The Light Collective: “Who Are You, Truly?”


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The Light Collective:  “Who Are You, Truly?”

via Eliza Ayres

August 3, 2013

“Who are you (or “Hu R U” in text!)?” asked the Caterpillar of Alice in “Through the Looking Glass”. Many of you are now deep into the process of discovering the answer that Alice was seeking.

Today, several of us, as ascended masters, angelic beings and divine mentors have joined together to address you through our scribe:

I AM Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, also known affectionately as “Raj” by many.

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

We are the Divine Mother and Father.

We are You, part of your Multidimensional nature, which you are now in the process of rediscovering and opening up to the realization that you are greater than you know.

We have joined together to address our brothers and sisters through this scribe as part of her own mission to know herself better. While well aware of some of her own spiritual roots, she has been unwilling to reveal much to her readers. Now has come the time to speak of many things, not just of a personal level, but a Universal level.

Each of you is in the process of returning to Source. Why? Creator has instilled his creation with the desire to be in Oneness. For some time, this has not been the case; many worlds, universes, creations and individuals have, shall we say, strayed from the original blueprint and far into darkness and separation. And so Creator has sent forth brave ones, volunteers all, to work in these distant fields to act as wayshowers, to bring awareness back to those who notice them, in whatever light, positive or negative, that joining into oneness is possible for anyone to accomplish, no matter how lost they currently feel.

Our scribe has been undergoing the process of “getting to know yourself” as described and guided through the work of Jim Self, long one of our guides and mentors, taught by Archangels and Masters. This is one approach to coming into Oneness, but only one; there are many and each individual needs to discover what method or direction suits their own individual needs. All of you are unique and precious to Creator; all of you are now discovering just how unique and amazing you truly are. To some the revelations will be overwhelming at first, and then others will be quite accepting and also blasé about their discoveries. And still others will be secretive, at least at first, because they do not yet trust themselves or those around them to understand completely what has been revealed or why.

We ask nothing of yourselves that you are unwilling to give at this time, only to look dispassionately at what your heart tells you, what is shown to you through dreams and visions, what you feel through your body, what is revealed to you in moments of “aha”, as you piece together disparate bits of information into a complete picture… a new you is being revealed.

Our scribe has noticed what has been explained by Jim Self in his latest energy update  as a removal of certain levels of frequency, a detachment from the need or ability to emotionally react to some happening in daily life that would have earlier created a disturbance in her emotional body, creating another thought form to be stored in her unconscious to be dealt with at a later date. This detachment, while deemed by some to be a lack of response or coolness in her nature, is a godsend now as the agitation in the world around her increases. She is now able to watch the gyrations of the minions of the departing paradigm with equanimity; these oppressors are now struggling to retain their control over the people and are attempting all kinds of acts of oppression and aggression to push through their agenda. It is not working anymore as the energy has shifted and the structures that once held together the rigid paradigm of the third dimension have been removed. All the flailing about is pointless, but will be done by these stubborn ones until they, too, realize that change is inevitable and that their time is done.

Butterfly and Balm

For the lightworkers to be drawn into the drama of the departing paradigm is not the solution, either, for to place attention and focus on these dark energies is to strengthen their remaining hold on society and the individual. One must learn to be observant, compassionate and removed, focusing instead on the golden vision of the inner heart and connection with soul; the I AM Presence and Creator. Through the Law of Attraction, what is focused upon will emerge into your life and hers. It is universal law and above all those created by those who wish to control the actions and lives of others for their own benefit. So be willing to forgive those who have worked against you throughout your many lives on this planet and others, and to move on into your own dream of bringing heaven to earth. It can be done; it is being done by many who have learned to focus on what gives them joy and can offer abundance and healing for the collective of humanity, not just their own pocketbook.

Now has come a time of letting go of what is not yours, what has never been yours. It is up to each of you to identify just what constitutes those things that have been put forward by others in your life as being the way to do things, what to believe, how to act, who to trust, who to hate. All of you have been affected by the administrations and belief systems of your elders, mentors, teachers and bosses, to one extent or another. However, as the energies shift and change, the new children coming into the world and many who are here already as Indigos, blue-ray beings, crystals, walk-in volunteers, starseeds and other various titles, these individuals do not resonate with the old energies and so they rebel or walk away from what has been placed before them as the way things have always been and seek another direction, one quite divergent from that of their parents and teachers. The children understand that there is another way to be, to follow; so they go their own way because of their different “wiring”. They have come in with bodies that naturally respond to higher frequency levels and so they can adapt to and demand that others change, as well. For them the process is easy and quite natural.

This ability to shift with the incoming energies and shifts is not quite so apparent in the older generations still living on this planet. Our scribe is one who came in soon after the last great world war; she took on some of the decades of energetic healing of karmic patterns and lines that many of her compatriots did, but in a mostly unconscious manner. She just knew that things weren’t right or comfortable for her, so a great search for meaning was undertaken quietly, moving her away from the paradigm of her parents, and eventually quite away from her entire family. She has lived a solitary life for many years now out of choice, realizing that she needed to focus on her own inner growth and not respond to the needs of others in the manner which was the existing and unsatisfying paradigm of her own mother. Perhaps her actions were deemed suspicious and selfish by some, but she was driven by a deep inner desire to understand what was going on, outside and within. The process for her is still ongoing, but now there is an increasing acceptance of her inner power, strength and determination to be reunited with her Soul and with Creator. With this acceptance also comes a sense of peace despite all that is continuing to play out in the world around her. This is a journey that is being undertaken by many individuals, each in their own way, and is beginning to be reflected in changes manifesting in the outer world, as the “people” come awake to the need to change what has been accepted and put forward by the few to control the many to what can be accepted by the many and is for the good of all.

It is up to each individual to arrive at that place when they can accept and learn to love themselves, as they are, not as they hope to be, but as they are here and now. And they will begin to discover just how truly wonderful and astounding that knowledge can be, even if they now see themselves as being quite simple and plain on the surface. No one is what they appear to be; all are part of creation, facets of the great diamond of Being and in the process of being buffed and polished by events in daily life, by opportunities and promptings to expand horizons and sense of Self. Respond to these promptings as you see yourself guided and learn to trust the process. You are in control; you just may not be aware of that fact, yet, mainly because you are not quite aware of Who you are.

Strawberry Falls

You will discover that paradox will be quite apparent as you continue to grow towards self-realization. Paradox allows for people to change. What is true of a person or an event one day, may not hold true the next. Perhaps someone hurt you in the past. Will you hold that against them until the day you breathe your last breath or can you forgive yourself and them for what has happened and allow them to reveal how they have changed or not. You do not have to give in to another; just be compassionate and understanding. You act as mirrors to one another and reflect back what has not been dealt with. As bluffing agents, your “enemies” act to bring your attention to what has not been released from your own unconsciousness. How you react to their actions or not can give you a sense of just how far you have come in the process of forgiving yourself for acts of omission or commission.

What upsets you today as someone commits an atrocity “out there” is something that you, yourself, may have committed in another lifetime or even this one. You need to forgive “them” and yourself and move on. These acts are still being committed by those who hate themselves so desperately that they believe by hurting others they will regain a sense of control and power over their own lives. Of course they are seriously deranged in thinking so, but even the worst murderer or child rapist can change, can find redemption in the “lord” if they can forgive themselves and learn to love what they are now, a child of the Creator. Can you do any less than the angels and forgive that one as the Creator does every day, every moment, knowing full well what that individual truly is already? Can you forgive yourself? Can you learn to love your loneliness and the traits that drive you from being able to live with others? Can you learn to accept that what you deem as weaknesses and character faults within may truly be your most precious gifts and strengths that you can place on the altar of Being?

As the velocity of change quickens in the world, through the avenues of extreme weather, social upheavals, economic and political changes, as well as upsets caused by the now daily revelations of what has been hidden from the general populace by their governments, religious institutions, by corporations and powerful individuals, each person is undergoing a process of initiation into mastery. Many are unprepared and will leave as the paradigms shift and the frequency levels of the planet continue to rise. This exodus is well underway already; it can be seen in an increase in the death statistics, whether through natural causes or through violence and social upheaval. Do not feel that the ones leaving have failed, however, as each individual has a path to follow. When one leaves the body, one can adjust the patterns and make another attempt at mastering the energies and demands of physical embodiment, which is so much more challenging than many beings existing in the higher frequencies, truly understand.

You are the brave ones, who have taken on the job of bringing a planet back into alignment with the Will of the Creator; it is not an easy task and will take some time to come into full manifestation, but the light is increasing in this world. The new world will come into being; it exists already in your Heart of hearts. Each individual who leaves will come back to fulfill their mission or choose to fulfill it from the worlds of light, as they are so guided. Do not fear for your loved ones who do not appear to be awake yet; they will not be left behind even if they appear to forsake you and your efforts to go forth into the New World, now. If you are meant to work together, you will, but you cannot force change on another against their will. Let them be what they are. They will discover what lies within soon enough.

Be the process of change that you want to see happen in the world. Focus on what is your dream, your passion, your joy and bring it into manifestation. It is not your duty to correct what is broken. The energies of change will scour and remove that which is not suitable for the continuation of life from the world. This planet is undergoing her own path of initiation and return to her Christic plane of being; what vibrates at a lower level is being removed, naturally. What already exists within her and within each individual will eventually manifest in the physical. This process is already underway. See the world with the eyes of a child, filled with excitement and wonder, free of cynical judgment, alive to the possibilities and delights of physical existence. Your world is a wonder of creation and you are, too. Discover the joys of life on a beautiful planet, made even more beautiful by your focused thoughts and visions of heaven on earth. You are a part of the Creator made manifest. Bring your most beautiful dreams and passions into reality. You have the power within; learn to harness it for the good of all creation. Be what you are meant to be, a beautiful, powerful being of light.

Oregon Butte 041

Go gently into the new day that approaches you as a dawn flushing the skies of your world. Go forth in wonder and create in joy. You are human angels, drawn into manifestation by the Mother and empowered with grace and spirit by the Father. You are their hands; create in the fields of the Lord and learn to sing, again, with angels and elementals. We stand at your side, guiding, mentoring and giving encouragement when needed, but you are the masters. Go forth and act accordingly. We truly love you as you are, here and now.

Namaste; we bow to the Divinity within each of you.

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Divine Mother: A Message


Ponderosa Park

Message from the Divine Mother

via Eliza Ayres

I AM the Divine Mother.

Beloved ones, we wish to welcome you into your new world now that you’ve had a week or two to feel out the new energies. While it still may not be apparent to many people that anything happened during the Shift, we can assure you that much has indeed happened. As was witnessed by some who are presently embodied on the planet among you, the very structure that previously supported the third dimension has been removed by those great Beings who constructed it in the first place. Your world and everything upon it has been moved up into the 4th dimension and will now move gradually into the 5th dimension, as more people begin to feel the heart-based feminine energies that are now available to anyone.

The work done by the light workers on the planet has been extraordinary, your devotion to the cause exemplary. Now the entire Universe will benefit from your work, as well as that portion of the Earth’s population who are yet unawake, but whose Higher Selves wish for them to also ascend. We thank you for your astonishing generosity of spirit, beloved ones of the collective of humanity.

For those of you who are still dissatisfied with the outcome of Shift, we apologize profusely for any misunderstandings or expectations that were not met. Part of the misunderstanding, if one existed, stems from semantics, the use of language and the ability of our messengers to accurately convey our messages. Another part of the “problem”, if one exists, is that sometimes the human mind (and ego) has difficulty in understanding that we work on a different time frame. We do not work from dates, but from levels of energy. And there are always changes in plans.

However, the time period of 12/12/12 to 12/23/12 was quite extraordinary. Due to the very expectations, hopes and desires of those focusing on the potentiality of ascension, your combined efforts enabled the legions of Heaven to lift up the planet and humanity into a lighter vibration, lower density plane. As we have stated earlier, a transformation of your world has taken place, just not in the manner expected by some.

It will take some time, in your terms, for the changes to be apparent in the physical. However, those among you who are particularly sensitive have already experienced a noticeable difference in the energies. Those who have the gift and ability of clairvoyance have witnessed a change in the light radiating from the planet and surrounds; the darkness that had invaded the lower dimensions of your world is gone. All that formerly supported the continuance of the rigid structure of three-dimensional life is now gone. All the structures that were created in 3D are now without inner support; like a building from which the primary supports have been withdrawn, they will collapse. Still, patience is required for those who look to see outward changes.

We remind you, gently, to first look within if you desire to see and experience changes in your world. You are all co-creators; your thoughts as a collective create the world in which you live. Although multiple timelines do exist and intermingle, it is still up to the collective of the timeline in which you find your major focus that will determine what you experience.

We encourage you to leave the structures of the old energy to fall into decay on their own. Placing your focus upon them or resisting them in any way gives these structures power, at least for a short time. Focus instead on your own inner journey. You have all done the work, whether in full consciousness or not; at some level your multidimensional being has been involved in the great Shift, the one long predicted by many cultures across the globe.

In Heaven, we work with long cycles. This Shift was expected for a long time as it came at the end of one world and the beginning of another. Yet with all change, there is some cross-over and gradual loosening of old bonds and ways of thinking that need to be done, even as new ways of living and thinking become more common with the passage of time.

You, our beloved and hard-working light-workers, are needed here on the planet, to continue to hold the light and to be examples of how to live in the new energies. We encourage you to play with the energies, first to see if you do sense any differences. Some light-workers, although very awake, aware and able have not yet tapped into their higher abilities (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and others). Do not fret or be disturbed by this apparent lack that you may be experiencing. As the tension and stress attributed to the old energies begins to leave your bodies, you will begin to naturally open up to feeling, seeing and hearing new things. Other abilities will also manifest as your higher selves begin to be able to merge and anchor into your physical body.

Work on learning to balance and calm your emotional body, as it is one of the sensitive bodies that absorb a lot of information, but which is blocked when you are upset, angry, and anxious or in fear. Clearing the emotional body of fear will enable you to access higher functions of intuition. And do learn to take a moment or two (or much longer) to spend time with yourself in a quiet place so you can listen, simply listen for the quiet voice within. If you feel that it is yourself talking in your head, you are correct. What is being said is another issue. If your ego is trying to dominate the conversation, the message will be controlling, even negative in its wording. In contrast, the voice of your higher self will be gentle, calm and sometimes even funny. Our messenger can attest to the humor of her guides; she has enjoyed many a chuckle or laugh due to a wry comment or two.

There is much to learn or remember for now you are opening up to the realization that you are truly multidimensional beings, existing at once on many different planes. Your higher bodies communicate with other soul extensions and members of their soul monad or families, as well as communicate with other greater beings whose “bodies” encompass planets, stars and even Universes. We do not relate this to make you feel intimidated, but to encourage you to explore your new world, step by step, in a manner that will not lead to overwhelm.

Seasoned light-workers are being situated to offer assistance, if needed, along the way to fifth dimensional living and you may call on us, Father-Mother God, the archangels, the angels and ascended masters, as well as upon your galactic brethren for assistance. For now, this assistance will be mostly on an energetic level, but in time when more of your population are feeling better adjusted, our assistance will become more physically apparent. Particular dates and predictions will not be given out as that only leads to expectations and disappointments.

To quicken your own personal ascension, we encourage you to look out sources to teach you meditation and relaxation techniques. Listen to how you feel about anything that you explore. If your body begins to tighten up and you feel stressed or anxious, then whatever you are exploring is not for you. You are in charge of your ascension. It is a process, but can be speeded up according to how much you apply yourself to the “work”.

And there will be some who float naturally along with the energies and do not have to do any work that is apparent to an onlooker. However, be aware that many light-workers have embodied with little or no karma, and have already attained ascension in other worlds and planes numerous times. They are here with you to anchor a greater light quotient to keep the energy level of the general population high enough to sustain the continuance of the ascension process for all. In doing this sacred work, they are contributing to the Whole of Creation, for the entire Universe is being affected by the work being done here.

We are quite pleased by what has taken placed on Earth. From the darkest, most dense planet of the third dimension she has literally been transformed. And she will, again, take her rightful place as one of the most beautiful planets existing within this Universe. We hope that many of you will choose to linger upon her as she is raised up in vibration and becomes as bright as a star. There is much to be done to heal her physical body, but also much potential for the use of creative energies to assist in this work of the new age.

If you are still experiencing disappointment and sorrow, please call upon us for comfort. Our nurturing feminine energies can bring a relaxation and release to whatever is bothering you. It is possible that you also may need to work on journaling or doing some other inner kinds of work as this great change will bring up much that needs to be healed. In the process of everyday living in 3D, much was stuffed down in order to be able to function in the restricted manner in which the 3D world required. While it was never meant to be so restrictive, it became so. The resulting traumas and emotional upsets are still stored in the tissue and cells of your physical body, manifesting as pain, heat or cold. Call upon the healing angels and the gentle Arcturians to assist you in these healings.

We encourage you to release now all judgment of those who participated in the darkest episodes (and to some degree, still persist) of your old world; they will have to undergo a life review upon leaving this world. We can assure you that self-judgment is far more severe than anything that the heavenly hosts would choose to dish out. These ones will suffer remorse and even dismay at what they have done when they experience it through their own bodies. Leave that punishment and vengeance to the out-playing of natural law. And work on releasing your own sense of self-judgment that has been taken on in as a result of living in a constrictive environment with many laws and expectations, most of them false, unattainable or designed to control and intimidate the population.

In our eyes, you are perfect. As you expand your sense of self, you will also begin to experience the wonder of your being. You are all beautiful light beings, whose light brilliantly shines through the massive aura of your planet. We love all of you and admire your determination to sustain the work through many lifetimes, despite all of the resistance, pain and trauma that you have endured.

There will come a time when you will be able to review much of what has transpired here, to see and even experience some of your currently suppressed history, that which has been untold or buried by your erstwhile controllers. Much will be revealed. Much will astonish you. You have worked hard and the way will become easier as you move into the new energies. Be open to what comes.

There will be much opportunity and changes coming for those who are able to focus their intent and dreams into being. It is a wondrous new world that you are entering. A child-like sense of wonder, an ability to open your mind to possibilities and a determination to meet the challenges that will come will give all a new sense of being alive.

You have finally struck free of the bonds that held you back. Use your creative powers to create the world in which you want to live. Bring it into manifestation and discover the wonders of your multidimensionality, as well as the endless opportunities, joy and wonders that will unfold to those who go forth with eyes open and senses expectant.
Beloved ones, we love you so much. Go forth with our blessings. We wish you well on your journey of discovery. Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Divine Mother.

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The Divine Mother: Welcome Home!



The Divine Mother: Welcome to a New World

via Eliza Ayres

As I look upon your world, I see that all of you are beginning to wake up to the fact that you are indeed a part of each other; that none of you has ever been separate from yourselves or from Source. For some of you this is startling information for you have forgotten from thence you have come. You are an emanation, a soul extension of your own soul, who is, in its turn, an extension or step down from its monad or soul family and so on until Source is reached. Yet you exist within Source; in truth you have never been anywhere else. You have merely forgotten and allowed yourself to be deluded into believing that you are separate from your parents, from Mother / Father God, from the rest of the universes, from All That Is.

Now, for the first time on a planetary scale, a people has the opportunity to experience the wholeness of All That Is from the second dimension on up to the highest vibrational levels available to a soul embodied in a physical body on a physical world, up to the 10 dimension. This is all possible due to your souls being willing to place a portion of their awareness into physicality, into an experience of being separate from all creation so that it could learn all there is to learn about itself and eventually to be willing to return to the unity in which it truly exists. That time is now upon you. The reunion with All That Is has commenced. The cycles of physical experience of duality are ending and the cycle of physical experience of unity is now beginning.

We understand that this new world in which you have stepped, some unknowingly at one level, is one that may appear unknown and scary at first, for within it there is nearly unlimited opportunity for expansion. It will take some adjustment and much releasing of conditioning and memories of past trauma and hurts until you are comfortable with the fact that there is no longer a need to protect or defend yourself from other parts of your Self. The complications and divisions of duality do not apply to the new world into which you have just been born. Here is simplicity, joy and union.

Allow yourselves a moment or two to immerse into the new sensations that your body is attempting to interpret in its old manner, which it is slowly discovering do not work any longer. Here you need no maps for your explorations. There is no need for a GPS or other mechanical devices in order to find your way or your center. Listen within, to your intuition and to your heart for guidance. Through these your guides will reveal how each must move in order to feel more comfortable in this strange new world.

The complexities of duality lie behind you on the other side of the Veil which you have moved through during your “night” of Spirit. We understand your reluctance to let down your guard, to open yourself up to the new sensations, but with practice you will learn to move through this new environment with grace and sureness. There is much to discover and much to re-member.

Since you are still wrapped up in the appearance of separate physical bodies, you might not understand for a while that you are indeed now all experiencing the unity field of creation. However, as you are able to let go of your need to protect yourself from experiencing this new world, we know that you will discover a new sensation of sharing each other’s thoughts and feelings. You will begin to understand how interconnected you truly are, one with the other who stands before you in another physical body. You will be able to look a tiger in its eye and see your own soul staring out at yourself. You will begin to see yourself as existing in the flowers that grow in your garden, the great trees of the forest, in the waters and stones of the mountains and plains.

You will begin to open up to the true vastness of your being and understand that all of you truly encompass creation. There is no end to you for you are a part and portion of the wholeness of All That Is. This is the experience of living in the unity field, within the love that binds the world and all its creatures into one crystalline grid, into a living Web of life. And this web of love extends into, through and beyond what you can see and experience in your physical body, but in your thoughts and dreams you can learn to experience the vastness and beauty of this creation. There is no limit to All That Is. There is no limit to what and who you are.

Before you are arrayed the endless possibilities of a new life, with yourself and with each other; it is up to you to learn in what direction you should travel. Now there are no limitations to your imagination but what is the natural tendency and flow of your soul and its desire to experience life. You will find a new rhythm to life, as you seek out new ways to experience the sensations of the unity field. As you open to the flow of love and light within, you will find a corresponding connection within all living things around you, even those things you did not believe were alive or awareness while you lived within the delusion of separation and duality.

The cycle of duality has ended; a new way of being is opening to all. Step into this new world, open your eyes and your physical senses. Understand that after a while, your senses will expand and incorporate more intuitive understanding of your new world as you adjust to new ways of sensing everything that is a part of a much vaster you than you have felt for a very long time.

My children, you have been “away” from me and from each other, living in an illusionary world of separation. You are no longer a part of that world; it is over. Open your eyes, your spiritual inner eyes and discover for yourselves all that there is now to be seen and felt. We know that delight and joy will overtake you as you release the last vestiges of fear, hurt and feelings of unworthiness. You are all my children and there is no judgment here for what has been experienced while immersed in the delusion of duality. You experienced separation, fear and hatred so that you might truly understand that there are no way you can truly be separate from All That Is when we can so joyfully greet all of you home. Every soul extension that has been a part of the play of duality is now welcomed home, to rejoin soul family and friends, in a celebration of reunion with love and light, with All That Is. You are now in a world where you will connection, love and unity. There will be variation as that is the way of the expanding consciousness of the Father, but within that vastness there is much room to play and to be.

Open your hearts and minds, dear ones, and learn to be as children once again, with eyes filled with joy and delight with each new discovery, with no perceived limitations and surrounded by the comfort of each other’s presence. We welcome you Home.

Thank you, beloved Divine Mother.

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Divine Mother: A Message


Message from the Divine Mother

27 November 2012

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

Greetings, I AM the Divine Mother.

Our messenger is surprised and pleased to feel our Presence this evening. She is tired, but quite willing to share our words and so we will begin.

Beloved ones, my children all, you have grown into magnificent beings. We see your light glowing like islands across the face of the planet; we feel your heart flames burning brightly. You have made a difference; you have brought change to this benighted planet. She breathes more freely now and is well on her way to ascending and retaking her rightful place in the higher worlds. You shall accompany her; some of you may go higher yet as you return home, again, to your own worlds as needed.

We cannot say when the changes will become apparent to the entire world’s population, but a large percentage of people, even those that some impatient lightworkers call the sleeping masses, are awakening and noticing that their daily lives are not the same as they have always been. Their memory is short, deadened by the assault of the noisy world that you live in. They may not be able to remember a time when things were different, but they can feel the change and it makes them uncomfortable.

If you remember your own beginnings in retracing the path of ascension, you will remember the sense of dis-ease within that drove many of you to leave the nest, to leave family, relationships, jobs, locations, religions and so on, while you searched for meaning, for the answers that seemed just beyond your awareness. So, now, do these sleepy ones awake, stretching, wondering what has disturbed their sleep. A half-remembered dream lingers on the edge of awareness enticing their awareness to stretch forth into new territory. They will follow you for their souls remember even if their individual personalities do not, yet.

It is said by some that the Divine Feminine returns. We say that she, the Mother, never left her children. She has always been here, guiding, protecting and nurturing in dreams, in meditations and just beyond the edge of sight. She whispers to children, whose untrammeled souls can remember more of where they just came from and she whispers to those who live on the edge of reality. Healers feel her energy move through their hands and minds as she guides them in their work. Artists and musicians know her as the Muse. Writers know her as the one who shows them entrance into the records of all worlds, so that they might bring their visions to the world through words. Poets know her through the language of trees, wind, stars and fire. She is the gentle breath that sings you to sleep at night and wakes you at dawn. Her angels guide and protect, coming close when requested. She is there to hear your prayers and bring them into being, perhaps not as first meant by the one praying, but for the most benefit in the end.

She is here now, within you, within your heart, your mind and your body. She has woven the dream of mankind into flesh and it has become you, a living being, and a vehicle for a soul of fire, given form in a world of illusion so you might live and learn. She is part of you; she is all of you and more. She is Mother.

I AM come now on the wings of my angels with healing for all of my children, grown now into beings on the cusp of adulthood. Some of you are ready to return to the stars; some of you are eager to heal the planet that you live upon. All of you will create wonders to behold, for you are a wonder and joy to me, your Mother.

Blessings and joy to all, I AM here with you always.

Thank you, Divine Mother.

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