Eliza: Transformation


Shadow Patterns

Eliza: Transformation

Guten nacht, Buenos Dias, good morning… depending on where you are in your day / night, I hope you’re doing well, as well as can be managed during these intense times.

Have you been feeling extra cranky or angry or sad these days?  I’ve had intense moments of all these and yet am very detached from the emotions.  They don’t really seem to belong to me.  Or I’m not holding onto them anymore.  Just feeling them, acknowledging them, observing them with some curiosity and then usually forgetting about them immediately.  There isn’t any need to hold onto anything these days, especially our emotions.  This holds especially true for any hurt or disappointments that we have felt during this lifetime or others.  And it holds true, as well, for the really high moments.

Did you know that we live on the most emotional planet in the Universe?  Makes us a bunch of bipolar experiential creators to get to play in such an atmosphere!  Is it any wonder that the super sensitive among us are in overwhelm much of the time.  Oh, to feeeeel that emotion; there’s no escaping it, yet you do not have to claim everything that swims through the air as yours.

Curiously enough I’m not connecting with the grief that people feel when their relative(s) are ill or die.  I’ve come to understand that death is a passage and not the end of consciousness; this realization that we all come to eventually can ease the pain when a loved one is suddenly no longer there.  And you can feel the same degree of pain and sometimes more when a beloved pet or animal companion dies.

Having the ability to tune into other lifetimes and to have an awareness that you’re not limited to just one solitary lifetime helps to ease other feelings, perhaps of guilt, resentment, shame or whatever, for not accomplishing everything that you thought you ought to in this lifetime.  There is more than enough time to experience, and most of us are here to simply be, anyway.  Doing and being are two different things.  It takes an understanding, letting go of the expectations of others and willingly entering into what makes you tick and kindles a sense of excitement and involvement… and letting go of needing to finish anything.  I’m not sure if I’m very clear with what I’m attempting to express here, but feel into these words.

Through my many years of hiking, I discovered that the best part of a trip is the journey, moving through an environment, feeling the effort, drinking in the sights, smelling the air, feeling the breezes or the heat off the rocks, touching the plants, trees and rocks, taking photos and sharing the experience with others or enjoying in on your own.  Actually getting to a destination is sometimes a bit of a let-down unless it happens to be a stunning lake or the top of a mountain with a great view.  Many times, conditions prevent the completion of a trip, so you go as far as you can go and then return.  And in the return trip, you can see the trail and environment from an entirely different perspective.

So it is with our world during this transitional period.  We are being given lots of opportunities to see and experience things in a totally different manner than we have before.  The ability to allow the experiential quality of the flow just happen without placing expectations on an outcome will assist us in being able to adapt to the different emotions and experiences that do emerge into our awareness.

Remember the fifth dimensional worlds are unbound by limitations.  Place none on yourself, your thoughts or emotions.  Experience your world like a child.  Laugh, cry and smile when you feel the emotions up well in you and then let them go.  Enjoy the process and try not to hang onto the experience beyond the moment.  Be in the present and present in the experience.  Be the walker, the walk and the trail beneath your feet.  Be the trees and flowers and the grasses waving in the breeze.  You are all these things and you are the creator of the environment that you walk through, so have fun playing in your creation.

A day or so ago, I wrote a piece that was reflective of the Native American (United States) traumatic experiences in the latter part of the 19th century.  I have encountered lingering pockets of trauma and grief in the surrounding lands where I live.  The echo is not particularly strong, but detectable to a sensitive person like me, especially when in a semi-meditative state.  My being here, conscious of the history, is allowing the energy to dissipate.  I am able to acknowledge it, honor it and release it.  It has nothing to do with me, personally, and everything to do with the collective creation of grief and trauma worldwide.  We are all assisting in the release of these emotions by feeling into them, moving through them and letting them go, rather than denying and attempting to suppress them.

This is powerful work we are doing, whether or not we are particularly conscious of doing it at all.  Being conscious of the work is helpful, but not necessary.  Mastering the ability to ride and stride through multidimensionality brings with it the opportunity to experience many lifetimes.  I have moved through some before now, especially some particularly intense Scottish and Welsh lifetimes.  Whether or not they were actual lifetimes of mine, I really have no idea.  I just experienced them after encountering a trigger, perhaps a story or a movie or even a poem.  I’ve been in both places but not for long, so I was encountering something recorded in the Akasha or in my own genetic memories from my human lineage.  The earlier experiences have allowed me to learn how to remain in neutral and to move through whatever is coming up, whether a vision or a memory, which may or may not be mine.

So it was, yesterday, in viewing the terrible images of mass destruction in the Philippines that I managed to remain in a fairly neutral state.  It felt kind of strange, but allowed me to feel compassion for the struggling survivors yet remain detached, seeing the disaster from a wider perspective than those actually living through it are capable of seeing at the moment.   I saw myself looking carefully at photos of the land that was overwhelmed by the tidal surges; it was pretty low.  There was no way to avoid being flooded in that place.  There wasn’t any high ground, no place to go to escape the waves.  The island was all low-lying flat terrain.  And not a place that I would want to live in when situated in a country that is pounded frequently by typhoons and tropical storms, as well as being located on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

For nearly a year, I lived on the Pacific Coast.  I didn’t understand the draw that the place had for so many people.  All I could see and feel was that the sensation of seeing the waves coming in at eye level on a calm day and knowing that they could easily overtop the sand dune rising up behind me…well, I felt a bit uneasy.  There were few ways to escape a tsunami if it came in and not much in the way of high ground, at least for a couple of miles inland.  And the roads all followed river valleys, which are subjected to high water floods periodically just from local rainstorms.  The town where I lived was 14 feet above sea level.  I decided to move inland when the opportunity arose and soon it did.

Each of us has to decide where we want to be and how we want to be in the coming months and years.  We need to be willing to open our senses and use the abilities that have long been closed off due to the judgments of ourselves and others, mainly stemming from a desire to either fit in or stay safe by not appearing to be weird.  Those limitations no longer exist except in any lingering habits or beliefs, which we can now jettison, as well, when we are ready to let go.

Yes, the transitional period is challenging, but it is great to be able to wake up, stretch and take in the world with whole new eyes and senses, some never used before.  Much is to be revealed and understandings and aha moments will come fast and furious.  Enjoy the show!

Love and kisses,


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The Light Collective and Higher Self: On Integration


Light and Shadow

Higher Self and the Light Collective:  On Integration

by Eliza Ayres

This morning I had a dream wherein I reached into a chest and drew forth a large book.  I noticed that my hands seemed quite large, almost like a giant’s.  Immediately I woke or rather moved into a theta state of being, betwixt and between, that state of consciousness wherein you may speak clearly to your guides and they to you.  I spoke, “I was drawing out the wisdom of my heart.”

And they replied, “Yes, exactly that”.  I paused and asked, as often I do:

“To whom am I speaking?”

“We are the Light Collective.  We are made up of a council of beings emanating from the 8th and 9th dimension, from Pleiadian, Sirian, Lyran and Arcturian sources.”

“Am I a part of this council?” Always curious…

The reply was short, “Yes.  And yes, to your next question.  We exist as part of your multidimensionality and you are part of Us.  You are bodhisattva, as are many of your companions on this journey, seen and unseen.”

Yes, I knew that.  I’ve known it consciously for a good long while.  I find it curious how our ego is so eager to keep us safe that we often lose sight, at least temporarily, of things that we already know we know.  However, our egos are beginning to comprehend that their time of needing to keep us safe by trimming our celestial sails has come to an end.  Our ego is, again, to resume its original duty to keep us physically safe by acting as an early warning system, through body sensation.  Not to direct our outer lives or inner thoughts; not to attempt to thwart our expansion into limitless consciousness.

Meline LaFont and her twin flame, St. Germain, recently touched on the need to accept ALL of ourselves.  I have also been reading and listening to the archived messages of the Celestial Team, via Judith Dagley.  Much wisdom is offered by both of these sources, as well as others.  Integration of our energies seems to be a key note and one that is often overlooked or even treated with outright rejection by light workers.

Integration of duality, the dark and the light, not just the light overwhelming and “destroying” the darkness, is the goal of our collective being.  This process is much more demanding of surrender than merely turning to the light and accepting all things that are deemed “good” and rejecting what appears to be “bad”.  Any intuitively plugged in being would instantly recognize the fallacy of such an undertaking, as one side of duality overtaking and destroying the other half.  In the destruction of one half would come destabilization and imbalance, and isn’t that just what we are attempting to emerge from right now?

What is occurring now and what might be beyond the understanding of the intellect is the blending of the energies of dark and light.  These energies reflect the unity of Yin and Yang, female and male, receiving and giving, flexibility and strength; there must be movement from one polarity to another, fluid, flexible and strong to hold the center together.

What is in the process of being broken down in the world today is the extreme polarity that exists, a rigidity of structure, a domination of power over others for the sake of personal gain, a need to destroy and diminish “other” for the sake of “protecting” self.  This is a state of over-compensation by beings that exist in a state of extreme fear, feeling such a deep anguish at the pain of separation that they truly believe they need to protect themselves from others by making themselves more powerful, rich and dominant in an ever increasing downward spiral of delusion.

The delusion is rapidly breaking up under the constant and increasing onslaught of cosmic energies designed to just that.  The underlying structure of the third dimension has been removed by its Creators, the Elohim.  It was set up for the purpose of preventing further decay in the consciousness level being experienced by the inhabitants of the planet.  It has served its purpose, but that purpose is now complete.  As the threads of the energies of the divine feminine and the golden Christic light are now being interwoven into the tapestry of life upon the planet and into the heart centers of every living being, a new center point, a still point, is being sought out.  In coming to still point, the energies of dark and light, female and male, flexibility and strength, will discover their need for each other in order to reemerge into wholeness.

Wholeness is the new grail quest, a quest that cannot be completed by denying a portion of self.  Would you deny the strength of your leg for holding you upright or carrying you through the physical world?  Would you deny the subtle abilities of the eye, both inner and outer, to discern light and shadow, color and hue, shape and density… and those things that have yet to be revealed before your living consciousness?

Self-acceptance is the key to opening the door upon new worlds, new only to you because of the Veils that have existed, separating this world in which you have been limited to living within for so long, whilst embodied upon this segregated world.  Those veils have been lifted, for some, and they find themselves experiencing realms that are difficult to describe in the current human languages, given that said languages were created in separation energy.  You are on the brink of stepping into worlds that have always existed and that you have always been a part of, but that your limited consciousness patterning on earth did not allow for, except for the occasional glimpses granted to seekers, shamans, Gnostics, saints and seers.

The artificial barriers, the energetic veils of consciousness, have now been removed.  They were set there as a protection for humanity, to allow them to slowly evolve back into a state of full consciousness.  Now, that the frontrunners, those who are on the leading edge of human consciousness, have arrived and passed through the veils, it is deemed no longer necessary to contain humanity within an artificial construct.  Upon reflecting on the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm, as above, so below, the ego has also released some of its grip upon those who have overstepped the boundaries that once prevented all but a few from passing.

As humanity is a collective, and those who have come here from other worlds, dimensions and consciousness levels, embodying into human bloodlines, these frontrunners are carrying forth humanity in their wake.  What one embodied soul accomplishes can be taken up by another if they so choose.  It is the concept of the 100th monkey.  In a place where consciousness is shared by group mind, animals will immediately know how to accomplish a task that only one of their numbers has managed to discover a solution for.  So it will be for humanity, as each person opens up to the potential of moving past the boundaries of their habitual expressions of behavior, based in the now past third dimensional energies of fear and separation, then these people will lead others into the “new” unity energy, into a conscious and subtle awareness of the community of spirit that already exists.

We are being welcomed with open arms by those who await us on the edge of our awareness.  We must merely let go of those beliefs in limitation and separation, in the need to protect ourselves from bogey men or from each other.  Everything that has limited us in the past, our self-denial, our resistance to accepting that we are, in truth, powerful beings, our fears of “other”, whether taught by institutions or just accepted as being the way to exist… all these barriers to moving into neutrality and center point, can now be released.

Yet when we arrive at still point it will be (and perhaps has been) noticed that we cannot not remain there at all times; there is a give and take, a fluidity of movement, an ability to adapt and flow that exists in the more refined frequency levels of consciousness.  Nothing remains the same or rigidly in place.  For this reason, we are being eased gently and gradually into higher frequency levels, each at our own pace, set by our soul and monad (I AM Presence) as well as our guides and mentors, seen and unseen.

For some, the awakening process will be gradual; for others, it will appear abrupt and sudden, but all are being prepared at inner levels for whatever will take place.  Some persons have the capacity to adapt quickly, as they have integrated both the energies of flexibility and strength, so they can flow.  Others, facing change and holding within more rigid structures of resistance and denial, will find their worlds, perhaps, suddenly shattered by physical circumstances.  Then change will be confronted and no longer resisted for the human spirit, although tested and tried, can thrive on adversity and move through fear with grace.  When those things, habits and belongings, are taken away or are found to no longer serve the needs of the owner, then it is easy to let go.  Whether change and challenges will be met with resistance or with grace is entirely up to each individual and group.

Self-love has been taught and is believed by many in your old culture as being selfish.  It is time to release this belief, one of many that only serve to limit your going forward and upward in regaining full consciousness.  Coming into a realization that you are worthy of being loved, first by yourself and then by others, in an unconditional manner, is the cornerstone to regaining connection with your inner wisdom and knowledge, the connection that you naturally share when in tune with the rest of creation.

Self-love turns into self-knowledge and acknowledgement of the value of your experience in living through the complete gamut and range of human emotion.  Humanity is a unique creation in this Universe and soon you will discover that you have all been teachers for this universe and for others, on how to take the utmost in polarity and to integrate them into Wholeness.  This is what you have been doing for the Whole.  As you move upward and expand your consciousness, you are serving as the foundation for the expansion upward of the entire Universe and beyond.

We understand that these concepts are beyond many, at least for now, but never, ever underestimate the capacity of the human heart to understand what is difficult to express in language.  Unity exists beyond the limits of human intellect to comprehend, but the heart knows… and so we return to image of our scribe removing a book from a small chest.  She was acknowledging her connection to the wisdom of her living heart and to the wisdom that is available to all who open their inner eye to the worlds that exist in the eternal Now.

Yes, you will notice that this message is now a blending of our energies, human, celestial and galactic.  We are One living being, existing on all levels of consciousness and unbound by intellectual knowledge.  Know that you can tap this inner wisdom, also, and already done so else you would not be able to focus on these words.  Also realize that with this and the messages being given forth through many channels and scribes, that downloads and encodements are being received.  The codes will unlock for each individual when it is time and appropriate, and when they are able to move through any remaining fear and doubt, with grace, flexibility and strength.

We go now but are ever present on the edge of your consciousness.  For many of you who are actively becoming awake and aware, you know us as your constant companions.  You feel our love and know that you are one with us, but only when you begin to accept and move into love directed to self.  Your little human “self” is a reflection of your greater “Self”, as above, so below; so rejection of any portion of your human self is rejection of the Whole Self.  Fall in love with you for you are deserving of love.  You are worthy.  You are love.  And you are loved, in an unconditional manner that will astound even the most balanced among you when you are able to feel the fullness of how we love you.  Then, and only then, will you know the power of Love.

Go now, dear ones and be what you are meant to be.  Allow your dreams to blossom and carry you forth on a voyage and journey of magnificent creation.  You are creators all and someday you will understand what it truly means.  There are no limits in the higher frequencies; so do not seek to limit your regard for self or the self, reflected as mirrors, in the eyes of those who walk through your daily life.

Our blessings and love go with you, always.


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Eliza: Musings on a Gray Day



Eliza:  Musing On a Gray Day

This piece started with the phrase, “under the weather”, a precise if elusive (paradox here!) description of how my body is presently feeling as we (me as consciousness, body as vehicle for said consciousness) work together incorporating the latest energy influx from the Cosmos. So, as an investigation into language, at least my own, American English, the piece evolved a life of its own. If you have a short attention span, come back and read it in sections. Best of luck those who love to text message on your cellphone. I detest cellphones and happen to enjoy long, long novels and it is an attitude reflected in my writing. I make no apologies, but smile and lovingly offer you a sample of my musings…

Lately as my awareness has been expanding, my attention has been piqued by some of the unconscious phrasing that we use in our daily language, such as the title above, “under the weather.” As Americans using our version of English (and it is different than the Brits and Aussies!) we understand that when a person says that they’re feeling “under the weather” then they are feeling ill or fatigued.

I have always been intrigued by words, but recently, I’ve begun to take notice of language patterns that people use, for the most part, in an extremely unconscious manner, not realizing that words hold power. And the unconscious misuse of words continues to hold us in the third dimension matrix, even as our thoughts and actions do. It is up to each of us to learn to use words in a different way, an empowering way. And the best way to start is to stop talking without thinking first or feeling first into a situation. The old mouth blurt is the best way to get yourself into trouble, saying something that you don’t really mean… or did you really mean what you just said?

I’m as guilty as any person in doing this, although I am daily becoming more aware of what is going on. Part of the process of waking up is to observe what you do, say, or don’t do and don’t say throughout the day. A great deal more of the waking process is in becoming aware of how much we project our emotions and thoughts towards other people, blaming them for our circumstances, when it is our decisions and actions or lack thereof that have placed us in a particular, sometimes uncomfortable space.

Another blogger suggested that we need to be more like owls, say little and observe a lot, a wise notion if you excuse the pun. “Wise old owl”… another phrase that is embedded in our language, but from whence did it come? Have you ever stopped to think on these things and how language binds us or frees us, depending on how we use it or not?

The owl is a bird of the night. If you are a birder or a hiker or just someone who loves spending time in nature, you might come upon an owl perched in the bole of a tree, its body hunched, sleepily regarding the world and waiting patiently for twilight to come when its primary food sources (mice and voles) come out of their hiding places to scamper around for their food. Not all owls eat mice and voles, but you get the idea; the owl waits for its opportunity and food. It watches, observes, moving that marvelously designed neck that allows it to swivel around almost entirely to view its environment. It watches patiently, without betraying its position to potential prey and then it launches its great wings (always bigger than the owl’s body) into the air so it might pluck its meal off the forest floor.

Well, I’m not suggesting that we all go into the forest to discover our next meal, merely that we take some moments to observe where we are, what’s going on and then make a choice to “enter the fray” or not. Now that the third dimensional matrix has been disassembled (and it has) we have the opportunity to walk through our former limitations, but only if we choose to. If we keep ourselves bound up by continuing to use old ways of thinking, doing (without thinking), being unwilling to observe our feelings and acting unconsciously, we will continue to play out the old melodies and actions of the now departed third dimensional matrix… at least until another energy update comes along and strips away another old layer of crud from our astral or emotional bodies.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are expecting yourself to have an emotional sting, don’t be surprised if you do not “feel” the same. With each step up in frequency, bits and pieces of the “old” you are being stripped away by the massive energies. What is happening to each of us is mirrored in what is happening in nature, with the massive floods, storms, fires, volcanic eruptions … your astral body is being methodically deconstructed and is finally almost rebuilt. The process has already begun on your physical body… but the punch line here is that the final transformation of your carbon physical body cannot (and I repeat) cannot begin or complete while your thinking processes remain mired in the old way of thinking. If you continue to act and talk and think in the old ways, your physical body will begin to deconstruct and it will no longer serve your soul as a vehicle.


I am not writing these words to send your emotions or thoughts into a tailspin (a term from aviation, I believe!) but to encourage you to begin a quest of reviewing the patterns and mannerisms that you use in an unconscious manner during the day. Are you aware of what is going on? Are you in your body when you are driving your car? Did you actually want to say that (whatever you said) to your child? Did you want to lash out at your spouse or partner in that manner? Or could you have stepped back, observed, taken a deep breath, consciously grounded yourself, forgiven yourself for a momentary lapse, seen yourself in the other person and simply smiled, at their folly or your own?

Mastery is not won by blundering through the world, through our daily life, with our eyes shut. And by “eyes” I do not merely mean our physical eyes, for we “see” with the entirety of our bodies. We are not just our bodies; we are the consciousness that is temporarily housed within these marvelous vehicles of great complexity. We need to learn to see ourselves in a different way and in so doing, see our world in an entirely different manner.

Language evolved (or of late, devolved) from patterns of sound. Once, a few years back, I did a paper on the root races for a class that I was taking. Even as a youngster, I was fascinated by the movements of people, where they came from, what brought them into an area, how they mixed or interacted with the indigenous people, by the broad patterns presented in stories, personal and those written by novelists. I didn’t find the stories written by historians to be very interesting; they always appeared brittle, harsh and written to give laud to the victors of any situation or as propaganda for whoever was financing the book deal… Well, as a child I liked stories with some imagination, stories that had layers of meaning and in which there were layers of life, some mythical and some quite ordinary.

Well, in this paper, I came upon a description of how language started or at least the theosophists’ version. In this version, archangelic beings, the Masters of Venus, came to the planet as the earlier versions of humanity came into physical form. They first taught women to “see” with their physical eyes as before this time, our ancestors saw through their third eyes, not their physical ones which were still developing into their present form.

Do you remember the story about the natives not recognizing ships when they arrived at the shores of America? The ships were objects that were not within their collective understanding; therefore, the indigenous didn’t “see” them, at least at first, until they saw the hairy men dressed in strange garments embarking from the wooden hulks.

Well, imagine for yourself, the first people to ever use their physical eyes. What was seen was labeled, the tree was given a name, the sea another one. However, what the beings who taught the women conveyed to their students was that words have power and weren’t meant to be used in a foolish manner. Obviously we have forgotten the inherent power of words and the vibrations that are behind them or we have been made to forget that useful lesson.

The first words taught to the early women by their Teachers were used in a magical fashion. Through the use of these magic words and guided imagery, our early ancestors could and did manipulate the world around them. Our ancestors were able to manifest and transform their environment, but they did so under the guidance of great light beings and with reverence. The secrets of the power of words were retained by a few within each tribe, often a wise woman, who guided and taught her “daughters” as she had been taught by her inner guides, to the benefit of her tribe. This way of doing things persisted quite a long time, until the primitive mind began to develop and humanity began to individuate into singular beings. As the intellect developed, so did the egoic “mind” (which actually resides in the first chakra!) at least until their egoic desire bodies got the best (or worst) of them and then our ancestors, Atlantean and Lemurian began to manipulate the world and to purposely use misaligned energies to gain power over others.


Of course, this is a story. Our true history has been hidden or destroyed by those who wish to control us today. With the vast changes now currently underway throughout the earth sphere, we have the opportunity to take back the power of our ancestors and their teachers, to regain mastery of the world, our world, if we chose to wake up and observe and gain insights into our own actions and those of others. Each of us contains within the seeds of our future, but we have to plant them, till them, and water them so they will grow into new ways of living, so that we may experience the reality of our inner most dreams. We need to shed the old ways of thinking and the unconscious misuse of language, directed at self or others, and become aware of the power of words and of our own power to create.

We are those archangels who guided our ancestors; we have purposefully dropped our vibratory rates to be able to squeeze into a small physical body. I say small, because the vastness of our true beings is limitless. We are pure consciousness and we are one with Father / Mother God, Creator and Source or whatever labels you want to place upon those who have made us conscious beings. We are individuals and we are a collective. Together, we are repairing the great Christic Light Matrix around this planet as she rises, again, into the higher frequencies. But… gotta love that humble English word… but, we have to master our thoughts before we can rise, ourselves, in frequency. It is not a given, it is not a free ticket, the process that some call ascension.

Yes, there are wayshowers, gatekeepers, light workers and the like, but what is each of us? We are but masters, striving to regain our mastery over our creations, in some cases relearning the secret ways of our ancestors and in others embellishing our new creations. There are those of us, even among the ranks of light workers and futurists, who see us following the slow evolutionary pace of our ancestors, taking thousands or millions of years to evolve into our future. Or, there are the persons, now numbering in the thousands, who are taking the path of alchemy and are in the process of learning to use words and imagery in a way that opens up a new opportunity for humanity, a new world. We are walking a new path, but also an ancient one, where words have power and we have the power to wield them for the benefit of ourselves and eventually, the whole, as more people come into awareness and discover the path that has been set out vibrationally for them by the stalwart pioneers and wayshowers.

So, the next time you go to say something “off the top of your head”, pause a moment, consider the possible effect of your words and the energies behind them, to hurt, mollify or empower, and choose to say them or not. You do have the power to change your world, but first you need to wake up and take that power, not with a greedy, willful hand, but with a reverent and open heart. Be thankful that you have the opportunity to experience whatever you are experiencing now in your life and realize that you do have choices, with which you do have the power to create what you want in your world. Also, allow that this is a process of relearning and releasing everything that you were taught through the old ways of doing things. Be patient with yourself. Forgive yourself any lapses. Be easy on yourself and learn to feel into the love that lives as a golden seed within your breast. It will spring forth and blossom if you give it the attention and nurturing that it requires.

The old ways of controlling others for personal gain are falling apart; the gaps in the old systems are showing more clearly every day. It is just a matter of time before the old institutions will lie on the ground like decaying carcasses; right now they are being artificially propped up by the strained egos of those who detest the rest of humanity. Pity them for they know not what they do. See them for what they truly are–initiators and goads to get humanity to wake up. Without the presence of darkness in our world, complacency would continue to rule the day.

It is easy to fall into the old ways of thinking and doing, by detesting these warped beings, but, again… pause and consider. Our erstwhile controllers are in a panic. Some are still in fighting mode, trying to write laws so they can control and repress the rest of us and continue to poison us through various venues… Others are attempting to surrender, while retaining their own freedom and position. It’s like watching a crime story unfold, almost amusing in the predictability of the players. Well, it’s time that we stopped being predictable and in turning the tables on our erstwhile controllers and becoming like them. Instead, we need to go in another direction, one totally unexpected. Like Frodo, we are taking the Ring of Power into Mordor, to destroy it forever so it has no more power over us. By deciding to master ourselves, we are choosing to destroy our need to control others and to accept that we are powerful, that we can be responsible for our actions, our thoughts and words.


We can change, move from the old patterns to a new direction in this lifetime that has been granted us, this marvelous window of opportunity to expand, reconnect with Source, and to grow back into our mastery, which has always existed even whilst we have been temporarily submerged in the most difficult of our various embodiments on this planet. Realize that just by being here, we… yes, you, have changed the old prophecies, negated the expected outcomes that have been written down by the sages of every people throughout the ages. You were entirely unexpected. And now, the world has a chance to move into an unexpected future… one that has been seen by seers and yet is still in the process of changing, altering and becoming, because of you, the dreamer.

We are light beings, now undergoing a process of transformation, from living in a heavy low frequency world to one that is quickened with light and love, where there is color and textures and life, unknown except in the dreams and the imaginations of artists and musicians. We need to step forward and upward as each of the gateways opens for us, leave behind the old ways of thinking and being, and open to our own inner power and our connection with the rest of life.

Expansion of one’s horizons comes when you decide that you are no longer limited to being or acting the way that has come to be expected of you, by yourself, by your family, by co-workers and those people that you encounter throughout your day. The process of allowing yourself to be powerful can be scary at first, but with practice, you will start feeling better about yourself, when you are able to make decisions about what you want to do with your life, to discover what it is that makes your heart sing. It won’t make some of the people in your old life happy, but you never know. Just strive to be who you are and who you really are…

You are BIG, but first you need to grow into those shoes, slowly, allowing your body time to incorporate the frequency upgrades. Rest when needed, let go of what no longer interests you, be willing to change, expand and grow, no matter what your physical age is… there are no more limitations binding you or demanding that you do what other people expect of you. You are the only one limiting your choices. You are allowed to change, but only if you want to step forward and break through the illusion that has momentarily ensnared you.

Resolve to wake up and pay attention. Through your attention, focus and intent to change, to know yourself better, you will begin a process of transformation that will never end, but you need to make the decision to go there.

So… where did this all start? It started with the phrase, “under the weather”, which is how I am feeling right now, with a sore throat and tired body, as I adjust to another and this time, massive influx of new energies. It takes time for the body to adjust to the step up in energies and not all will adjust – there will be many who are unable to make the adjustment. These words are not meant to bring fear into your heart but to allow you to waken to the awareness that you are the driver of your chariot. Does it have the wheels of fully opened and functioning chakras or are the bodies misaligned and unbalanced?

Are you unwilling to let go of old baggage out of a need to punish yourself or another? Or are you ready to let go, forgive, learn from your lessons, and become the master that you already are by recognizing such? If you still linger in fear and judgment, then the incoming energies will meet the pre-existing misaligned thought-forms stored within the physical body and will manifest as disease or as severe circumstances appearing to impact the life form from the outside. Only through forgiveness and compassion can the old patterns be transmuted, transformed and realigned. Let go; there is no thing to fear.

There is no outside of you; your being encompasses the world and beyond. You are the dreamer and the dream; wake up and “smell the coffee”. Step beyond the matrix of old thinking and into the new dawn of the ever present Now that exists all around you, a bright world filled with love, light, beauty and abundance.

We can expand or contract, roll up like hedge hogs in a defensive mode or become the masters that we already are, in the higher frequency worlds. Step into the light and love that surrounds you, which defines and delineates a world filled with magic. You are light and love; you contain within your high heart the seed of a return to mastery, your Christic Consciousness. You are the Second Coming, but only if you step forward and reclaim what is yours.

Right now, I feel the presence of the angels and masters who serve as my guides. They speak to you through these words for all those who live in this world are watched over by their own set of guides. See yourself as being worthy of such devotion and attention. These beings know your worth; now it is time for you to see it also. Although our bodies need to rest as they adjust, our inner horizons can expand without limit. I hope to meet you someday on that path that leads to a city of light, through a multi-hued forest of great trees that loom above like Home Tree of the Navi. Our imagination is unlimited, our future is unlimited, if we but give flight to our dreams and release our fears.

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Many blessings go with you on your journey, wherever it takes you. Namasté.


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