Prosecutions On Deck, This Is Just The Beginning, [DS] Pain Coming – Episode 1968b

Prosecutions On Deck, This Is Just The Beginning, [DS] Pain Coming – Episode 1968b

X22 Report, Political/Geopolitical, September 12, 2019

The [DS] is feeling the pain, they are pushing impeachment, but this will fail. The IG released the Comey report, that was the first wave, Flynn’s attorney is asking for everything, he will be set free. McCabe is going to be indicted, prosecutions are now on deck. Trump wins against SF Fed Judge on asylum. Trump sends message to the [DS] in the middle east, Brennan responds. Each wave the [DS] will panic and feel pain. When it reaches the top remember Obama can still be impeached.

X22 REPORT, September 10, 2019

The Next Economic Move Is Being Prepared, Watch Gold – Episode 1966a

The [CB] is collapsing in front of our eyes, they do not have anything to hide behind, their system is doomed, the patriots know this and are preparing a new system. People have a very difficult time getting by in a [CB] system and they resort to credit to make ends meet. Citi is predicting gold will hit 2000, this will go higher in 2020 and beyond. Watch gold.

[DS] Moves To Get Ahead Of FISA Story, Big Fail, Messages Sent About A Bad Man – Episode 1966b

The [DS] is struggling to maintain the narrative, Trump is bad, it is not working. Comey sends out a message about the [DS] plan. The [DS] tries to get ahead of the FISA story, this has failed. Brian Cates puts it all together and believes that Hororwitz has the source. Bolton was fired by Trump, he is no longer needed. NRA sues SF. Flynn comes closer to being exonerated. Trump launches his own social media app.

It Will Be the Fatal Blow Against the Deep State – Dr. Dave Janda

It’s Going To Be Overwhelming, It Will Be The Fatal Shot Against The [DS]: Dave Janda

X22 Report Spotlight, September 7, 2019

X22 REPORT, September 7, 2019

Right On Schedule, Recession Cancelled, Global Trade Reset In Progress – Episode 1963a

Trump and the patriots are preparing the new economy, jobs are being created, manufacturing are being brought back to the US, the system is now in the control of the patriots. The recession is cancelled, the MSM are now backtracking on the recession reports. The Fed is ready to cut rates, and the global trade reset is in progress.

Think Timing, Senate Locked, SC Locked, Locked & Who Is Loaded – Episode 1963b

The [DS] are continually exposing themselves, the patriots are letting them do what they do best. ACLJ has filed suit against Comey, they want everything. JW gets permission to move forward with discovery, the blockers tried to convince the Judge to not let this happen, big fail. Sidney Powell makes a move to get the information to clear Flynn. More elites are implicated in the J Epstein scandal. Trump goes after the illegal DACA law. Trump will not lift sanctions for Iran, Trump wants to talk. Think timing, everything is in position, locked and who is loaded, engage.

X22 REPORT, September 4, 2019

[CB] Exposes Itself, Stealth Moves Bring Down The [CB] System – Episode 1961a

Boris Johnson is now battling the elite and the [CB], they are now doing everything they possibly can to stop the BREXIT. There true intentions are exposed, they never wanted the BREXIT to happen. Trump says BJ can handle these people. The patriots have used stealth to outmaneuver and outsmart the [CB], they have the [CB] exactly where they want them, exposed.

Research the Lisbon Treaty that is supposed to go into effect in 2020. It strips the UK completely of its sovereignty.

Declas Brings Down The House, Equal Justice Under The Law – Episode 1961b

The [DS] is now showing how panicked they really are, they are showing their true colors and as the patriots inflict more pain the screams will get louder. The squad is exposed. Comey is exposed, the FBI block has been fired or have resigned. The pressure is on with the Flynn case. Trump mentions the declassification in a tweet. The wall is being built. The [DS] agenda has reached a dead end, the declas will bring down the house, there will be equal justice under the law.

X22 REPORT, September 4, 2019

The [CB] Begins To Project, Without Debt The System Collapses – Episode 1960a

The battle is on between the patriots and the Central Bank. The [CB] understands that the patriots are pushing to remove them, they are fighting back anyway they can to keep control of the system. Trump continues to make trade deals and is in the process of creating a new economy. Trump points the finger at the Fed again. The [CB] is now projecting letting everyone know if there is no debt the system collapses.

Trump’s Message Received, Evidence Must Be Compelling,The Majority Wins – Episode 1960b

Rep Omar is feeling the heat. Trump knew about the spying back in 2017, he knew the deep state was up to something. Lindsey Graham want the entire FISA process transparent so the people can see it all. Trump tweeted the people a message, message received, patriots are in control.

X22 Report, August 2, 2019

[CB]/MSM Around The World Are Struggling, The Economic Movement Cannot Be Stopped – Episode 1959a

The Central Bank and the establishment elite in the UK are trying everything to stop the BREXIT, Boris Johnson is pushing back letting the people know that the government is not going along with the people. Trump and BJ have made an interim trade deal once the BREXIT is done. The MSM/[CB] they are doing everything they can to push a recession. Trump and the patriots have the upper hand and are in full control.

Desperation Sets In, See Something, Say Something, Brace For It, Incoming – Episode 1959b

The [DS] is desperate, they are struggling to stop what is coming. Trump points out that the MSM is the enemy of the people. The IG report confirms that Trump was always the target, Comey and others are now caught in a lie, they are exposed. Sidney Powell, Flynn’s attorney is pushing back and holding the DOJ prosecutors in contempt. Pirro says the plan of the [DS] was to blend the US. Peace deal coming to Afghanistan, troops withdrawn and bases are closing. The [DS] is now pushing everything, warning signs are all over the place, see something say something.

Woman of Valor: Sidney Powell Fights Deep State

Sidney Powell & Gen.Mike Flynn declare WAR on Mueller & Deep State DOJ/CIA.

InspoNews – Frederico Intelligence Report

BREAKING: Mike Flynn’s attorney is on the verge of breaking wide open the Deep State. Ms. Sidney Powell is a TRUTH & justice SEEKER on behalf of her client retired three-star General, Mike Flynn.

The former federal prosecutor & patriot Sidney Powell accuses the DOJ of withholding key trial documents.


Baloney. The NSS (National Security State) acts with reckless disregard for individual civil liberties, all codes for professional conduct, and Bar association ethics. The operate with malice and will malevolently prosecute innocent people to get at political targets who may cast a light on their sedition and treasons and in a illicit attempt to obfuscate all their Deep State crimes. The malicious prosecutors (with the help of tainted FBI elite) feel no remorse and believe they are above the RULE OF LAW in America. God forbid if this is allowed to continue. Sidney Powell is one who refuse to bow to these evil state actors with their friend in the intel community and seated on the perches of Federal Court benches – corrupt, open society, left-wing political appointees of Obama and other globalist traitors.

Also in this report, arrogant National Security State baddy boys John Brennan, James Clapper defend crooked Jim Comey in wake of IG report; Rep. Devin Nunes weighs in.

US Attorney Sidney Powell & Gen. Mike Flynn declare WAR on Mueller & Deep State DOJ/CIA. Maybe the former disgraced FBI Director Jim Comey won’t be gloating as much through his arrogant tweets and celebrating what is sure to be a short lived victory.

He may be temporarily relieved by NOT being charged by the DOJ with leaking classified information to the media, BUT OIG FISA charges are coming and President Trump & America’s future are very bright.

After all, it was Andrew McCabe who told Jim Comey, James Baker & Peter Strzok – that if they (Intel chiefs & FBI Director) could entrap Mike Flynn they could entrap Donald Trump. That was their whole sickening, criminal strategy and Sidney Powell & General Mike Flynn are about to get to the bottom of it!

In summation, Sidney Powell and General Mike Flynn are real American heroes – the proverbial Davids facing off against the GIANTS of the Washington SWAMP.

Frederico reminds us in this report that Mike Pence is a Globalist.

SerialBrain2: It’s Now Time for the Q ANON Storm. Buckle Up.

SerialBrain2: It’s Now Time for the Q ANON Storm. Buckle Up.

And We Know

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