X22 Report, August 19, 2019

Economic Control, You Have More Than You Know – Episode 1947a

Boris Johnson is preparing to meet with France and Germany to discuss the BREXIT. The establishment will try to stop this, the fear meter is going to be off the chart as we get closer to Oct. NP and CS are rejecting the no-deal BREXIT. Trump is now calling on the Fed to cut rates and start stimulus. The [CB] [DS] are pushing the recession narrative.

Future Proves Past, Distractions, Timing Is Everything – Episode 1947b

Ted Cruz tweeted out that the NYT does not report real news anymore, Trump says New York Times will be out of business. LG says when the truth comes out it is going to be horrific. The push is now on for voter ID, Judical Watch is exposing voter fraud and bringing it out into the public eye. Trump tweeted that Go*gle manipulated the election for HRC. Future proves past, the push is on, the patriots are using distraction, 4d chess moves to prepare for the dump, time is everything.

X22 Report, August 18, 2019

Operation Yellow Hammer, Patriots Taking Back The Economy – Episode 1946a

The [CB]/[DS] are trying desperately to regain control over the situation in the UK. They know that Boris Johnson is ready to follow through on a no-deal BREXIT, there is nothing that can stop this. To push fear about the BREXIT, the establishment decided to push out a leaked document called Operation Yellow Hammer. The US MSM is doing the same thing as we approach the 2020 elections, push recession, hoping to scare the people. Trump administration controls the economic narrative, no recession.

Investigations By OIG Completed, Facts Dominate, [DS] Scrambles – Episode 1946b

[Joe Biden] and other [Deep State] actors are now worried because they see the writing on the wall, Trump will win the 2020 elections and they have no blocks. More and more facts are pouring out, this is get the people up to speed on what has been going on and allowing them to connect the dots. The OIG investigation is wrapping up and it is almost time for the hammer to fall. New evidence shows that Mifsud was not Russian operative but worked with the C_A.  The wall is being built and LG wants the people to see it all.

X22 Report, August 16, 2019

The Era Of De-Globalization Is Upon Us, Nothing Can Stop It – Episode 1945a

Boris Johnson has a message for the entire UK, we work for you, we will do what the people want, there will be a BREXIT in October, you have elected us to do a job. The [DS/CB] are pushing their agenda to stop the new economic system from coming into existence. The MSM received the 4am talking points (CIA Mockingbird) and the economy is headed into a recession. Remember Trump has the magic wand.

Drip, Drip, Prepped And Ready, Enjoy The Show – Episode 1945b

More and more information is being dripped out about the [HRC] email scandal. The documents that are being released shows the emails being forward, emails kept on the cloud and emails sent to a foreign power. Thirteen people had private email addresses in the Barak Obama administration. The question is why. We know why. Trump wins in the asylum case. Ghislaine Maxwell reappears after three years at an in-out burger restaurant. The FBI/DOJ couldn’t find her but the NYPost did. The Medical examiner concludes Epstein’s death was a ‘suicide’. Remember optics are important, making the enemy feel the investigation is over is important. Enjoy the show.

X22 Report, August 16, 2019

What You Are Witnessing Is The Destruction Of The Central Bank Economy- Episode 1944a

Trump is pushing the gold price up, everytime the market dips a little the gold price moves up. The patriots are doing this slowly. Trump is pushing the Fed to cut rates to 0 and start stimulus, this will put the Fed in a position where they do not control the economy.

[C] Before [D], It’s Getting Ready To Blow – Episode 1944b

The [Deep State] is panicking, [Adam Schiff] tweets out again about deep fakes. More information is dripping out, the reason for this is get the American people on the same page. HRC email documents were released and they show the server was forwarding classified emails to a foreign entity. Coats resigned today, next id the Declass. Everything is getting ready to blow.

[Try, try, try as they will, they will fail]

X22 Report, August 12, 2019

It Begins The [CB] Pushes Fear, Panic Over The BREXIT – Episode 1941a

We are now getting closer to the BREXIT date, the European Union, [CB] are nervous and afraid, they no longer have their people in control which means they do not have control over what happens next. The EU already started the fear push, letting the world know that the UK will be in trouble if they leave the EU with a no-deal BREXIT. Trump ready to have free trade once the EU is pushed aside. 

We All Have A Part To Play, The Raid Has Begun, Conspiracy No More – Episode 1941b

Overstock CEO says everything you know about HRC and Russia is a lie, the truth is coming. Trump stops the [DS] at the source, this will benefit the people in the long run. JE story is full anomalies, none of it makes sense. The [DS] believes they are off the hook, they have been trapped and tricked, the truth is about to be revealed, welcome to the awakening. The raid on JE island has begun, as the authorities explore more and more information will be coming out.

Red Pill News – More Epstein, Maxwell Ready to Talk, Epstein’s Lawyers Lawyer Up

Red Pill News – More Epstein, Maxwell Ready to Talk, Epstein’s Lawyers Lawyer Up

Red Pill News

In the wake of his “suicide” JE lawyers are getting their own lawyers and Ghislaine Maxwell is signaling that she is ready to cooperate with the DOJ.

X22 Report – August 9, 2019

The [CB] System Is Unravelling, Trapped By Their Own Debt – Episode 1939a

The Brexit is taking its toll on the EU, they are pointing fingers, showing that they controlled Theresa May, trying to make it seem like they are in charge, they are not, smoke and mirrors. The Fed is trapped, the patriots in control, Trump is setting up the Fed to take the fall, there is no way out for them.

Clues Have Been Given, Up Is Down, Left Is Right, Trust The Mission – Episode 1939b

Rep. Castro doxxed Trump supporters but it backfired. The [DS] players are panicking, Nadler is trying to push impeachment, Strzok and McCabe start lawsuits. Epstein files are now unsealed, the first couple of pages are out, more to come. JW finally got the 302’s from Ohr, and they are damaging. Coats is leaving and Gordon resigns, the [DS] looses control. Trump and the patriots planned this from the beginning, clues have been given, up is down, left is right, trust the mission. London had a blackout, [DS] preparing for the drop. Trump goes after Hollywood.  Get ready for the boomer rang, its all coming back at them.

Blackmail: #1 National Security Issue w/Fanning & Jones

Blackmail: #1 National Security Issue w/Fanning & Jones

Sarah Westall

Investigative Journalists, Mary Fanning & Alan Jones, joins the program to explain how the NSA foreign surveillance programs have been turned on the American people for the purposes of blackmail and control by unelected deep state players for the benefit of their affiliates at the expense of the American people. Their activities include spying on President Trump, members of congress, the Supreme Court, and top business leaders. Various methods of blackmail exist, but regardless of the method, blackmail has become the biggest threat to our nations security as well as the main reason Washington operates in the most unusual and dysfunctional ways.

See additional exclusive interview with Mary Fanning and Alex Jones on “Weapons of Mass Destruction & on Tactical Nukes”. You can see this at http://Patreon.com/SarahWestall

X22 Report, August 8, 2019

The Curious Case of Ilhan Omar & Her Family | Inside Report

The economy is now completely controlled by the patriots. Trump has begun by showing there is now a disconnect between the everyday person and the [CB]. The people of the US in the end will understand what the [CB] is truly about and what their agenda really is. The world is following the path of the patriots, the economic push for control is moving forward.

Dark To Light, Prepared, Strong, Ready, [DS] Fell Right Into The Trap – Episode 1938b

The [DS] is in a deep panic, the patriots have trapped them into this path. Trump supporters went to Baltimore to help clean up the garbage, the MSM spun the story. The [DS] tactics are coming back to bite them. Congress deadlocked on gun control legislation, according to plan. Troops ready to be removed from Syria. Iran wants to make a deal, but the [DS] continues to push them other way. Dark to light, the plan is working, systems hardened, the [DS] is exposing themselves, everything has been planned from the beginning.

X22 Report – August 7, 2019

How Do You Make A [CB] Obsolete, This Is How – Episode 1937a

Trump has the upper hand when it comes to the trade wars with China. China is doing exactly what Trump wants them to do, devalue. Trump is not blaming China for the markets tanking, he is blaming the Fed. He wants more from the Fed, he wants another rate cut soon,and he might be getting one. How do you remove the Fed power? Trump is doing it.

One Question Destroys The MSM, What’s Coming Will Shock The Nation – Episode 1937b

The DS is in a panic, when you panic fear sets in. With fear you start to become desperate and you expose what you are all about. Enjoy the show. Nadler is trying to show that he is in control, he is desperate; he is now going after Kavanaugh. Congress wants 8chan to appear before them to ask what they are going to do. Trump and the patriots are waiting for the ultimate question, once the question is asked the MSM will be in trouble. Hannity says that what is coming is going to shock the nation.