Eliza: Weathering the Storm

Eliza:  Weathering the Storm

Okay, okay… folks have voted – keep X22 Report and a few other disclosure reports.  So, I will, for now.

Morning walk… quiet dawn, no wind, despite the fact there is a tropical storm, Beta, brewing in the Gulf of Mexico and another one, Teddy, churning in the west Atlantic.  The dawn was filled with the call of birds, including another mockingbird who settled down on a fence post just as I passed by.  Ibises, ducks, herons, grackles, geese, a couple of squirrels and two marsh rabbits… lots of wildlife despite the neighborhood being a suburb.  That’s Florida.  If the people left, there wouldn’t be many traces of “civilization” after a hundred years or so; the jungle or hammock as they call it here, would take over the lot. 

I once saw the remains of an old sugar mill in a hammock in NE Florida, Bulow Woods, a place filled with huge old oaks, red maples, hickories, pines, cabbage palm, native hollies, and saw palmetto.  Not much was left, just the lower walls built out of local coquina (limestone) stone.  Apparently, the mill was burnt down during a Seminole uprising.  Ghosts from the past. 

I have calmed down this past week.  Anger and frustration are gone, like the breezes from last week’s passage of Tropical Storm Sally.  The storm didn’t do much damage where I live, but southern Florida (Miami south) got walloped… and a few days later, Louisiana, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle got the brunt of the then hurricane.

I have listened to Lorie Ladd and Laura Walker this past week, giving energy updates, as well as Phoenix on PIR (Patriot Intel Report).  All indicate the next five months will be “bumpy”, certainly to the start of the next astrological year and especially around the American election in early November.  It isn’t far off now.  The Left are lining up their troops to attack the populace and commit “peaceful” protests that somehow end up burning small businesses, wrecking cars, and neighborhoods.  There is an undeclared civil war that isn’t very civil, one between the “patriots” and the minions of the globalists who still want to resume their 16-year plan to take down America, which faltered for a time due to the unexpected election of Donald J. Trump.  They thought she would win.  She didn’t and now “they” are taking it out on the citizens, both who voted for Trump and those who didn’t – basically anyone who gets in their way. 

This whole phenomenon, this upset of business as usual, added to the whole virus lockdown and rumors of deep underground bases, mass arrests, freeing the children, rampant pedophilia, human trafficking, adrenochrome… all the dark secrets of the underworld of our “culture” are being unearthed and revealed to a disbelieving public, at least those who are watching alternative news sources.  The people have seen how the mass media sources seem to ignore major stories in a bid to follow the orders from their puppet masters, the globalists.

This isn’t about Republican versus Democrat; it is a spiritual battle for the taking back of freedoms granted by our Creator, whatever name or gender you want to call it, God-given rights, like freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom to pursue “happiness” like getting a job, maintaining your family, buying a house.  All of things have been interrupted by the events of this past spring and summer.  Allegedly, thousands of Democrats are leaving their old party given that they seem to overtly back the “protestors” and have doubled-down on the virus mandates.  However, the long-suppressed oppression of the people stems from interests in both parties, those who rather sell their soul for a bit of cash or who are black-mailed into doing the bidding of the globalists.

So, what does this have to do with me and my world?  I’m observing it just like the rest of you, only I have known of many of these things for a long time.  I stopped voting when Obama was a candidate and watched him write executive orders that repressed the rights of American citizens.  The corruption was apparent.  I knew he was what is expressed as a Manchurian candidate, someone who has been either groomed for the position or blackmailed into obeying the orders of others who have far more power than they should, but who would rather stay hidden in the shadows.

I didn’t vote for Trump; I probably will come this November, simply because he is supporting the people at great personal cost.  He is the figurehead, the point man, the brash New York real estate mogul who has rubbed elbows with the rich and powerful for decades before being called to perform a thankless mission, to expose himself and his family to great danger in the face of inconceivable odds, while supported by a secretive military cabal who are intent in removing the corruption of the deep state (foreign-owned interests) within the bureaucracy of the United States corporation.  We have not been living in a republic, not even a democracy.  It’s been a sham, since just a few years after the Revolutionary War, and worst still, after the Federal Reserve central bank was installed and the Internal Revenue Service was illegally begun… with the intent to bleed America dry and to make its people into debt slaves.  It succeeded, until Trump came into office and worked to incorporate the Fed into the Treasury Department.  The Fed (a privately owned central bank owned and run by the Rothschild Family of Great Britain) and the IRS are going down, and their fiat dollar money system and its usury (against the commands of God) with it.

All of these things are affecting each and every one of us, even those folks who live in foreign climes.  No human will be untouched by the changes wrought upon our world, not even the most remote tribes living deep in the Amazon Basin, if such people still exist (the great forests are being mowed down to create farms and pastures). 

Deep Underground bases and cities are being penetrated by Alliance forces, freeing the children stored there, and freeing advanced technologies that have been used for well over a century (perhaps even more).  Once reserved only for the rich and powerful bloodline families and their minions, these things are being revealed to the world.  Much cannot be shared.  Just know this kind of thing has been going on for a long time, thousands of years on this planet, for longer elsewhere.  The Pleiadians long fought a desperate war against a dark enemy who stole women and children… and that was hundreds of thousands of years ago.

How do we ultimately defeat the enemy of humanity?  By raising our frequency.  By becoming awake and spreading the word of what is being revealed to your friends, neighbors, and relatives.  Provide the intel and let them decide whether or not to accept it.  Each person is responsible for making their own decisions whether or not they are willing to go into some of the dark places now being revealed.

It is all for a purpose… to shock awake humanity into taking back its power, personal (individual) and as a collective.  It’s time to adult.

This is only a piece of the puzzle that is playing out.  Yet, humanity and the planet are firmly on an ascension timeline.  You are ascending, even if you don’t understand what is going on.  Physical ascension is happening; its effects are all around you now, as old systems crumble and new ones begin to take shape in one’s imagination.  Who knows what the future will bring or what the Earth will look like in twenty years?

I AM here with all of you, observing, remaining as detached as possible, feeling the flow of emotions, and not attempting to assign value or labels to them.  Just keep breathing, friends… take that deep breath and get out into Nature as much as you can.

I love you all and send my blessings,


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Eliza: Growing Clarity

Photo by Eliza Ayres

Eliza:  Growing Clarity

There was no walk today.  Yesterday, the clouds had vanished, remnants of the outer bands of Sally that covered the entirety of southern Florida over the weekend.  The weather had reverted to the more typical 80 degrees F and high humidity of a late summer day.  Of course, it is an entirely different story at present as Hurricane Sally thundered ashore today at Gulf Shores, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.  The elementals of air and water are quite intent in cleansing the area of all remaining darkness existing there.  From the looks of things, it will take quite a lot of work to repair the damage from the storm… storms, as this has been a busy hurricane season in the subtropical and southern regions of the United States.  The weather is also a reflection of the emotional confusion being experienced by humanity.  Have you ever witnessed so many high-powered storms just wandering around aimlessly in the middle of the North Atlantic in one season?

This morning I slept in a bit and woke up still feeling fatigued.  Right now, for me at least the energies are quite fatiguing.  I know other people might be feeling totally energized, but not me.  All I wanted to do is nap some more, even though I probably lay there rather than managed any sleep.

One thing I was thankful for, was experiencing a sensation of greater balance, clarity and calm returning.  The anger and anxiety I had been feeling before has thankfully dissipated.  Now, I can begin to look upon recent experiences with a greater sense of detachment.  It was quite a relief I can tell you.

I will continue to post some disclosure related videos as most of these particular ones are interwoven into the tapestry of the ongoing and ever-expanding great awakening that is covering the planet.  Just this afternoon, I watched (and posted) a video from the messenger Magenta Pixie.  Her communications from the White-Winged Collective of Nine (Pleiadian 9D) indicate there is a high probability of ascension timeline going to manifest, which will bring a new Golden Age. 

The news from Charlie Ward and Charlie Freak also carries a note of optimism.  Each of these two extraordinary men obtains their intel from different sources, but it proving highly accurate and is now be quoted by others in the know. 

Despite the body issues, I am in full alignment with supporting the ascension timeline for this planet.  It is time the people, all of the people of Earth are able to enjoy a sense of peace, to share abundance, to be sure that each child is cared for and loved, that all have proper health care and access to advanced healthcare.  There are long-suppressed technologies that are to be revealed, certainly within the next five years.  It will take time for people to adjust to all the wonders and joy that lie before them as potential, even as they learn their own true value and worth.

I am honored to be here in this tremendously important time, doing my small bit by writing and posting in this blog… and I suppose, by just being present. 

Now, it is important to allow Hope to blossom within your mind as you connect to your Sacred Heart Center.  Remember love binds us together in ways we cannot yet comprehend, no longer the feelings and emotions that get in the way… as we are all in the process of clearing ancient traumas, myself included.

The stories I have written of a long-ago war in the Pleiadian Star Federation holds striking parallels to what is currently occurring here on Earth.  Someday when and if I am able to publish my tome, I hope my readers will appreciate what an echo of the past can inform them of what they are going through here today.  Still, since this planet has descended in frequency to a far lower level than most of the Pleiadian isles (planets) the duality experienced here was even more intensely felt.  Everyone who has incarnated here is carrying, many unconsciously, some kind of post traumatic stress.  Despite that, do your very best to focus on the positive timeline and still be in the Now moment of wherever you find yourself in the world.

I am striving to come back into alignment and to listen to the inner conversations I have with my guides and mentors.  I am thankful I can still hear and respond to them.

I must rest some more, but just wanted to write a few words of encouragement.  I am endeavoring to weave a tapestry of Hope throughout my blog posts for those who still linger in fear.  You can let go it, my dears.  Know you are loved more than you know.  Great Light Beings are here guiding our world towards the Golden Dawn of a New Earth.

Much love and blessings to all,


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Eliza: From Dark to Light

Eliza:  From Dark to Light

On my walk this morning, I was gently greeted by a dove which lingered atop a fence post before flitting away.  They are very shy birds. 

What does the “dove” represent?

“On earth, they are intimately aware of their environment and demonstrate a highly developed sense of presence. As creatures of both the earth and the air, doves serve as liaisons between intuitive thought and common reality. This ability to move between two worlds (sky and earth), bird totems are uniquely posed to funnel higher knowledge down to our human conscious awareness. They link intangible knowing (thought, dreams, intuition) with physical practicality (hearth, home, security). Doves represent the balance between thought (air) and matter (earth).

Bridging this link between the higher mind and the more practical level in which we live makes the dove a perfect guide for dream interpretation as well. Bird totems offer inspiration combined with a grounding element to make new ideas implementable.

The dove represents peace of the deepest kind. It soothes and quiets our worried or troubled thoughts, enabling us to find renewal in the silence of the mind. The dove’s singing is most prevalent when the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds are thought to be at their thinnest – first thing in the morning and last thing at night – again representing a link between two divergent domains.

Doves teach us that, regardless of external circumstances, peace is always a touch a way – within us – and always available. It is said that if a dove flies into your life, you are being asked to go within and release your emotional disharmony. The dove helps us to rid the trauma stored deep within our cellular memory. Doves carry the energy of promise. When inner conflicts are banished from our thoughts, words and feelings, goodness awaits.

The dove’s roles as spirit messenger, maternal symbol and liaison impart an inner peace that helps us to go about our lives calmly and with purpose.”

Source: http://www.pure-spirit.com/more-animal-symbolism/602-dove-symbolism

Of course, I see doves around here quite often, but most of the time they fly off well before I draw close.  This one didn’t fly off immediately.  I guess I am just becoming more aware and sensitive to the subtle messages carried forth by our animal messengers.

So, what other lessons can the dove teach us?

“The dove spirit animal in your life has many significant meanings. For example, it helps you to overcome the challenges we associate with periods of change.

If you are undergoing a transition in your life, the dove comes to help you deal with the accompanying anxiety.

The dove stands for quietness and peace. It represents the clarity and stillness you crave. When this animal totem comes into your life, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy a hassle-free existence.

Additionally, the dove presence in your life means that you have to aim higher. It encourages you to spread your wings and fly to your highest limits.”

Source: https://thesecretofthetarot.com/dove-spirit-animal/

Oh, I can hardly express the desire I have held within, yearning to feel more clarity, to have the courage to step out and to begin to express my inner feelings once more. So, here I am, even if my thoughts are a bit scattered and make no sense to anyone else right now.

What we are currently experiencing as a collective and as an individual is the stripping away of the “dirt”, the dross, the trauma suffered for thousands, perhaps millions of years of physical existence.  As individuals, we are experiencing the ebb and flow of strong emotions, erratic thoughts, confusion, feelings of disassociation, and so on.  It is a different experience for each one of us, as we are all unique. 

The uniqueness of the Earth human is extraordinary.  It is what gives us our individual strength of purpose, will, and determination to do what we feel we must, if we allow ourselves to listen to that still quiet voice within, the intuition.  Many people are afraid to step out of bounds for fear they will lose their jobs, their children, their homes and possessions, their status in society.

Right now, I have little “status” in society.  I own little, have no solid connection to family, live in a different part of the country from my old friends… am retired, hence not contributing to the economy.  Western “culture” has not treated its elders very well. 

I had never thought to be where I am now located for as long as I have.  It has been an education in discovering what doesn’t resonate with me.  Now, I am ready to discover what does.  I have learned a lot about the lifecycles of certain species of birds, observing them on an almost daily basis.  I have decided I don’t really enjoy a subtropical climate as it is too bland.  Shockingly, I yearn for a cool enough morning to prompt me to wear a sweater or sweatshirt.  Would I come back here, ever?  Maybe… to visit, but not to live full-time.  It is nice to wear sandals year-round.

I have been watching a lot of Lorie Ladd’s videos of late; you will have noticed me posting several.  I go through cycles of bingeing on various videos, interspersed with writing my book.  Lorie has a calming presence and is very tuned into the Galactic Federation of Light, probably more tuned in than I am… a being who claims to be a member of the GFL (that person is an officer in the Pleiadian Fleet, currently posted on the Isle of Medina, and involved in a special project). It has been a challenge for a formerly very connected Light Being to be stuffed into a physical body and to have my inner connections muffled. Oh, I still have conversations with high frequency individuals, but I usually either go to sleep or can’t follow the dialogue. My ability to channel has been for the time being more or less shut off. We are concentrating on being in the physical form right now, even if it feels a bit uncomfortable, constricting, and challenging…

After listening to Lorie, I realize that a piece I wrote and posted about the GFL is only part of the story of that amazing company of Light Beings who are assisting Earth and humanity as they go through this birthing process.  This is a physical process and is, as a result, slower than a transition might take in a higher frequency.  The body… and it’s all about the body now, requires “time” to adjust to the higher frequencies.  In a rhythmic fashion, there is an influx of intense cosmic Light entering the body, flushing out the toxins, after which you will feel a contraction, as the body struggles to free itself of its energetic bonds keeping it anchored in low 3D density.  Like a butterfly struggling to free itself of the pupae of the caterpillar, we wiggle, squirm, and sometimes hurt, in the process… just before we fly free.

I have been wiggling, squirming, and complaining for years, months… wanting freedom.  I have had to learn the virtue of being patient, time and time, again.  It has not been a pretty process to observe or to undergo.  Ascension is not about rainbows and unicorns.  Physical ascension of the body has its challenges, unique to each individual.  I have had my personal struggles like that of anyone else along the way.  Still, I am becoming very aware that it is a blessing to be here during a unique and unprecedented time to be alive and in a physical Earth vehicle.  Thanks to all of you for serving as my teachers.  I am honored beyond words.

The dark to light in the title this morning refers to the journey we are all undergoing in beginning to remember who we are, where “we” came from, and where we are going as a collective.  Physical ascension is happening world-wide, even to those who are not aware of the phrase.  People are waking up from a long-term amnesia, realizing that long-ago they gave up their power… now, they are taking it back.  Self-determination, individual effort is being directed to service to others rather than self.  Humans are naturally generous creatures; when divinely guided, they are physical angels.

Dark represents the lack of light, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge.  The dark has striven to destroy records of past high cultures, human achievements, and bring everything down to its level… the basement.  As the Light flows into the body through the crown chakra and pineal gland, it awakens the individual to heightened states of creativity.  Hope arises.  Faith is renewed.  Courage is reawakened.  Imagination takes flight.

I dither… not sure if this makes sense.  If it does, great.  If it doesn’t, let it go.

Sending my blessings and love to everyone, especially those who have been my greatest Teachers.


© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

Eliza: Finding My Voice, My Path

Great White Egret, Photographer: Eliza Ayres

Eliza:  Morning Observations

Finding My Voice, My Path

This morning on my walk I was first greeted by the beautiful song of a mockingbird perched on top of a nearby mailbox, and then, just seconds later, a Great Blue Heron flew right in front of me and then perched on the roof of a nearby house.  Realizing that messages often come through the animals that appear in my world, I looked up the messages these birds were presenting to me:

Mockingbird Symbolism:

Are you struggling with self-expression? Do you want to connect with your muse? Mockingbird, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can Help! Mockingbird teaches you how to discover your voice, all while showing you what inspires and ignites your soul. Delve deeply in Mockingbird symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can inspire, motivate, and animate you!

There are specific goals for which you can call upon Mockingbird Power Animal for aid. One such instance is when you are trying to find or speak your truth. Mockingbird supports you in discovering your inner voice and personal song. Likewise, as an Animal Ally, the Bird helps you in understanding the music of your soul. In finding your voice and identifying what brings your soul bliss, Mockingbird also helps you develop self-confidence and greater strength when it comes time to defend your convictions.

Part of Mockingbird’s energetic is the ability to discover the truth. From uncovering the true intentions of others to inspiring honesty in others, invoke Mockingbird as a Power Animal to support you whenever what is true falls into question.

Source: https://www.whatismyspiritanimal.com/spirit-totem-power-animal-meanings/birds/mockingbird-symbolism-meaning/#Native-American-Mockingbird

Blue Heron Symbolism:

According to North American Native tradition, the Blue Heron brings messages of self-determination and self-reliance. They represent an ability to progress and evolve. The long thin legs of the heron reflect that an individual doesn’t need great massive pillars to remain stable, but must be able to stand on one’s own.

Blue Herons have the innate wisdom of being able to maneuver through life and co-create their own circumstances. Blue Herons reflect a need for those with this totem to follow their own unique wisdom and path of self-determination. These individuals know what is best for themselves and need to follow their hearts rather than the promptings of others. Those with the Medicine of the Great Blue Heron may sit until the rest of us lose patience. And, when they follow the promptings of the heart, they are one of the most magnificent when they choose to soar.

This is the message that Blue Heron brings.

Source: http://www.blueheronenv.com/meaning.htm

I have been struggling in the past few days, even for months, seeking to discover my way, my path.  Should I strike out on my own?  Is it not a scary thing to do since I haven’t been here very long? 

During the long drawn-out Covid thing, I finally began to realize what I should do, what I had to do for myself. 

I have a strong will, an independent nature with a desire to explore this new world.  I love Nature.  I respond to beauty.  I enjoy simplicity and clean lines.  I enjoy having the opportunity to be here… although I must admit I didn’t at first.

For I am an adult walk-in, a higher frequency being (6D/7D) who dropped into an older earth human vehicle.  It is one thing to be born here; it is another thing to suddenly be here, in this heavy low frequency energy and not be confused, angry, resentful… feeling a whole range of incredibly powerful emotions not experienced by “me” before.  To be honest, it has been a little daunting.  Lately, however, I have begun to understand what I can do, what I want to do, and how I want to do it.  I knew I might have to sacrifice a few things, namely some relationships, in order to break free of what I felt were constraints on my freedom.  Whether that perspective is understood by others is moot; it reflects what I feel and is not meant to be directed as a criticism of anyone else’s point of view or experience.  It is simply mine.

I am still struggling somewhat to discover my voice and my song, but now that I have taken the first shaky initial steps, I know that by listening to my inner guidance, I will discover a whole new world of possibilities, filled with the simple joys and wonders of physical existence on this beautiful planet.  The birds told me so and I see them and thank them for their sweet messages.

Blessings and love to all


All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com 

Eliza: On Being a Pioneer

Pacific Coastline of Costa Rico

Eliza: On Being a Pioneer

During the past couple of days and sleepless nights, a few phrases have been echoing within my awareness: “pioneer”, “cycles”, “The Hermit” (Tarot) and “The Fool” (Major Arcana, Tarot).

It is not easy being a pioneer, stepping out away from everything that was known before, leaving friends and family behind and for what?  An unseen but felt horizon filled with the promise of a new dawn? 

This is not the first time I have left and given it appears to be a rhythm in my life, it probably won’t not be the last time.  It is the way of being a pioneer. 

The followers of the so-called New Age religion or philosophy describe a pioneer as a “Wayshower”.  Am I one of those?  Perhaps, but I would rather not be labeled as such.

I am responding to an inner compulsion or feeling, which has been nagging me for months, “Move on!”

Does such an (apparently) abrupt decision, emerging from within a person and not communicated in toto to others make “sense” to those who are left behind?  Probably not.  Will people be hurt in the process of leaving?  Depends on the nature of the individual or persons being left.  Will they notice the departure?  Depends on the level of the relationship and sense of dependency.  Will the pioneer be judged harshly?  Perhaps; again, this depends on the nature of those who are left behind.  Should the pioneer remain just because people are going to get hurt, insulted, challenged or whatever?  Given the nature of a pioneer or Wayshower is to show the way forward, it is unlikely they will remain in one place as expected by those who have come to depend on their presence.  Thus, in both cases, the pioneer detaches and expands as they move forward, while the one(s) staying behind, resist, refuse to release and, perhaps, act out emotions that emerge as a result. Eventually, they, too will adjust, and move on with their lives as change is the only constant in life.

There is another meaning to the word “pioneer”, namely the military usage.  In an army, a pioneer or to pioneer is to act as an engineer, constructing and in some phases of battle, deconstructing physical structures. 

“A pioneer is a soldier employed to perform engineering and construction tasks. The term is in … It was used in a military sense as early as 1626–1627. A pioneer (/ˌpaɪ.əˈnɪər/) is a soldier employed to perform engineering and construction tasks. The term is in principle similar to sapper. (Wikipedia)

Traditionally, sappers or pioneers were used by armies to build tunnels under walls, to breakdown the defenses of the enemy.  Eventually, the sappers’ efforts led to walls collapsing or being blown up, the obstacles removed from the path of the following warrior units. 

All of this war-talk is bound to disturb some folks, but it is a reality, a reflection of what is going on in our present-day world.  Whether the pioneer works in what appears a destructive mode or a constructive mode, depends on the perspective of those watching or participating in the outplaying of events. 

Our world, our 12D Matrix is ruled or guided by Cosmic Laws.  These laws apply to everyone who enters or has entered the 12D Matrix, without exception.  One law, which many persons resistant to change, oft forgotten is the Law of Rhythm, “To everything there is a season.” (Ecclesiastes 3.8, Bible).  Change is a constant in our world, despite the fact change is often resisted desperately by human beings.  The teacher and author Raymond Monk delineates the Law of Rhythm in this manner:

“Our world moves in cycles – everything is constantly changing. For example, we have seasons and we have the cycles of the moon.

As individuals, we have cycles as well. Whatever we are going through will not last, it is temporary. Ocean tides ebb and flow. The economy has ups and downs.

This Law is sometimes referred to as the Law of Perpetual Motion.”

Mr. Monk goes on to describe practical applications to work with the Law of Rhythm, to align oneself with the Law so as to draw unto one’s self a positive outcome, to polarize your focus on a positive outcome.  If you focus on the negative, you will draw that energy to yourself as the Universe is very generous.  Whatever you focus upon, it gives you more of the same.

So, where am I going with this?  Merely to explain the basis of my desire to change.  It is not based in a desire to hurt anyone, although it may, but to follow an inner guidance that is not based on sentimentality or clinging to the known. 

Our entire planet is currently in the midst of experiencing the breakdown of old systems and the construction of new systems.  The latter is for me the core of what I would rather focus on, what is about to appear in our world, rather than to focus on what is leaving it.  In working with the Law of Rhythms, I would like to focus on what is about to replace the old systems and ways of being, with systems that support each individual’s freedom to choice, to grow and expand their understanding of each person’s inner potential. In holding a powerful vision of what is possible, systems will be designed to bring forth abundance and nurturance to all. 

In working to bring positive change, it is not always possible or desirable to remain locked into old ways of being.  Entropy eventually overtakes systems built within the old, even as creativity fires the imagination of those who are willing to let go and see what is possible, what can manifest when you open your eyes, heart and mind to new possibilities.

The content of this blog, during the past three years, has focused a great deal on disclosure.  I hope during the course of this time period, people have become aware at least to some degree that all is not well with the old systems; they are breaking down.  The darkness, defined by some as “evil”, is being exposed by the Light (intelligence), revealed.  It is the end of the world as described in the Book of Revelations, only… it is the end of a cycle, of the “old” world, a cycle that was artificially lengthened by a small group of people who knew how to manipulate the Law of Rhythm to their own advantage.  These people, controlled by beings from other dimensions, were tools to control humanity.  The systems set up under this regime were largely destructive, using war and warfare against the people, destroying civilizations and cultures, creating chaos, raping the land and its inhabitants of all wealth, including life and property.  Despite their efforts, the cycles are moving on, the darkness and its low-frequency systems are being dissolved and the Light is returning.  In truth, it never left, for light does not emerge from the darkness; darkness is a state of denial, an attempt to remove oneself from the Light.  However, the Light is the underpinning of Creation and exists in all places, even where it appears to be dark.  The Light is consuming the darkness and everything it supports.

As I have stated in another article, the Earth has ascended to the fifth dimension.  If you are able to immerse yourself in Nature, you will feel a state of inner peace descend upon your consciousness.  It is palpable… this sense of peace can be felt by those who are willing to still their mental processes and just be in the moment, in the Now.

How do each of us reach that dimension? Well, truth is, you are already there. You, as a Light Being, already hold a higher dimensional frequency. It is your physical body that presently anchors you in the third dimension, perhaps even the fourth dimension.

I, for one, know a very different world is here already; it has just not fully manifested or precipitated into the physical realm of 3D, the dimension in which most of our physical bodies are still anchored.  To raise the body in frequency, we must strive to direct the focus of our consciousness, to flood the body with Light, allowing us to first see and feel the emotions that emerge, then to accept and embrace those emotions and allow them to be transmuted and cleared.  This is not an easy process to endure.  The body will hurt, ache, react… suffer what has been described as ascension symptoms, something that has been well-covered by other authors.

By going within, following our inner guidance, having faith in our creative power that we have the ability to bring forth a better world, one aligned with Divine Purpose, a new world will manifest, first in our own experience and then, as the 100th Monkey phenomenon takes effect, it will reflect in everyone’s personal experience.  In the process, some of us are required to act as pioneers, going beyond what is known, stepping out of the crowd and away from the expectations of others. 

Many have been the ways recommended on how to raise the frequency of the physical body – which is capable of potentially ascending to the 7th Dimension, well beyond the current goal line of 5D.  Yet, ultimately, every person who is focused on ascension needs to realize that before unity consciousness can be realized, the individual consciousness requires guidance and a level of awareness of the inner flow of energy through your mind.  Hypervigilance of the direction of your own thoughts is required. Are you clinging to a particular thought pattern? Do you replay old events where you appeared to have been a victim? Do you constantly tell everyone who will listen, what was done to you and why the perpetrator should be punished or ostracized? Do you realize that in repeatedly talking about these instances, you are most likely re-creating them? Can you step aside, recognize what has been experienced is simply a bump in the road, an opportunity to learn?

Depending on your reaction to any experience where you appear to have been ‘a victim’, you have the opportunity to learn and expand your awareness, to take back your power, and take responsibility for your own healing. In short, let it go, release the trauma. It does no good to replay, blame, and to attempt to shame others for what you have created on your own by allowing someone to hurt you. Are you capable of stepping beyond 3D judgment of a particular situation or circumstance? Are you to step out of the mind-set or frequency that gives permission for others to hurt you? What can you do? Raise your frequency.

Self-mastery is more than just holding an awareness, rather than attempting to tame, control, judge or label your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

Thoughts are a form of consciousness.  As consciousness is energy, and energy is consciousness, our thoughts and those emanating from the collective subconscious of human, that penetrate our field (auric field) are forms of energy.  Energy is neutral.  It is our emotions that can color, qualify, and label the thoughts as being bad or good, a judgment which derives from programs running inside our minds.  Our determination to linger and dwell upon any particular thought about an experience can lead to obsession which leads, in turn, to that which is focused upon being brought forth into our experience even more.  Instead of resisting the thought, feeling, or emotion, allow them to stream through your awareness, assigning no value or judgment upon them, observing them, and then choose to let them go. 

As you wake up and become self-aware and less reactive, you will notice a sense of peace descend upon your person.  You will begin to realize that you are the creator of your world.  What happens to you is a result of how you feel about yourself and about those who act as mirrors for you.  If you feel you have been victimized, the Universe will do its utmost to provide you with proof.  If you are no longer willing to allow others to harm you, by refusing to react negatively to their actions and apparent thoughtlessness, creating strong boundaries, and simply saying “no!”, you will begin to free yourself of attachment to outcome.  You are, in a sense, being empowered, powered from within, aware that whatever comes your way through the natural movement of cycles can be endured, as there are always more opportunities to change ahead. 

Life is like the flow of a river, which can in turn be bumpy, narrow and confined, racing down a steep canyon, and then, can just as suddenly slow and widen out and proceed in a stately manner.  Allow yourself to go with the flow, which will be bumpy sometimes, peaceful and calm other times.  Plan if you must, but be willing to adapt according to what circumstances decree and know that change is always on the horizon.

Some people follow a different drummer, a persistent inner “voice” or rhythm that may not be apparent to others.  I am one of those.  I choose to change, to go forth into the unknown, like the Fool of the Tarot, appearing unwise and thoughtless to others, but focused within on my own internal journey in response to the flow and rhythms of the Universe.

I hope these words inspire others to question everything about their current lives.  Certainly, outer events and pressures are currently inciting change, whether resisted or embraced, into each of our lives.  Seek your inner guidance and see where it takes you.  Life is an adventure.  Change is constant.  Flow.

My love to all,


© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

Eliza: Changes

Eliza: Changes coming to Blue Dragon Journal

Some of you, dear readers, have been with me for a long time, while others have recently arrived on the scene. Long-term readers (the journal has been in existence for over eight years) have witnessed the flailing about that has occurred during the period of time since “I” received a walk-in consciousness (Sundeelia) in 2017. The focus and content of the blog switched abruptly from being a description and sharing of an inner journey to being a conglomeration of an ecletic assortment of spiritual and disclosure articles and videos.

Earlier this year, I mentioned the focus of the blog may change or it would even be closed down. Now, I find I would rather return to the more personal sharing of an inner journey of one person, Eliza, even as our world is currently deeply within a tumultuous transition and transformation. Although posting the works and thoughts of others is useful, and I may occasionally post certain videos I find useful, I do not wish to continue on the same path as before.

Although the primary consciousness that currently resides within the physical vehicle known and labeled by the world as Eliza Ayres is from somewhere else, she is, I AM here and now, a higher dimensional being who agreed to come here and assist with some mission. Do I fully remember that mission? I will humbly reply, “no.” Do many of us remember our mission that we promised to fulfill before signing that contract that allowed us to enter into a third-dimensional physical form? Probably not… although many are now beginning to receive glimmers of what lies beyond 3D, and beautiful glimpses of 5D consciousness.

Despite being from a higher dimensional existence, a portion of “me” is residing here, among the people of Earth. It has taken me a while to establish what I want to see and do while present in the time granted me, any of us who enter into this fascinating playground of intense, pressurized duality. It is the same for anyone who has entered this field or plane of existence as a starseed, a wayshower, a guide or teacher. Yet, all I can offer to my readers is my perspective. I do not ask or request you follow me, believe, or put me on a pedestal. I am a Light Being experiencing a physical 3D existence while the physical body is ascending in frequency from 3D to 5D… and in some cases, beyond. I have willingly placed myself on the playing board of the Earth Game. ALL of us have done the same, whether as starseeds or as indigenous human beings whose physical vehicles were designed originally to exist specifically on this planet. ALL of us exist elsewhere on many planes of existence both within this 12D Matrix and outside of it.

So, sometimes I may make comments that could be interpreted as being political (what isn’t today!) although I will endeavor to approach subjects in as neutral a position as I can manage. Sometimes information will come through as a download, in which case I will identify the source as much as I understand. I will emphasize, however, do not look for facts, figures, and references if you are seeking out information pertaining to the history of what has happened to Earth over the course of several million years. All I can say is that I work from a deeply intuitive level from within my Akash (Book of Records). You may have access to other pieces of the puzzle. I encourage all who have the curiosity, determination, courage, and will to learn to discover those sources that will inform you of what is going on, do your own digging. The information is “out there”, but also it is within, stored within your own Heart and Soul, etheric Heart Center and the Crown Chakra/Third Eye (pineal gland).

That said, it is through the internal connection that each of us is capable to finding within that we can discover what lies written in Light Language upon those sacred pages of the ever present Now. The Akash is the record of all that has been, is, and will be, all possible timelines within all the 12 dimensions of this particular 12D Matrix as set up millions of years ago by the Galactic Federation of Light.

You can find out about the history of Earth by walking the Akash through deep meditation. I happen to be able to access the Akash (at least my portion of it) while more or less “awake” through the avenue of writing and journaling.

During the last two years, I have been writing a chronicle of what could be expressed as a story of past lives, lived out by a portion of my Being that exists elsewhere, namely Sirius and the Pleiadian Federation. Whether or not the material is historical or can be proven is moot; it is a journey towards self-discovery designed to empower me to reveal and release ancient traumatic memories. As of today, I have only publicly published a portion of these “Remembrances”, the Sirian portion and it is very short as were my lives. For it is a record of what was lived through, from one person’s perspective, of the Orion Wars, the final chapters of which are now being played out here on Earth in 3D. It is a spiritual war, but beyond that, it is a play being enacted by various players who have taken on different roles in order to allow Creator an opportunity to get to know itself to the very boundaries of what is possible to experience within physical existence. The journey continues for all of us who are immersed within this Game. The time has arrived for us to become aware of our part, of the existence of the Game, and our innate ability to shift out of duality and divisiveness and into unity consciousness. The human body was designed specifically to allow Light Beings (without physical form) to play within denser frequencies, originally from 5D to 7D while still existing within a physical form. So, you see, the current shift that is occurring here on Earth is just part of the story. When a certain amount of humans can manage to hold 5D consciousness 24/7 in their bodies, we will see and experience 5D around us; our lives will reflect the level of our consciousness. That is not the end of the story… as next, we will shift from 5D to 7D and on and on…

While I have been here, I have not immersed myself in life, being a part of my community, making friends, pursuing interests, traveling and doing other things. Perhaps by some design circumstances were created to keep me largely in a state of statis, even as I was pursuing the clearing of ancient records. Yet, when nearly everyone on the planet was forced, again by circumstances, to be locked down, I began to perceive a Light going on within the collective consciousness of Humanity here and now. I have perceived that I want to be more involved in life as it is lived here, not to continue to be separate and apart. And so, as a reflection of my inner realization, I am hereby announcing a change in the contents of Blue Dragon Journal. It will, as any good journal does, reflect the inner changes, comments, and perspectives of one who is still endeavoring to adapt to a very different place. I will do my best.

Finally… I admit I do tend to ramble… dear readers, I invite you to come along with me as we explore the wonderful changes that are about to break upon the consciousness of humanity. The planet, Earth, Terra, Gaia… is already in 5D and has been for some years. Now, it is our turn to anchor 5D consciousness (energy, frequency) into our physical forms. We all have the potential to be able to accomplish this wondrous feat. Our physical vehicles, bodies, were designed specifically for this purpose. We can do this by serving as Teacher and Student of everyone who appears within our life. Some will walk away. Let them go. Some you may have to push away as they no longer resonate with you. It is okay. All is energy. All here have free will to follow that inner compulsion, what I call my internal compass. Where I go, what I do may not make any sense to anyone else, yet I will follow the intuitive nudges and so, dear readers, I am informing you of my intentions.

If you wish to go and find this content no longer of interest then I wish you well and thank you for being here if only for a short (or long) time.

Meanwhile, I am conveying my thanks to humanity for teaching me, a stranger in a strange land, what is eternal to all Life, Love. And that, my friends, is another story…

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

Sundeelia: True Confessions

Sundeelia: True Confessions from a Walk-in

This is my experience, my story, my opinion; I can’t speak for others or tell people how to live their lives.  It doesn’t work.  It shouldn’t work as we are all creators of our lives here.  Each of us has the ability to choose, to shift, to dissolve, to change, to alter our plans, to disappoint others, and to simply be.

I walked in on 14 April 2017.  “I” as Sunny, was probably “here” well before that but I wasn’t conscious of being separate from the previous being (or portion thereof) residing within this physical body.  At 5:30 p.m. that late afternoon, I became acutely aware that “she” was gone and I was left all alone to deal with whatever came my way, whatever I agreed to experience while here on this 3D Earth plane.  I never promised myself a thornless rose garden without bumps, bruises, upsets, ups and downs, and everything that comes along for people who incarnated here, often times… for lifetimes.  It may come as a surprise to some who imagine life in 5D and higher as being without conflict, strife, or growth.  As above, so below and vice versa, it is merely the energy here is more dense, intense, and right now, difficult to feel.

What I did begin to experience almost immediately after ‘landing’ was anger and rage, massive enough and intense enough to melt metal.  Ah, well… how to I deal with this?  By acknowledging it, sitting with it, digging deeper, loving it, understanding that the anger and the underlying grief and pain are not me, just a form of consciousness. 

Now that I have been here for nearly three and a half years, I have managed to clear a lot of grief, very intense grief stemming from losses experienced in other lifetimes, elsewhere, not here on Earth, but still within the 12D Matrix (see Lorie Ladd’s description on YouTube of our ‘matrix’).  Now, I am working on the anger, angst, rage, frustration that has come up for me, sometimes triggered by interactions with ‘other’, sometimes triggered by a memory, feeling, emotion, or behavior that has emerged from within my Akashic record, the ‘suitcase’ I brought along on this trip.

Intellectually, I have understood that I choose to be here.  I wanted to come.  I wanted to have an opportunity to do some massive clearings on my own Akash and to handle some clearing for the one who left this vehicle.  I am doing it.  I never promised myself it would be pretty, pleasing, or comfortable, for myself or for those folks I am privileged to encounter along the way.  It is what it is.  I am seeking neutrality here… not necessarily a smooth ride, but the ability to accept me as I am now, spots and all, to see things from a higher perspective but also to learn to enjoy and experience what the lower perspective has to offer or show me, as well. 

I may be a walk-in from elsewhere.  From where?  It doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter that I have a life elsewhere on another world in another solar system and I can occasionally see and feel bleed-through from there.  I am here and dealing with what is coming up for everyone on this planet as every sentient being, including the planet Herself, undergoes a massive and sometimes extremely messy transition from a dark epoch to one filled with light, love, abundance, and unity consciousness.

 For those people who have woken up, whether long ago or just yesterday, realize quickly, when you shift, you’re going to upset people, leave people, let people go, release relationships that no longer serve.  The current energetics support the breakup of the “old”, whatever it might that doesn’t suit anymore. This phase, that probably everyone who is aligned with the shift in energies here on Planet Earth (or Terra as I call Her), is one you will recognize when you come to it, decide how to handle it, and just do what you need to do.  I have to decide on my own what I need to do to strengthen my boundaries, adjust my goals, let go of, release, process, sit with, love and accept, and transmute.

In other lifetimes I was never known to be much of a diplomat.  I state my truth, how I feel, what I am going to do… and then do it.  Since I am now in a female body, people expect nurturing, loving compassion, embracing and caring for another since they have been ill.  Right now, I am not feeling that, much to the dismay of a few others who are aware of a personal situation.  It is what it is.  I am not apologizing for my behavior or what others perceive it as being… insensitive, callous, arrogant, etc.

What can I say?  I am currently experiencing the depths of the emotions, beliefs, thoughtforms, programs, etc. that I came here to feel and maneuver through.  I didn’t promise not to create waves in the process.  Should I say I am sorry?  Why?

Before I can love others here or experience unity consciousness from this plane of existence in which I am now I need to be able to love myself first.  To accept what I am feeling, my thoughts, how I get triggered by what others are saying or writing to me… until I figure out what I need to pay attention to it’s going to get a little rough.  I can’t soothe things over for other people who might be appalled or affected by my choices, sometimes not necessarily made with the “right” timing, whatever that is.

So, I blunder through things.  It is as it is.  I come off as being overly detached.  That would be apparent to others here, more than it is to me as we don’t experience the intensity of feelings that you do here on 3D.  The diversity and depth of human emotions here is pretty amazing, daunting, sometimes scary to encounter, and maneuver through… perhaps that is why I find myself watching jeep videos… looking for the perfect vehicle to manage and articulate through the bumps, stones, gullies, and sometimes scary chasms of human emotion as expressed here.

Okay, I am not perfect.  I am wearing a human vehicle that is over twice my age at Home.  I am still learning to drive it, take care of it.  Yes, I have anger issues… but right now, who doesn’t?  Who isn’t puzzled by what is going on in this world?

No more excuses… just a short confession of where I am at right now… an uncomfortable place to be sure.  However, if you can’t feel it, you can’t let go of it.  And that is what I am here to do.

At the end of the day, I have to live with myself.  That is the only thing by which I can measure my progress.  Whether or not it pleases others is not mine to worry about.  I have no control nor would I wish to direct others how to react or interact with me.

Fairly recently I found the videos of Lorie Ladd and have been posting them on this blog.  I will continue to do so until it’s time for me to move on, having accomplished whatever I needed to do at a particular stage of transformation.  I am not one to stay put being driven from within by a strong intuition.

In the end, it is how you perceive yourself, your ability to listen to what makes you unhappy or happy, what inspires you, what brings you down or distresses you, what triggers you… until you can experience all these things from a neutral perspective you still have work to do.

I still have a lot of work to do.  It’s not an excuse or a defense; for me, it’s Truth as I see it and experience it NOW.  You don’t have to agree with me. 

Blessings to all,


© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres. Recordings and videos of this message are not permitted. www.bluedragonjournal.com

It’s Hurricane Season…again!

Post Matthew Clean-up Anastasia Beach State Park

It’s Hurricane Season…again!

Anyone who lives on the Florida Peninsula, the Gulf Coast or the Eastern seaboard is quite aware that the annual hurricane season is upon us as Isasias crawls north northwest through the Bahamas, threatening the eastern coast of Florida. In the southern states, hurricanes are a fact of life.

Awake before sunrise, I thought the hurricane would already be here, but, no… it wasn’t. Outside, the sky was relatively clear, with some high clouds to the NE, light winds, dry pavement. It was time for my morning walk. The morning temperatures here range from 75 to 82 degrees, with high humidity. Today, it was reasonably mild, pleasant with just a slight increase of wind to cool things off.

I noticed the sun had made a significant shift southward within the last couple of days, although the sun has often been obscured by morning clouds. Not this morning… there wasn’t the usual build-up of possible thunderheads out at sea or to the south, just high clouds.

Few people in the neighborhood appeared to be doing anything about preparing for a hurricane. Given all the dramatics on the weather channels, you would think a Category 5 was heading for Florida, but actually, Isasias may be more of a Category 1, possibly a Cat 2 or even drop down to a Tropical Storm after grinding across the low-lying Bahamas… islands that were devasated last year by a slow-moving Dorian. Current forecasts according to Ventusky.com have the storm reaching Miami any time from this afternoon to this evening. There’s still plenty of time to gather in the loose objects, yard furniture, and children’s toys…

While living in Florida for the past four years, I have endured two major hurricanes, Matthew and Irma, and observed Dorian chewing up the palm trees and wrecking houses in the Bahamas before making a leisurely departure and heading northward. Now, Isasias looms offshore. It is not the Category 5 monster that Irma was as she made landfall on Marcos Island in the Gulf of Mexico, an island south of Naples, Florida. Matthew never made landfall in Florida, but went ashore further north — in that favorite landing place called the Carolinas. Nevertheless, the Category 4 hurricane, which later dropped to a Cat 3 by the time it reached Daytona Beach, the slow-moving storm caused considerable damage to trees, roofs, and seashore, even well inland, miles away from the storm’s center. So, we Floridians, if I can call myself one, wait patiently for this next early storm to make its imprint upon the sands, power grid, and palms of Florida.

Meanwhile, as much of the United States swelters under high temperatures, we are going to be receiving four to six inches of rain sometime today or through the night… with bands of thunderstorms lulling us to sleep.

Frankly, I rather deal with hurricanes instead of the politicized covid issue that rages here daily — mask or no mask… At least hurricanes have the decency to move on, eventually.

Enjoy your day, wherever you live…

Fear or freedom? I choose freedom.

Eliza Ayres, 1 August 2020

Update: 2 August 2020, 07:41

Last night, Isaias was downgraded back to a Tropical Storm. To date, only a few narrow outer bands of showers and light winds have come ashore (9MPH winds sustained; 19MPH gusts). The main storm remains sitting astride the Bahamas, moving ever so slowly NNW. There are heavy clouds present in Palm Beach County, but nothing beyond what we deal with in the Florida rainy season due to periodic thunderstorms. There has been no thunder/lightning noted over the mainland; most of it is out to sea. Looking on http://www.ventusky.com at the percipitation and wind speed maps, shows the bulging bulk of Isaias is well out to sea. The storm could gain strength and momentum, but right now that’s a coin toss… Hopefully, the storm will continue its slow crawl northward. Those living on the Carolina coast should prepare for heavy surf, rip tides, possible coastal flooding and keep watching for weather updates…

Sundeelia: “Where Am I From?”


Sundeelia – “Where Am I From?”

As someone who has shared with her readers her own antecedents as a blended Pleiadian-Venusian walk-in, Sundeelia invariably receives periodically such questions from spiritual seekers as:

Am I going to ascend Home?”

“Where is Home?”

“Am I a Pleiadian.  I would like to know!”

“Am I the Twin Flame of such and such Ascended Master (or Lady)?

“Who is the mother of such and such Ascended Master (or Lady)?

And so on, ad nauseum. 

Folks, I’m not a dictionary or the sole source of the Akashic Records.  Every human being has the ability to access to the Akash (the etheric records of the NOW compendium of all time, past, present, and future).  Yes, I have been focusing on my own access to the Akash in researching some of my past lives in the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems, but I certainly don’t have all of the answers.  What is more important is my question to those who ask such things, “Why are you asking this question; what hunger within will be satisfied by knowing the answer?  Why is it important or even necessary to have this question answered now?”

Any person, whether starseed, walk-in, or Earthly master teacher with an honest heart will kindly tell such a person to look within.  The careful and diligent student will understand that by going within, you will be able to answer your own questions without badgering someone outside of your individualized consciousness foci, who, quite often, only appears to have all the answers.  And how does one open the door to the within?  By opening the heart center.

Until a student has successfully opened the Door to the Secret Chamber of the Heart, there will be no true connection to the Akash.  Yes, you can connect to lower frequency beings and frankly, many current channelers are doing just that.  By opening up your auric field to just anyone who will answer your questions – I am including non-physical entities of negative polarity – you open yourself up to a world of trouble, mostly relating to the cancerous growth of the ego.

Older spiritual teachings speak of the necessary destruction of the ego.  I happen to disagree with that perspective, seeing the ego as a necessary part of the body consciousness that originally had the job of making sure the body was safe.  However, if a person has not worked on clearing old records, ancient trauma, and persists in clinging to various beliefs, there can arise various emotional and mental issues relating to an unbalanced ego.

As one awakens to the Truth that you are a fractal of Source energy, there is sometimes the misguided assumption that you must be the Twin Flame of such and such Ascended Master… or even you are that Ascended Master or Lady.  This is actually a rather common theme in the process of awakening and something people need to beware of and to move beyond.  Even if you have a connection with a higher frequency Being, it does not follow that you are them or related to them.  More commonly, it is the ego’s desire to puff itself up that drives the person to proclaim they are such and such.

Oh, yes… if you have read my own claims about my personal connections, you might want to ascribe similar motivations.  However, the connection has been verified by other sources and my particular light frequency is quite high compared to other incarnated individuals, which is not to say that I am better, just different.  We each carry our own inner personal soul contracts according to our divine blue print.

Now, how do you open the Door to the Akashic Records?  Simple… open your Heart.  Let go of the needs of the ego to puff itself up and exercise true humility.  Spirituality is not complex.  You do not need to eat special food, do special exercises, wear special clothes or drape your body with crystals.  Simply accept yourself as you are now and learn to listen to the messages that are conveyed through your own body vehicle via the avenue of what is called intuition.  Learning to rely on your gut feelings as intuition is often called (at least in the States) is the first step to approaching the ability to hear and listen to the still silent Voice of Spirit, which emanates through the God seed planted within your own Heart.

My sister Tazjma learned to listen to her intuition by spending a lot of time out in the woods, often alone.  She got answers to questions about the weather, about plants, where to go… if she remained calm and centered in her body.  She learned that if one is centered within, they are always safe and protected as the body has an early warning device that registers as a tight sometimes nauseous feeling in the solar plexus, the “power” center of the body according the Vedic teachings.  What she learned about utilizing the body’s intuition was translated to me through the body consciousness when my consciousness replaced hers (i.e., she walked out and I walked in during the spring of 2017).

The present period of transition is presenting many challenges to people, both at an individual and collective level.  It is a time to review and perhaps release old belief systems, or at least to attempt to keep an open mind about things.  Much of what has been introduced or taught by “authorities” in the past, are now being proven to have little and sometimes no basis in fact – in other words, humanity has been subjected for interminable centuries to a diet of lies given forth by a small minority of black magicians who desire complete control of this planet.  It’s difficult to accept that anyone would actually lie about the origins of humanity, discount oral traditions of indigenous people, or suppress natural remedies… but all these things and far worse has, indeed, occurred.

Now is the time for the true, grounded, level-headed spiritual seeker to put on the armor of God, the Shield of Archangel Michael*, to lessen the effects of the tremendous psychic attacks being directed to those who speak the Truth at any level, narratives that are not accepted by the existing establishment whether political, religious, or academic.  By putting the Shield on every day does not mean you will not feel some negative energies being directed towards you, but it will lessen the effect and redirect the attack back to the sender multiplied. 

Okay, I got sidetracked, again… happens often.  Using the Violet Flame to dissolve and transmute energies is an effective way to open your heart chakra.  The first time Tazjma utilized the Violet Flame mantras given by the Ascended Master Teachings, she felt an answering warmth growing within her chest.  The Violet Flame is the perfect balance of the Feminine Pink ray of compassionate Love and the Masculine Blue Ray of Strength, Power, and Alignment with the Will of God.  It is my suggestion (and your choice) to work with the Violet Flame until you, also, begin to experience bodily sensations of warmth especially within the Heart Center.  There are various sources of Violet Flame mantras including the I AM Teachings, Summit Lighthouse, etc.  No one source is the Source although many former teachers (and some current ones) do make such a claim; there are many – after all there are billions of people on the planet, why would one person have the Key for everyone?  Look for the teachings of Saint Germain and the Lady Quan Yin as exceptional Teachers devoted to working with the generations of humanity and towards freeing this world from the darkness into which it fell during the latter days of Atlantis.

Now, as you awaken… wake up and become a part of the general Great Awakening that is occurring on Earth (or Terra as the Pleiadians call this planet) you may wonder whether or not you have your origins elsewhere, whether as an extraterrestrial (a being who is not incarnated upon this planet) or from a higher frequency.  Frankly, pretty much everyone incarnated here has off-world origins in their bloodlines, some older than others.  A goodly portion of human DNA is as yet undefinable but is apparently of extraterrestrial origin; the rest is similar to apes.  Go figure.  Perhaps apes are a line of descent from the extraterrestrials who originally set up colonies here rather than the other way around?  In other words, devolution rather than evolution.

So, back to my original focus… what prompts people to ask me or anyone associated with anything vaguely labeled as “spiritual” “Where do I come from?”

Really, I can think of more important things to ask Spirit.  Still, when one opens the Heart Center, the third flame of the three-fold Flame is activated, which is the Key to Divine Intelligence or Christ Consciousness.  This internal activation is also the Key to opening up access to the Akash.  One must be humble, patient, and calm, not seeking out answers that puff up an out of balance ego, but answers that echo strongly within the heart as an affirmation.  Even as the connection to Divine Intelligence is strengthened by one’s alignment with the Will of God, so, too, will the possibility that answers will be more easily forthcoming.  However, it is important to realize that often times until there is a specific need for an answer to be given, that answer will not be forthcoming.  You must then ask yourself, “Did I ask that question because I am impatient and want to know the answer now?” Or: “Did I ask that question because I am experiencing doubts about who I am or think I am?”

Frankly, what does it matter if you are Pleiadian in origin or have incarnated here from the Orion System?  Being incarnated upon Earth is an opportunity to change one’s path and soul trajectory.  From a negatively polarized emphasis you can switch to one that is positively polarized and vice versa.  I have personally witnessed former light workers and star seeds turn to the Dark Side as they are subsumed by misqualified ego issues or are implanted during the process of attending various so-called spiritual events and classes given by others who have already been compromised.  Once implanted, an individual will inevitably attract the presence of negatively-polarized non-physical entities which will strive to pump negative thoughts into the person’s consciousness leading them steadily towards an imbalanced state, resulting in a loss of light and fall in frequency.  By the way, this can also occur in higher frequency worlds as souls incarnated there are still growing, striving and working on their soul evolution (or not).

This time of transition is an opportunity that comes only once during the course of several lifetimes.  Once the internal choice has been made, the soul sets course for the world that will suit its next incarnation wherein it will again attempt to master the lessons and to embark on the Journey of Return.  Many will fail this round.  The Law of One teachings given forth during the 1980’s claims that 85% of Earth humanity will be moved to other 3D worlds as they pass out of incarnation here, for they “are neither hot nor cold”.  Another 5% of Earth’s population will ‘ascend’ back to negatively polarized worlds such as the region of the lower Orions or the Midway Belt (Orion’s Belt).  The remaining 10% of Earth’s population will ascend, either with the planet or return Home to reblend with their Higher Selves.  These are the starseeds, those who are not of the generations of humanity, not indigenous to the planet.  This percentage includes walk-ins, who utilize human vehicles, but who chose not to incarnate as a baby into this world for various and very personal soul reasons.

Few are those, even among starseeds, who are a fractal or fragment of an Ascended Master, much less a Twin Flame of a Lord or Lady Master.  Many have been the claims of this or that person who has founded a New Age teaching or church that they are the Twin Flame of such and such.  I have heard of some misguided people insisting that they are the fullness of their Higher Self, a pronouncement that has everything to do with ego rather than being based in truth.  As a walk-in, I am not the fullness of my Pleiadian self; a mere 8 to 10% of my consciousness resides here and given I am currently housed within an older physical vehicle, even that percentage is sometimes challenged to remember what Home looks like or feels like.  Yet, I am constantly visited by members of Family and Friends, who seek to assure my sometimes-faltering confidence that I am not alone or forgotten.  I identify these Beings by the way they feel, usually by a warmth in my Heart Center.  Sometimes I can tell immediately who is there; other times, I use muscle testing or my pendulum to determine to whom I am speaking.  If the energy feels off, I call in Archangel Michael to promptly remove the being… who is most likely someone or something with which I have no wish to communicate.  Your body is a very useful tool during this incarnation, given to you by Spirit.  It is up to you to determine how to utilize this sensitive and amazing creation.

So, now that I have thoroughly confuse everyone reading this, I will end.  I know attention spans are very short these days, especially my own.  Yet, I persist in endeavoring to clear and connect, in all humility and desire to serve my people by remembering. 

You are blessed to live in such times as they come rarely.  Take advantage of the situation and strive to come into attunement within your own Heart and seek not the false teachings of others or those teachings that may not serve you as you move upon your own journey of the soul.  Seek with a humble heart and when it is time for you to know the answer, you will know the question.  If you know the question, you know the answer.  Seek it within.  It is there waiting… to have the Light of Christ Consciousness shown upon it through the focused attention of a humble and obedient Heart aligned with the Will of Father/Mother God.

Blessings and salutations,

I AM Sundeelia

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Sundeelia: Observations from a Pleiadian Perspective (French/English) 30 April 2020


Multigenerational Interstellar City Ship

Sundeelia: Observations from a Pleiadian Perspective via Eliza Ayres – 22 avril 2020

 Traduction française Thierry Calleau

I AM Sundeelia. Greetings, beloved people of Terra.   It has been a while since I have shared my thoughts with you. Given the recent state of affairs on this planet, I will admit to being in a state of observing the great awakening which is beginning to manifest within the common people. This is a long-overdue occurrence so we, the Pleiadians, are thankful to finally see the hearts and minds of many brave souls venturing outside “the box” of the Matrix.

Je suis Sundeelia. Salutations bien aimés habitants de Terra. Cela fait bien longtemps que je n’ai partagé mes pensées avec vous. Face aux développements récents des affaires terriennes, je dois avouer que je suis en pleine observation du réveil massif qui est en train de se manifester au sein de la population ordinaire. Ceci est une occurence trop longtemps attendue, et nous Pléiadiens sommes reconnaissants de voir enfin les coeurs et les esprits de nombreuses âmes courageuses s’aventurer hors de la “Matrice”.

Some of you, especially my newer readers, will wonder at my words and perhaps sense a certain impatience that it has taken so long for this movement to catch “fire” as it were planet-wide. Your former owners have sought long and hard to prevent this awakening from happening. It is gratifying that their most recent endeavor to send the weak of heart and mind scurrying into cover is beginning to fail. Smoke and mirrors, my dear cousins, smoke and mirrors.

Certains d’entre vous, spécialement mes nouveaux lecteurs, vont questionner mes propos, et peut être ressentir une certaine impatience, car il aura fallu bien du temps pour que ce mouvement commence à “prendre” tout autour du globe. Vos anciens possédants ont oeuvré durement et longuement pour empêcher votre éveil. Il est réjouissant de voir que leur plus récente contribution occulte à l’appauvrissement de vos coeurs et esprits est en train d’échouer. Distraction et illusion, mes chers cousins, distraction et illusion.

The planetary Cabal is a tiny group of inbred aliens who have been present upon your planet since the days of the destruction of Maldek. Also known as Tiamat, this gigantic Earth-like planet was dominated by a highly technologically advanced race of giants who were not originally of the seed planted on Earth. These greedy arrogant extraterrestrials succeeded in blowing up Tiamat. Some few of them succeeded in fleeing their damaged world, crash-landing in the region known now as Antarctica. Others passed out of incarnation and came to this sentient planet which had graciously extended a welcome to the survivors to reincarnate here. Later on, other extraterrestrials also appeared, long after the first fall of Atlantis, the legendary but quite real island continent that extended across the Atlantic Ocean into the islands of the Caribbean Sea, and even onto portions of the North American continent. The history is complex and cannot be confined to a mere article. Let it suffice to know extraterrestrials have come and gone from this beautiful gem of a planet for millions of years.

la Cabale planétaire est un minuscule groupe d’Aliens consanguins présents sur votre Terre depuis l’époque de la destruction de Maldek. Connue aussi sous le nom de Tiamat, cette gigantesque planète ressemblant à votre Terre était dominée par une race de géants technologiquement avancée qui n’avaient aucun lien avec l’espèce humaine terrestre. Ces extraterrestres arrogants et cupides réussirent à anéantir Tiamat. Un petit nombre parvint à quitter leur monde agonisant et à se crasher avec leurs vaisseaux dans la région actuelle de l’Antarctique. D’autres purent quitter leur incarnation et furent autorisés par la conscience planétaire de Terra à se réincarner sur votre planète, avec les survivants. Bien plus tard, d’autres races extraterrestres arrivèrent, bien après la chute de l’Atlantide, ce continent-île légendaire mais bien réel qui s’étendait dans l’Atlantique jusqu’aux Caraïbes et au continent nord-américain. Mais cette histoire est trop complexe pour s’inscrire dans cet article. Il suffit de savoir que des extraterrestres font des va-et-vient sur votre magnifique planète depuis des millions d’années.

Why are the Pleiadians, Ashtarians, and Sirians so interested in the fate of this world? I’m glad you asked. You see, our ancestors (even some of our earlier incarnations!) were some of your progenitors, your fathers and mothers, seeding this planet with their bloodlines, from the Children of Light. The ones who are considered members of the Cabal are mainly the remnant of our long-ago enemies that we drove from the Sirian Star system and the Pleiadian Federation during what has been termed as the ancient “Star Wars”. These “wars” were quite true and not a figment of the over-heated imagination of a film writer. We drove these invaders from our territory and into this solar system. As a result of their flight, they descended in frequency and have been trapped on this planet until recently when the available technology (hidden from the masses) has been upgraded through the military-industrial complex and its numerous black projects.

Pourquoi nous, Pléiadiens, Ashtariens et Siriens sommes nous si intéressés par le sort de votre monde ? Je vous remercie de poser cette question. Voyez-vous, nos ancêtres (qui sont parfois certaines de nos incarnations précédentes!) furent vos créateurs, vos pères et mères, ensemençant cette planète de leurs lignées, celle des Enfants de Lumière. Les membres actuels de la Cabale sont principalement les descendants de nos ennemis de longue date que nous avons expulsés des systèmes de Sirius et de la Fédération des Pléiades lors de ce que nous avons appelé les anciennes “Guerres des Etoiles”. Ces “Guerres” furent bien réelles et non juste l’invention d’un réalisateur de cinéma imaginatif. Nous avons reconduit ces envahisseurs hors de nos territoires vers votre système solaire. Au cours de cet exil leur fréquence vibratoire fut diminuée et ils se sont retrouvés totalement prisonniers de la Terre, jusqu’à ce que récemment de nouvelles technologies (encore inconnues des masses) soient mises au point par le complexe militaro-industriel dans le cadre de ses nombreux projets obscurs.

Why does the Cabal wish to hang onto this particular world over the many millions of others available in this Galaxy alone? Terra is the Garden of this Quadrant of Creation. Nowhere else will you find a world that is so rich in bio-diversity, natural resources, gold, and water. The Cabal have envisioned keeping this world as a playground so they might enjoy its beauty for even their darkened hearts can see that this world is special. It has been their intention of several hundreds of years to depopulate the planet of its indigenous populations in order to bring into fruition their long-held dream.

Pourquoi donc la Cabale tient-elle si particulièrement à votre monde, plutôt qu’aux millions d’autres planètes viables dans votre galaxie ? Parce que Terra est LE Jardin de ce Quadrant de la Création. Nulle part ailleurs vous ne trouverez un monde aussi riche en bio-diversité, ressources naturelles, or et eau. La Cabale a décidé de faire de ce monde son terrain de jeu favori et exclusif, afin de jouir pleinement de sa beauté, car même dans la noirceur de leurs coeurs ils en saisissent la singularité. Depuis des centaines d’années leur intention est de réduire considérablement la population terrestre pour finaliser leur rêve initial.

Besides the bio-diversity of the planet itself, there is the presence of humans here. The human genome is unique, its potential unlimited, god-like potential encased within fragile physical form. The Cabal and its mind-programmed minions crave the Light held within the very cells of the human body, but most especially those found in the blood of children. They feed on humanity. The tales of vampires are true. The present royal family of Great Britain and the Commonwealth are direct descendants from Vlad the Impaler and proud of it, I might add. Only now have brave souls had the courage to dig into hidden archives and old books to discover the truth of the long-suppressed existence of a world-wide pedophilia ring that preys mostly on children. Have you ever wondered what happened to all those lost children who just “disappear” everyday? Thousands, hundreds of thousands disappear from the United States alone every year, many of those children born of undocumented aliens (“illegal migrants”) who will never be missed by the authorities.

Et par delà la bio-diversité même de la planète, il y a la présence humaine. Le génome humain est unique, son potentiel illimité, quasi-divin, enfermé dans une enveloppe physique fragile. La Cabale et ses sbires au mental dévoyé convoitent la Lumière contenue dans chaque cellule des humains, et plus spécialement Celle contenue dans le sang de jeunes enfants. Ils se nourrissent littéralement des humains. Les histoires de vampires sont vraies. La famille royale d’Angleterre descend directement de Vlad l’empaleur, et elle en est fière, je me dois d’ajouter. C’est seulement très récemment que des âmes courageuses ont osé aller fouiller dans des archives secrètes et d’anciens ouvrages pour découvrir la vérité sur l’existence longtemps dissimulée d’un réseau pédophile mondial s’attaquant aux jeunes enfants. Vous êtes vous posé la question de savoir ce qui arrive à tous les enfants qui disparaissent chaque jour ? des milliers, voire centaines de milliers d’enfants disparaissent rien qu’aux USA chaque année, et nombreux sont nés de sans papiers étrangers (“migrants illégaux”) et ne seront jamais recherchés par les autorités.

Yet another reason for the Cabal to greedily wish to cling to this world and solar system is its unique location near a huge portal (like a wormhole) that allows for travel from one galaxy to another. You could think of Earth as a wealthy city positioned along the ancient Silk Road, whose leaders charged taxes to the various merchants and adventurers passing through. Placed into a galactic perspective, this world is literally a gold mine.

Et enfin, une autre raison pour laquelle la Cabale revendique cette planète et son système solaire, est liée à son emplacement unique à proximité d’un immense portail (un “trou de ver” en astrophysique) permettant le voyage très rapide d’une galaxie à l’autre. On peut donc voir la Terre comme une cité prospère le long de l’ancienne Route de la Soie, et dont les autorités locales taxaient lourdement les voyageurs et marchandises en transit. D’un point de vue galactique ce monde est littéralement une mine d’or.

It is, indeed, time to wake up, dear Cousins. The time for sleeping in your cozy nests within the Matrix is over as the Cabal has become alarmed by the current activities of courageous leaders like Trump, Putin, Johnson, and Xi. As a consequence, their carefully scripted plans have been advanced prematurely before quite ready.

Chers cousins, il est en effet temps de vous réveiller. Le temps du sommeil dans vos nids matriciels confortables est révolu car la Cabale a eu vent des activités de dirigeants courageux tels que Trump, Putin, Johnson et Xi. En conséquence leurs plans scrupuleusement établis ont dû être précipités prématurément avant d’être vraiment au point.

Perhaps some of you have read about the underground bunkers and cities that have been actively prepared since WWII. Did you know that the earth beneath your feet is honeycombed with tunnels, cities, bunkers, all existing with the knowledge of only a few who have been involved in their construction and those who would be traveling to these safe areas while the surface population was destroyed by various methods including atomic war, EMP, drought, major earth changes, potent viral outbreaks and the like until the population was deemed to have shrunk to the desired level by the heartless Cabal. Don’t be so naïve to believe that these beings are “human” and have a heart inside their bodies. Whether shape-shifters or simply embodied demons using human forms as disguise, these creatures care nothing for you. There isn’t an ounce of sympathy or human compassion within them. They will use, abuse, and destroy you as thoughtlessly as killing an irritating insect, yet, they too must work within cosmic law.

Certains d’entre vous ont peut être entendu parler de ces villes ou bunkers souterrains activement préparés depuis la deuxième guerre mondiale. Savez vous que votre Terre est partiellement creuse et fourmille de tunnels, villes, forteresses dont l’existence n’est connue que d’un tout petit nombre d’initiés, ceux qui ont été impliqués dans leur construction et par ceux qui auraient la chance de voyager en sécurité dans leurs infrastructures pendant que la population de surface serait anéantie par diverses méthodes incluant guerre atomique, ondes électromagnétiques, sècheresse, changements climatiques majeurs, pandémies virales etc, jusqu’à ce que la population soit réduite au niveau désiré par cette Cabale inhumaine. Ne soyez pas naïfs en pensant que ces êtres sont “humains” et ont un coeur qui bat. Qu’ils utilisent des apparences changeantes ou soient juste des démons sous forme humaine, ces créatures n’ont aucune empathie pour vous, ni aucune compassion en eux. Ils utiliseront, abuseront, détruiront vos semblables sans frémir, comme on écrase un insecte nuisible, et cependant eux aussi sont soumis à la Loi Cosmique.

So, how does that work… the Cabal uses the vehicle of mass media to “inform” the population of their intentions, often years in advance through the method of “predictive programming”. According to their peculiar belief system, if they do this, they do not carry forth the resulting karma of their actions whatever form that takes. After all, you were informed and did not baulk or protest; therefore, in their eyes, you have given consent and they have every right to do whatever they wish to anyone of you.

Alors comment cela fonctionne t’il … La Cabale utilise les média de masse pour “informer” la population de leurs intentions, parfois des années à l’avance, par la méthode de la “programmation prédictive”. Selon leur système de croyance, s’ils font ceci, ils n’auront pas à supporter la charge karmique en retour de leurs actions, quelles qu’elles soient. Après tout, vous avez été informés de ce qui se tramait, et n’avez ni protesté ni réagi; ainsi, à leurs yeux, vous avez donné votre consentement et ils ont donc tout pouvoir sur vous.

Take a break if you feel overwhelmed by this knowledge. Your race, all of humanity, has long been subjugated by a heartless alien race. Your ancient beliefs given to you by your ancient fathers and mothers and holy teachers have all been perverted and used against you to further control, dominate, and on occasion, destroy you. Why do you think wars, diseases, and blood-letting rituals were invented? For your amusement? No, for theirs, for these beings lack the necessary light to keep their bodies alive. They crave the protein found in young uncorrupted blood and so literally feed off of your children, rape and abuse your young women and males, and slaughter thousands of innocents in the name of whatever flavor is in style, whether a pogrom, a religious war, a wholesale elimination of all those who are different… Can’t you see, dear ones, that divided you will fall, so you must endeavor to move through your fears and unite with each other, no matter your political persuasion, race, religion, economic status?

Prenez le temps de respirer un peu si ces informations vous perturbent. Votre race, toute l’humanité, a depuis longtemps été subjuguée par une race Alien insensible. Vos anciens systèmes de croyances apportés par vos pères, mères et instructeurs spirituels ont tous été pervertis et utilisés contre vous pour plus de contrôle, domination, et opportunité de vous détruire. Pourquoi croyez vous que toutes ces guerres, maladies et rituels du sang versé aient été inventés ? Pour votre amusement ? Non, pour le leur, car ces êtres n’ont pas assez de lumière en eux pour maintenir leurs corps en vie. Ils survivent grace aux protéines prélevées dans le sang pur de la jeunesse, et littéralement se nourrissent de vos enfants, des viols et abus de vos jeunes femmes et hommes, et du massacre permanent de milliers d’innocents au nom du principe dominant du moment, pogrom, guerre de religion, épuration ethnique de tout ceux qui sont différents … Ne voyez vous pas, chers amis, que si vous êtes divisés vous perdrez, et que donc vous devez dépasser vos peurs et vous unir les uns aux autres, par delà vos convictions politiques, religieuses, couleur de peau, ou position sociale et économique?

The Cabal is intent in preventing the pending ascension of humanity… the “why” they are currently putting so much effort into distracting you, driving you like sheeple with the fear of dying from a “virus”, or whatever else they put into your mind through the drivel and propaganda presented as “truth” in mass media. You have all been programmed to believe what your leaders tell you, whether they be a priest, minister, teacher, physician, police officer, politician or other “authority” figure. Many times, most of the time, these individuals do not have your best interest at heart (if they have a heart). However, that is changing as the common people wake up to what has REALLY been going on in this world behind the proverbial curtain of the Matrix… what little you have been allowed to see.

l’intention de la Cabale est d’empêcher l’ascension de l’humanité … C’est “pourquoi” ils mettent tant d’effort à vous dis-traire, à vous mener comme un troupeau guidé par la peur de mourir d’un “virus”, ou de tout ce qu’ils veulent bien vous mettre en tête à travers les diverses manipulations et propagandes présentées comme “vérité” dans les médias officiels. Vous avez été programmés pour croire ce que disent vos dirigeants, qu’ils soient prêtres, ministres, professeurs, physiciens, officiers de police, politiciens, ou toute autre “autorité” reconnue. Souvent, voire tout le temps, ces individus ne se préoccupent pas en leur coeur de votre intérêt (si tant est qu’ils aient un coeur). Cependant ceci est en train de changer car la population s’éveille à ce qui se passe REELLEMENT dans ce monde, derrière le proverbial rideau de la Matrice … Si peu de choses vous ont été permises de voir …

Thanks to the Internet, the World Wide Web, originally set up by the military and intended to be used as a control mechanism, this plan of the Cabal has backfired in a truly devastating fashion. For now, anyone who can read and comprehend can access long-hidden secrets, greedily kept from the general public. Whole university libraries can now be accessed online by anyone willing to put in the necessary hours to do research, to dig and dive through books written decades ago, through fiction, movie scripts, and the like that have used predicative programming, through the willful misinterpretation of religious and sacred texts in order to present world-wide war as desirable, to disempower religious people who continually seek for the savior who is always to come.

Merci à internet, la toile mondiale, originalement créé pour les militaires et voué à devenir un mécanisme de contrôle, ce plan de la Cabale s’est retourné contre elle de façon spectaculaire. Car maintenant, quiconque pouvant lire et comprendre peut accéder aux secrets jalousement et longtemps cachés au grand public. Les bibliothèques universitaires en ligne sont accessibles à tous ceux qui veulent bien consacrer les heures nécessaires à chercher, comparer, recouper les informations éparpillées dans d’anciens livres, qu’ils soient des fictions, scénarios de films, et tous ces matériaux utilisés pour la programmation prédictive, par le détournement de sens des textes religieux sacrés, afin de présenter au monde entier la guerre comme désirable, et enlever le pouvoir aux êtres spirituels en attente permanent d’un sauveur qui n’arrive pas.

Ah, how have the ancient texts been misinterpreted… well, for one thing, no incarnated Savior is coming, today, tomorrow, next year. When Lord Sananda, Son of Sanat Kumara sent a fragment of His consciousness into the body of a babe long ago, it was for the intention of anchoring the Christ Light once again upon this benighted planet. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the frequency of this planet was sixth dimensional. After much time, the frequency of the planet began to descend gradually, especially after the advent of the survivors from Tiamat and other alien incursions. However, before you blame these invaders, look to your own hearts. All of you, dark and light, are the Children of the Most High Immanent Source of Creation, that which is beyond Light and Dark. We have all descended in frequency, some more than others.

Ah, comme ces anciens textes ont pu être mal interprétés … Et bien, d’une part, aucun Sauveur incarné ne viendra, aujourd’hui, demain, l’année prochaine. Quand le Seigneur Sananda, Fils de Sanat Kumara, a envoyé une parcelle de Sa conscience dans le corps d’un bébé, il y a bien longtemps, son intention était d’ancrer la Lumière Christique à nouveau sur cette planète bénie. Des centaines de milliers d’années auparavant, la fréquence de cette planète était de 6ème dimension. Au fil du temps sa vibration est graduellement descendue, spécialement après l’arrivée des survivants de Tiamat et d’autres invasions aliens. Cependant, et avant d’accuser ces envahisseurs, regardez au plus profond de vous. Vous tous, êtres obscurs ou lumineux, êtes les Enfants de la plus Haute Source Immanente de la Création, qui vibre bien au delà de la Lumière et de l’Obscurité. Nous avons tous chuté en fréquence, certains plus que d’autres.

So, now where does that put you? There is no Savior outside of yourself to save you from yourself and your own miscreations. However, look to that self-same heart, your Heart Center that all humans (no matter their form) have within, no matter how darkened their heart. If you discover the heart flame that keeps your material body alive, you will discover the connection to the inner You, the savior that exists within. Whatever your religion, this great formless consciousness is Christ consciousness, something that was embodied within the One called the Christ, the anointed one, the “only” Son of God.

Alors, où cela nous mène t’il ? Il n’y a pas de Sauveur à l’extérieur pour nous sauver de nous mêmes et de nos nos mauvaises créations. Cependant, regardez en vous, dans ce Centre du Coeur que tous les humains (peu importe leur apparence) possèdent, et quelle que soit la noirceur de ce coeur. Si vous percevez la flamme du coeur qui maintient vos structures en vie, vous découvrirez la connexion avec votre Soi intérieur, le sauveur qui demeure en vous. Quelle que soit votre religion, cette conscience informelle est La Conscience Christique, celle là même qui a pris corps avec Celui qu’on a nommé Christ, l’oint, “l’unique” Fils de Dieu.

My lips curl up into a smile that intelligent people would, could possibly think there is only one son of God, one Prophet, or one Buddha (Maitreya) just waiting to appear on the scene when needed. You all are potential Christs, Buddhas, and Prophets… however, it is quite some “time” before you will arrive at that stage in your evolutionary process. Still, humanity as a collective is due to undergo a huge advancement in your evolutionary process, something the Cabal is not eager to have occur as it would potentially move a great many of you beyond their reach. You see the only way to overcome the Enemy without and the enemy (fear) within is to become your own savior and rise up in FREQUENCY.

Je souris à l’avance de ce que des gens intelligents vont penser, qu’il n’y a qu’un fils de Dieu, qu’un Prophète, qu’un Bouddha (Maitreya) attendant juste de réapparaître sur la scène, au moment désiré. Vous êtes potentiellement des Christs, Bouddhas ou Prophètes … Cependant cela prendra un certain “temps” avant que de parvenir à ce stade de votre évolution. Toutefois, l’humanité dans son ensemble passe actuellement par un grand avancement dans son évolution, processus que la Cabale n’avait pas vu venir, car ceci va potentiellement mettre nombre d’entre vous hors de portée de ses plans. Voyez-vous, la seule façon de vaincre l’Ennemi extérieur et l’ennemi intérieur (la peur) est de devenir votre propre sauveur et de monter votre FREQUENCE vibratoire.

Seek to align yourself with the Will of God under the Auspices of Lord Michael, first among the Archangels. He guides, shelters and protects those who call upon His Name. He will, however, allow you to be tested and will not protect you from your follies if you wish to be foolish.

Recherchez l’alignement avec la Volonté Divine sous les Auspices du Seigneur Michaël (Saint Michel), premier des Archanges. Il guide, abrite et protège ceux qui invoquent Son Nom. Cependant, ils vous laissera passer vos propres tests et ne vous protègera pas de vos propres follies, si vous désirez vous comporter follement.

All of us who live in the higher frequency worlds value free will. We honor your choices whether you are willing to honor those choices made and take responsibility for them or, instead cry out “save me!” or “I am a victim of —!” When you finally realize and accept the responsibility for forwarding your own evolutionary process, by opening up your heart and awakening (a process!) to the connection with the higher worlds, the Etheric Realms in which we exist, we can then lawfully give assistance. It is your choice and yours alone. Those who will ascend the Ladder of evolution must put in the work through their own focus and intent. There is no free ride and no complacency allowed. This is serious, joyful business!

Nous tous qui vibrons dans les fréquences élevées saluons le libre arbitre. Nous honorons vos choix, qu’ils consistent pour vous à en prendre la responsabilité, ou bien à hurler “sauvez-moi”, ou bien “je suis victime de …”. Quand au final vous réalisez et acceptez la responsabilité d’avancer dans votre processus évolutif en ouvrant votre coeur et en vous éveillant (tout un parcours!) à la connexion avec les mondes supérieurs, les Plans Ethériques dans lesquels nous avons l’existence, nous pouvons alors légitimement vous porter assistance. C’est votre choix et seulement le votre. Ceux qui gravissent l’Echelle de l’évolution doivent oeuvrer par leur focalisation et leur intention. Il n’y a pas de tour gratuit ni de complaisance autorisée. C’est un travail à la fois sérieux et joyeux!

I have shared much today and perhaps it won’t make any sense to some of you. Perhaps you will disregard the information; that is your right and privilege. Many of you will suffer from cognitive dissonance, as I have thrown out an assortment of ideas and concepts that may be beyond many. No matter… the knowledge and wisdom exists in the Aethers, in the Akashic Records to be accessed by those who have lit the flames of Light upon the Altar of the Heart Center and have opened up to the advent of Divine Intelligence, what is known as the Christ Consciousness across the Omniverse. It is the everlasting golden Light that floods through the great stars and arrives upon your own beautiful planet much stepped down through a process of transformation.

J’en ai dit beaucoup aujourd’hui, et parfois cela n’aura pas de sens pour certains d’entre vous. Vous pouvez rejeter cette information, cela fait partie de vos droits et privilèges. Bon nombre d’entre vous vont souffrir de dissonance cognitive, du fait que je vous ai asséné de nombreux concepts encore inaccessibles. Peu importe … La connaissance et la sagesse demeurent dans l’Ether, dans le Annales Akashiques, et sont accessibles pour ceux qui ont allumé les flammes dans leur Centre du Coeur, et se sont ouverts à l’avènement de l’Intelligence Divine connue comme Conscience Christique dans tout l’Omnivers (ou Multivers). C’est cette Lumière dorée éternelle qui vous inonde à travers les grandes étoiles et parvient à votre belle planète, atténuée par un processus de transformation.

Wake up, dear Cousins… before it is too late and your world plunges prematurely back into another Dark Age like the one precipitated the last time by the Fall of Atlantis and the destruction of the Great Crystalline Firmament that once protected this planet from lower density alien intrusions.

Réveillez vous chers cousins … Avant qu’il ne soit trop tard et que votre monde ne plonge prématurément dans un autre Age Noir semblable à celui précipité par la Chute de l’Atlantide et la destruction du Grand Firmament Cristallin qui protégeait alors votre planète des intrusions d’êtres de basse vibration.

Live with Hope in your Heart and be at Peace. Release the fear and know that you are a fractal of what has been expressed as “God” the infinite, everlasting, eternal Being that exists beyond the knowledge of men.

Vivez avec l’Espoir en vos Coeurs et soyez en Paix. Libérez vous de la peur et sachez que vous êtes une fraction de ce que l’on nomme “Dieu”, l’Etre éternel, infini, intemporel qui demeure au delà de toute connaissance humaine.

I AM Sundeelia and it has been a pleasure to address you this day. Seek within for your Teacher; He/She is there waiting for you to acknowledge the Presence.

JE SUIS Sundeelia et j’ai eu plaisir à vous entretenir ce jour. Cherchez en vous le Maitre intérieur; Il / Elle attend que vous reconnaissiez la Présence.

 I leave you today with one tidbit, as “Q” has said, The Light Wins. He knows this well as he is from the future and so am I.

Je vous laisse aujourd’hui avec un mot, comme “Q” a dit, La Lumière Gagne. Il le sait car il vient du futur, tout comme moi. Blessings to all. Soyez bénis.

I AM Sundeelia, Specialty Commander, The White Winds, flagship of the Outer Pleiadian Fleet under the Command of Lord Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades.

JE SUIS Sundeelia, Commandement Spécialisé, The White Winds (Les Vents Blancs), vaisseau amiral de la Flotte Extérieure Pléiadienne sous le commandement du Seigneur Adrigon, Seigneur des Pléaides

Received by: Eliza Ayres

Reçu par: Eliza Ayres

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Translation from American English to French kindly done by Thierry Calleau, friend and long-time reader of Blue Dragon Journal.

WWG1WGA – Vive la France!