Change – Trust – Energy

Reflections of Riverman

Show Notes for Presence of Light 1.15.21

Sitting in the Light of the rising sun this morning and feeling its welcoming warmth, I was presented with these three words in exactly this order – Change, Trust and Energy

The word “Change” represents what we are all experiencing right now on a collective world frequency—a dramatic change that affects all life here on Planet Earth.

It is not just a global pandemic or the clash of political dogma. It is a recalibration of what I would call the Divine Frequency within the Shifting of Ages.

“Trust” has been winnowed down to a trickle, much like the sands in an hourglass.
It still exists, yet its flow has been diminished, and a fear of becoming blocked is very prevalent in all humans’ minds.

The “Change” is tasking us, and ‘where we place our trust’ now comes forward in our most prevalent thoughts.

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Time To Begin | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

Some of you may be looking directly into the eyes of darkness and it may be unsettling.  It is especially important to remember that this is not a battle of wills.  You are being shown both sides and gain a conscious understanding of what is happening in your world.  Standing in the unconditional love of The Universe gives you the opportunity to learn how you can move through and change that darkness to light.  This is one of the reasons you manifested on your Earth plane.  Now, it is time to begin the work. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Yantra, Cindy Lou and Metamorphosis Dream

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’m posting two dreams, because they seem like what I call Big Dreams — not just personal messages. I’ve spent the morning looking for and inquiring about the symbol that appeared, and no one knows what it is. David says he feels like he’s seen it somewhere before, but it’s not any of the more usual yantras.

“Yantra, Cindy Lou, and Metamorphosis”

Awoke in the middle of the night with a sudden, shocking realization that something had just been done under cover of night. It seemed like a big, consequential thing for the US, but I don’t know what it was. It felt shocking, unbelievable — not good or bad, per se, but an event that triggers the rest of history.

No idea what time it was. I was on the BioMat but awoke quite suddenly with this shocked knowing. When I got up later it was almost 4…

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A Thumb of Fire

Our Spirit

Tyla Gabriel writes:

These days I spend most of my time compiling and aggregating the Meows and Cat Reports. But what is much more important to Douglas and me as we go forward with you on our journey to truth is that you know how amazing the HEART is. While many spiritual teachers will direct you to opening the third eye, the pineal gland, they skip over the importance of activating the HEART which is a supersensible organ of perception is. We want to teach you how to open yours, too!

The heart is like the Sequoia tree seeds and can only be opened with intense fire. To translate this in human terms, it takes great suffering to open the heart to unfold its true radiance, a process which can take several lifetimes until you, with your tiny heart seed, become a human as grand as a sequoia…

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Holy Altar Meditation

Living Light

As a creator within the Creator, I go deep within my being to the creative center of my reality, the Holy Altar of Truth. Here I sit in oneness with the Mighty I AM Presence. In the awareness of who I Am and how I create, my mind engages its true purpose, which is to express the divine radiance of this Living Presence of Absolute Truth.

The luminosity of the altar’s living pillars of Truth enlighten my mind. They energetically converge forming a living gate in my mind’s eye between the Mighty I AM’s infinite realm of divine potentials and the manifested reality. This sacred gate opens as the present moment divinely emerges through the workings of my timeless mind allowing the lifestream of the Creator to flow through me in unquenchable power. Through this living door, the oneness of my individualized self and the Mighty I AM, the Holy…

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Deer Moon Astrology 1/16-1/17/2021


SATURDAY, 1/16/2021: Sacrifice — to the point of martyrdom — is encouraged in this atmosphere, in pursuit of some kind of cherished goal. The intensity of our determination may lead us directly into the realm of zealotry if we don’t have some personal awareness or individual sense of responsibility. Rigidity in our aims and goals is more likely to create breaks rather than breakthroughs. The recognition of our need to remain flexible may not be easily attained, especially in today’s intensely determined environment. The rolling waves of transformative energy may either stir our creativity or leave us prone to being pushed aside by the incoming tide of change. By finding enough detachment to recognize that there are indeed things we cannot change, we may actually come to understand how to change the things we can.


Today is the 16th day of 2021
63 days until spring equinox
15 days until Mercury retrograde
349 days until…

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Instinct? Or Over-thinking?

Humoring the Goddess

How do you know when to listen to your first thought — your instinct — and when to think about things first before you make a decision? How do you know if you are giving a project due consideration or over-thinking everything?

Getting lost in the psychological maze occurs more often than not. And its especially rough when you are working in a creative sphere.

That nasty little devil big mouth sassy bored opinionated faerie often sits upon my shoulder. Yours could be a little angel, a seasoned sprite, a naughty muse, or a shadowed spectre. It doesn’t matter who second-guesses you. They’re always there, hanging around.

Do any of you sell your artwork? Do you sell at art fairs or online or at a gallery? Did you have a lot of paperwork to fill out? Did you wonder if your wares would impress the masses along with friends and…

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