Into the Dark Night of the Soul

When all around you is in Darkness, be the Light


By Eliza Ayres

The Chinese have an old saying for their enemies, “May you live in interesting times!”

Well, folks, we are living in interesting, stressful, unpredictable times.  While radical Leftists are now crying for blood like the Jacobins of the French Revolution, some 80 million Americans are wondering just why the 2020 Presidential Election was lost by the man who stood by them, the People. Many have lost hope. Are you so easily deceived by the false words of the Cabal and their talking head minions?

If you have been doing your own research, you will have realized by now that the election was a military sting operation.  Do I have proof?  Do I have copies of the plans?  Actually, if I can be blunt, what kind of idiot would ask such questions?  Probably someone who has never been in the military or lived around a family member or friend who is in the military.  The answer is categorically “NO!”

What is going to happen? When? How?  Only those who are the planners behind this military sting know for sure and they sure as hell are NOT going to telegraph that information to someone who would then turn around and post it on Instagram.  Another old saying from WWII: “Loose lips sink ships!”

So, folks, attempt to see this as a long mini-series playing out before our eyes.  The Alliance which selected Trump in the first place, makes one move, and it is seemingly countered by the Left… or is it? Would Trump and his loyal team members put so much effort and planning in over his first term to just walk away from it now? Does that seem logical? Use your common sense and think. Yes, I know, they stopped teaching critical thinking in school; ever wonder why?

Yes, an Election was stolen from the People.  The evidence is still piling up.  Military intelligence is busy sorting out the evidence, determining who, what, when, how… and will present that evidence, eventually, to the American people and the world.

One of the sources for Simon Parkes recently asked him, “How many times do we have to say that the Boss did not concede?”  Apparently a thousand times is not enough for some people. (The Boss is Donald J. Trump and the military remains loyal to their vows).

Trump has NOT conceded and never will allow a Communist puppet like Biden to sit permanently as President.  Maybe ‘they’ will give him a few days but it will not be a long reign.  And why has Kamala Harris not yet given up her Senate seat?  Can anyone address that?

Still, election fraud and all the associated drama aside, this has never been about a four-year election and the Deep State knows it.  It is about the fate of the entire world.  What plays out during the next days, weeks, and months… even years, will determine whether or not humanity survives and peacefully enters into the promised Golden Age.  What’s more, the people of the World know this, whether or not the dumbed-down mind-programmed citizens of America do or not.  If the planet successfully transitions to fifth dimension frequency, the structures of the Dark will NOT survive. This is life or death for them as once the heinous acts of the Cabal are known to all humanity they will not survive the mobs who descend upon their palaces, castles, DUMBs, mansions, and private islands.

It has been suggested by some people that humanity is entering a collective Dark Night of the Soul, a part of initiation dreaded by those who have not done the inner work to develop their own heart flames.  It is a time when each person will be subjected to archonic forces of fear, doubt, and temptation.  Just read the part in the Bible how Jesus wrestled with his own doubts and fears when he realized what was in store for him.  He was tempted by the Devil and he resisted.  It is a test that ALL who are ascending pass through.  It is a test some will fail.  Do you have the needed faith, trust, and hope that the Light will prevail?  The days following will test you to the limit.

Whoever said ascension was easy was an idiot.  We are at the end of the Piscean Age, with the strong energies of the Aquarian Age incoming.  The strong, intense, high-vibrational cosmic light waves have been driving this collective awakening of humanity and the planet.  The Cabal has anticipated these times when their control over humanity would be challenged, yet they never expected to be challenged in the form of one brave man, who agreed to be the target of all of their abuse.

Have any of those who still support the Democrat party ever wonder why?  Why has this one man, Donald J. Trump, been subjected to death threats, calumny, unfounded accusations, daily smears and threats against him and his family members?  Why?  Trump represents the Light forces.  The Cabal are fully aware that it is not just a man but a large percentage of the American people who have now awakened as they have witnessed the turn-around in the economy, in their lives, and hope re-enter their collective breasts… that maybe they would actually have a future for themselves and their children instead of a psychopathic heavy-handed rule by megalomaniac despots who have brazenly declared their intentions on the Georgia Guidestones to remove over 90% of the world’s population through events.  The rest of humanity will remain slaves to the tyrants.  Try that on for size, people.

Yes, cognitive dissonance will trip you up, every time.  I can hear it now, “I don’t believe you.  I don’t believe that anyone would harm people!”  You are thinking like a human being, not a negatively polarized alien being who has passed as a human for untold centuries.  They have been harming humans ever since they landed on this planet some 400,000+ years ago.  They even claim to have created humans as a slave race.  I would challenge that particular claim as I know that humans, at least the real ones, all have a heart flame, a three-fold flame within their Heart Center, in the center of the chest.  If you concentrate on the Center and send it love, you may feel an answering warmth.

The sheer presence of our energy centers is an indication that we are not a slave race, that our DNA contains something that the controllers crave but are without because they have turned away from the Light of God, Divine Intelligence, the Christ Consciousness.  Since the flames within their cold hearts have gone out or nearly so, they have to feed off of the blood of humans.  They especially crave the blood of children, very young children.  Where do you think thousands if not millions of children disappear every year?

Trump and the Alliance are in the process of taking down the structures of this dark Cabal, which has relied on using child-rape-murder video blackmail, coercion, money-laundering, drug and weapons running to retain their power on this planet.  The minions of these controllers have infiltrated every level of society, every company, every form of government – local, state, federal, nation-state – and are run by a network of secret societies whose members recognize each other through signs, symbols, and secret handshakes.  This dark web is in the process of being deconstructed, yet it is not going to come down overnight. 

During his first four years in office, POTUS and his team have re-established the underpinnings to the rule of law and have begun to construct the foundations required for the United States to return to being a land truly governed under and by the Constitution and not the laws of man.  Thousands of regulations, mandates, rules, and laws will be deleted from all levels of government.  It will happen, but first the great drama must play out.  It is a drama designed to wake up Americans and to assist them in realizing that, yes, they have been lied to all their lives, that the very structures they have counted on have been deceptive, designed to keep the debt slaves in their place.  History as it has been taught is false.  We are a race who have forgotten our own history; it was kept from us intentionally.

We were mind-programmed to want things now, instant gratification, moving from one material thing, one relationship to another, having no steadfastness or authenticity… except for those individuals who kept the faith and carried the Light within, through the medium of prayer, meditation, and dedication to their path.  The prayerful ones were mocked by the atheists who denied the existence of God because their leaders convinced them there was nothing beyond this life.  Yet, occasionally, even the most dedicated atheist did encounter God in a near death experience and then changed.

This is a long story that will be told, has been told if you have the time to do the work and dig for yourself.  The Q movement has encouraged people to do just that, think for themselves and to begin to question the official narrative being presented on mainstream media – which is all propaganda put out by the Central Intelligence Agency. 

I guess those who doubt now are just going to have to attempt the manage the energies as they increase. 

I encourage those who are reading these words, to #1 – TURN OFF THE TELEVISION.  That alone will help you to break free of the hypnotic effect of the programming and the low-frequency vibes being emitted by the machine, indeed, any and all electronics.  Read up on anti-EMF devices.

So, folks, we are going through this passage, this birthing as a collective and will just have to endure the chaos and tumult as we emerge.  Pull on your big-boy and big-girl pants, pray, and stay CALM.

And don’t take my words as orders; they are suggestions.  You can choose to ignore everything I have ever written here.  It is your free will and your responsibility, that choice. Each person needs to accept responsibility for their thoughts, beliefs, opinions, actions… whatever shows up in the screen of their consciousness.

Ah, another saying popped into my head – from my silent guides – “It is darkest just before Dawn –”

Hope.  Faith.  Trust.  Trust in yourself, trust in others, trust in the Presence of something that exists beyond all of us and yet encompasses us.  We are fractals of the Divine, Creator, Source.

Thou art blessed beyond measure, dear ones, to be present to be witness these interesting times.  Go in Peace.

Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Then this popped up in Telegram:

1.Trump was not running for just another 4 year election in 2016 – Trump was approached by the military to run and his entire win has been and still is a military operation.

  1. Trump’s first 4 years was to drain the lower swamp first. The swamp was/is deep and incorporated every industry in the world, banking, movie, pharmaceutical, food, you name it they controlled it; much has been handled.
  2. Barack Obama before leaving office signed an executive order to pardon anyone prior of any crimes in the government. This is WHY no one was held accountable when the Trump took office.
  3. These swamp rats could not be tried for those crimes (ie: Hillary email scandal, Clinton Foundation, FISA spying on the Trump campaign etc) ~ only crimes AFTER Obama left office could tried – therefore, new crimes had to be snared.
  4. The military needed to catch them in the act committing crimes with proof.
  5. President Trump said in his speech January 7th, 2021: there will be “a smooth, orderly transition of power.”
  6. This in no way means that President Trump is transitioning power from his first term to Joe Biden! Did you hear him say Joe Biden?
  7. We are transitioning from the defunct USA Corp to the Republic (not Biden). President Trump will not technically get a “second term” and as he tweeted, “won’t be at the Inauguration Day in January” ~ this means there won’t be an Inauguration Day. This was the last recorded term of a President who served in the “American Corporation”.
  8. President Trump dismantled the Banking Act of 1781 from England. The United States is going back to being a Republic and Donald J Trump will be the first President of the new republic with the Constitution fully intact.
  9. The start date for the new Republic is March 4, 2021 ~ this was the original start date of the new President (until it was changed under FDR in 1933).
  10. At the end of President Trump’s speech he said: “Our incredible journey is only just beginning.” Boom
  11. No matter what it looks like, it’s all optics; Military operations have thought of everything.
  12. Trump won an overwhelming victory and will be the President ~ of the New Republic.
  13. The swamp rats needed to commit their crime during the last 4 years; and they have now been snared.
  14. Certifying a knowingly fraudulent election as Pence and Congress just did is treason.
  15. Now President Trump is still the President of the United States until January 20, 2021. He has the power to invoke the insurrection act. The Insurrection Act deals with treason at a military level.
  16. Why did the president not involve the Insurrection Act before? Because it involves the military and people would have accused him of being a dictator. He has given everybody ample opportunity to come clean with the fraudulent election: the Supreme Court, the DOJ, the courts, congress, and the vice president. They all picked their lane for the most part and chose to certify a (knowingly) fraudulent election.
  17. Many Trump supporters have been pressured and threatened by the deep state, they always have. People appearing to go against Trump have either been threatened or they are part of the deep state. People have picked their lanes.
  18. Do not underestimate the President and this military operation. Trump often appears weak before he wins (read The Art of the Deal). Twitter and Facebook now banning (censoring) the President ~ this gives the President the opportunity to use the Emergency Broadcast System (set up in 2018) in order to contact all Americans for what they will need to hear regarding the next steps.
  19. Trump has said over and over: “we have it all (the evidence).” He has also said: “we will never surrender.” And, he said: “the best is yet to come!”
  20. Do not watch or trust the MSM; they are deep state. Do not give up. Keep the faith!!!


Christ Consciousness & Other Initiations – from 3d to 5d

I AM Chart


Note to Readers:  For the dear Christian souls who may be reading this kind of material for the first time – interesting, pushing your boundaries, are we?  The Second Coming of the Christ was never meant to come in the form of one man.  Why would a generous God limit Christ Consciousness to only one person throughout Eternity?  Does that make sense to you, any of you who are capable of rational thought?

Christ Consciousness, which is available to ANYONE who is pursuing a spiritual path, is an energetic activation within your heart and mind when as an initiate of the Light you obtain Union within and with Divine Source.

When one has been pursuing the clearing of their own personal and ancestral lines of karma, you will undergo episodes of what Shamans refer to as soul retrieval.  Once you have cleared enough personal karma (which is unbalanced energies stemming from this or other lifetimes) you begin to heal and balance the inner masculine (Light) and inner feminine (Divine Love) within your own consciousness.

When that process proceeds to a certain level, there comes a form of initiation that has been referred to as the Alchemical Marriage, which is the Union between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within YOU, your consciousness.

And what comes of the union of man and woman?  Babies.  The Christ Consciousness is the ‘baby’ of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, the Divine Child. It is the union of Heart and Mind to create, give access to Divine Intelligence, the Akashic Record, from whence all things can be known if you know the right question.  In this Light, you can see that the Christ story is a metaphor for a VERY ancient initiatory process that has been ongoing long before the Earth was created.  Whether or not Jesus actually lived on this planet is moot at this point. 

I fully understand that many Christians will be offended by what is written here, but ask yourself, “Why am I being triggered?”  This is a basic question that needs to be answered by the one who is triggered, not the one who put up the information.  This is what Self-Mastery is all about; taking responsibility for your reactions, thoughts, beliefs, actions… and then forgiving yourself for holding… in some cases, clinging on to old programming.  Yes, the Bible contains great truths, but the manner in which the truth has been inverted by religion (Christian) is criminal. 

Most Americans do not have a very good education.  For the last 50 years, they have been subjected to mind-programming.  With each decade, the programming has become insidious and pervasive.  It doesn’t make it right or the Truth just because people believe what they have been told.  People no longer question for fear that they will be rejected by their family, friends, and peers, and indeed, this happened, to me and many others.  I will not stand down and deny what I KNOW to be Truth.

Next step:  From the Divine Union there comes the opening of the Heart Center, which is more powerful than the brain and controls the Emotional Body.  From the Divine Union of male and female arises a new form of consciousness and an upliftment of your personal frequency.  Suddenly, you know without knowing how you know.  This is an activation of a super sensory sense (beyond the five physical senses) known as Claircognizance or clear thinking.  This is a form of Christ Consciousness and eventually leads one to experience for themselves the Peace that exists beyond understanding (by the ego).

With this Union completed, other super sensory senses can also come online, such as telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance (the ability to see with the inner or Third Eye, the pineal gland), clairsentience (the ability to feel energies, whether of other people or generally).  The Hindu masters call these qualities of extra-sensory perception sitis or gifts.  It is not encouraged to get caught up with these things as you can stunt your spiritual development.

Ancient Egyptians… most like highly-trained priests and priestesses used 360 senses.  Modern man is very stunted as a spiritual creature, so we are re-gaining lost ground, although rapidly.

It is time to release the hold that old systems have on all of us, myself included.  As a Light Being experiencing life here within an Earth vehicle (body) we all have our challenges.

What is important during this time of intense transition is to focus on your own inner healing.  If you are upset by what is going on in the world, try not to fall back on the typical addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, reckless behaviors, anger, projecting on others, etc.) in an attempt to sooth your ego.  Your ‘ego’ will be challenged as you begin to be compelled to see all the evidence of the deep dark secrets of this world being revealed in the days, months, and years to come.  Moving to the fifth dimension is not going to be butterflies, sunshine, and unicorns.  First, there has to be a purge of everything that is low frequency, whether at an individual level or a collective level.

Some people on this planet have been preparing themselves and their bodies for decades.  Others have not.  The former will have an easier time than the latter.  However, do not judge anyone as being lacking just because they are still asleep.  When you judge another, you are judging a portion of your own consciousness that could still use a good sweep with a broom or dash of Violet Flame (the Universal solvent for intractable trauma).

Real spirituality is simple and easy to understand.  You can walk your Path without assistance.  It does take self-love, commitment, perseverance, dedication, humility, gratitude, and patience.  God and the Angels are willing to assist you if you give them permission.  Another important item to remember is:  Forgiveness.  Forgive yourself and others, as Jesus taught his followers. 

Curious, now that I think about it, Jesus was talking about the Violet Flame.  Forgiveness is a quality of the Violet Flame (see the 12 Rays; Violet is the 7th Ray), which when applied to Self or other situations, can dissolve, alchemicalize and transform heavy, dense energies and assist you to raise your frequencies.

Now, I do not consider myself a professional ascension teacher, so do not expect me to answer questions for beginners.  I took responsibility for my own spiritual journey when I arrived here on the planet a very long time ago.  There are plenty of resources, find them and do your own research.  At times it took me years to answer one question.  It will not take as long for those who follow thanks to the work of the pioneers, myself and thousands of other lightworkers.

The Earth is moving into 5D and it will be a bumpy ride for many, so while you have the time, make the effort.  It will pay out later in terms of inner peace, clarity, and balance.

Be at Peace and know that the Divine surrounds you and enfolds you within its Light and Love although you may not feel it now.


Eliza Ayres (aka Commander Sundeelia VaCoupe Mathdis, Pleiadian Command)

12 Solar Rays:

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

The Violet Flame

The End Times


Hmmm, did I get your attention, dear ones?  The only end times going on right now is the Battle between Dark and Light, between Satan and his minions, the Cabal (or whatever label you want) and the Light (Humanity, on this planet and elsewhere).  It will result in the END of Satan and his influence over humanity. The planet and its inhabitants who can successfully transition to the fifth dimension (5D) frequency will ascend. Don’t panic… it is a process that will be done over the course of many years as our physical bodies are upgraded.

Who do you think edited the Bible?  Good men, godly men or those who wanted to manipulate, control, and rape your consciousness and in many cases, the bodies of your children? 

There is Truth, universal truth in the Good Book; there is also a lot of crap intentionally put into it to keep the followers of Christ in eternal fear of damnation.  Why?  Good question.  Simply put, the Dark, which is represented by the Satanists upon this planet, feed off your fear.  It is food for them.  They love to traumatize some of their chosen victims sometimes for years.  They kidnap, rape, sacrifice, drink the blood and eat the flesh of your children.  Are you sure you want to accept that communion wine and wafer?  It is a blood ritual.  Don’t just take my word for it; the world is about to know the awful truth about our so-called ‘leaders’.

The Satanists perform black magic rituals using the ancient arts of astrology and numerology, torsion science, and real spells.  Right now, humanity is being bombarded with this astral attack designed to keep you upset, unbalanced, confused, and even ill. 

The report below came from one Nina Starseed, allegedly a channel or messenger of the Galactic Federation of Light, a benevolent extraterrestrial force that is intent in aiding Humanity and Earth (Gaia, Terra, Tara) in returning to the fifth dimension.  5D was the frequency where Earth resided before the Fall of Atlantis (and Lemuria).  The dimensions are not places; you are not going anywhere when you raise up your frequency.  You are, however, aiding the rest of humanity in moving through the timelines, shifting the consciousness of humanity if you do the work. 

To all those of any religion, if you have a problem with this information or any other article authored by me, go elsewhere.  I am not here to waste my time arguing theological questions and philosophy.  You have a choice, keep an open mind, then accept or reject any and all information that is presented to you.  Use your intuition and critical thinking and take responsibility for your own choices.

Humanity has to re-learn the value of simple manners, kindness, and gratitude.  Our exposure to the dark influences of the Satanic teachings – which are now out in the open – has coarsened the human interchange.  That is NOT us.  Humans, real humans are loving, kind, gentle, forgiving, and sociable creatures, yet, now, we are all suffering from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress syndrome.  Be kind to yourself and others. 

[Forwarded from 💫Nina Starsong Pleiadian Transmissions 💫🔑💛]

Galactic Intel

Sunday Jan 10th

G.F.O.L Broadcast system


Family of light, ground control, we come to you now to give you this important information from Galactic Headquarters.

You are currently being blasted with two very distinct and very different frequencies.

One is a huge wave of fear, misinformation, chaos, confusion and is intentional black magic being sent at you from many different directions to completely exhaust and de-stabilize and unground your sensitivities and your cosmic energy bodies, and your galactic inner truth navigational systems. Essentially to make your galactic GPS spin in circles of exhaustion. This is all coming from the occult and is intentionally being sent in to scramble and to lower your collective 5D Christed vibration.

Also, at this time, beyond this chaos you are receiving huge 5D and Christed upgrades and these upgrades are being directed at your nervous systems. Your Christed matrix is indeed being activated on higher levels than ever before in order for a 5D quantum Christed leap to take place through you, our ground control who do indeed affect the timeline.

Understand that by tuning above the storm of the confusion and chaos that you will easily and clearly see what and whom to trust.

Be cautious of what you are eating, listening to and surrounding yourself with.

Does it open a doorway to the 4D or to the 5D timeline?

When you listen to, or surround yourself with lower vibrations you will feel lost.

This is because each one of you has a built in 5D GPS and Christed cosmic navigational tool. So, when you feel lost, or confused it is your navigational system letting you know that you need to pause, check in and retune into your 5D heart stargate radio in order to redirect your cosmic antenna to source. If you are feeling attacked…this is simply because your system is being caught between to timelines and it is an invitation for you to “see” where you are still giving away your power.

Remember that awakening is a process and that it is vitally important that you are taking care of your mind body heart and soul daily in order to remain balanced, grounded, and healthy.

Take breaks when you are overwhelmed or confused.

Trust God and know that the best and most important information any of you can fully trust, comes directly from that source first. Source Creator must be your anchor through the storm, because it is from this anchored place that you will be clearly and safely guided.

Stay calm





Tune in!

We love you!

We are you!

Keep rising!


G.F.O.L and Nina Starsong as Christed 5D vessel.


G.F.O.L = Galactic Federation of Light (aka GFL)


by Eliza

Note to Readers:  For the dear Christian souls who may be reading this kind of material for the first time – interesting, pushing your boundaries, are we?  The Second Coming of the Christ was never meant to come in the form of one man.  Why would a generous God limit Christ Consciousness to only one person throughout Eternity?  Does that make sense to you, any of you who are capable of rational thought?

Christ Consciousness, which is available to ANYONE who is pursuing a spiritual path, is an energetic activation within your heart and mind when as an initiate of the Light you obtain Union within and with Divine Source.   

When one has been pursuing the clearing of their own personal and ancestral lines of karma, you will undergo episodes of what Shamans refer to as soul retrieval.  Once you have cleared enough personal karma (which is unbalanced energies stemming from this or other lifetimes) you begin to heal and balance the inner masculine (Light) and inner feminine (Love) within your own consciousness.

When that process proceeds to a certain level, there comes a form of initiation that has been referred to as the Alchemical Marriage, which is the Union between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within YOU, your consciousness.

Next step:  From the Divine Union there comes the opening of the Heart Center, which is more powerful than the brain and controls the Emotional Body.  From the Divine Union of male and female arises a new form of consciousness and an upliftment of your personal frequency.  Suddenly, you know without knowing how you know.  This is an activation of a supersensory sense (beyond the five physical senses) known as Claircognizance or clear thinking. 

Other senses can also come online, such as telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance (the ability to see with the inner or Third Eye, the pineal gland), clairsentience (the ability to feel energies, whether of other people or generally).  The Hindu masters call these qualities of extra-sensory perception sitis or gifts.  It is not encouraged to get caught up with these things as you can stunt your spiritual development.

Ancient Egyptians… most like highly-trained priests and priestesses used 360 senses.  Modern man is very stunted as a spiritual creature, so we are re-gaining lost ground, although rapidly.

It is time to release the hold that old systems have on all of us, myself included.  As a Light Being experiencing life here within an Earth vehicle (body) we all have our challenges.

What is important during this time of intense transition is to focus on your own inner healing.  If you are upset by what is going on in the world, try not to fall back on the typical addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, reckless behaviors, anger, projecting on others, etc.) in an attempt to sooth or numb your ego.  Your ‘ego’ will be challenged as you begin to be compelled to see all the evidence of the deep dark secrets of this world being revealed in the days, months, and years to come.  Moving to the fifth dimension is not going to be butterflies, sunshine, and unicorns.

Some people on this planet have been preparing themselves and their bodies for decades.  Others have not.  The former will have an easier time than the latter.  However, do not judge anyone as being lacking just because they are still asleep.  When you judge another, you are judging a portion of your own consciousness that could still use a good sweep with a broom or dash of Violet Flame (the Universal solvent for intractable trauma).

Real spirituality is simple and easy to understand.  You can walk your Path without assistance.  It takes perseverance, dedication, humility, gratitude, and patience.  God and the Angels are willing to assist you if you give them permission.  Another important item to remember is:  Forgiveness.  Forgive yourself and others, as Jesus taught his followers. 

Curious, now that I think about it, Jesus was talking about the Violet Flame.  Forgiveness is a quality of the Violet Flame, which when applied to Self or other situations, can dissolve, alchemicalize and transform heavy, dense energies and assist you to raise your frequencies.

Now, I do not consider myself a professional ascension teacher, so do not expect me to answer questions for beginners.  I took responsibility for my own spiritual journey when I arrived here on the planet a very long time ago.  There are plenty of resources, find them and do your own research.  At times it took me 20 years to answer one question I had.  It will not take as long for those who follow thanks to the work of the pioneers, myself and thousands of other lightworkers.

Be at Peace and know that the Divine surrounds you and enfolds you within its Light and Love although you may not feel it now. 

The Earth is moving into 5D and it will be a bumpy ride for many, so while you have the time, make the effort.  It will pay out later in terms of inner peace, clarity, and balance.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved (except for the Nina Starseed material) Eliza Ayres,

Archangel Michael wearing His golden Armor; are you wearing yours?

Be the Calm Island in a Stormy Sea


By Eliza Ayres

Update from Holly Celiano:

 I want to once again tell everyone to remain calm and know the white hats are in control.

1. What we are witnessing is the greatest military operation ever in our history 

2. This is a call to action for all patriots

3. This is a time for all people to stand united 

4. We are being asked to show our allegiance and support

5. Let go of all fear for that is how they control you

6. Stay centered in your heart space and fill it with love

7. Your mind will create fear, your heart will create love

8. Know that everything is under control

9. There may be blackouts but do not be afraid

10. Starting this week the white hats actions will be more heightened 

11. Remain calm

The communication blackout is real:

The President of the United States and countless other Americans are being (have been) summarily removed from Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.  There will be messages from the President coming out, eventually on the Emergency Broadcast System.  If you are relying on your phone, make sure that your ‘updates’ toggle is off as the globalists are illegally attempting to shut down that avenue of communication for the President and other Patriots, as well. 

Timing of events (arrests, blackouts of media/credit card processing and ATMs) is unknown and may not occur in all areas.  Prepare for the possibility of these things happening like you do when planning for earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.  While this ‘transition’ is not a natural event, it will take place and the timing is strictly in the hands of the White Hat Alliance.  Military operatives do NOT telegraph when or where they will take action.

News right now is filled with disinformation coming from BOTH sides; this is WAR, my fellow Americans.  It may not be kinetic, out in the open, but it is still war… a spiritual war, a battle between Good and Evil, the Light and the Dark, and it is playing out right now.

There will be no return to normal as you have known it. There will be a hopefully peaceful transition as the foreign owned entity called the United States Corporation is completely removed and a new Republic of the United States can be installed.  Timing as to the inauguration of the President, who will be Trump, is uncertain at this time.  Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn will be the Vice President. The entire government structure will be pared down, all foreign-owned or controlled elements removed, and the original Constitution of the United States reinstated.

We are currently living through an attempted coup against a lawfully elected President and his administration.  This affects all Americans, not just the conservatives.  The rights of all Americans and their lives are in jeopardy should a communist government be allowed to take over our Nation.  Everything you hold dear and have accepted as being due you as an American citizen, will be stripped away.  The dark agenda is now out in the open.  And it is being actively countered by a still loyal military under the leadership of their Commander in Chief.

I am not going to attempt to convince anyone that these things are real and taking place.  The best thing to do now is pray if you believe in prayer, meditate to center into your own heart, take stock on what you value in life, and be kind to everyone.  Forgive those who do not agree with you and forgive yourself.  Redemption is possible no matter what ‘sins’ you have committed in life, but you must make the effort to reform.

Now, if the news is upsetting, turn off the television, shut off the phone, shut down the computer and go for a walk.  Find some Nature, even if it is a potted plant.  Play with your pets or your children.  Share some cooking together.  Read a good book.  Find a way to entertain yourself without using technology.  Breathe and settle down. 

This is a complicated international military operation.  You and your family, household, neighborhood, and town may or may not be immediately affected; that doesn’t mean nothing is going on.  Be glad the tanks are not rolling in and people are not getting arrested for holding values and beliefs different than their neighbors. 

Now, folks, you have been warned.  Let there be no more gnashing of teeth, outrage directed against anyone.  If you remain calm, you are safe.   This is a psychological war, a cyber war, and there will be fear engendered within those individuals who have not yet embarked on cleaning up their own inner darkness. Personal clearing of trauma is necessary in order to raise up your individual frequency.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, your journey is just beginning.  We are all at different levels; no one is better or more enlightened.  We are all light beings having a human journey while the planet is undergoing a massive shift in consciousness.  The voices of division, hatred, and anger will be growing louder every day.  The dark wants you to be in fear.  Are you going to allow it to defeat you?  Buckle up, folks.

If you haven’t done any research, it might be a good time to get started, especially if you are one of those people who is currently sitting at home and under lock-down orders.

There are good sources ‘out there’ like Simon Parkes, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Michael Jaco, Juan O’Savin, Scott McKay, Dave @ X22 Report, but the greatest source available to all humans exists within their own Hearts.  Go within, discover the connection you have available that exists between you and God, Source, Creator… whatever label you wish to apply – it doesn’t matter.  Many paths exist and all go to the top of the Mountain.  Pick one and go.  Let others make their own choices.  And you can choose not to believe anything.

I recommend listening to Michael Jaco, a seasoned light warrior and Shaman.  Juan O’Savin is a great resource; he’s been on many different alternative sites lately.  Simon Parkes of Connecting Consciousness is a Brit, but has great insights and connections, and has put up many updates.  There are lots of other patriots who are doing the work.

If you are feeling agitated, upset, anxious and are looking for answers, you are not going to find them by listening or watching Main Stream Media, all of which are currently controlled operations putting out disinformation and propaganda… legally.  Remember, Obama wrote an Executive Order allowing media to put out propaganda.  Believe it or don’t.  Again, it is your choice.

Now, I took down the article regarding the arrest of the Italian president… It would have been the ex-President, who was allegedly involved in the election fraud.  The Italian government was involved at some level, as is the rogue CIA, MI6 (British intelligence) and the Vatican.  Court cases are currently being held in Italy and it is a HUGE scandal.  Our media is not going to cover that news. 

I have had quite a few new people sign up for this blog.  This is a personal blog and I am responsible for whatever is put up or taken down.  I am not paid by anyone.  If you do not like the content, then leave.  If there is something you disagree with or claim to be ‘fake news’, then kindly contact me privately or leave a comment.  I will decide whether or not to keep the article and/or the comment. 

ALL CONTENT THAT IS NOT AUTHORED BY THE EDITOR AND OWNER OF THIS BLOG WILL BE REMOVED TWO WEEKS AFTER BEING PUBLISHED HERE.  This a private, personal blog or was… Now, during these uncertain times, I have been putting up a lot of videos that reflect current news.  There is bound to be the occasional misstep and I apologize in advance.

After things settle down once more… and they will, sort of… the blog will shrink in readership.  But what do I know?  The energies are going to be intense as the transition continues.  Prepare accordingly and learn not to project your fear and anxiety out on other people.  Calm down, Patriots.  God wins! 

Eliza Ayres, author, editor and owner of Blue Dragon Journal.

For new readers: Please note that I read every comment. Those which are low vibration, will be removed. All comments relating to the article taken down today have been removed, along with the associated article.

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Planting Your Hopes and Fears on Jesus and the 2nd Coming of Christ

Jesus… and are those extraterrestrial craft?

Eliza:  Planting Your Hopes (and Fears) on Jesus and the Second Coming of Christ

The inspiration for this article came from reading a comment, one of a type I seldom receive these days.  Since I prefer to keep the frequency of the blog high and guard the boundaries of it like a dragon, I usually quickly delete comments I really don’t resonate with.  Some readers might object to this, but it is my choice.  My blog, my choice.  The blog is not a forum or a Twitter feed. As I state on my “Welcome!” page, I monitor all comments including Spam.  I like to keep things tidy; it’s a Virgo trait.

Okay… this writing… all of my writings are based on my beliefs, thoughts, my opinions and experiences.  As a sovereign Being, I have the God-given right to hold those same beliefs, thoughts, opinions… and let them go or cling onto them. You do, too.

As a walk-in and a Pleiadian, I hold to my devotion to our Father/Mother God, not to someone who happened to walk upon this Earth plane over 2,000 years ago. Make of it what you will. I was born on Venus.

Now, I probably should have saved this particular comment made on an older article (from 2013) since it was an interesting example of the very strong belief that one person (and there are many world-wide) who deeply believes in the Second Coming of the Christ.  This second coming has been used by the Christian Church, whether Catholic, Protestant or Greek/Russian Orthodox as a ‘promise’.  It has never occurred to people that when they insist on holding to this belief, they are locked into searching for a savior outside of their own individual consciousness.  They are looking for salvation, someone to ‘save’ them. Basically anyone who blindly follows this kind of dogma — it is a form of rather insidious programming — is giving up their own power and authority over the creation of their life experiences. And I am here to tell you that it is a fear scenario — “Oh, I am a good person — Jesus is going to save me!” Frankly, how do you know that? Did you donate $10K to the local minister lately? It is all empty promises. Lies. If you follow most Earth-based religions — even those which got their starts elsewhere — are based in lies and count on their followers to submit to the earthly whims and rules of their religious leaders.

This is my opinion, but I feel people use religion like a form of medication — to dull their senses, their ability to discern energies, they submit to authority and what someone tells them to believe and to think and God beware those, like myself, who dare to question their beliefs! Anytime you step out of acceptance of another person’s right to choose, you step out of alignment with yourself. Now, I do not believe in what this person was so passionate about because it reeks of FEAR, a profound fear of dying. Why, I have no idea other than many cultures, especially in the West, believe they only have one life to live — another lie — and overly identify with their body as their entire identity. It’s a vehicle, people, like a car… you live your life, the body dies and you transition into another form, depending on your purpose for being on the Earth plane in the first place and how much you progressed or regressed during your stay. It is all energy, very real, and still at 3d an illusion. Nothing you do, think, feel, pontificate upon is good, bad or indifferent; it is all energy. All experience is worthwhile.

Now, two other beliefs contained within this ‘comment’, were actually presented as one question, was ‘Where is the Cross?” and a statement of alleged (but unproven except by faith and acceptance) that “Jesus died for our sins!” I beg to differ.  Whether or not a historical Jesus ever existed is open to question; it is something that has never been found to be true or not true.  Believing on Jesus has certainly sustained people through many trials and tribulations.  However, there is a dark secret that lingers within this particular belief.  The story of Jesus as written in the Bible follows the well-worn path of the Sun Gods of the ancient pagan kingdoms of the Middle East. They were all born of Virgins, performed miracles and died a sacrificial death… and were born again. Ah, yes, the Sun rises, and sets, and rises, again. Do you own research if you doubt my words. At one point, thinking I wanted to become a minister, I began reading a huge tome on the origins of Christianity. By the time I arrived to all of the political manipulations being done within the early Christian Church I had had enough. The whole thing was completely and utterly bogus.

The teachings of that Jesus was alleged to have presented to his disciples, actually descended from antiquity from cultures other than our Judeo-Christian one.  They were Gnostic in their basic foundation.  Jesus or Yeshua, taught Love.  He emphasized the spirit of the law over the letter of the Law as practiced by the people of Judea of his time.  What Jesus embodied upon receiving the blessing of the Holy Spirit at his initiation given by his cousin, John, was the Christ Consciousness or Divine Intelligence that is God’s gift to all of His Children, not just one man, however gifted with Grace.

The ministers claim that Jesus died for our sins.  How on earth can someone who was crucified over 2,000 years ago die today, over and over, for our sins? Sounds like a great excuse to go out and ‘sin’ on Friday night and then get saved, yet again, on Sunday!  As a child, I never understood that particular Teaching, because… dare I say it?  It is a false teaching put into the Bible after Jesus’ alleged death on the cross by those dark creatures who infiltrated the corrupt Roman Church.  These creatures wanted humans to depend on priests for seeking their salvation, their ticket to Heaven.  When the Reformation came along, this same misguided belief was carried on by most of the sects.  The leaders of religion feed off of the energy of their parishioners and sometimes do worst things in secret. Just ask the thousands of children who have been molested at the hands of priests.

No one can die for another person’s ‘sins’.  What are sins but a violation of Law.  Any violation of man’s law is, if the courts and judicial system are just, is punishable and the one who committed the violation is the one who pays.  Again… I emphasize, if the judicial system isn’t corrupted by the power and money of wealthy men.  If the Laws of the Cosmos are violated, the perpetrator will also pay, although not necessarily within the same lifetime… This is the Law of Return, otherwise known popularly as the Law of Karma, a greatly misunderstood law. Basically, it is whatever you put out, you get back (could be called the Law of Attraction, too). If you take from someone else; eventually you will have to balance that energy and return it back to neutral. The compassion of the Universe is infinite; still energies must be balanced, accounts settled, in God’s time which has nothing to do with linear time (another lie!).

At the time Jesus allegedly was on this planet, the cross was a favorite method of execution used by the Romans; a slow, excruciating manner in which to die, usually reserved for slaves, common thieves, and rebels who intentionally violated Roman law. 

The cross was also an ancient symbol used by spiritual people long before the advent of the cruel Roman empire.  As with most sacred emblems, the Romans and their progeny, have discovered a way to pervert and invert symbols.  Due to deep ancestral memory, people are attracted to these symbols, although a few more free-thinkers eventually recognize the misuse of the ancient symbols as well as names of the gods and goddesses.

If, as the story goes, Jesus was punished because he ostensibly claimed to be King of the Jews… not his words, but ones purported to be said by others in order to incriminate him, this was considered by the Romans as a blatant violation of their law.  In their belief system of the time, the Emperor was the only ruler and none stood above him.  Still, a temporal ruler hardly fits the idea that Jesus was attempting to convey through his Teachings.  What was misunderstood is that the Kingdom of Heaven lies within EACH individual who accepts the blessing of the Holy Spirit.  This is a convoluted way to say, ‘Go within!  Seek out the Kingdom of Heaven that lies within your own Heart!’ And when Jesus spoke of the I AM, he was saying the Holy Name of God. “I AM the Truth, the Way, the Word.” Yes, God, Father/Mother God is the Way. Christ consciousness is the means you use to discover the Truth that God lives within you, each of you and always has. Through your awareness of this sacred and extremely ancient truth lies true salvation, which doesn’t necessarily mean you will become rich tomorrow. You will discover the Peace that is beyond understanding, that lies beyond the comprehension of men caught up in the illusion of the 3D earth plane of existence.

Jesus knew that with the advent of another cycle, as the Age of Pisces wound down, the Age of Aquarius would spell out the ending of the world as it was known and defined by the Romans.  Did you know that the Roman Empire still exists even to this day?  It goes under the guise of the British Empire combined with the numerous secret societies run by the Jesuits through the Catholic Church.  It is an evil empire, based on Satanic teachings and rituals, not on those given forth by a humble former carpenter on the hillsides and shores of the ancient land of Judea. The Roman Empire is now, finally, crumbling of its own weight. The energies that sustained this low vibrational world and all its attendant belief systems is dying, being dismantled as the human collective is rising in frequency to a level where it can no longer be affected by the low frequency levels of 3D. Therefore, everything built within the old mental constructs will crumble, fall, and dissolve. It will take time, but it is happening now. Just look at current events and witness the tremendous amount of chaos present.

Do most Christians realize or comprehend that the ritual of Communion is a re-playing of an eternal blood sacrifice?  In effect, when you accept communion, you are repeating the sacrifice of blood which is represented by Christ on the Cross.  When I came to this realization I was rather nauseated by the whole thing. This practice is in effect a Satanic ritual if symbolic. It is known that members of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church practice real Satanic rituals. Again, do your own research if you disbelieve my claims — something you are welcomed to do. It is your choice; it has always been your choice what you bring into your own world through the means of the conscious awareness you hold.

The word, “Christ” or “Krystos” in Greek means “the anointed one. The Christ is actually an OFFICE in the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet.  Why do you think kings and queens undergo the ritual of having holy oil poured out on their heads?  It is their belief that somehow this ritual links them to the Divine Right of Kings to rule over their subjects, which is yet another mental construct of the old world. Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit through the Presence of the Buddha Who Will Come, the Ascended Master, Lord Maitreya. This magnificent Lord of Light was and is the mentor of the one who was Jesus.

Jesus arrived here as a walk-in from Venus, a projection of his oversoul known as Lord Sananda Kumara, Son of Sanat Kumara, Regent of Venus… His mission, undertaken by command of his Father, Sanat Kumara, was NOT to die for the sins of humanity.  He arrived here to aid in raising up the frequency of the collective of humanity so it might evolve to a higher frequency.  Jesus came, along with many other Teachers world-wide, in many different guises and cultures, to teach eternal Truth, not to create more fear than already existed in the darkened world of the Roman Empire.

Christ consciousness is a state of Being, a form of existence where your human mind comes into tune or resonance with Higher Mind… be it God or Goddess, Angel… but not devil or demons.  Any person who meditates upon the Heart Center, who has enough Light within the altar on the Secret Chamber of Heart can reach this level of enlightenment… which, in turn simply means to be ‘filled with Light’.

In esoteric terms, Light means Intelligence, sacred knowledge given through the Intuition or still silent voice of the Heart, through which God or Higher Consciousness speaks to its Disciples.  You do not need to go to any particular church, receive blessings from a guru or priest or read any books to align your heart with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary.  You simply must know, possess the clear knowingness, Claircognizance, that arrives with the advent of Christ Consciousness.  Such a person will know what they know without being taught.  It is information conveyed wordlessly, sometimes through visions or dreams, sometimes in an instant ‘ah, ha!’ moment.  Modern spiritual people understand these revelations as downloads, like your mind is a computer receiving a download of information from another larger computer… one of a size that encompasses the Universe.

The Second Coming of Christ is actually the advent of Christ Consciousness upon the persons who are ready to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit… the Spirit of Sophia… another missing player from Christianity.  All that hokey about a Virgin birth was just that… no one gets birthed on this planet unless they have parents, a mother and a father or was grown in a petrie dish.  All the crap (forgive my Anglo-Saxon) about more than two genders is just that… an attempt to further dilute the underlying truth that exists all around humanity in Nature. 

The comment was made in response to someone reading an article written in 2013 by Tazjma Amariah Kumara entitled: Opening up to your Divinity is a Sacred Mission.

At the time, Taz was doing just that… coming into alignment with her High Christ Self, a part of her Being that exists in a higher frequency band elsewhere, just like Lord Sananda Kumara still lives and serves from His home on Venus, as part of the Kumara clan… a family that originated in the Sirian Star System and those Fathers include Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu.  Jesus or Yeshua was a small but potent fragment or fractal of the magnificence of His heavenly self.  Heaven is merely a descriptive and deceptive term for a higher frequency band of existence.  In the case of the Ascended Master Sananda Kumara, he resonates at, at least 7D or higher.  As He evolves as a spiritual Being, He will climb higher in Light Frequency.  The process is called Spiritual Evolution and it is the birthright of every man, woman, and child on Earth and elsewhere within all Universes.

In writing this, I fully recognize that the person who wrote that impassioned comment will not comprehend this writing as it will not resonate at their current frequency or resonance.  It is completely off the chart, beyond their understanding. And any defense of mine to support my words may be interpreted as an insult. Perhaps someday they will arrive at a fuller understanding of the anointed one’s mission here upon Earth, perhaps not.  Those who have the ears to hear, will hear; those who have the eyes to see, will see.  The ears and eyes are not necessarily physical ones but are the inner ears and the inner eyes… like the inner Heart, the major energy center that rules the emotions of your body.  I am not attempting to judge the commenter, but feel compelled to respond if not directly.  Perhaps someone else is meant to read these words of mine, humble as they are, and benefit by them.

Okay, enough for now.  Please understand I write from a stream of consciousness and I am no expert on Christian philosophy.  I simply attempt to convey what I understand within my own heart.  You do not have to believe me but I would suggest before accepting out of hand without question any sort of teaching no matter how sacred, that you do question the veracity of the teachings for you.  Does it resonate within your heart?  If it doesn’t, then it isn’t meant for you… right now.  As you change, your thoughts, beliefs, and programming will shift or not.  It is your choice and your responsibility alone, not Jesus’.  He finished his magnificent mission here and returned Home to Venus, job well done.  What Rome and others did to mash up and suppress His true teachings later on is not His fault.  And every word in the Bible is not holy.  It is a book that has been rewritten, edited, rewritten and edited, several hundred books removed, and edited again due to political considerations and prevailing interpretations of the Word at the time of the editing or rewrite.  By political motivations, I mean what the powers that were in the day thought people ought to believe because they knew better.  Isn’t that truly arrogant? The word given through God’s grace through one man has taken on a completely different tone and meaning than was originally intended.

If you’re waiting on Jesus to knock on your door and save you from your sins, you are going to be waiting a long time.  Like the superstitious nonsensical belief that extraterrestrial craft are going to save humanity, the whole idea of seeking someone to take the responsibility for saving someone is… that someone is handing over their power to another.  You are in effect giving license for that person to do whatever they want with you… which is not self-mastery.  You ain’t going to Heaven if you don’t have a ticket to ride… which you will find by going within and speaking directly to Jesus or some other Saint or Master of your choosing and coming clean, asking forgiveness, and coming into alignment with the Will of God which exists both within and without any book ever written.

Stop giving your power away… unless it is your choice to do so… which you have every right to do because you are a Light Being experiencing a human, a very low-vibrational human life for the purpose of raising up that low vibrational awareness towards Heaven, currently designated by some as ‘fifth-dimension’ but actually much higher than that…

Okay, enough with the lecture.  I’m done.  I think I will close comments on this one.  If you have a question, send me an email. 


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Eliza: Through the Eyes of a Falcon

Photo by Frank Cone on

Eliza:  Through the Eyes of a Falcon

Every day this past week, I have been greeted by a peregrine falcon, that flies over my head, sits on the power-lines and then flies a bit further.  Every morning, it has been sitting there, a plump little bird all puffed up in the cool Florida morning air… seemingly waiting for my arrival.  I look up, see it, it flies away, only to repeat.  Occasionally, it flies overhead.  Well, when an animal repeatedly shows up, it is showing you something, mirroring something… something you need to pay attention to… of course, I could say the same of all the ibises I see on a daily basis, the osprey, the black birds, the Grackles, the woodpeckers, the squirrels, but for some reason, the Peregrine Falcon draws my attention.  I feel an uplift of energy when I see its little silhouette sitting on the high-power line above my head.  So, what does the Falcon convey?

“Falcon’s alignment with solar energy brings fiery power into the equation. Falcon asks: what is your passion? Are you acting on that passion intelligently? The pursuit of objectives comes naturally to Falcon, but not without having a tactical plan laid out.

“Other characteristics ascribed to Falcon include energy, foresight, ambition, courage, willpower, transformation, vision, mental acuity, freedom, control, magical aptitude, and a bright life-force.

“When Falcon appears as a Spirit Animal and Guide in your life, an opportunity isn’t far behind. Falcon’s message is to start planning and thinking ahead. Eventually, you will be called upon to act, but not without a sound strategy and Falcon’s medicine to guide you. Falcon makes you intimately aware of your own potential. Most personal achievements come when we recognize the proverbial life tools we have in our box. Applying those tools and maintaining focus brings about a soaring success.

“Falcon may also bear the message of attentiveness; if you are too close to a situation step back and rise above! From here, the situation or environment that surrounds provides clues – increasing your perception and supporting strength of purpose.

 If you were born with a Falcon Totem Animal, you have a naturally keen mind that can work several steps ahead of many of your co-workers. This aptitude balances nicely with seemingly never-ending patience so that each and every opportunity gets proper attention. The intensity of your focus means that sometimes you need privacy, during which you can really consider timing and strategy.

Falcon people are independent. It allows you to follow your inner-clock on action or inaction without having other people complain about your metered pace. In meditating on past lives, you may have a surprise in store as Falcon Totem has ties to royalty and leaders that may not end in one turn of life’s wheel.

The Falcon totem is very energetic, often moving and forging ahead. They are not the best leaders but make excellent scouts. As the Falcon soul matures, they become involuntary role models for other curious spirits with a thirst for discovery. Effectively, Falcon people are the pioneers of the modern world, just waiting to soar.”

Excerpts above taken from:

So, as a walk-in I wasn’t born here.  I kind of ‘dropped in’ to this vehicle, soul-braided for a while with the previous occupant and then she left.  The Spirit Animal for Tazjma, beloved Sister, was a grizzly bear, a HUGE grizzly bear that she saw while doing shamanic journeys and occasionally in dreams.  She was never afraid of bears, although respected them and gave them space.  It would appear that I am more in alignment with birds, especially hawks, ospreys, and falcons.  Since my consciousness and personal focus is different, it follows that my spirit guide in animal form will also take on a different appearance and quality.

Anyway, my point is… pay attention to what repeats in your world.  It could be a message.  Since we are really energy Beings, we respond to energy, whether in the form of other people, animals, trees, plants, the stars… whatever appears to be physical in this great Universe.  It is all energy, all quantum.

As we move from one Gregorian year to another, changes, massive changes will come into each and every one of our lives.  It is inevitable.  Change is the only constant in life.  Whether or not you are prepared to flow with the changes is entirely up to you.  Can you effect the outcome?  It depends on your focus and determination… and how well you let go of any expectations. 

This past year 2020 has demanded a lot out of people.  I have found myself making decisions to strike out more independently than I had previously.  For those who might wonder why… being a walk-in in a 3D physical body is no picnic.  My high frequency consciousness is stuffed into an older vehicle that gets stiff, achy, has headaches, gets grumpy, and dislikes being told what to do or what to think.  Sound familiar? 

Our body is not ‘us’, my body is not ‘me’.  I KNOW who I AM, elsewhere… at least a part of the vastness of my Oversoul of which I am currently aware.  It doesn’t matter where I came from; it matters what I do here and NOW.

I have learned a lot by being here, experiencing the energies that all of you, kind people, have had to put up with for millennia.  I can tell you that things will get better, eventually, but it will take a concerted effort on the part of the Human collective of this world to make it happen.  The beginning of 2021, again the Gregorian calendar – an imperfect man-made construct – will be bumpy.  Ask any good astrologer; they’ll tell you all about the squares, sextiles, oppositions, etc., etc.  Well, what do you expect when we are all transitioning from one energy, Capricorn (Earth) into another, Aquarius (Air)?  According to one fine astrologer, 2021 will be a confrontation between the paradigms of control (New World Order) and freedom (Patriots, the world-over).  Choose your poison or happy juice, folks.  The choice is yours.  The dark, negative timeline (NWO) or the positive timeline (Freedom, New World, Age of Aquarius).  Some people have already made their choices and we are seeing the results of those choices on the world scene, especially as the intense Military Sting operation that posed as a Presidential Election continues to play out.  Just know there will be Justice; there will be Pain… and God Wins!

Since I never took high school Civics (it is not in the curriculum anymore), remember I walked in… I didn’t go to high school here.  I went to Arconia University on an entirely different planet, starting at age three!  Well anyway, of late, I have been receiving an education on the American Constitution and what an amazing document it is.  The foundation of the law of the Land and one that has been violated numerous times by the persistent Deep State through the decades past.  It is time to wake up, folks, to take to heart the words of your forefathers.  A Republic is only a republic as long as the people participate in self-governance.  Those who blame the people for choices made are repeating the sentiments of the global elite – only they have made sure that their ‘guy’ or ‘gal’ always gets in through the use of fraudulent votes and manipulation, bribes, blackmail, and treachery.  This is all now being revealed and it is an issue that exists in each and every country world-wide, not just the States, Los Estados Unitos. 

So, what do you choose?  I choose freedom.  I always have.  I am for giving the people the opportunity to govern their own lives, to decrease the size of the government, to get the government out of our bedrooms, sex lives, schools, hospitals, health care, businesses, finances, etc.  Get the hell out, already.  None of the existing government agencies, the Alphabet Soup of Washington D.C., no one of them is constitutional and I hope they will all be dissolved.  Representatives should have term limits and not make careers as politicians.  Lawyers need to learn Common Law and not be associated to the BAR, which is a foreign entity.  Foreign governments should get out of the business of running the United States… yes, I am talking to you, Rothschild and the Crown.  Great Britain and the globalists have owned the government of our fair country since the 1780’s.  We didn’t win the Revolution.  We didn’t win WWII, either.  The Nazis invaded the States under the guise of Operation Paperclip.  The communists are everywhere, but, remember, they are still tools of the global elites.  Yes, my fellow Americans there is much that will get revealed in 2021 and in the years to come.  Digest it, ponder it, get angry, forgive yourself, and move on.  You didn’t realize that your world has been ruled by an alien entity for thousands of years, but you are finally waking up to the Truth.

Find what each of you resonates with… don’t blindly follow or believe ANYONE.  No more putting musicians, actors, politicians, celebrities, etc. on a pedestal.  You’re going to find that most of these people do not deserve your love and admiration.  You deserve to love yourself, to remember that you are a SOVEREIGN and powerful CREATOR Being, living life as a human being.  There’s a lot to learn, experience, and explore in this beautiful world filled with beautiful people, diverse cultures, and gorgeous landscapes, ranging from desert, sea, plains, and mountains.  Enjoy this life that has been granted to you by Providence.  Be grateful for whatever you have, now.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, all!  May a falcon or other spirit guide assist you to find your way forward, upward towards FREEDOM and PROSPERITY!

I AM, humbly,


All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

It’s time to put on the Full Armor of God, with Archangel Michael at our side!

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Golden Beech

Sundeelia:  Bringing Heaven to Earth – Part Two

Years ago, I started a blog, Blue Dragon Journal.  I was encouraged by a then friend in Great Britain to begin sharing my writings.  I was intimidated by the whole notion and resisted jumping in for quite a while.  Then in 2012, I did it… I made the commitment and started writing.  I haven’t stopped since.

Of course, in 2012, there was all the hype about the ending of the Mayan Calendar on December 21st, 2012.  People were confused.  Some people pushed the notion that the Earth was going to pop into 5D overnight and that we would awake in the morning of the 22nd to discover a whole new world.  Well, of course, that didn’t happen or did it?

Here’s what I wrote a couple of days after the portal of 12/21/12:

I was very happy when I woke up on Friday, December 21st, 2012, now seven years ago. Apparently, I brought back with me (from wherever / whenever I had been) an impression that I finally understood my “mission”. What I had read in one of the posts from “Cosmic Awareness” the previous evening was a confirmation of what I had felt for a long time. I was not going to be beamed up into some heavenly world; rather, I was going to remain here on Earth. And I was to continue to work with the good people here, my friends and neighbors and those whom I have not yet met “in the flesh”. I was pleased and content.

I continued writing a very long article on what I had been experiencing for many years.  Below is a brief excerpt:

During the past months, even years, I had been visited by various non-physical beings who seemed quite intent that I remember who I was and what I was doing here. And what has been changing all during this period is my perception of what and who I am (still in process!). The revelations still are coming and still present a challenge for my mind to accept, that is how great I AM and, indeed, how great everyone who is reading this is. Through our long journey immersed in the heavy energies of the third dimensionality and conditioning of this planet, we have forgotten that we are still connected to Source and always have been. We are, already, fully multi-dimensional beings; we just have forgotten. Now as the Veil thins, we are beginning to wake up to the full majesty of our beings and as star beings and lightworkers bring that growing awareness to the rest of humanity.

The consciousness of the Light Being who wrote those words has gone, returned Home, her mission completed as of April 14, 2017.  That’s when I walked in as an adult walk-in.  It has taken me over three years to accustom my new consciousness, that of Commander Sundeelia VaCoupe Mathdis, to the lower frequencies of the Earth plane.  Days after the completion of the walk-in process, I became very angry.  It took three and half years to release that anger, resentment, grief, and sense of profound disconnection and loss of Home.  I’m better now.  I’m better now because I now have a growing sense of a new mission – to embody as much of my Higher Self’s frequency here on Earth in my older physical vehicle.  It is a big job and I am not alone.

Again, humanity is confronted by the energies of a new portal, December 21, 2020.  It will be winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere and summer Solstice in the south.  The date also marks a cyclical conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, occurring every 20 years, 200 years… and longer.  This time is special as in the sky, Jupiter and Saturn will be forming what has been expressed as “the Christmas Star”.  The planets will be so close to the Earth and close to each other as to appear as one shining entity. 

The word ‘Christmas’ would encourage some people to think this is a Christian phenomenon, but that is the furthest thing from the real Truth. ‘Christ’ consciousness belongs to all people. It is a level of Divine Intelligence that one reaches in the natural course of soul evolution… entering into the 5th dimension and higher… much higher. Therefore, even if you are a practicing Agnostic or Atheist, you can still (eventually) experience Christ consciousness. And it can be accessed without the assistance of priest or minister or guru… by meditating, and going within your own Beingness.

This December 2020 conjunction also marks the entrance into Aquarius for these two planets, an astrological phenomenon that has not occurred for a long time.  I am not an astrologer, but listened to one explaining how the conjunction occurs in different Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) as it moves through the cycles.  Aquarius is an Air sign, so the quality of the conjunction will change the energetics or effects of the planetary alignment.  (see the works of Laura Walker, The Oracle Report, for further illumination or any good astrologer of your choice). Up until this next Monday, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction has been in an Earth sign, Capricorn… materiality.

The planetary controllers, the Cabal, would… have attempted to hijack the timeline to create their version of the world, controlled, limited, full of fear, war, and destruction.  They have long been pushing an agenda designed to initiate war, economic collapse, destruction of America and any other nation state that resists the U.N. agenda 2021, creating a Marxist-style world-wide dictatorship designed to crush creativity, free-thinking, and life itself.

In direct contrast to the Cabal’s agenda is the vision of the New Earth, a place of abundance, freedom, peace, goodwill among individuals and nations, a fruitful place for our children and ourselves.  This vision has been expressed as the Paradise World.  It is the positive timeline.  It has been suggested that nothing and no one can push us from this positive outcome… what can change is how long it will take for the paradisaical New Earth to manifest physically upon this planet.  And that is where the light workers come in…

Back in the 1980’s some people started receiving visions of great disaster, where it would be necessary for the Galactic Federation to physically assist some persons to leave the planet in order to save a portion of the population.  You can look some of these up yourself… it was a grim vision.  That prophecy or vision has not come to past… as some of the visions allegedly foretold in the much-edited version of the Bible have not come to past, due to the work of the light workers, starseeds, and those persons world-wide who dedicate their lives to prayer, meditation, and inner clearing work… well, that work has shifted the timelines so significantly that the dire predictions will not come to past.  Yet, much depends on how we manage our inner equilibrium during this upcoming energetic portal, both on an individual and collective level.

What you think, feel, and emote (give forth) will determine much of this upcoming cycle of time for your own life.  If you have been one to work on inner clearing, healing of the physical body, making dietary changes, changing and adjusting your attitude and outlook, envisioning your dreams… and so… you will have an easier time adjusting to the change in the energetics as the LIGHT will be turned on.  It doesn’t mean you won’t experience any physical manifestations (ascension symptoms)!

Light is Divine Intelligence, the wisdom of Creation, the Mind of Source.  The secret the Cabal has hidden from humanity for centuries is that a human being always has immediate access to the wisdom if it is accessed through a heart and mind aligned with the Will of God. 

By using the word ‘God’, I am deliberately using a trigger word that really sets people off due to the high degree of programming that has been active in this world.  Religion is about control, controlling thought, allowing evil to flower in this world because the followers of religion do not question the authority granted those who run the religion.  Yet, there is a true Mother/Father God energy, Source, Creation… that is not physical yet manifests through the physical, through your own Heart Center, and through your body. Source energy encompasses all that is unseen (the Father) and what is seen (the Mother). When you experience Christ Consciousness (the child) you can see with your inner eyes the reality of all existence, known and unknown. You will begin to understand the concept of true compassion, empathy and unity consciousness as seen, felt and experienced through the Universal Mind of God.

Why has Western religion sought to decry the physical aspects of life?  It was an attempt to prevent this very physical ascension phase that humanity is now undergoing as a collective and certainly on an individual basis.

The light workers of this planet are to embody… bring their Light Being consciousness fully into the body.  As the Divine Light of the Light Being is brought into the body, your life will change, synchronicities will abound, creativity will expand, a sense of freedom and expansion will occur all without the need to go anywhere.  We are in the process of bringing Heaven to Earth… bringing the Light of our Higher Selves here to Earth, anchoring that Light and Love which will, in and of Itself, dissolve and transform the lower frequency constructs of the old paradigm. In other words, we ain’t going anywhere except IN, into our hearts, into our bodies, and anchoring the Light we feel into our Earth.

The people who are currently awake on this planet are a tiny minority, yet they are the yeast to leaven the bread of consciousness for Humanity.  There has to be pioneers who whack their way through the dark and heavy energies of the lower frequency constructs of the old paradigm, see them for what they are, and decide not to allow those energies, beliefs, programs, feelings, or emotions to dominate their existence anymore. 

You have a God-given choice every day, every moment, every time you realize you don’t have to believe what is being broadcast over mainstream media.  You don’t have to believe the lies, the propaganda that is designed to pull you back into fear and denial of the beauty of your inner being.  It is a choice and one each person is responsible for making.  Yet, it is a choice that is first being taken by those who are awake… for those who are not.  We are the stewards for humanity.  It is up to us to develop and hold not only self-love and self-respect, but also love, empathy, compassion and forgiveness for all of humanity, without exception – which means including all members of the Cabal, all villains, felons, and murderers throughout the history of Earth. 

Everything we witness is an illusion, a play, a game… and the ultimate goal is self-mastery.  Some players wear black, some players wear white.  The game will be won by all of humanity once the collective aligns in universal love and unified collective consciousness at a high frequency level… at least 5D.  How long it will take us to reach that level, who knows… but the upcoming Solstice alignment is a portal, a gateway to the New World if we wish to enter it NOW.  It is up to us.  It is our choice.  And then, when we make that choice, it is up to us to have the faith and trust in the benevolence of Creation to see that vision become manifest.  It is a process.

How well we hold the vision within will determine how soon you begin to feel different, to experience a new perspective, a widening of your perception of how beautiful this world is already.  For let me tell you a secret, dear ones, the fifth dimensional New Earth is already here.  It is the human consciousness that still lingers in the third dimension.  The animals experience 5D; 95% of humanity does not… so, that is the mission defined, assist humanity to rise up to 5D by doing the work within each of us first!  Yes, you need to do the work on an individual basis, which first means becoming the Observer of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgments, programs, beliefs… everything that triggers you and making the choice to let them flow and go… transforming your inner world before it manifests and mirrors back to you in the outer world.

So, I know I have my work cut out for me… working on getting my body in a healthier state, continuing the clearing work on old traumas experienced elsewhere (off this particular planet) and doing the meditation work to calm the mind and open the heart, so I can successfully embody more of the higher frequency energies now being poured out upon this planet from the center of the Cosmos. 

We can see the Christmas Star in the physical and bring its Light into our own Hearts and shine that Light upon all of the darkness and evil upon the earth until it is lifted up in frequency and exists no longer within the hearts of humanity.  It is a sacred trust and mission for all those who wish to participate consciously in this NOW moment.

I send blessings and love to all upon this sacred globe of living blue-green sentient life, Mother Earth, Gaia…

I AM Sundeelia, aka Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, no portion of this message is permitted to be duplicated via video or recording; Eliza Ayres,

Below, Lorie Ladd, an Ascension Teacher, shares a personal experience about shifting timelines:

Eliza: We Were Made For Crazy Times Like This!

Angelic Warrior

Eliza:  We Were Made For Crazy Times Like This!

Well, my fellow Light Beings, how are we managing these insane times?  While I said a while back that I wouldn’t be posting any or much intel, it seems I feel compelled to do it anyway.  The times call for it.  I have yet to be censored, although that could certainly happen.  I will warn my new readers, I delete most content that is not written by me or rare selected articles that interest me for future research.  So, as of December 15th, all news prior to the 30th of November will be deleted… unless it is still being viewed by a ton of folks, in which case, I’ll keep it a bit longer.  This is a personal blog, still is, believe it or not and not a repository for current news like the library.  If something older strikes your fancy, save it to your own device, else it will be deleted by me.  This has been my policy for years so no surprise to my older readers, but lately several people have joined up.  Thanks!  Just today, membership topped 1,400 readers, not bad for a small blog.

Blue Dragon Journal has been around since July 2012.  Since then, it has gone through many phases.  It is an ever-evolving personal project.  Right now, I feel like putting up election and disclosure-related news as it is being heavily censored elsewhere.  I cannot guarantee that video links will be available when you attempt to open them!

I may be retired, but all this blogging has been keeping me extremely busy, keeping up with various intel feeds, YouTube, BitChute and Rumble… as several commentators have been banned from YT and FaceBook (I left the latter in Sept 2019 as they were already censoring the material I was posting – most being pro-Trump material – it ‘offended’ someone’s TDS sensibilities!).

While blogging, I’m listening to classical music or various video feeds… and occasionally writing my ever-lengthening novel based in the ancient Star Wars that took place in the Pleiadian Federation hundreds of thousands of years ago.  The story is based on my wanderings through the Akashic Record (my own) and is becoming a journal of life in the Pleiades while our people were still 4D and lower 5D except for rare individuals.  Oh… did I neglect to mention, I’m a Pleiadian walk-in?  A light being, like you, having a temporary human experience and going through this fascinatingly intense transformational period for the human collective.  If you are interested in more of my story, you are welcome to dig through the archives…

Anyway, I thought I would thank everyone for making this a very active little blog right now.  Keep your spirits high – it is very IMPORTANT to do this while the human collective as a whole is experiencing a collective Dark Night of the Soul.  If you don’t know what that is, look it up… the process that EVERY evolving soul/consciousness goes through… one step.  Except this transformation is different, as we are already Light Beings and our PHYSICAL BODIES are ascending.  At Home, in the Pleiades, I already resonate well above 6D.  Not a boast… my whole family does, as well. And as any well-read light worker will tell you, we have multiple manifestations on a variety of planes of existence, some physical and some not…

So, dear ones, get plenty of rest.  Take breaks away from news.  If you are still watching MSM, I recommend turning it off – it is rogue CIA propaganda designed to instill fear into people.  Oh, yes, the pandemic is a lie, but you won’t hear that on MSM – because it is fake news, just like POTUS claims.

Whether or not you ‘like’, love, admire, or even hate POTUS – and yes, Trump is STILL President until January 20th – this past election was never about another four years, one man, or the virus.  It was yet another egg in the basket of globalist plans to take over and take down America.  So, if you are an American citizen and you expect to have your normal life given back to you by the ascendancy of the Biden-Harris ticket, you are… well, suffering from delusion and brain-washing through too much media exposure, a poor education, and bad food, air, and water.  Toxic brain syndrome!  Nope, that’s not a medical term, just one I made up.

Socialism is not healthy for the people, as it locks them down.  It is designed to control your every thought, movement, whether or not you are going to continue living… just ask those who survived the pogroms in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany… or more recently, Venezuela.  Always, there is a tiny extremely wealthy minority at the top who are controlled puppets and then the rest are minions or slaves… who could be killed at the whim of a pathological ruler.  Do you really want to live like this?

Enough with the politics… the holidays approach and per usual… will pass by without much notice from me other than I will be participating in some of the mass meditations for the upcoming Solstice conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.  Pluto and Uranus figure in there somewhere, too.  I’ve been following Laura Walker’s wonderful reports on The Oracle Report if you want to know more about the current very INTENSE energetics that will dominate our planet and consciousness until we are well into the Aquarian Age… the promised Golden Age.

Still, most of the human collective isn’t even aware of any Golden Age unless they happen to be a Hindu (Satya Yuga).  It’s the current ‘job’ of lightworkers, those who are awake to shift the timelines so the masses are carried safely onto the positive timeline which will bring the Paradise world physically to Earth (Terra, Tara, Gaia… take your pick!).  Still, each individual has a choice, whether or not they are willing to move to the positive timeline, stay in neutral (which is a choice) or take the low road of the negative timeline (some people will for the experience of it all!).  I know what I have already chosen. 

That’s all for now, folks.  I hope you’re all well… well, enough as to be expected if you happen to live in California and are locked in your house.  Living in Florida, a mostly red state is much better!

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.coma

Eliza: Dancing With Pink Rhinos

Black Rhino Symbolism, Rhino Meaning, Rhino Totem, Rhino Dream, and Messages

Eliza: Dancing With Pink Rhinos

I have weird dreams.  This morning, I had pink rhinoceros running around in my dream.  Real rhinos are big, scary animals that sometimes have what appears to be a temper.  Are they actually angry or do they just love being alone?

Of course, I had to look up this particular animal symbolism, especially since I have never had a rhino, much less about three or four, in a dream before.  What does it mean?

Rhino Meaning and Message:

In this case, Rhino symbolism is letting you know that you need to look more closely at everything around you because things are not what they seem. Do you see lack instead of abundance? Like Turkey, the Rhino meaning insists that you appreciate the expansive bounty that surrounds you. In other words, this spirit animal reminds you to stop and give thanks to the countless miracles occurring in every moment of your life.

Moreover, Rhino symbolism is reminding you to use your spiritual eyes and not your physical eyes. When you do this, you can see the truth and maintain a close connection with “Mother Earth” as you expand your inner knowledge to a whole new level.

Animal Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Rhino totem are, for the most part, solitary and wise people that choose to spend a great deal of time alone. Like the Cheetah, they enjoy the comfort of their own company and are comfortable with themselves. These folks have a very close relationship with the ancient wisdom of the soul. They also have a lot of knowledge to share about what is real and how to live. For the most part, they are a self-made success and an achievement seeking powerhouse in their chosen field. Thus, being a workaholic is a natural part of who they are.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Rhino dream, it suggests that you need to forge ahead toward your goals. In other words, like the Boar, do not take “no” for an answer. Nor should you let any obstacles sidetrack you from your destination.

Alternatively, if the animal is aggressive or charging, make sure that you are not getting carried away with your ideas and intentions. To put it another way, steamrollering your way through things is very self-defeating behavior. You must discern what is real and what is not.

Additional Associations for the Rhino: Agility, assurance, ancient wisdom, comfort, confidence, explosive power, freedom, gratitude, grounding, instinct, judgment, knowledge, longevity, paradox, peace, self-assurance, sensory perception, solidity, solitude, stability, stamina, steadiness, substance, sure-footedness, trust, unconventional, wisdom

Back to the Dream

So, my rhinos (there was more than one) were not being aggressive. On the contrary, they were playfully running around a grassy lawn as I was passing from one building to another.  Of course, when I saw the first rhino, I was slightly alarmed but it paid me no mind, so I kept on walking.  Then, one of the rhinos approached me, acting more like a big affectionate dog… so, what do I do?  I picked it up and started talking to the animal.  Never mind the thing was about four feet long and chunky like a baby rhino – in my dream, it felt as light as a balloon.  Well, I carried it several feet and then put it down.  I was going to enter my house.  When I got to the door, the rhino wanted to come inside with me.  I was concerned about having such a large creature inside a house – well, you know what animals do… — so I shut the door on it.  Well, the creature wouldn’t take “no!” for an answer, but started making a racket in protest.  And then I woke up!

Pink rhinos? 

Now pink symbolizes love, but not just any kind of love, but unconditional love.  In the language of the heart, pink symbolizes Mother energy or as the Christians call it, the Holy Spirit.  Frankly, it is the Goddess who has been missing from many religions for an awfully long time.  In theology, the pink ray is the third ray of cosmic creation, and sits with two other rays or flames upon the altar of the hidden cave or Secret Chamber of the Heart Center.  There is the Blue Ray (flame) of God’s Will which is the masculine energy of strength and power.  Next, is the Yellow-Golden Ray (flame) of Cosmic Intelligence, which is called Christ Consciousness or the Child.  And thirdly, is the Pink Ray (Flame) that represents the Mother or feminine energy of Spirit.  Uniting the Blue Ray and the Pink Ray, you achieve the Violet Ray (Flame) of Freedom, Transmutation, and Unity.  Can you see where the idea for the Holy Family came from?  This is very ancient spirituality that doesn’t need to be taught to anyone.  All one needs is a simple reminder of what they already know within. 

So, I had a pink rhino in my dream, actually about three of them.  Two of them were just happily wandering around like rhinos do when left to their own devices.  The other one wanted to cuddle and be near me. 

Having a rhino in one’s dream seems to be a very powerful symbol or message.  I am a very solitary (and happy being alone) type who gets on very well with my own energy.  I am a bit of a workaholic, although I have learned when to rest, exercise, eat properly, and sleep.  Pink… hmmm, well, I am working on loving myself unconditionally, which means being willing to move away from or ignoring the judgments of others on how they would prefer to see me behave or act. 

People forget that to love others, one must first learn to love oneself, one’s own unique qualities, whether they be interpreted as strengths or weaknesses – the latter perspective depends on the person making the judgment, doesn’t it! 

Recently, I was maligned as being heartless, mean-spirited, arrogant, blatant, and accused of abandoning a family member in need.  Well, I know I am none of those things so I left the relationships.  No one needs to take the abuse… and it was abuse, from anyone no matter who they appear to represent in your life.  Of course, it took awhile to recover emotionally from the psychic attack… the attempt of emotional blackmail.  No, this independent person chose to remove myself from the source of the abuse and walked away.  Was that other person in need?  Perhaps, but they have others to help them.  Now, I am able to think for myself, discern what is important to me, observe my own feelings and let go of what I do not need to hold on.

Notice I am not attempting to judge myself.  I am attempting to understand myself.  It is two very different animals.  As Earth humans, we have been brought up on a diet of expectations and belief systems passed down through generations of abused people.  Abused people often turn around and abuse the next generation or beat themselves up and attempt to self-medicate by misusing drugs, sex, or distractions to avoid looking into their own thoughts and feelings.

Being a natural empath, it is a little difficult for me to avoid feeling emotions, thoughts, and feelings, of myself and others.  A person can enter a room where I am and instantly, I know how they are feeling.  Whether or not I choose to interact with that person depends on what I am discerning from their energies.  I have also learned not to be overwhelmed by thinking the other person’s feelings or beliefs need to be my own.  In short, be careful of what you wish to claim or hold onto… it may not belong to you at all.

As an empath, a super sensitive sensory system-worker, I can choose to respond and placate or attempt to sooth the other person, but more recently, I have learned to step back and have allowed the person the privacy in which to deal with their own issues. 

There are times when I encounter a person who enjoys wallowing in victim-consciousness, an individual who complains constantly about what others are doing to them, even though the actual events may have taken place twenty years into the past.  Now, that’s what I would describe as an inability to let go or release what no longer serves.  I am not trying to judge anyone who has a tendency towards displaying this kind of behavior – I find it fascinating as I normally choose to let things go.

Of course, someone who likes to rehash various occurrences during their lifetime, whether or not they are currently associated with the guilty, is certainly clinging to the enjoyment… the power of being a victim.  Only thing is, being a victim is actually disempowering to the so-called victim.  Being a victim might be considered an endless call for help, which, unfortunately for the victim can result in other people simply giving up on the person or feeling sorry for them… another form of put-down… since they seem incapable of fending for themselves or reaching the clarity of thought which will inform them that they need to step out of the self-defeating energy of victimhood and reclaim their own personal power.

Stepping into your power means you are willing to take responsibility for your decisions and the consequences that derive from those same decisions – in other words, you are ready and willing to be who you are, with the internal ‘you’ reflected in your outer persona – the very description of integrity, integration of masculine energies of strength with the feminine energies of unconditional love.  Being a person of integrity means you have come into an acceptance of who you are and are willing to display this persona to the world and to all whom you encounter.

Being a victim requires accepting the judgments of others around you, whose opinions of what and who you are may not jive with how you feel about yourself within, so this kind of behavior will lead to a constant state of inner agitation and stress for a victim is not being truthful to themselves or others.  They are not standing up for what they represent, for their truths, and being willing to take on the judgments of the world.

To be in a constant state of victimhood, is to be powerless, like an infant, requiring the energies of others to sustain life… in other words, victimhood is form of energetic vampirism.  This is an extremely low vibratory state, close to fear.  And when the eternal victim is ignored, they get angry and desperate… as their energy source is being cut off, removed by the person they feel should support and feed their victimhood.

Oye.  Of course, I had the sense to remove myself from that situation.  I enjoy solitude but victims don’t like to leave those whom they depend on alone.  No, they enjoy dominating the conversation, interfering, becoming overtly anxious when someone does not reply or comply to their constant demands.  And then, they get angry and begin to attack that person by accusing them of being cruel, abandoning them, not being ‘nice’, not being the kind of person who would continue to support the whiner, complainer, the ‘victim’. 

Can you see what I am driving at?  The victim is the opposite of a narcissist… and yet, the two energies are similar in that the individual who displays either manner of behavior is actively attempting to feed off the energies of other people.  In the case of the victim, it means obtaining the sympathy of other people who then feel obligated to continually assist the victim.  On the other hand, the narcissist feels the need to be constantly the center of attention, dominating the conversation, dominating the relationship, manipulating their partner, friend, or relative, using the fear of threats and sometimes violent physical abuse to keep the other person in line.  In the end, either behavior is an attempt to control another person.  The wise person will remove themselves from such a situation, which is what I did.  This action on my part was deemed by other misinformed individuals as a case of abandonment, just cause (in their minds) for putting me on the list as being a bad, untrustworthy, hated individual.  So be it.  I know better.

Earth humans certainly have been victimized over many, many centuries… some suggest for at least 500,000 years, so there is bound to be a plentitude of unresolved trauma to work through and release.  Can it be done?  Yes.  Is it easy?  No.  Nothing worthwhile is ‘easy’.  Can it be done by just anyone?  Yes and no.  The person who wants to heal from victimhood has to first recognize they are not a victim; they have only been thinking and believing they are a victim.  Even though they have been the subject or object of abuse, be it emotional, mental, physical or a combination thereof, one still can move out of victimhood, if one is willing to accept the responsibility of being aware that they, themselves, have the power to be free.

People have been taught that they have a duty to be loyal to their family members.  Well, that is certainly a behavior that is useful when an entire community is attempting to survive from the onslaughts of an outer enemy force… However, if the family member(s) begin to demand that you follow their wishes, guidance, and plans, which do not align with your own, without your ability to question their motives, do you still owe that individual or persons the same kind of loyalty, especially when they are not willing to hear your side of the story, your plans, your dreams?  No.

In this world, it is up to the individual first to attain the ability to love themselves.  If they are not be loved and accepted by others, it serves no purpose but to allow themselves to be continually victimized by those who require their support, obedience, and energy.  Then, when you manage to step away, have taken responsibility for your own healing, strengthen your personal barriers, and understand the need to carefully discern the energies of others (not judgment, just observation) before you engage with them long-term… then, as you begin to discover your own strength and internal power you will meet and attract other people into your life who resonate with your own frequency.  First, we lift ourselves up and then we are ready to assist others to lift themselves up.  As in MAGA, America first, then the world.

If you choose to remain in victimhood, you have chosen to remain in a low-frequency state and will continually draw into your world those who will use you, abuse you, victimize you, until you learn to say, “No more!”  Some people never learn this basic lesson of life.  They rather be cowards and depend on others instead of learning to work with others in mutual compatibility and united purpose.

I could go on and on about how this duality is being currently played out in our world, but anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can see that humanity has been taught to be the victim that needs to be dominated, directed, and maligned by those who think we are a subspecies lower than animals.  Who, in their right mind, would want to remain in such a state if given the choice?  I choose freedom.  We all have the right to choose.  Free will is an integral part of this world.  As I have written before, use that free will wisely.  Victim or powerful independent individual who is willing to work with others?  I choose the latter state of beingness, the higher road to self-discovery, self-mastery, and self-actualization.

So, per usual, I have migrated from a revelation or message received in a dream or on a walk to a discussion of victimhood vs individual self-mastery and acceptance of personal responsibility towards one’s own healing journey. From pink rhinos dancing on a lawn… with one of the little beasties insisting that I carry it inside my ‘house’… probably representative of my vehicle or body — to a discussion on how to self-heal from abuse.  For anyone to insist that you follow their instructions, their rules, their plans, believe their narrative even if it is an attempt to gaslight you, to emotionally abuse and deride you and you remain their target… that is to continue to choose to remain in victimhood, in a place without power and personal initiative.  Given all of the attributes of the rhino energy, it was not even a question or possibility in my own mind to want to remain in such a space or place out of a sense of misplaced loyalty and trust.  No, I was out of there and glad of it!  And I am not alone!  Those who are waking up and realizing they need to take back their personal sense of power and unite with others who feel the same way, they are moving against those who have dominated and abused them for an eternity of lifetimes.  So be it.  Step out of fear and into love and freedom!

I send love and blessings to all without exception…

I AM Eliza

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Eliza: Change Your Paradigm, Change Your World

Eliza:  Change Your Paradigm, Change Your World

Note to Readers: Health advice is not being given in this article. Do your own research on what is best for your own body. Same goes for any facts you might question. I write in a stream of consciousness. Sometimes it flows, sometimes it doesn’t. Be responsible for following your own discernment. Take what serves and leave the rest.

So, is everyone ready for 2020 to be ended?  Well, it depends on whether you follow the Georgian Calendar – the one created by the Roman Catholic Church, i.e., the global elite control mechanism… or do you follow the ancient astrological chart, which has the astrological year of 2020 ending in March 2021 at the beginning of the Aries cycle?  Knowing about the latter calendar informs us that the energies of 2020, the energies of sudden, unexpected change carried by the influence of Uranus, will not end with Midnight, December 31, 2020. 

I can not claim to be a student of astrology, but my readers will notice I post daily updates from various astrologers, most of it the more popular, hence ‘shallow’ versions.  Astrology has been called all kinds of names by science and religion… but the controllers of this planet, the negatively-oriented global elites (whatever title you wish to assign to them) do utilize astrology, avidly, in deciding when to perform their dark rituals, use their false flags, and activate their various layers of a long-prepared agenda to take control of every aspect of this world.  Astrology is an ancient science, as can be seen by monuments left by our ancestors world-wide; therefore, it is something to at least be aware of… which will mean for some of the heavily-indoctrinated Christians, letting go of their superstitions perpetrated by the various sects. Astrology is not evil, although it is used by evil dark magicians for their own purposes, as they know the power of planetary influences and moon cycles. Astrology is like energy… it is neutral and can be used by those with evil intent or good intent. It is a choice.

One thing when a person wakes up… as it has been expressed in recent times… is the sometimes, sudden realization that each of us has been lied to from birth, that every institution, whether it be education, religion, government, science, technology… it is all based on lies and deception. Our friends from the Galactic Federation call Earth the planet of lies for good reason. Nothing is as it seems. All is an illusion. We live in a Matrix, but we can step out of it just like Neo did in the film, The Matrix. Until you do, you live by other people’s choices and under their dictates and narratives.

One of the first things people will ask, at least once they can overcome their cognitive dissonance, is why?  Why are we told lies by people and institutions we have been taught to look up to, to trust, to allow them to control our lives?  It really gets down to a base agenda: Control, greed, and fear.

The controllers, the Illuminati, the Satanic Cabal, the Phoenicians… the Venetian Black Families… the secret puppeteers who use their mid-level minions like the Rothschild Bankers to manipulate, blackmail, threaten, and kill those who will not conform to their agendas… have been steadily working towards the means to control the economies of all nations, to use their chosen leaders (through blackmail, threat, and bribery) to control and dominate local and national populations.  The media, especially the legacy media sources have been gradually taken over by five or six international media companies.  The message delivered by these media sources is dictated according to the narrative being pushed by the globalist controllers, the latest flavor of narrative, usually directed with great viciousness against any who oppose the mandates come down from ‘on high’…

The current push by certain governors, mayors, and congresspeople towards placing the people into yet another lock-down due to ‘increased cases’ of the so-called Covid-19 virus is yet another lying narrative of the global elite. It is designed to elicit fear in the population.  However, the people are beginning to ‘wake up’ and realize that ‘cases’ does not equal ‘deaths’.  In the United States, the CDC has been caught requiring physicians to assign the cause of death to Covid, whether or not the person actually had any symptoms of the virus… which no one has been able to clearly identify under an electron microscope.  Viruses are not a disease… they are a natural product of a body in the process of ridding itself of waste products, namely through elimination… through the creation of mucus, vomiting, sweating, and diarrhea.  The body is designed to shed these toxic elements periodically if they build up due to life choices (diet, exercise, water intake, alcohol/drugs) which can result in external symptoms, like a stuffy nose, coughing, a fever, sometimes diarrhea and vomiting, all methods of expelling toxins.  If the immune system has been weakened, the body may have a difficult time continuing to fight any opportunistic bacterial infections that may affect the body upon developing a cold or influenza.  Thence, the ‘flu’ can devolve into a bacterial infection of the lungs or pneumonia, which can lead to death, especially in cases of compromised immune systems due to pre-existing or even as yet undetected underlying health conditions.  Diabetes, heart disease, morbid obesity, kidney disease, diseases of any other body system can all compromise an already over-stressed immune system (most of these conditions are affected by life choices).  Getting a vaccination will not alleviate or protect you from a non-existent virus.  Thousands of people world-wide die from the influenza and its secondary bacterial infections. 

Why are people’s immune systems compromised?  Well, we’ve been poisoned through the air, water, and the soil (chemicals, vehicle emissions, poisons used in agriculture, landscaping, in household cleaning supplies, in cosmetics).  Our food has been laced with alterations to the genetics, GMO, genetically modified organisms, so it no longer resembles anything naturally grown in the wild or on a proper organic farm.  These subtle means to poison the population has been initiated on purpose to breakdown the resistance of the immune system, the capacity to use critical thinking and make clear decisions.

Our public education systems have become the training grounds for little Marxists… History is no longer taught.  Civics… what’s that?  Common sense is no longer in vogue.  People are encouraged to act or react according to what their feelings dictate, rather than considering the consequences of acting out of control.  Faith is questioned.  God is dead, at least according to the atheistic perception of ‘life’.  Instead, they spout equality… meaning everyone is on the same level.  No one is above another.  Independent thinking is discouraged, beaten down; those who question the narrative are viciously attacked, doxed so people will go to their house and threaten their lives and livelihoods.  Businesses are attacked because capitalism has been labeled as evil and racist… by people who have never had a paying job in their privileged lives.  People are encouraged to give their power into the hands of their leaders, to be followers, not to think outside a certain frame or box… and when the box narrative shifts, you are expected to blindly follow despite there being no concrete evidence that the narrative could stand up to close inspection by those who somehow have retained clarity of purpose and thinking.

So, what is a person to do as they begin to step away from believing the narrative, when they begin to discern that they and the rest of the population, have been lied to, played for patsies, used and abused, coerced by false doctrine and dogma, none of which can stand up to the truth presented by real fact finders?

Well, you’re going to get angry when you realize you’ve been had… by whatever crap you have blindly accepted through your entire life.  Or if you have been one of those rare persons who has avoided being taken in by the false narrative, you will begin to rejoice to see others who finally begin to understand and appreciate what you’ve been saying for days, months, years, decades… maybe all your life. 

To express that the present state of the world is chaotic is somewhat of an understatement.  There is an undeclared war that is gradually becoming apparent to those who are willing to look beyond the lies on MSM and dig deeper.  Don’t expect the media or their puppeteers to back down off of the lies and deception.  No, they will just double down, triple down the false narrative until it appears so ludicrous as to be laughable.  They will dig up sycophants, fellow co-conspirators, to back up their claims until people begin to comprehend just how many individuals within our governments and institutions have been willing to sell out our freedoms, our economy… and our lives for the sake of money, bribes, and hand-outs by foreign governments.

You can bet that the United Kingdom and its agents are behind the latest attack on American freedoms using their agents who have been buried within every international company, institution, and government bureaucracy. 

Why does the global elite hate Trump so much?  He stands in the way of them being able to push the completion of their 16-year plan to take down America.  The Rothschild Central Banks planned to destroy the economy by encouraging companies to send their manufacturing over to China, to reduce the size of the middle class, to put people into debt (economic slavery), to indoctrinate people through the media and public education, to encourage violent civil disobedience done by people who don’t know what the hell they are involved in… or if they do, they are perpetrating their own slavery by globalist shills. Actually, the primary agenda was to start another world war and blame it on Russia, thereby reducing the world population and causing a reboot of the jaundiced central bank system under a new electronic, digital system that would monitor your every move, purchase, and movement, if not your very thoughts and body metrics.

Trump is one man, but he is also the front man of a military operation designed to bring back the rule of law in the United States… which has been ruled by criminal cartels (Bush/Clinton/Obama) for decades.  The Constitution is being adhered to as the power of the globalist elites is being systemically stripped from them, their moles and blocks in the government removed (Mark Esper, being one), their agendas exposed and made known to the people.  Heck, even a highly indoctrinated Democrat might question things when they realize that their votes have counted for naught ever since elections could be rigged (which is probably forever).  The election was hacked in a major way which will become more obvious as the attorneys on the Trump team and others take their cases against state and local officials who violated election ethics and rules. 

This isn’t over, folks, not by a long-shot.  It is a profound paradigm change that we are in the midst, so, yes, it will appear quite chaotic for a while.  Old systems are being blown up and destroyed in order to make way for the new.  The new will be in alignment to what was intended by the original Constitution, an amazing document written by men who had the foresight to give us, their descendants, careful instructions to follow in case tyrants attempt to seize control of the government… which is happening in counties and states across this great nation and in countries across the world.

It is time for the PEOPLE to understand that they have the power to overcome and reverse what has been done to them for lifetime after lifetime.  People have the power and ability to think, reason, feel, and comprehend that they need to become responsible citizens, invested in preserving their freedoms and rights, else someone in the future will make the same attempt to strip them away. 

It’s on each of us to take responsibility, to step out of being victims and to realize that through our intention, focus, and thought, we can determine the condition of our lives.  We can endure hardships by working together, individually and as a collective.  And eventually, we will attain unity consciousness.  However, before that is accomplished, we are being required to walk through this dark period when things lack clarity and we do not know what is going on behind the scenes.  This walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death requires courage, faith, and hope and above all Trust in the reality that you are not alone, that a benevolent Universe supports you in your efforts every step of the way.

The astrological energetics support the coming Second Renaissance, the new golden age, which will begin to be revealed in this coming astrological year, starting in the Aires cycle during April 2021. 

For further information on the energetics, I recommend listening to Laura Walker of The Oracle Report and the National Dream Center, which presents a weekly report based on the astrological cycles, the I Ching, the Dream Bot (measuring the collective unconscious) and other measuring techniques so you might discern how best to surf the energetics.   You can make the energies work for you if you are aware of their influence on your life.

Above all, you have the opportunity and ability to choose.  Everyone who have incarnated upon this sphere has free choice.  Use it wisely.

I send my blessings and love to all,


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