The Light Collective: On Expansion


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The Light Collective:  On Expansion

via Eliza Ayres

The past two nights, I have been listening to a presentation on “Are you an Energy Sensitive?”  The answer to that question is, of course, yes, as it is for many star seeds.  Ultra-sensitive beings naturally make up about 20 per cent of the human population on the planet. Of that particular population group, star seeds probably make up about 1.5 percent.  And if you happen to extremely sensitive, you know from experience that your gifts have not been freely accepted or understood by many within your own family, your friends and especially not by those who call themselves the “experts” in any field, be it religion, medicine, banking, science, the military, retail or the government.  Indeed, most of us have been shut down by others or openly ignored when we have given forth our unique perspectives on what we were experiencing in any moment.  So, why are we here?  The Light Collective has come to bring us their perspective on this question:

The Light Collective:

We are the Light Collective, a gathering of ascended masters, light beings, galactic beings and elemental beings representing Mother Gaia.  We come here to acknowledge those who carry within very special gifts, who are here as divine frontrunners for the rest of humanity.

As has been explained in other messages by this channel and others, the task of the star-seeded ones was to incarnate into the human genome, thereby infiltrating the human collective from within.  You were scattered across the surface of the planet, into every race, culture, economic strata, as well as conditioned by every religious instruction or none at all that was available.  There, within the families that you chose, you experienced circumstances that began to trigger for you ancient memories of trauma.  With various degrees of success or not, you either chose to contract from the energies or to expand into them, integrating what you discovered there, most of what had little or nothing to do with your present life circumstances.   You began to awaken to the realization that you were more than you seemed to appear as a human being.  And so you continued to question everything and everyone around you and, for some, to leave family and friends to go forth on your own individual quest to self-discovery.

From the first, the energies or frequency level into which you were born were in dissonance to the ones that you carried in your little bodies.  You came into embodiment carrying frequency levels much higher than the rest of humanity.  For some of you, perhaps all, this was a great hardship, yet it was an experience and experiment that you undertook willingly.  Each of you volunteered for this task; none of you came into embodiment unwillingly.  And those who were members of the families into which you embodied also volunteered and agreed to play out their particular roles, as those who would serve as triggers to reawaken you to your gifts, as well as to trigger ancient memories of trauma, that which had been experienced by you in other lifetimes (actually parallel lifetimes) as well as those experienced by the human collective.

Most of you choose to experience victim consciousness as much of the life stories of humanity for the past several millenniums have been ones of pain, suffering and limitation.  Through your own experiences of abuse and neglect, you re-experienced the traumas of the human collective, although for the most part your present sufferings were but an echo of traumas suffered by your own being in past lives.  As there is no time or space outside of the third dimension, these lifetimes have actually been going on simultaneously with the one in which you are focused at this moment.  The trials and tribulations that you have managed to overcome in this lifetime have echoes and repercussions in all other timelines and embodiments.

So why have you taken on this difficult task, especially as a volunteer?  You are all Masters and have done so out of the love that you are.  You have done so to bring humanity out of limitation and darkness.  You have done so, acting as a seed of light impregnating humanity with the energies of evolution.  And now that humanity has become pregnant with its own evolution, you remain to act as mid-wives to bring humanity into the new frequencies.  And you are a front-runner of what humanity is to become.  Your gifts are those that all humanity will share once they have adjusted and expanded into the new frequency levels.

Your gifts have been garnered and refined through many, many lifetimes.  You did not just wake up one day and begin feel things, to have prescient dreams or to channel without much practice and dedication to your own spiritual development throughout multiple lifetimes.  And as an energy sensitive in those lifetimes, you sometimes experienced great trauma as your gifts were considered unholy or in flagrant violation of the limited beliefs of much of human society during those particular times.

So why reawaken to the trauma of the ages?  To what purpose did you wish to be triggered into re-experiencing what you had suffered through in other ages?  As an expert in deciphering and understanding frequencies, you intuitively knew what was true to you.  Eventually, through your misadventures, your innate gifts would come online and so they did and so they are, especially since the great Shift into the higher frequencies has occurred for the planet.  Even though much of the human collective has not yet shifted into the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension, you have for you intuitively recognize these energies as being familiar.  And as the planet continues to rise higher into the frequencies of the lower fifth dimension, you will feel more at home, for it is these frequency levels that you carried within in the beginning of this lifetime, as a tender babe in arms.

These are the same frequencies that you chose to shut yourself off to in order to fit in and to be safe within the structures of limitation in which you found yourself living.  It is no wonder that you experienced a sense of great loss and longing for something that you could no longer remember ever having.  You longed for Home.  You longed to be around those who would understand and accept you, just as you are, without condition or limitation.  And in your longing, through the Law of Resonance, you drove yourself further and further from what you sought.  We tell you now, release the longing, the sense of being alone, for you are never alone, dear ones.  We are at your side, always.  And as you are able to release these feelings, you will begin to draw those things that you have so longed for to yourself through a nature organic process.  You will reconnect with those whom you love; the process has already begun.

Another channel, Judith Dagley, has brought forth an important understanding for all energy sensitives to become aware of now:  you came in with a two-part blue print or life plan.  The first part of the blueprint was to experience victim consciousness, to re-experience to some degree, the old traumas of the past, awakening within a desire to search for meaning in an attempt to understand the age-old question, “Why me?”  And in some instances, choosing to leave family and home in the midst of your search, you began to slowly discover the truth of your being, that you were not powerless, but extremely powerful.  And if you have not yet awakened to this truth, dear ones, we will reiterate this truth to you now:

Those of you who chose to come into embodiment within the human collective have come here to act as frontrunners for the next level of human evolution, to break the bonds binding a reluctant humanity to the earth and lead them forth into the process of becoming fully conscious galactic beings.

And how is this great feat to be accomplished?  That’s where the second part of your blueprint comes into play.  Now, fully supported by the incoming cosmic rays, and waves of light and love, your myriad gifts are rapidly coming online.  You are beginning to have unusual extra-sensory experiences, perhaps a persistent ringing in the ears, or hearing voices within, waking up having chats and conversations with beings that you thought were imaginary or so far above you that for a long time you have discounted your worthiness in receiving such visitations.  Perhaps you have doubted your sanity or been concerned about your health, yet most of you realize if you were to confess your inner state to a psychiatrist, they would leap into action by placing you immediately on psychotropic drugs to stamp out the voices, the newly reawakened meta-senses.

You see, dear ones, as an awakening human being you are an open threat to the powers that were.  So all of you, young and old, have been conditioned to some degree to believe that you must put yourself, your body, your life, into the hands of experts, to let them do the thinking for you.  This pattern of belief has been designed to prevent your gifts from coming online; to quash the first glimmering of the next evolutionary phase of humanity for this time has long been foretold by mystics, shamans and seers.  And those who have long controlled humanity are well aware of your presence, yet they cannot harm you if you do not acquiesce to their control.  You are protected by your gifts and by universal free will.

We tell you now, that if you are hearing voices within and choose to put yourself into the hands of a doctor who will inevitably respond to the demands of his own conditioning to place you on psychotropic medications, you will be shortening your present embodiment.  And not only that, you will also be negating your soul’s desire to be of assistance to humanity, here and now, in this lifetime.

So, have faith, dear ones, it is time to take back your power and individual sovereignty.  It is time to trust what you are feeling within.  It is time to understand that not all that you feel has anything to do with you; most of it doesn’t, but pertains to the present state of confusion existing within the human collective as a whole during this trying period of transition from one energy frequency to another.  However, you only need to deal with what is yours to experience.  By becoming familiar with your own unique frequency signature, you will be able to discern for yourself what is yours and what is not.  That which is not yours can be removed by you from your energy field with a simple command.  And that which is yours is there to be felt through and integrated and then released.  The process of alchemy that you are here to undergo is simple enough, but it takes your focus and your desire to accept the reality that you are a powerful sovereign being and have the right to do these things.  And what you integrate here and now affects the wholeness of your multidimensionality, on every level and in every embodiment or condition throughout the Cosmos.   Also, by embracing your own process, you affect all those around you.  As you are lifted up by your own efforts, you lift all those around you, as well. Think on that, dear ones.

Yes, we understand that many of those who call themselves energy-sensitives might not be willing to step into the light, to come out of the closet as it were, and admit to being powerful beings.  It means stepping beyond the shadows cast by family and friends and being willing to stand on your own, to accept responsibility for acknowledging the gifts that you carry within.  Your new assignment is to be a living demonstration of one who has come into an acceptance that they are more than what has been defined as being “human”.   We urge you to accept this assignment with the all of the enthusiasm that is naturally yours.  And in doing so, you will reawaken to the joy and love that you naturally carry within.

Now is the time to consciously step beyond all belief in boundaries and limitations and to embrace this new world that humanity is entering.  And it is you, the energy sensitives, who will lead your brothers and sisters into those very same frequencies that feel like “Home” to you.  With your calm, neutral presence you will serve to comfort and teach those who hesitate and resist change.  As you are able to accept change with grace and serenity, so, too, will your particular frequency radiate out to those who are near you.  As your energy body expands you will affect more and more people without doing anything other than being in alignment with your experience of the moment.  It is this way, that you will aid humanity to eventually emerge into full consciousness, as each individual comes into the realization that it is time to accept their own power and sovereignty and to release all belief of limitation.

It is a great thing you do, just by being here, with your natural sensitivity and abilities to discern frequencies.  You are not going insane. You are merely in the process of reawakening and remembering who and what you are, in the fullness of your expression within multidimensionality.  In response to the incoming energies, your latent DNA signatures are coming online.  There is no need to fear any longer.  You do not need to protect yourself or contract from the energies.  You need to expand and integrate and to feel into the new energies.  With your own expanding energy field, with the acceptance and living out of your personal sovereignty, you will be impervious to the efforts of others to control you.  As you come into a state of self-awareness, it is your choice alone whether or not to resist or to go forth and accept the reality of your gifts and innate power.  Only you can defeat your own purpose in being here.  Since the shift late in 2012, the energies are fully supporting your transformational process.  Your time to leave the belief in yourself as victim has arrived; now it is time to step into your innate power as a sovereign being.

As you begin to realize the importance of your being here, we know that you will accept that knowledge with grace and rededicate yourself to the task at hand – coming into full alignment and acceptance of all that you are, a powerful, fully multidimensional being of great strength and gifts.  The fullness of what you are in expression is written in your DNA.  Live it, be it, accept it as being what you truly are.

There will be many new experiences as your abilities begin to come online.  With the onslaught of cosmic energies, this is an inevitable process and is not to be avoided if you are to serve your soul’s purpose for you being here.  Embrace the new perspective and awaken your sense of curiosity and delight in new experiences.  Remember who you are and who you serve, the human collective, of which you are now a part.  Embrace this transitional period as a process of rebirth into the wholeness that you experience in the higher dimensions.  You are going Home and you are taking your brothers and sisters with you.

We stand in awe of what you are accomplishing here, in so short a time, and we honor you, for in whatever stage of being you find yourself now, you have made a difference by being here.  Without you, the transition of humanity from the limiting structures of 3D to 5D would be impossible.

Know that you are loved and supported, that none of you walks alone.  You are accompanied by angels and elementals, which only need to be acknowledged to assist and work with you as you remember and reconnect to all that you are.  You, dear ones, are truly a gift to the All That Is, and know that you are always connected all the way to Source if you but acknowledge this connection.  You are sons and daughters of the most High God.  Accept it; live it; be it, living and experiencing your blessed full multidimensionality while incarnate on a beautiful living planet that is also in the process of returning to the fullness of her expression in fifth dimensional frequencies.

Go forth with our blessings.  Namasté.

Thank you, beloved Light Collective

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Eliza: On Embracing the Dark Side


Autumn Dogwood

Eliza:  On Embracing the Dark Side

Oh, I know that brings up images of Darth Vader and his journey from student to dark master.  Well, I’m not going there.  I was never very good at dark magic, at least in this lifetime.  Probably have done some in other lifetimes, back in Atlantis.  No, remember the last scene with Luke and his father, in the final Star Wars movie?  Luke understood the power of forgiveness.  He embraced his dark side symbolized by his greatest enemy, Darth Vader.  He saw his father there lying in his arms, not his enemy, despite all the efforts of the emperor to convince him otherwise.  Who represents your dark side?

What I’m writing about today is the need to realize that you can’t separate the goats from the sheep during the ascension process.  Yes, there will be people who do not appear to be waking up; they’re cruising along with the planet as she rises up in frequency.  And now, there are actually two Gaia’s, one that resonates at 3D and is moving into 4D, as well as the “New” Earth that resonates at 5D and into 6D.  Where are most people?  In the 3D/4D frequency range, of course.  Other people like Sandra Walters, Bill Ballard and Lisa Renee can better explain the specifics, but it appears that in late 2010, our lovely planet divided, as an act of grace, so there would be a physical platform for those who had not wakened up as yet.

As a result, some of us have new jobs, as wayshowers and gatekeepers.  Right now, people like Sandra and Jim Self are gatekeepers.  They are keeping the gate between the worlds open so more people can come on board as they wake up and are prepared to make the leap into the higher frequencies.  It is quite a leap for some.  If the physical platform is not ready or too weak, you leave the body.  There is no judgment.

So, by a huge act of grace by our beloved Mother Gaia, a physical platform currently resonating at low 4D has been made available for those who are not quite ready to make the leap into 5D.  And it also explains why we didn’t suddenly “pop” into a higher frequency level at the trigger point 12-21-12.  That particular date was significant being the end point of many very ancient prophecies, as well as “ages” occurring at a solar, galactic and universal level.   Even the myths and stories of the return of the sun god spoke of this time, a story that did not originate with the Christians, by the way.  It signified the return of the Christic energy, the unified field of consciousness.  It signified the reunification of our physical platform with our spirit and soul.  We are the second coming of Christ, because those who are ascending are coming into realignment with their spirit and soul.  Look into sacred geometry for a symbolic representation of this process… but you get the Star of David configuration, then the tetrahedron, then the star tetrahedron, diamond, sphere and cube… symbols of the process we will ALL go through if we choose to go through the ascension gates after a suitable period of adjustment.

Physical ascension can’t take place without a body.  In the past, most ascensions occurred outside the body temple, after so-called death.  Initiates, like Jesus, could come back with a light-body that looked like a physical body, temporarily dropping its frequency so it appeared quite solid…but you will note, that even in the Bible, he couldn’t hold that state for too long.  It takes too much effort.  So, we have come to do it the hard way, the slower way, physical ascension, by incarnating on a timeline, experiencing the 3D way of life and transcending it upon the activation of our so-called “junk” DNA as we respond to an inner wake-up call from spirit.  And there have been efforts at hijacking the timeline set up by Gaia and her guardians, which have slowed down the wakening up process of the populace by and large.  Hence, the time allowed for those laggards to wake up as their physical bodies respond to the rising frequency levels of the planet has been extended.  So we have two planets, currently overlapping.

Ascension presents a choice to each individual.  Do you want to go forward the rapid way so you can serve Gaia and her people?  Or do you want to slowly wake up as your DNA activates in response to the higher frequency levels of the 4D planet?  What is your mission now?  It can change.

For me, I received confirmation that my mission is to be a wayshower, at least for the time being, but I was aware of that already.  My writings here are part of that mission.   The sharing of my life journey here will hopefully assist seekers to see that you do not have to be an extraordinary person to ascend.  I do have some gifts that came online pretty early for me, but so do other people.  We each have our own wake up call.  When it comes, it can be quite a rapid transformation, which will have friends and family shaking their heads.  My wake-up call came a long time ago, only I wasn’t always certain what was going on.  I’m still learning.  Humility and NOT having to know everything plays a large part in this process, or at least it did for me.  I’m here to serve, not to be served.

Now, getting back to the title theme, embracing the dark side; much controversy remains in some quarters about the need to take back our nation, our planet, etc., from those who have harmed us / her.  Newsflash, folks… we’ve ALL been players on the dark side and the light side.  We have garnered experience from both sides of duality and experienced the extremity of polarity, suffering, the pain of separation, being a tyrant, burned at the stake and all kinds of ways of leaving the planet.  Been there and done that, a million times.  Enough already.  Done.  Done.  Ever heard of grace and absolution?  The darkest of the dark hats have been absolved of their crimes, forgiven, through the Law of Grace.  Forgive yourself for what is coming up is self-judgment for what you and I have done in past lives.  Let go of the need for vengeance for it will only serve to keep you anchored securely in the lower frequency levels of the now departed 3D physical platform.  It doesn’t exist anymore, so let it go, for your own sake and make peace with your dark side.  Ascension is all about unified consciousness; that includes both sides of what formerly existed as polarity / duality.  Embrace the dark side, come into self-acceptance and I think you will find a few bits and parts of you that have been missing for awhile.

In this lifetime, I experienced the self-righteousness of so-called spiritual people who judged others for being different, even as they, themselves, were being judged by the inhabitants of nearby communities as being a cult.  To continue to judge is to continue to perpetuate the habitual ways of duality.  Be it self-judgment or judgment of others, you are not going to progress to your ascension until you are willing to step into complete and utter forgiveness for what you are and what you have done, as well as any mirrors “out there” that reflect the darkness back into your awareness.

My experiences living on the grounds of the Royal Teton Ranch taught me that there are two sides to us versus them.  Two sides and no way to get beyond it, while living in a lower frequency 3D world; however, the planet has risen in frequency level, and now many people are able to step out of duality thinking and see another possibility before them, as the consciousness residing in the body reunites with higher self and their soul.  This is a process that naturally takes place as the planetary resonance levels increase in frequency, but it is also a process that can be speeded up through the conscious choice of the initiate to serve others, Gaia and humanity.  If you just want to ascend to get out of Dodge, then you are still dealing with fear, which needs to be resolved.

I love the simplicity with which Sandra Walters presents her material, for although I’ve been on the path consciously for a long time, I’m more of an intuitive and experiential learner than a reader of books, although I have read a few.  From one video, I’ve come to understand that the body vehicle belongs to Gaia (yes, I knew that).  The materials from which the body is made are the elements that make up the physical planet.  Our bodies are literally made of clay, organic carbon-based clay.  When you incarnate on the planet, your spirit enlivens the vessel, animates it.  However, while living in a 3D world, you are confined to experiencing the extremities of polarity due to the resonance levels of the physical planet that you are living on.  Your body responds to the heartbeat of the Mother.  During this period, you, as a spirit/soul experience being cut-off or separate from the rest of you; there is consciousness but it is limited by the Veils of Forgetfulness.  Religions have served to reinforce that sense of separation from God, by creating God outside of you as something to worship.

Before the official Shift occurred on 12-21-13, certain people were already waking up.  Their internal clocks were set at a different rate than the indigenous humans.  As starseeds, walk-ins, etc., they were programmed to undergo their preparation for ascension before the rest of humanity so they could serve the rest.  As lift-off time approached, it was evident that the majority of the population wasn’t waking up fast enough, because their internal DNA had not been activated yet.  Okay, change of plan… a great call went out to the Galaxy, “We need help here!” and the Harmonic Convergence was the response.  We have lots of help now; our little planet is at the center of attention in the Galaxy as the ascension process plays out.

Some are going ahead into ascension, only to return to assist others in waking up, not by shaking them awake but by being there radiating their higher frequency level into the environment.  Some serve as wayshowers, leading classes, healing, doing readings, channeling, doing sacred art and music, writing plays, books and poetry… gardening, doing permaculture, creating community… there are many ways to demonstrate that there is another way to live on our planet and with each other.

However, never in this picture does it enter in that we are supposed to judge others and to hate others if they are not like “us”; this is a remnant of polarity thinking.  I encounter this manner of thinking every day where I work, from both inmates and staff.  I am there, I believe, to radiate out a higher frequency level and to allow people to adjust and wake up when they are ready to do so, not when I tell them to.  My work there has benefited some and I’ve learned a lot about human psychology.  I’ve learned how important it is to take back your personal power, without disempowering those around you.  Perhaps these are lessons that I failed to learn in previous lifetimes, for in some of the glimpses that I have had recently, I was quite a stinker in one or two lifetimes, a powerful and grim warrior.

I’ve embraced the inner warrior as my strength and inner power.  He is no longer a threat to me and any remaining shreds of self-righteousness or self-judgment have vanished.  So I am no longer threatened by those who seem to have power outside of myself; I simply ignore them and do my own work.  I am not impressed by those who like to push their weight around but I understand them now; they are acting that way because they are afraid.  Fear is always at the core of power issues.  I have arrived at a place where I can feel compassion for those who I once feared and disliked.  As I come into alignment and union with spirit and soul, I am no longer afraid of being here.  I no longer want to leave this world and go home.  I am home and I intend to be here to assist others to wake up by offering my gifts and presence, quietly, calmly and with grace and ease.

I am working on my ascension through conscious choice so I might be of further service.  My mission will change as I change.  Right now, I’m here acting as a wayshower in my own humble fashion, being real, being grounded and being in the now.  And this story is not the complete picture of what is going on; rather it is a snapshot of what my present understanding is as to where we are going, what happened on 12-21-12 (or for some, what didn’t happen!).   This quite an adventure for all of us, so be kind to yourself.  Seek out guides, ask questions, follow your inner guidance and trust the process.

Hugs and kisses,


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The Light Collective and Higher Self: On Integration


Light and Shadow

Higher Self and the Light Collective:  On Integration

by Eliza Ayres

This morning I had a dream wherein I reached into a chest and drew forth a large book.  I noticed that my hands seemed quite large, almost like a giant’s.  Immediately I woke or rather moved into a theta state of being, betwixt and between, that state of consciousness wherein you may speak clearly to your guides and they to you.  I spoke, “I was drawing out the wisdom of my heart.”

And they replied, “Yes, exactly that”.  I paused and asked, as often I do:

“To whom am I speaking?”

“We are the Light Collective.  We are made up of a council of beings emanating from the 8th and 9th dimension, from Pleiadian, Sirian, Lyran and Arcturian sources.”

“Am I a part of this council?” Always curious…

The reply was short, “Yes.  And yes, to your next question.  We exist as part of your multidimensionality and you are part of Us.  You are bodhisattva, as are many of your companions on this journey, seen and unseen.”

Yes, I knew that.  I’ve known it consciously for a good long while.  I find it curious how our ego is so eager to keep us safe that we often lose sight, at least temporarily, of things that we already know we know.  However, our egos are beginning to comprehend that their time of needing to keep us safe by trimming our celestial sails has come to an end.  Our ego is, again, to resume its original duty to keep us physically safe by acting as an early warning system, through body sensation.  Not to direct our outer lives or inner thoughts; not to attempt to thwart our expansion into limitless consciousness.

Meline LaFont and her twin flame, St. Germain, recently touched on the need to accept ALL of ourselves.  I have also been reading and listening to the archived messages of the Celestial Team, via Judith Dagley.  Much wisdom is offered by both of these sources, as well as others.  Integration of our energies seems to be a key note and one that is often overlooked or even treated with outright rejection by light workers.

Integration of duality, the dark and the light, not just the light overwhelming and “destroying” the darkness, is the goal of our collective being.  This process is much more demanding of surrender than merely turning to the light and accepting all things that are deemed “good” and rejecting what appears to be “bad”.  Any intuitively plugged in being would instantly recognize the fallacy of such an undertaking, as one side of duality overtaking and destroying the other half.  In the destruction of one half would come destabilization and imbalance, and isn’t that just what we are attempting to emerge from right now?

What is occurring now and what might be beyond the understanding of the intellect is the blending of the energies of dark and light.  These energies reflect the unity of Yin and Yang, female and male, receiving and giving, flexibility and strength; there must be movement from one polarity to another, fluid, flexible and strong to hold the center together.

What is in the process of being broken down in the world today is the extreme polarity that exists, a rigidity of structure, a domination of power over others for the sake of personal gain, a need to destroy and diminish “other” for the sake of “protecting” self.  This is a state of over-compensation by beings that exist in a state of extreme fear, feeling such a deep anguish at the pain of separation that they truly believe they need to protect themselves from others by making themselves more powerful, rich and dominant in an ever increasing downward spiral of delusion.

The delusion is rapidly breaking up under the constant and increasing onslaught of cosmic energies designed to just that.  The underlying structure of the third dimension has been removed by its Creators, the Elohim.  It was set up for the purpose of preventing further decay in the consciousness level being experienced by the inhabitants of the planet.  It has served its purpose, but that purpose is now complete.  As the threads of the energies of the divine feminine and the golden Christic light are now being interwoven into the tapestry of life upon the planet and into the heart centers of every living being, a new center point, a still point, is being sought out.  In coming to still point, the energies of dark and light, female and male, flexibility and strength, will discover their need for each other in order to reemerge into wholeness.

Wholeness is the new grail quest, a quest that cannot be completed by denying a portion of self.  Would you deny the strength of your leg for holding you upright or carrying you through the physical world?  Would you deny the subtle abilities of the eye, both inner and outer, to discern light and shadow, color and hue, shape and density… and those things that have yet to be revealed before your living consciousness?

Self-acceptance is the key to opening the door upon new worlds, new only to you because of the Veils that have existed, separating this world in which you have been limited to living within for so long, whilst embodied upon this segregated world.  Those veils have been lifted, for some, and they find themselves experiencing realms that are difficult to describe in the current human languages, given that said languages were created in separation energy.  You are on the brink of stepping into worlds that have always existed and that you have always been a part of, but that your limited consciousness patterning on earth did not allow for, except for the occasional glimpses granted to seekers, shamans, Gnostics, saints and seers.

The artificial barriers, the energetic veils of consciousness, have now been removed.  They were set there as a protection for humanity, to allow them to slowly evolve back into a state of full consciousness.  Now, that the frontrunners, those who are on the leading edge of human consciousness, have arrived and passed through the veils, it is deemed no longer necessary to contain humanity within an artificial construct.  Upon reflecting on the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm, as above, so below, the ego has also released some of its grip upon those who have overstepped the boundaries that once prevented all but a few from passing.

As humanity is a collective, and those who have come here from other worlds, dimensions and consciousness levels, embodying into human bloodlines, these frontrunners are carrying forth humanity in their wake.  What one embodied soul accomplishes can be taken up by another if they so choose.  It is the concept of the 100th monkey.  In a place where consciousness is shared by group mind, animals will immediately know how to accomplish a task that only one of their numbers has managed to discover a solution for.  So it will be for humanity, as each person opens up to the potential of moving past the boundaries of their habitual expressions of behavior, based in the now past third dimensional energies of fear and separation, then these people will lead others into the “new” unity energy, into a conscious and subtle awareness of the community of spirit that already exists.

We are being welcomed with open arms by those who await us on the edge of our awareness.  We must merely let go of those beliefs in limitation and separation, in the need to protect ourselves from bogey men or from each other.  Everything that has limited us in the past, our self-denial, our resistance to accepting that we are, in truth, powerful beings, our fears of “other”, whether taught by institutions or just accepted as being the way to exist… all these barriers to moving into neutrality and center point, can now be released.

Yet when we arrive at still point it will be (and perhaps has been) noticed that we cannot not remain there at all times; there is a give and take, a fluidity of movement, an ability to adapt and flow that exists in the more refined frequency levels of consciousness.  Nothing remains the same or rigidly in place.  For this reason, we are being eased gently and gradually into higher frequency levels, each at our own pace, set by our soul and monad (I AM Presence) as well as our guides and mentors, seen and unseen.

For some, the awakening process will be gradual; for others, it will appear abrupt and sudden, but all are being prepared at inner levels for whatever will take place.  Some persons have the capacity to adapt quickly, as they have integrated both the energies of flexibility and strength, so they can flow.  Others, facing change and holding within more rigid structures of resistance and denial, will find their worlds, perhaps, suddenly shattered by physical circumstances.  Then change will be confronted and no longer resisted for the human spirit, although tested and tried, can thrive on adversity and move through fear with grace.  When those things, habits and belongings, are taken away or are found to no longer serve the needs of the owner, then it is easy to let go.  Whether change and challenges will be met with resistance or with grace is entirely up to each individual and group.

Self-love has been taught and is believed by many in your old culture as being selfish.  It is time to release this belief, one of many that only serve to limit your going forward and upward in regaining full consciousness.  Coming into a realization that you are worthy of being loved, first by yourself and then by others, in an unconditional manner, is the cornerstone to regaining connection with your inner wisdom and knowledge, the connection that you naturally share when in tune with the rest of creation.

Self-love turns into self-knowledge and acknowledgement of the value of your experience in living through the complete gamut and range of human emotion.  Humanity is a unique creation in this Universe and soon you will discover that you have all been teachers for this universe and for others, on how to take the utmost in polarity and to integrate them into Wholeness.  This is what you have been doing for the Whole.  As you move upward and expand your consciousness, you are serving as the foundation for the expansion upward of the entire Universe and beyond.

We understand that these concepts are beyond many, at least for now, but never, ever underestimate the capacity of the human heart to understand what is difficult to express in language.  Unity exists beyond the limits of human intellect to comprehend, but the heart knows… and so we return to image of our scribe removing a book from a small chest.  She was acknowledging her connection to the wisdom of her living heart and to the wisdom that is available to all who open their inner eye to the worlds that exist in the eternal Now.

Yes, you will notice that this message is now a blending of our energies, human, celestial and galactic.  We are One living being, existing on all levels of consciousness and unbound by intellectual knowledge.  Know that you can tap this inner wisdom, also, and already done so else you would not be able to focus on these words.  Also realize that with this and the messages being given forth through many channels and scribes, that downloads and encodements are being received.  The codes will unlock for each individual when it is time and appropriate, and when they are able to move through any remaining fear and doubt, with grace, flexibility and strength.

We go now but are ever present on the edge of your consciousness.  For many of you who are actively becoming awake and aware, you know us as your constant companions.  You feel our love and know that you are one with us, but only when you begin to accept and move into love directed to self.  Your little human “self” is a reflection of your greater “Self”, as above, so below; so rejection of any portion of your human self is rejection of the Whole Self.  Fall in love with you for you are deserving of love.  You are worthy.  You are love.  And you are loved, in an unconditional manner that will astound even the most balanced among you when you are able to feel the fullness of how we love you.  Then, and only then, will you know the power of Love.

Go now, dear ones and be what you are meant to be.  Allow your dreams to blossom and carry you forth on a voyage and journey of magnificent creation.  You are creators all and someday you will understand what it truly means.  There are no limits in the higher frequencies; so do not seek to limit your regard for self or the self, reflected as mirrors, in the eyes of those who walk through your daily life.

Our blessings and love go with you, always.


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