The Angels: “In Bringing Heaven to Earth, be Yourself”



The Angels: In Bringing Heaven to Earth, be Yourself

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.

There are some among you that question the need for such transmissions. We continue to address these messages through this scribe and many others, simply because your fellow human beings are at various levels of their own journey. Some are still asleep. Some are awakening and becoming aware of the apparent injustices existing within the remnants of the old paradigm. Others are well-awake and coming into an awareness of their own inner connections. Still, many in the course of their transition from the limiting world of the third dimension and the soaring possibilities of the fifth and higher dimensions are struggling with day to day issues, moments of regret and disappointment, physical issues and issues of supply. Many of your brothers and sisters are also dealing with the onslaught of unexpected physical and emotional clearings, as the astral plane of the earth is being cleansed through your bodies. They are perhaps not aware of the work that has been done by the older starseeds, the wayshowers, and the scarred veterans who have been consciously clearing ancient karmic and ancestral lines for decades.

All of you are at different levels of need. We are here for the collective, as well as the individual. The act of bringing in a transmission, can, for the scribe, be an act of fulfillment as she connects with a lighter, higher vibrating part of her own multidimensional nature. Yes, dear ones, all of you are angels masked by fleshly vehicles. You are now discovering that you are ascended masters, that you have genetic ties to many worlds, dimensions and frequency levels. In short, you are the Universe in embodiment. You are in the process of bringing your Self into your physical bodies.

The physical body of the earth is undergoing rapid changes. These changes are reflected in changes within your own bodies. Much more in the way of destructive changes was expected and even hoped by those looking to see the coming of the Rapture as taught in Christian scriptures and in churches. The Rapture, such as it is now manifesting is coming about by the process of bringing heaven to earth. You, the human being, are not going to be lifted up and removed from your daily existence, from your family or those who are not members of your religious sect. You are bringing in, through your own rising consciousness, an awareness that you already exist in the ‘higher’ levels or planes of existence. What and who you are there can exist here, if you only change the way and manner in which you think about yourself and those who surround you in your world. You, dear human, are becoming a heavenly being, because you are already one. You are One with the Mother and Father and swiftly regaining your connection to Source, to the Creator of the All That Is.

As you seize upon the inner knowledge and understanding that you are all united through the Heart of the One, you will discover answers to your questions and ‘problems’ that exist on the world front today. How can social injustices, fraud, waste, war and destruction, disease, poverty, environmental destruction, governmental and corporate domination and other perceived ills of the world be solved? Only by coming together, first individually with your own center and then by discovering your connection and existing unity with your neighbor, can you solve the world’s problems. If you continue to only see what is wrong, you will fail to see what is possible. You are the ones who must recreate the world. No one else is going to do it for you.

The Strawberry Mountains, NE Oregon

In your conditioned state, you feel that you cannot do for yourself; that you have to rely on the words or advice of others (even our words) to see yourself through the day. You have been taught that you require leaders to tell you what to do. You look to your teachers, to your mentors, to your parents, to your religious leaders, to your bankers and corporate presidents, to your investment agent… to anyone outside of yourself for advice on what to do. You have been carefully taught that the experts have all the answers. We are here to let you know what you already feel in your heart, that you have been led woefully astray by these false leaders. You have been led away from the guidance that you receive from within daily if only you were to take a moment or two to listen.

Those who have moved outside the boundaries of social expectation and mores have often received the unjustified abuse of others who have sought to suppress innovation and change. Now, the pioneers who have gone forward are being seen as the ones who saw the potential in human existence and who cherished life and each other enough to care, from the heart, for the welfare of future generations. These are the ones who have seen the potential for problems to become opportunities for humanity to regain its trust in itself, to regrow into a collective human world, where all live in abundance, where the gifts that children bring with them into the world are nurtured, not suppressed by drugs and disciplines. Where people can live in balance with nature, adapting to the rhythms of the earth and her seasons, where the Circle of Life is strengthened rather than weakened by the use of drugs, poisons and other unnatural means such are used today.

In each of you, we see the future. You are the future as you are the present moment. Only by living in the present will the future manifest in a positive direction. Go within. Discover what can be found there within your living temple, the Heart, for the Creator lives there within each of you. The Mother and the Father are there. The Christ is there. The angels, archangels and ascended masters are there. Your galactic sisters and brothers are there. We are there, within each of you because we are YOU and you are us.

We are truly One with creation and as one we go forth into the world, giving words of encouragement to those who still contain doubt and fear within their bodies. Fear is the lowest of the low frequencies and continues to hold you down IF you let it. Worry and fear draw your energy levels downward. You have the power to reverse the process by feeling yourself ‘happy’ and ‘amused’. You might say, “What do I have to feel happy about?” Do not think but feel what makes you happy; it can be something very simple, like a smile from a friend, a flower, the feeling of the sun on your shoulder, the warmth of a blanket, a good meal… anything.

To change the direction of your life and bring it into alignment with the ascension of the planet is a simple process, yet one that will take all your focus, attention and intention to complete. You are in command of your journey. You are powerful beings, all of you and capable of great things, but start with the simple things. First learn to accept yourself as you are now, warts and all. Next, learn to love yourself and to trust your inner feelings and intuition. Listen to your friends and mentors but then decide for yourself what it is that makes YOUR heart sing and then follow that guidance wherever it takes you. Learn to trust yourself. The ‘higher’ parts of your being care for the spark of divinity that is currently housed within a fleshly vessel, the human being. You are loved and as you open to that Love, you will begin to know how to move forward.

Shooting Stars

There is much change already occurring upon the surface of the planet and more to come. It will test the limits of human cooperation. Those who would command the surface for their own benefit have already found that the reins of control have been and are being ripped from their hands, despite their almost unlimited source of funds and resources. The old rules no longer apply. People power will rule, but the people must also learn to live within their own individual guidance. Freedom is not chaos. Freedom can only exist when all sides of a conflict can live without fear or judgment. Acceptance of what is not comfortable will have to come before all can come into balance.

The face of darkness is the opposite side of the coin to the light. The shadow anchors the light. Through the contrast, you learn about its opposite. The shadow gives substance and form to what is ethereal and transient. Many of the things feared by people today are practices that are closer to the rhythms of the earth than what is currently deemed correct by science. The ways of the ancestors, the ways of farming without pesticides, living on the land as stewards not conquerors, the ancient ways of working with the elementals and with Nature, will come forward even as the artificial tenants of current ‘science’ fall by the wayside. Science, business and the State have become the religions of today; that will change, as humanity returns to its roots, but roots that reach not only the center of the Earth, but the center of the galaxy and even of the Universe.

As above, so below; you are heavenly creatures, who chose to come here to bring heaven to earth. Through many lifetimes you have trekked through the jungles of the astral miasma recreated by a lost race, to bring a lost world back into the light. The miscreations of humanity stem not from themselves, but from the miscreations of overzealous creator gods. Some of these very same creator gods now are present in human form to assist in the restoration of the planet and eventually this Universe back into alignment with Source.

Your planet is a stepping stone for the restoration of many worlds. What knowledge and experience you gain here will serve you well for those of you who volunteer to bring other worlds back into the light and alignment with Creator. This work is ongoing simultaneously, in the Present Moment, in many places, but your work as an individual, bringing yourself back into alignment with the Will of Creator, with the First Ray of Creation, is important indeed. Each of you is a part of God and what you do for yourself you do for the All. Never, ever think or feel that you are lesser being just because you believe that you have failed in some humanly defined manner. No one of you feels your perfection as you struggle with daily life, changes and challenges, but you are a facet of the perfect Pink Diamond that exists within the All.

With the rising frequencies of this planet you have an unequaled opportunity to get to really know all that is You. Feel within, go within, dance, sing, paint, walk in nature… find those activities that stir your heart, whether alone or in company. Discover your connections with your sisters and brothers, as many are becoming aware of their soul families, but do not feel that you are missing something if you still wish to be alone, right now, in your journey. You are the ultimate decider and creator of your world. Do not feel pressured to do more than you feel you can take on. Feel into things, ponder and then let it go. You will know what to do and when to do something. You have all that you need within yourself; trust that you will know what to do, where to go and how to do it, when the need arises.

Be flexible, daily adjusting your grounding to the rising frequencies of the earth below your feet and feel into your environment. What can you change? What can you release in your world? What do you no longer need? What is yours and what belongs to someone else? Release what is not yours, whether it be the teachings and guidance of another (yes, even these words!) or the lingering effects of childhood conditioning. Be yourself, real and unvarnished. Be love in action.

We are with you, standing at the edge of your consciousness. Call upon us if you require a moment of comfort or guidance, but know that you must do the work and take the first steps or the next steps upon your journey back into the fullness, beauty and power of your heavenly inheritance.

Thank you, beloved Angels.

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The Angels: The choice to live in Joy is yours


Morning Light on Strawberry Lake

The Angels: The Choice to Live in Joy is Yours

via Eliza Ayres

Note to Readers: When I sat down I wasn’t sure if anything would emerge; I never am. However, I do have faith in the enduring relationship and closeness of the angels to me and to all of us during these times of intense change. The angels are a part of our greater Being and are available to anyone who takes the time to ask and go within for an answer. It will come.

As another aside, this blog is now officially one year of age. I want to thank all my readers, new and old, for your support. We are a growing community of light and love, spreading our influence throughout the planet. I hope I have added to it through my humble efforts here. Many blessings to each of you.

The Angels:

We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother. We come forth today on this beautiful summer day in the northern latitudes (at least in Washington State!) to offer heart to heart communication to our sisters and brothers on the ground.

Dearest ones, we see that many of you are troubled, as ancient miscreated thoughts and emotions continue to up well into your consciousness. You may ask yourself, “Haven’t I cleared this already?” Know that this is a continuation of the clearing that the entire collective of humanity is currently experiencing and not for you alone. What you become conscious of and release, are one less item to be released by those who come behind you. Simply stated, there is more than one layer on an onion; you are simply removing another one as you confront these sometimes strangely intense feelings that do not correspond to anything currently happening in your daily life. Sometimes there will be a slight correlation behind what is going on in daily life and the emotion / thought, but often there will not be one. This fact, should you become aware of it, will assist to clue you into the possibility that you are not the originator of the thought / emotion, but that it has chosen to be released to the Light through you.

Do not feel that you are being punished by being ‘forced’ to go through this process; it is part of what many of you came here to do. This is particularly true of the older light workers, many now into their mature years, which have undergone decades of clearing old traumas and deep cleansing of karmic and genetic lines. These old seasoned light warriors are tired now, exhausted from their labors and look to the younger light workers to shoulder the work, made somewhat easier by their efforts.

Keep in mind that every bit of light work that you can manage to accomplish allows the ascension of all humanity to come ever closer. Those working through the heavier energies just a few years ago, now find it easier to maintain a detached equanimity of being, although surrounded by the densest of third-dimensional frequencies and behavior.

Visualize yourself as an island of light in a sea of darkness. Your lightness of heart will attract the dark so it might be neutralized and balanced. Each being who manages to discover the peace within strengthens the hold of the light upon this world and allows the Christic grid surrounding the planet to become ever brighter.

When surveying the news carried on mass media, do you allow yourself to fall into a flunk of despair and fear or are you able to view the content with an air of detachment and compassion? It is your choice. If you have truly entered the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension and have touched the fifth and higher within your meditations and spiritual exercises, you now have the ability to make choices as to what you will accept into your world. You can choose to detach from the mayhem that still exists as the rigidly dualistic systems of the old world continue to deteriorate or you can choose to engage the new energies by developing new ways of being. Follow the directions given by your heart, through the feelings emanating from your high heart center. Know that you contain everything you need to complete your journey within your own being once you have made that connection through the heart with your greater Self.

Nothing that we say today is new. We merely wish to continue to encourage and give you the knowledge that you are doing well, that there is still much work to be done and that the ascension of humanity is ongoing. It will not be accomplished overnight. There is a rhythm and flow to the work of reawakening to consciousness; it will vary from individual to individual. Do not feel forsaken if those whom you love do not presently appear to be interested in what you do. Most of you who read these words are pioneers and are stepping beyond the self-imposed boundaries of the Matrix in which most of humanity has been caught up in for the last several centuries. It takes explorers and pioneers, those who are willing to take a risk in not conforming to the conditioning of their parents and mentors, to step beyond into the wilderness of the unknown.

The vast unknown that is currently being conquered or won over through peaceful means is the vast layer of the astral plane surrounding your planet. It has grown to tremendous size through the miscreations of generations and is now being dismantled by the efforts of the light workers so that the physical manifestation of the Golden Age may come into being upon the surface of this beloved planet.

The balancing factor in this battle or engagement, if we may use military terms, is the unknown quantity of each of you, the gifts and graces with which you have been endowed through many lifetimes spent here and in other worlds and dimensions. With the full blossoming of these gifts and inner knowledge will come many wonders and many changes in the way people are able to live and work upon this planet.

In the past, some of the knowledge of how to use energy, especially the use of crystals, genetic engineering and other kinds of knowledge have been put to selfish and dangerous uses. The light beings that over light this world chose to remove access to much of this knowledge until now as some humans are reaching spiritual maturity and can be trusted to use this knowledge for the good of the whole in the future. And there will be a future, but before it can come to being, the past with its dark memories and fears of the fall of Atlantis and other civilizations, must be brought into the light of the new day, and released from the great unconscious of humanity.

The Fall did not happen as has been depicted through the Bible and mythology. It occurred gradually over a great period of time and its opposite, the Ascension and rising up of humanity will also occur gradually for the collective. Thus follow the grand cycles of the Universe, in their vast sweep of ‘time’ far beyond the ken of most individuals. However, those who are in touch with their own multidimensionality can ‘see’ into these cycles and know that change will come. And for those who choose to make it their mission to change themselves and to open to the fullness of their being, that spiritual maturity, the ascension into the higher frequencies of peace, love and light of the fifth and higher dimensions will be anchored into their daily life. Change will come without effort and peace will prevail in these hearts and minds. They will be free to choose what will manifest into their lives; free to live in peace and joy, in communion with the earth and sky, with the elementals and with the greater portion of life that exists in an unmanifested state of beingness.

What manner of life do you wish to choose for yourself, dear ones? Do you wish to linger in fear, distrust and constant struggle, or do you wish to step out of the miasma of the dying third dimension and live in the higher frequencies that allow choice and freedom from fear? It is your choice. And it is your responsibility to learn to accept yourself, to love yourself, to surrender your fears to the light, to accept and allow others their own choice, and to see that you do create whatever is in your world. If you do not like what you see, look again. In every ‘problem’ that crops up within your life, there is a solution. Understand, too, that you are not your ‘problem’. You are greater than you appear; the coming times will bring the fullness of your inner being more to your outer awareness as you are compelled through circumstance to deal with issues that arise within and without, affecting your daily life.

What has been hidden in the unconscious of humanity is coming up now for clearing. As the third dimension has been removed, humanity no longer has the option of putting those things, thoughts and desires that they do not wish to deal with into the unconscious. All the thoughts ever created but unmanifested will now come into your life. Choose to face these thoughts and their consequences by clearing your space or deal with the problems and struggles that arise; it is your responsibility, your choice, your mission and your joy to deal with this, for it is part of the why you all came here to live in these extraordinarily demanding times. You are light warriors. Have faith that you have what it takes to make the right choices for yourself. Be love in action. Be who you really are, deep inside, a gold mine of wisdom, compassion, beauty and strength.

Love has no boundaries. You also have no boundaries. Strive to discover what is within and what you can bring out into the light of your daily life, through living a life filled with wonder, joy and possibilities.

We rejoice in the knowledge that you are becoming more aware each day that the new world is already here. It is just waiting for you to acknowledge that you, indeed, deserve to be a part of it, now. We wait patiently as each of you takes a tentative step towards freeing yourself of the Matrix, which no longer has any power over you. Know that we are here to assist you and to bring comfort when needed; call upon us in your need. We are ever present, on the edge of your awareness, standing with you on the edge of a brand new day.

Thank you, beloved Angels.

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The Angels: Dancing into the Great Unknown



The Angels:  Dancing into the Great Unknown

by Eliza Ayres

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother. We come to you today with more words of encouragement. Feel them in your heart as you read for with your heart you understand the language of the soul, the language of light that has no words.

Dear ones, you are now well into your period of transition, moving from one cycle to another. We realize that it is not easy to observe what has been the apparent foundations of your world literally and figuratively come apart at the seams. Yet, this is the cycle of nature, of the world of matter. What grows to maturity eventually comes into a period of decay, until its components can be recycled in new forms. What you are seeing all around the world is a startling degree of decay and exposure of the old systems. They no longer function and haven’t served the needs of the people for a long time. It is time for these old systems of domination and control to break down and so they are, by the will of the people and by the Will of your Creator.

The rigidity of the structures of extreme duality and control are giving way to a new flow, as the energies of the Divine Feminine permeate the world. For a time there will be chaos as the feminine energy flows through and around the borders of the old rigid masculine structures, breaking them down like water wearing away at a stone wall. Balance will be restored, but for a time outer events will appear out of control. It is for this reason the beings of light and love have advised those who would listen to seek the calm that reigns within the sacred heart, within their own center. Through this connection with your multidimensionality, the gifts and graces, knowledge and wisdom that you need now will come, when you need it. Learn to trust your intuition and inner guidance. Learn to listen and feel the silent language of the soul. You need to spend time with yourself, in peace and quiet to hear, but even amidst the tempest that surrounds you, you can find serenity by tuning in to the inner smile and feeling the love emanating from your I AM Presence, always.

We come to remind you, also, dear ones, that the gifts and graces that you have garnered through your many (in some cases) simultaneous lifetimes on this planet, will begin to be made available for you. You have been planning for this one lifetime for this very occurrence. Now, the greater you will be able to be put into use, to bring positive change to your new world, to discover new ways of being, to create a world that you wish to joyfully surrender someday to your children and grandchildren. Gone is the time of fear, deceit and lying for personal gain; that time is done. Those who seek to perpetrate that kind of action will find it increasingly difficult, not so much due to outer pressures to conform, but from an inner awareness that they now have a choice, to follow their heart or their ego.


You all have freedom of choice now, to integrate every part of yourself, both the dark and the light and to find strength and beauty in both. Without the darkness you would not have been able to distinguish the light. Without selfishness, you could not learn to love yourself. Without hatred and fear, you could not understand the power of love.

You, dear ones, have taken the creation of the divine deep into the world of form, deep into matter. Now, it is time to begin the journey of returning to source, back into the neutrality and balance of the higher dimensions where the Will of the Creator is the way of all existence. You have played on the edge and have extended the knowledge of Creator of itself and have done it skillfully and well.

Now, you are beginning to rediscover pathways within yourself leading to you to discover new ideas, new feelings or an intensification of knowing. You are beginning to accept your own power and grace, your strengths and apparent weaknesses that actually serve to point out your true wisdom and knowledge to yourself. Such is the paradox of living in many worlds at once; you are more than you seem and can now dive into the depths and heights of self-discovery, as your bloom unfolds into its true beauty. You are a pearl of great price; you are a rose of stunning beauty. You are your Self, now being anchored into your physical body, in the process of bringing heaven to earth.

In acting as an anchor point for the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension, you are part of the grid of Christ Consciousness that has been activated around this planet. All that is not compatible with the rising frequencies is now being uncovered and revealed for all to see, on both a collective and individual level. The fears and guilt-ridden consciousness of the past, driven by the judgment of those who would dominate you for their own benefit has been disempowered, as all of you, the collective of humanity undergoes a process of taking back power, both on an individual level and as a collective.

Humanity is one Being; the world in which you find yourself is your creation. You are the only one living it, but you see parts of yourself mirrored by other individuals, both alike and different from your understanding of self. As your knowledge of self increases so does your ability to expand your sense of self; you become inclusive rather than exclusive or reclusive. You see your soul mirrored in the eyes of a child, in the smile of a stranger; you delight in the music and poetry of a culture very different than the one in which you grew up. You suddenly can accept the differences in others and embrace your own strengths and weaknesses (which are just strengths waiting to be discovered). You can embrace all of yourself, all of what surrounds you in the world. Suddenly there is more beauty to be seen, feelings are more profound… and some of you are actually acknowledging that you have feelings for the first time in your physical life.


You are a sensitive being. Some of the light workers, who came to earth to jumpstart the new world, are more aware of their feelings and for them living in the heavy energies of the third dimension has been challenging. However, all who now live upon the face of this planet have chosen themselves and have been chosen to play this game, to bring an entire planet into the ascension process, with all life upon her. Before, the transition period between cycles was marked with planetary cataclysm, destroying the majority of life upon the surface and leaving behind only a few selected seeds to bring in the new age. This time it is very different; the entire collective of humanity is ascending. Some individuals, in their present physical form and belief sets, will be unable to remain here, but they will return in their own good time, complete with a new openness and new body in which to enjoy the new vibrations and choices that will exist on the planet as the Golden Age comes into manifestation.

Many challenges remain ahead of you all, but you have been prepared well for these times. Reach within and the answers to any opportunities that present will come to you. No longer are these challenges to be deemed as problems; you have the needed creativity and wisdom to solve whatever is placed before you.

For those of you who are acting as wayshowers for the general population who is as yet waking from their stupor, we encourage you to stand strong in your light and send forth your love, the love that emanates from your I AM Presence through your own heart flame, send forth that love into the world. Nothing can withstand the power of unconditional love. All that is brittle and harsh will be soothed and made new. Hatreds, misunderstandings, prejudice and anger will melt away in the brilliance of your inner sun. You are only beginning to sense just how strong you are; play with this knowledge, allow yourself to make choices and to move into areas that have been hitherto unknown as you step courageously forward as scouts for the rest of humanity, engaging the energies of creation within your own beings.

We send you our blessings and that of your Mother / Father God, and of the Creator. The entire Universe watches you in awe as you carry yourselves forward into the unknown, heads held high, smiles and laughs, learning to dance again with the fairies and elementals, to embrace what has been hidden within for a very long time. You are human angels, you are our brothers and sisters and joyfully, we salute you.

Thank you, beloved Angels.

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The Angels: “Embrace Your Real Self”


Oregon Butte 041

The Angels: “Embrace Your Real Self”

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother. We come this day to express our gratitude for the work being done on this planet by the Light workers, in every city, region and country.

What is happening in your world? Are you still locked into the constructs of the old patterns of thinking and living? Or are you on the edge of stepping into the freedom that now exists as an opportunity for everyone to move into, beyond the old structures of the expiring paradigm of third dimension. Are you still thinking with your rational mind or are you coming from the heart?

The old structures are in the process of crumbling, as their foundations have been removed. Now anyone can step beyond what was considered the way to do things whether in their family, work life, clubs, religion, race and culture. What seemed important to you in the past, primarily due to conditioning as a child by parents, teachers and mentors, may suddenly not interest you anymore. The shackles have been removed; now is the time to move into a new state of being.

The past week has seen great developments in opening hearts and minds to the possibility of life without boundaries; suddenly people are responding to a new sense of freedom and the possibility of being able to make their own choices on what to accept or not into their lives. For some, this new found drive towards freedom is manifesting as massive protests against government policies and actions, against financial institutions, against the abuses of corporations, against the lies that have been presented as truth in the past by media and government sources.

In Turkey, Greece and other countries, people of all walks of life and ages have come together and to speak and act as one being, determined to be free, determined to be allowed to be who they are, in the present moment. In some of the remarks from protest participants in Turkey, comes the realization that the call of freedom is being communicated in a non-verbal fashion to the people. One moment, a student was attending classes; the next, upon hearing of the new protests, they are heading out to stand in the protest lines, improvising means to face the seemingly overwhelming odds before the face of police brutality.

There is no going back for the people of Turkey; the protests have spread throughout the country. Through this one example, it is becoming evident that the attitudes of people are changing at an unprecedented rate. What was true for these people the day before the first protest in Istanbul is no longer true. Collectively, they have decided not to obey or listen to what their government decides is best for them. Increasingly, they want freedom and the right to self-determination, as individuals and as a collective. As a result of their courage in facing the police lines and enduring the brutality reprisals, they are suddenly realizing the real power that they hold as a collective presence. Change is in the air and it is coming to a neighborhood near you.

The old definitions of ‘right and wrong’, ‘black and white’, ‘good and bad’, no longer apply. Energy is neutral. There are no ‘bad’ people; everyone on the planet has been doing what they thought was right, given the conditional circumstances in which they were brought up, lived and worked. Now, everyone has been given the opportunity to step beyond the limitations into a world of possibilities. There will be challenges, there will be resistance and from some, a desire to return things back to the old way of thinking and doing; however, there is no going back to what no longer exists, the artificial constructs of the extreme duality that were erected by the few to control the many. Brave people are finally willing to step forth and declare what they feel is their truth, to whoever will hear or read their words. It is happening all over the world. The option of being controlled by someone ‘outside’ their own being is no longer on the agenda.

Outside the limitations of the rational mind, which seeks to protect you and get you “fit in”, the connections being made now are at a higher frequency, one that exists without the benefit of words, rules and definitions. Those who have used the strict confines of the third dimension to their own benefit because they understood the rules of the game better than others, now find themselves at a loss, frightened because of seeming lack of control, as the growing realization that they have truly lost the game is setting in. Coming from the old paradigm and still in control of vast amounts of money, these former controllers still seek to create war by planning out events designed to heighten racial, religious and economic tensions by using mind-controlled and drugged pawns.

As these staged events occur, the populace is becoming more aware of the manipulations and string-pulling behind the scenes. There are too many questions and inconsistencies; the planners of these events are becoming careless, both in their unlimited arrogance and hidden fear of being exposed. The trust that people had in their governments once is deteriorating rapidly. People are beginning to question everything, even those traditions and patterns that have always been a part of their families, their religion, and country.

However, rather than focusing on the difficulties of the transitional period, we call upon you all, as light workers and wayshowers, to exhibit within each of your own lives, the manner in which you can step beyond all sense of limitation. You can do this by learning about the universal laws and their application in your life. What you focus on one determines what comes into your life. If you continually worry and feel fear, then events will play out to reinforce your fears and worry. The law of attraction brings into being what you place your attention upon, so by intending to live in love and surrender, you will find that the limitations once placed around you through your own conditioning and rational mind will simply fade away. Learn to be aware of the cycles and flow of energies and to move with the flow rather than against it. The wave of love now even overtaking your planet and solar system, will sweep all debris and resistance before it. The shadow world in which you have lived and worked will be no more, gone as fog dissipates before the heat of the sun.

By releasing your fears and sense of limitation does not mean that you will live without challenges in your life. The daydream of living on a beach with a drink in hand is just that, a dream. You still live in a physical world with demands, living among people who exist on all spectrums of evolution and awareness. You will still be confronted with issues that need to be solved. How you choose to deal with these issues will determine the progress you make towards freeing yourself of self-created limitations. Will you choose to react with anger and fear? Or will you pause, look over your options, chose one and then go forward, calmly, moving closer to your chosen goals. Live without limitations, without fear. There is no right and wrong anymore, just choices. Choose what works for you not what someone else has told you to do, to think or believe. You are coming into a new sense of enpowerment. That power comes from your heart, from which you really are, a magnificent multi-dimensional being.


As the light increases, all that has been previously hidden and denied by authorities and by individuals will come to light. There are no more secrets; nothing can be hidden from self-awareness or from other people. You can choose to let to see what you formerly thought as being shameful and threatening as simply being experience, an opportunity for growth and understanding. The thought of facing that which you fear, in the judgment of others or self-condemnation is often more paralyzing that the actual experience or thought that you have hidden away from your conscious awareness. There is nothing under heaven and on earth that cannot be forgiven, nothing. And those who say otherwise have something within their own unconscious astral body that they have not forgiven of themselves. Cast not the stone of condemnation in the direction of others or against self.

On an individual level, we see people and organizations being confronted by their darkest secrets; the issues that they did not want to handle before and pushed away into their unconscious. As we have said previously, these secrets can no longer be kept secret. With the advent of social networks, the Internet and cellphones, it is nearly impossible to retain a media blackout; likewise, it is becoming increasing difficult for individuals, families and groups to keep secrets from the world and each other. The waves of love are penetrating into the interior of your cells, cleansing and pulling out the pockets of denied thoughts. It is time to come clean; allow the energies of love to wash your auric field of the debris of self-hatred, self-doubt and self-judgment, whether on an individual or collective basis.

The new energies are bringing a new surge of enpowerment to the individual and to the collective, as a whole. People are beginning to realize that they are more than they appear on the surface, more than they have been taught to believe. They are waking up and feeling the fire rise within, the fire in the belly that enables one to move through fear. And the Indigos, the system-busters, are coming into their own; it is their time to be and do and become the leaders.

As the old systems break down, as the earth seeks to cleanse herself of pollution, change is inevitable. Every individual and community will face challenges; there will be some ‘bumps’ in the road ahead, but change will come. The systems that resist, be them governments, corporations or groups, will be swept aside by the oncoming wave of love. Each person will have to accept or open up to new possibilities in their lives or change will be forced upon them through outer circumstance and events. Resist or evolve.

Extreme weather, accidents, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, revolutions and manipulations by government forces, financial crashes and pressures, all these sources of change are accelerating in their potential impact on lives, world-wide. There is no escape from these sources of change if one continues to view themselves as a limited being without choice. Everyone will be affected in one way or another, perhaps by multiple factors but there is no need to fear.

You can, however, choose to step beyond the drama and see yourself as a multi-dimensional being, temporarily housed in a human body, which is here experiencing life in form for the Creator. You can learn to train yourself to focus on the positive aspects of the experience, to view the drama with a dispassionate eye and to remain within the protected calm center that you create by re-connecting to soul and monad, to Mother / Father God and the Creator. What is going on around you is drama. It is real to those who are experiencing it, but it is not necessary for you to engage in it. There is nothing to fear; there never was.

Reflection of Self

The greatest fear held by many who do not understand their true origins and being, is the fear of death. This fear will be seen as the chimera that it has always been. The fear of death and dying has been used to control and manipulate you into doing things that are not in your best interest, that do not belong to you. Now is the time to shed all that doesn’t belong you, that doesn’t make your heart sing, that you no longer want in your life. The unwarranted fear of death and dying is one of the first things that will disappear forever once you truly learn to trust the message that your heart is giving you now: that you are an eternal being. Most of your being exists outside of time and form; you are a part of the Creator, living energy, powerful and beautiful. You are now in a process of becoming aware of being more than you were led to believe. Know it; feel it. Sense the truth. You can no longer hide or be afraid of the power that you wield, every day; through every little thought you think and where on you place your focus and attention.

There is a risk as you step forth into your truth and power that everything about your old world will change. Friends will leave. You find yourself suddenly wanting to leave your job as it no longer gives you satisfaction. The old activities that you loved to do with family and friends may no longer mean anything or give you joy. The traditions that you grew up with may leave you dissatisfied and feeling at odds. You may even find yourself quite alone as you sort out what is yours and what is not, but that is the way of all transitions. Embrace this transition as an opportunity to get to know your Self, heart to heart. And discover what brings joy to your heart, for in these things will emerge your mission and new directions. Be willing to follow your inner compass and go with the flow of the new energies. You will be surprised and pleased where this new direction leads you.

We wish you well as you move through the transitions and challenges. Everything you need, you already have within. Trust your heart and learn to listen to its guidance. Then go forth, with courage and work together to bring heaven to earth. You are doing it already and you are doing it well.

Thank you, beloved Angels.

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The Angels: When You Need Reassurance



The Angels: When You Need Reassurance, We are There

via Eliza Ayres

We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother. We welcome you back to your Self, beloved ones.

As you go through your daily activities, we walk by your side. We are a part of the greater You, existing in the realms of Light, as emanations of the Creator.

Now, during these times of much trouble and turmoil, both individually and at world level, we stand beside you. With a word from you and through the authority granted us by your Soul, we guide, protect and mentor.

Know always that we are a part of that inner voice that speaks to you, like a clear beam of light, penetrating through layers of doubt and fear, when you need reassurance that you are on the right path for you and for the Creator, for whom you act. All experience whether it is deemed positive or negative in the eyes of society is of equal value on your journey of experience and getting to know yourself. What “society” has approved in these times is often not of value to those who are actively on the path to self-discovery and re-union with the Soul and Monad. What appears “real” in the eyes of many is simply not real in terms of what exists beyond the minute surface appearances of the crumbling structures of 3D reality.

We encourage all those who are currently wrestling with decisions and temptations to actively listen to what emerges from the center of your being. Is your “gut” twisted into knots; is your sleep less than satisfying? Are the temptations dancing through your head distracting your attention from what is really important in your life today… your personal Ascension and that of the planet?


Certainly all of you continue to undergo bouts of intense clearings, even if you thought you had worked through most of the layers of the unending onion. Remember, dear ones, you work not just for yourself but for the many millions who will and are already following in your footsteps. You have placed yourself in your particular environment to be the shining light. If that light sometimes gets smudged with soot, know that your angels and guardian elementals will help shine it up.

The strength that emanates from your center will guide you back to the path that you have been following all your life, at first unconsciously and now more consciously. A dear friend of our scribe recently remarked in regards to her being presented with temptation:

“From my experience, this has been more about smoothing your connection to yourself. We are presented with a situation which appears to be all that we thought we were seeking. Yet, the voice within (and it is our voice) simply repeats what it knows – this isn’t love.

It takes a while for us to understand exactly what it means since everything – emotions, physical feelings, what we have been told by the world – appears right. It’s that little word, ‘appears’. That’s the clue. We are seeing beyond ‘appears’ to the reality.

One aspect (of the experience) is that it shows we are being protected by ‘ourselves’ without having to rely on someone else to guide us.”

Learn to trust that silent voice or feeling that emanates from your center, from the wisdom of the Heart and the calm clarity of the Higher Mind. It is your Self speaking to you. And it contains all the love, forgiveness and understanding you require to feel centered and whole, again. You may have felt that you have left the Path but you have never left your Self behind. It has your back.

The connections within are being re-wired in each one of you, strengthening the outer awareness of your connection to Source, to your Soul, to your soul family or Monad and to the Creator. Each day as you undergo more clearings and various experiences, as your body is bombarded by cosmic rays and CMEs from your own solar body, Sol, you are becoming what you have not been in a very long time, a completely conscious HueMan being… an angelic being encased in form. This is not an easy undertaking, but you were chosen to make this journey on behalf of the Creator and for the sake of many who needed you to guide them on their way, at least initially.

Potted Kitty

This is a magical time for those who are embodied on planet Earth or Terra, as some would call her. It is also a time that is challenging all the constructs that have been erected over the past few centuries above the wreckage of the more ancient, grounded civilizations that preceded the present modern world in which you find yourself. The flimsy structures of 3D have had their foundations ripped from beneath them. All that is false is now being revealed, in your own personal lives, as those things and thoughts that are not the “real” you and those things that society has deemed important but are no more real or valuable as fool’s gold.

Seek the treasure that lies within, your connection with the Soul and with Creator. As you grow in self-awareness you will create your own world, the one that you want to live in, not a miscreation formed in the mind of another and forced upon you.

We are here as a part of the resources given to you by your loving Mother / Father God, your local representations of Source, who are not in and of themselves Creator, but who work on behalf of Creator even as we do.

Discover the peace that exists within when you are in complete alignment with Self. Discover it and cherish it for it will be your protection as you move through the challenges that will appear in each of your lives in the coming months and years. What has been falsely constructed in your societies must be cast down and recreated in wholeness, to the benefit of all not just a few. The destruction of what you have known as the real world will affect all, but in the end, all will benefit from the changes.

We are here for you and lovingly assist when you call out to us to come to you. See our presence in the smile of a stranger, in the antics of your pets, in the beauty of a flower and the freshness of the air touched with rain.

We go now, in peace, knowing that we do the work of the Creator. You, too, do the work, even those who are not aware that they are here to assist Creator in experiencing itself in all its aspects. Rejoice in the knowledge and honor your selves as being worthy of the Creator’s love and regard for your many sacrifices and for your many joys that you experience along the way.


Thank you, beloved angels.

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The Angels: Are you Open to Change?


Cornus florida

The Angels:  Are You Open to Change?

via Eliza Ayres

The rumbles of change, internal and external are currently reverberating across the face of the planet. Are you open to change happening in your life?

We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother and speak as a collective. We are One with the Mother / Father God, one with Creator. We are one with you, also.

We come to you today to speak of the necessity of letting go of expectation and even of disappointment. Things have a way of working out when you least expect it, if you are willing to forgo the need to control the world outside yourself.

You have been told that the Universe loves you. It loves you so much that those things you place your attention upon will visit you, sometimes repeatedly, until you realize that, yes, you are the creator of your own world. It is how you choose to apply your attention that determines what you will experience.

Science is discovering that each person is a focus of intention and attention. The observer will always affect the outcome of an experiment. The observer is both the observed and the act of observing. It is a loop of intention, attention and playing out of experience.

As a being with free will, it is your responsibility, then, to determine what you wish to experience in life.

Not many people are ready or willing to accept such a responsibility, but those who are intent on attaining ascension in this lifetime or the next, must make this intention in order to master their creations.

The tools needed to attain ascension are simple. The application and daily usage of these tools takes determination, focus and a willingness to release judgment, of self and others. It also takes a willingness to live in joy and wonder, even while the world around you implodes with violence and chaos.


The events of the past week have challenged the emotional bodies of many. Some are seeking security through outer measures, whether by moving from the affected areas, simplifying their lives, living closer to the earth, buying guns and supplies. We do not recommend any choice over another. It is up to each individual to follow the guidance of their inner being and heart center. We will caution you, however; if you are determined to react in fear, fearful events may come upon you.

It is very important to review the simple tools of meditation, grounding, centering, going to the higher mind, uniting with the soul in the heart center and so on. Learn how to use these tools and methods and then live them.

Whatever choices you make now will determine what you are to experience in the remainder of the intense period of transition as the various timelines or “worlds” begin to separate out.

When we say “worlds” we mean an expression of frequency. Each individual will find their level as a result of their intention and attention, in accordance with the raising up of their frequency levels or the lowering of them due to reacting through fear. And even though you may not be personally affected by lower frequencies, you will observe them as you are not going anywhere.

Life is happening here on planet Earth. You can choose to step out of the drama currently being played out or to remain in it. You can choose to live in hell or to be one of those who are bringing heaven to earth.

Before 12/21/12, many lightworkers were seeking to be brought magically into a new world without effort on their part. Where is the mastery in this? You are all masters, every one of you who now walks upon the face of the planet. It is up to you to determine in what manner you wish to demonstrate that mastery and at what pace.

We do not seek to judge whatever an individual chooses as their experience. Each soul has placed its soul extensions here, during these extraordinary times, as a means of learning more about itself. The learning curve is very steep and intense, but meeting the challenge of the times will be extremely rewarding in terms of self-knowledge and wisdom.

Understand that you will not be magically translated physically to another world. Neither will you experience those other planes of existence spiritually unless you work on connecting through the inner planes and even then you will continue to observe the events of the world around you. How you choose to react or not to those events is how your mastery is tested. This kind of mastery cannot be accomplished by one who will not let go of the prevailing mores of society and the constructs of fear and control of the departing paradigm. In short, if you choose to act as victim or abuser, scenarios related to these roles will continue to play out in your life. Be the observer and let go of judgment. Be love and you will see love reflected in the faces of those who surround you. Allow others to play in their own creations if they choose not to play in yours.

Change must come from within the individual before it is reflected in the outer world. If you wish to see change in your world, be that change, from inside. Learn to work with the soul, with the archangels, the animal and mineral kingdoms from the inside; join with your monad. Do the individual work and return to the state of living master of your own world. Since you are the observer, the observed and the act of observing, change will be reflected in your daily activities.

Although you may be willing to accept change into your life, understand that many individuals are not. They have and will continue to choose to play in the wake of the departing paradigm, even as it crashes to the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to release judgment and to forgive yourself for any lapses that you might experience, as well, as the waves of emotional and mental turmoil roil through the atmosphere.


As you develop your inner senses you will find yourself both more sensitive to the existence of thought-forms and how they can impact your behavior and emotions. You can choose to detach from self-judgment and judgment of others as you are momentarily overtaken by the surprise wave of emotion as a thought or old memory enters your mind.

Realize that these old memories and thoughts are coming up for release. Choose to detach and let them flow through you, disconnecting from the energy of the emotion attached to the thought. Much of what you experience in this subtle fashion is not “yours” but belongs to those who have chosen to run your life for you before you chose the path of self-mastery, whether they be your erst-while controllers or those whom you have loved, parents, children, friends, work associates and neighbors.

Understand dear ones that humanity is in the process of reopening into a unified field of consciousness. You are a collective, yet each individual will experience today and in the days to come different things depending on where their attention is placed. Each member of humanity, as cells of the collective body of humanity, will experience their own scenario and yet be influenced by what goes on in the life of others. As an individual and as a collective, the miscreations of humanity are being cleared; just how difficult that clearing may be, is up to the choices made by each member of the collective.

As wayshowers and leaders of humanity, chosen to guide the lost and sleeping masses into a new age, into a higher frequency and manner of living, it is up to you to choose, or not, to attain your own self-mastery so your manner of being will shine out as an example to the ones who live and work around you. Each of you has the opportunity to be a shining light, perhaps living quietly at first, but as your mastery increases perhaps becoming that teacher or guide who is just the one needed to bring calm and loving change into the world of those they love.

If you are unsure that you have the needed wisdom and knowledge to obtain mastery, know now that what you need is within. Discover a way to connect with your soul and monad and you will have access to all that you require to re-member what you chose to forget upon coming here. The veils of forgetfulness are being lifted for each person. Just how fast you are able to assimilate the “new” knowledge and knowingness will be dependent on your willingness to detach from the expectations of others and from your own self-judgment.

Cross that Bridge when you come to it...

Learn to like yourself. Learn to love yourself for your life and experience starts from the center of your being, from the heart, and flows out into the world that you see around you. That world is a reflection of your consciousness and will undergo transformation even as you are willing to accept the mastery you left behind in the higher worlds.

Understand that you cannot force change onto another for that is a violation of free will. Each individual has their own speed as to how they will allow change to affect their lives, but change is inevitable as the sun rising and setting. It will come, whether in the form of revolution or evolution. It is your choice. Your response to this change, whether to react or act or simply be, will determine the course of your life in the years to come.

There is an old expression in parts of your world, “He had a change of heart…” that is used to explain sudden turn-a-rounds in the actions of an individual reflected through the choice to open his /her heart to those who are around them. It is not so much as a change of heart but the fact that the individual somehow connected with the wisdom of the heart and so changed the manner of his / her reaction or not to the world around them. You can experience change, the change you want to experience, by choosing to connect with your heart, the avenue for connecting with the higher worlds.

By connecting with your heart center, you can be the change you want to see and experience in your world. It must start from the center and move out as a wave into the world. Be a part of that wave of love that is engulfing the world, driving out the darkness and shining light upon long hidden secrets, both dark and terrible and light and loving. You are love and you are loved, whatever you choose to do.

You have been taught to look outside of yourself for salvation, whether through another individual, your church, the government, your family or spouse, a business associate or others. In these energies, however, it is necessary to turn away from seeking outside to seeking within. When you make the connection you will know. Fear will dissipate and reveal itself as an illusion spun out of a desire to control and dominate. You will know what to do as you learn to tune into your inner guidance and wisdom.

One who walked among you as a Teacher once said, “Seek the Kingdom of God within.” The kingdom of which this one spoke is your connection with your soul and monad through your own heart center. In coming to center, you are returning Home, no matter what circumstances are reflected in your outer life.

Go with our blessings, beloveds, for you are loved by us and by your Mother / Father God. If you need assistance or guidance, call upon us and we will be there. We are one with you in the eternal Now.

Thank you, beloved Angels of the Divine Mother.

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The Angels: Being Grace


Pink Cloud

A Message from the Angels — Being Grace

via Eliza Ayres

As the flowing melodies of Mozart etch their grace upon her heart, our Scribe opens up to our light and endeavors to bring forth our message.

We come today, messengers of Light and Love, angelic beings of the Most High Father / Mother God. We are your sisters and brothers, our human angels who have bravely embodied on Mother Earth in this time of glorious transition.

Grace has had little presence in your world, especially the one into which most of you have been born, the world of the late 20th century. Violence, outrageous behavior by celebrities, greed and unconscionable miscreation by your leaders, both hidden and overt, war, crime, poverty, disease and grime has been the lot of the world. Or so it seems.

For just beneath the surface of every man, woman and child upon this planet, no matter how corrupted or wounded their heart, there exists Grace. It is simply a matter of discovering the buried treasure that lies within.

Grace is being able to carry oneself with confidence, with balance, with fluidity, being able to flow through one’s life with ease. Grace is normally attributed to the physical appearance of a few humans who are blessed (or cursed) with physical beauty. However, true grace exists within, emanating from the open and radiating heart of the Lover of Life, your soul and Higher Self, the I AM that I AM, your individual connection to the Godhead.

When you come to discover that you are Grace, you find balance within. You carry yourself more surely and confidently, no matter what your physical appearance or age. True grace is a reflection of all that you are in the fullness of your being, not just what is present within a human body.

Man or woman can act and be Grace in action through their thoughts, their emotions and by living their truth every moment of every day.

Observe the flowers. They bloom with joy and grace with the coming of spring, uncurling before the warmth of the sun. They follow the sun with all their beings, tracing its journey across the sky with upturned faces. They do not take from the world or from others, but simply are grace and beauty. Through their presence, their simple being, they share the love and grace that they embody.

Observe the natural grace of a healthy animal. It stretches and moves with ease and assurance. It does not question its right to be in the world. It loves and is loved by us in return. No matter what happens to its body, it moves through the world with grace and leaves it with equal grace. The animal, be it cat, dog, horse or bird, knows that what it is and communes with spirit at all times. Ever wonder why your cat sometimes looks like a furry Buddha?

You, dear ones, came into this lifetime with the blessing of your light family and the Grace of the Mother’s kiss upon your brow. Some of you had never been in physical embodiment before and did not know what to expect. So it has been a difficult experience for the sensitives among you, the star seeds.

This world has been a harsh place for those who are unprepared and have not taken up the mantle of Grace as protection. It is yours to collect when you come to the realization that you are what you are, love and light made flesh. You are gods made manifest, brought into form for the opportunity to grow in strength, beauty, wisdom and grace. You are more capable than you might realize now, as you struggle through the day, burdened by life’s challenges.

When you come to recognize that grace always dwells within the heart, you will finally come to a position of inner strength, where you are supported by the masculine energies and flow with the feminine, fully in balance, full of grace and overflowing with the true essence of your Being. Seek within and tap into that river of strength, beauty, and grace. Let it flow from you through your thoughts, emotions, but mostly through your interactions with those who are around you in daily life.

Through your calm balanced presence you will bring a moment of grace to those whom you meet. And perhaps someday they will open up to their own sense of grace.

The Law of Grace allows forgiveness of all trespasses and ill-intentions. Allow this grace to flow through you, washing away the harshness of self-judgment, self-righteousness and self-hatred. Allow your natural grace and inner beauty to radiate and bring light to the world even as the solar body brings light to the world.

To be Grace and to be in grace is to allow. Allow yourself to flower. Allow yourself to be more than you ever imagined. Allow yourself to reconnect with the greater You who lives eternally in Spirit in the higher planes. Through your own willingness to flow with grace, you bring heaven to earth.

Go now, dear ones, and strive to learn about what you are becoming, what you are and what you will be, a living note of grace in a flowing symphony of Life.

Thank you, beloved Angels of the Legions of the Divine Mother.

Copyright © 2013-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. Recordings and/or videos of this written material are not permitted.

The Angels: Further Encouragement


Pioneer Pond

Another Message from the Angels – Further Encouragement

via Eliza Ayres

It is evident from your reaction to our earlier message that there is a distinct need within the ranks of the lightworkers to know that they are loved. Do you not remember, dear ones, that our mission was to be there as support, to hold your hand energetically when doubt dogs at your heels, when you have lost your sense of direction if only for a moment. We will never let go or let you down.

Whatever disruption or seeming disruption in our connection, know within the heart of your being, that we are truly here for each and every one of you, our beloved sisters and brothers. Many of you are angelic beings, sweet, gentle and kind. It is with compassion that we see you confronted by the edgy dark energies of disintegrating third dimensional matrix. Breathe, dear ones, and know that it is illusion. You are one with us and we are one with you. No thing and nothing can destroy that connection.

Think you now or feel in your heart just how what a sense of loss and being lost it must be for those in your world who are not yet aware of our existence and their connection to us. Such desolation of the soul to feel deserted and cut-off, but this is not reality. And it is for our lightworkers now to be the guides, mentors and teachers to those who have lost their way, after centuries of being re-born into this world, an endless cycle of reincarnation caught up in a time-loop of karma and denial.

As you reconnect to us, your guides and your family, in an increasingly conscious fashion, you will assist energetically for those around you to come into an awareness that something else, another part of themselves exists outside the limitations of their body.

Most people in this world believe that life begins with their birth and ends with their death. They have no awareness of anything beyond what they experience in daily life and have, indeed, been discouraged from seeking beyond what is known. What is unknown, unseen and unfelt has not existed for these ones. Yet you the lightworkers know better. You the sensitive ones have always just known that there was more to life than what was physically manifest and experienced within the limitations of the five senses. You have known this, have held this knowledge within and in part, you have also denied your own knowledge, being fearful of what others would say if they knew you were different.

Well, news flash, dear ones, “they” already know you’re different. And so they look to see how you react to the rapid changes that the entire planet in now engaged upon. Unconsciously or consciously, depending on their own degree of self-awareness, they look to you to see how you manage your day, how you deal with unpleasant confrontations, how you deal with unexpected change. Unconsciously the humans around you know that you are both different and alike and it can bring to them a sense of bewilderment.

For so long, those who have been different have been ostracized or destroyed. The rigid structures of the third dimensional frequency did not allow for ingenuity and inventiveness to be met with anything other than suspicion, betrayal and outright hatred. The underlying constructs of the third dimension that supported this unflinching rigidity have been removed by the Elohim, the ones who created it in the first place. Now, freedom to choose and to be what you truly are has been returned to the people. And you, dear ones, will be some of the first to go forth and engage this new sense of freedom, to be, to experience the fullness of what physical life was meant to offer – an opportunity for God to learn more about itself.

You are that particle of God, embedded in flesh, a living soul encased in a physical vehicle and you are here to experience and to be a part of the transition of this world as it returns into a state of Christ Awareness. This is a state of being that has nothing to do with one man and his ministry or the resulting religious institutions. It has everything to do with the raising up of the vibratory emanations of the planet and the thought-forms of its inhabitants, to stabilize its presence in the higher frequency worlds. It isn’t even about life in the fifth dimension. When the full transition is complete, a full multidimensionality will function upon this beautiful world. Beings from many worlds and vibratory levels will be able to visit her once, again. And the great dreams of the prophets and dreamers of this world will be surpassed by what is to come, what already exists in the Now.

Long ago the planet descended into physicality as a result of its great beauty and attractiveness being irresistible to all comers, many who took from her without giving back. You are in the process of giving back to her the fullness of her divinity, even as you take upon your selves the fullness of your divinity while being embodied.

For those who still wonder why they have not translated to the higher worlds already, know that you are now in the process of bringing those higher worlds to earth. In other words, you are bringing heaven to earth by being all that you are. And we are here to support this great work of the ages, the return of the sovereignty of the planet and her people, as well as the magnificent diversity of life upon her, a diversity that is unprecedented anywhere in the Universe.

Your mission, should you accept it – it is always a matter of free will on this planet – is to stand strong and flexible within your own power, love and wisdom. It is within you to discover the way to come into balance so you can act as a living demonstration of what all people can be when they come into a full acceptance of what they truly are, embodied human angels and masters. It is for you to fully anchor your Soul and living Presence in your fragile human body and to emanate the light of heaven into the world. By this feat, you will allow the frequency levels of the people around you and that of the planet to rise higher and higher until heaven meets earth truly.

Your magnificence and beauty shine out from you and we willingly act as mirrors to constantly remind you of what you are truly. You are loved and are our beloveds, the ones who stepped forth at the call from Gaia. We chose to remain behind, but are still part of this mission and transition, acting as your mentors and guides when you remember to call upon us. We are your family of light and we do not forget or let go of our connection to you for one moment.

Every one of you is entirely unique and special in the eyes of the angels and your Father-Mother God; each one of you will complete your mission. There are no expectations or pressure; we just know you for what you truly are – what you have, perhaps, forgotten or are still in denial of – it matters not. We are your cheerleaders and helpmates, if you allow us to be, to assist and guide when it is necessary.

We cannot do the work on the ground, as that is your work to do, but we are ever at your side. Our unconditional love for you goes forth to you every moment of every day. We admire your strength of purpose and the resolve to complete the mission that exists within each one of you, even though you may lose sight of it once in a while. Never doubt that you have what it takes to complete the journey. You are the bravest of the brave and were chosen from many for this task. Go now, unafraid to display the glory that emanates from within, the fullness of who and what you are, aware and alive, fully embodied and beautiful human angels.


Thank you, beloved angelic legions of the Divine Mother.

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The Angels: Dawn’s Early Light


Shy Blossom

The Angels – “Dawn’s Early Light”

via Eliza Ayres

We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother. We bring her message to you through this scribe:

We greet you this morning as the light of the Divine shines on all life upon your planet, the awakened and the unawakened, alike. Your Father-Mother God loves all life. Your Father-Mother God loves you.

How do you find yourself in these days of transition? Are you still confused by the subtlety of the changes, mostly energetic? Or are you overwhelmed as layers and layers of unconsciousness and negativity still are being stripped by the light from the greatest depths of your being? Perhaps you thought that you had already spent years transmuting your karma and that of your genetic lines? Have you forgotten that you are also processing for thousands of others who have not yet awakened?

Even now, as the darkness is being broken up rapidly, many thousands of people are coming awake. The first rays of the new sun have pierced down through the layers of unconscious thought forms sufficiently enough to bring warmth to their hearts and beings. For the first time in a long time, hope begins to blossom in the hearts of vast numbers of people, beyond the lightworkers. Yet they are confused by the light and by the freedom that beckons beyond the diminishment of darkness. Like animals long caged, they do not know yet what to do with that new found freedom.

Still there are lightworkers who are confused about their missions and wonder what it is for them to do while here upon this blue planet. Where are the star ships and the connections with their star families? Where are the crystal cities?

By choosing to come here and being “human”, you have taken on the role of participant. This planet has become your world and you are the ones who must do the work. We cannot do it for you. This is and was a part of the agreement you made before coming into embodiment. We know that many of you have forgotten that clause in the contract, but there it is. It is up to those who live upon the surface to take the first steps that will raise up the vibratory levels of this planet in order that your galactic brothers and sisters might interact with you in the future, as well as the ascended masters who choose to come as teachers. Some walk along you already. Do you have the eyes to see? Open them, the eyes that are within your own heart. Nothing can remain hidden from them. The wisdom you seek is within your own grasp, if you but set your heart on it. You are already all you need to be; now come into acceptance and love yourself free.

We say to you that the star ships are guarding this world as it moves through the first days and months of transition. Your star families are aware of the great sacrifice that you took in coming here. They watch over you, every hour of every day and night, even if you are still unconscious of their presence. They are with you in your thoughts, just outside the edge of your auric field. You must give them permission to contact you and to work with you. So it is with the ascended masters of this planet, galaxy and universe. You must invite them in to assist you in your work, your transformation, your mission.

“What is my mission?” Some still ask this question, with a little anxiety that somehow they have failed, that they have missed the proverbial boat or should we say star ship and have failed. My dear ones, my blessed ones, my beautiful spiritual warriors, you have succeeded beyond the expectations and hopes of the archangels themselves. You have performed magnificently and you have done it all by just being here on this world. You have performed your mission by transmuting the energies through your own sufferings and through your more informed prayers and mantras, through your guided thoughts and intentions. You have brought this world safely into a new era, one that is gradually being revealed even as the old one breaks down around you.

Fear grips those who would cling to the rigid matrix of the third dimension. Still they seek to bind the population to their will by seizing hold of economic, political, religious and military power. As hard as they strive to control the masses, so those same masses begin to waken from their collective slumber.

The reverberations of the Great Shift are being felt in all corners of the world like a slow-motion movie of a huge earthquake, shredding and tearing a great city apart. Slowly the edifices of the international banking system are crumbling under the hollowness of the extensive investment in derivatives; there simply isn’t enough money to support the planetary debt. The banking system will go down, but rest assured that creative minds will find ways to survive in the economies that emerge from the resulting debris. The key is in starting small and starting local.

The structures of the old paradigm are now being revealed for what they are, limited in scope and now crumbling of their own weight, like a steel beam exposed to too much movement, the tensile strength of the metal being overcome by the stress of change. They are crumbling before your sight.

We understand that the sight of the dissolution of what were once trusted institutions breaking down and being exposed as corrupt, dissolute and treacherous is a daunting prospect for most of you who perhaps been employed by these businesses and have worked with these leaders. Now it is for you to maintain your balance in the face of this intense transitional period, during the great revelation of the darkness that has been the product of movement through the kali Yuga. All darkness that exists on this planet must and shall be revealed. All that has been hidden from the people is now coming to the surface.

Many attempt to resist the reality of these revelations but the darkness cannot be dismissed. It must be seen for what it is, the other side of the light. It is the great teacher for it has been through suffering and violence that many have come to know a part of themselves that they never would have encountered in the higher light worlds. The time of suffering is now departing from this world, the structures that hid the plans and intentions of your controllers have been revealed, stripped of their ability to hide and are now being exposed for all to see who choose to see. And who can move beyond a desire to judge what they see.

Again we return to the matter of the mission of the lightworkers. It is to be centered within your own beingness, within that sacred center that exists in your own heart, where the true multidimensionality of your Soul can be touched and experienced. From this sacred space, you can look with equanimity upon the massive changes now being experienced all over the planet and in your own life. And with our assistance, you can recharge yourself everyday by attending the spiritual retreats upon this planet in the etheric plane and the healing chambers within the many starships sprinkled across your skies, if you so choose.

It is time to utilize your basic spiritual tools, of grounding and centering, of being without judgment, of letting go, of allowing your heart to pour compassion and light into the world around you, so you emanate a light that may not be seen, but will be felt by all who are near. They will respond and they will begin to awaken to the new freedom now being offered to them by the planet’s passage into the new world.

By standing in your own space, creating a light vehicle, a safe haven for you to dwell within, you will be able to observe from a place of balance and calm. If you move out of balance during the course of the day’s work or as the result of an encounter with a difficult person, regain that balance by coming “home”, seeking that calm space within, cleansing your field with light and with water, going into nature or doing whatever it takes to come back to center. It is time for you to stand in your own power, within your own field of light and to simply be all that you are, right now, right here.

Your mission is to be the wholeness of what you are here while embodied in a small physical body. You will soon come to understand that your wholeness encompasses and blends with all that surrounds you, seen and unseen. However, you must first come into an acceptance of your own “personal” light and power. This act of acceptance must go along with a willingness to suspend judgment of yourself, of your past actions, to stop comparing yourself to others. With letting go of self-judgment, you will let go of judgment of others, as well.

Many of our lightworkers have felt uncomfortable in the old paradigm or strove to fit into what they deemed acceptable modes of conduct, acceptable to friends, family, employers and “society”. It does not matter that these modes of conduct did not always mesh with your own inner sense of what is right; some of you felt that you needed to fit in in order to survive. That is all changed now. Free will has, again, entered the picture. Now you need to discover what makes your heart sing, brings joy into your life, which sets your imagination afire. It is a new journey of self-discovery that can take place now that freedom has been made available to all who are willing to step into the vast unknown and unchartered spaces of the new world. Wonders await those brave pioneers who choose to go forth. Will you be one of them?

As you shake the shackles of the old paradigm from your ankles and step forth, you will find that you are being followed by others who are also curious and willing to take a chance on tomorrow. The human race has vast potential and untapped wells of creativity. It is a race that is in the process of discovering itself as gifted beyond the wildest dreams of the most creative pioneers of the past. The old rigid boundaries that existed before no longer prevent the creative powers and visions of these pioneers from bringing their dreams into fruition. This time in this new cycle the dreams will come true, given the intent, will and focus to bring them into manifestation and sooner than you think as linear time is dissolving into the ever present Now.

As you step forth into this new world you will discover natural gifts that will blossom, gifts that have always existed within each human but were denied and even resisted under the old paradigm. Your minds are beginning to clear and you will begin to see with your whole body, feel with your heart and connect with the vastness of Divine Mind. Secrets long forgotten will be revealed or unearthed from within. Suddenly you will begin to understand without the need for teaching through intuitive knowing. Paradox will take on a new meaning for you. What was once true no longer is now. And you will be comforted by that fact, able to live with the ability to move beyond barriers that no longer exist.

Step forth, beloved lightworkers, and begin this journey. Through your own willingness to explore and to accept your own gifts, you will give heart to others to do the same. By standing in your own light and power and shining it without discrimination into the world, you will emulate your own Sun who shines upon the blessed and the sinner alike. You will discover soon enough that you have been both and will let go of the need to judge what lies before you as the theatre of the world, the outplaying of energies and the self-discovery of the soul while living a human existence.

This is a rare time where wonder and joy can be experienced in the heart of chaos. How you choose to experience your world is up to you. Free will is manifest now and the outplaying of your thoughts and intentions will come ever more swiftly. We know that you will soon discover how to navigate with growing sureness through the obstacles that stand as opportunities for growth.

Our blessings go forth to you, the bravest of the brave, our daring ones who have volunteered to be here and now. Call upon the angels, archangels, masters and your galactic family for support when you need it and know that we stand ever at your side throughout your day and in your dreamtime. We are one with you and the realization of that unity will come upon you soon enough if it hasn’t already.

Go forth and be.


Thank you, beloved Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.

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The Angels: Metamorphosis – All is in a State of Flux


Gunsight Peak

Metamorphosis – All is in a State of Flux –

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.

We greet you this day when spring is beginning to show its first signs of arriving to the Northern Hemisphere. As the leaves of the first bulbs break through the cold and damp soil of winter gardens, so you are undergoing a metamorphosis, changing from one form to another. Your world follows suit, as change becomes a constant companion, sometimes dogging your heels as you move through your day. Nothing will remain as it once was – all is in a state of flux.

We are the angels who do the bidding of the Divine Mother. We work closely with the archangels and personal guides of those who are acting as wayshowers and lightworkers on planet Earth at this time. We wish to speak to you of many things, first and foremost the various changes that your bodies and minds are undergoing.

First, you are going through an intense period of regrowth, like a developing fetus within a mother’s womb. Your bodies are gradually phasing into becoming light-bodies, but remember, it takes time for changes to manifest into the physical. The changes filter down from the Soul through the mental, emotional and finally, the physical body, similar to the gestation of a young body.

As you undergo physical transformation, you are also undergoing a change in how you view your world. Your connection to spirit is growing and with the reconnection comes remembrance, of who you are and what you are, more than the body, more than one person. You are an aspect of the Creator, a facet of God. You are a divine being come into the world to learn about self and to help others to remember.

Each of you is also undergoing a profound cleansing period, where all that belongs to the old paradigm is being delicately stripped from your being. You are discovering that what you thought was self, was far from the real self that is slowly being revealed as you undergo this transformation. You are beginning to forget, memories are disappearing, even words and things that you have learned in the past are fading from your mind. As you forget, you begin to learn to live in the moment, in the Present, in the Now.

You may find yourself, at odd moments, suddenly remembering an old relationship, a long lost lover or friend, a relative to whom you have not seen or spoken to in years. You may glimpse a portion of an event once significant to you that you have strived to hold onto, but that suddenly doesn’t seem important anymore. Let it go. Let it all go… the trauma, the emotions, your misinterpretation of someone else’s actions or words, scraps and loose memories of what you thought you were. You are no longer that person who could be so easily offended or hurt. You no longer feel it necessary to cling to what has gone out of your life. Indeed, you might feel that these glimpses into your past are almost as if they were images from another life.

Your bodies, emotional, mental and physical are being washed by a river of light. This river gently extricates and removes trauma long-stored in your cellular structures, even traumas emanating from other lifetimes. Let these memories and pictures move through you, washed by the light working upon your cells, feel the emotions as they release from the electromagnetic field and dissipate into the ethers around you. You are undergoing a profound healing of your entire being. Simply allow it to happen. It is a gift from heaven, from your own higher self who brought you here to undergo this process of bringing heaven to earth, grounding the ascension energies into the physical body as the planet undergoes her own ascension.

We feel that for many of the lightworkers there has been a growing sense of loss, perhaps some disappointment and no little frustration when it was realized that many of the ascension symptoms thought to have been dealt with before last December have returned. These symptoms are a sign that you are, indeed, undergoing a profound period of change, a metaphoric process where you are becoming a new being, one who can anchor and carry the high frequency energies within a physical body and still function in the world. By bringing the light into your body, you are making it possible for your world to ascend, again, into the Christed frequency from which she descended long ago. Your planet is becoming a sacred planet, one of twelve in the Universe, a very special place, and you are here to assist in this birthing process. It is a sacred trust and right now, it is a work in progress.

As you continue to experience the various symptoms of ascension, understand that it does require patience. Both you and your planet are as pregnant women, dealing with the aches and pains, the discomforts and changes in body structure, the emotions and heat flashes, moodiness and whatnot, all for the purpose of creating something new together, a new world.

Feel into what gives you a feeling of peace and relaxation. It is hard enough for a pregnant woman to be comfortable during the nine months of gestation; many of you have been dealing with these changes on a daily basis for years. They will continue for as long as is necessary, so learn patience and be kind to yourself. Listen to what your body requires at the moment to make itself comfortable, give it the needed rest and pamper yourself a little. Above all, be gentle with yourself and those around you. Many are also undergoing changes that they understand very little. In your greater awareness and calm presence, others can take heart and come to understand that the process is a natural one. The process is one that has been foreseen and planned for a long time, ever since the world first fell into the lower densities and even before. This long cycle was preordained and now the return to the light is nearly complete.

As the transformational period continues through the next months, you will find yourself coming into contact with those who are of a similar frequency level as your own. Some of you will begin working with other members of your soul family, either those who are embodied on the planet, those who are part of galactic crews whose ships populate the skies above your planet, as well as those who work from the spirit world.

It has been a lonely time for many lightworkers, who have been sprinkled liberally across the face of the planet, many being the sole anchor of light in their communities. However, as more people awaken, those same lightworkers will find themselves more in demand, as people begin to question everything about their lives. Just being a calm presence will assist these new seekers to discover more about themselves. People are more sensitive to vibration and thought than is presently realized. Your calm presence will assist greatly and people will respond by relaxing in your presence.

What can you do for yourself and in preparation for your continued work here? Learn to listen to the still voice within. Take up channeling if you feel comfortable. Certainly journaling, artwork and music are useful in soothing whatever agitation is stirred up during this period.

Remember that you are always channeling your higher self, soul and monad (soul family) in ways that are not always obvious. As you begin to “tune in” more the subtle messages of spirit will become more apparent. And if you don’t listen, there are ways that spirit can and will reach you, eventually. Dreams, intuitive understandings, unusual sights and occurrences, repeating patterns and number sequences – keep your eyes and ears open for the signs that spirit is attempting to communicate and then be open to what comes.

All of you came with specific missions or dharma to complete. Some of you are not aware of what this work is supposed to be. It will become more apparent in the days and months to come and you can assist in opening up to the possibilities by learning to accept yourself as you are.

Many of you have simply come to transmute the energies as they move through your bodies and to go through the process of reconnecting to spirit, a connection that most of the population has lost, even if they consider themselves to be spiritual people. Humanity has forgotten their divine roots, that there is no need of an intermediary to stand between the individual and God. Each person is an extension of their soul, housed within a vehicle, the body.

What has been deemed spirituality on this planet is in many instances simply idolatry, with people worshipping those beings that they deem to be higher and greater than they will ever be. Instead of being a uniting force, it will be seen that religion and dogma has served to divide people, to foster distrust, hatred and bigotry.

There is good in every religion as they were all started by advanced souls, but for the most part the original teachings have been warped and manipulated by those who desired power and authority over others. What is good in religious teachings will remain; the rest will be stripped away.

Many pious good people are in for major shocks as they discover how manipulated and controlled they have been by those spiritual leaders that they trusted. Already layers of cover-ups, deceptions and lies are beginning to be revealed. More will come, and as a result reactions and tempers may flare. Learn to be an island of calm in the storm so that those who you interact with will see that there is another way to be, calm, serene and balanced, letting that whose time it is to leave, go.

We see your whole world going through growing pains right now. Institutions are falling apart at the seams, sometimes in rather surprising ways, as with the resignation of the Pope, the abdication of rulers and the continuing upset in the economical world, exposure of professional athletics and other developments. The structures developed during the dark period of the Kali Yuga are being dismantled; their foundations have been removed. What you see in the mass media is mostly smoke and mirrors at this point; the economy is faltering as greedy bankers still try to charge countries high rates of interest on money. The common people are beginning to wake up rapidly. It takes this kind of pressure to force change in the masses. Like a hot house flower being forced into early bloom, so are the people being forced into an awakening process by the one area in their lives that affects them deeply – money.

Eventually, it will be seen by people that money is an artificial construct of the old paradigm, one that was devised to keep control over people. Money is not necessary. People will eventually create systems of barter and sharing that will work around the problems that have been created by the outmoded banking system.

As the people begin to awaken, initially they may be angry, even as some of you the lightworkers are still angry, directing your thoughts towards what you see as negative in your world. We would gently suggest that you to move your thoughts away from the rapidly decaying elements of the old paradigm, as it will continue to breakdown on its own without your assistance. Remember that you are creators. Your thoughts are more powerful than most of you understand right now. What you focus on the most becomes what manifests in your world. Learn to keep your thoughts focused on more positive outcomes even if they do not manifest directly; they will soon enough.

This is a period where much change is manifesting into your daily existence as what has been dominant and a power in your world is now in the process of becoming undone and leaving. Institutions that once were the foundation of the community are being exposed as something else. The revelations will continue to come, fast and furious, creating much upset and unrest among the populations. Governments will be unable to provide the support needed for fixing things as their monetary supply dries up or as the people rise up in rebellion over austerity measures and increased taxes.

Do not expect governments to work miracles or to solve the unsolvable problems created by greed, lack of vision and entropy. Some of you will discover as you begin to open up to your multidimensional self that solutions for these problems will present themselves. Many wonderful creative notions will be able to be put into practical usage once the institutions that would have prevented these things from coming into being have disappeared from the world’s stage.

A new world is coming into being and you are here to assist in its birthing. You are the midwife and the pregnant woman, the father and the mother. Together you are bringing forth the Christed child, within yourself and your world. The Christed frequencies are returning to this world and you, with your glorified light body and unified force field, will anchor those energies here.

You chose to be here for a purpose, a holy purpose. Open to your greater being and discover that purpose for yourself. We believe that you will be amazed to see how gifted you all are even now. You have vastly underestimated your capacity for creation. Now you have an opportunity to begin to utilize those skills that you have mastered in other dimensions, to bring them into physical reality, on this planet, here and now.

Avail yourself of this time of preparation and transformation to rest, recuperate and gather your strength. As the various timelines and worlds begin to separate towards the end of this year and the next, the real work of rebuilding your world will commence. Now is the time to prepare.

Our blessings go with you. Call on us to assist you, we will hear you. Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Angels.

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