The Light Collective and Higher Self: On Integration


Light and Shadow

Higher Self and the Light Collective:  On Integration

by Eliza Ayres

This morning I had a dream wherein I reached into a chest and drew forth a large book.  I noticed that my hands seemed quite large, almost like a giant’s.  Immediately I woke or rather moved into a theta state of being, betwixt and between, that state of consciousness wherein you may speak clearly to your guides and they to you.  I spoke, “I was drawing out the wisdom of my heart.”

And they replied, “Yes, exactly that”.  I paused and asked, as often I do:

“To whom am I speaking?”

“We are the Light Collective.  We are made up of a council of beings emanating from the 8th and 9th dimension, from Pleiadian, Sirian, Lyran and Arcturian sources.”

“Am I a part of this council?” Always curious…

The reply was short, “Yes.  And yes, to your next question.  We exist as part of your multidimensionality and you are part of Us.  You are bodhisattva, as are many of your companions on this journey, seen and unseen.”

Yes, I knew that.  I’ve known it consciously for a good long while.  I find it curious how our ego is so eager to keep us safe that we often lose sight, at least temporarily, of things that we already know we know.  However, our egos are beginning to comprehend that their time of needing to keep us safe by trimming our celestial sails has come to an end.  Our ego is, again, to resume its original duty to keep us physically safe by acting as an early warning system, through body sensation.  Not to direct our outer lives or inner thoughts; not to attempt to thwart our expansion into limitless consciousness.

Meline LaFont and her twin flame, St. Germain, recently touched on the need to accept ALL of ourselves.  I have also been reading and listening to the archived messages of the Celestial Team, via Judith Dagley.  Much wisdom is offered by both of these sources, as well as others.  Integration of our energies seems to be a key note and one that is often overlooked or even treated with outright rejection by light workers.

Integration of duality, the dark and the light, not just the light overwhelming and “destroying” the darkness, is the goal of our collective being.  This process is much more demanding of surrender than merely turning to the light and accepting all things that are deemed “good” and rejecting what appears to be “bad”.  Any intuitively plugged in being would instantly recognize the fallacy of such an undertaking, as one side of duality overtaking and destroying the other half.  In the destruction of one half would come destabilization and imbalance, and isn’t that just what we are attempting to emerge from right now?

What is occurring now and what might be beyond the understanding of the intellect is the blending of the energies of dark and light.  These energies reflect the unity of Yin and Yang, female and male, receiving and giving, flexibility and strength; there must be movement from one polarity to another, fluid, flexible and strong to hold the center together.

What is in the process of being broken down in the world today is the extreme polarity that exists, a rigidity of structure, a domination of power over others for the sake of personal gain, a need to destroy and diminish “other” for the sake of “protecting” self.  This is a state of over-compensation by beings that exist in a state of extreme fear, feeling such a deep anguish at the pain of separation that they truly believe they need to protect themselves from others by making themselves more powerful, rich and dominant in an ever increasing downward spiral of delusion.

The delusion is rapidly breaking up under the constant and increasing onslaught of cosmic energies designed to just that.  The underlying structure of the third dimension has been removed by its Creators, the Elohim.  It was set up for the purpose of preventing further decay in the consciousness level being experienced by the inhabitants of the planet.  It has served its purpose, but that purpose is now complete.  As the threads of the energies of the divine feminine and the golden Christic light are now being interwoven into the tapestry of life upon the planet and into the heart centers of every living being, a new center point, a still point, is being sought out.  In coming to still point, the energies of dark and light, female and male, flexibility and strength, will discover their need for each other in order to reemerge into wholeness.

Wholeness is the new grail quest, a quest that cannot be completed by denying a portion of self.  Would you deny the strength of your leg for holding you upright or carrying you through the physical world?  Would you deny the subtle abilities of the eye, both inner and outer, to discern light and shadow, color and hue, shape and density… and those things that have yet to be revealed before your living consciousness?

Self-acceptance is the key to opening the door upon new worlds, new only to you because of the Veils that have existed, separating this world in which you have been limited to living within for so long, whilst embodied upon this segregated world.  Those veils have been lifted, for some, and they find themselves experiencing realms that are difficult to describe in the current human languages, given that said languages were created in separation energy.  You are on the brink of stepping into worlds that have always existed and that you have always been a part of, but that your limited consciousness patterning on earth did not allow for, except for the occasional glimpses granted to seekers, shamans, Gnostics, saints and seers.

The artificial barriers, the energetic veils of consciousness, have now been removed.  They were set there as a protection for humanity, to allow them to slowly evolve back into a state of full consciousness.  Now, that the frontrunners, those who are on the leading edge of human consciousness, have arrived and passed through the veils, it is deemed no longer necessary to contain humanity within an artificial construct.  Upon reflecting on the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm, as above, so below, the ego has also released some of its grip upon those who have overstepped the boundaries that once prevented all but a few from passing.

As humanity is a collective, and those who have come here from other worlds, dimensions and consciousness levels, embodying into human bloodlines, these frontrunners are carrying forth humanity in their wake.  What one embodied soul accomplishes can be taken up by another if they so choose.  It is the concept of the 100th monkey.  In a place where consciousness is shared by group mind, animals will immediately know how to accomplish a task that only one of their numbers has managed to discover a solution for.  So it will be for humanity, as each person opens up to the potential of moving past the boundaries of their habitual expressions of behavior, based in the now past third dimensional energies of fear and separation, then these people will lead others into the “new” unity energy, into a conscious and subtle awareness of the community of spirit that already exists.

We are being welcomed with open arms by those who await us on the edge of our awareness.  We must merely let go of those beliefs in limitation and separation, in the need to protect ourselves from bogey men or from each other.  Everything that has limited us in the past, our self-denial, our resistance to accepting that we are, in truth, powerful beings, our fears of “other”, whether taught by institutions or just accepted as being the way to exist… all these barriers to moving into neutrality and center point, can now be released.

Yet when we arrive at still point it will be (and perhaps has been) noticed that we cannot not remain there at all times; there is a give and take, a fluidity of movement, an ability to adapt and flow that exists in the more refined frequency levels of consciousness.  Nothing remains the same or rigidly in place.  For this reason, we are being eased gently and gradually into higher frequency levels, each at our own pace, set by our soul and monad (I AM Presence) as well as our guides and mentors, seen and unseen.

For some, the awakening process will be gradual; for others, it will appear abrupt and sudden, but all are being prepared at inner levels for whatever will take place.  Some persons have the capacity to adapt quickly, as they have integrated both the energies of flexibility and strength, so they can flow.  Others, facing change and holding within more rigid structures of resistance and denial, will find their worlds, perhaps, suddenly shattered by physical circumstances.  Then change will be confronted and no longer resisted for the human spirit, although tested and tried, can thrive on adversity and move through fear with grace.  When those things, habits and belongings, are taken away or are found to no longer serve the needs of the owner, then it is easy to let go.  Whether change and challenges will be met with resistance or with grace is entirely up to each individual and group.

Self-love has been taught and is believed by many in your old culture as being selfish.  It is time to release this belief, one of many that only serve to limit your going forward and upward in regaining full consciousness.  Coming into a realization that you are worthy of being loved, first by yourself and then by others, in an unconditional manner, is the cornerstone to regaining connection with your inner wisdom and knowledge, the connection that you naturally share when in tune with the rest of creation.

Self-love turns into self-knowledge and acknowledgement of the value of your experience in living through the complete gamut and range of human emotion.  Humanity is a unique creation in this Universe and soon you will discover that you have all been teachers for this universe and for others, on how to take the utmost in polarity and to integrate them into Wholeness.  This is what you have been doing for the Whole.  As you move upward and expand your consciousness, you are serving as the foundation for the expansion upward of the entire Universe and beyond.

We understand that these concepts are beyond many, at least for now, but never, ever underestimate the capacity of the human heart to understand what is difficult to express in language.  Unity exists beyond the limits of human intellect to comprehend, but the heart knows… and so we return to image of our scribe removing a book from a small chest.  She was acknowledging her connection to the wisdom of her living heart and to the wisdom that is available to all who open their inner eye to the worlds that exist in the eternal Now.

Yes, you will notice that this message is now a blending of our energies, human, celestial and galactic.  We are One living being, existing on all levels of consciousness and unbound by intellectual knowledge.  Know that you can tap this inner wisdom, also, and already done so else you would not be able to focus on these words.  Also realize that with this and the messages being given forth through many channels and scribes, that downloads and encodements are being received.  The codes will unlock for each individual when it is time and appropriate, and when they are able to move through any remaining fear and doubt, with grace, flexibility and strength.

We go now but are ever present on the edge of your consciousness.  For many of you who are actively becoming awake and aware, you know us as your constant companions.  You feel our love and know that you are one with us, but only when you begin to accept and move into love directed to self.  Your little human “self” is a reflection of your greater “Self”, as above, so below; so rejection of any portion of your human self is rejection of the Whole Self.  Fall in love with you for you are deserving of love.  You are worthy.  You are love.  And you are loved, in an unconditional manner that will astound even the most balanced among you when you are able to feel the fullness of how we love you.  Then, and only then, will you know the power of Love.

Go now, dear ones and be what you are meant to be.  Allow your dreams to blossom and carry you forth on a voyage and journey of magnificent creation.  You are creators all and someday you will understand what it truly means.  There are no limits in the higher frequencies; so do not seek to limit your regard for self or the self, reflected as mirrors, in the eyes of those who walk through your daily life.

Our blessings and love go with you, always.


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Eliza and the Angels: You Are Limitless



Eliza and the Angels: You Are Limitless

I started out writing this morning with the intention of channeling a message from the angels. Well, that has changed as I realized that what was emerging wasn’t really what I wanted to say. Yes, what I wanted to say, the great I AM, my “higher self” and soul. What I am beginning to realize is that I don’t have to go any place or become anything different in order to rearrange my world as I would like it to be. I just need to “see” and “feel” things differently. The angels, the masters and galactic beings are all a part of my great Being. It’s all a matter of perspective. So this piece contains a little channeling and a lot of personal thoughts…

This morning, I watched a video about a man, who despite the fact that he was born without eyes, paints beautiful paintings with his fingers. He used bright colors, excellent design and perspective, all without the use of eyes. It was then when I began to have an ‘aha’ moment, putting many recent realizations together and realizing that we see with our bodies, we feel with our minds, our imaginations can lead us into worlds completely of our own creation. We can follow a guided imagery meditation of swimming in water with dolphins and come out of it shaking the dampness off our body. We can travel to other planetary systems, walk among the stars and go to the center of the earth. How can we do all these things? We can and do because we are limitless beings.

The angels: “Indeed, you re-discovering just how limitless you are, and still you move and function in a physical form. You have daily duties, of work, family and other obligations to meet, and yet, in your mind and in a quiet place, whether inside or in nature, you can travel to other Universes and discover just how great you truly are. And still remain in your physical body for as long as you are here on this planet, performing your mission and being human.

We marvel to see how you, the masters of the third dimension, are stumbling and hesitating on the border of your former limitations, the constructs of the now defunct third dimensional paradigm. We smile and applaud as groups of people come together in love to protest and defeat the agenda of their former lords and masters. You are learning that you are greater than you realize both individually and as a collective than all the bogey men and monsters could ever wish to hold you in fear and separation.

You are strung together by unseen but sometimes felt energetic fields and grids. You are in the process of building new ones, enabling the cosmic light to further the victory of the light over the centuries of darkness that have ruled this planet since the catastrophic fall of the last golden age through world-wide cataclysm. Then an entire civilization fell abruptly into darkness. Now, an entire civilization is emerging into the light and rising every moment, every hour and day, into the higher frequency, and all because of your efforts to get to know your Self, here and now. Daily we are astonished at your accomplishments. You may think you are limited; we know better.

So, yes, there is still strife in the world, misunderstandings, corporate greed, killing done by drones, slaughter of innocents, whether children, women, men or animals and plants. Our Mother Earth is still being raped by greedy corporations only looking to make a fast buck so they can escape what’s coming. What the secret societies and illuminati organizations have always known; that the cycles change, what comes up must fall down. Their time is done, but they are resisting with all the power of their vast resources, bought servants and goons, their armies, their accountants and brokers, their bought bureaucrats, lawmakers and judges. Still, the cycles are relentless in their movement. And the foundations of the control structures built with the blood and sweat of millions of the ‘unwashed’, and unnamed populace, are gone, gone in the etheric realms, where all form comes into being.

It will take “time” for the departing paradigm to depart, simply because of those whose power and authority is also crumbling do not wish to see it go. They resist and attempt to recreate their old world in their image, the images held by strong focus in their trained minds. They have made sure that the masses were not educated in like manner, with discipline and focus, but drugged by endless and mindless entertainment, drugs, food, sex and strife designed to divide and conquer. The ploy worked very well; now, the attempts to create confusion in the populace are not being as successful. The people are waking up and learning that they are powerful and that they can change the world by changing how they see themselves and everything around them.”

Eliza: As I ponder these words, heard from the angels this morning and through various other sources these past few weeks, I begin to understand the resistance to break out of the old restraints, whether by individuals, groups, corporations, governments or as a collective. What we have emerged out of is what most of us grew up in; it is familiar and hated, hated and defended. What we have to do is to realize that we were conditioned to fear the unknown, which for most people, consisted of everything and everyone ‘out there’, whether it be an individual, a government, a corporation, a secret society, a religious cult, a race different from our own, another country… anything and anyone who was different. This fear of other was and still is being cultivated by those who would keep us apart; because they have a very real fear that we will realize that we are stronger than ‘them’. And yet, they are part of the greater ‘Us”, part of the collective; they just don’t realize it yet. In their arrogance and dismissal of the rest of humanity, they have considered themselves as better than the common man. It is a painful process to learn that you have, all along, merely hated a part of your Self.

The ones who volunteered to come to this planet, who dropped from higher frequencies into physical bodies through incarnating, the lightworkers and wayshowers, these ones yearn for everything to change instantly, in the present moment, overnight. It is that way in the realms of light from which they have recently come to this world. Yet, there are certain limitations within physical form, changes come slower than they do in higher vibrational worlds, where what you focus on instantly manifests. If change was to come as rapidly while in physical form, the body would die; it’s as simple as that. The body, while a miraculous and complex bio-organism cannot sustain instantaneous change.

For the past couple of hundred years, the human body has slowly been adapting to the changes in cosmic forces penetrating the planet. The cells have adapted and assimilated increasingly greater amounts of light. In some humans, these changes have manifested as what has become known as ‘ascension flu’, in the form of dizziness, nausea, fatigue, body aches and pains, memory loss, weight gain or loss, bouts of insomnia, unexplained and intense anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia and other symptoms, to varying degrees. Some individuals have been fairly untouched by the changes; others have suffered for years through excruciating discomfort and pain, to the point of not being able to function at a job or in public to any great degree.

The differences in experience can be accounted for by the various soul contracts that each of us took on before embodiment. Each of our souls agreed upon a basic outline of experiences to be undergone, details furnished later as the plot developed. The plot has changed many times as humanity has responded to the challenges presented to it, as a collective and as individuals. Judge not where your neighbor is currently in his evolution; you cannot know what his soul has agreed to experience during this particular cycle. It has been my path to meet more intimate and personal challenges, including ones of health and relationship, with myself and with the world around me.

I was born an ultra-sensitive into an insensitive world. I had to learn to adapt or suffer greatly. As a result, I shut down or denied parts of myself that were more sensitive than what is considered ‘normal’ in our culture. And I learned not to share my inner most thoughts and permutations, until I started meeting a few like-minded individuals on the Internet, most of whom who were much younger than me in terms of physical years and experience on this planet. I started the long process of coming into self-acceptance of my intelligence and of my gifts. And now that I have learned the importance of forgiveness, I can forgive those who have trespassed against me and against what I am, in any world or timeline experienced in the eternal Now.


While I have not personally been involved in cultural struggles such as is taking place in nations like Turkey, Greece, Spain, India and Malaysia, I am undergoing my own struggle to break through past conditioning to free myself so that I might know my Self better. Recently I was offered the opportunity to marry a wealthy man. To my rational mind, wealth translated as security and safety and dragging me along rushed into a very strange and intense long-distance relationship. When asked to provide this ‘wealthy’ person with some money, I started waking up. I was being played like a fish, with the promise of money and ‘happiness’ dangled before me like a worm on a hook. I woke up abruptly and was happy that my friends supported me in breaking free of this tempting offer. Change isn’t ‘free’; you have to work for it. Because you live in the world of form, everything takes effort. It is how you decide to see the challenges placed before you, whether as an opportunity to get to know yourself better or as a disappointment. I chose to see this experience as a learning opportunity. I chose not to berate myself, but to honor myself for having listened to my intuition and good basic common sense. What was presented as gold was merely fool’s gold.

Perhaps if I had managed to keep the relationship going, there would have been opportunities for both of us to change and come into a mutual understanding; but somehow, I don’t feel like this was the purpose of the whole past two months. All I can know, outside the limitations and desires of the rational mind to control me and my actions, is what my heart and intuition tell me. During the course of two months, my body was tense. I could not sleep and didn’t want to eat. It wasn’t because I was ‘in love’; it was because I was not allowing my intuition to be heard. I was not listening to what my body was telling me. I wanted that money, the house, the new car, the travel; I wanted it badly. And yet, I also wanted to share the wealth, to work with my community and find ways to help other people. My world began to become very surreal as I worked through this dilemma. It was as if I had come to a crossroad and needed to make a decision; was I going to remain within the limitations of the third dimensional frequency or was I going to step off the cliff into the vast unknown possibilities of the higher dimensions. I chose to jump.

I am not saying that I was right and my suitor was wrong; that I was ‘good’ and he was ‘evil’. He was actually quite an emotional person. I’m not, so the difference in our approach to life and our interpretation of the effects of our choices on our environment were very different. Not better, just different. I chose to remain single and ‘free’. He chose to let me go. Our paths have diverged for now.

I still struggle a bit with my rational mind that desires to protect me. However, I have declared that I am protected, by the angels, by Archangel Michael and all my guides and mentors. I know that they are with me at all moments, during my day and at night as my body sleeps and I travel into the etheric worlds. I have chosen to be free to choose my own direction and to have faith that by preparing myself for the oncoming changes by becoming more inner directed and calm, by being detached and neutral, that I truly prepare myself better than I could have by being married to an individual who wanted to change me before ever he met me in the flesh.

By coming into ‘still-point’, a place of neutrality, I know that I will be able to meet the challenges that come into my life with equanimity and grace. I don’t always remember to be there, but am training myself to become aware when I slip into lower frequency by reacting to something someone said or did that doesn’t agree with my own world view. When I realize that I am in reaction, I shake my head, return to center, take a series of breaths and seek that calm that naturally emanates from the heart center and the connection to soul, to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

I AM in the process of re-awakening to mastery. I have been and am an ascended master from Sirius and the Pleiades, as well as Venus and other worlds. I am a vast multi-dimensional being who exists on multiple timelines and in multiple places, but my primary focus is here, in this fragile human body whose hands are typing these words. What I AM cannot be expressed by human language, but it can be experienced as we all continue onward on our separate and collective journey Home.

I AM your sister, in light and love, Eliza.

Copyright © 2012-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.