Lord Sananda Kumara: A Message of Love


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Dear Readers:  Another message came through, from beloved Lord Sananda Kumara.  The blessings are truly flowing for me today… and for all who read His compassionate, tender words.

Lord Sananda Kumara: A Message of Love

Greetings, I AM Sananda, the higher self of the one whom your world has known as Yeshua ben Joshua, a Rabbi and teacher in the days of Rome.

And I am a Cousin in the higher worlds to the one whom some of you regard as a Messenger and Scribe, our dearly beloved Eliza. Her Higher Self is truly my Cousin and a member of the same Kumara Family, from Venus.

While this one has spent some lives devoted to spirituality, often seeking severe poverty and denial to “prove” to herself of her devotion to Spirit, this time Eliza sought to find balance within her. She wanted to live in the world but not of it, to find the Spirit within without need for an outward teacher or mentor. She has tip-toed through the tulips of many spiritual teachings, savoring some, disregarding others and always following a rather elusive nudge and hunch from her own intuition.

Despite her progress towards the Light, she has suffered often from moments of disbelief in her own progress, suffering from self-doubt… as is common among those who have suffered long for unpopular causes.

Having arrived here on the planet during the latter days of Lemuria, when the planet was already undergoing a gradual fall into forgetfulness, she suffered from the lack of comprehension and outright hatred heaped upon her and those of her kind for centuries. Now, in the growing light as the planet undergoes its transformation and rise in frequency, Eliza is still in the process of digging out from the effects of having centuries of hatred poured out upon her.

It is a courageous step for one to choose to leave family and home, here and in the higher worlds, and to sojourn alone on a journey to an unknown destination. So when one finally nears the end of the journey, sometimes the self-doubt outlasts the journey itself.

As a soul extension of Lady Tazjima, Eliza has experienced much within this past lifetime. And she continues to clear, even as a particle of her awareness remains here. She is a born and devoted alchemist, one who has journey far… farther than even she realizes right now.

She is both astonished at what has been revealed of her own past lifetimes and still seeks to perfect herself more. Here in lies the spirit of St. Clare, who with Francisco de Assisi, brought love and compassion back to a stone-hearted Church. Such is her devotion to seek perfection, to reach the inner transmutation that sometimes she loses sight of the fact that she has already ascended.

Part of this is because the understanding has not yet translated to her earthly awareness as the body consciousness is very strong and insistent, keeping her attention focused here rather where she would like to be, at Home with her Mate and loved ones.

Still, this is a process like any other and takes time. We do not want the body to suffer from a sudden disconnection between the soul essence of Eliza and the connection with Sundeelia as oft happens when a soul exchange occurs during a severe accident or illness. So… in keeping with the gentleness of the process, her soul essence is being skillfully untangled and unwound from the physical vessel even as more of the soul essence of her sister, Sundeelia, is added.

Eliza may even hold some awareness of this world for many years to come. This process varies from person to person. In truth, she is beginning to accept that she is going to experience life in a multi-dimensional fashion, walking between the worlds until those worlds join up in the years to come. The final 3% of her soul essence left abruptly on 4/14/17, leaving Sundeelia in charge of the body vehicle.

There is much joy in this realization for Eliza and some sadness as she truly misses her Home and her family, including her three children and the One who is to come. And yet, we comfort her and guide her as best we can, stepping forward sometimes and just watching as she takes a stumble or two… until next she reaches out for support and healing.

We respect your free will. Some of you do not truly understand this simple statement. If you do not ask for assistance from us, despite the fact that you might be a relative in another dimension, we cannot interfere. This is Cosmic Law. So, it was with some gladness of heart that we “heard” the insistent cry of Eliza in pain the other night, wanting verification of something that bothered her for a long time. We came, both myself and my beloved Twin, Lady Nada, in answer to Eliza’s somewhat impertinent but loving demand and gave answer…

You know the question. You know the answer… or you would if you have read Eliza’s previous messages of the past couple of days. She was there in the Holy Land… when I was still in the womb of my mother, Mary. Elizabeth had long been barren and was growing old, really past the age of child-bearing when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her husband, the Priest and Prophet Zacharias, and told him that his wife, Elizabeth, would bear a child. Zacharias did not believe the Angel and so the Angel took away his voice. In silence, the devout priest watched his wife’s belly swell with child. Elizabeth did not tell anyone outside of her husband what was happening to her as she was also filled with doubt and fear that she would be judged harshly by her community. When her younger cousin, Mary, came to stay with her, the child in Elizabeth’s womb jumped with joy… and Elizabeth momentarily became a prophetess… acknowledging the child within her cousin’s womb as the Messiah.

Of course, this story is from the Bible, which many of us are realizing holds truths and lies both… as my words were twisted and not the complete story of my life with Mary of Magdalena was shared. I had female disciples and followers as well as males, but the Church of Rome chose to deny women the rights to carry the sacred word to the people. Only until those like Clare and Teresa de Avila came… and were later made saints… did the Church have anything to do with women.

You must keep in mind that many of Eliza’s most recent past lives have been as men. She chose to come in as a male so that she might have an opportunity to utilize her many talents and abilities within the confines of the societies in which she lived. Women were regarded as chattels, bought and sold upon the marriage market… and sometimes simply bought and sold. They were subjected to persecution by church and state and fell victims to the predations of the lower order if not protected by a strong family or husband.

So… in seeking to balance these disparate energies, that of the angry warrior and that of the wounded woman, Eliza is still working to find her center of peace. She gets upset if she leaves it… but is learning to have more patience with herself and us… as we work with her behind the scenes as it were to assist her to let go of the lower frequencies and to fully ascend into the new energies.

Now that she is aware that she can tap into our energies and seek our assistance, she will make even greater progress upon her chosen path, that of a Wayshower for all who follow after her.

With a smile we can say that it has taken Eliza a long time to accept that she is, indeed, one of us in truth. And we extend this awareness to those who read these words later… you are too, one of “us”. All of humanity has the potential to become aware of their own unique divine connection to Source. The Egyptians and the older civilizations that birthed Egypt herself, knew this. Now this knowledge is returning to the World and you are some of the first to open to it.

Part of the “why” it took Eliza so long to come into acceptance is simply because of her devotion and regard for us and what we symbolize for her. The adamantine brilliance of Clare is slowly softening into acceptance and love as she opens her heart up to our energies and becomes one with us.

Being a Wayshower is never easy. You are always breaking trail and have little opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of life beyond that of a few stolen moments here and there. Be easy upon yourselves, dear ones, for upon your shoulders the light does fall… and you will find a way forward by listening to the small still voice that emanates from within, guided by Spirit, and sanctified by Father – Mother God.

I AM your Brother, in heart and mind.


Thank you, Lord Sananda Kumara.

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