Might Tomorrow’s Virginia Showdown Offer A Shocking, Welcome Surprise? —

The possibility has been seeded in the mind of the collective unconscious by an Op-Ed (see below). Now, if enough of us intend, strongly and persistently, while joining forces all the while, that the possibility will become manifest, then it will!! Meanwhile, After hysterical twittered scaremongering — supposedly seven busloads of ANTIFA thugs, on…

Might Tomorrow’s Virginia Showdown Offer A Shocking, Welcome Surprise? —

Nancy's Huge Mistake, 1/18/20

Nancy’s Huge Mistake

Lori Colley

The D party is beginning to implode even though it might not look like it… On Tuesday the impeachment trial begins and three leading challengers to the President will not be able to campaign. Sounds like another scheme to hurt Bernie! Do you think the Public will revolt? Let’s take a look at the coming demise of the D party, the coming 2nd Amendment rally in VA, and the rest of the headlines…

Lies, propaganda, flimsy charges…

X22 Report, 1.17.20

It’s Time Judy, The Stage Is Set To Implement The Economic Plan – Episode 2073a

Trump’s policies working, he is bringing back the main street jobs, the people that were out of work during the Barak Obama administration have now found jobs. The US is now energy independent, the US is now less dependent on the middle east, this is in preparation to move away from the petrodollar. Judy, it’s time; the stage has been sent and you are now called upon to push the economic plan.

[JC] Slam Dunk, VA In The [DS] Sites, Patriots Countermoves Ready – Episode 2073b

The [DS] are ready to throw everything they have at the fake impeachment; the MSM already has the script and the players are set. There is only problem, the patriots have already countered their playbook. The NYT is trying to get ahead of Comey and what is coming. Virginia is now putting all the pieces together to have an event to push their agenda of taking the weapons from the people, they need a crisis to push their legislation. Countermeasures are in place.

[CB] Just Admitted What They Are Doing, Economic Optics – Episode 2072a

Phase 1 of the China trade deal has been signed, this will allow 250 billion dollars to come back to the US, phase 2 is about to begin. The Senate has now passed the USMCA trade deal 89-10, it now heads to the President. The transitional economy is now taking shape. The [CB] has admitted that they are the cause of the problem, that the Fed is causing the bubbles.

It’s All About To Boomerang, [DS] Propaganda Falls Apart, [DF] Videos Countered – Episode 2072b

The [CB] has admitted that they are the cause of the problem, that the Fed is causing the bubbles. The [DS]/Ds have pushed their propaganda and now it is falling apart. The Parnas story is falling apart, people are not buying what the MSM/[DS] and Ds are selling they know it is a hoax. The Judge has granted Flynn 30 days, exactly 30, it will all be decided on the 27th. The Deep Fake video(s) have been countered, AI has been developed to detect the DF videos.


SGT Report

NSA veteran turned whistle blower Bill Binney and LaRouche PAC historian Harley Schlanger join me to discuss new information about Guccifer 2.0, and the inside job nature of the DNC hacks, and the race against the clock to indict and convict key players involved in the deep state coup against our Republic.

X22 Reports, 1.14.20

US/China Deal Will Be The Final Nail In The Globalist Economy – Episode 2070a

Trump trade team is now working on the final part of the China trade deal. The trade deal that Trump is setting up will equalize trade around the world. This trade deal will not benefit the globalists, actually this trade deal will destroy the globalist system.

[DS] Pushes Same Hacking Tactic, The Coverup Already Failed – Episode 2070b

The [DS] feels the patriots closing in, they are now taking precautions to protect what they have done in Ukraine and Iran, this has already failed, the patriots have all the information, this was planned long ago. The [DS] is using the same tactics as before, Russia hacked into Burisma, and it just like the DNC hack. Assange is the key, the patriots have the source. The [DS] coverup plan failed before it was implemented.

Those who work for the Dark are incapable of creating new tactics. They repeat, repeat, repeat. Once you understand their means, their symbolism, their crimes… it is easy to tear their tactics apart. Exposure to the public is imminent.

Two Popes: Vatican Crimes & Cover-ups w/Kevin Annett

Two Popes: Vatican Crimes and Coverups w/ Kevin Annett

Sarah Westall

Kevin Annett rejoins the program to discuss the latest credible reports coming out about the Vatican and its ongoing nefarious dealings worldwide. He gives more detail about the power structure of its leadership and how Pope Francis is likely not in charge. He also explains the forbidden, yet very much real, relationship between the Mormon church and the Vatican. You can learn more about Kevin Annett and his work exposing crimes of the Vatican and other prominent institutions @ http://murderbydecree.com/ or see his weekly radio show @ https://bbsradio.com/herewestand

The Church puts out a lot of propaganda. ‘Pope’ Francis is a Jesuit who are forbidden to even become popes. Ratzinger is still the real pope in charge over the Holy See. The two of them are involved in a massive cover-up of child trafficking, money-laundering, and murder. There is also a Mormon Church and Papacy connection, with both involved in child trafficking/abuse and money-laundering.

The interview starts around 6 minutes…