Ancient Free Energy

Ancient Sounds And Harmonic Principles… The Hidden Secrets of Frequency & Energies

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Researchers like Michael Tellinger is making real progress in a subject little understood by mainstream science. A subject that is ancient and has been utilized by our ancestors for thousands of years. The subject of ancient sound resonance and frequencies and understanding the principles of harmonics was regularly used at numerous ancient sites and the clues and evidence has been left behind. Have we just discovered ancient free energy devices?

Dr. Robert O. Young speaks out about COVID & other things

Dr Robert O. Young speaks out about COVID & other matters

New Earth Project

Contributing environment factors:

  • environmental factors (radio frequencies)
  • 5G / radiation
  • pathological blood coagulation, causing oxygen deprivation
  • 2% LESS deaths this year than last three years
  • Orchestrated event
  • Viruses have never be cultured or identified by the scientific method
  • Polio virus has never been identified – poisons
  • Virus in Latin means ‘poison’
  • hypoxia – the problem is not the lung; the problem is the blood
  • Zinc breaks up the blood coagulation

The Secret Advanced Technology of Medical Devices – Beyond Sci-Fi

The Secret Advanced Technology of Medical Devices – Beyond Sci-Fi

Zohar StarGate TV

The next medical revolution just may be coming to your smart devices, and sooner than you think. Insider Emery Smith describes some of the advances in medical technology, he was exposed to, that will soon be made available to the public. Some of which was in use within the secret projects, others have been developed by scientists who have an advanced understanding of healing the body. Currently, steps are being taken to bring this tech forward in such a way that we will be ready for it and the lives of its inventors will not be threatened.

Secret Interplanetary Salvaging Programs of E.T. Space Junk

Secret Interplanetary Salvaging Programs of E.T. Space Junk

Zohar StarGate TV

From recently discarded tech to ancient E.T. craft, our solar system is awash with space junk and major aerospace corporations vie for their share of the spoils. Emery Smith gives us the inside scoop on who is running interplanetary salvaging programs and what they gain from the strange things that they find. He explains that most of the technologies in the SSPs, from spacesuits to vehicles, have been reverse-engineered from alien wreckage salvaged from deep-space missions.

Guest: Emery Smith

The Truth About COVID-19 – Switzerland Report

The Truth About COVID-19 – Switzerland Report

The Still Report

We were told many lies about this ‘virus’:

  1. Overall 0.1 morality of COVID 19 is in the range of a strong influenza season
  2. U.S.A., UK, Sweden – overall mortality equal to strong influenza season
  3. Even in global hot spots, the risk of death of school- working age people similar to risk of daily car ride to work/school, many people with mild or no symptoms were not taken into account in overall statistics
  4. Up to 80% of positive tests, remained symptom free, even 70-79 y.o.
  5. up to 60% of all persons might have already developed certain cellular immunity to COVID 19, herd immunity developed naturally through exposure to the Common Cold
  6. We should be shaking the hands of the infected with low viral load and NOT wearing masks so our immune systems can adjust to the new virus by producing antibodies without getting overwhelmed
  7. The mask wearers will be MOST affected during the next virus outbreak, unexposed immune systems
  8. The average age of those who died were over 80 years old, but only 4% of them had no serious pre-existing conditions; no difference in their death rates beyond normal mortality
  9. Up to 30% nursing home deaths were from weeks of extreme stress and isolation, lockdown, panic and fear – not clear they actually died from COVID 19.
  10. Many media reports of young and healthy people dying of COVID 19 were false; many of these young people did NOT die from COVID-19 because they were already seriously ill
  11. The often shown expotential curves of statistics… always wrong, maybe impossible to reconstruct the statistics.
  12. Countries without curfews and contact bans such as Japan, South Korea and Sweden have NOT experienced negative couse of events, higher immunity than lockdown countries
  13. The fear of a shortage of ventilators was unjustified – invasion isolation and intubation of the patients was counterproductive, damaging to the lungs
  14. There is NO evidence of the virus spreading through aerosols, floating through the air – the notion of social distancing isn’t needed – main modes of infection is through direct contact due to coughing and sneezing
  15. There is no scientific evidence of effectiveness of face masks in healthy and asymtomatic people – media hype, such masks interfere with breathing
  16. Many clinics in U.S. were strongly under utilized or almost empty and had to send staff home, millions of surgeries were cancelled
  17. Several media were caught trying to dramatize the situations in hospitals with manipulative videos, maximized fear and panic in the population
  18. The virus kits used internationally are prone to errors, can give false postive and false negative results, not clinically validated
  19. Numerous ‘experts’ consider the measures taken to be counterproductive and recommend rapid and natural immunity should be followed for the population under conditions of low viral load
  20. No medical reason for closure of schools, masks, or social distancing, risk of and transmission of disease is low in children
  21. Vaccines are not necessary or even dangerous; Swine flu vaccine led to serious complications and lawsuits in the millions
  22. A global corona virus pandemic can extend over several seasons – general herd immunity exists now in 60% of population
  23. Several nurses in NYC described often times inappropriate medical protocols used due to questionable financial incentives. People harmed by domestic violence, suicide, heart attacks, loss of jobs. The lockdown will claim far more lives than the virus itself.
  24. NASA Edward Snowden warned the pandemic would used to create permanent expansion of global surveillance totalitarian efforts – unprecedented contact tracing, survelliance, monitored by drones – Contact tracing are not necessary – unprecedented deception from media. In several places in the world, the population is already being surveilled by drones and secret service.

Unprecedented and deceptive information from MSM.

COVID-19: Why the Lockdown?

COVID-19: Why the Lockdown?

Collective Evolution


  • – What has happened since COVID-19 began
  • – Are we prolonging the pandemic due to the lockdown? Is the lockdown lowering our immune systems?
  • – Are masks and gloves effective?
  • – Why have so many doctors and scientists been censored? Have they been wrong?
  • Download part 1 podcast here –…

Today’s ‘science’ is used for political purposes. In other words, science has been weaponized in favor of fake science.