The Sirians and Higher Self: A New Year – A New Self



The Sirians and Higher Self: A New Year – A New Self

via Eliza Ayres

Note to Reader: This piece began as a journal entry but became something quite different. For those who have questions about my manner of channeling, it is more a blending of the energies of those who are communicating through me and what is called my higher self. I had no concept of what was going to be presented before sitting down to write. While I realize that many channelers have specified times where they deliver their messages, it is not so with me. I first feel the energies like they are pressing in upon me, as if I am going to give birth. I sit down with my laptop and begin to type and the words flow like a spring full-force from the mountain-side. And so I flow with them, as concepts and words are woven into form by using the language within my consciousness that I have garnered through a lifetime of exploration into various cultures, religions and old stories.

Since I am neither an authority nor expert on any of these matters, I will not and really cannot answer questions that might surface as a result of the reader coming to something that cannot, at least initially be understood. I suggest that you do as should be done with all channeled and written materials, sit with it, open your heart center and allow yourself to feel for yourself whether or not you resonate with the material. If you do not, let it go. I am discovering for myself that I am resonating to an entirely different level of channeled material than in previous years. And I use my readings not so much as something to follow but as confirmation or verification of what I feel and understand within my own being.

You see, dear reader, each of us is being called to accept our responsibility or ability to respond to change by becoming sovereign and powerful in our own consciousness. As such, we can learn from each other for at a certain level we are one, but no longer can or should one individual lead others in the capacity of master or teacher, for we are all our own teacher and master now, in the process of reconnecting to higher self and bringing those energies down into our physical bodies. This is a huge undertaking and a tremendous change for what up until now has passed as physical existence on this planet.

We are bringing to heaven to earth, by lifting up our physical vessels to be able to hold the energies of the most high god / goddess. Think living Ark of the Covenant and you will begin to understand the massive energies that we will gather in our living bodies. As above, so below is now in the process of manifesting physically in this physical universe. We are not alone in our efforts, but are supported by the Universe, seen and unseen. And the miracles will continue to unfold before our eyes and from within our hearts.

And so we begin the countdown of the last hours of a year that has been both trying and challenging for many. How has it been for you?

Have your horizons expanded?

Can you see yourself as more than the physical vehicle whose image you glimpse reflected back to you reversed in the mirror?

Are you aware of your star origins, your star family or origins before coming into this embodiment?

Do you hear voices speaking to you or energies pressing in on you as if they wish to convey some meaning which you are unable to decipher?

Who are you in truth?

Who are we, the human collective? Are we meant to struggle in lives of continuous lack, disappointment and pain? Or are we meant to learn lessons in a supportive, enabling environment, one in which we feel love, no matter what our station or circumstances?

Did you know that you can communicate with animals and inanimate objects and that they can communicate with you?

Are you aware that you are energy and as energy you are eternal and cannot be destroyed?

Are you aware that though you may walk the earth dressed in a male body, that you carry the energies of the divine feminine within?’

Are you aware that as one who wears a female body that you carry the energies of the divine masculine within?

Are you aware that it is through the “marriage” of these two energies that you come into unity again, into wholeness?

No person or persons is better than another, no matter their rank or position in human society. The humblest street sweeper contains within the same unique potential that someone who has been born into an ancient lineage of royalty.

Each person is a unique being, seeded with the divine seed of creation within. And in time, this seed will grow and blossom and present its gifts to the world.

Are you watering and feeding the soil within that your seed may germinate and come into its full potential?

Are you responding to and sensing the flow of love washing through your body and the body of the earth at every moment?

Do you believe that you are separate from those whom you see around you during the course of a day or do you now begin to realize that they are reflections of what you believe about yourself but have striven to drive into the darkest reaches of your sub-conscious?

Can you love the darkness and integrate it into your outer waking awareness?

Can you love yourself or do you yet seek to prove your worthiness before god and man?

Yes, you are love, but do you believe and know this to be true in your world?

Have you given up on your dreams or do they still live within despite what the outer world would leave you to believe?

Do you understand that for something to manifest into the physical it must first be formed within the etheric?

Through your intent and focus, your dreams will come true, but it up to you to keep your dream alive within your heart.

We are the Sirians, star kin to many of the starseeds who are now embodied upon planet earth. And today, we have asked of you many difficult questions upon which to reflect. We do not ask that you seek solutions or answers at this time in the normal fashion in which you have been taught, by looking into books or on the internet, but to sit with these questions. Meditate over them; bring the answers out of the depths of your being. Feel the answers within your heart and then use the momentum built up through your efforts to create something for yourself to anchor the knowingness into the physical.

Draw, paint, dance, write, sing, play, and build your answers. By doing so, you bring the energies into form and you acknowledge the wisdom that you all have within your own being.

No more do you need to look to others, especially those who have been labeled as experts, for the solutions to any dilemmas that exist. Each of you carries within a seed that could be described as native genius, something entirely new to your world, which will crack open the boundaries of the construct into which mankind has been bound for millennia.

You have been taught to fear change, but even as this past year has taught you, change is now a constant in your lives. Embrace change as approaching energies break down all conventions and limitations that have been designed to limit creative thought and work. Solutions for many of the problems that exist in your social and political structures are already present in the hearts of those who are fearful to present them.

As the energies continue to break down and dissolve the barriers that have existed between gender, race, religion, culture and country, you will begin to see that there is no reason to fear anymore the possible consequences of bringing forth a unique idea. You will see very young people stepping forth courageously with new ideas and these ideas will be met with the gratitude of those who are assisted. And this acknowledgement of the grace and intelligence of the human species will resonate out to all those who have hidden their gifts, consciously or unconsciously, out of fear.

The fear is being dissolved by a flood of divine love. The watery floods, fires and other calamities that are now seen across your planet are the physical manifestations of this love in action, cleansing the planet of ancient darkness. There is no land on this planet that has not been touched by the energies of civilizations far, far older than most of you can imagine for there are few among you who currently have an inkling of your true history, as a planetary being and as a people.

Fear not the climatic change, the flood, fire, wind and frozen fury, earthquake and volcanic eruptions for while these things bring change to your world, they also break up stubborn blockages within the environment and the humans who live there. No one will be untouched by the changes wrought in your physical world. Nor will you be unchanged by the break-up of energies within your own being.

Like the cracking of ice floes in spring breakup, you have felt for the past decade or more, the pains of the transformation that each of your bodies has been undergoing. Change of any sort causes resistance within the body as well as in the rational mind and the ego, so you have been told by your body and ego that you are unwell, that you need to see a physician, that you need to see a therapist, that you are losing your mind.

Well lose your mind, or at least set it aside from its position in controlling how you interact with the outer world. Your physical heart is the real center of consciousness within your body, not your brain. Indeed, each of your tiny cells contains an entire world of knowledge and awareness. Instead of continuing to work from the first three chakras (base – physical body; sacral – emotional body; solar plexus – mental body) you will begin (or have begun) to work from the heart and upward, in the trilateral structures of the upper chakras. By connecting with the higher chakras you begin anchoring the energies of your higher self into the lower chakras, as well, truly bringing heaven to earth.

There is much more to this process and that is for you to discover and play with. This knowledge is not new; it has been known to the ancients, buried in the sands of the Sahara and beneath sands that cover over far, far older civilizations.

We give you a hint, now. Look to the ancient symbols that your ancestors left you. These are clues for you to take into your meditations. Play with the symbols; allow them to communicate in ways that are beyond words so that you may begin to awaken the wisdom within your own heart. Each symbol is a key or a piece of the puzzle that has been left as sign posts by your ancestors, who if truth be known, were yourselves even as you exist now.

Many of you who read these words resonate with the symbols from Ireland, India, Greece and ancient Egypt and other civilizations. Do you understand why this could be if it was not for the fact that you have stood before the Grange or bowed before the monoliths of Luxor? You cannot acknowledge what you do not already know within, beloved.

You are now in the process of not only the transformation of your physical bodies and planet, but also the transformation of everything that you thought or were taught that you are. It is time to set aside those old limiting belief systems and expand your inner world to encompass the Universe and beyond.

Yes, you are star dust. You are molecules who dance in spiral configurations and respond to the solar and galactic winds that sweep through your location in space. You exist simultaneously outside of time and space. As your physicists are beginning to discover, each particle of your being blinks on and off. The off blink brings you outside of time and space, into what has been described as the eternal Now moment, where you are free of limitation.

You as a creative being have the ability to bring that now moment here into the physical and it is through the mastery of the energies that move through you, that you will begin this process in a conscious fashion.

Do not feel that you are not up to this task for you are already doing the work, beloveds. You are already performing miracles every day.

So long have you underestimated your value, dear ones. We tell you now that the time for you to step into love is now, love for yourself as an individual and for humanity as a collective being. As each of you learns to love self, you will learn to respect and love all that exists around you, for through love you will begin to be able to discern the delicate web of life that binds altogether.

Even as the delicate claws of the spider cause a slight vibration as it moves on the outer rim of the web, so too, will each of your movements towards unity within and without. The great Web is another symbol of unity, which is what you are moving towards even now, as the barriers erected in hopes of preventing change and transformation are quashed and removed.

You are on the verge of a great new way of being and only a few have yet seen the possibilities that exist before you. Let go of any remaining fears that you might have and embrace change as the opportunity to expand and grow. Allow your consciousness to blossom and grow, innocent like a beautiful rose, presenting its beauty freely to the world for all to see and admire.

Each of you contains within the capacity to perform miracles. And as you rediscover your gifts and strengths, you will step forward into the light that greets humanity in the dawn of a golden age.

We stand beside you, as guides and mentors. Call upon us, the angels and ascended masters, for assistance and support when needed, but mostly, open your heart to those who are around you, in your daily life and those who you meet online through social media. These are the ones with whom you will work to bring forth new opportunities for all life on your beautiful planet.

We go in peace and with love in our hearts for each one of you.


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Higher Self: On Embracing Change



Higher Self and Eliza:  On Embracing Change

This morning, I received some lovely comments in response to my latest journal entry, 11.23.2013.  As I replied, I felt or “saw” an inner image and these words came forth:

“And I am getting the image that while you are solo now; you won’t be for long, for each of you is a beacon of light in the place where you live.  It won’t be so much as what we have known as a group, with a leader and follower.  Others who are coming online will simply recognize your frequency level and be attracted to your light, not to take it away but in order to lift up their own.  It will come from a deep intuitive knowing.  It will be a sacred thing and will unfold naturally like the petals of a flower responding to the Sun.  You only need to hold your neutral center and be who You are in as much fullness as you can manage.  You will surprise yourself, too, for as the Light increases, so will the love and it will be through Love that you gather together, not to survive, but to thrive and to heal the earth upon which you stand, along with the elementals, celestials and light beings. “

My guides, the Light Collective, are standing here, peeking over my shoulder as it were as I type.  They are very excited to be a part of this grand transformation and transcendence of HUmanity.   You see, dear ones, our creators were and are ourselves, as part of our multi-dimensionality.  We have multiple expressions of “me” in many different places.  We won’t necessarily rejoin immediately with all other “parts” but we will become aware of them, nevertheless.

What I am getting at is that the true beginning of the journey for Humanity is about to unfold.  The journey got sidetracked near its beginning due to the interference of some 4D beings that discovered our planet and decided to take it over and use the indigenous population as a food source.  They discovered that humans were emotional beings and if kept at a lower vibration these same emotions could be held at a frequency of fear.  Our fear became their “food”.  Our fear was perpetuated by keeping us bound in a sticky web by the belief in poverty and lack and the natural superiority of a chosen few.  It was an unnatural state of being in which the humanity upon this planet existed, but it was not to last, as the relentless cycles of existence wait for no one, including our erstwhile captors, a fact that they were well aware of, thence the various efforts on their part to hold up or derail the inevitable transformational process that was awaiting humanity.

Despite all efforts to keep the HUman genome from coming online, it’s happening anyway, in response to the increasing intensity of cosmic light frequencies streaming in from the Great Central Sun of the Universe, through the dark heart of our galaxy, through the center of Solaris, our sun, and into the center of our planet, Gaia.  As the rays penetrate the earth, so they penetrate our bodies and begin to activate the so-called “junk” DNA.  This DNA exists at a higher frequency than can presently be measured by scientists and is beyond their understanding, at least for now, as the belief system of “modern” science still exists in a limited structure of pre-conceived and agreed upon theories.  Nothing in their experience has been, up until recently, been able to conceive that the human genome exists on more than one frequency level.  Only the leading edge of physicists have any idea of the potential that exists within human DNA.

As the frequency level of the planet increases and your body’s personal signature rises, your DNA responds, the connections are made between your lower self and higher self, with little effort.  So it will be that each of you will begin to discover that you suddenly know things without having been told, that you have “new” gifts and abilities, that you are beginning to be telepathic, so many wonderful things.  And it has all been locked away, hidden within that “junk” DNA.  I would say that is a great cosmic joke on those who sought to keep HUmanity locked up and under control.

You may question my words, but remember, dear ones, although HUmanity’s future was temporarily hijacked, it is now time for the true beginning to unfold.  And in the process of experiencing the extremities of polarity and duality, we have learned so much about what is not love.  We have served Creator to explore the very edges of consciousness in this particular Universe.  We have reached the edge of all possible expressions of not-love, so that we could express fully what IS love.  And we will do so as the HUman genome is pre-programmed to respond instantly to Love.  Our bodies carry within them, within the genes, the essence of unconditional Love.  Our very human bodies are literally walking libraries of Light and Love.  As the DNA comes online in response to the rise in frequency, people will come online as a natural response to that love and light.  It will be the most natural thing in the world, entirely intuitive and seemingly without effort for many.

Some people will go into resistance as it will seem that everything that they have counted on is being ripped from their hands.  They will fear for their sanity.  They will cling to outdated ideas and notions simply because of the belief that they have to hold onto that last little bit of what has been known or all will be lost.  These efforts will be to no avail; everything that has come from a lower vibration will be stripped away from each of us.  The important thing is to realize that this is not an attack upon humanity, but deep purpose, done to wake us up from our age-long sleep.  It is time to set aside the tatters of 3D and to don our robes of many colors, for we are the saviors of humanity and it is through the common people that the salvation of this world will come.

We are the Sleeping Beauty who has been locked away in the tower, surrounded by the overgrown and dangerous forest.  We are the Prince who has valiantly sought her, the beloved.  As our divine masculine and divine feminine essence are reunited, our purpose will be clear, to awaken to the realization that our saviors are ourselves, that we already know what to do and that we are willing to work together for the good of the All That Is.  We have all experienced the dark and light; we know what needs to be done.  We know what it is that we want to see in a cleansed world, wiped clean of the remnants of abuse and trauma.  We know what it is to be healed for within this transformation and your acceptance of the process, will come healing, instant healing of everything that has ever stood in your way from being able to create what it is that you want most, a world filled with abundance, health, well-being, love and joy for all.

HUmanity is by nature a generous being.  It has only been by trimming our genome that we could be contained for a time, but no more.  The cycles have moved on.  The cosmic tide is irresistible.  What we see playing out in our world is merely the rinse cycle.  This, too, shall pass.  The world and each of us are undergoing a gigantic cleansing of all remaining sticky substance of resistance.  You can assist your body vehicle to go through the transformation process as you take command and regain conscious mastery over what you take into the body, what you think, learning to come into neutral, and focusing your intent to be all that you can be.  Each of us will approach this process in our own way and that is as it should be, for although HUmanity is a collective being, each one of us is a unique expression, a unique note in the symphony of Creation.

You are consciousness and your body is a temporary abode, a home, a vehicle.  Your body is conscious and sentient.  Every cell is awake and aware.  Even as we have been shoving things into our bodies like negative thoughts, eating junk food and watching football and violent movies, our bodies have been striving to keep together in order to present the physical platform so the soul essence that is “you” can exist here in the lower frequencies.  Without this physical vehicle, “you” would still be in a light body or in a higher expression of “self” elsewhere in multidimensionality.  “You” came here for a purpose, not to eat Oreos, but to be here when the human genome began to come online, so you could guide the vehicle and become a working partner with this marvelous creation, carrying the physical body into the higher frequency levels step by step, higher and higher, embracing the changes in structure as you both go, until one day your body would be completely transformed into a vessel of living light, a crystalline marvel, capable of holding every signature of frequency found in the Universe.  “You” are the captain of your ship.  Would you sink it now, just on the edge of transformation, or would you rather sail together into the sunrise of a marvelous new world?

For each of us this undergoing this transformation will take some releasing of our emotional ties to eating certain foods, engaging in certain activities, holding negative thoughts, blaming others for our problems.  In short, we need to move into a fuller expression of maturity.  We need to accept that we are powerful beings of light, utilizing physical vehicles in order to express and exist in this frequency level.  We are all ascending now and with ascension comes the realization that “you” need to accept responsibility for everything that you do, think, especially how you treat your body, what thoughts you direct towards it, how you encourage it or not to accept the changes that are coming upon it.  Yes, the body is sentient and aware, but it can also be frightened by the changes, so you are here to steady it, to calm it, and to encourage it as changes come in response to the rise in vibration.

Think of your body as a spirited horse.  Become a horse whisperer for your body.  Work with the body, not against it.  Listen to the needs of the body.  It is intelligent.  It knows what it needs to thrive.  As a marvelous creation, it has the capacity to do things that are now unimaginable to the rational mind, that construct that has limited the potential of the body within the 3D structures.   The body is capable of instantaneous healing, if you cooperate by holding the intent to hold your focus on what is the highest and greatest good for all.  Nothing is impossible as the bonds have been released that have held humanity down have now been released.  It is time to fly together towards your greatest dream.

Can you now see the need to go within, to listen to your sacred heart?  You, as consciousness and your body make up the “lower” self.  As you reconnect to higher self, you are consciously opening up avenues of expression that ignite the latent DNA, allowing you to be able to express here and now fully all the gifts and graces of higher self.  The body is your hands and feet, how you move, a vehicle to carry your expression through the world.  Listen to it, guide it, work with it; it is your greatest asset in your endeavor to bring this world back into balance.  And you do this as a unique expression of Source.  You are here to be of service, for you are an expression of the Will of the Creator, the First Ray of Creation.  You are here to be the fullness of unconditional love, to express fully the blueprint originally set forth by Source.  Discover the source of your inner wisdom, that spring of pure light essence that will come forth from the Heart of Source.

Your body is seeded with unlimited potential to carry your consciousness into the fullness of expression of all you are as a unique aspect of Source.  Your body carries the ability to connect your consciousness all the way to Source.  You do not need to go home until you are called.  You can do your work here, for Source, for the human collective, and most especially, for Gaia, the world that you now call Home.  Home is, indeed, where the heart is and Gaia is the heart of your Mother, while you stand upon her lovely surface.

You are here out of Love.  You are here to bring this world into balance as part of the ongoing sweep of this Universe.  Now is the time to step out of doubt and fear and to become reacquainted with your power and sovereignty that you left at the doorstep upon incarnation.  You are masters all.  Engage with that concept.  Step into self-love; forgive yourself and others, and be all that you are.  Know that the process of waking up will happen whether or not you want it to, but the way will be easier if you engage consciously in the process and assist your body first to master the new energy.  Then you will be in a position to act as wayshower for others, for not all will come online at once. Each of you has a self-timer and you who are now reading these words have begun to activate your self-knowledge earlier than others, by divine design, by the design of your soul and higher self.

Be open to change for it will be the only constant in your lives from now on.  The sheer velocity of change will astound many, but personally I am quite delighted.  In the winds of change, I can scent the sweet smell of Home.  We are literally bringing heaven to earth, as the planet rises in frequency.  Our bodies are programmed to respond to the rise in the frequency level of the planet, allowing our consciousness to break free of what has bound us to 3D.  We are free, but first we need to let go of the habitual ways that have carried us blindly through life.

Those brave ones who have gone before us, through the ages, and more recently, have created a path for us to follow.  Each of us will go forth in our own way, as unique expressions of Source.  And we will come together as One and one in our beautiful diversity, for that is the way of this particular planet’s expression as she is, also, a living library of light and love.  It is Her diversity of expression that will attract visitors here from all over the Universe to see and delight in her beauty.

Go, dear ones, and rejoice.  The light fall is increasing and it will become a mighty flood, cleansing this world of the last remnants of the old energies.  You will find yourself singing your special note in a swelling chorus of thanksgiving.  Step forth and claim your mastery and be all that you can be in the fullness of your divine expression, for you are god incarnate and you are loved and cherished, all.

I AM Eliza, your sister in light and love, your sister in balanced creation, your sister in bringing you greetings from those who love you.  Namasté; I bow before the divinity within each of you.



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The Light Collective and Higher Self: On Integration


Light and Shadow

Higher Self and the Light Collective:  On Integration

by Eliza Ayres

This morning I had a dream wherein I reached into a chest and drew forth a large book.  I noticed that my hands seemed quite large, almost like a giant’s.  Immediately I woke or rather moved into a theta state of being, betwixt and between, that state of consciousness wherein you may speak clearly to your guides and they to you.  I spoke, “I was drawing out the wisdom of my heart.”

And they replied, “Yes, exactly that”.  I paused and asked, as often I do:

“To whom am I speaking?”

“We are the Light Collective.  We are made up of a council of beings emanating from the 8th and 9th dimension, from Pleiadian, Sirian, Lyran and Arcturian sources.”

“Am I a part of this council?” Always curious…

The reply was short, “Yes.  And yes, to your next question.  We exist as part of your multidimensionality and you are part of Us.  You are bodhisattva, as are many of your companions on this journey, seen and unseen.”

Yes, I knew that.  I’ve known it consciously for a good long while.  I find it curious how our ego is so eager to keep us safe that we often lose sight, at least temporarily, of things that we already know we know.  However, our egos are beginning to comprehend that their time of needing to keep us safe by trimming our celestial sails has come to an end.  Our ego is, again, to resume its original duty to keep us physically safe by acting as an early warning system, through body sensation.  Not to direct our outer lives or inner thoughts; not to attempt to thwart our expansion into limitless consciousness.

Meline LaFont and her twin flame, St. Germain, recently touched on the need to accept ALL of ourselves.  I have also been reading and listening to the archived messages of the Celestial Team, via Judith Dagley.  Much wisdom is offered by both of these sources, as well as others.  Integration of our energies seems to be a key note and one that is often overlooked or even treated with outright rejection by light workers.

Integration of duality, the dark and the light, not just the light overwhelming and “destroying” the darkness, is the goal of our collective being.  This process is much more demanding of surrender than merely turning to the light and accepting all things that are deemed “good” and rejecting what appears to be “bad”.  Any intuitively plugged in being would instantly recognize the fallacy of such an undertaking, as one side of duality overtaking and destroying the other half.  In the destruction of one half would come destabilization and imbalance, and isn’t that just what we are attempting to emerge from right now?

What is occurring now and what might be beyond the understanding of the intellect is the blending of the energies of dark and light.  These energies reflect the unity of Yin and Yang, female and male, receiving and giving, flexibility and strength; there must be movement from one polarity to another, fluid, flexible and strong to hold the center together.

What is in the process of being broken down in the world today is the extreme polarity that exists, a rigidity of structure, a domination of power over others for the sake of personal gain, a need to destroy and diminish “other” for the sake of “protecting” self.  This is a state of over-compensation by beings that exist in a state of extreme fear, feeling such a deep anguish at the pain of separation that they truly believe they need to protect themselves from others by making themselves more powerful, rich and dominant in an ever increasing downward spiral of delusion.

The delusion is rapidly breaking up under the constant and increasing onslaught of cosmic energies designed to just that.  The underlying structure of the third dimension has been removed by its Creators, the Elohim.  It was set up for the purpose of preventing further decay in the consciousness level being experienced by the inhabitants of the planet.  It has served its purpose, but that purpose is now complete.  As the threads of the energies of the divine feminine and the golden Christic light are now being interwoven into the tapestry of life upon the planet and into the heart centers of every living being, a new center point, a still point, is being sought out.  In coming to still point, the energies of dark and light, female and male, flexibility and strength, will discover their need for each other in order to reemerge into wholeness.

Wholeness is the new grail quest, a quest that cannot be completed by denying a portion of self.  Would you deny the strength of your leg for holding you upright or carrying you through the physical world?  Would you deny the subtle abilities of the eye, both inner and outer, to discern light and shadow, color and hue, shape and density… and those things that have yet to be revealed before your living consciousness?

Self-acceptance is the key to opening the door upon new worlds, new only to you because of the Veils that have existed, separating this world in which you have been limited to living within for so long, whilst embodied upon this segregated world.  Those veils have been lifted, for some, and they find themselves experiencing realms that are difficult to describe in the current human languages, given that said languages were created in separation energy.  You are on the brink of stepping into worlds that have always existed and that you have always been a part of, but that your limited consciousness patterning on earth did not allow for, except for the occasional glimpses granted to seekers, shamans, Gnostics, saints and seers.

The artificial barriers, the energetic veils of consciousness, have now been removed.  They were set there as a protection for humanity, to allow them to slowly evolve back into a state of full consciousness.  Now, that the frontrunners, those who are on the leading edge of human consciousness, have arrived and passed through the veils, it is deemed no longer necessary to contain humanity within an artificial construct.  Upon reflecting on the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm, as above, so below, the ego has also released some of its grip upon those who have overstepped the boundaries that once prevented all but a few from passing.

As humanity is a collective, and those who have come here from other worlds, dimensions and consciousness levels, embodying into human bloodlines, these frontrunners are carrying forth humanity in their wake.  What one embodied soul accomplishes can be taken up by another if they so choose.  It is the concept of the 100th monkey.  In a place where consciousness is shared by group mind, animals will immediately know how to accomplish a task that only one of their numbers has managed to discover a solution for.  So it will be for humanity, as each person opens up to the potential of moving past the boundaries of their habitual expressions of behavior, based in the now past third dimensional energies of fear and separation, then these people will lead others into the “new” unity energy, into a conscious and subtle awareness of the community of spirit that already exists.

We are being welcomed with open arms by those who await us on the edge of our awareness.  We must merely let go of those beliefs in limitation and separation, in the need to protect ourselves from bogey men or from each other.  Everything that has limited us in the past, our self-denial, our resistance to accepting that we are, in truth, powerful beings, our fears of “other”, whether taught by institutions or just accepted as being the way to exist… all these barriers to moving into neutrality and center point, can now be released.

Yet when we arrive at still point it will be (and perhaps has been) noticed that we cannot not remain there at all times; there is a give and take, a fluidity of movement, an ability to adapt and flow that exists in the more refined frequency levels of consciousness.  Nothing remains the same or rigidly in place.  For this reason, we are being eased gently and gradually into higher frequency levels, each at our own pace, set by our soul and monad (I AM Presence) as well as our guides and mentors, seen and unseen.

For some, the awakening process will be gradual; for others, it will appear abrupt and sudden, but all are being prepared at inner levels for whatever will take place.  Some persons have the capacity to adapt quickly, as they have integrated both the energies of flexibility and strength, so they can flow.  Others, facing change and holding within more rigid structures of resistance and denial, will find their worlds, perhaps, suddenly shattered by physical circumstances.  Then change will be confronted and no longer resisted for the human spirit, although tested and tried, can thrive on adversity and move through fear with grace.  When those things, habits and belongings, are taken away or are found to no longer serve the needs of the owner, then it is easy to let go.  Whether change and challenges will be met with resistance or with grace is entirely up to each individual and group.

Self-love has been taught and is believed by many in your old culture as being selfish.  It is time to release this belief, one of many that only serve to limit your going forward and upward in regaining full consciousness.  Coming into a realization that you are worthy of being loved, first by yourself and then by others, in an unconditional manner, is the cornerstone to regaining connection with your inner wisdom and knowledge, the connection that you naturally share when in tune with the rest of creation.

Self-love turns into self-knowledge and acknowledgement of the value of your experience in living through the complete gamut and range of human emotion.  Humanity is a unique creation in this Universe and soon you will discover that you have all been teachers for this universe and for others, on how to take the utmost in polarity and to integrate them into Wholeness.  This is what you have been doing for the Whole.  As you move upward and expand your consciousness, you are serving as the foundation for the expansion upward of the entire Universe and beyond.

We understand that these concepts are beyond many, at least for now, but never, ever underestimate the capacity of the human heart to understand what is difficult to express in language.  Unity exists beyond the limits of human intellect to comprehend, but the heart knows… and so we return to image of our scribe removing a book from a small chest.  She was acknowledging her connection to the wisdom of her living heart and to the wisdom that is available to all who open their inner eye to the worlds that exist in the eternal Now.

Yes, you will notice that this message is now a blending of our energies, human, celestial and galactic.  We are One living being, existing on all levels of consciousness and unbound by intellectual knowledge.  Know that you can tap this inner wisdom, also, and already done so else you would not be able to focus on these words.  Also realize that with this and the messages being given forth through many channels and scribes, that downloads and encodements are being received.  The codes will unlock for each individual when it is time and appropriate, and when they are able to move through any remaining fear and doubt, with grace, flexibility and strength.

We go now but are ever present on the edge of your consciousness.  For many of you who are actively becoming awake and aware, you know us as your constant companions.  You feel our love and know that you are one with us, but only when you begin to accept and move into love directed to self.  Your little human “self” is a reflection of your greater “Self”, as above, so below; so rejection of any portion of your human self is rejection of the Whole Self.  Fall in love with you for you are deserving of love.  You are worthy.  You are love.  And you are loved, in an unconditional manner that will astound even the most balanced among you when you are able to feel the fullness of how we love you.  Then, and only then, will you know the power of Love.

Go now, dear ones and be what you are meant to be.  Allow your dreams to blossom and carry you forth on a voyage and journey of magnificent creation.  You are creators all and someday you will understand what it truly means.  There are no limits in the higher frequencies; so do not seek to limit your regard for self or the self, reflected as mirrors, in the eyes of those who walk through your daily life.

Our blessings and love go with you, always.


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Higher Self: “Cracking the Egg”



Higher Self:  “Cracking the Egg”

via Eliza Ayres

It seems that we are all being encouraged to step into our own power. Although I had a lengthy private session last night with my assortment of mentors and guides, none stepped forth today to give a message through me. Still, I felt compelled to write something and the following is what emerged. As with any channeled material, take what resonates with you and leave behind what doesn’t. Each of us approaches the truth in our own individual ways; no truth is better than another, they just are what the individual involved needs for the moment. As our consciousness levels rise up, we will find that many of the truths we once thought as being infallible, are now open to question. It is up to each of us to move beyond the borders of old patterns of thinking and to expand our individual horizons. By doing so, we are like the chick, cracking the egg that keeps it caged in darkness. As we crack the egg open, we begin to emerge into a whole new world.

Sometimes I am amazed at the synchronistic nature of the channeled material that arrives at my cyber doorstep via the Internet. Today, the theme seems to be gathered around the tremendous change that is currently transforming our world. Yes, this process has been underway for a long time. Yes, some of us are getting very tired being transformers and anchors for the Light, but now, real change is beginning to manifest into the physical. I can feel it in my heart. And I am beginning to feel it in the air. Freedom is here, for everyone on the planet. The illusion of the third dimensional paradigm is being stripped away from our etheric, astral and mental bodies. Stripped away by cosmic winds, the old ways of not believing in our power, beauty and potential, is nevermore to bother us.

As many voices have said, the underpinning foundations of the rigid third dimensional paradigm were removed last December, as the Shift began to officially get underway. Collectively, we decided to gather up humanity to ascend into finer frequency levels, but first the energies of change had to step gradually through the mental and astral bodies and are only now beginning to manifest into the physical. All around us we see massive change underway, mostly a change in the way people view their world and in how they view themselves. The awareness that each person is valuable, worthy, and important is finally penetrating through the sticky layers of negative thought-forms that have kept people stuck in old ways of thinking. Those who are willing and able to step out of the sticky web of illusion will see to spider webs vanish in the warmth of the new dawn.

Perhaps your eyes will not see the changes in your world at first, but your heart, that delicate sensory instrument, will feel the difference. My sensitivity and awareness of changes in my preferences and what I want in my life has greatly shifted, just in the last couple of weeks. Some things that were important for me no longer are of any interest. I am changing, rapidly, in a manner that is hard to describe with words. I just feel different.

I see it every day as people are noticing that the old ways of doing things, of following orders without thought, just doesn’t work anymore. Some of my acquaintances are questioning everything now and the questions are disturbing the status quo. Power is being taken back by the individuals; the power of choice is upon them. Right now, they are not sure what to do with that power, as it brings responsibility and decision with it. It is not the time to ignore things and look away. As awareness increases, one must learn to look on the world and see it as it is, but to also see it as it can be what you want it to be, for your own self and for the collective.

As we have been taught through years of conditioning by our adult mentors and families, many people will continue to attempt to think and act in the old, rigid ways of judgment, criticism and blaming others, the old passive-aggressive mannerisms that have haunted those who have felt powerless to change their circumstances and their worlds. However, due to the new energies of radical change, this will no longer work for these individuals. They will be compelled, by the spirit within, to look at themselves in a new light, a harsh light at first for some, as secrets long withheld from the light are revealed. However, as the secrets are revealed, these individuals will find themselves relieved of burdens which they no longer have to carry, tucked away in their unconsciousness. And the secrets will be revealed as not having any more power to bring up fear, grief or anger, but will be revealed as simply nothing to be afraid of – the paper tigers of imagination.

Every family has had its secrets. Every state, corporate body and institution has had its secrets; now, they are being exposed, whether or not the individuals involved want them to be. The light is stripping away the covering darkness, the deceit and the illusion of control over others. Keeping secrets allows others who have found out those secrets to have power over others, thru threat and blackmail. By the mass revelation of all secrets, that hold, that power no longer exists.

The next step of the individual is to release judgment, against self and by projection, against others. By finding peace within, you emanate peace to those who are around you and by osmosis the peace is conveyed throughout your world. You become a peace warrior, one who can go through the world with an open heart, without a weapon in your hands, without the need to defend yourself as the light is your shield and armour. It pushes through your unified field and out into the world. Like a miniature star, you begin to shine forth the light and love of creation into your daily activities. You are become BIG in your world, by allowing the love and light of your higher centers to move in and through your lower bodies, into the mental-emotional, the etheric and into the physical, anchoring into the earth beneath your feet.

Forgiveness of your past indiscretions, both big and small, must come, intertwined with the release of self-judgment and judgment of others. If you are unable to forgive, you will be unable to grow and move into awareness that you are beautiful, powerful and gifted. Forgiveness is necessary for it is a step towards acceptance of self, which blossoms out to acceptance of your greater Self, your multidimensionality.

The energies that are affecting each and every living being on the planet now, the cosmic rays, the warming of the planet by the decrease in the electromagnetic field of the sun, all of these things are bringing change of every corner of the world. None will escape the consequences of change, but change can occur with ease and flow in your life as you consciously release old patterns of “must be this way” and “I should”, “if only” and other limiting thought forms. And this process is being accelerated in such a way that no one will be able to resist the changes. It is your choice to open and flow or to act like a logjam and resist the flow of the winds of change. From what I have seen of logjams, smashed up against the hard walls of granite canyons, I would advise going with the flow, letting go of the shore and allowing the river to carry you into a new way of being. It is a choice that either you will make or will be made for you, due to circumstances looming into your world.

For many years, I was very uncomfortable in this world. It was a dark, contradictory place where virtue, peace and beauty were not appreciated. Deceit, death and drugs were looked upon as the means to derive pleasure – something that I could not understand. I stopped trying to understand and began to follow my heart, learning to listen to intuitive nudges, reading books, listening to lectures and then finally listening within, to the silent voice that resides within each of us, the Christ Self. I discovered that each of us contains the seed of rejuvenation and peace; that we must look within and till our own garden before we can turn and help our neighbor. However, as our ability to hold the light and love within our body increases, it affects our perception of the world around us, as well as how others see us, too.

We are connected to each other and to the earth and stars by a web of energy. This web is real and so what affects one will, in turn, affect all around you. As you raise up your light, you begin to radiate like a tiny sun, as a Christed one who radiates light into your environment, affecting friends and enemies alike. Those who are more sensitive will be the first to notice the difference in how you carry yourself, how you react to events around you, how you manage to find beauty and delight in all things. They will be attracted to the light, even though they might not understand it yet on a conscious level. And by allowing themselves to be attracted, they will commence on the first step toward their own enlightenment.

And there are those who have always practiced the art of prayer and mantra, who have always allowed God a place in their hearts and their lives. These quiet ones will find the transition into the expansion of consciousness an easy one, for their hearts and minds are already in quiet alignment with source. It matters not what religion you follow or if you follow any religion or spiritual practice; no way is better than another. It is how you let go, let God, and open your heart to the possibility that you are greater than you seem, how you allow judgment and contention to disappear from your thoughts and emotions, how you can discover forgiveness, how you can open to the beauty in the small precious moments that life presents to you each day… that will enable you to allow change to happen in your life, with flow and ease.

Water rages through narrow channels and rips away all blockages. So do strong winds, as we have seen in viewing the after effects of tornados and cyclones. The cosmic energies that are affecting each of us during this intense period of transition are much the same, only greater in power. Nothing will withstand the forces through resistance.

Allow the winds of change to move you through the transition with grace and ease. There is nothing to fear and nothing to prevent you from being able to create what you want to occur in your world, but your own fears, judgments and inability to forgive. Let go of those things that are no longer of value in your life. There will be many stopping points along the way for readjustment. What was once important to you will no longer be quite as attractive as you begin to accelerate and flow with the rising frequencies that are taking this world from the lower third dimension up in frequency to the fifth. You will find little resistance in letting go these things as you adjust to the changing frequency levels, often at a level that is not immediately apparent to your ego mind.

Your human body has the capacity to adjust to the changes with ease and grace, if you allow it to by releasing your self-created blockages. Your body was designed originally to be able to carry within it many frequency levels. By opening the heart, reconnecting the energy body, the Merkabah, the sphere, and the cube, you reconnect with the higher frequencies that have always existed around you. Each step on your journey will enable you to step into your power, open to your creative abilities, and to begin to utilize the gifts that are stored in your higher bodies.

You are a potential star in the making, not a glitzy artificial star of Hollywood, but a real heavenly star, anchoring the highest energies of creation that a human body can carry and still retaining your physical body in integrity. You have the potential to walk upon this blessed earth carrying within your body the cosmic energies of the Creator, while still walking in living and breathing body and enjoying physical sensations. And along with the higher energies, comes the abilities to heal everything that is currently out of alignment in the world, the pollution, the social problems of injustice, corruption and decay, the poverty, illness and disease. All these things can and will be brought into healing through the raising up of each individual’s awareness of their own power, light and grace.

None of us contains the entirety of the Creator in our abilities, but by working together, we can as a collective perform miracles. Our lives and this transition is a miracle. Open your inner eyes and begin to see beyond your self-imposed limitations and see the endless horizons that surround you. It is a wide open field of creation filled with light and love that surrounds you now. It has always been there, but now our eyes and hearts are opening up to it, as we begin our journey Home. Home is in the heart, your golden heart center and in your connection with your higher self and with Mother / Father God. We have the potential to return completely back to Source, if it is our choice and our dharma, or to remain in embodiment to do the work here.

Much lies ahead of us, many choices, some easier than others as each of us seeks to find the way to follow. There is no right or wrong way, just the one that currently resonates as the one for you to follow. No longer do you need to feel obligated to follow the path that someone else has created for you. You have been given your freedom; it is your choice and your responsibility. Let these choices and responsibilities be as a burden of light as you join hands and hearts with those who are your guides and mentors; call out to the angels and ascended masters for assistance and guidance and realize that while they can give assistance, they cannot do the work for you. It is up to each of us to master and create our own journey, to discover the smile and to feel lightness of heart as ease and flow comes into your life.

What seems as insurmountable and negative in your life is in reality an opportunity for growth. The power and creativity that exists untapped within is there for the asking if you but ask. You will receive, but you do need to take the first step and allow room for miracles to occur. You are a miracle and your life is a miracle. Every day you have the potential to step into your godhood, here and now. Let today be that day when you begin to feel the warmth emanating from your heart center as you focus your attention on it. And then in the stillness of your heart you will begin to hear the silent guidance that is always available for the asking, but first you must ask. It is a matter of free will. Assistance can only be given if you ask. This is the first indication of the power that you have over your own life.

Ponder this for a moment and begin to open up to a new way of looking at who you are, who you really are… a facet of the diamond heart of the Creator, beautiful, complete and filled with light. If all you see are dust motes then let go, relax and settle deeper into the void. Those motes are gold dust and the gold is the Christ light emanating from your heart center. Find the smile within and step into the light. You will find welcome there from those who love you well. You are going Home.

I bow to the divinity within each of you; Namasté.

I AM Eliza, your sister in light and love.

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