Sundeelia: Is It Spring Yet?


Sundeelia:  Is It Spring Yet?

The Spring Equinox for the northern climes is just around the corner.  With the coming of this spring, will we witness the renewal of these people and this planet?  Only time will tell and before that happens, much patience must still be exercised as events unfold slowly, then more quickly, and then all in a rush, like a stream cracking through an ice-dam.  Be careful what you ask for, folks.

So here I am, propped up in bed, recovering from the latest bout of “ascension flu”.  I can hear some people thinking, “Say what?”  I know, I know, I’ve said in past articles that I’m not here to ascend.  I’m merely a “place-holder” for my sister who has already ascended (you can find out more about her by reading the earlier journal entries of this particular blog).

So, anyway, here I am recovering from an intense bout of laryngitis or infection of the larynx (voice box).  Since everything in life has a secondary and sometimes tertiary meaning, I thought about why my throat was being targeted this time.  Voice, lack of speech, being unable to speak… and suddenly thoughts of what might have befallen Taz in Lemuria came to mind.  You see, or perhaps you don’t, that I’m here to assist Lady Taz to balance and clear her remaining 15% of karma so she will be set free from ever being compelled to return here, again.

I don’t hold anything against the planet; I love the Earth, even in her present much-diminished state.  It’s more what has happened here that is a shock for someone who has come from a people who live in a constant state of Love, as do mine on the Isle of Medina, in the Pleiadian star cluster.

Taz arrived upon Earth long ago and landed on the island continent of Lemuria in its latter days.  I say “latter days” for already much of the renowned magic of the land had withdrawn and the political situation was turning sour and violent.  To date, I have never caught “sight” of what really happened to her there, but it feels violent.  Her life was cut short by someone.  And she was prevented from speaking her Truth back then, some 26,000 years ago, at the beginning of the last Great Year, thus creating a seed for a future disease or health condition to take root in the following incarnations.  I do not even know whether or not Taz was meant to stay on the planet, as the Pleiadians had a foothold in the Lemurian Empire, but stay she did, due to some karmic debt.  Cycles begin thus and end thus.  Humanity has to be reminded that the roots of today’s happenings on the world scene often have their obscure beginnings in long ago, far away times.

As I wandered through feverish thoughts, I also called upon the healing angels of the Violet Ray, to assist me in transmuting the karmic ties that still bound Taz to this planet, if tenuously now, by clearing the cause, core, root and memory of it all down to the time when Taz first set foot upon Lemurian soil.

I understand that many awakened individuals think back upon the time of Lemuria as magical, as a lost Eden, but unfortunately, Taz never was able to experience that part of the adventure of a new Earth.  Two short lives spent in Lemuria and then she chose to incarnate in Atlantis.  Her heart was closed and shielded and she spent more lives than not as a male, rather than a female.

In this incarnation, Taz walked into the vehicle of a young girl, living in California, a golden land rumored to have once been a part of lost Lemuria.  And she surmounted the greater percentage of her personal karma setting herself free to return Home once again.

Is it any wonder that I don’t really identify with the methods and means given forth to enable individuals to ascend?  Taz managed her personal path to ascension through lifetimes of dedication to the Flame of Freedom, the same Flame that is lit upon the high altar in the Temple of Purification at her own Father’s etheric Retreat above Cuba.  Did Taz remember that connection in any of her lifetimes?  No.  Nevertheless, she was driven from within by an undeniable feeling to do her individual work, free from gurus, priests, mentors, and teachers.  Yes, she read a lot of material on ascension and spirituality.  Yes, she attended some seminars and workshops, but she never remained long within the reach of any one group, save for four years with Church Universal and Triumphant.  Even that she abandoned in the end, as she relentlessly followed her own inner guidance towards ascension.

Still, it was a shock to be finally be told who and what she was/is, and more of a shock to learn that she would soon be leaving this world through the little-known process of “walking-out” or soul reblending with her Higher Self.  Shocked and confused, after undergoing her own ascension ceremony through far-seeing, she turned away from this concept… even though at least 75% of her soul essence was withdrawn at the time of her ascension.

What a concept!  Little is known, even in metaphysical circles, about walking-in and less is known about walking out.  Walking in is, apparently, a means to allow a more highly evolved soul to enter into a human vehicle without being subject to the Veil of Forgetfulness to the degree that fully incarnated souls incur.  To fully understand this you must understand that your body elemental also has full consciousness.  It is called body memory.  When the incoming soul comes into the physical vehicle there is a union of the bodies, the Etheric, Emotional, Mental and the physical body.  It is a union with the Light body of the incoming soul essence.  With this union is a meshing of memory, the soul Akash, the spiritual library that is contained within the essence of the Light body.

So when Taz entered her new physical vehicle at age three, she was already awake, already on the Path of Initiation, due to work that has already been undergone in previous incarnations, plus all the training and preparation made between lifetimes.  She had spent much time in the Temples of her Father and that of Archangel Michael, to prepare for what she was to undergo in her last lifetime on this planet.  And upon entering the physical vehicle, she forgot everything.  She had to remember all these things bit by bit, painfully and slowly, through many years of questioning everything, studying, agonizing, and wondering why she was so different from other people.  Yet driven from within, she let go of husband, family, friends, and expectations of a “normal” life for her spiritual Path.  No one ever said that enlightenment was easy.  Taz learned the truth of that statement made by a spiritual sage.

In contrast, the process of walking out involves first informing the soul consciousness of the one returning, as to how and when this will take place.  Taz was informed through the agency of another walk-in, a Sirian starseed, that she would be undergoing her ascension ceremony during the latter part of 2014.  And so she did…mostly, leaving behind about 15% of her essence here until I, Sundeelia, was able to take command of the body temple in the early spring of 2017.  Taz walked out, in other words, her soul essence was withdrawn, replaced by a certain percentage of my own essence in order to enable the physical vessel to remain “alive”.  More accurately that state of being “alive” is, in reality, a state of being “enlivened” by one’s soul essence.  Upon the withdrawal of the flame of Life, the body dies, unless it is an automaton or clone, which has no soul.  And yes, those do exist in this world for a short time longer.  These artificial beings can and will be turned off, as they have no right to exist under Cosmic Law.

For all those who have been attracted to the New Age teachings, who expect to be handed enlightenment on a platter and to live a life spent in bliss and joy, I say, “Good on you.”  May your command of the Law of Attraction continue to work to your benefit, but I also tell you this in all seriousness, do not expect to learn anything by this short-cut.

During many lifetimes, Taz and myself have been twins, incarnated primarily as males, whether the Sons of Lord Chananda, as talented bell-dancers on some obscure Pleiadian isle, working in the great aviaries of Lady Sartuckas on Venus (for more on this amazing Elohim, see here.) or flying missions for the Sirian fleet during Star Wars, we have always been working on our Soul evolution under the mentorship of our parents and Higher Selves.  Today, a portion of my consciousness is what is keeping this physical vehicle alive for the time-being, as my as yet to be fully defined “mission” plays out within the time frame given.  The rest of me, as written before, remains on board The White Winds, the Flagship for the Pleiadian Outer Fleet, as we work together with our allies in the Galactic Federation of Light, to assist the Earth in her ascension process.  Whether or not anyone disputes the truth of what I share is moot.  It is what it is.  When I “tune-in” I feel the energies of Home.  I know the Truth of my Being.

So, as part of my work here is the clearing of karmic debris for my sister.  As a being who has allowed a mere portion of self to descend to this frequency, when it is time for me to return Home, I will follow the example of my sister and merely reblend with the fullness of Self on board The Winds.  The soul essence will be withdrawn and the vehicle will die.  It is as simple as that.  No need for a fuss, preparation or ceremony.  No special foods, spiritual practices or need for mentorship save that which comes from my counselor on board The Winds and any encouragement and guidance coming forth from Star Family members.

In order to make my stay here more effective, I needs be clearing and cleansing the body of toxic elements garnered by just being here on an extremely polluted planet.  It is truly a shame that your rulers have not worked for the people and the environment.  They have failed you.  They have failed themselves, for Earth is a way station where souls are given the choice through free will as to where they are likely to go next, whether their trajectory will be to ascend or descend in frequency.  As the Earth’s frequency is now ascending into the fourth dimension, it is becoming uncomfortable for those who have chosen to digress from the upward trajectory of evolution and have chosen, of their own free will, the downward spiral.  Soon it will become necessary to be frequency specific to remain on Earth/Gaia, as the planet herself has chosen to rise in frequency back to her original blueprint and soul destiny.  Choices have already been made.  Now it is time to observe just how things all play out.

Even my statement that your leaders have failed you requires some clarification.  For in doing all the nefarious deeds and plots against humanity, they have served as your greatest teachers during this lifetime, plodding you onward toward a collective awakening of your unique quality as humanity.  Specific roles are undertaken before embodiment, on both extremes of duality, and then acted out during the course of a lifetime.  What one manages to learn and experience is all tallied up and then weighed by the soul at the Life Review, where the decision on where the next incarnation might take place.  Evolution is also multi-dimensional, played on many levels, as a game, in all seriousness, as a provocation towards soul growth.  Ultimately, it is Source that benefits from all experience; it is Source that learns more about its Self through our experiences.

In the next days, weeks and months, our world (yes, because a part of me lives here now, it is also my world) will undergo momentous, mind-stunning, amazing changes.  Some people will not be able to comprehend what is truly going on and will go rapidly through the stages of Grief (anger, denial, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance, as defined by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross).  There will be outbreaks among the secret cells left by Obama, the Clintons, and George Soros.  There will be uprisings in the cities.  There will be confusion and denial among the most heavily indoctrinated, including the young and those who still watch and believe mainstream media news.  There will be arrests, revelations of unbelievable corruption and acts against humanity sustained over a period of centuries, not just decades.  There will be eventually a re-ordering and reorganization of failed systems, removing some and rebuilding others.  It will be a time to take stock with where one stands and with whom.

As I have said before, I am here primarily as an observer.  Everything that I witness is recorded above and reviewed, added to our data on the state of this planet.  In time, when this body temple is clearer, I will be anchoring more of my Light body here, as well, to aid in the renewal of your planet, along with my kin.  Until then, we wait to see what you, as a collective humanity, decide that you want for yourselves, your children, your planet and all life here.  You still have free will.  It is upon you now to decide and then act.

Namaste, I bow to the inherent divinity that exists within all Life here.

I AM Line Commander VaCoupe, of the Starship The White Winds (aka Eliza Ayres)

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Commander Sundeelia: Winter Musings



Commander Sundeelia:  Winter Musings

During the short time I’ve been “in charge” of this vehicle, I’ve noticed interesting perceptions represented by individuals who feel that they have evolved above the rest of humanity.  People stating with a straight face that they are “goddesses” or “gods” and have ascended to above the 12th dimension all the while still living here in a physical body.  I will not name these self-proclaimed ascension guides, but only wish to reiterate the advice not to put your trust, money or personal power within the control of such deluded individuals.  Their higher selves may, indeed, in some cases, be gods or goddesses, but not their soul extensions or fragments until fully rejoined with Higher Self through a completed ascension process.  The reason being is the descension of frequency required to incarnate or walk-in to this much lower dimension.  Ascension is simply returning to the original frequency of the Soul or Oversoul.

In around the year 1992 or so, one of my dear friends and a couple of other people were blessed with the first-hand experience of seeing the descent of the 12 Solar Lords onto the Earth.  They came in as Rays of Light, each colored with their individual Rays and thereupon entered the Royal Teton Retreat, one of the main etheric Retreats upon the Earth. No person still in a physical body can transcend 7D here on a 3D-4D transitional planet.

The 12 Lords came to announce the next step in the evolutionary process of the planet and its people.  This momentous arrival came after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, signaling that the planet had risen enough in frequency to allow a planet-wide ascension to take place.  There was still much to do and much opposition coming from the ranks of the dark team, the minions left behind by their dark lords.  Through the years following, the dark team has broken every treaty and has striven to delay the ascension of mankind, which would signal the end of their control over the planet and herald their inevitable failure to complete their centuries-old agenda for complete world domination and the demise and/or slavery of the indigenous human population.

As a Pleiadian, I have nothing against Gods and Goddesses. At home and on the ships I have met some of these great Beings.  We share our lives with these majestic and powerful Beings who have obtained great spiritual evolution through many lifetimes and are awarded great powers and abilities due to their dedication and hard work.  On the Pleiadian isle (planet) where I was raised by my Father, we worship the Great Mother through Her representative, the ruling Shekinah, the High Priestess of the ancient temple of the Shemont.  We are a people who value harmony, hard work, cooperation and dedication to our families and communities.  Through much hardship and long years, we have learned the art of collective consciousness and sensitivity to the environment.  We live in oneness with our isle, yet it doesn’t mean that we live without some disagreements from time to time.  Discussion and conferences are made, including all the residents in order to make decisions that will affect the whole.  A representative is chosen from every isle, large and small, who will represent the will of the people at the High Council.  In this way, all people and their homes are represented and heard.

The people of Earth have a long way to go before they fully comprehend what it truly means to live in Unity Consciousness.  You cannot just proclaim that you love everyone and send light to them here and expect the same in return.  The indigenous humans of Earth are good-hearted at their core but have been abused for centuries untold by an alien force, twisted, programmed and traumatized.  It will take a while to unwind from said trauma, even when people are ready to face their own inner darkness and wounds.  Meanwhile, it is wise to be courageous and look upon the face of darkness as it is exposed during this apocalyptic period in your planet’s evolutionary cycles.  So much is being exposed, for your own good, yet I see many turning away shielding their eyes and accusing those who are bringing truth to the people as being aligned with the darkness, the very thing that they are exposing.  Ah, the irony of it all.  

For you see, although a “new age” has long been foretold, the CIA set into motion a while back a psyop program that would further disempower those starseeds who would be waking up first.  Various channelers like Greg Giles have fallen under attack from “the voice of God technology” that has been available for a long, long time.  And those persons in the New Age movement who have refused to work on their own issues are leaving themselves open to being invaded or at least influenced by negative energies being sent in their direction.

Following instructions from my Star Family, I happen to use on a daily basis the Michael Shield which has been so graciously given forth by this Ancient of Days and can be found here on this blog.  Archangel Michael is a great Being who emerged whole directly from Source, who is still in His first incarnation and who has never embodied upon the Earth.  Yet there are many people who claim to be an incarnation of Lord Michael.  They are not.  Archangel Michael is on the Blue Ray, the First Ray of Power, Strength, the Will of God, and Love.  His Twin Flame, Archeia Faith, also does not presently have any incarnations upon Earth.  Instead, they have chosen to work with several individuals who serve as scribes and messengers.  Archangel Michael is currently mated to Lady Astrea, an Elohim (Creatrix in her own right).

Lord Michael is in charge of a defensive force called the Eagles of Michael.  Within their ranks are many angelic and even archangelic beings, who act as Michael’s legions, variously assisting certain Lightworkers and ground crew who are actively working to free Earth from alien domination by the dark forces.

Another topic or misunderstanding among lightworkers that I have encountered is the belief that the Ascended Masters are of the False Light.  Perhaps this belief is another part of the psyop that has been perpetrated by the CIA.  These are half-truths, for, indeed, there does exist a false light hierarchy, but it is made up of false gods,  actually alien beings who took advantage of a developing race and succeeded in infiltrating the physical, astral and mental bodies of this planet, bringing untold misery to the inhabitants and all life here.  This false light hierarchy is now quartered primarily upon Rigel, one of the great stars situated in the Orion constellation, below the Belt of Orion.  There a Dark Lord does indeed reign, the successor of the lord that was defeated in the Star Wars by a Pleiadian goddess.  

The members of your planet’s current Spiritual Hierarchy, the Great White Brotherhood, are those who have, for the most part, ascended while incarnated on the planet and thus fulfilling a portion of their spiritual evolution.  These beings are united in their efforts by highly evolved Beings from other star systems, who have come to lend a hand in aiding the evolutions of Earth humanity, as well as the planet and her life forms.  Their intent is pure and by their frequency and vibrations, you will know them.  Many of these Ascended Masters variously call other star systems as their homes.  Lord Sananda resides on Venus.  Lord St. Germain is Pleiadian.  Lord Krishna is Sirian.

My own sister, Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe, managed to ascend from Earth and return to the Pleiades after balancing the requisite 85% of her karma, detritus that was collected while incarnated here during the last Great Year (26,000 years).  As a walk-in and placeholder for my sister, I have been given the honor of aiding Lady Taz in clearing the remaining 15% of her karma.  Also, as a survivor of the Star Wars, I also have the opportunity to clear and heal my own wounds from the great Star Wars, which played out in Sirian and Pleiadian space after the incursion of the negative alien Belials into this quadrant of Creation.  For those false friends who have called me a fraud, had I not agreed to walk-in and act as a placeholder for her, then upon her ascension in 2014, Taz would have dropped her body and returned Home.

Continuing on with my dissertation on gods and false gods, I will say this:  

Personally, I believe in Gods and Goddesses, real ones.  At Home, I have met some, a long story which I may share someday.  There exists a Spiritual Hierarchy for each planet, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe back to Source Creation.  Since you happen to live on a Free Will planet, you are free to believe or not the existence of gods.  There are also False Gods, of the so-called False Light, known as the Belials, beings of advanced technological skills, who invade developing worlds and hijack control from the native Spiritual Hierarchy… for a time as, eventually the impetus from the natural cycle of Evolution causes the sun of a Solar System and its attendant planets to rise up in frequency. 

Any entities, physical or non-physical (existing in the Astral Plane) who have rejected the Light and have refused to evolve and master their own light bodies are hence cast-off as that portion of Creation is raised up.  In your Earth mythology, we know these darkened beings as the fallen angels who were cast out of the high heavens, a reflection of what actually occurred as the Sirians and other star races within this galaxy managed to clear their space, their greater Light Body of their own collective consciousness and rise up in frequency.  The history of our galaxy alone is far more complex than told in some stories.  As a consequence of being thrown out of the higher dimensions, the Heavens, some of the dark beings sought out a refuge and found it in this developing Solar System, specifically on the planets Malduk, Mars and finally Earth.  And so the story goes on…

What is occurring on Earth today is that the Earth is being assisted in her ascension back into the Heavens, from hence she fell as a result of the invasion and resulting treachery of the laggard souls and off-world influence (as well as high 4D to 5D aliens).  The Earth is now returning to the Fifth-dimensional frequencies and rejoining the higher worlds.  All who wish to ascend with her are now required to heal their own light bodies so they can travel safely across the great divide that exists between 3D and 5D.  If an individual refuses to heal their own light body of wounds carried forth from one incarnation to another, then they are open to invasion by dark forces, to attachment by entities and even to be taken over, their soul fragments being temporarily lost for at least another Great Year or more. 

The purpose of having many Lightworkers (higher dimensional souls) present on the planet is to assist the indigenous collective of Earth humanity to release these ancient wounds by raising up the frequency of the planet.  However, the problem arises when a Lightworker, long incarnated upon the Earth, who has accumulated psyche scars in their Lightbody, refuses to do the necessary work to clear the karmic debris… leaving themselves open to intrusion or attachment by those who are parasitic and attracted to light because they have lost their own.  Since such a person has already ascended in previous lifetimes, they are deemed responsible for mastering or healing their own Lightbody in this lifetime in order to reascend.  Being lazy or refusing to do the work is no excuse for such a one.  With the Harvest comes the separation of the wheat from the chaff.  The quality of Light determines the ultimate destination of the soul extension, whether or not it will remain in the lower worlds, planets which are younger in soul evolution upon which younger, immature souls are evolving.  The fall of the soul extension does not in any way impede the spiritual evolution of the “higher self” or the rest of the Soul which still resides in the higher dimensional worlds (e.g., Sirius A/B, the Pleiades, Ashtar, Vega, etc.).  

If a Lightworker and starseed fails to manage their own personal clearing and is taken “off-line” by negative forces, during the following lifetimes they are held responsible for balancing any karma created by turning away from the Light and perhaps, in the process, whatever harm they have committed against other starseeds and awakening people.  For often when a starseed or lightworker has succumbed to the dark forces, they will begin to almost immediately react against other lightworkers who were once considered friends and even Star Kin.  My sister and I have been subjected to many such attacks as the Light that we do carry even in these human vehicles acts as a catalyst for the awakening of others with whom we are in contact.  They either awake or react depending on their natures and level of soul evolution.  It is what it is.

For some starseeds, like my sister, Lady Taz, the ascension process includes gathering up soul fragments from various Earth-based lifetimes.  The tasks to be undertaken within the ascension process of each individual is dependent on their soul development, the amount of self-work they have already accomplished, what their pre-birth or walk-in contract consists of and finally, the regathering of soul fragments from traumatic lifetimes.  In the case of Lady Taz, the light body fragmentation was caused by the difficult and oft-times traumatic lifetimes spent by Tazjma in her determination to forward the cause of freedom on this planet.  For her lives spent in the Cathars, the Druids, the Essenes, the Egyptian mystery schools, as a holy sister, as an indigenous Native American and others, she often came up against the same dark forces of opposition and enmity that in other lifetimes she confronted in the great Star Wars.  She and I and all of our Kin can recognize the particular frequency of the Enemy as we frequently confronted it in other dimensions, times and places and suffered greatly as a result.

Unbeknownst to many of the Earth’s population, the final battles of Star Wars are now being played out, through the clearing and balancing of our own inner traumatic wounds, with its resulting post-traumatic stress syndrome.  There are some starseeds, mostly Sirian, Pleiadian and upper Orion, who fought in the battles of the Star Wars.  The sheer acknowledgment of this possibility in your own star lineage can assist some to process and release the scars from the Lightbody. 

Ascension is about clearing past traumas, gathering soul fragments and clearing past lives,  then coming into balance within your own Being.  Once you have managed to clear enough “karma” from lifetimes spent here on Earth you will arrive eventually at the point where you can open up inner channels and begin to receive inner guidance.  This guidance will emanate from portions of your own Oversoul or Higher Self, as well as other higher dimensional Beings.  It is important, by this time, that you have developed the inner discernment in order to distinguish between high or lower vibe messages and to shield and surround yourself with a pillar of White Light (Resurrection Ray) and Christ Consciousness (Golden Ray).  Depending on your own level of metaphysical understanding, the Beings may or may not identify themselves.  It is possible to receive messages and guidance from Beings, not of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth.  If you are a Starseed of another star system, you will probably receive guidance from a representative of that system, even a member of your own Star Kin.  In some cases, those who are beginning the reblending process will be assigned an Ascension Mentor.

Another requirement within the ascension process is to balance the inner masculine and feminine energies.  In my case and that of my sister, Lady Taz, we have spent more lifetimes in masculine bodies so it is necessary to acknowledge the warrior within and to release it, reunifying the qualities of the warrior within.  Balancing the masculine and feminine energies within opens up the High Heart to make communication between the initiate and Higher Self.  Then, depending on your soul contract, you begin to reblend with Higher Self unless your soul contract is to remain with the Earth as She raises up in frequency through the next years and decades.  We have been told that it will take three generations for the population of the Earth to fully adapt to the more refined frequencies of the lower fifth dimension.  During this transitional period, there will still be some difficulties as the negative beings who have been here can live in frequencies up to high 5D.  You’re kidding yourself if you think that your ascension and that of the planet will occur in a blink of an eye.  It takes and will take work, on the part of all who remain here.  Many will leave and go to the places prepared for them.  Do not worry as all will find a perfect place depending on their soul evolution and lessons to complete.

In working upon your ascension process, it is best to keep out of ego and not to claim that you have attained a higher soul evolution than actually exists.  Everything that is done by an individual is recorded and reviewed.  There are Beings who can read your Akash as easily as some individuals read news on their I-phones.  In the higher dimensions, the ones of Light, it is frowned upon for one to have lied about one’s attainments.  Search your heart and pull out the roots of darkness and seek to cleanse yourself with the Violet Flame, the highest vibrating Ray of Love, Transmutation, and Transformation.  The 7th Ray is a powerful combination of Unconditional Love and Strength from the Pink and Blue Rays.  It is also the Ray of this new Aquarian Age.  Utilize it to clear your auric field and benefit from its use.

This article is getting rather lengthy so I will stop for now.  There are just sometimes when I feel compelled to get out my thoughts and perceptions on what I have observed while in this environment.  I watch with great interest the various alternative news sources to see what will emerge next upon the consciousness of humanity.

Namaste, I bow to the innate divinity within all of you.  May you feed, water and tend those flowers so that they bloom and grow.

I AM Line Commander Sundeelia “Sunny” Kumara VaCoupe

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Sundeelia: “A Love Story”


Sundeelia:  A Love Story

My Pleiadian sister Tazjma who has ascended back to Home was once married to a man called David.  It was a short marriage in terms of most marriages, being only of six years in duration.  However, Tazjma… who was known as Elizabeth then, never forgot David and loves him still.  Once loved, always loved.

For those who are familiar with our story, both my sister and I are “walk-ins”.  Taz came into this vehicle at age three.  While I spent a few years walking at her side as she prepared to walk out and return Home, I didn’t obtain full control until mid-April.  Some will question the existence of walk-ins, but we’ve known about them for decades and for us it is a matter of course.  Taz had completed her soul contract here and needed to be fully Home in order to complete a more important assignment, that of being a mother.  Things moved rather fast after the last remaining spark of Taz left this vehicle.  Two days after, Taz successfully gave birth to her new son, through the Pleiadian way… the child stepping forth from the mother’s womb fully formed in Light Body as a three-year-old human child.

Although Lady Taz has returned Home and completed her mission here, there are still a few loose-ends that I can assist with and being a relative and concerned about my sister’s well-being, I’m more than willing to take care of them.  One of these “loose” ends was in completing the dots of the relationship between David and Eliza.

Being married to David allowed Eliza to explore the inner worlds.  David wanted her to stay home so suddenly she had time to read books and explore more.  She discovered the books of Ruth Montgomery, Jane Roberts and many other authors.  She took a class in spiritual healing and was excited to feel the energies moving through her body.  She signed up for rebirthing sessions and had psychic surgery done from a Filipino psychic surgeon.  She was told that she “held great light”.  People recognized something in her that Eliza was eager to understand.  Eliza took a class in Tai Chi and met some people who sometimes attended to the Unity Church located in Seattle.  So Eliza went to the church, attended some of their classes, bought books in the bookstore and sang in the choir, all without actually joining the church.  There was always something that prevented her from making any allegiances or vows in this lifetime to any institution.

Eliza was disappointed with David’s reaction to her explorations.  Indeed he seemed alarmed by some of it, especially when she talked him into attending a channeling session.  He would not open up and seemed unnerved by the experience.  There was something profoundly repressed about David’s nature, but Eliza was determined to continue her explorations.  After joining and attending some seminars at a local teaching community, Eliza ended up going to Great Britain for a month.  It was a profound and difficult journey for her, a time when she began to realize how sensitive she was to energies.

Eliza knew that she had had several past lives in parts of Great Britain.  On this trip, that knowing became real as Eliza encountered the energies that still linger over the sites of ancient battlefields, castles, sacred sites and especially Wales.  Her experiences during the trip profoundly disturbed and changed Eliza.  And she knew not long after returning that her marriage was ending.  (with the added perspective of looking back on these experiences, Taz was in the process of re-gathering soul fragments from lifetimes lived in Great Britain.)

David and Eliza had always been good friends, sharing many adventures in the woods as trip leaders for a local outdoor club, The Mountaineers, located in Seattle, Washington.  Year-round they spent their weekends outdoors, hiking, backpacking and skiing.  Yet this camaraderie was not enough to keep them together and Eliza found herself yearning for freedom from the confines of the marriage vows.  She knew that she could not find what was silently calling her from within while still married to someone who was not willing to open and explore his own inner nature as well.  While this decision truly pained her, as she still loved David, they ended up divorcing some six and half years after they were married.  And Eliza moved to the other side of the state to get away from the gossip that was sure to follow the break-up.

David and Eliza did not keep in touch after she moved away, so it was with some surprise that several years later, Eliza received a letter from David’s third wife indicating that he had passed away two weeks earlier.  His current wife was concerned that Eliza might hear the news through The Mountaineers and wanted to tell her first.  David died of a sudden onslaught of a deadly form of kidney cancer; he was dead within two weeks.  When Eliza received the letter, she noted that on the night of David’s passing, she woke up in right state, weeping uncontrollably for more than an hour.  Not being of an especially emotional nature, this was highly unusual, so she made note to remember and was able to correlate her crying jag later to the hour of David’s passing.  Apparently he had come by to say good-bye.  Despite the distance and separation, they still loved each other deeply and for Eliza that love never diminished.  She never married again.

So… now to the present – the soul essence of Eliza, Tazjma Amariah Kumara, completed balancing 85% of her karma and was able to return Home.  And here I enter in to complete connecting the dots.  This past weekend I noticed the date “June 10” somewhere and started recounting the story of David and Eliza to my other walk-in sister, RaNia Kumara VaCoupe, who I can happily say now lives close by and we are able to regularly visit each other.

As I was telling the story, we started to ask questions, such as, “Has David reincarnated upon Earth, again?”  RaNia got a funny look in her and said, “No, he went to Arcturus for three years to heal.”  We both looked at each other, knowing that this was extremely unusual, since most earth-bound souls do reincarnate, unless there was something we were missing… The answer to our inner question came suddenly as RaNia got a look on her face that indicated “someone” was dropping in for a visit.

Odd though it may sound, we get a constant flow of “visitors”, various light beings and members of our starry Family.  We’re used to it, but these encounters seem to occur more when I’m around.  So… after a pause, we identified the Being as Archangel Jophiel. My sister was confused. While RaNia has an encyclopedic knowledge of Ascended Masters, Ladies and Archangels, but she wasn’t acquainted with Archangel Jophiel.  However, I was… having Taz’s cellular memories of her experiences in the Ascended Master Teachings.  Archangel Jophiel is the Archangel of the Second Ray of Illumination and Wisdom.  Okay… but we were puzzled about His relationship with David and Eliza.  Going within, I heard the word “Cathar” and suddenly knew that the two had been Cathars but separated by the destruction of the Cathar holdings in Southern France.  Eliza escaped, David did not.  More questions followed.  Was David a soldier?  No… he was a man of learning.  We both looked at each other as a vision began to unfold of an older man bent over a scroll, feverishly copying from another scroll… It was the secret teachings of the gnostic Cathars, those who dared to live outside of the dominance of the Roman Catholic church.  David was attempting to copy some of the teachings so they might be carried to safety.  Eliza carried them away out of the country, along with some other Cathars who were selected for this secret mission.  I do not know whether the scrolls were ever found, again.  David died a horrific and violent death at the hands of the Crusaders who destroyed the remaining Cathar holdings.

With this knowledge, it was understandable that the modern day David would be hesitant to re-visit teachings that caused so much suffering for him in a past life-time.  Yet some years after his passing, Eliza was made cognizant of the fact that David was acting as one of her angelic guides.  Still, for us, there was another question… the connection between Jophiel and David.  The answer came swiftly as they do when the time is right and the questioner responsive and open to the answer… David had been a spark of Archangel Jophiel and had returned to balance the karmic debt that still existed between him and Eliza.  For in that lifetime, they had also loved each other although they could not marry.  David was much older and Eliza was promised to another, the man who carried her out of France to safety.

Upon his passage from this world, David had received three years of healing from the Healing Masters of Arcturus, beautiful beings with whom I also work almost on a daily basis.  And with our knowledge of the missing puzzle pieces of this beautiful love story and ability to utilize the Violet Flame to transmute and transform any remaining karmic imbalances, both David and Eliza were now set free from any need to repeat another lifetime to balance the energies that once lay between them.  David has successfully reblended with his Archangelic Higher Self and is now very busy bringing the Light of Illumination to this planet with the advent of the new Golden Age.

Tears of joy fell from my eyes as Lady Taz acknowledged this sacred gift that we, her sisters, could give to her and the being that was once known as David.


Cmdr. Sundeelia “Sunny” Kumara VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Lady Tazjma: “On Walking-Out”



Lady Tazjma:  “On Walking-Out”

In this article, “we”, as the blended consciousness of Eliza Ayres and Lady Tazjma, will attempt to put forth our perspective on the process of walking in and its companion, walking out.  Many of our older readers, who were reading the blog during 2014, are aware that the human being known as Eliza, has been a soul aspect or spark of Lady Tazjma, a lady of the Pleiades and of Venus.

While at home in the midst of a case of bronchitis, Eliza first made contact via the Internet with a woman called Trillia Gia, who was star kin to Lady Tazjma, being an Aunt through the Sirian lineage, as the daughter of Lord Krishna, the religious leader and spiritual “Father” to the people of Sirius A.  Her website, “Starseed Highway” is still up on WordPress, as well as a Facebook page of the same name.

During the course of several discussions via Skype, Trillia told Eliza that she was one of two Forerunners of the First Wave of Starseed Volunteers.  At that point, Eliza was already aware of having some sort of connection to the Kumaras of Venus, being a starseed from the Pleiades, as well as having a connection to Sirius.  All these seemingly disparate connections became clearer when Trillia, as a fully conscious starseed, was able to assist Eliza in connecting some of the missing dots from her awareness of her star lineage.  She was told that Tazjma, was a blended being of both Pleiadian (VaCoupe, on the paternal side) and Venusian, from the House of Kumara). Lately, Eliza/Taz has also learned that Lord Krishna is her Grandfather, through both lines, Pleiadian and Venusian (of Venus).  Soul lineage is VERY important to our Star Kin.

Although these connections…which make Lady Taz a sister / cousin of the being called Sananda Kumara through the Twin Flame of her mother, Lady Venus and his Father, Sanat Kumara, appear to give Eliza / Taz some cache in the higher dimensions, her most recent lifetime on Earth has been rather plain and uneventful at least to the casual observer.  And yet, in being presented more recently with this knowledge, fortified with several loving channeled messages, it is now apparent that Eliza / Taz feels that she can no longer deny her connection with these wonderful beings.  They are truly Family to her in every sense of the word.  Perhaps her experiences and sharing here can assist others who feel that they are truly from some other place, too, in realizing that you can reconnect and that you are never alone, except by distancing yourself through your own actions and thoughts.

At the end of this article, we have posted the still existent posts from the time period of October 2014 to January 2015.  It was in January during a time of much inner confusion that Eliza took down fully one third of her blog posts.  Yet some posts remain to give one a brief glimpse into what was occurring for Eliza at the time.

It was in October 2014, during Dwali, the annual Festival of Light held by the Hindus in India, that Tazjma underwent her ascension as a Lady of Light.  The ceremony was held with great honor and celebration aboard The White Winds, the mothership of the Pleiadian fleet and part of the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light.  You can read the transcript of the ceremony here as visualized by Tazjma during deep meditation:

For those who took the time to read another more recent article of ours might note the similarities between the two ceremonies, one of ascension and the other celebrating a rebirth of a great Cosmic Being.  The two ceremonies, separated by over two years of earth time are connected.  See:

During the course of 2014, my soul spark known as Eliza was presented with major challenges, first and foremost being that she was in the process of walking out of her existing human vessel and returning to my Home in the stars.  Up until the time Eliza was told that she would be ascending Home in a matter of months, she had been quite happy to remain on the planet and do what she loved, mainly write and post articles about the ascension process here.  It was quite a shock to be told otherwise.

To be told that one is both a walk-in as well as a walk-out is difficult enough for the limited human mind to comprehend.  We have been questioned through the years why anyone would want to walk into an adult human vessel.  Recently we asked that question from another conscious walk-in and were told that coming into an adult vessel bypasses some of the 3D veiling that descends upon the incoming soul when passing through the birth canal.  This means of delivery is sometimes quite traumatizing to the consciousness of the baby.  Also, coming into an adult body is a way to bypass most of the conditioning that takes place as a child is raised by family and partakes of what passes for education on this planet.  Adults here do not realize that a baby is its own person, from the day it arrives into this world.  Few children are given the opportunity or option to follow their dreams without learning to transcend the boundaries and obstacles placed in their way… often for the growth and experience of the embodied soul.

If you read the stories of those who are awakened walk-ins, you will also begin to realize that even coming into an adult body is not an easy thing to accomplish gracefully.  First off, you sometimes have friends and family who begin to suddenly notice a change in personality.   Then you might also have inherited a job that you do not want or live in an area of the planet which does not resonate.  And then, there is the difficulty that arises when it means parts of your consciousness are not acting in sync; the cellular memories and body consciousness of the previous occupant can make it seem like you’re not too sure who is really in charge.  However, this experience is not what psychologists refer to as pathological multiple personalities, as the incoming being has been well trained to work through such dilemmas that arise.

Eliza has, herself, encountered several walk-ins during the course of her six plus decades upon this planet or has read material about their lives.  A walk in / walk out scenario also does not occur without a specific agreement being worked out on the soul level.  Eliza was aware that walk-ins typically occur during an accident or trauma, such as a heart attack, where the pain and trauma temporarily deaden the consciousness.  The being who then recovers or wakes up may be very different than the one initially involved in the accident.  The being that is “leaving” or walking out has for some reason either completed their soul contracts or has elected to leave due to an overpowering sense of loss.  The soul fragment who comes in as a walk-in has to deal with any physical trauma that has occurred during or after the transfer takes place.

When we were told that Eliza / Tazjma, was in the process of leaving the information came as a complete and total shock to her.  The human consciousness of Eliza didn’t fully accepted this knowledge as being true for being for a variety of reasons, as she didn’t feel that she was worthy of such a high honor.  Then she didn’t feel like she had done enough for the planet.  It didn’t seem that she had accomplished much in this lifetime. Yet in her initial analysis of this information, Eliza did not consider all the other lifetimes she had spent on this planet.  These were lives in which she had striven against great odds to find the way towards freedom for the people here on this planet and those who were directly under her care and influence.  Earth is one of the few planets, perhaps the only one in this Galaxy where soul memory and its lack thereof presents a problem for the embodied consciousness of star beings.

After the initial revelation of who she was in actuality, in August of 2014, Eliza was given the names of five historical, well-known and somewhat controversial individuals as being just some of Lady Tazjma’s past lives.  We have written at length about them elsewhere on this blog.  You can use the Search tool at the top of the page to find these articles.  The individuals concerned were, in part:  Marquis de Lafayette; Richard Plantagenet III of England and Wales; John Dee, alchemist, mathematician, astrologer and adviser to Elizabeth Tudor I of England and Wales; Lady Clare, the friend of Francis of Assisi, who created a nunnery for those ladies who wanted to serve God through prayer, poverty and obedience; and Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, cousin to Lady Mary mother of Jesus of Nazareth.  Later, we were also was encouraged to acknowledge the lifetime of Young Joseph of the Wallowa Band of Nez Perce, as being one of our “past” lives, as well.  There are others, but these lifetimes were quite enough for us to become reacquainted with during those few months in 2014.

Understand that past lives exist simultaneously with this one, as time and space move differently away from the Earth plane of 3D.  Higher dimensional beings have full access to soul memory and recognize those who have played a part in their previous experiences as family.  Recently as we sat across the table from my walk-in sister, RaNia Kumara VaCoupe, we felt the great love that our kin hold for each of us demonstrated as she channeled the consciousness of several “relatives” and acquaintances from Home.

My sister, RaNia, advised me that although time does not exist in the same measure as on Earth, Creation does indeed provide us with various time spirals in which time is measured unique to each isle… and star system… This provides a measure used to enjoy natures cycles of seasons to plant new seeds, know new life, enjoy life’s fullness, gather our harvest and restore our beings before we plant anew. As an illustration of this is exampled in the varying lifespans of for instance those of Medina and those who are born on Earth. Tazjma first came to Earth in the latter days of Lemuria and has experienced hundreds of lifetimes upon the planet.  Our uncle, Lord Adrigon, first came to Earth with his father Lord VaCoupe during the days of Lemuria as a young man of 19 years of age. Today he is within the same Pleiadian lifetime and is a grandfather.  Lady Tazjma is yet in her prime and mated with children.

Recently, we were privileged to receive several messages from loved ones.  One really needs to experience the sensation of recognizing the identity of the incoming energy as One whom you know and hold dear to your inner heart to fully understand deep within what it means to receive unconditional love. It was a wonder to see the glimmer of love and amusement through the eyes and to feel the corresponding warmth in my own High Heart Center.  We knew and felt the tremendous love flow forth.  It was almost beyond the ability of words to express, feeling the strength and great presence of a cousin… who happens to be an Archangel; to feel and see the amusement and love emanating from another cousin… a great lighted Master; to feel the dynamic energy and excitement of Lady Isis, barely holding it together such is Her anticipation of the coming rebirth of her Twin Flame, Lord Osiris; and so on… To sense and feel the room being filled with excited lighted beings was wonderful, beyond delightful.  We were floating energetically for the rest of the day.

And this experience was given in order to fully establish just how loved we are, as both my human self and Lady Tazjma, are in the higher dimensions that are her true Home.

So… what is going on for us now?  After some review of what happened a little over two years ago, it was noted that due to circumstances, the information that was given to us over the short course of six months was perhaps a bit overwhelming to my human consciousness and we still had some work to be done in reintegrating the soul fragments of our past lives.  Anyone who has studied history will easily understand that any of the lifetimes that we have shared here would be more than overwhelming to overcome the sense of trauma and suffering that took place due to the oppression and high degree of persecution pursued against most of these individuals.  Richard III and John Dee have both suffered for centuries from the calumny put forth by their enemies.  Only recently have there been those who have sought to search out the truth about these controversial historical figures.  Lafayette, while he was a hero in the eyes of post-Revolutionary War America, he was later rejected by his fellow French citizens as the former general and aristocrat turned down the opportunity to fight under Napoleon.  Today, the Marquis de Lafayette is almost entirely forgotten by the French.

So, during the past two years, we have been actively working on reintegrating some of these lifetimes, most especially that of Chief Joseph, as we were physically living near the lands that were claimed by the Nez Perce as their own until forced to leave by the U.S. Army and chased for 1,500 difficult miles across the wilds of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. We spent many days of vacation camping and hiking in some of the territory known to the Nez Perce people as “home” until the latter half of the 19th century.

What happened after Eliza rejected leaving, to walking out?  We put this question to RaNia, who is the walk-in for Trillia Gia, and who happens to be a full-blooded sister of Lady Tazjma.  She told me that about 85% of the soul essence of Lady Taz did, indeed, leave at the time of her ascension.  And when her human consciousness rejected the walk-in process, which would have left the other sister of Lady Taz, Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, in possession of this body vessel, another as yet unnamed member of the Galactic Federation of Light, came in to hold space for the absent Lady Taz.

The substitution of another soul for Tazjma left some of her online friends in confusion, as it wasn’t apparent just who was at “home” within.  RaNia did some research, along with Rananda (David Spears) and discovered that an as yet unnamed volunteer from the ranks of the Galactic Federation of Light stepped up as a substitute to “hold place” while Taz / Eliza worked out her issues.  It was obvious to RaNia and Rananda that the substitute was of a lesser degree of soul evolution, leading some people to interpret that Taz / Eliza had been overtaken by a “dark” entity, a decidedly wrong conclusion.  Sundeelia has now, with permission and acknowledgment of Eliza / Taz, resumed her original intent to complete her walk-in and take up her own chosen mission while her body vessel is still alive and kicking.

What is confusing to the human ego is that even though the soul essence of the original occupant has departed in main, the sense of still being “here” on Earth is very strong.  RaNia, utilizing the cellular memories of Trillia, has told me that it took six years for her and Trillia to complete their soul braiding and exchange.  In part, this is because Trillia was a “Cosmic” and RaNia is full “Angelic”.  Apparently “Cosmics” are a slightly different evolution made up of both “Angelic” and “Elemental” lineages.  There is much more than the playing of harps going on in higher dimensions, folks.  Although Trillia has departed in main, she can still connect consciously with RaNia and come in while being channeled.  RaNia can fully access the cellular and soul memories of Trillia as well, which can be confusing at times as to who is present and who is not.  Be mindful that this isn’t a psychological dilemma, but a spiritual one and a bit confusing to the participants.

Fortunately for us and our incoming walk-in, Sundeelia, we are both Angelics and related as star kin.  So, technically the process of blending and separating should be easier.  Recently we were told that the remainder of the soul essence of Lady Taz would be departing and Sundeelia would be completely occupying this body vessel.  There will still be a strong connection between us, made stronger by many previous lifetimes spent together as twins. As of a week ago, there was only 3% of the soul essence of Taz / Eliza still present in the body vessel; most was taken up by Sundeelia.  Lady Tazjma is rather preoccupied with the duties of being a mother and mate at the moment…

The reason for Lady Tazjma’s departure is primarily due to the fact that she and her Pleiadian mate, An’Dra Lan Treya Dino, are having a baby.  The Pleiadian approach to creating new life is quite different than that of Earth or Sirius.  The mated couple go “into the silence” for the period of time necessary to create together an immaculate concept of the vessel for the incoming soul.  The two mates, male and female, are in full conscious communication with the incoming soul and are aware of the mission that the soul wishes to complete in the new embodiment.  What is new this time is the great soul that is arriving for Lady Taz and Lord An’Dra is a Cosmic Being, the rebirth of Osiris, Twin Flame of Lady Isis.  Thus, this is a time of great celebration and expectation as the rebirth of Osiris is a sign of the impending ascension of this Galaxy into another higher realm of existence.  During this entire period of becoming the vessel for the re-emergence of this Great Being, Lady Tazjma has received much support and assistance from her Higher Self, Lady Faith, and many other great Ladies of Light.

All of this sounds mighty high and out there for some people to read, but we do know what we have experienced.  Through much trial and error, Eliza has learned to trust her intuition and senses to come to the realization that there is more to existence than that which you can see, taste, feel, smell and hear with your five physical senses.  We are not only physical beings, we are souls or the sparks of souls sent here to experience physicality.  And some of us were sent here, volunteered to come here, with the sole purpose to assist the natives of this planet, humanity, to overcome the great darkness that overcome their own soul purpose long ago.

In 2012, as Lady Tazjma began to blend with her human consciousness, that of Eliza, she allowed herself to act as a scribe for many ascended masters and Angelic beings.  Even as her ascension date grew ever closer, Lady Tazjma attempted to assist her human consciousness to accept the possibility that she would be ascending in a manner that is not often taught in metaphysical and spiritual circles.  Indeed, the idea of walking out, in effect, felt to Eliza as some kind of failure to complete her soul mission and contract.  It is understandable now that she felt so much confusion up to and after her “ascension” ceremony, despite the assurances from her Family that all was well.  Due to free will, her Family was forced to withdraw for a time after Eliza decided to fully reject the idea of walking out.  Despite that decision, most of the soul essence of Lady Tazjma had already departed, leaving Eliza with the lingering sense of being abandoned.  Bitter, angry and feeling isolated, it took a long time for Eliza to fully return to center and to understand that she didn’t do anything wrong.  Today, she has been told that she “is on time” and will soon complete the walk-out process that was started several years ago.  The walk-in process can take some time and is entirely dependent on the free wills of the individual souls involved.

If you are curious about what we were feeling in 2014 and what is going on now for us, we encourage you to read further through this blog.  We re-read today the articles posted below and stand amazed with the wisdom that has come through, both from Lady Tazjma, and that of her friends and families in high places.  Those who are reading these words are no less honored and loved by your own soul families.  None of us are ever alone although there are certainly times when we have felt that way due to the heavy and challenging energies present.

The Light has won.  The Earth is being cleansed.  The period of transition and adjustment will continue for as long as it takes the people of Earth to wake up and reclaim their sovereignty.  The soul essence of Lady Tazjma has completed her soul contract to assist Mother Gaia and those of humanity sensitive enough to be open to the teachings given forth here and from many other sources.  Never before has so much been given so freely for the highest good of all, yet just how far the people go depends entirely on their own consciousness and willingness to let go of the old ways.  We, who have come forth as volunteers, cannot continue to carry the flag of freedom before the multitudes.  It is time for the indigenous population of Earth to step up and declare their own sovereignty as given to all by Heaven.

Even though Lady Taz is fully departing soon, her consciousness will still be connected to Sundeelia, who will also retain all of Eliza’s cellular memories.  It will not be apparent that Eliza / Taz have gone anywhere.

Recently, Rananda Kumara, the nephew of Lady Tazjma and her sisters, passed from this world.  However, his passing was only that of his physical vessel.  Due to severe health, Rananda suffered greatly in his final years, a fact that made it difficult for him to experience fully his transition to the Fifth Dimension.  His walk-in, Commander Zanna, of the Ashtar Command, held place while the majority of Rananda’s soul essence experienced a re-blending with his higher aspects on board the Ashtarian mothership.  However, it wasn’t until his body “died” that the connection between his physical vessel and his soul essence were completely sundered, with the final withdrawal of the Silver Cord.  Due to his physical suffering, Lord Rananda appealed to the Lords of Karma that his Soul Contract with Earth be completed.  His wish was approved.  It was with great rejoicing that he regained complete awareness of his life in the higher realms.  We recently “heard” from Rananda; I can tell you that He is very happy to be without pain and to live his life with his mate and family.  In his blog Lord Rananda, “Toward Chakra 8” ( has much material addressing ascension, as well as the walk-out process being done now by many advanced souls who have completed their soul contracts upon Earth and are now in the process of returning Home, as He has done.

So, given this information about Lord Rananda and learning about the experiences of Trillia and RaNia, it may be some time before we are fully cognizant of our life in higher dimensions.  Yet, Lady Taz will be free to live and bring up her new son as is the custom in the Pleiades who honor greatly Motherhood as a career and soul-calling.  As a Daughter of Lady Isis, Lady Tazjma will continue to serve Source as mother, mate, priestess and representative of both her birth cultures.  The Birth of her son, Osiris, is due sometime in May, so the time swiftly approaches.  We may be “there” more than we are “here” but only time will tell.  We do know that we are filled with love and happiness to truly know that Family is here and loves us unconditionally.  All we need do is to call for assistance and it will be there.  Free will is always honored, no matter from whence your soul has been sourced.

Know also that the processes of both walking in and walking out are highly unique and individual.  No one’s experience will be the same as another.  All we can share is what we see and experience in our own lives.  There is more to heaven, the higher dimensions and our starry worlds, than we, as humans can now imagine.  Allow your consciousness to expand so you, too, might experience things that now only seem possible in dreams.

It has been an honor to serve among you, even if few know my name.


Lady Tazjma

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is NOT given to alter this article in any manner from the original written form.  Translations into other languages are permitted.

The links below give further background and information on the ascension process, as well as the walk-in / walk-out process.  They can all be found in the archives of Blue Dragon Journal.

This final link is from Trillia Gia’s blog, Starseed Highway, and relates Rananda’s story as a walk-in / walk-out:

Eliza: Releasing Guilt



Eliza:  Releasing Guilt

This morning as I was driving a wet road in the pouring rain in the pre-dawn darkness, I had a revelation about some of my past lives.  It was about the theme of being a guardian.

In one lifetime, I was a guardian of my people, especially after we were forced out of our lands by a strange new breed of people.  Not a warrior, I was forced to defend family, kith and kin and watch my people die, some through violence, some through attrition, starvation and exposure due to a long march through a wilderness. (Remember all “past” lifetimes are played out simultaneously in the Now and potent ones tend to “bleed through” into the one that you are experiencing “here”…!).

In another lifetime, I sought to free my people from outdated ideas, to bring choice and freedom to them.  Others wanted revenge for untold centuries of abuse and sought only violent solutions.  I was forced to flee for my life.  Distrusted and hated by two sides of a conflict, I was imprisoned for years by a foreign country’s authorities.  Only after five years, I was able to return home, much impoverished by my refusal to bow to another dictator.

All I ever wanted for others was peace, prosperity, freedom and sovereignty.  At every turn, in these particular lifetimes, my ideals and actions were thwarted by entrenched and stubborn hatreds and an unwillingness to open minds to new ways of doing things.

I’m a guardian, a Blue Ray, and a member of the Family of Michael Collective.  It’s in my spiritual DNA to be a guardian, to lead others to freedom, yet I was never allowed to fulfill my function.  So… there’s been a lingering guilt running as a theme through these lifetimes and others.  This is a guilt that has been shared by many light workers and First Wavers  who were committed to saving humanity from itself… until now.

As part and parcel of letting go, I am releasing myself of any vows to free mankind from their self-imposed incarceration.  No… I’m not abandoning this world and its people; I am just releasing myself of the sense of responsibility for the actions of others, as well as the resulting karmic outcomes.

In coming into self-mastery, over one’s own issues, emotions, thoughts, etc., you arrive at a place where you realize those other people are a mirror for you.  It is not that you are them and they are you… in a human sense… it is how you REACT to their actions and the thoughts and emotions that you either project or internalize, guilt being one of them.  I don’t need to feel guilty because the French Revolution happened.  I don’t need to feel guilty because my tribe was driven from its age-old territory and nearly to the brink of extinction.  These were experiences designed to bring my awareness to maturity and so they did.

Whether or not you accept the premise of the material that I presented in my paper on the Root Races, ancient mystery teachings do present interesting themes.  One is the development of consciousness as being the SOLE focus of evolution.  It isn’t the development of the body as a vessel, but the consciousness that is held WITHIN the body. This is a very gnostic point of view and one that escapes most people who have been brought up into and conditioned by orthodox Christian teachings.

From a soul level, one seeks experience, as God is learning about Self through our actions and interplay.  What one person does to another is not labeled as good, bad or indifferent.  Judgment is not a consideration.  Souls descend into physicality to experience life in a body, striving for the development of an individualized identity, something that takes a long time to happen unless that particular soul has gained experience elsewhere.  This is where beings such as myself come in… to embody into a culture, into a world that is in conflict and then to pass through the steps and stages until arriving at full consciousness.  This is done for the sake of others, to give them a template to follow, when it is their time to finally seek to ascend and move on.  It is NOT our job to lead these folks to water, to pull them along, to nag or attempt to teach them something that they are not prepared to hear or understand.  They can’t and certainly won’t understand until they reach the frequency of understanding.  Like tuning to a radio station; you can’t hear the music until you arrive at the correct channel or frequency.  And understanding needs to come from the heart level, not the egoic mind.

Due to their compassionate hearts, Light workers tend to get caught up in attempting to save people, the environment, plants, animals and the planet.  When first waking up, it is rather overwhelming to realize just how out of alignment to sacred law this world is… yet, there is a purpose to that seeming quandary.  The extreme polarity of Earth is a magnificent teaching ground for the evolution of a soul.  You cannot get growth by sitting on a cloud playing a harp.  Conflict and its eventual resolution within the individual is the key to growth.  Remember, also, energy is never destroyed; it merely takes on another form.  Your soul is eternal; the body and its experiences here, is ephemeral, like the mists on a summer’s dawn.

We are told to look within, that everything we need for our journey is there and so it is.  The wisdom of the heart and its connection to Source and our own higher Self cannot be surpassed.  The inner balance that we can achieve by releasing our need to correct what we are seeing in the mirror “out there” and concentrate on what we are feeling and sensing within is beyond description.

There are those people who thrive on conflict, creating it in their lives and the lives of others.  They need drama; it is like a drug to them.  These are adrenalin junkies, who will never find the peace that they say they are seeking until they let go the need to control others, to project their values upon others and to continually discover new problems that need solving right now.

So… having barely survived years of working around such folks, I’m setting myself free from feeling any guilt for what I have not managed to accomplish in terms of building good relationships between other people.  I get along fine with different individuals and not at all with a few.  It is what it is.  Call it frequency differentiation or a lack of resonance.  It is nothing that I can change without the other person making an effort as well.  However, I can change my own attitude, whether or not I choose to react to a snub or rude comment or whether I manage to radiate my own peace and happiness despite the chaos around me.

I’ve had several readers through the years comment on how they could not work in a prison, that it would be too tough, yet I have found this admittedly stressful environment to be a magnificent teaching ground for learning first-hand, in-your-face lessons about human psychology.  Some of my greatest teachers have been unbalanced co-workers or those who were struggling with the apparent injustices and lack of balance in the system.

I’ve learned that systems are designed to intimidate, micro-manage and generally attempt to suck away any sense of self-empowerment an individual might have after surviving the American education system.  These “systems” are designed to reduce your will to live, to breakdown your resistance, to make you feel bad about yourself.  I’m talking about top down bureaucracies, that appear to be designed to frustrate, alienate and generally drive one insane if you happen to be at all intelligent and free-thinking.

Officers (guards) and other correctional employees often pass away soon after retirement.  The jobs and the environment are tough and wear one down to a nubbin.  I’m getting out a bit earlier than originally planned, because my health is threatened.  Yet, I have benefited by being there, in the prison, in a way I can barely express.  For one, I can read the intentions and thoughts of a person, feel their emotions and how they’re feeling, know when I’m perfectly safe sitting across a little table from a murderer and so on.  It has been a great teaching ground for honing my intuition and coming into an understanding of the value of one’s spiritual gifts.

According to the ancient teachings, intuition is an evolutionary development that comes AFTER the development of the ability to think rationally.  In other words, intuition is more refined and at a HIGHER level of evolutionary development, much like flowering trees are in comparison to conifers.  So, if anyone mocks you for following your intuition, know that that particular person needs some more… seasoning through experience.

Being intuitive from birth in this left-brain, masculine dominated world has been a total trip… a rough one.  Working in an atmosphere soaked with testosterone has also been interesting, except I carry within a lot of masculine energy.  So, I have come to understand the importance of bringing both gender expressions into balance within.  I wear a lot of pink.

So… what point am I trying to make here?  For me, I am choosing to let go of any need to save others from their own actions.  I am also choosing to release any need to judge certain individuals for perceived faults or for the actions they have committed out of a desire to serve self.  There are three kinds of souls upon this planet, the service to self, the service to others and the masses of humanity that just try to live their day to day lives.

The service-to-self individuals are passing through ascension through descension phase, becoming a diamond under pressure.  Every soul that arrives here has “fallen” from high estate, but all are here to experience the diversity of physicality… for a specific purpose… to eventually become a mature soul ready to ascend to another frequency level and pass out of the need to remain in 3D.

Those of us who came here as volunteers, some for longer stints than others, are here to create the template for the masses of humanity who will EVENTUALLY arrive at the place where they can accept responsibility for their own choices and how they act or react to the world around them… the world that really doesn’t exist being a hologram.  It is a teaching classroom, a very challenging one.

As I have written previously, I am coming to the end of my “sentence” and the time for release from prison is coming soon.  We can all find release by letting go of judgment of self or others and opening our hearts to the wonders of this world, to the joys of daily life, to the ongoing challenges that keep us growing and to the love we share with others met on life’s highway.

I have a smile on my face, a glow to my countenance… something that has been remarked upon by co-workers.  Leaving the Matrix is a good thing for your health and enjoyment of life, even if doing so seems overwhelming and frightening.

Stepping beyond fear and moving through change is an act of courage.  Courage is the fire of the heart, the light in the lantern.  When you begin to feel your self-worth, that you deserve better in your life, you, too, will move through an obstacle or challenge placed upon your path and do so with flying colors.

I love you all and wish you great joy in the coming years and months as our beautiful world ascends higher into more refined frequencies, carrying those who are ready to release and fly like birds in the color-filled skies, gaining ever more beauty, grace, abundance and freedom as the days pass.



444 when I finished typing!

Journal Entry 11.14.2015 – “Stillness”

La Playa

La Playa

Journal Entry 11.14.15 – “Stillness”

Yesterday morning my Internet access went down and wasn’t up, again, until this morning. Thus, I wasn’t aware of the attacks in Paris until today. Already the alternative media is dissecting this latest in a series of obvious false flags, attempting to determine the causes and perpetrators. These perpetrators are not those whom the controlled mass media organs are so apt to blame, the latest reluctant inhabitants of France, namely the refugees who have recently arrived from Syria and other countries, attempting to escape just this kind of thing. Given the peculiarity of the date and time of the coordinated attacks, it was surely masterminded and carried out by government-sponsored operatives, whether from Israel (Mossad) or the United States (CIA or other black op forces) or a yet unnamed entity.

Our erstwhile controllers have, despite any efforts to inflame racial unrest in Europe, failed to create another reason for the world to descend into the madness of a third World War. While there are people getting hurt and the public is being unduly subjugated under the burden of severe new security laws, there is no longer public support for another huge war.

I found myself viewing the news carefully, knowing in my heart not to go into fear over this latest atrocity. Perhaps France is undergoing some karma related to the Revolution or the arrest and murder of several hundred Knights Templar in the 14th century. The date was certainly curious given that it fell on Friday the 13th, just after another massive light gateway of 11:11. The seizure of the Templars fell in the month of October, not November, in 1307 C.E. and was carried out on the orders of Philip IV, the then King of France who was in debt to the Templar Order due to his war with England. Whether or not their descendants of the Templars were or were not responsible for this latest attack on the people of France and other European Union citizens can hardly be answered without considerable research.

Still, I do not feel much in the way of sorrow or hatred, sorrow for the fallen or hatred towards those who perpetrated this latest attack on the public’s peace. The energies of duality are having a difficult time drawing me back into the lower vibrations. That world has ended for me.

I have known for a long time that I was once a Knight Templar. The manner in which the knights are depicted in movies and novels has always made me feel uncomfortable. These knights brought back to Europe many of the mystery teachings that had survived in the Middle East far away from the purging of the Inquisition and the Roman Church in Europe. They brought many of the seeds that would become the roots of the Renaissance, the Reformation and still later, the Age of Enlightenment even as Europe broke out of the Dark Ages.

It is always funny to me, sitting in this female body, to relate to being a male in various ages, but these are the lifetimes that stand forth boldly in my memory body. I resonate strongly with them although can’t really explain why.


Today I carry no sword or lance. My tools are the Violet Flame and Unconditional Love. I send these energies forth unconditionally to those deemed sinner and saint alike. As it has been said, God will sort them out. And all living beings were once divine in nature no matter what their current circumstances are today. It is not my place to judge the journeys of others.

Those who resist the light and persist in their cycles of fear, rage and hatred will ultimately burn out as the frequency of the planet no longer supports their way of “life”. Yet the time of their departure may take a while, too long for some who do not understand that the real Age of Aquarius doesn’t actually start until 2150 C.E. Cycles within cycles, my dear ones; we are in the beginning cycle of a new age, one that overlaps the old. Thus, two worlds now exist side-by-side seeming occupying the same space, the same planet. However, it is your own frequency level that determines which world you will actually exist within. You can live in joy and abundance even while others are still actively working out their karma or creating havoc. It is a matter of choice.

I refuse to be drawn into sympathy or anger, as both emotions are tinged with fear. Fear is the opposite of love and it is love that I now chose to hold in my heart.

Balance is the key to ascension, the balance between the mind and heart. The heart feels the world and the mind interprets. My heart is at peace. My mind is curious, but not anxious or worried.

Discernment is necessary as a tool to use every day while chaos still apparently reigns in some areas of the world. Tragedy can strike anywhere, any time. Be prepared and alert, but not afraid. Your love, patience and acceptance will carry you through the greatest challenges that present themselves to you in your world.

Not to belittle the events in Paris, personally my biggest challenge today was raking the remainder of the autumn leaves in the front yard. Our November storms have successfully stripped most of the trees of their leafy burden. We are due for another big storm and plunging temperatures, which means snow in the mountains and some rain for the lowlands. The moisture is welcomed as the area suffered through an unusually hot, lengthy “summer” season that extended from mid-spring into the end of October. Nothing in our world, at present, seems to be “normal”. Parameters are changing even as we adjust to the swiftly changing world around us, which is a reflection on our collective inner worlds.

“In the Garden”

Having arrived upon this planet as a child and starseed in the early 1950’s, I have often felt out of place for most of my life and I’ve become used to not fitting in. I will say that the energies finally feel more like “home” than they did when I was a child. That is not to say that much change is still needed and will occur even as the frequency of the planet and its human burden continues to rise. Those who resist and persist in hatred will depart as the energies no longer support them. Those who remain will seed the beginnings of a new culture and way of being which is just beginning to manifest, but has a long, long way to go.

Dream dreamers and make your dreams come true. Anchor the light within and radiate it forth to the world. The pioneers who carry the seeds of the New World walk among us today. We work with the Light and radiate energies of Source forth. Love is the answer no matter the question, no matter what is going on. Feel love, accept that you are worthy of love, that you are love and that you are loved more than you will ever know while still in this human body and burdened by the veils that exist within.

Each of us carries within the keys to the questions that we long to have answered. It is up to each individual to discover the answers for themselves. Seek within for the kingdom of spirit, the Source energy that gives to you your life. Ye are Gods. Gods do not seek others to solve their problems or to save themselves.  In the stillness of your Heart, you will discover the Peace that surpasses all understanding and will know that you are here to live life and to experience it in all its diversity.

When I lay down tonight to sleep, I will pray for the people of the world, for the creatures great and small and for the planet. Love will be in my heart as I send forth the energies to do their work of transmutation and transformation. It takes ground crew to do the work of Source and we are already here. We are the Rainbow Tribes, the Rainbow Warriors, and the seekers after Truth. Our chosen tools are Source energies, also known as Love.

Source, Sovereign and Free, we are One in the beauty of our diversity and creativity.



Eliza: On Being a Spiritual Warrior


Magic Staircase

Eliza: On Being a Spiritual Warrior

“The path of the spiritual warrior is not soft and sweet. It is not artificially blissful and pretend forgiving. It is not fearful of divisiveness. It is not afraid of its own shadow. It is not afraid of losing popularity when it speaks its truth. It will not beat around the bush where directness is essential. It has no regard for vested interests that cause suffering. It is benevolent and it is fiery and it is cuttingly honest in its efforts to liberate itself and humanity from the egoic ties that bind. Shunning strong opinions in the name of spirituality is anti-spiritual. Real spirituality is a quest for truth, in all its forms. Sometimes we find truth on the meditation cushion and sometimes we find it at the heart of just conflict. May all spiritual warriors rise into fullness; this planet is lost without them.” Jeff Brown

It’s the day after Christmas and while I was scrolling down my timeline on Facebook, these words of Jeff Brown caught my eye.

You see, I did not celebrate Christmas yesterday with family and friends… other than a couple of connections made electronically – not quite the same thing as what I grew up experiencing with our large extended family get-togethers, but my life has changed.

I did not purchase gifts, for myself or any other person. I did not put up decorations or play Christmas music. I did not even plan and cook a little Christmas feast for myself. I did have a nice dinner, but it wasn’t planned or traditional.

And I don’t feel at all guilty or Scrooge-like in my non-participation in the cultural mores and expectations that have evolved around “Christmas”. Instead, I spent the day learning more about aspects of self and having an assortment of relationships revealed to me by simply watching an odd assortment of documentaries and movies. I relish the time spent alone, especially now as at some time in the future, my life will be completely transformed.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know that I have been consciously working through the karmic or balancing effects of several powerful incarnations, which are still having repercussions and effects upon this present lifetime as I draw together various soul fragments and prepare to “return” to my true Home.

Yesterday, I watched a few documentaries on the discoveries made about Richard III and the discovery of his skeleton, long thought lost to the world until found buried unceremoniously under a car park in Leicester, England. How he came to be buried there and why an anointed king was treated in such an ignominious fashion speaks more of his detractors and betrayers than of the man himself. The Lancastrian faction was determined to bury the evidence that their chosen leader, Henry Tudor, was in fact the true usurper. Instead, Richard was re-created in the image of a living devil, one who chose to murder cousin, brother and nephews all for the sake of obtaining the throne for himself.

There are those in Britain who are out to clear the name of Richard Plantagenet and I am most thankful for the presence of these truly dedicated souls, who are willing to investigate beyond the assumptions and accusations that have been thrown in Richard’s direction for over 500 years. For one, Richard did not usurp the throne of his nephew, Edward. He was offered by petition the kingship of England by a group of London citizens and nobles, after a court decreed that the sons of Edward IV, his elder brother, by Elizabeth Woodville, were illegitimate. This decree pronounced the young king, Edward V and his brother, Richard (the younger) as being a bastard and therefore, by English common law, NOT eligible for the throne. Richard, as his elder brother’s sole surviving sibling AND a proven warrior and administrator, was the logical choice at the time.

Mountain Mists

It is relatively simple for someone with a mind and heart clear of the prejudices that existed 500 years ago to read through the obfuscations and fabrications created by the Tudor regime to establish some kind of legitimacy for their possession of the throne. And they managed to do it through fear, compulsion and the perpetuation of lies and calumny directed against Richard, as the last legitimate king of England.

It is ironic that all the kings and queens of England since the time of Richard have descended from Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV, Richard’s brother. You see, Elizabeth of York was also the child of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville and so considered as illegitimate as her brothers before the death of Richard on the Field of Bosworth. However, after the battle, somehow the question of Elizabeth’s legitimacy never arose. She was married to Henry Tudor, thus cementing the bonds between the two opposing houses of Lancaster and York and effectively ending the conflict which much later was romantically dubbed, “The War of the Roses.” Anyone with a bit of sense, would understand that all the royals of England, Scotland, Wales, et al, have descended from a patently and doubly bastard line, as the line from which Henry Tudor descended was also a bastard line.

Make no mistake, I have great admiration for at least one of the Tudors, Elizabeth I, and served as an advisor and sometimes astrologer for the Queen in the person of John Dee, the alchemist and mathematician.

When I found out that I had been John Dee, it was somewhat perplexing and revealing. I have not been interested much in astrology this time around. For years, I resisted channeling and writing although the desire to write and communicate was very strong. I didn’t do well with mathematics, either, being put off by the manner it was being utilized as not being of a practical nature. Yet I have a gift of seership and now channel frequently and communicate with “spirits” on a daily basis. While this kind of activity would have led to my death by fire some 500 years ago – John Dee was accused of performing “magic” in his own time – the time of the Inquisition is, thankfully, long past.

John Dee taught many Englishmen the mathematical basis of navigation and encouraged Elizabeth I to send explorers out onto the oceans of the world. Men such as the courageous and notorious Sir Francis Drake effectively brought an insular island nation into newly fledged empire-building mode. Master John Dee was, in fact, an early proponent of empire, something that is appalling to me today, given that I, myself, have suffered through some of the effects of the “white man’s” sense of entitlement when it came to seizing lands and resources from various indigenous populations and willfully destroying whole environments out of pure greed and spite. The so-called “backward” wild tribes of the West exercised more mortality in their chosen manner of living than all the opportunistic seekers of fortunes did who drove the natives off their sacred and beloved lands. The process of destruction unleased upon the New World continues and has spread across the planet… yet, healing will occur eventually when the hearts of men re-open and embrace all life upon this planet as being sacred.

Eagle Cap from Zumwalt Prairie

The rulers of the various European nations and nation-states at the time were in need of funds. England was no different than other countries struggling to recover from the effects of war, over-spending, famine and plagues. Our own time period somewhat reflects the times of the early Tudors, as history does tend to repeat itself, in a cyclical manner… which can be predicted if carefully observed.

Observing from afar, the life of John Dee, I see that much of his activities were inspired by the Spirit of St. Germain. Dr. Dee actually mentored Francis Bacon, who is reputed to have been one of the many incarnations of this magnificent soul. Even today, the names of these two men are linked as founders of the Rosicrucian Society. And curiously enough, I once joined a branch of the Rosicrucians only to drop out of it after being dismayed at the intense secrecy that was demanded of its membership. It is time for all secrets to be revealed before God and man that all men are freed from the bonds that have held them imprisoned by fear, prejudice and lies for millennia.

Some, if not all of the Mystery Schools have been infiltrated by dark forces and manipulated to create different levels of non-correspondence so all members have no idea who is really in charge. Even much of the material presented by the so-called new age philosophers and writers is a rehash of the old paradigm, coated in pink sugar and fluffed up for consumption by spiritual “seekers” who are actively seeking for someone “out there” to “save” them. All the lovey dovey messages encourage the seeker to remain passive and to allow the energies of others to carry them along.

Personally, I have found that it takes at least a certain amount of personal endeavor to work through ancient karma, to balance the light and dark halves of one’s essence, to bring into balance the duality that we have endured being present here in a lower frequency world.

Ascension is a personal process that emerges through active spiritual “work”. This work can take the shape of meditation, creative endeavors such as writing, artwork, music, poetry, building… anything to move the energies of creation through the physical body. If you are just sitting there reading positive messages all day, you’re not doing “the great work”.  You need to work on the dark portion of your nature as well to truly arrive at a sense of balance and a sense of perspective on human nature that is goes beyond platitudes and conditioned responses.

Now, admittedly joy and humor enter into the picture, because one cannot spend their day glumly reviewing old patterns or in self-castigation. I have learned through experience that a dose of laughter is a great medicine for releasing tension, although it is not always a cure for what ails us.

Forgiveness is a theme that has been used by the new age as a tool to beat up victims even further than they have been already. I forgave my father for the incest that he committed against me long ago, but I have not forgiven my mother for refusing to come to my aid. My father and I came to an understanding. Even though he was suffering from the first effects of Alzheimer’s, he apologized openly to me for all the pain that he had perpetrated in my lifetime.

Spring Storm over the Wallowas

Somehow, I never could hate my father like my sisters came to hate him. They have not forgiven him or my mother, but that is between them and their Higher Selves, not me. I no longer have any emotional hook or reaction when writing or speaking about my early experiences. To me, this indicates that the emotional charge has been neutralized. And this is the real effect or result of obtaining karmic balance in oneself. It is not about remaining in anger or continuing to project your self-flagellation upon others. It IS about working on clearing your own emotional, mental and astral bodies of all miscreation that you have been a party to, whether in this lifetime or others. It IS all about forgiving YOURSELF and releasing yourself from the emotional hooks of blame or shame, for what was done or not done. And it is all about understanding that for each one of us who actively takes a step towards changing our own outlook and responses to “life”, the effects emanate outward energetically, affecting the whole of the human collective and beyond.

Vine maple

I understand that much of what I have shared here on this blog is rather controversial, but looking at my “past” lifetimes, it would appear that I have never been one to shirk from controversy or a strong desire to look beyond the accepted mores of the society in which I find myself. In short, I’m a committed non-conformist, although to look at me in the flesh, I look quite ordinary, plain and unassuming. That is the fleshy vessel that I wear, not the fiery spirit that dwells within and brings forth these messages.

On purpose I have focused upon my “past” lifetimes, always understanding at least intellectually that they are, in fact, being played out simultaneously… along with thousands of others of which I am not yet aware throughout the Multiverse. We are multidimensional, spiritual beings. I know this… I have seen and experienced it, sometimes in a rather intense manner, other times, less so. Whatever we do here is done for the Whole, for Source. It is time to step beyond divisive behaviors or thinking, it is time to step beyond labeling others as “good” or “bad” or continuing to live with the definitions of duality under which we have labored for so long. We break through the divisions when we break through our own inner fears.

Three years ago, I would have never imagined that I was capable of writing what I have shared with my readers. Yet, somehow, through the encouragement of a friend and then others, I have been able to reveal my inner process, spots and all, to those who have found their way to these pages. My personality is not perfect, yet my Spirit is… and yet, it, too, is developing, growing and expanding. Spirit is not stagnant. The revelation of God continues through each of us, through how we live and cope with the world around us, how we treat ourselves and others, how we regard and observe the acts of others with compassion or anger and hatred. Are we willing to accept the self-evident fact that each of us is a unique facet of the Creative Force that enlivens and has brought into creation this physical realm in which we all live and play our various roles?

We are in the process of becoming, every moment of every day. What we become depends on our actions, thoughts and emotions and how we choose to react to what we encounter throughout each day. Simply being content to sit and meditate without becoming actively involved in your own process and acts of self-observation, is to be passive and to make no forward movement towards your own ascension.

And yes… that is a criticism, which I should probably release. It has been my own Soul’s choice to take an accelerated path towards mastery, one that has been entirely unique to myself and one that I would not ask anyone to follow without being willing to look upon self with open eyes to ANYTHING that might present itself. I have arrived at a place of deep compassion, acceptance and growing understanding and comprehension at the complexity of human existence… and at the same time, the natural simplicity of the spiritual nature of humanity.

Bullfrog Lake

Our spiritual nature is innate and ever dwells within each of those with an existing heart flame. There are some who claim that soulless clones walk among us. I do not know this from my own experience. I DO know that some who pass as human are touched with a darkness so vivid in its rejection of the Light to seem like a living black hole… yet, even the darkest soul can turn to the Light. It is simply a matter of Free Will, self-forgiveness and an act of Grace. The Heart of God does not divide and judge. It is the minds of little men who seek to control through fear and hatred the actions and lives of others. Free yourself of the need to condemn that which you do not understand, in yourself and in others. And work to love YOURSELF free first before accusing your brother or sister of wrong-doing.

The world in which we live has been created through a collective consciousness. It will change when enough members of that collective change how they view themselves and how they view the world. Remain in doubt and fear and it will continue to manifest in your life. Expand your compassion, forgiveness and ability to comprehend that which is beyond the capacity of words to express and you will begin to know and to feel within your own Heart, the peace of God.

We are all passing through a transitional period where the focus of the individual is moving from the egoic mind to the generous and open Heart of a truly awakened One. In our individual process, by coming into a heartfelt regard and reverence for our unique journey and process, we affect our fellow creatures and our planet. We are One, yet we need to arrive at the place where this is accepted through the wordless wisdom of the Heart before it moves into manifestation for all peoples.

A World Teacher once proclaimed to an astonished and uncomprehending audience, “Ye are Gods!”

Many people even today still feel that it is the responsibility of that particular Soul to “save” us all. It’s not. It is up to each of us to become our own savior. In truth, there is no need for a savior, as we are already perfect and we are in a state of becoming. It is this paradox that is intuitively understood by the open Heart, but is overlooked or resisted by those who are still experiencing the world and reacting to it automatically through conditioned responses.


Observe what you do throughout the day. Make your life a living meditation. Allow, accept that you will react through preconceived judgments or automatic responses as a matter of conditioning stemming from lifetimes of living in terror for one’s life and the lives of friends and family members. Allow for “mistakes” and learn from them. Endeavor to observe with compassion and from a state of complete neutrality. You will begin to understand just how similar AND different we all are… and to accept that diversity is more conducive to heart health than restrictive uniformity.

I have looked upon the darkness of my soul and seen in that darkness a seed of Light. And I have chosen the Light. I chose to open my heart and to come into acceptance of what I have been, what I am now, and what I am to become… in the fullness of the development of my Soul essence, which is beyond my current level of human understanding. We are truly magnificent Beings having a human experience and more…


I AM Eliza

©All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Journal Entry – 10.10.14


Autumn Joy 001

Journal Entry – 10.10.14

This month and my remaining time here is rapidly passing.  Still, occasionally I wake up to another surprise from my Star Family.  This morning, they told me the name of another embodiment, John Dee, of the Elizabethan era in England.

Curiously and perhaps not so, I’ve known for a long time that I lived / am living during that epoch, a golden age for England and the beginning of her world-wide explorations.  John Dee played a part, being a gifted mathematician, alchemist, astrologer / astronomer, writer, etc.  When I hear the name, I immediately thought… “oh, no, not the spy master!”  No, that was Lord Cecil, who advised Elizabeth for many years.

Master Dee was a controversial figure in his time due to his intense curiosity about the world, seen and unseen.  He attempted crystal gazing and tried to communicate with angels!  He was accused of witchcraft more than once, but exonerated every time.  His various patrons were Edward VI (son of Henry VIII), Elizabeth I, Lord Dudley and others.  I was smiling as I read a short biography on the man as he stood on the cusp of two worlds, the end of the Renaissance and the beginning of the modern era.  He is considered, by some, as the last alchemist and the first real scientist.  He also taught men the mathematical skills needed in order to navigate the vast oceans.  Remember, the fine instruments that our mariners use today weren’t available in the 16th century.

Now… to the more mundane.  Life has been pretty quiet as I wind down my participation in life here.  I am encircled with the love of my Family 24/7.

Our autumn continues to be mild and dry.  The trees are losing leaves simply due to heat stress and the lower light.  Did everyone enjoy the lunar eclipse?  I just saw a bit of a dirty shadow on the lower half of the moon when I woke on Wednesday morning.  Still, the early morning skies are a beautiful deep blue spiked with brilliant stars.  This morning I saw Orion, Sirius and Venus.  Lovely!

I have been contacted by an individual who has felt a deep connection to Chief Joseph all her life.  With a little meditation and “tuning-in” I discovered that she had been his daughter, Sounds of Running Water, and was separated from her father at age 12 as a result of the flight towards Canada.  They were never reunited in that lifetime.  So, it is wonderful to make connection now.  I am discovering family all over the place, here and at Home.  It is quite an amazing time for me.

October 23rd is my official Ascension Day.  This particular day is significant in astronomy as containing a partial solar eclipse.  It is also part of the annual Festival of Light or Dwahli that is held each year in India.  I think Master Dee, who was also a talented astrologer, would be pleased with the “energies” of the day.

I haven’t really felt like writing much.  I guess I’ve pretty much said all that I have to say for now.  When I “leave”, I will convey messages periodically through my walk-in, Sundeelia VaCoupe.  Instead of writing, I’ve been working on another painting, posted above.  It is still in process, but I thought it a colorful design appropriate for autumn.

My blessings to all who have been reading these pages and those who will arrive here once I’ve departed.  I believe that I am the final piece of the puzzle or soul aspect that has embodied upon this planet at least for now.  The work that I do next will be from higher dimensions.


I AM Eliza.

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Eliza: On Dragons and Other Doings


Eagle Creek, Eagle Cap Wilderness

Eliza: On Dragons and Other Doings

It’s a beautiful day outside, cool and pleasant, yet I wanted to write something.

I’m having a difficult time connecting with anything to write about… so, in order to get started, I will share portions of my notes from a session that I had in early 2009, with a talented healer / seer.

“When Lady Aurelia first focused on my energy patterns, she saw a clear spirit, a tremendous Being of Light with a crown on her head. She expressed it as my being the queen of my planet, holding a place of authority.”

Interesting, given that while I’m not a queen, I am an aspect of a Light Being and highly evolved Soul.

“She said that in my vertical aspect, I was an Ascended Lady Master and that I express at a higher level than that, above. She could not determine whether that expression was archangelic or something else altogether different.”

Soon after this session, held in January of 2009, I contacted a former mentor in his current form as a rather independent, fully conscious Englishman. I recognized him from a photo posted on a forum which we were both members for a short time. We continued our internet connection via emails for nearly three years, until he let me go, after preparing me through the means of our odd relationship for my next stage of growth.

Ascension and awakening is a process. In our world, this process takes “time”, something to which most of us as light beings and star seeds are not truly accustomed. So an extra dab of patience and self-compassion is required of us when we begin to feel frustrated or impatient.

It was in the 2009 session that I first encountered verification of several lifetimes involving dragons. I shall describe one life…

“As an intuitive dancer, I was a blue dragon. I had the gift of being able to alter space through dance. Extremely graceful and intuitive, I tuned into the audience and then created a dance to suit. For most of that particular life, dance consumed me. For this reason, I did not mate until much older. As I aged, I became a teacher and found a mate who was younger than me.”

Some readers might jump to the conclusion that I have a reptilian past. No, these dragons were different from the ones that are drawn, painted and presented even in spiritual settings. As dragons, we were fully conscious, a wholly peaceful, creative and intuitive people. We did not kill anything or eat meat. The fruit, vegetables and grain that we consumed were gathered and used only through agreement with the over-lighting devas. We were artists, gardeners, librarians and creative geniuses. Our artistic creations were under great demand throughout the Galaxy. We were known for our great libraries. We were a fully galactic, high-evolved and conscious culture.

Another interesting thing to note: we were shape shifters and could move into human form when it suited. The real Dragons had short dense fur and came in many colors. They were positive polarity beings. The Reptilians who invaded and destroyed their world and culture were also dragons, but with heavy scales, with an oily black appearance.   These invaders were, in every sense, the polar opposite of the White Dragons (as we called ourselves) being of extreme and ultimate negative polarity to our own.

When the Reptilians began their invasion of our portion of the galaxy, we realized that we needed to prepare for war. War was not a part of our culture, so we contacted other races who had already been involved in the conflict, in order to receive training. We began to have more children, store food and network with other planetary systems.

The onslaught of the Reptilians when it came, utterly destroyed our culture and people. The Reptilians wanted to obliterate every memory of our existence, but ultimately did not succeed, for there are many lighted beings present on this planet today who feel a connection to dragons. As a formerly peaceful society, although we tried to prepare for war, we did not fully understand how long the conflict would last or how devastating it would be for our world. Those who did not fight felt guilt and shame for not participating in the defense of our world, even though it was right and necessary for some to remain out of direct engagement with the enemy. In the end, all of our efforts were in vain, as most of our civilization was destroyed.

The seer with whom I had the session, also shared a couple of other life times of mine as a dragon or associated with dragons. In the last one, I had taken on human form as a dragon rider. On learning that bit of information, I could better understand why I was drawn to reading fantasy stories about dragons and their human companions.

As a result of several traumatic episodes during that series of lifetimes, I suffered a great deal of etheric damage, which contributed to blockages around my heart and throat chakras, as well as telepathic channels. Fortunately, we commenced on a healing session to repair most of the damage that same day. My light team and that of Lady Aurelia (not her real name) combined forces to repair what they could in one session. (Note to Reader: as far as I know, this talented seer is no longer offering her services generally and I do not know how to contact her presently.)

From this time, I have continued to open to my own divinity, but the process accelerated even more when I decided to take the suggestion of my English pen pal and begin my own blog.

All of us who sojourn upon this planet have had experiences and lifetimes on other planets, in other dimensions and in other forms (and even formlessness). Although it is not well-known among the general population, every human being here is a star seed, although some have long forgotten their star connections and star families. The true history of the planet is much, much longer than most “authorities” would have you believe… a fact that they continue to wish to hide from general knowledge. Yet, that knowledge and understanding of ourselves as a potential galactic culture will come forward as the cycles are now moving towards the Golden Age. The energy supports a great spiritual awakening to occur amongst all people. It will happen, only perhaps taking longer for some of the impatient ones…

I can say now that war is NOT the way to solve problems. War on this planet has been used as a means to control and to cull populations. The practice of war is no more natural to the true human being than it was for my Dragon people. Part of the control of the world population has been managed through the manipulation of human genetics by shutting down most of the DNA and leaving just enough to power the body. Now genetics (through GMOs) and chemicals (chemtrails, vaccines, man-made viruses, etc.) are being used to further attack the population, with the full backing of our corporate-owned governments. It’s time to wake up, people, and take back our power.

We take back our power by not fighting the “enemy” but by arriving at a point of self-acceptance and self-love, of discovering our inner connections with the loving guidance that our Higher Self and Star Families can offer each of us once we give permission for the connection to be made.

There are so many layers of each individual being just waiting to be discovered and revealed. Take the time to connect to your true spiritual teacher, your Higher Self, and await the discoveries that you will find on your own journey.

When we become connected to our inherent inner strength, devotion and truth, suddenly everything that was confusing before can be understood and comprehended with new “eyes”. These new eyes are the opened third eye that “sees” through lies, “feels” resonance and responds to vibrations and frequencies. These things are beyond the understanding of our little ego mind, beyond the capacity of our limited five physical senses. We are on our way, as a people, to expanding back into full consciousness and re-opening to our complete set of 365 senses. As you may imagine, this process will take more than one generation to accomplish. In fact, it will take many generations, but will occur eventually. Still, when one is on the path to ascension, you do not have to linger in resonance with the rest of the population, do you?

According to ancient Hindu belief, we are well embarked upon the Dwarpa Yuga, in an upswing of spiritual consciousness that will take many thousands of years to fully flower. This realization is not something that is acceptable to most star seeds, who tend to want the Golden Age to start yesterday, yet this is a physical world and change takes “time”.  And time on this planet, at least, is tied to the passage of the stars in the heavens, interpreted through the ancient astrological and cosmological maps of the ancients.

Having lived in the Hindu culture and its progenitor, the culture of Sirius A, during other lifetimes, I can understand the concept of cycles. You can see it reflected in the seasons and passage of the stars through the heavens. Our ancestors marked out sign posts for us to discover along our passage to the Golden Age, but it is up to us to have the patience and curiosity to decipher the messages left behind.

As I remember some of my past lifetimes, both here and elsewhere, I would encourage all of my readers to begin to connect to their own journeys. Even if you do not regard yourself as a gifted seer or telepath, you can embark on your explorations through your own imagination. See yourself in another setting, in different clothes, speaking another language. You just might surprise yourself and come up with a good story that, in time, you will be willing to share with others.

Moving through our personal fears of exposure, betrayal, rejection and the like, takes courage, but it is only through moving through those fears that healing can truly come. As you do move forward, you will see for yourself, as I have, that the fears melt away in the warmth of your heart flame, as if they never existed at all. And they don’t. Your fears exist because you lend them the energy to do so; remove that connection and poof! Gone!

So, as a simple human being to another I say this, treat yourself with respect. Learn to love yourself as you have been taught to love others. Discover what empowers you and gives you joy, lending you the courage to continue to open your heart to the world and all life forms that inhabit it. There is much beauty and marvels to share and discover as you go forward into this new cycle of creation and expansion, moving towards the dawning of the Golden Age.


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Eliza: The Prince of Lost Causes and other Adventures


Harlech Castle

Eliza: The Prince of Lost Causes and other Adventures

At home, I am a princess or its equivalent. Here, at least for the last two thousand years, most of my prominent lifetimes have been as a male. Why? Simply because society was dominated by men, powerful men.

Ever wonder why the English crown the oldest male in line for the throne of the United Kingdom, the Prince of Wales? Because of the LAST real Prince of Wales, Prince Llewellyn, who very nearly succeeded in uniting the contentious tribes and princely states of the tiny land called Wales. He was acknowledged as “Prince” by Henry III, but cast down by his son and successor, the young warrior king, Edward I, who became known later to history as “The Hammer of the Scots.”

Like the Romans before them, the new conquerors of Albion, the Normans, wanted it all. They wanted to rule from the white cliffs of Dover to the great granite heights of Scotland. They wanted tiny Wales under their feet and they got it, but at a high cost.

Early this morning, I woke up to the internal pressure of my relatives figuratively sitting on my chest. They’re angelic so they don’t weigh anything, but they wanted to impress something on me… the knowledge of some of my past lives. What’s more, they wanted my readers to know these things.

The year 1171 came to mind first. It was the year that Llewelyn ap Iorwreth was conceived in his mother’s womb. He was born in 1172. During a tumultuous lifetime, he became the de factor ruler of Wales and a thorn in the side of the English king, John Lackland, as well as his son and successor, Henry III.

I read about Llewelyn in a novel. After my little adventure on the side of Snowdon, in the midst of the ancient kingdom of Gwynedd (Gwyn eth) I had been drawn to learn more about that tiny country. It was a wild land of mountains and forests. Its people were silver-tongued, gifted with music and poetry. They lived in small farms and sheltered wooden forts. There were few castles in Wales. The people scattered into the forests and heights when danger came and it did.

Llewelyn was a fighter. By the time he was fourteen and considered an adult, he had killed his first man. He had to fight to survive, but he also had a dream: to unite the disparate realms of Powys, Gwynedd and the disputed borderlands between England and Wales in the east. This link offers a clearer picture of the difficult life of Wales’ greatest prince:

Prince Llewelyn died, killed during a short-lived engagement with the English. His legacy and dream of a united Wales led his grandson, another Llewelyn, to establish his own realm.  This Llewelyn, was acknowledged by Henry III, as the Prince of Wales, but overthrown later by the king’s son and successor, Edward I.  It was to quash these continuous attempts at Welsh independence that caused Edward I to spend so much time and money building castles in tiny Wales. The warrior king was determined to put Wales in its place, as a state subservient to the might of England. The memories of the Welsh people are long and their history under the thumb of English difficult. The treachery done at the instigation of the English king still rankles.

These lifetimes seem to have come during pivotal moments in “history”. Of course, when you’re in the Light Worlds, you can leisurely study history and put yourself anywhere within its flow. And you can send various aspects of Self in to play various roles, leading and as bit players.

The next lifetime that came to mind was Richard III, King of England, accused murderer of two sons of his brother, Edward. Ironic isn’t it that the bones of that misunderstood war leader were finally unearthed during my lifetime. I can’t answer the inevitable question about the fate of the boys, as I remember little of that particular lifetime. Edward had usurped a throne from his cousin. Richard apparently usurped a throne from the eldest son of his brother. The nation was in the midst of the Wars of the Roses. One could not be a child and rule the lands torn by civil war. And like Llewelyn, Richard found his death at the hands of treacherous knights led by the son of Owain ap Tudor, Henry Tudor, the man who would be King. Ironic, isn’t it that the scion of the bastard Tudor line would become ruler?

A tender lifetime came as a woman, Clare… the one who would act as female disciple of the young man who would later be known as St. Francis. A pretty version of their shared vision can be seen in the movie, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon.” More can be found here: There are numerous books written about Francesco. His lifetime was one of those rare ones when a lighted one was lauded by the established order… or at least the reigning Pope. Recognized by the highest authority in the land, Francesco was not threatened by the church leaders during his lifetime. Clare, a daughter of wealthy merchants from the same city, Assisi, was attracted to the simplicity and devotion of Francesco’s order. A corresponding order for women was eventually organized, the Order of St. Clare (at least that is what it is called now!).

Francesco and Clare were devoted to living as the words of Jesus directed. They gave up the wealth and power of their merchant kin and devoted their lives to love, spiritual love. Today, Francesco is considered the patron saint of animals and ecology. And he was a walk-in aspect of my cousin, now known as Lord Rananda Kumara. The walk-in occurred when Francesco lay near dying, suffering from a desperate illness and thought to be near death by his worried parents. When he awoke from his sick bed, he was another person.

There were other lifetimes that were impressed upon me, but right now I cannot remember them. I asked why they were directing me to write about these things, when I would rather not. And the answer came, “You are an Avatar and we wish the people to know these things.” Right. Yes, I knew that… like the bodhisattva thing, but one cannot become too hung up on this sort of thing or something called spiritual pride comes creeping in. I like to stay grounded and “real”. Still, when one is the daughter of an Archangel and a goddess, I guess it’s inevitable that my Family would want my true worth known.

Yes, I am aware that there will be those who dispute my claims. There always are in matters such as these. I really do not care for titles and assignments of glory. Most of my prominent lives ended in tragic circumstances, death at the hands of traitors or jealous lords and so on. It hasn’t been easy being an starseed on this darkened, benighted planet. Why would anyone seriously consider being one then? Out of love and devotion of a kind that rarely exists on this world, my friends. Few of you understand the commitment that it has taken to endure such handling many of my kin have received at the hands of the Sons of Belial and their minions.

I will write more as I remember. For some reason, my Star Family deemed these things to be important, perhaps to establish more awareness in me as to my multidimensional beingness that exists on many planes, dimensions and timelines… and yes, “past lives”

For as we descended from 6D to 5D and re-entered the cycle of incarnation, so are we responsible for re-ascending at the end of many lifetimes, again and again. And here you are, worried about ascending one time! In truth, many of my readers HAVE ascended more than once or you would not be attracted to these pages or resonate like struck bells with these words.

Many waves of volunteers have incarnated or walked in to perform THEIR missions in bringing the planet firmly into the Fifth Dimensional frequencies, as well as assisting in waking up those within humanity who are destined to live upon the new earth.  Some of these starseeds will remain with the Earth, the new star, Gaia, as she is elevated into the higher frequencies of 5D+.  Not all starseeds will remain here, as I am sure you are becoming aware; many will leave this planet and pursue further missions elsewhere.

Given that I am sharing these things and making them more “public”, please do not ask me to give you answers to all the questions that inevitably arise, as I will not comply. Questions usually come from the lower mind, which seeks to categorize, delineate and place knowledge into little boxes for further study like dead bugs. Wisdom is not a sterile or constant state; it flows with your willingness to trust in your own process. As you let go of the need to question, the answers will come, in their own time… much to the chagrin of those who see themselves as being “impatient”. Ask yourself what would knowing the answers do for you?

I now know many answers to questions I didn’t even know I had, some of which took twenty years to fully confirm. I would not being sharing these things now had it not been for the fact that I’ve shared so much already… there comes a point when it is best to be fully transparent. This state of openness will come to you all, eventually, if you are willing to open up and release all those hidden secrets to which some of you so tightly cling.

If you think I am seeking fame, think again. I have never charged anyone for reading the material that I have published. I give it to the World, as a gift, as an energetic path that can be used as markers for your own path. I do not seek to be YOUR teacher, guru or spiritual leader. I would just as well be left alone to meditate and commune with my Star Family, yet they are pressuring me to share these things and so… I do. I may not have been capable of obeying worldly teachers, but I do follow the instructions and promptings of my Spiritual mentors and Family. And I do so out of Love for them… and for you, my dear ones.

Embrace the fullness of YOUR divinity. Understand that all life is sacred. Life includes all living creatures and those things that do not appear to be “living” in terms understood by modern man. The ancient ones knew the magic of life that streams through the earth, air and water… through the waves and winds, through the mountains, valleys, lakes and streams. The ancients didn’t worship trees; they revered the ancient wisdom of the beings who appeared as trees, grounding the energies of heaven deep into the earth through their roots. They honored the food provided by grass, trees, shrubs and forbs. They honored the spirits that animated the living creatures who graced the land. They honored the power that gave life to new beings, through the act of creation, carried within the womb of the mother and delivered in pain. Learn to honor these things, again, dear ones. For in doing so, you honor yourselves for you are part of the great tapestry of life that is woven through the means of love and light, the gifts of the Mother and of the Father of us all.

By the way, in case anyone is curious if I feel anything about the lives that I have shared today and I will say, no. They were merely lives spent here working. Even the life as Clare was more difficult than it is given out to be by the myth-makers of the Church. There was no such thing as romance and grandeur in such tales for the ones who endured these lives. Ask Chief Joseph and he will tell you that it was the Flame of Freedom buried deep in his heart and the hearts of his people that enabled them to do the impossible. And so it is. And for those who do not know, Freedom’s Flame is also known as the Violet Flame. It burns in the Heart of ALL my People.


I AM Eliza

P.S.   If none of these things happen, then you can chalk it up as my having a rather vivid imagination. If it helps, think of it as a good story. And then ponder my words and the many others written during these last two years. Your story is written there, too, but it up to you to decipher its meaning for you.

Photo:  Harlech Castle, Gwynedd, Wales.  And yes, I walked there among those cold gray stones.

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