Journal Entry 11.25.2013


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Journal Entry 11.25.2013

Hmm, feeling pretty fierce right now.  Watched a tale about Boudica, the warrior queen of the Iceni.  One of my ancestors comes from the ancient lands of the Iceni, the fens in the NE of England.  And I had many lifetimes as a Briton and Pict.

Feeling better now.  Good homemade lentil soup will do that, vegetarian and nourishing.

It’s a short week at work; we have two days off for Thanksgiving.  Hopefully, I’ll get a lot of writing done.

The bit I mentioned about family monads was this, when you come into a particular family, you come in with prearranged soul contracts.  Even if you come into a family that is filled with abuse and dysfunction, you chose to come into that particular family to learn something.  The question is what lesson that each of your family teaching you?  And did you learn from it?  I just learned that forgiveness is still placing the blame on other, rather than recognizing that whatever happened, did so out of love and mutual agreement.  This is a powerful understanding, lads and lasses.  It means that you can’t blame anyone, and I mean anyone in your life for what happened to you or you’re still playing the role of a victim.  To ascend demands mastery.  It is not a game.   If you understand what the lesson was, you can break the remaining soul contract and be free of the need to re-experience whatever.  These lessons can be subtle or quite blatant, but you need to become conscious of what is going on, as you do create your own world, through mutual agreement, before birth, with those who people it.

I’m working to clear my family history for myself; you needn’t worry about the other people involved, that’s their work to do.  I’ve worked through much of the stuff with my father, who was my greatest teacher in this lifetime.  And I felt his soul touch me as he left this world.  A greater gift could not be given, for I felt in that moment his real Being, one of my closest soul mates on the other side of the Veil.  It is a great honor to play the dark role in order to assist a soul to grow and learn about itself.  And he performed that role for me.  And I honor him for it in this season of thanksgiving.

Whew, getting a bit maudlin, but that’s what the holidays can do to someone who is still clinging to bits of the old paradigm, dredge up ghosts.  Time to let it go, so the same pattern doesn’t get repeated in another form or relationship, don’t you agree?

Gaia has been belching lately, some seven volcanoes are erupting or have erupted.  Put enough particulates into the atmosphere and we could go into a mini ice age.  That would be interesting.  Read up on what came of the Norsemen who settled in Greenland some time.  They couldn’t adapt to the rapidly changing climate.  Instead of fishing and hunting for seals, they chose to cling to the old ways that they brought from their homeland, raising sheep and cattle.  The livestock could not thrive in the cold weather and short growing season, and overgrazed the limited grasslands.  And so they died.  Adaptation and flexibility will come in handy in moving to our new world, although in a different fashion.  Still, we need to let go of the old ways; they will not function in the higher frequency levels.

Still cold outside, but it looks like we get a little wind, clouds and some warmer temperatures in a day or so.

Hugs and kisses,


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