think it is all a matter of a fate that cannot be changed once born, all who live on this planet are graced with the free will to break all contracts previously agreed upon.  So honor those brave ones who have left and will leave during this transitional period.   Their departure from this world was an act of great compassion for the collective.  Their love was so great, that they chose to sacrifice their bodies and to leave here so the rest of humanity would be given the opportunity to embrace and integrate the changes that are coming.

Do not judge those who have died in this last great disaster.  They chose to experience a shorter lifetime for the sake of being the initiators of compassion for the rest of the collective.  If one person opens their heart to compassion and the possibility of connection with their higher self, then the mission of these dear ones has been completed.  And it has; they are being taken care of by legions of angels.  There is no need to worry or sorrow over the dead; they are at peace.  It is the living that you must help now.  It is time to let go of artificial barriers between cultures, nations and religions and to come into an understanding at the profound connections that you all share as a collective humanity.  The time of separation is over; the time of coming together has begun.

And what about the threats to your infrastructure, what about the continued existence of modern society?

Here is the real challenge that lies ahead for the human race.  Some of the light workers hope that the great ships that even now protect the skies and space around your planet during this rebirth process will drop down and assist in the rebuilding of a new society.  That may happen in the future, but not until enough of the populace has moved into being able to hold the higher frequency levels within their own physical temple.

Your galactic cousins have already moved through their own ascension, now it is your turn and you must do it yourself.  Now is the time for the master within to be completely anchored and acknowledged and allowed to function through your physical vessels.  Now is the time to bring heaven to earth and it is through the acknowledgement that you are masters and now accept the responsibility to be masters, that the changes will ease for all.

Any birthing process is not easy.  Ask any woman who has experienced the long drawn out agonies of bringing a child into the world.  She will tell you that it takes great perseverance and dedication to continue to breath and push, despite feeling like your flesh is being torn apart by wild animals.  You are not being physically rendered or torn apart, but you are being stripped of all that remains of the old energies.  It is not being done with malicious intent, but by divine design which you, yourselves, as the human collective, set up in your inner plane councils so that all would be able to move gracefully and with ease into the higher frequencies.

There will be those who choose to resist the process.  There are many who will refuse to wake up. They will be some of the ones who choose to leave.  With this choice, they are fulfilling the roles that they agreed to play before they came into embodiment.  Most of these are young souls, who have little experience in living in a physical world.  It is their choice to leave; honor them for through their selfless act, they hand the key of compassion to the rest of the world.  Through their selfless act of leaving, they give others the opportunity to come into an acceptance of the soul maturity that will be required of all who wish to remain here and move into living full-time in the higher frequencies.

When the soul and higher self are fully anchored into the physical vessel, then the gifts and graces won by the soul and garnered by soul family, the monad, can be brought and put into use.  Creativity and the ability to manifest are unlimited in one who has fully mastered the higher frequencies and can move freely through the inner spaces and visit other worlds.  For such a one, there is no concern about how to feed or clothe oneself or where to find shelter, for they can create whatever they need in an instant.  If it is truly your desire to manifest full mastery within the terms of this transitional period, then we suggest you go about it with dedication, focus, intent and your full attention.  The time for prevarication and hesitation is done.

We understand that these words may bring up fear for some readers.  Understand that these remnants of the old energy are now being revealed so you can acknowledge them, and through compassion, love yourself and a release any further need to be in resistance or to hold onto these old energies.  Fear will be relegated to its natural function, to be a warning system for the body, not to rule over your decisions and movement into mastery.

Mastery involves acknowledging that the soul resides in a physical vessel and that there will be a blending of the energies as the body is refined and transformed into a light body.  And do not judge yourself as incapable if you chose to drop your current body and then return later when much of the transitional period has been completed.  Each of you has a different purpose and reason for being here.  Do not seek to compare your journey to others or to judge what others are or are not accomplishing.  Each has their own gifts to offer upon the altar of being and their own individual timing.

When the transition into light body finally occurs, there will be no more need to reside in a body or at least the particular body that you were born into.  You will be able to create a refined physical vessel for the purpose of being able to create in your new world.  To create and work within a physical world, you need hands and feet, muscles and sinew, brains and a heart, with which to anchor the energies of creation through or else you might as well leave the body and return to the light worlds where you have no need of a body.

For too long has the body and the earth which gave birth and substance to the body, been the subject of abuse and denial.  The body and the planet have been subjected to conquest, rape and pillage.  Through their various institutions, most especially those of religion, people have been encouraged to desire life without a body, graduation to the spirit planes.  The body has been deemed as being corrupted and subject to decay.  We tell you that this is natural, that when the soul departs the body, the physical vessel decays and return to its basic elements, releasing the fire, air and water and returning to the soil.  We remind you that it is the soul that enlivens the body, not the other way around.   You are NOT the body; your spiritual body is vast and encompasses the physical vessel within it.

In approaching the subject of death or transition, this new perspective brings a fresh attitude about the doorway that has been so feared through the centuries.  Death has been used as the ultimate threat to control the lives of the many for the benefit of a few service-to-self individuals dedicated to utilizing their knowledge of universal law and denying that knowledge to others.  Now that the great rotten web of conspiracy and control is being unraveled and revealed, it is time to release the need to fear and cringe at the mention of death.  The soul merely leaves the physical body behind when it has accomplished the tasks and garnered the experiences that it wished to undergo during any particular lifetime.  When it is done, it is done and the soul leaves.  There is no need to mourn, rather there should be a celebration in a life well lived even though it might be short or long.

Feel your grief, dear ones, if you are able to feel any.  Move through this and realize that you grieve for yourselves, not for the departed ones.  They are being taken care of in the Summerlands by specialists in the healing arts.  No, you grieve and moan as those pockets of resistance to change come to the surface and are revealed.  Do not turn away in disbelief at your weakness, but understand that this portion of yourself needs to be accepted, loved and integrated through compassion into the wholeness of your being.  All experience is worthy.  All experience that each soul undergoes is for the benefit of the whole of humanity.  Honor those who have departed and assist those who remain.  Through your mercy and compassion, many will be able to move through their fears and move into compassion for others, as well.

Nothing of the old will remain for there is no structure or foundation to support it any longer.  If it is your purpose to remain, embrace the intent to release all that is hidden within and to fully transform into a new being with a new purpose in living here and now.

Much is still to change.  The length of the transitional period will be determined by those who live it.  Everything that happens is happening through the full consent of those souls embodied here and is for a greater purpose than just the ascension of this world.  You are masters anchoring the energies of heaven onto and into a physical world, a feat that has never ever been accomplished before.  Some sacrifice and change is necessary for this task to be accomplished and all who are here, including those who depart their bodies, are honored and loved for playing their part in this great undertaking.

Honor and love yourselves, beloved ones, as we honor and love you.  Allow the energies of compassion and the quality of mercy to ease the way into realization and experiencing the unified consciousness which you share in the light worlds.  You are in the process of anchoring this refined frequency into the physical planet and for this you are truly blessed.

Go and discover the peace and love that is within, for yourself, for your world and all that live within and upon her.  You are One.  Feel the truth embedded within our words, decode the frequencies and sacred geometry within and know the truth of what you are, masters every one.  Each of you is precious and necessary to the Whole and you are here to perform a great task.  Go forth and be a living demonstration of that mastery to all who watch throughout the many worlds, stars, galaxies and Universes, whose eyes are upon you, watching your every move with awe and wonder.

We love you.


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The Light Collective: On Being Radiance



The Light Collective:  “On Being Radiance”

by Eliza Ayres

We are the Light Collective.  Welcome to our world.  You are a part of it, already, whether or not you acknowledge this as fact.

Beloved ones, we “see” your light bodies emanating radiance across the face of the planet.  If you could but see yourselves as we do, you would wonder, too, at the brightness with which you glow.  And this radiance will increase in the coming days, weeks and months, as you fully integrate into your bodies the energies of the recent solar eclipse and other celestial events.   We tell you that the present energies support rapid growth of your consciousness moving towards full Unity consciousness.

Those who stand at the leading edge of humanity are now on the cusp of bursting into light, while fully anchored in their physical bodies.  Others are following close behind.  Do these human angels look different from anyone else?  Not right now, but with time, their bodies will begin to emanate a soft glow that will be visible to the naked eye.  This process is in store for all those who are wayshowers and will come sooner than you might imagine, given that time itself is collapsing into the eternal Now moment.

How can you move into the New World with grace and ease?  Tools are available to help you focus, but it is truly a matter of learning who and what you are that will aid you in releasing all remnants of old patterning and beliefs that serve to impede your progress.  If you find yourself falling into frustration, you may still be comparing your journey to that of others.

We are not suggesting that you suppress your feelings, but to look at them, feel into them and let them go.  Most of all, let go of any belief that you are not moving along fast enough, for this is one sure way to slow down the movement into fully anchoring the fifth dimensional energies into your physical body.  Let go of judgment and the need to compare your process to that of others.  Learn to trust your intuition and inner knowing as to what is right for you, in the moment.  Allow for flexibility and changes in direction, as they will come as you adjust to your own needs.  The field of possibilities lies before you; reach out and select what you want to play with and put back what does not serve.

If you haven’t already, learn to quiet your thoughts and emotions by simply sitting and breathing slowly and deeply.  The practice of yoga can aid in this, but is not necessary for all to do.  Feel what aids you in quieting down for a while so you might breathe gently and slowly and then focus on the heart center.  As your heart begins to glow, take notice of the way you feel.  If there is a sudden lightening of your mood, you have begun to feel your own energy, your own special note.

By becoming aware of how you “feel” when balanced and quiet, you can reset to that same energy level when you find yourself moving out of center. In this manner, you can come to center quickly and gain a greater sense of confidence and ease in managing change and challenges.

The transitional period in which you find yourself now has been and will continue for a time to be quite challenging to some individuals.  The challenges will come in many forms, some physical and other challenges both mental and emotional.  Change will rule the day.  It will be necessary to let go and to let go some more, as each of you is being refined down from common clay into pure gold frequency.  Nothing that belonged to the 3D frequency that is stored within will be allowed to remain.  The solar and cosmic energies will simply strip the incoherencies away.

Some of you are beginning to tune into the frequencies of bliss and joy; these will continue and strengthen.  You will find yourselves in the midst of making adjustments in your life and refining your direction and focus, coming to greater clarity in terms of what service or gifts you can employ or offer to self and the collective.

Be willing to explore, to feel into what excites and delights and leave the rest for now.  You can change your mind.  There are no more limits to creativity, just what limits you set for yourself now.

Be aware that when the energies intensify there might be a reason to pull back and rest.  Your bodies need time to adjust to new frequencies.  You may experience body aches, fatigue, insomnia or the desire to sleep, nausea and other side effects of the high-powered energy streams now entering the atmosphere, the earth and your bodies.

Are you feeling powerful these days?  Have you become aware that you are a sovereign being?  If so, you may be experiencing feeling fuller and more stable in your body.  It may even be a strange sensation to some of you, as many light workers have felt uncomfortable being embodied during this present lifetime, due to the heavy vibrational levels of the earth into which you were born.  That earth is no longer; the planet has been raised in vibration into the lower fifth dimension.  The human inhabitants of the planet have not necessarily registered that fact.  Most are still clinging to third-dimensional habits and modes of acting, despite the fact that there no longer exists any foundation to support their actions.

Where are you living at the present moment?  You may feel like you’re in a void.  Know then that you are deep in process of integrating the energies.  In a while, you will emerge and find yourself aware of things that you never consciously registered before.  And there will be a new sense of knowing, just knowing things, without effort.  This is an indication that you have connected fully with your soul, anchoring the energies of higher self in the heart center, whereby allowing greater access to the wisdom and knowledge contained therein.

There will be plateaus reached and then a steep climb, and yet another plateau.  Ascension is an ongoing process which will never end, even when you are fully adapted and able to live in the higher frequencies at all times.  It is an adventure and will be different and unique to each individual who makes the commitment to ascend in this lifetime.  Recognize your unique qualities and savor the diversity that they bring to the Collective.  It is a rich symphony of delights that is being prepared on this beautiful world of yours and each of you is in the process of blending and interweaving your individual light signature into the great web of Light, the golden Christic light grid that encircles the planet.

This is all for now.  Our scribe has had a long day at work and would like to rest.

We love you.  We adore you.  We honor and watch over you.  You are never alone.  Call on us and we will be there, in your heart center, glowing.  Feel our presence and know our love for it is yours, also.  We are One.

Thank you, beloved Light Collective.

Note to reader:  For a long time I have been aware of a small part inside of me that was impervious to whatever happened to the outer personality.  I feel that I have always been aware of a heart connection.  I just didn’t always acknowledge it or believe that it was possible.  It was simply there and I was aware of it.  Now, we are becoming more fully aware of our abilities, gifts and are presently reclaiming our power and personal sovereignty.  I know that I feel more at ease, calmer and more balanced despite the sometimes challenging environment that I work in.  I can “tune in” quickly and pull myself out of a mood dip and even find myself slipping into being happy for no reason at all.  I am certainly experiencing what it means to be light-hearted.  It is a pleasant sensation and one that is welcomed after a somewhat difficult life.  I hope you are feeling better about yourself, too.  We all deserve love and to be loved.  We are Love and are in the process of really understanding and knowing that this simple statement is quite profound and really meant for us.

I send to all many blessings, dear ones, my sisters and brothers.   Namasté.

Eliza Ayres

Copyright © 2012-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered from its written form, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.  No replication via voice or video is allowed.  https://bluedragonjournal.com/