Sanat Kumara: Greetings from the Planet of Love



Sanat Kumara: Greetings from the Planet of Love


I AM Sanat Kumara.

Greetings from your Sister planet, Venus.

Venus is known to astrologers as the planet of Love. She signifies beauty, grace, harmony and wisdom.

The people of Venus have long held a tradition of providing a place for spiritual seekers from all over the Omniverse to learn in the ancient colleges. This is where one prepares to be a planetary logos, a Chohan or holder of other advanced spiritual offices, both within this solar system and others scattered throughout this Universe.

Venus is where I made my final preparations to be the planetary logos of your dearly beloved planet, Earth. And Venus is where I have returned to fulfill my duty to my planet and my people. Yet, still I serve, as many of us continue to do, for as long as Earth remains a darkened planet, we will do what we can to assist Her.

Thus have we served and thus do we return Home. So it is that I send greetings to my spiritual daughter, Eliza / Tazjima, as a portion of her consciousness still remains upon your world.

We wish for you all to feel the vastness of our regard for your lifestreams and the experiences that you’ve undertaken by incarnating upon a planet in the midst of a great transformation. It takes tremendous courage and even a bit bravado to do so. We congratulate you all.

Our love for Earth and its people is all encompassing. Some of you know the story of the Serpents of Wisdom… those beings came to your planet long ago… some 18 million of your years ago… to bring consciousness to a darkened world. Did we succeed? Yes and no… the planet eventually fell into darkness due to a multiplicity of causes, none of which we will expound upon here. And yet, we never gave up on Earth or her people.

The Light is now in ascendant and now is the time for those of us who have spent long years guiding the evolution of the planet to leave the work to be done by those who have done their preparation, either here upon Earth or in other dimensions, those who have come to Earth as pure Light Beings, and those who are experienced Light Warriors. Many have answered the Call that went forth… not once, but many times.

Now we are free to look to our own worlds and to work with raising up new generations, some of whom will eventually come to your planet to continue the great Work.

We wish to thank those who are preparing to come Home, whether they are currently conscious of the fact or not. And we wish to thank those who have come as our replacements. And we want to thank all native born people of Earth who have progressed far in their own spiritual development so that they might begin to take over the Spiritual Hierarchy of your own planet.

It is with great Love for your world that I came and it is with love that I have departed, although I will continue to work with those who desire more personal and intensified schooling. I AM able to go many places and appear to those whose third eyes have opened. If your purpose is pure and your need great, I will come.

Sanat Kumara


Welcome Home… home being the fifth dimension. Your world has re-entered this dimension and now the job of those who have volunteered and those who are indigenous to the planet is to free your individual and collective consciousness from whatever prevents you from experiencing the fullness of 5D living. We will not fill you in on the details, but will let you re-discover the ancient technologies, knowledge and wisdom that continues to be uncovered within ancient sites and temples, in your natural landscapes and throughout the planet… And even within your own bodies and consciousness.

You are in the midst of exciting, if challenging transitions. We will be watching your progress and monitoring your skies. Venus does not have its own star ships, yet our planet acts as a support for the Ashtar Command and their many thousands of ships, large and small. We welcome visitors on Venus and have come to know many from the Command as friends and even as members of the family a vast extended Family of Light.

We, Lady Venus and myself, Sanat Kumara, send to you our deep and ever abiding Love.


Thank you Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara.

via Eliza Ayres

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The Light Collective: On the Coming of the Lord of Nature


Golden Beech

The Light Collective: On the Coming of the Lord of Nature

via Eliza Ayres

We stand here with you on the threshold of a collective awakening of humanity or to be more precise, a reawakening to your true nature which is love.

Collectively you are the second coming of the Solar Logos embodied in flesh, incarnations of the most high God, your own internal Christ Consciousness.

We know that many of you will deny our words and seek to run away from self, but you cannot run away from the truth of what you are, beloveds.

Yes, you are Our Beloveds. Embrace the love energy that we send through your heart centers. We are there with you, standing before the holy altar within, where the sacred fire has been re-lit on this day as done in the times long lost in the Mists of Forgetfulness.

You are the Children of Avalon. You are the ancient druids, priest kings and priestesses who held the balance within that it might be reflected outward to the people.

Remember the Green Man. Remember the Sun within, the Sol Invictus. Remember your role as co-creator with the forces of Nature.

You walk among the trees of the Great Forest that once stood on these shores, the shores of your imagination. See the moon and stars swing in their movement across the wide dark skies, spiraling in a slow majestic dance. Hear the notes of the music sung by the Angelic choirs on high; each of you is a corresponding note, a singular frequency within that great symphony of Being.

You are coming back into alignment with the Will of Creation. It is your will to be in alignment for that is why you came here.

You have forgotten who you are, but now is the time to wake the sleeper within and come alive, again, fully with all your senses.

Toss your long hair in the solar winds and dance in the moonlight with the fairies and elves. They welcome your coming, beloved, for you are their partners in creation; they cannot do their work alone.

Our blessings accompany you on your journey into Oneness.


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Sanat Kumara: “Go Gently into that Good Light”



Sanat Kumara: “Go Gently Into That Good Light!”

Via Eliza Ayres

Beloved brothers and sisters, I greet you. I AM Sanat Kumara, now planetary logos for Gaia. Myself and my fellow ascended masters, kith and kin, are gathered together here to wish you congratulations for a job well-done. The planet has ascended into the fifth dimension. We bid you to go gently into that good light, the Light that now envelopes your world and each of you. Become conscious of what you are becoming, what you are and have always been in the worlds in which the greater part of you exists in simultaneous time. It’s time to wake up and see and feel the wonder of creation.

“What?” you might say. Looking around and not seeing much that has changed, many would question our words. And yet, if you but pause a moment during your busy days, there is a difference in how you feel. Suddenly, many of you are feeling lighter, less pressured… and if you are feeling pressured, it is coming from a resistance in you and those who are around you, at work and home. Many of your compatriots, family members and friends are in resistance to letting go to the fading remnants of the third dimensional structures. Yet there will come a time and that is soon, when they will let go and of their own free will.

This change of heart will come as it has come already to those who are the wayshowers and light workers. It is inevitable, for the supporting structures of the third dimension were removed December last, in 2012. Only through lingering habit has the way of the old world continued on. This will end, too, due to changes in your own emotional bodies as the continual upgrades received energetically are stripping away the gunky matter stored in your individual and collective unconscious.

As these electrical thought forms and their corresponding magnetic emotions are broken up by the influx of cosmic rays and the light beamed in your direction by the great Central Sun, there will be less ability to react to events and people. There once you were offended by someone’s actions, there once you judged, you will find yourself not reacting, only pausing in wonder as you don’t feel the old sting of emotional jealousy, anger, doubt or fear.

You have been set free from the old paradigm and although most of the populace does not realize it, those sensitives among you, do. Our scribe has recently felt the odd moment of joy, triumph and bliss. Her heart feels like it is glowing and indeed it is. She feels an answering resonance in some of her friends and in the messages of others like her. Finally, hope is felt by all who have struggled so long with their individual prayers, healings and clearings. Finally, the strength of the Light has overtopped the shadows and is bringing its radiance into hidden corners, revealing more of what has been hidden from view, to be transmuted and transformed.

Yes, there will be challenges to meet in the coming days, as physical structures and societal expectations can take a while to change. And yet, you will be amazed when in coming years you take a moment to look back on all the changes; it will seem to have been done in an instant.

Expect peace, breath peace, and find peace in your heart and you will move through these potentially chaotic times with ease and grace. Release your fears. Release your self-judgment and doubts; release the old blocks that have prevented you from creating the life that you want and desire. Release those pronouncements made by parents, friends and enemies that you were a failure, that you would never amount to much, that you were not worthy or good enough to make it as a writer, as an artist… that you would not be able to fulfill whatever dreams that you held within as a youngster.

In the past, as children and young people, many of you have been shaken by statements or remarks made by others that you were not good enough to succeed or to accomplish whatever dream you have held. We tell you that you are and you are beginning to sense the truth; you are powerful, you can create. There is much to learn about the process of conscious creation, but this you will accomplish and largely without the outer teachers, books and classes. The lessons you will learn will come to you through your heart connection with your guides, with your Higher Self and those multidimensional parts of your Soul that exist in many times and places. There is no limit to your dreams. There is no limit to your Self; only your continued beliefs in limitation kept you weighed down, but not for long, dear ones.

The weights are being cut away. Your bodies are being transformed into crystalline Light. And you are walking upon the sacred ground of the Earth. Magic is coming back into the world. As more parts of your greater Being are integrated into your physical body, you will begin to notice colors, vibrations, waves and patterns, light and feelings. All of your senses will expand, until you can see into other worlds and dimensions. You will be able to see the elementals at their work, the angels who surround you, and the beings that guide and protect you. You will begin to see yourself in an altogether different Light for you are made up of light; you are consciousness wrapped up in waves of sound — The higher your frequency, the more beautiful the light.

There is so much in store for you in the near future, but take each day, each moment as they come. Strive to live in the present. If you are willing, begin to release the need to plan for the future. You can maintain a certain structure if it makes you feel comfortable, but allow yourself play time so that both your masculine and feminine natures are satisfied. You contain both of these energies within and they will begin to come into balance as other parts of yourself are integrated. Masculine energies have dominated the world for a long time, one of the reasons for the misalignment and moving away from nature. No more, the sacred feminine has returned, yet both of these energies must integrate and come into balance for all to thrive. The masculine part of your being creates structure and stability to allow the feminine to flow freely within, creating and embellishing. Visualize a masterful tapestry. First comes the primary structure and upon that comes the decorative touches of embroidery, design and color.

Rest, breathe, meditate, play, spend time in nature, do creative projects, but most of all, free yourself of a need to follow the expectations of others. As an individual focus of God’s light, you are now free to open into your creative powers. Feel into it, experiment, let go of judgment, let go of comparing your results with another. Each of you is different and approaches a challenge from a different direction. It was meant to be so for life in the higher frequencies is rich with diversity. You will not be bored.

The energies will continue to grow stronger until no one on the planet can remain in denial as much as they might like to. The cabal and those who work unconsciously for its goals will no longer hold the power over the people. The people are waking up; day by day more are waking up and remembering that they are powerful, that by acting together, they can make life better for everyone.

You are powerful alone and you are powerful together. Discover the ways that your energies and creativity can work in synergy to create a world of freedom, abundance, peace and love. Step out of the old unconscious barriers and discover new ways of doing things. Many things have to change and will as people suddenly realize that they are no longer bound by rigid ideas of how to do something; then their creativity will suddenly take fire.

Scientists will discover many things in the coming years as spirituality and science come closer. The old superstitions and beliefs of many religions will be replaced by a more fluid and flexible approach. There is simply no one way to reach heaven. And you are in the process of bringing heaven to earth. You need not die to anything but your old beliefs and patterns that no longer bring results. Release the old and fly with newly fledged wings. Soar into the heights without leaving the ground; you are free!

We rejoice to see a little more sparkle in the eyes of our light workers, those whose long labors have brought great change and opportunity to this planet and to all life here. Know that you are all loved and cherished for what and who you are truly, light and love, and for your great devotion to this work of the ages, the ascension of this planet which is also serving as the trigger to launch this galaxy and universe into higher dimensions.

We go now into the spaces between the molecules that make up your bodies. Call upon the angelic hosts to assist you if you feel congested or challenged; they are at your beck and call, in service to you out of love and devotion. Each one of you has an angelic light body in the higher worlds so you are calling on your friends and loved ones to assist. There is no need to feel embarrassed or to fear the consequences of requesting assistance.

Call also upon the ascended masters and archangels to assist you, during your sleep time, to instruct, to heal, to guide and inspire. And do not forgot those hard-working beings who maintain the earth, air, water and fire energies that create the world you walk through… the beloved elementals. Some of you will soon see these beings around you, especially in wild places, but also in unexpected places. They are the little workers who cooperate with the grand architects behind the scenes, like set builders on the stage, to create the worlds you walk through every day. Change your thoughts, free your heart and your world will change in response for you are the creator gods who work with the elementals, although in a mostly unconscious manner. Soon, however, you will be fully conscious and more alive than you have ever been in all the lives spent on this planet.

There is much that lies ahead and still much to release, but your world is moving steadily upward in its frequency levels. Most of humanity is currently resting at a mid-point between 4D and 5D. Some of the wayshowers have leapt ahead into 6D and beyond. Go at your own speed, release fear and judgment and feel into your endeavors. You will discover that each of you has many latent talents and gifts just waiting to be watered and nurtured in the new energies. Before you know it, the seeds of your dreams will spring into a beautiful garden and all will find there great delight and wonder.

We will stop now with this transmission to spare our tired scribe. Know that we stand ever next to each of you in the ever present Now. You are light. You are love. You are beautiful and powerful beings, all. Namasté.

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The Light Collective: “Who Are You, Truly?”


Evening Blues

The Light Collective:  “Who Are You, Truly?”

via Eliza Ayres

August 3, 2013

“Who are you (or “Hu R U” in text!)?” asked the Caterpillar of Alice in “Through the Looking Glass”. Many of you are now deep into the process of discovering the answer that Alice was seeking.

Today, several of us, as ascended masters, angelic beings and divine mentors have joined together to address you through our scribe:

I AM Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, also known affectionately as “Raj” by many.

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

We are the Divine Mother and Father.

We are You, part of your Multidimensional nature, which you are now in the process of rediscovering and opening up to the realization that you are greater than you know.

We have joined together to address our brothers and sisters through this scribe as part of her own mission to know herself better. While well aware of some of her own spiritual roots, she has been unwilling to reveal much to her readers. Now has come the time to speak of many things, not just of a personal level, but a Universal level.

Each of you is in the process of returning to Source. Why? Creator has instilled his creation with the desire to be in Oneness. For some time, this has not been the case; many worlds, universes, creations and individuals have, shall we say, strayed from the original blueprint and far into darkness and separation. And so Creator has sent forth brave ones, volunteers all, to work in these distant fields to act as wayshowers, to bring awareness back to those who notice them, in whatever light, positive or negative, that joining into oneness is possible for anyone to accomplish, no matter how lost they currently feel.

Our scribe has been undergoing the process of “getting to know yourself” as described and guided through the work of Jim Self, long one of our guides and mentors, taught by Archangels and Masters. This is one approach to coming into Oneness, but only one; there are many and each individual needs to discover what method or direction suits their own individual needs. All of you are unique and precious to Creator; all of you are now discovering just how unique and amazing you truly are. To some the revelations will be overwhelming at first, and then others will be quite accepting and also blasé about their discoveries. And still others will be secretive, at least at first, because they do not yet trust themselves or those around them to understand completely what has been revealed or why.

We ask nothing of yourselves that you are unwilling to give at this time, only to look dispassionately at what your heart tells you, what is shown to you through dreams and visions, what you feel through your body, what is revealed to you in moments of “aha”, as you piece together disparate bits of information into a complete picture… a new you is being revealed.

Our scribe has noticed what has been explained by Jim Self in his latest energy update  as a removal of certain levels of frequency, a detachment from the need or ability to emotionally react to some happening in daily life that would have earlier created a disturbance in her emotional body, creating another thought form to be stored in her unconscious to be dealt with at a later date. This detachment, while deemed by some to be a lack of response or coolness in her nature, is a godsend now as the agitation in the world around her increases. She is now able to watch the gyrations of the minions of the departing paradigm with equanimity; these oppressors are now struggling to retain their control over the people and are attempting all kinds of acts of oppression and aggression to push through their agenda. It is not working anymore as the energy has shifted and the structures that once held together the rigid paradigm of the third dimension have been removed. All the flailing about is pointless, but will be done by these stubborn ones until they, too, realize that change is inevitable and that their time is done.

Butterfly and Balm

For the lightworkers to be drawn into the drama of the departing paradigm is not the solution, either, for to place attention and focus on these dark energies is to strengthen their remaining hold on society and the individual. One must learn to be observant, compassionate and removed, focusing instead on the golden vision of the inner heart and connection with soul; the I AM Presence and Creator. Through the Law of Attraction, what is focused upon will emerge into your life and hers. It is universal law and above all those created by those who wish to control the actions and lives of others for their own benefit. So be willing to forgive those who have worked against you throughout your many lives on this planet and others, and to move on into your own dream of bringing heaven to earth. It can be done; it is being done by many who have learned to focus on what gives them joy and can offer abundance and healing for the collective of humanity, not just their own pocketbook.

Now has come a time of letting go of what is not yours, what has never been yours. It is up to each of you to identify just what constitutes those things that have been put forward by others in your life as being the way to do things, what to believe, how to act, who to trust, who to hate. All of you have been affected by the administrations and belief systems of your elders, mentors, teachers and bosses, to one extent or another. However, as the energies shift and change, the new children coming into the world and many who are here already as Indigos, blue-ray beings, crystals, walk-in volunteers, starseeds and other various titles, these individuals do not resonate with the old energies and so they rebel or walk away from what has been placed before them as the way things have always been and seek another direction, one quite divergent from that of their parents and teachers. The children understand that there is another way to be, to follow; so they go their own way because of their different “wiring”. They have come in with bodies that naturally respond to higher frequency levels and so they can adapt to and demand that others change, as well. For them the process is easy and quite natural.

This ability to shift with the incoming energies and shifts is not quite so apparent in the older generations still living on this planet. Our scribe is one who came in soon after the last great world war; she took on some of the decades of energetic healing of karmic patterns and lines that many of her compatriots did, but in a mostly unconscious manner. She just knew that things weren’t right or comfortable for her, so a great search for meaning was undertaken quietly, moving her away from the paradigm of her parents, and eventually quite away from her entire family. She has lived a solitary life for many years now out of choice, realizing that she needed to focus on her own inner growth and not respond to the needs of others in the manner which was the existing and unsatisfying paradigm of her own mother. Perhaps her actions were deemed suspicious and selfish by some, but she was driven by a deep inner desire to understand what was going on, outside and within. The process for her is still ongoing, but now there is an increasing acceptance of her inner power, strength and determination to be reunited with her Soul and with Creator. With this acceptance also comes a sense of peace despite all that is continuing to play out in the world around her. This is a journey that is being undertaken by many individuals, each in their own way, and is beginning to be reflected in changes manifesting in the outer world, as the “people” come awake to the need to change what has been accepted and put forward by the few to control the many to what can be accepted by the many and is for the good of all.

It is up to each individual to arrive at that place when they can accept and learn to love themselves, as they are, not as they hope to be, but as they are here and now. And they will begin to discover just how truly wonderful and astounding that knowledge can be, even if they now see themselves as being quite simple and plain on the surface. No one is what they appear to be; all are part of creation, facets of the great diamond of Being and in the process of being buffed and polished by events in daily life, by opportunities and promptings to expand horizons and sense of Self. Respond to these promptings as you see yourself guided and learn to trust the process. You are in control; you just may not be aware of that fact, yet, mainly because you are not quite aware of Who you are.

Strawberry Falls

You will discover that paradox will be quite apparent as you continue to grow towards self-realization. Paradox allows for people to change. What is true of a person or an event one day, may not hold true the next. Perhaps someone hurt you in the past. Will you hold that against them until the day you breathe your last breath or can you forgive yourself and them for what has happened and allow them to reveal how they have changed or not. You do not have to give in to another; just be compassionate and understanding. You act as mirrors to one another and reflect back what has not been dealt with. As bluffing agents, your “enemies” act to bring your attention to what has not been released from your own unconsciousness. How you react to their actions or not can give you a sense of just how far you have come in the process of forgiving yourself for acts of omission or commission.

What upsets you today as someone commits an atrocity “out there” is something that you, yourself, may have committed in another lifetime or even this one. You need to forgive “them” and yourself and move on. These acts are still being committed by those who hate themselves so desperately that they believe by hurting others they will regain a sense of control and power over their own lives. Of course they are seriously deranged in thinking so, but even the worst murderer or child rapist can change, can find redemption in the “lord” if they can forgive themselves and learn to love what they are now, a child of the Creator. Can you do any less than the angels and forgive that one as the Creator does every day, every moment, knowing full well what that individual truly is already? Can you forgive yourself? Can you learn to love your loneliness and the traits that drive you from being able to live with others? Can you learn to accept that what you deem as weaknesses and character faults within may truly be your most precious gifts and strengths that you can place on the altar of Being?

As the velocity of change quickens in the world, through the avenues of extreme weather, social upheavals, economic and political changes, as well as upsets caused by the now daily revelations of what has been hidden from the general populace by their governments, religious institutions, by corporations and powerful individuals, each person is undergoing a process of initiation into mastery. Many are unprepared and will leave as the paradigms shift and the frequency levels of the planet continue to rise. This exodus is well underway already; it can be seen in an increase in the death statistics, whether through natural causes or through violence and social upheaval. Do not feel that the ones leaving have failed, however, as each individual has a path to follow. When one leaves the body, one can adjust the patterns and make another attempt at mastering the energies and demands of physical embodiment, which is so much more challenging than many beings existing in the higher frequencies, truly understand.

You are the brave ones, who have taken on the job of bringing a planet back into alignment with the Will of the Creator; it is not an easy task and will take some time to come into full manifestation, but the light is increasing in this world. The new world will come into being; it exists already in your Heart of hearts. Each individual who leaves will come back to fulfill their mission or choose to fulfill it from the worlds of light, as they are so guided. Do not fear for your loved ones who do not appear to be awake yet; they will not be left behind even if they appear to forsake you and your efforts to go forth into the New World, now. If you are meant to work together, you will, but you cannot force change on another against their will. Let them be what they are. They will discover what lies within soon enough.

Be the process of change that you want to see happen in the world. Focus on what is your dream, your passion, your joy and bring it into manifestation. It is not your duty to correct what is broken. The energies of change will scour and remove that which is not suitable for the continuation of life from the world. This planet is undergoing her own path of initiation and return to her Christic plane of being; what vibrates at a lower level is being removed, naturally. What already exists within her and within each individual will eventually manifest in the physical. This process is already underway. See the world with the eyes of a child, filled with excitement and wonder, free of cynical judgment, alive to the possibilities and delights of physical existence. Your world is a wonder of creation and you are, too. Discover the joys of life on a beautiful planet, made even more beautiful by your focused thoughts and visions of heaven on earth. You are a part of the Creator made manifest. Bring your most beautiful dreams and passions into reality. You have the power within; learn to harness it for the good of all creation. Be what you are meant to be, a beautiful, powerful being of light.

Oregon Butte 041

Go gently into the new day that approaches you as a dawn flushing the skies of your world. Go forth in wonder and create in joy. You are human angels, drawn into manifestation by the Mother and empowered with grace and spirit by the Father. You are their hands; create in the fields of the Lord and learn to sing, again, with angels and elementals. We stand at your side, guiding, mentoring and giving encouragement when needed, but you are the masters. Go forth and act accordingly. We truly love you as you are, here and now.

Namaste; we bow to the Divinity within each of you.

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Sanat Kumara: “Be as a Spring in the Desert”


Dried Flowers

Sanat Kumara: Be as a Spring in the Desert

via Eliza Ayres

I AM Sanat Kumara, also known affectionately as “Raj”. I presently serve as planetary logos, from the holy city of Shamballa, home of the Ascended Masters and connection to your sister world, the neighboring planet of Venus. Through the ages since before the great Fall of Man, I have played many roles and presented many faces to many cultures. Some know me as Ahura Mazda; Skanda, the warrior son of Siva (Shiva); and to some I am known as the Ancient of Days. Whatever my name, whatever face that I present to your consciousness, I am one with you within the secret sanctuary of your Heart.

I have come to offer my thoughts, my counsel and my encouragement, along with those of my brother, Ganesh, the Great Divine Director. We are one in our purpose and dedication to the evolution of this planet and to its inhabitants. Long ago, I decided to commit myself to the mission of holding the light for the evolutions of Terra. Leaving my home on Venus, I came to this darkened planet arriving in the place prepared by those who preceded me, Shamballa. Of those who read these words today, some of you are among the first to arrive with me from Venus, one of the 144,000 of high Venusian masters, committed like myself to the welfare of the inhabitants of our sister planet, Terra. We did not wish to see her destruction as happened to at least one other planet in your solar system, the planet, Maldek, that exists today as the rubble field of asteroids lying between Mars and Jupiter. Instead, we chose to dedicate ourselves to the mission of aiding humanity into returning to a state of self-awareness where they would be prepared to re-take up the mantle and stewardship of their own planetary home. That great day now approaches. Although there is some way still to go, the moment approaches when enough self-aware beings upon this planet will be ready to assume conscious stewardship of the planet and the future of humanity.

What mission have you chosen to undertake? What commitment have you made? How do you approach your daily life, with a sense of defeatism or an ever upwelling of optimism?

Perhaps you do not know what your mission is yet? Perhaps you are unwilling to look with clear seeing at that which you would deny, simply out of a sense of feeling unprepared, unconvinced that you are worthy of such an endeavor. You see what you choose to see. You feel what you choose to feel. You can change your outlook in a second, with a simple change in perspective. How do you choose to view your world? Are you one who sees the glass half empty or half full? Know that you have the power to create your own reality and how you will play in it; it is all up to you. Accept the power that dwells within you; it is real, more real than the hologram in which you play today.


The power that wells up from within emanates from Source. Like a spring in the middle of a desert, it finds its way to the surface through the barrier of your denial and worms its way into your awareness. You cannot deny the power of Love as you cannot deny the power of your solar body, the Sun, to warm you with its rays. It simply is, as you are. You are the world. You are the creator of your world. You hand yourself lessons every day to test yourself, to see if your awareness has grown or whether you are still in denial of your beauty and power. It is up to you to decide whether or not if you learn from those lessons, release all self-judgment and condemnation and move forward with resolve to come into greater awareness or to retreat into greater self-denial or darkness.

Those of us who have worked so long in the fields of this world, cultivating self-awareness among its inhabitants, starting up new modes of thinking and being, we would hope that you chose to come into greater alignment with the one who is your true self, your Soul. In keeping a deep-seated desire to renew your connection to your Soul, you will also come into connection through the Bridge of Light, with your Higher Self. This Self consists of those who you called the Ascended Masters, angelic beings, archangels and others who dwell in the realms of Light.

Not all chose to leave the Realms of Light to descend into the various worlds of this universe that had been darkened by the miscreations and misalignment of some. There were many who chose to hold the balance as their brothers and sisters and twin flames descended and then fell into the lower, heavier depths of the third dimension. They chose to remain behind so that they could take up the role of mentor, teach and guide to those struggling to see through the mists of the astral plane surrounding your world.

Now understand, dear ones, although you walk through the darkened valley of the third dimension, you need not keep clothed in the darkness of spirit that haunts those who chose to deny self, who chose self-condemnation and self-hatred. This darkness is twisted and warped and often directed outward to those appearing as “other” or “different”, whether this difference exists in lifestyle, sexual preference, religion, culture or physical appearance. You can choose, consciously, to release these self-imposed bonds and to step free, into self-acceptance, self-love and through your sincere efforts, into service to others through living your own life free of boundaries, self-imposed or imposed by forces outside of yourself. You can choose to be in this world, but not of it, not controlled by anything outside of your own consciousness (although truly you are the only One partaking of this experience).

Along the way on the path of rediscovering those parts of your being which you thought lost or perhaps as never belonging to yourself, you will learn more about your world and how it works. The departing third dimension worked with rigid structures and boundaries; expressions of “never”, “always” and “must” ruled the daily life of the masses. You learned to follow the teachings of those “outside” of yourself, most often those individuals closest to you in daily life, your parents, teachers, religious leaders, and friends. You were taught to conform, to fit in, to follow the guidance of your elders and of elected officials and professionals. You were taught out of the ability to think for yourself, to feel your own feelings, to act on your own intuition. You were encouraged to fit in, to conform and to be whatever was considered “normal” in your culture and society. It mattered not that other people living next to you in the same city acted in a totally different manner than what you were taught was “right”. They were different; therefore, they became the enemy.

Your leaders and those shadowy figures who acted as your leaders’ puppet-masters, the Illuminati and controllers, sought to control all deviation within society, all sense of revolution, to stifle any drive towards independence. Those of you who thought or acted independently from what was considered the norm or accepted ways of being was targeted for persecution, torment and sometimes destruction and death.


Beyond what you have been presented in your modern world, there existed before a world that was very, very different, but the ways of the ancestors were also covered up when they didn’t fit the paradigm desired by the controllers. Ancient libraries and sacred sites were destroyed, burned, pillaged and buried in a desire to blank out the past and to destroy the roots binding the people to the earth, to the sky and waters.

Still, cycles move on and now the Light grows brighter on Terra, burning away the dross of the last couple of centuries of darkness and destruction. The ties with the ancient past of this world are being recreated through the avid exploration and efforts of scientists who have moved beyond the existing paradigm in their determination to understand why certain facts and discoveries do not fit what has been accepted in colleges and universities as being “truth” for the past century or so.

The continuous cycle of violence and war that has existed for several centuries worldwide is now being revealed as being coordinated by a small group of people, interconnected by a web of secrecy, determined to keep the populations of countries and continents at war with each other so they can, as a whole, be kept under control. War and tools of war, chemical and biological warfare, have been used by the armies and corporations of the planet against their own kind, humanity, in a bid to do the will of their masters, to eliminate the surplus population so the survivors would have more. These acts of self-destruction are now in the process of being revealed, first in alternative media sources, but more and more in mass media sources. When the sleeping giant of the populace really understands the length that these plans for mass destruction and control have been in existence, it may take a while to release the anger, despair, grief and outrage that will emerge from the astral body of humanity.

As the light and energy emanating from cosmic sources penetrates and breaks up the rubble of the structures of the departing third dimension, the light penetrates into the waking consciousness of the general populace, waking them from their lengthy sleep of denial. They stir restlessly, no longer able to dismiss what they can see with their own eyes, feel with their own heart, and hear with their own ears. The world is changing and with it, each person must choose their own way, by going forward or remaining stubbornly in place, willfully by denying self-consciousness, by denying their connection with their multi-dimensionality.

Will you choose to go forward or will you choose to remain behind, striving to hide from your own light and power? The choice is yours. It has always been yours; and we will abide by your wishes for yourself. It is your responsibility to choose. Your refusal to choose is a choice to remain in the three dimensional world or at least to attempt to cling to what is known, for the third dimension is going way. So… it is inevitable that you will, eventually, join up with your fellows, and find your own way onto the path Home, back to the fifth dimension and the Realms of Light. How long that journey might take is up to you.

This planet and the great being that ensouls her, Gaia, is committed to the path of return. The ones, who volunteered to assist in her return, the light workers and wayshowers, the star seed, as they have been variously called, are also committed to the path of return. They walk the path not for the first time, but as ones who have mastered other paths and dimensions in their “past” or other lives, which exist simultaneously in the ever present Now. It is sometimes hard to explain these concepts in terms of human language which is by custom and intent limited in its ability to convey spiritual realities. Spirit exists within paradox. All things exist within the One. You have believed that you are a separate being, but in truth you have never left the Garden. Yet you still must release the false beliefs, allowing for the healing of your physical body and ascending slowly through the vibratory levels until you can handle the lighter frequencies of the fifth dimension.

You exist in many worlds and dimensions all at once. This is truth and will ever evade the ability of the rational mind or ego to understand the paradox that is presented. Just feel into the awareness of this and decide for yourself whether it is true for you today. Just because it may make you feel uncomfortable this morning, does not mean that you cannot learn to accept this truth as your own in the “future” present moment. You will come into self-awareness and awareness of your connection to all life in your own time and in your own way.

Oregon Butte 034

As a spring in the desert waters the oasis and acts as a place for all to gather to rest from their journey and to gain strength for the next step, so you, too, can act as the waters of life, giving your light and presence to all who you encounter during your daily life. How you interact with people, how you honor your inner guidance, how you work to strengthen and rebuild your inner connections to Soul and to your Higher Self, will reflect in how other people view you. They may not understand what it is that you are, but they will instinctively react each according to their own level of self-acceptance and self-love. Those who still exist entirely in a world of self-deception and avoidance will not be able to look you in the eye, yet they will gain sustenance despite themselves. Those who are further along the path of return will view you as friends and companions on the same or similar journey. They will greet you with great relief and joy as you gather at the water’s edge and perhaps accompany you as you move on again to the next oasis.

We stand with you, ever at your side, as each one of you prepares to walk the walk across the bridge of light to reconnect with Spirit, with your Higher Self and full multi-dimensionality. You are in the process of returning into fully conscious awareness and experience of your mastership. It is a journey that takes concentration, dedication and desire. It is not a journey to be untaken for selfish reasons, but for the benefit of the many.

We serve to raise humanity back into the light, but you need to make the last steps of the journey at your own pace, step by step. We can only guide, counsel and teach. The rest is your own, to master and to accept as being truly what exists already within each of you, Love and Power and connection to the Will of God. Go with our blessings and with our love. We bow to the divinity that exists within each one of you; Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Sanat Kumara

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Sanat Kumara: Breaking Through to the Other Side


Imnaha River

Sanat Kumara:  Breaking Through to the Other Side

via Eliza Ayres

Not having any messages come in for the past week or so, I thought I might experiment and call in a master and see what happens. This past week or so has been an interesting one for me. I’ve had high highs and low lows. I’m sure quite a few of my readers can say the same thing or have similar experiences. I started out with a short meditation, invoking a tube of white light for protection and then:

I am invoking the Presence of beloved Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos.

I AM here. I AM Sanat Kumara.

Yes, I can feel you in my heart. My heart chakra was burning hot as the Master began to come in.

I stand in the heart flame of all who live upon this planet.

Thank you, Raj.

What can I help you with tonight?

I want to thank you for leading me to the J. Stone books. They have helped clarify some issues for me. And I am enjoying making some of the invocations that are listed there.

Understand, dear one that the ascension preparation given out in those volumes is no longer valid in terms of what most people are experiencing these days. The directions were given during a time that has long since passed. The dispensations given out in the book still apply, but few people, even lightworkers are using these volumes so we approach ascension in many ways now. It is not necessary to even know about ascension in order to be qualified to take the step now.

How is that so, Raj? (Raj is a nickname which the Master prefers to be called than by his full title.)

Those people who live good lives, in service and peace, will ascend, even if they have never heard of the term. Many of these people are lightworkers, but who have not consciously woken up to their missions. They are vaguely aware that there is more to life than what they have already encountered, but are unable to discover what that might entail. Due to circumstances, some care for family members and work long hours to make a living, and do not feel that they have the luxury of making their own spiritual journey. They have made their steps along the path of ascension mostly unknowingly, yet they will rejoice when they discover one day that they have come into a new land, one filled with peace and love.

What has been my path?

Do you not know? You have forged ahead, leaving husband, family and friends behind. Nothing could deter you from your spiritual quest. You have questioned, learned and let go of teachings time after time, seeking your own way through what was offered in the world. You have learned to listen to your inner voice, to your heart. You know how to test the spirits by listening and feeling within. You have come far; you will go further along the path than many.

Yet we tell you now (including my readers) that ascension is not a contest. It is a personal journey and a collective one that at least a portion of humanity is undergoing currently. It is a process and will continue, even when you break through to the other side and into the fifth dimension. When you arrive there, you may decide to rest, but sooner than later you will begin again to move forward on the path, through service, through learning, through the many ways that will be offered to you.

There are many now in these last days who still doubt that they have “the right stuff” to make ascension. Fear not, beloved ones, for all of you are loved. It is your own thoughts and emotions that keep you down and continuing in feeling the separation, the disparity, perhaps even despair. And certainly you might feel confused about all the conflicting opinions and information that is being presented within the lightworker community. This is why it is so important to approach any information, including these messages, by using your own inner discernment as your guide. The time for the outer teacher is coming to an end; it has ended. There are no captains, no leaders in this movement. It is a movement and a journey made up of individuals, all following their own paths, yet it is also a journey that will take many in the same direction, to the same destination.

Know also that ascension is not a one-time initiation. There are many steps to ascension, not just one. Those of you, who choose to move on beyond the first baby-steps of ascension, will find themselves being mentored by ascended masters and angelic beings. It is a grand and vast world that you are in the process of entering. The multiverse is far more than you can possibly imagine after being relegated to school-room Earth. There will be much to re-learn, but you will discover great pleasure in doing so for you will begin to re-member what you left behind when taking embodiment so long ago.

Your planet is currently in the throes of the last days of the Dark Age, of the Kali Yuga. Soon you will move beyond these lower vibrations, only touching them briefly if it is your desire to teach and lead those who will not cross the bridge of swords at this time, at the Shift. Archangel Michael recently stated (see 2012 Scenario for more information) that ascension will remain open for those who are close until the end of this lifetime. Those who go ahead will contribute to the raising up of the vibrations of the planet which will clear the way for more to follow in their footsteps. Some of the wayshowers will become gatekeepers, keeping the connection between the two worlds open to facilitate the passage of others. And many of the first to ascend will take up a life of service, helping those friends and family members who remained behind, assisting them to understand the benefits and possibilities that ascension into the fifth dimension can offer.

For many of our initiates this has been a time for undergoing a life review. You may have seen episodes of your life play out in your mind’s eye or remembered long lost friends or relatives. Some people have returned back into your lives, also, perhaps to see if a lesson forgotten or unfinished has been learned. It is certainly a time to let go of what is no longer necessary; nothing that is of a lower vibration can be taken into the new world – it will be left behind. This list includes relationships that are unhealthy, jobs that do not allow for creativity, as well as anything excessive and unbalanced. It is also a time to learn to forgive yourself for those things that you feel you have not done as well as you could. Forgiveness, letting go, listening to your heart, and being at peace are most important considerations.

The world that is being left will make its bid to keep your attention, to bring up fears, to create distrust between people through the misuse of the media and propagation of lies from governmental bodies and various institutions, including the medical field, religions, education, science, economics, and other international corporations. Leave it all behind you; they cannot follow you into the new world unless they, too, let go of their fears and step into the light.

For those of you, who fear that you are not suitably prepared for ascension, know that you can still have issues to resolve, still have emotions to work on, still have physical conditions that need healing. You do not have to be perfect in order to be able to ascend. You do need to be open to expanding your world view to include the diversity of humanity, as well as those galactic and intergalactic beings, ascended beings and angelic realms, which will be more apparent to you as you become more acquainted to your new world. There is much to explore there and much to learn.

In the passage of cycles, eventually all of humanity will pass through ascension, just not now. Not all are ready for in the past it has taken lifetimes to prepare to take the first steps leading up to becoming an initiate on the path to ascension. Those who are undergoing ascension during this present cycle have either prepared for a long time or are starseed who have embodied for this very purpose – to act as wayshowers and to create an energetic pathway for those of humanity able to follow in their footsteps. Many of the starseeds have ascended on other planets and in other solar systems, galaxies, even in other universes. Some of the starseeds and lightworkers have come from the highest heavens and will return once their work here is done. There is a great variety of helpers here on hand to assist in this birthing process for both the planet and her cargo, humanity.

In these last days of this present cycle, spend them in quiet contemplation and meditation if you can. If not, keep mindful during your day of the energies and call on us, the ascended masters and angelic realms, for our assistance. We are here to help, to serve, as it our means to further our development as we, too, are moving up in our responsibilities and expanding in our service to the Universe.

Expand your mind to include the whole of this planet as your body. See all of humanity as one being; in truth you are one. You are experiencing this process from several points of view to gain experience which you will pass on to other worlds in your turn, as we have assisted you in ours. Know that we are your brothers and sisters and are here to assist. Call on us and we will be there, to lend our energies, light and love to give you strength in moments of doubt and weakness. If you feel that you have stepped off the path momentarily, forgive yourself and continue on. Keep a close internal focus on how you are feeling, what you are feeling and how you would like to feel. Keep a journal of your inspirations, dreams, meditations and practice communicating with your higher self. Have faith that you will break through those last bits of darkness that seem to keep you from your goal. We will assist; we are here to help – just remember to call for us and we will be there.

Forever in the Light, I AM Sanat Kumara.


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