Eliza: Coming Into Balance



Eliza: Coming into Balance

On my recent trip, I found it interesting to observe how unbalanced most humans still are, at least in the United States. I was staying in a large state park, filled with motorhomes, tent trailers and large pick-ups. To me it’s almost a joke the way people express themselves or attempt to impress others by displaying their belongings to the world. “Look at me; I’m successful – see my big shiny truck, my huge motorhome…”

Hmmm. Not impressed. Material objects are simply tools to use and create comfort in our lives, not something to flaunt in the face of others or to hide behind out of a sense of insecurity. And interestingly enough, materialism is primary a misalignment of the masculine function of creating structure so that the feminine energy might be free to create.

Another thing I noticed was that as a single female, camping alone, I was hardly addressed directly by anyone. Somehow I was unusual, unexpected, and in at least one case, not liked at all. I was highly amused, both by my own reaction or rather non-reaction and what I discerned as emanating from others.

My natal chart contains Libra rising, Libra sun and Aries moon, an indication that I have come into this life experience to find balance within, as Libra (ruled by Venus) and Aries (ruled by Mars) are apparently polar opposites. It has been my intention to come into complete balance, integrating both my feminine and masculine aspects into one complete whole.

I have been aware for some time that I carry within a female body a lot of masculine energy. No, I’m not particularly good at fixing things, but I do my own yard work, occasionally getting some assistance from neighbors when there is something I cannot handle myself. And I go hiking and camping, often alone. I carry my own pack, can find trailheads and read a map successfully. I am not disturbed or afraid when I observe wildlife and am not fearful to sleep alone in a tent. I know men who do not feel comfortable doing these things.

And now, I’m in the process of opening up to becoming more sensitive to the energies around me. It is not that I was originally insensitive. Hardly that; I had to close down to a great extent, to actually create a barrier around my heart center, in order to survive the onslaught of misaligned energies that I encountered as a young person, being here in a body.

I’ve been told by psychics that I am an adult crystal, extremely sensitive. Most crystals have a difficult time surviving into adulthood and so it was with me, but here I am, growing and expanding my consciousness every day. I am well and learning to recreate well-being in my life thanks to the choices that I have made and the presence of others who are willing to act as guides and teachers as we undergo our awakening processes.

The core experience of coming into balance is in the realization that you are a multidimensional being; that you exist simultaneously in many worlds and at many frequency levels, solely for the sake of experience. As a shard or beam of light emanating from Creator, you go into the worlds to experience Self. As Steve Beckow recently put it, it is a journey from God to God.

In the process of becoming God, again, we need to reunite and heal the split between the feminine and masculine energies, the grand Yin/Yang, as expressed by the Eastern philosophers and masters. Our individual journey of reunion is reflected back to us in the world around us.

When I was in high school, it was highly unusual for female athletes to even exist. They were considered overly masculine, decidedly unfeminine and even subjected to abuse… unless they were an ice skater, dancer or gymnast. Now there are female basketball and baseball teams. Women are breaking records in track, skiing and other formerly male-dominated sports. No, female bodies are not usually as strong or big as male ones, but finally some women in some countries are being given the opportunity to express their physicality without being subjected to male abuse or rejection. Some countries; the Middle East and Asia still lag far behind in granting women freedom in any part of their lives, as the old habits of the male-dominant third dimensional paradigm are still being followed.

This is changing rapidly, even in such places as the Middle East and Asia, as we see young people, male and female, walking together in protest walks and demonstrations. Freedom must come for both sexes or no one of us will truly be free.

So, coming into balance is coming into acceptance that we are greater than we seem. We are beginning to realize that our physical vehicles do not need to define how the world views us or certainly how we view ourselves. We are truly limitless and that includes gender limitations, defining ourselves as one or another, or even as one who “crosses” genders.


As I have stated, I am coming into balance through my acceptance of what I am, what I am becoming or returning into an awareness of, that I am God… for if you want to be picky… God / Goddess.

So, with a smile and inner laugh, I watch people still act out sexual division, seeking to balance what they instinctively feel is missing by seeking out another body to balance their own imbalance of consciousness. Certainly I would enjoy being with a balanced male partner, but have also realized that I cannot no longer compromise myself by living with someone who is not at my level of consciousness. I choose to live alone for a reason, for I am but one of many who are on a crash course to return to full consciousness.

Notice I didn’t say, “higher” consciousness; the terms, “higher” and “lower” are still reflective of the duality that existed in the third dimensional paradigm. Even now, perceiving that somehow I have managed to tap into “higher” consciousness, people have begun to ask me for assistance, still seeking something outside of themselves. I have chosen not to be a teacher, with classes and sessions, for I am focusing on my own journey at this time. Nor will I do readings for others. It is not appropriate for me to do these things, now. That does not mean I will not do them in the future. And I am not being contradictory by stating this – I am being honest with where I am NOW and what I desire to occur. I am actively in the process of getting to know myself as I AM already in multidimensionality. I do not need to go anywhere to discover worlds beyond end.


Yes, I am presently working with Mastering Alchemy, with Jim Self acting as guide and mentor, but it is through personal choice, now. I could choose another direction tomorrow if I wish. I do not feel compelled to give my power away to Jim or to any other “master” in this lifetime; been there, done that, already. The classes offered through MA are a pathway, one of many, that is now available for the seeker, but only one. You must choose your own path; discover for yourself what gives you joy and open to your own gifts, as I am opening to mine.

In a way, I am a teacher by sharing these insights, personal experiences and channeled messages, but I hope and pray that every one of my readers will realize that they have the power to change their lives in each moment. It is not up to me to lead the way, but for all of us by learning to come together, bringing our gifts to the altar of Creation that we come back into Wholeness. We are already whole, but are waking up again to that reality. What we have lived in for so long is illusion; we are waking up, out of the nightmare and back out into the sunlight as the rays of the new dawn break over the horizon of our world.

Begin to appreciate that you are a unique being, a ray of the Creator, born into this world to bring joy, peace, abundance and love to all. Find that inner smile that emanates from the radiance of your heart for you are Love and each of you is loved more truly for what you are now than you could ever imagine.

With tears of joy, I write these words. I love you all so very much, my dear sisters and brothers in light and love.



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