Eliza: On Embracing the Dark Side


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Eliza:  On Embracing the Dark Side

Oh, I know that brings up images of Darth Vader and his journey from student to dark master.  Well, I’m not going there.  I was never very good at dark magic, at least in this lifetime.  Probably have done some in other lifetimes, back in Atlantis.  No, remember the last scene with Luke and his father, in the final Star Wars movie?  Luke understood the power of forgiveness.  He embraced his dark side symbolized by his greatest enemy, Darth Vader.  He saw his father there lying in his arms, not his enemy, despite all the efforts of the emperor to convince him otherwise.  Who represents your dark side?

What I’m writing about today is the need to realize that you can’t separate the goats from the sheep during the ascension process.  Yes, there will be people who do not appear to be waking up; they’re cruising along with the planet as she rises up in frequency.  And now, there are actually two Gaia’s, one that resonates at 3D and is moving into 4D, as well as the “New” Earth that resonates at 5D and into 6D.  Where are most people?  In the 3D/4D frequency range, of course.  Other people like Sandra Walters, Bill Ballard and Lisa Renee can better explain the specifics, but it appears that in late 2010, our lovely planet divided, as an act of grace, so there would be a physical platform for those who had not wakened up as yet.

As a result, some of us have new jobs, as wayshowers and gatekeepers.  Right now, people like Sandra and Jim Self are gatekeepers.  They are keeping the gate between the worlds open so more people can come on board as they wake up and are prepared to make the leap into the higher frequencies.  It is quite a leap for some.  If the physical platform is not ready or too weak, you leave the body.  There is no judgment.

So, by a huge act of grace by our beloved Mother Gaia, a physical platform currently resonating at low 4D has been made available for those who are not quite ready to make the leap into 5D.  And it also explains why we didn’t suddenly “pop” into a higher frequency level at the trigger point 12-21-12.  That particular date was significant being the end point of many very ancient prophecies, as well as “ages” occurring at a solar, galactic and universal level.   Even the myths and stories of the return of the sun god spoke of this time, a story that did not originate with the Christians, by the way.  It signified the return of the Christic energy, the unified field of consciousness.  It signified the reunification of our physical platform with our spirit and soul.  We are the second coming of Christ, because those who are ascending are coming into realignment with their spirit and soul.  Look into sacred geometry for a symbolic representation of this process… but you get the Star of David configuration, then the tetrahedron, then the star tetrahedron, diamond, sphere and cube… symbols of the process we will ALL go through if we choose to go through the ascension gates after a suitable period of adjustment.

Physical ascension can’t take place without a body.  In the past, most ascensions occurred outside the body temple, after so-called death.  Initiates, like Jesus, could come back with a light-body that looked like a physical body, temporarily dropping its frequency so it appeared quite solid…but you will note, that even in the Bible, he couldn’t hold that state for too long.  It takes too much effort.  So, we have come to do it the hard way, the slower way, physical ascension, by incarnating on a timeline, experiencing the 3D way of life and transcending it upon the activation of our so-called “junk” DNA as we respond to an inner wake-up call from spirit.  And there have been efforts at hijacking the timeline set up by Gaia and her guardians, which have slowed down the wakening up process of the populace by and large.  Hence, the time allowed for those laggards to wake up as their physical bodies respond to the rising frequency levels of the planet has been extended.  So we have two planets, currently overlapping.

Ascension presents a choice to each individual.  Do you want to go forward the rapid way so you can serve Gaia and her people?  Or do you want to slowly wake up as your DNA activates in response to the higher frequency levels of the 4D planet?  What is your mission now?  It can change.

For me, I received confirmation that my mission is to be a wayshower, at least for the time being, but I was aware of that already.  My writings here are part of that mission.   The sharing of my life journey here will hopefully assist seekers to see that you do not have to be an extraordinary person to ascend.  I do have some gifts that came online pretty early for me, but so do other people.  We each have our own wake up call.  When it comes, it can be quite a rapid transformation, which will have friends and family shaking their heads.  My wake-up call came a long time ago, only I wasn’t always certain what was going on.  I’m still learning.  Humility and NOT having to know everything plays a large part in this process, or at least it did for me.  I’m here to serve, not to be served.

Now, getting back to the title theme, embracing the dark side; much controversy remains in some quarters about the need to take back our nation, our planet, etc., from those who have harmed us / her.  Newsflash, folks… we’ve ALL been players on the dark side and the light side.  We have garnered experience from both sides of duality and experienced the extremity of polarity, suffering, the pain of separation, being a tyrant, burned at the stake and all kinds of ways of leaving the planet.  Been there and done that, a million times.  Enough already.  Done.  Done.  Ever heard of grace and absolution?  The darkest of the dark hats have been absolved of their crimes, forgiven, through the Law of Grace.  Forgive yourself for what is coming up is self-judgment for what you and I have done in past lives.  Let go of the need for vengeance for it will only serve to keep you anchored securely in the lower frequency levels of the now departed 3D physical platform.  It doesn’t exist anymore, so let it go, for your own sake and make peace with your dark side.  Ascension is all about unified consciousness; that includes both sides of what formerly existed as polarity / duality.  Embrace the dark side, come into self-acceptance and I think you will find a few bits and parts of you that have been missing for awhile.

In this lifetime, I experienced the self-righteousness of so-called spiritual people who judged others for being different, even as they, themselves, were being judged by the inhabitants of nearby communities as being a cult.  To continue to judge is to continue to perpetuate the habitual ways of duality.  Be it self-judgment or judgment of others, you are not going to progress to your ascension until you are willing to step into complete and utter forgiveness for what you are and what you have done, as well as any mirrors “out there” that reflect the darkness back into your awareness.

My experiences living on the grounds of the Royal Teton Ranch taught me that there are two sides to us versus them.  Two sides and no way to get beyond it, while living in a lower frequency 3D world; however, the planet has risen in frequency level, and now many people are able to step out of duality thinking and see another possibility before them, as the consciousness residing in the body reunites with higher self and their soul.  This is a process that naturally takes place as the planetary resonance levels increase in frequency, but it is also a process that can be speeded up through the conscious choice of the initiate to serve others, Gaia and humanity.  If you just want to ascend to get out of Dodge, then you are still dealing with fear, which needs to be resolved.

I love the simplicity with which Sandra Walters presents her material, for although I’ve been on the path consciously for a long time, I’m more of an intuitive and experiential learner than a reader of books, although I have read a few.  From one video, I’ve come to understand that the body vehicle belongs to Gaia (yes, I knew that).  The materials from which the body is made are the elements that make up the physical planet.  Our bodies are literally made of clay, organic carbon-based clay.  When you incarnate on the planet, your spirit enlivens the vessel, animates it.  However, while living in a 3D world, you are confined to experiencing the extremities of polarity due to the resonance levels of the physical planet that you are living on.  Your body responds to the heartbeat of the Mother.  During this period, you, as a spirit/soul experience being cut-off or separate from the rest of you; there is consciousness but it is limited by the Veils of Forgetfulness.  Religions have served to reinforce that sense of separation from God, by creating God outside of you as something to worship.

Before the official Shift occurred on 12-21-13, certain people were already waking up.  Their internal clocks were set at a different rate than the indigenous humans.  As starseeds, walk-ins, etc., they were programmed to undergo their preparation for ascension before the rest of humanity so they could serve the rest.  As lift-off time approached, it was evident that the majority of the population wasn’t waking up fast enough, because their internal DNA had not been activated yet.  Okay, change of plan… a great call went out to the Galaxy, “We need help here!” and the Harmonic Convergence was the response.  We have lots of help now; our little planet is at the center of attention in the Galaxy as the ascension process plays out.

Some are going ahead into ascension, only to return to assist others in waking up, not by shaking them awake but by being there radiating their higher frequency level into the environment.  Some serve as wayshowers, leading classes, healing, doing readings, channeling, doing sacred art and music, writing plays, books and poetry… gardening, doing permaculture, creating community… there are many ways to demonstrate that there is another way to live on our planet and with each other.

However, never in this picture does it enter in that we are supposed to judge others and to hate others if they are not like “us”; this is a remnant of polarity thinking.  I encounter this manner of thinking every day where I work, from both inmates and staff.  I am there, I believe, to radiate out a higher frequency level and to allow people to adjust and wake up when they are ready to do so, not when I tell them to.  My work there has benefited some and I’ve learned a lot about human psychology.  I’ve learned how important it is to take back your personal power, without disempowering those around you.  Perhaps these are lessons that I failed to learn in previous lifetimes, for in some of the glimpses that I have had recently, I was quite a stinker in one or two lifetimes, a powerful and grim warrior.

I’ve embraced the inner warrior as my strength and inner power.  He is no longer a threat to me and any remaining shreds of self-righteousness or self-judgment have vanished.  So I am no longer threatened by those who seem to have power outside of myself; I simply ignore them and do my own work.  I am not impressed by those who like to push their weight around but I understand them now; they are acting that way because they are afraid.  Fear is always at the core of power issues.  I have arrived at a place where I can feel compassion for those who I once feared and disliked.  As I come into alignment and union with spirit and soul, I am no longer afraid of being here.  I no longer want to leave this world and go home.  I am home and I intend to be here to assist others to wake up by offering my gifts and presence, quietly, calmly and with grace and ease.

I am working on my ascension through conscious choice so I might be of further service.  My mission will change as I change.  Right now, I’m here acting as a wayshower in my own humble fashion, being real, being grounded and being in the now.  And this story is not the complete picture of what is going on; rather it is a snapshot of what my present understanding is as to where we are going, what happened on 12-21-12 (or for some, what didn’t happen!).   This quite an adventure for all of us, so be kind to yourself.  Seek out guides, ask questions, follow your inner guidance and trust the process.

Hugs and kisses,


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