Mother Mary: On Nurturance and Changes



Mother Mary: On Nurturance and Changes

Not all women are mothers; some have chosen a single life, especially in this transitional period upon your planet. Being single means one has more time for self-improvement, looking within and taking the long journey inward. This does not mean that one has abandoned the ability to nurture others through sharing of one’s energies and presence. Indeed, it often allows the ability to expand as the focus moves to the self through the Heart Center and then outward to touch the collective.

Women are not the only ones who carry the “mothering” energy. This is not the kind of smothering, over-concerned and controlling energy that is often found in women overly attached to their progeny, but an expansive compassionate regard for the sacred qualities that reside within all humans whether or not they are aware of containing them.

A male can be as nurturing as the most compassionate of females, if he but releases the need to categorize and judge others and allows his own innate intuition to guide him forward through life rather than the reasoning, logical mind that is so stressed by change.

We call upon on all those who are struggling with the increases in the intensity of the energies to go within and sit quietly with self. Let go of judgment. Do not concern yourself about how far you have progressed along your path and how far you have to go. Breathe deeply and focus into your heart center. Silently request the presence of your guides and mentors to be with you as you sit there. Just breathe quietly and feel the warmth begin to fill your chest cavity and extend throughout your body. Allow the energies to soften all resistance and pain in your body, releasing fears and worries as your breath leaves your nostrils. Bring into your body the pranic energy that surrounds you.

If you find that you cannot relax inside, seek a quiet and protected spot in nature, under a great tree, on top of an open ridge, or alongside a stream or lake, where you can be one in stillness. As you let go of the day’s weariness, you will find a peace and sense of well-being replace it.

Imagine this peace and love of self as a golden bubble and extend it outward around your body. As you breathe slowly and deeply, visualize the bubble expanding further and further out into the environment that surrounds you. See it touching the people that you live around and work with. Most of them will not be aware of the gift, but their soul will acknowledge it with gratitude.

Your gift of calm, self-love and nurturance, your desire and focus for well-being to come into your life, your intent in bringing love, peace and healing into the world will not only affect yourself and those around you, but also those who are not presently embodied.

Many souls have chosen to leave the earth plane in recent years and many will follow them, all for different reasons. Most of these souls will confront their new existence in the Summerlands with some confusion as the narrowness of their 3D lives has ill-prepared them to undergo the swift transitions and flowing energies of the alternate worlds. The work that you do here will help these souls to do their own work for they view what you do here with great interest. As they see you opening up to the new energies and embracing the challenges as opportunities, so they will be able to soften their consciousness and embrace the opportunities that arise for them in their new environments.

While physical life presents its challenges, the challenges can be equally great when one has transitioned. Each of you has been given the opportunity to take great strides forth in your evolution while here on GAIA; are you taking advantage of the gifts being bestowed upon the planet with the incoming solar and cosmic rays emanating from the heart of the Great Central Sun?

Every soul has its own rhythm and frequency signature, which can change throughout a lifetime if one has accepted the challenge to open one’s heart and embrace self and all creation in Oneness. You are a reflection of the Whole and you are one beating heart, a breath away from eternity all in a moment.

See within the air that you breathe many colors of the rays that have traveled from the center of the Universe and even now grace your presence with the potency of transmuting energies. See your breath as a rainbow of creation, lighting your body and enlivening your etheric senses. Feel your Presence enter with the breath and through the crown of the head, spiraling down through the body and bringing sparkling energies into the very fabric of your four lower bodies.

Feel the energies of heaven braiding and interlinking with your physical cells in a cosmic dance that spirals within, even as the grander spiral of the galaxy moves slowly and majestically through the dark material of space. As above, so below; you are a reflection of the wholeness of the All That Is. It is your right to experience a life filled with abundance and well-being.

As you accept and acknowledge your own self-worth, this new feeling of acceptance flows into the lives of those who are near. It flows into the fabric of the web that connects the human collective and plays out in the new thoughts and feelings experienced even by those who live on the other side of the planet from you. You are unique and you are part of the Whole.

Do not fret, dear ones, if your logical mind cannot yet grasp these concepts, as the left side of the brain was designed to allow you to function while in a constrained environment. That playground has now expanded to incorporate hitherto unseen worlds that have always existed side by side with your own physical world. Now you will begin to find the doors between the worlds being opened up so you may step through them. Allow your image of what constitutes “self” expand as more and more of your “pieces” of greater Self settle into your etheric and physical bodies. You are in the process of becoming more than what you have appeared, to both yourself and to others.

Do not be off-put by the resistance that you might sense in others around you as you expand your horizons voluntarily. These “others” may be traveling at a slower speed than you; however, you will discover yourself serving the function as a guide for many even as you concentrate on your own seemingly individual process of ascension. You are connected in many ways that your rational mind cannot grasp, but these things are known intuitively by your heart. Trust it and follow that divine beacon that emanates from within, and comes from that highest part of yourself, the I AM Presence, your personal Godhead, which resides in the higher worlds.

Change occurs inside and emanates outward. Look back into your “past” and then now and you may be surprised to see how much you have changed in your outlook on life. Have your horizons expanded? Have you embraced the changes that have come? Are you able to flow and adapt as circumstances change? Are you willing to step forth and upward as the energies transform your world?

Call upon the energies of your higher self, of your guides and mentors, of the angels and archangels to guide and protect you as you go forth throughout your day. Know that as you become more of your Self, grounding and rooting those energies into GAIA, as well as your physical body, that you are a lightning rod of transformation and transmutation for your world and all contained within it.

All of you are much, much more than what you seem on the surface. Allow that awareness to expand to encompass the wholeness of Creation, in those moments that you spend with self, in quiet. Be the calm center of the storm. Be the fire on the hearth of the heart. Visualize your connection and feel, feel, feel that calmness penetrates your senses, easing the fears, releasing the tension in your body. As you are able to relax, you will find yourself knowing what you need to do next, step by step as you proceed along on your journey.

You are the Light of the World, dear ones. Find it within to love your selves as you are today and go forth with wonder and delight in your hearts as ever more is revealed that is nurturing for your soul and growth. You are embarked now on the Path of Return. Some day you will be able to grasp the meaning of this passage that you are now experiencing, the transition from one plateau of energies to another, but now it is nothing that your mind will be able to comprehend, so allow yourself to let go of concern and worry and just flow with the process.

You will discover that it is the journey that is important, not the destination. The river does not concern itself with how it will reach the sea; it just allows itself to flow, molecule by flowing molecule, over the stones, sand and mud until it blends with the waters of the great ocean. You are the molecule, the stream and the ocean. You will begin to know this wholeness as you go forth, but now be satisfied to experience each moment as it is an eternity.

Love yourself as you are now, as you will be and as you have been. All exists within the wholeness of creation.

We leave you now with the memory of our love that it may warm your hearts when you think upon us. We are there even beside you, with every breath that you take. Allow our nurturing energies to warm you in those moments when you feel most alone. You are not alone, dear ones. We love and embrace you, always.

Namaste; we bow to the divinity within each of you and within our Selves.

I AM Mother Mary, your sister and guide into the new earth.

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Mother Mary: Be Love in Action



Mother Mary: Be Love in Action

via Eliza Ayres

Good morning on this first day of your new year. I AM Mother Mary, but you can think of the One that I AM as the Mary Energy, a part of the Divine Feminine that came into embodiment some two millennia ago on your timeline.

When you embody, beloved, you leave so much of your Self behind. This other part of your Self is your full multidimensionality, of which you are now becoming aware. As you attain and can sustain a higher vibration within your body vehicle, you will become reacquainted with that greater part of Self, because now you will be able to hold more of You within. And you will begin to communicate with your guides and mentors who are ever with you, even if you have not always been aware of their presence.

As has been communicated, beloved, you are here for the purpose of weaving compassion into your Universe. You have come, first to experience the extremities of polarity and now, secondly, to take those polarities and to weave them together into Oneness.

This process proceeds from self-love, for it is through self-love that you build a foundation in order to begin to weave together through the golden threads of compassion all that is separate. You see compassion is love in action; you are taking the love that you are and weaving it consciously within as you radiate out self-love and well-being.

Do not feel that you are not worthy of love, beloved, for you ARE love. You came here because you love.

Do not fear that you will lose your individuality through your work, for while compassion connects all in a field of Unity Consciousness, the one that you are in expression will remain separate and connected. Thus expresses the paradox of Unity Consciousness wherein the One is One and the many.

Your love is what moves the stars through the heavens. Your love is what will open hearts as your self-love radiates out to melt all that stands in opposition.

Love cannot be resisted; it is the force that binds together each individual separately and together into Unity Consciousness. Unity starts with you and works out.

Observe that the weaving of your compassion will flow forth from your heart, touching one and then another who will in turn touch still another until all are connected by this golden sparkling Web, expanding and extending out even beyond the boundaries of your solar system and into the Universe.

Be patient with yourself, beloved, for what you do is unprecedented. You are here, descended into form, a spiritual being, a being of energy and frequency. It is understandable if you have felt frustration and even anger at being so contained. However, dear ones know that as you weave compassion you feel yourself begin to expand out, following the lines of connection, beyond the earth and into the Universe. You will begin to connect with your star kin and those who presently exist in light bodies.

Communication doesn’t merely come through words, beloved, but feelings and frequencies. Even as you read these words or speak them aloud to yourself, you will be taking in the information that we have woven into the words and as you open to the possibilities that lie before you, the information will present itself to your awareness as it is needed.

We see many of our light workers beginning to connect in ways that will begin to serve the greater good, emanating out our love through projects and events.

And there will be many who wake up this year. They will wake up like little children having many questions as they begin to discern a whole new world that lies before them. Many are not prepared so well as you, beloved, at least initially, but through encouragement and trust, they too will open up to the wisdom held within the heart and within the beauty of nature that abounds on this planet, even in the midst of the great cities.

Love is everywhere, in the fabric of the life that surrounds you. You will begin to see all who enter and leave your life as a lover does, with unconditional love, placing no boundaries or judgments upon them, but letting them walk free. The beggar on the street is sometimes a very old soul, beloved, one who sees no further value in holding onto material wealth or belongings. Honor that one, beloved, for the maturity of experience and even for the ennui that has taken form in their heart.

Not all who souls who are presently embodied upon this planet are of the same soul age, beloved, so allow, allow, allow all of them to experience what it is that they came for. They are a part of you and you are a part of them. Each will learn from each other as you mirror for other that which is up for transmutation and transformation. Release, breathe and drink lots of water, in order to release what comes up, beloved. You will find that you gain confidence and can accomplish much by letting go the need to judge self or others.

Love radiates out in pure fashion from the eyes of children and the animals who you gather as companions in your life. Let them remind you of the innocence that you may have left behind temporarily when sore beset by circumstance and life. The child remains within; love it whole, again, beloved, with the tender love of a gentle mother, allowing for the releasing of all the old programming to go, until once more you feel free and flowing in your life.

Each of you is our Son and our Daughter, beloveds. Each of you is worthy of love on this day of new beginnings and on all the days of your life.

You are in the process of bringing a new Universe into being, one woven from the golden strands of compassion. Our Son, Yeshua, is the guiding force behind this project, as he first seeded it as a possibility on your world. And now, each of you are working with him, stepping forth as you assume the golden mantle of compassion in your world and weave love into the air.

You are loved and supported by the Universe. We watch in excitement and awe as you strive to figure out your direction every day. We view your actions and advise you as we can because from our perspective we can see the whole picture that is not possible for you as an individual to discern at this time. You are creating your new world as you go. It is so amazing to watch.

Go forth, beloved, with love in your golden hearts. We walk beside you on the shore of the still lake within your heart. Discover that calm place within so you might sit with us and commune in the language of light and begin to remember those things that you have forgotten.

We love you, beloved, with the fullness of our Being of which you are part. We are One.


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Mother Mary: The Magick of the New Dawn


Northern Lights over Finland

Mother Mary: The Magic of the New Dawn

via Eliza Ayres

Note to Reader: Never before have I brought forth a message from beloved Mary, but tonight on Christmas Eve I feel Her Presence. She is very familiar to me, her signature frequency as I have interfaced with the Archangels through the years. Occasionally she visits me at night and tonight, she blesses all of us with hope for the future. Adding my blessings to Hers, I give you Mary…

Mary: The Magick of the New Dawn

I Am Mary and I greet you on the dawn of the morning of the Christed Ones. You are the ones you have been waiting for and now is your time.

Even as the stars gather in the heavens, and the waning moon shines bright, we see your Light brighten the world and all within it.

You are the Ones of whom the legends spoke; you are the Second Coming of the Christ. In you will manifest the beginning of a new way of life for all upon your world.

As you awaken to the love that flows through your blessed hearts, you will begin to feel a lessening of worry and anxiety. No more will you accede to the demands of tyrants, for you have tasted freedom and now begin to claim your sovereignty.

See yourselves as beings filled with possibility, for within each of you is the creativity and genius necessary to bring salvation to your world.

As your burdens ease, you will find yourselves able to decipher the mysteries of magic and alchemy. You are masters all and merely are reconnecting with those long lost parts of your Self that you left behind voluntarily when you came here.

And now, you are bringing Home to this world, as the frequencies of the planet rise, so you will, too, rise and reclaim your mastery.

As did my son, Yeshua, bring light into this world, you have brought it also and in greater measure for there are many more that have come for just this purpose. Never think that you are not worthy of love, for you have brought love and light back to planet once covered in darkness and despair. You have answered the call of Gaia and came in your legions. And now you begin to see the effects of your hard work.

There is an underlying change in the air, in the feeling within your hearts. Do you not feel that you can more easily connect heart to heart with your friends near and far? You do not know one another when you meet, even though it be through a message, a phone call or video? You recognize each other because you are family.

Each of you reading these words is a member of the Family of Light, made up of beings from the many corners of the Universe, from several star systems. Some of you are solitary in representing your people, but you are accompanied in spirit by your home worlds, for the eyes and senses of the Universe are upon you.

This planet earth, ensouled by the beautiful Gaia, is the fulcrum of the shift of the Ages, one that is affecting the entire Universe. You are but the beginning, for all beings here will shift, starting here at the lowest dimension and working up through the finer, lighter dimensions. And as you gain in mastery, you will be able to travel in mind and body to all of them.

How say you? Are you ready to travel to stars? Dream on these. Watch the ships dance across your night skies. Visit your star families during your dreams. Play with the fairies. Work with the elementals. Hone your skills. Claim your gifts and graces. Awake to the possibilities that lie before you. There is much to discover.

We carry you within our hearts, for we are also your Family. And we send you our blessings as you move into a new year and a new world, with the realization that, yes, there are changes and they are real. As you let go of the old and embrace the new, the changes will begin to manifest in your outer world. They are doing so already, as the revelations is well underway. All secrets are being uncovered; the time for transparency has arrived. No more secrets; no more control over others. Each being is now sovereign and master of its own fate.

Learn about the Laws of the Universe. There is much to remember, but know that by listening to the still voice within your own heart, you will receive all the guidance that you need. You will begin to know that you know without anyone telling you; and you will begin to listen and rely on your intuition more. Do so, for to move forward into the new world you need to trust and to love yourself. These two things are keys to reconnecting with the greater parts of your Self, for much will not make sense to your rational mind, a construct of the third dimension.

We bid you to release your imagination and remember the magic within; you are the alchemists who are engaged in the process of turning base metal into gold. As the golden light of unconditional love shines forth through your hearts, it will transform your world. You will see in the coming days of what we speak and wonder will lighten and transmute any remaining doubts and fears.

We smile and look upon you as our family, our children and our kin. We welcome you back into the realms of light.

Yes, there is much to be done on your world, but the transformation is well on its way. Go forth and discover what it is that you are here to do and create magic, for you are Magick, magicians and mages all.


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