Things you might not know about ASCENSION

Things you might not know about ASCENSION

Kerry K

Things you might not know about #ascension​: in this video I cover some insights that not many people talk about, including #AscensionSymptoms​ and some common questions that I get asked.

Ascension happens to you and through you, the real YOU.

Quantum New Earth – Blue Ray Rising (the Trifurcation)

Quantum New Earth – Blue Ray Rising (the Trifurcation)

Magenta Pixie

April 2021 as seed point into trifurcated reality, three world split. Gamemaster blue ray genius expression in cyberspace virtual reality, spearheaded by top banana of the American domain. The Nine present the monadic download with keycodes and immunity energetic packets as transmission through Magenta Pixie. Visuals for the New Earth template ready for manifestation and actualisation through pineal gland technology with the awake, aware, truth leader and starseeded humanity.

Nature itself cannot be outrunned, mastered, or destroyed. The dream of the controllers will never manifest. The starseeds are the answer to the control agenda, which will FAIL. The starseeds and their environment are ONE.

  • The transhumanism population of the Borg
  • Nature, organic human template, New Earth
  • Blue Ray Quantum movement – one of these warriors is Mr. T, empowered cyber shaman. The virtual and digital cyberspace is the new battlefield. This is how the Quantum New Earth will manifest.

Three world split.

The Opportunity the V-a-x is Giving Us

The Opportunity the V-a-x is Giving Us

Lorie Ladd

This is the opportunity to see the Matrix we’ve been in… within the abusive, narcissistic relationship with authority figures, the fear, control, greed, and manipulation.

We are getting louder as more humans grab onto this opportunity…

Vaccine passports? This is the system we are collapsing.

Constantly pull yourself into higher states of consciousness while still honoring people who are still in a sleeping state.

It is IMPERATIVE that we speak out, that we hold our ground. This isn’t about a right thing to do for humanity. It is about BASIC human rights.

The more we see, the more able we are to pull humanity through this… continue to choose freedom, continue to remember. This is all about shifting humanity into higher states of consciousness.

Breaking Spiritual Myths and Becoming Powerful – Kelly K

Breaking Spiritual Myths and Becoming Powerful

Kelly K

I’d like to dispel a large myth that has been used AGAINST the spiritual community at large. Yes that’s right, there are idea’s that this community has been TAUGHT that are not based on truth, that have filtered down from a very dark agenda to prevent ascension and keep humanity trapped in 3D. One of those idea’s is that by speaking about something, you draw it to you.

It is true that when you project fear, you create fear. Yes. However, it is not true to say that when you acknowledge fear you create fear, in fact something remarkable happens when you do that. You actually clear it out of your system and disempower it completely. Then you never have to focus on what you want again because in the absence of fear all you have is what you want.

Ask yourself why these same beings would continually tell humanity only to focus on what they want more of and not anything else, which takes daily practice, constant reinforcing, when it’s far easier to simply collapse the field of the “anything else”. Why couldn’t they teach what it takes for that collapsing to occur because when it does a person no longer has anything to ignore.

Emotions are fields of energy, dynamic and alive because of the amount of focus given to them by the human. The trick is not to no longer focus on it, but to collapse it so that there is nothing there to build upon.

Should we look into unresolved fears and distortions? Kelly is addressing ‘spiritual bypassing’, constantly focusing on the positive and not dealing with what has not been cleared, seeing what isn’t ‘divine’.

April 2021 Energy Update: Creating is Healing, Fast Energies, Brightest Month

April 2021 Energy Update: Creating is Healing, Fast Energies, Brightest Month


The April Energy Update is here! A few of the themes coming up for us as a collective this month are:

💫 April will be the BRIGHTEST AND LIGHTEST month energetically that we have seen so far in 2021. (Good for those of you ready to create the new, or an accelerator for healing if you’ve felt low or stuck.)

💫 The energies will be FAST and OPPORTUNITIES will show up in faster ways. This can be great energy for building the new in life, but can feel chaotic if you don’t stay grounded – so remember to slow yourself and your energy down when it feels too much.

💫 Why CREATING is HEALING and how creating anything is actually setting us on a healing path.

We’ll also look at Ancestral Healing, Electrical Energy Upgrades, Connection Energy and the Energies of Love and Magic. So check out the full Energy Update for more and I hope you all have a great month ahead.

Big love, Lee