X22 Reports, 11.11.19

[CB] Backed Into Corner, Patriots Are In Control, Next Move Will Be Interesting – Episode 2018a

The BREXIT is now proceeding forward. Nigel Farage is set to boost Boris Johnson in the election. The [CB] are now backed into a corner; next move will be interesting. The Patriots are gaining control over the economy, this is just the beginning.

Report Will Be Damning, Criminal Referrals Coming, Hammer Is The Key To The Coup – Episode 2018b

The [DS] is now struggling, the fake impeachment is about to fall apart, the report is coming out and there will be criminal referrals, this will hit the fake impeachment hard, but the [DS]/MSM will try to spin it. 8kun is online, Q started to post again, America will be unified again. The hammer is the key to the coup.

The Truth About Impeachment – The Epoch Times

The Truth About Impeachment: 9 Key Facts

Epoch Times

The now-infamous July phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should be seen for what it was—a perfectly legal and ethical conversation seeking cooperation on an investigation into corruption under a juridical agreement that was forged 21 years prior.

X22 Reports, October 21, 2019

The [CB]/MSM Have Been Exposed, The Economic Control Belongs To The Patriots – Episode 2000a

The patriots are now trapping the [CB] establishment. In the UK, Boris Johnson has created virtually the same deal Teresa May created, but within the deal there is another deal that the patriots will use against the [CB]. UK is getting ready to vote on the BREXIT. Deutsche Bank is now laying people from the bank; this is not a good sign. The patriots have now exposed the [CB] and the MSM, the MSM and certain financial pundits have been pushing (the false narrative of an upcoming) a recession.

Follow The Clues, Another Piece Of The Puzzle Added, [DS] Ready To Face Justice – Episode 2000b

The [DS] is pushing impeachment. With no vote, they are panicking because they know that the IG report and the Declas are coming. Romney has a secret Twitter account. Trump drops clues at his rallies. The MSM is now getting ahead of the story. The patriots want Schiff to step down. The troops are being withdrawn from Syria and Afghanistan. Pelosi, Schiff and other try to undermine Trump in Syria. Another piece is being added to the puzzle, this is needed.

X22 Report, October 20, 2019

The [CB]s Didn’t See This Coming, Within The Agreement Is The Economic Plan – Episode 1999a

Boris Johnson is now pushing the BREXIT deal on the EU, the deal is very similar to Theresa’s May deal; but there is one difference, within the deal there is another deal that will cripple the EU in trade deals. Trump wanted to have the G7 at this resort for no profit. MSM/Politicians went crazy, so he is now backing off. The [CB] is panicking, the attacks begin.

Attacks Will Intensify, Who Holds All The Cards? The End Is Near – Episode 1999b

The [DS] is panicking, they attacks are intensifying, stories are getting crazy and more outrageous. This will continue as Barr and Durham investigate and the declas and IG report are both prepared for release. The fake impeachment is falling apart.  NP takes off to Jordan to talk about Syria.  The patriots hold all the cards, the end is coming and the [DS] knows it only a matter of time.

X22 REPORT, October 17, 2019

[CB] Up To Their Old Tricks, NP Exposed On The Economy – Episode 1998a

BJ and the EU have made a deal for the BREXIT, the deal seems as though it is a duplicate of Theresa Mays deal, this is why the EU agreed. Nigel Farage says this is not a BREXIT deal. McConnell wants to know why Pelosi has not voted on the USMCA. The reason because she is following a different agenda. Blue collar workers are now making more. Moody’s reports that whoever control the economy wins the election. IMF goofs and lets everyone know it was their policies that cause the economic problems.

The Panic Is Real, Middle East Plan Perfectly Executed, 17, Coincidence – Episode 1998b

The [DS] panic is real, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer freaked out in a meeting with Trump, stormed out. Sidney Powell pushes for the two Joseph Misfud phones. The Middle East plan perfectly executed, peace is coming. The number 17, coincidence. Rep Cummings passed away. Patriots are in control.