X22 Report, October 15, 2019

IMF [CB] Right On Schedule, The Economic Trap Has Been Set – Episode 1996a

Trump and the patriots are letting the people know that the economy is strong, wages are up, unemployment low, new trade deals are in the works. The US is now being prepped for the transition, do not get confused, the old [CB] is dead, Trump will drive it into the ground and transition us to a sound money system. The IMF fell right into the trap, the are now reporting that the trade wars are the cause of the global meltdown.

Declas Disinformation Projected, Chatter, JA Back In The News – Episode 1996b

The [DS] has no way out of their plan that didn’t work, they are holding close door meetings so the people don’t catch on. AS, NP have changed the rules to fit their agenda and now the people are catching wind of this. JA is now in court to see if he will be sent back to the US, the patriots are getting prepared for the evidence to be produced, timing is very important. The Syria plan is moving along according to schedule, here come the negotiations between Turkey, US, Syria and Russia, boom. Trump and Flynn have coordinated their banner pages.

X22 Report, October 14, 2019

The [CB] System Is Collapsing, IMF Prepares, Patriots Will Counter – Episode 1995a

The [CB] are completely exposed, Trump has completed Phase I of the trade deal, Phase II will be coming in 2020. The push to blame the collapse on the economy on the trade wars is falling apart. The [CB] believes it will transition the world into SDR, this is not going to happen, the patriots are ready to counter it.

The Swamp Is Draining Themselves, The Message Is Clear, Stay Alert – Episode 1995b

The [DS] is holding their fake impeachment inquiry the shadows, they do not want anyone to know what is really happening, they are looking for anything so they can go after Trump. The HB and JB are in trouble, all eyes are on them. Watch CA, this is on purpose. The patriots are allowing the [DS] to drain themselves.  Comey sends out a message to the [DS] operatives. The [DS] knows that they do not have much time and soon the patriots will make a move that will destroy the [DS].

Phase One of the Economic Deal Completed; It’s Happening – Episode 1994a

Phase One of the Economic Deal Completed; It’s Happening – Episode 1994a

The patriots have now completed phase I of the economic trade deal with China, the deal is the first step into completing the rest. All of this is necessary for the transition, the economic landscape is changing. The [CB] has sent out the message that in order to reset the system you must have gold, gold will destroy the Fed. (good, that’s what we want; no more debt slavery!)

Fear Is Flushing The [DS] Out, The Only Way Forward, Expose, Transparency & Truth – Episode 1994b

The [DS] is now regrouping trying to figure how to proceed forward. The WB story is now falling apart, AS is making excuses and backtracking on why the WB doesn’t need to testify. Omar is spotted at outside of Trump’s rally in Minnesota, she was involved in the riots. HB steps down from the board of directors. Mifsud goes into hiding. The [DS] and neocons are panicking over Syria, Trump is bringing home the troops, the only way forward now is to expose the corruption and crimes and show the American people the truth.

X22 Report, October 11, 2019

[CB]s Push Fear, Deal Close, Economy About To Change – Episode 1993a

The [CB]s are not pushing fear if the BREXIT goes through. The [CB]s are creating charts and telling the UK and the world if the BREXIT happens the UK could face recession, high unemployment etc.  Consumers in the US are very optimistic about the economy, Trump and the patriots have now succeeded in their goal to get the people behind them. The China deal is very close to being made. The Fed officially starts Quantitive Easing even though it is not QE. Trump and the patriots are in control.

Impeachment Coming Apart, Whistleblower Revealed?, [DS] Is Trapped – Episode 1993b

The [DS] is now struggling to keep their plan from falling apart. The whistleblower identity might have been revealed. The WB does not want to testify and we have come to learn the WB has connections to Adam Schiff and Joe Biden, this is a political hit job. The patriots are pushing their agenda in Syria. I do believe Turkey is there in Syria to remove the DS operatives, paid mercenaries in the Kurd area; this was preplanned, Once (the ISIS mercenaries are) removed Trump will mediate a deal with Turkey and the Kurds.

X22 Report, October 10, 2019

The Patriots Just Foiled The [CB] Economic Plan, Patriots Taking Back The Economy – Episode 1992a

The Fed had no reason to cut rates, the economy is strong they say, so the question is why would they cut rates if the economy is doing better than 2017, 2018 where they were raising rates; patriots are in control. The Fed is now fighting amongst each other. Trump and the patriots shutdown the [CB] economic plan, we have now taken back our port (Long Beach, CA).

Bombshells Dropped, HB, BO Missing? IG FISA Report On The Way – Episode 1992b

The [DS] are using what every they can to keep their agenda alive. It is now falling apart, it is not gaining steam. RG releases a bombshell to the public. The [DS] is trying to discredit RG, he predicted this. Ukraine is now investigating HRC emails. IG is ready to release the FISA Abuse report. The [DS] are panicking, the patriots are in control.

X22 Report, Oct. 9, 2019

The [CB] System Is Coming To An End, Patriots Accelerate The Plan – Episode 1991a

The [CB] system is coming to end, the patriots have been preparing the new economic system. Trump has reworked trade deals, de-regulated, cut taxes, remove the Globalists agenda, he wants other countries to pay for NATO and the UN. The old [CB] petro dollar system is now being replaced and the patriot plan has been accelerated.

Harvest Confirmed, Pelosi’s Impeachment Irrevocably Tainted, Hammer Introduced – Episode 1991b

The [DS] plan is tainted, they have nothing left to go with this plan, the people are catching on. [DS] players are scrambling, enter the race, call for impeachment, they are panicking. Trump and the patriots have the upper hand, they hold all the cards. The next wave of evidence has just hit, each time there is a wave it inflicts more pain on the [DS]. Trump just introduced the hammer, he deals with law and crimes. The harvest has been confirmed.

The blatant Democratic coup against Trump continues. Evidence is being revealed by the Patriots…

X22 Report, October 8, 2019

Economic Message Received, Sets The “Gold Standard” – Episode 1990a

The EU thought they had Boris Johnson cornered; it turns out that it is the other way around. The economic landscape is now changing, the trade deals are being made and Congress needs to vote on the USMCA. Trump has made new trade deals to help the American farmers and to prepare the economy for the transition. Team Trump tweeted out and it included the phrase “Gold Standard”. Is this a message to the people? Right on schedule, the Fed announces Quantitative Easing 4.

The Gathering, The Storm Is Here, It’s Happening, Time To Harvest – Episode 1990b

The [DS] is pushing their agenda hard, they know impeachment is a dead end but they cannot stop. The entire whistleblower case is falling apart, the attempts to change the rules is coming back to haunt them and the people are seeing through all this. Trump and the patriots signal that the storm has arrived and the harvest can begin.

X22 Report, October 7, 2019

The Economic Show Is Now Playing, Patriots Prepare The Next Move – Episode 1989a

The people of the UK have been promised for three years that if they voted to leave the EU, the government would listen to the will of the people. But up to now the establishment does not want to abide by the vote. The US is now breaking all economic records statistically. Trump is reversing taxes, regulations and putting currency back into the people’s pockets. Trump is now getting ready to go into the next phase, the Fed is already projecting that rates are going to be cut and this was done by an independent [CB]. 

The [DS] Hits Roadblocks, Access Denied, Sum Of All Fears – Episode 1989b

The [DS] is hitting major roadblocks, their plan has fallen apart. The impeachment process is now being held in secretly in a SCIF and they are telling the people they are sending out subpoenas when all they are sending are letters.  Trump just withdrew the troops from Syria, the [DS] is now exposed. Sum of all fears. Panic from the neocons, panic from the [DS], Pain is coming.

POTUS is pushing back; the White House will NOT respond to the impeachment inquiry until an official vote is held in the House of Representatives. The White House is not compelled to respond to letters and no crime has yet been identified by the Democrats and those who are seeking impeachment against Trump.