Lord Adrigon: On Ascension


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Lord Adrigon: On Ascension

via Eliza Ayres

I AM Lord Adrigon. I greet you today from the deck of our mother ship, my personal vessel, The White Winds, which is stationed between Earth and Venus. When you look upon the Morning Star just before dawn, you will also be looking upon us.

Our Pleiadian fleet is stationed within and around your solar system until that time when your world will be set completely free from its ancient restraints, brought upon it by darkened souls from another Universe.

As part of our mission here, we train those who are starseed volunteers, who are willing to step down in their frequencies and enter the cycle of incarnation upon your world. In league with the etheric retreats that still exist within the auric field of your planet, we prepare these volunteers, guide them, mentor them, and heal them in between embodiments if need be.

Also, we serve as a way station for those souls who have served long upon this planet as volunteers, those whose soul contracts are now over. We prepare these souls to return to the frequency levels from which they first descended, now having won the opportunity to graduate through ascension due to their long service and achievements won through much struggle and toil in the lower frequencies.

There have been some among the new age followers and even among the Wayshowers themselves who doubt that those who are now ascending are worthy of such accolades. We say, in no uncertain terms, that they are worthy… and sometimes it takes great effort on OUR part to convince these gifted ones of their worthiness.

Due to many deep-seated and sometimes deliberate misunderstandings of the process of ascension, it is thought that those who are currently undergoing the process of walking out and being replaced by other souls, that these same ones are deserting their posts and missions, leaving them to others. It is not so, as we have called these ascending ones Home, reminding them that their time to serve on the planet’s service is now over. A contract is a contract and must be honored by those who agreed to it.

The soul contracts of those soul aspects who have served upon Earth which are now at an end, even extended beyond the original reckoning, can in some cases, be altered. However, it is the will of the Higher Selves of these who have served for their soul aspects to return, to re-blend into their original essence, so that their Higher Selves can, in turn, move onto degrees of higher service themselves.

Ascension is, simply put, simply a rise in frequency levels. One can ascend while physically present on the planet. One can ascend in frequency and remain there if one can retain the high vibrational energies at all times. It is possible to be on the planet and be in Samadhi simultaneously, but my dear ones, we who serve the evolutionary process of your planet and that of others, do not sit and meditate blissfully at all hours of the day and night. We work. We serve. We live our lives here on board this ship and others, far away from family and our loved ones, far away from our home planets, far away from our native towns and villages.

So it is for those who have sent a portion of their soul essence to Earth, to serve as an incarnating presence there, acting as a bridge between our dimension and your own. These brave soul aspects carry forth the higher essence of being and anchor it through their fleshy vessels into the earth beneath their feet. Due to their carrying this higher soul essence, they also suffer the pangs of separation from something that has been lost or forgotten.

For the ones who worked through the last evolutionary period, just being present upon the planet’s surface has been difficult. Given that many of these lighted ones have also received harsh reception from the people with which they found themselves, it has been a long and difficult struggle just to survive. Many of these lighted ones have died young, from disease or violent deaths at the hands of those who instinctively feared them since they were different.

Those starseed volunteers who have recently incarnated upon the planet are now in the process of gathering up the reins and taking positions as gatekeepers, ascension teachers, guides and mentors to those who are awakening, and as Wayshowers. Never forget that the ones who came before you, who will be leaving this planet in the coming months and years, have ably prepared the ground for your work to be done without the need to fear for your life. Your relative freedom has been won by those who have made tremendous sacrifices so that all humanity could eventually be freed from the artificial bonds and miscreations of your controllers.

Now it is the time for the second wave volunteers to instruct the waking waves of humanity in the truth of their world, to uncover the secrets of your societies and history, of your cultures, to reveal the many lies and acts of deception that have been perpetrated upon you.

The first wave volunteers kept the fires of freedom burning through the dark ages since the Fall of Man, and the descent of this planet into the third dimension. Now they have lifted the planet up to the point where the work can be undertaken by those who have incarnated with more conscious awareness of who they are and what their mission is that lies before them.

Our First Wave volunteers came in without knowledge of their spiritual lineage or where they had come through. Many still do not remember. The ones who do, but have turned away in denial or anger, have dropped down in frequency so as to not be eligible to ascend in this time period. Instead they will be relegated to the lower frequencies of this or another suitable planet until such time as they learn their lessons and are able to rise in frequency and reconnect with their Higher Selves.

This is not a judgment on our parts. The Higher Self of each soul aspect is the ultimate judge who determines the ripeness of the fruit, whether or not their aspect is prepared to return and rejoin its higher essence. And so, on the day of the last Solstice, when your sun appears to halt its progress across the skies for three days, 99 of the First Wave volunteers were taken through their graduation ceremony. Looking on were fond family members and proud mentors. There are thousands more First Wavers to process in the coming months and years, but not all are ready to return, and so their Higher Selves will wait.

Time in our dimension does not work in the same manner that it does upon Earth. We, who live and work in physical bodies, even though our higher essence is Angelic, we do not age and grow old in appearance like the bodies upon Earth. It is the lower density, the heavier, slower vibrations of your world, with its pollution and poisons that prematurely weakens and ages your bodies. As your world is cleansed and rises up in vibration, your bodies will respond as they are made up of the fabric of that same celestial body, your planet. Your children and grandchildren will have a much longer life expectancy than what is possible for most of you today.

Do not seek to judge those who are leaving through the process of ascension. Not all are here to remain and serve upon the surface. Many go Home to serve there in various ways. Some go home that they might rejoin with the soul essence of their Higher Selves, so children can be created for the future of their families.

While our people serve on board the Ships, they do not have children and most are unmarried. There comes a time when the crew members and some of the starseed volunteers chose to go home to take up a new and different life as a resident of their home planet or perhaps another one that appeals. Many find that they have changed much during their time of service in the Command (Pleiadian Outer Fleet Command) and wish to serve as teachers for their own people to acquaint them of the things that they have encountered during their service away.

Our people live long lives, but we do not live forever. This is another misunderstanding about life in higher dimensions that has been bandied about. When one reaches the higher dimensions, you can live without a body, solely in a light body… but without a physical body, it is also difficult to serve the people of lower dimensions. We chose to serve, so we wear bodies of flesh. True, they are much more refined than your own and appear ageless because we have designed them thus.

Some of those who rejoin their Higher Selves will choose to continue to serve from 5D on board the ships. Others will serve from the higher dimensions and seek to make connect with sensitive and receptive scribes and channels who are also starseeds, still incarnated upon the planet. There is also much work to be done with cleaning the atmosphere of the planet and preparing for the days when we are allowed, by Divine Will, to finally land upon the surface. The timing is not up to us.

Ascension is also about expanding your mental horizons, opening your heart so you can tune into the wisdom of your Higher Self. Some of you will not resonate with our words; that is the way of things. When frequency levels do not mesh, understanding will not come. If feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy or other lower frequency emotions waken within, then it is up to the individual reader to come into realignment, to quiet their emotional body and to come back to balance.

Wisdom and understanding cannot come if your heart is closed. Seek the place of calm within, through whatever means resonates with your personal taste and manner of living. The paths to Spirit are many and varied.

We have spoken of many things today. We trust that you endeavor to understand or allow yourself the space to disagree with what has been shared and to move on without need to criticize the scribe for her efforts herein. Translation through telepathy takes practice.

We are ever present to mentor, to advise and support those who seek ascension into the Light and to reconnect with their Higher Selves. Not all souls will be returning to the higher frequencies (6D and higher) once the planet fully ascends and the fifth dimensional energies anchor physically upon the surface. The higher bodies of the planet have already ascended into the lower frequencies of 5D, but it will take some time for the physical to manifest this new reality.

Meanwhile, endeavor to keep YOUR energies high so that you might successfully enter this New World. Leave aside all divisive thoughts and actions and endeavor to work together towards the full manifestation of Unity consciousness in the heart and mind of every soul who still lives and breathes upon your sweet planet. Release the need to contribute to the length of time in which it takes for the Fifth Dimension to fully manifest here by refraining from criticism and judgment of others. You only drop down in frequency yourself when you do these things.

We remain at our station near Venus. Call upon us if you are interested in coming aboard The White Winds sometime. We retain many compartments that are available for the use of guests and visitors.

We send you our blessings for the New Year which will begin within a few days hence. There will be many challenges to overcome, but those who live in the higher frequencies will find many of what have been formerly deemed barriers to be magically dissolved. Solutions will appear to solve problems that have been deemed unsolvable. Magic is in the air. Discover and share your own gifts, many which will come online for those who have long dedicated their lives to the cause of freedom and devotion to Source.


I AM Lord Adrigon, Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet, Lord of the Pleiades and humble servant of the Most High.

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Archangel Adrigon: On Breaking Through the Darkness




Archangel Adrigon: On Breaking Through the Darkness

via Eliza Ayres

Greetings, I AM Lord Adrigon, Commander of the Pleiadian Outer Fleet, part of the  Galactic Federation of Light.

Even now, we watch your world, monitor newscasts, and observe the rising levels of awareness amongst your populace.

As some of the readers of this messenger’s work know, (many of ) our First Wave volunteers from the Galactic Federation of Light will be ascending soon. These volunteers came from an assortment of aligned worlds, all with a desire to see humanity and the planet Earth return into the higher dimensions from whence they fell so long ago.

Our writer has demonstrated, at least in part the physical reasons for the decline in consciousness, as your planet circles a star, Helios, which in turn, circles around an unknown companion, creating the phenomenon of precession of the Equinox. Your scientists, working with limited consciousness and a reluctance to move beyond the limitations of Newtonian physics have refused to explore the reasons for this phenomenon, discounting it as little more than a wobble caused by local forces.

Nothing lives within a box, without cause and effect emanating from far beyond that box. Thus, you find your lives changing rapidly now as your world moves swiftly from one age to another, from one paradigm to another. Life for some is being turned upside down. Soon only the ability to arrive at and retain your center of neutral calm will aid those who intend to survive the chaotic nodes as they burst upon your awareness.

We watch over your world, yet cannot move to assist you in force until enough of your collective has risen to at least the fourth dimensional level of consciousness. This is where the lowest rung of our own people live and work, in 4D physical and 5D etheric emotional/mental consciousness (these dynamics are united at this level). You can call us etheric humans.

Many of us have conscious awareness in higher levels and are able to function up to the ninth dimension while still maintaining physical form. Yet, to best assist those worlds such as your own, to rise up in vibration, we remain in the lower vibration where we are most effective at reaching at least some of your people as your psychic abilities continue to expand.

We are here in response to your pleas for a world filled with peace and abundance for all. Why do we not land now upon the surface, is the cry taken up by some impatient voices. In reply, we say this, “We come in Peace.”

As long as you remain in conflict with another portion of your collective, peace will not prevail upon your planet. As above, so below; in macrocosm, as in microcosm. Arrive at a place of peace within your own heart and you will arise accordingly in vibration. Remove the log from your own eye before you seek to remove the mote from your brother’s. See that what one does reflects to everything in the world about him.

We discovered and embraced Peace long, long ago. We as a people from thousands of worlds know the fruits of war. Conflict will never create freedom or peace. The peace that you seek must come from within your own heart, by letting go of your own self-hatred and self-judgment. What you project upon your brother comes from the fears that haunt your own center. Cast them out as the debris and detritus that has weighed you down for centuries through the past Dark Age.

Like those who have lived in caves for a long time, you are now emerging from an age-long plunge into darkness, partially as a result of the passage of your solar system through the heavens and partially as a result of lower density entities gaining an ill-advised entry into your dimension. These entities are being collected up and removed by dedicated legions of angels. You can assist by calling on the Angels of Resurrection, calling up a Pillar of Resurrection to cleanse a particular area of the astral plane of your world. In response, those soul fragments who have broken off of their soul aspect due to trauma will respond and begin to approach so the Angels can take them Home. Those dark entities who have fed upon the desperate fear and trauma of these lost ones may resist the cleansing, but the legions of Archangel Michael will be at hand to lend support.

Few humans are aware of their own potential, so long has your race lived in darkness and despair. We tell you now: Look up and see the rising sun before you, beaming its eternal rays upon you. Allow the clouds of despair to dissipate. Think not of the future, but concentrate on where you are now, in the moment. If you are in alignment with the Will of God, with the Light within your own heart, the future will take care of itself, unfolding in unexpected ways, allowing for more freedom of expression than you can now imagine.

Golden days are before you, but each of you must walk forward, washing your consciousness of fear, disappointment and grief. Utilize the gift of the Violet Flame to assist in this cleansing. You do not need to know any specific mantra, but this: “In the Name of the I AM THAT I AM I call forth the Violet Flame to cleanse and purify my body and auric field!” And believe that it is done according to your wishes and command. We remind you, again, gently… you ARE more powerful than you know.

As you connect with the powerful Light that emanates from the Center of your own Being, you will come naturally into alignment with your Higher Self and those who have long guided you in the higher dimensions.

Just upon our own ship, we have sponsored an Earth University wherein we have taught millions of Earth citizens and have prepared those who are our volunteers to Earth before they ventured forth into their incarnations upon your darkened world. From your own experience you have learned that life has not been easy or pleasant for the many who still struggle with war, poverty, disease and lack. None of these things exist upon our worlds; we would have the same be true upon yours.

Free yourself from the conditioning and fear that has kept you from exploring the edges of what has become “acceptable” by the authorities of your world. These same authorities work from a high degree of fear and wish to control all those who do not think and act as they do. Their methods can be both harsh and subtle, but today more and more humans are becoming aware of just how manipulated their lives and consciousness has been. Nothing on your world is as you have been taught to think it being. We simply call your planet the Planet of Lies. Only you, the inhabitants of this world, can change this and each of you must start by changing your own beliefs and consciousness.

We understand that this is a journey of some magnitude that we set before you, but also realize that in your dream-time we are there assisting, guiding and mentoring. And as you gain in your ability and desire to trust your own intuition, we can assist even more.   The gifts that you carry within are many, but only you have the key… and that key is coded to respond in your rising vibration. More and more awareness and gifts will come online as your consciousness ascends higher and higher. Only you can do this work for self… and ultimately for your work.


The job or assignment given to the Second Wave of Galactic Volunteers is one of familiarizing the population with the forces that have kept them down, systematically disclosing the tricks and feints of the dark ones who seek to reduce the population and keep the rest in fear and servitude. We know your hearts… you rebel at the very thought… so you will find ways to disclose all things and beings who seek to prevent the collective from rising in vibration.

However, and here comes the caveat… you must approach this disclosure not by seeking to punish those who have seemingly plunged your world into darkness. Remember that your world, as a result of your SOLAR SYSTEM’S passage through the heavens, naturally undergoes cycles that allow consciousness to rise and fall in response to changes in the frequencies of the portion of heaven through which your world is passing. The last Golden Age was 12,000 years ago… and your world fell into darkness. Now, it is beginning to gradually come out of this dark age and into the light. Can you take her farther and raise the entire human collective and your own planet into a dimension where she no longer has to endure these great cycles? You can… and you will, as it is your destiny to join us as a true galactic civilization, but as you say in the military… you have to earn your stripes through experience and work. This goal… this permanent golden age will not be handed to you on a platter.

The reason that we have sent thousands, if not millions of star seed volunteers into your world is to raise up your vibration and frequency levels from the inside. By Cosmic Law, your world’s existence as a Free Will planet forbids us to interfere with the development of your planet UNTIL that time when the collective as a Whole decides that it wants the assistance. Then we will come and come swiftly. Our volunteers are here to assist you, but until you realize the power that you hold in your own heart and hands, you will not believe that they, alone, can affect change in your world.

Have faith, dear ones, that miracles can happen. You, each one of you, is a miracle of creation. Each one of you was born with a purpose in mind, a goal that your Soul sent you forth to conquer. Can you discover this by seeking forever outside of yourselves? We think not. In the ancient custom of some of your indigenous peoples and those who are dedicated meditators, go within… seek the inner vision and guidance that will lead you to your goal, the one set before you. The goal is to lead your people and world to Peace, abundance and Love. To allow culture and the riches of creativity to rule the world, not the phantasms of wealth and money and power.

We stand beside you and await your decision and your actions… Let the fire within your Heart light the courage that will allow you to break through and devour all that stands in the way of creating a better world for your children’s children…

We are your Star Family, and stand as human angels to guide and protect. Remember to call upon us in need or simply for a moment of comfort when you feel down. We will always be there.


I AM Lord Adrigon VaCoupe, Lord of the Pleiades.

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Archangel Adrigon: Open Your Hearts to Receive Our Love



Archangel Adrigon: Open Your Hearts to Receive Our Love

via Eliza Ayres

It is with the greatest pleasure that I address you today, my brothers and sisters, for we are One. We come in peace and with love for all mankind.

We come today to offer you some of our thoughts about your present state of transition.

Allow yourself to feel at rest and get comfortable so you can more clearly receive these words. We are not here to admonish you or to tell you what to do. We can honestly say that we love you with open hearts and wait eagerly for the day when we can walk among you upon your beautiful planet.

In her short journeys through reading about our worlds – for there are many isles (planets) within just the Pleiadian system – your scribe has learned of the great variety of life forms held by our worlds. Yet, we tell you that your world is like a cornucopia of many worlds combined into one magnificent planet. The diversity of cultures and races upon your planet is like none other. Truly your planet was originally designed to be a paradise where many peoples could meet and share the abundance and variety available in an extraordinary physical world.

We are the keepers of the flame for humanity. Our races and other star races were your original parents. Many of the human beings upon your planet carry within their genetic make-up similar patterns to that of our own. If it were not for the dense frequency level of Earth, we could go among your people without being seen as being alien. And yet we cannot land yet on the surface for your world is too polluted for our finer vibrational bodies. So we wait patiently for you to rise up in frequency so we might meet in the middle.

Some of you grow closer to us in spirit and feeling, yet the distance between our people is both shorter and longer than you might think. Shorter in that we look like you, and longer in that you do not presently think and feel as we do, as a unified people, one collective consciousness at peace with itself.

While there are many different races in the Universe who do not look like humans, it is our people, the Pleiadians with whom you will meet first when the time arrives for full disclosure.

Realize that even now, disclosure is happening, although on more of an individual basis. Our ships are seen in your skies. There are other ships there, too, ones built by your own governments who have been working with the Greys for many decades, perfecting gravity-free saucer technology through their black projects. Yet, you will know us by our vibration of love and peace.

We come in peace. We do not mean to conquer the planet and wrench it from those who have controlled it for so long, for to do so would place us in a similar position as those who are called the powers that be. We learned long ago that war and going to war was no way to solve differences. So we became peaceful warriors for the light.

We have much to share with you, once you have, as a people proven that you are ready to walk in wisdom, with open hearts towards all, even those who do not share your beliefs, look like you or share your customs and traditions.

When you can accept that all men and women have the right to live their lives free from prejudice, fear, disease and poverty, then we will walk beside you and share the wisdom that we have learned in the times since the great Star Wars ended. There is so much that you do not yet know about yourselves as a race and as a collective entity, the nervous cells of the planet upon which you abide and have your home.

Those of our people, who have chosen to work on the Earth project, are dedicated and devoted to the cause of freeing this beautiful planet, her people and all life upon it. Some of us have spent many decades, even centuries of linear earth time, in ships stationed in or near your solar system.

Many Pleiadian star seeds came within the last century incarnating as volunteers to assist in raising up the frequency levels of the planet and have succeeded in doing so to a great degree. As this frequency range has risen, all that is not on a compatible level has begun to break up and dissolve. As all is energy and frequency, you must be able to lighten your load so you, too, can rise up with your planet.

Your planet, GAIA, has finally succeeded in reaching the lower level of the fifth dimensional frequency. The animals sense this even if you don’t yet. Whether or not you believe this is entirely up to you. Your lower mind will discount our statement as all appears as it did before.

There are still chaotic nodes upon the planet and war still rages in some countries. Many countries and individuals are experiencing financial crises. Disease and famine are rampant in some areas of the planet. And yet, the cause for these remaining dark patches is now being revealed… the manipulation by a few powerful individuals to control the masses. This era of control is ending… has ended and now the remnants of the once powerful structure is being dismantled, piece by piece.

The control structure will not survive through the coming changes upon your planet. It cannot for it was built to suit a lower frequency range, and your world has passed that and more.

We remind you that the ones who have controlled your planet are now fighting a last ditch battle to cling to those things that have served them so well in the past. However, due to the frequency change, those old ways will no longer function or serve.

So, what can one do to rise up in frequency themselves, in order to continue on with the planet as she enters her ascension phase? Surrender whatever it is that no longer serves you.

The people of earth have long been subjected to tyranny in one form or another, whether overt or covert. Now it is time to take back your power and forgive those who have wronged you in the past. Again, there will be those who actively question our words and we say this: If you continue to fight and resist those who seek to control you, you will continue to strengthen the ties that bind you together.

Your fight has always been against yourselves. In the battle of dark and light, you have taken both sides. Many will be those who deny this, but we see these actions and especially thoughts play out in your lives every day your sun rises in the east.

Those who claim to be holy and better than others, often hold thoughts of greed, envy and lust. And those who live humble lives are often filled up with great love and appreciation for all that they receive and enjoy in life.

There are many who make up the middle way, either good or evil, but who tend to cling to the old, conditioned ways of being simply out of fear of doing anything else.

Mankind needs to release the old phantoms of the night that haunt your dreams and dim your aspirations. You can do anything that you wish to do in a creative manner, if you do not hurt others in the doing. You are creator gods and are in the beginning process of taking back your creative powers.

Only when you are able to hold your thoughts and emotions in a balanced and harmonious way will you be granted more access to those gifts that await your rise through the ascension process. And those of you who take up the path of the initiate will be expected to take on more responsibility as you ascend.

Ascension is not about being able to manifest beautiful, pricey items, or about having great gifts and abilities so you can show off to your friends. It is all about service and commitment.

First, you need to learn to love and accept yourself. Only when you can truly be comfortable with yourself, can you anchor the light that even now is flooding your earth in the form of cosmic and solar rays. With each CME emanating from your star the pressure to change continues to expand within. Many are choosing to resist the need to expand their horizons, review their priorities and let go of anything that holds them from living with integrity. What is holding you back?

We have heard the stories of those who are sensitive and empathic among your people, some 20% of the population. For these people the growing chaos of the world is continuing to be extremely challenging, at least until they suddenly recognize that it is merely by changing their own attitude and manner of looking at the world that a complete transformation is possible.

This is easier to do than to explain in your language, but it is a matter of working from the heart center, not your lower mind. Much of what you are going through can only be explained by experience, not by reading a message or book. You will learn through doing.

While the ego / rational mind have been useful for maneuvering in the third dimension, it was never designed to do so in the fifth dimensional worlds. We live through our hearts and serve the Law of One. We follow the Will of Father-Mother God because we feel great joy and satisfaction in doing so. We do not need to rationalize or explain these things to each other; we know what to do and when to do it because we are in complete harmony with our intuition and inner guides.

We do not question the need to study and prepare for our life journeys. We live in harmony with other members of our communities. We have diplomatic and commercial ties with other worlds. Some of our people travel a great deal around the galaxy and even the Universe learning about other cultures and worlds. We are galactic / cosmic citizens and we are here to assist you in becoming citizens of the Universe, as well.

We ask you to consider letting go of the need to war with each other and within the self. You are always arguing, comparing, ridiculing and deriding one another. This kind of behavior serves no purpose but to keep you locked within the old frequency range. Let go of your self-hatred… for it with the self that all things start. Learn to love and accept yourself as you are today. And give yourself permission to make all the needed changes that will let you rise easily and gracefully into the resonance of the fifth dimensional planes.

We cannot drop down to your level, dear ones, so you will have to rise to ours. We do not say this out of judgment but out of the love with which we hold each of you. Let go of the darkness within and lighten the burden of guilt and fear that has kept each of you from ascending into the light.

We are here beside you in a higher plane of existence that you cannot quite see yet, but we are very, very real. Reach out to us with your heart and you will begin to feel our nearness to you. Speak to us through your mind’s thoughts… and in the process you will begin to learn telepathy. We speak to each other through telepathy and seldom speak aloud, so it is good to begin practicing. With practice, you will be able to perfect your technique and gain more confidence.

You have all been told many things… about needing to take medicines if you hear voices or begin seeing images and visions. With some of you, these may be gifts that have opened up prematurely. If you still linger in fear, you will see things that are fearful. Move through that fear and release it through the use of the Violet Flame, a ray of God / Goddess that has been granted to humanity in these times of rapid transition. Through the use of the Violet Flame, you will be able to free yourselves of what has burdened you for lifetimes and in so doing, you will be helping many others in your world that cannot yet do this for them.

We understand that from where you stand now, there appears to be a long way to go before your world is finally at peace. You can assist in bringing this day closer, by finding the peace that exists within you and sharing it with the world. Each of your heart centers is like a radiant star capable of emitting powerful beams of love to one another.

Up until recently, your bodies have been emanating fear and hatred. We have seen this begin to change, but in order for the process to go faster, each person needs to discover within the strength, courage and determination to bring change to the world by first changing themselves.

Real change can ONLY come from within and it comes when you finally align with your higher self and with the Will of your Creator. Surrender and drop your defenses, for the high one, your loving Father-Mother, are waiting to greet you with open arms.

We go now as we have many duties to attend to, yet we will be back to share with you some more of our thoughts about the current transitional stage that each of you is now experiencing and that is reflected by events in your world.

Our blessings flow forth to you. Open your hearts to receive them and know that you are greatly loved and admired throughout the Galaxy and Universe.


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Archangel Adrigon: On Unconditional Love



Archangel Adrigon: On Unconditional Love

via Eliza Ayres

Greetings, again, dear ones; I am the Lord of the Pleiades, Lord and Archangel Adrigon. And yet, I tell you that these titles mean little to me except as indication of my spiritual attainment, my duty and my commitment to the Ascension of GAIA and the collective of humanity.

We are your brothers and sisters. We love you. It is as simple and as complex as that. Our love for all humanity is unconditional. We can observe what you do to each other without judgment and understand that it is the outworking of karma and the experience of the extremities of polarity that drive some of humanity to do what is termed “evil” in most of your societies. Yet, we see only those who have lost their way temporarily, before they will be gathered to the bosom of the Lord of Light.

We understand that many of you have little comprehension what unconditional love really is in truth. We place no conditions on what we see, hear and observe of your lives. Although this may seem heartless to some, in terms of the suffering of many on your planet, let us remind you that you ALL chose freely to come here.

In fact, ALL of you, bar none, were chosen to be here now, both dark players and light players. You are two halves of the same coin, the Yin and the Yang. The light cannot be seen without the assistance of the dark and vice versa. Now, as the cycles are moving into a new golden age, the Light is revealing what the dark has done in your world, so that all might be cleansed, transmuted and transformed. Destruction of the old must come before the new can be made manifest.

The stories of “gods” of one of the most ancient of your existing religions have many stories to support our views. Your “gods” were / are light beings that live in higher dimensions and other worlds within this Universe. Even now they are as they were when they walked upon the earth’s surface and taught the ancient secrets of life to their students. When the frequency of the planet plunged just before the fall of Atlantis, these great beings were compelled to withdraw to the etheric realm that still surrounds GAIA and wait for the turning of the great cycle. And many of their students went into hiding in the high mountains of your planet or the lonely, unpopulated wild regions, so that their secrets might be safe from the dark intruders until the dawn of a new world.

That time has come and the gateways are opening. We grow ever closer to you as those awakened ones grow closer to us. We are you star kin and long to be able to walk among you, to work with you, and to assist in bringing your world back into balance, but the primary task of doing so is yours and yours alone, those of you who are presently incarnated upon the planet.

We have not forgotten or left you. Even now, our great Pleiadian mother ships are docked in space within your solar system. We cannot enter the skies of GAIA as yet, for we do not want to frighten the uninformed populaces who have been taught to fear intruders from space.

You must understand the Pleiadians and our comrades from other star nations, who currently form the Galactic Light Federation, want only peace for your world. We have no intention of interfering in your process as each of you who have chosen to ascend with the planet discovers their own path to the light. To interfere now would be to snatch the victory laurel from your hand and disempower you all.

We love and as we observe the goings on upon your planet’s surface, we weep for those who suffer and die at the hands of the ignorant and those who have consciously chosen to work for the dark forces. Yet, we cannot “save” these ones from their fate. However, once they pass over the threshold of the doorway that you call “death”, be assured that all receive healing, rest and rejuvenation in the hands of the angels of healing.

Those of the newly passed who are our kin find themselves waking up abroad the ships, discover themselves the possessors of new light bodies or have reentered the one that they vacated upon incarnation upon GAIA. Just the Pleiadians have sent thousands of star-seeds into incarnation upon GAIA and will continue to do however long that we must. And we are by far, not the only star nation to be involved in the fight for the freedom of your world, but we are also compelled to follow the dictates of Universal Law and so must not interfere where we are not invited by a majority of awakened and unified soul flames, your hearts.

Do not think that we do not grieve or worry about those of our people who walk among as humans; we do, yet we know they are there for a purpose. And our star seeds are capable of handling whatever happens for they have all been highly trained in the academies of light. Each night as they sleep many continue to participate in planning and strategic meetings, as the input they give us is vital for the mission.

We know the outcome of all that is outplaying upon your planet, where you only have a limited perspective, unless you are one who has mastered the art of traveling out of body and have visited many dimensions and worlds. Your world has been extremely isolated for centuries, but soon the barriers that have prevented you from leaving this solar system will no longer exist.

As we have said, our love for you is unconditional. We have allowed the outplaying of events upon your planet so that you might mature as a human species and take your place with us as an equal partner. Your people are well-respected for their bravery, ingenuity, courage and vitality. And you will be much in demand as teachers and advisors for other worlds who are also emerging from the darkness that has plagued whole portions of the Universe for many cycles.

Destruction and creation are part of the same coin as is the dark and light. Polarity does exist in the higher dimensions, only not to the degree that you have experienced in the heavy slow frequency levels of the fallen Earth. When you are able to step freely into the refined energies of GAIA, as each of you passes the doorway of Ascension, we trust that you will begin to understand what we are attempting to convey to you within the limitation of this language.

Our love of humanity and of GAIA and of all life upon her passes your present understanding. You are each a part of the Whole that makes up the Source of ALL THAT IS, and as such, there is no separation between us, only what your mind erects to keep love at bay out of fear of being overtaken somehow. So, we wait and watch, observe and plan, adjust our plans and wait some more.

We endeavor to communicate our teachings, and love to you through our messengers and scribes. Do not make gods out of us for we walk as you do, we have families and homes, duties and responsibilities. We are here nearby in the skies above your planet out of a deep abiding love for those who have sought to free this world, and those who have opposed that freedom. We love all of you with a deep abiding love that is incomprehensible to all but those who have fully united heart and mind with Higher Self, allowing the love wisdom to flow from above to enlighten the one below.

As above, so below; our worlds serve as mirrors to the other. The key to entering our world lies within each of you.

Dear ones, you who have chosen to walk the ascended Terra / GAIA will do so in refined physical bodies. You will be able to transcend the third dimension at any time you wish and move into your light body merkaba, which will allow you to travel wherever you wish. However, for most of you the process of refinement has a long way to go.

Others of you will be returning home, either by leaving your physical bodies behind or by walking out of them through soul exchange (or walk-in / walk-out) agreements. There are many light workers whose contracts have been or near completion. Do not be sorry for these ones who have long anchored the light frequency upon your planet for the sake of all life, not just their own. They have done this out of love and a sense of commitment, intuitively following the Will of the god within who resides in each heart.

For those who continue on with your planet’s return into the light frequencies, there will be much to do. Many places will require complete cleansing from the assortment of poisons that the dark ones in their panicked desire to retain control have lately spewed forth upon air, sea and earth. We know that you do not understand why they have done these things or why we have allowed them to happen. Know that the laws of the Universe cannot be broken or violated without consequence, yet we cannot be the ones who will judge the perpetrators. They will judge themselves when they realize what they have done. Right now, they are incapable of such insight or feeling. Each of you has experienced this place in your own lives, so do not assume that you can judge the actions of these dark ones.

Forgiveness is the key to freeing your world from the remaining influence of the dark ones. You will be required to forgive yourselves, those who have wronged you, and release all ties that link you together like links of a chain. Until you do so, you will continue to find more nefarious acts being outplayed upon your planet and even in your own life.

Many of you have noticed that there seems to be a separation of worlds occurring. It has been going on for quite some time, where one person will experience great drama within their life and another person will be living in a world filled with creativity, joy and love. The dichotomy between the two mindsets will increase even as what is termed the Harvest continues. What was described by Yeshua in the bible as the separation of the wheat and the chaff is now happening upon your planet.

While this process may appear to be a judgment against those who are considered the chaff, understand that we hold no judgment against these souls. It is through their own choice that they choose now to move on to a world that holds for them more experiences in duality. Many of these souls are what one would term a “new” or “young” soul, who has little experience in physical existence. For these ones, there is much to be learned and it needs to be learned through experiencing different feelings and overcoming obstacles so the soul might grow and expand in its understanding.

It is time for those who doubt our sincerity and commitment to your world to understand that we have long watched over those who are our brothers and sisters, as well as daughters, sons, wives and husbands. Many of the Pleiadian star seeds presently embodied have left family behind, knowing that they might get caught up in the karmic cycles of the planet and be unable to leave until attaining freedom through the ascension process. That time is now and we welcome the return and reunion with our family members, those who have completed their journeys and those who are soon to walk among us, once again.

Through these words and this message, we hope that we have conveyed just a portion of our respect, devotion and regard for all of humanity, for GAIA and all life that exists upon her. We look forward to when our ships can freely enter your skies without interference from the remaining dark forces and when we can walk together as star family through the hills and valleys of your beautiful planet.

Go now in peace. We will return later with more to share as we are eager to communicate with you, the people of GAIA.

I AM Archangel Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades, and I bid you adieu.


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Archangel Adrigon: On Free Will and Choice



Archangel Adrigon: On Free-Will and Choice

via Eliza Ayres

Greetings, it is I, Lord Adrigon, presiding over the Pleiadian High Council and many other councils, as well. It is with great reverence and joy that we continue our discussions.

Last night, as our scribe communicated with her Sirian friend (who is also incarnated on GAIA) she realized that she has been recording our words for quite some time. We first came to her as the collective “voice” of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. And even earlier in her experience, one day out of curiosity she asked the air, knowing that someone was listening, “Who sent me here?” And promptly, she received the answer, “The Council of Nine.” She was able to accept that answer despite having no knowledge, whatsoever, of the Council before that very day. Her heart knew, even if her mind was unable to comprehend.

Since that time, our scribe has discovered that she is an emissary of her worlds, both Pleiadian and Venusian. This awareness has slowly dawned upon her as she was able to release her fears and acknowledge that our presence in her life was not a threat. As she has released and grown in awareness, she has opened more each day to be able to receive, ground and to translate our energies into her own language. Now after much preparation and adjustment to her life, she can now serve as a scribe for us so we might have another conduit in order to present many teachings and messages. She is waking up to and opening to the realization that she has a purpose for being here now, even as she begins to grow closer to us. She has also fully grounded the needed humility to realize that she is not the ONLY conduit or messenger that we use, but due to our connection as relatives in the Pleiadian Isles (planets) our energies resonate more easily with hers than other humans who come from a slightly different genetic background.

The words that we share through this scribe will both differ in quality than that received through others and yet some of the messages received will also be of similar nature. The messages will also be somewhat repetitive in nature as we have found this necessary in order to break down the stubborn barriers erected by the human ego mind in an attempt to resist all penetration by what it considers the unknown, which constitutes ANYTHING that exists outside the conditioned confines of the former dark matrix.

This is a period of transition for many light-workers. It is also a type of sorting out process, where one’s purpose and mission, as you would express it, will become more apparent and present in one’s existence. This new awareness also means many changes will come into your world, so prepare for this eventuality, dear ones, even if you have not yet arrived in the place where our dear scribe now finds herself. Know that it has taken years for her to arrive at this point and much courage, for she has long desired to remain unknown and unseen, partially for her own safety and partly due to her own fear. Stepping into the light and hence into more public scrutiny, has demanded that she let go and surrender much of those former fears and embrace this growing awareness that she is more than she now seems, an ordinary older woman. She has chosen to embrace the cause of Light and now has stepped forth openly as one of our scribes.

What are YOU, dear reader, waiting to embrace? Are you willing to change and step into a new way of existence, as well? Or will you turn away, allegedly content with the way things have always been since you embodied here as a child. You DO have a choice and only YOU can make it as you live on a planet of free will. We cannot compel you to do anything that you do not choose to do as we would be breaking Cosmic Law and continuing the dark cycle of domination by doing so. Are you beginning to realize what a blessing it is to even have free will to make such decisions, for it is rare for an entire planet to be under such conditions?

This same free will offers you the ability to experience things that would not be allowed within the cultures from which many of you have come of which you may only have faint memories or no remembrance at all. Some of the cultures of our star nations are highly structured, according to rank, position and genetic lines. Here on GAIA, you are free to be whatever it is that you choose to be within the confines of your soul contracts. Even those can and have been broken or reconfigured because it could be done here.

Here, upon the sacred soil of GAIA, you have been granted full dominion to experience the extremities of polarity and so it has been that each of you embodied here have experience the depths of pain and the heights of ecstasy, of that which is possible to experience within the confines and limitations of the third dimension as it presently exists. Those boundaries are now expanding. Not only will you be able to savor the physical delights of a lighted 3D, but also the refined energies of higher dimensions as you embrace and reconnect with the fullness of your multidimensionality. Ponder on that for a moment.

Earth has been and will continue to be the Grand Experiment where cultures and peoples (including non-human species) can intermingle and live in harmony. At this time, this is still a dream held in the hearts of those of us who are both your parents and family. As I am sure you are quite aware and growing ever more aware each day that passes, a great darkness has been present upon your planet for many millennia. This was not part of the original plan for GAIA, yet it was allowed to happen in order to allow your development as a new species, the Terran human being.

You as the human collective are now unique among the star nations as you have become a sacred blending of many genetic lines, of many human species. Yes, each one of the star nations considers their version of human as a unique species. Although many of us are what you call human, and look similar to you, we are very different in our genetic make-up, cultures, languages and customs. Within your blessed melting pot, the genetic material of at least four different human species has been blended. You have the potential to be an entirely new race that is scheduled to soon join us in the stars. Your potential is vaster than you can realize at this time, for truly you have the makings of being the first fully conscious human species to also be fully crystallized and present on the earth, in 3D.

At this time, some of our words may not register in your consciousness, but through them we are planting seeds that will grow and blossom later. You can say that the Pleiadians are a very patient race. I, myself, have spent millennia watching over those of our people who incarnated on your planet, as they passed through numerous difficult lives of increasingly shorter and shorter life spans. I was present at the time of Lemuria, as a boy of some 19 years of age; now I am a grandfather, yet I appear in visage as a young and vibrant man. So, it will be with you as you return to your light body existence, with the reconnection of the shorn strands of DNA, taken from you by your dark conquerors.

Before you gnash your teeth and blame these dark ones for all your suffering, let me remind you that these “dark” ones are also children of the Most High Source of ALL THAT IS. There is NOTHING in this Multiverse that is NOT of Source. All that you have been told in your religions about the “devil” and “Satan” have served to drive you away from each other, even as the dark ones who served “the devil” sought to keep you under control.

Did you really think that these dark forces have had it easy maintaining control over you? They have had to create wars, famine and disease in an effort to reduce population. And now, they seek to poison the very air, water and soil upon which you depend for your life and livelihood. In doing so, they have succeeded in boxing themselves into a corner, for they have also been reduced in frequency by living upon this planet.

They have created a great burden of personal karma that must be cleared before ever they are allowed to reincarnate upon this world or any other lighted world. And now, without the ability to regain their former frequency levels (4D through lower 6D) unless they surrender and return to the Light, they will be stuck within the lowest frequency range available in 3D, unlike those of you who have chosen to ascend with the planet as she returns to her rightful place in 5D. Some will not be able to reincarnate as human beings at all for a very long time, but will be compelled to pass up through the ranks of life-forms, slowly until all the darkness is cleansed from their consciousness.

Have some pity for these dark ones for they will be compelled to withdraw as a presence, as their bodies die or they will be given the choice to return to their true nature, one that they have long forgotten. The choice is theirs, as it is also yours. This is the blessing and for some, the curse of living on a free-will planet.

It is time for you the awakened ones and the newly awakened ones to accept that you have also carried a burden of guilt for what has happened upon this planet. All of you have participated in some fashion, whether in dark roles or at of a victim. As victim, you have given up your self-love, self-respect and sovereignty, which are yours by right. As victim you continued to play into the hands of the dark purposes being perpetrated upon the people in every country and corner of this planet. Now it is time to forgive, yourself and those who have perpetrated misdeeds in order to defeat, conquer and control humanity.

Remember, it is a planet of free-will, dear ones. There is always a choice, whether to be perpetrator or victim or to rise above it all and be free, even if it means the loss of your freedom and even your life as a consequence.

So many have risen up against those who sought to dominate their existence and many have been struck down. Like waves in the ocean, the drive towards freedom would rise up and crash upon the consciousness and lives of the conquerors like a tropical storm. Retaliation would be swift, but the memories of man carried on those precious seeds of freedom and light through the years.

Step by slow step, you as a human collective have been moving up in frequency despite the efforts of your captors. And as the cycle of darkness has ended, as the great Kali Yuga has transitioned into the new period of Light, the energy that these dark ones can utilize against you has been withdrawn, a fact that the black magicians among them fully realize. Increasingly you will see that all efforts to continue to keep down the populace will be of no avail and there will be no escape for the dark ones save to die, be removed or to surrender to the light. All of them will be welcomed home if they make that choice, but it still is their right to choose as it is yours. Remember this, dear ones, as you are all equal in the face of your Father – Mother God.

We hear some of you say, “But, but… they have killed, maimed… poisoned…” Yes, and so have you in your many guises and lifetimes spent on this planet. Only those pure souls who have recently entered incarnation from the lighted worlds carry no karma with them, good or bad. They are here; free to carry on their missions, whether or not they are aware of what form that mission might take.

Most of these lighted souls, who have arrived at these shores as volunteers, to assist in bringing up the frequency of this planet and its inhabitants and many other life-forms, have arrived in what has come to be expressed by some as waves. Earlier in your history, they came individually or in small groups, but we discovered that for the most part, while able to plant seeds for the future, these endeavors failed to reach all. And the sacred teachings that were shared were often twisted and edited to suit the needs of those who wished to have the means to further drive you away from each other and to create an enemy “out there” that would succeed in removing your attention upon your captors.

Can you see, dear ones, that if your captors succeeded in keeping you divided, you were easier to keep conquered and cowed? Can you see by choosing to hate and fight against those peoples whom you consider “other” or “different” that you are serving the darkness to keep yourself and all other humans in bondage? Do you realize that if you succeeded even for a short time to unite, you succeeded in overcoming the conquerors, even for a short-time, and the blessed flag of freedom waved in the breeze until again it would be ripped down by tyrants. And so you have feared to step outside the confines into which you were placed when your sacred inheritance of twelve strands of DNA were ripped from you and your world plunged into darkness. So it has been under the poisonous reign of the Sons of Belial, some of whom still walk among you camouflaged as regular people, as well as their minions, who have served out of fear and greed. Now that reign is coming to an end, but you are the ones who must do the work on your world to make it so.

So with our foreknowledge of the grand cycles of this Universe, we devised a different plan. Each of the councils of light, from every star nation who had progeny incarnated upon the planet, would participate in a mass effort to free her and her humans, as well as those diverse life-forms that you know as plants and animals. We also advised those embodied humans who had been our students, to hold fast through the darkness and to retain as secrets the knowledge that had been given to them and to succeeding generations who followed the ancient teachings of ascension and surrender to the Greater Light.

GAIA sent out a call for assistance as she, too, was struggling under the dominion of the dark ones. As a free-will planet, she was also compelled to give permission before we could intervene in a greater force than ever before. And in following Universal Law, we were compelled to send volunteers to the surface, to incarnate as Terrans or in soul exchanges with embodied Terrans, to work from the inside of the various cultures and social groups, at first unconsciously and then more consciously as these pioneers broke ground within their own consciousness and reconnected in part or wholly with us. This group of pioneers and wayshowers has come to be known as the First Wave of Light Workers. Some of them have incarnated upon the planet since the times of Lemuria and Atlantis; others have come and gone, resting between lives on Venus for continued instruction and guidance on their missions, participating in their light body forms within the many consuls and assisting with plans for the reintroduction of the light teachings upon the planet.

The next groups of Light-Workers, who have arrived upon GAIA to incarnate, have come to be called the Second Wave. Their purpose for being here is very different than those who broke trail for them. They have come here to raise up the awareness of the people, to inform, to teach and to reinforce the need to release the old ways and embrace the new as the world is changing and so must all who would remain upon her. Many of these beings have incarnated with a greater awareness of who they are and what their mission is to be. Many have already begun their work, even as the wayshowers make way for them and fade into retirement. Yet it is an oversimplification to diminish the efforts of any one individual or group in their impact upon the consciousness of the beleaguered populace.

As one being of light succeeds in regaining their awareness of their cosmic connections, they emanate out from their body a tremendous amount of light and love, which begins to affect those who come into their presence. This process is very unconscious at first, until the light worker realizes that positive change in happening all around them and as they discover the reason, the determination to enhance and accelerate the changes comes over them. Suddenly, for some the practice of meditation and the old sacred texts of ancient cultures such as the Tibetan, Indian (Vedic), and Egyptian become a new focus of study. Bit by bit, some directed, some self-directed, these individuals embrace the conscious usage of the Rays of God, chanting of sacred text, old and new, creation of music, art, poetry and prose, as beauty, grace and unity thinking replace the old limited conditioning of their childhoods.

Within many of these newly awakened has also arisen a great internal yearning to somehow bring into their daily lives a return to the beauty, grace and purity, that they now sense as being what is real to them. It is a natural longing for the purity of light and love that exists within the higher dimensions, but here it takes great effort to bring this beauty and wisdom into being due to the resistance of what darkness still remains to be cleared from the energy fields of each individual and of the planet as a whole.

The great art movements and cultures that have existed throughout your history; the huge libraries of gathered sacred wisdom; the colleges and university wherein ideas were shared amongst learned men and women from many cultures, were all directed by the forces of light that have always existed, side-by-side, along with the forces of darkness. As the cycles have allowed, these lighted ones have stepped forward to create cultures that now exist as golden dreams within the collective psyche of your peoples.

Now, as the Great Cycle moves from one of darkness, we have seized the opportunity to create another golden culture upon your planet, by sending our legions of volunteers to the surface. However, it is you, as individuals and as a human collective who must be the ones who bring the golden culture into being, as you have also been the ones who have destroyed the others, as well as have participated in them. It is your karma, now, to be the ones who bring your planet, the entire world, into a golden age that will endure until the end of Time, when all will be returned to Source, with the great in-breath of Creation.

For you to step into this bright golden world, you need to let go, to surrender and allow yourself to feel forgiveness for all that has gone before, whether you have been victim or perpetrator of dark deeds. To develop true compassion, humility and insight into the “human” condition, you have had to experience the extremities available within the polarity of dark and light. Humanity was stuck within this great cycle due to the loss of the ten strands of DNA, which were removed so long ago. If the entire twelve strands of your entire DNA had been removed, you would not have been able to function as living beings and so would have been useless to your captors.

The reconnection of the strands of your DNA are first occurring on an individual basis by those who are actively clearing their energy fields of all that does not belong to them, all the thought-forms and conditioning, all guilt, fear and self-hatred; anything that is not natural to a lighted human being. As each strand comes online, the consciousness expands, according to the energy contained within the sacred number of each strand. From polarity (2) emerges the Trinity (3) and so forth. Study sacred geometry and the meaning of the numbers for more information pertaining to what has been shared here and in other teachings, as well. It is too extensive a topic to discuss in full right now. As each strand reconnects you become more conscious. When the final twelfth strand is reconnected, each of you who have undergone this sacred rebirth will be a fully conscious cosmic being.

Let it suffice to remind you that for change to come into your world, it must first start within the individual. Then as the higher energies can flow through your bodies successfully, they will flow into your environment and begin to affect changes on all that is in your world. Then you will begin to resonate differently with some of the people around you; you will begin to gather as groups, whether in the physical or through the electronic media known as the Internet. As you share ideas you will find reasons to begin to change how you live, what you do with your money and energy, how you eat, the way you treat animals and the living earth. You begin to sense your interconnectedness with all life as you begin to tune into the frequency wherein the Great Web of Life exists.

Do you think that the space outside of your planet’s atmosphere is devoid of life, dear ones? Think again, for this vast ocean of dark matter (from Mater, mother) is filled with a complex net of consciousness, yet another topic of great depth for you to explore. Your physicists are now just touching on the truths that have long been known to the sages and shamans of the indigenous people throughout the planet, and hidden in the esoteric teachings that have survived the long darkness. These sacred truths are now being freely shared by those holy people whose duty it has been to act as caretakers of the sacred knowledge that was originally given to you by your tutors from other star nations as well as those light beings who you call Ascended Masters.

We could tell you now, that many of these Masters and Lady Masters, live out physical lives in 5D and raise children, run businesses, command star ships, but you may not believe us right now. We also have the ability to co-exist within dimensions that are far beyond your present knowledge of the Multiverse. For instance, I am a grandfather and have raised children, all the while functioning fully as an Archangel in higher dimensions yet. I am capable of de-materializing my physical body and existing as pure light, as the need arises.

Your knowledge of your star families will increase as you are able to raise your consciousness and open your minds to the possibility that many things exist outside of the limitations with which ALL of you have been compelled to exist within for the last 16,000 or more years.

And now it is time to end our message… simply due to length and our scribe’s tired fingers. She is one of us, a soul fragment of a light being of blended Pleiadian and Venusian origins and so we can access her mind and utilize her body to bring forth these messages as she shares our genetic legacy in part. Yet, she is no different than any other human being, in that she has free will as to whether or not she is willing to participate and work with us. We are delighted that she has taken this step, embraced our cause and dedication to bring further enlightenment to the Terrans who live upon Mother GAIA.

We look forward to continuing our discussion and becoming more acquainted with each of those who “discover” these writings. We have the greatest regard and admiration for all who exist upon GAIA in this stressful period of transition, bar none. Our love is unconditional and we embrace you with all of what you can receive. Go in peace, dear ones, and rejoice for the day when freedom will reign upon your world, again, has arrived. Claim that freedom for your own and live with it, as responsible human beings and as a newly born star nation.

We bow in reverence to the God spark that exists within all life.


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Archangel Adrigon: You are here out of Love


005Archangel Adrigon – You are here out of Love

I AM Lord Adrigon. I preside over the Pleiadian High Council and serve with the other Archangels who are perhaps more familiar to many of you. Archangel Zadkiel is my brother. We are what you would call Pleiadian Angelics and can move through many dimensions and be in many places at once. My great mothership, The White Winds, is stationed within your solar system, parked in front of your sister planet, lovely Venus. The White Winds is but one of many motherships stationed nearby, but one of the largest, being some 3,000 miles in diameter.

Right now, myself and my brother and sister Archangels, are assisting the three waves of Light-workers as has been identified through the work of Dolores Cannon, a true pioneer.

Many of the first wavers have already left the planet and many will be leaving in the next couple of years, depending on the focus of their mission here. It is a job well done by these… and yet, there are many of this group who have not yet awakened enough to realize that they are a light-worker. These ones have little understanding that just by being here, they have graced the world with their light.

We understand that to learn that you are soon to leave can bring up even more “stuff” than you have already experienced, yet leaving doesn’t mean your body will necessarily “die”.

The concept of “walk-ins” is a controversial one, even in light-worker circles. Yet, our scribe has personally met two walk-ins in her lifetime and knows of several others. She only recently discovered that she, too, was a walk-in, entering her present body at the tender age of three years old.

So for what purpose would a higher dimensional light being come to the planet, whether through the process of walking-in or being born? As we have mentioned elsewhere, it was for love. These beings have a great sense of duty and compassion for all life. They love the planet and all its inhabitants, bar none… even the darkest of the dark.

These light beings know that even the dark ones carry the sacred seed of consciousness within; else they would not be able to function in a physical body. It is the soul that activates the body, unless it is a clone and that is a soulless creature indeed.

When a lighted one enters the body vessel through the walk-in process, there is an agreement to take on the karma of the one who has left. This adds much to the light being to contend with, as they also have to become accustomed to the heavy density of this plane. It has been a challenge for these ones and they have become weary and tired of maintaining existence here. And their missions for which they came have been all but accomplished in most cases.

There are soul contracts between those who share a body. The process of walking-out can occur suddenly, during an extended illness or due to an accident, Near Death Experience, during surgery where the person “dies” and many other ways. Always, there is an agreement if the embodied soul is willing to leave, wants to leave instead of allowing the body to die, they “step-out” and leave, and the new soul extension, steps-in.

The process can also take much longer, as the two soul extensions braid with each other over a period of months or even years. The one leaving will send more time “away” visiting other planes of existence, while the walk-in will occupy the body, get used to its new surroundings and adjust to being “human”. For a time after the walk-out, the one who left with still retain some body consciousness of being “here” on planet Earth, a fact that is not well known amongst light-workers.

At some point, the walk-out soul will transition and move on to the higher worlds, taking up its duties that were left when it walked out. This is a gradual process at first, feeling very dream-like until the soul adjusts or readjusts to the new environment. The higher senses gradually come on-line as the soul integrates with the light body of its higher self that it walked out of so long ago.

Of course, the conception of time differs greatly in the higher worlds. You all will discover just how different when you are all fully living in 5D. Our lives are extremely long in terms of earth-bound years.

Now we wish to change the focus a bit. Many of the light-workers have taken on very difficult assignments in this present lifetime, as well as others, depending on the focus of the mission. To balance the karma for one person can be difficult enough; to balance it for two is a tremendous load. And not only is that, it is also evident that most light-workers have also agreed to balance karma and clear the miscreations extending back through generations. It has been a terrific load to bear, but as you all can see, much change has been wrought upon the earth since the end of the last world war.

Truly, now is the time for the second wave of light-workers to take their positions as leaders and movers, working with the energies, bringing to light all the dark agendas that have been played out, exposing the misdeeds and allowing transformation to take place. Also, a very young generation of light-workers, the third wave, is already making their mark on the world, as many are prodigies in their chosen field of work or expression. I wonder when the word “prodigy” will apply to every child who is born into this world.

For those of you who do have some conscious memories of difficult previous lifetimes or who have suffered greatly in this one, we have this to say… let it go now.

Surrender your burdens to the light. Forgive yourselves for what has occurred. Forgive all those who took a part in the occurrence and allow the Violet Flame to transmute the remaining uncomfortable energies.

Consciously dissolve any and all previous soul agreements with those persons to whom you no longer need or want to remain attached. Forgive them and send love to yourself in the form of the Pink Ray to fill the gaps left behind after the Violet Flame has done its work. Learn the qualities of the Seven Rays of God so you are comfortable working with unseen but felt energies. If your third eye has opened, so much the better, as you play with and utilize the great Rays that are qualities you contain within your own great being. Allow joy to fill your heart to overflowing.

If you carry the memories and burden of a great calamity in your life, understand that you may have contracted to undergo just such an experience, all for the purpose of learning compassion. To work with humanity, you needed to “walk” in other people’s shoes through your own experiences. It has allowed you to develop a greater depth of compassion and kindness than would be possible while merely by observing the third dimension from the higher planes.

It might surprise you to realize that by being “human” you have had an opportunity to build a more complex emotional body than most galactic races can boast. You are truly unique beings and those of you who are assisting humanity in its evolution are truly blessed, whether you realize it or not.

I, myself, have visited the planet. I came here during the days of Lemuria. The archangels and masters of light were compelled to withdraw from the planet when the first catastrophes struck at Lemuria and Atlantis. However, long before those times, the frequency level of the planet had steadily been decreasing due to the determined depredations of the Sons of Belial. Now, the cycle of darkness upon this planet has ended and it is time for the Light to come forward. There is much to prepare, repair and do before the fifth dimensional world fully anchors and the etheric cities appear before your eyes.

This ascension process is the coming to adulthood for the human race. You were created by many star races, in the mistaken belief that we could create a super race to live in its light bodies instantly fully present on a physical planet. Though the depredations of the dark ones appeared to take you, as a human collective, off course by snatching paradise from you, now we see how this time has allowed you to mature and grow towards becoming the light beings that you are meant to be. And you have earned this through your own suffering and pain, through your resolve to be, to learn, to adapt and to grow.

Like a magnificent tree, you are now fully anchored in the soil of your beloved planet and reach to the stars with your arms stretched out, welcoming the presence of your star family. And you are learning to value your own sovereignty and dominion over self and your own creations. We could not do this for you, dear ones; it was your task and you have done it well and are doing it…

We will come when you are ready. That moment is not quite here and you will know when in your heart of hearts when it approaches. It cannot be too soon as we would compromise your personal and collective sovereignty. Your problems, your karma are yours to transmute, transform and to work together to resolve. You can do it for you are blessed with great genes and greater wisdom, which will be made available to you as you come into an awareness of yourself as multidimensional beings.

We cannot “save” your world, dear ones. That is your task. And those among you who are light-workers, those who have left and those who will soon leave these shores, will come back to visit and to teach, depending on their assignments… when the time is appropriate and the new world is fully manifest.

We are here to assist, to act as advisors and to support your efforts, every one. Call upon any of the Archangels or angelic legions, and we will be there with you. We are ever by your side, waiting for you to acknowledge our presence. Remember that we always obey free will and cannot work with you without your conscious consent, unless given permission by your Higher Self.

Perhaps we have opened a few eyes with these words, prompted some questions, and have left just a few skeptical of what we have shared. We will tell you this; there is much that you do NOT know of the higher planes of existence. We live, marry, have children, eat food, dress in costumes according to rank, live in dwellings, have complex cultures and worship in temples. We teach our children, we explore the Universe; we have diplomatic and cultural relationships with other galactic star nations. We even marry into other races and cultures to create stronger bonds of love and friendship. There is much to learn, dear ones, and in time, we intend to share these things and more through our beloved scribe.

Many blessings, dear ones; know that you are greatly honored for your work here, for being here, and being willing to help others to break free of the out-moded matrix of the Powers that Were. The cycle has moved on; allow yourself to slip free of all that is not you and move with the cycle forward into the Light that greets you with the coming of the new dawn.


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The Council of Nine: “Internal Integration”


The Council of Nine:  Internal Integration

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Council of Nine.

This morning our scribe woke up with a smile on her face. Last night she was wrestling with the concept that we wished to present to you today. You see, we work as a team. She is ground crew, a volunteer who came to this planet, who has spent many lifetimes here in order to assist in bringing the Light to her chosen brothers and sisters. She has chosen all of you. She has spent at least one lifetime in nearly every single culture, race and religion upon the planet. She could not more choose a favorite culture than choose a favorite flower or tree. She was born an American, but the world is her home. Gaia is her home and all of you are her family. And now the Universe is also her home and her galactic brothers and sisters are also her family, as well as yours.

Often on hikes, her acquaintances have asked her, “What is your favorite tree?”

She would look at them and then away, glancing at the trees around them and shrug, “I love them all, big and small.”

You see, dear ones, our scribe is a representative of the Divine Mother. She comes on the Rose Ray. She has ascended before and now has returned to embrace her brothers and sisters in a wave of love. She stands now at a junction, the splitting point of one path to two, at the point of choice. As she looks you in the eye, what will you answer when she poses her question: “What do you choose — love or fear? Will you cling to the old and choose to remain behind or will you embrace unity, diversity and, yes, Love?

In the past couple of weeks, our scribe has begun in earnest a process of inner integration. She is learning, all over again, to accept her multi-dimensionality. In wakening moments, she has spoken to an exalted aspect of her Higher Self and has felt accepted. There was no judgment or prejudice in the interview, just a realization that she needs to vastly widen her horizons to take in the immense changes in perspective required to function in the higher vibrational worlds. In those worlds, there is no division between poor and rich, race, creed or religion. These judgments, prejudices and limitations have no reality beyond the artificial confines of the matrix that was set up around the game of polarity. Polarity does not exist in the higher realms of Light, the place to which some of you are going, soon.

We have been quiet for some days to allow our scribe time to rest. She has entered into a period of needed integration where she is becoming reacquainted with the parts of herself that she left behind when she entered into this world as a first wave starseed. It has taken some time for her to begin to comprehend what we have told her, what has been told to her by her Twin Flame and now by her Higher Self, one who exists in the 8th dimension. At first she was in denial, but now she is moving into a place of acceptance. As she is able to open her heart to embrace what we and her guides set before her, so too will the horizons of her world widen. This is a process that all starseeds and Lightbearers must undergo, now or later, as they move toward the point of Ascension. Although our scribe has ascended before, she was born into this world, in this lifetime, with a complete loss of memory of what she was before. She has undergone this process of reawakening for the sake of her brothers and sisters on this planet so they can follow her and the other wayshowers, following the trail markers on the energetic pathway carved out before them by others such as themselves. The ones who will follow are common, plain ordinary folks, not ones who have spent a lifetime or lifetimes in preparation of such an event by living in Tibetan monasteries or mystery schools, but who have spent their lives working for a living and raising families.

Our scribe chose to be born into a middle class American family so that she might embody the type of person that she was chosen to lead, not scholars, not priests or metaphysical students, but ordinary people. If her words are unvarnished and plain, without the flowery phrases that some communicate with, it is because of this – she wants to be able to reach those individuals who are searching but who haven’t had years of metaphysical training and who have not developed their own subtle prejudices against the “unawakened” masses. By her living example, she is showing that this awakening process can be done by anyone, no matter their status, because in this process they are remembering who they really are – fractals of the gods and goddesses of the Divine.

This past two weeks our scribe has had a couple of dreams. The first one had a similar theme where she was on the campus of a great university, like the one she attended years ago. In past dreams, she has gotten lost down dusty, dark corridors or stairways or has forgotten her books and has been unable to get to class in time. In the new dream, she was showing her parents her old school, but as she approached it she noticed that the grounds had all changed. Instead of parking lots, there were vegetable gardens. Instead of dusty windows, there were soaring open pavilions. And one of the centerpieces was a magnificent, multistory office building built of a creamy sandstone-like material and decorated with gleaming intricately carved green stones in archways and corners. The cafeteria was open and light-filled, overflowing with happy people. She turned to her parents and said, with wonder, “It’s changed so much!” When she awoke, our scribe asked her guides, “What was that place?” The answer – “You.”

In the second dream, she came into a room and was greeted by two beautiful people, a man and woman. Their appearance was distinctive and somewhat familiar to our scribe as she has been a student of art for some years. The couple appeared to be the living images of a Hindu god and goddess, with their gleaming black hair, large dark eyes, beautiful faces, intricate costumes and manners. She was greeted and sat down in front of them, closer to the woman. Between the man and woman was a small carved table. Upon the table was a large confection of some kind, about the size of a large lingam stone. Although it appeared to be made of grains, the confection was covered with an intricate design of tiny seeds or beads. Our scribe remarked about the piece. The woman smiled and handed our scribe a bag of seeds to eat, which she did.

Then our scribe woke up and went running out of the house to tell her neighbors what she had just experienced. In the dream (for she was still dreaming) her neighbors were East Indian (they are not). She greeted the husband and went on into the kitchen to greet the wife, excitedly telling her what she had seen in the dream. The wife looked astonished and a bit flustered, but happy for our scribe. Then the scene changed a little – our scribe and the neighbor’s wife were standing in a garage. A dog, a shaggy poodle, saw our scribe and came running to greet her enthusiastically. The scene changed again. Our scribe was lying down and vaguely noted that it was raining. Then she really woke up; it took a few moments to realize that she was in her body again.

As with most of her notable dreams, she shared it with her soul brother. He replied:

As to your dream within a dream. It’s happened to me very occasionally and I’ve found it a bit disorientating. Whatever else the seeds and the lingam speak of regeneration, growth and expansion. That this is given to you by those responsible for your nurture, your development, those responsible for ensuring your protection and your guidance during the process culminating in maturity is telling. Both sides of duality have shown themselves to you, in balance. Your neighbors appear in one of the guises they have assumed in other lifetimes. This has found you accepting of that beyond the illusion. The dog tracks back to the Dog Star and Anubis, the dog-headed one. (He has been) a friend and willing playmate granting, through the ages, many lifetimes. Rain, to me, always speaks of Kwan Yin, the Compassionate, bringing cleansing and refreshment in many areas.

Significant dreams indeed and indicative of the internal changes our scribe is undergoing currently.

In light of recent world events and some personal ones as well, our scribe has desired to comprehend why some people choose to live in fear, divided from their neighbors by fear and prejudice. She has come to understand that some souls require more experience in duality. By not allowing these individuals the opportunity to undergo these experiences, she would be acting as judge and jury, seeking to control the outcome of another’s life path. Instead, she has chosen to embrace the way of compassion and forgiveness.

In these final months, hours and days before the coming Shift, it is up to each individual to choose, whether they will go forward into the light and ascension or whether they wish to remain within the confines of duality. The choice that lies before each is becoming more apparent even to those who have long refused to “wake up”, especially now as the polarization of opposing viewpoints approaches the ridiculous. Each side of the coin has become almost a parody as the dramas continue to be played out. While it may appear that one has to choose a side, whether it be a political party, a nation, a religion, war versus peace, conservative versus liberal, conservation versus resource destruction, this is not so, for these “choices” are part of the illusion, part of the game of polarity, part of the old way of doing things. Rather it is the middle road that one must follow now, the quiet road, the road less traveled, in order to find one’s way out of the maze of overwrought emotion and conflict. By following this path, one will discover the gate to the inner sanctum, a place of peace, serenity and unity, the place of the Heart.

In the stillness of the Heart, one can touch the Universe, talk to the stars, reach out to galactic friends and family, speak to living galactic star ships and embrace your own multidimensionality. By letting go of the desire to be right and by learning to be in the moment, you will come to a stillness of beingness that is necessary in order to go forward into the higher dimensions. The unified field of creation awaits your coming. Love, abundance, peace, creativity, joy and community will be yours.

As our scribe, our co-worker has learned to release her fears, to accept herself unconditionally, to clear old wounds and emotional upsets, to begin to experience and embrace her gifts, she has moved into a new attitude and way of being in the world. Her life experience has changed. There is a new contentment now where there was loneliness and pain. There is a growing sense of peace where there was confusion and fatigue. The fatigue is still there, but now our scribe understands that the body is resistant to the changes going on and allows her the space to take the necessary extra self-care and rest to make the adjustments easier. So might you all do so, if you so choose, as the momentum of change in the outer world continues to accelerate.

It is a time to take stock, to release that which is unneeded or outgrown, to say goodbye to old ways of doing things, to move on and into your internal process. It is time to stand firm, yet flexible as the winds of change scour the earth and the old structures of the illusion crumble. Hold the light for those who are still asleep, for those who are lost in the darkness, as well as for those who have used the darkness to their own ends. Forgiveness, acceptance and love are the keys for all to go forth into a new world that holds more grandeur than you can imagine right now.

We stand with you, at your side, in the Eternal Now, holding the immaculate concept of your beingness for you until you can take up that mantle for yourself.

Blessings and encouragement to all.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

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