Galactic Federation of Light

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The Galactic Federation of Light

Written by Sundeelia VaCoupe

For the sake of clarity, after witnessing so many glaring errors about the GFL being presented as truth, I have decided to begin a page on the relationships that exist between the various member star nations of the Galactic Federation of Light.  This list is by no means comprehensive, especially now as I’m a recent walk-in and still dealing with the loss of remembrance due to the heavy low-density frequency present here on Earth.  I will endeavor to do my best and will update this page as information comes to me.

First, the founders of the Galactic Federation of Light:

Benjamin Diaz, Lord Ashtar, Lord of the Isle of Ashtar, a mountainous isle (planet) located in an as yet unnamed star system.  Lord Ashtar is a very big handsome man,  tall and deep-chested with broad shoulders.  The lord wears his white blonde hair shoulder length, his face clean-shaven.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and a deep, hearty laugh.  His eyes are a piercing deep blue in color.   He is the Head Commander of the Ashtarian Fleet.  His people are highly talented and skilled and have built many fine starships.  It was Lord Ashtar’s desire for peace that led him to unite with the then Lord of the Pleiades, Lord VaCoupe, in order to create the first vestiges of the Galactic Federation of Light fleet.  Furthermore, Lord Ashtar is the Father-in-Law of Lord Jychondria, the son of Lord Adrigon, the current Lord of the Pleiades and Head Commander of the Pleiadian Outer Fleet.  You can often see the Lord visiting the Pleiadian motherships and councils held on Venus, as well.  The flagship of the Ashtarian Fleet, also known as the Ashtar Command, is the The Phoenix.  The Ashtarian fleet has both women and men in their crews.

A second mothership of the Ashtar Command is The New Jerusalem.  If you were to land this ship on Earth, she would extend 1,500 miles in diameter.  Many channelers have put Lord Sananda Kumara in charge of this vessel, but he is not.  He isn’t Ashtarian.  Lord Sananda is the Son of Lord Sanat Kumara Gia of Venus.

Lord David VaCoupe, the father of the present Lord VaCoupe, Lord Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades was the second ‘founder’ of the GFL.  Lord VaCoupe personally financed and had built the beginnings of the Pleiadian Outer Fleet.  This is in addition to the Star fleet that has existed since the ancient star wars, hundreds of thousands of years ago.  The Pleiadian fleets have by far the largest presence in the Galactic Federation of Light.  This Lord VaCoupe has passed into the Light and now his son, Lord Adrigon VaCoupe is Head Commander of the Pleiadian Fleets.  The lord’s flagship is The White Winds, a huge mothership some 3,000 Earth miles in diameter and 47 decks deep.  Parked in front of Venus, the Winds is joined by two other motherships,  The Golden Rose and The Golden Lotus.

The planet Venus, home to Lord Sanat Kumara and his son, Lord Sananda Kumara (the higher self of Yeshua ben Joshua), does NOT have a fleet.  Shuttle vessels and other smaller craft are used to ferry diplomats, family, and visitors to and from the planet.  Large councils are often held on Venus as light beings, ascended masters and others gather to make decisions and ponder the current situation and energy readings from Earth.  Although actively engaged in doing light work, attending council meetings and directing energies towards Earth, Lord Sananda is NOT a commander on any of the Galactic Federation ships of Light.  He often visits the command ships as a representative of his Family, the Kumaras, and of his home planet, Venus.  Lord Sananda continues His work with the evolutions of humanity upon Terra.

As Head Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet, Lord Adrigon is heavily involved in many decisions, council meetings, strategy meetings and the like.  He also finds time for entertainment.  The three huge motherships are designed to create a home-away-from-home environment for all crew members and visitors.  Food is grown on the ship and supplemented by deliveries from Venus and other isles.  The ship is self-sufficient in many respects as items can be made onboard ship and used by the crew.  Crew wear silvery white stretchy form-fitting uniforms, soft-soled boots and when called for, cloaks or robes especially when attending council functions.  The Elemental members of the crew also provide some of the ceremonial robes and gowns used by honored visitors.  For each of the motherships there are thousands of crew members, not including specialized staff like the Elementals, nutrition preparers (cooks), gardeners, entertainers, etc. There are two operation commanders who work directly with the top commander and Head Commanders; 1st Level Commanders are the Head Commanders, who oversee Personnel, Ship Government, and other Administrative functions; several 2nd Level commanders who oversee some of the main departments; 3rd Level Commanders are called Specialty commanders.  These commanders oversee each department and are experienced and experts in their chosen fields, including communications, engineering, environmental, survey, inter-ship communications, shuttle bay, research and so on.  The last level of commanders are the Line Commanders, who work directly with the crew members, most often according to small teams and shifts.  There are 200 line commanders on board the motherships.  The ship is a complex vessel and home to thousands of crew.  All Pleiadian vessels allow male and female crew members.  All crew members receive a significant amount of training from childhood before entering into the Command.  Classes are also held on board The White Winds, sometimes presented by visiting dignitaries or even crew members.  The White Winds also holds a Galactic University for training potential walk-ins, starseeds, and souls preparing for incarnation upon Earth due to the special transitional period the planet is now undergoing.

The Golden Rose, another Pleiadian mothership, is commanded by Lord Thymious VaCoupe.  The Golden Lotus is commanded by Lord Arronn VaCoupe, twin of Lord Adrigon.

Next, but not least is the Sirian mothership, The Golden Lily.  It is upon this vessel you are most likely to see various luminaries from the Solar worlds of Sirius A and B, including but not limited to Lady Isis, Mother Goddess of this Quadrant of Creation, Lord Krishna and members of His Family, including Lord Chananda, brother to Sanat Kumara, and even Lord Horus, son of Osiris and Lady Isis.  There are two Commanders of this mothership, one is Commander Jean deAir Kavioush.  Sirian customs and culture do NOT allow for female crew members on any of the Sirian ships.  Sirian ladies can visit the ship.  The Sirian culture forbids their women to join the Command, as the GFL is known throughout the Galaxy.  You will NOT find a Goddess such as Lady Isis commanding a starship.

The Arcturians and Andromedans also have star fleets, which are much smaller than the Pleiadian Fleet.  The Arcturian presence is here primarily for healing.  Other star nations may or may not have physical vessels present.  Many of the star nations represented have their people working as crew or diplomats on the Pleiadian vessels, as the motherships are designed to accommodate a great diversity in humanoid forms.  All crew and visitors upon the ships wear the silver uniforms, which are climate-controlled according to the personal needs of the crew member or visitor.  Cloaks or capes are also provided to those who are visiting or off-duty crew members.  The uniforms are quite form-fitting and leave little to the imagination.  Cultural differences are acknowledged, but all must practice decorum when in public areas of the vessels.


Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe Mathdis, 2nd Level Commander, Special Projects

Note to Readers:  Commander Sundeelia is no longer stationed on The White Winds as of May 2020.

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