You Got This! Remember, THIS IS ASCENSION!

You Got This! Remember, THIS IS ASCENSION!

Lorie Ladd

When we begin to hold higher states of consciousness, it impacts the entire field in which you standing. The consciousnesses of that field (a spectrum) the lower frequency consciousnesses begin to be seen. We have to begin to get comfortable in seeing the lower frequency (the underbelly) exposed. We are going to see the wolves in sheep clothing…

Galactic Intel: VERY Good News for Humanity – Kerry K

Galactic Intel: VERY Good News for Humanity

Kerry K

Editor’s note: I love to listen to these different perspectives…

All Starseeds are activated right now, each one in alignment with their purpose whether they realise it or now. This conversation is a behind the scenes look at a recent interactions I shared with the Galactics. I refer to the Galactics as my council members and team members from the Galactic Federation, they allowed me to witness, participate in, and report back to you a recent event that took place on planet earth. It’s what I call a miracle and the greatest triumph for humanity we could have dreamed of.

The most powerful thing that any being of consciousness can do right now is to learn to stabilize themselves in 5D+ energy. Once this stability is in place, not only can you support others in becoming stable in themselves, but you get to anchor in higher possibilities into our timeline. We work with stability of energy as a major theme in my Plasma Patreon Community, find out more here:

Into the New America 2021, 1.16.21

Into the New America 2021 with Nina Starsong, Jen McCarthy, Magenta Pixie

Magenta Pixie

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  • Mass movement from Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Robotic feeling to the old social media platforms
  • Important to move to alternative media for the empathic awakened people
  • There will always be a backdoor where we can migrate to…
  • The old world is in the old tech
  • Some understandable grief in losing old communities on FB, it is collapsing…
  • the ladies give their opinions of the various alternative platforms…
  • Gab is user friendly
  • Bifurcation of timelines happening in real time in virtual reality
  • Old systems are disappearing, everything is changing…
  • Time of the Second Harvest, separation of the wheat (Christed Ones) and chaff (those who serve Death)
  • Everything that has been reversed (negative polarity) is being flipped back to the positive (good, true, honesty, Truth, abundance, etc.) back to the Light
  • The sleepers are being bombarded and will be hit with a flood of disclosure… prepare to see a lot of cognitive dissonance, turbulent
  • We are in the 4th Dimension as a collective, most still in lower 4D; the awakened are in higher 4D
  • New platforms will be coming forward
  • etc.