Eliza: The Ceremony


Strawberry Creek

The Ceremony

The great auditorium is very quiet although it is filled to capacity. The light is dimmed, with all eyes upon the beautiful altar in the center of the hall. The seats are arrayed in circles around the altar, and go up in graded levels towards the rear of the hall, so all can see what is to take place.

In Hollywood, they speak of star-studded gatherings. Well, at the ascension ceremony of my Higher Self, Tazjima Amariah Kumara (who goes by the nickname, “Amariah”) the hall is filled with real luminaries, great Beings of Light who have come to attend the Ascension of the daughter of Lady Master Venus and Archangel Zadkiel, the one whom you know as Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe.

I see the seats are placed in soft spirals and now Amariah weaves her way down to the altar, accompanied by two young priestesses, one her own daughter. The lady is  dressed simply now, in a white robe for she is about to be re-born into the higher worlds. Her feet are bare and her hair is dressed simply, flowing in a chestnut cloud down her long, slender back.

The three women reached the altar and stop. Amariah stands before the Priestess, who is Lady Nina, the Shekinah from the great Pleiadian Temple in Medina. She is also Mate and Twin Flame to Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades.

As the women stand there in front of the altar, the Priestess blesses the great gathering, singing in a sacred star language, which even if you cannot understand the words, goes straight to the heart.

Then there is the blessing of the four directions, the four winds and the four elements. The priestess turns in the directions of the four sacred winds, even though we stand aboard a great mother ship in the middle of space. Then she gives a blessing to the four sacred elements, those that make up our physical bodies. Next, comes the blessing of the Fifth Element, the sacred Spirit that enlivens us all. Then she stands before Amariah, a petite, red-haired woman of immense dignity and Presence. For a moment she is silent, but Amariah feels the growing energies building around the three. Then Lady Nina lifts her hands and in her cupped palms she holds flickering flames of light.

With bold movements, she encompasses entire auric field of the supplicant until she is wrapped in an opalescent aura, glowing in the soft light.  Amariah feels the kundalini energies rise up within like twin serpents as they traverse the channels rising to her crown chakra. Suddenly as the energies reach her head, and Amariah feels like her head is crowned with a cool fire, as her third eye opens wide.  She can now see the great ones who have come to attend the ceremony, gracing the proceedings with their great Presences. She can also see those who could not come in their bodies, but who are seated in etheric seats all around the perimeter of the large hall.

The blessing complete, six Beings of Light approach, Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus, Lord Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst, Archangel Michael and Lady Faith. It is appropriate as these are the Ones who engendered Amariah as she is. Three sets of Twin Flames. Lady Venus and Lord Zadkiel are her holy Parents, who came together for a short mating to create the vessel for their daughter to be. Sanat Kumara and Holy Amethyst supported their beloved Twin Flames in this effort. And Lord Michael and Lady Faith sent forth the soul aspect needed to fill the vessel. And so Amariah was made.

These great Beings of Light surround the newly blessed lady.  Her Mother is smiling her secret smile. Sanat Kumara is radiating His great love. He has always been the  Spiritual Father of Amariah. Archangel Zadkiel, arrayed in the dark beauty of the VaCoupe brothers, his black hair flowing down across his golden violet robes is smiling, His beautiful face alight with joy. Lady Amethyst… we call Her Lady Amy, smiles at me and bows. She is holding a robe in her arms. Lady Venus and Lady Amy help me into it. It is in the colors of the two houses, Kumara and VaCoupe, gold and violet, with the embroidery of Amariah’s Mate’s family along the hem, the cuffs and the front panels. It is heavily embroidered with gold and silver threads in an intricate flower design, but light upon her shoulders.

Then Archangel Michael and Lady Faith stand before Amariah. They raise their hands in blessing. And as they do, she sees a white dove descend from the shadowy heights above her head and hears a voice echo within, “Here is my Daughter in whom I am well pleased.”

Amariah opens her eyes – she didn’t realized that she had closed them – and sees, hanging in the air before her, a Great Being, Lord Melchizedek. He also blesses her as I humbly bows my head and then stands before her, glowing with a gentle, golden light.

Addressing the entire gathering, the great Lord turns Amariah about to face the assembly and says aloud in a deep, gentle but penetrating voice, “This one is a member of the Order of the Priesthood of Melchizedek, now and forever!”

“She has gone forth to serve and has returned to us greatly changed, but greatly enhanced by her experiences. She has garnered the great wealth of the ages, wisdom and compassion, and is now graced with a crown of light that will not diminish even though the pillars of heaven fall. She has been a dedicated servant to the Light and now I create her a Lady of Light and raise her up into the Seventh Heaven. So mote it be!”

Now the great Lord of Light held out an open palm to Amariah and on his hand, a necklace appeared. It was a great pear diamond, set in amethysts and pink zircon, and hanging from a golden chain. He places the necklace over her head and arranges it gently on the front of her dress above her high heart. Next, a small delicate tiara appears on her brow, nestled gently into her thick chestnut hair as if placed there by hands.

Again the great Lord spoke, “Here stands before you, your servant arrayed in Light. Long has she served the cause of the Light in this Universe. May she continue to serve the Divine Mother / Father God with all her heart!”

Then, out of the shadowy reaches of the hall came a beautiful male tenor voice, singing a soft sacred hymn. It was Thorpe, one of Lord Michael’s Eagles, whose voice was like the angelic being it emanated from.  A harpist, Lady BasRa Kumara, also accompanies the singer.

The great lords and ladies leave the stage and next approaches a very tall, dark-haired man of great dignity and presence, Lord Adrigon, foster father and uncle to Amarish. Behind him strides a tall, man with golden blonde hair, her beloved Mate, AnDra Lan Tetrah. Together they stood with Amariah, facing the audience, one on each side.

Lord Adrigon addressed the assembly with his deep voice, filled with authority and warmth, “I present to you, two young people, AnDra and his Lady, Tazjima, whom I have brought up in my own household. They were destined to be together and are now, despite the fact that their Higher Selves are Twin Flames.” He paused and looked towards where Lady Faith and Archangel Michael were standing beside each other. He continued, “Where there is a Will, there is a Way, in Heaven and on earth.”

Adrigon speaks for awhile about the spiritual heritage and attainments of his niece.  Then he pauses again, as a beautiful dark lady now approached the altar. It was Lady Isis, an Ancient of the Days, eternally young, eternally beautiful and elegant, her slender shape arrayed in simple white robes with jewels upon her neck, head and hands. She stepped in front of the three standing there and stopped in front of Amariah, picking up her hands and kissing the open palms in blessing. Then She touched Amariah on the brow and heart and bowed to the divinity within.  Like Lady Nina, this great goddess invoked further blessings upon the future work of this soul.

Amariah could feel the crowd roar with delight, although there was no sound in that sacred space.  She steps forward as Lady Isis moves aside and bows her head in reverence and humility to all who were assembled there, her palms together in a simple mudra.

The ceremony was ended and now came the time for Lady Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe to be formally presented to the great luminaries present.

We will leave it to my readers to fill that long list with their own imaginations. And after the formal presentation, the festivities are to start. Much dancing and merriment among those great Beings! I am honored to be have been able to witness this great event for an aspect of my Higher Self!

Namaste, dear ones. I bow to the sacred seed of divinity within you all.




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Eliza and Higher Self: On a Return to Innocence



Eliza: On a Return to Innocence

Yesterday, I found myself thinking about innocence or what I would call our “inner sense”.

The teachings of the Christian church stress that we are born sinners and in need of redemption and forgiveness of sins. Yet, at the same time, it is claimed that Jesus of Nazareth died for our sins and we are redeemed by his blood. Seems a particularly bloody religion if you ask me.

The other day while I was completing a task in my busy work environment, I was struck by the fact that I don’t seem to get upset over much these days. The energies while intense usually don’t bring up a lot for me to work on, other than make me somewhat sleepy. It is almost as if I am returning to the innocence of childhood or as I would put it, back to the essence of my Being.  I am returning to Wholeness.

The memories of this lifetime are fading quickly; there is no more emotional attachment to events if I cast my mind upon them. All emotional hooks or connections between myself and others has vanished. For me, this world is fading into the darkness, eclipsed by the growing light and love of the world to which I am progressively being drawn.

It is with great ease that I now slip into a meditative mode and allow the energies of my higher self to flow through this body temple. I look at the mirror and realize fully that the image there is not the real “me”, but merely a vessel that has been a temporary home for a portion of my spirit for some years.

Each of us is a child of God. Once we accept and open to the idea that this is real, miracles happen. Six months ago, I did not have fully confirmation of my starry origins. Now, I KNOW these things and the knowledge flows from my being with ease as I tune into the wisdom held in the heart of my Higher Self and even the next level, to my Archangelic Higher Self.

I send many blessings and thanks to those who have followed my little journey these two years or so. I hope that what I have shared will assist some of you on your own journeys. I would encourage you to embark on your own revelations, sharing your trials and tribulations with others, for there may one person out there who could benefit just from knowing that they are not alone in experiencing difficulties, clearings and the like.

We, the volunteer star and light beings who came here, are different from earth humans, yet we are alike as well. Many of us share cosmic and galactic origins with the indigenous peoples here. All earth humans were seeded long ago upon this globe and now the race is coming into its maturity. The Christ Consciousness that Jesus long ago attempted to anchor upon the planet has been now anchored as a result of our collective efforts.

Those who are destined to ascend with the planet can now do so for we have succeeded in opening a door that has been shut for millennia.

Today is the anniversary of my solar return… my birthday… yet I also seem quite detached from it and other human celebrations.I feel the presence of my Star Family around me constantly now. They are there when I throw my awareness out to them, they are there when I wake and when I go to sleep. I feel their presence in my heart and count the blessings that have come my way since I have so fully reconnected with them.

You are also never alone, but most people need to go through some layers of cleansing before they are able to accept this fact. Self-worth and self-esteem are definitely an issue for many, especially for those who are ultra-sensitive like me. Our gifts have not been appreciated for what they are… or in my case, have actually been feared somewhat. I have come to accept these gifts and learned to use them wisely, to detach from toxic personalities and to be strong in my inner wisdom as to what is best for me in the moment. It is not egoic to be a strong woman in this culture, but it is also not an easy thing. Yet, I see hope for those who come behind me, in the young girls who are embracing their strengths and the young men, who in their turn, are embracing their vulnerability and sensitivities with grace. I hope, yet, to see the world come back into balance so all life may live in peace and acceptance.

Namaste, my sisters and brothers. I bow to the Divinity that is within each of you and in me.

I AM Eliza Ayres

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Eliza: On Learning Discernment


Cottonwood Heart

Eliza: On Learning Discernment

What is discernment? To me, it is the ability to determine what resonates for me, at the moment. Whatever is resonating to me, is what I need for the next step in my journey. Learning discernment could be described as the fine art of listening to the One who dwells within. It is a journey that takes you to a place where you can begin to experience grace and forgiveness.

If you have read my two series of articles, “From One Who Has Served” and “My Spiritual Journey”, you will have seen that I was able to begin to discern my path even as a young person, when I first found my joy in reading books at age seven.

Reading stories was my way of finding worlds to explore, worlds very different than the one in which I found myself.

In other lifetimes, perhaps I found my joy in learning the art of war or in withdrawing from the world and spending a lifetime in prayer.

This lifetime was to be a culmination of all lifetimes spent upon this planet, although for much of this life I did not understand this.

Even though I came in as a walk-in, rather than incarnating, I still took on the Veil of Forgetfulness, perhaps to see if I could manage to walk through a portion of my life without the benefit of foreknowledge and connection with Source. My Star Family would be first to recognize that I loved challenges and challenging lifetimes. I was fearless.

Still, when I began to awaken, so many years ago, I realized that in this particular lifetime I was carrying a great deal of fear in my body. Whether or not it was the result of coming in as a walk-in and “inheriting” the fear that permeated the body, I do not know. Some of the fear may have been my own, held over from the violent ending I had suffered during World War II. There I had “died” after the plane I had been piloting was shot down.

I had chosen to come into an era that was particularly challenging, the second great war had ended, but an uncertain cold war had set in, permanently driving wedges between two different and apparently totally opposite political philosophies… that of Capitalism and that of Communism. The two divisions remained in a state of mutual opposition, each building unbelievable weapons of destruction as deterrents to invasion by either party on the other’s territory.

So… while America thrived in those days of the post-war era, still there was an underlying current of fear, brought to the forefront of realization by news coverage of acts of belligerence here and there across the globe. When Cuba became a communist state, even our shores were within striking distance of the Red Threat. In those days, it is was clear who the “enemy” was… the Communists.

Still, I was a child and then a teenager. Distant wars or threats of war did little to disturb me as I concentrated on my school work and enjoyed the books that I was reading.

Some people would describe reading as a way to “escape” the world. Perhaps, but in those days I needed to escape into the adventures and strange worlds that I was discovering. I was about 11 or 12 when I discovered the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings. I didn’t even read the first volume of the Trilogy, “The Fellowship of the Ring”, or “The Hobbit” until several years later, but I knew that the world described in these works was one that I would gladly immerse my entire being. I felt an affinity for the great beings, the High Elves, who unworldliness echoed within my own being in ways I did not yet understand. They were the Guardians of their world, but their time was ending, the time of the Elves was ending and therein was contained some of the bittersweet poignancy of the tales. Little did I realize at the time, this was, indeed, a true echo of my own long journey as a Wayshower and volunteer lightworker upon this planet. Though these two words, “Wayshower” and “lightworker” were not a part of general parlance of my youth, they would become a big part of the latter years.

Without going into further detail about my life and process of learning how to discern what was right for me and what was not, let it suffice to say that it is a process, like any other of learning to trust yourself.

In this particular and very peculiar culture of the “modern” Western world, materialism has been king. Being aggressive and outgoing was the way to be, to conquer and to command. In this life, I was none of those things. I was sensitive, quiet and introverted. I was uncomfortable with team sports, did not collect records or become enamoured of recording artists like other young people. I enjoyed music, but was not obsessed by it. I wasn’t drawn to be part of the “in” crowd and frankly didn’t understand their need to be the center of attention. I was curious, intelligent, somewhat shy, and socially awkward and had little idea what I wanted to do and be in the future.

It was in my college years that I began to realize that I had precognition, which is the ability to know something before it happens. For instance, one evening while spent in the company of my boyfriend and his family, I came to the realization that I would be leaving in about two months. This was in April. After school finished in June, I left, never to return.

This ability only has grown stronger through the years. Over a decade ago, I was sharing a meal with the parents of another boyfriend when I just “knew” that my friend’s father was dying. Later I told him that his father would not be long for the world. His father died before Memorial Day. Made uneasy by my abilities, my boyfriend became quite impossible to live with and so our relationship came to an end… but, of course, I knew it would. By the time I moved out, I had known that we would not marry or continue to be “an item” for many months. Yet events had to play themselves out. It was a dividing of the way for me. A mere month later, my father died of complications arising from his Alzheimer’s disease, and I found myself completely alone. I was at the beginning of my spiritual mentorship, by yet unseen and unknown spiritual Beings.

If you have read the story of my spiritual journey, you will come to the realization that my path has never been clear-cut or well-defined. In that, I differ greatly from the Wayshowers of the Second and succeeding Waves of lightworkers and starseeds. Someone has to be a pioneer, one who works without a map or compass, who hacks a path through the untrammeled wilderness of suppressed spirituality that exists upon this planet. And so I, with many of my and as yet unrecognized spiritual family were here doing just that… acting as sowers of seeds of light, light houses and so on, in order to awaken the latent and innate spiritual yearning within humanity.

I wove an uncertain path from one spiritual group to another, from one New Age church to another, each step taking me forward, sometimes sideways, and yet unerringly upward. Yet it wasn’t until I was able to break through my own fears of exposure through the medium of writing that I truly encountered, for the first time in waking consciousness, members of my own Spiritual Family.

In the process of coming to this point of enlightenment, I took many steps without relying upon others to show me the way. Yes, I read many books, listening to lectures and channeled material. Yes, I attended services, did degrees, yet learned to listen to my own feelings. Through trial and error, I discovered that when I did not listen to my body, I got very sick. So, I became hyper somatic. A psychologist would and did see this as something negative. I saw it as being something useful. My own body was a tool that I could use in learning to discern whether or not something was suitable for me.

As the years passed, this discernment began more finely tuned. I found out that my investigations into various avenues of what was currently available in terms of esoteric knowledge would lead me, eventually, to a place where I had to curtail that particular line of inquiry and drop it entirely. From the outside, perhaps, it would appear that I was confused and could not settle on one kind of teaching or discipline. In truth, I was learning to be my own teacher, by giving myself just enough of some teaching and then before becoming an adherent of only one type of spiritual knowledge, I would move on.

Like a butterfly, I was lightly touching on the essence of many spiritual teachings and eventually would come to a place where I would drop them all and follow, solely, my own inner guidance.

I learned that most teachings, whether exoteric (outer) or esoteric (inner) demanded that the student or chela bind themselves through oaths to be completely obedient to the teachings. For some reason I could not take this step. At first I thought it was my own failure. As I became wiser, I began to understand that it was a failure of the teachings themselves. All the teachings that I encountered upon this earth plane, bar none… and I realize that I will upset many egos in expressing this… are limited and designed to continue the divisions of the old paradigm.

This realization is revolutionary in its understanding. It was then that I began to realize that the only teacher who was truly suited was the inner one who already dwelt within my Heart, my Christ Self.

Jesus of Nazareth never meant any of his disciples to follow him only, but to rely on their own connections to the one whom He called “Father”. Some of his followers understood and comprehended the extent of personal responsibility it placed on each disciple to learn how to discern from within self what was the right path to pursue in the world. They took this knowledge with them into other lifetimes and put it to the test for themselves.

Most religions would have you give your power away to a priest, minister, pope or other worldly adviser. Many esoteric teachings also have you following the lectures and messages of a teacher, guide or Messenger. Some of these teachers are very humble and realize that they are not the ones in charge, but many are seized by their egoic minds and begin to believe that they are the only one who has a connection to the Source… and hence all should follow in their footsteps or be considered as heretics and blasphemers. Some teachings follow words given forth long before, without realizing that guidance is continuous. To follow the words given by a messenger some 70 years before is to stagnate. As mankind grows, so does the spiritual guidance that is received.

In truth, each man and woman here needs to come to a place where they follow their own inner guidance, whether or not it leads them far from their original family, place of origin or childhood conditioning. And equally true, many people go into resistance when they sense the need to step out of their comfort zone and go forth into places yet unknown to their limited human understandings. Or they tend to lash out at those who ARE willing to go forth and contradict their own intellectual understandings.

Discernment is a two-edged sword. You must be willing to set aside your ego and listen within. To be able to quietly listen to the internal “voice” you need to be prepared to set aside all need to immediately understand everything that is going on within. In short, you need to let go of the little mind’s endless questioning, which are merely a means to corral your attempt to venture forth outside the box of prior human conditioning.

Spirit cannot be contained within the limited understandings of the human mind. The high heart must be opened and engaged. And through the Heart, you must travel the path until you reach the gateway to the Higher Mind, Universal Mind, through which you will discover your connection to Higher Self.

Beyond Higher Self, lies many more steps to one’s coming into full awareness of what one’s purpose for being here is and has always been. I am still learning and the process will continue even after I have fully re-blended with my Higher Self.

I have already been contacted by the Archangelic Being who is the Higher Self of Lady Tazjima. She is one well-known by some on Earth, yet I am not prepared to state Her name as it is a distraction for others.

Yes, everyone on the planet has a Higher Self and all those souls have chosen to ascend with the planet into the Fifth Dimension, will eventually come to know and share a profound connection to their Higher Self. It is a process that one must grow into slowly, for only by so doing will you be able to integrate the awareness that YOU are important, also.

Self-love, self-trust, self-enpowerment are all steps to opening up to an awareness of YOUR Higher Self and the soulful connections that exist between all beings who share a Group Soul or I AM Presence.

I AM a part of a greater Soul Group who has worked for eons, not just on this planet but on many others, advancing the cause of the Light. My work will not end with my “retirement” from this earth plane, yet it is about to take a much needed diversion into another mission, that of becoming a mother to one who will be, in the future, a world teacher, whether here on Earth or in other worlds where people are still striving to break free from darkness. I have also been given the option of re-blending with my Archangelic Higher Self in the future, after I have completed my life as a Pleiadian. I will give this due consideration.

None of this that I share is done out of a desire to belittle those who personally feel “less” than me. I am different. I come from an entirely different culture, in fact, two different cultures who have both been long ascended. We came here and to other worlds to serve. It is OUR purpose in life. It is done out of love. As an example of love in action, we are here to INSPIRE those who read these words and the others given by many other lighted messengers, a reason to dive within courageously and to seek out YOUR own inner connection to Higher Self, to your Monad and Soul Group and to those Mentors and Guides who lovingly watch over you until you are able to connect with them on a more conscious level.

Seek and connect with your Courage, the fire within YOUR heart. This will carry you forth through your fears and doubt, and into those realms that are lit with the light and love that YOU are in the Higher Realms. We are here merely to assist you in the remembrance of YOUR own divinity, not to have you worship ours.

In the Lighted Worlds, we are One. Here, this is a state of being that has yet to truly manifest between individuals, but is now in process. As you progress towards that state of being fully awakened AND responsible for every step you take, you will find that your steps, every one, have been assisted by those who LOVE you and have worked unerringly at your side, unacknowledged until you could open your heart enough to FEEL their Presence.

So it has been with my own Star Family. Twenty years ago, I realized that I was somehow connected to Sanat Kumara… and now I KNOW this to be true. Other realizations have been verified by myself and through the medium of others, yet, the awareness WILL come for you, also, if you give yourself the time and let go of the need to intellectually understand everything now. The journey of opening up to Spirit cannot be characterized or defined for all; it is an individual process. And when one arrives to a certain point of development, it again becomes a collective experience, yet few of you here today are at that point. Still, many of you will become drawn to begin to work together to arrive at this collective understanding. It will be a process as well and not instantaneous as many lightworkers are still coming from ego and not from the love to which they give lip service but have not yet incorporated into their own understanding. In short, their hearts and minds are not working together yet; one… usually the mind is dominant. Be willing to open YOUR heart so that you may be able to discern what path and what group, if any, is right for you and be willing to step from that path when you need to. Through your willingness to subject yourself to much trial and error, you will learn to trust your inner guidance.

Trust is the key. Self-acceptance is another key. With these keys, you will open many doors, doors that you could not even see before.

I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara (et al)

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Eliza and Higher Self: Endings and Beginnings


Magic Staircase

Eliza and Higher Self: Endings and Beginnings

There is much beauty in our physical world here on this water planet. Do you know just how rare are water planets? Few exist; all are considered unique and sacred.

Yesterday, I spent some time watching old movies about Francesco and Clara of Assisi. I began to realize what I had missed in this lifetime; the love held within the communities in which each of us lived. I was abbess of a small convent and the men of Francesco’s order spent much time on the road or assisting the sick and poor. We lived a life of complete poverty and lived it in complete joy.

It is not necessary to divest yourself of all your material goods to live a life of joy, but it is necessary to hold these things lightly, as they are merely in your care for now. Material items are merely that, to lend some comfort, but are so easily stripped away by storm and circumstance.

And those of you who have little, you can still carry yourself with self-respect and pride. Material objects do not a person make. It is your heart, your wisdom, the light of your countenance by which your friends will know you. And you will live on as a memory in their hearts when you are gone.

I was recently given several names, apparently incarnations of mine.  Yesterday, I began to see a theme running through many of these lives… one of freedom, whether resistance to those who would steal our freedom away from us or one in which freedom was a goal to achieve.

In these days of sound bites and misuse of ancient symbols by those who wish to enslave all mankind, it is important to note the difference between the alleged goal of “freedom” and democracy as the basis for going to war upon an ancient country blessed with rich oil and mineral reserves. Is the true goal freedom for a subjugated people or is it greed on the part of international oil and gas monied interests?

True freedom lies in the acceptance that people are different and that each should be allowed to live in the manner that suits them. True freedom is when every person is responsible of their own actions and thoughts. True freedom is when that same freedom is written into your own heart’s flame and you become one with it and all Life.Freedom doesn’t mean using and abusing other people just because you can. No, it means respect, including self-respect; love, including self-love; compassion for all life, including your own; as well as full acceptance, including self-acceptance. Anything less is not true freedom.

True freedom allows means allowing life… that is of animals and the planet… to live free, without fear, pollution or abuse.

It is my hope that mankind will eventually adjust to a simpler way of life so that the planet and the life that it supports will be free of the burden of carrying humanity upon its back. Learn to live in harmony with all life, not by subjecting it and ripping the heart out of the mother by polluting and damaging the environment.

The trees are the lungs of the Earth; allow them to grow tall and strong. If the climate changes, adjust what grows in an area. It is said that the climate of the Earth will become warmer still, semi-tropical in nature. There are many of plants on your planets that will grow well in that kind of climate. I have walked through the botanical gardens of Hawaii and was astonished at the great trees, the hundreds of species of palms, the magnificent orchids, the huge fruit trees… our earth has so much to offer now – it will just take some adjustment to our way of living and how quickly you can let go of the old ways of doing things.

Your physical body is made up of primarily water. Then why is it acceptable to pollute the waters of the earth in any way? Chemicals of every kind are unnatural. Reduce and finally release all need to use them.

The air that you breathe carries the Light of the Sun. In waking moments now, I see the prana in the air, even this polluted air which is all the Earth has upon her now. Think, feel how much more Light can be carried in the pristine atmosphere of a truly clean planet.

Learn the ancient methods of gardening and the more modern permaculture that allows a variety of plants to grow together in a self-supportive environment. Communal garden patches can be developed by those who live in cities. Use the parking lots for these gardens and resort to better, more fuel-efficient modes of transportation… whether bikes, trams, electrical or crystal-powered vehicles, etc. Use your imagination, listen to your inner guidance to find ways of solving the problems that exist. There already are in existence technologies that have been actively suppressed by the interests of a few greedy individuals and companies.

As a people, you will eventually move beyond the need to allow yourself to be subjected by anyone. You will learn to work together, to cooperate and to enjoy the sensation of creating together, as a unit.

In moving into the Fifth Dimensional frequencies of existence, physical work and effort will not disappear; you will still be required to work… only now you will work together with joy and solidarity. Those who progress beyond 5D will begin to develop the powers of manifestation; it is another step on the journey and should not be the sole reason for your existence. Powers are only granted to those who are responsible and have earned the right to use them. Many lessons were learned with the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria… as well as the destruction of Maldek and the desolation of Mars, bereft of her atmosphere. Certain technologies will be released as mankind proves to be responsible in their use.

Much clearing of old karmic residue and balancing will continue for a time, so learn to hold your calm center in the face of adversity. You, the light bearers and star seeds of the planet, have much to do in the coming years. You are here to set an example of how life should be lived. Your every action will be watched carefully, by us and your “students”. In truth, you will learn much from the people of this planet. They have suffered much and have, in many cases, developed a level of compassion that is very high indeed.

And when the frequency of the planet and its collective peoples rises to a level where it is comfortable for us to land in greater numbers, we shall. World teachers and instructors of all sorts will assist in instructing humanity on how to advance into a truly new world and way of living. Ways of living, for the diversity of your world will be encouraged and fully supported by those who come to teach and to visit.

Learn discernment. Learn from your own body what resonates for YOU, not what someone else wishes you to accept so they can continue to maintain control over your destiny. Learn to trust your physical body as an instrument of the divinity within, as your intuition endeavors to guide you forth upon YOUR journey. And in time, as you come into self-acceptance, you will be more open to those who resonate at a similar frequency. You will find yourself eager to work with others. Many hands and hearts make the work go faster and so it will be.

In my life as Chief Joseph, my people knew what each one had to do to enable the whole band to live well. Each of us had a responsibility and duties to perform. If we had been left alone to live upon our lands as we had for centuries untold, we would still be thriving and living well, without the need for cars, radios, televisions and the accoutrements of modern life. We were one with the earth, the waters, the air, the thunder beings, the cloud beings, the mountains and sky. We were one with the animals, the trees and the plants. We knew our lands as intimately as we knew our own bodies. It was a part of us. It still is… for you, who have become so detached from the earth and from each other. Walk barefoot on the grass, lie beneath a great tree, and stare at the moon and stars or at the clouds that move slowly across the sky. Feel the running waters soft upon your fingers. Watch the spawning salmon and trout move over the riffles above the gravel beds. Feel and know within your bones, the sacredness of Life.

All life is sacred. When you know this within your heart and accept it fully, you will know true freedom and you will wish for all people to live in this manner… but do not make the mistake of attempting to force others to see as you do, for that will only lead to resistance and bloodshed. I know these things for I have lived them, in many lifetimes filled with strife, heartbreak and death.

Breathe free, dear ones… the light of heaven is carried upon cosmic winds to enlighten your world. Open up your hearts to it and to each other… and then, someday, you will truly walk free upon the sacred earth, free from fear, freed from control, freed from misery, pain and suffering.

I walk in the Light of the Sun of my Being and carry within my heart the Love of the Creator.


Eliza Ayres

Photo Credit:  http://www.nwhikers.net – The Magic Staircase, Central Cascades, Washington State

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Journal Entry 08.28.2014


Evening Blues

Journal Entry 08.28.2014

August is nearly over.  Does it appear to you that time seems to be flying by?  Or dragging its feet down a dusty lane?

Woke up surrounded by Light Family.  I have surrendered to their administrations that are assisting my consciousness to prepare and participate in the re-blending process that continues.

For the past couple of weeks, I have woken up feeling achy and tired.  Today, I feel much better.  The aches are gone.  The slight depression is gone.  The anger has dissipated, as has the grief.  I feel lighter.  I AM blessed because I know and express my gratitude to the Ones who are helping me.

Learn for yourself what your Angels can do.  Every person on the planet, no matter what or who they are, has a Light Team… a band of skilled angels, Masters and mentors who are waiting to assist you during YOUR transition into the Fifth Dimension.  With your conscious cooperation, the job can be accomplished faster and more easily for you and your physical vehicle.

Ascension is all about being “AWAKE” my friends.  That means you need to accept responsibility for your process.  You CAN determine the pace.  You give permission or not for healing to occur.  You can reclaim your personal sovereignty and stop the “Poor me!” act… right NOW!

Breath the free air!  Breathe the light into your body systems.  Acquaint yourself with the Rays of God… there are 12 available to mankind today… 133 altogether.  Avail yourself of the resources available on the Internet and through your own connection internally through meditation and actively walking between two worlds as I do every day now.

Acknowledge your multidimensionality and take up the Mantle of your Divinity.  No one is going to hand your Ascension to you on a platter.  You need to PARTICIPATE in the process.

Release your fears.  They do not define the real YOU.  Only you can set yourself free, dear ones.  In taking back YOUR power, you will begin to know love for self and others.  You will begin to relax into the process and release the need to listen to the needs of others to define your life.  When you live as you, as a Divine Person, you will attract those who can work in cooperation with the true YOU.  The Universe will support you no matter what you do, so assist it in giving you want you need to complete your mission here.

This isn’t about money, prestige and power.  This is about creating a world that is safe for children and women, where all people can live in abundance, peace and harmony.  This is about living simply, lightly on the land so the earth can heal.  This is about utilizing the assistance of the elementals and Devas and your own creative powers to create the world in which ALL creation and humanity can share.

Be who you really ARE.  Claim your freedom from within.  You are the only one who can change the world.  Start first with your Self.


Eliza Ayres

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Eliza and the Angels: On Accepting Power



Eliza and the Angels: On Accepting Power

via Eliza Ayres

Empowerment, personal sovereignty, self-love… all these are current buzz words among those who are in the process of revealing Truth to a people who have starved on lies for centuries.

Yet, what IS Power, truly? Is it giving yourself permission to beat other people down by your sense of self-importance or superiority?

Hardly… yet this is how many people use and abuse power in our world.

Power is given by the authority within each man OR woman OR child to live free. And long has that individual  power been denied, reviled and suppressed by the Powers That Were.

Lies were invented to strip power and personal sovereignty away from those who were deemed by someone in “authority” who deemed “them” as being “different” or “less than human”   In other words, these lies were invented by those who claimed that authority to act in the lieu of the divinity that exists within everybody, whether they be human, animal, plant or rock.  And they did whatever they pleased, using their self-defined “right” as an excuse.

How could these self-appointed “authorities” get away with this manipulation? Through their knowledge and misuse of Cosmic laws… laws that they carefully kept hidden from the populace… those whom they “ruled” over as their self-defined Divine Right.

That misused power is now being systematically stripped away from the usurpers of the divine right of all living creatures to exist freely and without prejudice in this world.

Why has it taken so long for this transformation to take place?

Well, to understand that is to understand many things… some things that are presently beyond the capability of the human mind to comprehend right now.

There were reasons why this seeming injustice was allowed to continue. And one reason was simply for the experience of living under conditions that do not exist on ascended planets and have not for hundreds of thousands of years.  Another was the turn of Cycles that exist beyond the boundaries of this world and define all endings and beginnings.  A new cycle is opening, which means new opportunities are arising for those who would be free.

Many souls come here to grow and experience, to develop in their soul’s understanding and compassion, at a much quicker pace than is presently possible in their Home worlds or in the Dimensions of Light that exist beyond all need for material existence.

Souls who are on the journey to become creator gods often come into physical existence, as it is only then that one can truly internalize the lessons that are encountered. One cannot do this by listening to a lecture or reading a book, however pleasurable the experience might be… for a few moments.

One learns by walking the path and stumbling upon it from time to time.

To regain one’s power of self-determination is also to accept the responsibility that goes along with the power that is your right. Responsibility is the acknowledgment that having power does not give you the right to have power OVER others, but to work in cooperation WITH them. This is how all true Masters work together, as one unified Being, which in Truth they ARE.

As the people here become self-empowered and regain their sense of personal sovereignty, they will begin to reach out and embrace others, for that is the true nature of humanity, one that has been suppressed by false teachings and beaten down by the misuse of personal and state power.

To become self-empowered, one must first be willing to let go of the need to be a victim, whether of circumstance, of the abuses of others, of whatever calamity you can imagine… You need to let go of the hold that the vicious circle of victim – perpetrator has over your spirit. In other words, you need to let go of all fear.

Many men and women fear what will happen if they step out of their “comfort” zone, even if that zone of comfort is many sizes too small for their spirit. Fear of the unknown has been highly inculcated within the psyche of man for centuries; it is hard to step through that fear, but it can be done.

Many fear what others will think of them once they have passed the point of no return… no returning back to the conditioned state within which you have once experienced what passes for “living” in this confused world. Yet… once they step across that imaginary line, they begin to taste what true freedom is really like.

With freedom comes responsibility… another thing that people are unwilling to take upon themselves, as many times they have consciously or unconsciously ceded their rights and their self-will for that of others, whether in their own family, in places or offices of “authority”, as mentors, professionals… and the rich and powerful… some of whom “think” that they are better than everyone else around them simply because they “own” more material possessions and land and currently wield more power than the “average” man or woman.

There are those people who truly feel that they deserve more than others. Whether or not their belief is based on reality, it is their truth, despite the fact that it infringes on the rights and power of others.  Because they truly believe in their truth, the Universe has supported them in that belief… until now.

This selfishness… and that’s all it is in truth, is based on fear, as well. It is the primal fear of being nothing at all when all is finally stripped away from oneself… the fear of the truly lost.

This fear stems from the denial of divinity within oneself. And the denial of the divinity within others.

When these lost ones see a person whose light shines, it drives them crazy with a madness that emanates from the deeply suppressed fear of their own divinity. They strike out and in past centuries have succeeded in suppressing and even temporarily destroying these lighted ones.

I say “temporarily” as these same lighted ones spring up like dandelions in a well-kept lawn. Poison them, pull them up by the roots and still they pop up like daisies in a spring rain. For these lighted ones are the light bearers of the planet. Some have been sent here; others have volunteered. They are here for a reason and that is to act as Wayshowers.

The Wayshowers are simply to live the life of one who self-empowered and free to be himself or herself, as one who honors the divinity within all living creatures, within the living flesh of the planet, within the stars in the heavens and within themselves.

We have been sent by Spirit to aid with the birth of Humanity as it transforms itself into a Race of great creative and intuitive powers. We have been the midwives, the teachers, the priests and priestesses, the kings and queens, the warriors and the humble artisans who created great works of art and culture for the people. We have lived long among you, as humans, to enable you to reach the point where you could finally graduate to being an adult, not just one in years, but one in wisdom and understanding.

This wisdom and understanding has come to you through the ages that your soul has lived here, suffering at the hands of the powerful and acting, in turn, as perpetrator of abuses to others, all in the name of experience.

Until you walk in the shoes of another, you cannot understand them. Yet, as you gain in wisdom, your heart and then your Higher Mind open… and then come the revelations.

You HAVE lived as another, many, many times. And when you KNOW this, as written in words of fire upon your own heart, you truly understand and begin to have compassion for yourself and for all the other beings with whom you share your World.

This understanding comes at a great price. You begin to understand the true POWER that exists in Love. It is as soft as a feather and as bright as an exploding star. Within Love is all things and all things exist within Love.

Love is Power.

Balanced Power is Love.

Power that allows others to live freely, within self-determined and self-acknowledged boundaries, is love. It is also respect of the divinity that exists within all beings, whether they walk on two legs, four, or fly, swim or wiggle upon the earth. Those who truly love understand this and do not need to be taught this wisdom for it is written upon their hearts and within their flesh.

Love does not coddle or dismiss responsibility. There is a balance to retain. Cycles flow and seasons change and we flow with them or become as stubborn as rocks.

Even rocks break upon the onset of wind, sun and water… the other elements who naturally seek balance that exists within all Nature.

Flow like the water, swim like the dolphins, run like the horse, laugh like a child… and feel the power that wells up from your center. It is love of life. It is life in love with living. It is YOU.

There is so much to enjoy in this world. Allow joy to be IN you and expressed through your gratitude for being here, alive and able to breath the sweet breathe of freedom that is being carried upon the Cosmic winds that are now sweeping across the Earth.

Accept the freedom that these winds bring to thee, dear ones. Move into that long denied power and beauty; be the one who is willing to express freely what you are experiencing within. And step into your new self-created collective existence that is the New Earth.

It awaits the laughter of children and the footprints of the brave who have walked through the Valley of Darkness and emerged, free of fear and with their hearts filled with gratitude and forgiveness.

We are there, already, waiting for you, dear ones, to greet you in the New Dawn.

We are the Angels, and with Lady Tazjima, we greet you one and all.


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Higher Self: On the Lessons Gained from Experiencing Duality


Spring on the Zumwalt

Higher Self: On the Lessons Gained through the Experience of Duality

by Eliza Ayres

What is the purpose of a light shining if there is no darkness to illuminate and define its brilliance? The Light requires darkness to define itself and to become obvious to those who have developed the needed sensitivity to comprehend, see and “feel” it within themselves.

In an email, one of my readers commented that our planet is the ONLY world that experiences duality. This statement is not true, but one that some light workers believe, perhaps out of fear of what they are experiencing HERE. It is a belief not grounded in MY experience of the Lighted Worlds, what I am beginning to remember. Duality exists up to the very level where Divine Mother split from Divine Father in order to create the physical realms. Duality exists up to the very Throne of the Creator and then ends.

However, the duality that we experience on Planet Earth, is that which has been drawn to the very extremities of what can be experienced anywhere within the physical realms of Creation, which are vast and currently incomprehensible to the human egoic mind.

A mind that is closed to the possibility that duality exists elsewhere, even on their own Home world is still not comprehending that darkness exists here, within themselves and within all other living creatures. There is a purpose for this, one that I am not sure I have the words to articulate, but that I feel.

On Earth, during the last 15,000 years or so, since the advent of the forces of darkness, or what has become known by various names as the Illuminati, Team Dark, the Loyal Opposition… etc., darkness has been used by these beings on purpose to induce fear in the hearts of mankind.   Even these so-called “evil” ones fear the darkness that they engender through their sadistic rituals. They have used the dark arts to manipulate the energies upon the earth so they can retain control of the people; the beings who are, in turn, THEIR masters, come from the higher dimensions, from the fourth dimension and on up into, at least, the sixth. Duality DOES exist elsewhere. These beings know it and use it. And they have purposefully used the metaphysical arts themselves while openly condemning those who would use the same forces for the purpose of enlightening the world, to keep the illiterate masses “in the dark” about the true power that EVERY human being can command IF they are ready to assume the responsibility that goes along with it.

Why would one want to deny the existence of darkness within when that very darkness can ultimately prove to be the source of their own power? I’m not talking here or suggesting that you take up the dark arts and mimic the actions of Team Dark. No… I am simply pointing out that the darkness that everyone seems to be afraid of is actually the Divine Feminine essence of each person, something that has been missing for centuries from our world. Our world is in trouble simply because the male essence of humanity has been allowed to command and destroy; the active element of our beings needs to be balanced by the passive, intuitive part, the feminine essence that dwells within each human being, acknowledged or disinherited.

Who was in power when the darkness fell upon this planet? The priestesses of the Law of One. Many goddesses reigned over the Earth, teaching their priestesses, and bringing enlightenment and culture to the indigenous people here. Have you ever wondered why anything feminine has been so hated and suppressed by the beings who have been in control for the last 10,000 years or so? They fear the power of a truly BALANCED being, a human being who has command over BOTH his masculine essence AND his feminine essence.

Why are women and for that matter, the people of indigenous cultures put down and marked for destruction by the forces of Team Dark?  It is because they fear the power that potentially exists within each fully balanced, ascending being. They know that if word were to go out to the masses that by becoming a balanced human, that you can transcend the influence of Team Dark, then they would lose control of this planet and many others that are currently under their sway, within this Universe.

The indigenous peoples of the planet have known forever how to live WITH the planet, within the rhythms of the planet, within Her cycles of destruction, creation and transformation. Their spiritual leaders often have carried down or experienced themselves visions of what is to happen. Their myths and legends are grounded in their unique experience of life here on planet Earth. They do not need books to figure out how a plant grows, what food is good to eat or how an animal behaves, for they or their teachers have observed all of these things with their own eyes and other senses. They are at one with the Earth and she holds these people close to Her bosom. Yet all who exist here can and will be tested and go through trials of fire, death and desolation, for that is the way of the extremities of duality that have been experienced within the last several ages of the Earth… for centuries.

The pain and suffering that has been experienced here has been labeled by many as being “bad”. To Spirit, to that greater part of You that exists in the Lighted Worlds, the pain and suffering has simply been the result of experience. You cannot truly learn what it is that another suffers unless you have walked in his or her shoes, i.e., been there yourself. How do you expect to teach the beings of other worlds to whom many of you will be sent in future lifetimes to enable THEM to break free of the bonds that have darkened their worlds?

Those of you who have experienced some form of trauma within your lifetime here, or are still experiencing difficulties, it is not that you have failed to comprehend the Laws of Manifestation or have failed some test… for you may be in the process of taking on the karma of many others, even thousands of other human beings in order to bring it back into balance. That is what karma is… balance. If you kill a person in one life time, you must go back and perform some deed that will energetically bring the balance back to neutral. That does not mean you will be killed in this lifetime, although it is a possibility if you do not work to clear all fear and negativity within your own being.

It is not wise to judge the sufferings of others. Some light workers take on the manifestations of disease or disabilities in order to balance great chunks of karma for others. Some light workers have also to balance their own dark roles played out in the drama that has been experienced within the last centuries.

A few days ago, I was watching a documentary on the great Shoguns of Japan. When I learned that my mate and I lived as husband and wife in Japan, I knew at once that he had been, at the very least, a Samurai warrior… and most likely a Shogun. In order to gain power in that extremely violent culture, divided as it was between warring war leaders, it was necessary to be “bigger and badder” than the opposition. I know that my mate holds rank as a commander in the forces of the Galactic Federation of Light. He is experienced in the arts of both war and peace. He was one of the great Shoguns who was able to command the military forces of Japan to such a degree that for a few golden years peace reigned in that benighted country. As military leader or Shogun, he commanded more power that the ineffectual Royal Court, and was able to give peace to the PEOPLE of the country. Under his reign and patronage, the arts were able to flower and flourish, for a time, until the next cycle of destruction began upon his death.

Such has been the experience of this planet, but that is soon to change. The extreme dualism that has been experienced here will be lessened to a great degree, but duality will STILL exist, for it is a necessary part of physical existence. And for those light workers who believe that living in the fifth dimension will be all play and no work, I have this to say, grow up. You will have jobs and careers, you will be mated and some of you will have children. There are different cultures and traditions and peoples who exist, human beings of other species, who exist on the lighted worlds within THIS galaxy and universe, who experience some form of duality or another. This is NOT the only world where duality exists; only one of the only ones where it exists in such levels of contrast to engender pain and suffering.

The experiences of the soul essence that I share with Young Joseph, the one whom his people called (in English) Thunder Rolling down the Mountains, were painful to the extreme. He was unable to fulfill the wishes of his father, Old Chief Joseph, and retain the age-old claim of the People upon the lands that extended from the Snake River well into the area now called the Eagle Cap Wilderness, as part of the lands of the Whitman-Wallowa National Forest. Due to the guilt he felt and took upon himself, part of his spirit remained, separated from the Light, to act as a Guardian Spirit for his people and the land from which his physical self was torn and bereft.

When I encountered the spirit of Joseph and he entered my body, I felt no fear. Our energies meshed as if they were meant to do. I didn’t fully understand what was going on then, but the process of re-blending our energies so that HE might go home with me began that day. All his suffering, all his lingering as a spirit guardian of the land has come home in the resurgence of his people and that of other tribes who are now returning to balance, able to reconnect with their spiritual essence and power as sovereign beings. There is much to be done among these indigenous peoples, as many of the souls currently embodied amongst them are the souls of those soldiers and civilians who took part in the destruction of the indigenous cultures. Thus, karma comes full circle and the Great Wheel of Life is remade; balance is attained once more by all who participated in the drama of life, in the great cycle of destruction, creation and transformation.

Last night, I performed a simple yet extremely powerful act of spiritual cleansing on the part of all who participated in that great drama, inspired by the stories told to me by a Sirian starseed.  A Pleiadian goddess, Lady Claudine gave my acquaintance a mission, to assist in the cleansing of the astral fields above the great battlefields of the Civil War in this country, which was fought between the North and South, allegedly over whether or not slavery would be allowed to exist. It was actually an economic war, but that is another tale best told by someone with more grasp of the manipulation of the world’s economies by Team Dark.

Simply put, the healing technique is to ask or command the Resurrection angels to place great pillars of Light within a certain landscape and therein invite all soul fragments who have lingered there, to break free of their perpetual cycle of suffering so that they might walk into the Light and return Home.  Archangel Michael and his legions will then collect and remove all the lower vibrational entities who have fed upon the suffering and fear of the victims of war and violence. I am writing of this technique so that other lightworkers might utilize it in their own homelands, for the astral realm is filled with the fragments of souls who have suffered long.

Why is this work so important? And why has it not been shared before? It must be done by people who have no interest in utilizing the energies of these stolen ones for themselves. You must be a balanced human being, capable of remaining neutral in the face of great suffering. The pain and fear suffered by these lost ones has served as food, literally, to feed the insatiable appetites of the entities who have sought to keep this world under their control.

Why must you be balanced in order to do this work? You must be strong within yourself, balanced and capable of shielding your auric field, because you WILL become a target of Team Dark, as a consequence of doing this work. It is a reality that many light workers do not want to face and perhaps are not ready to face for they have not done enough of their OWN personal clearing to be able to maintain the necessary stance of neutral strength and determination in order to accomplish this important work.

I’m not here to point out the weaknesses that I see in others, yet you must know yourself well enough to stand in the Light and to be the Light Warrior that you are in higher realms. It is easier to do in the Lighted Worlds than it is to do here, dear ones. Be prepared. Be strong. Be true to your own Spirit and those who look to you to act as an example. This includes, not only those who are currently wearing physical bodies, but also those who linger as “ghosts” or soul fragments in the astral plane and who can clearly “read” your energy field and “hear” your thoughts.

So… what did I do with this clearing technique? Since joining with the soul fragment or aspect that was Joseph, I have within me the memories of what he and his people went through during their flight from the American military forces. And within this lifetime, I have either lived or traveled through many of the lands through which the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce passed. Therefore, I had a right, even an obligation to call upon the Angels of Archangel Michael to create great tubes of Light across this entire landscape, extending from Wallowa Lake to the boundary lands between the State of Montana and Canada. And then I called forth the spirit guides of BOTH the native people and the soldiers to stand forth and call out to their people. I did this before I went to sleep last night. When I woke up this morning, I could feel a great joy within. And Joseph told me, with tears in his dark eyes, that ALL of his people stepped forth into the Light. Now, he was truly free to go Home with me, and truly blessed for having been a guardian of his people for so long.

The human collective is one. That means ALL who are embodied here, whether conscious members of Team Dark or Light, or simply here, are all members of the human collective. The ones who agreed to play the roles of Team Dark in this lifetime, have, in many instances overplayed their hands and have become enamoured of power, position and wealth and are unwilling to give up all that they now regard as their own. They will be required to balance this misuse of power in future life times and they will. Do not be so foolish as to be required to join them by standing in condemnation of what they have done, for their departure from the letter and spirit of their soul contracts has enabled many a human being to break free of the culture of hatred and fear that has been engendered for long in order to control the masses of humanity from finally coming into their own power and beauty.

This special blend of humans that has been developed upon this planet has a great destiny before it. That destiny will be taken up when the race, that comes from the genetic material of many star races, finally graduates to adulthood. That time… the beginning of the cycle in which this great transition begins, is upon humanity. They have a choice – to linger in the shadows and to fall back into darkness or to step forth into the brilliance of their own Christ Light and claim their sovereignty, power, grace and will.

This choice is also upon those who are the Way showers for humanity, the volunteer light workers. You are the new leaders, perhaps not through the usual manner, but in how you comport yourself in your daily lives, how you take care of yourself and how you treat others. If you continue to wallow in the delusions of victimhood and turn away from the possibility that you ARE a being of great power and strength, you will continue to suffer along with the rest of humanity who are resisting the changes that are coming upon them, not just through outer circumstances, but also from within, from their own spiritual essence that keeps their physical vehicles alive and functioning.

Step into that flame of living fire that you are and claim your Light and Love as your own. Be true to yourself and you will be true to others, for in Truth, you are One.


Eliza Ayres (Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe Dino)

P.S.  For those Lightworkers who feel that they are ready to do this kind of work, my Facebook “friend”, T, reminded me that it is on the Angels of Resurrection that you call.  Angels have specific “duties” and assignments, but do require the permission and participation of an embodied light being / light worker on the planet to go forth and complete this work.  For this we have come here, my darlings.  We are the embodied angelic beings who command our brethren to do the work for us — which we are ALSO doing in the Lighted Realms — for we are One.

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Eliza: On Transitions and Transcendence


Portrait of a Sun Flower

Eliza: On Transitions and Transcendence

The dog days of August are upon us, literally… as the great Star of Sirius rises in the dawn to mark the beginning of a New Year.

We’ve had a long heat wave this week. We had three days where temperatures exceeded three digits and a couple more of upper ‘90’s. I haven’t been sleeping well the last couple of nights, whether due to the heat or something else; I can’t really say. I was tired enough and feeling slightly nauseous this morning so came home early from work.

Yes, I am re-blending with Higher Self, but still I have bad days. Today I crashed and burned, having a difficult interview with a volatile young inmate. It was enough to handle on a good day; when I was not feeling well, it was a complete strain. I had to terminate the interview since the inmate was getting verbally abusive, something that is apparently quite common for him. At the moment, I completely dropped into 3D thinking and acting. And left after having a short discussion with the offender’s mental health provider. Yes, this job can be a challenge.

Yet, one of my friends pointed out that the inmate was acting out in anger due to a deep underlying fear. It would take a long time to work with such a person to be able to penetrate that fear and that’s not in my job description. I thought once that I would enjoy being a counselor, but perhaps not here…

When I told myself that I had crashed and burned, I turned to my little rose quartz pendulum that I consult on occasion to verify hunches. What I asked may surprise you, which may explain why I was feeling so disorganized today. Today was the anniversary of my plane crash in France, many, many years ago. When I died as the result of a femoral artery bleed-out due to being hit by shrapnel.

Besides that realization… I have also been fielding some intense anger and grief over the failure of my one marriage in this lifetime. I may have written elsewhere that my husband, who died prematurely at age 59 of cancer, became one of my spiritual guides some years after his passing.

Folks tend to think that their spritual guides know more than they do. I’m telling you that that isn’t always the case. Sometimes they become a guide for the sake of their own learning. And in his case, it was to make up for his failure to live up to his promise to care for me while I was with him. After we got married, he stopped talking to me. I know a lot of women who suffer with husbands just like this.

Despite his intelligence, David was emotionally repressed and didn’t know how to comfortably share his feelings with me. He finally connected with another lady where he could, but she was married to another person (which probably made it safe for David). That was enough for me. I was crushed that he couldn’t feel comfortable enough around me to do the same. This all happened in my thirties. I’ve grown a lot since then.

What I was experiencing at the time of our marriage was a spiritual break-through. During those years, I first encountered spiritual healing. I underwent a psychic surgery from a gentleman from the Philippines. I was told that I had great light. And I went to my first channeling sessions. I was encountering marvelous things and it frightened the beJesus out of my husband. Over 30 years ago, I was an awakening light-worker although that term hadn’t even been hatched yet.

So, why the lingering grief and anger. Well, I still love the man. I never remarried, not because of any outgrown devotion to a dead cause, but simply because no other person that I met accepted me for what and who I AM. I simply wasn’t going to give myself over to a lover or husband and then be stomped again emotionally.

The amateur psychologists out there might say it was because I never met the right person or I was too picky… or perhaps to resistant to surrendering fully and opening to love.

Sorry, it wasn’t any of those things. I met some interesting guys through the years, some of whom went on to marry nice ladies. If I was at all vaguely interested in them, they weren’t interested in me. And if they were interested in me, I was repelled by them. Except for one male friend locally who has assisted me with home projects and gone camping and hiking with me a time or two, there are no men who are even close to me at all.

It is as if there is a ring-pass-not erected around me, which has been frustrating until I finally began to understand its purpose over a year ago.

I wasn’t meant to have a relationship while I was in the process of coming into alignment with Self. That was the message my body was sending me all this time. I willfully ignored it or misread it, but there it was the reason for my automatic reaction of repulsion when touched by a male other than in the most neutral of settings.

Before, the timing wasn’t right nor was I in the right frame of mind to receive the answer to the question that I had been asking for years, “Why am I alone?” And I was seeing and yearning for relationship in the time-worn 3D manner… wanting someone physical to cling to for support and protection.  We need to learn to love self rather than seek to depend on someone else to make up for our perceived inadequacies.

While many light-workers serve alone in their communities because we are spread thinly across the face of the planet, there was still another reason waiting for me in the wings… until that time when I was ready to understand and to appreciate the tremendous patience of Sanat Kumara and my uncle, Lord Adrigon, for their perseverance in attempting to reach me all these years.

I have known of my connection to Venus for 20 years, after the onset of my entity-induced psychosis. I just “knew” it and the years have proven that connection to me over and over. Knowledge of my connection to the Pleiades came much later, only a couple of years ago when I was confirmed as a Pleiadian starseed. Just what was the connection between those two very different cultures (not that I knew much about either one at the time!)?

The answer to that question came just this spring along with the sure knowledge that I was here to serve the planet and humanity during the ascension period before us.

The new paradigm is undergoing a brilliant and sometimes difficult birth. It takes beings with insight, dynamic personalities and such to become involved in exposing the dying paradigm and all that has nearly brought this world to the brink of destruction. And there will be still others who are living demonstrations on how to live as a light worker or being of the New Earth.

Now I realize that speaking of my relatives from 6D, etc., may make some people uneasy or even jealous, don’t be.  I am fully aware that I am a multidimensional Being, with existence in many dimensions.

Ascension is step by step. Life is day by day. If we allow our imagination to hang out too far our feet may not be able to catch up with them. The key to creating a new world is balance. Use the imagination to see the big picture and then go back and design the individual steps that will take you there by allowing your intent and focus to get you there, with grace and ease. That means allowing yourself to dream and then let the dream take shape in unexpected ways. In other words, release your need to control the outcome so the Universe can surprise you.

As a daughter of Venus, I carry a rare form of Love within, one that is detached and strong, as well as gentle and enfolding, simultaneously. I let you go so you can grow into your own beauty. And I enfold you in my Heart so you feel the connection through me to Source. That same Love would not be survivable in a normal human relationship. Not for me.

I am One who, throughout many varied lifetimes, has served in Love and will continue to do so through the Grace of the Divine Mother, who is Mother to us all.


Eliza Ayres

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A Message from Your Family of Light



A Message from Your Family of Light

via Eliza Ayres

Greetings, dear ones, we are your Family of Light. We welcome you into the expansive energies of July. Summer reigns in the north and winter in the south latitudes.

Do you feel our energies in your heart these days? We are ever present, watching over you, guiding you quietly with nudges and notions. And when you “tune-in”, you can feel us there, as your heart chakra flares with gentle warmth.

Do some of you wake up in the morning with an unfinished conversation lingering on your lips, as you speak to someone who isn’t yet visible to your waking eyes? Or with a fully open pineal gland, are you blissing out and sometimes having a difficult time coping with the functions of your remaining 3D portions of your life?

Transitions, transitions and yet more transitions are underway. All is in a profound state of flux, yet we sense that more and more of you are able to remain fairly stable and calm during the day, even when presented with circumstances that would have sent you into a twirl just months ago.

And even if you travel a bit up and down on the see-saw, you can quickly regain center and calm without lingering doubts, fears, guilt or remorse.

If you do not feel that you have reached this point of being, dear ones, do not castigate yourself for you are all doing extraordinarily well in your transformations.

There are those humans who are not even aware that they are ascending, yet the energies are affecting them, too. And those who continue to choose to resist change are struggling in their self-created mire of anxiety and grief.

As difficult as it might for those of you who wish to save these “lost” ones, realize that each soul is presented with a variety of experiences throughout their lifetimes spent upon this teaching planet; to gain true mastery, one must go through these experiences and discover the way out and back into the light. Each incarnated being is at a different stage of development; allow them to experience what is there for them.

Allowing others to be where they are now, is as important as allowing yourself to thrive and grow. Do you remember where you were a year ago, five or ten years ago? You are not the same person. And you will be different tomorrow, for this change is expansive and unending.

Be an advocate for love and compassion, respect and gratitude. Allow yourself to release the dark energies that come up for transmutation as they must during this period of transformation. You are changing daily.

Do not expect yourself to respond to things in your life as you once did. You have changed within your heart and head even if your outer vehicle does not reflect the inner changes. Yet look deeply into your own eyes when you next stand before a mirror. Who is that one who is looking back at you? Do your eyes appear wiser, more filled with light, dear ones?

People who are not in touch with Nature and the flow of natural processes, may not be aware that to change and grow, there must first come a period of what appears to be destruction or de-structuring, where you seem to fall apart. Center in your heart space and trust that you will be led through this transition to a new way of being.

Nothing seems quite like it used to be and yet, while there might be a slight longing to revisit the old, the new is even more appealing in its unlimited diversity and potential. Each of you is beginning to sense a huge change in the wings of your life’s stage…

What is your dream? Allow that dream to take flight and unfold. Plant the seeds and let them grow. You can’t grow plants if you keep pulling them up by the roots. So it is with your dreams. Sow them and allow the energies to bring into manifestation what is the highest good for your life-stream. You may be surprised by what occurs.

Your higher selves are running the show now, dear ones, not your egoic minds. Allow for the cycles of nature and the flow of the energies to carry you into yet uncharted waters. There is much to explore and much to be.

We are ever with you in the Now moment. Feel our Presence in the sacred space within, your own higher heart chakra (located over the Thymus Gland). Know that we love you and are so grateful that you stepped forward as volunteers to create new worlds of opportunities for not just yourself, but many unseen beings.

The Universe watches your progress with awe and we are so proud of each and every one of you. Go with our love. Namaste.

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Eliza and Higher Self: On Healing Deep Trauma


August Sunshine

Eliza and Higher Self: On Healing Deep Trauma

Note to Reader: It seems that I can’t write anything these days without my immediate higher self, Tazjima braiding her energies into the words. For those who are skeptics, I was one, too, many years ago. Now that I am allowing myself to open up to spirit, miracles are happening each day. Our lives are what we make of them…

What a difference does a few days make! On Wednesday, I was in the midst of wrestling with inner and outer demons, under attack from various sources and really uncomfortable.

Being a highly sensitive empath, I’ve always been one to adjust to other’s energies and to attempt to sooth the waves of discontent. No more… this here Libra isn’t going to be a door mat for other people’s inabilities to let go of deep-seated prejudices and conditioning. So, I’ve begun to place reflective mirrors on the outside of my auric field / merkaba body, so that energies that do not belong to me (lower vibration) are returned to source, whatever and whoever that might be. It can be a rude awakening for the sender, who is probably an unconscious tool for higher level dark entities who would rather enjoy taking out a light worker like me.

I’m not trying to give myself airs or anything; in fact, I am highly resistant to doing just that. I wear common ordinary clothes, but now am finding that more pink, violet, green and turquoise garments have crept into my wardrobe of late. I appear to be an ordinary middle-aged woman. And of course, I am anything but that… as you are, dear one. We are divine beings temporarily dressed in garments of flesh that do not reflect our inner beauty. This is due in part to the heaviness of gravity and the lower density of the world in which we have been born. It is all changing now, very rapidly indeed.

By 2038, we won’t recognize our world from what it appears to be right now. (Editor’s Note: Brad Johnson, another channeler and ascension teacher from Canada recently put forth that the “New Age” will officially start in 2038, which means 2037 will put the final seal on all darkness upon this planet.  Interesting that Taz/Eliza tuned into that particular year in 2014).

Few light workers are willing to face the darkness and move through it. It frightens them. I know this in my heart and I was born holding a great deal of fear in my body, yet I found the inner strength to move through it. And it is this strength, this courage, the light of my heart, that assists me in continuing to release the vestiges of deep and ancient trauma, from many lifetimes of suffering at the hands of the dark ones… or in acting out dark roles myself. We must forgive, release and move on, but I am discovering that for many there arises a great deal of resistance to going there, with the resulting acting out of somewhat irrational behavior. It is a time to act with patience, both with self and with others who are now encountering the darkest longest held secrets of their beings…

I reached an understanding of why I have experienced so many lifetimes of struggle; well, there are actually a couple of reasons but here goes…. First, to be a teacher of others, one must understand your subject from the inside out. We’ve all had teachers who haven’t known their subjects well and it shows; they cannot engage the students’ interest or heart. So, what has been my course of study for many lifetimes? Humanity… and the foibles thereof, as one cannot teach others how to let go of their fears, hatred and prejudices without having experienced them yourself. So, now I can come from a place of integrity, with compassion, having passed through the Valley of Shadows successfully.

What is going on for many light workers right now on a conscious level, depending on their level of awareness, is the cleansing and releasing of some really deep trauma related to the fall of both Atlantis and Lemuria. When the dark ones from the destroyed planet of Marduk arrived as souls upon this planet, it was with great compassion that the soul of our world, GAIA, accepted them without question, sincerely believing that they were contrite and would do everything to rise again in their frequency levels to match the vibratory level of the planet. It didn’t work out that way and all of us fell into darkness as a consequence.

In the midst of their attacks upon and conquering of Atlantis, these dark beings did much damage to the followers of the Law of the One. There was little recourse but to return violence for violence so all of our people fell as a consequence and our world fell into a long dark cycle.

Now, as the light intensifies and drives the shadows from the corners in which they have successfully hidden for centuries, each individual is also confronted by their personal shadows, the dweller on the threshold. This dweller is the sum total of all miscreations of your own making, as well as those that has been heaped upon you by darker souls. In fact, none of this shadowy material is actually “you”, the divine you, but what you have come to believe, through conditioning by fear, that is the real human being.

A dear friend of mine shared an insight of her own with me this morning, one so simple yet remarkably profound. For all our lifetimes here since the fall, we have been lead to believe that hatred is the polar opposite of love.

Well, my friend recognized in a pure moment of clarity is that fear is the polar opposite of love, not hatred. Think on that for a moment. Your ego or lower mind may not understand, but your heart will, of that I am sure.

Hatred is a product of fear. Hatred has been used as a tool to divide people, from their own divinity, from their connection to source… and knowing the vulnerability of light workers, the dark forces used hatred to turn the lighted ones against themselves. Self-hatred is the hardest of locks to break free of, but free yourself you must in order to continue onward with ascension.

Think of the consequences of highly sensitive light being incarnated in Atlantis as a priest of the Law of One, who is one day captured and tortured by the Sons of Belial. He is driven half-mad by the devices they implant into his body, as the vibrations are much lower than his and hurt beyond words to express. He is driven into madness and heavily drugged is made to commit acts of unspeakable violence and cruelty against lighted females and younger males. In his rage and despair, he begins to hate himself and to hate God for allowing this to happen to him. In rare moments of clarity, he feels appalled that he would hold such thoughts, so the despair and sense of self-loathing take hold of him even deeper and for a time he is truly lost in a living hell. Of course, he cannot survive long in such a state, but the damage has been done to his psyche, to his spirit, and he feels bound to the dark ones for several lifetimes thereafter.

This is but an example of the cruelty with which the dark ones seized the planet and we have all seen the consequences of the implantation of fear and its dark child, hatred, into the psyche of human beings. Although few in actual number, these dark beings have cleverly used fear to manipulate mankind through the centuries by using human tools to do their terrible work for them.

One of the ways to control the population was through the institution of religion. Think for a moment of all the terrible deeds that have been done in the name of God through the centuries. Do you really think for one moment that God so hated his children that he would attempt to separate them through such hatred and the use of violence? This misappropriation of the seed teachings of lighted ones through the centuries has been an important piece of the arsenal used against mankind. Its purpose was to drive permanent wedges between peoples of different races, cultures and traditions. And it worked, and in many cases, still appears to be working, but won’t for very much longer.

So we have a thoroughly confused humanity controlled by dark entities. So who is going to save them (us)? Well, we are… by freeing ourselves from the bonds which were placed upon us by the same dark entities who still are here today. We are more mature beings having walked through the shadowed places. As the light increases on the planet, so does our desire to step free of our self-hatred and to release our fears. However, to do so, you must also be willing to open the doors of the unconscious mind and release all the dark thought-forms that hide there, like black bats in a belfry… (although I rather like bats, but you catch my meaning, I hope).

We have been cursed by the presence of vampires among us, who feed upon our dark emotions and torture us with etheric implants that are still existent in our etheric bodies, carried from lifetime to lifetime until removed by a qualified healer. And those who do not carry implants still carry vestiges of trauma buried deep in our flesh that must be removed consciously by the ones who carry it.

If you are one who is currently wrestling with his / her inner “demons” please realize that you can get assistance from the angels and masters. You do need to ask, however, as this is a free-will planet. No light being can assist you without being given conscious permission.

So, in the midst of wrestling with my personal “demons” I asked for assistance, knowing full well that it would be there. I have no doubt that I am loved deeply by the ones whom I cannot yet see, but feel close to me at all times, day and night. I have asked assistance with opening my heart and for some of the lady masters to work closely with me. Ask whomever you are comfortable with… or if you don’t believe in God, you can still appeal to the Light for assistance and it will be granted. The Light is doesn’t carry any built-in prejudices against those who still doubt their own divinity. It simply is… Love.

Most of the light workers are not only carrying their own personal karma for balancing but also the karma of many who are not yet awakened… and who may not awaken in this cycle of light. It is an extra burden for sure but a great honor to be entrusted with the care and well-being of humanity. It is out of love that we do this work. It is out of love that we serve the god / goddess within each living soul.

So… when you reach a moment of self-doubt and feel that you are lost, ask for a torch to light your way. You are not alone. We have many who wish to help us. All you need is but ask.

To release your inner demons and transmute the dark energy into light, use the Violet Flame. It is better than soap for cleansing the etheric, mental and emotional bodies. And don’t forget to use physical means to cleanse and clear your physical temple of toxins and poisons that we have all taken on as a result of living in a highly polluted environment.

Now is the time to utilize the fire of our hearts, courage, to move through all remaining darkness and self-doubt and come to the place where we can truly love and accept ourselves. With the opening of your heart center, you open a portal that connects you to your higher essence, your Higher Self, monad (soul family) and I AM Presence (soul group). You open a portal or valve that allows the love of spirit to fill up your bodies with light (information / wisdom) until your cup overflows and you become a living blessing for the world and all life.

Surrender to the love that spirit gives freely to those who willing seek to re-unite and serve life. Surrender to the love that you are, that you carry within and have always done. Release any sense of shame, dishonor or self-hatred that you may be feeling as the dark energies come up for healing.

As the light drives out these shadows, you will be compelled to face these demons and to release them into the light. And one day you will see that the dark Dweller has turned into a brilliantly lit archangelic being. The one who has ever been your most severe teacher is the one who most truly loves you. It is you, your own Higher Self who wishes to enfold you in their great wings. Dear ones, it is the divine you who is that brilliant angelic being. And you are all blessed for the work you do here.

I AM your sister in light and love,

Eliza Ayres

P.S. This article is dedicated to one who is my brother in higher planes. May he find healing and inner peace in the days to come.

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