Astrology April 3, 2020: Venus Enters Gemini, Mercury Conjuncts Neptune

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With the waxing Moon, in commanding Leo, trining the enterprising Aries Sun (3:29 pm) there’s more of an innate desire to want to move forward in some perceived “consequential way” today. Ideally, this energetic, fire sign alignment can also inspire or encourage us to act with greater amounts of courage or self-confidence.

Of course, intellectual Mercury’s conjunction with foggy Neptune (9:15 pm) is also likely to blur, or at least obscure, a portion of the path that is directly before us now, so we will probably need to just safely assume that some of what we undertake, at the moment, will also possibly need to be retooled or recalibrated later, when more information is known or made available.

We may also want to be a bit on the skeptical side if something seems “too good to be true” as Neptune’s ray can, on the shadow side, be very…

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See The Gift | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

Right now it may feel as if the future of your world is uncertain.  However, there is one thing The Universe would like you to know during this trying time; every person is in the process of re-learning what your societies have forgotten.

The joys of human connection.

The importance of time with family.

The growth and learning that

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Website Status | Denise

Denise, I have an Emergency Radio, which I used during Hurricane Matthew. Having access to the radio and listening to the progress of the storm as it moved northward along the coast, really helped. If your power is out, you can also write journal entries in a notebook. Pen and paper still work especially if you have hours of waiting before you…

Rainbow Wave of Light

Surprise! On Monday, March 30th, after reading on the web speculation that it could go down, my internet went down. After looking for the cause  and then talking to the building manager where I live, I discovered that the whole building lost the web. Calls were placed and a tech was dispatched to fix the problem.  Upon working most of Tuesday to fix the problem, it was discovered that a broken switch was the cause. However, the switch in question had to be ordered and would not be available till Friday. So, I’ve been without a working internet connection since then. I figured that it would be up sometime late on Friday. Imagine my surprise, when turning on my computer early this morning, the web was available, earlier than I expected.

So I’m now reviewing what I missed and will be posting what I feel prompted to on this website.

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Operation Disclosure Alert 4-2-20… “[RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT] Intel Alert (4-2-20): ‘Rescue'”

The “situation” is fluid; plans are adjusted and change… the Deep State thinks they are in control. The Patriots know better.

Kauilapele's Blog

Although I strongly suggest using that “Higher Discernment” capability with this article, I do feel much of what is reported here is indeed occurring. At the very least, this may connect some dots among various “events” that are ongoing. Some of this is similar to what David Wilcock has been presenting in his The Great Pandemic video series.

Found at Operation Disclosure.

“Rumors suggests that hospital ships Comfort and Mercy are being covertly used to care for Human Trafficking rescuees. If true, the arrival of Comfort and Mercy is just on time with the National Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) declared by President Trump in 2017.

“Human trafficking is one of the Deep State Cabal’s sources of income.

“Sources are claiming that there will soon be a nationwide shutdown of phone and internet which may indicate the beginning of mass arrests… censorship is being removed from all Social Media…

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FEAR FACTOR: Dr. Gabor Maté on the Fear, Trauma and Lessons We Can Learn from Coronavirus


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“…In the West we’re always saying, ‘panic! panic! everything is out of control.’ But in the Buddhist world they say, relax, everything is out of control.’ So, one of the teachings that maybe we could learn is precisely that. Whether you are a Buddhist or not, just the idea of impermanence, and everything changes and we’re not in control”

Dr. Gabor Maté on the Fear, Trauma and Lessons We Can Learn from Coronavirus – By Dylan Charles

“Society is just a clearing in the forest. It is not real.” ~ Osho

With all of the pandemic chaos circling the globe, a massive wave of fear, anxiety, dread and worry is also taking its toll on the collective consciousness of the human race. Individually, some are processing it better than others, but as a singular group of humanity, we are facing the reality that the world we…

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CROSSROADS: The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor


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“…Many Condor people maintain that Pachamama is sending a strong message that we must make radical changes in the ways we live, govern ourselves, and conduct business; we are being shown that “business as usual” is ultimately self-destructive…This virus is telling us that it is time for Eagle and Condor, mind and heart, to soar together, to mate, and to produce a new offspring: higher consciousness”

The Eagle And Condor Prophecy And The Virus  – By John Perkins

The Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor probably began more than two thousand years ago. It says: “Back in the mists of history, human societies took two routes. The Eagle peoples flew the path of the mind, of science, technology, and industry. The Condor peoples flew the path of the heart, of passion, intuition, and spiritual connections with nature.” It goes on to explain that for centuries they…

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The Late Edition for April 2, 2020: Keeping the Faith [videos]

Rose Rambles...

First things first. A direct hit! Watch before it disappears.

I have to say it. Please forgive me. In the video below, Bill Gates is getting his just desserts. Looks good on ‘im. Too bad his goons tackled the bakers, but they survived.

We’ll never get tired of seeing this reminder that “they won’t be able to walk down the street”.

Something to lift your spirits? How about a psychopathic genocidal eugenicist getting pied. On a loop about 25 times does the trick for me.

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) April 2, 2020

Bill Gates wants you to have certificates for vaccination or ‘recovered person’ to allow you to travel

Really? Well, I want to see Bill Gates in an ankle bracelet if he’s going to travel.

Keep your sense of humour close, my friends. You’re going to need it.

It seems there is a lot of fear porn on…

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