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Originally posted on Blue Dragon Journal: White Cloud: On Seeking the Savior Within “They seek him here, they seek him there, Those Frenchies seek him everywhere, Is he is heaven? Is he is hell? That damned illusive Pimpernel!” These words were written by an English lady in the last century (The Scarlet Pimpernel) yet they…

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White Cloud: On Seeking the Savior Within



White Cloud: On Seeking the Savior Within

via Eliza Ayres

“They seek him here, they seek him there,
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere,
Is he is heaven? Is he is hell?
That damned illusive Pimpernel!”

These words were written by an English lady in the last century (The Scarlet Pimpernel) yet they ring true today. You merely need to change the last word for any savior that the individual or collective seeks always outside of themselves.

Last night you received a message from the mother of the one whom has been called by many the only Son of God. Yet this one, Yeshua, does not claim this title as his own. He has fully accepted his place among the ascended masters and cosmic beings and realizes that he is one among many.

Among some of the Light workers, there are those who seek to be saved by their star kin. There is resentment and anger among these individuals due to the fact that the galactics have not landed upon our shores and begun the work that has been promised through some channeled messages.

Do you not realize that you are the Ones that you have waited and longed for, beloved? Until you do, your star kin will be unable to meet you halfway up the staircase to Heaven.

You question our words and our veracity; such is the wont of those who will not accept responsibility for thought and action. Constantly these project their own self-loathing and judgment out upon others, including the galactics, the ascended masters, the cabal… whoever is supposed to save them or to refrain from destroying this world.

You are your own saviors. Yes, you have star kin who monitor and patrol the skies above your world, but these are, for the most, beings that exist at a much higher frequency range than the human collective. They are doing what they can to assist, by keeping your skies free of invading fleets. The dark ones who are still upon your planet’s surface are those who chose to play a dark role in this lifetime, as catalysts for your growth and awakening. Wouldn’t you agree that they have played their roles exceedingly well?

Yes, the time has come for change. Yes, there are still many who suffer in the world, yet still you judge others outside of yourself for failing to come forward to save the many. We ask you something that may shock you, why should they be saved?

Why should they be saved by another if they have the capacity within to save themselves?

All humans and we do mean all have the capacity to reconnect with the higher self. Each of you has the capacity to ignite the sacred seed within your heart center that is the seed of your divinity, but you alone have the authority and right to do so.

Each individual is a sovereign being and until that individual recognizes their responsibility or ability to respond to the divinity within, no amount of saving will break through the barrier of belief and self-hatred to reach the little one who clings to the persistent desire to be coddled by their mother or father.

We are your kin, but we cannot save your world without your help. The shift that has occurred upon your planet and indeed throughout the Universe has been designed to awaken the master within. To be a master is to exercise sovereignty and power.

It is up to each one of us to accept that we are responsible for doing our own clearing and integration of the darkness within. Those of us who have mastered the frequencies of the third dimension and have risen up into the clouds seek not to command you to do this or that. The ones who have long commanded and controlled humanity have done that, effectively cutting you off from your power and sovereignty. If we were to step in and solve all the problems and social ills that exist on planet earth, where would that leave the collective? In a state of need and still controlled by an outside although benevolent force.

So we work from the outside by projecting cosmic rays to the surface of your planet. Those masters of the elements can do these things and much more, beyond the current capacity of your minds to understand. However, know this dear ones, you have the capacity to work with the elementals and to command the most tremendous powers within your own beings, but until you can master your individual thoughts and emotions, you cannot be granted those powers if only for your own sakes.

So, we wait for the moment when there are enough individuals who have raised up their own signature frequencies to allow for the coming of the galactics to your shores. We will come for we do not promise anything and then back down. If you wish confirmation of this, look in the mirror, dear ones. Many of you who now call themselves light workers are our kin. We are already on the surface of the planet, dressed out as human beings.

Universal Law does not allow interference with a species that is in the process of development. You have been assisted by your star kin, the angelics, the archangels and light beings by their sending their own to you in the form of your children and your selves. You are the ones that you have looked for, dear ones. There is no further need for you to look for a savior outside of your own being.

When you can rise up in frequency, you will meet us in the sky. We will come to you in our scout ships and in your dreams. We must meet at a similar plane, a similar frequency, for it is only in this manner that we will not interfere with your sovereignty and self-mastery.

We understand the pain of those who still feel the suffering of others. Know that this very sensitivity is an indication that you are connected to those who you believe to be above you. The shaman of the most primitive tribe knows of this connection and knows that he is one with those who he senses within and without. He seeks signs in the skies, from the animals, from the wind, moon and stars, for he resonates with all around him, knowing and feeling the connection. Messages and teachings come to those who pause and release judgment, who can listen and observe everything around them as verification of the wisdom within. There is no distinction between self and other for the circle has not been broken in these ones.

Wisdom can come from watching the flight of a bird or a butterfly, from observing the movement of the stars, from listening to the silent promptings of the soul. When you seek to find your way by listening to the clamor outside, you will get lost in a wilderness of conflicting emotions and thoughts. Clear out the debris of others and seek what it is that belongs solely to you, beloved.

Each of you has incarnated bringing unique gifts and graces won through many lifetimes spent here and in other worlds and dimensions. Only you can offer these gifts up to the collective, if you can succeed in mastering your own world. Once you have proceeded far enough along the path, you will begin to hear us. We have never left your side, not for one moment, but you need to open up in order to hear. Do you have the eyes to see and ears to hear us, beloved? Or are you still locked in separation consciousness, seeking to be saved by that knight in shining armor or the galactics in their graceful ships or perhaps by an ascended master?

You are your own saviors. As light workers and ones who are in the process of waking up and reconnecting to the mastery that already exists within, you are the potential movers and shakers and shapers of this world. It is your acceptance of your capacity to receive guidance from within, to nurture that guidance until it becomes a creation and then to bring it forth through action… this is how the problems of your world will be solved. It will be through your acceptance and acknowledgement that you are co-creators with Source that all duality will be integrated and come back into a state of balance.

This may appear to be a severe lesson, but it is a project that you set up yourself, as a collective entity, which you are part of now upon incarnating on this planet. You are human and much more. It is up to you to discover how much more.

If there are promises to be made, they are yours, beloved. Each of you made a commitment to save this world and you are doing so. Have faith in your capacity to bring change to the environment in which you live.

Part of your frustration is the apparent slowness of the rate of change, but again we counsel you to look within. Are you the same person you were a year ago, a month ago, even a day ago? Can you remember how your family did things when you were a child? Do you care? Have you already let go of things that you long believed that you could never part with?

Do you follow the rules of others or have you always insisted in following your own way? If the latter, we tell you that you have already been listening within without knowing that you were doing so. By doing so in a more conscious manner, you will increase the rate in which you can allow change into your life.

The divine seed within is activated when you begin to focus your attention upon it. There is a secret space within your etheric body sometimes called the secret garden, the Holy of Holies, the secret chamber of the heart. Whatever title you give it, it is the seed that the Mother and Father gave to each of you, planted in your flesh, to grow and expand into self-mastery at the appropriate moment preordained by your Higher Self.

You cannot rush the process of others; you can only work on yourself. In seeing that others exist in a state of lack and limitation, you still are judging them. And by judging them you disempower them and yourself, for you are One being.

We understand that for those who still allow their minds to lead them, these words will convey little. It is only by reading the text through a heart-centered space will they be accepted within. Do not seek to attack what you do not understand with your mind, beloved, for to do so is to continue to project your internal fear and lack upon the world. Change for the better cannot come in this manner, no matter who steps forward to “save” others. Being saved by some outside entity is to continue to be disempowered.

Believe us when we say, no matter what the present circumstances of any individual appears to be, they are a master within. Each human being contains within the sacred seed of creation and mastery. If you do not understand this, then you are not listening to your own heart, the source of your own inner wisdom, your connection to the higher planes.

Release the sense of frustration, let go of the judgment of others and of self. Garnering self-love is the first step towards self-mastery. We understand that the concept of self-love runs counter to every existing belief system on this planet that has been designed to control and to contain the natural genius of humanity, but we tell you now, if you are incapable of loving yourself, you will not change your world.

You are the master. You decide your own fate. You are a co-creator with Source. You have the capacity to master the laws of creation, but only if you act through love, starting with self-love.

With the rising up of frequencies, the Heavenly Realms have degreed that this world and universe will no longer accept frequencies that do not resonate with unconditional love. All that cannot rise up and meet the rising frequencies of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and the Universe, will leave.

We have faith in you, beloved, that you can meet us halfway on the stairway to heaven, for you are in the process of building said stairway, by your work done during your dreamtime when you are unattached and contained by your human ego and its outdated sense of limitation and desire to keep you fitting in to the old paradigm. We bid you leave the old behind for doing so you will begin to see that you have more choices and options than you ever believed possible. A grand new world already exists around you. Can you see it? Can you begin to feel it?

By dropping your defenses, by becoming vulnerable to sensation, by projecting your spiritual energy into the world, you will come into an awareness that you are already whole within. And the expansion into the fullness of Self will come as natural to you as the blossoming of a rose on a June morning.

You are bringing heaven to earth, beloved, and we will meet you when you are ready, when you have determined for yourself that you are the savior within who will and is changing your world for the better.

We end this for now in hopes that understanding will blossom within. Our hearts are connected to yours and we stand by you if you have need for counsel, support or just a warm hug of love. We are ever your brothers and sisters of light.


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White Cloud: The Circle of Life



White Cloud:  The Circle of Life

via Eliza Ayres

Our scribe has traveled far, exploring the inner reaches of her Native American spirit.  Ah, you would say, there is not a drop of Native American in her veins. True, but her spirit resides with us and with those people who live close to the earth.  She honors the Mother; she honors the Great Spirit.  In these things, she is one with us.  She has felt compassion towards our suffering and the suffering of many, now, in the world.  Her heart is open and she listens within and so we can talk to her.

And you are, too, one with the great circle of Life.  Perhaps you have only forgotten this for a moment.

In acknowledging that life moves in circles and spirals, one can go far without moving an inch.  It is better to move as the body was designed to move, but sometimes the body holds the spirit back.  Then the spirit must take flight and explore on its own, bringing back the knowledge and wisdom garnered, back to the body.

When our children observed the ungrounded actions of the white men, they were astonished.  The young warriors thought that they could defeat them easily and so they would have if there had not been so many.  Some of the angry leaders of the white men did not observe, make choices and then act.  They saw something in their way, reacted and thought later, sometimes with remorse at their stupid actions.  Or they rationalized the destruction which they spread far and wide, calling it manifest destiny or the duty of the white man to “civilize” the heathens.  There was no sensitivity in their actions, no realization that they were a part of the Whole.  These lost white men did not realize that they were the heathens; that it was they who had left the Great Spirit behind and walked on a path through great darkness.  They could not see the truth even if it was staring them in the face.  Their eyes and ears were shut.  Their hearts were like stone.  They did not even see us as being people, but beasts to destroy.

The great Circle moves on even if we are not ready to do so.  And so it is that many of the children of the white man now feel more in tune with the earth.  They wish to heal their bodies and the Mother who has been wounded by the selfish activities of other greedy and short-sighted white men… and those who would emulate the unbalanced actions of deluded white men.  They feel the groans of the Mother when her flesh is cut to make roads and to dig out minerals.  They understand the need for the great cleansing that has come because the white man refused to listen, to us or to the Mother, or even the Great Spirit.

Let us remember that each of us walks a road, a road or journey that is unique to each person.  I have learned that we spend lifetimes in many lands, cultures, and societies.  We are not limited to just one unless the soul wishes us to experience more of a particular culture.  So, I tell you now that some of those who walked as white men in the days of the Indian Wars are now living as Native Americans on the Rez, where white soldiers put his great- great grandparents.  And some of those who walked and fought and died as Native Americans now walk as white men and women.  So the great Circle moves in a slow spiral so that the soul can learn all the lessons and undergo all the experiences needed to transcend the Circle and move into the Stars.

If you feel an affinity for the ways of the Native Americans, understand that perhaps your soul has already experienced our way of life.  Once we thought we were free men.  We lived a good life, a simple life, but one filled with work and play.  Those good times ended with the coming of the white men, not at first for they were but a trickle.  As with the coming of a flood, the trickle became a torrent that we could not hold back, destroy or stop.  Our way of life collapsed and we felt lost, bereft and torn up inside, but still, some of us managed to survive through the bad times.

Even as captives of the white men, we were still freer than our captors, but even then, our ways tripped us up, as well.  We did not understand how many white men there were, for we had always been few, scattered across the plains and mountains and in the forests.  We did not burden the land with people but left plenty of room for our brothers and sisters of plain and forest to wander and prosper.  There was more than enough for all, especially through the grace of our brother, buffalo, who provided for our needs.  We did not understand the greed and cruelty of a people, who attacked our villages without provocation and who denied the jealousy and hatred they felt towards each other.  They were people with closed hearts, who could not feel that their hatred of us came from their own self-hatred.

In the old time, our hearts lay broken on the ground, as we saw our children and women and old ones die at the hands of the white men.  We could not comprehend the cruelty that resided in these ones; we did not have time to understand why the whites were so cut off from the Mother and from each other.  They were angry and struck out wildly at each other; we were merely in the way and an easy target, although we fought bravely and long with what resources we had.  The end came badly, but some of our people survived and still survive.  The secret wisdom of our peoples has been retained by sacred elders and is now being passed down to our children, but some of them are now lost like the white men of the bad times, so we sometimes must look to others to carry the wisdom for future generations.

Today some of our children wander through the world, ungrounded, lost in the maze of their anger, at themselves and with the world.  They drink; they fight; they run away, ashamed of how the People now live.  They do not want to claim their heritage, but run away and hide in the dirty cities of the white man.  We open our hearts to them and hope that they will return to us, their family, but we understand the need to wander is strong in some.  However, it is only by going on the journey within that one can get to know oneself.  Until one is willing to look inside and accept what is found there, one cannot proceed any further on the journey, even if one walks for miles and miles.

There are some of our people who are now coming forward and using the ancient wisdom to heal their land and their people.  They are willing to work with the white men and women, who they now begin to understand, are their brothers and sisters.  The ways of the people are ancient and are those that sustain the land and allow all who dwell upon it to flourish and live in peace.  Our culture is but one on the planet that has roots that go deep.  Even the culture of the white man runs deep, but he has mostly forgotten or denied that it ever existed.  He has believed the lies of his leaders and false fathers who have sought to cut their followers off from the earth and each other.  Their leaders have sought only power and wealth.  Our leaders sought the prosperity and welfare of our people.   In the language of our brothers, the Sioux, there were no words for “me” or “I”.    All of the tribes called their people, the People.   Within our tribes, we worked together as a unit.  We were not perfect and fought amongst ourselves, but we never forgot that we were a big family and needed each other to survive.  When we forgot and lost that unity, we became lost ourselves.

While we learned quickly how some of the white men lie and how worthless it was to trust the word of the powerful men who hated us, the men who worked under them could not trust their feelings and followed their leaders blindly.  Or they ran away, also, ashamed and in denial of what they knew was not the truth.  They were not willing to look within and discover their own truth, for themselves.  Now the time has come when they must look into the face of their own self-hatred and see it as an illusion, as a chimera designed to defeat them.

The time of denial and resistance to truth is ended.  The veils of forgetfulness have been lifted and now the world is learning the truth about the false foundations of the white man’s world.  So ungrounded are some of the white men still, that they do not even realize that the foundations of their world have already crumbled away.  Only by the strength of their habits and thoughts, do some continue to live in the shallow fashion  taught to them by those that they have allowed to rule them.  They have willfully believed the lies told to them, that they are powerless, unworthy and do not deserve to thrive.  They have been systematically cut off from the source of their power, from the Mother and from Sky Father.  Their hearts are closed by self-hatred and loathing, and so they continue to strike out at those who are different.  Still, even with these stubborn ones, the light is beginning to work on the barriers that they have erected around their hearts.   Some of these formerly lost ones are beginning to reconnect and to understand that something is wrong and out of balance.

The children are awake.  They know that all people are their brothers and sisters.  They do not consider race, skin color, religion and culture to be barriers to the power of friendship and love.  They play together, happily, resisting the threats and warnings of their parents to desist in these friendships, for they know they are one with their friends.

Some of the elders and adults of the white people are waking up, too.  We know that many are secret rainbow warriors sent to the Mother to help her people to wake up.  It is why their hearts and ours resonate as one heart for we feel the frequency of truth in these people; we know them as our brothers and sisters in spirit.  Many of them have walked with our people in other lifetimes.  We share the same values; we share the same heart.

To follow the old ways can no longer be done, entirely, for the world has moved off, but there can be a return to the values of the old ways.  By reconnecting with the Mother and her elements, earth, air, fire and water, one can draw closer to the truth of one’s being.  You are a star being, a great soul who walks upon the earth.  Your anchor point is the body, but you are much more.  Our stories speak of how easy it was to walk in different worlds; you can do this, too, by opening your heart and seeing the world through its eyes.  And the wisdom you discover in the stars and inner worlds is yours to bring back and share with others.

As a people, we have largely let go of our anger, resentment, and grief over what happened between ourselves and the white man.  We can no longer blame the white man for our present-day conditions, for we, ourselves, have contributed to them.  So we must take back our power and our personal sovereignty, as a people and as individuals, and remake our world as we would like to experience it.  We know, now, that we must heal ourselves.  In healing ourselves, we heal our world.

As White Cloud, I did not walk through the world when the white men came to our lands, but I saw their coming in visions.  I warned the people then, but they would not listen or they forgot.  They did not want to hear what I had to say; they were frightened of the visions and did not understand what was being said.  And yet I knew that the time of tribulation and suffering for our people would end just as the time of tribulation for the white men would begin.  And we would help them to regain their connection with the Mother and with each other.  We would help each other by offering our gifts to the Whole, to all the people, and to the Mother.

I saw that we would have to work as brother and sister, together, learning to talk and listen to each other.  I saw that we had to open our hearts up to each other and to listen to our spirit speak with our hearts.  I saw that those whose inner eyes were open and whose hearts were full could lead the people through the difficult times ahead.  And only those who walked with truth and love in their hearts would be able to hear the guidance of the spirits and of the Mother.

We know that many worlds exist side by side with this one.  These worlds are interwoven into the fabric of the world through which we walk.  It is easy for one with open eyes and open heart to step through and into these worlds.  We call these ones spirit walkers.  These beings journey for us and teach us how to journey for ourselves, for each person holds this power within.  There is a need to let go of fear before one can take these journeys, but they open to those who seek to regain their power and to determine their direction in life.

The world has changed; the great circle of life has become a spiral, leading all peoples upward towards a place where they can live as brothers and sisters.  Those who can walk on the spiral and into the promise of the morning sun will live as brothers and sisters, in harmony, peace, love, and abundance for all.  We hope to see you there with us.

We go now as we have given you much to ponder.  Consider our words, but listen to your own heart to guide you in the direction you must go.  We are there beside you, to guide and mentor, but we do not walk the journey for you.  Now is the time to regain your power and sovereignty and to learn to listen to your heart.  It will guide you well.

Be at peace and know that we are One.


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White Cloud & the Light Collective: A Message



White Cloud & the Light Collective

by Eliza Ayres

As the golden rays of autumn light your skies in the northern latitudes, you are witnessing the demise of the old paradigm of war, divisive politics, financial manipulation, fear and greed. So much has changed in so little time; still, it isn’t enough for some who insist on urging others to “do” more. We respectfully submit that this behavior and manner of thought is still ego-driven. Yes, there is much to do, but it will take some time to adjust to the new energies. There has been so much change that many people find themselves feeling rather bewildered, tired and exhausted. Know that if they have the intent and desire to experience Ascension in this lifetime, then they will. Many will not; that is their free will choice and one that needs to be respected.

Our scribe has struggled through the last week to regain balance after being submerged into the heavy energies that she deals with on a daily basis at work. She is doing part of her mission by simply being there, as a beacon of light, treating the inmates with respect and compassion. A human angel in disguise, she is simply being what she is, in doing her job. It is quite enough to deal with right now, and challenging enough without getting more immersed in protests and other “outer” manifestations.

Each of you has a reason for being where you now find yourself, whether living in relationship, having a big extended family or living alone, without family. You are where you need to be, or you would be actively changing… or will be soon changing location / work / circumstance when the inner desire overpowers any lingering fear your human ego may still retain in regards to making changes in your life.

The rainbow of light workers now embodied on the planet is very colorful indeed. You are from so many different worlds, dimensions, galaxies and universes. Some of you have never existed in form before; it is a challenge just to walk around and be relatively “normal”. Others of you have spent many lifetimes on the planet and are well versed in dealing with its heavy energies – that are, fortunately, becoming “lighter” every day. Each one of you is unique and the only one who can do what you came here for, your mission. It is for you to discover what that mission is and as many channeled beings have said before, you may be doing your mission by simply being here.

As your light body expands and as your physical body is able to hold more light and still function with integrity, you will be able to do more. For some of the older lightworkers, the constant downloads and upgrades of light and codes has become an exhausting process, for they have spent literally decades and years dealing with using their physical bodies as transformers, stepping down the light so it could be successfully anchored here. The next generations have different missions and inner agendas. Seek within what drives your interest, what brings you joy, what excites and delights and you will discover what your mission might be.

Realize also that sometimes completing your “mission” involves moving out of your comfort zone. Living as human beings, many light workers have successfully adjusted to the materialism that has driven the old paradigm; others have not. Some struggle financially, emotionally, psychically and physically; all these experiences have merit and have been designed by the soul as possibilities before embodiment. It is so very important not to judge anyone for what they are doing or not doing, for in doing so you are still acting out of polarity and ego.

It is coming to the awareness of some of the leading edge light workers that the dark ones that they have opposed have acted to the benefit of the light. Without the blatant over-the-top, aggressive war mongering, crazy financial manipulations, regressive and repressive laws, militarized policing of the public, focused attacks on common law and the Constitution, and other posturing by the Powers that Were, the people would not now be waking up. Every person who has sacrificed their life, living or health, the sight of every injured soldier, every desperate homeowner, every unemployed citizen has compelled the citizens of the world, with a semblance of awareness outside themselves, to look the paper tiger in the eye and see it for what it truly is; a chimera, an illusion designed for one thing – to control the world, through destruction, darkness and chaos. People are discovering that they are powerful, in and of themselves, and they are in the process of taking back that power. That is their mission.

As a light worker, you can choose to join the picket lines, the protests, the political process or you can choose to do your light work and engage in re-building and reconnecting your light body and rebuilding the planet by doing positive and regenerative activities like gardening, building community, sharing stories, blogging and writing, doing creative activities, healing and educating the newly awakened. Many of the light workers are meant to teach the ones who come with questions and they will come, first in their hundreds and then thousands and then millions. By preparing yourself as best you can, by transmuting your own “stuff”, discovering your inner teacher, you are preparing yourself to meet those who do not have your background in spirituality, at least in this life time.

Many of the light workers have been preparing for this transitional period for lifetimes. Others have come in with their spiritual gifts more intact, with the ability to dream walk or experience lucid dreams, to channel and communicate freely with spirit, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other yet undefined senses and gifts. Each of you has something to offer; do not belittle yourself by comparing yourself with those who seem “ahead” of you in development, strength, grace or knowledge. You will develop what you need in order to complete your mission by having faith and trust in yourself, in the guidance that you receive 24/7 whether or not you are currently aware of it; and in forgiving yourself for any perceived shortcomings. You are perfect in the eyes of your Mother / Father God, for they see you as you are, a beautiful light being.

For many years, the only thread that kept our scribe going was a feeling of divine discontent. She kept pushing herself forward in areas that interested her, first spiritual healing, then reading and studying about the Ascended Masters, experiencing first hand channeled messages, and most definitely stepping out of her comfort zone by literally picking herself up and moving two states away from family and friends. So, you see, she has already done those things that many people find themselves compelled to do these days as the light waxes strong in this world and people have to confront their fears and sense of inadequacy head on. She may move on when the time is right, but it is not now. Through the power of the Internet, she can reach seekers and others who resonate on or near her wave length, through the magic of the written word. No, world peace will not emerge due to her work, but perhaps small changes will emerge through some of the individuals who she touches with the energies we plant within her communiques. Sometimes just the experience of feeling the supportive, loving energies after a difficult day is all one needs to motivate them to do a little more for themselves in terms of their individual spiritual journey.

We do not seek to build a religion or change people’s minds or to influence them to do things; each of these things is up to the free will and soul contract of the individual involved. Also, we will work with those who reach out to us, in order to learn, to expand, to heal and to grow. For those who are not ready to communicate with us or even to believe in us, we respect their free will and choices. It is up to the individual to decide when move ahead and to decide when they are ready to proceed and open to becoming an initiate on the path of return. Sometimes that decision comes after much pondering; for others, in an instant – the heart opens and the person never looks back on their old life.

For those light workers who have embodied upon the planet and have not yet awakened, know that their wake up call may be a little more forceful than what you may have experienced, yet do not judge. Experience is what each soul desires and experience comes in many different ways. No one person is better than another and this equation includes those who have been called the dark. Someone had to volunteer to play the villains in this game and they have done so with gusto.

Condemnation is judgment. You have all played different roles, on this planet or on another, at various times during your journey and so it is with those who are currently experiencing the abrupt downfall of all their long-held hopes, dreams, beliefs and yes, their “truths”. Learn to free yourself of judgment, of one another and mostly especially of yourself. One cannot go forward into ascension without releasing this to God and to the loving energies of the Violet Flame for transmutation.

All the living beings upon the planet, including animals and all living creatures, humanity, the elementals and unseen helpers, those who exist in different dimensions and worlds within the world, all of you create a collective consciousness, beautiful in its diversity of color, light and love. Those of you who currently exist in human form are in the process of putting off the limiting thought forms of the departing paradigm. We encourage you to allow your horizons and understanding of Self to expand much, much wider than ever before and still your dreams will not match what is yet to be revealed.

You are truly magnificent in the midst of your turmoil and striving. Humanity’s collective heart is expanding and with that growth, the ability for the light to expand and penetrate into the hearts of the sleeping majority of the world’s population. Yet even the most skeptical of light workers must realize that the sleepers have and are awakening, quickly. With the latest threat of nuclear war, the populaces from countries all over the world realize that they, too, would be in danger and that war is no longer an option to solve problems. Indeed, every system of the old paradigm is now being seen and being revealed as entirely unsuitable for dealing with going forward.

Understand that it is in your very nature, imprinted in your DNA, to be positive, loving beings. For those who do not feel this way, perhaps you need to look within before lashing out at your neighbor. In the words of a great teacher, “Remove the log from your eyes, before you seek to remove the mote from your neighbor’s.”

Breathe, dear ones, and know that you have the power within, the creativity and imagination needed to deal with any problem that currently exists no matter how seemingly insurmountable it might appear now. As each of the wayshowers and leading edge light workers comes online with their light bodies through the ascension process, the way will become easier for each succeeding group; this has been proven through the work and experience of teachers such as Jim Self. For those who follow in your footsteps, because of your individual efforts in coming into alignment with Self, opening your heart, becoming reconnected to your Merkabah, Cube and Unified Field, you will be assisting those who follow close at your heels. And you will marvel at the ease that they undergo the process of Ascension when you might have struggled for years on your own journey. It matters not; there are always scouts and wayshowers who must find the way forward and those who carve out the path behind them. Then the wagon parties of emigrants arrive and create a road and cities of light and gardens and wonders galore. The forests are replanted, the mountains, streams and valleys cleansed of all pollution. It will happen; it is happening. Dream the dream and go forward on your own path; you will be followed. You will be honored for what you do and what you are – the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong.

Beloved ones, we love you for the light you hold and honor you as you appear to struggle to discover new ways of doing things. You delight in creating puzzles for yourself; know that you will solve this one. Enjoy the process; that is part of the reason you are here, to experience this amazing, challenging and vital transitional period as a darkened world is turned into a beautiful paradise once again.

One more nugget for thought – without the Dark, there would no growth. Complacency and stagnation has brought down more than one civilization. It is in the dark, moist soil that the seed rests until the warmth of the spring sunlight triggers the impulse to grow, to stretch and to become. So it is with this world. Dark and light are indeed a polarity, a mystery and a paradox – one on which to ponder in a quiet moment. Now is the time of return of light to this world, this galaxy and this Universe. It must start small, but the ripples will affect worlds unseen, far beyond the edges of your present awareness. Be like the seed, responding to the light without words or judgment, beliefs or prejudice; just be who you are and you will go far. We have faith in your abilities and the gifts of spirit that you have yet to uncover that lie within each of you.

Namaste. Go in peace, with light and love. You are Love. You are Light. You are the Christed One, each and every one of you.

Thank you, White Cloud and the Light Collective.

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White Cloud and me: A Conversation



A Conversation with White Cloud – by Eliza Ayres

A reader notified me that my latest contactee, White Cloud, has acted as a guide for Blossom Goodchild, a well-known Australian channeler, for many years. So, I sat down to have a little chat with this Native American healer, known as White Cloud.

Me: Are you the same White Cloud who is channeled through Blossom?

WC: Yes.

Me: Have we made contact before?

WC: Yes (A man of few words).

At this time, an image springs to mind. Nearly twenty years ago, I dabbled into shamanism. One of my guides was a Native American whom I called, “Wolf”, because we could both shape change into wolves and other animals. He seemed very familiar to me and very powerful. I discontinued shamanism being disenchanted with the people who involved in it (not Native Americans) and the fact that I seemed to be gathering a huge crowd of power animals. Although the red bear was a favorite, there was also a white flying horse, red-tailed hawk, deer, cougar, koala bear, and others. The journeys had been wonderful, but I didn’t feel like it was the way for me to go, at least for the time being.

Apparently “Wolf” was White Cloud. He explains wordlessly that names are not important and “Wolf” was acceptable for where I was at the time. I was a lone wolf, hurt, trying to heal and struggling with insecurity.

WC: That is so. You were in a difficult place, still emerging from long-term trauma. You were not ready to explore the inner worlds, although you were a talented traveler. You are ready now. And your telepathic channels are exceptionally clear and pure for one who is largely self-taught.

Me: Thank you. (Inner laugh) I have very persistent guides and mentors.

WC: You set this up for yourself, knowing that you would need help along the way. It is and has been a difficult journey this lifetime, but one not without its rewards. Am I correct in saying this?

Me: Yes. Although I have spent the last thirteen years largely alone, except for work, I have grown tremendously in ways that I would have been hard-pressed to visualize earlier.

WC: Just so. The way has been prepared. The student is ready for the teacher, although we teach each other in this kind of relationship. You are a powerful being who is in the process of rapidly waking up to your personal power and your connection and role in the ongoing evolution of this planet.

Me: My role, as you put it, is evolving. Right now, I’m focusing on writing and channeling, but of late have begun to bring in the work of others to my website. I feel like I am part of a weaving of a web of lightworkers, working in community, to strengthen and support each other in our often lonely journeys. Perhaps I need to refocus on my own work more and will give it thought.

WC: You have strong intuitive powers and often work without thinking, going against the conditioning of your childhood. In doing so, you are following the flow of spirit emanating from your center. Keep on with your work, personal and communal. The New Earth is all about community and the collective of humanity. Who better to begin community, even thru the Internet, than the wayshowers and light workers such as yourself.

Me: What can we offer each other?

WC: Any person with a pure “voice”, a willingness to work with us, an open mind and strong spirit, serves as a vital anchor point for our work in bringing the higher frequencies to your planet. It takes the ground crew to get the work done. You are, as you have written in a recent message, our hands and feet. Without you, all of you, the work could not be accomplished. It was for this that you came.

He paused a moment. I could feel his dark bright eyes searching my “face”. We were standing on a sunlit hill, above a golden plain. Colorful hills rose in the distance; the land was scarred with the ancient marks of long-disappeared flood waters. He continued:

WC: We have worked together, in the “past”. You have been a healer, too, although that is not your focus in this lifetime.

Me: Yes. I wanted very much to be a healer for a long time… and then I didn’t. It was something that seemed to be known to me already. I knew things that my teachers were telling me. I just knew them. It came almost too easily, so I quit going in that direction. I knew that I needed to focus on my inner journey, but it has taken me hither and yon, into unexpected directions.

WC: You have been remembering and pulling together the threads of many lifetimes spent here on this planet, in many guises. And now, you are strong and ready to do the work for which you have come, along with others like yourself… for it is not just one who will lead the multitude this time, but the many that have come to prepare the way by walking the path themselves, in the spiral dance of return.


Me: Yes. Well put.

WC: You are not intimidated by my presence anymore…

Me: No. I feel that you and I are equals, partners. I am willing to work with you and other ascended masters, and have begun that work already.

A rare smile lit his rugged face, as White Cloud studied me. I could feel him examining my energy field.

WC: You have come far, dear one. You have farther to go upon this road that you have chosen for yourself, but we can now walk together. It is good.

Suddenly tears start in my eyes as his quiet words penetrate my defenses. I have come far, but will go farther, climbing the hills, steps and staircases, but this time not alone. Of course, we are never alone. Our mentors and guides are always with us, but until we accept our own power often they will not show themselves to us. They do not want us to completely rely on them; we need to master our own natures and open up to our own power and gifts that each of us brings here.

Me: Yes, I have come far, but now I feel it is time for me to join up with others in community, not out of fear or need, but because we need to learn to work effectively together for the good of the whole.

WC: That is so, but do not neglect your own journey by looking outside of your own heart. Build your inner connections and work on recreating your world the way you want it to be and you will naturally flow in the direction that will find you working with others.

Me: Thank you for that. I will give this some “no thought” time, “ I said, with a smile, referring to the teachings of the Archangels through Jim Self.

WC: Yes, continue with the work. I’ll be in touch.

Me: Thank you, White Cloud.

WC: My thanks to you, dear one, for bringing forward the new developments happening in the Native American community, a community that you might have more contact with in the future, if you are so moved to do so. There is a natural flow of energy within your spirit that resonates with their teachings and powerful connection with Mother Earth.

Me: Yes, that connection is even reflected in my work as an artist.

WC: Indeed. And now it is time to go. I have enjoyed this conversation together.

At Dawn's Early Light

Me: I have, too. Thank you.

White Cloud smiled, again, and then gradually faded from my inner eye, the sense of his presence lingering with me. It was good.

As I continue with this work of channeling messages, it is apparent that our friends, the ascended masters, galactics, archangels and others, are willing to work with whoever is willing to work with them. They will not interfere with free will. I wasn’t ready for this work years ago, because I was dealing with my own insecurities, fears, etc. It wasn’t until I began to reach a place of feeling good about myself, being willing to forgive myself and others for past experiences, that I could open to this work. It takes someone who is strong, yet flexible, whose spirit will not be overcome by those who visit.

I am not a trance channel, but am quite awake and aware when I work, typing the words out as they flow into my consciousness. And yes, the dialogue that comes through me will have a different sound and character from that which would come through another individual, although that doesn’t nullify the fact that I have had such an experience. And I do not feel a need to defend my work. It will stand or fall on its own merit. Once it leaves me, it is up to the reader to discern if the words or the energy behind the words has any meaning for them.

I do know that I am developing a strength and resilience that I did not think was possible just a couple of years ago. With a growing sense of self-worth, I know that I am proceeding in the direction in which I need to follow, best to display and bring into manifestation my gifts and graces, that which I can offer to the collective for the evolution and ascension of humanity and of our beloved planet.

Go in peace, dear ones, and discover for yourselves what it is that you bring to the world. It is a delight to live in constant amazement of what comes to awareness next. Live in joy, wonder and beauty, for you are Love, and it is for this you have come into the world – to shine your light into the darkness and bring the light of a new dawn breaking on the horizon, a harbinger for change, renewal and transformation.

Much love and light, I am your sister, Eliza.

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White Cloud: Opening to Spirit



White Cloud: Opening to Spirit with Personal Thoughts from Eliza

In the year 2013, I experienced an interesting encounter with the spirits or souls of departed Wallowa Band Nez Perce or Niimupu (The People) as expressed in their own language. As I had been camping several days in the beloved land of Wallowa, it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but not consciously looked for. When I got out of my car, after being tickled by a sudden inward nudge, I climbed up the side of the humped grassy moraine, thinking that I would take some photos of the mountains. Chief Joseph Mountain loomed up just to the south, Mt. Howard to the southeast, and Mt. Ruth to the southwest. The tilted flatlands of the Wallowa Valley extended to the west, north, and east. Beyond were the golden prairie of the Zumwalt and the deeply carved canyons of the Imnaha and Snake River drainages. It was a bold land, a powerful land and one that has attracted strong people over the ages. One of the larger bands of the great Nez Perce people, the Non-Treaty Wallowa Band, once claimed this land as their own until forced by the U.S. government to give it up in the late 19th century.

Slowly, very slowly, the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce Nation are reestablishing a presence in the valley and the region, by buying Joseph Canyon, a deep rugged canyon that once served as a corridor to travel to and from summer camp in the Wallowa Valley to the winter camps in the warmer sheltered canyons on the Grand Ronde, Imnaha and Snake Rivers. The Nez Perce are also actively forging relationships with the communities of the Wallowa area, as well as with the visitors who are drawn to the beauty of the area. They are in the process of developing a Wallowa Band Nez Perce Trail Interpretative Center Site, where they intend to hold annual gatherings, teach visitors about the Nez Perce War and the flight of the Wallowa Band, as well as develop a community for their own far-flung peoples, the local communities and visitors.

Now, why would I mention this? Well, this is happening in what I could call, my neighborhood, the extended area of the Blue Mountains and related communities. It is also a manifestation of the cycle of return. The people, disenfranchised by a distant and disinterested government, stripped of their homeland and ultimately driven through river, mountain, canyon, and plains to be stripped unceremoniously of their freedom, belongings and even lives, are now regrouping, coming together and growing something for the future of their tribe and the rest of us. It is a positive outreaching that the Nez Perce are accomplishing in the Wallowa area. It has meaning for all of us. An entire people can overcome the trauma of the past and heal, and in doing so, help all of us to rediscover our personal power to be individuals and live together in beauty and harmony.

So, I topped the hill and looked out over the trees that line one of the numerous irrigation ditches in the area. The brown and red slopes of the imposing Chief Joseph Mountain rose above, etched against the blue summer skies, with the forested bench and lower slopes easing towards the lateral moraines that line the shore of Wallowa Lake. As I dropped down the hill, now beginning to realize that the area of the site, Iwetemlaykin, was far larger than I had previously thought. I also felt a rising sense of grief wash over me. It was not my own, but the lingering effect of the history of the place.


Arriving at the bottom of the slope, I stepped onto a flatter area and immediately sensed a presence that seemed to be looking through my eyes. It was male, strong, dignified, compassionate, quiet but at the same time, grieving for what was now gone. I understood this presence to be one of the Niimupu and part of the Wallowa Band who were driven from this place. One must understand the power of place and the intense love that the people had (and have) for this place, a love that I was beginning to touch within myself. In the words of Young Chief Joseph, “I buried him (Old Chief Joseph) in that valley of the winding water. I love that land more than all the rest of the world.”

Together, we walked along the gravel path that edged a tiny grouping of trees. The sense of sharing space with another being was very strong. I could also “see” him; tall, dark-skinned, strong angular bony face, dark eyes, black hair, but felt more of his presence with me. We talked. I asked for a name and received, “White Cloud.” I accepted this but also sensed he did not wish to reveal what was no longer important to him, his true name.

Without thinking, I made a call to Archangel Michael to free any wandering spirits lingering in the place due to past trauma. As I climbed back up another portion of the moraine, I felt a release of some of the sense of grief and a feeling of gratitude and thanks filled me. As I reached the crest of the hill, I saw a movement to the west of where I stood and realized that it was a bear. Surprised, I prepared my camera in the hope of capturing a shot or two of my find.

It was a young black bear, gleaming reddish-brown in the sunlight. The sighting, coming so close upon my prayer, was to me, at any rate, a sign from the spirits of the place. The bear, especially reddish ones, are one of my power animals, a being of healing power and quiet strength. I knew that I was being thanked for being there and for making prayer on behalf of the people who once called this place sacred. And no, I never felt any fear for my safety. I seldom do when in nature.

I left that place filled with my own longing; to return again.

The next morning, I woke to feel my heart center burning. It is a sign to me that a presence wishes to speak with me. Being in that space of betwixt and between, when we walk in two worlds, the land of dreams and what passes for our present-day reality, I am particularly sensitive to receiving messages, not necessarily in language, but downloads of light frequencies, as well as feelings and sensations,  rushing through my body. Often, my body feels very, very hot, like the Kundalini fires are rushing through my meridians and power centers. So it was this morning. I had visitors. Plural. Five visitors. And now, here is their message delivered to me in a non-verbal fashion, through their “spokesperson”, White Cloud:

(Remember; always use your own discernment when reading any channeled message.)

A Message from White Cloud, via Eliza

I AM White Cloud. I come in peace for all humanity. I have walked upon the land in human form, as a man who was a chief of a proud people, one of many who served the people and protected the land upon which we lived. Now, I walk the path of Spirit and act as a guide to many who are open to being taught and receiving instruction from the realms of light. We serve the many; we teach the few who in turn will teach the many to see as we see and feel as we feel. We do not control, coerce or cajole, for we have been the unwilling recipients of these energies extending from others who lived in fear and hated the sight of a free and proud people. Instead, we embrace the path of peace and the way of community, growing relationships between individuals, the people and the lands in which they live.


We are a collective of spirit, who has lived lives most recently as those called Native Americans, the indigenous people living on the lands now called North America. We stood in the way of the westward flow of immigrants, who, in fleeing sore circumstances in their own native lands, now sought to find new ones. Some of these new people were willing to live with us in peace, ranching the land, raising cattle and horses. Others sought greedily to seize the wealth of the land for themselves. They wanted to tear the earth open, seeking gold, silver, and jewels for instant wealth. Others wished to plow the grasslands and sow crops. We tried to tell them that the soils were poor and only supported the wild grasses; that there were long periods of drought and short hot summers, but our words were ignored.

We were in the way of “progress”. The settlers wanted the land and our cattle and horses for their own. Being “Indians” we were considered by many who thought shallowly that we were subhuman; we did not deserve to thrive in these beautiful lands. And so, the government that had promised us these lands “for eternity” allowed the settlers to move us from them. And we were chased headlong through canyon, mountain and plain with an entire army after us.

Men, women, children, old ones, horses, and cattle died along the trail of tears, marked by the debris of a once proud people. We were followed by the weary, angry and confused soldiers who also died, from heat, cold, exposure and hardship and the occasional skirmish when our forces met each other. In the end, we stood defeated, but although we were scattered to the four winds, our people won the battle; we won the hearts of the people who now saw us as a symbol for what was the core desire of every American, the opportunity to live peacefully in freedom.

Today your world stands on the brink of great change and opportunity. The winds of change are tearing apart the veils of illusion that supported the foundation of the “modern” world. Its institutions are toppling and being exposed as bastions of deceit and corruption. The few have controlled the many and still the masses in some places like these United States are mind-controlled, locked into fear, corrupted by social conditioning into believing that they need to listen to someone outside of themselves for direction. Again, we stand in the way, but this time we have no bodies to destroy, no lands to seize. We are truly free from fear and while we would love to walk upon our beloved hills, we have chosen to remain in the land of spirit so we might serve those who are in human bodies now.

The headlines of the media sources are filled with fear-mongering stories designed to keep people from acting out of their best interest. It is desired by your so-called leaders to keep the people unsettled and open to be abused by authority. We have experienced such treatment. One can only oppose this kind of behavior and thinking by being strong and flexible; not by fighting, but by coming into one’s individual power. This way of being seems contradictory to all the fears being projected in your direction. It is natural to want to fight or flee; it is part of the hard-wiring that exists in herd animals for their survival, but you are not a herd animal – you are a human being, a soul temporarily housed in a physical vehicle. You have free will and with that will, intent and focus, you can create new opportunities and expand your world far beyond the boundaries in which your leaders and their controllers attempt to bind you.


Fear is a product of the linear mind. Fear was first used to keep you physically safe. In times of danger, you will feel a knot or tightness in your belly (abdomen); this is how your body communicates to you that you need to do something to avoid looming danger. However, this bodily function has been turned against you and used to control you from wanting to venture forth and to escape the unseen bonds. So now you must set aside the linear mind and discover the place where no thought exists, within your heart center. There, without words, you will discover how to recreate and direct your attention and focus, to become as quiet as a still mountain lake; to reflect into your waking consciousness the wisdom of your higher self.

It is one thing to think yourself as being an individual with free will; it is another to actually be free, free of fear, free of feeling obligated to take on other people’s energies, free to live as you want, free to be in command of your desires. Freedom does not mean that you have a right to seize from another person anything that you want, but that is how your leaders act. It is not the way of the spiritual person to do such things. A person who is control of one’s base desires will intuitively know how not to interfere, how to work cooperatively, how to dwell in peace even with those who are uncomfortable around their presence.

A man who is at peace with himself is seen as a threat to some for they jealously wish for that peace themselves but do not feel that they deserve it. The sense of self-hatred, fear, and loathing looms large for these unsettled beings and so they seize the belongings of others, thinking that by having more they will be protected from the chaos that is just around the corner. Destruction always comes to these people, in one form or another, because it is self-created, but they do not understand. They blame their circumstances and difficulties always on others, often on those who appear weaker than themselves. In doing so, they expose their own weakness. We see this attitude being played out today at the national level, as the United States imperialism plays out against the rest of the world and is increasingly being isolated by its war-mongering and attempts to intimidate and control other states. It worked in the past, but people are changing. The time for empires is over; the time for cooperation between peoples is now, here, for the sake of future generations and the healing of our Mother Earth.

Stand tall, dear ones, and reach for the light. Discover the connections that you have with the earth, with your own heart, and with each other. Live in peace, prosper and be creative. You have the gifts of the spirit within, like dormant seeds. Find a way to allow the seeds to spring forth, in the bright sunlight, to feed and guide your way to new opportunities to live in beauty, power, and grace.

Each of you is worthy and loved by the Great Spirit who is the Creator of us all. We stand with you, as guides and mentors. We have stood there you stand now, but the cycle and energies are now supporting growth and change, even as the old world which destroyed our dreams of peace is now falling apart. Step aside from the toppling behemoths of illusory power and control; step free of those who would control you or kill you to keep you from connecting with the power that dwells within. It is your time to take advantage of the rising tide of energetic frequencies that support spiritual growth, for the individual and for communities as a whole.

You are a being of free will; now it is time for you to make a decision. Do you wish to continue to dwell in fear, self-denial, and self-hatred or are you willing to break free to the other side of the curtain and see yourself revealed as a radiant being of light, capable of living in peace and harmony within a physical vehicle, on a physical planet? We hope it is the latter, but it is your choice.

In spirit now, we walk through the hills and plains of our old homeland, but we can be anywhere at the speed of thought. So can you, if you can discover the ease and love of spirit that lives within each of you.

Go and walk in freedom’s light. We will be there, waiting, when you emerge on the other side in the lighted worlds.

I AM White Cloud and I speak in the name of my brothers and sisters of light and love throughout the world.


White Cloud, I am honored to bring forth your message.

Dear lady, we are grateful that you were willing to receive it. Many thanks. Go in peace.

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