The Sirians and Higher Self: A New Year – A New Self



The Sirians and Higher Self: A New Year – A New Self

via Eliza Ayres

Note to Reader: This piece began as a journal entry but became something quite different. For those who have questions about my manner of channeling, it is more a blending of the energies of those who are communicating through me and what is called my higher self. I had no concept of what was going to be presented before sitting down to write. While I realize that many channelers have specified times where they deliver their messages, it is not so with me. I first feel the energies like they are pressing in upon me, as if I am going to give birth. I sit down with my laptop and begin to type and the words flow like a spring full-force from the mountain-side. And so I flow with them, as concepts and words are woven into form by using the language within my consciousness that I have garnered through a lifetime of exploration into various cultures, religions and old stories.

Since I am neither an authority nor expert on any of these matters, I will not and really cannot answer questions that might surface as a result of the reader coming to something that cannot, at least initially be understood. I suggest that you do as should be done with all channeled and written materials, sit with it, open your heart center and allow yourself to feel for yourself whether or not you resonate with the material. If you do not, let it go. I am discovering for myself that I am resonating to an entirely different level of channeled material than in previous years. And I use my readings not so much as something to follow but as confirmation or verification of what I feel and understand within my own being.

You see, dear reader, each of us is being called to accept our responsibility or ability to respond to change by becoming sovereign and powerful in our own consciousness. As such, we can learn from each other for at a certain level we are one, but no longer can or should one individual lead others in the capacity of master or teacher, for we are all our own teacher and master now, in the process of reconnecting to higher self and bringing those energies down into our physical bodies. This is a huge undertaking and a tremendous change for what up until now has passed as physical existence on this planet.

We are bringing to heaven to earth, by lifting up our physical vessels to be able to hold the energies of the most high god / goddess. Think living Ark of the Covenant and you will begin to understand the massive energies that we will gather in our living bodies. As above, so below is now in the process of manifesting physically in this physical universe. We are not alone in our efforts, but are supported by the Universe, seen and unseen. And the miracles will continue to unfold before our eyes and from within our hearts.

And so we begin the countdown of the last hours of a year that has been both trying and challenging for many. How has it been for you?

Have your horizons expanded?

Can you see yourself as more than the physical vehicle whose image you glimpse reflected back to you reversed in the mirror?

Are you aware of your star origins, your star family or origins before coming into this embodiment?

Do you hear voices speaking to you or energies pressing in on you as if they wish to convey some meaning which you are unable to decipher?

Who are you in truth?

Who are we, the human collective? Are we meant to struggle in lives of continuous lack, disappointment and pain? Or are we meant to learn lessons in a supportive, enabling environment, one in which we feel love, no matter what our station or circumstances?

Did you know that you can communicate with animals and inanimate objects and that they can communicate with you?

Are you aware that you are energy and as energy you are eternal and cannot be destroyed?

Are you aware that though you may walk the earth dressed in a male body, that you carry the energies of the divine feminine within?’

Are you aware that as one who wears a female body that you carry the energies of the divine masculine within?

Are you aware that it is through the “marriage” of these two energies that you come into unity again, into wholeness?

No person or persons is better than another, no matter their rank or position in human society. The humblest street sweeper contains within the same unique potential that someone who has been born into an ancient lineage of royalty.

Each person is a unique being, seeded with the divine seed of creation within. And in time, this seed will grow and blossom and present its gifts to the world.

Are you watering and feeding the soil within that your seed may germinate and come into its full potential?

Are you responding to and sensing the flow of love washing through your body and the body of the earth at every moment?

Do you believe that you are separate from those whom you see around you during the course of a day or do you now begin to realize that they are reflections of what you believe about yourself but have striven to drive into the darkest reaches of your sub-conscious?

Can you love the darkness and integrate it into your outer waking awareness?

Can you love yourself or do you yet seek to prove your worthiness before god and man?

Yes, you are love, but do you believe and know this to be true in your world?

Have you given up on your dreams or do they still live within despite what the outer world would leave you to believe?

Do you understand that for something to manifest into the physical it must first be formed within the etheric?

Through your intent and focus, your dreams will come true, but it up to you to keep your dream alive within your heart.

We are the Sirians, star kin to many of the starseeds who are now embodied upon planet earth. And today, we have asked of you many difficult questions upon which to reflect. We do not ask that you seek solutions or answers at this time in the normal fashion in which you have been taught, by looking into books or on the internet, but to sit with these questions. Meditate over them; bring the answers out of the depths of your being. Feel the answers within your heart and then use the momentum built up through your efforts to create something for yourself to anchor the knowingness into the physical.

Draw, paint, dance, write, sing, play, and build your answers. By doing so, you bring the energies into form and you acknowledge the wisdom that you all have within your own being.

No more do you need to look to others, especially those who have been labeled as experts, for the solutions to any dilemmas that exist. Each of you carries within a seed that could be described as native genius, something entirely new to your world, which will crack open the boundaries of the construct into which mankind has been bound for millennia.

You have been taught to fear change, but even as this past year has taught you, change is now a constant in your lives. Embrace change as approaching energies break down all conventions and limitations that have been designed to limit creative thought and work. Solutions for many of the problems that exist in your social and political structures are already present in the hearts of those who are fearful to present them.

As the energies continue to break down and dissolve the barriers that have existed between gender, race, religion, culture and country, you will begin to see that there is no reason to fear anymore the possible consequences of bringing forth a unique idea. You will see very young people stepping forth courageously with new ideas and these ideas will be met with the gratitude of those who are assisted. And this acknowledgement of the grace and intelligence of the human species will resonate out to all those who have hidden their gifts, consciously or unconsciously, out of fear.

The fear is being dissolved by a flood of divine love. The watery floods, fires and other calamities that are now seen across your planet are the physical manifestations of this love in action, cleansing the planet of ancient darkness. There is no land on this planet that has not been touched by the energies of civilizations far, far older than most of you can imagine for there are few among you who currently have an inkling of your true history, as a planetary being and as a people.

Fear not the climatic change, the flood, fire, wind and frozen fury, earthquake and volcanic eruptions for while these things bring change to your world, they also break up stubborn blockages within the environment and the humans who live there. No one will be untouched by the changes wrought in your physical world. Nor will you be unchanged by the break-up of energies within your own being.

Like the cracking of ice floes in spring breakup, you have felt for the past decade or more, the pains of the transformation that each of your bodies has been undergoing. Change of any sort causes resistance within the body as well as in the rational mind and the ego, so you have been told by your body and ego that you are unwell, that you need to see a physician, that you need to see a therapist, that you are losing your mind.

Well lose your mind, or at least set it aside from its position in controlling how you interact with the outer world. Your physical heart is the real center of consciousness within your body, not your brain. Indeed, each of your tiny cells contains an entire world of knowledge and awareness. Instead of continuing to work from the first three chakras (base – physical body; sacral – emotional body; solar plexus – mental body) you will begin (or have begun) to work from the heart and upward, in the trilateral structures of the upper chakras. By connecting with the higher chakras you begin anchoring the energies of your higher self into the lower chakras, as well, truly bringing heaven to earth.

There is much more to this process and that is for you to discover and play with. This knowledge is not new; it has been known to the ancients, buried in the sands of the Sahara and beneath sands that cover over far, far older civilizations.

We give you a hint, now. Look to the ancient symbols that your ancestors left you. These are clues for you to take into your meditations. Play with the symbols; allow them to communicate in ways that are beyond words so that you may begin to awaken the wisdom within your own heart. Each symbol is a key or a piece of the puzzle that has been left as sign posts by your ancestors, who if truth be known, were yourselves even as you exist now.

Many of you who read these words resonate with the symbols from Ireland, India, Greece and ancient Egypt and other civilizations. Do you understand why this could be if it was not for the fact that you have stood before the Grange or bowed before the monoliths of Luxor? You cannot acknowledge what you do not already know within, beloved.

You are now in the process of not only the transformation of your physical bodies and planet, but also the transformation of everything that you thought or were taught that you are. It is time to set aside those old limiting belief systems and expand your inner world to encompass the Universe and beyond.

Yes, you are star dust. You are molecules who dance in spiral configurations and respond to the solar and galactic winds that sweep through your location in space. You exist simultaneously outside of time and space. As your physicists are beginning to discover, each particle of your being blinks on and off. The off blink brings you outside of time and space, into what has been described as the eternal Now moment, where you are free of limitation.

You as a creative being have the ability to bring that now moment here into the physical and it is through the mastery of the energies that move through you, that you will begin this process in a conscious fashion.

Do not feel that you are not up to this task for you are already doing the work, beloveds. You are already performing miracles every day.

So long have you underestimated your value, dear ones. We tell you now that the time for you to step into love is now, love for yourself as an individual and for humanity as a collective being. As each of you learns to love self, you will learn to respect and love all that exists around you, for through love you will begin to be able to discern the delicate web of life that binds altogether.

Even as the delicate claws of the spider cause a slight vibration as it moves on the outer rim of the web, so too, will each of your movements towards unity within and without. The great Web is another symbol of unity, which is what you are moving towards even now, as the barriers erected in hopes of preventing change and transformation are quashed and removed.

You are on the verge of a great new way of being and only a few have yet seen the possibilities that exist before you. Let go of any remaining fears that you might have and embrace change as the opportunity to expand and grow. Allow your consciousness to blossom and grow, innocent like a beautiful rose, presenting its beauty freely to the world for all to see and admire.

Each of you contains within the capacity to perform miracles. And as you rediscover your gifts and strengths, you will step forward into the light that greets humanity in the dawn of a golden age.

We stand beside you, as guides and mentors. Call upon us, the angels and ascended masters, for assistance and support when needed, but mostly, open your heart to those who are around you, in your daily life and those who you meet online through social media. These are the ones with whom you will work to bring forth new opportunities for all life on your beautiful planet.

We go in peace and with love in our hearts for each one of you.


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The Sirians: Greetings from your Star Kin



The Sirians: Greetings from your Star Kin

Greetings! We are the Sirian emissaries of whom our scribe has written in recent weeks. We come in peace and with greeting of joy as you reach the end of one year and enter a new one. And as you enter a new world and leave an old one behind.

We know that this past year has been a difficult one for many. The rate of change and the thrust of different agendas have torn countries, communities and families apart. Change will continue to dominate your awareness, although it may take on a more refined appearance or strain the very edges of your ability to hold your center. We encourage you to all embrace whatever change emerges into your world and to open up to the possibility that challenges mean new opportunity, both for growth and experience.

In this new year and the ones following, our star-born children will begin to truly awaken to their gifts, that have been locked away in their DNA to be activated by the incoming cosmic waves of Love that you have been experiencing lately. You will see many begin to step from the shadows and claim their birthright to be sovereign and powerful. And it is these formerly quiet, sensitive beings that will lead the rest of humanity into the new dawn. They have the ears to hear the symphony of heaven and the eyes to see the silver path that lies ahead drawing them onward towards their hidden goal.

Gifts long forgotten in the vales of men will come forward. Men will begin to speak mind-thought to the animals and plants around them. These are ancient gifts and have not been forgotten in the edges of the world where the old indigenous cultures still exist. Long has there been a war upon the shaman and holy men and women of the tribes, but they have persisted despite all efforts, and have kept the secrets of the inner world locked within their hearts and secret societies. For many years, they have begun to step forward to share these gifts with others, outlanders, but now these gifts will spring forth from the hearts of those who live in cities and suburbs, as new grass grows in the fecund water meadows of the wilds. And they will be the ones who turn to the elders for explanation of the new feelings that they are experiencing.

Many of you have walked the path of shaman, healer priest, priestess of sun and moon, holy hermit, druidic teachers and other spiritual paths; the gifts and graces that you won in those lifetimes will now begin to anchor into your waking consciousness in this life. Now is the pivot of the vortex, the beginning of the spiraling dance that will lead out, again, into the Cosmos. The human race is about to discover its true birthright and leap into the stars.

Whether this meeting of human and star kin comes in this next year or twenty years into your linear future, know that in our present Now moment it has already occurred. Remember that our conception of “time” does not fit yours. We do not experience time in a linear, past, present and future mode. We experience it all at once and can pick and choose among the various timelines upon which we would enjoy more experience. Soon enough you will garner enough sensitivity to be able to do this yourself. Right now, you can imagine yourselves as masters of time, time lords, who can travel to when or whenever they want. It would be a useful skill to exercise, don’t you agree?

For your planet, this is a special time of the year when many cultures celebrate the Festival of Light, depending on the religion or faith of their ancestors or family. We tell you that the celebration that is called Christmas by Western Christians is far, far older, and based in what is expressed as pagan religions that actually had root in the ancient traditions of Lemuria and Atlantis.

The Lemurians and even the more priestly classes of the Atlantean worked with light and crystals. They were far more powerful than your present day scientists and proved incapable of controlling their egos and the ancient karmic patterns they had carried from forth from the destruction of Mars and Maldek and even more ancient cultures in other star systems.

You see, dear ones, you are not native to this planet upon which you now reside and make your home. No, every one of you has derived from far more ancient roots than the roots of your mountain ranges, as grand and tall or as short and shrunken as they may be now after millions of years of wear and tear from wind and rain. Your present home is of a fairly recent origin, but you will soon discover the truth of what we now share when you finally come face to face with your star kin.

Many of these ones will not carry faces that are familiar to your current sensibilities, but know that they will begin to appear in your dreams and imaginings in preparation for their coming to this world. You will meet beings with fur and animal-like faces, with scales and tails, with multi-colored skins, with fangs and assorted other accoutrements, but in all cases they will be sentient fully conscious beings, capable of traveling through space with or without the use of equipment. They are both your ancestors and your kin, for many who walk among you, dressed as humans, are their starseed, planted here in preparation for this transitional age, when humans would step forth from their sheltered existence and become a galactic race.

Look to the imaginings of your writers, artists and musicians who see with more than two eyes, who see with the inner eye of imagination. They will lead the way for the many to be able to accommodate and accept the huge changes that loom in your near future. Whenever that future may arrive will depend on your collective consciousness so it is important for those of you who are awake NOW to prepare your hearts and minds for this happening.

Open your hearts, dear ones, as you have long been locked into a mind-set and belief system in the necessity of separation, from each other due to gender, religion, culture and country, or whatever form of separation and potential conflict that could be imagined by those who wished to control and conquer the collective imagination of humankind. Controlled and dominated, made to fear others and those who were and are different, you have been compelled to live lives believing that you were not worthy of love, deserved to suffer and born to die. Nothing of this is true and you will discover the truth for yourselves as you begin to break down the barriers that have been erected around your heart centers.

Humankind was not meant to fight and die for control over anything much less a patch of ground or a ragged banner of honor. War is designed to keep you from realizing that your real potential, to keep you scattered, leaderless and devoid of hope. We give you hope now. You will emerge stronger for your suffering but you will emerge into wholeness and no longer need to suffer. You never needed to suffer; it was not the original intent of your creators. Your future was hijacked by others a long time ago, but now the cycles have shifted and a new opportunity to break free of your jailers and from the misalignments has come.

Step free of the despite that seeks to bring fear into your hearts when you sense the shift of the winds of change in your world; you are now free to choose the direction into which you will now step. Pause and consider and then move forward, listening to the flow of energy through your own body, to the frequencies that play upon your eyes and dance through your heart. You are in the process of awakening from a long and troubled sleep. And we will be there to greet you as you come forth, at first as individuals and later as a collective being, divine humanity, and galactic humankind, reunited with kith and kin from many places among the stars that twinkle in your night skies.

We are one of the star races that gave birth to humanity and we greet you as our kin. There are many starseed among you who are now remembering their origins with us; who even remember the ones who they left behind, husbands and wives, children and in some cases, their rank and Masterhood. You are just on the edge of rediscovering your true Wholeness and the ways are now open before your feet. Will you take the first step and meet us in your dreams, dear ones?


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The Sirians: Out of the Heart of Darkness



The Sirians: Out of the Heart of Darkness

via Eliza Ayres

Out of the Womb of Creation comes the beginning of a new race, a composite race, the new HuMan. From many races came the seeds for your beginnings, nurtured deep in the breast of the Mother, you have remained in potential until now, as the increasing energies of the Cosmic Rays are triggering the etheric portions of your DNA, unleashing the codes within.

We are the Sirian emissaries and we come in peace, with words of remembrance, from those who are both kin and mentors. Among the many star races that have given birth to humanity, we are but one, but one with close ties to planet earth, for many of our finest chose to incarnate there in preparation for the coming harvest and beginnings of a new Cosmic race.

For those of you who are ever awakening to the shift in the energies, do you feel the subtle changes in your own feelings, about yourself and about the world around you? Like a stag lifting its head to sniff at the shifting wind, you can smell and sense a difference. For those who are sensitive, there has been a lessening of the burden that you have carried up until now, the emotions and beliefs of others. You are becoming aware that you are a sovereign being and that it is up to each individual to sort out what is theirs and what belongs to others. It is up to each to dissolve the base frequency that keeps them bound to repeating behaviors and negative belief programs, endlessly.

The Light tsunami that is about to hit the solar system, planet earth and you, will shatter the remaining debris and barriers of the old energy; it will not survive the increase of frequencies. You will survive for you were born to this time, this day when the birth of a new being was to occur. The planning and preparation for this time have taken many lifetimes, on many planets, in many dimensions. Each of you has been seeded with a unique blend of gifts and talents with which you have been endowed by Source, through your own efforts and by the fractals of your composite being.

Yet still, we sense there are those among you who persist in denying their own power, who seek to lash out at others in a bid to gain some sort of protection for themselves by establishing as being authorities on any issue. This is an old game of the ego, desirous to protect its territory and to retain its rule over your future destiny. It is a game that the ego will not win, for the cycles have moved beyond the control of mind, ego and emotions to continue to limit humanity to the 3D belief system that was constructed specifically to control and suppress this very thing from happening – the birth of HuManity, into all its beauty and splendor.

For too long have you been denied your birthright, yet the struggle has won you much needed and valuable experience and insight about life on a physical planet, seemingly cut-off from Source, from the one you know as Mother-Father God, your parents, and from us, your kin. Truly you have never been separated but for the Veil of Forgetfulness that you took on as you entered this lifetime. These karmic veils were designed to make you believe that you were separate, but always there was an inner drive to discover a way to return to Wholeness. This drive emanated from deep within your etheric body, as a pink diamond, a sacred seed set there to be discovered by you and to thereby set into motion a complete transformation and return to full consciousness and more.

We applaud your efforts to get to know yourselves better and to connect with each other, but do not hang on the efforts of those that you might label as special or talented. All of you are co-creators and have tremendous potential and creativity to use for the good of the collective and so you shall when you come into your full birthright as a Cosmic Being. You will not recognize yourself from your present human perspective, yet you will recognize Self as being what you are in Truth, a fully-fledged HuMan angel, a light being, a star seed, a composite being of many layers and much complexity, of great beauty and strength.

Seek within for your Truth and you will find it there, as you listen to the silent still voice that speaks to you in the darkest part of the morning before the light of dawn illuminates the East. You are on the brink of becoming masters and it is up to you to take the last steps through the thorny forest of self-doubt and shadow. From the heart of darkness, from the dark womb of creation, you will emerge, bright, glowing beings of great power and authority. And with your Coming, your world will change completely. No more will the problems that existed within the conflicting belief systems of 3D be an impediment to your progress in healing the earth. You will cut through the shattered remains of the old with your Sword of Truth and reveal the way forward like a clear beacon of light, for that is what you are, even now.

We stand with you, to guide and mentor, to point out your strengths, to give you encouragement, but you must do the work yourselves, and take the final steps through the gates that stand on the edge of the new world.

Into the new, leaving behind all of the old, you have been engaged in stripping away layers of conditioning, outmoded belief systems and thought forms that are not of your creation. What is left, as pristine as it still does not represent the wholeness that you seek, but it is emerging even as we convey these words through our scribe.  Feel the difference, sense the changes that are ongoing deep within your own bodies. Like the caterpillar locked deep in the embrace of its cocoon, the transformation that you are currently undergoing is profound and beyond the understanding of the old rational mind, but with patience and the spirit of self-discovery, you will discover a portion of your potential.

We hear the skepticism in your minds. You doubt our words perhaps? That is your prerogative; yet, in time you will see for yourselves what it is that we attempt to convey in these humble words. Honor yourselves and believe in your journey. Each and every one of you is important to the Whole, which includes us, your kin, and the entire Universe. The complexity of the mission that you are involved with will become apparent, but not quite yet, so we bid you have a bit more patience, with these messages and those coming through other channels.

We realize that now there exist many detractors and those who would criticize the words that come through our various scribes, yet we remind each of you that you all have the ability to “hear” what is not seen. It is a gift and ability that is part and parcel of your multidimensional being and a sense that has been much maligned by those who would control you. You see, by hearing within, you are bypassing all control systems designed to cut you off from the source of your inner wisdom. If you doubt your intuition, you disempower the very source of your wisdom; you do, in fact, willingly act to cut off yourself from Source.

Also, you have the ability to discern whether or not a message resonates with you. If you have not yet attained the frequency level of the messenger, more likely the message will have little meaning for you, right now. That can and will change, but only you can determine what suits and what does not. It is up to you to decide to leave that behind which does not and leave others to their individual journeys. It does not matter that you do not understand the words or meaning for that is the habit of the rational mind, to seek to categorize, divide and conquer. It is the feeling behind and beneath the words that is important; if it is meant for you, your heart will understand, even if the message makes no sense to your waking mind.

There is no reason to fear that you will be taken over by a negative being, for you are a sovereign being; you have the right to command the spirits. They must obey Cosmic Law or suffer the consequences, as even now the erstwhile controllers are beginning to feel the loss of their control over humanity. It follows that what you focus on, returns to you in full measure. If you focus on controlling others, it is done out of fear of those who are “outside” of yourself, but in reality, it is done out of fear of Self.

Those who sought to control and suppress humanity knew that the end of their time would come and have done their utmost to slow down the process of awakening. Yet, humanity is waking up from its collective dream of despair, lack, and fear… waking up to the realization that what it has been taught all these past centuries is not the truth. What is Truth remains to be discovered by each individual; it is a part of the great adventure that still lies ahead.

Go forth into the light that beckons you onward, dear ones. You are not far from a profound signpost upon your journey. Remember the journey doesn’t end when you attain the frequency levels of 5D; it is only beginning. We will greet you in the light of the new dawn, as you emerge out of the heart of darkness, each and every one, as promised to the Creator in time outside of time.

May our blessings follow your footsteps as you go forth. Namasté.

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The Sirians: In One Door and Out Another


Gem Lake

The Sirians: In One Door and Out Another

via Eliza Ayres

We are here.

And who is there?

The Sirian emissaries.


We come in answer to your call, as you came in answer to Gaia’s, so long ago. You are entering an intense transitional period as truly the last remainders of the old begin to disintegrate, much to the dismay of some and the joy and jubilation of others. Where do you stand?

What do you truly want to exist in a world of your own making? Have you given any thought to this? Or are you blindly following the same habitual patterns of behavior that you have etched out through a lifetime spent bowed beneath an unseen but definitely felt control matrix? Or have you lifted your head and sniffed at the wind; yes, it has shifted. The light is cracking through the layers of melancholy, bringing hope to those who can still dream.

Imagination is the key to making it through the transitional period, that and an ability to observe and make choices. Know that you have a choice now on how to approach any situation. You do not need to rely on the “steady and tested” for those methods will no longer pertain; the frequency levels have changed. The old can no longer function and continue into the new energies.

Change will become the only constant companion in a world filled with flux. Cycles are ending and new ones beginning. As the transition is made, there will be earth changes and disruptions in weather patterns. You will not be able to continue to rely on past knowledge of how things are done, as they will no longer be effective. The ability to adapt and to sense and decode the frequencies will become a valuable gift to anyone sensitive enough to feel the change in the air.Know that the only thing you will be able to count on is the wisdom and knowing that emanates from your own heart center.

You may find books, newspapers, social media and other communication sources making no sense or even becoming irritating to your sensibilities. You are not quite exited out one world and not quite entering the next, the classic betwixt and between experienced before waking up and after having dreamed. Yet we tell you that this is a time of power when you can most strongly connect with your internal wisdom, the great library of knowledge available through soul connection and through listening to your own body. Your bodies are living libraries of light, encoded into the facets of your DNA, the portions that are just now beginning to come online. Do you “feel” any different, beloveds? If you take a moment to tune in, you may discover that, indeed, you do feel different.

Perhaps your dreams are changing. You are still in the process of purging elements that will not pass into the higher frequencies. Much of the work is done in the multidimensional dream realm and beyond this physical world, but you are fully participating even if you are not aware of what is happening behind the curtain as yet. When the time is right, you will awaken, first gradually and then more quickly to becoming fully conscious of the various layers in which you already experience life. You will be amazed to realize that you are quite an extraordinary focus of the ALL THAT IS.

Our scribe can feel a sensation of being carried along by a strong river current if she closes her eyes for a moment. It is a strong, calm, smooth current moving her forward and upward. In letting go of expectations and plans, she is allowing the process to unfold organically, in the timing of her Soul’s desires for her.

Have trust in the process of ascension. Your body is naturally responding to the rising frequencies of the planet as it is a part of the planet; the Earth is its Mother. Your body vehicle is not you. We hope you have come to this realization for yourself. You are consciousness, pure energy; your body serves as a temporary abode in which you dwell for the purpose of exploring physicality on this particular planet. You exist in many other shapes, dimensions and frequencies throughout the Universe; you are multiplied many times over, yet retain consciousness.

Humanity is moving into realization of the unified field of consciousness. The shift will occur in the general populace as change becomes too apparent to be ignored. Those who have anchored their light bodies into their physical vehicles will be the ones who act as wayshowers and gatekeepers for the lost and confused. Many will have questions; know that you will be able to answer them, even just to say “Seek within and the answer will come.”

The ancient cultures of the planet contain much wisdom which has been partially hidden and overlooked by a materialistic society, but much of that knowledge will be applied as the world’s approach to living is simplified, out of need and a desire to let go of anything that abuses other people, animals and the planet itself. Wisdom and ways to adapt will also come through those who have brought their gifts into this lifetime, to be used for the good of all, not for the benefit of a few.

If you have concerns that you are lagging behind, let those fears go. Each of you has your own inner timing. Learn to let go of the concern. Use mild forms of exercise, such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and yoga to release bodily tensions. Rest and eat light foods. Spend time with animals and in nature. Go for walks. Seek the simple pleasures of life. Spend some time in creative activities and share laughter with friends and family members. Laughter carries a high frequency and eases hearts who hear it.

We are here to assist and guide. Know that all humans have the natural, inborn capacity of telepathy. You can listen and connect with your guides and mentors if you just allow some time to become accustomed to the fact that you are communicating with beings that you may not see. If you tune in, however, you can feel the connection through your heart, as a warmth and comforting energy. Use this feeling as verification that you have connected with beings of high frequency. And remember that you are sovereign; only those beings who you invite in can communicate with you. If you do not resonate with the message received, discontinue and ask that the beings depart. The cosmic law pertains to any being, seen or unseen.

We understand that many are concerned about their livelihoods and the state of the economy. We will not make predictions or give you dates. Just know that within a year, your world will be greatly changed. Where the last year has been spent purging much of the old, the next year will reveal that the world has, indeed, shifted into a brand new territory. No maps of the old will suffice, but you will find your way forward using intuition and the compass of your heart. Go forth with love in your hearts and peace in your minds. The Universe supports and loves you and will provide for you what you keep foremost in your mind. Dream big, command your space, be the Masters you are.

We honor your efforts and stand by your side, ever vigilant, ever helpful, as you enter one door and go out another. No, your rational mind will not understand, but we know your heart will. Follow ever the rhythm and beat of your heart center; it will guide you well.


Thanks, dear Sirians.

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Journal Entry 12.11.2013


Park Butte October

Journal Entry 12.11.2013

222 333

Well, how does everyone feel today? Squashed? Ecstatic? Tired? Want to find a nice comfy cave for a while?

Well, now I know I have a lot of male energy. I just put a piece of furniture together without once looking at the directions! And even used a tool!

Cold persists, both inside and outside, although I feel stronger today. Did have an overwhelming urge to nap this afternoon, but managed to finish the work day without finding a dusty corner.

When I tune in, I instantly feel really light energies, heart-warming glow. Very nice. Need an open heart to feel it.

This morning had the usual discussions with guides. At one point, I’m not sure if I was quite dreaming or what, but I visualized a crystal basin in front of me. It was filled with a dark liquid and looked kind of gunky. I heard a voice say, “You’re the alchemist; transform it!”

With a feeling (not a thought) I changed the fluid into liquid gold. Something to do with clearing some remaining energies from a lifetime or two in the Sirius system. There was a reassuring, “Good!” behind me. I couldn’t see who was speaking. Yes, we have whatever we need to change our world inside and we’re going to surprise ourselves in the process, more than once.

Here’s another meditation session that I experienced or was channeled through me as I was writing:

Today, we have a new guest, a Sirian Emissary of Light, who wishes to speak to us.

Greetings, from the Blue Star, I AM here in peace, to give guidance to you now.

We meet here in the center of the Golden Heart to return those gifts that are yours which you left behind when incarnating upon Gaia. We are here to assist you in dissolving those baseline frequencies that have prevented you from moving up into the higher frequencies wherein your beloved planet now resides. We are here to give to you our love and understanding, as well as our guidance, as you go through this process of transformation; for you are about to be released from the endless loop of karma in which you found yourself after coming into incarnation.

Your SOUL has determined the timing of this process and it is NOW; so we will commence.

As he is speaking, I gaze upon or rather up to the Sirian Emissary, for he is very tall, at least seven feet tall. He has a slender, elegant figure of great strength, vitality and grace. He is wearing a dark blue suit that clings to his long limbs, over which is draped a long light blue loose caftan like robe embroidered with gold and silver threads into beautiful leaf and flower patterns. Upon his head is a small turban like hat, with a great blue diamond pinned to the front above his forehead. The Sirian’s hair is very dark, almost black and hangs down his back in waves. He has deep violet eyes that are set wider than that of an Earth human; they are also very large and lustrous. His skin is dark, with a bluish cast, but quite smooth like the skin of a twenty-year old. His nose is long and straight; his lips small and perfectly formed. His ears, peeping out from the dark hair are small and set lower on the head than an Earth human’s, but are quite perfectly formed. In all, he is a magnificent being. He is also has the appearance of glowing slightly and is surrounded by a golden aura that emanates great peace and wisdom. I suspect he is actually a being of 6D or higher, appearing in this manner for my benefit.

Indeed, my wise daughter, normally I do not carry this form but come in this manner so your human sensibilities will be put at ease for the time being. In time, you will become accustomed to my presence and I will be able to visit you in my Light Form.

He bows and seats himself at the table across from where I am already seated. We are seated within a light-filled space, within the center of the Golden Heart chamber. As I gaze into the Sirian’s beautiful eyes, I feel my heart center begin to glow and my body to relax. All is well.

The Sirian finally addresses me, again: Dear one, you have journeyed far and now are embarked in the journey of returning back to Source, rejoining up with those parts of Yourself that you forgot when you came into incarnation upon this blessed planet. Now, you are learning just what has held up your process and how you can be freed from the karmic bonds that have kept you from moving upward into the higher frequency levels. All of this, including this meeting, has been planned by your SOUL to prepare you to adjust in frequency levels, so that you might be free to manifest that which is so desired by SOUL. And as you are part of the ALL THAT IS, your journey and process will affect ALL, including those other incarnations of Yourself that exist in other dimensions, timelines and planets. YOU are in the process of reawakening to the reality that YOU are a multidimensional being, and we are here to assist you in getting started with the next part of your journey.

As you have determined in the recent past, not only do you have connections to Venus and the Pleiades, you also have a strong connection to the binary solar system of Sirius, for once you were a Sirian Ascended Master of great strength and wisdom. And now, we are here to present to you the gifts that you left behind when you voluntarily chose to relinquish that high status.

To you we now give the mastery of the record keeper, one who looks on, observes and reports to Source.

To you we now return the Sword of Truth that you might always speak and come from Truth, your truth in the Moment.

To you we now return your connection with Divine Mind so that you are always guided from within and connected to Source.

To you we return your inner wisdom, which exists within your heart center from which you were sundered when you entered this earthly incarnation.

We bid you to integrate these gifts into your waking human consciousness that you might dissolve the base dimensional frequencies that are holding you from stepping forward into the ascension process.

Thank you, my lord,” I reply, stunned and thankful to receive back what has been lost from my waking consciousness most of this lifetime and from other lifetimes, as well, as all is a part of the ALL.

The Sirian emissary looked down at his hands, resting on the table in front of him, and then looked up again into my eyes, “It is time for you to go now. Rest and integrate these new energies into your being. They will assist you in rising up and breaking through the veils of forgetfulness that you willingly took on before this lifetime. Little did you know just how long you would remain here, but now is the time to break free and rise up in frequency so that you might enter the New World, whole and complete.”

I rose from my chair where I had been sitting, and feeling that this was a formal occasion, bowed briefly and then turned and left the room, exiting the door through which I had first entered this strange lighted room. As I came outside, I turned and found myself gazing at the giant golden heart. Upon the surface of the heart were carved symbols in the Language of Light. The surface was glistening and gleaming gold, heavily embossed with symbols and sacred geometries. And the heart seemed to breathe and hum, almost like it was quite alive.

I stood before the Heart for a few moments and then reached out my right hand, palm upward. I silently bid the heart to shrink, smaller and smaller until it was tiny enough to pick up and place in one hand. Then I lifted it up carefully and placed it into my heart center.

No, this doesn’t make sense to the logical mind, but nothing in 5D will, so we best get used to it, wouldn’t you say?
With that, the meditation ended and I returned to full waking consciousness, wondering what all that meant. It would take a while for me to sort out, I thought.

Then, from within I heard a voice, the very same voice of the Sirian emissary. He said, “We are ever with you, in the Now Moment. Call upon us when you have a question or need assurance. It is our part of this story to guide you from henceforth. Know that you can visit us within the great Golden Heart whenever you wish or we can come to you in your dreams, for instruction and guidance. And know that your life will begin to change as you dissolve the ties that currently bind you to those in your life who no longer resonate at your frequency.

You see, dear one, you cannot change how you think until you rise up in frequency, for it is the frequency level in which you exist that determines your thoughts. We understand that this is not how you have been taught, but, nevertheless, this is TRUTH. As you rise up, you will leave behind all that does no longer resonate. In truth, it will be far easier to do this then to sit and pluck one stone after another out of a pile of debris that needs to be cleared. Just dissolve the base cause of your limitation and suppression and be done with it. And so it is. Your soul has chosen the accelerated path, so you might return and serve others to also move through this process, quickly and efficiently. And when you fully understand it, we will teach you more.

Go forth with our blessings and know that you are loved.

And with that, I was left in silence to sort out my thoughts and feelings. I knew in my heart of hearts that nothing would ever be the same and that it was quite alright with me.*

Blessed be,

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Photo: North Cascades, Yellow Aster Butte, from

*The meditation is based on a class by Karen Doonan. Very nice, indeed.

The Sirians: We Welcome You Home!


Vine Maple

The Sirians:  Welcome Home!

We come to you tonight, beloved, to welcome you back into the arms of your soul family, for you have spent many lifetimes upon planets within the solar system of Sirius.

When you look at the night skies of your northern latitudes, you can pick out one of the brightest stars in the heavens, the Dog Star, known to the ancient Egyptians and one of the starry homes of the human race, as part of their sojourn across the Universe.

We are here to continue to assist you in releasing the lower vibrational memories of lifetimes spent in Sirius, especially on one of the planets revolving around Sirius B.  It is not necessary to remember all the lifetimes or to dredge up the trauma experienced there; just know that these lifetimes were / are part of your preparation for understanding what has happened to the human race, throughout their long and tragic history.

As you are becoming aware, all star races exist at all dimensional frequencies, as part of the ALL THAT IS.  In other words, these races are fully multidimensional.  And you, as a starseed with Sirian and Pleiadian origins, resonate with this truth.  Now, as planet earth begins in earnest her ascension, your own ascension into higher frequencies is being supported, as your human vehicle resonate to the level of the planet.

You are also beginning to recognize that you are not your body.  The human body was designed by its creators as a vehicle into which star races could embody in order to be able to experience living on planet earth.  It was only after the descent in frequency that these same beings became trapped within a lower dimensional karmic loop frequency that you forgot your starry origins.  We are here, now, to remind you that all who now live upon the earth, despite their human appearance, are of alien origin.  Your bodies are the product of the genetic engineering capabilities of at least three races, the Nephilim, the Anuki and the Orions.  These names now bring fear to the minds of many humans, as you have been programmed to fear your creators.  You have been told that your bodies were created to serve others as slaves; this is not true, for once upon your beautiful planet, there existed a very high and spiritual people, the island nation of Lemuria.  Many other civilizations have also existed upon your world, their remnants either ignored or discounted by those of the more traditional training in archaeology and history.  Yet remnants of these great civilizations remain in plain sight for those who are able to see.  As your frequency levels climb, your eyes will be able to see, finally, what has been deliberately hidden in plain view by those who wished to keep the planet and its peoples confined to a limited and highly controlled environment, sometimes called the Matrix.

You have been told many distortions by those who wished to keep you within lower vibrations, including false teachings about ascension itself.  You are beginning to understand that ascension is a process and one that not only involves this planet earth, but the entire Universe.  Ascension is ongoing and never ends.  Ascension has been made available to all whom live on planet earth because the planet herself has risen high enough in frequency to enter the lower fifth dimension.  However, it is up to each Soul who guides the soul fragment existing within the human vehicle as to whether or not they, as an individual, chose to undergo ascension in this lifetime, a choice usually made before incarnation.

Some of the human collective will not ascend in this lifetime, choosing instead to leave their bodies and reincarnate later into bodies adjusted to the higher frequencies.  So now, their Souls have chosen for them to play roles as the sleepers or those who refuse to move beyond what they have been taught as truth.  Our channel is one, who in overcoming early experiences of trauma and betrayal, chose to expand beyond the consciousness levels of both parents, instead seeking answers to her many questions about existence.  Her family monad consisted of individuals who made soul contracts previous to incarnation in order to be those who would act out roles in order to teach the embodied soul a particular lesson.  Our channel recognized intuitively that the world around her did not make sense, so she began to seek out books and found some solace in reading adventure tales, as well as fairy tales and fantasies.  Some of the stories spoke to some deep part of herself, a part that her human mind could not understand, especially when she encountered the tales of the English author, J. R. R. Tolkien.

Our channel was instinctively seeking out a connection with her Soul.  In her early years, she would not have expressed this longing in quite this manner, but there it is.  As she matured in years, she instinctively understood that the teachings of religion were self-limiting and designed to control people’s thoughts and behaviors, yet if you were to ask her just how she knew this, she would not have been able to tell you.  She knows now that it was the deepest part of her that was speaking to her.  It was diamond within her heart center that was gently guiding her journey, as she expanded her understanding of the world within and without her body.

And now, she finally understands that her real self is frequency, pure energy.  Her true state of being is as a light being without a body.  The body is merely a vehicle that allows her to presently traverse and move through her daily life while living upon this particular planet.  This understanding is a huge step in coming into acceptance of her existence as a multidimensional being.

All is frequency.  All is energy.  However, until you understand that it is the frequency level in which you exist that determines your thoughts, you cannot move forward and upward.  The old barriers have been cast down, yet many who live upon your world still persist in hanging onto their old patterns of beliefs and prejudices, simply because of their familiarity.  These same beings, as mates, siblings, friends and co-workers serve to trigger those who will awake in this lifetime, by living out various roles and acting out the extremities of polarity for the ones who will seek the light.

It is time to let go of all fears, that lowest of all frequency levels and to embrace the love that you are, a part of the ALL THAT IS.  You have never been separate from Source, from Mother / Father God.  The angels, the archangels, light beings and star brethren have always been at your side and in your dreams, guiding, mentoring and reaching out to those who could respond at some level.  For many thousands of years it has been difficult for your off-world relatives to contact you, as your ears have been stopped up by false beliefs and overpowered by the desire of your rational mind to discount all things existing outside the parameters set by your five physical senses.  Now that the planet has succeeded in reaching a certain level of frequency, the way stands open for many to begin to suddenly awaken, as a whole new set of meta-senses comes online… clairsentience, clairaudience, clair-cognizance, telepathy and many gifts that are naturally the birthright of the human race.

For those who have been on a conscious journey, it will seem time and beyond time for the awakening ones to peek out beyond the illusionary boundaries of their 3D worlds and into the great world gleaming just beyond.  Yet for those who are taking their first steps it will seem more like stepping into a fog bank.  With some trepidation they will begin to step out and slowly expand their horizons.  In response to changes and sensations in their own bodies, many will fear that they have lost their sanity or are developing some strange illness.  While it is wise to seek out medical advice, also seek within to discover ways to facilitate your own clearing.  Learn to trust your intuition and the inner guidance that you receive as you begin to reconnect to what has been lost for a long time.

Humanity has long been suppressed and constrained to follow a very narrow path; that path is now suddenly expanding and the erstwhile controllers are losing their grip over humanity and over the planet.  They will do anything to throw barriers and blockages to impede the mass awakening, but now the cycles are supporting the process of ascension.  The powers that were know that they are losing, but they still persist.  And there are those who still hold to fear and in doing so unwittingly serve the former controllers in keeping their own frequency levels lowered.

We ask that all now step out of fear and learn how to release the layers of programming that have saturated the very cells of your bodies and have infected your DNA.  Seek out those who can guide this clearing process, but always seek within to discover whether or not you resonate to those who you look to as assistants.  Seek the way to step out of fear and into the higher frequencies of compassion and love.  By doing so, you will facilitate the process of many others to begin to move into the light as well.

As you open to your inner guidance, you will come into conscious awareness of the presence of your own guides.  You can and do communicate to these beings during dreamtime.  You can learn to communicate to them during your waking hours, as well.  The gift of telepathy exists within all human beings; it is your birthright, granted to you by your stellar parent races.  Those who channel energies are no more special than any other human being, for all who live upon this planet channel energies in some fashion or another, especially those who actively utilize their creative energies through writing, art, music, dance and other creative endeavors.

Ascension is a very individual process.  Each person needs to understand that there is no back door to ascension where you will be hereby granted free admission; you must do the necessary clearing work in order to rise in frequency level.  As you clear, you encounter further layers not unlike an onion, peeling away at the conditioning of the ages and the karmic legacy of your human genetics.  You do not need to be like your parents or to do what they have done.  The past is done.  Linear time is in the process of collapsing.  Soon the human race will have no memory of what has gone on before as it will be of no importance to them anymore.  And you will be able to live and create in the moment, responsible and responsive to every thought that you gather within, instantly reflecting as your worldly experience.

Those of you who are now beginning to be contacted by their soul groups and planetary homes are in the process of being prepared to lead humanity into a new golden age, one that will last for an eternity.  Never again will beings of lower frequency than that of the planet itself be allowed to incarnate on the planet or within this solar system.  The entire Universe is also in the process of being cleared of all dissonant frequencies and some of you will assist other worlds to clear their frequency levels utilizing the experiences and knowledge that you have garnered here as part of this planetary ascension process.

For those of you, like our channel, who have lived at the edges of society, reticent in revealing the entire range of what they are able to perceive because it was so different than the mass consciousness, will step out and into the light, as forerunners for the rest of humanity.  They do not seek to have followers, but there will be those who are intuitively drawn to their light, which we now bid them to hold high, like lighthouses and beacons, for their families, friends and neighbors.

We come to these forerunners so that they might truly understand that although they may still be progressing into the higher frequencies, they do not stand alone, but are assisted every step of the way should they so desire.  And it is this sense of personal sovereignty that we need to impress on each and every one of you who reads these words.

You are a light being.  You are energy.  You are special and unique.  You are loved and held in high regard throughout the Universe, for many races have watched the struggles of planet earth and that of her peoples.  And many have sent their finest in a bid to aid the ascension process of the planet and her children.  You are now feeling and beginning to see the outplaying of the Shift, in the growing chaos on the planet, in the reversal of the magnetics of your sun, Solaris, in the changes in climate and institutions.  All that once seemed unchangeable is now in a state of extreme flux.  So it is during the transition from one age to another, but this time it is quite different, for it is a transition out of captivity and into freedom.  You are now in the process of reconnecting with the greater part of your Self, that part that was cut off from humanity when you descended into 3D.  The gateways and star portals have been reopened; the connection with your star families and dimensions of origin has now commenced.  We welcome you Home.

Namaste: We bow to the divinity within all, as part of the ALL THAT IS, which is what you are in Truth.

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