Who are the Traitors? Who are the Patriots? It will come clearer SOON!

Who are the Traitors? Who are the Patriots? It will come clearer SOON!

Sarah Westall

Guests: Bill Binney, Harley Schlanger

American Hero and NSA whistleblower, Bill Binney, and World thought leader, Harley Schlanger, joins the program to discuss the very serious times we are now facing in the United States and worldwide. The extensive spying on Americans, with no one immune, has enabled traitors in the U.S. government and their allies worldwide to collude to take down the United States from within. The control structure they have created includes the NSA, intelligence, big tech, media, and the banking and pharmaceutical cartels. The data they collect, with their mass spying, enables their control structure to maintain power and to shut down any opposition in their way. This is why you are seeing massive purges (i.e. account deletions, loss jobs, jail time, etc.) of anyone who disagrees with them.

We’re playing charades, people…

X22 Report, August 5, 2020

[CB] Moves To Destroy The Economy, Economic Playbook Known, Next Phase – Episode 2242a

The cities and states that have been pushing lockdowns are now hurting and they are look for funds to keep their cities operational. The [CB] is pushing to collapse the economy, they are looking to do a full lockdown which would destroy the economy. Trump is expecting incredible jobs numbers this week.

Big News Coming, Absolutely Breathtaking, It’s Worse Than We Originally Thought – Episode 2242b

The [DS]/MSM are falling right into the trap the patriots have set. ST testified today about the spying and she is now pointing the finger. Flynn’s case is now on deck, Sullivan might have to recuse himself. The [DS] is now pushing everything they have to create the idea that we need mail in voting. The plan is to cause chaos so someone of their choosing can take over as President. This plan has already failed before it was started, remember the Trump card, it’s coming.

X22 Report, August 4, 2020

Another EO Signed To Help The Economy, An Economy Without A [CB] Will Shine – Episode 2241a

The US rebound is continuing, factory orders are up in June, as more business open and manufactures come online the economy is improving. The D’s now want 3.4 trillion for the stimulus bill, the question is, where is the money really going. Trump signed another EO, this will boost jobs for Americans.

The Perfect Storm, Ukraine Activated, We Are Witnessing A FULL PANIC ATTACK- Episode 2241b

The [DS]/MSM are in a full panic, the Ukraine raid was activated and now all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together, crimes against humanity, treason and sedition, the clock is ticking down and the [DS] is using everything they have, but as they do this it exposes their true plans. In Lebanon there was an explosion and the MSM is now trying to push the fireworks narrative, what really happened,

X22 Report, August 3, 2020

Action Taken, Taxes Are Now Targeted, Pushing The [CB] To Insolvency – Episode 2240a

The economy is picking up, new vehicle sales are continually rebounding. Trump administration is now in the process of bringing back manufacturing to the US. The patriots are pushing the Fed to be insolvent. Get ready Trump ready to push tax holiday, no more waiting.

Storm Right Behind Trump, It’s Coming, Get Ready, Batten Down The Hatches – Episode 2240b

Report date: 08.03.2020

The signal has been given to the DS players, to create chaos… They want to scrap the presidential convention, the election… etc.

X22 Report, August 2, 2020

Here It Comes, Trump Just Kicked It Off, Tax Holiday? – Episode 2239a

The economy is recovering at lightning speed, the [DS]/[CB]/MSM are trying to stop it but it will not work, the patriots are in control of the economy. Supply chains are now being broken up. Samsung decided to move its company out of China. Trump just kicked it off, tax holiday coming soon? 

Message Received, Something Big Is About To Drop, The Enemy Is Being Exposed – Episode 2239b

The [DS]/MSM are now being trapped, people are waking up around the world, they reaching the point that they want change. The people are now waking up about what’s been happening with the children, GM documents were released and it’s all falling apart for the elite, they are being exposed. Something big is about to drop, the enemy is now being exposed to the world.

X22 Report, July 31, 2020

The MSM/[CB]/[DS] Are Trapping Themselves Economically,Patriots Control The Economy – Episode 2238a

US economy is bouncing back stronger that the [DS]/MSM thought it would, they keep reporting past numbers, these numbers are from the shutdown, the future numbers are what is important because this shows the economy is recovering from the shutdown. GDP estimates skyrocket.

The MSM are reporting on old numbers during the lockdown… However, things are opening up, the numbers are going to change. Trump will receive the benefit for it.

Do You See How It’s All Coming Together, Drip, Crimes Against Humanity, Drip, Sedition/Treason – Episode 2238b

The [DS]/MSM are being cornered and the public is being educated one drip at a time. This is all part of the plan, treason, sedition and crimes against humanity will collide and this is when the public realizes what really was going on. The number of cases in Fl, TX, AZ have dropped on average of 15% or so. The patriots are in control, never interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves.

What does the media do? Spin, hide, protect. They are compliant, knowingly involved in all of these crimes against humanity.

The Art of War in action before our eyes.

X22 Report, July 30, 2020

Everything Is Happening In Reverse, Think Crisis, Think Gold & Speculators – Episode 2237a

The MSM is pushing the agenda that the economy is in terrible shape. The GDP numbers came out and it set a record of 32.9%, but we need to remember something very important, this is in the past, these are past numbers, but this will assist Trump later on. The mortgage rates are continuing to decline. The entire system is being setup to show the people, it is all happening in reverse.

The Setup Is Complete, Is This About A Virus Or The Election, Delay Playbook Known – Episode 2237b

The [DS]/MSM is now pushing mail-in voting like never before, but they have planned something else, a delay in the election results. What happens in a delay? The patriots already know the playbook to delay, watch what happens next. Silence does not mean that nothing is going on, actually it is the opposite, it is leading the [DS]/MSM right into another trap.

X22 Report, July 29, 2020

Defense Production Act Activated, Infrastructure & Manufacturing Incoming – Episode 2236a

The real estate market is bouncing back, pending home sales soared in June to highest level since 2006. All around the country real estate market is making a comeback. A payroll tax cut holiday would benefit and businesses. Trump activates the Defense Production Act; manufacturing is coming back to the US. Funds have been distributed to states to start rebuilding the infrastructure. We are seeing a V market in the real estate market.

Optics Are Very Important, People Cannot Be Told, They Must See It To Believe It – Episode 2236b

The [DS]/MSM panic level is now off the charts, they are trying to control the narrative but it is not working, people are being shown their true agenda. The trap has been set and optics are very important, nothing can stop this now, nothing.

HCQ works. The masks are NOT necessary. What kind of vaccine is being prepared for people? What ‘cure’ is being prepared now. People are being censored, attacked for putting out the truth… why?

Lee Dawson and Charlie Ward – Introduction, Warned and Informed (Part 1-2)

Part 1 Introduction, Warned, Informed

The Charlie Ward Show

Charlie was told six years ago that ‘they’ would be bringing down the world’s economy… and it happened. This was the start of a journey… as Lee and Charlie put out the facts of what they are doing.

Part 2 – Fear and Confusion

The directive from Donald Trump to create fear and confusion worldwide… so the Deep State and Cabal could begin to be arrested and removed, world-wide. Trump is exposing the Deep State for what they really are, their agenda, and their crimes against humanity.

X22 Report, July 28, 2020

[CB]/MSM Panic Sets In, Gold Rises & It’s About To Expose The Fiat Currency – Episode 2235a

The economy is rebounding, the powers at be are trying to make sense of what is going on with the gold market. This is panic. The [CB] is ripping itself apart and Trump and his administration are now transitioning everything away from the [CB] economy.

As gold rises, the dollar is dropping in value…

Panic Has Set In, [DS] Exposes Their True Intentions For All To See, Trap Set – Episode 2235b

The [DS]/MSM narrative for the first event (the ‘pandemic’) is now falling apart and they are trying to stop the truth from coming out. The trap is now set and all [DS] parties just fell right into it. AG Barr testified in front of congress today and it was a disaster for the Democrats. They did not let him answer any questions, but from what they were saying and their actions it shows that they are panicking. BB released nuggets of info today. Boom!!!

The DS organizations and corporations are being set up to get royally sued by the public.