Lady Hope – I AM Here

Archeia Hope, 4th Ray of Purity, Ascension, and Resurrection

Lady Hope – I AM Here

I AM Hope.

I come to you upon the lightest of winds, a zephyr built of faith in the continuity of life whatever direction it may take.

I AM there when you heard the song of the mockingbird piercing the grayness of early dawn.

I AM there in the majestic flight of the heron in the sweep of its vast wings as it takes to the sky and drops to earth with equal grace.

I AM there within your heart of hearts, ready to grace any moment with peace and calm, to still the anxious heart and bring surcease from fear.

I AM there carried by the wings of the tender dove, with a maternal loving touch to bring relief to one who has been wounded.

I AM there in the fiery dawn and likewise in the quiet of the night when you lie there unable to sleep.

I AM there to stir the breast with the fires of courage, to assist the fearful to step beyond the boundaries of the known and into the new that beckons you onward.

I AM there always no matter where you find yourself throughout the day, perhaps confronted by an experience unwanted.  Breathe, my daughter; my son, breathe, for I am there.

Fortified by the strength of will of the Divine, I AM there, shining white and pure, in the darkest dungeon, standing beside you ready to lend a hand to draw you upward.

I AM there to guide the little child who has known only darkness, the innocents who deserve so much better from the hands of man.

I AM there to give hope to the ones looking upon the ruin of their life, as fire, flood, wind, and shaking come upon the land. 

Together, let us walk forward and through the land of shadow and into the Light that penetrates and dissolves the dark into the nothingness it truly is.

Reach out to me and I will be there to lend my strength to your trembling heart, to steady your hand, and guide your step.

I AM Hope and I am here for you, all of you, everywhere.

I AM Hope.

Transcribed by Eliza Ayres, September 2020

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, / No videos or recordings of this material is allowed.

Lady Hope via Sundeelia: Dealing with the Dark



Lady Hope:  Dealing with the Dark

via Eliza

For those of our initiates and wayshowers who have volunteered to once again embody or walk-in to life on planet Earth, know that you have had to pass through a process of descension to step down your frequencies enough so that you can function within your human vehicle.  This process can be onerous to our sensitive ones and at times can feel like a huge burden.  For this great sacrifice we honor and salute you.   Also, be cognizant that even with the stepping down of a portion of your soul essence, your frequency level is going to be much higher than that of most indigenous human beings upon the planet. And as a “light being” you will attract those energies that are contain the polar opposite energy, the dark, Team Dark as some ascension wayshowers have expressed it.

We define “indigenous” to mean the race of humanity developed upon this planet.  While your genome has been modified and tampered with, it is a genetic legacy that is unique to Earth.  Those of you who have come into embodiment as galactic volunteers carry a unique vibration that does differ.  It doesn’t make you better, just different… which some of our volunteers feel as a deep sense of loneliness.  However, this very difference makes it easier to identify one another when you come into contact, whether via the Internet or in “real” life.  There is the distinct feeling of “Home”, a deep sense of familiarity and immediate friendship that is seldom found, at least for our ground crew volunteers, compared to being among other human beings at least at present due to the fact that most have a lower frequency vibration.  This is an observation, not a judgement as Earth humans are a young race and most require more experience in the physical realms before taking the steps towards Ascension.  It is a difference that also grants you with a higher degree of sensitivity towards energies than most humans have at this time.

This pattern is beginning to switch as more and more children are being born who are entering the world as nearly or fully self-aware individuals.  Their increasing presence is possible due to the hard preparatory work done by our early First Wave volunteers. These young members of the Ground Crew come into embodiment with their “B.S.” monitors fully functioning.  If you lie to them, they will know it and call you on it.  This pattern will increase in all humans as the race is upgraded throughout the ascension process through which the planetary body is currently undergoing.  That which cannot resonate at a certain frequency… that remains at a lower frequency will either be dissolved or removed.  The future is bright for humanity and their beloved planet, Earth.

Even as the energies shift, the darkness that has until recently engulfed the planet still remains in patches here and there.  Perhaps some of you are not aware that Team Dark can exist up to the higher levels within 5D?  That being so, the embodied and disembodied minions of the elements of Team Dark who have not given up their desire to control can still effect the energies of unconscious human beings, effectively using them as a device with which to plant dark energetic signatures on persons and things.  For instance, a building can be “marked”, which shows as an etheric sign to any of Team Dark, indicating the presence of a “lighted” individual within.  Energetic attacks will follow, especially if it is known that the ground crew member is aware of the dark energies and is doing their best to shield and protect their space.

There will be those who scoff about these dark energies or would rather pretend that they do not exist, but even Yeshua, as noted in the New Testament of the Christian Bible, spoke of the presence of “demons” within some unfortunate individuals.  In these stories, the “demons” or dark energies or entities were successfully driven out by the Light of the Presence that worked through Yeshua, that of the Cosmic Christ.  The reason behind the success was that Yeshua had successfully passed through his initiations up to the fifth where he had cleared enough of his own emotional baggage  from his previous lifetimes and hence presented as a clear vessel through which to receive the intense Light and Love of the Divine Presence.  Anyone else attempting this feat alone would most likely be burnt up… unless they, too, have successfully reached the level of at least the fifth initiation.  Those of our initiates who are at a lower vibratory level require our assistance, that of the Angelic Kingdom, to safely conduct this sort of clearances or need to be trained by skilled experts who know how to do exorcisms safely and in highly trained teams.

How does a person know that someone they know is “infected” or being affected by an entity or attachment?  If you know the individual well, there will be the sense of something being not quite right, something “off”.  They may not be acting like themselves.  This may not be the effect of having an attachment or entity, but it is something to consider besides health issues.  The individual may fly off the handle and begin to make derogatory remarks to those individuals that they once regarded as friends or family.  The individual may appear to be “listening” to a disembodied voice and will appear to be distracted, anxious or extremely unpredictable.  Those who are particularly sensitive to energies will especially note the change in the affected individual long before others do.  A test to determine whether or not there is an entity present in the individual’s auric field can be tricky.  If there are evasive answers or verbal attacks, back away, as you are putting yourself into needless danger if you persist in attempting to help the individual.  Most of you are not yet prepared or cleared enough to do so.  For the sake of your own sanity and health, practice caution and let the individual go for the time being.  Release the need to “save” the individual from harm as it is likely this has been a chosen, if fully unconscious, decision to have such an experience.

How can you prevent getting infected? First, shield yourself daily by utilizing the shielding of Archangel Michael and his Legions.  A link is provided here to Archangel Michael’s Shield so you can practice this shielding until the shadow is no longer present in this world.  We recommend periodically reinforcing the shielding consciously throughout the day, especially if you are present in an area of lower energies or driving a vehicle through traffic.

Second, learn to trust your own “B.S.” monitor, and intuition that WILL let you know when the energies that a person or place is emitting are unsavory.  Let go of the need to “save” another.  If the person is unaware that they have an entity, it is still a matter of choice at some level to undergo this experience.  You need to follow Universal Law and respect that decision even if it makes no sense to you.  To do otherwise, is to willfully put yourself in danger.  Team Dark is aware of YOU, even if you are not aware of it, the reason being, all Ground Crew carry fire letters upon their foreheads identifying the individual.  Even if you cannot read or feel these letters, the agents of the Dark can and do.

What can you do if a friend is affected?  You can let them know or not, depending on your own sense of courage and sovereignty or you can quietly back off until such time that they return to normalcy.

Now comes the difficult part.  What if you are the individual who is affected by an entity? How can you learn if you are affected by an entity?  What can you do to get yourself clear once again?

First, you need to recognize that something isn’t quite right.  For instance, you do something that isn’t characteristic of your nature.  You find yourself attacking those whom you once regarded as friends, whether in person or through electronic means.  You don’t even feel like you are in control any more, like something outside of yourself is driving you to do strange things.  You have become more anxious and even paranoid about what other people are thinking about you, what they are planning to do to you and so on, to the point of finding yourself digressing into endless fantasies about things to fear.  There can be other indications such as a sudden increase in grandiose thinking… that you are better and more superior to other people, that you have a divine “mission” or whatever.  The indications can be subtle or in your face such as ending up with all your friends leaving you or ending up in a mental ward with entity-induced psychosis.

What can you do to get released from or healed of entity’s influence?

Number one:  Trust your intuition.  Trust your feelings.  Let go of any shame or blame. Stop projecting your unresolved emotions onto others.  You need to do the work.  Start by accepting the responsibility for your dilemma.

Number two:  The entity will feed off of your unresolved emotions.  If you carry anger within, you will become more angry and defensive. If you carry fear, you will feel an increased or heightened sense of anxiety and paranoia.  If you carry unresolved grief, that will increase and be augmented.  If you have excessive pride or carry a disproportionate sense of superiority and entitlement, you will feel an enhancement of those feelings… which is why many affected individuals consciously choose to retain their entities.  Frankly, it makes one feel better than others, although the feeling is unsubstantiated by actual experience or deeds.  You are basically making a complete ass out of yourself in acting that way.  If people that you know are acting authentically they will let you know when you’re out of line.  If you choose to disregard these observations, you will lose them as friends.

Since entities feed off of misaligned or unresolved emotions, it is important to clear your auric field daily as “stuff” comes up for clearing.  Whenever you feel “off” or reactive, work with the Violet Flame until you feel yourself return to a sense of well-being and balance.  You can release much of these emotions by being in Nature, through meditation and by being aware when you feel off.  Self-mastery is a process of getting to know (and trust) yourself and your innate gifts of intuition and the ability to connect with inner guidance from aspects of Higher Self.

3)  If you have an addiction to substances, alcohol, drugs or smoking, you may already being carrying entities.  Strive to let go of the addiction and learn to clear your own auric field by clean eating, thinking, and exercise, meditation, being in Nature, and learning to calm down and release your fears.  If you open up your home to those whom you know have entities or disregard the warnings of well-meaning friends, you have basically given the entity permission to enter your auric field and to begin to influence you, as well.

4)  Make the Call.  When you come to the realization that you have an entity or several, call upon Archangel Michael and His Legions to come to your aid.  While you are affected, your Higher Self must step away.  You may appear to be receiving guidance or messages or endless “conversations”, as entities can read your Akashic records to a point, but the messages will have a negative or disempowering cast to them, which can lead to an increase in your dis-ease and paranoia.  By giving your permission to Michael, you are allowing yourself to begin the process of unwinding from the dark energies.  It may take longer to get your life back to some semblance of normalcy, but you will discover that you have been changed forever.  Remember — at some level of consciousness, you agreed to this experience.  Own it and stop blaming others.

5) Rather than being frightened by the fact of your realization that you have acquired an entity, view it as a difficult test or initiation.  Understand that cultures who utilize shamanic practices regard entities in an entirely different manner.  They know that the individual who has been infected is being required to go through this difficult process because they have a higher calling or more responsibility than most people.  They are special, different, marked out as a highly spiritual being, but that being “special” isn’t a guarantee that you / they will ever be clear again.  Some initiates are lost and can incur a great deal of karma during the process; therefore, being required to reincarnate in order to have the opportunity to clear and re-balance the energies.  Likewise, if the initiate succeeds in becoming free, they will still find that their life is forever changed.  Again, this has been agreed upon before at higher levels than that you might be presently conscious.

6) It takes great courage and humility to come to the realization that you are being affected by an entity.  It takes greater humility to ask for assistance.  If you are aware of a talented spiritual healer, that one may be able to assist in removing the dark energy attachment.  Be very careful who you choose to work with.  Continue to work with the Violet Flame to dissipate any remaining shame or blame you might be experiencing.

7) You can call upon Archangel Gabriel and me, Archeia Hope, along with the Resurrection Angels, to anchor a Resurrection Pillar within your dwelling, along with the Legions of Archangel Michael.  Michael and his Eagles will snatch up the entity (ies) and send them into the Light to be recycled in the Central Sun.  Our Resurrection Pillar will allow you to release any other attachments to unseen entities, whether dead family and friends or other disembodied beings who are lingering in your house or property.  These beings are attracted to the Light and when ready, they will swiftly depart.

8) If for any reason you are unable or unwilling to give up your entities once you are aware that you have them, then all karma incurred is upon your head.  You have given the disembodied “being” permission to use your vehicle and it will, and not always to your advantage.  You may begin to experience your life falling apart as the influence of the entity and its power and hold over you increase.  Do not be mistaken; Universal Law applies to all.  You will be held accountable for whatever damage is incurred under the influence of the entity, least of all, giving up your power and sovereignty.

8) This is an initiation that requires great sensitivity, humility and courage.  Know that whatever happens has been planned in advance through soul contract, whether or not you are aware.

8)  Fear is the little mind killer.  Banish fear from your life and walk in the Light.  Do your daily shielding and working with the Violet Flame and you will be cut free of the need to experience this sort of test.

As members of the Angelic Realm, we are here to assist, but we cannot do anything until you given your permission.  This is the Law which we will not violate.  If you are caught up in such an experience your own Higher Self will be required to step back while it quietly observes your dilemma, limited to sending you unconditional love.  When you make the Call, the Love will automatically stream in and you will feel the renewal of the inner connection to Source energy.  Make the Call to free yourself that you might truly be in alignment with Source energy, sovereign and free.

Make your burden Light by bathing in the Light of your Presence, the Holy One who resides within your own High Heart Center.

We hope that this information has assisted you in your basic understanding of how people can be affected by entities and what to do.  Know that this “problem” will persist until ALL darkness has been removed from this planet and the energies have been realigned to be fully and completely in high 5D and lower 6D vibrations.

We bow to the divinity within each of you and within all Life, seen and unseen.  Know that the energy that you call “dark” is merely a teacher for you now during this stage of your evolution, whether as an individual or as a collective.  Fear it not and be free.  You are all creations of Source and to Source you will return when your journey has ended.

Finally, realize that we hold no judgment towards those who undergo these experiences.  All experience is added to your soul essence and enlightens and enriches the awareness of the aspects of Self who have remained behind in the Lighted Worlds.


I AM Lady Hope, Archeia of the Fourth Ray of Purity, Ascension and Resurrection, Twin Flame of Archangel Gabriel.  My etheric retreat is above St. Augustine, Florida.  I AM with you always.

Channeled by Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is given to translate this article into other languages.  Permission is NOT given to make videos or recording of this article.  When re-posting, please retain all original links.

Lady Hope via Sundeelia: Releasing Ancient Wounds



Lady Hope:  Releasing Ancient Wounds

via Sundeelia

Namaste, we bow to the Divinity that is within all of you and that exists within all Life.

We come this day to reiterate some old teachings that we see many of our initiates willfully ignoring due to their identification with the desires of their human ego.

As has been noted in the past, humans are curiously resistant to change.  However, the current period of transition with the steadily increasing frequency levels is forcing change, whether within the individual or without, through life circumstances.

There are many individuals who regard themselves as being awake and “lighted”.  That may be so, but it these individuals who can also fall under the spell of the “power of the dark side” due to unresolved egoic issues such as fear, pride, a sense of entitlement or superiority, lingering anger or grief.

If you have experienced memories or flashbacks of “past” lives, we congratulate you. Realize that, with the knowledge of said lifetimes also comes the responsibility of clearing the energies of that lifetime, most especially those relating to traumatic events, such as the loss of a loved one or a traumatic death.  Deep grief at the loss of a loved one can lead to resentment and anger, which if unresolved and cleared, will follow one’s life experiences like an ever spiraling thread through one lifetime after another.  What you may be dealing with today can actually have its root core in a lifetime some 2,000 years, even 26,000 years ago (or more).

Trauma is trauma.  There are various degrees of trauma and each type affects the health of the auric field and the four lower bodies that create the physical vehicle.  The scars and ancient wounds are carried onto future lifetimes until that individual reaches the consciousness level wherein they can successfully clear these misaligned energies.

Many individuals, even within the so-called “New Age” community expect change to either be, 1) painless; 2) done for them or 3) instantaneous.  There doesn’t seem to be any awareness or understanding that true Ascension, that is the Path of Initiation, involves attention, intention, diligence and persistence.  And yet, with all of the present and unparalleled dispensations that have been given by Heaven, the process of Ascension is by far easier than it was during the depths of the passing Kali Yuga.  During the dark cycle, it took initiates lifetimes to prepare for each step of initiation and facing tests that if failed often involved the loss of one’s vehicle.

Dispensations have been granted to enable many more individuals to succeed with ascension, yet we are still seeing a resistance to put in the work… work that we might add which is really just paying attention to one’s energy and what you are feeling and putting out.

Each individual has a god-given right to be free and sovereign.  To truly be free, is to free yourself from ALL belief systems to which you have been subjected simply by living on planet Earth.  This includes all religious, scientific and social mores that you have been conditioned to accept as reality.

We hereby inform you that NOTHING you have ever been taught or accepted as being real, is real.  You live on a planet of lies where EVERYTHING is upside down and backwards… by design to cut you off from your innate ability to connect to Source energy.

Even those who we know that contain within a spark of an Ascended Master or Angelic being are not protected from the conditioning that takes place due to being physically present in the low vibratory frequencies of the third dimension.  You need to consciously break free from the conditioning, which means leaving behind your old life and sometimes friends and family.  You cannot move into the new and still cling to the past, hoping that you don’t have to let go of those things or people whom you cherish.  Yeshua warned about putting new wine into dirty old bottles.  Your “new” energies need a thoroughly cleansed vehicle… a process that is on-going as long as you remain in physical form.

Layers that require cleansing will come up, perhaps loosened by the intense energies of an astrological event or the onslaught of CMEs from the Sun or perhaps gamma rays from the Great Central Sun.  Whatever the cause, by monitoring your response to the energies, your conversations with those you meet, and your reactions to obstacles that present themselves, you have the opportunity to utilize the cleansing rays of the Violet Flame to easily release the debris that wishes to leave.  If you stuff down your feelings and resist the urge to release, the emotions and thought-forms sink back into the subconscious, later to manifest in a different manner, perhaps through an accident, mishap, misunderstanding or even disease process.

We place no judgment upon those who are dealing with such things in their life.  However, those who are aware and awake do have the extra responsibility that goes along with the concept of SELF-mastery to do something about clearing their auric fields and keeping their “house” clean.

If you feel overwhelmed by the energies and life circumstances, simply call upon a Presence that you feel comfortable with, whether it be Yeshua, Lord Krishna, Buddha or Source for assistance.  And then listen to what comes.  Learn to listen and feel the guidance that comes from within through your own body vehicle.  The inner “voice” is silent.  Learn to trust your intuition… how you “feel” about anything or anyone.  Trust those feelings.  This is not something that has been taught to you through your many human institutions, but learning to trust your inner feelings and intuition can save your life and keep you on the Path.

On this planet, you have free will.  With free will comes responsibility.  You have the choice to ignore anything that we present in these messages and we will honor that choice.  We love you unconditionally and do not make judgments.  If you do go into resistance and do not ask for assistance, we must step back and wait.  We follow Universal Law which requires that we do not interfere with an individual’s chosen experiences.  We watch.  We wait.  And we respond, instantly, when the Call is made.

For the use of the Violet Flame, we recommend that you call upon Archangel Zadkiel, Saint Germain or Quan Yin.  The Violet Flame is a transmuting, transformative ray, which dissolves and reconfigures misaligned energies bringing them back into balance, hence dissolving negative karma for the individual.  It is also the ray of Compassion.  Learn to extend your own sense of compassion towards those who are in the midst of struggle.  You can place the Violet Flame to dissolve emotional hooks that you feel exist between yourself and another individual.  You will recognize the existence of these “hooks” if you react at all to whatever someone says or does.  It is YOUR responsibility to dissolve the hooks by using the Violet Flame.  It matters not whether the other person does anything.  You will recognize that you have been cut free, by your own efforts in utilizing the Violet Flame, when you do not have a reaction towards another person… any person or circumstance.

Self-mastery or ascension means to rise up in vibration, to rise up above the judgments of this world.  It does not mean that you have free rein to violate the free will of others.  Instead, you learn to allow others their experiences and do not judge where they are in their evolutionary path.

We are all aspects of Source energy, individualized and potentially self-aware.  Increase that ability to “tune-in” to your own Higher aspects by clearing your four lower bodies of all remaining miasmic energies stemming from past trauma, whether within this lifetime or long ago in linear Earth time.  Until you become “clear” enough, you will potentially experience interference with guidance, so do the work and reap the rewards.

We send you our blessings and encouragement. The dawn swiftly approaches when the descent of the Cosmic Christ energy will be complete.  Be prepared for the Lord’s coming.


I AM Lady Hope, Archeia of the Fourth Ray of Ascension, Purity and Resurrection, Twin Flame to Archangel Gabriel.

Channeled by:  Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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Lady Hope & Higher Self: “Are You an Eagle or an Ostrich?”


Lady Hope:  “Are You an Eagle or an Ostrich?”

Note to Readers:  This piece was written with the guidance of Lady Hope, with whom I agreed to work just recently.  This piece cannot, therefore, be considered what is regarded as a “channeling”.  Rather, it is the result of a soul braid with my own human self being Overlighted by the Lady as we work together. 

Lady Hope, Archeia of the Fourth Ray of Purity, Twin Flame of Archangel Gabriel.

Your world is currently immersed in a deep cleansing cycle as the darkness that has dominated the planet for millennia is flushed out by intense streams of cosmic light directed from above.

Living through this process can be painful, especially for the sensitive ones, star seeds and those who have begun to awaken to the reality that all is not as it seems in this world.  To allow you to fall into despair is to lose hope, unable to see beyond what is being presented.

We remind you that you are all fractals of Source energy, eternal and abiding.  As human beings being confronted with challenges in your daily lives, know that it is you who determines the outcome through the manner in which you react, whether in fear or with courage and an open heart.

Your heart flames are capable of transforming and transmuting the darkest of energies.  Your energy fields are capable of withstanding the most heinous attacks if you are aware and accept that you are worthy of working with the Angelic energies that are available to you upon request for assistance.  You, through your human vessel, are doing the work.  You command and the Angelic energies comply.

While you are faced with seemingly overwhelming amounts of revelations now on a daily basis, know that the dark secrets of the globalist elite are being revealed.  A large portion of humanity is still fast asleep even as a new dawn begins to stretch its golden rays across your skies.  Those same golden rays etch their presence upon the hearts of the awakening ones.

Even when the next revelation of the dire long-term plans for humanity by the global elite are revealed and dragged into the light of day, you might experience a momentary dip in your mood, a feeling of loss, confusion over why anyone would think of doing such things.  The ones who explore, read, listen and evaluate the latest information for its veracity know that as consequence of just knowing the material, you have also assumed a responsibility in spreading the truth into the world even as some people choose to reject it outright.

There is no need to force the information onto other people, as to do so is to bring on attacks by those who seek to protect the interests of the global elite, paid shills, trolls and bots.  And there is the issue of cognitive dissonance when one who has been heavily programmed to believe certain things is suddenly confronted with an alternative view or facts and they completely and sometimes violently reject it out of hand.  This is a personal choice and needs to be respected and honored.  What cannot be faced today will tend to reappear again at another time until the individual can handle the information.  You cannot force people to wake up.  The timing of awakening is an internal process, set up before incarnation.  And some individuals will not wake up in this lifetime but require more experience in the realm of duality.

There is much that you do not know about your own planetary home.  More than one race of beings is existent upon and within the planet.  Those who are members of the global elite believe themselves to be descendants of a race of beings who crash landed upon Earth 50,000 to 60,000 years ago.  The awareness that your collective history has been suppressed and manipulated is disheartening to the ones who choose to question the conventional theories of existing science, especially that of archaeology.  As the equipment of scientists in all fields becomes more portable and refined, it is now possible to move beyond primitive methods to discover new information about certain powerful sites located on every continent of the planet.  Why have you not been told of these sophisticated civilizations before?  Is it possible that humanity has been systematically cut off from source and taught to believe they are powerless, subject to the whims of the rich and powerful, in need of a savior whether in the form of a religious icon or a political figure? The simple answer is that to let you know of your true heritage was not in the agenda of the global elite.  They wanted total domination of the planet and a severe reduction of the human population.

It is a shock for individuals to realize that the ones they regarded as leaders in the realms of men deem humanity as less than animals, as the ones who do not deserve this world.  The extent of the plans to destroy the environment, poison the food, air, soil and water, are overwhelming to the human psyche to encounter without preparation.  It takes great inner strength to retain your equilibrium in the face of such blatant evil.  Yet the ones who are behind the plans believe that what they are doing is right.  The global elite believe that they are the true owners of this planet and once they accomplish their goals, then they can live here peacefully.

To assist the indigenous human population to go through this collective Dark Night of Soul during this transitional period between Cosmic, Galactic and Solar cycles has been the mission of several million light workers or star seeds.  These are souls who agreed to send a fractal of their soul essence to Earth in order to assist with the planetary awakening.  This “mission” has been ongoing through several cycles, even though disremembered and no longer in the conscious memory of the human population now present upon the planet.  You are not the only species to take up home here.  You will not be the last.  Now is the time, the opportunity to advance to the status of a galactic race with conscious connections with your cousins located on other worlds, galaxies and dimensions.  You are not alone.  You never have been.

Whether starseed or indigenous human, it is your responsibility to master your fear, your portion that exists simultaneously with the collective subconscious.  What you master within reflects in the outer world.  You begin to “see” beyond the fake news.  You begin to be able to discern the lies and dark energies, all the while not moving to judgment, simply acknowledgment and then you have the choice to act.  Once you become aware of something, you are responsible for that knowledge, but only you can determine whether or not to act upon it.  Sometimes your action can be a simple tweaking of your own attitude, letting go of the need to react.

When you are triggered, whether upon viewing a video, reading a comment on social media or from an individual, there is something that needs to be adjusted within your own conscious.  Own up and acknowledge that not only is your consciousness made up of light and love, there is darkness there also.  It is in the judgment of that darkness from which stems the problems of the world.  We have been taught to judge ourselves and others for being different.  To be “other” has become a negative thing… but this perception is simply the outcome of thousands of years of programming under the influence of a negative alien agenda.

To arrive at self-mastery, one needs to be able to observe the effects of programming on the self and to discontinue castigating self for what has been done.  It is time to forgive self for what was accepted out of ignorance and to move into wisdom.  Give heed to the wisdom that comes from within your own body, for there is a connection between your heart and your Soul, seated in what is termed the “secret chamber of the Heart”.  It is in this place that the connection between the consciousness that resides in the human vehicle and that of the wholeness of the Omniverse, exists.  When you listen within, you will hear things, see things and feel things that may be contradictory to what you have been taught to be true.  Only you, the human body consciousness, can determine whether or not you will listen.

For starseeds there is an inner compulsion to seek… not just the “light” but also “wisdom” and “knowledge”.  There is a profound need to question everything.  And there is a determination to not base one’s decisions on the input of others.  Waking up is not an easy process, but to not wake up does have its consequences.  Starseeds can get lost in the low frequencies of the earth plane.  They were made aware of the dangers before coming into embodiment and agreed to take on the risks.

To truly awaken is not to simply parrot the teachings of any so-called teacher or guru.  The time of gurus is over.  This is a time for self-mastery, not giving your power over to another.  Many of the so-called gurus and teachers are false ones, leading their chelas (slaves) into evolutionary dead-ends.  If anyone asks you to honor them above all others, flee!  This adulation is misplaced and is a violation of personal sovereignty.  The real teachers now are those who have succeeded in negotiating the mine fields of their own darkness and have integrated the miscreations and traumas from their past life experiences and still arrived at a place of self-acceptance and self-love.  It does NOT mean that these persons are perfect.  Perfection is a state of being when one has arrived at the steps to the Throne of God, to Source.

Evolution and ascension is an on-going process and those who choose to serve others even while healing themselves will go on to live in the higher vibration to which your planet is now ascending.  The real “teachers” are those who share their process, spots and all, and who continually work on themselves.  And even then, they are only wayshowers and guides along the path that your own journey will take.  As your path leads you onward, you will find you no longer resonate with some teachings and find others.  Sample what appeals and leave the rest AND continue searching.  Never settle into complacency for then you have stopped to grow and expand.  Allow your mind to expand with new knowledge and use your connection to Divine Mind and your High Heart to discern what portion, if any, of the new information resonates for you in the place where you are in the moment, for you will change as you must.

Hope exists within those who are in tune with their soul song, who listen to the still quiet voice within, who heed the call to self-mastery.  Those who live innocently with open hearts will also ascend for their hearts are pure.  The latter includes those of the indigenous population of this planet, the innocents who live close to Nature and who honor the Mother within the planet who supports all life.  The Mother enfolds these to her Heart for they are truly Her children.

We of the galactic races who honor the Mother and the Law of One are here to assist you now.  Call on us and feel the hope which we engender within your hearts.  When you connect with the Angels, you are connecting with a portion of your Higher Self, who sees and looks upon your world with compassion.  Request the Gift of Grace and forgiveness and feel the Hope within that you will soon look upon a world transformed that you have assisted in bringing into creation through your efforts and struggles.  You each have value for the work must be done by those who are embodied.  We will work with you, but only upon your bequest for we do not violate free will.

If our words resonate and inspire, allow them to sink in and realize that you have a vital part in bringing this world into galactic citizenship.  Allow hope to provide the needed fire of will and determination to make it happen, for you are, as an individual and a collective, more powerful than you can imagine.

The references in the title to the Eagle and the Ostrich are this:  The eagle constantly scans its environment; so must the spiritual seeker in order to continue to grow.  The ostrich as the popular saying goes, is one who hides from what it does not want to see, which can include owning one’s own power.  Of course, the real bird does no such thing.  It is a being of graceful strength.

Beloveds, I AM Archeia Hope, and I honor the Divinity within all of you.

Channeled by:  Eliza Ayres

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Lady Hope: “Hope Springs Eternal”

Snowdrop, Flowers, Spring Flower, Plant

Lady Hope: Hope Springs Eternal

Greetings on this magnificent day.  I AM Lady Hope, Archeia of the First Ray of Purity, Resurrection, and Ascension, the Divine Complement of Archangel Gabriel.  Our etheric retreat is located between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, in the golden state of California.

We are here in your Now moment to present you with the gift of hope, for the future, for the present moment and even hope that you will be able to clear all that needs to be cleared so you can move forward without the duress, the burdens and worries that you have carried in the past.

Hope is the essence of the White Ray that can penetrate into the darkest cave of despair when all seems lost.  It is that ray of sunshine that breaks through the clouds of misery.  It is the sunshine that lightens a burdened heart and gives wings to the imagination.

Hope springs eternal through the opened heart that is sensitive to the inner guidance emanating from the Sun, the Christed Self that is your own true essence.

Hope is the energy by which the delicate stalk of a flower pushes through the cold snow to emerge as a bright harbinger of spring, that brings hope of winter’s passing to those whose eyes can see, whose gaze  falls upon the bright crocus or shy snowdrop.

We come as heralds to let you know that the first days of your eternal spring have arrived, even though the darkness and chaos of the collective’s Dark Night of the Soul still seems to reign.  Spring IS here and with its coming arrives new choices, new adventures and new opportunities for those who can release their burdens and connect with the golden river of hope that ever springs eternal from your own awakened hearts.

As the White Ray contains within itself all the colors of the Rainbow, of the seven primary rays that light the basic chakra or energy system of the human form, in its fullness, Hope carries forth all the wisdom, love and power that is required to make miracles happen within your lives.

In the Light of this energy, in the Hope that now springs forth from your eternally young heart, see your greatest, most tenderly held dreams now come forward, to manifest fully in your lives.  See a world filled with joy, laughter and song, with abundance and health for all, from those who have been beggars to those who have been kings.  See all beings that grace this planet with their essence finding a new sense of purpose and focus.  See the petals of Hope unfold and reveal themselves before your very eyes.

Hope has arrived.  First, connect with its essence, with the energy of the Ray of Purity and let it wash away all the fear and worry of lifetimes spent in darkened circumstances.  Those who came here to anchor of the light of their chosen Rays have succeeded mightily and now the essence of those Rays and energies carried reunite within the White Ray of Hope.  This Ray of Purity is even now being translated into the next stage of evolution for your species, the Opalescent Ray, the 12th Ray.

So you have arrived at a time of intense change and transition as the old is swiftly breaking up and dissolving as its worn and tattered energy patterns are overwhelmed by the new, bright gleaming rays of Hope.  This is a Graduation, not just for your tiny planet, but for the Multiverse.  So, with the Earth as the Key, we take the golden Ankh of Eternity and unlock the door, the Veils that have kept this world and the Universe contained and in strife.  You are now free to be what you are each meant to be.  You are now free to do what you came here to do.

With this knowledge and awareness, and the supporting flow of energy of Hope springing from your combined heart flames there is little to prevent the coming forth of a new Renaissance, a new era of peace and creativity not seen upon this planet since the golden age of Atlantis.  And your new era will rival even the greatest imaginings of the great Ones of the Heavenly Realms.

So… we leave you now. Yes, you have questions: What is my mission?  Where am I supposed to live?  What am I supposed to do?  Dearest hearts, we bid you to seek the answers within your own hearts and to follow the guidance of your own balanced divine minds to determine what comes next.  This is your adventure that lies now before you.  The beginning of the new path lies as a seed within.  Shine the strength of your gentle hope upon it to bring that seed springing forth into the daylight of your daily life and it will unfold in ways that even we cannot yet foretell.  Let Hope be the wind in your sails and the energy that carries your lightened hearts forth in the brightness of your highest dreams.  And it is so.

Namaste, dear blessed ones, we honor and salute you all with deepest abiding love and respect.

I AM Lady Hope.

Scribe:  Eliza Ayres

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