X22 Reports, July 16, 2019 – Episode 1918a-b

Changing of the Guard, Patriots Economic Move is Next!

Global debt has hit 246 trillion which is 320% of GDP.  The [CB] is collapsing under its own weight.  Debt is not the answer, the [CB] is not the answer which is based on debt. Debt does not help the people, it smothers the people’s ability to succeed. Christine LaGarde resigns from the IMF in the hopes that she gets the job at the ECB. [CB] changing of the guard, partriots move coming soon.

Define Psychological Projection, Something Big is About to Happen – Episode 1918b

X-22 Report, Political & Geopolitical News, July 16, 2019

The elite are panicking, the [DS], MSM are pushing the race card (“Trump is a ‘racist'”) to distract from what is really happening. All part of the plan. Omar parents have a very interesting past. Did Trump tweet out his comments to bring attention to something we all should be looking at. The elite are now using excuses of why they were involved with Epstein, they are trying to get ahead of the story. MSM is now pushing stories about SR, Julian Assange, something big is about to happen, Watch the news. Q drops more bread, the [DS] wants division, define projection.