Now Comes the PAIN – Ed Buck, Comey, McCabe

Now Comes the PAIN – Ed Buck, Comey, McCabe – News

Lori Colley

Important arrests, abortions down, Kevin Spacy’s 2nd accuser dead!

IG has sent in criminal referral for James Comey.

Ed Buck, Democratic megadonor, arrested for running a ‘drug house’…

Dems give up on impeaching Kavanaugh, NYT “in ruins” and more!

State Senator Mike Folmer PA arrested for child porn?


X22 REPORT, September 7, 2019

Right On Schedule, Recession Cancelled, Global Trade Reset In Progress – Episode 1963a

Trump and the patriots are preparing the new economy, jobs are being created, manufacturing are being brought back to the US, the system is now in the control of the patriots. The recession is cancelled, the MSM are now backtracking on the recession reports. The Fed is ready to cut rates, and the global trade reset is in progress.

Think Timing, Senate Locked, SC Locked, Locked & Who Is Loaded – Episode 1963b

The [DS] are continually exposing themselves, the patriots are letting them do what they do best. ACLJ has filed suit against Comey, they want everything. JW gets permission to move forward with discovery, the blockers tried to convince the Judge to not let this happen, big fail. Sidney Powell makes a move to get the information to clear Flynn. More elites are implicated in the J Epstein scandal. Trump goes after the illegal DACA law. Trump will not lift sanctions for Iran, Trump wants to talk. Think timing, everything is in position, locked and who is loaded, engage.

X22 REPORT, September 4, 2019

[CB] Exposes Itself, Stealth Moves Bring Down The [CB] System – Episode 1961a

Boris Johnson is now battling the elite and the [CB], they are now doing everything they possibly can to stop the BREXIT. There true intentions are exposed, they never wanted the BREXIT to happen. Trump says BJ can handle these people. The patriots have used stealth to outmaneuver and outsmart the [CB], they have the [CB] exactly where they want them, exposed.

Research the Lisbon Treaty that is supposed to go into effect in 2020. It strips the UK completely of its sovereignty.

Declas Brings Down The House, Equal Justice Under The Law – Episode 1961b

The [DS] is now showing how panicked they really are, they are showing their true colors and as the patriots inflict more pain the screams will get louder. The squad is exposed. Comey is exposed, the FBI block has been fired or have resigned. The pressure is on with the Flynn case. Trump mentions the declassification in a tweet. The wall is being built. The [DS] agenda has reached a dead end, the declas will bring down the house, there will be equal justice under the law.

X22 REPORT, September 4, 2019

The [CB] Begins To Project, Without Debt The System Collapses – Episode 1960a

The battle is on between the patriots and the Central Bank. The [CB] understands that the patriots are pushing to remove them, they are fighting back anyway they can to keep control of the system. Trump continues to make trade deals and is in the process of creating a new economy. Trump points the finger at the Fed again. The [CB] is now projecting letting everyone know if there is no debt the system collapses.

Trump’s Message Received, Evidence Must Be Compelling,The Majority Wins – Episode 1960b

Rep Omar is feeling the heat. Trump knew about the spying back in 2017, he knew the deep state was up to something. Lindsey Graham want the entire FISA process transparent so the people can see it all. Trump tweeted the people a message, message received, patriots are in control.