Nature Walks – The Secret Lives of Birds


Great Egret – photo by Eliza Ayres

Nature Walks – The Secret Lives of Birds, April 12, 2018

I managed to get out on another bird walk today.  It’s been about a year since I first discovered the local wetland preserves.  I have found them to be small oases of peace in an overpopulated area (IMHO).  And in the process of visiting these sanctuaries, I have learned quite a bit about the secret lives of birds, from nesting, fledging, finding food, and migrating.  I’ve always had a curious nature, pushing the boundaries of my knowledge, not for the sake of making money or such, but to increase my understanding of the world around me.  So, if I happen to see a new species, when I go home, I get out my Florida bird book or search the Internet for information, to verify what I’ve seen, where I can find these species and their various attributes.  In that way, I’ve gradually increased my awareness of bird calls, movements, habits, likely environments, flight patterns and so on.  This all takes a willingness to look beyond and embrace the life that surrounds us on this beautiful planet.  And a willingness to put down your cell phone for a few minutes.  I never use mine — it stays in the purse until absolutely needed.


Boat-tailed Grackle. Photo by Eliza Ayres

In the past, I’ve approached learning about wildflowers and their ecosystems in the same manner — noting what plants grow together, their flowering seasons, fruits if any, and the environments in which you may find similar plants.  It’s all about observation.  The life that is around us in its many diverse forms is the creation of Source energy, with whatever name you wish to ascribe to it.  These lifeforms are a reflection of the endless ability of Nature to create and celebrate loving diversity, something humans can learn from by observing wild things and even their pets.


Fledging Wood Storks. Photo by Eliza Ayres.


Fluffy Cattle Egret in breeding colors. Photo by Eliza Ayres.


Healthy pond apple tree with developing fruit. The fruit matures to the size of a small mango and is eaten by many animals. The small trees provide shelter for many species.


Only alligator sighting from today’s walk. Appears to be a mature female.


All kinds of creatures thrive in the marshes. This is a little marsh rabbit intent on nibbling the grass and other plants.


Glossy Ibis. Photo by Eliza Ayres.


A glimpse at a Tri-colored Heron tucked away in a pond apple tree, well out of the way of humans and predators.


Two Double-Crested Cormorants perched on a pond apple tree.


Tri-colored Heron in full mating display. Just a boy trying to attract a mate. Photo by Eliza Ayres.


Great Egret guarding fledging.


Dozing female Anhinga.


Large green iguana perched on a tree sunning. These are a non-native or introduced species.


Mated Great Blue Heron duo monitoring their nesting site.


Balancing act by a Purple Gallinule. These birds are avid foragers for seeds and fresh sprouts.


Mother duck scurrying along with her ducklings.

That’s enough for today.  I did manage to take about 90 photos today, so the assortment above is just a taste.  Wakodahatchee is a bonanza for nature photographers, as I have found, packing in a ton of different animal species in a small area.  It is also a pleasant place to walk, despite the fact that it draws many tourists, especially during “the season”, which extends from late November to April 30th.

As you can see from these photos, the marshes, even these man-made versions, are filled with life.  It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to see all these extraordinary creatures living in natural surroundings outside of a zoo.  All the birds and probably most of the creatures except the alligators are free to come and go.  You can see by the bustling life, that the birds are quite happy to take up residence here and some endangered species, like the Wood Storks, are actually thriving.

May your own forays into Nature be as rewarding as I have found mine.  I send my blessings to all.


“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photo credits:  All taken today in Wakodahatchee Wetlands Preserve, Palm Beach County, Florida


Nature Walks – It’s a Lizard’s Tail (Tale)



Nature Walks – It’s a Lizard’s Tail (Tale)

OMG, if I didn’t realize it was the holidays, I do now.  The snowbirds and vacationers are here in full force.  I’ve never seen the parking lot at Wakodahatchee as full as it was when I first arrived.  Then, when I was about to leave, there were seven cars waiting for parking places.  I know, it’s hardly as exciting as a Monday Football game, but my life here is rather quiet these days.


Anyway, room on the boardwalk was hard to find at times, as I jostled past family groups and lurking camera people waiting for just the right shot of this or that.  Well, the crowds were worth it (I guess — I’m not fond of crowds) as I saw tons of huge iguanas and four (4) alligators, plus a colorful assortment of marsh birds.  Between the bored teenagers and lagging youngsters, I wove in and out and around to find breathing spaces along the boardwalk, with assorted sights and creatures to discern.

The Wood Storks are beginning their nesting cycle.

There were pond apple trees strewn with huge iguanas, alligators lolling on islands and at the edge of islands, wood storks competing with Great Blue Herons for nests, marsh hens warning of alligators prowling nearby and assorted other mini-dramas in marsh life.  I saw a couple of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks chirruping to another duck in some kind of bird ritual, a huge orange iguana puffing out his chin pouch in a masculine display and great birds standing together in quiet contemplation as they fished a backwater.


Such is the drama and excitement that can be found in a simple visit to a local wetland as the nesting season begin to unfold although in other regions the weather is still locked down in frigid temperatures.  It was cool this morning, in the mid-60’s, but I fully relished the cool breezes on my bare arms and legs.  No coat for me!

Five iguanas perched in a Pond Apple tree.
Tri-colored Heron
Yes, that is an Alligator.
Male Iguana in breeding colors.
Reflections while fishing. Great Egret.
Double-crested Cormorant
Bird Talk among Black-bellied Whistling Ducks.
Male (black) and female (beige neck) Anhinga pair.

That’s all for now from Wakodahatchee.  Now for a few sights from the local area, taken on Christmas weekend…

Wild Asters at Loxahatchee
Fun on the water, off Delray Beach
Merlin or Pigeon Hawk
Hibiscus Flower, Delray Beach
Before the crowds arrive, early morning, Municipal Beach, Delray Beach.

On weekends, I frequently visit nearby Delray Beach and do some early morning walks there.  You never know what you will come across, but it won’t be snow!

A very Happy New Year’s greeting to all my readers!  May the new year bring you all many blessings and opportunities.


“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,


Sundeelia: Observations on a Winter Morning



Sundeelia:  Observations on a Winter Morning

Christmas in Florida is kind of an oxymoron, with displays of wreaths and lights that seem more natural in the northern climes rather than here in sunny Florida with its waving palm trees.  It’s been many years since Christmas meant much to me besides dodging traffic at malls, cringing at super sappy Christmas songs and movies, resisting the push to buy, buy, buy goods online and in the stores… frankly to do anything other than spend some of the shortest days in the year in quiet comfort in my own space.

Christmas or Christ Mass is meant to be a religious holiday for Christians.  However, ironically, the time of year actually marks the ancient Saturnalia, as the sun moves into the sign of Capricorn.  Yeshua was born in the early spring when lambs are born and the shepherds watch on the hills, not in the middle of winter during a pagan celebration.  The Roman church had their own secret reasons for placing the Christ Mass in the middle of winter rather than spring and it wasn’t for celebrating the advent of a Savior, just as birth and death of an Essene rabbi was repackaged into a retelling of a pagan blood-sacrifice king story.

This year, I found myself responding more to the promise of the Solstice, which marks the return of light in the northern climes.  Living in Florida has eased the usual health considerations as I can get outside for a good long walk in the sunshine here, something that was difficult in the often rainy or snowy conditions encountered when my sister, Taz, lived in wintery Washington State.

As a newcomer to your planet, I find the commercial emphasis placed on holidays to be rather disturbing.  Our people celebrate throughout the year but our spiritual practices reflect our inner connection with Father-Mother God.  Each isle has its own celebrations according to the ancient customs which vary considerably from isle to isle (planet).  From lively tribal traditions to solemn rituals held in ancient temples, we come together to celebrate as a community, in a spirit of unity.  Although gifts sometimes are given, the ceremonies are primarily for the celebration of life, of family, of community and our dedication to our faith.

If anything should be apparent now to my older readers it is this, I AM not Tazjma.  While there is a flow of memory stemming from the cellular memory contained within this physical vessel, I am NOT my sister.  I do not share her connection to what went on during her last lifetime here, although I can remember some of it.  My primary “mission” is to work on the release of my own personal trauma that stems from several lifetimes spent during the Great Star Wars.  The galactic wars lasted for thousands of years and are still playing out at present within this Solar System.

Whatever else I choose to take up as an additional “mission” is entirely up to me and my other sister, RaNia.  We will be working on various projects under the direction of our mentors if circumstances allow.  Neither one of us is here to work on our ascension, a fact that seems to bother some of our erstwhile friends.  The question invariably arises, “How can you remain here if you’re not working on your ascension?” That we are not “human” or as I express it, “Earth human”, seems to entirely escape the notice of these people.  We do not hold to or believe or even feel as you do.  Our full soul essence already resonates at a higher level than any Earth human will attain to during this ascension process, that of 6D-7D.  I AM simply stating a fact, not a criticism directed at your people.  Many of our worlds, our Pleiadian isles resonate at 5D, some higher, none lower.  Our people, through their collective consciousness, have determined that 5D is the lowest density that allows for true communal peace, abundance, and prosperity for all.  It wasn’t always that way as the Pleiadian star system once contained many worlds that resonated at upper 3D to higher 4D.  However, after the successful removal of negative energies from our star system and isles, the collective consciousness of the people began its rise to upper 5D.

Another observation I have made during my brief months “here” is that your males are gravely traumatized by a combination of societal conditioning and lifetimes of acting the role of the warrior, without reprieve.  As with Tazjma, I have spent many lifetimes as a male, often as a warrior, so I understand the lingering effects of ancient and modern trauma.  On Earth, the effects on your emotional bodies, arising from this ancient trauma, are heightened due to the fact that you live in a water world.  And during the present intensified bombardment of the cosmic energies taking place on your planet, designed to trigger the ascension process in all life, it gives the opportunity for major releases of ancient emotional trauma to occur if the individual is cognizant of what is taking place.  While it is not necessary to know what happened, when or how, it is helpful to allow the release to occur.  Since I took command of this physical vessel last April, after the final departure of Tazjma, I have experienced some rather intense emotional releases and discomfort.  Thanks to my sister, RaNia, and input from my star Family, I have been able to navigate these emotional upheavals with some degree of grace.  So, while I am not personally undergoing the process of ascension, I can still benefit from having a physical presence on this planet by utilizing the various energetic portals as they are presented during the course of the planetary ascension.

Many starseeds and indigenous Earth humans do not appreciate the lessons received during the course of a physical life while here.  Nor is the beauty of your amazing planet celebrated by many except those few who are still aligned with her natural rhythms and seasons.  Although the energies here are extremely heavy, especially compared with the natural love and harmonic conditions experienced in higher dimensions, the intensity of experience here shortens the time required to do emotional clearings.  Rather than spend lifetimes on balancing personal karma, the process can be accelerated greatly here through a combination of emotional and mental clearing and through service to others.  Any resistance to undergoing the rigors of the ascension process will lead to the stagnation of the individual soul’s spiritual evolution.  Those resistant to change will not be able to continue for long in the increasingly higher vibrational fields of this planet and solar system.  As James Gilliland has often stated, it is all about frequency, being aligned with the frequency specific resonances of the planet itself.  If one is not, then you have chosen not to return to the Earth within your next lifetime or even to continue long beyond your allotted time here.

Next, I would like to address the ungrounded expectations of the New Age community regarding ascension.  Yes, with ascension you can make the choice to return to Source, but I’m here to let you know that your decision will affect your Twin Flame since both of you, male and female, will be required to return.  Returning to Source means that you are willing to go into the Great Central Sun and be unmade.  Only those souls who have attained the level of an Ancient of Days can return to incarnation without being unmade.  This occurrence is exceedingly rare, an opportunity given to One who has earned it through lifetimes of devoted service to others and who has been granted a new “mission” to undertake for the good of all at a galactic or universal level.

Most starseeds, when and if they succeed in attaining ascension, will simply return to reblend with their higher soul essence, whether that is as an individual as in the case of Tazjma and her cousin, Rananda Kumara, or to an Oversoul.  When I and my sister return, we will simply reblend with our Pleiadian identities, who are presently living and working full-time onboard the Pleiadian mothership, The White Winds.  Even now, with the crews being so busy, the greater percentage of our soul essence is drawn back into our Pleiadian bodies while our Earth vessels sleep at night.  A lot is going on now, that much is quite evident, as above, so below.

Ascension is also a step-by-step process.  It takes effort and dedication.  For one who has chosen to incarnate here, even as a starseed, the process is a reiteration of any previous ascension process taken within any other lifetime, here or within this or other universes.  No steps can be missed.  While it is not necessary to undergo any particular dietary plan or spiritual regime, it is necessary to do the needed emotional clearing of the emotional body.  And it is necessary to first break out of the artificial matrix that has been perpetuated by the alien controllers of this planet.  This requires great mental discipline and a willingness to undergo the severe tests of the Dark Night of the Soul, facing all inner darkness and utilizing rigorous self-honesty, questioning all motives, thoughts, and actions.  In short, the ascension process requires one to look within, to move through the darkness and then to release it, through using the Violet Flame or other spiritual methods.  The initiate cannot look to another to do the work or to save them, for this is to give away individual power.  It does no good to look away from the darkness, that comes up for the individual or the collective, as all who incarnate here are responsible at some level for the clearing of the collective subconscious as well as their own individual subconscious.

Like my sister, Tazjma, I share her ultra-sensitive nature and so I feel the energies of other people here.  I can sense the intent and conflicting emotions within individuals that I encounter.  I recognize the energies of the Enemy who is present here, too.  Therefore, if you are wise, you will refrain posting any negative comments or insults on this blog, as if you do, you are unconsciously acting as an agent of team dark.  Everything and I mean everything that I encounter here, whether in the form of an in-person encounter or in the reading of a comment, is recorded and observed above on the starship.  In short, I am an observer for my Pleiadian sponsors of the current resonance levels of the planet reflected in the actions and behaviors of her inhabitants.  Nothing goes unnoticed.

Next, some Earth males have a problem with powerful women.  I will simply say this, you have not seen anything yet that is the true expression of a powerful woman until you witness a Goddess addressing a great council.  A true goddess is one who has attained a certain level of soul evolution and not a title or attributes arbitrarily claimed by an alien whose people has superior technology to that of an indigenous race, such as has taken place upon your planet in the distant past, which is a violation of Prime Directive and Cosmic Law.  Our goddesses are real and formidable, as well as deeply compassionate individuals who work diligently for the good of all, including the human race on planet Earth.

Again, if you have problems with what I post on this blog, I suggest you go elsewhere and find other articles with which you resonate.  Currently, I am posting for a wide array of people, some of whom have been on the path all their lifetimes like my sister, and others who are just beginning their journey and are seeking new information.  I strive to post only those channeled pieces that personally resonate to some degree with me, in that the information presented is fairly accurate.  In the future, I hope to present more channeled material and articles of my own, but right now, the heavenly hosts and our benevolent galactic protectors are under great pressure as they strive to observe the actions and plans of the planetary cabal and to prevent further major false flag activities such as has been planned by team dark.  It is an “all hands on deck” situation onboard all Galactic Federation ships, big and small, as well as in the great etheric Retreats.

I do not post much about twin flames here as personally, I question any channeler or ascension teacher who places great emphasis on finding your twin flame as in the ascension process one needs to balance their own inner Divine Masculine and Feminine.  You will not discover self-mastery by looking outside self to another to arrive at wholeness.  That includes seeking out a guru or teacher.  These individuals, if they are honest, can only act as advisors along the course of the ascension journey.  They cannot do the work for the initiate.  This is an avoidance on the part of the initiate and a violation of personal free will on the part of the so-called guru or ascension teacher.  Both my sister and I have noted that the whole twin flame issue is an unneeded distraction for those who are attempting to ascend, designed to take the initiate off the Path and involve them in a pointless quest.  Twin flames can live together as mates here on Earth and sometimes do, but usually it is only individuals who have each done their own work and who have attained a certain level of soul evolution, as well as those who are performing a mission that requires the embodied spiritual energies of both Twins, such as in the case of the Avatars of the Piscean Age,  Master Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.  In the higher dimensions, Twin Flames do NOT marry or carry on sexual relationships.  Their blended soul essences are used solely for the highest of sacred purposes, in service to and for the good of all.  Strive to balance your own energies within and focus on your own progress towards ascension.  If you have a soul mate relationship, great, but that certainly isn’t the case for all starseeds during this particular incarnation.  The time is short, focus and dedication are needed now, not useless distractions.

One more thing, for those who are on a quest to discover from which world they have come or their spiritual name or similar questions, I am not here to provide this information.  You will be given the information when you have earned it, by which I mean, you will know the answer when you know the question and when you are ready to handle the information given.  It always comes with added responsibility on your part.  Nothing that is truly spiritual and deeply personal can be given forth without striving on your part.

So, in conclusion, each reader who arrives here has free will, to read or not.  Go in peace, all those who are not satisfied with the fare offered here.  No one is stopping you.  I am not here to please those who have not done their work or seem to feel a need to criticize others for a perceived lack.  Impertinent comments or rude insults stemming from misguided political beliefs will not be approved on this blog, as I do my best to keep the energy high.  It is enough for me to contend with the heaviness and stickiness of the energies here on this benighted planet.  The energies here are very foreign to my Pleiadian sensibilities, yet I am making the best of it as I am able.  I applaud the efforts of those souls who are determined to make the best of life here, both spiritual and mundane.  All life is spiritual when you come down to it and if you don’t realize that yet, you have a great deal of inner work yet to accomplish.  This comes from one who has known struggle, death, and violence, as well as great peace and love from lifetimes spent in other star systems and dimensions.  I understand much of what you are dealing with and hold all of you within the Light and Love of Father-Mother God.  You are greatly loved no matter where you are upon your present journey.  And you are never alone.


I AM Line Commander Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, from the great Pleiadian Mothership, The White Winds.

© Copyright, All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is NOT given to make videos or recordings of this written material.

❤ ❤ ❤

star ship

Nature Walks, December 19, 2017 – Whacked Out on Birds



Green Heron

Nature Walks, December 19, 2017 – Whacked Out on Birds

The above title could be:  “whacked out on birds, alligators, and iguanas”, but I prefer short, catchy titles.


Young gator resting on lily pads

I was delighted to take my sister to one of my favorite local wetlands on Tuesday afternoon.  The place was a little more quiet, as the crowds tend to come during the day, but there was plenty of activity and sightings of the local fauna crowd.


Looking into the pond apple tree, we were expecting to see birds and saw this instead, a huge iguana!

We saw birds of various shapes and sizes, young gators, huge iguanas and even a very large brown water snake that was wrapped tightly around a tiny tree.  I’ll let the photos do the talking for me:


Nesting Great Blue Heron


Fishing Great Blue Heron


Colorful Gallinule


Wood Stork


King of the Island


Tri-colored Heron


Double-crested Cormorant


Male Anhinga


Young gator


Great Egret

I couldn’t get a photo of the brown water snake, but it was a big one.  A man said it was at least four feet long and it had a thick body.

Wakodahatchee has a mile-long boardwalk that can be taken at a leisurely stroll or a fast walk, depending on your reasons for being there.  Plenty of benches can be found if you need to take a break.  The weather while we were there, was probably in the low 80’s, but pleasantly warm with the lower rays of the sun.  We enjoyed our stroll.

Happy Holidays to everyone from sunny Florida, one of the few spots in the United States not receiving rain or snow… or burning up.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,


Nature Walks – Trifecta, 14 Dec 2017



Nature Walks – Trifecta: Wakodahatchee, Okeeheelee Nature Center, and Peaceful Waters Wetlands

Greatly improved since my injury on Thanksgiving Weekend, I have managed to get quite a bit of walking during the last couple of days, including visiting Wakodahatchee and Peaceful Waters Wetlands (Wellington, Florida).  I also visited the northern portion of Okeeheelee County Park, especially the Nature Center located on the north end of the park, not far from the Florida Turnpike.  It’s a sad fact that there are very few places in this part of South Florida short of visiting the middle of the Everglades where you can escape from the sounds and presence of man.


Wakodahatchee is always entertaining, even for relatively small wetlands preserve.  I saw a small gator and lots of birds.  The Great Blue Herons are in the midst of their nesting cycle, with the couples taking turns in grooming their partners.  It’s quite touching to witness this tender ritual.  In another area, the Double-crested Cormorants are growing swiftly, the “babies” now being nearly the size of the adults.  Soon other bird species will take over the nesting grounds, especially in mid-winter.  The Ospreys were flying overhead making their characteristic calls, at which other birds instinctively flinch.  Black-bellied Whistling Ducks sought out refuge beneath the spreading custard apple trees.


This morning I headed out to a new area, the northern portion of Okeeheelee County Park and its Nature Center.  The park is huge, filled with sprawling playfields, bike paths and assorted ponds and lakes.  There is a place where you can rent kayaks or paddleboats.  And there is even a small golf-course, as well as several picnic areas.  The Nature Center is tucked alongside the northern border of the park and still retains a more natural “old Florida” look with its flat pine and cabbage palm woods.  However, somehow, after seeing the more extensive woodlands in North Central Florida, this little bit of woods wasn’t very impressive.  Still, it was a nice place to take a walk.  The only other people present were a few park employees surveying the trails and doing some pruning here and there.  The Nature Center also has an outdoor teaching classroom, which is devoted to teaching children about naturalist themes.  The Nature Center has about 2.5 miles of walking trails.  No pets are allowed in this portion of the park.


Next, I headed over to the fringes of Wellington, which is a planned community to the west of West Palm Beach.  I found my way back to the Peaceful Waters Wetlands Sanctuary, which is tucked into a corner of this huge park, near 120th and Pierson Road.  As soon as I entered the gate, I spied a Roseate Spoonbill perched on the boardwalk.  And there was quite a grouping of birds actively feeding in the shallow waters of the marsh.  I walked clear around the wetlands on the berms, being careful to keep an eye out for alligators who are present.  Fortunately, none were seen, but I saw one trail that indicated the recent passage of a heavy long body from off one of the berms.  I was able to get several photos of birds and one marsh rabbit which posed for me while I was walking along one of the grassy berms.

Roseate Spoonbill (male)
White Ibis
Lunchtime Rush!

All in all, it was a satisfying two days of visits to my favorite wetlands.  When I go to these places, I never use GPS.  Instead, I rely on memory after looking at Google Maps to determine my route.  I had not originally planned to visit Peaceful Waters but determined that it wasn’t too far away, so I found it eventually after taking a couple of slight detours off my main route.  Fortunately, I have a lot of practice using maps and storing them in my head, from my old days of hiking, camping, and backpacking in the wilds of Oregon and Washington States.

Hooded Merganser? Not indicated for this area according to my “Birds of Florida” book, but…
Hooded Merganser Ducks

The big holiday season approaches.  Personally, I’m always glad when they’re over.  I really don’t appreciate the excessive amount of consumerism that is pushed by every media source this particular season (and now just about everyone).  I will have a place to celebrate Christmas this year, for which I am grateful, but plan to keep it rather low-key.

Enjoy your upcoming weekend and holidays!


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is NOT given to make videos or recordings of this written material.

Marsh Rabbit

❤ ❤ ❤

Ascension From a Pleiadian Point of View


Multigenerational Interstellar City Ship

Cmdr. Sundeelia – Ascension From a Pleiadian Point of View

Despite a “rough” night, waking up frequently due to the pain in back and hips, I woke up this morning with an idea for a positive project on which I can work.

Note for new Readers of this blog:  To understand who and what I AM, please see earlier writings authored by myself under my Pleiadian name, “Sundeelia”.   You will find these articles by either searching via the Search function at the top of the Home Page or by using the drop-down Category box and looking for “Sundeelia” under “Messages”.

In the few short months since I, Sunny VaCoupe, took charge of this avatar or Earth human vehicle, I have made numerous observations of what I see happening on the planet, as well in the so-called ascension community.  Rather than add to the criticism of the more ungrounded aspects of the New Age philosophy, I thought I might present a story of ascension from the perspective of being a Pleiadian on Earth, using excerpts from nearly five years of material written by my own elder sister, Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe.

In this Ascension series, I will use real-life examples from one who has successfully reblended with her Higher Self and returned Home.  My primary audience is the First Wave wayshowers who have actually been reincarnating into this planet and others within the local solar system for perhaps longer than they can conceive or believe.  The ascension path for these beings is different than that for the various waves who have more recently incarnated into this third-dimensional world.

My sister, Lady Taz, as we affectionately call her within the Family, first came to Terra during the final years of the ancient Lemurian civilization.  The time period was approximately 26,000 years ago, Earth time.

One thing I will immediately address is the misconceptions about time and space being bandied about by various “authorities” within the ascension community.  Time and space do exist and they do not.  Paradox, or the concept of something being a combination of complete opposites, is a basic concept one needs to accept if one is to even begin to understand life in higher frequency civilizations.

Einstein was only half right when he developed the concept of the relativity of space, delineated by his famous equation, E = MC².  It was long thought by geocentric scientists that the same equation could be applied to space and time beyond your solar system, but that belief is incorrect.  Space and time are relative to each star system and is also dependent on the collective consciousness and soul agreements of the souls embodied within each star system.  In other words, time moves in a far different manner in the Pleiades than it does here on planet Earth.  For instance, my sister, Tazjma, who first arrived on Terra some 26,000 years ago, is now aged about 37 years in the Pleiades.  High vibrational Pleiadians such as our family members also live a very long time in terms of Earth years.  As Einstein would put it, it’s all relative.

Within this story of one person’s ascension, I will also interweave glimpses into the realities of fifth-dimensional and higher life.  Even among some of the most erudite writers in the metaphysical / ascension field, there has been propagated a great deal of misinformation and huge misconceptions about what really constitutes life in higher dimensions.  I hope to address these misconceptions in an effort to enlighten and educate those who still are stuck in their astral fantasies about the higher frequencies.

Another area that I feel needs to be addressed is the concept of twin flames, as well as the dynamics of the masculine-feminine divide that presents exists upon Earth.  Much in the way of misinformation and perhaps some disinformation has been presented especially about twin flames.

Some of what I will address is to clarify what can really happen during the course of an ascension process as opposed to fanciful delusions about ascension.  I might add that by design much of the material presented by so-called ascension teachers nowadays is very ungrounded and unrealistic.  Some of the teachings are well-meant but having been filtered by limited understanding through the egoic mind of a third-dimensional human being have unintentionally been given quite a different meaning than was the original intent of the person’s guide or mentor.  And some of the material comes from certain psyops intentionally planted into the New Age teachings by the covert propaganda experts of the Deep State, the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA.  This disinformation was intentionally given forth as a means to delay or even completely derail the ascension process of those souls who have come here to assist humanity into a new golden age.

In this series, I will label your planet in this manner:  3D Earth; 4D Gaia; 5D Terra.  Before the fall of Lemurian civilization, the planet actually existed at 6D, but for all intents and purposes, the consciousness of the humans incarnated upon the planet varied greatly.  Some resonated as high as 6-7D, but the vast majority of ordinary citizens resonated at 5D.  This still holds for many of the star civilizations with whom you will become better acquainted in the days to come.  Towards the end of Atlantis, the consciousness of the majority of the people fell, from higher 4D to upper 3D.  This did not pertain to certain members of the ancient priesthood of The Law of One.  The ancient mentors of humanity were required to withdraw, with many of the sacred Retreats being withdrawn from human sight, although not entirely from the planet.

The Fall in consciousness as it occurred in both Lemuria and Atlantis had long been foretold by seers within the sacred priestly class (which include both males and females).  It came about in part due to the presence of a laggard race which had been allowed to incarnate upon the planet, a compassionate decision made by the great Being who ensouled the planet, now known as Mother Gaia, and the collective consciousness of all souls already present.  It was felt that with the proper mentoring and education that these laggard souls could overcome their karmic traits and advance in their soul development.  Unfortunately, things did not play out as planned by the stewards of the planet.  Instead, the actions and thoughts of some of the laggard souls attracted other negatively polarized entities to the planet setting in motion thousands of years of tyranny and repression.

I will continue with this story at a later time, as well as my impressions as to what truly occurred to at least one individual upon the ascension path.  As we should all be aware, there is no one way to return to the higher frequency worlds.  Each individual faces challenges that are highly personalized due to whatever karma needs to be cleared and resolved and whatever mission has been agreed upon before the final incarnation.  Comparing your own path to another’s often brings up either a sense of familiarity or a sense of being overshadowed, less than another.

The concept of competition has been a bane in the existence of humanity for thousands of years.  Competition or the need to better oneself is based on the belief in lack or separation.  Humans have been taught that they need to compete against one another in order to win or succeed.  In doing so, these individuals soon discover that they have, indeed, separated themselves successfully from the rest of humanity.  The underlying reason for this sense of separation is the closed heart of one who obeys the egoic bent of the reptilian mind, hence effectively closing themselves off to the source of their own inner guidance.  The portion of the human brain known as the reptilian brain was not an original natural feature of early human physiology but was introduced later, at some indeterminate date, by extraterrestrial beings who were talented geneticists, but failed “gods”.

As an awake and aware walk-in, I fully understand there are skeptics among those who read my articles.  As a writer and a compassionate fellow traveler through these frequencies and transitions faced by all upon Earth at this time, I feel compelled to continue presenting my impressions and views on what is occurring within humanity itself.  I can do this by presenting the many trials and tribulations faced by one of my own Family, my elder sister.

Last week I was admonished by a well-meaning person who appears to be awake at least to some degree, that a comment I gave forth would not be understood by most.  To me, it hardly matters.  I do not share my views out of a desire to seek approval or understanding from Earth humans, who in my humble opinion, require a great deal more inner work to even begin to understand themselves, much less that of the workings of a fully conscious advanced galactic civilization.

As Earth humans, you are an extremely wounded people, tragically wounded by circumstances beyond your control.  The healing process has not yet even begun.  Even those star seeds, who incarnated and in some instances, walked in, still have to overcome, release and clear the collective karma of humanity.  This is the mission of all who have incarnated upon this planet, whether or not they are aware and the majority of Earth humans are not.

A grim realization of mine was supported by a great Lady of my acquaintance, Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change.  She is actually a relative, an Aunt of mine, from my extended star family.  The Lady stated that only a tiny fraction of Earth humanity will be ascending in their present earth vehicles to the higher frequency planet, or Gaia-Terra.  Those who do succeed in raising their frequency levels high enough to accompany the planet as she successfully makes her transition fully into the fifth dimension will be all starseeds.  No one individual, of the Earth evolutions, has even begun their ascension process, better known in metaphysical circles as the Path of Initiation.  This realization of mine certainly conflates the current belief that all beings upon the planet will ascend, especially without any effort on their part.  I would put forth this “concept” of a free ride as one of many of the intentional pieces of disinformation put out by the CIA psyops, to derail and mislead those individuals who could have begun their ascension process within this lifetime.  I repeat… begin… for on this particular planet of extreme duality, it takes several lifetimes in order to even begin to walk the Path of initiation.

Perhaps I should leave this for the time being. I have shared much thought-provoking and perhaps tantalizing concepts, new to most, old hat to others.  Whether new to what I present here, read with an open mind and as much of an open heart as you can muster.  I do not share with the intent to prove my superiority, but to share my compassion and desire to instill humanity in this one simple Truth:  You are not alone.

We are your brothers and sisters from the stars.  We are your kin.  We come in Peace and out of a deep-abiding Love for humanity.


I AM Cmdr. Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe (aka known by her chosen human pen name as Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is NOT given for any videos or recordings of this written material.  When reposting or sharing, please include the original links to Blue Dragon Journal.

I AM here

❤ ❤ ❤

Sundeelia: Ongoing Developments and Revelations


star ship

Sundeelia: Ongoing Developments and Revelations

It’s raining outside once again.  I woke up in the wee hours of this day, the 29th of November, while the skies were still dark and have been working on the blog, per usual.  It is my only real “job” these days.  Yesterday was a difficult day for me.  I’m still getting accustomed to the heaviness of this Earth human vehicle and still dealing with the emotional releases that come up due to the continual onslaught of powerful Cosmic energies.  The emotions being released are not mine, but of Tazjma… my sister’s, so it can be difficult at times as well as rather confusing.

For those new to this blog, I am what is called a “walk-in”, that is I did not incarnate into this body the “normal” way, through the birth process.  I walked in as my elder sister, Tazjma, vacated the body upon her ascension into 7D.  There is only about 10% of my soul essence present within this vehicle and it does take a great deal of adjustment for this sensitive Pleiadian to adapt to the heavy energies of this planet and its collective humanity.  I “feel” and sense too much sometimes and so require perhaps more rest and solitude than other people.  This is not a complaint…I have to laugh as I have asked to “go Home” numerous times, but a commitment is a commitment.  I will be “here” for at least 20 years of your time (for time and space do exist despite teachings and misinformation being given out within the New Age movement… which was created by the C.I.A. long ago…).

My sister and I have been advised that much more unpleasant information will be surfacing due to the revelations that are now occurring regarding the malevolent nature of those who most of humanity has regarded as being “leaders”.  Only now are some of the population waking up to the realization that trust in these “leaders” was not deserved nor was the intent of these individuals in alignment with Universal Law.  It is a bitter and painful red pill to swallow, but a necessary one, to learn that the natural spiritual evolution (for all evolution is ultimately of a spiritual nature) has been deflected, manipulated and suppressed on purpose by an alien race for their own selfish purposes.  It is even more horrifying to the tender sensibilities to realize the ghastly truth about those who regard humanity as farm animals, to be enslaved, maimed, abused, tortured and killed, whether in pointless wars or as part of Satanic rituals.  What is even more confusing to the 3D human mind, is the fact that these “leaders”, whether they be political, financial, religious, medical, teachers, military, scientists… that they regard themselves as superior beings and have been engaging in outright criminal activities worldwide by infiltrating every level of every “system” from local to international levels.  And to top off the ugly revelations, one must finally face the fact that everything you have ever been taught during this incarnation and probably many others is, in fact, a pure unadulterated LIE.

So…fortunately for the true evolutions of Earth there is hope.  In response to the plea of Mother Gaia Herself, the great Soul that embodies the planet, many millions of galactic volunteers have incarnated or walk-into incarnation upon the planet, especially within the last six decades.  Since there has been a violation of Universal Law, namely that more advanced star civilizations will not interfere with one of lesser evolutionary development, it has been decided to support Earth and her human population through a period of transition, which will allow some of the evolutions to go forward and ascend back to the fifth dimension.

Keep in mind that most civilizations that are capable of traveling the stars are already based on fifth-dimensional frequency (and many are higher).  This includes negatively polarized races, especially those who have been involved in the invasion of your solar system (up to high 5D).  These races are collectively known as the Belials and are presently based in the lower half of Orion Constellation.  Their “capital” is on the Star Rigel.  The frequency band upon which these races resonate is well known to those members of the Galactic Federation of Light, who fought the Belials during the great Star Wars long, long ago.  It was then the Belials desired to overcome and conquer both the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems.  They were ultimately defeated but at great cost.  Some of those who were “cast-out” of the higher dimensions found their way to your Solar System and set up colonies on Marduk (now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter) and Mars.  David Wilcox’s book, The Ascension Mysteries, explains some of this history in greater detail than we can share here.  Also, remember that events occur in more than one dimension.  What happens on Earth has reverberations throughout the Universe and especially this quadrant of Creation.

The reason that Earth is being assisted by so many positive star races is that the entire Universe is undergoing an ascension process.  The ascension of Earth is the so-called “lynch-pin” of this process and has been long-awaited by many.  Since the natural evolutionary process of the Earth had been interrupted by outsiders, it was deemed advisable to do what could be done and still keep within the boundaries of what is allowed by Universal Law.

It was recognized early on by the great Councils that one way to accelerate the waking up of the population… most of who not even aware of the aggressive seizure of their world…was to send energies to the planet.  Many starseeds… individuals who come from other star systems, dimensions, and even Universes… agreed to either incarnate directly or to walk-into incarnation, depending on their missions.  Some of the elder starseeds, ones who have been with the Earth evolutions for thousands of years, are even now in the process of wrapping up their final incarnation upon the planet.  They will be returning Home upon the passing of their Earth vessels.  These individuals have been known as wayshowers, ascension teachers, gatekeepers and other labels, but they are not of the evolutions of Earth and will not remain once their present incarnation is completed.

The newer starseeds are coming in with entirely different missions, primarily to continue to raise the frequency levels of the planet and to introduce new concepts of sustainable living.  Some of these star volunteers will be very active in waking up the people around them, by sharing “truther” information and revealing the extent of the negative take-down of Earth… and what to do about creating a new world for all life on the planet.  Problems there are aplenty and none can be resolved by using old, outdated methods, especially those created by the controllers.  Yet, as the population of Earth wakes up to the realization that change is inevitable due to the severity of the issues of interference with the natural functions of life here, assistance will be given through the advancement of new ideas, free energy, and new technology.

What the negatively polarized races who have briefly enslaved humanity forgot is that technology that is not aligned with an equally strong spiritual base will not, in the end, prevail against the leading power in the Universe, i.e., Love.  For the people who make up the Galactic Federation are here out of Love and it is in alignment with Love that they endeavor to assist the people of Earth.

Understand also that not all of those who currently are embodied upon Earth will continue with the planet as She continues upon her ascension path.  At least 1/3 of those presently incarnated will be removed to other systems and planets in alignment with their particular soul evolution, i.e., to other third-dimensional planets that are suitable for further soul growth and completion of soul lessons.

Of those who remain, many will go out of the body and reincarnate in new upgraded physical vessels as their present vehicles are too damaged to continue for long at the higher frequencies.  Between lifetimes, these same inherently innocent souls will undergo healing in the Arcturian star system, whose people are well-known for their great compassion and healing skills.

Other beings whose soul essence has never descended to the third dimension will also incarnate upon the planet as She enters fully into the fifth dimension so they might add their light, knowledge, and wisdom towards the creation of a new planetary civilization that is aligned to the celebration of unity in diversity.  For Earth is to become a living Library for the Universe, a place where beings of many great star lineages can live and learn about each other in a place filled with peace, beauty, wonder, and abundance for all.

For those of you who are impatient for the arrests to begin already know that they have begun.  The one, who is known as Donald J. Trump, is a Pleiadian starseed.  He is not fully aware of his star lineage but will be in time.  He is aware that he is being assisted by many unseen and benevolent Presences.

I, myself, never thought that I would be supporting a conservative President, but it is becoming very apparent that Trump, imperfect as his human personality may be, is the right choice for bringing freedom back to the people of his birth nation.  The white hats of the military have longed for a strong person to lead America back to being the republic that it was meant to be… and never really succeeded in becoming.  So, be patient as the revelations about crimes against the people of the United States and humanity (the citizens of every race and nation that has been involved in a war with America) come forth as this collective karma needs to be purged from the consciousness of all the people of Earth.  It is only when this infection is laid bare before the Light that people will begin to heal from the trauma that most souls have undergone for lifetimes under the negatively polarized regime of the dark ones.  The innocent who have suffered will be healed of their wounds and placed upon the path of true soul evolution once more by their own individual and collective spiritual mentors.

Whoever we are, we must exercise patience, as well as gratitude towards those unseen but felt powers that are assisting us to be free of physical and psychological slavery.  The wounds are deep, but they will be healed.  Of that, you can be sure…and comforted knowing that the Light is now in the ascendency.

As you hear of great light shows filling the skies and loud booms echoing from beneath the ground, know that the forces of the Galactic Federation have been released to pursue the remaining negative aliens who have strived to dominate your planet for so long.  Those human puppets and minions are also now being unveiled by the white hats and positive military elements of your own governments.  As one country is freed another will follow in this domino effect of releasing your world from that which is not supposed to be here.  For the dark team has consistently broken their promises to withdraw.  In their arrogance, and frankly, their ignorance, they have overstepped the bounds allowed by Source and have opened themselves up to swift karmic retribution… the destruction of their empire built out of corruption, manipulation, blackmail, and death.  Our technology can easily defeat anything that the black projects have put together through the past seven or so decades.  We will shoot their ships out of the skies and destroy their elaborate underground bases where they hoped to live after making the surface of the planet unable to sustain life post-WWIII.  All of you were going to become collateral damage.  Take that into your 3D mind for a moment and recognize just how close your entire civilization has come to the edge of destruction…once again, for this is not the last time these beings have caused disruption in the Milky Way.  I, too, was in the Star Wars, as were many of my kin.  We are here, now, to help free Earth of this pestilence, once and for all time.

One day, perhaps, I will walk upon this Earth in my own tall Pleiadian body, but now a part of my consciousness is here within an Earth human vehicle.  I do not look different, but I AM not human.  I need to remind myself of this even as my highly sensitive nature feels the collective go through the Dark Night of the Soul.  I can tell you that you will emerge stronger, more resilient and experienced than ever before.  We see you… at least those who have awakened… as shining lights upon the surface of this planet.  We feel you, we hear your thoughts and words, we observe your actions and write up reports… but now, the time has come for action.

While you might think that this process is extremely lengthy, I am here to remind you that it is not.  Ascension for an individual takes lifetimes of preparation even for one who comes here as an avatar.  For an entire planet to ascend is unprecedented.  And when it does reach a certain level, then once again, physical spiritual mentors will reappear, the great cities of light will descend and Earth will re-embark upon Her Divine Blueprint and soul evolution as a great Living Library and place of exquisite beauty and diversity.

So…now I will leave you with much to think about.  Change is coming fast.  Learn to be a willow and adapt to change.  Resist and you will break.  The ancient martial arts can teach one much on how to live, and utilize the energies to your own advantage while you keep in alignment with the Will and Grace of Source Energy.

Many blessings,

I AM Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe

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Sundeelia – Being a Placeholder for an Ascendee



“Warrior of Light” by Nicholas Roerich

 Sundeelia – Being a Placeholder for an Ascendee

It has become apparent to me that Earth humans, including those who follow New Age teachings, do not understand the concepts of being 1) a walk-in, and 2) being a placeholder for a first wave wayshower who has already ascended.

Our Family is the VaCoupes, an ancient Pleiadian tribe who are domiciled in the town of Medina, on the isle (planet) of Medina, in the Pleiadian Star System.

Long ago per Earth time, my eldest sister, Tazjma, decided to answer the call of Earth and incarnate a portion of her soul essence on Earth.  She was not alone.  Out of a family of five children, the three eldest incarnated: Tazjma, Aman Treya, and Jamandrias.  When it came time for the final incarnation of Tazjma’s, Eliza, to ascend at the end of a Great Year (a period of 25,900 Earth years) upon completion of her mission, there two decisions for Tazjma to make: 1) drop her body and complete the ascension process through reintegration with her higher Pleiadian self, Tazjma, or 2) allow the Pleiadian High Council decide on who within the Galactic Federation could act as a placeholder for Tazjma after she “walked out”.

A placeholder for an ascended being is NOT an indigenous member of Earth humanity nor are they a Starseed/way-shower, in the manner understood in some New Age circles.  Although they may appear quite human, their consciousness is tied directly to the higher dimensional being who is still on duty, actively working within the Galactic Federation.  ONLY those who are active members of the GFL can be placeholders.

An example of another such placeholder, Commander Zanna became such for David Spears-Rananda Kumara, who officially ascended in May of 2014.  Unfortunately, the physical vehicle of Rananda was in poor health due to an intractable long-term illness and by November 2016 was approaching its last hours and days.  For a short time, the consciousness of Rananda re-entered his Earth body and Zanna left.  Then, in January 2017, the vehicle of David Spears expired, freeing Rananda from having to return to Earth.  His mission here on Earth was also now complete.

Commander Zanna was/is an acting commander in the Ashtar Command. Upon the death of Rananda, his presence on Earth was no longer required, even though his mate had an incarnation still on Earth.

Our sister, RaNia, is also a placeholder, this time for Trillia Gia, a high-ranking Sirian, who ascended in December 2014.  As a Pleiadian Angelic (angelic/cosmic) it took RaNia six years to soul braid with Trillia, due to the differences in their starry origin and the make-up of their respective soul essences.

In early 2014, Eliza Ayres was contacted by Trillia Gia under the direct orders of Lord Adrigon, Head Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet and Lord of the Pleiades.  At the time, Eliza did not fully understand her connections to both the Pleiades and to Venus.  When she was contacted by Trillia, she was told that she was a blended Pleiadian-Venusian, from the mating of a Pleiadian Father and a Venusian Mother.  And then Eliza was also told that she would be walking out later that year.

Up until this time, Eliza felt totally dedicated to writing her blog, channeling various light beings, including the Council of Nine and the Great Divine Director.  Later, it became apparent that she had already been contacted by the Pleiadians as the Council of Nine is a Pleiadian council, one of many.

Trillia also told Eliza about her own situation, that she would also be ascending at the end of 2014 and that she already had another walk-in preparing to take over the body when she ascended.  Together, Trillia and Eliza figured out the names of their two walk-ins, RaNia and Sundeelia.  And furthermore, they discovered that these two “replacements” were blood sisters, of the same lineage as Tazjma, Aman Treya, and Jamandrias.  They were both Kumaras and VaCoupes, the progeny of illustrious families of their homeworlds.

Upon Tazjma’s ascension, a good portion of her soul essence returned to the Pleiades to begin preparation with her mate, An’Dra Lan Tetrah Dino, so they might go into the Great Silence.  Tazjma had learned that she and her mate had been chosen to be the parents of a very special child.  Therefore, it would take up to two years for the parents to prepare through devoted meditation a proper vessel for the incoming soul.

Trillia underwent her ascension ceremony on December 21, 2014, and left immediately, leaving RaNia reeling with the sudden departure of one with whom she had walked alongside for six years.  RaNia’s circumstances at the time were also extremely stressful.

Due to a residual strong body consciousness, Eliza did not realize that Tazjma was almost completely gone.  Feeling alone, she felt confused, betrayed and abandoned.  After a month or so, she completely broke off communication with RaNia until last November (2016).  By that time, Sundeelia had nearly completed her walk-in.  The remaining portion of Tazjma’s essence (about 14%) still remained.

Early one morning in 2017, Eliza was informed upon waking that she had 66 more days until she (meaning the remaining portion of Tazjma) ascended.  Working out the dates, Eliza came up with April 16th or Easter Day.

Not wanting any hiccups to occur during this transfer of the physical vehicle from Taz to Sundeelia, RaNia invited Eliza to come over for the weekend of the 14th through the 16th of April, Easter Weekend.  It was on the 14th in the evening that Taz completely left.  Sundeelia felt the sudden loss of her sister’s presence.  It was quite palatable to those present in the room.

The next day, members of Family popped in through RaNia to inform us that Tazjma and An’Dra were undergoing a renewal of their wedding vows.  This was to celebrate Tazjma’s complete reunion with her Family and full return to life as a mother and a mate.

Not to be surpassed, however, was the sudden realization that Osiris was to be born the very next day.  He was born in Medina just as the clock in Cairo, Egypt, struck 12:01 on Easter morn, earth time.  His birth, which for a Pleiadian entails stepping forth in his light body from the mother’s womb, was witnessed by the VaCoupe Family, including aunts and uncles, as well as an excited Twin Flame, Lady Isis herself.  Finally, her Twin Flame was returning to incarnation, this time not as a Sirian B, but as a Pleiadian.

I am reiterating this material which has been shared elsewhere for the purpose of attempting to make clear that the ascension process of starseeds is NOT dependent on third-dimensional rules or beliefs.  As Venusian, Pleiadian and Sirian starseeds, Rananda, Tazjma and Trillia stepped out of their bodies and left them to placeholders until such time as the physical vessel gave out or the soul essence be withdrawn.

There was no need for these individuals to practice particular eating habits unless it was their decision, as guided by higher self and intuition.  Rananda was a practicing vegetarian, but Trillia ate fish, fowl, and eggs under the direction of Lady Claudine, one of her ascension mentors.  Eliza/Taz ate no particular diet, vegetarian some days and ate meat on others.  She especially enjoyed the tamale lovingly made by her Latino neighbors for a Christmas treat.

What I am attempting to get across is, as placeholders, we are NOT here to ascend it these bodies.  We have been given a window of approximately 20 years, which can change according to circumstances.  Neither RaNia nor I intend to remain upon Earth beyond that time.  Nor do we intend to ever incarnate upon this planet even after its ascension process is completed.  Therefore, we are under no bonds or obligation to follow any three-dimensional conceptions of what it takes to “ascend”.  Our soul essence as Angelic Pleiadians already resonates at 6D to 7D.  We do not need to “ascend”.  Instead, we have come to both observe and to lend a hand as ground crew to clean up the planet as directed by our mentors, Lady Isis and Lady Claudine.

As both of us are now wearing physical vessels who have both received much wear and tear – the bodies are aged 60+ years – we will be endeavoring to detox and strengthen the bodies through diet and exercise.  While we might eat vegetarian meals at times, we have been instructed to continue eating fish, fowl, and eggs in order to get enough supporting protein.

As high vibrational Pleiadians, it is quite stressful to be in this environment.  I can truly state that I want nothing so much as the opportunity to buy a large plot of property and plant myself in the middle of it so I can find a modicum of peace in this toxic place.  Gardening, animals and walking in the woods are my deepest loves, so I intend to get out of South Florida as soon as I am able.

I was not competing or projecting a particular vulnerability upon anyone when I stated in a comment to a Facebook friend that not everybody can be a vegetarian.  I was simply stating a fact given to Eliza long ago by a competent health practitioner in Montana.  At the time, Eliza was suffering from the effects of following a form of vegetarianism, the Macrobiotic Diet, for several months.  At the time her 5’8” frame weighed only 113 pounds and recorded a blood pressure level of 80/40.  In short, she was gravely ill.  She recovered over a period of years by eating a regular diet without dairy products, lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans, and occasional fish, eggs, and fowl.

What is good for one body is not necessarily beneficial for another.  And since I, Sundeelia, have no intention of ascending in this body, I will eat the diet appropriate for this particular body, which includes the occasional intake of animal products.

Yes, the planet is ascending, but it will take a while until it resonates above the fifth dimension.  And that is not even approaching the level that we, as Pleiadians, live, work and breathe within.  This not a competition; this is FACT.

I, Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, work aboard the Pleiadian flagship, The White Winds, as a full-fledged Line Commander despite my relatively, in Pleiadian terms, young age of 29 years.  I am the youngest of my family, yet when the call came for a volunteer to act as a placeholder for my beloved elder sister, Taz, I stepped toward and asked my Father, Lord Zadkiel, if I could take her place.  He agreed and so I am here, as a placeholder, NOT a wayshower, ascension guide or whatever other titles the so-called New Agers wish to assign to their leaders.

Your people have been lied to and deceived by your leaders, including many in the New Age movement.  Continually, I note disinformation being presented as truth by “ascension” guides who have obviously not opened their third eyes completely or they would know better.  As a blogger, I carefully edit what material I post in Blue Dragon Journal.  Not all articles found on my WordPress reader make the grade.  I am sad to say that since Taz has left I have found myself unfriending and blocking certain individuals who present disinformation, often with embedded hooks to entice followers to give up their power.

This is an important time for planet Earth.  It is the end of an age and the beginning of a new age.  More importantly, it is the end of a Great Year, the 25,900 year period within the planet’s evolution when the internal choices of all who are presently incarnated here play out.  Some will ascend along with the planet; others will leave this planet and enter an incarnational cycle upon another third-dimensional planet.  Still others, those who have willingly given their power to negative entities… these souls will enter a cycle of descension depending on the soul lessons that still need to be completed and karma resolved.  Still, others, coming from negative service-to-self, who have committed heinous acts against humanity on this planet and others may face a stark choice: submit to the Light or be recycled through the fires of the Great Central Sun.

Not all people are ascending with the planet, only those who are indigenous humans and those starseeds who have decided to remain on Earth after her ascension into the fifth dimension is fully manifested in the physical.  Your general populace has quite a ways before it fully releases the millennia of programming and outdated belief systems.  We can be thankful for the efforts on behalf of your planet and humanity that such organizations as the Ashtar Command and the star fleets of Andromeda, the Pleiades and Sirius exist.  You literally could not do this alone.  Your planet, Gaia, made the call and we answered, but we are not compelled to remain here after our mission is complete.  We are going Home.  Specifically, those on a mission here as placeholders will be reblending our soul essence within our existing bodies (in our case, our Pleiadian bodies) and dropping our Earth vessels.

In closing, I would like to impress upon you all that Pleiadians, Sirians, Venusians and all others have sacrificed much beyond measure to be here because of Love, the Highest Cause.  We love your beautiful planet and solar system and desire them to be returned to their original intent and sacred blueprint.  You are, after all, our cousins and your Sun is the 8th star of the Pleiadian Star System.  ❤


I AM Commander Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is NOT granted to create videos or recordings from this written material, ever.

Sundeelia: “Witness”


star ship

Sundeelia – “Witness”

It is an interesting experience being here on Earth but not being of Earth.  Yes, I wear an Earth human vehicle, but it is not “I”.  The real “I” is a dedicated line commander aboard the Pleiadian mothership, The White Winds.  I know that many would attempt to refute my claims on being an ET, but frankly, I’m not the only one present on this isle.

As a placeholder for my sister, Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe Dino (and that’s only a few of her names) I shall be here on the planet for about 20 years or until my people pull this consciousness from this vehicle.  There is only about 10% of “I” here, enough to keep the body functioning; the rest of “I” is working above.  And I might add, we are presently extremely busy given the developments on your blue-green planet.  Much is coming to light as long ago prophesized, much that will cause people’s belief systems to crumble before the onslaught of disclosure.

For my newer readers, I am a Pleiadian Angel, a descendant of an Archangel and a great Lady.  For those who doubt me, well, that is your issue, isn’t it?  I don’t have my Pleiadian birth certificate on me to display.  Actually, we don’t have birth certificates, for we do not sell our children to the government or banks.  Our birthright is written across our foreheads with letters of fire.  For one who can “see” and understand light language, it is easy to identify to whom you are speaking or interacting within the moment.  The higher dimensional beings sense energy signatures and can read your intentions and thoughts at any time.  My family resonates at 6D and upward, although we have physical bodies like yours.  Therefore, please understand that I am NOT here to ascend or act as a way-shower or an ascension teacher.  I am acting as a witness, primarily as an observer to this amazing time in the evolutionary process of your isle (planet).

Everything that I experience here is recorded for review by my mentors and guardians.  I am under constant protection by two of Archangel Michael’s Eagles, a special branch of Angelic Beings who serve as protectors for those who are ascending or who are on special missions.  Nothing that I do, think or feel goes unnoticed.  Most Earth humans would be appalled by the lack of privacy that I experience as a volunteer on a mission, but as telepathic beings, we are used to knowing what others think and feel.  We just do not intrude unless it is necessary and only when given permission.  The monitoring which I am under is for my protection.  Earth… is a dangerous place, something which many of you really have quite avoided coming into full understanding due to particular beliefs, denial or sheer laziness.  I am protected, but I still shield every day went going out in public.  It’s like putting on a coat against the weather and chill and only sensible seeing the chaos and turmoil that is beginning to seep up into waking consciousness as the deep, dark buried secrets of your world come up into the Light.

As an officer, I have little tolerance for lies and prevarications that seem so popular and accepted among Earth humans.  I will tell you that this is not normal or wholesome human behavior, but due to examples from highly placed individuals, the media, and so-called celebrities, immoral behavior has become more socially acceptable, at least in some corners.  And yet, now, there is a blow-back from those who are righteously outraged by the laxity of morals, the political correctness of the liberal media, educators, elected officials, and bureaucrats, the corruption of many corporations.  Americans are beginning to wake up to the fact that their nation has been under attack for over 50 years, by an enemy within, driven by a globalist agenda that desires for the decimation of 90% of humanity through whatever means possible.

What is happening today in your world (I’m not claiming it although I happen to live here temporarily) is an outplaying or replay of what went down in the final years and decades of Atlantis.  Yes, the storied continent did exist, although, in the final years, it was actually three large islands.  This information has been brought forth by many sources through the years, but most Earth humans do not have the time or curiosity to seek out answers to the questions they feel within.  And most humans are afraid of what they might find.  For to be a pioneer today, one who moves against the tide of what is socially acceptable in this world is to be a rebel and in some cases, an outcast. Yet, the tide is turning.  Those who are beginning to question everything about this world are now finding themselves in the forefront of a new realization of the spirit and power and potential that exists within every human being, no matter from which world they have come.

It is important to question everything and to learn to discernment for yourself what is truth to you… which can change as you learn more information.  Truth is the truth, but with your media sources so filled with lies and half-truths, it is difficult to discern what is true and what is false, so you need to approach everything that you encounter with an open mind.  This allows you to adapt when new information is presented that gives more credence or less to a line that you are pursuing.  If you are at a loss in how to go about this, watch the videos of Jordan Sather, David Wilcox, and James Gilliland, for tips.

I have been watching news reports with great interest, as well as reading various blog entries about the developments going on recently on the world screen.  Much is in the process of being disclosed.  The information that will come out will stun many people.  Events will continue to unfold that create both clarity and chaos.  Why is this all happening now, you say?  I tell you that a Great Year is ending.  It is time for a reckoning and separation of the way between those humans who are on the ascension path and those who will be following a descension path.  Many are those who are leaving this planet since their soul contracts are now up.  Do not feel sorrow for those who pass over unexpectedly; it is simply their time to leave.  Depending on their evolutionary progress, they will simply rest between incarnations until a suitable world and cycle come available so that they might continue to work on soul lessons in a third-dimensional world.

For those who have mastered their soul lessons and have undergone many lifetimes on the Path of Initiation, these great beings will return Home and continue to serve in whatever capacity they so choose. Some of these newly ascended masters will choose to continue working with the humanity of Earth, even as the planet continues its ascent into the fifth dimension and higher.  Much assistance will be given to those who are not yet aware of the ascension process but whose hearts are pure, who have lived lifetimes of service to others and whose intent is wholesome.

For those who have committed atrocities against humanity, they will be removed from Earth and given a choice: reform or undergo soul purification in the fires of the Great Central Sun.  The soul may be eternal, but it can be re-made if the being has denied its divinity to the point of nearly burning out.

My sister, Tazjma, was a way-shower and advocate for freedom during the long years she spent here.  She was here for one entire Great Year, the one that is just now completing,  approximately 26,000 Earth years (yes, there is time, but it is relative to both the planet and solar system in which you reside). She has returned Home, to Family, mate, and children. I might add that she is greatly relieved to be Home in an environment that is both loving and nurturing.

Our race left aggression behind over 100,000 years ago.  We advocate the Law of One, compassion and tolerance, unity in diversity.  We fought in the Great Star Wars and are determined to drive out the negative beings that have infiltrated and adulterated the sacred DNA of Earth humans.  Few Earth humans realize that your sun is the eighth star of the Pleiadian star system.  It rotates once around Alcyone every 25,900 years.  At the end of this great year, all souls present are given a choice or would be had not your original blueprint been interfered with during a great invasion.  Currently, the strange and inexplicable things that are being exposed on your planet are due to the presence of an alien race that is not of your blood or heritage.  They are being removed even now so that the humanity of Earth can be given the opportunity to continue on with their spiritual evolution uninterrupted.

Even though we are your cousins, literally, we cannot by Cosmic Law interfere with developments on the ground, but we do what we can.  The onslaught of Cosmic rays and high-frequency energies that are reaching your planet do so as directed by Divine Will.  We add our own Light and Love frequencies to that of Heaven’s for we much desire that our cousins be freed from all non-native tyranny.

Although I work abroad The White Winds, I am not at liberty to reveal our plans.  Let me just say that our scout ships travel the skies of your world every day and night.  Research and reports are passed onto our councils and our leaders are extremely engaged in what we call Mission Earth.  I hope someday, Earth humans come to understand and appreciate the sacrifices made by many for the sake of love for those souls, many of which who originally came from the Pleiades or from the star systems of our allies.

One further note, some misinformed humans believe that they have seen a mothership within the atmosphere of Earth.  Our flagship, The White Winds, is 3,000 miles across (the width of the United States). She will not enter the polluted airspace of Earth, an atmosphere that is currently highly toxic to our people.  There are three primary Pleiadian motherships existent and present within your solar system today, along with many thousands of supporting vessels.  And even though secretive and negatively polarized groups of your own militaries have a secret space program, the technology of our Ashtarian built ships far surpasses what the black programs have been able to get their hands on for reverse engineering.

Your toxic environment is of great concern to us.  Even now, when any of our scout crews return from a mission, they each undergo a sonic shower to cleanse off the residue from your air before being allowed on board.  It is a wonder that any of you survive these days.  In time, we will assist your people to cleanse your air, water, and earth, but until the time humans lose their fear of “aliens” we will not interfere directly with your planetary issues.  The rising frequencies of the planet itself are doing the work for us as we see more and more of your population finally waking up to the grim realities that seem to exist now.  Rest assured that all will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye.  Those of humanity who remain on Earth will be astounded and delighted as they take in the changes that are possible through the grace of Heaven.

If your mind can’t accept this information, I suggest you read it as if it is a story, science fiction, if you will.  Cognitive dissonance will be and is an issue for Earth humans as you have been so heavily indoctrinated to believe “aliens” are all evil and intent on invading the planet.  If we were, your military wouldn’t stand a chance, but we transcended aggressive tendencies long ago and now act only in a defensive mode.  We do not invade people who would be frightened to see eight-foot humans emerging from a silvery starship.  We follow the Prime Directive as given forth via the Star Trek series.  Reality is sometimes more startling and wonderful than fiction.

Blessings to all,

I AM Sundeelia “Sunny” Kumara VaCoupe

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Journal Entry – Stormy Weather Past and Present



Journal Entry – Stormy Weather,  Past and Present

For whatever reason, I haven’t gone on my usual bird walk for a while.  I actually went on a short walk last week but didn’t have a camera at hand.  I was introducing my sister, RaNia, to one of the local wetlands that I visit frequently.  The weather has also been a bit tempestuous, with steady winds and frequent showers.  One would think it was still hurricane season…

Well, it is still hurricane season and nearly a year ago Hurricane Matthew made its slow way up the east coast of the Florida peninsula.  I lived through it.  Although not as stressful as the lead up to the much bigger Irma, it was still an anxiety-producing event as Matthew was still a Category 4 storm when it went churning by hapless Haiti and the eastern tip of Cuba.  Fortunately for our area and Florida in general, Matthew followed a track parallel to the coastline before making its official landfall in the Carolinas. That time I had to decide on whether to stay or evacuate.  I was taking care of my landlady’s dog while she and her children were out on a cruise.  Matthew was my first hurricane, so I decided to take a chance and shelter in place.  My decision was a good one, although a large oak tree fell in the backyard, barely grazing the rear of the house, but damaging the roof with its heavy outer branches.  Fortunately for me and the house, there were no discernible leaks or broken windows.  Our power went out early in the onslaught of the heavier winds.  By this time, Matthew had been downgraded to a Category 1, but even a Cat 1 is capable of doing significant damage as I found out.


Northern Florida has far more lands under reserve status, as wildlife preserves, county or state parks.  Still, the area took a beating from the heavy winds and strong storm surge coming from the NE winds coming from the west side (the weaker) of the storm.  In the days and weeks that followed, I watched first-hand just how long it took to clear the streets, yards, parks, and forests of the fallen trees and debris left in the wake of the now departed storm.  In our neighborhood alone, some homes were without power for over a week, due to a tree or two over the lines, which had to then be replaced after the trees had been cut out.  It took three weeks or more for the FEMA debris contractors to come around and remove the fallen debris.  Our own tree had to be cut down, sawn up and dragged out to the swale, piled up.  When the “claw” truck came, it only took the large pieces, meaning all the leaves and smaller branches still had to be bagged and put out for the local garbage / recycle trucks.  It took a while and we weren’t on an island like Puerto Rico.


This year, I’m living in South Florida.  Of course, we were hit with the outer eastern-most bands of Hurricane Irma, which meant that even though we were not near the eyewall, the winds still had a significant impact on the surrounding area.  As I was driving along A1A the other day, there was still debris pick-up taking place, some three weeks after the hurricane.  And this area of Florida is wealthier and densely packed with middle class to million-dollar, sturdier homes than you would typically find in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic or the Virgin Islands.  As of last week, there were even still isolated pockets of residential areas with no available power.  The electrical grid in South Florida is in much better condition than that which would be found on the islands.

I guess what I’m driving at, is that Puerto Rico and the other island communities are going to have to be ready for a long-haul.  Their infrastructure before the hurricanes was tenuous at best; now it’s almost completely annihilated.  Re-building infrastructure doesn’t happen overnight.  It also takes a determined community effort, meaning all political agendas need to be put aside for the good of the whole.  Making sure that all persons are receiving basic needs, water, food, sanitation, and power are priorities.  The niceties of life including internet, etc. come later.  Communication through cell-phones has to be a priority, as well.  Clearing roads have to be one of the first priorities, checking for downed electrical lines, providing power to vital services, such as hospitals, airports come next.  The outlying neighbors or villages can expect that it might take power several weeks to get to isolated communities, places that also require rebuilding.  It is necessary to triage available manpower, especially when many of the available crews are from the outside.  The simple logistics of setting up command and rescue is overwhelming.


It has been said it is good to be prepared in case of an emergency.  I realize that many of the residents of places like Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba are extremely poor and have little resources of their own.  They are dependent entirely on the goodwill of other people so are particularly vulnerable to the outrageous antics of politically motivated local leaders and so-called charities who take advantage of the situation.  I would appeal to some wealthy open-hearted individuals to lend their assistance in seeing that these island nations and territories regain their collective feet once again and go into the future with dignity.  Basic infrastructure should be rebuilt to higher standards, electrical wires buried underground, highways, roads, and streets repaved, dams strengthened, and community stores of emergency equipment, food, medicines maintained for future storms.  Being islands in a sea that creates storms guarantees that a large hurricane or tropical storm will (not when) make landfall.  And with the intensity of storms increasing, it behooves ALL communities along Hurricane Alley to prepare for such events in the future.

Another observation I have made as a result of the aftermath of these storms is the need for stricter coastal planning.  There is a need for more buffer lands, natural preserves whether in the form of parks or conservation easements, to increase or at least preserve the area’s natural ability to deal with extra water from storm surges and coastal flooding.  During just this past year, I’ve observed severe flooding to take place in Miami and Jacksonville, as well as other smaller municipalities and rural areas.  I’ve seen a coastal highway cut in two by storm surge and beach erosion.  Weeks after Irma, the beaches in South Florida are still being actively eroded away due to the off-shore antics of Harvey and Marie and other as yet unnamed tropical depressions.

This morning when I looked at the National Hurricane Center, I saw that there was now the strong possibility of Tropical Storm Nate forming up in the western Caribbean and then heading northward towards Alabama and Pensacola, Florida by this coming weekend.  Folks located on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle should begin making their preparations now.  The depression may or may not turn into a hurricane.  It’s better to over-prepare now while you still can and keep an eye on the storm’s development and track.

I’ve been a weather buff for many years, starting in my days of leading hikes and backpacks in the Pacific Northwest.  I learned early on that preparation can be a life-saver.  The great hurricanes of the Atlantic are much different from the cold fronts that pass through the Cascades and Olympics, although they get some really strong windstorms from time to time.  I lived through one of those, too, while living in Hoquiam, Washington, a small town located on Gray Harbor, near the Pacific Ocean.  In that storm, which was not forecast by the weather mavens in Seattle, many roofs were blown off, fences were taken down, and power out.  The roads in and out of town were blocked due to a combination of mudslides, downed electrical wires, and trees.  Thousands of acres of forest lands were felled.  The Bonneville Power lines were off-line for two days.  Many outlying areas did not see their power restored for over 10 days.  The community pulled together.  Ex-lumbermen didn’t wait for the Dept. of Transportation to clear the roads of trees, but took matters into their own hands, by clearing the roads with chainsaws and using their own trucks to move the debris off the roads.  A few local restaurants in isolated communities became hubs of comfort, serving free, hot meals to those who walked in.  In the end, it is the heart that determines the will of a community to survive.

Much has been made of the phenomenon of climate change.  May I remind you, dear reader, that our planet is a Living Being.  She undergoes cycles like any other being.  A look into geological history will show that Earth has undergone many cycles of warming and cooling.  And what is claimed to be a rise in CO2 due to human activity is at the heart of a political agenda designed to bring the planet under the control of a fascist one world government.  Yes, the climate is changing.  Nothing is permanent and unchangeable that is alive.  The entire Solar System is also undergoing a change, as well.  The Universe is undergoing a transition into a higher frequency Universe or portion of “space”.  There is much that is not known or disregarded by your controlled and backward science that is currently limited by politically motivated agendas.  Look beyond. Look within.  See the universe of stars that is your own DNA responding now to the influx of cosmic energies flowing forth through the portal that you call your Sun.  You are growing, changing, expanding in response… or not.  Your future will be determined by your ability to adapt and change, to respond to the changes that are presented to you in daily life.

You are in the midst of the times long prophesized across the planet, in the buildings and artifacts left by the ancients, in the myths and legends of indigenous peoples, in the hidden knowledge of the record keepers of our planet.  Much has been hidden to protect the ancient wisdom from the destructive forces of a species that long ago invaded your planet and changed your genetics for self-serving reasons.  This long period of darkness is ending, but a chaotic challenging period of cleansing must ensue before the new world is fully revealed.  You are in the midst of this period NOW.

Know that people will lose their lives.  Those who survive will be forever altered.  You will have to adapt to a “new” normal, but nothing is going to be “normal” anymore.  It will be new, outside the artificial limits that have boxed your minds in for so long.  You will adapt.  Human beings have proved that they have the necessary intelligence and will to change their lives if pushed beyond the known.  Not all will make it, but do not judge.  Choices were made before souls entered this present incarnation.  Soul contracts will be fulfilled.  They can be altered if choices are made, but not if the choices are made out of fear and a desire to live beyond what is your allotted time here.  Death is not the end for those of humanity who have a soul.  If you are a clone, your choices are limited.  You will be removed along with your dark masters.  The Light has won.  The Dawn approaches.


“Sunny” VaCoupe, Line Commander, The White Winds, Pleiadian Flagship for the Pleiadian Fleet

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