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The Green New Steal

We have already talked about the pitfalls of socialism. Centralizing the power and wealth always ends up in tyranny. Decentralizing power and wealth leads to freedom and prosperity. When in the past has socialism increased the prosperity and freedom of the people? The big question is why are universities and high schools pushing socialism as the fix all system of government? History has proven that centralizing the power and wealth in control of a few leads to tyranny and genocide. Offer the freebies, make promises impossible to keep, centralize power and wealth, take control of the military, disarm the people, remove all opposition. This is the sequence of events. Is it looking familiar? Good news neither your President nor the military are buying it.

A true Republic and Capitalism have proven the best path to prosperity. The problem with capitalism is the hijacking and perpetuation of manufactured lack by the global elite banksters enforced by what most refer to as the deep state. People need to control the monetary system and its government. This is underway with the Federal Reserve, which is not federal, losing control, with the control going back to the United States Department of Treasury. Trillions are siphoned from the Federal Reserve by the global elite that will now be channeled back to the people. You can thank the Orange man and the white hats for that.

There is a lot of mis-association, misdirected anger, and negativity towards capitalism which in truth needs to be directed to the global elite banksters and their operatives,  those who have perpetuated the manufactured lack. They are also the war and disease profiteers. Who is bringing the troops home ending the wars? “Orange Man”.  This action is a slap in the face of the global elite.

Who would profit mostly by centralizing power and wealth? Who wants to dominate and control the world? What best form of government meets the needs of the global elite?  Meet “Socialism”. Decentralizing the power and wealth back to the people is in direct opposition to the NWO, the global elite. Who is decentralizing big government and returning the power back to the people? “Orange Man”. Who wants more taxes bigger government and socialism? Hmmm, could it be the left”? Have you figured it out yet? Has the social programming, race, and gender card wars played out by the socialists, the left and the lamestream media starting to lose their grip? Who is funding the move to socialism, the green new deal? Who is funding Open Boarders, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, The Women’s Marches which have become infiltrated by Muslims promoting Sharia Law?  Do the funders behind these organizations have ties to the Nazis (National Socialist Democrats) and the global elite? I find it hilarious and sad at the same time that Soros, the front man for the global elite is funding this.  Antifa is allegedly anti-fascist and Nazi.  When Soros brags about working for the Nazis (during WWII).  The members of Antifa practice fascism while not even knowing the definition of a fascist.  What if those against the building the wall received bribes in the millions from Drug and Child trafficking and drug cartels? Now is the curtain falling? Are the masks coming down? It is said over 65% of the people brainwashed will not accept the truth despite a mountain of facts. Cognitive dissonance, the inability to accept new ideas outside one’s old belief systems, has become epidemic.

All it takes is a few to start questioning, seeds of truth to be planted. America is the last domino to fall before the global elite and the NWO can have total domination followed by an increase in the global genocide already underway. Your air, your water, your over-processed food full of pesticides and herbicides, manmade disasters using geoengineering, HAARP technologies etc. all fit into their plan. If they want 80 to 90% population reduction, where do you fit in?

(Editor’s note:  the destruction, killing of at least 80% of the American civilian population was a part of the sixteen-year plan originated by the Obama administration which was slated to transition to Hillary Clinton.  Her loss in 2016 put the plan on hold, for now.  Do you begin to understand the panic of the Democrats, neocons, and RINOS now, who were aligned with the hidden agenda of the global elite?).

The good news is there is a greater force here to stop their agenda. It is the global awakening, the white hats, yellow vests and people from all walks of life awakening. Just as there are unseen negative forces at work, there are also unseen positive forces.  The big question is are you participating in your own enslavement and demise or are you participating in your freedom and longevity? Are you creating division, separation, or are you creating Heaven on Earth?

(Editor’s Note:  Choices are being made.  Are you for Life or Death?  Evolution or devolution?)

In accordance with the green new deal, we are to install fart catchers in the barn and hermetically sealed baggies on the goats and sheep. Putting squirrel cages in the trucks and tractors as a power source because squirrels fart less. Not quite getting the horsepower we need, but it all makes sense. Planting 70 acres of money trees to pay for tearing down and rebuilding all the structures, getting rid of all the pens and pencils and going back to crayons. Also getting a solar powered kayak so I can go to Hawaii and continue doing international lectures. I am ignoring being buried under snow and ice, the real climate data concerning global warming, the Munder minimum and sun cycles; accepting the adjusted data from the carbon tax profiteers because it is fashionable and I don’t want to go against the ignorant masses afraid to do their own research. I have learned do not wear a red hat, talk politics, religion, or real science in a Starbucks, or any other restaurant. If you do, prepare to get attacked by ‘loving’ leftist pacifists.

Okay so now do you see why centralizing the power and wealth and putting it in the hands of a few uneducated sociopathic narcissists who own the media to control every aspect of your life is a bad idea?

(Editor’s note: All forms of Western media are currently controlled by six interconnected companies and are now being outed as the propaganda arm of the leftist global elite agenda to destroy ALL nations, not just the United States.  The rogue Central Intelligence Agency, aligned with MI6/MI5, the Mossad, and other international intelligence groups use the media to brainwash the general population.)

“I am all about solutions. Can’t criticize without solutions”.


According to scientific studies, solar, wind, and even new forms of nuclear power cannot provide for the energy needs of society. There are alternatives. Water for fuel, zero point energy, magnetic motors, anti/counter/gravity, and retrofitting old systems to these new technologies will solve the energy and transportation problems. If the sun is not shining, the wind is not blowing and you live in temperatures above 100 and below zero you are screwed. It’s simple logic. Freestanding home generators already exist. The same motors can be retrofitted into nuclear power plants rendering them safe and effective. There are already coal driven powerplants retrofitted to run on water during full operation. Autos can be retrofitted as well until new models come out that won’t need fuel or tires. Begin thinking outside the box.

Organic farming, aquaponics, soil restoration, water desalination, and restoring the oceans all can be done with today’s technology. The technology to create super oxygenated, high-energy water out of sewage water exists with the purification process used to power the units. Using plasma to burn the impurities as part of the process, can generate the power necessary to run the units with power to spare. Sewage can be used as a source to generate power rather than dumping it into rivers and oceans. The oceans can be restored using the same technology, recycling the islands of plastic and trash as well as using iron oxide and transferring water from healthy oceans as seeding is one solution. This will also regenerate the oceanic fisheries.

We need to step away from pesticides and herbicides as well as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Studies with integrity have shown dire effects to all life, humans included due to the continued use of pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. This will also relieve much of the stress on the cost of Health Care.


First of all, we have to be brutally honest, most allopathic medicine is a total failure. The opioid epidemic providing symptomatic relief is a classic example of this systemic failure.  The latest evidence concerning the lack of effectiveness of vaccines as well as the serious documented side effects can no longer be ignored. The Medicare for all is short-sighted and will not provide real health care nor is it cost effective. There is a need for allopathic medicine especially in emergencies, broken bones, traumas, yet it is not the end-all solution for every situation.

There is a solution. An unbiased program that compares the effectiveness of drugs, natural remedies, lists side effects, alternative treatments, along with preventative medicine needs to be put in place. This has already been created. Profit-driven health care with a vested interest cannot continue to control the direction of Health Care or Medicare. When people have access to safe, natural, inexpensive and effective cures, the cost will automatically go down. The environmental, mental and emotional factors as the cause of many diseases also need to be addressed. Changes in lifestyle, eliminating stress, dietary changes, and process-oriented therapies need to be factored in. There are new energetic medicine modalities, breakthroughs in plasma and frequency healing, med-beds,  and oxygen therapies which can also be introduced. Again using the best form of healing will diminish the need and the cost. Medicare for all is extremely short-sighted and is doomed to fail without a complete overhaul.

All of these solutions can be done without resorting to socialism. This will create jobs, support creative inventiveness followed by reward along with a quantum leap in evolution. When taking the power and the wealth, centralizing it into the hands of the few, it is too easy to corrupt those few under the thumb of special interest. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. It is a spawning ground for genocidal dictators. Don’t fall for the freebies and promises as they come with a price as they have throughout history and the masses paid that price with the death of billions (French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Chinese Revolution, etc.).

Decentralizing the power and wealth back into the hands of the people such as a true Republic is the answer to freedom and prosperity. Releasing the patents for all these wondrous new technologies has been done by guess who? Your President-Elect. Maybe the real enemy is not what you think? Anyone who is in the process of restoring the Republic, taking back control of the monetary system, decentralizing the power and wealth back to the people, freeing up new technologies for providing for our energy and transportation needs, and ending senseless wars is not the enemy; he is on the side of salvation.

Your President-Elect does not need the money of the global elite which is promoting socialism through historically challenged, self-serving, narcissistic, ignorant puppets constantly spewing lies, venom,  and hate. Although not perfect, none of us are. Trump is a mirror to all their (the global elite and their paid-minions) iniquities.

Is that ‘unspiritual’?  The Goddess of Compassion, Quan Yin, is known for her wrathful compassion. This is just a dose for what ails America. For the record, I am not a Republican or a Democrat, just an enlightened observer that wants the best for all Humanity and the Earth. I am all for a Council of Grandmothers running the show connected to a Galactic council. For those in the know, we achieved the second part. Now comes the cleanup.

Be well,

James Gilliland

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