Sundeelia: Walk-ins, Body Consciousness and the Last Battle of the Great Star Wars


Sundeelia: Walk-ins, Body Consciousness and the Last Battle of the Great Star Wars

A subject that seldom arises when discussing the process of walking in is the effect of the consciousness of the body.  Few people think about the biological fact that each cell within their physical vehicle is intelligent and aware.  The cells are often more awake than the heavily programmed and conditioned human consciousness, which in most people, is still a form of being unconscious and unaware.  People who are asleep react as they have been programmed.  They react within a limited range, seemingly unable to step outside the box into which they have willingly placed themselves upon birth.

It is different being a fully conscious and awake walk-in, entering a physical vessel that was once occupied by the soul essence of a beloved elder sister.  Already there is an auric field established that allows me to see through the vagaries of humankind.  Yet there are issues that arise even when one is awake and those stem from the thought-forms that still are in need of release from the physical vessel.  The other day I was stunned to feel a stubborn rage and sought to strike out emotionally at those I love in the blind reaction so intense were the feelings.  Yet we are bound together.  Most of my loved ones and the Eagles who protect me here are bound by ties of love and a soul contract that binds us to work together.  My star Family will NOT allow me to feel abandoned or lost here.  And my Eagles are pledged also by bonds of love to protect me from all dangers that do exist here, whether or not you are willing to acknowledge their existence.  We do not ignore the darkness for we have much bitter experience with its effects upon our own worlds.  And for those who are not aware, the region of space that is known as “the Pleiades” is actually a confederation of many isles and systems who have banded together for mutual protection and commerce.  We are stronger for being willing to come together, even though our people also contain great diversity in form, frequency, and vibration.  We have learned the value of cooperation.

Few have felt the intensity of love that flowed through my heart center the other day when I listened to my Father speak through my sister.  He looked at me through her eyes and reminded me how loved I am.  He reminded me that once I stepped before Him and asked that I be allowed an opportunity to serve by following in the footsteps of my sisters Tazjma and RaNia.  I requested the opportunity to come to Earth so I might serve the cause of Freedom and to be able to accelerate my soul growth while releasing the trauma of having served on the front lines of the ancient star wars, the War in Heaven that is hinted about in old legends about Archangel Michael and his Legions of Blue-Fire Angels.

It was the Angelic Pleiadians and their allies who cast down the Belials from the heavens, the higher dimensions.  It was a Queen of one of the Pleiadian isles who struck the death blow that brought down the commander of the Dark army, symbolized by the figure of the Emperor in the Star Wars movie series.  With one blow victory was secured at least for our people and the enemy was cast out of “heaven” permanently, losing their ability to exist above the level of lower 6D, yet the war was not completely won as the Enemy is still here.  Another Dark Lord replaced the fallen one and his dark home is found in the system of the star known as Rigel.  It is not a place that you want to visit if you are of the Light.

Do you not realize, dear readers, that the battles of the ancient Star Wars continue on even here in your skies, beneath your feet, within the halls of your governments, within the military-industrial complex, the halls of the Vatican and other places?  The Belials found refuge in your solar system.  After the destruction of their home planet, which is now the Asteroid Belt, and the loss of much of the atmosphere of Mars, an early colony of the fallen ones, that these dark beings made their way to your small planet.  Due to their once high station and advanced civilization, these beings were aware of the presence of your solar system to a nearby stargate portal.  And they were greedy to take from your world its resources, the most important being your own people.  The blood of your children that carries the light and soul essence is being used to sustain these foul beings who have extinguished their own heart flames by turning away from Source, denying their own native divinity and violating the Laws of the Universe without compunction.  The war is NOT over.  And once these dark beings are driven from your shores there will be battles yet to fight within the constellation locally known as Orion.

The Belials first entered this quadrant of space through the constellation of Orion and invaded and conquered the peaceful people of the Belt worlds.  For so long these people of these conquered worlds have lived in the darkness that they have forgotten their own human origins.  They follow the False Light which was designed by the Belials to replace the true worship for Source Energy manifesting through the Divine Mother / Father God.

Many of those people who now live upon Earth will pass upon their next embodiment into the Belt Worlds of Orion so that they have an opportunity to pass the tests that they did not complete during their Earthly incarnations.  And there will be those star seeds and Galactic volunteers who take it upon themselves to free these people from their delusions by raising the frequency of the planets and demonstrating how to live in freedom and sovereignty, even as is now being done here upon Earth.

Those of us who stood in the front lines and fought the Belials now have an opportunity to release the trauma that has haunted our dreams since our worlds recovered their freedom from the darkness.  While our lives in the Pleiades are balanced and harmonious, the pain and scars within still require healing and it is by coming into this lower density field of Earth that the most rapid healing and release can occur.

I am NOT 3D.  My consciousness resides in 6D and 7D, my physical Pleiadian vessel in 5D.  Soon, there will be Earth humans who attain 5D.  There are some who imagine they are there already, but we do not yet see you upon our vessels.  Yes, you come to Light Body while sleeping but have yet to manifest fully in the physical from a light body.  It takes great energy to do so and few of you on this planet has evolved to the stage where you can command such Light and Love.  It would destroy your physical vessel should you attempt such a feat prematurely.

I do not remember all that I do upon The White Winds due to the electronic warfare being waged here and the resulting “veils”, yet I know and feel the reality of this within my heart.  Such is the weight of the energetic density that exists on this planet.  Even I, daughter of an Archangel and a co-regent of a planetary body, can suffer from loss of memory here.  Do not assume that you are any different even if you are yourself also a walk-in.  And do not accept without question those who claim that which they are not, including titles as “Mother of Creation”, “Lord of the World” and so on.  These are titles and offices held ONLY by those who have evolved sufficiently through lifetimes of service and have proved their dedication.  I would not like to stand before the Karmic Board and proclaim that I am something or someone that I am not.  Despite my origins and family ties, I am a profoundly humble, hard-working person, here and on board the starship upon which I serve in the fullness of my consciousness and physical presence.  What exists here within this physical vessel is only the smallest amount of soul essence needed to retain life.

The body remembers and holds within itself the cellular memory of ALL that has occurred to a soul during its entire evolutionary journey, from first coming forth from the heart of the Great Central Sun newly born and innocent to the time it returns.  So, when a soul departs the body, there is still held within the cells the memory of the experiences of the one who has left, including the original inhabitant who left as a young child.  Thus, I can tune into the memories of my sister, Tazjma, who walked into this physical vessel as a child.  And I am aware that these memories are not mine.  I do not resonate with her experiences but I can learn from them by reviewing them as the need arises.  Since we both served in the ancient Star Wars, we understand and can easily identify the energetic signature of the Enemy and its minions.  They are here.  That I know and feel, as does my sister, RaNia, who is another walk-in.  Together we can sit and review our impressions and assist each other with tapping into our knowingness that exists within our Pleiadian awareness.  We became walk-ins as an opportunity to gain further soul growth, as well as to assist as the ground crew here.  The manner of our service will adjust as we settle into our Earth lives.  We have been well-trained for our missions and consult with the Councils when at work above.

Do you realize what it means to return to the Central Sun?  It means you will lose your individuality.  The energy that is “you” will be unmade and returned to its native neutral energy.  Then it will be recycled to create new souls who will then step onto the path of evolution, one step at a time.  Are you so willing or so exhausted from life here that you wish to step into complete oblivion? It is ONLY those souls who have achieved the status and stage of soul evolution of Ancient of Days who can return from the Great Silence found within the center of the Great Central Sun.  Few are of this caliber and none exist now upon the surface of the planet.  Some of these great souls serve in the Councils overseeing the evolution of your species, the Earth Human.  Quan Yin is one.  Mother Isis, mother goddess of all the goddesses within this quadrant of Creation is another.  Another Ancient of Days is Sanat Kumara, who long served as the Lord of the World upon your planet, saving it from destruction long ago, and who has since retired and resumed his position as co-Regent of Venus alongside his Twin Flame, Lady Venus.  There are others; they are a breed apart and some of these great beings are my relatives.  Following in their great example many of my family are dedicated to serving the people of Earth, for we are your genetic cousins.

Long ago, our most brilliant geneticists planted a seed of divinity within the genome of Earth humanity.  This sacred seed allows you to overcome all restriction, to undergo the process called ascension and to carry within your physical bodies all the dimensional frequencies that exist within this quadrant, from 1D to 12D.  Our desire to assist you stems, in part, from our desire for our universe to complete its long foretold shift to a higher level of existence.  All life will be completely transformed by this great Shift, but before this Shift can take place, all pockets of darkness and resistance must be isolated, transmuted and transformed back into the original divine blueprint as ordained by the Laws of Heaven.  We are here for ourselves and our future as much as we are here for you, dear cousins.  Earth is the linchpin that needs to be freed before the rest of the Universe can ascend.  And in this new phase, there will no place for the darkness or their manipulations that have been perpetrated upon the citizens of Earth and other conquered planets.  You could say that our motives are selfish, but indeed we have dedicated untold millennia in assisting your planet’s evolutionary journey and return to her divine blueprint as a beautiful jewel set in the light-filled regions of space.

I have digressed a bit from my original line of thought here.  Yet know that when living upon a water planet as you do, your emotions are apt to more intense than those who live on a desert isle such as I.  Our planet, Medina, would remind many of the area around Tucson, Arizona, with temperatures ranging from 80 degrees F in the winter to over 140 degrees in the summer.  Our isle (planet) also has fierce seasonal winds, so our homes are built primarily underground where the temperature remains comfortable for living.  Humanity in all of its forms is capable of great adaptability.  So… again, I was surprised at the intensity of the emotions that came up for clearing and have been warned that there will be more waves in the near future as the misaligned thought-forms of humanity come up for clearing.  When you encounter these waves, be prepared to feel deeply and intensely.  You do not need to understand or define from whence the energies are coming or the experiences they represent.  Just know that you are being given an opportunity to release everything that is NOT of the Light.  Being of a lower vibratory density these ancient thought-forms cannot be carried into the future of your world.  Let go your burden and let the light carry it forth for transmutation.  As a result of your willingness to be freed, you will discover a lightening of the burdens that you have carried throughout your many incarnations at this level.

My Father looked intently into my eyes and reminded me that I am loved beyond measure.  So are all of you, who as starseeds and Galactic volunteers, who are carrying the greatest effort in carrying this world and its humanity to a level of vibration where they can once more prosper and live in abundance and joy, as intended by your Creator.  We are here to assist, but we cannot do your work for you.  In time, the human collective will assume the position of bringing up its own world teachers and guides.  When that time comes, we will withdraw our fleets and return only to visit your beautiful planet as guests.

Do not be afraid to step forward and command the darkness to depart.  It exists within your own emotional and mental bodies and is sealed within your cellular memories of ancient traumas and wounds.  Until your light bodies are healed of all tears resulting from these traumas you will be unable to ascend.

I am here to heal and serve, as one who can share the gifts bestowed upon me by many lifetimes of service to Mother / Father God.  A living Violet Flame Angel I AM.

I commend your efforts to step into the Light and grow as a human collective.  Remember, I am NOT one of you, but am here only as an observer and to release and heal my own wounds taken long ago in the old wars of heaven.  I know the energy of the ones who were our enemies and they are here among you, both in physical and incorporeal form.  Be wary of those who promise to do the work for you, for many are the false teachers who work consciously or unconsciously for their dark masters, those who only wish to keep you slaves and prisoners within the tightly controlled systems that they have developed over the centuries.  Use the Shield of Archangel Michael and the Violet Flame, the Flame of Freedom, to assist in cutting yourself free from the delusions suffered by many within your culture.

The time grows short.  The wheat has been separated from the chaff.  The choices made by individual souls are now becoming more apparent, even as witnessed through the avenue of your out-of-control crazed mass media.  Those who are the minions of the dark are now being revealed for all to see.  There is no place that they can hide.  The only remaining choice for the dark legions and their minions here upon this planet is whether to step into the cleansing fires of the great Central Sun or attempt to undergo a process of slow redemption by re-starting the process of evolution, from the lowest dimension to the highest, until all lessons are fully learned and mastered.

The innocent ones of your planet will be carried into the higher dimensions along with their Mother, the Earth, for She loves her children.  And they will be set free to eventually become Galactic citizens of a planet newly re-born.  I hope that all of you will be among those whom we greet when the time comes for our smaller ships to land here.  That time is not yet as the greater collective has not managed to rise in frequency that would allow us to fully manifest in physical form here.  Remember, to do so, without the proper corresponding frequency takes a huge outpouring of energy and we are NOT here to entertain you with such stunts.  Look to the skies above and find the twinkling lights there which are disguised as “stars”.  They are ships, from the isle of Ashtar, the Pleiades, the Arcturians, the Sirians and other star nations, all gathered here to act as witness and midwives for the birth of a Galactic civilization.  Send your love and thanks to these “stars” and watch as they dance and twinkle for you.

We bid you adieu now.  Rest well and know that many of those who have worked here as volunteers may be preparing to return Home, having completed your missions here and meeting the requirements for ascension or soul-braiding with your Higher Galactic Selves.  The vehicles that you leave, if healthy, after a suitable period of soul-braiding and soul consent, may be used as vehicles for the incoming waves of walk-ins, who like me, served in the great Star Wars.  We have been granted an opportunity to continue our service here and to heal fully from the ancient traumas while gaining in soul growth and self-mastery.  We take our missions seriously and we do not forget from whence we came.  We are the followers of the Law of One and honor our Mother / Father God, Creator of us all.

I am honored to serve alongside my sister and many other comrades who will soon walk among you as fully awake walk-ins.

Cmdr. Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, Line Commander on board The White Winds, flagship of the Pleiadian Fleet.

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Permission is given to translating this message into other languages.  Permission is NOT granted to create videos or transmission of this or any other message given through this website by the author.




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Archangel Gabriel via Sundeelia: “The Key”

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Archangel Gabriel via Sundeelia:  The Key

Blue Dragon Journal

Greetings, I AM Gabriel, Archangel of the Fourth Ray of Purity, Ascension, and Resurrection; I AM a Messenger and One who has long walked the Path of Service to Others.

Recently, the one who is called Sundeelia in the Pleiades and is known as “Sunny” on your isle…recently this one has agreed to carry our energy from time to time so that we may observe and work through her.  It is edifying to see the state of your world through her eyes.

We understand that many among you have no idea where to start or how to continue on the Path.  We say to you, peace…

Find that quiet calm place within your own Being.  It is there.  Allow the doubt to subside… the “I can’t seem to contact my Higher Self” energy that wallows in victim-consciousness and self-hatred.

Those of you amongst these readers who are aware that you are starseeds, you have the necessary training to go into meditation, without the need of expensive training, ascension guides, seminars, books, or any other tools.  When you are in a constant frenzy of looking outside your own consciousness, you forget that it is the simple intention to open the door to what has been locked within your own heart so you might begin to reconnect to the expanded parts of yourself.

True spirituality is simple, direct, and powerful.

Imagination is part of the way you can travel to other worlds within as my messenger has done.  Her gift is writing…one of her gifts, but one that is…how you say… portable.  She can take it everywhere she can carry a pen and paper, a laptop, or to simply sit in a quiet place and open up.

When you set the intent to open the door, then you must be prepared to face whatever comes through it.  As our messenger has seen in the past week or two, visions of other lifetimes, within other cultures are now coming forth.  That stream of consciousness has grown from a tiny stream to a great river and will continue through much of time spent here.

Fear is what blocks many from even reaching the door.  Fear of what is behind it…as before the healing can begin you must be willing to look within those dusty corners where suppressed memories have been hidden.  It takes great courage to face the inner demons, but once you begin to allow the energies to move through you, a great change can occur within your being.

By releasing the past… whatever happened, the motives, the hidden agendas, the doubts and fears, the trauma, the karmic weight… all will begin to move.  Then, request the assistance of the Violet Flame angels to transmute the energies.  Whatever their former character (guilt, blame, shame, pride, projection, anger) we see this selfsame energy will begin to dissipate and dissolve, as the Violet Flame is the Universal solvent.  It can dissolve the toughest core of darkness if that person desires and allows the work to be done.  It is a choice.

We understand that for the male human, it is harder to admit to the fear and harder still to allow it to surface, be felt, and then removed.  In the end, it is only stuck energy that has attached itself to a thought and become an impediment to the free movement of life force energy through your body.

See the Violet Flame as a tool.  Any of the Rays are tools, powerful ones, but tools.  You are the source of power as you allow the strength and courage of your Higher Self to move through your earthly bodies and begin the healing that is required of everyone who walks upon this Earth.

The reason that the healing process can be accelerated here as opposed to being in the higher planes and dimensions are that here you are swimming in the midst of the heaviest energies that have ever manifested in Creation.  The energies which have plagued this isle for thousands of years comes from one source, what has been expressed as the Belial energy, from interlopers who entered this quadrant of Creation long ago.  They are still here on planet Earth.  They are being removed.

Each person is responsible for their own journey.  Many are not yet ready to move forward in their spiritual evolution.  We respect their choice; they will be moved into the place prepared, within a quadrant, a new expansion of Source, which allow for more rapid growth as there will be no interference allowed there.

Your bodies are vehicles, vessels for the sacred energies of Spirit…when they are allowed to move through you.  You are not the worker or the work.  It is your intent and permission that allows the angelic beings, healing angels and masters to do the work through you.  If you do not resonate with the term “angels” see them as energy, intelligent sentient energy that knows intuitively what must be done.

Give permission, and then allow “God” to assist you, and move aside your judgment.  The timing and length of the process will vary for each individual.  You will not be given more than you can handle.

As the energies rise in frequency on this planet, you will begin to feel an inner push within to release that which has, in many of those who suffered through or witnessed great traumatic events or occurrences, been stuffed down, tamped down and buried beneath layers of dust.

Visualize the dissolving of the barriers that many of you have placed around your heart chakras, your heart center.  These walls were erected during a time of need, when it was imperative to defend your emotions, to tamp them down in order to survive, to endure, and to continue.

Now, it is time for those ancient energies to be dissolved, transmuted, transformed and returned to their original blueprint.  Healing the past will heal the future.  By working in the Now, you can facilitate the clearing of your timelines and ultimately the raising up of your frequency level.

Only those who have done a sufficient amount of internal work…and it is work, will be able to remain on this planet into the foreseeable future.

At present, there is a great deal of chaos due to the ancient energies of malice and ill intent within certain beings as it is being exposed to the population at large.  The realization that you have been the object and perhaps victim of such hate can overwhelm some; however, it is YOUR choice as to whether or not you continue in victim consciousness.  You and only you can decide…can pull the trigger and give the permission and intent to allow the healing process to start or to continue.

Now is not the time to attempt to magic the dark away.  If you are not willing to face it now within this brief window of opportunity, you will have made the choice to continue on with your lessons in 3D and lower 4D.  All dimensions have within them twelve levels.  There are ONLY 12 dimensions within this particular quadrant, but within each many variations and levels.  Those who have mastered at least 6D can move down to 4D when it is necessary to interact with Earth humans.

We understand and have observed the presence of many false teachers present now upon this isle.  It is your choice whether or not to seek them out for their assistance, but you are giving away your power.  Many of these…beings…are energy feeders; they seek out those who are of the light but who are unaware of the pitfalls and challenges that lie before any seeker of Truth.  Discernment and learning to listen within are most important now.  Always consult your inner guidance system, listen to how you feel, do not be taken in by those who claim great power and knowledge.  It is easy to say the words, but if the real soul evolution is not there, it will become apparent eventually…and for some of these followers, it will be too late.  Choices made within this window are ones that will determine your next great cycle of evolution.

Perhaps our words feel grim to some, but they are needful to be heard.  As incarnated human beings and starseeds you ARE responsible for your choices.  And now you have the choice to be free or to lapse back into darkness for another cycle, at least 26,000 years for some…and more for others.

Evolution…called by some “ascension” is an automatic process in part, but it can be guided and accelerated by the personal choices that you make.  If you do not take part in the process it will be slowed down.  If you participate actively through intent, it will accelerate.  And you will be tested on your resolve to complete the process.  We remind you that evolution never stops.  Anyone who claims to have completed their evolution is a liar and fraud.  They would not be present on this isle if such were true, but serving alongside those of the Angelic, Archangelic, Cosmic, and Elohimic levels of service.  We are not here to serve ourselves; we are here out of a profound and deep abiding love for all the generations of man upon this isle.  We wish for you to succeed but we cannot do the work for you.

Face your fears…the unnamed demons that lurk within.  Place the key within the lock, give the angels permission to work through you (you do NOT do the work), ask for healing, and it will be done.  Be prepared to feel the energies move out, perhaps through tears, so give yourself a private place to do this work.  Journal, move, spend time in nature, and allow that which must be cleared to percolate to the surface.  Some of you will see images, many will only feel, but each experience will unique to the individual.

When you seek healing, ask for the clearing of the “cause, core, record, and memory” of the deepest issues possible.  Seek out the essential core of what is hidden.  It may be a memory from an experience from this lifetime, but for most humans on this planet, it derives from experiences during the long galactic wars, and for some lives spent in other quadrants of Creation.  For the great wars here was the result of a spillage from another, higher frequency quadrant from which the ones who carry the Belial energy had also invaded.  They were driven out and found their way into this quadrant by chance.  As they refuse to return to the Light, they wish to destroy all who carry the light within…all lighted human beings who carry a spark of the Divine within.  Not all who walk among you are human or fully human.  Now is NOT the time to be without proper shielding or to open yourself to mass meditations where entities with ill-intent can implant your light body or draw upon your energy.  Shield and then join the meditation.  Oneness will be achieved eventually but most of you are not yet prepared to take that step.  You need to do your own work first so you can be fully balanced and useful to others.

Spiritual evolution is not about fads, phases, and buzz words.  In order to move beyond the stage in which you find yourself takes dedication, strength of will, courage, a resolve to succeed (not at the cost of others), to refrain from judgment (of self and others) and a willingness to participate fully in the process.  Others cannot do the work for you.  Angels can assist in moving through the old energies and doing the needed healing, but it for you to open your heart and mind and to allow, with humility, patience, and grace…the often sticky process to occur.

By their actions you will know them.  By your actions, not your words, you are known.  If your words are not supported by your actions they are empty and meaningless.  Flowery phases will not move the stuck energies; the Violet Flame will.

All of you are powerful, but at this stage of your evolution you are not gods or goddesses.  Each of you embodied here are fragments, fractals of gods and goddesses who sent you forth in order to do the work that they could not do for themselves for they were needed at a different level, to attend to their work and purpose for being.  At this level, you must contend with the matters of the material world and bringing forth the spirit through your bodies, but until the old stuck energies are transmuted, the effect will be stifled.  As a result, you will feel frustrated, angry, resentful… and a wide-range of other emotions… but mainly confusion.

The power, love, and intelligence of Source energy have a corresponding focus within your own Tri-fold Heart Flame.  Clear the brambles, the overgrown forest from around the castle walls, open the gates, and allow Spirit to flow through like a cleansing river of Light until all sparkles, until you feel fully prepared to commit to service.  Spiritual evolution and moving through this process is a service for as your frequency rises, so does the rest of the world around you.  This is service for the good of all, not to prop up a selfish, frightened, angry, greedy ego.

Be free by freeing yourself and allowing you to heal within.  Set the intent, give your permission, and allow the cage door to open.  You are the Key.

You are loved more than you know,

I AM Gabriel

Messenger:  Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, aka Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved.  Videos and recordings of this written material are NOT permitted.  Author:  Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

  1. “The so-called ‘Black Sheep’ of the family are, in fact, seekers of liberation roads for the family tree. Those members of the tree who do not adapt to the rules or traditions of the family system, those who were constantly seeking to revolutionize beliefs, going in contrast to roads marked by family traditions, those criticized, tried and even rejected, those, by General, they are called to release the tree of repetitive stories that frustrate entire generations. The ‘Black Sheep’, those who do not adapt, those who scream rebel, repair, detoxify and create a new and blooming branch… countless unfulfilled desires, unfulfilled dreams, frustrated talents of our ancestors manifest themselves in their rebellion looking to take place . The family tree, by inertia, will want to continue to maintain the castrating and toxic course of its trunk, which makes its task difficult and conflicting… that no one makes you doubt, take care of your ‘rarity’ as the most precious flower of Your Tree. You are the dream of all your ancestors ” ~Bert Hellinger Leave a reply
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