The Light Collective: The Return of the Light


Eliza, Maria and the Light Collective:  The Return of the Light

Note to Reader:  This piece started out with a personal note and quickly transformed into a channeled piece.   

How does one express in human language the joy of meeting a true sister in the flesh.  For lifetimes, we have walked apart, each playing our roles.  We have come together and left each on the shores of the River, shedding tears for remembrances shared and dreams half-remembered.

Reunited we stand together to anchor the Golden Light of the Christ into the planet, along with those of other lightworkers and starseeds.

Now, finally, we have reached the end of our commitment to this planet.  The Light is anchored.  Now is the time for the people of this beautiful planet to take up the mantle that we have carried throughout the long centuries.

We are not leaving, but have transcended our humanity.  We are walking, living breathing Angels, living demonstrations of what it is to carry the Light, to be the Light, to live in the Light… for ALL Life, upon this planet and into the stars beyond.

We anchor now the depth of compassion emanating from our mother planet, Venus.  Straight from the hearts of her people, whose voices we hear in our dreams, we anchor this great love that has bonded our two worlds together over the millennia.

The energy of the Cosmic Mother is being anchored now, to bless all life, to free those who have suffered pain, loss and grief.  She gathers to her breast all who have felt lost and bereft.  Her tears are violet drops of transmutation, drawing up the pain and transforming it into the energies of the rainbow.

Each of us, as Way Showers, Star seeds, and Galactic Emissaries have had to walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and out, again, into the Light of the dawn, to demonstrate to the generations of this planet that it can be done… and done by those who are indigenous to this planet.  Whether your galactic heritage is Lyran, Andromedan, Pleiadian, Sirian or of another race, you have walked the path of the human initiate as a living experiential process to set a pattern that can be followed by those who make the choice, in the future, to ascend.

On this planet, there are 151,000,000 who can claim a starseed inheritance.  You are a tiny percentage of the present population of the earth, but your Presence here has made all the difference.  And now, having moved through your own clearings and ascension, your influence has extended to include whole regions, in some instances, whole continents.  And as each of you connects successfully to the Crystalline Grid, your collective energies expand.

The time of completion is now upon the Volunteers.  Your contracts, are, for the most, complete.  You can choose now whether to go or to stay.  Your job is done and has been done well.  Now you can move into a new level of being, releasing the compulsion of mission and simply enjoying the life that can be lived here when one is in synch, in the flow with the energies that continue to arrive on this earth star.

Yes, when you look upon life, it would appear that there still exists great strife, but you have risen above it and can view the playing out of the collective subconscious energies of humanity.  There is a collective clearing going on.  All beings play a part in it, all who contributed to its creation.

We do not ask that you forget all that you have passed through, for the lessons learned here will serve you in other places, where Spirit sends you on another mission.  For some of us this is a way of being; we are the Renegades who break up stuck energies in places that have become too dense for life to thrive.

As with the coming of spring break-up in the North, the waterways clog up with debris and it seems that chaos reigns.  The sorting out and cleansing to the energies that come for transmutation must now be done by those who live here.  You have a choice to continue with your work or to retire and play.

We see our children taking themselves too seriously at times.  We also see our children as getting stuck upon certain ideas of the way that things should be.

Things are as they should be now.  In the purity of your Heart, you can feel this if you listen within.  When all seems lost and darkened, the Light is still present.  It just takes your acknowledgement of its Presence to make the connection.

We have never left you.  We reside within the sacred heart of the Presence.  We whisper to you during the days and walk with you while you dream.

We ask that you have faith.

We ask that you have trust.

We tell you that it takes both faith and trust to know and feel that you are love, that you are loved and that you are Love, embodied within an earthly vessel.

The energies of angels, fairies, elementals, of ascended masters and galactics swirl around you.  Know that you have the ability to re-connect to these parts of your extended self at any time, even when you feel most lost.

When you have come to the end of your human road, the one you were taught to follow in this lifetime, for a time it seems that all is lost.  Yet this the moment when you begin a new birth, an emergence and re-connection with those parts of Self that you left behind when coming here into embodiment.

If as a starseed you do not feel that you have fulfilled your mission, this is a feeling that you are incomplete, possibly stemming from the chaos in the world.  This chaos is not of your making.  It is simply the clearing of the dark energies that have kept humanity subjugated for centuries.  Now the fiery light that exists within the Divine Blueprint of Huemanity has been anchored and these people are being prepared to take up the mantle of resurrection for their world.


Huemanity is meant to be the Keepers and Guardians of Gaia, not her conqueror.  Huemanity must re-learn the sacred ways of living in the flow with the rhythms of nature.  All that does not resonate with these rhythms will be divested and released, but it is the responsibility of these people to do the work now.  The Way has been carved and paved and is easy to follow once one has surrendered to the holy energies.

It is not necessary to believe in any particular god or to practice any religion or dogmatic teachings.  Embrace and follow your own intuitive urgings.  Be adventurous and release your daily concerns.  The Universe provides for those who trust and have faith that they are always loved and protected.

It is our purpose here to speak to both the seasoned Light worker and the ones who only now awakening.  You can teach each other by listening to your stories.  You will hear your own lessons echoed in the words of others and know that you share bonds with all you meet.  Know the reality of your connections for they are real.

We go now, as our scribe tires.  It has been a time of many revelations for her and her sister, revelations too private to share openly for now.

Know that you are beloved by those you cannot yet see.  They stand with you throughout your tribulations.  When you seek guidance, when you surrender, you will meet them in your dreams.

We are the Light Collective and we greet you in the dawn of this New Year, as the light returns to the northern latitudes.  It is the Festival of Lights, shared by all religions and by people who hold to no religion.  The Light is within all and it is the Love of your Mother / Father God that embraces you while you sleep.


Eliza and the Light Collective.


The Light Collective: Greetings!


Ash Tree Pioneer Park

The Light Collective

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

We come to you today to greet each of you with expressions of love and support for you and your journey upon this planet.

As many of you are aware, the transition into the refined energies that “were” supposed to manifest for Humanity in 2012, have finally managed to anchor upon the Earth. If you felt that your ascension process had been “on hold” for a few years since then, it was to allow more members of the human collective to wake up and consciously assert their desire for change and to be change.

We realize that you live in some of the most challenging of times worldwide for humanity. The physical, mental and emotional stressors can be intense, if you allow change to work upon you from the outside.

As you are also waking up to the fact that you contain a highly creative and resilient force within, called “Love”, you can also work with the transformative energies in a fully conscious and powerful manner. It is your choice and most likely one that you made before coming into embodiment.

Whatever your choice is, wherever you are upon your journey, whether buried beneath fear and despair or living in bliss and expansion, we honor you for your courage to be here now.

We work with most of you during your hours of sleep. The information shared mostly likely does not reach your waking consciousness, yet through listening within, responding to nudges and hunches and intuitive messages, you align with the essence of that which is given.

We are what you would express as “higher” essences or aspects of your own being. In truth, there is no “higher” or “lower” as all is reflective of Source, as Above, so Below; as Within, so Without.

If in doubt of your personal worth, let us gently remind you that EACH one of you, whether manifesting as an agent of darkness, one of the Light or neutral, you ALL have a purpose for being here.

The opportunity to incarnate upon this particular planet has been limited. Many souls are vying for positions here. You who ARE here most often do not appreciate the fact that you not only CHOSE to be here, but were also chosen, selected out of a great multitude of applicants. It is a great honor and blessing to experience consciousness while in physical form, especially one that is currently in the process of being rewired and upgraded into a new and more resilient model.

As the frequency of the planet expands and rises, the quality of the individuals allowed to incarnate here will change. Now that the Light is finally in ascendancy, the babies being born upon Earth will embody more of their soul-given gifts and exist from their first moments within a higher consciousness level than most adults currently incarnated will ever reach without great effort within this embodiment.

Given the natural rise in creativity, inborn wisdom and grace within these new beings, you perhaps begin to see the possibilities for healing and transformation to truly affect great change among the peoples, cultures and institutions existing upon the planet. Some of you who read these words may experience these wonderful changes for yourself; many will not.

As the frequencies rise, so too will the numbers of individuals choosing to depart this world, through death, disease, accident, violence and natural disasters. There is no judgment directed towards those who leave, as each one is soul-driven towards their own level of experience and understanding. In time, all will be together once more… well into your future, from whence we come.

In the Now moment exists All That Is. We live in this moment where time and space do not affect our decisions or alter our ability to guide, mentor and support those of you who grant us permission to do so. We honor your free will as given by Creator.

We bid you to travel at night to visit our ships and our level of consciousness, for the expansion of your self-knowledge and expansion of your ability to adapt to the rapid acceleration of change that is occurring upon your world.

We honor your right to choose consciously the direction that you intend to pursue in the Now moment. Listen within and hear the still quiet voice of intuition for guidance and seek affirmation by listening to your body’s subtle messages.

Wisdom cannot be found by listening to the television or news reports, as they are currently highly slanted by corporate and governmental interests that are not in alignment with the good of the people. Turn off the noise, tune in to your own heart beat and feel the wisdom that exists there within your own heart.

Understand that while other people can assist you on your journey, it is up to YOU to take responsibility for its direction. As you embody mastery, the responsibility entailed with the increase of power also increases. Yet, becoming and embodying the mastery that already exists within can be done by releasing the profound fear that is a part of the unconsciousness of most light workers.

You have lived before and are now currently carrying within your bodies all the Akashic records of those events and memories of your destruction at the hands of individuals aligned with and utilizing the power of darkness to strike fear into the hearts and minds of the people. Unconsciously, most lightworkers are suffering from the effects of post-traumatic stress syndrome and shy away from any prompting by their inner being to expose their thoughts and feelings to the world… mostly out of fear of the repetition of “past” events and experiences.

The memory of past trauma is carried within the finer bodies from lifetime to lifetime. If you choose not to work on releasing and acknowledging these “dark” parts of your emotional and mental bodies, you will continue to retain the patterns and will eventually be compelled to deal with them in a “future” lifetime.

Many of you have given power to the dark by being in fear of what will be exposed for the world to see if you reveal and release what has been hidden. We assure you that there is NOTHING to fear, yet moving through this process will release and expose the fear to the harsh light of day… to the sunshine of your Christ Consciousness.

Chose courage… to experience, to transform, to let go, to move through all that is no longer in resonance with your present expansive consciousness. You are transmuting the ancient records of violence, blood and fear that have kept humanity in a prison of its own making. Step free, into the Light of your own Christ Consciousness and see the world as it is, a place full of possibilities and opportunities to utilize your God-given gifts and creativity.

The energies are supportive of those who chose in this moment to go forward and rise up in frequency, more rapidly than has been humanly possible for many a long year. Take this opportunity as one who has been granted leave to be here to demonstrate the ability to move into mastery, to live with love and compassion for all life and to be all that they can be, with dignity, grace and ease.

We leave you now and send your way many blessings. Call upon us when in need. We are only a breath away.


Thank you, beloved Light Collective.

© Copyright 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,


A Message from Your Family of Light



A Message from Your Family of Light

via Eliza Ayres

Greetings, dear ones, we are your Family of Light. We welcome you into the expansive energies of July. Summer reigns in the north and winter in the south latitudes.

Do you feel our energies in your heart these days? We are ever present, watching over you, guiding you quietly with nudges and notions. And when you “tune-in”, you can feel us there, as your heart chakra flares with gentle warmth.

Do some of you wake up in the morning with an unfinished conversation lingering on your lips, as you speak to someone who isn’t yet visible to your waking eyes? Or with a fully open pineal gland, are you blissing out and sometimes having a difficult time coping with the functions of your remaining 3D portions of your life?

Transitions, transitions and yet more transitions are underway. All is in a profound state of flux, yet we sense that more and more of you are able to remain fairly stable and calm during the day, even when presented with circumstances that would have sent you into a twirl just months ago.

And even if you travel a bit up and down on the see-saw, you can quickly regain center and calm without lingering doubts, fears, guilt or remorse.

If you do not feel that you have reached this point of being, dear ones, do not castigate yourself for you are all doing extraordinarily well in your transformations.

There are those humans who are not even aware that they are ascending, yet the energies are affecting them, too. And those who continue to choose to resist change are struggling in their self-created mire of anxiety and grief.

As difficult as it might for those of you who wish to save these “lost” ones, realize that each soul is presented with a variety of experiences throughout their lifetimes spent upon this teaching planet; to gain true mastery, one must go through these experiences and discover the way out and back into the light. Each incarnated being is at a different stage of development; allow them to experience what is there for them.

Allowing others to be where they are now, is as important as allowing yourself to thrive and grow. Do you remember where you were a year ago, five or ten years ago? You are not the same person. And you will be different tomorrow, for this change is expansive and unending.

Be an advocate for love and compassion, respect and gratitude. Allow yourself to release the dark energies that come up for transmutation as they must during this period of transformation. You are changing daily.

Do not expect yourself to respond to things in your life as you once did. You have changed within your heart and head even if your outer vehicle does not reflect the inner changes. Yet look deeply into your own eyes when you next stand before a mirror. Who is that one who is looking back at you? Do your eyes appear wiser, more filled with light, dear ones?

People who are not in touch with Nature and the flow of natural processes, may not be aware that to change and grow, there must first come a period of what appears to be destruction or de-structuring, where you seem to fall apart. Center in your heart space and trust that you will be led through this transition to a new way of being.

Nothing seems quite like it used to be and yet, while there might be a slight longing to revisit the old, the new is even more appealing in its unlimited diversity and potential. Each of you is beginning to sense a huge change in the wings of your life’s stage…

What is your dream? Allow that dream to take flight and unfold. Plant the seeds and let them grow. You can’t grow plants if you keep pulling them up by the roots. So it is with your dreams. Sow them and allow the energies to bring into manifestation what is the highest good for your life-stream. You may be surprised by what occurs.

Your higher selves are running the show now, dear ones, not your egoic minds. Allow for the cycles of nature and the flow of the energies to carry you into yet uncharted waters. There is much to explore and much to be.

We are ever with you in the Now moment. Feel our Presence in the sacred space within, your own higher heart chakra (located over the Thymus Gland). Know that we love you and are so grateful that you stepped forward as volunteers to create new worlds of opportunities for not just yourself, but many unseen beings.

The Universe watches your progress with awe and we are so proud of each and every one of you. Go with our love. Namaste.

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The Light Collective: On Self-Acceptance


Skagit Tulips

The Light Collective: On Self-Acceptance

by Eliza Ayres

We are the Light Collective. Greetings, dear ones!

We have come today to address the issue of self-acceptance. It is quite endearing to us that you are so resistant to coming into full acceptance of yourself, as you are now, as you will be and as you have always been in your full multidimensionality.

To view yourself as being only a body or even a consciousness separate from everything around you is to continue to live in illusion, dear ones. For you are parts of the Whole and have always been so, even if you were not always aware of this fact of existence.

We understand that you have been conditioned to look outside of yourself for verification on how you should approach questions and circumstances that arise during the course of your daily life. And we are sure that some of you are now questioning the need to continue in this manner as the results of seeking wisdom and understanding from “experts” is often less than satisfying. Much confusion arises in seeking understanding outside one’s self as the experts are often in disagreement and their opinions contradictory.

Simply allow the need to find answers to all your mind’s questions to drift away. The answers will come when you open your heart and higher mind and allow them to filter in while you are in a state of reflection and relaxation. If you are stressed about finding an answer, you will often not hear the answer because you have blocked it with your expectations, your fears and your desires. When you let go of expectations on how, what and when something is going to happen or manifest, you begin to allow the forces of creation to work naturally through your own being.

Focus and intent is desire as a way to direct what you wish to come into your life, but in the process you need to let go of the desire to control the outcome. The higher energies often work in a manner that the ego mind cannot comprehend. Patterns and flow occur in nature. These patterns manifest in highly organized manners, yet the outcome cannot be predicted until the process is complete.

The appreciation of beauty is something that a sensitive being experiences when in the presence of the natural world. When you experience the fragrance of a beautiful flower, feel the delight in its richness of color and texture, its juxtaposition with other beautiful plants sometimes in a harsh environment… your feeling body is freed from the need to control the experience and just enjoys the moment.

As you continue to migrate slowly in your awareness into the new earth, you will find that you are compelled to let go the need to control and direct your experiences and simply learn to accept what comes into your life as it comes. As you let go of judgment and simply be in joy in the moment, you will find that your deepest held dreams are manifesting and coming true for you.

Your human self, the ego self, is no longer in command of your experience. Circumstances that appear to be chaotic and confusing are manifesting in the lives of many whom are resistant to change. Change will come no matter the amount of energy put into resistance; it is an inevitable part of the act of the creation of a new world. The one world must first be destroyed, completely. This may seem harsh to those who do not understand the cyclical patterns that nature follows, but there it is to be seen in the aftermath of forest fires, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions… changes happen, life adjusts and goes on. Destruction follows creation; creation follows destruction. As the astral fields of the planet and its inhabitants are cleared by natural and man-made disasters, the need to continue in the creation of destructive storms and natural occurrences will diminish, eventually. Still, some humans require that kind of prodding to change their way of life and to open their hearts and minds up to new possibilities and ways of co-habiting the planet with their fellow beings and all other life-forms.

Life is all around you. You are a part of the fabric of life that the Goddess has woven into manifestation, in response to the Light that the Father has sent forth into the physical world. Your body is a vehicle for your soul energy so that you might experience and participate in the wonders of a physical world. Up until recently the physical journey for many has been extremely difficult, but this is beginning to change, even though this may not be apparent in the life experience of many.

Still, sensitive souls who are in tune with their inner guidance and who have chosen to focus on realigning their outer world to fit the harmonics of their inner world will begin to see positive changes begin to manifest in their worlds. It is a process and requires that each individual forge their own path way. The time for outer teachers is over. There will be guides and wayshowers, but primarily these ones will act as they are guided internally and not wait for the ones who come behind them. Each person will have their own sense of timing, their own moment of awakening to the new world, their own discoveries and moments of bliss.

There will be many highs and lows that are experienced along the way. Such is the process of becoming again what you are, for as you open to the heavenly energies, all that are not compatible with those incoming energies must leave. What are being released are the miscreations of thousands of years of human conditioning and experience. And each lightworker is not only working on their own issues, but also on their genetic lines and the human collective. It is a big job that you have come to do, voluntarily, and for that choice made and acted upon, we honor you highly.

Yes, some of you may complain about the fact that you do not remember signing any such contract before your birth, but we gently remind you that we stood witness to your choice to volunteer and come to Gaia, to be here now during this time of intense transformation. Yes, you have challenges, but we have faith in your abilities to overcome them, to create opportunities from what is presented to you and to move through all fears and discomfort to a place where you can fully accept and allow the new energies to mold you into a new being, one that has never existed anywhere before, a fully illuminated physical being.

Know that we love you and support you even in your moments of self-doubt and seeming struggle. Call upon us to lend you our healing and protective energies, but realize, dear ones, that you are the ones who are bringing forth a great work, the ascension of a physical planet, and the collective ascension of her inhabitants. It has never been done before in this Universe. We know that you have heard and read this before, but it bears being repeated to you. Someday understanding will spring fully formed into your heart and mind and you will know, really know what it is that you have accomplished as an individual and as a collective. And you will be astounded and pleased to see just how honored you are by the Universe to simply be here and now.

We will close for now, but do realize that we never leave your side. Call upon us and we will be there, only a heartbeat or breath away. We are One.


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The Light Collective: Challenges and Changes



The Light Collective: Challenges and Changes

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Light Collective. Again we come, delivering a stream of information through our scribe, given in light waves and energy packets, translated into her language and through her mind. Understand that while this is not a perfect way for us to communicate with those who read these messages, it is one method by which we can convey our intent and concern while your bodies adjust to the new energies.

Each of your bodies is equipped with an innate ability to communicate with Source. You have long been told otherwise; now we are telling you what you have been taught is not true. As a result of your conditioning, many of you have shut down your feelings, have refused to listen to your intuition, deny that you have anything to offer the world, and simply zone out passing through life in a gray cloud of desperation and depression.

To break up the miasmic sea of unqualified thought-forms that currently clog the astral plane around the planet and within each of your auric bodies, Source has been sending a series of deep-space generated cosmic waves to shatter the darkness, crack open the depression and let the light shine in on all of you.

Discomfort is not something that humans seek, so we bring it to your doorstep, so to speak, by creating change and transformation. You can seek ways to resist, but in doing so you are creating even more tension in your bodies.

Your bodies are naturally aligned with the planet and her rhythms; to go against this flow is the road to dis-ease. Disease can be a teacher. Disaster can be another teacher, when one is unwilling to move out of a state of resignation and despair.

How you respond to the circumstances with which you are presented determines how you will transcend challenge and create opportunity for change.

What you think about yourself and the world will show up, mirrored through the individuals and circumstances that you are presented with, on a daily basis.

What do you do when confronted by an angry person, one who seems to be out of control? Do you deny their right to express how they feel, their perspective of the world that they are experiencing? Do you continue to deny how YOU are feeling? Your emotions are, simply are. They are not negative or positive, despite all you have been told. Once you are able to clear the feelings, they will express and flow without the need for you to project them onto others. You can dance out your anger, draw your sorrow, sing your happiness and stamp through depression. Be creative.

For a very long time, human society has been suppressed, prevented from utilizing its innate gifts, skills and talents, to create a better world for all. Why? A powerful elite has desired to keep you all enslaved to serve ITS needs, not your own.

Technology has existed for a long time that would have enabled all humanity to have clear air, clean water, and food on the table, a solid roof over their heads, and the leisure time to pursue dreams. What has prevented this technology from being made available to the people? Simply a power structure that thrives on control and lives on fear; keep the people in chaos and fear and retain control. And yes, they fear you, the people, for they know how powerful you are.

We are not suggesting that you go seek out these individuals; they are well protected for now. However, they, too, are vulnerable to the rising frequency vibrational levels of the planet. At some point, the hardened shell around these darkened hearts will crack and the light will come rushing in. Then they will either transition or transcend their former transgressions. It is not for you to judge. All of you are quite aware that each individual is their own harshest judge and so it shall be for these dark ones. The darkest being is still welcomed in the light when it is their time to do so. The love of Heaven is unconditional; no prodigal is ever turned away.

What can do you as an individual to hasten the emergence of humanity into a new era? You can come in touch with what you are feeling. You can let go of the need to understand everything by categorizing, dividing and minutely dissecting into bits. You can go deep into your own heart space and listen to the beat, to the rhythm that echoes in the earth’s body.

You can go out in Nature and look at flowers, at the way things grow, how the rivers flow around obstacles, how mountains are worn away by the elements, how the winds blow, how bees gather honey, how the sun rises and sets, how the stars twinkle on a clear moonless night. You can begin to see yourself reflected in the world around you, in the eyes of friends and companions, in the way your pets respond to your voice.

All of life is connected. All of life is sacred. Western culture has (purposefully) forgotten this ancient wisdom and knowledge. It has been suppressed in order to cut you off from the natural world so you would not grow your own food any more, but would be content to buy and eat what was provided to you by corporations eager to make money on dumbed down consumers. It was done to remove the peasants and rural people from the farms, ranches, and wild places so they would be forced to live in large, unclean cities, cramped into tiny, airless living spaces. It was done to convince part of the people that it was a righteous thing to destroy indigenous cultures and place the survivors onto reservations, left to fend for themselves in extreme poverty.

You have been told that the Planet Earth is a school room; for many, it has also been a prison planet. However, many of you have come here purposefully to transform the prison into a bastion of Light. You answered the call of Gaia, the living being who ensouls the planet, as well as the Call of Creator and you came, in your millions. And promptly fell asleep when you emerged into the heavy dense and polluted atmosphere of earth.

Now, many of you have come awake, prompted by an inner wake-up call that persistently and sometimes rather rudely startled you out of a somnolent state and into a somewhat painful or should we say, feeling-ful state of being. Your inner being had just notified you that it was time to get down to work. And so you sit and wonder, “What am I supposed to do?”

Listen. Learn to listen to the guide within. All people have one. All people have chosen to ignore this inner “voice” or prompting, hunch or nudge, more than once and regretted it. Did you ever land your car in a ditch on a snowy night when you ignored that knot in the belly that was telling you “Don’t go out!” All of you have done this one time or another. Some of you have actually succeeded in coming to heed the inner voice and to value it for its deep wisdom. You may have even wondered where that “voice” was coming from. We tell you now that it was coming from and has always come from YOU.

While you are living on a backward planet, you still have an extraordinary opportunity to advance your soul evolution. Yes, we understand that we are getting ahead of things for some people, especially those who do not identify with religion or spirituality. Soul, God, Creator? All of these words push buttons for some people, perhaps remembering miserable days spent in parochial school under the dominion of bossy teachers and nuns. What if we to tell you that we do not worship gods in other dimensions?

God can be translated into Intelligence. The universe is run by various levels and dimensions of intelligence. Love is active intelligence and the underlying basis for all that exists. The concepts are simply too vast to cover and comprehend in a simple message. Just feel for yourself the intelligence and organization that underlies the development of a single rose bud; a masterful creation that brings such pleasure to your senses. And multiply that by the magic that exists all around you and within your own physical vessels, your body. It is a complex wonder that still defies the ability of scientists to fully understand.

As you open up to the possibilities that exist outside of the conditional understanding of the world as you have been taught exists, you begin to sense there is something else that is not quite so easy to define, magic. And it is your task and your joy to follow the skein that leads you into a new world, filled with light, beauty, harmony and love. The trail will take you through shadows and fears, pain and sorrow, and on into a sense of growing inner peace and serenity.

As you come to acknowledge that you are more than what you seem from the outside, you will begin to acknowledge the great wisdom that has been stored in your DNA, like a vast library of light that only you have a card to enter. And eventually, you will understand that the wisdom and light stored there is meant to be shared with the world, for only by uniting in your efforts to bring freedom to these shores will you succeed.

We wait the time when people will greet us with open hearts for we have much to share. Meanwhile, we watch, to advise and work with those who are open to our energies. The numbers of people who are aware of our presence and our peaceful intent continues to work exponentially. It is not our purpose to interfere on a world where we will be greeted with lethal force and such is the current status that exists upon your world. The power structure that has kept your consciousness levels pinned down for centuries still remains in place, although it is slowly disintegrating.

The percentage of awakened people continues to grow, but there is still room for expansion. We tell you that anything you do to expand your own horizons and inner connections will aid to the transformative energies that are breaking apart the old paradigms and belief systems. As the saying goes, be the change you want to see. Your thoughts and emotions are far more powerful creative forces than you might currently believe. You create your world as a collective. As a collective you must change your world from the inside out. We cannot do it for you.

Individually, you can rise up in your frequency levels to step out of the world, but most of you will remain to serve others in coming to grips with the massive change and challenges that have come upon the earth. Some of the challenge is due to the resistance emanating from those who do not wish to release their control and power, primarily financial, over the planet, as well as those who do not welcome any kind of change. So it is up to the visionaries, the “crazy” ones, the artists and creative engineers, the ones who dream of a different world to move the reluctant ones slowly towards a new paradigm. The shift of the collective consciousness will happen, just how fast it occurs will be determined by many different factors, most of all, by every living being on the planet and how they respond to the call of the inner teacher.
Will you answer the call? Will you listen to your inner wisdom? Will you dare to dream of a world filled with abundance and well-being for all?

First and foremost, while stepping forth into the creation of a new paradigm one can feel some sense of anxiety, know that you are regarded with awe by the Universe as having tremendous courage to come here and attempt such a huge undertaking, the planetary ascension of an entire human collective. So, don’t feel disappointed if this task is not fulfilled in the next year or so. It will be completed in the fullness of “time” for we come from your future and know it so. Have faith and trust in the wisdom that guides you onward to your sacred task, bringing heaven to earth.

Our blessings go forth to all of you, wherever you might be in your journey. Experience each moment as sacred for it is the experience that is the journey, not necessarily the ultimate goal. You are free in this moment if you know it is so and no one can ever take that away from you unless you give your freedom away yourself.

We love your dearly. Namasté.

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The Light Collective: For the Newly Awakened Ones



The Light Collective: To the Newly Awakened Ones

via Eliza Ayres

Our blessings to those of you who have recently awakened to the energies of the New World that even now swaddle you in soft blankets of cosmic rays. Or should we say shatter your former beliefs and paradigm and leave you staggering in the wake of change, open to the transmuting energies, but confused and not a little bewildered.

Your rational mind does not understand what is going on and we are here to inform you that this is, indeed, a good thing! What, you may say, “What do you mean? I don’t understand these feelings, this urgency to turn my back on everything that I have ever known and believed. I feel lost! I feel like I’ve lost my mind!”

We hear your cries as you plunge through the wilderness of your confused thoughts and smile. We smile, not out of pity or malicious intent, but out of compassion, for you are the ones who have set by divine design the moment of your own awakening. In your self-limiting humanness, you may vehemently deny this, but you volunteered to come here, dear ones, even if you do not remember your pre-birth agreements with your guides and mentors on the other side of the Veil. Out of the deep and abiding love within your great Heart, you willingly descended into embodiment, into a place that was by far and away the most divergent from your natural setting than you ever imagined possible. And now, by some bit of magical timing, you begin to wake from a nightmarish dream and realize that you have to get to work and create the world that you want to live in, here and now, with the materials that you have around you, with your own creativity, love and devotion.

Breathe, dear ones, learn to breathe from your bellies and fill your bodies with the essence of the Divine. By learning to breathe fully and mindfully, you will succeed in reigniting the flame upon the altar of your Being, to reconnect to the Spirit that dwells within, who has patiently waited for your coming, your awareness to turn within to discover the light and love that connect you to your Father / Mother God and all of Creation. First, feel the heart center begin to glow and warm as you breathe slowly and deeply and feel the tension melt out of your muscles and tissue. You have begun your journey Home.

Visualize the rays of God / Goddess moving through your bodies and enlivening, healing and cleansing away the tensions stored there as unmanifested thoughtforms. Walk through nature and feel the peace that fills you up as you move through the wonder of the physical world around you.

It is startling, perhaps, to wake up as an adult and to realize that whatever you were doing in the last few years of your life is not what you want to do in the next years. Embrace the concept that life does not play out in a linear fashion, but in cycles. There is a time for all things and now is your moment to awaken to a new way of life and to a new you, or rather one that has been forgotten as a result of coming into embodiment at the beginning of this lifetime.

Even more startling, for some, is the realization that this isn’t the only lifetime that you will live upon the Earth, upon beloved Terra. For you have been told for years by minister and priest that you live only one lifetime and then your soul returns to Heaven if you have been “good” or to hell if you have not. Still, many who have lived through their own personal hells while here will let you know, life is what you make of it. For you are all creators, dear ones. And before you look and cry out in utter disgust at what you have created, let us remind you that there is another factor or purpose for what you might be experiencing in this moment in your daily life.

You came here in order to transmute the miscreations of humanity, whether or not you, as soul, have ever lived upon this planet or not. You came out of love and you came because you had the necessary soul experience in order to manage the trials and tribulations that came your way. You came in answer to the Call of Terra and of Heaven, because YOU HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE. Only this time, you have set the bar higher, for this time, you intended that ALL of humanity would have the opportunity to ascend, along with the planet, into the fifth dimension. Never before has such a project been undertaken. There have been mass ascensions, yes, of an entire people, but not of the population of an entire planetary body.

So, in your infinite love and divine wisdom, you set out specific tasks for yourself, according to the gifts and mastery that your soul already encompasses, as well as to add to that experience so you might aid other worlds when, at last, you are ready to partake of your next great adventure. Who told you that souls are willing to lie around and strum on harps in heaven for an eternity? It is not so. The souls who are ever aligned with the Will of God strive to act on behalf of the Creator by undertaking roles and projects, and so it is with you, dear ones. Only you forgot that you signed up, at least, until now. And now, it is up to you to come to grips with what you have done, for you will not be saved by anyone but yourself and those who resonate to similar dreams and desires for the good of the collective of humanity.

You may have thought that you were here to succeed, to get rich, to live in a big house, but those who have done those things will tell you that material success is an empty thing; it will not fill your heart with love, for yourself or for your fellowmen. More likely, you will be driven to find means to “protect” your wealth from others and to gain even more, as the accumulation of wealth can become an addiction leading to suffering and paranoia.

You need only look to those who now complain that they are being “picked on” by the “commoners” when by sharing their tremendous wealth the suffering of the majority of humanity would be relieved in a few years. The reality is that each of you chose to embody, as it were, one or more facets of human life that needed to be changed from the inside out, as it can only be done to do the job thoroughly. So, you may have embodied into a wealthy family only to discover the poverty that exists within great wealth or within a poor family to discover the wealth that lies within having few material objects to protect and defend.

The transformation that you are currently undergoing is not unlike the one from caterpillar to butterfly. You start from one form and re-emerge into something entirely different. It is not a concept that your rational mind can easily digest at one seating or ever, for your logical mind is a creature of the third dimension, something that the planet has risen above already. As a result, you begin to see more and more people struggle to understand what is happening “to them”. You are happening to yourself; you are the caterpillar who, while instinctively has wrapped itself in the cocoon and is now emerging into a new and very strange land, leaving all the other caterpillars and the life it knew behind.

Now, it is up to you to allow your intuition to guide you forward as you make your first cautious steps into this new world. It will not be easy or without much trial and effort, but by that you learn and incorporate the experiences, for you are also here as a soul extension, to advance your own evolution through your own efforts. Just by being here and allowing your light to enlighten the world you lift up the world. Have faith that your Soul will guide you truly if you are able to surrender and allow change to flow. The ability to adapt and allow the new to come into your life will let you transform challenges into new opportunities for creativity.

There is much for you to discover and absorb as you begin to adjust to your newly awakened senses. You are in the beginning steps of reconnecting to the parts of self that were left behind when you came into embodiment, your connection to the Divine, your Soul and Higher Self. Step by step, your inner wisdom will come online, to guide you and advise you as you need to know, so you might go forward with grace and ease, no matter what your outer circumstances might be. Men have found peace and redemption in prison; can you find it wherever you might find yourself? Yes.

Peace and love emanate from within when you re-connect to Spirit. It is a connection that has never been broken, only forgotten. Even those who have been taught by empirical methods to deny the heart and dissect arguments, and to deny the validity of other spiritual teachings, can find love, again, by looking within. Seek not an outer savior, but know that the one whom you have been seeking abides within and always has been there, in the sacred cave, in the Holy of Holies, the secret chamber of your etheric Heart. Each person, no matter how darkened their outer aspect or appearance in the world (and by that we mean darkened or closed heart) has this inner connection that will not be denied. Either face down your inner demons full on and allow for the transmutation to occur by the Holy Spirit or the Divine Feminine, or remain for a time in the shadows of your own fears, until such time arrives when again your Soul will strive to awaken you. Your soul will not let you go, but will shake you awake when the cycle arrives again for you to awaken unto the world of light and love.

And so you have woke up and wonder what to do next. Listen to your body’s language, the intuition, for what comes next. You will find yourself drawn to explore new things and suddenly seeing and understanding what didn’t make sense to you before. Just realize that you will never be the same again, ever.

You do not walk alone. Many have gone before you. And many will follow even in your own footsteps or will find their own way into the light of understanding, into love and fellowship with the collective of humanity and with all life, extending well beyond the atmosphere of this tiny planet upon which you now abide.

We greet you and welcome you, tender ones, as our brethren for we are the ones you left behind when you embodied here upon the planet. We are your Light Family and there are many of us embodied here now, even as you are. There is a wondrous Web of Light being fashioned by all who participate in the awakening process that is also known as ascension. Go forth and discover the gifts that you brought here to share with the world.

Our blessings and love flow forth to you. Be well and know that you are loved, more than you know, for what you are, what you have been and what you will be. We stand beside you in the ever present NOW, united in love and light. Namasté.

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The Light Collective: On Embracing Love



The Light Collective: On Embracing Love

via Eliza Ayres

Great winds of change are currently sweeping around your globe, reflected in some of the most violent and unsettling weather patterns of recent years, if not decades. You are now well within the transitional zone betwixt and between one paradigm and another. Yet still do the powers that controlled the old paradigm seek to hold back humanity and the planet from going forth into ascension.

As a mighty tide cannot be held back, so does the sweep of the solar and cosmic rays continue to penetrate the miasma perpetrated by those who would keep the illusion alive. The darkness cannot prevail and only continues due to certain portions of the population refusing to let go of their preconceptions and old belief systems, either out of fear or disbelief that change is possible or desirable.

Yet, though darkness seems to prevail especially in some areas, the light has penetrated deep into the hearts of many and has woken there a yearning and a knowing that all things are possible if a dream is held long enough. The dream in the hearts of many is the cry for freedom; freedom from tyranny, freedom from poverty, freedom from fear and most especially, the freedom to be, to manifest the highest good for each individual soul.

We work with you just beyond the edge of your waking consciousness and walk beside you in your dreams. We are the Light Collective, a gathering of light beings, ascended masters, galactics, elementals and angelics who desire to aid the highest dreams of humanity, the goal of bringing heaven to earth.

Even among many light-workers there is a misapprehension that ascension means leaving the planet and going “elsewhere”. This is not so, for the planet is destined for great things. GAIA is steadily progressing towards her own ascension, moving through the fourth dimension and on into the fifth. Those who wish to accompany her on her progress into the higher, lighter dimensions will heed the necessity to prune away any ballast of unmanifested thoughtforms and beliefs that prevent their own ascension.

Truly the process that you have come to call “ascension” is actually de-cension, wherein the Soul of each individual gradually takes dominion over the earthly vessel, the physical body. Even now your bodies are being prepared for this process, but you can hasten the process somewhat by re-tuning your consciousness to carry a different frequency note than what you have been accustomed to while sojourning in the heaviness of third dimension. This transmutation occurs as you embrace you in the warmth of love of self.

For many people this would seem to a selfish act, yet we tell you, as we have through other scribes and messages, that until you love self, you cannot move on to love others unconditionally. The love of self is foundational to the process of de-cension. In releasing all judgment and hatred directed towards self, your consciousness and your lower bodies will begin to undergo a purging process. This process allows for the release of the darkness within, the unmanifested thoughts and fears stored in your physical and etheric tissue to be released. This release will be experienced as various pains and symptoms. Many will be concerned that they should seek medical help, yet most physicians and health providers will offer much relief from the clearings.

Many of the forerunners of ascension have been experiencing these purgings for years, even decades, so these words of ours are nothing new. Indeed, most of these stalwart souls are weary from their sufferings and struggles to understand what was going on with their bodies and their minds. Yet, now, with the transition in a new year and newer energies, these same stalwarts begin to sense a lightening of their burdens. For these ones are some of the most sensitive and aware beings on the planet; through long lifetimes they have prepared for these times when they would be the ones to move an entire planet out of darkness. Through the experiences that they have undergone, their souls have prepared for these times and now their fondest dreams are beginning to manifest… the world is ascending.

Not only is the planet ascending through the dimensions, but a momentous decision occurred on the eve of December 21, 2012; it was the decision, at soul level, for the entire human collective to ascend, also. The next morning, our scribe woke up with a smile on her face for she knew that she had chosen to remain to assist those who were coming after the forerunners, those who had yet to wake up and comprehend that nothing would ever remain the same in their lives.

Now that over a year and some months have passed since that momentous event, it is evident that more of the population is stirring from their long sleep. Still there is much confusion and in most, little knowledge of what is truly going on, so it is up to those who are awake to hold their center and to beam forth the light that flows through their heart centers out into the world.

It is a misnomer to think that you need hold onto to anything in this world, whether it be a belief system, a material object, a relationship, a job or a bit of land. The ancient aboriginal cultures of the planet understood this and knew themselves to be stewards of the land, the animals and each other. In community they found strength, in the land and its creatures they found wisdom, and in their hearts they found connection to the many worlds that exist beyond the power of human senses to be seen, heard or felt.

Many who actively work on the ley lines, hold meditation events, work with crystals and walk the planet doing ceremony to clear the energies… these ones are the shaman, the Druids, the priests and priestesses of ancient cultures long vanished from the face of the earth. Yet in these beings lie the gifts and wisdom garnered from many lifetimes on this planet and others, brought here with the intention of using them to clear the way so the way to the New World would be made manifest for all life. For a few these gifts have unfolded and they are busy with their mission; for others, the time of manifestation still has not yet come. Do not fret, dear one, if you have not yet discovered your path and mission. Know that by being here, being awake enough to seek words such as these, that you are opening to the full potential of what you are.

Again, we return to the reason that one who seeks to heal the world must first heal self. If you are always seeking to change that which is outside of self, you will neglect what is within and you will be unable to open to the fullness of energies that are meant to flow through your own bodies. Your physical body, whether it be fat or thin, beautiful or plain on the outside, is a creation of the highest order. It is a vehicle that has been designed to be able to carry all dimensional levels available within this Universe, from the highest to the lowest. It has been designed by Creator to be adaptable and to be able to transform into a crystalline light body with the application of cosmic rays. And so it is transforming, but only when and if the consciousness that is you, residing within are in full accord with the process. Do you realize just how powerful you are, dear ones, that you and you alone can prevent your ascension by merely resisting and holding yourself in denial of your own inner beauty, wisdom and intelligence? It is so. And so it would be deemed wise, not to just have the intent to “save” yourself, but rather to fully embrace the change and open to love, the love that your Higher Self has ever held for you as an emanation and extension of Self into the lower worlds.

See yourself an extension of your Soul that has penetrated into third dimension like a finger stuck in a thick pudding. As you open to the soul and wisdom of your Soul, your presence begins to clear the opacity of the pudding and the light is able to penetrate deeper into the shadows below. Soon all that is hidden has been revealed before the penetrating light of the Great Central Sun and the cosmic rays sent from across the Universe even to this tiny blue-green ball of life in a forgotten spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

You may think that as an individual you are unimportant, but even as you are an extension of the Soul, you are connected to a monad or family of souls and to a myriad of light beings, angelics, galactics and other beings that you cannot yet comprehend with your limited rational mind. Yet, as your heart and higher mind wake and unite, the inner wisdom of your soul will become more and more available to you. No more will there be a need to plan or outline what is to happen in life, but you will be able to stride forward and meet whatever comes into your experience with the fullness of your inner love and joy.

In discovering the strength of your center and your connection to your origin, you will discover a peace within that cannot be shaken, no matter what circumstances arrive at your door. And you will know what to do as you listen to the unspoken wisdom of the heart and higher mind.

Our beloved sisters and brothers, you are a part of us as we are a part of you. We are bound together through bonds of love. We stayed behind to act as your supporters even as you sallied forth towards your chosen missions, and so we stand beside you now as the veils are thinning between the worlds and between the dimensions. Some of you can already sense our presence, even see us… and in the coming days your abilities to hear us will ever increase. We are meant to be together when you are able to walk across the rainbow bridge, stable in your energy bodies, and filled with the love of self and all life.

Open to the love that wishes to flow through you. It is as an ever-flowing river, powerful and free. Only you can open the door to love, by being willing to release all that is not love and not you within your own consciousness and within your own bodies. Allow the waters of life to wash clean all that remains of impediments and barriers. And we can assist you with guidance if you give us permission, for you live upon a planet of free will. We cannot interfere where we are not invited or wanted.

Know that you do not need to become worthy to receive the love that you are. You only need open to love as a blossoming rose open to the sunlight. Allow the warmth of that holy love to warm your frozen heart and free you from the ancient bonds of fear and hate; let them melt before the warmth of the golden Sun that resides within your own breast, as you call forth and open up the connection to your Soul and Higher Self.

In the blessed tide of the Day of Love, we come to bless you with our love that we give you freely, without condition, for all love in the higher dimensions comes without conditions. So do not seek to place limitations upon yourself but look to free yourself from all expectations and allow for the love within revealing what comes next on your journey. By letting go, you will free yourself and others from the unconscious barriers that you place upon your own pathway.

You are here to enjoy and live life to the fullest. Embrace what has been given to you and discover the opportunities that lie within any challenge that might come your way.

We end this now with our sincere gratitude for the work that you are all doing for the benefit of the entire Universe. If you do not know it by now, your world is not the only experiencing the process of ascension, but yours is an important and unique linchpin in that same process. We love you with an enduring and unending love. Feel it, dear ones, in your heart of hearts and know that we are One.


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The Light Collective: On the Journey


Eagle Creek, Eagle Cap Wilderness

The Light Collective: On the Journey

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Light Collective, a gathering of light beings, ascended masters, archangels, angels, ascended galactics, and elementals who are overlooking and guiding the ascension of humanity and of GAIA, your beloved planetary home.

Today, we would like to address some comments recently received by our channel wherein people express that they are at some loss in the present energies. This is to be expected, dear ones, as you are actively engaged in the process of deconditioning yourselves and your lives of all that you have been taught and guided to do in your previous existence as an unwilling captive of the 3D Matrix.

Every day, being a physical being within a physical world, you engage with individuals who vibrate at a lesser and more rarely, higher frequency signature than your own. As you have been long conditioned, you may look down at the ones who appear to be asleep and perhaps envy the ones who seem to know and experience more than yourself. Thus, you are interpreting the energies and unconsciously sorting out people and organizations into categories as you have been taught and conditioned to do for ages. You need to step away from this unconscious habit and really look at what you are doing, to yourself and to others.

Humanity has been systematically divided and hence conquered by arbitrarily categorized through the training and conditioning of succeeding generations according to outward conditions, whether by gender, sexual preference, skin color, nationality, religion and/or creed, financial status, genetics (blood lines) or other divisions. This has been done to keep you from realizing and feeling that you are truly One being, living on a physical planet but sharing a spiritual inheritance.

You have been encouraged by us and by the words of many messages delivered over the last decades to look within and beyond the artificial boundaries that seek to divide. By acknowledging your own divinity you begin to return to that state of wholeness that is your right to experience. You cannot get there by continuing to believe that others are more special than you or less special or deserving. Each of you is unique, yes; different, yes, but ALL are needed for the transformation of your species to occur, the translation from Homos erectus to Homos Luminas.

Yes, there are ones who walk this planet with you who carry within them an awareness of what they are, or at least the potential of what they can be if they but trust the process. Some of these early pioneers came here with more of their divine gifts intact because of soul contracts made prior to incarnation. Others of you came in without this so-called advantage of being sensitive to the energies because you had, at least initially, other work to accomplish before turning to more spiritual activities and engaging in the process of de-ascension of your Higher Self into your physical body.

We tell you now that many of you who have wakened up and now avidly read the works of those who have walked the path before you, you will not physically ascend in this lifetime. This is not something that people want to hear, especially if they are drawn to spirituality and even to the promise of a better life in a promised land, the New Earth.

The New Earth already exists. The golden etheric cities are being constructed even as we convey these words and thoughts through our scribe. However, many of you will not walk those streets and climb the steps to enter the temples in this lifetime as you have not yet mastered the ability to consciously raise up your frequency levels so that you might do so.

Beloved ones understand that this is in no way a criticism of your progress. The wakening process of humanity is progressing faster than we hoped was possible, but if you are content to evolve with the masses at their rate; you will not evolve quickly enough to make the needed grade to completely anchor the higher frequencies of light into your etheric and physical bodies. Still, whatever progress you do make in this lifetime will carry forth into your future timelines.

Dear ones, you are participating in the evolution of an entire species. The sheer magnitude of the work being done, by all of you, is tremendous. And there is much that you do not see and will not see, outwardly, for some time. The anchoring of the light codes is a work that must be done consciously and approached with vigorous intent. It is a life style that does not appeal to many individuals, so those who volunteered to go forth as the scouts and pioneers have done so in full knowledge that they would not live “normal” lives. And so it has been.

These volunteers came in with seemingly more gifts online than most of the population so that they might engage almost immediately with their intended work on an accelerated path of self-mastery. Others have come online later in their lifetimes, perhaps after undergoing various triggering circumstances, which compelled them to break through any pre-existing fears or resistance, to seek that which they could not yet explain to others. And still more individuals are coming online every day, waking up first to the need to question everything that is in their life, their means of livelihood, their personal relationships, their station in life, the things they have been taught by family and mentors, their religion, their nationality… in short, everything that no longer resonates with a yearning that emanates from their very soul.

Perhaps you are now experiencing the midst of the chaotic awakening process and feel very, very uncomfortable because of it. And why shouldn’t you feel uncomfortable and allow for that very uncomfortable sensation. It has been described by our scribe and others as a kind of divine itch that cannot be scratched, an inner yearning for something different, something more, and something that is as yet still unknown.

Many of you have been trained that you must have a life plan in place in order to succeed in your physical world and that it is or should be the goal of every person to desire to complete with others for those very few positions on top of the heap.

However, those with greater wisdom or perhaps cynicism have noticed that the game of succeeding in the old energies was a perfect set-up to continue reinstating control over the masses and only allowing a selected few to succeed, but only when they had given up their honor and handed over their “soul” to the devil. The old game was one of manipulation and control, sometimes subtle and sometimes overt. It was designed by those who volunteered to act as goads for the awakening of the masses and the game is up for these individuals who have now played their parts exceedingly well.

It has been long understood that humans resist, sometimes with all their being, any change from coming into their lives. However, now, due to physical, financial, emotional and other stressors, change is coming into everyone’s lives. You can look squarely at said change and choose to see it as an opportunity to transform your world or you can dig your heels in and resist as hard as you can. It is a matter of choice and it must be a conscious one.

Ascension is about mastery. Becoming a master takes conscious effort and focus. There is much to overcome and to clear, be it karmic relationships, timelines or energetic misalignments. You must be willing to look at yourself with clear and discerning eyes. Nothing should surprise you as it presents itself, for all of you have lived many lifetimes, as either gender, in all nations and tribes, in many cultures, and even in many forms that you would not recognize as being human or even animal.

We ask that you begin to pay attention to the small things that enter your life, especially in repeating patterns. Your ancestors knew how to read the stars and heavens, to listen to wind, to talk to the animals through symbolic language, to listen to their own heart’s call to find their way through troubled times. All of you need to reconnect to these abilities for many of you are your own ancestors.

Perhaps in this lifetime you learned to track animals and to hunt with your father. Perhaps you gathered berries in the wildwoods with your mother or learned to pick certain plants for healing remedies. Perhaps you learned how to walk the concrete jungles with authority and ease. Or perhaps you were born with certain gifts and abilities that made you feel uncomfortable around others, feeling at unease in this world and longing for something else to present itself to you. And perhaps you longed to be saved by another, to have that one perfect person magically present themselves in your life and carry you away into a land of milk and honey.

Dreams; all of you carry dreams within that you do not or cannot yet share with any other person. Perhaps there are secrets from this life or others that you fear revealing… and yet we tell you now until you are willing to become fully transparent and vulnerable before yourself and the world you will not master the frequencies in order to fully ground your Presence within your physical body… at least within the time granted to you during this particular lifetime.

The way into the future space that has been promised exists within your own heart. And it is your willingness to accept all those disparate parts of yourself home, to become fully integrated, dark and light, so that you might be whole, again, that will see you through the various stages of mastery. Becoming a master takes perseverance, sincerity, conscious focus and intent and great stubbornness or will power.

You see, you are mastering the rays of God that enter into your body. The first three that must be mastered are the Blue Ray of the Will and Power of God (Divine Masculine); the Pink Ray (Active, Creative Intelligence – Divine Feminine) that is the Love of God; and the Golden Yellow Ray that is the Christ Consciousness (the Divine Child that emerges from the union or sacred marriage of divine Feminine and Masculine). This is a simple concept of the rays that we present here and there is much information available that can further instruct, but let it suffice for us to say that the rays represent certain steps towards attainment and mastery that must be passed before one can proceed on the journey.

Yes, there will be moments when you feel as if you have reached a plateau or have even lost your way, but these are moments when you need to regroup and to acknowledge just how far you have come on the journey. These are moments when you need to acknowledge and accept with gratitude the opportunities you have been given to be able to consciously experience the ascension process in this lifetime or even to become aware of it as existing as a potential. We tell you this so you might let go of any self-judgment you might experience because you do not “feel” the energies like someone else does. Your experience WILL be different, because each of you is a unique focus of God’s energies. Each of you contains the potential to command and use different gifts; it is up to you and your decision to willingly surrender to the process that you might discover just what these gifts are within.

Only through surrendering to the process will the light begin to dawn through self-realization. When you are willing to complete accept yourself as you are now, in this moment, without prejudice and without self-judgment, then you will be ready to open to the path of self-mastery.

Surrender is not a popular word or concept in your culture, in any culture the world over, as it conveys that one has given up, let go of their power, allowed some conqueror to master them. However, it is surrender you must do in order to master self. It is in the process of giving your future into the hands of your Creator and your Soul that you begin to open up to new possibilities and realizations.

Resistance is futile. Humanity as a collective has chosen to ascend. That means that every man, woman and child will ascend, along with the planet. Just how long that process will take is currently unknown for the consciousness of the collective changes. Know that many will leave the planet, only to return in new bodies more capable of enduring the ongoing frequency changes of the planet. And others will succeed in mastering the incoming light so that their physical bodies undergo the transmutative process from a carbon-based creation to that of a silicon-crystalline based creation, so that the body can absorb and contain even more light.

Do not feel so lost, dear ones, if this knowledge and what is involved seems confusing and beyond your understanding right now. You are accustomed to analyzing your world with your rational mind and many of these concepts will NOT make sense to that mind. And should not, as the rational mind is a product of your stay in 3D; it does not function in the higher frequency levels. So, instead, turn to that intelligent center in your etheric body that does function readily at higher frequency levels, known to you as your High Heart Center, based over the physical thymus gland, as well as your Higher Mind, that is centered in the Soul Star Chakra, above your crown or top of your skull. All of your glandular system will take on different meaning as you come into an awareness of the master within, as more of physical body functions are given over to you to govern and master; as the marvelous creation that you are comes into a waking consciousness of its own divinity and potential.

You have long yearned for what cannot be yours; now waken to what is yours and has always existed within and beyond the reaches of your physical senses. As you manage to anchor more and more of your higher self within your physical body, your meta-senses will begin to come online and you will begin to register those subtle shifts in energy with increasing competence, but it takes practice and patience, dear ones, and like any other skill undergone in this physical world, it takes determination and focus.

A master ice skater or ballerina does not become so overnight; so it will take all of you some time to adjust to being more than you appear to be now. The important thing is to be able to accept the fact that you don’t know anything now and to step forth into the unknown with an open heart and an equally open mind, willing to learn, to observe and to act when it feels right to do so. Faith and trust should become your motto. Faith in yourself, trust in the process and having faith and trust that your mentors and higher self will bring into your awareness those things that must be undergone and/or changed.

Perhaps you will choose to reject the guidance we give you; that is no consequence to us as you live on a planet of free will. It is up to you to discern what is right in this moment for you. Nothing that we can say or do will make any difference if you are not able to move beyond those prejudices or judgments that block your process. And know that your ability to discern will develop as you begin to trust and “listen” to the inner promptings of your intuition and spiritual guidance.

Your soul speaks to you all the time, but most of you have been unwilling or unable to hear its whisperings. Some of you experience the guidance as intuition or a “gut feeling” or as an unexplainable “hunch”. Know that trusting and abiding by these hunches is the first way to awaken to the awareness that you have always been connected to your own divinity but chose to let go of the outer awareness of that connection so you might plunge into the experiences that this world held for you.

Now that the opportunity to step onto the Path of Return has entered your awareness; allow for those things to come into your awareness to be scrutinized by your inner beacon. You will know what to do as you move forward if you but trust the process and come to understand that it is a process, a journey that is being undertook step by step so that you might successfully anchor what energies you can and go forth in the dawn with open eyes, in your return to full consciousness.

We end this message for now, in hopes that you have reached another level of understanding of that which we have attempted to convey through this scribe. As your own inner connections become stronger know that the need or desire to read such messages as this will diminish and that is as it should be.

These messages will then serve as verifications or signposts of your own inner process. We do not mean for you to follow any messenger blindly as they, too, are quite human and have their own challenges to contend with, so let go of any desire to judge or strike with criticism if their messages do not please you. For you will change if you allow yourself to change; today you may not understand our words, but tomorrow you may come to a sudden understanding as the downloads and star codes are opened within like Christmas packages, revealing the contents and showing you the way forward.

Our blessings go forth to you all, dear ones. We bid you to call upon us at time of need or just when you desire to feel a little touch of “Home”. As you go forth, you will begin to “feel” the energies of Home more readily, as they exist all around you even now. For now, be content with where you are in your journey and know that you are so much more than you appear. And in the singular paradox that exists within “higher” worlds, allow for the divine discontent within driving you forward on your journey of self-discovery, of your unity with your soul and the Gods and with each other. It is an adventure, you will agree, that is unprecedented in the history of your species, this planet and the Universe itself. And you are all an important and vital part of it.

Namasté; we bow in respect and reverence to the God / Goddess within each of you.

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The Light Collective: On Waves of Light We Come


Granite Peak

The Light Collective: On Waves of Light We Come

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Light Collective and we come to you upon waves of light. Feel the love within your heart that resonates with the frequency of this transmission. Feel the love that you are.

With much eagerness we come to you today, in celebration and recognition of the masses of humanity who are now coming awake. Like the princess locked in her deserted castle, these people are stirring from a long sleep as they have been kissed awake by the cosmic rays penetrating the thorny forest of the matrix surrounding them.

As the frequency of the planet increases, your frequency also rises. If there is resistance, there will be souls who choose to leave. There is no judgment for each soul has its own lessons and own timing.

Have you begun to hear the voiceless voice within your own being, your divine guide that will lead you through the doubts and fears that you might still carry within? Do you trust your body, your intuition, your inner guidance? Do you listen to yourself and the conversations that you experience within? Do you doubt your abilities to discern for yourself as to what to do, what direction you should proceed? Do you still require a plan before you will proceed?

When the limits of your world are expanding, how do you respond? Do you attack those who present new ideas of how to do things? Do you envy those who seem to be more in touch with their center than you are at the moment? Let these things go, dear ones, and allow yourself to be fully where you are now.

Even if you believe in all sincerity that you have just started your journey, we now lovingly remind you that for all of you this is a process of reiteration that you are now embarking upon. All of those who are incarnated upon the planet are masters. We do not share this information as a jest or impossibility, but as a truth that you will begin to recognize for yourself as you proceed to open yourself up to the energies of your higher self and full multidimensionality.

All humans are starseeds. The human race is the creation of many galactic races and as such you carry the seeds of divinity within. All of you are ambassadors for other worlds and dimensions and even Universes, as part of the Multiverse. Your presence here is a sacred journey, even if you do not yet deem it as such.

Whether or not that seed has been activated depends on the frequency levels attained by the individual during any particular lifetime. Each life is a process of moving closer to the Path of Mastery. Some lifetimes are spent learning lessons and undergoing challenges.

As you proceed towards self-awareness and awareness of Self, as the I AM Presence or Christic consciousness that resides within your heart flame, you anchor all the attainment and gifts that you have won through previous incarnations, whether on GAIA or other worlds and dimensions. You are truly the sum of your Wholeness.

Allow yourself to open to the possibility that you are more than a housewife, a mother, a brother, a co-worker and at the same time revel in the revelation that even the most humble soul embodied here carries a divine seed within. Through simplicity, sincerity and humility you can approach the throne of Mother / Father God. It resides within you.

You will find your Mother, as a lovely woman who in a dream graciously hands you a plate of seeds. As you gaze upon her face in wonder, you will see your face reflected in her dark eyes. In the face of your Father, you will see compassion and strength, the protective spirit that guides and informs, yet allows you to grow in your own season.

We are the Light Collective, a gathering of spirit, light beings, ascended masters, angelic beings and elementals, all of whom desire to be of assistance to those who are feeling the first stirrings of growth within, to those who desire to be filled with the transmuting flame of the 7th Ray, with the fullness of the compassion and love of the 3rd of Active Intelligence, with all the Rays of God.

We ask you to sit with self in a quiet place and allow yourself to open up to the 122 rays of God as they stream forth from your Higher Self, and fill your four bodies. Feel the union of masculine mental body and feminine emotional bodies take place as the rays swirl and spiral through your being. Allow the masters and elementals, the healing masters and light beings to work their magic within your temple of living light.

Do you realize that as your frequency rises up so will your understanding grow? This understanding will not always translate into words, but you will suddenly know that you know. It is not necessary to understand from where this wisdom emerges precisely, but know that the knowledge will be there when you are in need and open yourself up to the possibility that you deserve to receive that which you need.

Be open to the awareness that you are more than you seem, as a solitary human living in an unkind world. This is not truth as you are never alone. Even during those darkest moments of isolation and despair, if you but reach out and call upon the angels to assist you, you will discover immediate assistance in the form of a sense of well-being and nurturance. Even if you cannot see the arms that embrace you in compassion, you will feel them.

We are ever with you and wish you to call on us. Surround yourself with the protective energies of Archangel Michael and then call upon the highest energies of heaven to assist you in your endeavors. Know that you are worthy of receiving guidance, and that if though you may not yet be aware of it, you have been receiving guidance before ever you stepped into embodiment.

As you proceed along your journey, you will receive and be able to receive more by being willing to open, to explore and to move beyond the limitations that have been artificially created in the old world paradigm, designed to keep you within bounds and confined in a mental / emotional and sometimes physically enslavement. You have been freed from those binders; now it is up to you to move beyond the walls of fear and anger and step into the love that you are.

Become aware that within each of you exists a unique guidance system. As you connect to that inner beacon, you will find yourself moving and changing in unexpected ways. Allow for flow and abundance to enter your life. Allow for the love that is carried by the cosmic winds to scour your energetic bodies of all astral and karmic debris. Step forth into the light of the new dawn as an entirely new creation, a divine being capable of walking between the worlds and dimensions.

This journey proceeds step by step, as your frequency levels are increased slowly to allow your physical vessel, the temple in which you reside, to adjust and adapt. You will feel, to various degrees, the aches and pains as the body protests and then realigns to the higher frequency levels. You will find yourself craving different foods, experiences and states of awareness. Allow for the changes to occur and know whatever presents to you in your daily life is there for a reason. Understand that you are not here to be punished but tested to see if you have truly incorporated (brought into your body) all the energies to which you have been exposed.

If you continue to dwell in a place filled with anger, resentment and hate, the Universe will continue to present more of the same to you. We are not advising you to not see what presently exists in your world in the form of suffering, despair, destitution, destruction and division, but know that those things are not what your Mother / Father God desire for you.

However, you are the only one who can decide to lift yourself up out of the pit of despair and to embrace the at-one-ment that God desires for all of His children. You must reach out and allow spirit to enter within to activate the fire on the altar. You must realize that you are co-Creator with your own divine flame and have come here to overcome all previous timelines when you thought that you were not worthy of love and turned away from those who love you unconditionally.

You have not been forgotten or abandoned. You chose to come here, to experience all the extremes of duality on a free-will planet. You have come here so that your soul could grow faster than would ever be possible on a planet where all exist in harmony and Oneness. You have come here to be challenged and stretched beyond anything that you ever imagined possible and so it has come about. You have succeeded in educating your home worlds of the possibilities that exist when there is some duality in experience. And now some of you are ready to return to your worlds as teachers and leaders and so it will be but not before humanity as a whole ascends, here and now.

Ascension is really de-ascension, where the energies of the Higher Self are downloaded and allowed to be incorporated into the four lower bodies, which in turn, become one activated light body of great power and beauty. This is not a process that can occur overnight. And for some, it is not a process that will be completed in this lifetime or even the next. However, there are those who are the frontrunners of humanity who will lead human awareness to greater heights in this lifetime and those who will return in bodies more suitable to carry the higher vibrations, who will return in future lives.

Whatever you have been promised, know that you are the one who will do the work of grounding heaven on earth. Ascension will not just “happen” to you; mastery is a course of many lifetimes. Some of those who are embodied now, have been preparing for these times for many incarnations. Not all are prepared to let go of their daily existence and leave all that they know behind them. However, those who hear the call within will be prepared and will respond because they must; it is their will to do so and they respond to the call of their own Soul.

Do not despair if you do not hear the inner music of the soul reverberating through your heartstrings. It is there nonetheless; it is real and you will hear it when you are ready and open. Do what you can to release fear and the expectations placed upon you by others. Do what you can to respond to your intuition. Become aware of the beauty that surrounds you. A world of great beauty, abundance and grace already exists, even on this planet.

Are you ready to embrace the possibility that you deserve love and are capable of sharing that love with all that you see and experience in life. Can you love the darkest part of yourself that you can imagine within? Can you love the lost child that each adult has left behind? Can you love the homeless man who sleeps on the grate in the cold night? Can you embrace those who seek to destroy you and your world? Are you ready to step into the light and be shown by the angels what you have been and have done? Are you willing to let go of self-judgment and the judgment of others and to embrace your connection to all life? Are you willing to love yourself? Are you willing to feel that you are capable of great things?

Step forth into the light of your Higher Self and know that you are love. Know that you will continue to experience challenges and tests along the way. It is how you choose to react or not to those challenges that will determine whether or not you are capable of carrying and holding more light. And as you accept the challenges as opportunities so shall your light expand so that you become a beacon for those who come behind you.

Ascension is not a race, so it is wise not to compare yourself to others. Each of you will approach your path in your own unique fashion. Some of you will want to use others as guides. Still others will prefer to undergo the testing and steps on their own, seeking the guidance that resides within. As you open to the energies and fiery tests of ascension you will naturally come into resonance with those who are at a similar level. Never expect your journey to match that of another; it will never be so as you are a unique, one of a kind facet of the Diamond Mind of God, and as such your journey is your own, but you can share and come together with those who also feel the fires grow within.

And you will eventually or all in a moment of revelation come into an awareness of the sacred and interconnectedness of all life, whether human or animal, plant or the planet itself. Whether the stars, the moon, the sun and the galaxy beyond, all is connected by the great quantum Web of Life; the dark matter that is the Mother binds all together, and you will feel it when you are ready.

Our words that emerge from the braiding of our energies with that of our scribe are simply meant to be guideposts on the path to your mastery. You will be the one to walk that Path. You are all at different levels of awareness; it is as you all agreed it would be before you came into this plane of existence. You all know each other and at some point you will know this in your heart.

We know all of you by name and by your frequency signature. You are followed by your guides and angels. Call upon them in need and even in those moments that you deem less than sublime, when you are washing the dishes, working in the garden, doing the laundry; we are with you as your constant companions, along for the journey. And some day we will walk together under the shining rays of your solar body, side by side, laughing and sharing our companionship with you all.

We end this now, but know that we are ever present on the edge of your awareness. We wait upon you to invite us in so that we might become better acquainted in the now moment.

Our blessings and our love go with you always.


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The Light Collective: On the Coming of the Lord of Nature


Golden Beech

The Light Collective: On the Coming of the Lord of Nature

via Eliza Ayres

We stand here with you on the threshold of a collective awakening of humanity or to be more precise, a reawakening to your true nature which is love.

Collectively you are the second coming of the Solar Logos embodied in flesh, incarnations of the most high God, your own internal Christ Consciousness.

We know that many of you will deny our words and seek to run away from self, but you cannot run away from the truth of what you are, beloveds.

Yes, you are Our Beloveds. Embrace the love energy that we send through your heart centers. We are there with you, standing before the holy altar within, where the sacred fire has been re-lit on this day as done in the times long lost in the Mists of Forgetfulness.

You are the Children of Avalon. You are the ancient druids, priest kings and priestesses who held the balance within that it might be reflected outward to the people.

Remember the Green Man. Remember the Sun within, the Sol Invictus. Remember your role as co-creator with the forces of Nature.

You walk among the trees of the Great Forest that once stood on these shores, the shores of your imagination. See the moon and stars swing in their movement across the wide dark skies, spiraling in a slow majestic dance. Hear the notes of the music sung by the Angelic choirs on high; each of you is a corresponding note, a singular frequency within that great symphony of Being.

You are coming back into alignment with the Will of Creation. It is your will to be in alignment for that is why you came here.

You have forgotten who you are, but now is the time to wake the sleeper within and come alive, again, fully with all your senses.

Toss your long hair in the solar winds and dance in the moonlight with the fairies and elves. They welcome your coming, beloved, for you are their partners in creation; they cannot do their work alone.

Our blessings accompany you on your journey into Oneness.


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